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A community dedicated to the DeLorean DMC-12, best known for its gull-wing doors, stainless steel body, and a certain movie trilogy.

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/GolfGTI is a place for GTI enthusiasts to discuss and share information related to the best car that can be had for less than $40K. We entertain beauty shots and thrive on discussing mods, whether purely cosmetic, functional, or both. We welcome discussion of all things GTI.

2023.06.03 02:47 Zestyclose-Tailor-61 **Introducing Coje: Embark on an Unprecedented Coding Journey!**

Hello, fellow explorers of the Reddit Cosmos,
Today, I'm thrilled to invite you all to discover Coje, an ambitious C++ CMake project that's been my labor of love for over a year. As it stands on the precipice of an exhilarating journey, Coje is poised to navigate the expansive universe of coding. 🚀🌌
Coje is not merely a project; it's a manifestation of a grand vision that's now at a pivotal juncture. It's gearing up to form an exclusive, compact, and private team of dedicated individuals. This presents a unique opportunity to join the journey at its formative stage and steer this venture towards exciting new horizons.
Coje's foundation is an array of custom modules, intricately designed to fuel the journey. It all began with a templated memory manager, a program bootstrapper for smooth argument parsing, a dynamic templated vector and map, a universal unicode string, and an abstract socket for efficient TCP/UDP networking. These core modules are complemented by CTest and CPack support, providing a seamless, end-to-end testing and packaging experience.
Over the past year, Coje has evolved, expanding its repertoire of modules to include newer dimensions such as a regular expression module, a graphics rendering pipeline, an audio pipeline, a secure HTTPS server, and an HTML/CSS/JS renderer. While these modules are in their early development stages, they already showcase the potential that Coje encapsulates.
Coje's vision extends beyond its current form. It aims to evolve into a comprehensive library/bootstrapper - a singular toolkit for building and distributing cross-platform games, apps, and tools. Already supporting Ubuntu Linux and Android (via the NDK), there are plans in the pipeline to extend its compatibility to Windows, Mac, and iOS.
The power and versatility of Coje can be witnessed in the diverse projects built using it. From a command-line hash generatovalidator to a command-line HTTP requester, to the beginnings of a game, each project stands as a testament to Coje's adaptability and potential.
Now, the call goes out to developers, designers, and artists eager to be part of this private, exclusive team. Together, we can shape the future trajectory of Coje, enhance the user experience, and craft immersive sound effects and music. While immediate financial rewards might not be available, the potential of launching games, apps, and tools on various platforms such as App Store and Steam, holds the promise of future returns.
Are you ready to become a part of this exhilarating expedition? If you're excited to contribute to Coje and leave your mark on the coding universe, I'd be thrilled to hear from you! We'll use Discord for direct communication and GitHub for feature/bug tracking.
If this opportunity resonates with you and you're interested in being part of this private team, feel free to send a DM. Let's come together to reshape the coding cosmos with Coje! 🚀💫🌈
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2023.06.03 02:34 Paul5995 🚜 Introducing the AT186167 Transmission Oil Pump for #JohnDeere Backhoe Loaders – Your Ultimate Power Booster! 🌟 Keep your machines running smoothly with this top-of-the-line oil pump, specially designed to ensure maximum efficiency and performance. 💪⚙ Don’t miss out on this...

🚜 Introducing the AT186167 Transmission Oil Pump for #JohnDeere Backhoe Loaders – Your Ultimate Power Booster! 🌟 Keep your machines running smoothly with this top-of-the-line oil pump, specially designed to ensure maximum efficiency and performance. 💪⚙ Don’t miss out on this... submitted by Paul5995 to u/Paul5995 [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 02:27 Educational_Fruit659 Lexus or Toyota dealership for service?

2018 gx460 Luxury owner here. Who takes their GX for services to a Toyota dealership rather than Lexus? Pros/cons? The nearest Lexus dealership is an hour and a half away from me, whereas toyota is 15 min away. I’m assuming since it is mostly shared parts and a Toyota drivetrain, it would be easily serviced by Toyota? Thoughts or opinions?
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2023.06.03 02:26 appleparkfive How Bandlab makes money

So, this has been something we've all thought about before I'm sure. "So it's a full DAW, without a download, that's cloud based, and free.. and I can make music with my friends online like it's a Google Doc... How exactly are they getting paid?". I've been a huge Bandlab guy for a minute now, but I tried their app and was kind of blown away. Especially since it is still cloud based, so it just transfers everything I make straight to my account.
I'm sure most people are aware of it at this point though. I don't see many engineers talking about it, but I see a ton of rappers and songwriters talking about it.
So anyway... The story. It's weird, from what I can tell. Apparently, they don't make money. Not right now anyway.
Basically the son of a Chinese billionaire from Singapore made it. He was really into Radiohead and some other things growing up, and got very passionate into music altogether. Playing guitar, making music, etc. He ended up trying to make his own place in business (as many billionaire sons do, naturally) by going into music.
He purchased a large music store company, then he purchased a bunch of other things (one company was a minority 49% share of Rolling Stone magazine for awhile, for example), bought sites like etc. Bought a prominent music case company (MONO), bought things like "AudioStretch, a music transcription tool that enables users to change the speed of audio without changing the pitch"
Basically different software and hardware choices. A lot more than I can right here. But the interesting thing is that.... apparently Dad was just subsidizing it all this whole time. I think he STILL might be.
(He apparently always wanted 100% of Rolling Stone magazine for some reason, but he couldn't get it so he gave up and sold his share of it. Bandlab also owns NME and Uncut apparently)
It seems like the music production world is the most promising side for them though. They bought Cakewalk from SONAR obviously. And that acts as a "Garageband vs Logic" kind of situation for them (except both are free in this case)
They were kinda big in 2019, but got massive by this point due to the lockdown and decided to make it a whole collaborative experience, etc etc. All from free. They regrouped as "Caldecott Music Group" for all these random things Bandlab does
So, from what I can assume is direct from the source:
"BandLab itself does currently not generate any revenue. Instead, its parent company Caldecott Music Group makes money from advertising as well as hardware and software sales."
So basically, They just don't make money. Not now. Not the product we hear call Bandlab anyway. It's just a part of a larger system. They're not taking a cut or secretly copyrighting half-assed freeflows. They just see it as a system they hope others will use more in depth.
So rest easy, Bandlab fans. I would highly suggest making backups though. If it's not making a huge profit it could disappear one day obviously!
Here is a pretty good article that goes more in depth if anyone is interested
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2023.06.03 02:23 Chandler107 How could target do this

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2023.06.03 02:21 ExtensionGold4808 Is this lip balm worth it? I’m on accutane so I have super dry lips

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2023.06.03 02:20 Maximum_Ad9685 AITA- puppy socialization

I’m trying to unpack a situation me and mt 6 month old girl just went through. Wondering everyone’s thoughts:
My 7 year old plays T-ball, and I use the opportunity to let my GSD puppy (6 months) for some socialization. We live very remotely, and I work remotely. The dog is only ever on a leash when we leave the farm. She is great one on one, but her attention fades a lot in crowds. So I try to take her to the games so she can see other people on the leash. I brought myself and the dog to the field and stood at a minimum of 25-30 feet away from the nearest person. This animal does not even use the bathroom on a leash, because she lives her life on the farm and off the leash. It is a special situation for her to be tied up. For the most part, she will lay down and just wait for the game to finish. If someone runs by her, she gets excited and lunges, which I stop and per her back into a platz, but it happens each time. A child (4-5) ran up to us…. I know my girl if very friendly, just looks aggressive on a lead. When the kid ran up she lunged, and I instinctively put my hand into her mouth so if she nipped I could grab her lower jaw and stop her nipping the kid. When this happened, some lady ran up to me to tell me that I shouldn’t have the dog here because it’s not trained and going to bite someone. As I tried to explain what happened she turned away and walked to her car while I said some things I regret saying in front of children. Yes. The dog nips, which is why I both stay so far away from people, and why I stopped her lunge and went to grab her jaw. But honestly. Is it my responsibility to keep your kid away from the dog? Multiple people who understand dogs pet her and played with her without issue. I’ll admit, we have some work to do to stop the behavior, and I think today was a great training to not lunge. She didn’t sound like she wanted to kill everyone like the last game, just the people that ran by us additionally if this kid didn’t run up and surprise both of us, I would have held her back from the lunge. Kinda wondering if I am the a-hole for bringing her, or if I actually was right in staying far enough away from people except the random who passed by (Which I was prepared for for). Is this lady just being a Karen? Or is my girl not ready for large crowds? She has an aggressive appearance on the leash, and I don’t have issue with this. The animal has protection duties, but is not a livestock guardian. She lunges, but it’s because she test everyone…… and a stern look causes her to pee in the spot. Thoughts?
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2023.06.03 02:19 Ok_Affect6705 2 late payments on my mortgage

