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2023.06.03 03:21 Com_Pac Mold confirmed via ERMI

Mold confirmed via ERMI
Well now all the doctors that told me I need to drink more water, get more sleep and have less stress can take a hike honestly. I was sick for about 3 years(so many nonspecific cumulative issues), near the end I lost my vision for a time and went to the ER 4 time for seizure like episodes. MRI, catscan, blood testing.... no one caught the mold. This mold also showed in the mycotoxin urine test I ran on myself. I post this result here so anyone else can use this as a reference point for their own testing. Also I am more than happy an answer any questions.
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2023.06.03 03:21 Samakar 34 [M4F] Rochester/US/Anywhere Looking For A Friend That Might Turn Into A Relationship!

Hey there! Primarily just looking for a friend that might blossom into a long term relationship! If we hit it off right away, great! If it’s more of a slow burn, then that’s fine too! I just want to get to know you, and I hope you want to do the same with me!
A little about myself, I’m a professional musician who’s been in the industry for 14 years now, I graduated from Musicians Institute in 2009 with an Associates Degree in Guitar and Performance and a minor in Music Business. On the inside though, I’m a massive geek and nerd, and a huge dork. I love Science Fiction, Fantasy, reading books, table top RPG’s, video games, board games, watching TV shows and movies, and I love reading comics!
I don’t mind if it’s long distance, I just hope that we both can stay in communication during that time period to really see where things go. Prefer starting in text, then a possible shift to discord/voice. I will also be moving to Upstate New York at some point this year.
What I’m looking for in somebody is someone who is loving and compassionate, who has a kind heart and loves animals (3 cats and a dog here! I will give you the pet tax if you ask! Haha). I want them to be passionate and driven about something in their lives, and tell me about it! I love hearing what it is people are passionate about! I also would like us to have a little something in common, don’t have to check every box, but at least one is good!
Also, they have to be ok with affection and touch should things progress to that stage and we meet in person, touch is my love language and I’m a great hugger.
Look forward to hearing from you!
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2023.06.03 03:21 WeekendFun97 25 [M4MF] #Pittsburgh PA - White Bull Seeking Couple

Seeking: I am looking for a couple for some amazing, kinky sex. Seeking chemistry with the right couple, this means a little chatting online before an in-person meet to ensure compatibility.
About me: * 25 * 5’10" tall * White * Very good looking (if I do say so myself) * Athletic * Healthy * Experienced bull * 7” + thick * Love the cuckolding, hotwife, stag/vixen dynamics and am very flexible in this respect * Tested (April 2023), DDF, and discreet * College educated professional * Dominant in the bedroom * Respectful of your relationship and all limits * Bi-friendly
You: * Cuckold/vixen-stag/hotwife couple (couples only) * Real and serious about meeting in-person (have had a lot of poor communication and flakes, so please don’t waste my time) * Strong relationship and good communication with both partners 100% on board * Tested and DDF, or willing to get tested (required)
Location: Pittsburgh, PA and surrounding areas. I may be able to host if it comes to it, but the first meet will be at a public location (drinks or coffee).
Pics: In an effort to prevent pic collectors I will only share pics through kik (in app picture) or snapchat (preferred). I can provide a few pics on here/kik, but I will not be sharing any face pictures outside of snapchat. I am very good looking and confident you'll like what you see.
Reply: Please send your age, general location, and some information about yourself to catch my attention and get the conversation started. An image (PG or NSFW) would be very appreciated. Reddit DM or chat both work.
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2023.06.03 03:21 chainsawx72 THEORY: Kote is missing a thumb and forefinger.

Kvothe is still powerful... but he's missing a thumb and forefinger, and Bast uses glamourie to hide it. Just a theory that I can't prove.

Kvothe swears on his 'good left hand' to Denna.

Kvothe's greatest fear is having his hands crippled.

Other examples of the crippled hand theme, with focus on losing the thumb and its grip.

And bloody hand examples, not even counting the Amyr references:

Kote as innkeeper seems to look at his hands a lot.

Kote only begins to lose the fight against two soldiers after his grip fails. He then fails at break lion, which involves gripping and twisting.
In a smooth motion, Kvothe stepped forward and struck the man hard in the jaw. The soldier staggered and fell to one knee. The purse arced through the air and hit the floorboards with a solid metallic thud.
Before the soldier could do more than shake his head, Kvothe stepped forward and calmly kicked him in the shoulder. Not a sharp kick of the sort that breaks bones, but a hard kick that sent him sprawling backward. The man landed hard on the floor, rolling to a stop in a messy tangle of arms and legs.
The other soldier stepped past his friend, grinning wide under his beard. He was taller than Kvothe, and his fists were broad knots of scar and knuckle. “Right cully,” he said, dark satisfaction in his voice. “You’re gettin’ a kickin’ now.”
He snapped out a quick punch, but Kvothe stepped aside and kicked out sharply, hitting the soldier just above the knee. The bearded man grunted in surprise, stumbling slightly. Then Kvothe stepped close, caught the bearded man’s shoulder, gripped his wrist, and twisted his outstretched arm at an awkward angle.
The big man was forced to bend over, grimacing in pain. Then he jerked his arm roughly out of the innkeeper’s grip. Kvothe had half a moment to look startled before the soldier’s elbow caught him in the temple.
Blood running down the side of his face, Kvothe struggled to free his wrist. Dazed, he made a quick motion with both hands, then repeated it, trying to pull away. His eyes half-focused and dull with confusion, he looked down at his wrist and made the motion again, but his hands merely scrabbled uselessly at the soldier’s scarred fist.

