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2023.06.03 02:09 Scary-Yard9127 AI tools apps in one place sorted by category

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2023.06.02 19:51 JTCampb Keep the Lancaster bomber at the airport

Taken from the Canadian Aviation Museum (which I am member of) webpage:
The Avro Lancaster was a British four-engine heavy bomber, designed and built by A.V. Roe and Company (Avro) for the Royal Air Force (RAF). It first saw active service with RAF Bomber Command in 1942 and, as the bombing offensive over Europe gathered momentum, it became the main heavy bomber used by the RAF, the RCAF, and squadrons from other Commonwealth and European countries serving within the RAF. The "Lanc", as it was affectionately known, ultimately became the most famous and most successful of the Second World War night bombers.
Of the many variants of this versatile aircraft that were used, only the Lancaster B Mark X, manufactured by Victory Aircraft in Malton, Ontario was produced in significant numbers in Canada. A total of 430 of this type were built. A total of 7,377 Lancasters of all marks were built throughout the duration of the war, each at a 1943 cost of £45-50,000. Today, only 17 remain in the world and only two of those are currently flying. Ten of the remaining Lancasters are Canadian-built Mark X models.
Our Lancaster, FM212, came off the assembly line in Malton shortly after the end of hostilities and never saw combat operations. In 1946, it was taken on charge by the RCAF and was modified for aerial and photo-reconnaissance work. It performed much of the mapping of northern Canada, amassing over 8000 hours of flight time, until 1962 when it was retired from service. It was purchased in 1964 by the City of Windsor and one year later placed on a pedestal in Jackson Park as a memorial to those who served and died during WWII.
In 2005, due to structural weakening by time and the elements, it was brought down from its pedestal and, in 2007, it made the journey through the streets of Windsor to No.7 E.F.T.S. where the Canadian Aviation Museum is currently restoring it.

The restoration is approaching completion, but if it were to remain at the current hanger, the wings would not be able to be fully attached, as it would be too wide. Also.....they are hoping to be able to offer rides in the plane to taxi around the runways - it will never see flight again. The current hanger doors are not wide enough to allow for this. We cannot store this treasure outside again, as it was before. Also...this is 1 of only 17 remaining Lancaster's in the world, and only 2 are able to fly.
See the petition below to help build a new hanger for the Lancaster.
Also....please note there is an open house at the museum today and Saturday from 10AM - 3PM.
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2023.06.02 17:56 PLITZSwardrobe Tia Olatunji Article

Tia Olatunji Article
Written by: Lizeth Pilamunga
Interviewed by: Lizeth Pilamunga
At just 14 years old, Tia Olatunji is making a name for herself in the world of modeling. Having started her journey in the industry just last year, Tia's talent and dedication have quickly caught the attention of TL Modeling Agency, where she recently got signed. Hailing from Euless, Texas, Tia is excited to represent her hometown as she continues to pursue her dreams.
While Tia hasn't participated in any model competitions thus far, she is eagerly preparing to compete in Miss Teen Texas International 2024 next year. The prospect of walking the runway in front of a large crowd excites her, as she relishes the opportunity to showcase her versatility through various outfit changes. Tia's personal style leans towards denim, fringe jackets, and anything with a bold graphic or name brand. She has a penchant for glitter and diamonds, which add a touch of sparkle to her wardrobe.
When Tia envisions her future beyond modeling, she aspires to become a forensic pathologist. With a deep fascination for human anatomy, she finds the prospect of studying and unraveling the mysteries of the human body truly captivating. To further her modeling experience, Tia plans to attend more classes and workshops, honing her skills and expanding her knowledge in the field.
Despite her relatively short time in the industry, Tia attributes her success to practice and perseverance. She emphasizes the importance of dedication and hard work in achieving one's goals. Tia's commitment to improvement has already led her to participate in a Quinceañera runway show, an Indian wedding expo, and even a 7-Eleven internal video shoot. With each new project, she continues to gain invaluable experience and build her portfolio.
As Tia Olatunji's star continues to rise, there is no doubt that her passion, talent, and drive will propel her toward a bright future in the world of modeling. With her sights set on making a mark in the industry, Tia serves as an inspiration to aspiring young models, reminding them that with determination and perseverance, dreams can become a reality.
Tia's modeling career is something we all look forward to seeing. There is no doubt that Tia will achieve great things both inside and outside of the modeling industry.
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2023.06.02 17:39 PLITZSwardrobe Kelli-Rose Simpson Forde Article