I'd like advice on getting 2 late payments removed from my credit history.
I have always been paranoid about auto-pay so I never set it up on my mortgage. Big mistake, this was not a money issue just negligence on my part.
In early 2021 as things opened up again from the pandemic my job became very very busy and I missed two payments in a row and didn't catch it until i was past the grave period for the second month. And that was why I missed it, once I realized what I had done I immediately paid both months and the late fees and then setup my account for auto-pay.
A year or 2 ago I asked if the mortgage company could remove it from my history and they said no. I did not press it any further.
Is it possible to get this removed? Is my excuse good enough?
Tl;DR I missed my mortgage payment for 2 months and now seek advice to have it removed from my history.
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2023.06.03 02:18 lixthemonk [WTS][CA]All you need complete bundle: Bags Mags and BBs with Lancer M4 upgraded and TM HiCapa4.3 and more

Rifle is a Lancer Tactical gen2 M4 with fully upgraded internals. New gears, motor, piston, cylinder, and HopUp unit. Had my work double checked by a pro tech and it shoots great. Works in full auto but is tuned for semi and range. Come with 4 high capacity wind up mags and also all of the original parts I replaced. Has 4 batteries, 2 standard and 2 LiPo and chargers for both.
TM Hi-Capa 4.3 with original mag and 2 extra chrome mags. Have original box, as well as a quick draw belt holster.
BBs for both guns, a rifle bag that holds everything nicely for transport or storage, a mask, a belt mag holder, and gas (though I’m not sure this can be shipped).
I’m in San Diego area but willing to travel a bit for delivery. If you want it shipped I ask you pay the shipping.
Asking $300 but open to offers. Prefer to keep this as a bundle.
You can check my transactions on GameSales for verification and all payments will be Goods and Services for buyer’s protection.
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2023.06.03 02:17 MaggieMoon17 Moving to Buffalo…in my 40s

Hey all. My husband is going to be getting his PhD at UB, so we’re moving to Buffalo from Denver in August. I’ve read the pinned “moving to Buffalo” post ( thank you for the helpful info!) and have scoured this sub for ideas of where to live.
We have been homeowners for more than a decade, so I’m not enthusiastic about renting, but it seems like the smartest thing to do for the first 6 mos to a year—esp since we haven’t even been to Buffalo yet (we’re visiting in 2 weeks).
Seems like Allentown and Elmwood Village are fun places to be/live but also pricier, busier, nosier, more crowded. We have lived in Chicago and Los Angeles, so part of us loves the energy of places like that…but we’re also now in our 40s and really enjoy a quiet street when it’s bedtime. And less people (but Buffalo has less people than either of those cities and Denver, which is great). And parking. Omg I don’t want to have to park on the street.
Someone on an intro call to UB recommended Country Club Manor apts in Williamsville. Anyone have any experience with them? They look pretty bland & suburban online, but maybe less hassle comes with that…I was looking at properties owned by Ellicott Development, many of which seem to be cool, old warehouses and the like that have been renovated. Anyone have any experience with these guys?
Does anyone have any recommendations for a place that won’t be full of 20-somethings (sorry, younger Millennials & elder Gen Z friends, we’re just at different places in life! No shade intended. Love & value you.) but isn’t going to be super beige and depressing after relocating from my much-loved block in Denver and 117-year-old house?
Thanks in advance! I originally hail from the Rust Belt, so I’m sure Buffalo will quickly feel like home.
PS Bonus points if I can walk to a bookstore, coffee shop and/or grocery store. Thanks!
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2023.06.03 02:12 tinylocksmithisme Bad luck

In the last month I've serviced and ordered replacements for 2 separate customers for multi points. One is an Amsbury Truth that we went back and forth with Strybuc and thought it was ordered, then they come back and say actually we don't stock it and we won't order it unless you buy 6 since it comes from Europe (which there's no way we sell maybe one a year and never the same one twice to my knowledge 🙄) and now the customer is kinda screwed, so if anybody has any suggestions please share because we can't find it anywhere else so far.
The second is a Furr replacement, it was seized in multiple ways took some finesse to get it open but I got there, took all my measurements, lock it back up and go on my way. It was an automatic roller style (which automatic is not my preference but not my decision), submit my p.o. and my boss calls me the next morning with the news that they don't make that style anymore and for whatever fucking reason the measurements will not line up with any other roller so the best option to do a conversion to a shoot bolt style and it'll be pricy. I get the customers okay, not stoked about it but it's the main door they like to use so she accepts. They take 2 weeks to arrive, pretty standard. Get it yesterday, go out today to install (thankfully near another job I had scheduled today so not a total waste of a 45 minute drive) get the door back open, the failed unit removed, start unwinding all the packaging around the new unit since they've started some seriously tight wrapping after we had 5 in a row arrive damaged, finally get into it... the packing sheet has all the right parts listed on it. Strikes, screws, gear box and bottom rod attached, middle extension piece, top shoot bolt, profile cylinder. But actually in the box is the bottom rod and gear box, the top shoot bolt, and 1 bottom rod with gear box for an automatic tongue version. Missing my other pieces and added an extra bottom half to a random lock. There's only 2 of us with Multipoint capability I checked with the other guy he hasn't ordered an auto tongue in ages. So had to box it all back up, put the door back together, lock it back up, and inform the customer that she's gotta wait some more.
Just frustrated with the multipoint shit. I usually like working on them but goddammit.
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2023.06.03 02:12 notmariethehawc Not as intricate as most of the work posted here, but I'm hoping it'll be a bright spot for someone going through a tough time

Not as intricate as most of the work posted here, but I'm hoping it'll be a bright spot for someone going through a tough time
T-shirt quilt with fleece backing
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2023.06.03 02:12 Omansurver The second part of the fourth section of a certain super well-made-like-oh-my-god-this-is-so-good literary piece of media that was inspired by a animated piece of media, or the second part of the fourth chapter.

So yeah, second part. I forgot to say the page count last time of this chapter last time, so I'll say it now. Chapter four is about fifty pages long, so it fits the bill when it comes to these things. Not much else to say, so enjoy.