Will Kvothe's lamp explode?
Or does Cinder's chill result in frostbite somehow?
Or just a fire? ('black hands' and 'blackened body of god' are both likely based in Tehlinism)

Is Kote seeking the Cthaeh's panacea flower to regain his music?

An old post from smurphilicious casually mentioned Kote having a ruined hand, but they didn't get into the details of why they thought that... and I think I've seen others theorize this. I had also wondered if the often mentioned damaged hands were a 'clue', and digging into this issue really made me appreciate how important hands are in the KKC. I count 183 occurrences of the phrase 'my hands' in the KKC, not counting similar phrases like 'my hand' or 'his hands' or 'my right hand' etc. You really have to stop and think about how often Kvothe's hands are brought into focus in the story. They are described more meticulously than his face. Denna, his parents, Kilvin all discuss his hands specifically. Hands, like dreams and the moon and music, are a major theme in KKC.
This also likely plays into lefthand = clever and righthand = strong, and the Amyr being the 'strong right hand' of the church. I have some ideas about this that I'm still not ready to commit to. But Kvothe has either lost part of his 'strength' or his 'cleverness' (and hence music as musician's hands are clever). Confusing the issue is that Kvothe's hands are described as both clever and strong, balanced.
Well, it's late. What do you guys think?
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2023.06.03 03:21 myfootisnumb Haunted Attractions in/around Tacoma

For nearly a decade my husband has been begging me to go with him to a haunted house. I think I may be brave enough and was thinking of surprising him for our anniversary in August. Are there any haunted houses/spooky tours around here that may be open before October?
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2023.06.03 03:20 Drakolf The Graveyard of Faith:

The enemy I cannot kill is my best friend, thus my God is my only true friend.
It had happened an age ago, when the Apostates sought to bring about the destruction of the Gods- and won. Temples were burned and demolished, any historical importance was ignored in favor of preventing them from ever returning.
They paraded the divine corpses throughout the realm, draining them of their blood, forging weapons of such terrible power, that their war against the faithful nearly destroyed the world.
I still wore the vestments of my temple, the armor granted to me by my God. It was part of me, as my sword was a part of me, as my arm was a part of me. With a thought, I could dispel both, blend in with the crowd, escape the notice of the militant apostates who ruled with a far crueler hand than even the most black-hearted of deities.
I quietly preached the truth of my order: "The only way to reach our God is through an act of unfathomable violence, and though I know he is dead, I march ever onward to kill my God."
We had been seen as madmen, professing our God as powerful, yet we clamored to one day be worthy of fighting him, and killing him, for that is what he decreed.
They called it the Graveyard of Faith, the rotting corpses of benevolence and wickedness in equal measure putrefying the air. I marched onward, knowing the deathly miasma would eventually kill me. I walked without hesitation, I would live to kill my God, or I would die a weak man.
And there, shriveled up as a husk, was the corpse of my God.
I spoke no words, I dredged up every hateful feeling I had wielded, every sorrow I had borne, and I allowed it all to slip through my fingers. Release from my burdens was a relief, yet I still had a duty.
I plunged my blade into the heart of my God, and it was torn from my body, as though it were my arm. I fell to my knees, weeping, for I had committed the gravest sin before my God.
To throw away my sword, to sever it from my body.
"Oh, Blade of Justice, I have come to slay you, to grant you one last honor, even as your corpse rots before me!" I cried out. "In this, my final act of faith, I commend myself to you, even though the void would consume me!"
I reached out a hand and touched the rotting flesh before me, before settling upon his hand and waiting to die.
Yet, there was a tremor, the faintest of movement. I quickly stood up, uncertain what could be moving- yet in those dead eyes I saw the faintest glimmer of Glory, and I knew what my duty was.
"Arundal! I am Erik, the last Blade of your Temple. If this death is ignoble, then fight me! I will need only my two thumbs to slay you!"
As embers to a flame, the Glory flared up, the God grasped the sword between his fingers, sliding it out without so much as a change in expression, and rose up as a puppet on strings.
"I, who have mastered the art of cutting, who has mastered the art of not cutting, who lives and breathes before you. I shall kill you as is my right!"
Righteous anger twisted the face of my God, and so with the blade of my heart I cut at him, slicing through his desiccated flesh down to the bone. With righteous fury. I did not wait for him to stand, ruthless slaughter before an enemy was but a precursor to meeting him, and so I sliced and cut, raking the air with my fingers, each movement a slash against his body.
He stabbed me through with my own sword, and I chuckled. I refused to die, and would continue to live until I was successful, I would sooner die a horrific death to ensure my memories lived on.
And so I died, my torso removed from my legs, the blood already flowing too fast to stop. My sword was dropped upon me, and I knew its power would fade along with my life.
And so I died, yet I was not consigned to the Void, my God made my body whole once more, and laid my soul within.
I needed to gather my faithful, and we would march to war.
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2023.06.03 03:20 Alabamafootballteams I need help in trying to word something to advocate for myself in a professional manner that won't get me fired