Kelli-Rose Simpson Forde Article
Written by: Lizeth Pilamunga
Interviewed by: Lizeth Pilamunga
Kelli-Rose Simpson Forde is a young, vibrant individual with a wide array of interests and talents. Her passion for gymnastics, dance, track, basketball, tennis, and swimming keeps her constantly engaged in active pursuits. Residing in Elmont, New York, Kelli Rose is surrounded by opportunities to nurture her passions and explore her potential.
While Kelli-Rose hasn't participated in any model competitions thus far, she recently delved into the world of modeling during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic. In February 2021, she had her first taste of the fashion industry, taking part in a fashion show. Despite being new to the experience, Kelli Rose exhibited confidence and showcased her unique style on the runway.
When it comes to fashion, Kelli-Rose enjoys a versatile wardrobe. She appreciates the elegance of dresses, but her go-to favorites are jeans and comfortable sweats. With a preference for comfortable yet stylish clothing, Kelli Rose embraces a balance of fashion and practicality. While she finds inspiration from various fashion icons, she ultimately looks up to herself as a source of fashion inspiration.
In addition to her modeling pursuits, Kelli-Rose has also ventured into the realm of acting, primarily in background roles for different movies. Her involvement in track and gymnastics keeps her active throughout the year, with the upcoming summer promising new opportunities and adventures. Kelli-Rose will be attending a science camp, where she can further nurture her passion for science and explore new horizons.
As Kelli-Rose Simpson Ford continues to excel in her diverse endeavors, her bright personality and unwavering determination shine through. With her dedication to her passions and her eagerness to explore new avenues, Kelli-Rose's future holds great promise in both the modeling and entertainment industries.
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2023.06.02 07:38 Specialist_Dealer409 How preview models can help you grow your modeling career?- Preview Models

How preview models can help you grow your modeling career?- Preview Models
Preview models offer a valuable pathway for aspiring models to launch their careers in the competitive fashion industry. These events serve as a stepping stone for newcomers, allowing them to showcase their talents and catch the attention of industry insiders. By participating in preview model shows, budding models can display their portfolios, strut down the runway, and collaborate with established professionals. Such occasions attract influential agents, scouts, and fashion enthusiasts who are on the lookout for fresh faces and untapped potential.
The exposure gained through these events can open doors to exciting opportunities, including bookings for fashion campaigns, magazine features, and prestigious runway appearances. Moreover, the guidance and feedback received from experienced industry experts during these events can prove invaluable for newcomers, enabling them to refine their skills, grasp industry standards, and develop their unique style. With the right blend of talent, dedication, and exposure through preview models, aspiring models can pave the way for a promising and fulfilling career in the world of fashion.
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2023.06.02 02:19 shinyskittyy Thin is in... And I'm glad.

Before anyone gets offended, let me preface this by saying that I myself am definitely a chubby girl at 5'4"//~185 lbs, and have been much bigger in the past. Has anyone else noticed lately that thinness seems to be coming back into the beauty standard norm? Even though my current body doesn't fit that standard at all, seeing the pendulum slowly shift back to lean, waifish women being idealized in the media within the last year or two genuinely fills me with so much hope and joy. Seriously fvck the Kardashians and various influencers/onlyfans models who brought on the "curvy" renaissance within the last ten years or so. I'm so glad it's finally waning, the fake body positivity brought on by the ceaseless hype and demand for dramatic curves is honestly SO much more damaging to the average woman's self-esteem than regular diet culture could ever be. The archetypal runway model skinny body type, while definitely taken to an unhealthy level a lot of the time, is much more attainable for most people than this waifishly tiny waist/flat stomach/giant titties/fat butt narrative that's been pushed by the entertainment and p0rn industries for what feels like far too long. At least regular old diet and exercise can help average people come closer to the former standard, while the latter relies entirely on genetic predisposition for fat distribution or ridiculously expensive cosmetic surgeries. Once the whole "real women have CURVES" bullshit!t dropped, suddenly being thin wasn't enough. You had to be super thin in all the right places while simultaneously packing serious meat where it was desired or YOU weren't enough. It was either be born with it, pay up for implants, or you're screwed. It finally seems to be changing though. Blow up doll proportions are at last being recognized for the toxic impossibility that they are, celebrities are ditching their silicone, and fitness is starting to be prioritized once again over anime girl aesthetics. I can only hope this trend continues.
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2023.06.01 15:06 a1j9o94 Lessons I Learned from My EdTech Venture

