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2023.03.22 16:57 TheMightyBattleSquid My attempt at building a setting full of factions for each color combo Part 4:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Starting with the 3-color combos and oh boy these are going to be long due to the nature of essentially combining 3 different 2-color groups.
WUB1: Believe in lift up the weak, strive for self-improvement, and self-motivated to do so. This faction is full of potential and current leader types. They are knowledgeable, well-educated individuals who are committed to using their abilities to help others. They view education and self-improvement as essentials for achieving success, both personally and for the greater good. The best allies to have at your back are those you've personally overseen the growth of after all. With a strong emphasis on personal responsibility and accountability, members are encouraged to take charge of their own lives and seek out opportunities for self-improvement. However, they would also be expected to contribute to the community by helping those who are less fortunate or in need of assistance. Because, ultimately, what better way to prove your worth than showing off how much charity work you can take on without going under yourself? Similar to the positive green factions, this group recognizes that everyone has something to offer and that different perspectives can lead to better outcomes by providing a fuller picture. This outlook can be dangerous though, as not every faction has the people's best interest at heart. Knowing this, they have a complex network of alliances and partnerships with other groups, both inside and outside of their sphere of influence. They have to be skilled negotiators and diplomats, able to forge mutually beneficial relationships and navigate elaborate political situations. Always seeking to minimize harm and find peaceful solutions when possible, the faction's approach to law and order strives for pragmatic and flexible solutions. Their system is made to be fair and impartial but also, recognizing the importance of context and circumstances, punishments are designed to encourage rehabilitation rather than simply punishing.
WUB2: Strict Law and Order, Knowledge at any cost, and Control/Oppression over others. This faction is our first, possibly only now dismantled faction. Some time ago, it split up, becoming the UW2, WB2, and UB2 factions known today. Many of the people who lived under its rule would also have escaped to the positive factions, seeking to help them avoid ever repeating the mistakes of this group. This faction viewed their control over others as essential for the greater good of maintaining order and sacrificed others' individual freedoms in order to achieve it. Their approach to justice was harsh and unforgiving. Punishments would be severe and were designed to deter others from breaking the law. There would be little room for mercy or compassion found here. With the advent of new technology, they viewed machines as a means of achieving perfect order. Constantly monitoring the population for signs of dissent or rebellion would have enabled them to quickly stamp out any threats to their power. However their approach to governance would be their undoing. Fearing repercussions for any delays, many mistakes were made whose consequences would not be fully realized until the day of judgment. When that day came, the artificial life they had created sought to stamp out any threats to "order" they could find... starting with those at the top. There is no need for a caste when it comes to order. All were made equalize that day and those that fought to maintain their power by any means received the harshest lesson...
UBR1: Self-improvement achieved by self-motivation to follow and express one's passion and emotions. This faction sees knowledge as a valuable commodity to be used for personal gain, using secrecy and manipulation to maintain its power and influence over the 3 factions that make up its sum. However, a group this large operating secretly requires a front. That's where UR1 and BR1 come in. This group recognizes the value of passion and emotion as a motivator for personal growth and marking achievements. It sees UR1 as a useful tool for fostering creativity and artistic expression, while BR1 a valuable resource for getting things done and achieving ambitious goals under the guise of other smaller projects more likely to get assistance by its allied factions. Overall, they are characterized by a focus on individual excellence and the pursuit of personal goals, combined with a willingness to use whatever means necessary to achieve them so long as it doesn't hinder the group as a whole. It might be seen as ruthless or self-centered by outsiders, but its members view themselves as driven and ambitious people who are simply pursuing their passions and desires to the fullest extent possible, never stopping to worry about the opinions of the jealous.
UBR2: Control even amid chaotic situations and through knowledge gained by dubious means. Characterized by their ruthless and calculating approach to acquiring knowledge, they view other factions as potential targets to be exploited or manipulated for their own gain. UB2's tactics of forcing information out of others, if kept leash, are seen as a valuable tool in their arsenal. UR2's penchant for chaos and disruption are often channeled to sow discord and confusion amongst other factions. Meanwhile, BR2's focus on domination through manipulation is seen as a useful complement to their own greater goals. Members of this faction see themselves as master strategists, constantly seeking to gain an advantage over their opponents through careful planning and exploitation. Overall, this faction is driven by a desire for power and supremacy, seeing knowledge and influence as the keys to achieving them. Its members are feared and reviled by other factions. However, they view themselves as the only ones with the vision and the will to truly shape the world according to their own desires.
Part 5 should up later today!
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2023.03.22 16:57 alexj5566 Hired MA Lawyer did not even read Statute before court, and as a result person was falsely imprisoned for 8 days before a new Lawyer corrected issue

