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Discussion about MinnKota Trolling Motors and Electronics

2023.06.01 01:08 robertjpjr Vacuum motor issue

Vacuum motor issue
I hope this is the correct sub to post this in.. I have a Commercial Proteam 1500XP vacuum. The suction motor has audibly slowed down, thus, losing suction. The issue is with the motor, not obstruction or some other issue. I have ordered a new motor, but I wanted advice on how to repair, if possible.
The motor part number is proteam 104957. Not sure if I can post links. It's a brushed motor. The brushes have 95% life left. The commutator has a bit of darkening, but I've seen much worse.
Hopefully a new motor resolves the issue, and it's not a lack of voltage or something.
Thoughts? TIA
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2023.06.01 01:04 acquiesce88 NBD - Trek Verve+ 3 lowstep

After a couple test rides, I decided to get the Trek Verve+ 3 lowstep. I love everything about it, but of course I'm now wondering whether I should spend a little more for the Verve+ 4s. I'm doing mostly suburban riding, some rail trail (packed gravel), and in the future plan some multi-day trips (where the higher pedal assist limit would be nice). On a public path, with other riders /walkers, I'd definitely limit my speed.
I noticed the Verve+ 3 is nearly silent (motor and rear hub), but the Verve+ 4S had noisy rear hub / sprockets. Is this just an adjustment to be made or does the different model have noisier parts?
The lowstep looks a little odd compared to the diamond frame, but I need it due to some recent hip injuries - it's just so easy now to step through! The upright position is also great for me to alleviate pain in my lower back and neck. But I have noticed getting numb hands after a short while. Maybe it's just a handlebar adjustment?
I also tried the Allant+ 7, but was really put off by the noise of the motor.
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2023.06.01 00:55 meyriley04 Help/Insight Needed: A UFO Reporting App

Hello! After watching the NASA hearing today, my spirits were brightened a little bit by hearing that they have plans to create their own UAP reporting mobile app.
I have been working on developing such an app for quite a while now (6+ months) and am looking for any features that anyone would like to share! The current set of planned features are:

Please feel free to raise any comments, questions, or concerns that you may have about the project. I'm hoping to launch it some time within the year, and will of course notify you all about it.
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2023.06.01 00:53 Nyc-nise-ai 28 [M] NYC/New York City - Dating for rookies

For those of you who know a bit of Japanese or think my user looks familiar— you’re right. My user is a reference to the series Nisekoi, which means Fake Love.
The reason? I’m an amateur to this whole “romance” thing. I’ve had crushes and coy dates sure: but I want to explore all parts of life: NYC, dating, being smitten and smiting (… that can’t be right, can it?); and I want to do it with someone who also wants to explore all of what life has to offer.
I like shitposting and rants (especially about people who have yacht photos and yet still scream “Eat the Rich”), tip-toeing around and pretending not to be an ex-otaku/one-time cosplayer, playing video games (Tears of the Kingdom!), trolling my RL friends, and reading. If I were to classify my musical tastes: I’d describe myself as an urban Asian surfer… I do not surf. But if you check out Taichi Mukai and Shota Shimizu, you might get an idea.
And there’s more, but I don’t think we have to have the same tastes. A spice of life is learning new things or even disagreeing. What’s most important is our values: kindness, responsibility, and empathy— whether for others or ourselves.
Happy to trade pics, since that ultimately is important. For a quick filter: I’m 5’7, 28, Chinese, fit-lean build, dark black hair, and am told I have kind eyes. I live in Upper West Side Manhattan, NY. I’m looking for something that can start slow and relaxed, with chatting or at most a coffee until we’re both comfortable.
I don’t have an age range and don’t mind if you’re taller or shorter, but do care that you value health and fitness. You don’t have to be a marathon runner (im definitely not), but I hope you’re also trying to be a version of yourself you are proud of.
PM/DM me with your favorite food!
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2023.06.01 00:52 brains-bowls Concept for new cannibal behavior (long post)

As of right now the ai is cool, but a bit basic. I've been thinking of ways to make it more interesting and I think I got a good idea that'll make it more interactive.

Its based on one question: What if cannibals could build fortresses to protect themselves from us?

This would completely change the majority of cannibal interactions, and change what they do and how they interact with their environment.

There would be multiple but not infinite tribes split across the map, each spawning on a cannibal camp site.