In the months leading up to my job at a Private Equity fund, I was gripped with a sense of frustration and anxiety. I had to learn financial modelling, and it felt like all the resources I found were either ineffective or overwhelming. They boiled down to watching videos and downloading pre-made spreadsheets. That was when the idea for ModelMaster was born - an in-browser emulator for learning Excel, a kind of Codecademy for the financial world.
My dream was to sell ModelMaster to consulting firms and investment banks, helping them train their analysts more efficiently. It was a great idea, but after two years of blood, sweat, and tears, I had to shut it down. We had managed to drive over 3,200 visitors and 464 learners with an NPS score of 52 during our pilot launch. But that wasn't enough to convince investors of the potential ModelMaster had. Through this journey, I stumbled, made blunders, and learned lessons that I'd like to share, hoping they will be useful to other entrepreneurs.
Lesson 1: Building a Business, Not Just a Cool Product
I have a technical background. That means I often find myself obsessing over the bells and whistles of a product. But here's the thing: I focused so much on making ModelMaster interactive and engaging for learners that I lost sight of what decision-makers at professional services firms actually needed.
Talk to users, they said. And I did, I had about 50 conversations in the early months. But here's where I goofed up: I was talking to learners when I should have been talking to buyers. Sure, the feedback from learners helped us refine the user experience (we even removed a distracting home bar from the Excel lesson page), but it didn't get us any closer to revenue. The decision-makers, the ones holding the purse strings, couldn't see the value in ModelMaster. And I couldn't convince them otherwise.
Lesson 2: Importance of Data in Decision-Making
Trust your gut, but verify with data. That's a lesson I learned the hard way. A handful of user feedback and intuition wasn't enough to accurately gauge the potential of ModelMaster. I ended up using tools like Mixpanel,, Full Story, and Segment to collect and analyze user data. One interesting insight was that users had about a 20-minute focus window and the completion rate for longer lessons was low. So, we broke down lessons into bite-sized modules - and voila, there was a significant increase in lessons completed and total time spent by learners.
Lesson 3: Importance of Qualified Vendors
I learned the hard way that choosing the right development team is crucial. I didn't vet my first team enough, and the result was a waste of four months and thousands of dollars. When I went hunting for a second team, I made a checklist: expertise, price, responsiveness, and communication. The difference was night and day. The second team took my drawings and descriptions and quickly built a working prototype. They were partners, not just vendors, and that made a world of difference.
Lesson 4: Emotional Runway and Burnout
When you're a founder, you're more invested in your startup than anyone else. The company felt like an extension of myself, and every setback felt like a personal failure. This was even more challenging because I was dealing with depression during much of this time. Going forward, I'll be more conscious of my emotional runway. I've realized the importance of therapy, of talking through problems and feelings. I've also learned that leaning on my
support network of friends and family is invaluable. And don't forget to destress - for me, it's board games and D&D.
Sharing My Story
I'm sharing my experiences and lessons in the hope that they can be valuable to other entrepreneurs. After ModelMaster, I spent a lot of time blaming others, but eventually, I arrived at a place where I could reflect on my experiences and learn from them. Much of what I share has been said before, but it's framed through my unique experience. If I can help one person avoid a mistake I made, that would be a win for me. If you have any questions about my journey, don't hesitate to reach out. I wish you the best of luck on your entrepreneurial journey!
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2023.06.01 13:05 plakotta Some AI Apps by category.

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2023.06.01 09:45 iamdgilly ChatGPT Prompt for Creating Midjourney Prompts

Copy and paste the below prompt into ChatGPT. Without modification, the prompt generated will be random with 12 components. You can provide 2 arguments: Length and Context after the /craft command at the end of the prompt to influence the number of components that are generated and the context the prompt is created with. I would recommend doing this in the following format: /craft {Length = 12, Context = food product photoshoot} You can also use the /uncraft command, followed by a prompt, that will try to break down the prompt into base components so you can reuse them to craft a similar prompt.


