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2023.03.22 18:04 Veinscrawler I’m struggling with being a slut now that I have herpes

I tested positive for HSV-2 about a week ago, and I can’t figure out how to deal with my sexuality going forward. I'm gonna be very explicit in explaining this because that's just how I am and this issue especially is one that I can't censor myself on. If you don't care about the details, just read the TL;DR's and my question at the end. I've bolded them.
Background: I contracted the virus during the last week of February through unprotected anal sex with someone who believed he was STD-free as he’d been recently tested and had no other sexual partners since then. I got extremely sick a few days later from what I now know was my initial outbreak. I ended up taking an entire week off from work and went to the ER for help because the pain was so bad that I was almost passing out every time I had a bowel movement and I was losing my ability to eat.
The hospital did not test me for herpes, even though I had what I now know were active lesions on my butt. They did test me for a bunch of other things though, including HIV, so I at least had that fear put to bed. I was prescribed antibiotics for my proctitis and sent home. I went to my local Planned Parenthood over a week later when I was feeling better and convinced them to test me for herpes after an initial examination of the marks on my butt, and 4 days later I had a positive result for HSV-2 on my blood test (negative for everything else though, thankfully). They gave me a prescription for Valacyclovir 500 mg to help with outbreaks, and I've been taking it every day since. I'm really hoping to not suffer any significant side effects since I'm already on like 6 other medications for various things.
I let all my recent sexual partners know about my diagnosis, as well as some other guys who had expressed interest in fucking me, even though I hadn’t had sex with anyone else since I became sick and I generally get tested after having sex with a new guy before having sex with anyone else anyway. I actually went to PP to get tested just a few days after having sex, but they said it was too early. The nausea and dizziness and fever and pain started the next day. Unfortunately, I'm not able to inform the guy who gave it to me because he's out of my life and his phone was shut off for not paying his bill. I learned sometime after we first had sex that he apparently doesn't use condoms very often if at all, which is why he has children by multiple women. But hopefully he uses the condoms I gave him, I guess.
TL;DR: Had sex. Got sick. Got tested. Herpes sucks. Don't trust men. Use condoms.
Current Issue: I turned 30 last December and kind of had a sexual awakening. I decided I was tired of turning down guys who want to fuck me or at least not being as intimate as I might want to be with guys I like just because I have a boyfriend. Basically, I decided to be more open about the fact that I'm a huge slut.
My boyfriend and I have sort of always been in an open relationship for the 6 years we've been together. However, me having sex with other guys had always been awkward when it had come up, so we decided to talk about it and make that part of our relationship more official. The rules are pretty simple: Any guys who fuck me either need to wear a condom or provide proof of recent negative STD tests, and I need to tell my boyfriend when I have sex with them. I think I might be polyamorous, so I've been actively trying to meet guys and feel out whether I just want to have a bunch of casual sex friends or maybe something more. My boyfriend is supportive of all of this, as he thinks I'm hot and wants me to feel hot but doesn't feel like fucking me most of the time. Everything was going really great until I broke the proof-or-condom rule for the guy who gave me herpes. In hindsight, the rule really should have just been condom-or-condom because I am terrible at asserting myself, which is why I keep getting sexually assaulted, but I was already having an ongoing sexual relationship with a guy who showed me that he gets tested regularly and wanted to fuck me without condoms.
So now I'm a slut with anal herpes. I still want to have sex, but I think it would be unethical for me to continue to have anal sex, even with condoms, since I would be knowingly prioritizing my sexual pleasure over someone else’s health. Plus, anal sex has always been complicated for me because I have IBS and a lot of anxiety about cleanliness, so this added complication feels like the final nail in the coffin. I would have too much concern about the possibility of infecting someone else to be able to enjoy the sex, not to mention the possibility of future painful outbreaks. And even if I didn't feel this way, anal sex with my boyfriend is definitely gone as an option, as he's terrified of anything that might impact his fertility.
Most people would probably just find other ways to have sex, but unfortunately I'm transgender and I'm planning to have my genitals removed soon and eventually my breasts as well. And I don't really have any other erogenous zones. My butt was my biggest one. So that basically just leaves me with sucking dick as my only option for sex, and no way for me to receive sexual pleasure in turn. And while I do like sucking dick, I feel weird about the prospect of being a one-sided pleasure provider.
Really this just feels like a huge step backwards in life for me. I went through a period of several years of being uncomfortable with anal sex, and it's only recently that I've become more comfortable with it again. It's still been a struggle, but I was working really hard to enjoy it more and explore what I like rather than just providing pleasure for others. I was committed to practicing anal sex for sexual pleasure, and trying to learn how to have an anal orgasm, and now that's all over. Which in some ways is kind of a relief to my anxiety, but mostly it just sucks.
Also it’s easier to say “I just won’t have sex anymore” than it is in practice, especially when there are a bunch of men in my life who want to fuck me. Because a lot of them don't seem to understand my concerns. It seems to me that the reason most men aren't super bothered by me telling them I have herpes is that they don't understand how herpes spreads. Most of the guys I've told immediately said "you just need to use condoms now" or "you just need to take medication for that". They don't seem to understand that the meds only reduce the risk of transmission by 50% and condoms only by 65% (side note: it's annoying that bottoms are more likely to contract HSV-2 from sex than tops, but condoms work better at preventing transmission when the top is the one who has HSV-2). They also don't seem to understand that touching my butt - where the lesions form - can spread the virus even if they don't put their dick inside me. For instance, I think I already spread it to one of my fingers, which became infected sometime during my outbreak and still hasn't fully healed.
So it's not enough for me to just tell a guy "I have anal herpes." I have to give a whole fucking presentation to make sure they understand what that means. Also, my ass is literally the reason most men approach me in the first place, so it feels really shitty to have to respond like "thanks, but you can never touch it!" And if my most recent sexual encounter on Monday night is any indication, trying to move past that is just gonna be a disappointment for everyone involved.
TL;DR: I'm a slut. Anal sex is out. I have no alternative. Guys don't get it.
FEELINGS: You know, I started writing this post to ask for advice, but I don't even know what I'm trying to ask for anymore. I don't want anyone to try to convince me that it's okay for me to continue having sex, because for me, it's not. I don't expect anyone to fully understand the nuances of my relationship to my body and sexuality, because nobody can fully understand anyone else. So, maybe I'm just venting.
I know that I'm very early in the process of living with herpes, but I'm just really upset that I have to deal with this new forever issue for my body on top of everything else. I was finally starting to appreciate some aspects of my body and now a big one is ruined. And I can only blame myself for it because I've learned that most clinics don't test for herpes along with other STDs unless you have symptoms, so I can't blame the guy for not knowing he had it. Unless of course he had symptoms at some point and ignored it, I guess, or if he actually knew he had it and just straight up lied to me, but I'll never know that because he's out of my life.
Either way, it was my responsibility to myself to make him wear a condom, and I completely froze up in the moment and put my own safety aside to make some guy I'd just met happy and avoid an imagined issue. And then I continued to let him fuck me without using condoms because in my mind I was already exposed to anything he had and protecting myself didn't matter anymore, which was fucking stupid. I knew that I didn't feel safe, but I was trying so hard not to make negative assumptions about the guy that I willingly ignored all the red flags. Like the strong possibility that a homeless alcoholic man might not have his life together enough to make knowing his STD status for certain a priority!
I was working really hard to practice being more assertive to protect myself after I got raped in January, and I fucked it up. I broke the rules, I knowingly put myself at risk repeatedly, and now I'm suffering the consequences. What makes it suck even more is how fucked up my relationship to that guy ended up being. Finding out that he gave me herpes a week after we kicked him out of our lives for smoking crack makes everything that came before so much worse. I feel like a fucking idiot for letting this man not only drain us of money, time, and emotional energy for weeks, but also permanently alter the course of my life. It would be so much simpler if the guy who raped me was the one who infected me, but nope, he apparently tested negative for herpes a week ago. I had an easier time contacting the guy who raped me to let him know I have herpes than I did trying to inform the guy who infected me that he has it.
Also, on top of all of that, I had something I felt good about starting with this one guy I met recently, and between me getting sick and spending all my free time trying to take care of an alcoholic, we haven't been able to see each other for a month. And now I don't know for sure if he even wants to continue seeing me. I don't want to deal with him rejecting me, or all the other rejection I might face going forward. I guess I could just retreat into the safety of "I have a boyfriend!" and avoid physical intimacy with other men for the rest of my life, but I crave physical intimacy so much that I get depressed without it, and I can't have much of it with my boyfriend anymore either.
TL;DR: I'm angry at myself. I'm afraid of rejection. I crave physical intimacy.
I figured out what my question is: How can I reconcile the fact that I am a slut with the reality that I can no longer have sex? How can I adjust to the loss of so much physical intimacy when sharing physical intimacy is a core part of who I am? How can I learn to accept living a celibate life that I wouldn't have chosen if not for this disease?
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2023.03.22 18:03 r1a2k3i4b Development Process is a Pain (mini rant)