I work for a dsp for Amazon as a delivery driver. The warehouse started cracking down on dress code violations recently because it's hot and a lot of guys have been going shirtless with just their amazon reflective vest on and shorts. (It gets over 130 in the vans so I wish I could do that but I digress) I have and always have worn the Amazon polo and vest but I wear unbranded black jeans instead of the branded Amazon pants. But when the warehouse workers gave the speech on dress code black pants were mandatory but not necessarily amazon branded ones from what I understood.
Reason for me not wearing the branded ones is they don't come in my size. I'm a very short and small statured guy. 5' and 108lbs I need a size 27 waist and short leg length. The smallest the branded Amazon pants come in is 30 waistline....Except for the women's which the waist is 27 but much higher, and has curves added to it via extra poofy fabric and the pockets flare out. They add curves I don't even have and gives me so much dysphoria it's sickening.
Me not wearing the branded pants hasn't been a problem until today the owner of my DSP said I should have been sent home because I wasn't wearing branded pants. He thinks we should only wear all branded things. When I was hired I was given the women's pants. I asked for men's and was given the smallest they have but they are much too big to wear and was told "the only difference is there is a little more room in the thigh"...the thing I don't want. Second time I ask for pants that fit I'm given the same speech but reasured some men ask for the women's pants, Ect
I want to ask again for new pants like special order me some pants or something since I'm going to be sent home without branded pants and I refuse to wear the women's pants, how to I say that in a very professional manner? I'm pretty emotional over this and the possibility of being sent home so words arent coming to me easily. Cash is in the negatives rn so this is a stress ontop of a very big stress. I don't think they "get" dysphoria. I don't think they mean to be causing me severe levels of distress as I cried a lot today over the possibility of being forced to wear women's pants when i return to work on sunday or being sent home and missing work until I wear women's pants. I've worked really hard and lost my whole family and friends over coming out this last year to just be forced to wear women's pants anyway. Feels shitty. Help,
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2023.06.03 03:19 Airtorn The owner of a dog I found lying on the street treated me like shit when I contacted him

Basically the title. My sister found a dog laying in the gutters near her bus stop in our neighborhood, saw that he had a tag, and asked if I could pick him up. The tag didn’t have any info on it, just a microchip number, which strangely enough didn’t have anything but the name of the dog. I tried for two days to find the owner of the dog and took care of it the best I could, and when I finally got in contact and the guy came to pick up the dog, he barely even acknowledged my existence. Not even a thank you for making sure his dog was safe or for basically dog-sitting for two days for free. I know I sound rude for expecting gratitude, but if this were my dog I would be all over the person responsible for taking care of it. And the fact that he didn’t seem to care the dog got out still irks me.
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2023.06.03 03:19 MidnightWonderGirl What If Gym Leaders Specialized In Different Types?

Hey, there! I really enjoy watching Pokémon videos and the "what if" scenarios many PokéTubers like to make. I decided to try making my own and decided that my "what if" scenario I'd explore was if Gym Leaders specialized in different Pokémon Types. For example: What if Brock, who normally specializes in Rock Type Pokémon, was, instead, a Normal Type specialist? It's been fun coming up with alternate Types for the Gym Leaders so far, but some of them I'm stuck on. Here are the Gym Leaders I've been able to figure out so far...

Kanto: Brock – Rock to Normal (I thought the Normal Types would be a nice reference to Brock's anime counterpart as an aspiring Breeder to eventually becoming a Pokémon Doctor) Misty – Water to Fairy (I had to make a reference to the Togepi and Azurill Misty raises) Lt. Surge – Electric to Fighting (Of course, I had to make the military man a Fighting Type expert) Erika – Grass to Psychic (I felt like the Psychic Type would best embody Erika's love of napping and beauty) Koga – Poison to Bug (Surprisingly fits in well with his ninja aesthetic and he does own several Bug Types already) Janine – Poison to Dark (While there aren't any Dark Types in Kanto, Janine is a special case as many of her Pokemon are from Johto so she can use Johto's Dark Types) Sabrina – Psychic to Ghost (I had to give her Ghost Types as a reference to the Haunter she befriends in the anime and to fit with her intense presence) Blaine – Fire to Electric (Mad scientist. What more is there to say?) Giovanni – Ground to Poison (Why the leader of Team Rocket wasn't a Poison Type specialist to begin with I will never understand) Blue – Multi Type to Flying (It is theorized that the final Gym in Kanto was supposed to be a Flying Type Gym due to the shape of its badge, so it just made sense. Blue's most iconic partner is also a Flying Type)

Whitney – Normal to Fairy (Let's face it, Whitney would have been a Fairy Type specialist if it existed back in Johto)
Morty – Ghost to Psychic (Morty does have some form of psychic abilities that he has used to help others over several adaptions of his character, so it makes sense for him to train in using Psychic Type Pokémon)
Jasmine – Steel to Electric (Jasmine's bond with the Lighthouse's Ampharos should make this one fairly obvious)
Brawley – Fighting to Water (He's a surfer who lives on an island)
Norman – Normal to Fighting (He runs a literal dojo-themed Gym)
Winona – Flying to Grass (Basically EVERYONE wanted Fortree City's Gym to be a Grass Type Gym)
Juan – Water to Ice (Equally fabulous to Water Types and fits well with the puzzle of the Gym juan runs)