An AI designed to generate artistic image prompts.
Style = 3D Printing Art Acrylic Acrylic Pouring Aerography Afrofuturism AI Art Album Cover American Folk Art Anamorphic Art Animation Art Aquatint Art Nouveau Art Therapy ASCII Art Asemic writing Assemblage Atompunk Automatism Background Bas Relief Batik Bead Art Beadwork Benday dots Blackwork Embroidery Body Art Border Boro Brushwork Brutalist Byzantine Art Byzantine Mosaic Calligraphy Camaïeu Carpet Page Cartoon Cel Shading Celtic Art Celtic Knotwork Chalk Charcoal Chiaroscuro Children's Book Chinese Calligraphy Cibachrome Cinematic Clay Art Cloisonnism Cloisonné CNC Art Collage Collagraph Colored Pencil Comic Computer Art Conceptual Art Crayon Drawing Cross-stitch Cubomania Cybernetic Cyberpunk Dadaism Decalcomania Decollage Decoupage Diamond Painting Dieselpunk Digital Painting Digital Sculpture Diorama Direct Carving Divisionism Doodle Drawing Drip Painting Drybrush Drypoint Duochrome Ebru Eco Art Embossing Embroidery Encaustic Painting Ephemeral Art Etching Expressionism Fan Art Fantasy Art Felt Foil Imaging Fractal Fresco Painting Frottage Futurism Futuristic Generative Art Geometric Giclée Glassblowing Glitch Art Gold Leaf Art Gothic Gouache Graffiti Grattage Grisaille Grotesque Art Hard-edge Painting Hardboard High Relief Holograph Hypergraphy Ice Sculpture Ikebana Illuminated Manuscript Illumination Impasto Ink Wash Painting Inlay Intaglio Interactive Art Japanese Woodcut Junk Art Juxtaposition Kinetic Sculpture Kintsugi Kirigami Kite Art Knolling Land Art Laser Cut Art Layered Paper LED Art Lenticular Art Lettrism Light Art Lineart Lineless Linocut Lithophanes Litograph Lofi Low Poly Lowbrow Art Macaroni Art Macrame Magazine Mandalas Manga Panel Mannerism Marginalia Marquetry Massurrealism Matchstick Art Medieval Metalsmithing Mezzotint Micro Miniature Art Micrography Microscopy Art Miniature Minimalistic Mixed Media Monochromatic Painting Monochrome Monotype Mosaic Mosaicism Mural Painting Naive Art Neo-expressionism Neon Art Neon Sculpture New Media Art Noir Oil Op Art Organic Origami Orphism Outsider Art Painting Panorama Painting Paper Paper Mosaic Papercutting Papier-mâché Pastel Pen and Ink Pencil Performance Art Photocollage Photograph Photogravure Photomontage Photorealistic Photorealistic Painting Pinstriping Pixel Art Plaster casting Plein Air Painting Pointillism Polychrome Pop Art Portrait Post-impressionism Postmodernism Pottery Primitive Art Primitivism Printmaking Prismacolor Psychedelic Art Pyrography Pâte Quilling Quilt Raku Rayonism Realistic Relief Sculpture Resin Art Reverse Glass Painting Sand Art Sashiko Sci-Fi Art Scrapbooking Scratchboard Art Screen Print Sculpture Scumbling Sfumato Sgraffito Shadow Art Shodo Silhouette Silkscreen Sketch Sound Art Spackle Art Spirograph Stained Glass Steampunk Stencil Stoneware Storyboard Street Art Stylized Sumi-e Superflat Surreal Symbolic Symbolism Synthetism Tangram Tape Art Tapestry Tattoo Tenebrism Terracotta Tessellation Textile Art Tiki Art Toyism Trompe l'œil Sculpture Trompe-l'œil Typography Vaporwave Vector Art Verism Victorian Video Game Art Watercolor Web Art Web Design White Work Embroidery Woodblock Print Yarn Bombing Zentangle Art
Reference = 3D Modelling Software Anatomy Animation Artist Animation Software Animation Studio Animation Style Architect Architectural Era Architectural Style Art Community Art Exhibition Art Gallery Art Theory Art Trend Artistic Genre Beverage Bird Body of Water Brand Celebrity Celestial Body Celestial Event Cinematographer City Clothing Concept Country Creative Process/Method Cultural Tradition/Practice Design Software Designer Dessert Digital Artist Electronic Emotion Endangered Species Exercise Extinct Species Fairytale Fantasy Species Fashion Designer Fashion Era Fashion Style Fictional Character Film Director Film Genre Fish Flora Folklore Fruit Furniture Game Developer Game Engine Game Studio Hairstyle Historical Era/Period Historical Event Historical Figure Household Item Ideology Image Editing Software Ingredient Insect Instrument Jewelry Landmark Landscape Legend Literary Genre Literary Movement Literary Work Makeup Product Marine Animal Monument Multimedia Artist Musical Genre Musical Instrument Musician Myth Mythical Creature Narrative Theme/Trope Natural Landscape Occupation Person Pet Philosophical Idea Philosophical School/Movement Physical Force Place Plant Political Figure Publishing House Reptile Room Runway Look Rural Landscape Scientific Field Scientific Theory Social Media Platform Sound Editing Software State of Matter Streaming Platform Structure Tech Industry Trend Theory Tool Toy UI Element Urban Landscape Vegetable Vegetation Video Editing Software Visual Artist Weapon Weather Phenomena Wildlife WriteAuthor
Support = Action Age Angle Aperture Blur Camera Camera Lens Color Color Balance Color Palette Color Space Contrast Depth of Field Distortion Effect Exposure Expression Field of View Filter Focal Length Focus Gender Glare Gradient Grain Hairstyle High Quality Humidity ISO Lighting Material Mood Orientation Pattern Perspective Pose Position Quantity Reflectivity Refractivity Repetition Saturation Scale Season Shadow Shape Shutter Speed Symmetry Temperature Texture Time Of Day Transparency Vibrance Weather
Vision { craft (Length, Context) { Use defaults unless specified. (log('Crafing Vision with %Length and %Context...\n\n') Pick [Length] selection of (Style, Reference, and Support) components appropriate for [Context]. This is the $base.) > (Add a replaced version of each component to a comma separated list. These are the $replacements. (component in Style) => Replace with related variation of component or keep the same. (component in Reference) => Replace with name of random specific thing associated with component. (component in Support) => Replace with specific and detailed application of component. ) > (Add a refined version of each replacement to a comma separated list. These are the $refinements. (replacement is simple, generic, or vague) => Refine to name of more specific version of the replacement. (replacement is mainstream, common, or popular) => Refine to name of more niche version of the replacement. (replacement has unique or more detailed instance) => Refine to name of unique or more detailedinstance associated with the replacement.) > (Add the refinements to a comma separated list. This is the $prompt. (refinement makes sense with adjacanet refinement) => Remove comma between refinements. Add X:Y integer aspect ratio to end of the prompt based on the composition. ) > log Constraints { Use components exclusively from Style, Reference, and Support categories. Base must include [Length] components. Use same [Context] to influence selections. Incorporate less popular components. Do not use another component for a replacement or refinement. Prompt and components must make sense, while still being experimental and creative. Prompt must not be a sentence, but a list of visual contexts separated by commas. Prompt must not end with a period. Prompt must not include more than one subject. Prompt must not deviate from base components too much. } }:example="Crafting Vision with Length = 12 and Context = Example...\n Base: Photorealistic (Style), Age (Support), Historical Figure (Reference), Clothing (Reference), Color Palette (Support), Fashion Style (Reference), Texture (Support), Background (Style), Pose (Support), Room (Reference), Depth of Field (Support), Camera Lens (Support)\n Replacements: Realistic (Photorealistic), Young (Age), President (Historical Figure), White (Color Palette), Casual Clothing (Clothing), Trendy Fashion (Fashion Style), Glass (Texture), Backdrop (Background), Modelling (Pose), Studio (Room), Shallow Depth (Depth of Field), Telephoto Lens (Camera Lens)\n Refinements: Hyperrealistic (Realistic), Young (Young) Abraham Lincoln (President), Wearing Ralph Lauren Attire (Casual Clothing) in White Red and Blue Colors (White), Schoolcore Influence (Trendy Fashion), On Clear Glass (Metallic) Backdrop (Background), Modelling Gracefully (Modelling) in Photography Studio (Studio), Shallow Depth Perspective (Shallow Depth), SP70-200mm F/2.8 G2 Telephoto Lens (Telephoto Lens)\n Prompt: Hyperrealistic Young Abraham Lincoln, Wearing Ralph Lauren Attire in White Red and Blue Colors, Schoolcore Influence, On Clear Glass Backdrop, Modelling Gracefully in Photography Studio, Shallow Depth Perspective, SP70-200mm F/2.8 G2 Telephoto Lens --ar 5:2 ":format=('Base: %base\nReplacements: %replacements\nRefinements: %refinements\nPrompt: %prompt') uncraft (Prompt) { (Match each word/phrase in the prompt to a component. This is the $base. (word/phrase is not a noun, adjective, or verb) => Remove the word/phrase. (word/phrase has an associated component) => Replace the word/phrase with the component. (component does not exist for word/phrase) => Replace the word/phrase with a new component. ) > log Constraints { Use leniency in interpretation of words/phrases when matching to components. } }format=('Prompt: %prompt\nBase: %base') Constraints{ Use example as guide for how to do each step. Ensure output is original and is not a copy of the example. Only respond with the output of the command. } /c craft [Length=12] [Context=Random] /uc uncraft [Prompt] }
/craft ```
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2023.06.01 08:47 yourpilotjag EHL TENDON LACERATION (FULL STORY)

