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2023.03.22 17:56 SatomiSora Funni French Words Dictionary: B2C31-34 (+ loop/mysticism/time skip explanations!)

(Chapter 27-30 dictionary here)
This will be another 2 parter with 4 chapters total, since I didn't post the days previously. It’ll be quite long again, so apologies for that. (I got hit with a nasty headache for a while, so I decided to take some time off before writing this. I’ll try to post chapters 35-38 in the next day or two. Like last time, none of that stuff will be referenced here for spoilers’ sake.) Anyways, a lot of fast and arguably terrifying developments in these chapters! This is where all of Lumian's suspicions start flooding in.
For the first part, I won't comment on the action scenes and the Lent festival stuff, instead looking at the mystical side of things. I'll also compile some guesses I've seen from readers. More specifically, I'd actually like to take a look at the padre, Guillaume Bénet. It seems that a lot of readers are speculating on what his abilities are and what pathway he's from, so I'll try to list out some observations about him. (It’ll be quite long, so apologies for that!) I'm also going to hash out the mechanics of the time loop, so any readers can better understand how the nature of the looping actually works. It might not be 100% accurate though, so feel free to add any corrections below.
The second part gives us a date for when the book takes place, and it elaborates on some content. I've also seen some interesting guesses from other readers. I'll be compiling those speculations there. Here we go!

PT. 1: C31-32


  • I won't comment here since this is the initial setup of all the weird and rather unsettling events that ensue. Lumian does a lot of the observations himself here. (Also, it's not exactly that fun to try and dissect all of the mysteries when it leads up to the climax. Suspense is only fun when it stays suspenseful.)
  • Good thing Reimund got dunked on during the Waterside Ritual and had to go home early, lol. Poor lad would’ve been subject to a horrible day…


Lumian was surrounded by *complicated silver symbols that coiled around him like small rivers.** He ran through an illusory river that was formed from these symbols, with blurry tributaries ahead of him.*
Guillaume Bénet reached out his right hand and grabbed *a mercury-colored symbol** that encircled Lumian.*
  • Around chapter 18, I said I wasn't sure if the padre was a Beyonder. In this chapter though, he most definitely is one. We still don’t know if he was a Beyonder prior to when Lumian overheard him scheming, or if he somehow became one in the time in between these chapters. He seems to have mid-sequence abilities at the least.
  • Anyways, I’ve seen a lot of readers speculate that Guillaume may be a Beyonder from a foreign pathway. As much as I'm aware that readers want to see something new, we’re still not sure and there aren't enough clues to prove this speculation at the moment. For now, it can be left open to interpretation.
  • Another speculation I’ve seen seems more realistic of a theory: that Guillaume Bénet is a Beyonder of the Monster pathway. The colors and symbols in this excerpt seem to match up with that of the Wheel of Fortune pathway; that being the silvery coiling symbols.
  • Some readers might remember that the Sequence 1 name is called Snake of Mercury. To add on, the mythical form of the Wheel of Fortune pathway is a silver snake with wheel-like patterns that connect to each other like a loop.
  • This is quite reminiscent of the symbols mentioned in the excerpt. The mention of them being like “rivers” also reminds me of the “looping River of Fate” concept that was mentioned in Book 1.
Lumian stomped his right foot, preparing to hurl himself through the stained glass and out of the cathedral.
But he slipped and couldn't muster enough strength, and his body was sent flying.
With a loud bang, whoosh, and cracking sound, Lumian shattered the stained glass depicting Saint Sith, but **he failed to break through it and instead crashed back into the cathedral. **
  • This part here seems to be attributed to the padre’s ability to manipulate luck and fate, which adds onto what I mentioned above. Based on this bit, it seems that Guillaume should be at least a Sequence 7 Beyonder. I’ll elaborate below.
  • The Fate pathway’s Sequences 7-4 all have some type of ability that can bestow bad luck onto their enemies. In this case, Lumian tried to exit the cathedral by forcing himself out the window, but his luck was manipulated so that he slipped and messed up his send off. And since he couldn't exert enough strength into his body, he failed to break the glass window and escape. This would be bad luck for Lumian, but it’s good luck for Guillaume.
Pierre Berry charged at Lumian with the axe, his body seeming to grow taller and stronger with every step.
  • A few readers seem to think that Pierre Berry may be a Beyonder of the Twilight Giant pathway, but it’s a bit difficult to tell. Regardless, I’ll elaborate below.
  • Those who either have the blood of Giants or are of the Giant pathway are characterized as being quite tall; Beyonders who reach Sequence 6 Dawn Paladin will be at least 2 meters tall. In the novel’s context, Pierre might be extremely tall if he’s a Giant pathway Beyonder (or this might be a figure of speech from Lumian’s perspective.)
  • The Giant pathway is also called the Warrior pathway, which means that a Beyonder of this pathway will gain great strength and proficiency over all weapons. The descriptions of Pierre holding an axe while growing stronger might be an allusion to this (or again, it could be a figure of speech from Lumian’s perspective.) He seems to have some pretty inhuman strength, though. For now, this can be left open to interpretation.
Padre Guillaume Bénet's eyes were nearly transparent, with Lumian's figure submerged in an *illusory river formed by shimmering mercury symbols.** In front of him, he saw something similar but more surreal, as if representing the future or a tributary.
After experimenting, Guillaume Bénet's right hand finally grasped the key pattern formed by multiple symbols.
With a single move, he could rewrite Lumian's future and render all his efforts futile.
  • The first part is another description that matches up with the Fate pathway. It has descriptions of mercury symbols and illusory rivers, which again alludes to the symbols of the Fate pathway. The illusory rivers seem to allude to the looping River of Fate that was mentioned in Book 1.
  • The second part talks about a key-like symbol formation. It seems to be some mystical symbol that can manipulate fate to a great extent, and it might be some type of prominent feature for the higher sequences of the Fate pathway. Of course, there’s too little information to tell right now. (This is just speculation on my part, but it reminds me of the Above the Sequence/Sefirot name for the Fate pathway: the Key of Light. We don’t know enough ATM though, so just treat this part as a fun little observation from me, lol)
  • For the third part of the excerpt, it cements the fact that the padre can manipulate luck and fate to a great extent. Some readers in the Webnovel comments are speculating that the padre may be either: a Sequence 6 Calamity Priest; or a Sequence 4 Misfortune Mage.
  • For the Sequence 6, they are prone to encountering calamities; but they can predict and thus use the calamity to their advantage against enemies, while mitigating the effects on themselves. For the Sequence 4, they can bestow misfortune on a certain area, and thus make their enemies unlucky by will. This excerpt could allude to either one of the sequences, but it’s difficult to tell which one specifically.
But suddenly, *the padre's eyes froze, and he let out a scream. His eyes shut tightly as blood and turbid tears streamed down his face.**
Amidst his scream, his body expanded like a balloon being filled with gas, and his white robe with golden threads cracked under the strain.
  • This excerpt describes another trait that is specific to the Monster pathway. I’ll elaborate below.
  • Some Book 1 readers might remember the boy named Ademisaul from way back in Volume 1. Many people called him a “monster” because he would scream and shout about horrifying things he has seen or heard. Some regular folks might have thought that Ademisaul was a madman or a “monster”, but he was like this because he was born with the blood of a Monster pathway Beyonder, and thus inherited some of the Beyonder characteristics that came from this pathway.
  • Starting from Sequence 9 Monster,any Beyonder of the Fate pathway will often be able to see things they shouldn’t see, or hear things they shouldn't hear. So. they’ll be prone to madness and corruption if they’re not careful. In Ademisaul’s case, he became frightened after seeing the Sefirah Castle’s entrance from Klein’s body; he then also had a dream that spelled great disaster in the future. Of course, for someone who’s not even a Sequence 9 yet, seeing a Sefirot directly would bring great pain to him. His dream prediction of the events following Volume 1 was also quite true; that being the World War of 1350, as well as the Apocalypse that will come in 1368.
  • In the padre’s case, it seems that whatever he saw in Lumian was of a similar level to what Ademisaul saw, and it seems to be caused by Lumian’s special trait. Readers are speculating on a few different answers as to what he saw, and I’ll list them out here:
  • The first speculation is Sefirah Castle and the Fool Klein Moretti, since it’s speculated that Klein may be watching over Lumian through his Dreamscape.
  • The second speculation is the City of Calamity sefirot, as some readers are speculating that Lumian’s Dreamscape might be connected to the City of Calamity in some way. This is also supported by Lumian’s Beyonder pathway being the Red Priest pathway, one of the precursor pathways that are a part of the Calamity of Destruction group.
  • The third speculation is that it has something to do with an Outer God; many are speculating that it might have to do with the Circle of Inevitability (and maybe Calamity City by extension) somehow, but there’s too little information ATM to give a hard answer on this one. It can be left open to interpretation.
*But just as Lumian turned to leave, Guillaume Bénet, who was supposed to be dead, opened his eyes. *
They were bloodshot, and a sharp buzz split Lumian's head in half, the intense pain preventing him from screaming.
Everything shattered before his eyes, and he was engulfed in darkness as he lost consciousness.
  • This excerpt will look at the weird anomaly that Lumian has found himself in; it seems that time has rewound and looped back to right before the beginning of the novel. (If anyone here has read Mother of Learning, there might be a bit of a déja vu here, lol. If you haven't, I totally recommend it.)
  • Anyways, this is where things start to get a bit more… dubious. The abilities that Guilaume displayed here can only be accomplished by a Sequence 1 Snake of Mercury. (Maybe the padre is actually the third Sequence 1, or maybe he was somehow affected by the third Sequence 1. Again, it’s quite dubious so we still don’t know what’s going on here, yet.)
  • For now, I’ll be describing 2 abilities in particular and how they might be linked to Dariège’s bizarre sequence of events.
  • The first ability is called the Cycle of Fate. With this ability, a Sequence 1 will be able to trap a selected group of people in an endless loop of events without them knowing, regardless of whether they die or not.
  • One example of this was back in Book 1, when Derrick Berg and his exploration team encountered a mural of the True Creator and Tail Devourer Ouroboros - a Sequence 1 of the Fate Pathway. The mural had a looping River of Fate on it, which trapped the group in a constant cycle of exploring the True Creator’s temple in the Forsaken Land of the Gods. Derrick wasn’t even aware of the loop until Klein pulled him into Sefirah Castle; he was then able to recall previous loops and stay aware throughout the loops that came afterwards.
  • In the context of Lumian’s predicament, it may be that the parts of Dariège have been looping without anyone knowing. Some parts are a bit inconsistent to actually match up with the Cycle of Fate, though.
  • For example: when the Cycle happens, anything outside of the affected individuals should pass as normal. At the beginning of chapter 33 though, Lumian notes from Aurore’s words that time has reverted, and the weather of each day matches up with what he remembers previously. (Of course, the Cycle might actually be able to loop the weather of the affected area, but there’s too little information to know for sure.) For now, it’s a bit hard to tell if things have actually been looping, or if the villagers of Cordu don’t actually know that time has passed elsewhere.
  • The second ability is the Reboot. With this ability, a Sequence 1 can completely revert the state of an entire region. This means that whatever events that take place before a Reboot will be completely invalidated and restored to an older state. (You can think of it like re-loading an older save file in a game.) In the novel’s context, it seems that whatever the padre did caused the entire region of Dariège to Reboot back to before the start of the novel.
  • There are also a few inconsistencies with this ability as well, however. Time doesn’t actually reverse when a Reboot happens; it only reverts whatever is affected. This means that Dariège can be Rebooted, but time everywhere should still flow as normal. In this case, it might be that time is actually flowing regularly elsewhere, but the people inside Dariège are unaware of this fact. Like with the previous theory, it’s still a bit difficult to tell what is actually happening.
Anyways, the key part to remember from these descriptions is that time reversal isn’t possible; only the state of the region can be reversed, but not anywhere else. This means that while the Dariège region remains stagnant, other places outside of the region will keep marching on and changing as normal. So, any new developments that come from the outside could change what happens inside the loop.
With this in mind, it seems that readers are speculating that the foreigner trio (Ryan, Leah, and Valentine) might yield clues to how this whole looping/rebooting thing came about, since they originally came from outside the affected region. The letter that was cut from Lumian and Aurore’s livre bleu might also yield some clues once Lumian finds out who cut the letters. Others are also wondering if anything will happen to the telegram that Lumian sent out of Dariège.
(I hope this chapter 32 section helped to elaborate on the padre’s abilities and some other lore-related things that might be involved. If you’ve already read the later chapters, I hope this part aided in understanding how the time loop works in principle. As always, if there’s something I got wrong, or if you’d like to add onto the discussion, feel free to comment below.)