First, here is how each involved cannibal would change and what their role is within these tribes:

gold masked cannibals: These are the leaders of the tribe, commanding everyone within, but still performing tasks related to each group they order, just more efficient then other cannibals in the same group. They are always accompanied by 2-3 other regular cannibals, who will protect him from harm. Each tribe starts with one, but as groups are made new gold masks will spawn to control each group.
Red cannibals: These are exclusive to the raiding parties, with a max of 3 per tribe. I will explain their role when I get to the raiding party.
Regular cannibals: Middle members of the tribe, they gather things like logs when they learn how to cut them down, rocks when they learn how to build with them, and they will hunt deer, moose, fish, cannibals from other tribes, and if your unlucky, they will try to hunt you. They will bring their catches back to camp to either cook, or store away.
Muddies: Lowest tier, but perhaps the most important. These gather Stones, bones, Sticks, and berries. If you kill a cannibal but leave the body, they will drag it back and burn it for bones for later use. When part of a tribe they will utilize weaponry like spears and sickles, but not be as efficient with them as regular mutants.
Mutants: Only appearing when they can spawn outside of caves, they would patrol in a small circle around camp. Rarely, They will join a raid party. only fingers and the twins will behave like this.

Now for the groups, it starts with one, and as the stages progress, they would split into 3 performing different tasks.:

1: This is the first group that appears when the tribe spawns. It will perform slight tasks that relate to the other 2 until it splits. Once split, this becomes the construction group. no muddies are here, and it consists of 6-8 regular cannibals and one gold mask. They will take resources gathers and construct buildings and defenses. These stay at camp 24/7, so they also act as primary defenders.
2: This is the gathering group. Cannibals here will wear camo clothing or bush/leaf armor to hide themselves among the forest. Even the gold mask leading them will wear this armor. This group consists of 5-6 muddies, 3-4 regular cannibals, and the gold mask. Regular cannibals will cut trees down when they learn to make and use axes, or steal logs from you. Any resource gathered will be stored in holders at the camp. The gold mask can carry 2 logs, 2 rocks, 3-4 stones, and up to 6 sticks, separately ofc. These cannibals will attempt to ambush you should they come across you, but if one is killed, they will retreat, even the gold mask will leave.
3: This is the raiding party. this also functions like a scout group. At first they will not send patrols out, but stock up on weapons like spears, clubs, and sickles. They will make these weapons for the other groups to use as well. They will then leave to scout out POIs, resource locations, and your base, as well as other cannibal camps and tribes. If they find you, they may decide to grab weapons and come attempt a raid. here is where the red cannibals come in. the group will stay behind, but the red cannibals will come look at your gates. If they can easily walk up, they will construct a battering ram when preparing to raid with 2 logs and a few sticks, then attempt to bash your gates in when they arrive. If there is defenses, they will stock up on rocks, go back to camp to get them like the battering ram, and throw them past your defenses to hit the gates and defenses down. When scouting, they are non aggressive, even if there is a mutant there, and will watch you but not engage. They may hide in or behind trees to add more of a horror factor. If they come back to their camp destroyed, they will b line to the place they saw you last, or the nearest camp to them for revenge.

These tribes would also fight each other, so you may be able to see a raid group attempting to raid another tribe.
you may be able to watch massive fights outside of camps, of two raid parties attacking each other, or a raid party hunting down a gathering group.

Here is how armor and weapons could work:
The raid group would construct weapons and armor and set them on racks, and when needed cannibals who do not have anything will grab them off the rack and equip them. Cannibals will grab weapons off of dead bodies if none are in racks.
Guns cannot be used, and carbon fiber arrows cant be used either.
Every cannibal except for red cannibals and mutants can wear armor. They will wear small amounts of it and it doesn't make them immune, just take reduced damage. Only bone and leaf armor will be used.
Gold mask weapons could depend on what they order. Constructor gold masks will use boat motors because they don't leave base which balances it out. Resource gathering gold mask will use a heavy spear or a fire axe, and raiding will have the regular weapon.
Cannibals would loot wreckage like boats, helicopters and the spawn crates. These may contain grenades and molotovs or materials for them, and regular mutants can use them. (grenades will be nerfed for obvious reasons).
Tribes would have a maximum amount of cannibals in it, which could be around 30 or so, and wont stop spawning until maxed, this cap may increase as the stages increase. They will also have a cap on loot stored, but will be heavily increased as stages increase. This is because raiding them will be no easy task so they need to be worth attacking. After a cannibal is killed, after a small amount of time the type that was killed will respawn. This excludes gold masks, who will only respawn if you fail the raid, or leave.
Because there is so much that could make raiding cannibal fortresses very difficult, I propose the return of the catapult and maybe a few more siege/defense related structures, to aid you.