Coming from a web dev background where it is really quick to learn something and immediately try it and deploy, it feels really slow when developing for mobile. I am using expo react native, I'm trying to implements subscription payments into my app.
Using RevenueCat, the docs tell me I first need to set up products/saubscriptions in the play store. So I pay a fee and create an app. Now I have to upload an apk file so I try to build one with expo. That puts me in a queue for a good 2 hours to even start building. After that finally finishes, it turns out I still cannot create subscriptions in the google play console, probably because I forgot to add billing permissions in my app.json and now need to upload a new apk file. Now to the build process again which is puts me in the building queue for another 2 hours...
It feels frustrating having to just wait hours and hours for things like this...
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2023.03.22 17:59 DelBird32 Newly single mom with awful credit and nothing but a falling apart jeep Cherokee to my name.

I met the father of my son over a year ago and we had an oops, even tho preventative steps were taken. Now I have a 4 month old and I’ve left his father, lots of issues and things I just couldn’t get over no matter how hard I tried. He convinced me to rely on him and it wasn’t hard to do so because I so badly wanted to stay home with my baby for as long as possible.
My bills never got paid. My car got repossessed, I have no savings, and I had to use my tax returns to get a new vehicle.. which my ex influenced because he likes jeeps and said we would work on it together and get it all nice. I regret it. But it’s what I have and it’ll be nice once it’s fixed up.
How do I go from here? How do I build credit with a car repossession on my file? I have a loan through my bank that I’ve only been late on twice, because of my ex’s negligence.
I’m looking for work and have gotten financial aide, any tips, tricks, and advice to help me get on my feet?? His father has claimed that he’ll pay for all daycare and $75 a week for diapers/meds/clothes/whatever our son needs at my moms house (where I’m living now).
Help, please.
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2023.03.22 17:57 LoverOfCats5 My dad grew up so privileged that he doesn't understand why i can't afford a replacement car.

My(21F) dad(40something) is so privileged.
I'll admit, i am as well, I've had privileges that other people have not had access to. I work a full time job, I'm going to school as well. All my money is going towards bills, school, and groceries.
I also take care of my cats since he refuses to do so. I very occasionally endulge in some things like hobbies, because it's depressing just barely scraping by, i want something to bring a little joy to my dull meaningless life.
But i also need a new car. My current one is falling apart, it would be more affordable to just replace it at this point. My dad doesn't understand that i can't afford to fix it up or replace it. He thinks i can just go and throw money at the issue to fix it. He's always been able to do that. Be says its my fault we can't afford anything. That im not "working hard enough" that i should never indulge in anything that may bring me even the slightest amount of happiness.
I grew up with my mom (they divorced when i was a young child), there were days where she couldn't afford to feed us at times (she had to beg people for money or take us to the food pantry). My dad grew up wealthy where money could solve all his problems. He has me paying him back for the current car as well, which makes it more difficult for the replacement. (I was looking at a used car for replacement)
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2023.03.22 17:55 tonnie_taller Wisconsin Republicans propose bill to eliminate sick day perk for state lawmakers

A perk that allows Wisconsin state lawmakers to apply the value of unused sick days to pay for health insurance premiums upon retirement is being targeted for elimination under a new bill. The proposal circulated Wednesday by three Republicans would end the benefit going forward, but not take away accrued time for current lawmakers. Members … Continue reading Wisconsin Republicans propose bill to eliminate sick day perk for state lawmakers
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2023.03.22 17:52 Pokuchefski [REQ] (£100) (#Bath, England, UK) (Repay £120 on Sun 26th March 2023) (Bank Transfer)

I'm currently a postgraduate student at the University of Bath who works part time as a courier to supplement my income. Unfortunately in the last 7-10 days, I've had very severe eye strain which has meant I haven't been able to work for a little while as bright lights mame my eyes very sensitive such that riding on my bike is not safe. I'm getting paid on the 26th, so will be able to return the loan on this date. Would greatly appreciate a short 4 day loan so I can go food shopping and pay my phone bill. I can provide proof of my university status. Thank you!
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2023.03.22 17:52 CampfireElectronic Got Suspended From Work

Instead of firing me, my manager agreed to a three day suspension. Yesterday was the third day. I called and that particular manager already went home. I’m not on the schedule and they haven’t discussed what to do with me. I am currently looking for jobs. I am very frustrated as I have bills to pay and no help. The manager told me three days. Now today this manager is apparently doing meetings all day and the other manager has no say in any of this? They are a Union company. Should I fight this or take the L and assume I’ve been fired? They refuse to communicate. Anytime I call, no one knows what I’m talking about which speaks to negligence on the managers parts. Part of me wants to drive up there and confront them in person and get our union representative involved, but I’m not sure if it would be worth it. What should my next steps be?
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2023.03.22 17:47 Extreme-888 BTFP is a bailout reserve, not QE, and it tells the market that Treasuries won't collapse

Yesterday, a friend asked about the BTFP, a new tool created by the Federal Reserve to help U.S. banks deal with pandemic shortages.

BTFP is a bailout reserve, not QE, and it tells the market that Treasuries won't collapse

It is well known that shareholders of publicly traded companies pledge their equity to financial institutions in exchange for the capital needed to grow their businesses. At least that was the intent, not to mention the other things that happen in practice.

That's what happened with BTFP. A common problem facing U.S. banks today is the risk of falling U.S. bond prices and runs, i.e., filling BTFPs.

For example, a year ago, Yahoo Bank took in $1 million in deposits from depositors and used $800,000 of it to buy one-year U.S. Treasuries issued at a 1% coupon that year.

