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2023.06.06 08:30 Kiwikeikeikei Chronic hip pain for two years is really start to get to me, and I feel like I'm losing...

I am going to try and make an extremely long story short. I (22F- 5'9"- 140lbs) fell down a flight of stairs two years ago in April of 2021. I had banged up my left hip pretty badly. The bruise spanned for my lower back to my upper thigh. At the time, the doctor told me I most likely bruised my pelvic bone and sent me on my way. I started going through physical therapy, which did not help. At the time, they thought I had IT band issues with piriformis syndrome entrapping my sciatic nerve. In June of 2022, had an MRI done without contrast that confirmed I had a anteriosuperior labral tear in my left hip. I tried to get a cortisone shot, but I was in the process of moving. The doctor I had seen to get a cortisone shot also refused to give me one because "they can't pinpoint where my pain is coming from and more tests had to be done first" since I had a lot of pain in the front of my hip but also a lot of pain in the back of my hip. I had moved to the place I am at now, and in January of 2023 I had yet again another MRI this time with contrast. It confirmed that I had a labral tear in my left hip as well as an identical one in my right hip. I was surprised to hear about my right hip labral tear because I've mostly had pain in my left hip the past 2 years. I got referred to an orthopedic surgeon, but I could not see him until May of 2023. He had told me that my hip issues are more complicated than originally thought, scheduled me for a Cortisone shot, and referred me to a physiatrist.
I got the cortisone shot about a week and a half ago in the front of my hip, and it has helped with some pain, but I have noticed within the past few days that my hip has started to be painful again as if I had never gotten it in the first place. Also, the pain in the back of my hip never went away, but I also didn't get my shot back there so I'm trying to give it the benefit of the doubt. I also do not understand what a physiatrist is or what they do, so if anyone knows that would be great...
Anyway... I'm at a loss. Dealing with chronic pain for the past 2 years and being on countless types of medication except for narcotics when none of them have helped has really drained me. It's also drained me knowing that my hip issues are probably more complicated than I had been led to believe, and I don't know what other issues can be going on other than my labral tears.
I had an X-ray done and it showed mild acetabular retroversion. My notes also show slight head-neck sclerosis (whatever that means), and two non-displaced labral tears. My symptoms the past two years have progressively been getting worse, but here are some of them:
I'm curious if someone has dealt with similar issues and symptoms and what they were diagnosed with? I feel as if I am the only person that has this going on, and I just want to know other people's. Should I be getting a second orthopedic surgeon opinion? Personally, I would like surgery because from what I've read online about labral tears they don't heal on their. I've been in physical therapy, and that hasn't helped. I've been on numerous types of medications including anti-inflammatories, pain meds, arthritis medication, nerve blocking medication, and it does not help... I was trying to be helpful about this cortisone shot, but it's been hard to be optimistic when I've been dealing with this chronic pain for 2 years.
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2023.06.06 08:30 Adept_Victory3201 M British professor having a slow start to the week [chat] [friendship] [relationship]

I love my job, I work with great people, and I am doing some really satisfying work. However I can’t seem to shake this somewhat flat feeling. I’ve moved around the UK for a while now and it often leads to fleeting friendships and a lack of stability. Consequently it gets a bit lonely- so here we are. I’ve written a little about me here:
6ft, Blue eyes, brown hair
I love my sport (both watching and playing) Often love to read but need a good recommendation to get me back into it again. Hiking is great fun, it gives you real sense of accomplishment. I want to travel more and would love to hear some of your stories.
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2023.06.06 08:30 vrobellini My (27M) heart rate dips to upper 40s while lying down