* * *
Jacob pondered.
On what exactly? Oh fine, I’ll tell you.
Jacob had just received what was, hopefully, a relatively unfiltered version of the recent events and situation on the planet. After about an hour of explanation, A had finished on the arrival of the disassembly drones, and the subsequent widespread assault on the worker drones. When Jacob had asked for the specific story of A’s squad, A had skirted around it, only lightly touching upon the subject. It was slightly suspicious, but Jacob didn’t plan on doing anything about it.
However, if it was the truth, it only raised more questions than answers. The fact that a company was willing to exterminate the entirety of what was probably a massive investment was just baffling. Jacob could only come up with two explanations, one of which was rather worrying to think about. The first was that of changing times; perhaps the company was so rich, and technology so advanced, that the worker drones could be replaced with the ease of buying another shipload of tissues. If you threw away an entire box of tissues, it would be annoying to say the least, but it wouldn’t cost a lot to just get another one.
But, it just didn’t make sense to Jacob that that would be the case. The United States military in the time of Jacob had heaps, thousands of missiles, and could afford to replace them as they were used. But if they all disappeared at once? It would take lots of time, money, and effort to replace each and every single last one of the lost payloads, and not to mention the logistical nightmare it would be.
So, that led Jacob to his other solution, one that insinuated a scenario far more confusing and sinister. If the company decided to just annihilate every worker drone, which is a very radical and illogical decision by a galaxy-spanning megacorporation, then it would line up with certain other decisions made by other people in the past.
During the Second World War, the U.S. government was fearful of a potential Japanese invasion. They believed that, if they did land boots on American soil, that the Japanese-Americans would rise up, taking the side of the invaders. And so, Roosevelt made the Executive Order 9066, ordering over one hundred and twenty thousand Japanese-Americans to be interned in concentration camps, where they would remain until near the end of the war.
This was an apt example for how even the most level-headed of individuals could make bad decisions under the influence of fear. If Jacob assumed that the same was true for this day and age, then perhaps the administration at the company had sent machines to kill the entire worker drone populace due some or maybe even all of them being much more dangerous than what was being let on. It was a bit far-fetched, but was the one of the only viable solutions at the moment, aside from his theory that nothing was real and they were all figments of the imagination of a being so complex they were nothing but fiction to it, but the chances of that were little to none.
Jacob’s pondering was interrupted by someone waving their hand in front of his face.
“Ugh, hello?” A snapped his fingers twice. “You there?”
Jacob blinked, refocusing on his present company. “Uh yeah, just processing.”
A scoffed. “Processing what? I thought humans were superior or something?”
Jacob smacked A’s hand out of his face. “Me too.”
A raised an LED eyebrow.
“Doesn’t matter.” Jacob waved hand in a dismissive way. “What now?”
“I dunno. That's all I had.” A shrugged.
“Nothing else you’re hiding?” Jacob questioned.
“No. There isn’t.” A glared at Jacob. “Now drop it.”
Jacob held up his hands in surrender. “Okay, jeez man, calm down. I just don’t wanna be bored for however long I’m stuck here.”
“Yeah well, that's not really my problem.” A stated.
Jacob didn’t reply, only sighing, before standing and getting up out of his seat.
A startled. “Wait, where are you going?”
“Out.” Jacob simply replied.
“Why?” A inquired.
Jacob shrugged. “Bored.”
A got to his feet as well. “Fine then. I guess I’m going as well.”
“You’re coming with?” Jacob asked incredulously.
“Yeah. I can’t have you running off and getting yourself killed.” A reasoned.
“They kept saying that too.” Jacob grumbled.
“Who said that?” A tilted his head.
“K and X.” Jacob answered. “Also, why don’t y’all have normal names? Why just letters?”
“I dunno.” A non-committedly replied.
“Huh.” Jacob took that as a cue to leave, turning to the ladder.
A followed closely behind, waiting until Jacob had gone through the small exit to ascend himself.
Jacob didn’t bother to use the ladder on the way down, buckling his knees and dropping the last few feet, hearing the snow crunch beneath him. He had been prepared to absorb the impact, but it seemed like whatever advanced mechanics his suit possessed had done the job all by itself, which was pretty nice. He made a mental note to test out the capabilities later on, just to get a general sense of the limits and what would be a danger to him.
Jacob heard a similar crunching noise behind him, causing him to look backwards, seeing A just awkwardly standing there.
“Just gonna follow me? Really?” Jacob was slightly annoyed.
“Yeah. I’ve gotta keep you safe until someone else takes you off my hands, or else I’ll-” A cut himself off.
Jacob took note of that, inferring what he might have been about to say. It only served to confirm his notion that he was sort of a VIP on the planet. He was to be protected at all costs, which was pretty nice for Jacob.
“So, you gonna do anything?” A asked.
* * *
The sound of snow crunching filled the empty room as the pair walked into it.
“Can we go back already?” X complained.
“No, and be quiet.” K scolded him. “It’s too echoey in this room, it’s annoying.”
X scoffed. “Pff, it’s fine. Nobody’s around for miles, we’re all good. Now when can we go back?”
K rolled her eyes. “We can go back when we find something, You heard what he said.”
“What who said?” X inquired.
“You idiot, our squad leader!? Our boss that we’ve spent who knows how long with!?” K cried out.
“Calm down, just messing around.” X leaned against the wall.
“Whatever, you know what A said. We can’t come back until we’ve found water.” K reminded X.
“Why do we even need it? I’m sure he’ll be fine.” X waved off the issue.
“He’ll die.” K deadpanned.
“He can walk it off.” X waved off the issue again.
“I don’t care, just get off the wall, we’ve gotta search every building.” K gestured for X to follow.
“How can we even find anything in here? Everywhere else we’ve checked has been empty.” X took his place next to K.
“You never know, now get to it.” K kicked over a rock, exposing a small marble.
X trotted over to a dented metal counter on one side of the room, peering underneath it.
“Nothing here, this is useless.” X whined.
“Shut up.” K called out.
X surprisingly obliged, kneeling down and searching the small cabinets that were connected to the counter. After finding nothing but a small skeleton huddled inside one of them, X sighed heavily, before making his way over to a large metal box. It might’ve been taller than him if it wasn’t tipped over on its side, with an assortment of power cords snaking out from an outlet on the back of it. Seeing a small handle on the front, X tugged on it, the slight rust giving way to superior strength.
However, X’s eyes went wide with shock, which changed to glee.
“Hey, look what I’ve found!” X called out to K.
K’s head whipped up, staring at the prize that X was brandishing. “You found- what is that?”
If the two had any idea what warm food was, they would’ve recognized the lumpy frozen good that X had in his hands as a perfectly preserved rotisserie chicken. If they had any sort of reheating device, and if they had proper taste buds, they might have been able to enjoy the sweet experience of a Thanksgiving dinner. However, they were ignorant robots who were about as smart as a middle schooler, so the only reaction that they, or at least one of them had, was confusion.
“I dunno, but it says chicken on the side!” X proudly exclaimed.
“What’s chicken?” K questioned.
“I’m . . . not sure . . . but I’m pretty sure it's food.” X’s LED eyebrows furrowed in thought.
“How do you know that?” K asked.
“Uh, I don't?” X seemed more confused than ecstatic now.
K shook her head. “Did you find anything useful?”
“Well I found this clear thing, but it only says something called ‘Dasani’ on the side.” X held up a clear plastic bottle, putting his finger in quotation marks when he said it.
“Give me that!” K dashed across the room, snatching the item out of X’s hands.
“Wha- hey!” X tried to grab at it, but K held it out of his reach.
“Back up!” K swatted X in the face, inciting a squawk of surprise.
“I found it first, give it back!” X shot back, tackling K, causing the bottle to roll across the ground.
The two began slugging at each other, scrabbling across the ground for dominance over a goddamn bottle, like a gang of the aforementioned middle schoolers. Nearly crushing the contested item multiple times, the two spent a good thirty seconds duking it out. And after K finally managed to curl into a ball around the bottle, X tried to no avail to recapture his former possession.
“You motherfu-” X was cut off by a noise from the door that led deeper into the building
The two highly professional disassembly drones shot to their feet, their gazes snapping to the origin of the sound. Standing there was a figure, about the same height as K and X, with familiar black plating and armor, kneeling down to grab a small blue marble that was on the floor. It appears as though the idiot had been trying to be sneaky to avoid capturing the attention of the killer robots, which clearly didn’t go as planned.
“Uh, hi.” The drone said after a moment of silence.
Even more silence.
The military drone took that as a cue to scoop up the marble, before dashing out of the room.
K and X instantly took chase, with K pocketing the small bottle for later. The military drone wasn’t quite fast, but it did make use of its head start well. The unnamed drone disappeared behind the corner, with the pair of disassembly drones right on his heels. However, when K turned around the edge, a bullet tore through the air, finding its home in her head. Completely unprepared, she fell to the ground.
X, contrary to what some might do, didn’t stop to assist her, instead just simply vaulting over her body, speeding onward. He was rapidly closing the distance between him and the military drone, when his prey suddenly whipped around with a pistol in its hand. X, unlike his comrade, was prepared for this inevitability, turning to the side and out of the path of the trio of bullets as they flew by him. X followed up on this by diving down onto the hapless drone, trying to skewer it on gleaming metal claws.
The drone didn’t have a chance to fight, but unknown to X, he did have time to press the small panic button on its jawline, or where the jawline would be if it was a human. If anyone on this planet was familiar with standard police or even military practice, they would recognize the small button as the useful yet annoying panic button.
For a bit of context, the panic button is usually represented as a small and easy-to-access device that, when activated, sends out an emergency distress signal that would notify the proper authorities of the panic button’s location and a dire situation. The panic button is common in the military, police personnel, elderly homes, schools, corporate buildings, apartment buildings, and basically everywhere else that isn’t a ghetto.