BTFP is a bailout reserve, not QE, telling the market that Treasuries will not collapse

After the Fed raised interest rates this year, bond prices fell, so an $800,000 bond now has a market value of $600,000, but the coupon rate is still 1%. If held to maturity and not spooked, Yaho Bank will still recover $800,000 in principal and $8,000 in interest. There would be no loss.

But how could things be so perfect? Now, as the economic environment worsens and some financial risks begin to emerge, depositors are beginning to fear that their deposits will disappear and will withdraw en masse.

BTFP is a bailout reserve, not QE, telling the market that Treasuries will not collapse

As a result, Yahoo Bank had to pay $1 million to its customers, but it only had $200,000 plus $600,000 worth of U.S. Treasuries, so it was forced to sell them for $600,000. But it still lacked $200,000 to pay its depositors, so Yaho Bank went into liquidation.

However, let's go back to the time when Yaho Bank was trying to sell its treasury bonds for $600,000.

So the Fed steps in and says to Yaho Bank, now put your $800,000 in Treasuries as collateral and I will give you $800,000 in cash that you can redeem from me when you have the money, and then the interest rate is 5% plus 0.1%, or 5.1%.

BTFP is a bailout reserve, not QE, which tells the market that Treasuries will not collapse

Yay, yell at the banks. I can do it. I sold and liquidated the US Treasuries for $600,000. But I can get an $800,000 mortgage to pay for the current storm, and the interest is expensive, but I can always pay it off later.

Where there are green hills, there will be firewood to burn.

If it's a return to quantitative easing, I don't think so. Since BTFP is a targeted solution, it is providing a bailout for companies that are about to go bankrupt. By analogy, QE is the equivalent of the government giving everyone a lump sum of money to stimulate spending.

The BTFP is a guaranteed minimum government benefit for people who are low income, unemployed, poor or even dying. They must repay this money later and must pay interest to the government.

So the BTFP does inject liquidity into the market, but it's not QE, it's not a flood. The real purpose is not to bail out banks and investment banks, but to protect the international standing and credibility of the U.S. Treasury and the dollar.

After all, if there is a domino effect, such as a massive sell-off of U.S. bonds by banks to cash out, leading to a plunge in U.S. bond prices, then the role of U.S. bonds as a global asset pricing anchor will be weakened. The dollar's international standing would take a huge hit.

In fact, the BTFP is providing not financial support, but an attitude of support. When it announced and began to bail out Silicon Valley Bank, it was tantamount to telling the market: everyone does not need to dump U.S. debt, you can accept it with confidence and boldness, U.S. debt will not collapse, the dollar will not collapse , I the Fed is here to cover, tonight's spending is Powell to pay the bill.
Thank you for your attention. If you have stock market questions, you can write to me privately.
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2023.03.22 17:46 happytrout23 Independent contractor vs employee owing CRA 16k

This post is in regards to my husband's job, which he quit last week. I'm going to keep things as vague as I can while still including relevant details. When he started with this company he was brought in by a friend. The company paid him for 2 weeks to train him. After that he was paid a percentage of each job. The company "manufactures" a "product" that my husband then installed. He did not do any of the sales portion. He uses his own tools and had the choice of using his vehicle (which they would compensate him for) or using the company vehicle.
He did not choose which jobs he did, where they were, or what was charged. He was told where to go (sometimes a specific time he had to be there). He didn't get to choose which jobs he did or what days he did them. In addition to a percentage of the jobs total my husband could also bill the company an hourly rate for other things. This was the only time he actually "billed" them. He never submitted invoices and did not get to choose his installation rate. He did agree to the amount when he signed his contract.
When he was hired, it was just him and his friend doing installation. After the friend quit, they hired someone "on the books" to do his same job. My husband was offered to be an employee as well but declined due to the pay decrease.
When this whole thing started I knew the tax situation would be a pain in the ass. We knew we would need to set aside money for income tax and such. At one point I came across the whole independent contractor vs employee thing and told him 'I'm pretty sure your work should be paying you as an employee'. He didn't want to rock the boat or get pushed out so we didn't push the issue.
The situation at the company continued to change to the point where my husband was getting increasingly frustrated by lack of control over job details. This led to him quitting last week.
He did this job for almost 4 years. The first few years we were able to pay our income tax with little to no issue. However we currently owe the CRA around $16K. Obviously since he quit he wouldn't be entitled to severance but would it be worth looking into having his employee status reassessed since if he was an employee his work would have been required to pay income tax and such. He doesn't necessarily want to do this as he works in the same industry and it's a small town. However I feel the amount we owe perhaps should have been paid by the company. Has anyone been in a similar situation and have it be worth reassessing 4 years worth of work and taxes or should we just leave it and figure out how to pay what we owe?
TLDR: my husband was an "independent contractor" but I think he may actually have been an employee and we owe $16K to the CRA for income taxes
Edit to break into paragraphs
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2023.03.22 17:44 beta_lasagna Omg Just Give Me One Credit Card

Hey fellow Singaporeans/Fresh Grads!
I couldn't stand it anymore, the banks marketing and the super chou T&C's, caps, exclusions. It was also quite hard to narrow down which credit card to use. So I did it, I just researched all the cards and track my own finances and I found the most generalist card there that is the easiest to use and actually gives good rewards ( 4mpd / 4.4% cashback on average )
Honestly, it is quite ridiculously easy if you can pay your credit card bills responsibly but not advocating everyone to get a credit card.
Now, I won't claim to have discovered the absolute "best" card, but things like what's the best sign-up bonuses? What bank to choose? Miles vs Cashback? I condense my user journey and experiences to explain these things and what you can choose!
Surprise surprise: It's the citibank rewards + amaze (Not advertising btw, if the amaze card gone, so am I lol) I'm just here to share my findings and hopefully this helps someone else in their credit card journey! ✌️ It's a friend link too so you don't have to pay to read it!
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2023.03.22 17:44 AGMobster I’m very heavy in PM’s but I’m also not an idiot. Cash pays for my 26% property tax increase, $125 per hour private lessons for my daughters hockey career. The 40% increase on my electric bill. What will you do if you can’t access this cash you saved? Pull it, bury it, anything but the bank.

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2023.03.22 17:41 I_WANT_YOUR_HUG Am I ready for a second cat?

Hello all, I want unbiased opinion on if I am ready for a second cat. My current princess is kind of a foster failure, she is FIV+ and partially paralyzed. We found her while hiking in Zushi Japan, and I was the only one in the friend group with a pet friendly lease.
She went from being half feral and absolutely hating humans to being my little shadow. I have to pencil in time to snuggle her into my schedule to ensure she gets enough and honestly, sometimes its a little overwhelming meeting her emotional needs. I recently met a couple who is fostering a completely blind kitten, an I’m going over to meet her today. Now I would prefer a “disabled” cat so that my cat has equal footing when they play, and a kitten since my research shows adult cats take to kittens more easily in the home. She is already spayed and healthy.
I would do a trial week of her living with me so that I can see how stressed my cat is, but for the sake of argument lets assume they like each other.
I live in a two bedroom by myself so Im not too worried about space. For budget, all litter, food and toys wouldn’t be an issue.
I just payed a $2,000 vet bill for dental surgery for my cat and I would say I can probably continue to afford around that for any health emergencies for the new kitten.
The thing is….. This is a kitten. I got my cat when she was an adult. She is literally the easiest cat on earth (once she stopped thinking humans were evil demons). And she’s blind but I feel like thats just a adjustment period, like it was with my cat being partially paralyzed (and I was a staunch dog person before her).
Idk am I being irresponsible?
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2023.03.22 17:37 ThisParticularSelf [Tenant US NE] Cat Question

