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2023.06.03 02:36 Bread_For_Hands 15C MOS questions

Hey, potential enlisted here. Scored a 96 on my ASVAB, was told I could have any job I want. I’m looking at 15C (grey eagle operator) but I’m having trouble finding much information on it via YouTube and Reddit. Some questions I have are:
What is the day to day like for a 15C? Especially on days you aren’t flying
Does the 15C still carry the hellfire missiles?
Is your job enjoyable? I hear UAS operators get a lot of shit for not being an ‘actual’ aviation MOS
Lastly, and most importantly to me, can anyone attest to the success rate of getting into WOFT after enlisting into this MOS? Recruiter told me it is an easy switch (but not as easy as something like 15T)
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2023.06.03 02:35 WinterSkyWolf It's been 3 years and I still get sad

My ex and I were together for 5 years. Her mental illness along with other stressors in my life made me grow distant from her, leading her to breakup with me. She also gained a significant amount of weight and I lost physical attraction. It was rocky at first but we remain friends to this day.
I met someone else who I love very much. She's perfect for me. I'm grateful that the breakup led me to her. But I can't help but reminisce and be sad over my ex. She just told me that she got a boyfriend, the first since we broke up. I'm honestly really happy for her, and I'm not jealous or wanting her back. She seems to be doing a lot better overall. She lost some weight and looks the same as when we first got together.
I just feel sad, and I have no one else to talk about it with. Sometimes I wonder if I would have been a better bf and stuck through things, maybe we would have made it. Maybe that was meant to happen. But then I see my current gf and I feel guilty for having those thoughts.
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2023.06.03 02:35 Stormedcrown Expensive Wheelchair - Sell?

Hey all,
I bought an expensive electric wheelchair online, the Merits P183 if you wanna look it up, but I realized that I’d need something else for my needs. It’s still in its original packaging but they want to charge me nearly $1k to return it. I figured I’d sell it at a nice discount instead, but it seems most platforms don’t allow you to sell medical devices. I was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere I could sell it online?
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2023.06.03 02:35 MechRxn I [37M] am unsure if I should contact my [35F] ex

My ex left me back in early March. She broke up with me because I went to a wedding for my cousin in Mexico and I had promised I would take her with me. I couldn’t afford to. I told her this, she still ended things over a broken promise. It was one of a few I broke. We had dated for a year prior and in January we had a huge argument in front of her son and we didn’t speak for 3 weeks. We started trying to reconnect but from January 1st onward I paid for everything. She never once paid for meals or things we did. I was often paying for her and her son and sometimes her mom who lives with her. I started to resent her SLIGHTLY because of this. We went on a trip with her son and mom and we got two rooms so her mom (why her mom came with) could watch him after he went to bed and her and I could spend time together. Well that didn’t happen, all three of them stayed in one room and she didn’t want to go out because she said she felt unwell. I got very upset as I told her I felt used by her for this trip. I told her I needed time with her just her and I. I said some rude things to her in front of her son which I regret.
On Sunday her son left for 3 weeks to stay with his dad for the summer. She has let me back in a little bit, and I spent time with her and her son Saturday and Sunday. On Monday, she didn’t text me all day and I lost it. I called her even though she said she didn’t want to talk, and I lost it on her. I said I can’t lose her and her son and it feels like I am/I have. Tuesday morning I texted her an apology and asked when her son comes home exactly, she replied with “mechrxn please stop”. I assume this to mean please stop contacting me. I haven’t contacted her since.
For context, we nearly put $ down on a wedding venue back in November after dating for 9 months. She has absolutely been my person sans the baggage of her mother living with her and the situation with her sons father (nasty/abusive).
In past relationships I would reach out after a few days. But I think I’ve grown a little bit here (aside from breaking promises and blowing up on her Monday, completely on me and my insecurities) and have decided to not contact her at all until she contacts me.
I do want her, I am in love with her and I have bonded with her son who is on the spectrum, I want her to be my wife one day but I am trying to be objective and understand this ship may have sailed a while ago. I love her enough to do what she asks of me. It is worth noting that since she ended things in March we haven’t touched or even hugged let alone kiss etc. I realize most will say to move on. I have therapy setup for next week to address my issues (likely from childhood sexual abuse I received) and will begin the work on myself. I appreciate your input. Should I contact her yes or no? Is 2-3 weeks long enough to wait if I “should” contact her?
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2023.06.03 02:35 ThisIsTin What the hell was that?