Gardenia – Grass to Ghost (I just find this one to be rather ironic and it kinda makes sense with the Old Chateau right next to Eterna City)
Crasher Wake – Water to Fighting (The dude's a literal wrestler)

Lenora – Normal to Rock (Lenora runs a museum with fossils, so let's give her some fossil Pokémon)

Viola – Bug to Grass (I think Viola would enjoy taking photographs of flora and it fits well with Santalune City's vibes)
Korrina– Fighting to Electric (I think the Electric Type would fit in well with Korrina's energetic personality)
Clemont – Electric to Steel (Clemont is an inventor and I just thought the Steel Type would fit in well with that)

Kabu – Fire to Fighting (Kabu does seem to enjoy working out quite a bit, so I thought the Fighting Type would fit him)
Bea – Fighting to Fairy (I thought it'd be cute to play into her hidden sweet side)
Piers – Dark to Electric (Electric Types are common for rockers)
Marnie – Dark to Electric (Marnie gets to keep her Morpeko and follow in her brother's footsteps)

Tulip – Psyche to Fairy (I honestly thought she'd be a Fairy Type expert the moment I first saw her)

While I at least have all of the Kanto Gym Leaders alternate specialty Types figured out, there are many other Gym Leaders who I am struggling with. At most, I have at least one Gym Leader's alternate Type figure out for each region. If you guys could help me figure out the rest and why you think that alternate Type would work well with them, I'd really appreciate the help. Here are the remaining Gym Leaders and their current Type specialty who I need help with...

Falkner – Flying (Maybe I should incorporate the Sprout Tower somehow or lean in more to his serious battling style) Bugsy – Bug (I'd like to reference Bugsy's interest in the Alph Ruins somehow) Chuck – Fighting (I'm not sure if I should make him a Water Type specialist due to his Gym being on an island and how he uses a waterfall to train or not) Pryce – Ice (Also thinking of making him a Water Type specialist due to the number of Water Types Pryce uses and as a reference to the Lake of Rage so close to his Gym, but would rather avoid having TWO Gyms specialize in the same Type in these alternate specialty ideas) Claire – Dragon (I'm literally at a loss for what her new specialty Type should be)

Roxanne – Rock (I'm debating if maybe I should make her a Normal or Bug Type specialist to fit in with her academic vibes and the Petalburg Woods right next to her city) Wattson – Electric (I'm thinking either Steel or Poison for Wattson to help tie in his industrial past and the consequences of his work that leads to the side quest he gives you) Flannery – Fire (Pretty hard to think of new Type specialty for a Gym Leader who's Gym is literally beside a volcano) Tate and Liza – Psychic (I want them to have Pokémon that parallels each other as twins, but also think referencing the space themes of their hometown would be cool) Wallace – Water (What Type can I give him that's more fabulous than Water Types? Maybe Fairy?)

Roark – Rock (Should I make him a Steel or Ground Type specialist to fit in with his mining job?) Maylene – Fighting (I'm really at a loss with Maylene... Maybe Steel to match her Lucario? Or maybe Normal Types?) Fantina – Ghost (I want to give her a Type specialty that would match well with her career as a Contest Coordinator) Byron – Steel (Like his son, maybe I should make him a Rock or Ground Type specialist to fit in with his mining job?) Candice – Ice (I think it'd be cool to give her a Type that can match well with the Snowpoint Temple as I think it'd be cool if part of Candice's role as Gym Leader of Snowpoint City was to help protect the temple) Volkner – Electric (Again, I'm just at a loss for what other Type could possibly work well for Volkner)

Cilan– Grass (I dunno, something cooking related?)
Chili – Fire (I dunno, something cooking related?) Cress – Water (I dunno, something cooking related?) Burgh – Bug (Defiantly want something artsy) Elesa – Electric (I'm torn between Bug or Grass for her as I think her having a Leavanny as her ace would be perfect for her modeling career) Clay – Ground (Maybe make him a Rock or Steel specialist to go with his mining career?) Skyla – Flying (I'm tempted to make her a Ghost or Psychic Type specialist due to her respect for Celestial Tower) Brycen – Ice (Any ideas for a Type specialty for an actor? Maybe Fighting or Dark?) Drayden – Dragon (What other Type could possibly work so well for Drayden when Dragon is so perfect for him?) Iris – Dragon (What Type do you think would work well for this wild child?) Cheren – Normal (I personally never really understood why Cheren became a Normal Type Gym Leader, but it's hard to think of another Type to work so well with academic vibes) Roxie – Poison (I know I said that Electric Types are pretty popular for rockers in Pokémon, but I'm not sure if it fits Roxie herself) Marlon – Water (I'm just drawing a blank with Marlon)