A few weeks ago I noticed that whenever I lie down in bed before falling asleep or after waking up, my heart rate remains in the lower 50s or upper 40s (47-49).
MiBand records my sleeping heart rate to be 48 on average, the RHR is in the lower 50s (between 51 and 54 over the past month excluding single anomalies). Depending on the amount of exercise I do during the day, my average heart rate oscillates around the upper 60s and lower 70s.
I'm not the fittest person but I'm not slacking either - 27M, 178 cm, 80 kg, cycle a few times a week + play football 1-2 times per week. I am an anxious person, ngl, any little pinch around the chest area can make me startled even if it comes from non-cardiac grounds.
Given the fact that the low (at least imo) heart rate doesn't come with nausea, dizziness or chest pain (I only feel anxious that it's too low), should I be worried? Over the past 18 months I've done numerous tests on the heart: echo, ECGs, holters, treadmill and CT of the coronary vessels - all came out fine.
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2023.06.06 08:29 AdorableAstronomer66 Broken up with before summer

bf of few months broke up with me and I wonder if it has to do with the fact that summer is around the corner and he no longer wanted to be obligated to our committed relationship. For those going through a breakup- do you think it’s because summer is around the corner and so many things would not make it work out?
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2023.06.06 08:29 ThrowRA1043457 I (19F) have a crush on a customer (50M)

Based on what I know about him, he is at least 50.
I have a boyfriend around the same age as me who I have been with over a year. But, lately, there's this bar regular at the restaurant I work at who I think likes me. Ever since I first started dating, I can become attracted to people just because they are attracted to me because I like the attention or something. Anyways. This customer goes out of his way to say hi to me, compliment me, and make random small talk to get to know more about me, all while giving me this huge smile. Obviously, there's an issue with the age difference. I've gotten plenty of general warnings already about stranger danger, especially in the restaurant industry. But I can't get him off my mind. My boyfriend and I got in a fight and as some sort of revenge, I almost gave my number to this guy. I want to go out with him and do the things my boyfriend doesn't want to. I want to do naughty things with him, and it turns me on more knowing how predatory it would seem.
I feel guilty. I'm not quite sure what advice I'm even looking for here. Just knock me back into my senses, I guess. Or if there's any old-guy-fuckers out there who can give me flirting advice, I'll take that too lmao. I'll try my best to answer any clarifying questions.
TL;DR: I have a boyfriend and a crush on a 50-something year old customer at my work. What should I do? Should I break up with my boyfriend? Should I safely pursue this new guy? How do I do that safely?
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2023.06.06 08:29 Ok_Objective_3279 Is my dad going to die? If so when? And what can I expect?

Male, Caucasian. 65 years old, 5’8 180lbs; before treatment started. Now around 150-160lbs Was in shape most of his life, good heart good lungs.
Was a heavy drinker up until treatment. Still has a beer when he’s feelings good or trying to participate in social events. Smoked in the 70s so only a couple years he said and cigars on occasion up until 2010.
Thyroid cancer in 2010 due to HPV went through treatment (chemotherapy & radiation).
Started experiencing symptoms in SeptembeNovember of 2022.
Location- Michigan, USA
Current Diagnosis- Angiosarcoma of the neck and throat.
Medications- Levothyroxine, lorazepam (just started), tramadol 25-50mgs 4x daily, Tylenol and ibuprofen 4x. Currently taking cisplatinum I think it’s called. Was on Doxorubicin with no help.
Had a tracheotomy done in mid march.
My dad felt his throat closing off in February so they did an emergency tracheotomy.
His throat is bleeding constantly.
He’s going to do chemo 1 day a week. 2 weeks on 1 off. And starting radiation soon.
The Dr said the cancer was caused by the radiation from previous cancer treatment.
If more information is needed please let me know I’m a novice to this thread.
Thank You.
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2023.06.06 08:29 PhysicalAthlete9164 Feminine guys?