Sorry in advance for rambling, my head is still trying to process that I'm awake lmao
So, I had this weird dream when I took a nap just now. I remember I had thought "Okay but I can't sleep for too long" just before the dream, so I assume that's what caused this, but want to know if anyone can help me work this out through my brain because it was terrifying and it's been a while since I've had such a stressful dream.
In my dream, I thought I had woken up at 7:45 pm(it's currently 8:20 pm) and I was like "Oh no. I should text my friends", but my vision was blurry and my body was heavy and tired. It felt like I was high, but I knew I hadn't done anything to get high in quite a while so I tried to get up, but my eyes kept getting heavier and it felt like this lightheaded feeling kept getting worse. I managed to stumble out of my apartment door, but my eyes were barely open. When I sat down on my apartment stairs, I realized the place looked like the apartment from my childhood, rather than the apartment I'm in now.
I tried calling my family to pick me up because I was genuinely scared in my dream and didn't want to be alone while feeling like this, but it was impossible to call her between barely being able to see and on the brink of passing out. I managed to stumble back into my apartment and tried calling them again, but it was only somehow harder to call. I settled for trying to be with my cat during this because I didn't want to feel by myself while my body felt like it was shutting down, but couldn't find her anywhere either. It felt like my body suddenly shut down.
I thought I woke up, but realized I was just back onto my bed and still couldn't move. By this point, I couldn't open my eyes at all. It felt like I had overdosed and was dying. I gave one more desperate attempt to call my mom specifically again, but couldn't see anything on my phone again. I remember falling off my bed, desperately not wanting to die alone, but knowing I couldn't do anything to stop what was happening. I gave one last attempt to force my eyes open, which woke me up.
When I woke up, I immediately got off my bed because I felt stiff and got stressed about the idea of my body failing me again, so I started walking around a little. Then I pet my cats, which made me feel a lot better and safer, because I realized it was just a dream and that I was okay. Then I got back to bed and wrote this lol
But what the hell was all that?? What in the world does that all mean? I'd appreciate some help sorting through my thoughts and emotions
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2023.06.03 02:34 Relevant_Truth3732 Deployment questions and worries

Hello all ! I (30f) have been with my SO (31m) for about 5 years now. He is currently on a 8-9 month deploy and has not many days left. You can count ‘em on your hands!! He has been in the navy before I started dating him and I believe this is his 2nd or 3rd deploy. He was recruiting before this one. Soo this is our first deploy together and my first deployment experience. His first one while being with someone too. It’s been very hard on me , I thought it was going to be relatively easy. Keeping busy and whatever but the lack of communication + spiraling anxiety and depression does not mix well. We also didn’t prepare for it very well either. 😭
For the first 4 months we were doing great. He was able to text /email me almost every night and he was sending home flowers and random things for me. I sent him care packages. Then all of a sudden communication went away. Didn’t hear from him for weeks at a time after that , 2 months was the most. Last was on 4/6 and then he finally hit me back up on messenger on 5/25 saying a lot has happened since we last spoke. He told me his deployment got extended because of the typhoon on 5/25. He said he was safe. And he will update me when he can.
I know the navy is unpredictable now , but is that normal ? 2 months of no communication ?! Also prayers to Guam.
So here’s me over analyzing : he didn’t call me by my pet names , the text was very business and robotic like. There was affection like “I miss you and I love you too “ “take care , don’t worry about me too much don’t want you stressing anymore than you already do “ Anyone looking in can see , that’s a perfectly healthy text but I definitely over analyzed the shit out of it , thinking things between us have changed for the worse bc of what he did or didn’t say 🥲🥲 soo after responding to everything else I asked “are we okay “ “what happened since we last spoke “ along with 2 other questions. The last message he sent to me were answers to the other 2 questions 😭 I was asking about his spare car key and if his phone was still having issues. Lol but since then (5/27) I haven’t heard anything from him.
I have been sending him messages on messenger daily , but they are going on read and I don’t get any acknowledgement or response back. I know my man , he’s very good at communicating and always lets me know what’s up when he can. I don’t think he would ignore me on purpose. I hope not.
From what he told me last on 5/25 , the ship is headed to Guam. But I’ve been following the ship and news , it shows that his ship just departed Hawaii and is headed back to home base in the next several days. How come he hasn’t reached out to me to let me know yet ?
I FEEL like he has access to signal because we share a YouTube account on the tv and I went back to the history to look for a video I watched last night and it shows he’s been actively watching shorts. I don’t care honestly, I just want to know I’m not being ignored and if I am , just say you’re too busy too tired. I understand. :( it sucks to see all my messages left on read
Questions :during deployment , does the navy restrict communications but still let you browse the web like YouTube ..etc etc on personal phones ?? In general ?
Could they be headed home and he doesn’t even know it ?
Since the navy is unpredictable , when did your SO on deploy let you know when they are coming home? I’m not a spouse and we didn’t set up the ombudsman things so I’m in limbo.
Is 2 months of no communication out of the ordinary and does that happen ?
Does navy take away work email privileges? We were able to email for the first half but not at all after that.
What could be the reason why he can be on YouTube but can’t message me back in a week?
It’s the end of deployment for him and I can’t even imagine what he’s been going through. Could the lack of communication be a result of the whole deployment ? I know he’s been through a lot. I’m sure he’s mentally and physically beat up from it.
Background on us : we were going to get married last year but didn’t because I was super depressed and it didn’t feel right at the time (for me ) We were also arguing a lot over very trivial things. At the end of the day we love each other and choose to be together. I’m afraid because I didn’t want to marry him , he had time to think about it during deploy and maybe his mind has changed. While I’ve been at home missing and falling in love with him more and more.
He hasn’t done or said anything to me for me to think things have changed between us. As far as I know I’m the only person he has reached out to. I guess with deployment coming to end, not getting updates from him and being left on read makes me think the whole world is ending. Love when my mind overthinks every little thing. 🥹 what do y’all think??
Yes. I’m crazy , call it what you will 😭😭😭
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2023.06.03 02:34 KharAznable cheap deck under $30 part 33