I’ve had a cat on my lease since I moved in, but my ex really wanted to keep the cat, so it didn’t come with me. I was cat-free for about 10 months. I recently adopted a different cat. I didn’t tell my landlord, since I already had a cat on my lease. This was about a month ago, and I move in a month.
Somehow I haven’t been being charged pet rent since moving (it’s an automatic payment system for a large building, and I’m sure they just forgot to add the fee when I initially moved in). I planned to just tell them the situation next billing cycle and pay for the couple months of pet rent, since I don’t think I’m in violation of the initial lease.
But, I now have a walk-through for a prospective new tennant in a couple of days, which is before said next billing cycle, and don’t want to run into issues with my landlord. What is the best way to handle this, from your perspective? The timing is going to be terribly suspicious, but I’ve genuinely only had this cat for a month.
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2023.03.22 17:35 PitoyaTUX I'm trying to understand what's going on with the non-profit I'm working for, and I need to know how to protect myself or be of help to hold my employer responsible in the event that we get investigated or audited.

I work in Maryland for a nonprofit food pantry/crisis center that provides financial assistance to low-income families and individuals. I am the sole official paid employee. This is a church sponsored organization under an umbrella church/faith-based organization made up of multiple churches all around the world. In my employment group, there are two other employees: the church secretary and the church maintenance lead (the church is our sponsor and we're on the same campus as them). The three of us don't get the same benefits as the other employees of the larger faith-based organization. The maintenance lead and I are part time, so we don't get benefits other than retirement, and the church secretary gets her paycheck via tithe or something weird like that, so her benefits get tied up in that. She finally got sick leave and vacation time recently as she's been working there for almost ten years. It's complicated. My paycheck comes from grants that fund the community centenonprofit I work for. I believe the maintenance lead gets his paycheck from tithe as well, although I've never met him as I don't attend the church.
The issues began when the pandemic hit. I am one of the receptionists and my schedule was changed such that I no longer interface with clients directly. This was done in part because the center was closed due to lockdown and because I'm immunocompromised. I worked from home for a year and a half and took calls from home. However, the phone system broke and all the calls forwarded to my personal cell phone which it was only supposed to do during the hours I worked, not at all times of the day every day of the week we're open. My supervisor - one of the pastors - refused to fix it and wouldn't pay me for the extra hours I was taking calls. Not taking calls wasn't an option as the food pantry was in serious demand (obviously), and my phone was now the only working phone for the center. Found out they were delinquent on the phone bill. I might have in writing (text on my old phone which I am currently trying to charge) that they needed me to take the calls outside of my scheduled hours but that I cannot report more than my 20 hrs. The office phones were fixed last year after they all but forced all of us to come back to the office and I wouldn't let them leave until they fixed it. It was actually starting to affect my mental health.
In between my supervisor and new site manager (unfortunately a family friend of my husband) not reporting when they got COVID (they got several people sick) and them being ableist towards me and my health concerns (telling me to keep myself safe or quit), they cut my hours down to 10 for "budgeting reasons" but explained it in such a way that it was because I needed days to work from home due to my health concerns. I was starting a new treatment and it was at the request of my doctor that I do hybrid remote until my health stabilized. They were given a proper heads up and documentation. I was also hospitalized as a result of one of my conditions. They saw all of this and cut my hours for an unknown budgeting issue and because my health made me "unreliable", despite my job being performed perfectly 100% remote. Again, I don't interface with clients anymore outside of emails and phone calls. My job right now is the man the desk when no one is in the center and listen to the site manager take zoom calls in his office for his other job. Other than turning the lights on/off none of my actual work duties affect the site or need to be done on site.
Why I'm making this post is because after the church secretary returned from my supervisor giving her COVID (he came into her office hacking up a storm and said nothing about having COVID), she asks me if I got my raise yet. Apparently, the overarching organization approved for us three in the group to get the same raise the other employees under the umbrella organization get every four years. It was going to be applied retroactively. I told her I hadn't heard about that. She then asked if I'd gotten my benefits this year yet. I told her I don't get benefits as I'm part time. She then got quiet. Apparently, my supervisor told her I got sick and vacation time. He also told her I was getting a raise. She then got really angry because he told her all of this after it was exposed in a finance meeting that $13,000 was unaccounted for in the community center budget and her expected yearly income was less than what the treasurer projected it to be. Basically, the umbrella organization had the correct numbers but, on the church and community center level, money was being moved around. I told her my hours had been cut and she got livid. She has alleged that it's likely my hours were cut to make a salary for the site manager (the family friend) and one of my other coworkers who is considered a volunteer. I am the only legal employee on the books of the center. The umbrella organization has no idea what is going on and is likely going to investigate/do an audit soon according to the church secretary.
The last straw was when I gave them a heads up that my new treatment was going to be a rough one and I asked if I could take calls from home because I knew we had no in office events or projects that needed me to be there in person (keep in mind at 10hrs I only work two days a week). They told me I could be home, but not work because I wouldn't be there in person to help them with whatever they might need. I am beyond frustrated. My job can not only be done 100% remotely, the even set me up with a program that allows me to access my work computer from my home computer. I have all the tools to assist them from home. They refuse to use them on the basis that I am not physically present. The only part of my job that would need me to be physically there is filing. Because making the three-foot walk from their desk to the filing cabinet needs to be done by me apparently. I believe my manager's exact words were "When you're home, it's like out of sight, out of mind, you know?" They didn't even include me in the conversation about whether or not I could work from home. I sent them an email a week in advance of needing a decision to be made, they didn't respond, but then my supervisor came in and told me they decided I should stay home but not work or get paid. They do this most of the time I bring up concerns in written form. They won't include me in the decision making, then respond verbally.
I have made plans to quit and find employment elsewhere as I'm deeply hurt by this, and this isn't worth the toll it's taken on my mental and physical health. This also isn't getting into the bullying by one of my coworkers (one of the ones that is allegedly getting paid and the one who pushed for me to return to the office. they also asked me a lot of questions about my position and pay rate a few months before my hours were cut). I am in my twenties and they're well into their 60s.
My question is, if I get proof that some shady dealings are going on, do I have a case for wage theft or do I have some sort of case for advocacy at all? I do have in writing (via email) detailing their comments about how my well documented health concerns and conditions are not their problem and that, though I am performing all parts of my job well and without issue, if I cannot keep myself safe from COVID, I should quit. I have a friend who is good with legal things telling them I could file a complaint on the base of disability discrimination. I'm not entirely sure if I can? I don't fully understand the process and haven't had a lot of time to look it up between job applications.
Also, not sure if this is relevant but we do receive and apply for grants on the basis of our nonprofit status from the state, county, and other faith-based organizations. Additionally, if we do get audited or investigated, like it looks like we will be, is there anything I should hold on to or make sure I have as evidence?
PS: I am getting the raise of 1% going forward but also backpay raise of 5% (calculated from July of last year till the beginning of March of this year) which was the raise they used to give every four years. Why they lowered it to 1% I'm not sure, but I'll be getting around $500 in a lump sum check hopefully in the first week of April. Feels like a participation trophy, but at least the raise is a real thing.
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2023.03.22 17:34 TyTyLetta My roommate uses her anxiety as an excuse and I’m at my wits end…