So I'm quite a feminine guy, around 5'6, small figure, can't grow facial hair, soft voice, and little to no body hair. So there are people who do think im a girl sometimes and it's an insecurity I'm working on. But on the other hand, I do have a pretty big cock (around 7"). So I like how guys look at me in the showers when I come in they can be a bit confused and think im a girl, then I take my clothes off and they definitely know im not. But recently as I've been going to the gym more I've been more insecure and hesitant to take showers and sometimes I don't at all cause I feel too insecure. Does anyone have any advice/suggestions?
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2023.06.06 08:29 zipadeedooda21 Evaluations for Club

I am helping with evaluations for a new club that is very disorganized. When I arrived they told me they would give me a sheet to grade the kids and all they gave me was an excel sheet with the kids name and a number they had given them. There wasn't even space for me to write out my thoughts as I was watching. The numbers weren't even in order so I was flipping around trying to find what number went to what kid. They had the list alphabetically and then just gave a random number when kids arrived so the numbers were jumbled.
There was no guide for grading a player so assessors could not find a common ground. There were a couple kids who I know are very difficult and mean. I mentioned this while talking to the director and he said that shouldn't matter. That we can coach that out of players. Then the final concern that I saw was I mentioned parents that have made it difficult to coach. One coach in particular had such a bad experience with the club he left entirely and said it was because of the parents of this player. When I brought this up, they said it wasn't a concern to them.
I feel like these are red flags for me as a coach. Is this normal to go into a club and for them to not worry about creating a healthy environment for the players as far as team dynamics? Also is it normal for parents to be inappropriate and for clubs to allow that? When your club runs evaluations, is there a guide to rate players to get an overall number to know who goes on the upper and lower team? They said we just watch and write a 1 or a 2 by the kids name, with nothing to back it up.
Another concern I had was before evaluations they asked us to write up about each player and our thoughts- pros and cons and how loyal they are to the club. They told us this would be considered for evaluations. I was the only one in my age group to fill these out and when I brought this up, they said they will not be using them at all and purely going off the evaluations.
I am asking because this is the only club around town and as much as I love this sport, the way the club is headed does not seem great. Thoughts?
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2023.06.06 08:28 Raoshard I (24M) waited to heal before another relationship and still she (18F) broke up with me. Am I not deserving of a relationship?

I'm really trying to not lose my grip on life right now, but I'll try my best writing a coherent post so that I may find some help.
For context, my previous relationship lasted almost 3 years and ended in November. It was my first and I was absolutely devastated, I hated my family seeing me like that, but I just couldn't get a grip until somewhere around February. Something clicked, and I started to be more social, more friendly, I made quite a few friends and I stayed open to new experiences.
When I felt like I had healed enough, somewhere around the beginning of April, I remembered a girl I met in January and decided to message her. We turned out to click really well, having frequent moments where we say the same things, and we have the same interests. From the first moment when we met on our date, I fell in love with her but stayed cautious because from what stories she told me, she's the type that loves danger, chaos, parties and excitement. I'm an extrovert as well, but I hate chaos, and my idea of having fun isn't getting drunk.
I accepted the fact that we're different in a way, and during our first night, she said she loved me. From that moment on I grew more and more attached to her and everything she said made me think she's actually serious about all this.
I learned from my previous relationship that I have an anxious attachment style, but I managed to control it as best as I could. I didn't get jealous, and every thought of her potentially abandoning me I swept under the rug and I instead showed unconditional love. There were of course moments where I was worried for her, when she got completely drunk at a party and I cared for her all night because she got to the point of shaking and sweating. I expressed how that pains me because she's important to me.
Last night, I asked her if we could talk, because I noticed that she's avoiding kissing me and meeting me as little as possible since a month or so (in a 2 month relationship, I know), and she instead suggested that we take a walk. We did, she told me with ease that she doesn't want a serious relationship right now, she wants to find herself, and she wants to live the upcoming part of her life alone (she starts college in a few months).
I was absolutely devastated and I'm still trying to not think of stupid things, but everything hurts so much that it's getting really difficult.
She herself told me that I showed her kindness like no one else, and that I'm the only person in her life to treat her with such care and love. She had a difficult childhood because her parents divorced, and before we got together she also ended a 3 year relationship with a toxic ex.
She said she really loves me, but she simply doesn't want to be in a serious relationship.
Now, to the question I want to ask in hopes of getting some peace. If she's attracted to me, our sex life was phenomenal, she trusted me and told me things she wouldn't tell others, she loved the way I care about her- and if I brought the absolute best version of myself, I focused on my hobbies instead of putting everything into the relationship, I improved myself beside her, and I loved her without condition or anxiety...
Why the hell didn't it work?
She promised that if there's ever anything between us, we'll talk about it before things take a turn for the worse, and this was her promise, I didn't have to ask. I keep thinking that if I had played my cards differently, or maybe if I didn't express concern when she got drunk or something, maybe we would still be together now. Maybe if I was better, or better looking, that I would deserve her.
I'm tired and drained of all emotions. I keep getting thrown out by people that tell me they love me. I sheepishly believe them, and love them, and I make sure to express that love with physical contact, intimate talks, deep connections and heartfelt, thoughtful gifts, only for one day to be met with "I don't want this anymore"
Please, someone help me, I just want a life where I can share the happy moments with a person who loves me. Not because I'm their child, not because I buy them gifts, not because of superficial things... I just want someone to love me like I love them... And it's so rare to find someone I can really click with, not to mention fall in love with...
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2023.06.06 08:28 red-beard-the-fifth I know this is a strange one.

