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2023.06.03 03:13 Electrical-Owl-8436 I hate my previous landlord

The guy was a SHIFTY ASSHOLE and I HATE HIM. He knows just how to skirt the law to stay out of trouble himself while still taking advantage of people he probably knows don't have to the ability to take him to court. AND the place he leases was GROSS. The carpet was old as fuck and had a weird orange stain on large swaths of it and it took me half a bottle of carpet cleaner to get it out. He had a stink bug infestation. WHen I took my curtains down to move, like 30 or so DEAD BUGS fell off of them. More were in the sliding door frame, and more still ended up in boxes with my stuff and I didn't find them until I moved. I'm sure there's some lodged in my couch cushions. Stink bugs can't hurt you but I cant express enough how much it wears you out when you're constantly finding bugs in your house. He had live birds living in his damn roof overhang he never did anything about. They ripped holes in the roof and would shit all over the balcony. Would not be shocked if the managed to get into the attic at some point. He's just a shady asshole who basically runs a slum and he keeps contacting me with shit because I had to move out early. Fucker doesn't deserve any cash at all. I hope his own house goes up in flames.
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2023.06.03 03:13 Captain_hammer_throw Accidentally came out at work this week

So I've been stealth at work, I'll dress masculine, no makeup, hair is short, so I don't worry about that, no nails, I still go by my deadname at work. Nobody at work knows that I'm trans. Anyways, my manager calls me into a meeting, she was concerned about some of the comments I had made when I submitted my self-review. I was in a bit of a bad mood when I wrote it, and work has been mentally draining, since I haven't felt like I could come out to anyone in the workplace. I said in the review, that I was essentially just a body in a chair, and that I didn't have a purpose other than to just come into work, do my job and leave.
Well, she was concerned about me saying that no one cares about me. Though I was meaning it that the corporation doesn't care. My main reason for saying that was due to me asking for fair pay last review, and I only got a partial raise, not quite what I had asked for. I was unhappy with the pay, and just unhappy in general at work. I didn't feel like I would be safe to come out at work. Well she could tell something else was wrong, I wasn't making it any easier, cause I was tearing up, and then I just started bawling(thanks hormones).
I told her that I was transgender, that I felt like I was having to put on a mask at work, that I didn't feel like I could come out. I said I didn't feel like I could be myself at work. I was like 95% certain this woman was a diehard republican given who she is friends with. And she instantly had the most supportive words for me.
She tells me it doesn't matter to her, because I've always been the same person. She told me I can change my appearance, or my dress, it doesn't change who I am on the inside, and that 's the person she cares about and wants on her team. She told me "You need to be yourself, whoever that may be, and not worry about what anyone else is going to say" I bawled for a solid 20 minutes after that, and they were all happy tears.
She told me to let her know when I am ready and she will arrange a team meeting so I can come out to everyone else there. She has been more supportive than I had expected. The next day she called me and asked, "So does this mean you're a transvestite? Or is there something else I should call you?" She apologized for not knowing everything about it. Later she called to apologize to me, because she told HR that I'm trans, because she needed help because she didn't know what to do in this situation. She's now meeting with me next week to make a plan for how everything is going to go at work going forward. I feel like I actually have a place at work now, because even though I know some people there may not be supportive, I have at least one ally. And that's all I need. Especially since it's the person who controls my employment there.

TLDR: Came out to manager earlier than I anticipated, and she surprised me, and turned out to be an incredibly supportive ally.
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2023.06.03 03:13 avg_WRLD Civic X Sedan Lights

Civic X Sedan Lights
I'm looking to change the stock lights on my 2017 Sedan and I'm not sure what are some good options out there. I saw some Amazon lights but idk if Amazon is the best go to here, these are some of the ones I liked at least for the rear lights (1st Image), could use some help on finding cool and good ones for the front, and I'm also looking for something like the 2nd Image to put on my Sedan. It is a 4dr EXT sedan so i don't know if there is something available out there.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.03 03:11 Agi1233 Can you get flare ups?

