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2023.06.03 04:06 Impossible-Quiett Boyfriend (M20) and I (F20) are staying together after a break but it feels weird. How can we save this?

I’ll try to keep this short but it probably will end up long. My boyfriend (M20) and I (F20) have been dating for a little shy of two years and honestly the beginning of our relationship was really bad. I was in a abusive situation with my parents that had been going on for about 13 years and had been sexually assaulted about 8 months prior and lost my entire friend group to my abuser before meeting him. He was running at the time with a rougher crowd and had a friend who we’ll call Jake (M18 at the time) for privacy reasons. Jake was sexist and only looked at women as sex objects and he absolutely hated me for whatever reason and my boyfriend just simply didn’t care. He just excused it because “he’s just like that”. It lead to a lot of tension early on because I was excluded from things if Jake was gonna be there so basically any hangouts, game nights, etc. I felt I was his last priority for a long time until Jake wronged one of their mutual friends in the group and he was cut off from everyone. Finally my boyfriend told me I was right about him and he was so sorry for not doing more but I don’t think he was. This immediately lead to me not really trusting him in general and he proved me right again and again with worse things later on (examples: leaving me and getting I shit you not cookies with my friend group while I was having a mental health crisis because in his words “he didn’t know what he was supposed to do”, taking general life frustration out on me by being short with me and snippy, forcing me on Lexapro when I really didn’t want to take it, going through my phone in the middle of the night and then waking up and interrogating me for having friends that are men, etc) eventually he decided I shouldn’t have guy friends at all and so I unadded them. I want to say now I am not completely innocent in this. I have a really hard time controlling my emotions because of everything I’ve had to deal with especially in the last few years, it’s gotten a lot better but I wasn’t a very nice person for a while. I picked fights because of my insecurities and lack of trust for him but I was also completely head over heels for him and still am now. However I missed my friends and I tried to compromise with him offering to have him come to with so he could understand it’s not anything weird but he didn’t want to, eventually I was just tired of not having my normal friends to hang with so I just went to hang with them without telling him and he found out and BLEW UP at me saying so many things most of which was just accusing me of cheating, I didn’t. Now back to the present. We’ve been living together for a while up until last week when he went through my phone while I was sleeping and saw photos of my ex in my snap memories from 2020. Context my ex is a very good person who I made a lot of good memories with not as boyfriend but as a friend and he helped me through some of the hardest points with my parents and was there when my friend got diagnosed with cancer. I don’t miss him or love him but felt sad deleting a few years worth of memories and basically having to rid myself of all the videos and photos. He was in almost every single one and these weren’t just photos of me and him snuggling (those got deleted a long time ago) or anything they were videos and pictures of us and friends exploring caves, camping, staying out late, being funny, etc. they were my only memories I have of my summer(s) with people. He then decided to wake me up at 6:30am before I had work to tell me he wanted to break up and basically said all these really awful things to me. I just cried trying to explain but he didn’t care. He then went to sleep and I called out of work and took care of him making sure he was rested and had eaten something but also so I could cry without restriction and not have to worry about my emotions with customers. Eventually he woke up and we talked more (I mainly cried) and he decided we should take a week break. This week has been so hard I haven’t really been eating, drinking, or sleeping and just feel like I’m dying. I haven’t had really anyone to talk to and then found out my parents are trying to arrange a marriage for me solely for money (the guy is a doctor). He finally came over today and we decided to stay together but live separately until October but him and I both feel weird/anxious. We love each other so much it hurts. Also I know I’m making him sound like the bad guy but most of these things that he has done have been in the heat of the moment and he’s apologized for them, he’s really a sweet guy and I’m worried I made him not nice because of my behavior. Anyway I want to know how we can make this work? It looks grim I know however we both want this to work.
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2023.06.03 04:00 AutoModerator Weekly Gacha Pulls Showoff Megathread Week of June 02, 2023 to June 09, 2023

Please use this to show off your pulls.
You may post pulls imgur links below, as well as video links to summons (YouTube, Twitch, etc.)
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2023.06.03 04:00 Distinct_Syrup_2345 Sharp pain in my upper back (on one side) near the end of a deep breath