So, I have a few wasp nests around that I know defacto have been inactive for a while.
If... I eat the nest. What would be some worst case scenario type things to "talk me out of it"
If nothing terrible is coming of it? Might munch. Lemme know guys.
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2023.06.06 08:27 vrobellini My (27M) heart rate dips to upper 40s while lying down

A few weeks ago I noticed that whenever I lie down in bed before falling asleep or after waking up, my heart rate remains in the lower 50s or upper 40s (47-49).
MiBand records my sleeping heart rate to be 48 on average, the RHR is in the lower 50s (between 51 and 54 over the past month excluding single anomalies). Depending on the amount of exercise I do during the day, my average heart rate oscillates around the upper 60s and lower 70s.
I'm not the fittest person but I'm not slacking either - 27M, 178 cm, 80 kg, cycle a few times a week + play football 1-2 times per week. I am an anxious person, ngl, any little pinch around the chest area can make me startled even if it comes from non-cardiac grounds.
Given the fact that the low (at least imo) heart rate doesn't come with nausea, dizziness or chest pain (I only feel anxious that it's too low), should I be worried? Over the past 18 months I've done numerous tests on the heart: echo, ECGs, holters, treadmill and CT of the coronary vessels - all came out fine.
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2023.06.06 08:27 Status_Assistant_905 Volkwagen golf 2011 engine low compression

I found that the fourth cylinder has around 50psi compression. How much do you think this may cost me to fix . Just a rough estimates for different possibilities.
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2023.06.06 08:27 Nearby-Engineer8101 Opportunities for understanding restaurant companies better

I am a young partner in a 3 restaurant company. I am the operations manager of all three locations and am hoping to find some sort of part time work 15-20ish hours a week that would allow me to see how a similarly sized or slightly larger company operates. I couldn’t help but think of staging as a interesting way to learn in our industry. I was wondering if there were any recommendations for education at the admin level. Most online classes I’ve tried feels like they are too much out of a text book and I would learn more working for or with someone else. I do not need to be paid for my time.
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2023.06.06 08:27 AFatLizard Would forcibly making out with a child be a criminal offense?

Apologies if any of my formatting or terminology is off, this is my first time posting to the subreddit and I'm fairly inexperienced with legal topics.
When I [17NB] was little (between 6 and 9, definitely a child), my uncle repeatedly pinned me down on the couch and made out with me, tongue included. He would say that this is what family does, and that it's okay, which pacified me just enough to not tell anyone until now. He never went further than that, though. All the sources I can find seem to say that sexual body parts need to be involved, so I'm not sure what he could get charged with, if anything. He was also a minor at the time (probably around 16-17 if I had to guess), and has a past of exposing himself to kids, if that matters.
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2023.06.06 08:26 Comfortable_Neck_799 The whole system is broken. How do I stay sane?