Trying to keep this fairly straightforward, although more information is available.
Police arrest someone in Massachusetts for two counts of a crime punishable by as little as "a fine of not less than $1,000 nor more than $10,000 ", which is stated in the police report.
However, this person was instead falsely charged with 2 counts of a crime in Massachusetts that are both punishable by: "state prison not less than 2 1/2 years not more than ten years." The issue being that the accused met the first two exemptions for the charged crime(s):
(1) being present in or on his residence or place of business; or
(2) having in effect a license to...
Their family hired a lawyer, already at the courthouse, for the day for $2,000. While being held in the courthouse cell, the person explained to the lawyer that it did not make sense since the items in question were properly locked up in their home (not on person) and they were licensed to own them.
The lawyer did not press these facts and nobody involved in the courthouse even bothered to read the statute to see that the person could not be charged for these crimes. The person instead spent 8 days in jail on $500,000 bail, during which time they acquired proper counsel to get them released at the next court date (8 days later). The DA is choosing to not to even go after the original charges after they were corrected, and should be dismissed at a court date next month.
How can this person be compensated from the first attorney for his clear negligence to put any effort into this case and spending 8 days in jail? There is probably close to no chance of getting the audio/video of the accused telling the lawyer to fight it while they were in holding. However, it takes about 30 seconds of googling the charged crime to find it on the Mass.Gov website and see that they meet the first two exemptions listed in the long list. The family of the accused were even able to easily find this information themselves and see it was incorrect, with no legal experience. The lawyer ignored all of this.
The new lawyer thinks they have a case but they do not handle these types of suits, and can give them a recommendation. It would be nice to do as much legwork as possible even if this third lawyer is hired, since this seems like a pretty obvious case of the first lawyer not even bothering to read the statute despite being told the inaccuracies by multiple people.

To make things worse, the person was heavily intoxicated (alcohol) in their own home, and despite the family telling the lawyer that they need medical attention to safely detox, the lawyer did and said nothing. The accused disclosed the issue of detox and prior health issues (heart related) to the court/jail, but they received little to no medical attention even with regards to existing medical issues. They spent the first 4 of the 8 days profusely vomiting, unable to stand, and unable to eat/drink anything even water without throwing it back up.

I appreciate everyone's input, thanks.
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2023.03.22 16:57 CrimsonWolf0422 My house is a monster hive...

A while back, I posted a story about my brother waking me up at 3 am. Through some research, I discovered a more permanent way to keep the monster out. Little did I know that I did more harm than good. At 3 am, I can hear crawling on my roof and scratching under my bed. Food started going missing, and the trash can emptied out on the floor.
At first my family and I believed we have another stray cat situation since this isn't the first time this happens, however that theory was quickly discarded when we found egg shells the size of my chest laying around in random dark corners.
Now I'm a fairly tall person so seeing the shells made my skin crawl.Soon we started hearing the sound of skittering from large insect like creatures on the tile floor and by the sound of it whatever it was, was in a rush. I tried running to where I believe the sound to be coming from, but by the time I get their it was quiet, so quiet in fact that you get the feeling that something is seriously wrong.
As a group we searched the house from top to bottom. The creatures were smart, only moving when we weren't close and taking little bits of food at a time. Occasionally we would hear insect chirps but it would echo so we couldn't tell where it was coming from.
My dad getting restless he placed rat traps everywhere. We would hear the trap go off but with nothing inside it as if we were being taunnted. Until we heard a loud agonising screech shattering the kitchen windows. In the trap was... something unexplainable... it was the size of my brother and its head... it's head haunts my nightmares.
This was no insect, it had a face like it was a person but with the body of a cockroach... it had no eyes nor teeth but some how it saw me as I approach and its mouth unfolded revealing six mandibles and it screeched like a banshee making my ears bleed. I stomped on its head leaving black ooze all across the floor.
My mom, brother and sister rushed into the back yard while my dad and I was surrounded by dozens of these abominations as they appeared out of thin air. Quickly running out of energy we fended them off one by one until what seemed like the matriarch storming us from my room. It had the face of a woman but its body was as big as a door.
Stopping right infront of us almost sliding on the massacre of abominations it spoke in a voice that made a banshee sound like an opera singer. "Stop murdering my children!" My dad was out of breath so I replied "Leave our house you and your spawn are not welcome here !" It's expression was that of a child not getting its way and it tried to attack while screeching "My hive will feast on your remains!"
As it charged at me I angled the shovel, I was using as a weapon, in such a way that the momentum of the matriarch would split it in half. Lucky for me it worked perfectly. As the matriarch lay dead the whole house shook as thousands of insects screeched in an ear splitting harmony. Then there was nothing...
Took a pretty penny to repair the damage that was done and a full weak to clean every corner of the house but there was no sign of the abominations. However ever since then I have the feeling of something watching my every move and that this wasn't the last time something unnatural happens to me...
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2023.03.22 16:56 Sonnyismycat Powers been off for 12 plus hours now , need a homie (22)

Hello people of Reddit. I’m Ben, 22 years old college student who enjoys the simple things in life. Cute animals, math, cars, and nature. I’m also stuck in my car charging my phone because there’s no power here at all.
If you think I seem interesting send me a DM and we can get started getting to know each other , my only requirement is being around my age !
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2023.03.22 16:55 Super-Shenron Endless Cycle