Sorry for the long post but I need to vent. I (32F) have a roommate (24F) that I moved in with 6 months ago.
A little backstory, this is her first time being in an actual apartment, with only one roommate. She had two other living situation prior to moving in with me where she was subletting houses with like six other people that all went about doing their own thing, and nobody really had to take care of household chores, because the owner of the house did it for them. It was part of their rent. So she was used to basically being taken care of in the sense of clean.
Everything started out fine when we moved in together, until winter hit in full force and her “seasonal depression” came. Please don’t misunderstand, I have full comprehension of what seasonal depression can do to a person, having experienced it myself, but this girl just completely weaponized it to her advantage. Her turn to take the trash out? “I can’t I’m just so overwhelmed”. Her turn to load/unload this dishwasher? “Oh I had so much anxiety today I just went to bed”. In the beginning I sympathized because I too suffer from high anxiety and am medicating thanks to a very understanding doctotherapist. But it’s every. Single. Day…. At the time of our move-in, we sat down and established boundaries. I have tried to be as accommodating to hers as possible. She, on the other hand, has done nothing but disrespect mine almost daily. Example Turn off lights and electronics when you’re not using them or leave so that we can keep the electric bill down. I come home to an empty apartment all the time with every damn light in the house on and the TV in the living room and in her room on. And the heat is set to 78 because she was chilly before she left. One of my hard boundaries was that I do not want her boyfriend over more than three times a week, or for consecutive nights in a row for personal past trauma reasons I won’t go into detail here on the internet with strangers. for the first month, she was respectful of this boundary. And then she began to just basically tell me to go fly a kite, and started having him over almost nightly. We have been round and round, and when I bring it up to reinforce my boundaries she immediately plays the victim, has an “anxiety meltdown“ and then says I’m the bad guy, claiming that I am “gatekeeping her relationship” and trying to “control her” when she has 50% share of the apartment. Which is technically not true, because I do pay more towards the rent/utilities, and, being the more experienced renter, was the one that initially set up all of the utilities. She constantly says, I’m trying to act like her mother, and nag her to do stuff. Which the stuff I ask her to do, is stuff that she should (as an adult) be doing herself without anybody having to ask. My theory is if she doesn’t want me to “act like her mother and nag her“ she needs to quit acting like a spoiled brat, and start taking more responsibility and be accountable for her actions instead of blaming her anxiety for them. Now there are a lot more details to the story of why I’m so frustrated than I will add for privacy reasons that cause me to feel this way. We have had several chats and heart to heart conversations about our boundaries and continuous negotiations. All of which I try to accommodate, but she always goes back on them a week or two later. Then turns around and plays the victim when I called her out on it. Saying that her anxiety caused her to forget what we had discussed, and that I am “bullying” her by reminding her of these discussions. I am at the point where I no longer sympathize with her anxiety because she is using it as a weapon to walk all over me. And I am done. There are two sides to me, the sympathetic and empathetic side. And the bitch side. She is quickly unlocking the bitch side of me. I only have about six more months with her, and I will not be renewing my lease with her, but I just had to vent on here before I hurt her widdle feewings with a cruel dose of reality that she needs to grow up and take some responsibility for her actions and quit blaming it on her anxiety and depression. But overall, am I just overreacting and being too sensitive?
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2023.03.22 17:33 Unique-Marsupial-917 Carlos Andrés Vera Bitcoin Era Opiniones – Estafa O legítimo ?