Everywhere I look around, everything is corrupted. Be it the government or the corporate. It makes me feel so hopeless about how I will keep myself alive, or how I'll go on making a career or earn money etc etc... I'm not sure if I am overthinking this or being oversensitive, if my anxiety is naturally flared up... Or does everyone constantly worry about how they're going to sustain themselves?
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2023.06.06 08:26 sandfourman1 [Orient] got this recently second hand shopping. Anyone know the model?

Don't know much about orient watches. looking around it seems to bring me to a king diver, but I'm not sure if that's the right model.
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2023.06.06 08:26 SoberCatDad 40 days ago

Hey everyone! I've tried time and time again to just go even a week without drinking after drinking near a liter(often more) of whiskey, nearly every day, for 10 years...

40 days ago... It doesn't sound like much but so much has happened.

41 days ago I called my mother and begged her to come sit with me the next day so I wouldn't start drinking at noon. She came and sat with me, not making me feel bad but just acting like we were hanging out.

40 days ago I went to my first AA meeting. I was shaking, maybe from alcohol withdrawal but also definitely from being nervous. They gave me a 24 hour coin and I explained I was there because I know I can't do it alone. I told myself for years that I can quit, I just gotta get my circumstances right... It turns out that even if I wasn't lying to myself with my intentions, I was wrong. I needed help.40 days ago I started building support networks. Family and friends were told the honest truth, I can't quit myself. People didn't look at me like I was a bad person, people didn't make me feel shame, people didn't go 'yeah quitting again huh'.39 days ago I went to my first celebrate recovery meeting, which is a Christian based recovery group for all of life's hurts, habits, and hangups. I immediately met so many people who wanted to know me I couldn't keep all their names straight. My contact list doubled in size in just one night in my phone.37 days ago I attended church for the first time in 20 years. I felt moved, and I realized this was the first time I was approaching God for love and getting better. Instead of just calling for God when I needed to get myself out of a bad situation promising to change it he helps me out.Since then I have went to meetings every week, church every week, I continue to meet new people, I started dating a nice girl. I told her straight away, I'm in recovery and didn't try to keep it secret. No longer would I be making excuses to leave early to go home and drink secretly or calculating how long I need to quit before our dates so I'm not shaking or going through peak withdrawals. Again she didn't look at me with shame, she didn't think I was terrible, she told me later she likes me because of how honest I was on our first date, and the deep conversations we are able to have each time we get together.40 days ago I started doing things every day, seeing people, doing projects around the house, volunteering, church.40 days ago I started actually putting in 8 hours of work everyday day, rather than getting as much as I could done in two hours then start day drinking.40 days ago I quit buying whiskey, and have saved myself 1200, plus I don't end up making drunk purchases that randomly show up.40 days ago my relationship with my mom started growing, instead of withering away like my life was as I sat in the basement in front of the TV getting drunk.41 days ago I admitted to myself and everyone around me I couldn't do this alone, and for 40 days I've lived as much life as I normally did in an entire year.Here's to another 40, and then another, and then another.It wasnt always easy, but most days it is. When something goes bad at work my first thought is get drunk, and I actually feel shameful for that. Why am I so broken that my solution to mild issues is just get wasted and cause major issues. A member in group said it's because I have a lot of practice of getting drunk and hiding from problems, and it's going to take time to practice alternatives.I used to not be able to go 24 hours without drinking except I'm rare situations, but now I'm 40 days sober and I have a whole brand new, meaningful, loving, fun, fuggen awesome life.If you are struggling to quit, and have tried over and over, yet keep going back... It might be time to ask for help, just call everyone one by one in your phone and tell them the truth... You want to quit drinking and you need every friend and family member you have to get it done. You might be surprised with their response, you might be surprised just how much your life could change in just one week.Love you and good luck.SOBERcatdad.
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2023.06.06 08:26 Ikhis Precon lvl deckbuilding.