I recently discovered I likely have this condition as I’ve never burped. And I have all the symptoms , my main one being nausea nearly every day. I’ve been suffering for four years now and I was finally doing a bit better for a few weeks, no nausea for 2 weeks straight! It was a miracle. Now, all the sudden I can barely eat again. I had half a sleeve of saltines over the course of a few hours today and it’s been hours since I ate and it just feels like a rock in my stomach that’s been there for hours. The past 2 weeks I’ve lost another 12 lbs and I wasn’t able to eat for 68 hours. I’ve barely been able to tolerate more than a few bites of food at a time, and the nausea is worse than ever! Is it normal to get flare ups like this with this condition? Or is it possible I have other issues going on?? I’m worried I have gastroparesis again, but I already tested negative for it. The only relief I have ever had is from Reglan, which I took for 2 years. But I can’t take it anymore because it’s high risk. I also worry it’s my gastritis or GERD, I don’t know. I’m severely dehydrated but gatorade, pedialyte, liquid iV all make me feel a lot worse.
Pretty much.. does this condition cause flare ups? And what can you do? I can’t keep taking zofran around the clock.
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2023.06.03 03:11 throwawaybotacclol Partner (F24) wants me (M24) to agree to strict rules on platonic affection with my friends, I need advice. What do you think?

So my s/o wants me to agree to having very specific boundaries with friends (no matter the length of the friendship) concerning affection. So no hand holding, long hugs, putting my arm around them, platonic cuddling, kisses (platonic) or touching each others hair (like in the soothing way that you rub someone’s head), and some other rules I can’t remember.
Some of these seem reasonable, but if I am out walking maybe I would grab my friends hand or rub their head, or put my arm around them, in a platonic way, and not that I do that often but I wouldn’t want to restrict myself in how I connect with close friends, especially long term friends who I already have a pattern of behavior with.
Also I feel like if my friend knows I’m in a committed relationship and I know that holding my friends hand is not romantic then I don’t see how that is a threat to my relationship.
Would it be unreasonable for my to disagree with some of these rules that my partner brought up? Or is this to be expected in most monogamous relationships?
I don’t think we want or need to be polyamorous anytime soon but my s/o seems to think that if I don’t agree to those terms then maybe I am not able to be monogamous. But I don’t feel like that is true.
I really love them, but them suggesting those rules just don’t make me feel good. I feel like different couples do things differently and me wanting to hold my friends hands occasionally or sit closely with them don’t make me not monogamous? Or am I wrong?
This all comes after an incident where we are hanging out and they saw a friend and I doing one of the aforementioned platonic displays of affection (not kissing btw) and they got upset, which is why they suggested the rules.
I feel like these rules indicate bigger issues.
TL;DR My partner says I can’t hold my friends hands platonically, but I don’t agree, what should I do?
We have been together for 9 months
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2023.06.03 03:11 hchscougs Microsoft Store Issue after Deployment

Good Morning Reddit,
I am coming to you to see if anyone of you have had a similar issue to me. I'm pulling my hair out because I can't seem to figure out what's going on. I work at a high school and I have been using MDT/WDS to deploy images to our Surface tablets for years. We are school who rely heavily on many of the built in UWA Store apps like OneNote and Mail & Calendar so I always update all Store apps after my task sequence finishes. Up until early last week, the usual process was working perfectly, and nothing had really changed. I PXE boot the Surface into WinPE via WDS, start the Windows 10 22H2 task sequence, task sequence finishes just fine. I would then open the Windows 10 Microsoft Store app, select "Check for updates", and the store would update all apps within 5 minutes. I then shut down the tablet and it's ready for the user to sign in. Well starting early this week, whenever I would open the Store after deployment, I first noticed it would take a little longer than usual to open. When I would select "Check for Updates", it would find the apps that need updates, but now it is taking like 20+ minutes for the apps to update. It goes through the process of saying "Downloading, "Checking Product Files, Acquiring License, etc" It does eventually download, but when you're deploying to 500+ devices, that speed is not cutting it. What I can't wrap my brain around, is that nothing has really changed. This same image with that store app was working a couple of weeks ago just fine. Nothing has changed network wise. Did Microsoft possibly make a change on server side that is slowing down app updates? Your thoughts? I really appreciate it guys.
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2023.06.03 03:11 MostSeries5112 My friend (34M) thinks I (32F) was pursuing him and got weirded out