Star warrior-battleguard
note: an update (more like sidegrade) to the previous version of star warrior deck. I decide to go with a version that is lean more on the warrior side with battleguards and feast of the wild. Feast of the wild is not once per turn and can is searchable by battleguard cadet and we use isolde to summon cadet from deck. So what here is several plans for the deck
- summon isolde, hopefully with 1 of the lv5, special cadet search feast, use feast to special 2 lv5 then link summon proxy f magician using isolde + cadet, fusion summon something.
- the usual plan, special thrasher, tribute it for kaiza, kaiza banish thrasher to dump kaiki. On opponent turn special kaiki to fusion summon raidjin.
double hooking is pretty decent to summon kaiki and todoroki on your turn so you can fusion something using the monster summoned by double hooking.
Phoenix blade is our recoverable discard fodder for double hooking or fusion recycling plant.
Fusion recycling plant can be used to get our 1 polymerization into rotation. Discard something and add poly from GY or deck and on end phase recover 1 fusion material from GY. It also activates on opponent turn so the fusion eff of kaiki can return 1 material to your hand which you can use as fusion material or discard fodder.
Degeneraider Machine
note: a somewhat modified version based on theory of deck here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUYLUXT-YE4 and https://ygoprodeck.com/deck/generaider-gadget-n-r-event-260436. The deck makes me wonder what we can do with newer generaider support (vala and laevatein) and a bunch of cheap cards IRL. And the list is somewhat the result. The gameplan is simple
  1. We go 1st and summon qliphort genius using lefty-righty driver package or thetherwolf or just activate drone (just remember, hornet drone is a warrior and not a machine, link it up to kagari first)
  2. Get boss stage ready either you activate on turn 1 or flip boss fight on opponent draw/standby phase
  3. if your opponent add card(s) from their deck to their hand (including on draw phase), boss stage will summon dovelgus. Make sure you don't summon dovelgus on zone pointed by genius.
  4. on summon of dovelgus, boss stage will spam generaider token, including to the zone pointed by genius.
  5. use genius eff to search high lv machine monster, I have no idea atm what to search. You technicaly can search floodgate-y monster like spell canceller, cracking dragon or maybe gizmek uka (then uka can summon a barrier statue, but the zone is full of token if you summon it using dovelgus on step 6, so uka is more of deterrence). The high level monsters we put in there are machina citadel/fortress and some questionable gizmek card. I just want to summon gizmek okami, that's all there is.
  6. Use dovelgus to tribute monster(s) pointed by genius to summon whatever you just searched. And if you summon 2 monsters at the same time, genius gets another search.
from there on we grind.
Vala is pretty good girl. We can send her as cost for kujikiri curse and can special herself from GY by sending a generaider card. If she is summoned, she can summon a generaider from hand/gy. Giving you easy access to her...I mean her xyz form, laevatein, if you so desire. But I'm a man who like big machine so I opt for mountain slicer and enterblathnir instead.
Metalfoes-ancient warrior
note: another metalfoes deck. Metalfoes has been the bread archetype of ygo. It is pretty servicable on its own, but you can slam a lot of things into them as long as it makes sense. This list is no different. Here is 1 of the plan:
- have a metalfoes scale set combination from deck.
- sun mou to send metalfoes combination from field to gy to get double search off sun mou and combination.
- sun mou search zhuge liang, and combination search....something to complete the scale I guess, or maybe vanisher if you have complete scale. On new chain zhuge liang special himself, sun mou can trigger to bounce opponent monster if you go 2nd.
- link summon double dragon lord, and search another sun mou.
- complete the scales and pend summon sun mou. If you want to play around nibiru you can just stop there, use the new scale to pop old scale and search another combination to end on double dragon lord + sun mou bounce eff+search off combination.
- do your metalfoes things. Which is too broad to answer. Metalfoes does not have the most obvious going 1st end board. Your pure metalfoes combo end board probably just end on mithrilium+combination+full metalfoes fusion+vanisher in ED/hand/GY in a good day. The end board gives us option to summon orichalc on opponent turn, trigger mithrilium+combination, mithrillium summon vanisher, and combination sumon mithrillium. This gives you 3 body and a banish from field or gy, and orichalc can destroy opponent card if it is sent to gy.
Therion beatdown
note: The crashing price of lily borea and discoloseum gives us good opportunity to make our therion deck better. This built is based on the fum control on the previous part. We go blind 2nd nearly every time, remove the more normal summon reliant sea mare and ogier, but we add in lonefire to turbo out lily, which also require normal summon, but with better payoff. Lily can search discoloseum a field spell that basically reward you for battling opponent monster, either send a therion card to gy to replace battle destruction and recover 1 therion monster to hand if your monster is destroyed. But most of the time we use its search eff.
the mekk-knight package is there as beatstick and negation bait, they also can be used as link material and target for duke. Linkslayer works as backrow removal and discard outlet for therion monsters. the mekk-knight and linkslayer alongside therions can be used as link material for demiurgy and gives demiurgy bonus nuke effect.
note: This is not a BLS ritual deck. BLS ritual have same issue with Dark magician Ritual deck. The deck is just awkward. Their ritual is lv8, but main deck monsters are gaia the fierce knight monster with level 7. The ritual also does not help either, all of them must tribute exactly level 8, some even require you to sned LIGHT and DARK monsters. Forcing you to play awkward level 1 DARK/LIGHT monster. Not the worse thing ever since 1 of them can be from GY, but more attention must be paid when deck building the ritual version while they payoff is, eeeh. So I ditch the ritual build and just play the usrarctic version + sacred soldier. Probably post the ritual build for another time.
The gameplan is just simple. Just an updated version of ursarctic deck here (Some of tech choice there like guan yun can also be played here if you want). We blind 2nd and use lv8/7 ursarctic as disruption by tributing our high level monsters. then summon something big (BLS's/advent dragon) to inflict massive damage.
Both chargin/arisen gaia act as tribute fodder for ursarctic monster then ursarctic monster on the field are tribute fodder for advanced dragon. The gaia monsters float into other things when tributted, charging can search a BLS monster, and arisen can special a BLS monster from hand/GY. Gateway to chaos is our searcher for those gaia monsters. The ratio for ursarctic monsters can be better tuned to your liking.
We have 2 BLS boss monsters in envoy of the beginning and sacred soldier. Both are searchable by charging gaia. Envoy have some line of play with advance dragon, special envoy, banish something, tribute it to summon advance dragon, destroy another, advance attack, bring back envoy frm gy, banish another monster. The banish eff is once per turn per copy. Sacred soldier must be tribute summoned or special summoned using arisen trigger eff. Its banish eff is "when..you can..." eff so make sure arisen eff is CL1.
note: the new superheavy samurai engine is pretty neat 1 card full scale engine, you scale wakaushi, use his eff to scale monk big benkei and special iself. Then use big benkei eff to search soulgaia booster, equip soulgaia booster to wakaushi then special booster from s/t zone. Now we have level8 or rank4 engine without eating our normal summon. If we want to get full scale, we can use soulgaia booster and wakaushi as synchro material to scale wakaushi from ED. Of course since we play zefra deck, we would like our high scale to be zefraath that copies zefraniu scale so we don't do the last part. Instead we use soulgaia booster+ushiwaka as xyz material for gallant granite to search zefraath. This will free up our providence+oracle to search more important tools. Sakitama is our other way to get lv4 bodies to the field before eating our "normal" normal summon for turn. If you already have access to zefraath, the superheavy package can be used as synchro material for void ogre dragon, a big dragon with s/t negate if you emptied your hand. Other option will be use wakaushi as tuner to summon synchro longyuan with zefraniu. Overall you have good amount of option for your extra deck.
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2023.06.03 02:34 BurkesRevenge My thoughts playing Pokémon Shield for the first time 4ish years after release