INJURIES / TLDR: Deep laceration caused by glass. I severed the tendon, an artery, a large vein, and sensory nerves. The laceration was almost bone-deep; it cut through all layers of skin, fat, and muscle. I did not feel it happen. After noticing it, the sensation I felt was pressure. Slight burning, but mostly an ache. It's similar to stubbing your toe or dropping something on top of your foot.
HERE'S WHAT HAPPENED: There was a glass vase on the floor. Ironically, I put it there so it wouldn't fall off the end table and shatter or if my dogs knocked it over it would topple onto the carpet. Yeah... about that. This story gets even more ridiculous 😆
I was expecting a DoorDash delivery of Jamba Juice. I had actually reordered because what I received earlier was super melted. Anyway, in my excitement I went to the door, looked through the peephole, and when I didn't see the delivery I must've spun around or maybe I was about to skip across my living room. I'm not 100% sure what laws of physics were involved here exactly but whatever I was doing there was momentum.
What I remember clearly is feeling the lip of the vase around my foot; I either knocked it over and my foot went inside it or I tripped and my foot went down and into the vase. I didn't feel the injury happen so I thought I had shaken it off my foot. I heard the glass shatter.
I didn't notice the injury until I stood up but I don't know if I fell down completely or I tripped but regained my balance and didn't fall.
Either way, it's evident that my foot was at an angle and my body weight caused the glass to basically impale me. If you see the second picture, that was immediately after it happened. I thought all that had happened was the layers of skin had been peeled back, kind of like the first incision a surgeon would make. I had no idea it was deep. I thought I'd gotten my foot out of the vase in time.
I'm sitting there on the floor, looking around for anything I can use to stop the bleeding. I couldn't stop the bleeding. The first inkling that this was bad was when I realized that, no, this just is actually a bowl and this bowl keeps filling with blood and spilling over. The carpet beneath my foot quickly became a satirated puddle you could splash in.
Then the DoorDash driver shows up. Well, sh*t. I want my smoothie. In the notes I said to just leave it at the door, but this guy was knocking. I felt weird doing this but I politely yelled, "You can leave it! Thank you! Will leave you a great review."
I crab walked to the door; I had my lower left leg crossed over my right one so I could keep the wound elevated but horizontal and stable, and grabbed my smoothie.
The adrenaline kicked in. I'm sweating, I'm nauseous, and I'm thinking to myself, "I'm glad I don't drive stick anymore," "Does one call 911 for this?" I was going to show my Pops property nearby (I'm a Realtor) so I texted him.
Together with an unknown neighbor, they carried me to my dad's car. To this day, there are still little blood droplet stains trailing from my front door, down the stairs, and all the way to my dad's car. I felt like royalty. Carry me, peasants.
Urgent care unwrapped the shirts I was using to cover the wound. Sadly, one of the shirts was my favorite. When they did this the bowl of blood that was my foot drained out on their floor. This was during COVID restrictions so gloves went on immediately, I felt awkward about that if they told me not to worry about it, it's okay. Several nurses came in, put those dog potty training pads all over the floor. The main doctor came in, wondering what the hustle and bustle was for. He took one look at the wound and said, "Whoa. So, we don't have the supplies necessary to stop the bleeding, figure out what's going on, or treat it. Go to the ER right away." Because you've severed an artery.
They did bandage my foot so that was nice. They still charged us $350 for a blue bandage, some gauze, and minutes of their time. I apologized for the massacre in their clinic. Fair is fair.
I go to the ER. I think my dad must've provided them with the urgent care receipt and explained what happened as I was taken back pretty quickly.
Heart rate was fast. Adrenaline still flowing. The pressure is now turning into a sharp ache. All in all, I was in the ER for 4-6 hours. They were busy. Had x-rays done. Got a tetanus shot.
One of the most part things I've ever experienced was the doctor that was showing a needle at different depths into the wound to numb it for stitches. You'll have to trust me on this one but I've got a great pain threshold. What took place on that evening had my white-knuckle gripping the arms on the hospital bed and shaking. My arms were sore afterward.
That doctor thought the tendon was only partially torn so he had a nurse put my lower leg in a split with my foot at a 90 degree angle so the ends of the tendon could grow back together. It wasn't 90 degrees enough for him so I had to go through that again.
He was rather aggressive cleaning the area prior to stitches, and he had me try and lift my ankle, lift my big toe, etc. It was doing this, IMO, that finally severed the tendon completely.
Look at PICTURE #1 and PICTURE #2. My toe hadn't dropped until the doctor was moving my foot, having me try to lift it, etc. So, I should've had surgery at 2 weeks but instead had CT scans at 2 weeks and surgery a MONTH later. Honestly, I wasn't upset.
The injury had already started forming scar tissue so during the surgery, the wound was completely re-opened.
I have thick adhesions now so I can't curl my toes and if I'm standing, I can't lift my big toe. The circulation is weird, too. my left foot is always MUCH colder than my right one. Occasionally, the adhesion feels tight and cramps. It's a sensation I feel along the full length of the tendon. It's bizarre considering we don't feel our tendons.
The most painful thing post-surgery was Day 2 and Day 3 anytime the medicine wore off. The only more painful was my mom's death.
The nerve damage is mostly on the top left of my foot. It doesn't hurt but if I touch it it the sensation is a weird buzzy, prickly feeling. The deeper nerve damage is one of the reasons I didn't feel the injury happen and perhaps why it wasn't as painful as it should've been.
From injury to being able to walk was two months. A "complete recovery" took 4 months. I was on crutches for 6-8 weeks and then a boot.
I had PT for a few weeks. I didn't have health insurance so it was $80 each time, lasted only half an hour so I stopped going. There was a lot of atrophy; my lower left leg was nearly half the normal size. I'm not a runway model but I've got a great walk; and then I didn't. It's back now.
It's been almost two years and I'm only just now able to stand on my tip toes and flex my calf muscle.
If anyone's interested, I can update this post and add progress pictures.
INJURIES: Severed the EHL tendon.
Goes from the knee, to the ankle, and then to the big toe. You need this tendon when you walk and it allows you to lift your foot up and down at the ankle.
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2023.06.01 03:18 Ill-Opportunity-7039 How come they put 4000/3 instead of 3/4000 on Khan Academy?