Hi, I could use some relationship advice from men. I (32F) love love love texting, because I find it really fun to have witty banter back and forth, especially with guys. My friend (M34) also texts me nonstop. He and I have known each other for 10 years but lost contact then got in touch about 6 months ago. Anyways, I messed up in the friendship, basically he felt that I was pursuing him which led to a lot of conflicts and… long story short, now I find myself really conflicted. He basically said that there were red flags about me but refused to say what they were. Some of them I deduced and apologized for, but now I find myself questioning if my love for texting is a part of it. I love love love texting, but I’m afraid that if I text guys nonstop they’ll automatically assume that I want to sleep with them. Either that, or I’m afraid that someday when I eventually do meet the guy that I do fall in love with he might be really turned off by it, and write me off because he feels like there’s no chase, so I don’t know what to do. Obviously I don’t ever text a guy nonstop unless he is matching my level. But even still things with my friend unravelled. Which makes me feel like I have to set really strict boundaries on myself “don’t text good morning or good night” “wait an hour after he texts to respond” “don’t text in the evenings or weekends or he will think you have no life” I used to date a lot of players, from whom I learned that the first instance you show any sign of affection, they’ll run.
Guys, can you give me advice? If I text a guy nonstop, will he automatically think I’m pursuing him and lose interest in the friendship? If I text a guy nonstop is this something that will automatically kill the chances of a romantic relationship? How much / how often can I safely get away with texting a guy before he freaks out and runs? Men, I would appreciate your advice because not being a man, I just don’t even know how to function around them. I’m also wondering what to do if I meet a guy I like but that doesn’t like texting… if that happens do I say no to him and wait for a guy that matches my love for texting? Or would that require me to wait for forever and a half and end up never meeting someone?
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2023.06.03 03:10 antdroidx NFL 2023 Rosters - June 2, 2023 Edition

I've been working on this roster for a week now. It's been improving based on some feedback from users. After doing some realization, I decided to make 5 randomized versions of this roster, which has algorithmic/random-based player progressions. This way, depending on the save you chose, the younger players progress differently, and is less predictable.
Basic Infos:
GitHub Link:

Roster Notes:

=IFERROR(INT(IF(E6<27,RANDBETWEEN(0,((224-W6)/4)^0.8/(27-E6))+RANDBETWEEN(0,(V6-2018)),0)),0) W6: Draft Pick Number E6: Age V6: Year Drafted into NFL The basic gist is the potential value is first based on a random number between 0 and X. X is the draft position split into every 8th pick. i.e. top 8 of each draft has more potential, then 9-16, etc. This value value is then divided by the Age, because as you get older, your potential should drop. The second half of the equation is another random number between 0 and Y, where Y is the year drafted - 2018. The total of X + Y is your player growth value. Since both parts are slightly random-based, it's not totally a static growth and predictable. To make it more random, I made 5 different json's with randomization occurring each time. 
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2023.06.03 03:10 Own_Seaworthiness336 Driver Oversaturation

In my area there are so many drivers more than half the local McDonalds car park is taken up with Uber drivers waiting in their cars with insulated bags looking annoyed. I get maybe one trip every 2hrs of waiting it’s crazy right now and not even close to worth it. It’s got so bad that Uber have actually stopped taking new drivers completely in the whole city. This is a great step but might be a case of too little, too late. Should have been done ages ago. My question is has Uber Eats ever done this in any of your cities and would you welcome it?
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2023.06.03 03:09 Minute-Mistake-8928 Normally, how quick is it to come back from a confidence knock?

I made a post a couple weeks ago about finally stopping riding a horse that had been dropping my confidence. I'm only 3 rides in on the new lesson horse and I feel back to normal, it feels wrong. I feel like it should have taken a couple months, not 3 rides. My first ride, I was having panic attacks trying to trot the new horse as I kept thinking he was the previous lesson horse and would throw me a bucking fit with how hard I was kicking him (the previous horse barely needed grazing the sides, the new horse needs to be kicked like a lesson horse at the beginning, but gets softer over the ride). Second lesson, I was perfect in walk and trot l. My first canter was a but iffy, being I hadn't done more than half an arena of canter in 7 months. But I was perfect after that and had the confidence to ask to do one of the small jumps, but my trainer luckily said no, as I was holding the horse well enough (he's a downhill horse so needs to be held up before you can do poles/jumps) and was wanting me to get more leg muscle before jumping, being I never had to use them on the old horse. My third lesson was polework week and I was able to get him lovely over a set of 10 trot poles. We struggled on the 4 canter poles as I was scared he was going to trip round the corner to the poles, he was going so fast, but the canter piles were set long so I ended up breaking him out of his rythym and he would break into trot halfway through them. The only thing I have left before my confidence is back 100% is trusting in the horse, that they know what they're doing
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2023.06.03 03:09 ResponsibleTax5767 try to mend things, or find a way to leave?