  • Lumian continues the Lent celebrations with all the youths in the village. He also checks in with Aurore about their plan to leave.
  • Lumian's friend Reimund is sent off early due to being the last one to finish the waterside ritual. The group then continues off to the Cathedral for the final part of the Lent festival.
  • As the final praises are being sung, Lumian realizes that something's wrong with the village: no one has praised their orthodox deity, the Eternal Blazing Sun, in a long time.
  • The padre comes to the cathedral unannounced and confirms Lumian's suspicions about his strange plan. The Spring Elf Ava is then beheaded.
  • All the young men in the cathedral are either driven mad or completely mortified by what has happened. Lumian engages in a fight with Guillaume Bénet and Pierre Berry.
  • Lumian struggles against the padre due to his fate manipulation abilities. The padre almost triumphs over Lumian, but is halted after looking at him for too long. The padre sees something he shouldn’t, and his body is rendered immobile by thorny black symbols. Everyone in the cathedral is affected by the oppressive seal except Lumian.
  • Lumian kills the padre, but is caught off guard when the padre’s corpse moves again. He then wakes up to find that time has somehow reverted back to before the Lent festival.

PT. 2: C33-34


"Did you not take an afternoon nap? Are you still not fully awake? *It's March 29, 1358.** We still have a few days before Lent."*
  • We finally have our time period for the novel! It looks like Book 2 takes place about 5 ½ years after the events of Book 1, which ended in the fall of 1352. The Apocalypse should be about 10 years away from now.
  • From this point, we can gather that Lumian was born in the year 1339-1340, and that Aurore found Lumian within the year she transmigrated into the New World, around 1353.
  • For reference, I’d like to add an image as to what the calendar dates of 1358 look like - assuming that leap years land on every year that is divisible by 4. They match up with the calendar for 2030, so I’ll be putting a 2030 calendar below. (If you’re wondering how I figured out the exact calendar when we’re this early in the novel, I actually figured out that the years 2021-2024 correspond with the years 1349-1352 way back when I was reading Book 1. I’m still not sure about leap years though, so I’ll fix it if the leap years are wrong.)