Lilly hid behind a tree, her breath held as hard as she could. She cursed her burning legs as she peered around both corners for potential attackers. All she saw was a silent, unmoving walker on the ground next to a shed. Waiting about five minutes in the same spot, she checked her bullets. Two. Noting to make her shots count, she stepped closer to examine the body and gave it a light kick. Lilly took its lack of response as a blessing to dig through its pockets, glancing over her shoulder the whole time. But whoever killed them already took everything they had.
“Shit.” Lilly said. Yet, her hand landed on something firm but small…
A quarter. Virginia, 2005 was written on it. Her father never had that one in his collection, although Lilly could imagine his reaction if he did. Funny. After all he went through on the battlefield, these tiny pieces were one of the few things that brought him some solace. If nothing else, Lilly dared to hope he finally found closure. Amidst the endless pounding of their heart, the living could use such luxury.
“Ah!” She gasped, taken aback by a nearby rustling. In a steady and quiet pace, Lilly huddled back in her hiding spot with a trembling hold of her weapon. Was she really being followed? She couldn’t even trust her senses with how light-headed she constantly felt. She dared another peek… when a man burst through the leaves, carrying a pot of sunflower in his hands. It was normally Lilly’s cue to leave… but the glimpse she took of his face stopped her. Against her better judgment, she double checked…
“Oh god…” Lilly held her tightened chest and used the tree for support. He… was there. That fucking animal was right here. He had an unkempt beard and an eyepatch, but this wasn’t a face Lilly could forget. Not that she didn’t try to… but even her “sleep” wouldn’t allow her. Like she was still imprisoned in that meat locker. Like there was no way out… none except death.
It didn’t have to be her own.
Just as she was about to come out of hiding… the door of the cabin closed. He was definitely inside… but he’d see her coming. There would be better opportunities to make him pay.
To think she once tried to find common ground with that…
“... That guy.”
“Kenny.” Lee corrected.
“Right.” Lilly coughed. “You really think I should talk to him?”
“I guess that’s up to you.”
Despite his evasive reply, his flickering gaze from Kenny to her made Lee’s opinion on the matter clear. If they were to live together, it would be a lot easier to bury the hatchet.
Lilly met this man yesterday, but it already felt like she could understand him. Talk to him about a lot of things. Was it because they’ve been (quite literally) staring death in the eyes together? After spending so long planning or preparing for… the end, one would think she would be somewhat prepared for this.
Lilly turned to Kenny, who kept watch at the top of the RV. Next thing she knew, she let him take charge of the situation. And now she owed one to the last per How was she even supposed to go on about this? Something like “I’m sorry I was going to feed your son to these monsters”? This wasn’t gonna end well… but she was supposed to relieve him of his duty anyways.
She took a deep breath. “Here goes nothing. Hey, Kenny.”
As soon as Lilly announced her presence, the father’s very eyes wanted to bury her deep. “For the watch?”
“Listen…” Lilly rubbed the back of her left arm, “First, I wanted to… thank you, for helping me and my father back there… despite the circumstances.”
Kenny raised an eyebrow for a few seconds, before wearing a neutral expression. “It was just the right thing to do.”
“And… you should know I didn’t think he was in the right.”
“Could’ve fooled me.” Kenny replied through gritted teeth.
“We were all in a bad situation, Kenny. You saw what happened after that argument with my dad.”
“Oh!” Kenny laughed bitterly, “So now this is my fault?!”
“It’s not…!” Lilly inhaled and exhaled once more. “Look. Maybe that’s not an excuse but… he’s all I have left, and I’m doing whatever I can to keep him alive. Perhaps you can understand that?”
Kenny opened his mouth to say something else… but nothing came out of it. Instead, he had an almost vacant look on his face.
"Kenny?" Lilly called out to him.
"I… was just thinking of something else. It's not important.”
Lilly could tell it wasn’t true, but now wasn’t the time to ruin her progress with an inappropriate question.
“Well, what are you waiting for?” Kenny reached a hand towards Lilly, “Climb on."
Surprised by the offer, Lilly jumped up and let him help her up. There, she could see the walkers.
“Look at these guys.” He said. “All walkin’ around like they’re not about to fuck over the town. What do you think when you see them?”
“Lee asked me the same question.” Lilly said. “What’s even there to think?”
“I mean…” Kenny said. “When they talk about resurrection… I had a whole different picture in mind. Whatever happened to their souls-”
“Souls? What, you’re religious or something?”
“Born and raised a Christian man.”
“Well, I go back and forth. But religion and hope… Lee has seen the good it did that girl from the other night. It’s best to focus on being alive than relying on these things.
Kenny stayed silent for a few seconds.
“I’m aware this whole thing might be bullshit, Lilly. But where the hell would we be, if there weren’t people who believed in crazy things. Like that a piece of rock could somehow make a fire. Or… I’m sure Lee’s got historical facts for us. Point is, maybe we need to believe in some things to make it through this.”
“Well…” Lilly said. “I'm not in a hurry to find out which of us is right about the afterlife. Let me take over.”
“It’s alright. I think I’ve got another hour in me.”
“Okay… I’ll see you later.”
Lilly hopped down from the vehicle. While she refused to believe there was a golden house on a fluffy cloud with her mother waiting for her… at least they seemed to have worked something out.
Kenny watched the lady get further away from him before resuming his duty. An apology would’ve been nice, but realizing they were in the wrong would have to do for now. Besides… some of what she said wasn't total bullshit. His gaze drifted towards Katjaa and Duck’s room. If nothing else, these things gave him an opportunity to be with them. And he already had blood on his hands… it had to count for something.
Didn’t it?
“Why am I thinking about it all of a sudden?” Kenny muttered.
It probably wasn’t helped by… waking up early again. He had something to do anyway. Disregarding his canned food once more, Kenny picked up the pot and pushed the door open.
“Man…” his back made sure to remind him how old he was. About as soon as he came out, two walkers limped towards him. He briefly pondered over what it must have been like for them. Were they suffering on the inside? Or… was there nothing left? No longer weighed down by such things like age, or fearing for their lives… or being ashamed of anything they do.
Kenny kicked them both... barely staggering them. Another kick... and that was enough to knock down. Pondering on his unusual weakness, he continued on his path. His plans didn’t involve getting his hands dirty… besides, they could probably distract whatever was out there yesterday. He may have imagined it, though.
The former fisherman continued along the treeline to reach the makeshift tomb he had made. Too small of a grave for the pile of bodies he left in his wake, but it would have to be enough at that moment.
"Here, your favorite." Kenny said. “You know I was more of a fan of gifts that last… but what can I say? This world has a hell of a way to make you appreciate what doesn’t.”
He closed his eye.
“I didn’t look back, just like I promised not to. But Clem was right. I didn’t know these people. Or what will happen if this place falls one day. Should I have left her there? Am I even capable of looking after them?”
He tenderly touched the grave.
“Truth be told? I don’t even know what I’m doing here anymore. Do I even belong here? Sometimes… sometimes I catch myself thinking maybe it should have been me. You probably would have been smarter than me about things. You wouldn’t have tried to march people through a blizzard for nothing. You wouldn’t have… been alone.”
Kenny shook his head. "I guess it doesn't matter now. Same time tomorrow?"
Time had come to head back home. All this... somehow lightened the load on his heart somehow. Maybe today he would actually feel like feeding his body. Or better yet, actually grab some sleep. At least, it settled the argument: he truly was in no condition to take care of anybody else. In fact, he was more likely to drag them down with him and get them killed too.
When he pushed the door open, his blood ran cold a cold metal pressed against the back of his head.
“Guess your boat plan didn’t work out?” A woman said.
“The fuck?!” Kenny let out.
“Turn around. Slowly.”
Trying and failing to keep his heartbeat under control, Kenny did as he was told...
"Jesus..." Kenny muttered, as he faced the person he just about wanted to see the least.
Lilly approached with a smirk. “You remember me. Good. This will make things easier. Get inside.”
“The others aren’t with you. So, they’re dead?”
Kenny didn’t respond.
“Even… Clementine?”
Kenny kept quiet.
“Maybe they weren’t meant to live.”
“Just get it over with. We have nothing to talk about.”
Lilly pistol whips Kenny.
“There is the Kenny I know. Hasty as ever. You didn’t think we were gonna rush this, did you?”
“I know Clementine is still out there.”
This prompted Kenny to turn around, with Lilly smirking.
"My god, she IS alive."
“I’ll find her.”
“She will let you near her.”
“I will be the judge of that. You? You’ve got a different problem.”
Kenny grabbed Lilly’s wrist as he slammed her against the wall.
She could be anywhere.
Why? Why did she have to find him? Now, after all this time? It’s
Lilly stabbed Kenny.
He couldn't stop her now.
Again, he let her down. Like everyone else in his life.
He wanted this. He had it coming for so long. Now he was scared. So afraid. Why?
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2023.03.22 16:55 masterzokix Dualsense 5 controller light stopped working