So I'm a little bit of a late adopter and cheapskate when it comes to gaming; There's enough published material out there to keep anyone busy for a lifetime already, and more often than not games underwhelm me anyhow. I finally broke down and bought a copy of Shield on eBay for $30. These are my thoughts so far:
Story beats: To be honest, I don't mind the plot in Shield. It's un-intrusive and feels like the narrative takes a backseat to gameplay; I like that. Hop is an annoying sht, but your rival is kinda supposed to be. I dig the "mythology covering up an alien invasion" plot device as well. I loved Stargate back in the day so that plays well with me, although they should have borrowed more from the Arthurian cycle or the Mabinogion. Team Yell is a cool riff on football hooligans with a dumb name; I'm fine with them. My other big complaint is that you just get handed so many things: You don't really earn the champion's endorsement, sky taxis, bikes, dynamax, etc. Everything basically gets handed to you and it feels cheap and shallow, as well as reducing quests. *B+
Gyms: Honestly I've never been satisfied with gyms in Pokémon. Considering how linear the routes are, I wish more effort had been put into the gym layout. On the other hand, the additional structure to the gym challenge is cool and the designs and teams for the leaders are fun enough considering Gamefreak/TPC insists on monotypes and partial teams. Flat C
Mon Design: The new monsters mostly have that Pokémon feel instead of feeling like digimon, and there's some cool shoutouts to English heritage (Tower Ravens and Danelaw, Punk Rock, Corgis, etc). Would have liked to see a few more monsters based on British flora (thistles, currants, roses) and some more Welsh and Scottish inspired monsters (Red and White dragon mythics, red deer, reivers, woad-painted warriors, etc). A Pokémon line with subtle references to the Compleat Angler would have been comfy. Corviknight and Galarian Ponyta line are new favorites. I was pretty disappointed by the starters however; Final forms are either too humanoid or don't match the British theming at all. The Sobble line in particular was a missed opportunity to do a watedragon literal Francis "Drake". B+
Atmosphere: I'm a massive Anglophile so I'm pretty biased, but I was sold the moment the starting area looked like a little slice of the Cotswolds or Yorkshire Dales. Each area had its own vibe and felt English, with the little linguistic tics adding to that feel. That said, gamefreak missed out on a chance to consistently use appropriate prefixes and suffixes from Saxon place names to make the town names feel really English (e.g Hulbury ought to have been Hulport or Hulchester while Hammerlocke should have been Hammerbury, but Postwick was appropriately named). Which fits the general trend for the atmosphere: It was very pretty, but only an inch deep. The sheer shallowness of it all is a major letdown for me because I really want to enjoy this region, but it doesn't have the Sinnoh-tier lore it deserves. Also the music would have been better served imo from borrowing a few more motifs from English folk instead of every town having bad generic rock tracks. Disappointing lack of hedges. B+
Exploration: Outside the wild area it basically doesn't exist. Where are the dungeons? Where are the secrets? I want to frolic in a heather and explore dales and moors, but I got a hallway simulator. My understanding is the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra fix this, but DLC is not in this month's budget so we'll see. D
Difficulty: Auto EXP share out the gate is absurd, but that said it might be on me for not trying enough new Pokémon on my team. I think it's cool that you're able to do so without being punished with a lot of grinding. Mid battles aren't balanced out by challenging dungeons and puzzles. I know it's a game that kids should be able to enjoy, but give kids a modicum of credit. F
Quality of life/Gameplay improvements: Early "fly" in the form of Taxis is a Godsend (if somewhat redundant with trains), no HMs in general is great. As is being able to pick which Pokémon to send to the PC. I also don't mind being reminded with subscripts which moves are super effective and ineffective for mons in my dex. Pokémon roaming the over world is a step up and makes shiny chaining easier (but not faster lol). A
Overall grade: C+ Pokémon Shield is like brunette I had a crush on in High School, really pretty and appealing, I'd have a great time at prom, but she's not that deep and not a great match for me. I was so hyped to try the "UK Pokémon" so I'm definitely more disappointed than if it were just another Japan themed region, and that might make me a bit harsh on what feels like a proof of concept for home console based Pokémon. Maybe when I'm in my 40s I'll get to revisit a more fleshed out Galar.
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2023.06.03 02:33 starryprince92 [FL] questions about custody