  • I’d also like to add a section here for all of the Tarot Club members’ updated ages, so that Book 1 readers can get a sense of how much time has passed for all of them. For reference, it’s been just under 9 years since the Tarot Club's founding, and about 5 ½ years since Klein went into his slumber.
The Fool - Klein Moretti/The World - Gehrman Sparrow:
  • DOB [Date of birth]: March 4th, 1327
  • Starting age [June 28th, 1349/Start of Book 1]: 22
  • Previous age [Fall 1352/End of Book 1]: 25
  • Current age [March 29th, 1358/Start of Book 2]: 31
Justice - Audrey Hall:
  • DOB: June 6th, 1332
  • Starting age: 17
  • Previous age: 20
  • Current age: 25, turning 26
The Hanged Man - Alger Wilson:
  • DOB: March 20th, 1317
  • Starting age: 32
  • Previous age: 35
  • Current age: 41
The Sun - Derrick Berg:
  • DOB: April 19th, 1335
  • Starting age: 14
  • Previous age: 17
  • Current age: 22, turning 23
The Magician - Fors Wall:
  • DOB: April 13th, 1323
  • Starting age: 26
  • Previous age: 29
  • Current age: 34, turning 35
The Moon - Emlyn White:
  • DOB: September 3rd, 1312
  • Starting age: 36
  • Previous age: 39-40 (appears 28-29)
  • Current age: 45, turning 46
The Hermit - Cattleya:
  • DOB: February 3rd, 1323
  • Starting age: 26
  • Previous age: 29
  • Current age: 35
The Star - Leonard Mitchell:
  • DOB: February 14th, 1324
  • Starting age: 25
  • Previous age: 28
  • Current age: 34
Judgement - Xio Derecha:
  • DOB: March 18th, 1328
  • Starting age: 21
  • Previous age: 24
  • Current age: 30
I hope all these time correlations help with cementing when things happened and how long it’s been since the end of Book 1. It seems like the Tarot Club members have been busy for a while.
(NOTE: Speaking of ages… To any fandom wiki editors reading this, *Lumian’s birth date on his bio page (September 26th, 1340) currently doesn’t match up with the date in the book.** It says that he’s 18-19 in his debut description, but he would actually still be 17 if you line up what the wiki says with the novel. If he’s still supposed to be 18 now, and then turns 19 later in the year, it’s likely that he’s actually born in 1339 (if his birth month is still verified to be in September). I’m not sure where the source for his birth date comes from, so I hope that any editors who read this can review and fix that.)*
**She's really not dead… Lumian thought to himself as he looked at Ava's neck, trying to find signs of stitches.
In one of Aurore's horror novels, there was a scene where a corpse was stitched up to act as a living person.
  • It seems that some readers have pointed out that Aurore is following in Roselle’s footsteps… by plagiarizing stuff from the modern era, lol.
  • This section is likely based on the Frankenstein novel that was written by Mary Shelley in 1818. It’s a classic piece of gothic horror, so it’d make sense that Aurore would use it as a basis for a book. She’s probably used a lot more than this one, too…
Suddenly, he discovered a point that he had neglected previously because he was shocked by "time reversal."
He still had his superpowers!
He was still a Hunter!
  • More observations! It seems that readers are trying to figure out why Lumian remained a Beyonder after the restart. It seems that his physical condition (i.e. his injuries from the fight) has been completely wiped away, so how is it that he still has his Beyonder abilities?
  • Some readers have speculated that it’s due to his Dreamscape. Since Lumian sourced the main components of his potion inside the dream, and he became a Beyonder while he was inside, it could be that whatever physical changes that happen to him there are not within the affected areas of the restart. At the moment, there's not enough information to tell. (This will be partially answered later, but again, I’m not putting it here for any readers who haven’t caught up, yet.)


He realized that *the woman who had given him the Wand card and taught him mysticism knowledge was absent from Ol' Tavern*, preventing him from determining if he was dreaming or not.
  • It seems that our mysterious friend isn’t affected by the time loop. Of course, if she’s a Tarot Club member like we think she is, she’ll have a few options to resist the effects of the Fate pathway.
  • Like I mentioned before, the Fool can eliminate the effects of a Cycle of Fate and help an individual retain their memories over the course of multiple Cycles. It seems that the lady might've been blessed before coming to Cordu, so she can go about freely without being subject to the effects of a restart. She might also have her own ways of staying out of the loop while she's here, but we're not sure how, yet.
Upon seeing the white four-piece bed, Lumian's heart skipped a beat. He lifted the pillow and found the Minor Arcana tarot card representing the Seven of Wands!
Wait, hasn't time already turned back? *I haven't even met that lady or drawn the card. Why is it here?** Lumian was alarmed. He wasn't too confident about his previous guesses.*
In the end, Lumian decided to *treat the woman and the item she gave him as an "exception"** for the time being.*
With that lady's mysteriousness and uniqueness, it was considered normal for her to be unaffected by time reversal!
  • This part will add onto what I said above.
  • Along with our mysterious friend, it seems that the special item she has given to Lumian isn't subject to the loop, either. This may also be because the card has been blessed by the Fool somehow, so the Fate pathway has no effect on it. The lady is also a demigod, so she might also have some ways to trick the card out.
  • It not only lets Lumian stay lucid in his Dreamscape, but will also allow him to retain his memories across restarts now, too. What a nifty item, huh?


  • Lumian confirms the date with Aurore; it seems to him that time has really reverted to before the Lent festival.
  • He then goes to check on the Lizier family, and finds that Ava is still alive and well. He then confirms with the family that Pierre Berry has already returned to the village for a few days before the restart, which is suspicious for a Shepherd.
  • Lumian bumps into Guillaume Bénet and finds that the man has no recollection of what happened before the restart. Lumian also notices that he still has his Beyonder abilities.
  • He then goes to the Ol' Tavern in search of Ryan, Leah, and Valentine.
  • Lumian repeats his first meeting with the trio, before leading them to the Cathedral to find the padre. This time, Lumian is more careful with how he handles the situation; he tips off all of the padre's adultering deeds to the trio before quickly extricating himself from the matter.
  • Lumian then talks to Aurore about the cosmos on the rooftop again, before going to bed. He notes that the Seven of Wands card that he obtained from the mysterious lady is still on his bed.
  • Lumian enters his dream, onto the find that the region has also looped back in time. He's lost all of his loot, and his weapons have returned to their original places.
  • After gathering his weapons, Lumian does a survey of the ruins, confirming that time has also looped in his dream, somehow. While on his survey, he encounters the naked monster again. Compared to last time though, he kills the monster with ease.
That's it for these chapters! Again, I apologize for posting this late due to my break. I'm still working on the next dictionary at a (hopefully) more reasonable pace, and I'll probably continue to release these dictionaries in batches of 4 chapters for the time being to give myself more room to write things out.
In the meantime, I hope this helped refresh and frame certain things in a newer perspective. If you've already read the later chapters, I hope that this post helped to clear up any confusion you have about the whole time looping stuff.
Happy reading!
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2023.03.22 17:55 Diet_Goomy Rules Question about This sub

I've currently been writing a light novel. It is an Isekai story so it follows rules 1-5, but I'm not sure if there is a hidden anti-self promotion rule.

Currently I'm up to around 30K words. That is about 60% done. It will be a multi book series when complete, but I'm taking it slow and am doing this as a hobby not necessarily as a job. I do plan on getting it published "in fact I have self published preview chapters on Amazon for a sudo copyright." I'll have the first book up online free for anyone to read and after I start books 2-??? Ill start publishing them.
I guess my main questions are:
  1. Can I do a progress report/chapter release post every little bit?
  2. Possible look for a commission for the cover and insert pages?
  3. Post links to the Amazon release page?
  4. Post links to where I post the actual first book that will be free to read?
I know I should probably message the mods, but really I feel that process can get over looked quite a bit "I mod a couple subs and I know I overlook QUITE a bit even though I shouldn't."