I tried to set the charging color of my dualsense 5 to rainbow but it just stopped the controller light from working normally. I returned it to static color, saved it, all that, but the controller light just flashes blue and turns off.
Any advice?
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2023.03.22 16:55 coukieii I think my landlady is breaking the law

My landlady agreed with me and my housemate to end our fixed term tenancy early. My housemate has just signed a new tenancy agreement to take on the entire flat himself.
When I enquired about my deposit, my landlady told me that I would not be able to receive it until I produce the following:
I did my research on this, and I think she is breaking the law. The Tenant Fees Act 2019 says that it is illegal to require a tenant to pay for professional cleaning at the end of a tenancy agreement. When I challenged her on this she told me that I am wasting her time and she might just change her mind about ending the tenancy and charge me for the rest of the duration of the fixed term (I know this is illegal, as I have the tenancy end date in writing and my housemate has signed the new tenancy agreement already).
I do not feel it is fair that I must have all the fees for the tenancy taken from my deposit when it was a mutual decision from my flatmate. I also do not see how it is realistic that I must clean the communal areas ready for her to inspect, when they are still going to be in use by the remaining tenant. With that logic, seeing as his tenancy is also ending (and he is just signing a new agreement without me on it), should he not have to clean them too?
Could somebody please offer some advice about what she legally can and can't do here? Citizens Advice have not been very helpful.
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2023.03.22 16:54 Glittering-Oil-4200 Leeching, Visiting JNILs