The drone, however, proved to be much smarter than his predecessors, much to the dismay of X. It dove to the side, dropping down and through a weakened rusty grate. As X’s claws scraped against the wall, the fleeing drone tossed a metal panel that was blocking the way out to his side, before dashing through the door. X jumped down to the lower floor, before continuing his chase.
A flurry of bullets ripped towards him, but X brought his arm up, letting his forearm absorb the projectiles that hit, and most missed. The drone ran down a comically long flight of stairs, taking three steps at a time. The stairs continued downward, eventually opening up to a basement with a gaping hole in the wall, which led straight into darkness. The drone nearly fell into the hole from the momentum of jumping down the stairs. But, it just managed to skid to a stop at the edge.
X landed at the foot of the stairs, crouching to absorb the impact. X’s gaze focused on the drone that was pointing the pistol at X, sights drawing a solid bead on his head. However, when it pulled the trigger, it was only met with a slight clicking sound. The drone gaze jerked down to the pistol, then straight back up to X, who was now diving towards it, claws outstretched.
The drone jumped backwards, losing his balance. Its foot slipped off the edge, and while the sudden space between it and X saved its life for the time being, it did have to contend with gravity, which was now pulling on the drone by a considerable amount.
X watched as the drone tumbled down the pit, hitting the sides. However, the sides of the pit were both sloped and slick with a thin sheet of ice, causing the drone to slide down to the bottom. The drone slammed against a large rusty metal pipe, which was a solid indicator of the pit’s identity as a sewer.
The drone scrambled to its feet, caving the skull in of a skeleton that appeared to have been a former inspector when one took into account the corpse’s clipboard and tattered clothes. X slammed down onto the large pipe, causing it to resonate like a gong. The drone snatched up a small length of rusty metal rebar that had impaled itself on the ground, the edge of the steel surprisingly sharp. The drone adopted a fighting stance, pointing the business end towards X.
The robotic predator didn’t care, however, just simply stabbing his prey with his own pointy stick, the sharp end of his nanite acid tail. The sharp tool stuck itself in the drone’s shoulder, causing it to drop the bar and curse. X took the opportunity to grip the drone by the head, while digging the claws of his other hand in its chest. X then looked into the opaque black visor of the military drone, before pulling in two opposite directions.
The effects were made known quickly, with the head of the military drone migrating away from its home connected to the body. Oil splashed down onto X, who took the opportunity to feed. X dropped the head, letting it hit the ground with a clang, dropping the body as well.
X stood over the fallen corpse, claws gleaming with oil. K landed next to him, retracting her wings.
“So you got it?” K asked.
“No I didn’t, he got away. This body right here is just a random pigeon, and you’re just hallucinating.” X replied sarcastically. “Also, how the hell did you get here so fast?”
K rolled her eyes. “Oh, be quiet. I’m just making sure, because knowing you, you would probably let him go for the funny.” She ignored his latter question.
“Well now that you mention it . . .” X looked sorrowfully at the body.
K punched him in the arm. “Whatever, we gotta go. I seriously doubt that he was alone-”
She was cut off yet again by a loud crash that originated from the hole up on the wall. The duo whipped around, only to see several guns pointed straight at them.
“Sup.” X nodded at the intruders.
* * *
The sound of conversation could be audibly heard from the lit tent.
The tent had been designated as the de facto headquarters for the former facility personnel, with a smaller offshoot serving as a meeting room for the leadership. The offshoot tent in question was currently being used for its purpose, with an emergency meeting being called. Not because of the discovery of a dead body, but for a different matter entirely.
“Can anyone at least tell me how this happened?” The Lead Engineer leaned on the table.
One of the data officers stepped forward. “We believe that when we were evacuating the facility, an error occurred that declassified the file.” They answered.
“An error did this.” The General wasn’t convinced.
“Well, yes. The computers had been degrading for a while now, and we had noticed that several of our autonomous programs were misbehaving, or just outright not working at all.” The data officer replied.
“And we did nothing about this?” The General glared at the trio of data officers that had joined them.
“We actually were doing all we could, but we didn’t have the materials to make a complete fix.” The Lead Engineer interjected.
“Why didn’t you tell me then!?” The General exclaimed.
“I did. You probably just forgot again.” The Lead Engineer suggested.
“What? I have the best memory here.” The General puffed out his chest proudly.
“Alright then, what were we just talking about?” The Lead Engineer inquired.
The General frowned. “We were talking?”
The Lead Engineer facepalmed. “Goddamn idiot.”
One of the data officers stepped up. “Uh, sir? There is still the matter of the ones who discovered the information.”
“Oh yeah, uh, dump them off the eastern bridge.” The Lead Engineer waved off the issue.
With a simple nod, the data officers left, accompanied by a few guards as well. The Lead Engineer sat back in his chair, before steepling his fingers on the desk. He looked back and forth between the assembled leadership, before the General spoke up.
“So, are we gonna continue or what?” He crossed his arms.
“Yes, sorry.” The Lead Engineer motioned to one of his ministers. “You take the lead, Kane.”
Kane got up, walking to the front of the tent, dragging a projector on a cart with him. When he arrived, he pulled down the white screen, securing the hook on a latch on the bottom. He then adjusted the cart, facing the lens towards the screen. He then attached a laptop to the projector, pressing a few buttons and fiddling with a few switches, cursing once. Finally, the projector flickered to life, shining an image onto the screen.
Kane cleared his throat. “Ahem, so. What you are seeing here is the first page of the document in question. As you can see here, it appears to be warning against a drone viewing whatever the contents of this file is.” Kane flicked to the next slide. “It continues to vehemently express this multiple times, not really differing in its warning at all.”
One of the military ministers, Alicia, raised her hand. “Uh, question?”
Kane paused. “What is it?”
“Its warning against drones? She asked.
“Yes, it is. I’ll explain this later on, so save your questions for the end please.” Kane looked back to the projection, skipping through the slides until he landed on the first one without a warning.
“Ah, here we go. So, as you can see here, this appears to be a logo for JCJenson-'' Kane was interrupted by a faint, “In Spaaaaacee!” from an unknown source. “Uh, anyway, as all of you know, JCJenson was the company that owned this planet, and the one that provided the drones that the government were using in their facility, which was us.” Kane flicked to the next slide.
“Here we can see a title for a project, along with several bits of accompanying information, like locations, associates, page number, references, you get the picture.” Kane then produced a long ruler from what seemed like thin air, before pointing the end at one of the words. “Pay attention to this one here ‘AbsoSolv’ as it’ll come up several times later on.” Going to the next slide, Kane cleared his throat yet again.
“This page is more confusing, as it appears to be mentioning several unit serial numbers that don’t match up with standard format, which are mixed in with several other ones that are in different format, like this one here,” Kane pointed his stick at a random one from the line. “This one says, S-010011X01, which I believe has a main identifying letter instead of a string of numbers based on time of construction.”
“Additionally, while some of these feature the normal serial numbers that worker drones use, they have another identifier after it, separated by a dash.” Kane flipped to the next slide.
“This one is more straightforward, as it appears to be featuring a set of technical designs of a modified worker drone with the serial number and other associated information listed at the top. The notes on the side are observations on the modifications that can be seen in the designs. Some of the original worker drone parts can be seen, but a majority of the inner and outer mass seem to have been altered or replaced with a substance that is described as ‘fleshy’. You can see at the very bottom a signature of an unknown human administrator, and a notice that marks the drone for ‘disassembly’ as an addendum can be seen that marks whatever this is as a failure, and a recommendation to request more data from their source.”
Kane took a breath, before going to the next slide. “This is essentially the same as the last one, and this continues for a few slides. Nothing of note can be found in them, save for a few different serial numbers that were listed in one of the prior slides.”
Kane flicked to the next slide. “This one has two addendums, which I will say in a moment. The image is different as well, with noticeably less random mutations and more of a form taking place. This one was supposedly much more successful than the others, and while it was still marked as a failure, the first addendum said that the team working on the project should strip the data from the drone in as best a condition as they could. The second one simply noted they were naming the specific strain of code they were using to ‘Absolute Solver’. The addendum does not mention any reason or motive behind the name, only noting the fact that their shareholders would be pleased.”
“The next one is the first apparent success in the line of experiments that JCJenson seemed to be doing. A single growth can be seen protruding from the back of the spinal transmitter, and several other growths have sprouted inside. However, it is noted that the drone survived the process, and remained somewhat coherent for a period of time afterwards, which seems to be an outlier when considering the others. There isn’t an addendum on this one, only a request from the team for more extensive data from their source to compare to this experiment.”
“This trend continues for a good while, so I’ll just summarize the important bits for all of you.” Kane stated. “Each version continued to show more and more productive attributes and traits, as is par the standard course. Throughout the notes, requests, and addendums, whoever was typing up the document repeatedly noted some things that I will review later, such as Absolute Solver, the ‘source’, Camp 98.7, Cabin Fever Labs, and disassembly drones.”