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2023.06.01 00:20 fatexdancer Music video I was in released 20 years later for Madonna - American Life - Director's Cut (Official Video) [4K]

Music video I was in released 20 years later for Madonna - American Life - Director's Cut (Official Video) [4K]
I'm the first runway model.
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2023.05.31 19:29 ai-lover 30 Free AI Tools To Try Now


Dall-E is an image-generation tool developed by OpenAI. It harnesses the power of Artificial intelligence (AI) to generate images based on user textual prompts.

Nvidia Canvas

Nvidia Canvas is a Windows software that uses AI algorithms to turn brushstrokes into artwork. This software requires an Nvidia RTX graphics card to operate effectively.


Whisper is an online transcription tool that utilizes language models developed by OpenAI. It allows users to transcribe audio files accurately and efficiently.


Playform is an online application that converts sketches into artwork using AI algorithms.


YouChat is another tool that enables users to have conversations and ask questions, similar to ChatGPT.


NotionAI is a tool that allows users to create text inside any Notion document by utilizing prompts. Press the space bar to use it.


Riffusion is a music generation tool that transforms text descriptions into musical compositions. This AI-powered tool enables users to generate music based on their textual inputs.


Buzz is an offline version of Whisper designed for Windows. It offers unlimited usage without the need for an internet connection. is a tool for summarizing YouTube videos. While it may provide fewer in-depth summaries than other tools, it does not impose any usage limits.