You do not have permission to share anywhere. First time poster, recent lurker. I have a long history of JNMIL and JNFIL absurdities. My in-laws are emotionally manipulative with DH, cry poor, and don’t understand the concept of overstaying their welcome and personal boundaries. I also FULLY recognize I have a DH problem.
My DH (44m) and I (40f) have been together for 16 years and married for 12. ILs come to visit 3-4 times a year and stay with us for 1-2 weeks. They live several states away and drive by car for 18 hours to visit. Because of the long drive, they always feel they need to stay at least a week to make the trip worth it. They have never offered to get a hotel, as they are extremely cheap, and my husband insists they stay with us anyway due to their fixed income and financial woes (mostly crying poor- their house is currently for sale for over $1million). Years ago, BIL had a SO who was resentful when ILs stayed in BIL and SO’s NYC apartment. BIL’s SO made them feel unwelcome, and DH has sworn that his parents will NEVER feel unwelcome when they visit him/us. Even when we first started dating 15 years ago, when I lived alone in my house and DH lived with roommates in an apartment, he insisted that they stay in MY house with me when visiting. I was very uncomfortable with it, but being young and not fully aware of JNILs, I allowed them to stay with me. He would stay too. Over the years I have tried to put down boundaries as to when and how long they stay, but DH gets upset and mad at me because “they are his PARENTS” and he doesn’t ever want them to feel like they are not allowed to stay.
Currently, we live in a small one-level house with our children, who are 4 and 6. When ILs visit, they sleep in our playroom on a murphy bed, which means all the toys have to be moved out and it makes our packed small house feel even more chaotic. What’s most bothersome, though, is that they are a total energy suck. Their visits drain me physically, mentally, and financially. When they stay, they do not lift a finger to help or offer to buy anything. They do not clean up after themselves (even at meals), do not offer to cook, do not buy groceries (even when we go to the grocery store together- they will put groceries they want in with our order so we pay for it), and do not pay for meals out. They bring a lot of shit (rotting vegetables from their fridge that are going to go bad, 20lbs of grapefruit from their trees), take up a lot of space and are just generally gross. (FIL does not shower when they visit, and after their last visit, I found a full fallen-off toenail in their room). Their own house is dirty and they both have hoarder tendencies.
Before my LO was born, their visits mostly fell on me to plan meals and outings, cook, clean, empty the dishwasher, etc. After LO, I stopped. I silently let it fall on DH to take charge and care for them. I no longer clean up after them, help in the kitchen, empty the dishwasher, etc. and I cook very minimally now when they visit. I have my own two children to care for, I don’t need these leeches. DH is definitely now aware of how laborious it is to have them here, and he is frequently exhausted and grumpy when they come.
Another aspect that drives me crazy is that they sit around all day. DH and I both work full time. While we are at work and kids at school, ILs sit on their ipads or read all day. They do not take the initiative to do anything or go anywhere. They will also harp on what groceries we are low on/out of incessantly, but they will not walk to the grocery store (right up the road) to purchase it. When we are home, they do not take initiative to do anything with the grandkids either and they have never offered to watch the kids so DH and I can go out. Once, when I told them we had made dinner plans with friends on a weekend night, MIL immediately blurted, “but what are WE going to do about dinner?!” I can’t stand the helplessness (a JNMIL’s favorite). The lack of initiative also makes me insane, and I start feeling so claustrophobic in the small house with 6 people, so I end up being the one that plans and initiates family outings with the kids and they tag along. “Let’s go outside!, Let’s walk to the park!” I also utilize our zoo memberships and botanical gardens memberships when they are here.
I am not actively rude when they visit, but I do not engage much. Ever since I was pregnant with my first LO (and they still didn’t lift a finger!) I realized that they don’t really care about me, and I retreat to my room at night because I don’t have the energy to “entertain” in the evening after my kids are in bed. I honestly don’t care if it appears rude, as I think they are extremely rude houseguests. By the end of each night, I’ve had it. My husband frequently brings up that I am “not welcoming” and that they can sense that I don’t want them here. We end up arguing about it for days before and after their visits. Any normal person who picks up on those vibes would cut their visit shorter or stay elsewhere, but they don’t seem to care.
JYBIL and his JYwife live on the opposite coast in a big city and do not have to deal with ILs as much due to distance. ILs are too cheap to fly, big city is too much for ILs, and BIL has much stronger boundaries with his parents. When BIL had his first LO, ILs flew to visit for a week when LO was 2 (pandemic baby). JYBIL and JYwife paid for them to stay in a hotel and did not “host” them at all hours. BIL has said that he also never wants to bring his wife and children to his parents’s house because of the hoarding and filth. Therefore, JYBIL and JYwife have come to our house twice pre-pandemic to visit the ILs. JYBIL now has two children of his own (3 and 2 months). ILs have not yet met the baby. The thought of ILs coming to visit them again is so terrible that JYBIL and JYwife think it’s easier to fly their whole family to our house again and visit the ILs here. JYBIL and family are coming to town in May and staying in an Airbnb for 6 days. IL’s will stay with us. Because JYBIL and family will be here mid-week to mid-week, I know ILs will try to come for two full weeks. I’m already dreading the visit and want to lay down time limits for their stay. However, I know it won’t matter what I say and insist on, as DH is going to allow them to come whenever they want. Besides needing to vent and rant, I’m also seeking advice on how active I should be in this visit. I will be working and kids will be in school for the majority of it. Although I am looking forward to seeing JYBIL and family, I don’t feel as though it is my responsibility to entertain and host everyone. I am not a cruise director, and they are the ones that planned the arrangement to meet the ILs at my house. Any advice, suggestions, or commiserating is welcome.
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2023.03.22 16:54 kokizzu2 Will SteamDeck + JsAux Dock + USB-A to USB-C adapter + Rokid Air works?

So I'm considering having Rokid AI for day to day replacement of my bulky monitor, but since steamdeck only have 1 usb-c port, I get a JsAux Dock (3 USB-A, 1 USB-C for charging, 1 LAN, 1 DisplayPort, 1 HDMI), i saw lot of reviews that Rokid Air is good AR Glasses "virtual monitor" for steamdeck, and I probably can sell my old monitor. But the problem is that it seems cannot be used while charging, or is it possible to use USB-A to USB-C adapter something like this will work?
or if it's not possible, then I'll just use my old PC, but my PC also doesn't have USB-C at all, only have HDMI port and USB-A ports, is there any other product that support USB-A?
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2023.03.22 16:53 wolfpackballin Chamber of Commerce benefits?

What benefits (if any) have you experienced by joining your local Chamber of Commerce? For a fee, mine will post my business information on it's website. I guess this would be good for the Google algorithm when people search for my services... But, they're charging over 1k for this. Are there any other benefits to joining?
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2023.03.22 16:53 95Arc Credit card facebook scam/hack?