Kane flicked to the final slide. “This is the final page, with some items to note. It appears to be a reiteration of the specifics of the agreement between the government and JCJenson, with a few additional key things. It includes the standard formalities and the usual junk that we all know, but something else as well. When mentioning the exchange of data that came from the asset-” Kane paused as the room underwent an uncomfortable shuffle in their seats. “They mention a clear correlation between this project that JCJenson is, or was, working on, and the asset. They also instructed the government contacts that any unauthorized personnel, which included government agents, were now barred from entering Camp 98.7 due to ‘hazardous environmental conditions’ and that this was nonnegotiable.”
Kane turned away from the projector, clasping his hands in front of himself. “And now to explain.”
“From what me and the team I assigned could gather, we deduced the meanings and purposes behind several items that were mentioned in this file. The first and most obvious, the ‘source’ that is mentioned. They are receiving data from this source, which seems to be essential to the development of what they were working on. Based on their words, we figured that the source is likely the asset, and yes, the same asset that we are all familiar with.” Kane paused, seemingly to let his words sink in.
“Continuing on, we began to dissect what Camp 98.7 was. It was very clearly a location of sorts, but where it was and what it was used for was more complicated. While we never arrived at a solid conclusion, we believed that the most likely avenue was that Camp 98.7 might have been an outpost of sorts, perhaps used in conjunction with these Cabin Fever Labs.”
“On the matter of the Cabin Fever Labs, we can clearly assume that research and development of this Absolute Solver was being conducted there, and perhaps Camp 98.7 was a sort of staging ground or other type of location related to the lab. We believe that the location of one or both of these sites are hidden within another file.”
“And perhaps the most intriguing and complex matter of them all, Absolute Solver. We figured that it was likely that this Absolute Solver was instrumental in whatever experiments they were doing, or even being one of the subjects of the experiments themselves. From what we gather, Absolute Solver is something, maybe a piece of alien machinery, some sort of unknown lifeform, an experimental strain of cutting-edge code, one of those things, but whatever it is, it is not something that is ‘normal’. It appears to have a unique effect on those it hosts or comes into contact with, rapidly generating new organic material, with sometimes uncontrolled effects. While the file only shows the experiments that used drones, we don’t know if any humans or other organic lifeforms were included either. Likely not, considering the legality of the situation, but it's open to discussion.”
Kane took a large breath, before continuing.
“And finally, the disassembly drones. They seem simple, but my team believed it to be heavily related to our current situation. They aren’t mentioned very often, but they appear to be a direct result of their experiments or related to one. From what we could gather, they are meant to, well, disassemble. Drones on par with military-grade ones that are capable of a variety of things, like bullet fire, rocket launching, melee combat, flight, digital warfare, and regeneration.” Kane watched as his words dawned upon his audience, expressions filling with shock.
“Yes, those drones. The disassembly drones that we read about are likely some variant of the unknown assailants that attacked the facility, and stole the asset in the process.”
The General sputtered. “B-but that would be a severe political incident! If those drones were under the command of JCJenson, and they stole GOVERNMENT property, then they would be liable for retaliation!”
Kane tried to calm the room. “Now, hold on, I’m not done-”
The Lead Engineer also appeared to be shocked. “Why didn’t you tell me this earlier!?”
“You told me to wait for the meeting!” Kane exclaimed.
The room erupted into disarray.
“We need to mobilize, hunt down those damn traitors!”
“What's their last known location!?”
“Where is the nearest transmitter, send out a request for retaliatory action!”
Suddenly, a drone burst into the room, knocking over the projector cart in the process. Everyone turned to look at him, ceasing the chaos for a moment.
“Er, uh, sirs?” The drone asked.
“Yes?” The General and the Lead Engineer stood up at the same time.
“I, uh,” The drone looked back and forth between the two administrators. “Well, we received a panic signal from one of our scouts.”
The General scoffed. “Why would that be enough to warrant our intervention? He probably just tripped on a conveniently placed banana peel.”
The messenger fidgeted nervously. “Well, his partner reported moments before the signal came in that he heard gunshots.”
The administrative drones shared a collective uneasy look.
“What did you do?” The General asked slowly.
“The officers who received the signal first sent in two of the patrol squads that were nearby at the time.” The messenger answered.
The drones in assembly all either looked down in disappointment or facepalmed.
The General spoke up after a moment. “Send in a squad as fast as you can to their last known location. Only veterans, and outfit them with heavy weaponry and explosive ordnance.” The General paused, before adding an afterthought. “And give them some cutting equipment too.”
The messenger blinked in surprise. “Wait, sir, are you sure-”
“Just tell the officers already!” The General slammed his fist down onto the cheap plastic table, which formed a crack.
The messenger saluted quickly, before dashing out of the room.
The Lead Engineer took a cursory look at the assembled drones, before he sighed.
“We’re screwed.”
* * *
“Are you going back anytime soon?”
Jacob looked back at his unwanted companion.
“No.” He answered simply, before resuming his casual trot.
“We’re getting too far away from the spire, and the sun is coming up in an hour or two. I for one don’t want to get caught out.” A insisted.
“Well I don’t die from a bit of sunlight, so too bad.” Jacob stepped over a tire rim.
“I’m not sure that’s your choice.” A stated.
Jacob paused and looked backward. “Oh, so you’re bossing me around now?”
“Maybe, if you keep on making dumb decisions like this.” A stopped as well.
“Pff, I’ll be fine.” Jacob waved his hand in the air to emphasize his point.
“You won’t last ten minutes.” A dead-panned.
“Nah, I’ll speedrun this stuff, I’ll be off-planet in an hour.” Jacob proudly said.
A shook his head and sighed. “Whatever you say.”
Jacob didn’t answer.
Jacob then looked around. “Wait, where are we? I wasn’t keeping track.”
“And you said that you would- whatever, we’re like, three miles away from the base.” A replied.
“Huh, went that far?” Jacob asked.
A frowned. “Three miles isn’t that far-”
A was interrupted by a rather loud crack that resonated through the landscape.
Jacob blinked. “Uh, ok then-”
Jacob was also interrupted by a trio of cracks and bangs, sounding slightly familiar.
“Are those-” Jacob was, yet again, interrupted by even more bangs.
“-gunshots?” He finished.
“I wouldn’t worry, those idiots are probably either messing around, or they found a worker drone to kill.” A nonchalantly answered.
“Shouldn’t we go check it out though?” Jacob inquired.
“It isn’t a problem.” A said, annoyed.
“Well it would give me something to do.” Jacob insisted.
A checked the time, before looking at the horizon for signs of sunlight.
“Eh, fine. Wouldn’t hurt, I guess.” A shrugged.
“Nice.” Jacob grinned underneath his ballistic visor.
* * *
K sliced through the head of the last desperate drone, before spitting out a bullet.
“You done?” K called out to X.
“Yeah, I guess. By the way, do you still have my Dasani thing?” X looked at K hopefully.
“Yes, I do. And besides, it isn’t yours, it's for Jacob.” K answered.
“What? Why is he getting it? Why not me?” X exclaimed.
“Because it's water, idiot. An uncontaminated source, like A told us, remember?” K glared at X.
“I guess, but that's water?” X asked.
“Yes, it is. It matches the description.” K replied
“Description?” X questioned.
“Yeah, the description. You know what description means, right?” K seemed even more annoyed.
“I know what it means.” X snapped. “But how do you know what water looks like?”
K just shrugged, before turning towards the exit.
“Come on, we gotta get back soon.” She flew upwards, landing on the ledge.
X followed suit, tracing their steps back through the building. X looked back up at the rusty grate that the drone had fallen through, which he now identified as being part of a weirdly placed catwalk. Scanning the environment, X found that the only entrance to the small alcove would be the hole in the catwalk. The basement that the small room was connected to didn’t have an entrance either, only having the gaping hole in the side of the room, which likely wasn't intended. That would mean that a person would have to chop through the sewer wall to get into the basement and adjoining alcove, or jump off the catwalk. Both of those options didn’t make any sort of sense at all. In fact, the catwalk wasn’t even needed, someone could have just removed the entire basement-and-alcove plan entirely, which also removed the necessity for a catwalk. All in all, whoever designed the building was either high off of some crazy drugs, an idiot, or both.
But, none of these thoughts went through X’s head, as he was only thinking about the devastating loss of his cool plastic bottle.
K hefted herself up onto the rusty catwalk, with X following close behind. K went through the doorway, only for a rather eventful event to stop her momentarily.
A rocket screamed through the air, smacking K straight in the chest. The resulting explosion blew X backwards and K apart, with oil splashing onto the ground in the process. With a clatter, X hit the ground, slightly dazed. He looked to his left to see what looked like the arm of K, twitching slightly. X tried to get up, only to fall again, after he put his weight on a hand that wasn’t there.
X, seeing the failure of Operation: GTFU, adjusted his position so that he could get up with his other hand only, which was thankfully still there. Investigating his left arm, he could see that everything down from the elbow had been separated from himself in the blast. He didn’t have time to look for it or go get it, so he simply let the matter go.
Standing up, X stared through the smoke, before diving back down onto the ground when another rocket came streaking past him. It scratched his face, sending small sparks up, before heading down the other hallway. X pointed his own rocket launcher into the fog, before firing off a flurry of shots. He heard explosions, but wasn’t rewarded with screams or grunts of pain. Problematic, to say the least.
X took the opportunity to kick K’s assorted dismembered body parts down into the lower alcove, where she should eventually reassemble herself. She was really taking a beating recently, and she would probably be frustrated about that when X was all done, but that wasn’t his problem-
X nearly met the same fate as K when another rocket flew from the open doorway, the fog starting to clear up. X jumped up and over the RPG, letting it fly into the unexplored depths of the building. He couldn’t do this dance forever, so he made the executive decision to charge into the unknown.
* * *