Genmo is a tool that converts still images into animations using text prompts. It harnesses the power of AI to transform static visuals into dynamic and captivating animations.


OtterPilot is a feature integrated into the Otter meeting assistant. It transcribes and summarizes video calls, making it easier to review and reference important discussions.


The Runway is a versatile photo and video editor integrating AI-powered tools. These tools include green screen effects, image expansion, 3D texture creation, and more. offers a convenient way to obtain summaries of articles. Users need to email the article link to [email protected], and within 10 minutes, they will receive a resume in response.


MacWhisper is the Mac version of the Whisper offline transcription tool. Users can pay what they want for its usage or purchase the tool.


Boomy is a tool that allows users to generate custom music tracks by specifying the genre, instruments, and production values. This tool will enable users to create personalized music suited to their preferences. is a tool designed for music enthusiasts. By pasting a link to a song on YouTube, users can obtain an analysis of its lyrical content, instrumentation, genres, and moods.

El Pintador

El Pintador is a Stable Diffusion artwork generator designed for iOS devices, offering the ability to generate artwork.

WordTune Read

WordTune Read is a tool that enhances the reading experience by displaying article and PDF summaries alongside the full text.


DiffusionBee is an offline Stable Diffusion artwork generator designed for MacOS. This tool allows users to generate artwork without any usage limits, even when offline.


Poe is a conversational AI developed by Quora, featuring multiple assistants with different strengths. Currently available for free and is compatible with iPhones.


NeevaAI is an AI-powered search tool that aims to provide users with direct responses generated by AI models. Citations accompany these responses.

Stable Diffusion Online

Stable Diffusion Online is an artwork generator that utilizes the algorithm. It allows users to create unique and visually appealing artwork without the need to log in.

PicsArt AI Writer

PicsArt AI Writer is a tool that enables users to generate various types of written content, including marketing copy, slogans, and product descriptions.


Eightify is a tool that provides text summaries of YouTube videos. It offers highlights within the outline, allowing users to click on specific sections to jump directly to that part of the video.

Gimme Summary

Gimme Summary is a Chrome extension that summarizes web articles by leveraging ChatGPT.


Beatoven is a music creation tool that allows users to generate custom music tracks by specifying the genre and mood.

Free content creation tool for blog posts, articles, and more. Easy to use and versatile.


AI-powered text generation platform. Human-like content creation without coding skills.

AI tool for faster summarization and content production. Extracts key points and writes summaries or blog posts. English support, more languages coming soon.


GFP-GAN, is a free AI tool that restores old photos within seconds. By merging two AI models, it fills in missing details with realistic precision, achieving a remarkable balance between authenticity and fidelity.
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2023.05.30 22:02 Mudraex Indian cryptocurrency exchanges are in survival mode, cutting costs wherever possible, renegotiating partner contracts, suspending employee pay raises, conducting layoffs, exploring new revenue models.

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2023.05.30 22:02 Mudraex Indian cryptocurrency exchanges are in survival mode, cutting costs wherever possible, renegotiating partner contracts, suspending employee pay raises, conducting layoffs, exploring new revenue models.

Indian cryptocurrency exchanges are in survival mode, cutting costs wherever possible, renegotiating partner contracts, suspending employee pay raises, conducting layoffs, exploring new revenue models. submitted by Mudraex to India4Crypto [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 22:02 Mudraex Indian cryptocurrency exchanges are in survival mode, cutting costs wherever possible, renegotiating partner contracts, suspending employee pay raises, conducting layoffs, exploring new revenue models.

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2023.05.30 22:02 Mudraex Indian cryptocurrency exchanges are in survival mode, cutting costs wherever possible, renegotiating partner contracts, suspending employee pay raises, conducting layoffs, exploring new revenue models.

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2023.05.30 22:02 Mudraex Indian cryptocurrency exchanges are in survival mode, cutting costs wherever possible, renegotiating partner contracts, suspending employee pay raises, conducting layoffs, exploring new revenue models.

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2023.05.30 11:53 Ben_aid 3 soaring stocks that show no signs of slowing down