Age - 25
Sex - Male
Height - Average
Weight - Average
Race - Caucasian
Duration of complaint - Two weeks
Location - North America
Any existing relevant medical issues - No
Current medications - None
So a couple weeks ago I was passed a heavy object overhead (I grabbed it with both hands and had to squeeze my shoulder blades together really tight, but the weight was too much for me) and I ended up tweaking my upper back. Ever since, I haven't been able to take a deep breath without a sharp pain in a specific spot in my upper back.
It feels like it's in the middle of my left shoulder blade, and now if I round my shoulders/back I can feel (what I think) is a small bone (or some kind of small, hard mass). If I keep my finger on that spot while I take a deep breath, if I push past the pain and finish the full breath I can feel that mass kind of spasm or twitch.
Any ideas what this is? Apologies if I'm not explaining it properly..
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2023.06.03 03:58 CSGOMatchThreads G2 vs FaZe / IEM Dallas 2023 - Quarter-Final / Post-Match Discussion

G2 🇪🇺 1-2 🇪🇺 FaZe

Ancient: 16-14 Inferno: 6-16 Mirage: 10-16

Map picks:

Vertigo X
X Overpass
Nuke X
X Anubis

Full Match Stats:

Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🇪🇺 G2
🇷🇺 m0NESY 62-57 82.4 73.1% 1.16
🇧🇦 NiKo 52-54 77.4 65.4% 1.03
🇦🇺 jks 42-52 61.0 67.9% 0.89
🇧🇦 huNter- 41-58 56.2 65.4% 0.78
🇩🇰 HooXi 34-58 54.1 50.0% 0.70
🇪🇺 FaZe
🇪🇪 ropz 64-43 93.1 76.9% 1.37
🇱🇻 broky 63-42 84.0 82.1% 1.31
🇳🇴 rain 62-45 85.5 75.6% 1.30
🇨🇦 Twistzz 51-50 65.7 70.5% 1.00
🇩🇰 karrigan 38-52 54.6 64.1% 0.78

Individual Map Stats:

Map 1: Ancient

Team CT T Total
🇪🇺 G2 6 10 16
🇪🇺 FaZe 9 5 14
Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🇪🇺 G2
🇷🇺 m0NESY 26-15 87.3 73.3% 1.42
🇧🇦 NiKo 26-18 87.2 66.7% 1.28
🇧🇦 huNter- 16-19 61.5 66.7% 0.90
🇦🇺 jks 14-18 53.0 76.7% 0.88
🇩🇰 HooXi 13-19 54.9 56.7% 0.81
🇪🇺 FaZe
🇳🇴 rain 23-17 80.7 66.7% 1.24
🇪🇪 ropz 20-15 75.7 73.3% 1.18
🇱🇻 broky 24-18 85.3 73.3% 1.16
🇨🇦 Twistzz 13-22 59.7 63.3% 0.75
🇩🇰 karrigan 8-23 36.9 50.0% 0.49

Ancient detailed stats and VOD


Map 2: Inferno

Team T CT Total
🇪🇺 G2 2 4 6
🇪🇺 FaZe 13 3 16
Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🇪🇺 G2
🇷🇺 m0NESY 17-22 82.7 86.4% 1.09
🇦🇺 jks 12-16 62.0 54.5% 0.76
🇧🇦 NiKo 8-17 55.1 68.2% 0.75
🇧🇦 huNter- 14-20 60.6 63.6% 0.71
🇩🇰 HooXi 12-20 60.3 40.9% 0.68
🇪🇺 FaZe
🇳🇴 rain 19-13 97.8 81.8% 1.43
🇪🇪 ropz 19-13 103.5 72.7% 1.38
🇱🇻 broky 15-11 72.1 86.4% 1.35
🇨🇦 Twistzz 22-12 76.9 77.3% 1.34
🇩🇰 karrigan 20-15 94.8 81.8% 1.28

Inferno detailed stats and VOD


Map 3: Mirage

Team T CT Total
🇪🇺 G2 4 6 10
🇪🇺 FaZe 11 5 16
Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🇪🇺 G2
🇦🇺 jks 16-18 69.2 69.2% 1.02
🇧🇦 NiKo 18-19 85.0 61.5% 1.01
🇷🇺 m0NESY 19-20 76.4 61.5% 0.94
🇧🇦 huNter- 11-19 46.3 65.4% 0.71
🇩🇰 HooXi 9-19 48.1 50.0% 0.62
🇪🇺 FaZe
🇪🇪 ropz 25-15 104.5 84.6% 1.62
🇱🇻 broky 24-13 92.5 88.5% 1.47
🇳🇴 rain 20-15 80.5 80.8% 1.27
🇨🇦 Twistzz 16-16 63.2 73.1% 1.01
🇩🇰 karrigan 10-14 41.0 65.4% 0.76