Anyway, I'll be posting the next part tomorrow, so hang on tight for the singular person that made it to the end. No need to like, this is purely for my own benefit. See ya.
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2023.06.03 02:09 NotLibbyChastain Okay but seriously (again), none of these people should still have their jobs....

I have said it before and I will say it again. 👏 .
For rule of drama and because it's a TV show, the main characters have not been permanently fired. But seriously, in reality, almost none of them would still have their jobs. .
Bobby would have (and arguably should have) been fired for not disclosing what happened in St. Paul and for his part in allowing his old department to cover it up so he could get moved to CA. Keep in mind, I'm not talking about whether he was morally right or wrong, but that he was part of telling a big billy bass of a lie to his new bosses and thst seriously undermines their ability to trust him.
He also has physically assaulted an employee, as well as a citizen while on duty and acting in a professional capacity. My man needs to stop grabbing people and throwing them against walks, basically.
Buck stole a fucking fire truck to hook up. Yes he was fired over it but miss me with that, "I appreciate what I had now" bullshit rehiring.
Eddie had to be smuggled out of the scene of the illegal fight club where he almost killed someone, then called 911. He is damn lucky a friend found him versus literally anyone else.
Maddie stalked a 911 caller. Full stop.
Athena may be a boss bitch and yes, it is generally accepted that it is really hard for police officers to actually lose their jobs, but she abused her power when dealing with the girl who bullied her daughter. I also have a hard time accepting that the way she dealt with the convenience store that was price gouging was exactly acceptable legal procedure. We love Athena because she is seen as a force of good and is given the hero treatment, but imagine the same behavior from someone whose POV didn't align with the audience.
I cannot, at the moment, think of anything Chim or Hen have done that should have gotten them shoved in a mine cart and pushed down the shaft, professionally speaking, but I'm sure if I gave it time ......
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2023.06.03 02:02 juliad245 I hate my screened-in porch. Please help me with some ideas!