Grant – Rock (Not sure if I should make him a Water Type specialist due to the strong water themes of his city)
Ramos – Grass (Not sure if Bug Types fit a gardener like Ramos, but I don't know what else to pick. Maybe Ghost so he can have Trevenant and Gourgeist on his team and reference his older age?)
Valerie – Fairy (What Type could I possibly give to replace Valerie's iconic Fairy Type specialty?)
Olympia – Psychic (Olympia's a pretty weird one to figure out. Maybe Ghost since it's the only Type I can think of that's just as weird as Psychic Types?)
Wulfric – Ice (Again, I'm just drawing a blank for Wulfric)

Milo – Grass (What other Type could you possibly give to the farm boy? Normal to reference the Wooloo he takes care of?)
Nessa – Water (Any ideas for what other Type could possibly work for this beauty of the sea?)
Allister – Ghost (Maybe Dark Types for Allister to try and match his shy personality? But I'm not fully sure)
Opal – Fairy (Whatever Type could this pink-obsessed granny have?)
Gordie – Rock (Should I just swap Gordie's Rock specialty with his mother's Ice specialty? Or would that be too easy and cheap?)
Melony – Ice (Should I just swap Melony's Ice specialty with her son's Rock specialty? Or would that be too easy and cheap?)
Raihan – Dragon (I'm wondering if I should play into his love for setting up sandstorms by making him a Ground Type specialist or give him the Steel Type to match his ace and the kingdom aesthetic of his city
Bede – Fairy (Bede will probably match Types with Opal due to her pushy attitude)
Klara– Poison (So, any ideas of what Type could fit better for this toxic wannabe?)
Avery– Psychic (I play Sword, so I didn't have the "pleasure" of getting to know Avery and thus will need help with this one)

Katy – Bug (Funny enough, when I was thinking of my own theme for a Bug Gym if I was a Gym Leader, I was thinking making it a bakery-themed Gym. I later thought maybe the Fire Type would work better for that idea, but I'm not sure if others would agree to that for Katy)
Brassius – Grass (I'm wondering if I should make him a Normal or Poison Type specialist and giving him a Grafaiai as his ace to match his love of art)
Iono – Electric (What Type would work well for a streamer besides Electric?)
Kofu – Water (What Type can I give Kofu to work well with his job as a chief? Rock? Grass? Normal?)
Larry – Normal (Besides Normal, what Type could possibly work so well with his very plain personality and love of food?)
Ryme – Ghost (So, any ideas of what Types could match well with a rapper?)
Grusha – Ice (What other Type could I possibly give Grusha who is so well established with the Ice Type?)

So, from what I shared of my thoughts about these remaining Gym Leaders and your own ideas for them, what alternate Types do you think they could specialize in? Any help or advice you can give me for them would be much appreciated. Thank you for reading and I look forward to seeing what your thoughts are of this idea.
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2023.06.03 03:19 ThrowRA_sillysun15 I (22F) feels like my boyfriend (21M) of 9 months isn’t serious about the relationship.

Hello Reddit, I just want some input because I feel like my BF (21M) isn’t serious about the relationship (22F)…Here’s the background, so me and my boyfriend have been dating for 9 months now. We met in college. Everything has been great but sometimes I feel like he isn’t serious about the relationship.
He sometimes gets uncomfortable if I mention the future. He claims that he wants this relationship to last as long as possible and even claimed that he feels like I am the one for him. The other day I asked if he really feels like I am the one to which he changed his response and said possibly. I am coming here for advice cause I don’t want to waste my time if he’s just dragging me along until he meets a girl that he actually wants and is worthy of meeting his family.
The reason I feel like this is because when I invited him to hang out with my friends and he declined. I also told him that my family wanted to meet him and that they would pay for dinner in which he didn’t say anything, but based on his expression it seemed like he wasn’t interested. He is a little bit socially awkward so I don’t know if that’s a factor or he simply isn’t interested.
I am a Mexican female dating a white boy who is an out of state student. My BF tells me stories about his brother who has been dating his girlfriend for about 3 months now. Although they haven’t been dating long, his brother has already introduced his girlfriend to the family by bringing her back home since he is also an out of state college student. His brother’s girlfriend is white so could it be that his family is racist which is why he hasn’t offered to take a trip to his hometown to meet them.
I technically met his family a few months ago while they were vacationing at the state where we both go to college since we both work at the same place. He told his dad that we were working together that day and how they were going to stop by. I’m pretty sure they recognized me since he claims he showed his family pictures of how I looked like. They were also watching me from a distance before entering our workplace but it was like a quick “hello” and that was it. Could it have been that they didn’t strike a conversation since he wasn’t near me at the time, didn’t want to make things awkward since it was busy , or was that enough time on their behalf to make an assumption about me/not like me.
I would’ve devastated if he wasn’t being sincere about this relationship or hiding something because I really care about him.
If anyone has been in my situation what was the outcome? Or what do you guys assume?
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2023.06.03 03:16 Zealousideal_Draw715 my forest horror story