Mirage detailed stats and VOD



M1 NiKo - 4 AK kills on the bombsite B defense
M1 ropz - 1vs2 clutch
M1 NiKo - 4 quick AK kills on the bombsite A bomb plant defense to secure the map victory for G2
This thread was created by the Post-Match Team. If you want to share any feedback or have any concerns, please message u/CSGOMatchThreads.
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2023.06.03 03:57 IT_Staffing_Zombie Attempt 2: please find the video of Howard and "Azael" the man who claims he is able to have 20 orgasms in the same sex session. Howard sets up a porn shoot. And Azael and his long white hair can't even get an erection. I saw it on TV when I was 12-14 so it was from 2000-2003!! Please!!! 😭

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2023.06.03 03:43 xDeru Twitch stream connection issue but the internet is good

I hope you guys help me with my streams. It keeps on having issues such as desync between audio and video, and my mic also cracks. My internet connection is stable with 130mbps upload and download. I also used twitch bandwidth test to get the correct bitrate and there is no problem streaming with 6000 bitrate. OBS Studio is showing green icon which means the connection is good. But on my twitch dashboard its red.
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2023.06.03 03:38 ExistingGhostGirl The Dairy of a ExistingGhostGirl (#1)

I original didn't plan to use this account for anything other then keeping up with the current PS4 custom firmware. Last few times I used Reddit it wasn't fun. So I decided to make this account and kind of hope this will be different, but that's just me being stupid like normal.
Today has been good, Didn't get to do everything I wanted today, but tomorrow exists so I'm not worried about it. Yesterday I got bored and made 2 different Trans Lesbian Pride flags. Also made a glitchy gif version that cycles through the 3 flags with glitch effects.

Since I don't own a Switch and everybody has been playing Tears of the Kingdom it really made me want to play something Zelda related. I decided to replay Oracle of Ages since I never actually beat it when I first got it. I remember almost nothing about it too. Like just a few small things, Zelda for once doesn't get kidnapped, Ganon isn't in it, and you can travel through time. Which I'm assuming is what you can do in Ocarina of Time. I mean I seen people play Ocarina of Time, but of course I didn't pay much attention half the time.
Been slowly recording and uploading videos to YouTube. Sometimes I'm just not bored enough to want to even work on a video or I have to work on Close Captions, since I have a speech impediment or I'm just not bored enough to even stream. I use to stream on Twitch, but after 3 years of getting nothing but bot followers/spam messages I give up on it. Then Kick came out, but after they started posting stuff about letting racist people join I stopped using it. Not dealing with that BS. Once in a blue moon I will stream on 17Live, which is popular with Asian countries because they don't have a lot of rules besides the usual like no alcohol, no smoking, no nudity, etc. It's also the only one where I actually get to talk with people even if they only stay for 5 minutes, which is good enough for me.
Anyway i think that's all for now. This will probably be a Friday thing or every other Friday. Depends on how I feel or if boredom sets in (It's more likely I will get bored enough to post something then me making a random post because I feel like it).
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2023.06.03 03:17 meowmarie37 my (f21) boyfriend (m24) plays computer games with girls and it makes me uncomfortable

My boyfriend m24 & I f21 have been together for a year and have also been living together for a year. He loves to play video games on the computer with his friends but I can’t really play with him because I don’t have a computer. He wants me to play with him because that’s something that makes him really happy outside of work and that’s really his only hobby. I’ve never even had a computer, and I don’t even know how to type without looking at the keys, but I’m going to get a PC set up for myself when we get a new apartment in August so that I can play with him to make him happy.
My problem is that when he plays computer games at night ( he works the night shift so he stays up late most the time) He also plays with a couple girls in their discord chat, and while one of them is the girlfriend of one of his guy friends you would think that she would be the least annoying to me, but she’s actually the worst one. I’m a person who doesn’t believe in having friends of the opposite sex when you have a partner. That is usually a boundary for me.
The problem started when my bf and i went to a bar so I could meet all his discord friends, the girlfriend was there, and I perceived her actions to be disrespectful of my relationship. For example she would only address him, didn’t talk to me, talked to him more than her bf and any of the other guys, hugged him and hung over him, & made way too many inside jokes with him. This made me very angry because I am insecure that he may like a girl like her more than me because she plays video games with him and knows all the niche things gamer people talk about. that is my bfs biggest hobby and i wish i knew more about that stuff so i wouldn’t feel this way (hence me buying a 3000$ computer set up soon). I would not have been as angry is she was a sweet person to me or tried to talk to me but she did all those things stated above. She is a pick me girl. Which i found so odd because her own bf of 5 years was there?? Anyways maybe if she would’ve been nice to me and spoke to me and not just demanded my boyfriends attention the whole time even though her old boyfriend was there, this would be a different story, but the fact that I already don’t want my boyfriend to have friends who are girls and then this girl not be nice to me we meet in person just makes it even worse.
I never even wanted to date a guy who plays video games again but I got over that because I really like my boyfriend but now he’s also playing with girls and this girl happens to really rub me the wrong way.
I want to get over it because I trust my boyfriend. but just the fact that he is giving this girl attention on discord chats and during their group calls makes me blood boil.
how do i get over these feelings of jealousy and resentment?? i do not want to break up with him over this.
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2023.06.03 03:13 Cupertinoo Amateur Sex Video From Tokyo Japan