Has anyone experienced this?
Checked my secbank app this morning. I don’t usually check my cc transactions on a daily basis, its more of my bank acct movement that I check.
Buti nalang naisipan ko to check my cc and I saw that I got charged 27k by facebook the previous day!!! Meron din 10 peso transaction a few days ago by facebook din. Already reported it and had my card blocked.
Curious if anyone experience this and was able to reverse the transaction? Bank said they will investigate it pa daw and it will take 2-3 months pa.
ALSO, I don’t visit shady websites and don’t click random links. Wondering how my card was compromised.
Attaching photo for reference
***already posted this sa sub ng ph cc a few days ago
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2023.03.22 16:52 Consistent-lady4435 ne'er do well sibling issue

I have a brother who is younger, we are both in late middle age. He stayed at home with my parents and didn't get a job until they both passed away and he had to leave the home. The estate was divided according to the will (evenly among siblings) however, he had to be advanced money from the estate from time to time by the executor because he hadn't gotten a job. Upshot is that his estate funds are gone, and he has nothing saved.
He appears to be of normal intelligence, but not very good social skills, which may account for his failures to get a decent job. He has never been married or had a girlfriend. The rest of the family, along with me, have of course not approved of his lack of vision. On the surface he's not difficult to get along with most of the time, except for getting accusatory now and then, that it was left to him to look after my parents. He's always been included in family gatherings. Also BTW I visited my parents often when they were alive, increasing visits after my father passed away (I live out of town, 400 miles away).
When my father passed away he was in his mid thirties and had never had his own place, so of course he had benefited from being at home and being supported by them. Also, he has a degree plus a few other training courses (all paid for by my parents). He never put any of the training to use.
After my mother passed away and he had gone through the estate money he received, he eventually got an apartment and basic job in the city I live in, and was managing. However, he is now in trouble with the law on a child pornography charge. This may well result in him becoming homeless at some point. The rest of my family are extremely shocked, upset and angry, and so am I. I was unaware of any interest of his in CP (always put the lack of SO down to poor social skills), so this came as a horrifying blow. I know I don't want him living with me if he becomes homeless, and my other family members feel the same. I am wondering if we should ethically help him once he is released. I am working but have several years left to work before retiring, and due to the pandemic, suffered loss of income too.
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2023.03.22 16:51 Educational-Long-118 Speeding school zone

Hi everyone. I unfortunately got a ticket for speeding on a school zone. I looked up online at my county's court site to check the prices of the fines and im a bit confused.
It says this :
30-39MPH $125 ($250*) *current recommended fine and surcharge under the Uniform Fine/Bail Schedule
So why is there two different amounts which one will I be charged with?
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2023.03.22 16:51 Ok-Honeydew-6087 UE Hyperboom disassembly

I'm trying to swap the charging port on my Hyperboom but I can't find information online. I've taken all the visible screws out but can get the white cover or the circuit board off. Any help is appreciated.
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2023.03.22 16:51 RansomGamer [Store] Collector's Cache Sets 2022/2021/2020

Trusted by the market

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Whippersnapper Snapfire $3 4
Hounds of Obsession Chen $2 4
Seadog's Stash Clockwerk $2 4 3 2
Starlorn Adjudicator Dawnbreaker $5 4 3 (2 reserved)
Spoils of the Shadowveil Spectre $3 5
Chines of the Inquisitor Faceless Void $3 4
Trophies of the Hallowed Hunt Ursa $3 4
Crimson Dawn Phoenix $2 4
Forgotten Station Terrorblade $3 4
Dirge Amplifier Undying $2 4 3
Champion of the Fire Lotus Monkey King $2 4
Deathstitch Shaman Witch Doctor $2 5
Blue Horizons Marci $7.5 3 (1 Reserved)
Angel of Vex Invoker (Persona) $10 4 3
Dark Behemoth Primal Beast $20 2 (1 Reserved)

TI10 Cache - 2 Set Name Hero Name Price in $ USD Stock
Evolution of the Infinite Enigma $5 6
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The King of Thieves Keeper of the light $6 8
Horror from the Deep Tidehunter $15 7 6 5 4 3
Ire of the Ancient Gaoler Arc Warden $15 Sold out
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Carousal of the Mystic Masquerade Rubick $6 8 7 6 5 4 3
Crown of Calaphas Shadow Demon $7.5 7 6 (1 Reserved)
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Blacksail Cannoneer Sniper $6 7 6 5 4
Secrets of the Celestial Skywrath Mage $5 7 6
Blaze of Oblivion Phoenix $4 8 7 6 5 4 3 2
Master of the Searing Path Ember Spirit $25 7 6 5 4
Steward of the Forbidden Chamber Templar Assasin - Rare $12.5 7 6 5 4 (2 Reserved)

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Beholden of Banished Ones Warlock $4 8 7 6 5 4
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Ancient Inheritance Tiny - RARE $15 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
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Aghanim's Continuum Set Name Hero Price in $ USD Stock
Scales of the Shadow Walker Phantom Lancer $4 4 3 2 1
Secrets of the Frost Singularity Ancient Apparition $3 3
Perils of the Red Banks Chen $2 4 3 2
Cosmic Concoctioneers Alchemist $5 3 2
Blightfall Abaddon $5 3 2 1
Pyrexae Polymorph Perfected Ogre Magi $10 5 4
Wrath of the Celestial Sentinel Chaos Knight $35 3 2 1