Father here. My ex GF had my baby.They are 4 months old. I hav met them twice since the birth. I was not at the birth So not on BC. I have a history of substance abuse and have many inpatient and treatment admissions probably over 60 in the last 7 years. I have some drug charges but they get dismissed when I show proof of detox admission. I know I need to establish paternity if I want to have orders to see my kid. I don’t know where they moved but my BM does answer if I want to see her. But lately she’s been asking a lot of questions about things I’ve lied about or my plans and I feel like she’s being bitter. I’m currently in a sober living house and been clean since a few days after she was born. My BM has a lot of information on me and I’m worried. My question is how long from filing for paternity for I get custody of my kid? Any advice
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2023.06.03 02:33 SkylineStars23 Is this a new phobia, my fear of passionate kissing

Recently I've developed a fear of passionate kissing and I'm not sure why it started. I love my partner very much but I'm not sure what is causing myself to have episodes of panic whenever we intimately kiss. Kissing normally has never been that much of an issue besides the one partner I dated before my current one that was so sexually unattractive and physically unattractive to me, but I still kiss them anyway. I literally started freaking out and crying last night when my partner just wanted to kiss me. Passionately with tongue. Not trying to lead to something more sexual but for me I couldn't help but panic and feel like something was very wrong and I don't know why. I do have a counselor that I can talk to later this month as I'm only able to talk to them once a month, but I don't know if anyone else has had this experience. A part of me feels like I have a lot of rooted trauma and I can't feel intimacy much, not just from the previous partner but a partner before that I was almost with for 7 years. I miss the intimacy that didn't come with stress or anxiety, but I haven't felt that way in almost a year when I first met my current partner.
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2023.06.03 02:33 GopherDrive Vitamin D Deficiency - A story for all those Googling Symptoms!