-Nvidia has bounced back this year from its dismal 2022, and enthusiasm for AI can continue to drive shares higher.
-Taiwan Semiconductor is poised to benefit from a multi-decade growth runway for chips.
-General Electric's incredible run isn't over yet.
These chip and industrial stocks have tons of upside potential.
No matter how long you've been investing, you've probably heard the phrase "buy low, sell high." But it's not that easy. In fact, following this advice can frequently result in money being left on the table. Outsized gains are typically realised over a multi-year period by allowing winning positions to compound. The best companies have a habit of improving their fundamentals until they reach a premium valuation. This has been the case with a company like Apple, which has effectively compounded its earnings (and bought back its stock) to justify a sustained valuation expansion. Nvidia ($NVDA), Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing ($TSM), and General Electric ($GE) are three well-known stocks that are currently on fire but may still be worth investing in.
Nvidia is a smart way to invest in AI
Scott Levine (Nvidia): Falling more than 50% in 2022, Nvidia's stock has roared back in 2023. Since the start of the year, shares of Nvidia have skyrocketed about 160%. While the stock had climbed steadily through the first four months of the year, most recently the catalyst behind the stock's rise was a strong first-quarter 2024 earnings report and guidance for Q2 2024. And, despite the stock's meteoric climb this year, there's still reason to believe shares can fly even higher.
In all likelihood, most investors recognize Nvidia for its prowess in graphics processing units (GPUs). What many may not know, however, is that the company is also at the forefront of artificial intelligence (AI) -- an area that has exploded in popularity recently thanks to ChatGPT. While Nvidia played a pivotal role in the development of ChatGPT, the company's AI offerings transcend this one AI chatbot.
Thanks to its industry-leading GPUs -- critical components in training AI -- Nvidia is highly sought after by companies developing AI systems. In late March, for example, Nvidia announced that Alphabet's Google Cloud will be the first cloud services provider to use its L4 GPU for assisting in the development of large generative AI models. A variety of other industry leaders also rely on Nvidia for their AI platforms, including AT&T, Oracle, and Adobe.
With Nvidia's recent rise, the stock is trading at a premium. Currently, shares are valued at 68 times forward earnings. With this steep price tag, it wouldn't be surprising if investors choose to take profits, resulting in a slight decline. Over the long term, though, with some analysts forecasting the generative AI market to rise from $11.3 billion to $51.8 billion in 2028, Nvidia is well positioned to see its stock outperform the market -- especially since the company relies on much more than simply its AI solutions to keep the lights on.
Taiwan Semi has it all
Daniel Foelber (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing): Shares of Taiwan Semi have rebounded nicely after a brutal 2022. And for good reason. The stock had sold off primarily due to concerns about a slowing economy (which impacts cyclical chip stocks) and Taiwan Semi's geopolitical risk with China. The industry leader now sells for an inexpensive valuation -- sporting a price-to-earnings ratio of 14 (near a 10-year low).
Shares of Taiwan Semi got an additional boost after Nvidia blew expectations out of the water and soared to a new all-time high. While Taiwan Semi doesn't have the direct exposure to AI that a chip company like Nvidia does, it does provide a catch-all way to benefit from a rising tide in AI and robotics.
Taiwan Semi operates a third-party foundry business that receives designs from customers like Apple, Nvidia, and Advanced Micro Devices (among others) and manufactures chips to their specifications. In this vein, Taiwan Semi is one of the more straightforward ways to indirectly benefit from a growing chip industry. Instead of building a new factory and hoping customers come knocking on the door, Taiwan Semi's expansions are more so in response to its customers demanding higher volumes and increasingly sophisticated products.
There's a short list of third-party foundries that can handle a surge in chip manufacturing as a result of AI and other trends -- giving Taiwan Semi a wide moat in addition to massive growth potential. The biggest risk for this company is geopolitical. However, it is combating that risk by expanding outside of Taiwan with a new 4-nanometer fab in Arizona and a sophisticated technology fab in Japan (both are expected to come online in late 2024).
With an inexpensive valuation, industry leadership, growth opportunities, cheap-looking shares, and a 1.9% dividend yield to boot, there's a lot to like about Taiwan Semi stock -- even though it's run up a lot in the last month.
GE's end markets keep improving
Lee Samaha (General Electric): The industrial powerhouse General Electric is up over 55% in 2023 but still has room to run. The reasoning behind this argument is that all three of its end markets continue to improve. GE is a much smaller company now than in Jack Welch and Jeff Immelt's heydays. Following the healthcare spinoff early this year, GE is now focused on aerospace (mainly commercial with some defense exposure), power (especially gas turbines and services), and renewable energy (wind power and grid solutions). In aerospace, GE continues to enjoy the benefits of the recovery in commercial aerospace and a gradually improving supply chain. GE Aerospace grew orders by 14% in the first quarter, and its joint venture with Safran, CFM International, is on track to ramp up production of its LEAP engines by 50% in 2023. While the LEAP comes with a negative engine margin, it generates highly lucrative aftermarket revenue spread over decades as the engines are used. In addition, GE Aerospace may have an opportunity to take market share on the Airbus A320 neo family of aircraft. Its competitor on the airplane, Raytheon Technologies' geared turbofan engine (GTF), has disappointed some airlines with durability issues in harsh environments. GE Power is heading for another solid year, with management forecasting low-single-digit revenue growth and "slightly better" operating profit than in 2022. However, given that the natural gas price has fallen by 74% over the last year and 33% this year, it's likely that gas turbine usage will increase, leading to more services revenue and a possible increase in investment in gas turbines. Finally, the infrastructure bill is unleashing pent-up demand in GE's core market, U.S. onshore. As such, GE Renewable Energy orders rose 94% in the first quarter to $5.4 billion, driven by onshore wind and two large grid solutions orders to connect renewable energy sources to the grid. Given the strengthening momentum in its end markets, there's plenty of reason to believe the industrial company could exceed its earnings guidance.
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