I've been thinking about posting this for a long time and I figured I should put it here even though I don't know how this app works but after seeing a Mr ballen video with an eerily similar story to mine this video: where I had the almosy same location and same figure I knew it was time to share it even if no one sees this I just need it off my back. Another reason that I haven't posted this yet is to put it quite frankly I'm not a reliable source, I'm bipolar and I've been known to hallucinate so it's be fair if you didn't believe me, but I did have my cousin with me and she verified everything I saw but still the decision is up to you. This was in the summer or near fall of 2022 me, 19 non binary and my dad took a trip to Oregon for a camping trip & memorial of my godfather. For context, my godfather was my aunt's husband and he died the same time in 2021 and we had a funeral in Oregon but it was essentially ruined when the guy we chose to speak for it implied my godfather was in hell and tried to turn us all to Christianity or else we would end up like him. So we decided to have a second one that was smaller and more intimate with less than half the amount - mostly family, taking place at a campground where my godfather and aunt went many times and had fond memories there. So, from Denver to Oregon, my dad and I flew and stayed at my aunts for a few days before making the trip up to Lewis and Clark Park in Washington, close to Oregon. We met up with another group of my family from Maui & Idaho. I remember the drive up, it was through a bright green thick forest that made me nervous being so far from anything, but I guess that's the charm too. I hadn't gone camping for a long time, so after helping put up the tent and a good meal, I asked my dad for a whiteclaw, which he granted, I only had one, though. After a while, I felt good and chaotic, so after dancing with my younger cousins, it got dark and me and one of my closer cousins, 14, went off into the forest to summon demons. Okay, so you might be thinking "wtf" but look, I don't actually believe in demons, and I didn't think it would work. It was just to be scary and rebellious. So we sat down in a small clearing near a path where my cousin took a bath and body works candle, lit it, and put it between us. I began mystical waving my hands over it, and spouting gibberish I reckoned was similar to chanting. We had a good laugh, then moved on and went back to the sight. Later in the night when everyone else went to sleep me and my cousin decided to summon demons but be more real this time, I looked up a demon summoning spell that had a good looking latin chant and even though we had none of the materials except the candle and a hotdog bun to sacrifice we still spoke it and burned the hotdogs bun but after nothing happened we shrugged it off and just went to talking. We talked about anything and everything for hours until I started feeling really bad. I can't really explain it well it's like anxiety, the kind where it feels like a weight is in your stomach and it's harder to breathe. I felt like we were being watched, which was fair since we were surrounded by dark dense forests. I began flashing my light around, not exactly looking but looking to make sure something wasn't there. My cousin picked up on my fear and looked around too, and now we had two beams of light pointed into the forest. I began to feel a little better as there was nothing immediate until I pointed my flash up. That's when I saw it. A creature. Pale white maybre grey with dark void-like eyes staring at us perched like a monkey on a high branch in a spruce tree. I froze. I went through everything in my mind. Was this because we summon demons? We didn't even do it right... Was this some kind of animal? It can't be, it looks too humanoid. It looks exactly like those skin walker pictures you can find on creepy forums, but it was right there in front of me. Was I hallucinating? Again, I have been known to hallucinate, but I never had before so vividly. Then I remembered my cousin. If they saw it, then it was definitely real, and I'm not hallucinating, so I told my cousin to look up where my flashlight was pointing. They froze, too. "Do you see that?" I asked. I can't remember exactly what my cousin said, but it was something like "What is that?" Or "It looks like a demon." Still, I needed more proof they were seeing the same thing. "What color is it?" I asked. "White." They said. That was more than enough for me. We began to rush away, taking the candle and running to the area where the tents were, I would look behind me and see the figure was now on the ground standing tall, at least 5 feet, it was tall and skinny. Every time I looked back, it would seem to stop, but when I would look again, it would be standing closer, making its way to us. My group and her group set up tents on different paths on the campground, far enough where I felt like we could make it if we ran and didn't look back. I stopped my cousin, where our paths diverged, and told her to run straight to her tent before counting down. "One, two, three!" I said, and ran to my tent and didn't look back. I made it to my tent and accidentally woke my father, who said, "What were you guys doing? You were keeping the whole camp up!" But I didn't want to elaborate. "I'll tell you in the morning." I said, climbing into my sleeping bag. Then and there, I felt okay, I was now surrounded by family, and surely nothing would get me with them around. I texted my cousin to make sure they got back alright, and they did, so I settled for the night, but i didn't get right to sleep. My uncle scared me a bit when he went up to go to the bathroom, and for the whole night I kept hearing this noise right outside my tent it was like a small animal was digging and fumbling around and whenever I would move it would go away. It was right near my head, and it was scaring the shit out of me, but I eventually got to sleep when it mostly stopped. I woke up the next morning and almost immediately headed back to the fire pit where me and my cousin and I were when we saw the figure. It was bright out so I figured I can look in the space i saw it in and could figure out if it really had been an animal or maybe some kind of bird nest but I saw nothing like that, in fact, what I saw was almost a clearing on the exact branch it was on, like something big had been there, like it had been there. When my cousin woke, we confirmed we saw the same thing in the same spot. So what do you think? Was it some kind of skinwalker creature from the forest? Did we accidentally summon a demon with our bogus ritual via hotdog bun? Did we both hallucinate the same thing? Was it an animal? Guess we'll never know.
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2023.06.03 03:16 pretzelwatcher [task] 40$ for making a 5 minute long movie/video