Hello! A previous owner converted a deck into a screened-in porch and did a bad job. I would really like to convert it back into a deck because I would get more use out of a deck.
When they built the roof and walls, they removed parts of the siding to attach the upper half of the porch to the house. I was originally thinking I could just remove it and patch the siding, but I am having a lot of trouble finding the right texture and color. The siding is at least 20 years old and has the texture of painted sandpaper. Anything I am finding in building supply stores is wood grain and I can't find anything to match color very well (oxford blue is the closest I can get but it is not great).
I am really looking to avoid re-siding the entire house or the entire back wall. Would it be a mistake to take siding from higher up on the house to patch the area near eye level and replace what I took with something that is close in color but not the same texture?
Is there anything that I can do without patching the siding? I was thinking about a gable door canopy but I'm not sure how that would look on a deck.
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2023.06.03 01:53 ESNITWHY Condo management wants me to pay garage door repair cost (ON)

I was driving home the other day and the garage gate was open. I pressed my fob once and there is no any visible indication if the fob worked (usually can tell gate is going up when closed, not this time gate was open). The gate started coming down and landed on my car, very minor damage to my car but I received an email from management now, and they are saying the system has no history of my fob signal, the gate was damaged and I am responsible for all the repair cost. Has anyone had this kind of issue with condo management before? And how do you resolve? Is going through auto insurance the only option? Is condo responsible for any part of it? Thanks in advance
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2023.06.03 01:53 UnPresoMas Introducción

Para comenzar debo decir que soy primario ... ¿Qué es ser primario? Significa que es la primera vez que caigo en cana. Nunca antes había pisado una comisaría, ni para hacer una denuncia, jamás tuve problemas con la ley, exepto por una aprehensión por tenencia de marihuana, que ni siquiera había quedado en mis registros. Nunca me imaginé verme en una situación así, toda esta situación estaba fuera de mi mundo. Cuando me enteré que tenía una acusación y se me iniciaba una causa penal, mi mundo se fue abajo y entre en un estado de depresión severo del que todavía no salgo, aunque con el tiempo uno se va acostumbrando y la rutina lo hace tolerable, como una persona que sufre dolor crónico, la vida continúa pero en ciertos momentos el dolor es lo único presente. Sin embargo, mi familia me apoyo desde el comienzo, me consiguieron ayuda psicológica y psiquiátrica. Después por contacto de una prima contratamos un abogado, que aunque a veces desconfío de el, se lo ve muy competente y preparado. Y bueno solo me queda en confiar en que todo va a salir bien al final. ... Pero bueno ya me fui por las ramas, así que voy a comenzar a relatar cómo fue que encane. Todo comenzó un jueves primero de febrero, como ya dije, yo ya estaba el tanto de la causa y con mi abogado nos habíamos puesto a derecho (que significa ponerse a disposición de la ley) y además mi abogado hizo un pedido de excarcelación que había sido aprobado por la fiscalía, así que estaba con relativa tranquilidad. Volviendo a ese jueves, eran las 20hs, recién había terminado de trabajar, estaba haciendo una torta para el cumpleaños de un amigo, tenía planeado ponerla en el horno y que se cocinara mientras me daba una ducha. Cuando alguien llama a la puerta, me pareció extraño porque no esperaba a nadie, miro por la ventana y veo dos autos y cinco policías de civil, supe que eran policías porque todos usaban la misma ropa negra y la cara de ortiva se les nota a kilómetros. Se me helo la sangre, no porque supiera que me iban a arrestar, sino porque tenía un frasco de flores sobre la mesa, recién acababa de fumarme uno. Sin guardar las cosas por el apuro, salgo y les pregunto que estaban buscando, me respondieron somos de la DDI ¿usted es (X)? a lo que yo respondo que si. - Bueno tenemos una orden de allanamiento. - Les contesto, bueno pueden mostrarme la orden de allanamiento. - Uno de ellos replicó, primero dejamos pasar y después te la mostramos. - A lo que yo respondí, pero como quieren que les deje entrar si no me muestran nada. - El mismo ortiva, ya cambiando su tono de voz dijo, no hay problema si no nos abrís tiramos abajo la reja. - Yo en un tono irónico le respondo a su amenaza, bueno si debe ser así entonces mejor voy a buscar las llaves y los dejo pasar. Entro apurado y lo primero que hago es guardar el frasco de maria y luego busco las llaves y los dejo entrar. Pasaron los cinco canas y un testigo, que pobre estaba más asustado que yo, al entrar se acomodar como panchos en su casa (hasta uno de ellos me pedio la clave del wifi). Una vez acomodados uno de ellos trae una notebook y una impresora, mientras otro me leía la carátula de la causa seguido de la orden de detenciones, al finalizar las lecturas me dice a partir de este momento usted queda detenido. Lo del allanamiento era una excusa, una mentira para que los dejara entrar, eso de ser honestos no va con ellos. Yo les explico que tenía una excarcelación y que eso no era posible, me ignoraron, pedí llamar a mi abogado pero no me lo permitieron. (Acto ilegal por parte de ellos). Me dijieron que prepare un bolso con una muda de ropa y elementos de higiene. Al terminar de preparar mi mochila, le pregunté a uno por cuánto tiempo me iban a retener, a lo que respondió, te vamos a llevar está noche para que mañana vayas a declarar y después te largamos. Fué otra mentira de por parte de ellos. Después de eso me llevaron a una salita para corroborar que no fui golpeado durante el procedimiento, lo que me parece una estupidez porque tranquilamente me pueden golpear en la comisaría (hecho que he presenciado pero me explayare más en otro capítulo). A eso de las 22hs llegamos a la seccional, hicieron los trámites pertinentes que incluyen tomar los datos personales, huellas digitales y las típicas fotos de salen en los noticiarios, ya saben esas fotos con un banner atrás y un policía al lado pero de espalda, fotos de frente, de costado, de espaldas, sin remera, del rostro y de los tatuajes. Una vez hecho esto me llevaron al buzón (el buzón es una celdita separada de los otros preso). Desde la reja los pibes me hicieron todo tipo de preguntas, mi nombre, cuál era mi causa, de dónde era. Yo respondí todas las preguntas sin vacilar, luego de eso me pasaron una botella con agua, jabón y un trapo para que me lave y una botella vacía para mear. Después de eso me puse a dormir o mejor dicho, intentar dormir. A eso de las 7AM me llevaron a declarar y ahí me encontré con mi abogado, me habían dejado llamarlo desde la seccional la noche anterior, leímos juntos la causa y nos pusimos de acuerdo con declarar. Fuimos con el fiscal, declare ante él lo poco que tenía que decir, el fiscal me hizo preguntas, las que yo respondí sin problemas, luego mi abogado me hizo más preguntas como para completar la declaración. Después de todo esto, me entero que tenía que seguir preso mientras mi abogado hacia los pedidos de excarcelación. El me garantizo que el primer pedido me los iban a negar (el primero siempre lo niegan), y que cada pedido de excarcelación tarda cinco días hábiles en recibir una respuesta, osea que en realidad tarda una semana y solo se puede hacer tres veces el pedido de excarcelación. Al volver a la seccional me pusieron con la población, éramos casi veinte personas en una única celda más pequeña que un monoambiente promedio y con baño diminuto sin ducha. Apenas al llegar me recibieron los pibes, me explicaron cómo era la política del lugar, aclarandome que este tranquilo, el que se enoja pierde, me dijieron que en ese lugar no se pelea, no se toca lo ajeno, todo se pide con permiso y respeto; y que por ser el nuevo no iba a ser el gato de ellos, todo se hace sin obligación sino por voluntarismo, eso me dejo más tranquilo, aunque por mi estatura y tamaño, y cara de culo, no cualquiera se anima a hacerme frente. (Aunque la realidad es que soy un boludon, nunca pelee con nadie ni nada parecido). En total estuve dos semanas ahi, los primeros días fueron una tortura, al ser dieciocho personas nos teníamos que organizar para dormir, hacíamos por así decirlo un piso de colchones y nos acostabamos en filita con los brazos y los pies cruzados (tipo como un momia envuelta). Durante el día era estar sentado en el piso o en los colchones enrollados, esto me causaba mucho dolor en la espalda, en el cuello, en las piernas y en las rodillas, y lo único que se podía hacer era pararse un rato, porque ni espacio para caminar había siquiera. Después de la primer semana, los cobanis me dejaron pasar todo el día con la población y a la noche me llevaban al buzón con otras tres personas para dormir, era mucho mejor, un colchón para cada uno y espacio suficiente para dormir como uno quiera, haciendo la estadía más cómoda. Cuando me estaba empezando a asimilar esa vida tras las rejas, un viernes once de febrero a eso de las 20hs, me llamaron a la reja y me dieron tres notificación para firmar, leí la dos primeras donde decía en letras grandes "excarcelación denegada" ya resignado firmo los tres papeles y me vuelvo a sentar en mi lugar, empiezo a leer más detenidamente las copias. El primero denegado, el segundo denegado y el tercero "excarcelación otorgada - bajo fianza de $90.000" confundido le doy los papeles a un compañero que había pasado veinte años en cana y durante ese tiempo había estudiado derecho, el los leyó y me explico que los primeros dos papeles eran el primer y segundo pedido de excarcelación, y el que decía excarcelación otorgada era el tercer y último pedido posible. Al enterarme de esto, entre en un estadobde alegría que pocas veces había vivido antes, sin embargo, mis compañeros mostraban un entusiasmo aún mayor que el que yo demostraba, estaban como si Argentina hubiese ganado el mundial, me abrazaban y felicitaban. Era la primera vez que veían a alguien irse en libertad de ese lugar. Con una sonrisa en el rostro, volví a llamar a la encargada del fondo, ella se acercó a la reja y yo le pregunte si esto era real, a lo que me responde que si, el lunes apenas figure el pago de la fianza me podía ir. Yo estaba seguro que mi familia disponía de esa plata y que seguro pagarían sin dudar. Pero luego, me enteré que el monto por mi fianza era más alto, $200.000, debido a que la plata de la fianza va a las manos del juez y como en mi causa estaban trabajando dos jueces, en realidad eran 90.000 para cada uno. Mi familia por suerte cuenta con ahorros y pudieron pagar la fianza. Pero que quieren que les diga, para mí el sistema de libertad bajo fianza me suena como un "soborno institucionalizado", prefería que el dinero que me piden vaya a una ONG, al estado o a cualquier lado, todo menos al los bolsillos de una persona cuyo trabajo es hundirme en una causa sin ver la verdad total de los hechos. Encima ellos mismos pone el precio de su "soborno". Además la justicia se supone que debe ser equitativa, como puede ser que una persona pueda comprar su libertad, mientras menos beneficiados los dejan pudrirse en la cárcel. En el cuento, "el pánico" 1954. De Kobo Abe, deja bien en claro como el sistema judicial en realidad es un sistema capitalista dónde el objetivo es movilizar la industria judicial, recaudando dinero para ellos, en vez de buscar la verdad y la justicia de los hechos (1). pero como sea ya estoy divagando de nuevo. Volviendo a mi causa, con mi libertad casi asegurada, tuve que esperar tres largos días hasta que pueda "abrir el candado" como se dice. El lunes prepare mis cosas, solo me lleve mi ropa y un libro, les deje a mis compañeros mis sábanas, elementos de higiene, otro libro que tenía, algo de comida que me había sobrado y ropa que tenía de mas. Los lunes a las 10AM las familias llevaban los bagallos (comida y otros víveres para aguantar toda la semana), como yo ya sabía que me iba, mi familia trajo muchas pizzas para compartir con mis compañeros. Después de las visitas nos pusimos a comer y a eso de las 13hs me avisaron que ya me podía ir. Mi familia ya había sido notificada de mi liberación y me estaban esperando afuera, firmé los papeles de excarcelación que me "garantizaba" la libertad mientras cumpliera tres condiciones: - Avisar 72hs antes si es que iba a salir de la provincia. - Dar aviso y nueva dirección en el caso de que vaya a mudar. - Y por último, no contactarme con la parte acusante. Volví a mi casa, aunque solo fueron dos semanas, había sido suficiente para desacostumbrarme a algunas cosas. Como el sol, este me enceguecia, tarde varios días en acostumbrarme, así como en acostumbrarme a volver a tener una rutina con horarios fijos, horarios de comidas y un horario de sueño regular, en un calabozo dormís cuando hay sueño y comes cuando hay hambre. En otras palabras, volver a acomodar el ciclo circadiano, porque cuando estás en una taquería el día y noche es lo mismo y la hora solo sirve para saber cuándo termina un día y empieza el otro. ... Mi familia me había recibido con comida, luego hablamos un poco de todo lo sucedido. Después me puse a trabajar y acomodar los proyectos que había dejado pendientes, mi familia me sugería que descansará pero yo ya estaba cansado de descansar, solo quería retomar mi vida normal. Estuve así un mes y medio, más o menos, cuando volvió ir la policía a mi casa con otro pedido de detención, totalmente injustificado, yo no había incumplido ninguna de sus condiciones, no sabía porque me querían detener de nuevo y ellos tampoco lo sabían, solo sabían que me tenían que llevar, y ellos solo obedecen a su superior. Accedí a ir, pensando se había cometido un error y que se solucionaría en cuestión de unas horas o días. Me llevaron a la comisaría de mi ciudad y de ahí al buzón, una caja enrejada dónde apenas entraba parado y no entraba acostado, ese lugar era una mierda, olía a meo y mierda, a linyera; las paredes estaban húmedas podridas y verdes del moho, el piso negro con una gruesa capa de mugre, tan gruesa que no se distinguían las baldosas, y cucarachas y mosquitos por montón. Después se hizo la noche y el lugar no tenía luz. Llame al encargado del fondo para que me dejara ir al baño y me diera un poco de agua, me dijo que iba a ver qué podía hacer y media hora después vino con una botella vacía para que meara y nada de agua. Después de eso, me trajeron unos papeles explicando las razones por las que fui arrestado, resulta, que el juez que llevaba mi causa se tomó una licencia laboral y la jueza interina elevo mi causa a juicio oral y determino que yo debía estar aprehendiendo hasta el juicio, cagandose en la palabra de su antecesor y en la fianza que había pagado y me garantizaba mi libertad hasta el juicio. También me dijeron que me iban a llevar a otra seccional, dónde estoy hasta el día de hoy, por el momento ya estoy acá hace un mes y medio, y se que tengo que estar dos meses más hasta que me den la resolución de la apelación de libertad que solicito mi abogado (2). O sino aproximadamente un año hasta que sea llevado a cabo el juicio. ¿Dónde quedó la presunción de inocencia? La famosa frase "toda persona es inocente hasta que se demuestre lo contrario". Yo estoy preso antes de un juicio, antes de que se demuestre lo contrario. Según lo veo la justicia ya me considera culpable, eso es para mí uno de los más grandes fallos de la justicia de nuestros tiempos.
(1) lean el cuento "el pánico" y van a entender mejor de lo que hablo. (2) al final fue mucho mucho más tiempo que solo dos meses.
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2023.06.03 01:52 ESNITWHY Condo management wants me to pay repair cost