For near to a year my life has been on hold… it’s been absolute hell at times.
I wanted share my story with anyone who is going through the same thing, in the hope it can help those who have searched the same thing.
Over a year ago, I went through a pretty stressful time in work and my personal life. My life was wake up, work 12 plus hours, home… bed and repeat.
Things were going wrong and stress levels high.
I found myself getting emotional more, and as we headed into Autumn, pains in my hi, groin and stomach started occurring.
I started to find sleeping on my side painful and the pain travelling to my testicle… what in earth was going on with my body.
I went to the Docs but was told I most likely pulled a muscle.
Alongside this, I wasn’t sleeping well and more stress with life endured into the winter.
I began coughing, which went on for weeks…. Followed by enlarged tonsils and a large unsightly puss like spot on my tonsil.
At this stage I started to make the ultimate mistake… Googling.
I went to the Docs and was told I had tonsillitis… which was a relief… but the doctor then wanted to do a stool test when I mentioned I still had pain in my stomach and groin…
The docs call a week later… we’ve found blood and you’ve got H Pyoli …. Great another illness!
More antibiotics later and low and behold both Tonsilitis and H Pyoli returned… what the hell was by body doing.
Back onto Google I went. I may as well done a course in becoming a Doctor with the vast amount of reading I done over the months!
Now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know if you type in ‘cough, swollen glands, groin pain, blood in poo’ what Google is going to throw back at you.
We’ve seen the adverts… cough for over 3 weeks and blood… it’s not a good sign.
From then on I become obsessed with googling and checking my body for new symptoms.
Other than Cancer, the other worst things illnesses populated, including HIV…
I wracked my brains, surely not, how, who, when, it shouldn’t be possible… but I have to know. I hit a low point and tested… negative… tested again…negative….3, 4, 5, 6 times all negative… my brain on overdrive… each test causing more stress anxiety waiting.
I was also asked to do a bowel cancer test… I kept the whole thing to myself and worried in secret not telling friends or family what I was going through.
My mental health was rapidly changing.
Then one night I woke up at 2am… in searing pain. Calves tight and cramped, pins and needles in my hands, my feet, my shins. Burning pains in my muscles… sweating., my blood felt like it was boiling, and my knees and ankles felt bruised. My body was telling me something and it wasn’t good. I wanted to go to A and E, but I felt stupid about going, so rode the pain out.
The pain was unbearable and painkillers were doing nothing for me.
3 weeks passed, with these pains being with me 24:7 and the only rest from it was sleeping. It felt like nerve pains, and the only way to alleviate the pain was though heat or ice on my back or at the source of the pain.
My appetite had gone, I was loosing weight, I couldn’t sleep, my tongue was looking odd, my skin was getting bad More symptoms … great
One day it all got too much. The pain grew more intense and I ended up have a full blown melt down and in a panic called the Docs who ordered a blood test.
As I waited for the blood results, I’d never felt so low… had the HIV tests been incorrect… how has this happened, how long do I have left, I don’t understand…it’s impossible… but here’s a another symptom… it can’t be a Coincidence.
I had no one to talk too for months, how could I even begin to have that conversation with anyone… how have I arrived at that conclusion just because Google led me that way…another set of std tests…negative, but does little to comfort me. The damage is done … thanks brain, thanks Google.
My blood results come back…
The Doctor asked me… have you been under a lot of stress.
“Yes “I burst out, “I can’t been begin to explain”
Well that explains why your Vitamin D levels are at less than 10% of what it needs!
I never realised how important Vitamin D was to so many things, and I had ploughed along for over a year with essential no Vitamin D, no proper functioning immune system and eventually my body was starting to play up and constantly get ill.
Now I opted to tell the full story here, because I’m sure people are going through a similar thing of these random pains and wouldn’t even think of Vitamin D deficiency and it’s certainly not what Google will Chuck at you.
I’m two months in to taking very high dosages plus antidepressants and I’m on the mend… hopefully not too much longer.
Please, please don’t do what I did. Please see a Doctor, DO NOT GOOGLE!
Googling made my stress 100% worse and it was obsessive. Don’t try and play doctor as your two clicks away from the worst illnesses.
I’m now recovering from Anxiety as well, thanks to vitamin d deficiency and my unhealthy google obsession!
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2023.06.03 02:33 chuiy Had a 12-lead performed on me for kicks and got this result: incomplete RBBB w/ RV Hypertrophy. Can someone interpret please?

Had a 12-lead performed on me for kicks and got this result: incomplete RBBB w/ RV Hypertrophy. Can someone interpret please?
Title says it all. Had a 12-lead done on me while practicing with another EMT and this was the result, twice. It has not been interpreted by anyone qualified to do so, but this is the machine's interpretation.
For perspective, I am a 27 yo 6'4 Male, 220 lbs, previous history of hypertension and alcohol use disorder, have not drank in two years and vitals are pretty picture perfect otherwise. ECG is configured for a 20 yo male as the default pt demographic.
Thoughts? Thank you.
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2023.06.03 02:33 JaimieMantzel 48 [M4F] Caribbean - I moved to a tropical island. Wanna come?