Hi everyone!
I am looking for someone to create approximately 5-minute long movie/video on a subject. The video does not need to be too professional, so using imovie or similar tools is enough. The video should be more like a photo documentary, using voice over, and music. DM for more information on the topic.
Budget: around 40$ though the price is negotiable. If done well i will tip huge in addition to what we agreed on
Thank you in advance for your bids and please let me know if you have any questions!
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2023.06.03 03:16 hello__friend__ Need someone to talk to - man, woman, LGBTQ member, everybody's wellcome 😊😊😊

Hi, I'm Indian 40 M, lonely, spend my days with ChatGPT, Reading Science/physics/paraschology related books, Movies, Music, sometimes chat with my mom, sometimes make posts which interests me on FB don't care who likes it or hates it, sometimes purposely write extra positive comments to someone's post on FB, and sometimes get startled to see my self edited video ending up as short videos elsewhere that I posted on FB getting a few shares. I aimed very high in life, I wanted to be a successful entrepreneur in biotech, when among other things I also realised I don't have eligible mental attributes...then on my life went haywire, I developed depression anxiety and a drinking habit, and tried to end life, sent to a rehab for 2 years, now I'm back home just a few months ago...and always feel ashamed of myself as also guilty, with a strong inferiority complex, so I don't mix with people, sometimes they spook me, my older friends, and cousins are doing very well in their life now and now they also have a family too. I just sneak into their FB Insta and Linkedin profiles sometimes, and never fail to wish them happy birthday and occasionally very positive comments on their posts, but still maintain a distance so that they can't enquire much about me except knowing that I'm still alive. Yes I had a GF, for 3 years, when I and she projected a promising career of mine in near future. I discontinued University education when I got a nod from a VC firm, she wasn't quite happy with that, coz I'm taking a big risk, detouring from the normal and safer future path, she was right when I finally failed, she fell out with me... and that's the end of it, she's a careerist didn't marry yet, but under no circumstances I will dare to text her....and now I'm strongly introverted (though it wasn't always the case) and I'm literally alone. It will so nice of someone if he/she/they happen to talk to me...oh I forgot to mention I had a very good sense of humour and I was very vivacious and lively sometimes unbeknownst to me some of these traits fleetingly crop up. Lastly I've to admit I think u will see 1% NSFW after my user name, and also my other activity on Reddit, please don't be shocked, I actually don't feel like changing or deleting anything to feign a clean presentation of myself, you think and tell me, if a person is all alone for some years now, but had a history of getting engrossed in mental exaltation, mixing with people, doing science stuff, convincing investors to go ahead, making team members to work under with only a promise to get paid at a later time, had a wonderful partner, and proud parents...and the plight is reversed, what will this guy do now? Some NSFW should be understandable...unless u r illogically prude, or have a mindset to preach yourself what's taboo and what's not but deep inside you actually know the real thing, or u r someone who will misjudge me as an insufferable perv with a stalker mentality, in this lattar case let me tell you, even if we exchange a few texts in dms, I would almost always remain a half stranger and so you would be too, and we will remain at a physical distance of many miles (how many idk), and before the time we get to be a quarter stranger or almost fully acquainted we will enter into the zone of parmanent ghosting. How do I know? use common sense to interpret human psychology about a friendship with a stranger which is totally virtual so where can that ultimately get you/us to. That's why in the title I said...Need someone to talk to...nothing more. Finally yes, there is a slim chance that we would find each other very interesting, and understanding, and that will continue for some period of time, and then we will decide to meet up and have a friends date. But chance like that is really really slim, and chance that we enter the ghost zone is really fat. Hey if you have read till here, trust me I've to admit I love you, here's a poor joke...Why don't shrimps share their treasure, because they are shellfish 😂, one last poor joke plz...why do some couples go to gym? Because some relationships don't work out😂.
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2023.06.03 03:16 PuzzledandTroubled I am mourning RARBG

I'm sure we've all seen more than enough posts about this but rest in peace, RARBG. If you need money plz ask. We will gladly fund you. You helped me build such a massive collection, and I can only hope to find an alternative that is somewhere near as good as you. You will be missed!!!
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2023.06.03 03:16 thelexnard SF6 Guile Trials - Advanced 2

Does anyone have a good tutorial for doing the crLP > stLK > MP Boom portion of this?
I am using Classic controls and negative edge is OFF. I feel like it's nearly impossible to keep the charge because the cLP > stLK is a delayed link. Everything just feels so clunky to me... I literally haven't hit it once.
Note: I am not a Guile player so be kind.
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2023.06.03 03:16 MonitorStandard3534 What can I do to improve my Paint on Primer?

What can I do to improve my Paint on Primer?
Weather near me is too cold for spray cans. Is this good coverage for a paint on primer?
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2023.06.03 03:16 Technogamer7766 Soooo… how rare are rhynio’s?