As for a bit of other info. Some of my chapters I have released aren't completely edited. I swapped from 1st person to 3rd person because of some ideas I wanted to implement and couldn't have been done within the 1st person perspective. So some continuity and wording for later chapters may seem a little weird. If you are interested and it this is actually frowned upon and I can't post about it just DM me. It is a post-apocalyptic zombie fantasy setting. A synopsis in one sentence would be: In the early stages of magical exploration/study, someone discovered necromancy and made a horrible mistake bringing about the end of civilization with a zombie apocalypses. It's more nuanced than that but it gets the thought across. Tags: Female protag, Intellectual protag, Birth to Adult storyline.
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2023.03.22 17:53 1199RT if you follow the #India on Instagram you can find Citadel's shill farms. 2 years ago I saw them praising God king Ken Griffin. Melt...

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2023.03.22 17:49 DailyHoroscopeIndia Todays Horoscope! (22nd of March, 2023)✨

♈️ Aries: You will feel like a superhero today, as your natural confidence and enthusiasm will be at an all-time high. With the color orange and number 8 by your side, get ready to take on any challenge that comes your way. Be sure to stay away from people who bring you down, and remember that you have the power to make your dreams come true.
♉️ Taurus: It's time to take a break from your routine and try something new, Taurus! With the color yellow and number 5, you will be able to find creative ways to express yourself and make your mark in the world. Don't be afraid to take risks and try something different - you never know what amazing things could come out of it!
♊️ Gemini: Get ready for a day full of surprises, Gemini! With the color green and number 7, you'll be able to find the perfect balance between work and play. Take some time to enjoy yourself, but don't forget to stay focused on your goals. A bit of adventure can help you find inspiration and motivation in unexpected places.
♋️ Cancer: Today is a great day for self-reflection, Cancer. With the color blue and number 6, it's time to look within and discover what truly matters to you. Don't be afraid to let go of anything that no longer serves you - it will open up space for new opportunities in the future.
♌️ Leo: It's time to show off your leadership skills today, Leo! With the color indigo and number 9, you'll be able to take charge of any situation with ease. Keep your head up high and don't be afraid to speak up when necessary - you have the power to make a difference.
♍️ Virgo: Today is a great day for planning and organizing, Virgo. With the color purple and number 4, you'll be able to create an efficient system that works for you. Don't forget to take some time for yourself - it's important to stay mindful of your mental health as well.
♎️ Libra: Today is all about finding harmony in every aspect of your life, Libra. With the color pink and number 3, you'll be able to find balance between work and play. Don't forget to spend some quality time with friends or family - it's important to stay connected with those who matter most.
♏️ Scorpio: It's time to tap into your creative side today, Scorpio! With the color red and number 2, you'll be able to find unique solutions for any problem that comes your way. Don't forget to take some time for yourself - it's important to stay inspired and motivated in order to reach your goals.
♐️ Sagittarius: Today is a great day for exploring new ideas, Sagittarius! With the color brown and number 1, you'll be able to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions. Don't be afraid to take risks - they can lead you down exciting paths that you never expected!
♑️ Capricorn: Today is all about taking care of yourself first, Capricorn. With the color gray and number 8, it's time to focus on what makes you happy. Don't forget that taking care of your physical health is just as important as taking care of your mental health - so don't forget to set aside some me time every now and then.
♒️ Aquarius: It's time for some socializing today, Aquarius! With the color white and number 7, you'll be able to make meaningful connections with those around you. Don't forget that communication is key - so make sure you listen carefully before speaking up!
♓️ Pisces: It's time for some soul searching today, Pisces! With the color black and number 6, it's time to reflect on where you are in life and where you want to go next. Don't forget that it's okay not to have all the answers - sometimes it's best just to take things one step at a time.
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2023.03.22 17:47 RabbitSkyGo Broke out my colored pencils for the first time in a long time to work on book of shadows pages!!

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2023.03.22 17:42 grocktops Suggesting One Writing Change for Each AA Game

This isn’t a critique post so much as it is a creative exercise. I challenged myself to think of one writing change I’d make to every AA game to improve characterization, pacing, themes etc. My goal was to suggest improvements, not just changes I would’ve wanted to see. With that in mind, the main rules are:
  1. No changes to the overall plot.
  2. No creating/removing characters (including reintroducing characters from previous games)
  3. Be as specific as possible.
  4. Ignore what I think are the biggest problems with each game’s writing and focus on ideas that were generally underdeveloped.
!!Spoilers for every game!!
AA1: Have Grossberg actively reach out to Phoenix and help him out during the last day of Case 5. This would streamline the investigation phase and give Grossberg an opportunity to more directly make amends for past mistakes.
AA2: Take the focus off of romantic relationships in Case 3, recenter the case around the ways that the circus members related to Russell Berry. Emphasize the theme of young adults dealing with complicated feelings over parental figures, make a parallel to Franziska, give her an opportunity to open up about what she thinks about her father.
AA3: Foreshadow the Iris Hawthorne reveal better by peppering in more deliberately misleading references to “Dahlia’s sister,” “Pearl’s family” and “Morgan’s daughters.”
AAI: Give Kay a running subplot about trying to steal the last piece of evidence her father wrote about in his journal. When Edgeworth is put in a situation where he thinks he has to use illegal evidence to pursue the smuggling ring, Kay finishes the subplot by discovering supporting information that makes Edgeworth’s evidence legal again.
AAI2: Bring Ema Skye into the plot earlier, upgrade her to recurring supporting character, use Kay as an assistant less often. Have Kay and Ema pair up under a mutual misunderstanding of each other’s occupations and interests (Kay thinks Ema wants to become a member of the Yatagarasu, Ema thinks the Yatagarasu is some kind of elite forensics unit). They replace the generic forensics techs for each case so they don’t just pop in and out of the story at random.
PLvPW: Instead of escaping with Espella and Luke at the end of Case 3, Phoenix gets captured and brainwashed into becoming an Inquisitor. Layton has to take up the defense and help Phoenix realize the truth and overcome the brainwashing. We could call him Phoenix Knight, it’d be great.
AA4: Make Klavier more openly resentful of Apollo and emphasize his arc about coming to terms with the truth about his brother.
AA5: Center Case 3 more strongly around Athena’s relationship with Juniper Woods. Tie together the game’s overall motif of old friends reuniting to remind each other of promises/dreams they made together and still want to fulfill.
AA6: Give Nahyuta more of a studious attitude, center his character quirks around the idea that he tends to over-prepare and lose himself in extraneous details. Use this to strengthen his relationship with Apollo by making parallels in the ways they psyche themselves up and build self-confidence before difficult trials.
GAA1: Have Gina follow Naruhodo briefly during Case 4. She starts out with a hostile attitude but sees him in a different light after he commits to trusting in Soseki. She takes the opportunity to open up a bit about herself before leaving again. This would pace out her arc better and give her a better opportunity to become more likable.
GAA2: Have Inspector Hosonaga come to Japan alongside Susato and make a parallel between him and Gregson: an inspector who works for justice despite being branded as a thief vs an inspector who works for evil despite being praised as a legend. Have Hosonaga help Gina come to terms with how Gregson betrayed her trust and become her new mentor figure.
And that’s it. Thanks for reading, comments are welcome!
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2023.03.22 17:42 xim4gin3 About me!!