I've been mentioning stages, they would progress you progress, the more weapons you get, size of your base you make, and progress in general will increase these stages. Here they are and what could happen to the tribes in them:
Stage 1: First stage, acts like a normal cannibal camp, though the gold mask will always be in camp, and some muddies will gather some resources. Cannibal cap 10
Stage 2: Gathering group forms, holders are constructed by 1st group. More resources are gathered and faster. Cannibals start bringing military grade loot to camp. Loot cap 3 containers
Stage 3: Cannibals learn to craft axes. Basic defense are made(spike traps, and some defensive walls). Food stores and fires made. Cannibal cap increased by 5, max 15
Stage 4: raid group formed, though small. weapon racks and more advanced weapons made (bows and slightly stronger spears). Armor made if possible. Cannibal cap increased by 5, max 20
Stage 5: Outer wall completed or being complete, watchtowers start appearing. Alerting a cannibal in the tower will alert the entire tribe unless a group is out somewhere, in that case just whoever is in the camp and is nearby will be alerted. Raid party will now start to raid bases it has discovered. Loot cap increases from 3 containers to 12. Loot inside quality increase.
Stage 6: walls get reinforced, taking less damage from all sources. cannibals use bows more often, and cannibals are armored more. loot cap increased to 20. max cannibals increased to 25.
stage 7: final stage, walls start being replaced with stone walls, taking even less damage. more weapon racks and resource holders made. max cannibals increased to 30. max loot increased to 25 containers. loot quantity in containers increased.

I thought of some more behavior changes that could go along with it as well:
maybe at different times cannibals will sleep in their camps, like mid morning or late evening and get up right as night starts.
tribes would respond to seasons as well. In winter cannibals will be less active, all groups will wear bone armor, gathering groups no longer blend in but will still attempt to ambush, but wont run even if one is killed. They will equip torches for warmth, but leave them when fighting or hunting. They will stay in camp more often, even the raiding party will barely raid and scout. Lower activity, higher armor and equipment
during summer they could wear less armor as to not overheat, but will be much more active. they will sleep less so they will be out doing stuff more then winter. high activity, lower armor
spring and autumn would be in between, medium armor, medium activity.
Cannibals when raiding may throw molotovs and grenades if they have access to them over your walls if they can.
If a cannibal tribe is aware of one of your base, and you make another somewhere else, they wont know about the new base until they discover it.
Muddies typically would be more offensive, but can be defensive. Regular cannibals could wait and behave more defensive.
since there is a limited amount of tribes, the regular ai we have now will remain and take up the rest of the space, as to not make the game to easy. perhaps there could be nomadic tribes that remain relatively small and wander around, making and leaving primitive structures.
Now one issue that may occur, is the horror element may get hurt from this change, so maybe the camp will send cannibals to ambush and harass you out of no where, but not necessarily kill you. maybe they could do this with mutants as well.
And because this would be a massive overhaul, you would be able to turn this off, and the ai would return to how it normally is.
Ofc things will need to be balanced, the values probably will need to change as to not make it to hard/easy, and it needs to be fair.
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2023.06.01 00:51 Dieseltrucknut Found a tiller for free. Need some help

Found a tiller for free. Need some help
I’m fairly certain the carb is need of a cleaning. But some fuel is getting to the spark plug. The plug is corroded and probably bad. And I think I need a coil pack. And the recoil starter needs a new spring in it. However I’m at a loss for where to even start looking for parts for the motor. It’s a brigs and Stratton 5hp 4 stroke motor from like the 70s. Or if I’m better off just going to harbor freight and getting a predator motor to strap on it
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2023.06.01 00:45 furiousbobb Best way to clean lots of sludge?