We can eat avocados right from the tree... err... in about 5 years when they start producing fruit! I've planted a lot of things, and continue to do so. ....working up to being self sufficient. Food is the tough one. Electricity, and water were no problem. I built a house, although the upper floors aren't finished yet. I built several boats. All solaelectric, and pedal power, too. The pedal power isn't strictly necessary, but I'm also really into exercise. I eat well, and stay active. I'm definitely looking for an active person. ...a doer more than a watcher. Lets work together to turn this little island into a paradise that we never want to leave. Along with my building of inventions, and exercise, I also do all that domestic stuff. I love to cook, and wash my own clothes. That doesn't mean I want to do everything. In an off grid lifestyle it's important for everyone to pull their own weight, so be motivated. Being motivated is more important knowing what to do. I can help you with that. Also, I have kids, and I'd love to have more. So... obviously, it would be great if you like kids, too. No, not those obnoxious kids that were never taught any manners. I'm talking about awesome kids who are curious about the world, eager to learn, and want to be helpful. In a nutshell, if you love camping, and the outdoors, you'll love this place. Send me a message, and let's talk. Start with answering this... What is one thing you think, but rarely talk about?
Jaimie PS. I'm 6'1'', 200lbs, Lean and muscular. No hair on top of my head. ...and my feet are huge. ..which means ...I can swim really fast.
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2023.06.03 02:33 steve_147 Not Feeling Like You're Enough For Your Child?

I have now been separated from STBXW for a little over a month. On my third weekend (we alternate) with my child (6yo).
After they were born, STBXW formed an incredibly close bond with child. I thought this was great at first but as time has gone on, I think part (def. not all) of the marriage failing had to do with her shifting all of her emotional energy towards the kid and left no time for our relationship - date nights, etc. were eliminated out of concern of leaving the child.
Also when I spent time with the child, she'd often come by and move them onto a different activity, which led to me not having as much time with them (e.g., if I'm playing Legos while cooking dinner and house bound, she'd come by and tell him they'd go outside to play). Or if I were trying to teach something they'd come by and sit down and correct me.
I always felt very insecure that I was not being a good enough father - even though I tried hard to be there, putting them to bed often, playing, wrestling, etc. I shared these insecurities and concerns with my wife back then but she brushed them off.
Now that I am on my own with them, I just feel like they're not as happy to be with me. I'm trying my best to create a nice stable home with activities for us to share but just tonight, when putting them to bed, they cried and asked to call my STBXW to say goodnight. They have never called me to say goodnight since the separation and it made me feel hurt tonight. It hurts a lot because I feel like my relationship would've been better had my ex not created this dynamic where it's just the two of them - almost like a codependency.
I guess I'm asking - does it get better? Any advice?
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2023.06.03 02:32 Creative_Strawberry6 Status of Recreational Marijuana Sales and Cultivation by State (June 1st, 2023)

Status of Recreational Marijuana Sales and Cultivation by State (June 1st, 2023) submitted by Creative_Strawberry6 to MapPorn [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 02:32 aliencocksucker Help me make this room functional!

I'm trying to see if there's a way I can convert this living space, which is already being utilized, into a multi-functional space. Basically, I've been looking for an artist studio space and cannot emphasize enough how little luck I'm having. I mainly need it for storage, and also as a space I can use for studio photography with backdrops and lights. After using my living room today as an impromptu studio space for a quick project, I realized I might be able to use it as a studio full time.
The space currently functions as a sort of computer room for my boyfriend and I. He uses most of the long desk space for his computer and office setup, and I use a small portion of the long desk space for scanning film (my attached scanner sits on top of the storage dresser). I'd really like those two things to stay where they are.
I reworked the room to see what I could get out of it as a studio. I plan to remove a bookcase and couch that are in the room currently to make space for other things I want to store in there. We have an oversized bean bag that I plan to use when I'm not working on a specific project but want to hang out in my creative space. I also thought about adding a small loveseat to the space which could function as a prop as well, but not sure if that overcrowds the room.
I've included two diagrams here - one where all the photography equipment is put away and stored, and the other shows how the space would change while it's being used for studio photography. If I got the loveseat, I would move the beanbag to another room during my studio photography sessions. The only thing I really hate is having the loveseat against that window, but I'm willing to sacrifice some of the aesthetic for functionality. (I've also included some pictures of the space to help visualize the diagram a bit - it's a bit messy in the space atm as I'm still in limbo with a lot of this photo equipment.)
I was curious to see what you all thought of this, and what you would do differently? Do you think the space can work this way? I know it's pretty crowded but I'm someone who stays pretty organized and tends not to like clutter so it could be a good fit for me, I think. But I'm curious to hear all of your opinions and ideas!
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2023.06.03 02:32 dinomayonnaiselover heart(warming/breaking) guest call 🏳️‍🌈💕

i had a guest call last night that made me both really sad, and really happy. it was a call from a woman who was looking online for our tuck friendly swimsuits, who wasn’t able to find it when she was searching, and was calling for help with hopes that we could help her find it for her wife. (we found it!!) i explained that a lot of the pride items have been recalled due to conservative backlash against target and our higher ups being worthless cowards, and we both voiced our frustrations. she asked if there was anyone she could call or talk to so she could voice her complaints since this is some really disgusting stuff corporate has been pulling, and i gave her good ol cornells email and the ethics email. she promised she’d email, and wished me a happy pride. when i got off the phone i was BEAMING. like, ear to ear. it was so nice to get a call about our pride collection that wasn’t just hateful garbage spew, but also made me really sad that people like her and her wife, who are REAL LIVING HUMANS, are being affected by this when they really shouldn’t be. idk made me feel a lot of things. either way, happy pride, keep fighting!!
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2023.06.03 02:32 DaddiusPrime Anyone experiencing Apex DashCam delayed notifications ?