Hello there! Recently our group got into magic ( big yay for a friend and me). Most people never played magic before and we started out with the Commander Starters. Quite fun games, but it felt a bit underwhelming, so we got some other precons too (mishra, buckle up, dungeons of death, aura of courage and the warhammer one with marines).
Mishra was just insanely annoying for the table, noone wanted to play him again, he was just not fun. Dungeons of Death was liked for being gimmicky, but seemed weak compared to the other decks. The Warhammer set seemed a bit too strong here and there. So my questions would be: Where do I start if I want to build some fun, but overall balanced commander deck around precon strenght? What differs from the usual rules one can find online? I'd like to spice up stuff like first flight (but I'd be afraid its flying creatures take a big lead). Gimmicky stuff would be appreciated, if they dont get too complicated (Like Mishras PreCon).
Thanks in advance
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2023.06.06 08:25 sun_gan How to stop being terrified of driving?

So I'm currently 20 and trying (emphasis on trying!) to get my driver's license. I'm lucky to go to college in an area that's very transit-friendly, but I live with my parents during the summer and they've been.... extremely insistent that I get my license. Pragmatically, I can understand why, it's a good life skill to know and could save your life someday, etc. That said, there are very few things I've experienced in my life that feel worse to me than being behind the wheel. I feel constantly hyperaware that the smallest mistake could genuinely result in people dying; I've never been particularly spatially or kinesthetically aware, and the constant awareness of the speed limit, the lanes, whatever's in your left mirror, whatever's in your right mirror, top mirror, haha you were so busy checking mirrors that you forgot your turn signal — I can't handle it! Every time I drive, I realize every ten minutes that I've completely neglected some critical aspect of driving — I haven't checked my blind spot in forever! When was the last time I used my turn signal? Oh god! — because there's just. too. much. of. EVERYTHING. I know it doesn't sound like a lot but it just feels impossibly overwhelming. There's so many small aspects — how long it takes to come to a stop, how wide your turn is — where it feels like the car is fighting me; it feels unnatural. I've taken around four driving lessons, totaling to approx. 7 hours of the road — many of my peers have had around 5-10 hours of lessons in their pocket and passed the test on their first try. It feels like I'm only getting worse now that I know how much you constantly have to be aware of and how dangerous something as relatively "slow" as 40 mph feels when you're in the drivers seat. I ended my first lesson honest to god hyperventilating and sobbing as the instructor said that if I didn't know how to do this, I'd be powerless if my parents were dying and I couldn't drive them to the hospital — which, true, but I'm now even more freaked out. I ended my fourth lesson an hour ago, also hyperventilating and sobbing from panic and terror. I can barely make a proper left turn; when these instructors ask me to attempt busy main roads, huge intersections, and freeways, I can't fathom why someone like me should ever be on the road when so, so much can constantly go wrong. And yet I guess I just have to?
That got long and likely sounds very childish. I think I'm still kinda coming down from a panic attack. Logically I know the best cure is practice, but being on the road just feels. I don't know. It feels awful, and every minute I spend out there is another opportunity for my negligence and indecision to actually kill someone. I've seen people advise practicing it with someone safe — to put it briefly, my parents are the last people I'd want to be alone in a stressful situation with. So um. Help?
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2023.06.06 08:25 JinxMoth Oil Diffuser