I was driving home the other day and the garage gate was open. I pressed my fob once and there is no any visible indication if the fob worked (usually can tell gate is going up when closed, not this time gate was open). The gate started coming down and landed on my car, very minor damage to my car but I received an email from management now, and they are saying the system has no history of my fob signal, the gate was damaged and I am responsible for all the repair cost. Has anyone had this kind of issue with condo management before? And how do you resolve? Is going through auto insurance the only option? Is condo responsible for any part of it? Thanks in advance
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2023.06.03 01:50 kpow69 Opinion Class 1-A Support Items

I’ll be judging each student’s gear based on practicality, how they’re utilized (canonically) in the story, and maybe suggestions for upgrades to their items or different items they could have.
Aoyama: Since he literally can’t control his quirk without his belt, it’s very practical and constantly being utilized. Plus the option to channel it to other parts of his suit is pretty neat.
Mina: Her suit is acid proof. That’s about it.
Tsuyu: camo suit and a neck ring to regulate her temperature. Pretty good since intense cold is her only serious weakness.
Iida: His entire costume is basically a support item. It helps keep his engines cool and is aerodynamic for wind resistance. I think it would be cool if in the future he went full Iron Man and added an interface into his helmet.
Uraraka: The wire she added to her wrists and the propulsion system in her boots are great for midair mobility. She uses them pretty frequently after having them installed. Although I will say, I preferred her first helmet with the face shield. Not just aesthetically, but because it protected… you know, her face.
Ojiro: None. I think it would be cool if he had a collapsible staff for combat. Mostly to add to the Son Wukong aesthetic. If not that, maybe just some sturdy, flexible material for his tail to keep it from getting injured without sacrificing mobility.
Kaminari: I’ve got some bones to pick with his stuff. Mostly from a utilization standpoint. Remember his communicator earpiece? That would’ve been quite useful for communicating with his teammates or calling for backup in an emergency. Too bad it’s not even mentioned after USJ. Then he gets the sharpshooter gear, which I thought was great for him. It gave accuracy to his indiscriminate attacks. Until I realized that the only time he has successfully used it was during the provisional license exam, against meatball man. Well, at least his visor acts as a tracking device when coupled with the pointers. Though the practicality is a bit questionable when the tracker is a bright orange frisbee. Oh wait, that feature was introduced during joint training and was never used again… sigh. In short, awesome, useful gear that is horribly underused.
Kirishima: None
Koda: he doesn’t really need his mask to amplify his voice anymore, since he can now communicate with animals via telepathy. My only suggestion would be maybe some animal treats.(Just to be nice)
Sato: Dude literally pulls sugar and snacks out of his ass mid fight, like he’s playing Skyrim. I’d just give him some glucose tablets and call it a day.
Shoji: None
Jiro: Her stereo boots were kinda cool if not a bit impractical. Her amplifiers are much better, allowing her to attach them to her jacks and aim them wherever she wants.
Sero: None
Tokoyami: His cloak allows him to block out the light and recharge dark shadows power. When Momo made him night vision goggles during joint training, I remember thinking “why doesn’t he always have those“. If his specialty is going to be “revelry in the dark”, it would probably be helpful for him to see in the dark as well.
Todoroki: Shoto’s gear is explained in chapter extras, but the only ones we see in action in the seriesare his gauntlets. Which help compress and concentrate his quirk in the same way that Endeavor’s do. Then there’s his first aid kits, which I still don’t understand to this day. It’s incredibly smart to always have first aid on your person and more heroes should do it. But we’re never shown how he uses them. During the war arc, it is said that he administered first aid to Gran Torino and Ryukyu… HOW!? What could possibly be in those tiny canisters that could save someone on the verge of death? Unless they’re full of Recovery Girl’s spit or Senzu beans, I’m not buying it. That being said, I’d never tell him to get rid of them.(long live Five Weenies.)
Hagakure: None. Was it really too much to ask to give her a suit that can turn invisible? Was it really worth the multiple jokes that end in the same punchline of “ Get it? She’s naked.”?
Bakugo: the gauntlets were a good idea. They store up sweat for extra powerful explosions and have shock absorbers to reduce the burden of those explosions. I also like that he has small grenades that he usually gives to his teammates. His most recent item isfreaking turrets mounted on his freaking back. Allowing him to fire explosive projectiles in multiple directions. Say what you want about Bakugo, but he knows how to lean into his strengths. BLOWING SHIT UP!
Midoriya. Most of his support items serve the same purpose. To prevent him from over exerting himself by overusing his power, aside from his Air Force gloves and maybe his iron soles. The gloves were designed to focus and concentrate his air pressure attacks. The iron soles were made to power up his kicks. He doesn’t really use air force for projectiles anymore. He mostly uses it to propel himself through the air while using float, but nonetheless, he still utilizes them. He’s still rocking the iron soles, but I’m not sure if they still work the same way they did during the licensing exam. Since the series hasn’t gone out of its way to show it since then.
Mineta: Who needs support items when you got sticky balls? But in all seriousness, the extra chapters describe the items that make up his costume. Only two of them serve an actual purpose. His pants and his gloves. The purple dots on the pants can actually have items stuck to them, but he never uses this. Most likely because it would look stupid. His gloves allow him to touch his balls without getting stuck to them… Yeah, I just said that.
Yaoyorozu: she’s basically got an encyclopedia of materials and items for her to make. Not sure if it makes much sense to have to stop and look something up in the middle of an emergency. Even so, wouldn’t it be more convenient to just have an electronic device with everything listed on it? At least it’d be a bit easier than carrying a whole ass book on your butt and faster than flipping pages. Aside from that, she can pretty much make whatever she else needs on the spot. So I suppose she doesn’t need much more than that.
I think this is the longest post I’ve ever made. Let me know if I left anything out or if I have any false information in here.
What do y’all think? And can any of you guys think of some items/upgrades for the characters that don’t have any?
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2023.06.03 01:49 ESNITWHY Condo management wants me to pay garage door repair

I was driving home the other day and the garage gate was open. I pressed my fob once and there is no any visible indication if the fob worked (usually can tell gate is going up when closed, not this time gate was open). The gate started coming down and landed on my car, very minor damage to my car but I received an email from management now, and they are saying the system has no history of my fob signal, the gate was damaged and I am responsible for all the repair cost. Has anyone had this kind of issue with condo management before? And how do you resolve? Is going through auto insurance the only option? Is condo responsible for any part of it? Thanks in advance
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2023.06.03 01:49 Former-Tea-3524 The thought process that led to my demise.

Addiction: "It's Friday and it's such a beautiful sunny summer like day. I have been working so's been such a long week...I should have a drink"
Logic: "You don't have to drink just because it's Friday...why not watch a movie? Order pizza? Why would you reward hard work with poisoning yourself? You can enjoy these beautiful sunny days so much better when your not hungover".
Addiction: "See that's a problem because I really need to lose weight so replacing alcohol with takeout food and sweets isn't going to do...I have to try to stick to a healthy diet along with sobriety...which sometimes feels like I am just living to do nothing more than domestic duties and work.....what am I even going to do tonight if I dont drink?"
Logic: "Catch up on some R& a TV a book"
Addiction: "im not really into any tv shows or books lately....I really want to clean my walls and mop the floors....I don't have the energy to do that after my long work day today....but maybe if I have a drink......"
Logic: "Well maybe the walls and floors can wait until Sunday then when you have more energy"....
Addiction: "But then what am I going to do tonight?"
Logic: "Who cares....tomorrow you will wake up feeling refreshed and energized for the day ahead"
Addiction: "But if I only have 3 or 4 than it shouldn't be an issue"
Logic: "when have you EVER comfortably had 3 or 4?"
Addiction: "Well maybe this time I will...besides....I have been sober for what...3 weeks now"?
pulls out's been 12 days
Addiction: "Maybe your just expecting too much out of go from almost daily drinking to complete abstinance...besides...I only was quitting drinking because of last times "episode"...I don't see any of the other people involved quitting drinking"
Logic: "What other people do is none of your buisness....they all played a part but none of them were as out of control as you were"
Addiction: "Yeah well that's why I will just have 3 or 4 and not 15"
proceeds to get into an argument with my husband about something unrelated
Addiction: "Fuck should drink"
Logic: "why would you punish yourself further because your husband is being a dick"?
Loses my bank card
Addiction: "What a shitty day. Wouldn't it be nice to just Crack open a cold one"?
*** walking into liquor store and buying 4 drinks***...."just because I bought them doesn't mean I am going to drink them...but it's nice to have the option"
Logic: "what are you doing? You can't even make it longer than 12 days? have a problem...remember that reddit post where somebody said they were diagnosed with fatty liver and then 2 years later had cirrhosis? I was told I have fatty liver 10 years ago....I'm only 33....remember the awful terrible death that C and B both suffered from chirossis...just give your liver a break"
accidentally smacks my head off of the car door and spills my coffee all over the place
Addiction: "just drink".
And I drank.
Told my husband I was "going to the bathroom" and he walked in on me drinking. He said "ha....I knew as soon as pay day came you couldn't resist...not sure why you feel you need to hide it from me"...I said "I didn't want you to be ashamed of me"...he said "I learned long ago not to believe you when it comes to this stuff".
I feel like such a loser....but also a sick sense of finally scratching an insatiable itch. This is way harder than I anticipated.
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2023.06.03 01:44 thumpalina221 Red flags at work

After 10 years of working at a restaurant, i landed a job (thanks to a friend) as administrative assistant for a small auto industry company (we maks hub caps). It was hard at the beginning, but after 6 months, I can handle it! The only down side is, im starting to see red flags at my job and am thinking of either sticking to it or waiting for a good year in before I apply for a different job elsewhere.
  1. I do 35% of the work for accounting, we have an app that we set up for processing monthly bills and another to order parts. I also make sure to turn in any expense reports, receipts and monthly statements the employers use their cards for, to my boss and plant manager to see what our costs are being used for.
  2. I play receptionist and occasionally my accountant controller and plant manager will be wanting to call for dentis appointmens, car appoitments, hell even going to help them change the bills to their name or going to some companies apartments to make sure its empty or cleaned out for the oversee workers to come rent out. Or even help them stamp and send out baby showers invitations. Check maintenance uniforms to make sure they have or need to swap or replace.
  3. For some off reason we also do shipping to in the states and out of country for our parts. Again, we have a logistics team for this who does 99% of the shipments???
  4. H.R. too, they should've handled the rent thing from above or even the shirts we give out to employees for onboarding, no one fucking checks and no one ever knows if we have shirts or not??
  5. Data entry, we have excel sheets to show every day the data I have to refresh and go out to the main board to show what has changed in our 3 departments, molding, assembly and paint line to show our plant supervisors what are the quotas they have hit for the day before, if they hit example 92% or not. Same with sending out emails to the plant to show what was our quota along with others who work on it.
  6. I got an email this past week where my h.r. DID NOT ASK MY PERMISSION, that she will be using me to translate for some temp services who work for us from time to time. 1, my Spanish is from the rancho (those who get it, get it) meaning it is NOT professional at all. Mostly slang or just enough to get by life or hold a conversation with some people. I know 0 spanish relating to factories or machines and such. And even then, to sit their every Monday for 5 hours for orientation to tell such employer (half of them do not last, a majority want quick money and leave or get fired because they came in drunk, with drugs in their system, or tries to fight xyz)(so yes we always struggle with finding workers unless they have been here for YEARS) what is happening through Orientation and still do the work I listed above and MORE??? Not only that I would have to go out onto the floor to explain to them how to do their job?? I've never even worked the floor. And I know it's one of the hardest jobs I've seen here at the factory.
There's times I love my job and others time I want to walk out.
Oh and yes I also make $16.
TLDR: is my job title supposed to be what I do or is this all a cap and I need to leave?
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