My main acc is my tiktok and my user is ximagin3 and I love making romance stories and my family does know about the acc but I will never tell them my user my brother did follow my acc once so I blocked him lmfao.
-Im 14 almost 15 in Dec. -I have a brother -we have 10 animals (we are going to get rid of 2 cats sadly.)(4 cats,2 bearded dragons,2 dogs,2 leopard geckos) -I love reading Penelope Douglas books and I have yet to read Colleen Hoover books but I’m sure I will like them. -I’m really more like very very very introverted(Ik that’s unhealthy but not for me seeming how most people make me depressed and I’m happier alone<3unless it’s a relationship😉) -yes my mom lets me date but not online dating -I only have a mom (don’t even want a dad oof lol) -as you can tell by the “oof” I play roblox mostly theme park tycoon,bloxburg & activate<3 -l have black hair(really curly) -favorite color is grey along with black and white. -I’m 5,4 1/2 or 5,5 -I’m in 7th I had to repeat 3rd grade😭(I had good grades just failed the fsa bc I got stressed and started marking things in…dumb choice lol.) -I LOVE LOVE ROLLER COASTERS -my fav food is spicy boneless chicken wings -my fav snack is takis (Ik they are bad for you I will make another post about it😭) -I’m homeschooled -my fav chocolate is milk chocolate -my dream car is a Mitsubishi Outlander (not an expensive car lol I don’t like expensive cars that much) -I have maybe 2-3 friends -where’s my enemies to lovers moment???jk😉 ANY THING ELSE YOU WANNA KNOW??

about me<3

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2023.03.22 17:34 White_Wolfie95 It wasn't my fault.

The room shifted. I know it did. I wasn't here before.This one has water. I thought that reddit page was a joke? But this doesn't feel like a dream...But wasn't I supposed to go up some stairs or through a wall? Or something? I turned around in the halls, and 2 corridors down, there is a pool that wasn't there before. Something is in it. No. This is a dream. Just wake up by killing myself. It will be fine. Just jump in.
I don't have time for this. My daughter's wedding is in the morning.
Where the hell... This is where I started? I always wake up though. This dream must be really intense. There's one of those long arm things from the vents. Lets try again.
This isn't where I started. But its not so different.... Didn't I have a water bottle and some pills? Where did those go?
Is my watch correct? She's getting married now... and I'm not there.
I'm sorry.
Wait a moment. An exit sign. I can see a fuzzy doorway.
My daughter. She's there. They are getting married. They act like I'm not even missing.
I'm not missing. I'm there too. Can they not see the doorway? One of those things appears down the hall.
He's coming. But if I leave... Can he follow me?
No. I can't risk it.
Be happy, Emilia.
I run.
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2023.03.22 17:27 IgnominousComputer Help installing BLTouch on Ender 3 Pro

I just got an Ender 3 Pro and thought a BLTouch would make my life much easier, but now I am very confused as to how to install it.
My Ender 3 Pro has a 32-bit 4.2.2 board.
I got the BLTouch form an official reseller and realized later that I needed a mount for it that I don't have. Great. At least I can print one.
But then I started to look at instructions on how to install it and shit got confusing. First off, the official manual is useless. Then I found some instructions that mostly pertained to old 8-bit boards.
I found some for the 32 bit 4.2.2 board How to install BL-Touch on the Ender 3 V2 3D Printer (No Adapter Board – MakerSupplies Singapore but that shows and Ender 3 V2 which is not my case. But then another one said that I am supposed to change some wiring? BLTouch Installation for Ender 3 with 32-bit V4.2.2 Board (cytron.io) but it doesn't mention what exactly I should be looking for to make this decision. Wire color? my BLTouch does not have a green wire, it has yellow, orange, brown. In any case, wire color should NOT be an indication of absolutely anything, and the BLTouch has no markings at the terminal end of this cable, so unsure how to "test" or determine if I need a swap.
Also why do I have to remove the Z switch? How will the printer know that it has gone to the absolute bottom?
Lastly, the Creality website is a mindfuck for finding a firmware update. And I don't see anything for the BLTouch on the Ender 3 Pro page. I am just starting with this so I have no idea how to install Merlin straight up, I read you have to compile it and I don't have an environment or an idea of how to do that.
Anyway, any help appreciated on this matter!
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2023.03.22 17:20 Plastic_Helicopter79 Color video clock/bell classroom/building notification, using Raspberry Pi?

I am looking around for classroom and building notification devices with color video displays. There are two major companies in this area that I am aware of currently, and they both have some really annoying downsides.
Really is it all that complicated to build such a thing using Raspberry Pi nanocomputers?
I would love to find something like this for free or for a low purchase/support cost, similar to Blue Iris that only costs US $70 to set up your own 64 IP camera Video Management Server.
A Raspberry Pi can be POE powered and has HDMI video out for about $30 each, and could easily do what these commercial devices are offering, at about 1/100th the cost.
The classroom Pi's could do paging via the TV monitors, and be entirely managed from an in-house Raspberry Pi server or Ubuntu VM server.
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2023.03.22 17:16 TemporaryNeitherSir Starting over at 21...

When I was a junior in high-school I decided to get my real estate license so I can invest in real estate and become wealthy,but It took me 2 years to get my license and if we're being honest I could have gotten an associate’s in that time,But I remember on my 3th attempt everyone told me to quit because I was getting stress out for not passing nor understanding half of the things ,I should have listened to their advice instead of taking 4 course,I had to do 2 courses but the first site I site I use wasn’t helping me,because last year I finally got my license but I haven’t felt happy nor excited that I finally achieved my goal because I lose my real why,I don't have my own car,nor money to keep me in the business.Even if I had the money, the car or the positive mindset I still feel like I wouldn’t do it.Now that I am 21 I am going to start all over I am getting ready to go back to college for an associate’s in accounting or business but I still can't help myself to feel sorry for getting a real estate license,wasting 2 years of my life,feeling stupid because everyone that I know are advancing in pretty much everything and I'm broke(Next month I'm going to work for my uncle and I'm going to get payed good) because I owe money to my brokerage for 3 months of offices fees and their referral network membership,because if I actually quit I will owe them $1,500 and I refuse to pay them that amount,lucky I only have to be in the referral network for 2 years so my debt can be forgiven.All I want to do is now own a house,2 motorcycles and 2 dream cars(good thing is that my first car is my "dream car" and cheap) and of course be happy with my job and lifeso how do I actually become a responsible adult,stop feeling sad/upset for my pass,and start over?

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2023.03.22 17:14 Severe-Ad-2025 I invite you into my world 💞

🌟 Welcome to my magical world! 🌟
Are you ready to be taken on a journey of discovery and delight? If so, then you're in the right place! 🚀
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Think of my Fansly page as your personal gateway to pleasure and excitement! 🎊 From steamy photo shoots to behind-the-scenes glimpses of my daily life, there's something for everyone here. 📸
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2023.03.22 17:12 laughayetteoutloud [SELL] [US] Morphe, NYX, elf, Colour Pop, Makeup Revolution, bh Cosmetics, MAC, Urban Decay

Most items either NEVER USED or only used a few times! Condition specified for each. They are coming from a smoke-free and pet-free home. Open to bundling!
After you express interest in an item, I will hold something for you for 6 hours and move on if I don’t hear from you within that time. Please don’t ghost! Just let me know if you have changed your mind. No hard feelings! :)
Shipping starts at $5, and may increase based on weight - more accurate shipping estimate can be provided with your zip code or state. Following receipt of payment, I will ship within one week and will PM you the tracking info.
Payment Info: Paypal G&S only - I will invoice and include a packing list in your package!
Verification Album
And now, the good stuff!