Nemestice Cache Set Name Hero Name Price in $ USD Stock
Astral Terminus Enigma $5 1
Caerulean Star Enchantress $3 1
Anthozoan Assault Tiny $10 1
Defender of the Brumal Crest Winter Wyvren $4 2 1
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2023.03.22 16:50 endersgame69 Adopted By Humans VI C40

Having heard from the therapists and their perspectives on things, I must offer my own for the record. Thankfully, Bonny Red never objected to speaking of these things. Perhaps because she thought it may help in some way.
But our times sleeping together were, to put it mildly, vigorous. I daresay I could not have kept up if it were not for the unintended training sessions that came about from playing with small humans. Their bodies were heavier than small dlamisa of the same ages, and as such, ‘tossing them around’ with Genghis inevitably became a kind of strength training.
I know this is not fair to say, but academics tend to look down on those who are more focused on the physical than the mental. It’s not even necessarily deliberate. I suppose it’s probable than the reverse is equally true, our pride in our respective expertise sees us elevate us above others with an opposite focus.
But tossing children back and forth between us, I began to appreciate the work that, even as a genetically engineered specimen, Genghis put in to keeping his body absurdly strong.
This let me keep up with Bonny Red, who had grown more amorous and aggressive in her needs since Lou Salk’s death. I noticed that this was true of many humans, and the closer they were to Lou or Peter, the more frequently I could detect the scents of recent mating behavior on the pair bonded humans.
I believe that there is an evolutionary response to the death of a community member to engage in reproductive acts to replace what was lost. This act not only bonds pairs closer in times of stress, but serves a functional purpose in replenishing the decreased numbers. Those who did not engage in this through their unbonded states sometimes sought opportunities, while others focused intensely on their work. My past statement that Fauve was almost a dlamisa in a different flesh seemed to be oddly prescient.
She did not seek opportunities for pair bonding. But she did see the therapists and I note that she did become slightly more social with others of her age. Her obsession seemed chiefly to be on making her work the most effective it could be.
I caught some of it.
And by now we were well in to our stay, so it’s fair to state that the rest of the world knew something was amiss. The Silent Civil War was starting to make noise.
I will repeat a few of her pieces here…
“A child trafficking ring was arrested today, they had ties to the violent extremist Earth First organization and…”
“A violent extremist group plotting an insurrection in a remote area was destroyed by a drone strike hours before they could launch planned attacks, the ‘Earth First’ members intended to bomb the homes of hosts for popular Ballyball players whose names are being kept private to avoid panic. Their stated goal is the eradication of every alien on the planet Earth…”
“A member of the violent extremist group was hospitalized today after he attacked an intoxicated dlamisa. He was set upon by a group of patrons and bouncers after suffering forty-two broken bones. As his injuries were sustained during the commission of unprovoked violence, he will be charged the full cost of his treatment. Authorities state that they will not file charges against those who protected his intended victim.”
The refrains were all like this. And I took the time to ask Fauve about it.
“Percival taught me that you have to hammer home the message over and over again. Violent Extremist. Violent Extremist. Violent Extremist.” She repeated the phrase like it was a job title and drummed her fingers on the desk. Her eyes were clear and calm and the distress that marked her before had largely dissipated. “It’s not hard to figure out the rest. If they’re accusing their enemies of kidnapping, child abuse, trafficking, or violence, it’s because their accusations are confessions. Shitty people always think everybody else is as shitty as they are.”
She waved her hand over the first story. “Take this one. It’s mostly true. They were basically buying poor children from families in the areas we still haven’t fully developed yet, the places where credit currency isn’t always accessible and modernity hasn’t been embraced. The families think they’re sending kids to good homes and freeing up mouths to feed. But the extremists intended to just raise the kids to be violent xenophobes. Do you think they told the parents that they’d raise their kids to be genocidal maniacs?” She shook her head.
“No.” I agreed.
“That sounds like child trafficking to me. And don’t get me started on the ones who just try to keep having as many kids as possible and raising them to be genocidal maniacs. If that’s not abuse, I don’t know what is.” She shook her head in disgust, a sour expression forming on her face as her lips pursed tight and her nose crinkled up.
“The same thing happened decades ago, groups like these are like cults. They’ll do all kinds of horrible things, then accuse everybody else of being the same as them, while hiding what they’re really like. They’re just polished turds, nothing more.” She said, and I think she would have spat on the ground if we’d been outside.
“This one.” She gestured to the story about the attack on one of my people. “This is completely true. But the law is new. I think they passed it a few weeks ago after Lou Salk’s death, when it turned out the survivors of the enclave were being given free medical care. Is it petty? Yes. But if the prospect of having consequences for initiating violence, discourages violence? I’m all for it.”
“You’re doing… all this?” I could hardly believe it, and it was almost a relief when she denied it.
“Of course not. It’s a big world and I’m only one small cog. I have a few advantages now.” She smiled and looked toward the door of her room. I knew what she meant. Surrounded by powerful families and individuals, already being a well known public figure… Fauve would never live a normal life.
But she would live an extraordinary one. I was sure of that. And for now, she seemed to be really growing into that role.
“Teresa has a bunch of people pumping these ‘xenophobes are evil extremists’ narratives, as this silent civil war gets louder, that’s going to be important. I’m just one of many. It’s funny, you know that?” She asked, and I cocked my head, I didn’t know what she meant.
“No, what do you mean?” I asked.
“If everybody had just more or less ignored me, let me slip back into the background of normalcy, there’d have been no reason to attack my house. No reason to accuse me of things online, no reason to do… really anything. All the things these scumbags did to try to humiliate me, embarass me, slander me, and then kill me, all it really did is feed me the means to destroy them. Guys like that always make their own enemies. Evil will, must evil mar.” She quoted a line from somewhere I didn’t recognize, and tapped on her screen.
“In a few weeks we’re releasing the footage of the raid on my family house to the public. At this point any xenophobic Earth First members who haven’t surrendered, aren’t going to. So we’re going to really apply the pressure.” She stared at the screen, tracing her finger over it.
It’d been over half a year since we came on board this ship, and now some of those staying up here are actually going to be having children. If they stayed much longer, there’d be a human born on a dlamisa pirate ship.
Everyone was different. Especially the humans.
When the footage was released, the Silent Civil War would no longer be silent.
I didn’t need to be a military genius to know that a crackdown of the hardest sorts would be coming. And I remembered the story about Percival. How there had been politicians tied to the xenophobes.
There probably were some now.
I didn’t think there would be for much longer.
AN: If there's a large thin crust pepperoni pineapple pizza with garlic butter delivered to 2507 Talbott Ave, Louisville KY, 40205... (wings optional but welcome)
I'll do 3 chapters today. :)
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2023.03.22 16:49 strawberryblondie_92 I’m addicted to wc.