Ok here's the deal. I just pulled a 2.8L V6 out of my 1990 Trooper. I'm dropping in a 3.4L V6 but I need to re-use some of the parts of the old motor ( starter, timing chain cover, dizzy, etc ). But they are CAKED in 30 years of oil, road grime and sludge.
I work out of a 1 car garage attached to my 1 bedroom apartment. Although there is a utility sink in the laundry room, it is communal and I probably shouldn't load it up with grime. I don't have a water spout, just the sink in the laundry room. I do have a 3.5 gallon parts washer coming in the mail but I'm not sure if it's up for the task. What I've done in the past is get a large sterilite container, a garden sprayer and some simple green concentrate ( 1:1 mix with water ) but this gets kinda messy.
Is there an alternative method for cleaning this crud off? I've also tried Dep's floor stripper concentrate ( mixed 1:1 as well ) but it doesn't seem to do the trick.
Maybe load the motor up in the back of my pickup and take it to the coin-op wash?
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2023.06.01 00:41 twing1_ Suggestion to Bridge the Gap Between Unyielding and Full Health Builds

Unyielding builds provide too great a benefit relative to their full health counterparts. This build type is so popular that it is killing build diversity and homogenizing the gameplay experience.
Unyielding builds should not be nerfed, but other build types (full health) should be made more viable.
In order to do this, the benefits that a point into a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stat provides should suffer from diminishing returns, so that the first 15 points into the attribute provide a far greater benefit than any other point after the 15 point threshold is hit. This proposed change will do wonders in bridging the gap between the level of QoL between full health builds and their unyielding counterparts, without severely punishing the unyielding playstyle.
In order to accomplish this, two simple things must be done:
  1. The benefit provided by each of the first 15 points in a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. must be multiplied by a factor of 1.5x
  2. The benefit provided by each additional point after the first 15 points in a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attribute must be multiplied by a factor of 0.5x
Example, using the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attribute LCK:
Currently, every point in LCK increases crit refill by 1.5%.
Under this proposition, the first 15 points in LCK will increase crit refill by 2.25%, and every point in LCK after the 15 point threshold will only increase crit refill by .75%.