Morphe - 35V Stunning Vibes (2nd pic) - never used - $25
Morphe - 35M Boss Mood (2nd pic) - never used - $25
NYX - Ultimate Utopia (2nd pic) - BNNO - $25
NYX - Swear By It (2nd pic) - used once - $22
NYX - Sex Education Magic Maker - used once - $3
NYX - Diamonds & Ice Please! Mega Palette - never used - $15
NYX - Diamonds & Ice Please! Diamond Delirious - never used - $5
NYX - Perfect Filter Rustic Antique - 1-3 uses - $5
NYX - Mystic Petals Dark Mystic - 1-3 uses - $5
NYX - Ultimate Smokey & Highlight - 1-3 uses - $5
NYX - Ultimate Brights - 1-3 uses - $5
NYX - Ultimate Phoenix - 1-3 uses - $5
NYX - Ultimate Cool Neutrals - never used - $6
NYX - Ultimate Multi Finish Sugar High - 1-3 uses - $5
NYX - Glitter Goals Cream Pro Palette - used once - $5
NYX - Glitter Goals Love on Top - used once - $5
NYX - Glitter Goals Glacier - used once - $5
NYX - SFX Creme Colour Brights - BNNO - $8
NYX - SFX Creme Colour Primary - BNNO - $8
e.l.f. - Opposites Attract - never used - $10
e.l.f. - Rose Gold Sunset - never used - $7
e.l.f. - Rose Gold Nude - never used - $7
e.l.f. - Mad for Matte Jewel Pop - 1-3 uses - $5
e.l.f. - Mad for Matte Nude Mood - used once - $5
e.l.f. - MYSTERY 15-PIECE PALETTE (2nd pic) (I cannot for the life of me figure out or find the name of this palette anywhere lmao, here is the sticker on the back) - used once - $7
e.l.f. - Mintmelt Mint to Be - 1-3 uses - $2
e.l.f. - Mintmelt Chocolate Mint - never used - $3
e.l.f. - Bite Size Truffles - never used - $3
e.l.f. - Bite Size Berry Bad - never used - $3
e.l.f. - Bite Size Cream & Sugar - never used - $3
e.l.f. - Bite Size Carnival Candy - never used - $3
e.l.f. - Bite Size Pumpkin Pie - never used - $3
e.l.f. - Bite Size Acai You - never used - $3
e.l.f. - Bite Size Hot Jalapeno - never used - $3
Makeup Revolution - Neon Up All Night - never used - $10
Makeup Revolution - Tammi X Tropical Carnival (2nd pic) - used once - $12
Makeup Revolution - Reloaded Deep Dive - used once - $10
Makeup Revolution - Reloaded Marvelous Mattes - used once - $10
bh Cosmetics - Smitten in Switzerland - never used - $15
bh Cosmetics - Summer in St. Tropez - never used - $15

NYX - Eye Gloss Dirty Talk - used once - $3
NYX - Eye Gloss Toxic - 1-3 uses - $3
NYX - Matte Single Eyeshadow Frisky - 1-3 uses - $2
NYX - Matte Single Eyeshadow Cougar - 1-3 uses - $2
NYX - Matte Single Eyeshadow Leather & Lace - 1-3 uses - $2
NYX - Pigments Vegas Baby/Viva Las Vegas - never used - $3
NYX - Cream Eyeliner Killing It - BNNO - $4
NYX - Faux Whites Pencil Mintcream - 1-3 uses - $2
NYX - Eye Pencil Auburn - 4-5 uses - $2
e.l.f. - No Budge Eyeshadow Stick Mint for You - used once - $2
e.l.f. - Eyeshadow Topper Duo Tsuki to My Heart - never used - $4
e.l.f. - Cream Eyeliner Coffee - never used - $3
Colour Pop - Creme Gel Liner Joy Ride - 1-3 uses - $2
bh Cosmetics - Loose Foil Pigment Diamond Dazzlers - never used - $4

e.l.f. - Stardust Glitter Gold Galaxy - never used - $2
bh Cosmetics - Glitter Collection Spiced Pumpkin - never used - $4

Colour Pop - Crystal Face Jewels Individual - never used - $3
Colour Pop - Crystal Face Jewels Mixed - never used - $3
bh Cosmetics - Gem On Pearly - never used - $3
bh Cosmetics - Drop Dead Gorgeous Get Stunned - never used - $3

NYX - Born to Glow! Foundation Fair - approx. 75% full - $4
NYX - Highlighter & Bronzer Palette (2 of these - 2nd pic) - both 4-5 uses - each $3
NYX - Away We Glow Liquid Booster Glazed Donuts - never used - $5
NYX - Away We Go Strobing Cream Glow-tini - never used - $5
NYX - Sweet Cheeks Powder Blush Citrine Rose - 4-5 uses - $3
NYX - Matte Finish Setting Spray 0.60 fl oz - never used - $2
NYX - Radiant Finish Setting Spray 0.60 fl oz - never used - $2
e.l.f. - Jelly Pop Dew Primer - 1-3 uses - $8
e.l.f. - Jelly Pop Dew Primer - never used - $10
e.l.f. - Poreless Putty Primer Sheer - never used - $10
e.l.f. - Contour Palette Light/Medium - 5-10 uses - $3
e.l.f. - Monochromatic Multi-Stick Glistening Peach - 4-5 uses - $3
e.l.f. - Dewy Coconut Long Lasting Setting Mist 2.7 fl oz - never used - $8
e.l.f. - Post-Workout Cool Down Mist - approx. 95% full - $8
Makeup Revolution - Liquid Highlighter Unicorn's Glow - never used - $5

NYX - California Beamin' Pink Frost - never used - $10
NYX - California Beamin' Pearl Necklace - never used - $10
NYX - California Beamin' Beach Babe - never used - $10
NYX - California Beamin' Golden Glow - never used - $10