hi everybody.
i'm here to address the notion that i've recently been a bad roommate that needs to learn to be better. apologies in advance for post length...
back in february, i went through a breakup. i thought i was gonna be with this person for a long time, but life had different plans. i found myself in a position where i had to find a new place to live within a two-week window. i was in a desperate scramble, but managed to end up securing a room in a 4 bed, 2 bath apartment with three strangers. the person that reached out to me about the listing seemed nice.
the four of us settled into the place pretty evenly. one roommate built a nice shelf that we put a bunch of our stuff on, and i put my TV out in the living room and was cool with people using it in the common space. despite thinking i was "settled," there was still a lot of breakup stuff that i needed to process. i didn't want to dump it onto my roommates, so i ended up spending a lot of time in my room with my own thoughts. this is something that i know was a big mistake, because i was giving an immediate impression that i wasn't able to contribute to the household.
over time, i felt a little more comfortable, and started to chat with my roommates more. i tried to be as mindful as possible about not being a total debbie downer around them.
we were all getting along fine at first, but things slowly took a turn in the wrong direction, particularly with the roommate that i share a bathroom with. i'll admit, i wasn't cleaning up after myself in the bathroom like i should have, and would sometimes leave hair in the tub that i needed to be more attentive towards. i acknowledged my mess up and was more proactive in cleaning up after showering. in addition, i was so low on funds at the time that i was using some of the various toiletries she got for the bathroom (mainly just the hand soap) but wasn't able to refill it in a timely manner. i admitted to these mistakes as fast as i could.
one of the things that i brought from my last apartment was a nice vacuum cleaner that my parents bought me. this roommate began to use it in her room and the common areas, which i didn't mind. while i was away one weekend she had broken part of the vacuum. initially, i thought the whole vacuum needed to be replaced, but when i realized that just the belt needed to be replaced, the whole situation seemed a lot more manageable. i told her that i would be cool with doing that, and that's where the subject was left. i know that she had other things on her plate, so I didn't want to bring it up again out of courtesy. i was going to just buy the replacement belt myself, fix it, and be done with it.
another week goes by, and i come home from hanging out at a friend's house. i get settled in, and without warning, she starts to vent to me about how she feels uncomfortable as a white person in a predominantly black neighborhood. she doesn't consider herself a gentrifier, and doesn't understand why people in the area give her dirty looks. i tried to be nice in the moment, but as someone who is half black, i felt uncomfortable having her dump all of that on me without warning. later in the conversation, i talked about how i was thankful that we didn't end up with anyone that was potentially hostile/harmful in our living situation. i used the term "crazy" within the specific context, but later on she sent a text saying that she was upset that i used the term to generalize anyone with a mental illness. that wasn't my intention, and i wanted to clear the air. the next day, i gently expressed my thoughts on the conversation, and mentioned how i felt upset at her comments on her whiteness. i apologized for my usage of the word "crazy" as well. she seemed really understanding in the moment, and I thought we had resolved everything. i made it a point to say that if we had anything serious that we needed to hash out, that we should do it in-person (she would often send long texts to me expressing concerns). she agreed, and that was that for the day.
a couple of mornings after, while i was at a friend's place, she sends me a very long text saying that she felt uncomfortable around me, and that whenever i was in the common area she felt unsafe, even if i stepped out of my room to use the bathroom briefly. due to the harmful things that i said, as well as using a lot of her things without replacing them in a timely manner, she decided to cut me off completely. she blocked my number right after sending that text.
i've talked to the other roommates about the situation, but it feels as if they've already sided with her. i feel so terrible that i haven't been a good roommate these last couple months, but it feels like the response has escalated so quickly in the last couple of weeks and I'm not sure why. currently, i can't even step out of my room to use the bathroom without her dropping everything that she's doing and rushing into her room to hide. i don't even know if i'm even allowed to use the bathroom, or kitchen, or even be in the shared space at this point.
i want to be able to remedy the situation somehow and balance things out for the remainder of our lease (which runs until may of next year), but it might be too late to salvage anything at this point. i feel terrible. i don't want to use the breakup as an excuse, because i know i could've been better than i have been in recent months. i did get a weird feeling once i saw how the four of us co-existed, but i didn't know it would end up feeling this hostile. i don't think i can ride this out for another 10 months.
i'm not sure what all of this was. maybe it was just a needed vent, maybe i'm asking for advice on how to fix things... maybe i should just accept that i'm a bad roommate and try to move out so i don't cause anymore trouble.
anywho, thanks for reading.
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2023.06.03 03:08 Maldini89 Skinwalkers - no legendaries - two uncommons at 50