Almost every end-game level player runs an unyielding build with 80% of their health bar being taken up by radiation.
Why is this happening?
Under the current S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attribute calculations, the unyielding armor effect provides far too great a QoL bonus to pass up. For those that do not know, someone wearing 5 pieces of unyielding armor at <20% health will receive a bonus of +15 points into every S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attribute except for endurance, effectively granting them the equivalent bonus granted by maxing out every single one of their S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes, that also stacks on top of their currently selected S.P.E.C.I.A.L. distribution.
Why is this problematic?
The bonuses these unyielding builds provide are problematic because they are nearly too great to pass up. This is evidenced by their extreme and over-popularity. When one particular build type takes over the "META", it is a surefire indicator that a rebalance is needed. Furthermore, when such a large population of the player base is running a single build type, it decreases build diversity and homogenizes gameplay, resulting in economical imbalance and, truth be told, a less interesting gameplay experience overall.
Are unyielding builds themselves the problem?
In the objective sense, no. These unyielding builds are not "breaking the game" by any means. No part of them feel like they are allotted too much of a power budget. While they do perform better in combat situations and pull higher damage numbers than their full health counterparts, this is offset by the risk of death inherent in being limited to <20% of their health bar. Additionally, these types of builds are not pulling damage numbers so great that they are allowing players to skip or break any of the game's mechanics in their entirety. The idea of "high risk, high reward" has always been intriguing, and the benefits provided are balanced out by the increase in risk.
If unyielding builds themselves are not overperforming, then what is the problem?
The problem lies within the inadequacy of every other build type available. The opportunity cost of running any build that is not unyielding, and thus not taking advantage of the effectively doubled max S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes is too great to consider running a non-unyielding build.
So what can be done?
The perfect solution would be to leave the unyielding power budget relatively unchanged, while at he same time increasing the power budget of their non-unyielding counterparts. This can easily be accomplished by introducing the concept of diminishing returns to S.P.E.C.I.A.L attributes.
What is the concept of diminishing returns?
Diminishing returns is the idea that the more you invest into something, you will receive less benefit from each additional increment of investment. This concept is widely used in video games to prevent imbalances in gameplay. Incorporating this idea into Fallout 76 and S.P.E.C.I.A.L attributes would be relatively simple, and can easily be demonstrated by example.
Lets take LCK and its affected stat, critical refill, as an example. The way the current system works is that 1 point spent in LCK increases critical refill by 1.5%. It does not matter how many points you have already invested in LCK, the benefit that one additional point in LCK provides will always be 1.5% critical refill.
Under the concept of diminishing returns, the first 10 points in LCK could increase critical refill by 1.5% per point. From 11 LCK onward, the benefit that each additional point in LCK provides could decrease to an improvement of only 1% critical refill. It could continue this way up until 20 LCK, and then from 21 LCK onward the benefit that each point in LCK provides could decrease to 0.5% crit refill, and so on.
This is a very simple example, but the concept is sound. Allowing earlier investments to be more impactful on gameplay than later investments bridges the gap between certain bulids by front-loading the power budget of an attribute, yet still promotes additional investment in that attribute to accumulate greater amounts of statistical power.
How do we balance this?
Because there is nothing inherently wrong with the unyielding build and it is not objectively overpowered, I believe this can serve as a good starting point for balance. Because full unyielding provides +15 S.P.E.C.I.A.L, and this can be stacked on top of the base max of 15 S.P.E.C.I.A.L, a total of 30 points into a S.P.E.C.I.A.L attribute should be targeted as balanced, with lesser amounts of S.P.E.C.I.A.L investment requiring a sizeable buff and greater amounts of S.P.E.C.I.A.L investment requiring a slight nerf. The absolute simplest way of doing this would be by simply taking half of the benefit provided by points 16-30 into a S.P.E.C.I.A.L attribute and incorporating it into the benefit provided by the first 15 points into a S.P.E.C.I.A.L attribute. In mathematical terms, it would mean multiplying the current benefit provided by the first 15 points in a S.P.E.C.I.A.L attribute by 1.5x, and multiplying the current benefit provided by any additional point after 15 in a S.P.E.C.I.A.L attribute by 0.5x.
Lets use the example of LCK and critical refill again.
Under the current system, every point in LCK increases critical refill by a static 1.5%, with 5% base at 0 LCK. Under this system, the following are certain LCK value thresholds and their corresponding critical refill value:
Under the proposed system of diminishing returns, each of the first 15 points in LCK would increase critical refill by 2.25% (1.5x1.5%), and each additional point in LCK after the first 15 would increase critical refill by 0.75% (0.5x1.5%). The same base of 5% critical refill at 0 LCK exists. Under this system, the same LCK value thresholds and their corresponding critical refill values will be as follows:
As you can see, there is no change whatsoever between the current system and the proposed system of diminishing S.P.E.C.I.A.L. returns at the exact LCK value of 30. This is the standard maximum S.P.E.C.I.A.L. value of an unyielding build that we determined earlier. For LCK values of less than 30, there would be a sizeable buff to critical refill, and conversely, for LCK values greater than 30, there is a slight nerf to critical refill.
What would the impact on gameplay be?
On paper, this change seems to do a good job at bringing non-unyielding builds a bit more up to speed with their unyielding counterparts. The power gap between the two standard maximums (15 for non-unyielding, and 30 for unyielding) has dropped considerably, from a difference of 22.5% critical refill to a difference of only 11.25% critical refill. This accomplishes exactly what we intended. But how does this change actually affect in-game mechanics?
On a META build running critical savvy, a threshold of 27.5% critical refill is required to crit once every 3 shots, and a threshold of 55% critical refill is required to crit once every other shot.
Under the current system, 15 LCK is required to crit once every 3 shots, while under the new system only 10 LCK is required to meet this threshold. This helps out non-unyielding builds a lot.
Similarly, under the current system, 34 LCK is required to crit once every other shot, or 24 LCK with a 15 crit refill legendary weapon equipped. Under the proposed system, 37 LCK is required to crit once every other shot, or only 17 LCK with a 15 crit refill legendary weapon equipped. At this threshold, again full health builds are buffed (requiring only 17 LCK + crit refill legendary vs 24 LCK + crit refill legendary) with unyielding builds receiving only a slight nerf (requiring 37 LCK vs 34 LCK).
This is a lot more balanced, and goes far to close the gap between unyielding and non-unyielding builds. Although the example used was examining the LCK S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attribute, the same would be applied to all S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes with similar results.
Adopting this system of diminishing S.P.E.C.I.A.L. returned, or a system like it, would go leaps and bounds toward closing the gap between unyielding builds and their non-unyielding counterparts, without severely nerfing the unyielding playstyle. If this change is implemented, build types of all varieties would receive an increase in viability, which would promote build diversity and strengthen the game. Additionally, this change will still leave room for unyielding builds as a niche build for min-maxers who want to maximize their stats to their fullest potential. The results of the change would surely be a decrease, but not complete elimination, of the unyielding player base and an increase in full health builds. I believe this to be a very easy and practical solution to one of the games biggest points of imbalance, but I am eager to hear from others what they think as well.