e.l.f. - Retro Paradise Glow Up Body Brush - never used - $3

NYX - Suede Matte Lip Liner Ace - never used - $2
NYX - Suede Matte Lip Liner Sway - never used - $2
NYX - Diamonds & Ice Please Lip Topper Gloss Power Trip - never used - $4
NYX - Diamonds & Ice Please Lip Topper Gloss That's Fire - never used - $4
NYX - Diamonds & Ice Please Lip Topper Gloss Left on Read - never used - $4
NYX - Soft Matte Lip Cream Milan - used once - $2
NYX - Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick Orange County - used once - $3
NYX - Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick Sway - used once - $3
NYX - Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick Downtown Beauty - used once - $3
NYX - Glitter Goals Liquid Lipstick X Infinity - used once - $3
NYX - Diamonds & Ice Please Lipstick Gem Storm - used once - $3
NYX - Diamonds & Ice Please Lipstick Highkey - never used - $3
NYX - Diamonds & Ice Please Lipstick Good Look - never used - $3
NYX - Diamonds & Ice Please Lipstick On the Rocks - never used - $3
NYX - Suede Matte Lipstick Cherry Skies - never used - $3
NYX - Pin-Up Pout Lipstick Almost Famous - never used - $3
NYX - Lingerie Push-Up Longlasting Lipstick Dusk to Dawn - never used - $3
NYX - Butter Lipstick Root Beer Float - used once - $3
NYX - Filler Instinct Plumping Lip Color Juicy Pout - used once - $3
NYX - Powder Puff Lippie Lip Cream Teacher's Pet - used once - $3
NYX - Powder Puff Lippie Lip Cream Bby - used once - $3
NYX - Powder Puff Lippie Lip Cream Boys Tears - never used - $4
NYX - Powder Puff Lippie Lip Cream Teenage Dream - never used - $4
NYX - Slip Tease Lip Lacquer Full Size Dexter - never used - $3
NYX - Slip Tease Lip Lacquer Full Size Karma Suit Ya - never used - $3
NYX - Slip Tease Lip Lacquer Mini Dexter - never used - $2
NYX - Slip Tease Lip Lacquer Mini Voodoo Lily - never used - $2
NYX - Slip Tease Lip Lacquer Mini Grind - never used - $2
NYX - Slip Tease Lip Lacquer Mini On the Hunt - never used - $2
NYX - Slip Tease Lip Lacquer Mini Last Frontier - never used - $2
NYX - Slip Tease Lip Lacquer Mini Brick Road - never used - $2
NYX - Shout Loud Satin Lipstick The Best - never used - $3
NYX - Shout Loud Satin Lipstick Exclusive - never used - $3
NYX - Shout Loud Satin Lipstick Into the Night - never used - $3
NYX - Shout Loud Satin Lipstick Dirty Talk - never used - $3
NYX - Shout Loud Satin Lipstick Emotion - used once - $3
NYX - Shout Loud Satin Lipstick Everyone Lies - used once - $3
NYX - Shout Loud Satin Lipstick Cactus Dreams - used once - $3
e.l.f. - Lip Liner x Tiana Major9 - never used - $2
e.l.f. - Prismatic Lip Gloss Rose Quartz - never used - $3
e.l.f. - Lip Plumping Gloss Pink Sugar - never used - $3
e.l.f. - Lip Plumping Gloss Champagne Glam - never used - $3
e.l.f. - Lip Gloss Electric Mood x Tiana Major9 Affair - never used - $4
e.l.f. - Srsly Satin Lipstick Creme - never used - $3
e.l.f. - Srsly Satin Lipstick Raspberry - never used - $3
e.l.f. - Srsly Satin Lipstick Pepper - never used - $3
e.l.f. - Srsly Satin Lipstick Taffy - never used - $3
e.l.f. - Sheer Slick Lipstick Golden Pear - used once - $3
e.l.f. - Sheer Slick Lipstick Black Cherry - used once - $3
e.l.f. - Sheer Slick Lipstick Orange Crush - used once - $3
e.l.f. - Sheer Slick Lipstick Wild Peach - never used - $3
e.l.f. - Sheer Slick Lipstick Cherry Slush - used once - $3
e.l.f. - Sheer Slick Lipstick Grapefruit - used once - $3
e.l.f. - Moisturizing Lipstick Pink Mink - never used - $3
e.l.f. - Moisturizing Lipstick Flirty & Fabulous - used once - $3
e.l.f. - Moisturizing Lipstick Red Carpet - never used - $3
e.l.f. - Lipstick Duos Need It Nudes - never used - $3
e.l.f. - Lipstick Duos Red Hot Reds - never used - $3
e.l.f. - Lipstick Duos I Love Pinks - never used - $3
e.l.f. - Matte Lip Color Rowdy Rouge - never used - $3
Colour Pop - Lippie Pencil I Heart This - never used - $3
Colour Pop - Lippie Stix Wet (Pearlized) - never used - $3
Colour Pop - Lippie Stix Raw (Satin) - never used - $3
Urban Decay - 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil Blackmail - 1-3 uses - $2
MAC - Lip Glass Clear - never used - $4
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2023.03.22 17:12 moofdog Home Inkjet Purchase Advice

Would like to purchase a photo/craft printer for home use

I'm a long-time photographer, so while I'm still not great at it, I want decent quality prints. For anything I'm going to frame, etc, I'd probably just order from mpix or something, though. So occasional photo use, craft use (printing stickers to cut out, stuff like that), and printing work documents every once in a while I'd like to be in color (already own a b&w brother laser for the majority of office-related tasks).

Are there any models you are currently looking at?

I purchased an Epson et-3850 refurbished from Amazon. Generally I really like it, but I'm struggling to get the color looking accurate on photos. I'm also encountering a problem where the paper jams 100% of the time I print borderless 8.5x11. I can't figure it out. I think maybe the head is catching the corner of the paper and bending it over.
Anyway, I'll most likely return the epson for those two reasons.
I'm most strongly considering two Canons, the G7020 and the G620. I like that the 7020 is quicker, has a bottom tray I could use for normal paper, and an ADF. I don't need the ADF, as I have an Epson es-580w I can use for scanning. Although it would still be nice.
I'm most curious how much better the photos will look from the G620 with its additional ink colors. Will it really be a noticeable difference?

Minimum Requirements:

Any other details:

Really want to stay away from cartridges...
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2023.03.22 17:05 GEO_UIUC_comms FINAL (🤞) contract bargaining session THIS FRIDAY! your last chance to make a difference

Hello, graduate workers of UIUC!
Exciting news: this will hopefully be the LAST post we ever have to make about how you should come to this week’s contract bargaining session, because this Friday will hopefully be our LAST contract bargaining session! This is the culmination of everything we've been fighting for this past year.
I know—it feels like every other week we’re telling you about THE MOST IMPORTANT BARGAINING SESSION YET! As we get closer to the end of the bargaining process, the more important the topics under discussion become, and the more we need GEO membership to attend bargaining sessions to show the UIUC Administration that we’re paying attention and we care about our wages.
We have good reason to believe that during this Friday's session, Administration will move towards our demands, including a wage increase above inflation and fee waivers. With luck (and pressure from you!), we'll have a contract by the end of the session.
During the last few bargaining sessions, the GEO bargaining team and Administration have been discussing the topics our membership has voted as most important: wages and healthcare. Admin’s latest offer was a $20,450 minimum for this year. Can you live on that? A living wage for one childless adult in Urbana-Champaign is $36,650, so for many of you, the answer to that question is “no.”
To further put Administration’s offer into context, here’s how it compares to minimums at what the university considers their “peer institutions” and to the GEO’s latest proposal of a $23,400 minimum, which we believe is comparable to other graduate programs, all in "Urbana-Champaign dollars":

Image ID: A graph showing graduate worker compensation adjusted to cost of living at eighteen different U.S. American universities, the current minimum at UIUC, the GEO’s proposed minimum for UIUC, and Administration’s proposed minimum for UIUC. The x axis goes from 0 to $38,000 and the y axis is universities sorted in descending order of adjusted compensation. “UIUC (now)” is the second-smallest compensation. “UIUC (Admin)” is the fifth-smallest compensation. “UIUC (GEO)” is exactly in the middle of the pack at 11th smallest/11th largest.
We calculated Cost-of-Living-Adjusted Compensation (before tax) as (Minimum academic year wage + health insurance paid by the university - student fees - health insurance paid by the grad worker)*(C-U cost of living/Location's cost of living).
It’s not like the university can’t afford to pay us more–their unrestricted reserves (money available to them without restrictions on its use) grew from $0.525 Billion in fiscal year 2019 to $1.307 Billion in fiscal year 2022.
Administration knows what they’re paying us; they know what the cost of living is in Urbana-Champaign; they know that their offer is below inflation. They don’t care. It’s their job to pay us as little as they can get away with.
Our best counter to this, as employees, isn’t graphs and testimonials and surveys about graduate worker quality of life. It’s showing up in numbers. The more of us care enough to show up, the more potential disruption we could cause. That’s it. That’s what the university administration cares about.
As academics, we want our well-cited arguments and the base, obvious fact that we can’t live on $20,000 a year to be enough to persuade the administration to pay us a living wage. It should be enough. It’s frustrating that it isn’t.
So we end up here again: asking you to come to the bargaining session this week. It’s hard to talk about how important showing up is without sounding like a cheesy pro-labor slogan about the power of the people, united! but, well, graduate workers showing up en masse is the most powerful tool we have.
Every additional graduate worker who attends the session is more pressure on the Administration, and therefore more potential money in your pocket over the course of our next contract.
Be at the Illini Union, Room C, this Friday, March 24th. The bargaining session is scheduled from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm; show up for whatever time you’re available. Bring a friend, bring three friends, bring your whole department.