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2023.06.03 03:12 Betty_Newbie SimSecret #9 - June 2nd 2023

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2023.06.03 02:51 Allan_QuartermainSr Jack Poso 🇺🇸 @JackPosobiec VIRAL VIDEO: California high school teacher instructs students on how to get pleasure from anal sex, to buy sex toys from Target

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2023.06.03 02:51 Cupertinoo Group Sex With Student. More Video :

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2023.06.03 02:46 Lucifer0622 My husband almost killed me

My husband and I have been together for 21 years. Our relationship was good, we were able to communicate and be our own person. We were healthy but that all changed after we lost our son and he relapsed. The abuse started small but then it got more brutal in a way. I have "left" him a couple of times but I always end up back which I'm pretty aware is my fault. Yesterday, we got into an argument after he accused me of cheating, he went through my phone, and when he didn't find any incriminating, he broke my phone and attacked me physically and sexually. While I was still laying on the fucking floor, he came out from our room with his gun, I thought he was only going to threaten me which he had done before but this time he actually pulled the trigger but the gun malfunctioned and it didn't fire. For a couple of minutes we just looked at each other in disbelief and shock, I believe or at least I know I was, then he went back to our room as if nothing happened. I got up, cleaned myself, and went to pick up our son while acting like nothing happened. I have friends who care about me but I don't think it would be fair to put this on them, they have their own lives and their own problems and who am I to add more stress so I haven't shared this recent event with anyone completely. I don't think I can share it with anyone I know. I honestly believe he's going to kill me one day. I want to leave but I know if I leave, he will find me and kill me too, so I'm dammed if I do and dammed if I don't. He has connections with law enforcement so if he does kill me, he would get away with it. So, I'm just fucked! I know the police won't be any help, I mean how many stories have hit the news of a person being killed by their spouse after leaving, after getting a retaining order, or a divorce, or after reporting them? It's so common that not it's no longer shocking (sad but not rare) So, I'm just fucked! I'm just living until he kills me or I kill myself. I used to have hope, I thought we could repair our relationship but when that dream died, I thought that I could leave, I had everything planned, I was going to move out of state, close to some dear friends, and build my life from the ground up but then that dream died, too. Now, tomorrow, I have to stand in front of his family and friends while we renew our vows which was something I didn't even want to do and still don't. I guess all I am now is a hypocrite and a liar, living a life full of lies. This week, a friend of mine told me how she looks at us and saw true love or as she put it, we are #relatioshipgoals, and all I can do was smile and nod but that's how most of our friends look at our relationship because that's the lie we are giving them. I don't know who the fuck I am anymore, I always try to be honest and keep shit real, but now, most of the time, I'm just protecting his ass and reputation. I have never told his friends anything negative about him, they don't know about the abuse, and they don't know how many times he has knocked me out or beat me to the point where I thought I was going to die. But to them, I'm a cheater and an abuser! One time, he pushed me to the edge and I reacted (not physically) but I did yell and cursed him out while he was recording and had a smirk on his face which infuriated me even more, then he sent it to his friends and I'm now the abuser, the person who yells at his poor husband, I know I was in the wrong and I regret the way I reacted but it was nothing compared to what he has done to me but to his friends, I'm the villain. He has taken everything from me, my body no longer belongs to me and god forbid I make a mistake or anything he perceives as a personal attack. He has posted videos of us having sex which I consented to be recorded but I didn't consent for him to post them. Before I became a stay-at-home dad, I used to work with children and now, I don't think I'll ever be able to teach again, what if I do, and one of my students or employers find those videos? The only reason I found out was that one of my best friends found one of them, he knows me, and he knows I'm not the type of person who would post homemade porn (not that it's wrong to do it, but it's just not for me) and when I showed him, he claimed he was hacked. I don't longer feel like a human being or have any hope left for the future whatsoever, I'm not suicidal at the moment but I'm sure as hell not living!
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