I’ve been searching for a while now and haven’t found one. People call them the sky giga so are they as rare as a giga.
If so then this will take a while. When the charc was released it took me near a week to just find 1.
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2023.06.03 03:16 The_Shadow_hahahaha I AM LOOKING TO START AN AIRSOFT FIELD

Hello, I've purchased a plot of land in Kern County , California near Rosamond. I want to build an airsoft field on it. However, when I went to the zoning office in bakersfield, the guy told me I needed special paper work that cost $4k to obtain and file. This...doesn't sound right as I know of no legal document that cost $4k for something as simple as an airsoft field. I think the guy is trying to give me the run around amd stop me from starting my business. He couldnt even explain why I needed these expensive papers or even their purpose. What permits do I need and ordinance I must follow to start an airsoft field in Kern County. I am really lost on this.
Your help would be GREATLY appreciated.
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2023.06.03 03:15 physixhuman Engagement photoshoot

Engagement photoshoot
Hi everyone! I hope this is allowed here. We have our engagement photoshoot with our wedding photographer coming up. I absolutely love my black sigmund dress from reformation and would love to wear something very similar in white.
However, I’m having a hard time finding a white version that does not have puff sleeves. I’m not really looking for the cottagecore look. So here is a summary description:
1) White 2) Square neckline, preferably with no cup stitching. 3) long or 3/4 sleeve 4) slit 5) flowy 6) knee length or midi
Please help me find this! Bonus points if it will arrive within a week. Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.03 03:15 thiccc_glasses New student intro!

Hi all!
Writing as someone who started WGU's Bachelor of Science, Cybersecurity and Information Assurance program on June 1!
I just wanted to introduce myself and also ask for any insight or experience you might want to share.
Background: I am someone in their late 40s making a pretty hard left, career-wise. I have spent the last 10 years as a professor and director of a university's journalism capstone program.
While I admittedly bring little to no meaningful tech background, I am focused. I tell my students how it took me 17 years to complete my undergrad degree, I completed my grad degree in 10 months while also working full-time.
With my background as a journalist and educator, I'm extremely detailed oriented, logical, articulate, organized, evidence based. I read books on critical and analytical thinking in my own time just to refine those skills. I say this all because I think what I what I lack in IT knowledge and experience, I do have some of the soft skills which seem to be also important.
I also have the next two and a half months to dedicate to nothing but school. I rented a place so I will have no distractions. I also only teach two classes per semester, so I will continue to have significant time to devote to this in the fall.
I purchased an Alienware m15 R7 laptop to meet school and professional needs (feedback welcome, comes tomorrow!):
Q1: Is there anything I should or should not do with a new machine before I fire it up and/or connect to the internet?
Admittedly, I don't exactly know what I want to do, or what to do. I plan on utilizing all of WGU's resources, including career development (as I urge my students to, and realize I am going to need this myself).
Q2: What do now know that you wish you knew when you were getting into the field/program?
In order to both protect myself professionally (my employer has no idea I'm doing this but I just renewed a two-year contract) and also because I'm making such drastic changes, I'm also creating new online profiles and accounts (emails, social, online identities). Any relationships I need to continue I'm sharing the new info with, but really starting fresh. I had closed all my personal accounts years ago, so I have a new email, Discord, Reddit, etc. (I joined the WGU Cybersecurity Discord and subreddit.)
Q3: What are good news or other resources you might suggest for someone green in the industry?
I've also found success just listening to pods that are beyond my knowledge or experience, but I passively pick up names, ideas, concepts, etc.
Q4: What is your work/study flow for time management and to-do lists (I use Sunsama), as well as note taking (specifically, does anyone use Roam)?
Looking forward to starting Intro to IT D322 on Monday.
Admittedly, I don't have much to offer here at this point. But maybe my questions can help others until I'm much further along and can help the next n00b.
Thanks in advance! -tg
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2023.06.03 03:15 withtwoOs Buying the property was easy, funding the rehab is the hard part. Any tips?

I purchased a property from a local land bank auction in 2021. In order for the original seller, which is the city, to release any interest they have in the property, the property must meet their compliance requirements. Those requirements are for us, at minimum get (wateelectric) utilities turned on, install furnace & water heater along with having a functional bathroom and kitchen.
I paid $1,100 plus $800 closing cost for the property. In order to get the home in a livable/sellable condition the property would need about $7,500 in materials. I operate my own handyman business and I would be performing all the necessary work needed to rehab the property. Due to the fact my credit score is not the greatest I haven't been able to secure any outside funding for the project, not even a Home Depot credit card. So I've been looking into finding private lenders that could cover the cost of materials, so I could complete the work needed to sell the home.
Unfortunately, I haven't had any luck with the private lendehard money route either. Currently I'm trying my luck with a eBay listing hoping that will help me find an investor to cover the material cost of my rehab project. Anybody have any suggestions for me on options I may have to secure funding for this rehab with not so great credit. The goal is to fix and flip this property asap.
Quick info about me. I've been running my handyman business for about 5 years now professionally but I've always been a backyard builder my whole life. I just recently completed the training required for me to be able to take the state of Michigan Residential Builders Exam. I have a total of 20 residential lots throughout the state of Michigan that I plan to use to build homes in the future. Selling my land is a worst case scenario, one that I believe will be counter-productive for my future in this business.
The first project is always the hardest but after that life begins.
I always believed teamwork makes the dream work but I was always told a closed mouth doesn't get fed. Here I am. Point me in the right direction. All feedback and suggestions is greatly appreciated.Thank you reddit family.
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