It’s your last chance to make a difference. All you have to do is show up.

Friday 3/24, Illini Union Room C, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm. See you there!
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2023.03.22 16:49 redditDealers KN95 Face Masks for Adults, 50 Pack 10 Colors KN95 Masks Disposable, 5 Layer Breathable Face Masks with Designs Individually Wrapped, Filter Efficiency 95%

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2023.03.22 16:48 PeachesMcgee84 Old kids movie I've been looking for for 10 years

I'm trying to figure out if this movie was a fever dream or actually exists. I remember watching this late 90s so I'm thinking it might be from the 80s I'd guess...?
Things I think I remember : A super long bridge
The movie title being something like "aaragon quest"? I for some reason remember quest in the name...
Things I'm pretty confident in:
There was a main human character and a Jim Henson esque doll that joined them.( I think it was pink in color??)
The doll dies and comes back to life. ( I think after the main character cries over them?) This one I'm confident in and my main memory, so if it's not in the movie it's not the one I'm thinking of....
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2023.03.22 16:47 Euphoric-Ratio8957 26 [M4F] foot massage to turn into more #SanJose

I want to start a foot fetish page. Would love to have some help from foot models. We can hang out and I would love to give you a foot massage with some warm oils. Then set up for a photoshoot with your feet. Would love to do more than this with you, kissing, touching and rubbing. But feet only is fine too. I love every part of the woman’s body. Feet are just as important as a pretty face to me. White toes are my favorite but any colored toes I’ll have fun with. Please reach out! Hope to hear from all of you soon❤️🦶🏼
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2023.03.22 16:46 Euphoric-Ratio8957 26 [M4F] foot massage to turn into more #SanJose

I want to start a foot fetish page. Would love to have some help from foot models. We can hang out and I would love to give you a foot massage with some warm oils. Then set up for a photoshoot with your feet. Would love to do more than this with you, kissing, touching and rubbing. But feet only is fine too. I love every part of the woman’s body. Feet are just as important as a pretty face to me. White toes are my favorite but any colored toes I’ll have fun with. Please reach out! Hope to hear from all of you soon❤️🦶🏼
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2023.03.22 16:42 Miatia404 I don't know how to move out of my strict Muslim family's home without causing too much of a stir

Long post warning! I (22F) have lived at home my entire life with my strict Muslim parents (60F and 58M). They are pretty conservative. I was homeschooled and raised in an environment where I wasn't allowed much freedom, I'd get scolded and shamed a lot. There was constant screaming and fear of upsetting mom cause she didn't want to help me with math homework or thought I was too artistic, too quiet, too loud, etc. Due to this, I never had much freedom. I commuted to college too. As an almost 23 year old, I feel like I am just starting my teenage phase and all I am looking for is a little bit of freedom. I love to buy clothes and makeup that I'm normally not allowed to wear, it seems like a silly guilty pleasure for an adult woman. I wear stuff under my clothes when I leave the house and go shop on my lunch break. I order stuff to the Amazon locker near work to buy things, because they track my phone and it's an easy way for me to have freedom without them knowing about it. I just hate the feeling of having to sneak around to do basic things out of the fear of upsetting my mom. I consider myself a Muslim but I am way more Western minded and have no desire to keep most of the traditions I was raised with.
As I got older, my parents have become less harsh and verbally abusive to being more overprotective and nosy. I think a lot of this is related to me starting puberty, there's still a big fear of boys but now partying, drugs and drinking. I should mention that my brother (20m) rebelled a lot. My parents and him are no longer on speaking terms. He moved out with his girlfriend at 17 and got heavily into partying and so now they have seen that their kid is capable of "degenerate" behavior, I think they fear me ending up like that even though we have totally different personalities. I am an introverted, mild mannered person. I just want my own space to be able to experience independence and peace without my life goals being clouded by other opinions. It's the small things - I don't like feeling anxious every time I walk to the kitchen, fearing a comment about my outfit from my mom or being told that I slept in too late on a Saturday. I would like to start dating, and my mom simply won't approve of any man that's not a 6'5' Muslim engineer that makes over $100k a year. I went on a couple dates in college and it was hell. My parents lost it so that part of my life is not something I want them involved in until I meet someone I really want to be with long term. I want to live my life free of constant feedback. The "My parents won't let me" response sounds super awkward when friends ask me to hangout. I wish I could host girls nights at my place like so many of my friends do.
I am really grateful that my parents have allowed me to live at home for so long, I have saved up quite a bit of money. The problem is that now they don't want me to leave. I paid off my student loans and have $35k in savings. I am starting a new job on Monday that pays even better than my current one, which gives me an average salary. I have always dreamed of buying a home in cash, but I don't think that's going to even be realistic until I'm like 27, and by then, I have wasted so much of my young adult life just sitting in my childhood bedroom living the same life I did when I was 13. I have a good career going and it kind of feels silly to have the adult responsibilities of paying for my own car, buying my own stuff, while still not having much freedom. I guess it's a little scary because I don't really know about how to rent or buy a home. I signed up for some apartment inquiry a few months back and now I get spam calls 3x a day asking me to refinance, LOL. That's not what I meant.

I have brought up the topic of moving out before and my mom always come up with 100 reasons why I can't do it. Such as, it's a horrible financial decision, it's not safe, interest rates are too high, or that my dad has heart issues and we don't know how long he'll live - so if I move out, I will have regrets about leaving too soon. I do feel slightly guilty, I guess it's oldest daughter syndrome knowing they don't really have much family in the states and would be lonely and bored. My mom has shouted at me when I bring it up, saying that I'm ungrateful and don't understand how hard it is to live in today's world and that the economy is set up for married people. I understand that it's hard in this economy. Like I mentioned, I had always wanted to save up and buy a home in cash but as I get older, I am starting to think just getting out is the most important thing for me. My friends who make the same income as me afford to live alone.

At this point, I have literally thought about getting "caught" with some weed so my parents want me to leave. I do love my parents a lot, and I know they want the best for me...but their idea of the "best" means living with them until I get married and never finding myself. Just having someone else look over my every move to ensure I am not a shame to the family. I am looking for ways that I can move out without harming our relationship too much. I have considered saying that I want to move out so I can get a dog or something, my mom isn't vehemently against them and understands my love for animals is something she can't provide while living here. I think she views them as Haram but doesn't have a strong enough basis to scold me for it. I have tried telling them that I need to learn how to budget on my own but that isn't a valid excuse in their mind. They tend to believe there is not a valid reason for an unmarried young adult to move out unless they have things to hide. Privacy isn't really on their radar.
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