So I have bugs in my room/house, and one of those bugs includes roaches. I just saw a HUGE one when I turned my chair around. Now a solution I've used in the past is to use my oil diffuser (you just put water and a drop or two of whatever oil you want, and it releases a thin vapor) with peppermint oil because it's supposed to drive roaches away form that room. Now I'm getting lots of mixed messages from google so I hope someone can tell me here. Is it safe for me to do this with my geckos open tank in the same room? Or do I need to find another way to solve this?
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2023.06.06 08:25 local_dvlman Horror YouTube video

Long story short I don’t have any like pictures or videos of this video I stumbled across so I hope someone can tell me if they’ve seen it too.
Me and my cousin one night were watching a playlist of weird YouTube videos and I came across a video that was somewhere from Asia. I think it was Japanese but I’m not sure. At first it started out with two girl characters that looked like drawings glued onto a stick. So stick puppets. All the other characters were like animals and inanimate objects with like faces and voices. They hummed and made noises and the background was pink I think. They were running around the screen being all happy or whatnot when like the corner started to seep black ink. They all got scared and the music turned distorted. Soon the black reached the characters and black hands ripped through the canvas and started to grab the girls and the other ones. They were screaming and it was a really weird then it ended. I also think they bled too or there was red instead of black but I can’t remember clearly.
I wanted to watch it again because it was super weird but I couldn’t find it! I found the exact playlist and it was gone! I really want to find it 🙏 if anyone knows anything lmk thank you
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2023.06.06 08:25 Fun_Government_745 AITA for not wanting a relationship with my sister?

AITA for not wanting a relationship with my older sister?
throwaway bc this is really personal
I (21F) have had a strained relationship with my sister “Maya” (28F) since I was 14. Maya has been ‘unhinged’ and volatile for as long as I can remember. My mom put her in therapy and took her to several doctors as soon as she started acting out, but nothing helped. She has what I like to call a victim complex. You could say the most simple thing and she will flip and lash out because she feels attacked.
When Maya lashes out, she says the most messed up things and makes low blows. She will scream about how she’s going to kill my mom and that she should’ve been aborted. Like really weird dramatic reactions to minuscule things. Growing up, I witnessed these episodes very frequently and they scarred me. No one likes it when someone raises their voice, but it’s particularly anxiety inducing to me because of what I witnessed. When I was young, I sided with Maya because she was my big sister and I didn’t understand things. As I got older, her outbursts became increasingly unbearable and ridiculous to me.
About 9 months ago, our oldest sister passed away. A month or so after this, Maya asked me to stay the night at her house. I had never stayed at her place before because I just prefer not to be around her. I agreed given the circumstances, and it was awful. She started randomly blaming her boyfriend and me for what happened to our sister. Then she started saying some really messed up things about our sister that I don’t want to repeat. I tried to get her to calm down and sit down, but she started getting physical with me. I had never been in a fight before but I fought back.
Now, I know you’re all going to think “it’s a raw time and people are grieving, give her some grace.” Which I would usually agree with. However, she has ALWAYS been like this. I have empathy for her because she clearly has mental health issues and possibly a drinking problem, but it’s been YEARS and she won’t get help. I can tell that a lot of her outbursts are due to unresolved trauma, but I am sick of her projecting it onto me and others when I have been nothing but supportive. Any time I have even just Facetimed her, it’s ended in her screaming at me and me crying.
My problem is that Maya reaches out to me (especially when she’s drinking) and asks why I ‘hate her’ and stuff. I don’t engage in the victim complex, I just try to be diplomatic and tell her I love her, but don’t go deeper than that. Well yesterday my mom asked me why I don’t talk to her. I told her that I hate that it has to be this way, but that I can’t deal with her. My mom basically said “you’re right but she’s your sister (my only sister now), you have to be there for her. you’re being an asshole.” I just don’t agree with that. I have dealt with Maya for long enough, and I don’t want to subject myself to that anymore.
I don’t want to have a relationship with her when 99% of our interactions are negative. I want her to get better but she doesn’t listen and won’t get help. This relationship is doing nothing but hurting me and I think it’s reasonable to want to distance myself. AITA?
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