My truck came with the apex DashCam setup. At first it functioned normally, providing notifications in near real time to the event.
But now…it’s giving me speed notifications after I’ve been home for an hour. That’s extremely delayed. I’m wondering if that’s something that is happening to a lot of us or if it’s more isolated.
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2023.06.03 02:32 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator (Program)

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The lessons in Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator will teach you how to:
- Starting Your Agency
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...and much, much more!
To get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator contact me on:
Whatsapp/Telegram: +44 759 388 2116
Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore[@]yandex.com (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.03 02:32 AutoModerator [I HAVE] CHARLIE MORGAN EASY GROW (COMPLETE + HIGH QUALITY + WATERMARK FREE) EASY GROW CHEAP!!! DM me for further information 99% OFF original price Quick Sale [email protected]

The Course includes:
• 1. Acquisition Genesis
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• Agency Content (Bonus)
You can find all of them on - Our Instagram Page
Telegram: t. me/MMMCourses (Remove the space between "t." and "me" for the link to work properly or search directly for my telegram name: MMMCourses*).*
100+ Successful Transactions
30+ TB of rare and known courses
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2023.06.03 02:32 KazoSG [USA-MD] [H] 2020 iPad Pro 11" 128GB, Cheap DDR5 Ram [W] PayPal/Local

Hi friends! Have some items for sale! Local is 20850 FYI.
Bought the wife a Refurbished iPad Pro 128GB a bit ago from Apple but she never really used it. Has 22 days remaining to add AppleCare if needed. Looking for $400 with the Apple Pencil, and $350 without the pencil.
Also, have DDR5-4800 desktop and laptop ram taken from upgraded workstations if interested. See timestamps for ram info but looking for $30 a stick, Please research if your motherboard can work with them. Open to deals if all are bought.
Interested in trades for anything, just let me know what you got. Only selling to folks with feedback over 2 and NO CHATS.
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2023.06.03 02:31 Darkhero0987 33 [M4F] CAN Manitoba/Anywhere/ In search of a future best friend and maybe a forever partner

Where do I start? Hmm, my name is Trent and I have a cute doggo.
I'm hoping to find a friend, I know right, wild! No, but I am hoping to find someone I connect with, if it grows into anything else that's cool too. I know it's not easy to build friendships and what not but there's gotta be some cool people out there, I just know it!
I'm sort of an introvert, don't enjoy big crowds or shitty people, and most of the time I'm only really hangin out with my few close friends, oh and my doggo ofc.
I like to be caring, open, supportive the best I can and I'm pretty sure that I'm a good listener or at least I try my best to be and give advice when asked.
I am not the most creative but I enjoy trying out new things even if I kinda suck at it 😌, I like to explore new places, cook or bake new things when I can. I also like to play video games, watch anime, hang out with friends.
Just to give a little more insight about me here are some strengths and weaknesses.
Strengths: I'm a very honest person, I use a lot of communication so that I can understand people and their boundaries better, their wants, needs as a friend/partner. I am also a very silly person and I will never judge anyone for their beliefs, who they are, or what makes them happy. I'm sometimes sarcastic and annoying but in a good way haha I swear! I can also be a very affectionate person to the people I'm close to.
Weaknesses: I care maybe a little too much for people, always wanna make them happy and that can sometimes be at the expense of my own needs. I try my best to communicate but I'm not the best at articulating my words (hopefully you won't hate me for that🤞), and last but not least I'm not the best with my tone, I don't mean to come off harsh with things but I think sometimes things come out as a little mean, that's never the way I intend, so I'm sorry in advance. Other than that... I've lived in Canada my whole life, I enjoy audio books, not hard back, and I'm really up to watching or playing anything, as long as it's not Barbie Life in the Dream House hehe
Oh and if you're interested I play Ark, World of Warcraft, Runescape, Pokemon, pretty much any survival game. I like to watch Family Guy, American Dad, Futurama, Bob's Burgers, Lucifer, Star Trek, The Boys, Rick and Morty, Documentaries, Murder Mysteries and my favorite movie is Howl's Moving Castle. I know, I'm a bit of a Nerd. 🤫🥲
Anywho, feel free to shoot me a message if you'd like and maybe tell me a little about you?
At the very least, I hope you have or are having the best day.💙
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