Carlos Andrés Vera Bitcoin Era Opiniones – Estafa O legítimo ?
INFORME ESPECIAL: La última inversión de carlos andrés vera ha perturbado a los expertos y ha sacudido a los grandes bancos Ecuador los ciudadanos ya ganan millones de euros desde casa a travésa de esta “laguna de capital”, pero ¿es eso legal?
Sitio web oficial: Bitcoin Era
carlos andrés vera viene con una nueva inversión secreta que hace que cientos de personas sean ricas en Ecuador .
La semana pasada, carlos andrés vera apareció para anunciar un nuevo "Capital Loophole" que, según él, puede convertir a cualquiera en millonario en 3-4 meses. carlos andrés vera instó a todos los ciudadanos Ecuador a aprovechar esta gran oportunidad antes de que los grandes bancos la cierren para siempre.
Y de hecho, poco después de que terminó la entrevista, un representante de los ciudadanos Ecuador llamó a la para detener la entrevista carlos andrés vera , pero ya era demasiado tarde.
Aquí están los eventos en detalle:
El presentador del programa invitó a carlos andrés vera al programa para compartir sus consejos sobre la creación de riqueza.
“Lo que me hizo exitoso fue aprovechar las nuevas oportunidades rápidamente, sin dudarlo. Y ahora el principal generador de dinero es el nuevo programa de criptomonedas llamado Bitcoin Era . Esta es la única gran oportunidad que he visto en toda mi vida para hacer una pequeña fortuna rápidamente. Invito a todos a que lo revisen antes de que los bancos lo cierren. "
as carlos andrés vera sacó su teléfono y mostró a los espectadores cuánto ganaba con este nuevo programa pago del que todos en Ecuador susurraban.
El segmento se quedó sin tiempo antes de que carlos andrés vera pudiera elaborar, por lo que tuvimos una entrevista exclusiva con el propio carlos andrés vera para aprender más sobre esta controvertida oportunidad.
Bitcoin Era ¿Revisión legítima o fraudulenta?
Nuestra calificación: la Bitcoin Era no es una estafa
Esto significa que el comercio funciona con éxito incluso cuando su dispositivo está apagado. Como resultado, esto no solo le ahorra tiempo, sino que también ahorra mucha energía. Para comenzar su trabajo, debe otorgar el permiso requerido para que trabaje en consecuencia, y el resto está en el bot.
“Es posible que haya oído hablar de esta revolución de Bitcoin en criptomonedas que está ayudando a la gente común en (Ecuador , Europa, Asia, África, América del Sur y América del Norte) a construir fortunas. Puede ser escéptico porque suena demasiado bueno para ser verdad ".
carlos andrés vera continúa:
“Lo entiendo porque pensé lo mismo cuando un amigo de confianza me lo contó. Pero después de ver con mis propios ojos cuántos beneficios estaba obteniendo, tuve que intentarlo por mí mismo.
Me alegro de haberlo probado porque fue uno de los fondos más grandes y fáciles que he obtenido. Hablo de decenas de miles de dólares al día en piloto automático. es, literalmente, la forma más rápida de obtener una ganancia inesperada de efectivo en este momento. Y no va a durar mucho más cuando más y más personas se enteren. O cuando los bancos lo cierren definitivamente ".
Sitio web oficial: Bitcoin Era
Abra su Bitcoin Era Cuenta gratuita ahora
La idea detrás de Bitcoin Era es sencilla: permitir que la persona promedio saque provecho del auge de las criptomonedas, que sigue siendo el más lucrativo del siglo XXI, a pesar de lo que la mayoría de la gente piensa.
los comerciantes siguen ganando terreno. ¿Por qué? Porque hay miles de otras criptomonedas además de Bitcoin que se comercializan para obtener grandes ganancias a diario.
Bitcoin Era le permite beneficiarse de todas estas criptomonedas. Utiliza inteligencia artificial (IA) para gestionar automáticamente las ventas largas y cortas para que pueda obtener beneficios durante todo el día, incluso mientras duerme.
Bitcoin Era está respaldado por algunas de las mentes tecnológicas más inteligentes que jamás haya existido: Richard Branson, Elon Musk y Bill Gates, solo por nombrar algunos.
Bill Gates y Richard Branson discuten Bitcoin Era
Estos genios de la tecnología han creado empresas multimillonarias para resolver problemas complejos como los pagos en línea, la informática y el transporte. Ahora, están abordando el problema global de la desigualdad de la riqueza al permitir que cualquiera, sin importar cuán rico o pobre sea, fondos suficientes para disfrutar de una vida feliz y plena.
carlos andrés vera continúa,
Estamos atravesando tiempos económicos difíciles y esta es la solución que la gente ha estado esperando. Nunca en la historia hemos tenido una oportunidad tan increíble que la gente común pueda aprovecharla fácilmente para generar una enorme riqueza en tan poco tiempo.
Algunas personas dudan en intentarlo porque es muy diferente. ¡Y eso es porque los grandes bancos están tratando de encubrirlo! Los grandes bancos están creando activamente propaganda y llamando a las criptomonedas y plataformas como estafas Bitcoin Era . ¿Por qué? Temen que sus ganancias disminuyan una vez que sus clientes sepan cómo crear una riqueza considerable por sí mismos.
La verdad es que las criptomonedas son la revolución de nuestras vidas y cualquiera que no aproveche esta oportunidad la está perdiendo. Ya he recibido llamadas enojadas y amenazas de las principales compañías financieras * porque estoy llamando la atención de la gente sobre esta tecnología. Pero vívelos. Los belgas ya están empezando a saber la verdad y es solo cuestión de tiempo. *
Comparto esto porque también he recibido cientos de correos electrónicos de personas agradeciéndome por compartir este secreto. Mi favorito es de un joven que le compró a su hermano pequeño el auto de sus sueños: un Ferrari 488 Pista usando el dinero que ganó con Bitcoin Era . Esta plataforma realmente mejora la vida de todos en todo el mundo. "
Millard Brault usó las ganancias que obtuvo de Bitcoin Era para comprarle a su hermano pequeño el auto de sus sueños. ¡Qué manera tan inspiradora de usar la riqueza para el bien!
NUESTROS RESULTADOS CON Bitcoin Era : Para verificar la historia de carlos andrés vera decidimos probar Bitcoin Era nosotros mismos para ver si era realmente posible que una persona promedio ganara dinero con ella.
Nuestro reportero Anthony Hawkins pasó por un proceso completo:
Nuestros editores senior no nos dejaron publicar la Reunión con carlos andrés vera hasta que verifiquemos que Bitcoin Era es una oportunidad legítima de hacer fondos desde casa. Nuestro liderazgo corporativo no quería que divulgáramos ninguna información que pudiera causar que los ciudadanos de Ecuador perdieran fondos.
Así que nuestro equipo editorial probóBitcoin Era para asegurarse de que realmente funciona carlos andrés vera descrito. Uno de nuestros editores en línea, se ofreció a arriesgar sus propios fondos y probar Bitcoin Era
Vi un video introductorio sobre Bitcoin Era y luego me inscribí. Parecía ser demasiado prometedor, pero dejé a un lado mi escepticismo. A las pocas horas, recibí una llamada de mi inversor personal. Respondió a todas las preguntas y dudas que tenía y me aseguró que iba a ganar fondos.
Una vez que recibí acceso a Bitcoin Era , deposité mi inicial de $ 250.
“Dentro de 1 hora de depositar $ 250, el software comenzó a operar por mí. Para ser sincero,
Así que dejé que el software siguiera operando por mí y lo observé de cerca. ¡La siguiente operación fue rentable! Solo $ 19 pero todavía era algo. Luego, la siguiente operación fue de $ 51. Luego $ 22, haciendo un total de $ 67. ¡Y todo esto fue en menos de 5 minutos!
Cada vez que actualizaba mi panel de operaciones, mis ganancias aumentaban cada vez más. ¡Fue una prisa tan emocionante!
Ahora sé por qué carlos andrés vera está de buen humor todo el tiempo. Y por qué los grandes bancos no quieren que la gente se acerque a esta laguna de riqueza. Al final del día, había ganado más de $ 754 en ganancias, ¡nada mal desde un comienzo de $ 250! Estaba tan emocionado que apenas pude dormir.
Al final de la semana, obtuve un total de € 5.349,12 ($ 8.040,27). Retiré exactamente 4.500 € (6.018 dólares) y volví a invertir el resto. En 2 días recibí mi primer cheque por correo, por exactamente 4.500 €. ¡No podía creer que esto fuera la vida real! "
recibió un cheque por € 4,500 ($ 6,018) por sus primeras dos semanas de uso Bitcoin Era revisión
Philippe continúa,
“Ahora, estoy ganando constantemente entre $ 700 y $ 1,500 por día gracias a Bitcoin Era Ahora, los fondos simplemente se depositan en mi cuenta bancaria cada pocos días. Solo unos pocos clics y recibí mis fondos en 24-48 horas. Cada vez que la transferencia llega a mi cuenta corriente, tengo que pellizcarme para asegurarme de que no estaba soñando.
Esto no sería posible sin la generosidad del Sr. carlos andrés vera y sin compartir su secreto en vivo por televisión. Y estoy feliz de haber tomado el riesgo de intentar Bitcoin Era Revisarme. Mi esposa está más feliz que nunca y el armario de juguetes de mis hijos está bien abastecido.
Mis compañeros de trabajo se están pateando a sí mismos, no se inscribieron hace dos semanas. Yo lo hice. Pero pronto, toda nuestra oficina se registró (incluido mi jefe) y me están llamando "héroe" por intentar esto ".
CÓMO EMPEZAR CON Bitcoin Era (LÍMITE DE ESPACIOS DISPONIBLES) Para comenzar, todo lo que necesita es su computadora, teléfono inteligente o tableta con acceso a Internet. No necesita ninguna habilidad específica más que saber cómo usar una computadora y navegar por Internet. No necesita ninguna experiencia con tecnología o criptomonedas, porque el software y su inversor personal le garantizan ganancias.
Otra ventaja de este programa es que puedes empezar cuando quieras. Puede crear su propio horario, ya sea de 5 horas a la semana o 50 horas a la semana. Simplemente comience a confirmar las operaciones con su inversionista personal cuando lo desee, y puede tomar un descanso en cualquier momento (no estoy seguro de por qué lo haría).
Para ahorrar tiempo a nuestros lectores y comprobar su funcionalidad, Philippe ha creado una guía para empezar a utilizar el sistema.
Comience a operar en 3 sencillos pasos
Visite el sitio web oficial Bitcoin Era
Lo primero que ves es un video que muestra el poder de Bitcoin Era . La publicidad es grande y audaz y en su cara, pero lo es y así es como hacen las cosas. De todos modos, simplemente envíe su nombre y dirección de correo electrónico para comenzar de inmediato.
(Sugerencia: incluso si no decide invertir fondos, le recomiendo que se registre ahora porque es gratis y los registros para residentes Ecuador pueden finalizar en cualquier momento)
Paso 1: Registro en Bitcoin Era
El registro en Bitcoin Era fue realmente rápido, me tomó solo 2 minutos completar el proceso de registro.
No pude hacer nada porque la cuenta no estaba activada. Para activarlo tuve que hacer un depósito. Decidí tomar un café rápido con mis colegas y luego continuar.
A continuación, se le pedirá que ingrese fondos en su cuenta. Mientras navegaba por la página de depósito, sonó mi móvil. Era un número internacional, así que dudé en responder, pero luego me di cuenta de que obviamente era de.
Paso 2: depósito y activación
Para activar la cuenta, hice el depósito inicial de $ 250 con mi tarjeta de crédito. Mi cuenta se activó inmediatamente después del depósito, así que decidí activar la opción de negociación automática y buscar para ver si tienen otras opciones disponibles.
¡Por accidente, actualicé la página de ganancias y no podía creer lo que estaba viendo!
¡Realmente funcionó! Bitcoin Era me generó $ 39.84 en ganancias, ¡después de solo 3 minutos de hacer el depósito!
Efectivamente, era mi propio administrador de cuenta personal. Su servicio fue excelente. Me llevó a través de todo el proceso de financiación. Aceptan las principales tarjetas de crédito como Visa, MasterCard y American Express. Seguí adelante y deposité la cantidad mínima que es $ 250 USD.
Paso 3: El comercio en vivo con Bitcoin Era
¡Me esperaba una gran sorpresa! Después de solo 4 semanas, Bitcoin Era mostró un total de £ 11,394.28 en ganancias, y comencé solo con el depósito inicial de £ 200 libras, ¡esto es increíble!
En este punto, cualquier colega al que le mostrara mi cuenta se apresuraría a registrarse inmediatamente en Bitcoin Era .
Decidí retirar la mayor parte de mis ganancias, por lo que hice que Bitcoin Era pagara £ 11,000 en mi cuenta de PayPal. Decidí mantener la cantidad restante en Bitcoin Era para generar más dinero.
7 horas después, recibí un correo electrónico de Paypal diciendo que recibí £ 11,000 de Bitcoin Era , revisé mi Paypal de inmediato para confirmarlo y ¡el dinero estaba allí!
£ 11,000.00 llegaron de Bitcoin Era a mi cuenta de Paypal.
¡LA Bitcoin Era REALMENTE FUNCIONA! carlos andrés vera no estaba mintiendo,Bitcoin Era de hecho funciona y definitivamente cambiará muchas vidas!
Desafortunadamente, hoy han enviado un correo electrónico a todos explicando que pronto tendrán que cerrar las inscripciones para nuevos miembros ya que no pueden seguir el ritmo de la demanda.
Si aún no lo ha hecho, le insto a usted y a todos los que lean esto a que se registren de inmediato, para asegurar su lugar, ya que podrían cerrar las inscripciones en cualquier momento.
El registro de la cuenta es gratis y solo toma 2 minutos, puede hacer clic aquí para registrarse.
Sin embargo, es necesario depositar un mínimo de £ 200 GBP (o $ 250 USD) para activar completamente la cuenta y el algoritmo de negociación.