Skinwalkers - no legendaries - two uncommons at 50
In the run up to the deadline for the sylvan watchers faction I thought I'd share the skinwalkers team that got me over the line in case it helps anyone in a rush.
My pulls with skinwalkers have been horrible so I needed some sort of cheese tactic. Satyrs and destroy set were the way to go.
No books on steelskull or the satyrs which likely would have helped. Both satyrs at around 200 speed. Hoforees and steelskull at about 230 in regen and immortal. Scabrius booked and masteries in a destroy set.
Stage 19 was harder and required big resistance numbers for hoforees and steelskull.
11 and and a half months on the game... last faction done.
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2023.06.03 03:08 LilyWolf32 33 [F4R] #Southeast US #Online - It's dangerous to go alone...

If you look at my profile you'll I do collect sword replicas, and I am seeking companions for a campaign that involves spending our lives together. I am definitely demisexual, you can look it up if you’re not familiar with the term. I’m petite, curvy, green-eyed and polyamorous. I am an extremely loyal partner once you’ve earned my trust and will have your back in a pinch. I either wear loungewear or renfair stuff depending on the day. The next sword on my to-buy list is the Master Sword, obviously.
I am a big fan of single player RPGs—just bought the sequel to Legend of Zelda: Breath. I am also a voracious reader so sometimes I read 10 books at once. I'm looking for something long-term. Right now I'm taking a break from school while I pursue my Masters in psychology and reading a book on the history of Super Mario. I could also use Nintendo Switch friends. I usually play a human sorcerer in Dungeons & Dragons; if there's an open spot in your party I'll take it! I love Tolkien, A Song of Ice and Fire and recently started Robert Jordan's books! I'm looking for a serious, long-term relationship and a partner between 23 and 36. I would like to get married someday, but I can't have kids. If you're going to ghost, don't bother. For my safety, please tell me a little bit about yourself and attach a photo. I won't respond to anyone who doesn't attach a photo. Attraction is slightly important. I am very shy and busy so please don't take my slow reply times as me ignoring you! :D Distance doesn't matter for the right person. I have a preference for brown, blond and red hair.
I love Pokémon, Legend of Zelda, Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Mass Effect and Dragon Age!
If any of this appeals to you, feel free to reach out! Thanks for reading. Everybody enjoy your journey through Hyrule!
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2023.06.03 03:08 EarlyWormGetsTheWorm Home HVAC Question

So I am trying to get a gauge/opinions of what I should "expect" as of right now from my home hvac unit with this current and upcoming weather and weather I have a problem or not.
A little background:
So for the last 3 or 4 weeks as weather has considerably warmed I have set my thermostat to 72 with no problems. In the morning when I wake up the house has cooled down on its own to 69-71ish.
But today was a little different. I woke up to the temperature already at 72. It hadnt dropped below the "set point" at all last night. The unit wasnt on this morning and didnt come on until around noon. Then it cycled on/off until around 3pm and has been running nonstop ever since. It actually peaked at 74 (2 degrees above 72 set point) for about a half hour around 8pm but that only lasted for around a half hour and is back to 72 but still running.
Now I am sitting here with a million thoughts running through my head.
Is this normal?
How high above set can I expect it to go tomorrow since its supposed to hit 91?
Should I put my set point super low like 68/69 in hopes as it cools down tonight then tomorrow it will at least take longer for nature to "beat" my unit and the indoor temperature of my house to rise to mid or high 70s?
TLDR: Trying to figure out if this HVAC problem is a big enough deal to call a technician or this is "normal"?
Also the house is on a crawlspace and I have already checked the ductwork and dont feel any leaks.
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2023.06.03 03:07 OrvilleOrthworm An Orville Apology

I'm sorry for getting all of your hopes up with the picnic and then forgetting altogether. I should have taken a small chunk of my time to set it up at the very least. As an apology, I'll do it tomorrow. I won't be able to make it myself, mostly due to having to be even the slightest bit ready to help you all defend against Necrozma if they so choose to show their face... Don't let that change anything, though! Living in fear is like not living at all. I'll make sure there are plenty of sandwiches for everyone, okay?
Man... A lot has changed, huh? I don't even know half of you guys and most of the ones I do know have grown much bigger and stronger! Makes me wonder if a simple worm like me is able to keep up... The only thing I do know is that I won't be able to do it alone, so anyone willing to give me a helping hand, or a Helping Hand, is appreciated. For now though, let's just be happy and together.
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2023.06.03 03:07 moonbathrs Can masseters botox increase TMJ at all?