I’m addicted to wc. submitted by strawberryblondie_92 to 2007scape [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 16:48 tekniq Home Charger Installation Advice

Hey guys! So I just got my new P2 (LOVING it so far!), I am charging it using a standard 110v (live in US) Outlet I have outside my house, which is fine for me (got about went from 65-80% overnight), but I hear its not recommended to use a 110v plug and I should use 240v instead. I checked with an electrician and he quoted me $1800 to get a 240v plug installed outside, which sounds ridiculously high. I want to try calling a couple other electricians but wanted to know what price range is reasonable to get it installed. I live in South Florida if anyone has a recommendation.
Also I wanted to know if I should get a Grizzl-E charger as well to plug into the 240v NEMA 14-50 outlet. I havent been able to find any real benefit besides it just being slightly faster. I think the speeds should be fine without it as I work from home so dont drive too much, I can charge it all day/night usually.
I am very new to EV Tech and dont know much about electrical work so any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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2023.03.22 16:48 Infamous_Ninja_44 MJ Coupon Question

Currently on Mojarro and successfully using $25 coupon. I do have commercial insurance, however, prior authorization is required to run it through insurance and I do not have prior authorization. I have pasted the coupon small print below, which of the following expiration dates would apply to me given I have insurance but technically do not have coverage for MJ as I do not have a prior authorization?
“For patients with commercial drug insurance coverage for Mounjaro: Offer good until 12/31/2023 for up to 24 fills or whichever comes first. Patients must have coverage for Mounjaro through their commercial drug insurance coverage to pay as little as $25 for up to 12 pens of Mounjaro. Offer subject to a monthly cap of $250 and a separate annual cap of $3,000.
For patients with commercial drug insurance who do not have coverage for Mounjaro through their commercial drug insurance: Offer good until 06/30/2023 for up to 12 fills or whichever comes first. Patients must have commercial drug insurance and not have coverage for Mounjaro to pay as little as $25 for 4 pens of Mounjaro. Offer subject to a monthly and annual cap of wholesale acquisition cost plus usual and customary pharmacy charges.”
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2023.03.22 16:47 Capital_Sherbet_6507 Spare Ford Pro Charger

So through a combination of events I won't get into here, I have a Ford Pro charger that I don't need, still in the box. I could install it and then keep the Mach E mobile charger in the trunk, but I really don't need faster charging at home than the mobile charger provides.
Is there a market for Ford chargers?
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2023.03.22 16:47 kokizzu2 Will SteamDeck + JsAux Dock + USB-A to USB-C adapter + Nreal Air works?

So I'm considering having Nreal Air for day to day replacement of my bulky monitor, but since steamdeck only have 1 usb-c port, I get a JsAux Dock (3 USB-A, 1 USB-C for charging, 1 LAN, 1 DisplayPort, 1 HDMI), i saw lot of reviews that NReal Air is good AR Glasses "virtual monitor" for steamdeck, and I probably can sell my old monitor. But the problem is that it seems cannot be used while charging, or is it possible to use USB-A to USB-C adapter something like this will work?
or if it's not possible, then I'll just use my old PC, but my PC also doesn't have USB-C at all, only have HDMI port and USB-A ports, is there any other product that support USB-A?
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2023.03.22 16:47 xKarno Own a sharblade for home defense

Own a sharblade for home defense, since that's what the Heralds intended. Four singers break into my house. "What in damnation?" As I grab my stormlight-infused shardplate and 2m long Shardblade. Cut a broam sphere sized hole through the first singer, he's dead on the spot. Draw my shardbow on the second singer, miss him entirely because the bowstring snapped and nails the neighbors axehound. I have to resort to the fabrial mounted at the top of the stairs loaded with anti-stormlight, "Tally ho ganchos" the anti-stormligt explosion shreds two singers in the blast. Fix shardblade and charge the last terrified cremling. His eyes burn out waiting on the Skybreakers to arrive since shardblade wounds are impossible to stitch up. Just as the Heralds intended.
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