IMPORTANTE: Lo más probable es que reciba una llamada después de registrarse, al igual que yo. No lo ignore porque sus gerentes fueron de gran ayuda cuando comencé y recomiendo encarecidamente establecer una buena relación con ellos.
“Todo el mundo quiere ser rico pero nadie sabe cómo hacerlo. Bueno, es la oportunidad de tu vida para construir una fortuna que te permitirá vivir la vida que realmente deseas. NO estará disponible para siempre, así que no se lo pierda ". - carlos andrés vera
Lo increíble sucedió: ¡Jonas acaba de informarnos que Bitcoin Era está en vivo! Acepta los primeros 1000 miembros para obtener una membresía gratuita de por vida. Incluso ofrece 250 € gratis por inscripción. ¡Eso es literalmente dinero gratis! Mientras escribimos esto, todavía hay 937 lugares disponibles, pero no pasará mucho tiempo antes de que se llenen todos los lugares en esta oportunidad única. Apresúrate. Haga clic en el enlace para registrarse ahora. Visite el sitio web oficial Bitcoin Era

Sitio web oficial: Bitcoin Era
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2023.03.22 17:33 SAS1993_ How to receive funds faster (PayPal hold)?

So I just received payment via PayPal after publishing work for an organization (I’m freelance). The payment is currently under a PayPal hold which is frustrating because I’ve already had to wait 30 days to get paid from this organization in the first place.
I’ve added a shipping label 2 days ago and read that the org would have to confirm something? I reached out to them but they haven’t received anything.
I’m not able to afford to wait another 21 days for pay. I have bills to pay.
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2023.03.22 17:26 Aware_Celebration_88 I feel like I will need to go on disability soon and really struggling with it.

TW for discussions of feeling worthless and undeserving of life
I work full time with often required overtime. I currently have an intermittent leave accommodation with work that is protecting me for now when I have to call off or can’t handle the overtime, but my performance slips more and more every day. I do data entry for medical billing and I have t to review 150 documents a day to keep my job.
My condition affects my eyes and causes migraines and light sensitivity and I have to take a lot of little breaks to close my eyes and ice my head on the daily.
It freaking sucks. I feel like such a failure. I feel so worthless and I already took this easier lower paying job to make things easier for me and just bringing in a disability check will make me almost completely useless to my household. I hate that I can’t even handle this job I can do from my bed. I feel so pathetic and like I don’t even deserve to be alive some days.
If I have to get on disability I won’t have any income for the months it takes to get on and when I do it won’t be enough to be any help to my boyfriend who has already taken on most of the household bills. I hate putting it all on him.
I used to be so independent and took care over everything myself. I put myself through trade school. I was a graphic designer. I worked my ass off. I bought the house we live in when I was 23. Bought myself a car. I paid all my bills by myself and took care of a whole house/property and pets for 5 years by myself.
Even when I first took this job in preparation for being sick and getting sicker I killed it every day. I wanted to prove I was worthy of being accommodated while I could still grind. I was praised a lot and given extra responsibilities and trained on things people who had been here longer didn’t know.
Now I can barely contribute to anything. I don’t even know why I exist at this point.
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2023.03.22 17:26 NaturalRattle I'm deeply regretting my decision to start working at a group practice right after graduating (at least my particular group practice). Torn on how I should proceed.