If it’s improperly injected possibly (?)
I have TMJ and got 20 units on each side about a month and a half ago. I was definitely clenching less for a while, but I started grinding my teeth at night again a week or so back.
For the last day or two it’s felt like my jaw is struggling to open up wide when I chew, which I’ve never experienced before. On the flip side, my gums aren’t swollen or aching as much as they used to, so I feel like the botox is working to some extent.
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2023.06.03 03:07 zcovey9 [NA][EU][PC][18+][CROSSPLAY]GruntLife Gaming(GLG):Hop In And Game With Us, Adult Gaming Group. Looking For Other Active COD Players.

GruntLife Gaming (GLG) is a adult gaming discord that's military veteran owned & operated but open to everyone! We're slowly expanding into COD and we'd like to have more players join in to play. We're trying to get get more people to join so we can have more people online daily to run games with especially with all of the new and upcoming content with upcoming season on MWII. Whether it be Multiplayer, Warzone, or DMZ, we play it all. So stop by sometime, hop in chat, and group up with us. Skill level doesn't matter, just about having a good time gaming. Hope to see you around.*We are crossplay, we're just primarily PC gamers. All are welcomed.
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2023.06.03 03:07 lavndel I called the ER

I honestly just need someone to talk to right now.
Title pretty much says it all but I had one of the most brutal panic attacks I have ever had. I can't remember when it was ever this bad. It has been going on since about 6:30PM and it's now 3AM. That's 8 and a half hours of non-stop extreme panic. I never wanted to call the ER because I was afraid they'd think I was stupid or wasting time.
After 8 hours I gave up and called. They were surprisingly nice and understanding. They actually offered me to bring me oxazepam to my home asap. Now I'm waiting for that. Still terrified and now also very embarrassed. I feel like most people who call the hospital are people who are having a panic attack for the first time so they think it might be something else. I know what it feels like though and it usually always stops but now it just didn't and I couldn't handle it anymore. Who else has called the ER before for a panic attack?
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2023.06.03 03:07 maddymadmadpoo Sometimes support can come from unexpected places

I thought it might be fun to share. My mom's garbage, you all know what that's like. I got my haircut today. My salon is busy and u usually have to wait a few minutes. Not today. My stylist saw me drive up and met me at the door. Her: "get in here! Giiiiiirrrllll I got some shit to tell you!" My mom used to go to the same salon like 20 years ago (I was there first, she loves to copy me) and she kinda pull a mini Karen (they call them susans) and got a little entitled about having to wait for an appointment so she started going somewhere else. Well apparently she's going back to my place and has an appointment on Wednesday. She kinda had a mini fit about having to wait for an appointment this time too. When she gets something in her head she will stop at nothing. This place is booked 6 weeks out. 😆 🤣 Even the new receptionist who I had never met was talking shit because she remembered my mom making the appointment. Lol They were hyped up! So I have about 6 stylists a few ladies who shampoo and a receptionist ready to pounce if she says anything. 😆 I've had a few pretty significant things happen so far this year and haven't told her anything. But my stylist knows quite a bit so she's ready to just make up wild shit 😜 🤪 because my mom is going to interigate her. I'm sorry, I'm down right giddy. Also I cut 11 inches of hair off! Lol sorry I swear I have not consumed any substances yet.
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2023.06.03 03:07 lucifer7894 The Rock

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2023.06.03 03:07 bleachedbald My favorite pieces + artwork from the Gorillaz archive (Phases 1-5) Part 2

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2023.06.03 03:05 Dpulau My (small) collection

My (small) collection
My collection so far. Although I'm pretty sure I will not buy any other POP/figurine since I see them mainly as symbols. Thus, they all represent something very specific (for me).
Maybe I'll buy some keychains overtime though. I already have some and, while I also see them as symbols, I take more liberty with my purchases.
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