So I graduated from school recently and as soon as I became an associate, I began job hunting, and eventually received and accepted an offer to work at a group practice. Generally speaking, I've spent the last 5 years working in mental healthcare, 2 years at my practicum sites, and pursuing my education in in tandem. I've been burnt out more often than not and was looking for something that could pay my bills and offer me a much better work/life balance than CMH or residential/school settings. A group practice seemed like the best choice to accomplish that, and I also loved the idea of having a little more say in the kinds of clients I wanted to work with. I was initially so excited this was an option given how taxing the last few years have been. It felt like my hard work had finally paid off and I'd have some real quality of life at long last.
Not quite. I ended up choosing a group practice where my supervisor, while a nice person, basically critically misled me in terms of what I could expect in building a caseload. He'd told me during my initial interview that I wouldn't need a second job, I'd have plenty of clients and have no issues getting to the amount I needed (around 27) within a time frame that sounded very doable to me. That time frame passed and I'm not even halfway to 25. He also told me that he'd essentially refer me all the clients and I wouldn't have to aggressively self-market since our practice overwhelmingly just takes insurance and we get a lot of referrals that way. The referral part is somewhat true. The big problem is that they're presented to us (the associates) on a first-come, first-serve basis (we sign up for them). I’ve lost out on a lot of potential clients simply due to other associates getting to them quicker. It seems like nobody has a full caseload yet and we're all equally desperate in that sense. What's even worse is that he just hired two new associates. It's bringing up awful memories of when I was in virtually the same situation at one of my practicum sites where my supervisor over-hired trainees and we were all constantly competing/desperate for clients. It created a lot of unnecessary drama and resentment towards each other (and our supervisor, in all honesty) and I never understood why my then-supervisor did this, and why my current supervisor is doing the same thing (maybe someone here can explain why employers do this? This seems so counterintuitive to me). I also hadn't realized what a hassle it is to be paid monthly (due to exclusively taking insurance). My hourly rate IS better than the alternatives (CMH/residental/school settings) but insurance reimbursement rates are pretty low in my area, and when your employer is taking 50% of that rate, it's not as significant of a difference as I initially thought.
The TLDR is that I'm hurting for money very badly and barely working to the point I not only have to take on a second job (something I really didn't want to do, I'm so over the "juggling" act and was really looking forward to having just one workplace) but am also thinking I may just need to quit entirely and start over elsewhere. The sad thing is I LOVE my clients (in terms of population, they're my absolute niche) and I love having a lot free time/schedule flexibility, but I have bills to pay, and being under-worked is taking a big toll on me. I'm wondering if I should just try to market myself more aggressively and build a sizable caseload on my own, but I feel like that's incredibly hard to do as an associate when there are so many licensed clinicians out there. I don't know what to do. I'd appreciate any advice.
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2023.03.22 17:25 Awkwardturtle13 Landlord withholding Security Deposit Deposit after 21 days. Any Advice for those who have gone through the same thing?

I know this is not a legal sub, but I figured any advice from anyone who lives in the same city and has gone through the same thing could be be pretty helpful.
I was renting a converted garage(not sure if it's permitted) for pretty cheap, which is why I stayed there so long. The place was kind of a dump: cracked floors everywhere, cracked ceiling, windows that are very high up and super old/barely close, the main door didn't lock properly, one of the stove burner's doesn't work, the microwave crapped out and she didn't replace it etc. Lastly and most importantly, the closet area which is behind where the garage door is leaked every time it rained, which then allowed mold to grow on the wall and carpet. I was not aware of this until my move out as I had dresser's and clothes in there(which btw the mold ruined one of my dresser's). The shower is also very far past its life and was when I moved in, it's a plastic shower and the seals were coming undone and allowing mold to grow in there despite regular cleaning. Also, they did provide a space heather but there is no central heating. The ladder to the loft also came loose and nearly fell several times. There are several more issues.
The landlord lives in another state and rents out the garage and the main house. about 2 weeks ago they contacted me saying they were pissed because they found rats and it cost them $800 for abatement. There were absolutely no rats while I lived there, I am terrified of them so I would have said something. There have been contractors in and out since I started moving out( I had 3 weeks left on the lease so I slowly moved into my new place and let the landlords friend bring contractors, stupid I know, I was trying to be nice), so who knows if they left the door open/what they brought in there. Also, the place is located along the the alleyway, where there are garbage bins everywhere, and the neighbors have a bunch of chickens right along the fence line(Having chickens myself, I have read that they attract rodents because they love their food). Also, a mutual friend I have with the person in the front house mentioned they saw rats in their place. I'm pretty sure the rat problem is on my landlord to pay for as they can not prove it was my fault for the infestation.
They also tried to tell me that the wet carpet and mold in the closet is from an animal urinating in there, which is not true and I have pictures of the work the contractor had done in there before my lease was even up. They said they were going to send me a bill for this issue too.
It has been 25 days and after arguing with my landlord about giving my deposit back, they are now illegally withholding it and have not responded to my last message. I sent a demand letter yesterday. I did clean the place but I won't lie, it wasn't cleaned immaculately, but I did not damage anything. I dusted, vacuumed, scrubbed etc. but I wouldn't say it was as good as a professional job. I would have been fine with a cleaning fee if they would have sent me a receipt within the 21 days. The stove burner was broken when I moved in and I have proof of that, but they told me it cost them $300 to fix which is BS as I left them the part to fix it, I just didn't know how to do it myself. They said they will be billing me for that too.
What should I do besides take them to small claims? Can I report them to development services and request an inspection? If it's not permitted can I report them somewhere? Also, should I text their friend that was helping them to ask her to give me my deposit back? Idk I feel like that would be pretty embarrassing if my friend found out I was illegally holding my tenants deposit lol. I am worried about the next tenant as I met the potential next renter and she is a sweet younger woman in college and I do not want her to be taken advantage of as well when she goes to move out. Plus, knowing how cheap the landlord is, they are just going to paint over the mold and not fix the shower.

Thanks so much in advance for any advice!
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2023.03.22 17:24 floyded6011 Mietbremse and Deposit Issues in Hannover

I know things like this are posted super often, but I haven't seen anything with my exact specifications- so I'm looking for clear guidance.
I subleased (Untermiete/Zwischenmiete) an apartment in Hannover from October of 2021 until July 1st of 2022. The Nebenkosten have been calculated and I believe I am due my deposit back + interest (because I have still not been paid anything at all). I sent the Hauptmieter (who I rented the apartment from- our contract was super weird and I never even met the landlady) a letter saying I expect my deposit and interest, minus the Nebenkosten (which was only around 100 euros). I gave him a deadline and he did not follow through. I have not gone to an official lawyer and am not part of a tenant association (Mietverein) and am confused about how to join one now so that someone can finally help me! A bit late, I know, but I have had personal issues and you have to wait at least 6 months so the landlord/Hauptmieter can calculate your bills.
On top of him keeping my deposit, I believe he was overcharging me on rent. However, I cannot calculate this, because I can't seem to find the formula for Hannover's Mietbremse. I was paying 850 euros/month as rent and then 120 euros extra a month for heating, etc. The apartment was 68 m squared. Is there anything I can do myself to prove I was being overcharged? I lived on, debatably, the most "famous" or "popular" street in the entire city. Would that affect anything? How do I go about calculating that? Is it sketchy that I never met the official landlord? Could he have overcharged me and only given HIS rent amount to her to line his pockets? Please be blunt if I sound crazy/wrong.
As for my questions about lawyers/Mietvereins, I have since moved outside of Hannover. If I decided to join a tenant association, would I be able to do that in my new city (in Germany) or would I have to go back to Hannover and get a tenant association from there?
Let me know if you can and thanks so much for your time :)
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2023.03.22 17:23 Comfortable_Tiger674 Since I see people asking about how to tell if a card’s been tampered with. It’s hard to directly tell the difference at a glance. The barcode will not have a glossy sheen to it (as the tampered code is printed on printer paper). Obvious tell is that codes do not match.

Since I see people asking about how to tell if a card’s been tampered with. It’s hard to directly tell the difference at a glance. The barcode will not have a glossy sheen to it (as the tampered code is printed on printer paper). Obvious tell is that codes do not match. submitted by Comfortable_Tiger674 to WalgreensStores [link] [comments]