Feel free to comment, criticize, critique, or troll as you see fit.
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2023.06.01 00:40 Deep_North_South I think I am replacing my condensor unit... advice?

TLDR: Technically sound person... am I insane for not calling an HVAC guy to replace my condenser?
First: I am an industrial electrician so I know my way around that aspect for the most part.
Are there any electrical concerns that a very proficient electrical technician wouldn't think of due to the specificity of any devices involved? (From what I can tell I have a couple capacitors, a couple motors, a contactor, a thermal relay, a centrifugal switch, a disconnect and a breaker)
The root cause of my WHOLE shit fucking up was a crispy ass disconnect single phasing all of it. Thought I was gonna get away with a new capacitor until that blew up 90 seconds after replacing it.
I DID look for obvious stuff before just turning it on, the disconnect in question had good continuity when power was not applied, and was not obvious as a problem until I turned it on while power was applied and it started crackling. It let 240 through for a few seconds, then started single phasing. By the time I got up there when I would turn the breaker on with the disconnect on, it was just single phasing. 120 leg to leg, 120 or 0 to ground respectively.
Questions are more regarding the plumbing side. Can I DIM? (Again, very technically minded)
Is it going to be mostly compression fittings or will I need to sweat copper?
Should I try and recover my refrigerant or just buy new?
If so, should I call a contractor or just buy a recovery tank... and what else tools wise do I need (job specific tools... gauges, lines, pumps etc... I have channel locks and a hammer /s)
Am I insane for not already having called a licensed HVAC guy to come get REAL deep inside me without lube?
Any and all advice is appreciated.
Also if you're a tech in West Michigan... maybe you would be especially appreciated 🤷‍♂️
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2023.06.01 00:01 sala344 All Zenyatta Voicelines

It's been hard to find some voicelines from Zen and i started looking for a video that compiles every line and fortunately there was one and with OW1 voicelines as well! (pls take the time to comment your fav voiceline in the link, this video was a bit hard to find with only 145 views) so i took the time to timestamp each one, there are a lot that repeat and english isn't my first language there will be a lot of spelling and grammatical errors, feel free to correct me. Well without any further ado here it is:
0:05 uh? (idk how to describe it... WHEN DOES HE SAY THIS??¿¿)
0:07 Noise
0:08 Noise
0:10 "Now we have both learned something"
0:13 "I'm grateful for what we have taught each other"
0:17 "I do not punish when one seeks forgiveness"
0:20 "I envy ants for their clarity of purpose"
0:25 "Perhaps i can share your burden?"
0:28 "There is a new sadness in you brother"
0:32 "Yes we wondered how many other omnics were doing the same"
0:38 "Change often comes uninvited what you make of it is up to you"
0:44 "Every challenge is an opportunity to rise"
0:49 "I am happy to serve"
0:51 "Mmm.. interesting"
0:54 "A chance for us all to learn"
0:57 "Experience festivity"
1:00 "Right down the middle and the pitch"
1:04 "Here's a little jin(?) music"
1:06 "That's the ball game"
1:08 "There's no crying in baseball"
1:12 "You're out"
1:14 "He goes down swinging"
1:16 "It goes down swinging"
1:18 "She goes down swinging"
1:21 "Zenyatta on the mound"
1:24 "The iris consumes you"
1:27 "Listen to the whispers of madness"
1:31 "Darkness envelops all"
1:34 "Be consumed by the shadows"
1:38 "Curses and madness be upon you all"
1:41 "Be one with the darkness"
1:45 "Walk in shadow"
1:48 "We walk in shadows my aprenctice"
1:52 "Embrace oblivion"
1:55 "Frightening"
1:57 "Expierience nothingness"
2:01 "Trick or treat"
2:04 "Pass into the unkown"
2:07 "Zenyatta is here"
2:10 "Zenyatta is everywhere"
2:14 "We must guard the objective"
2:17 "They've taken possesion of him"
2:20 "He would(?) be lost without our guidence"
2:23 "The enemy has stolen away our friend"
2:27 "Our teamate has fallen"
2:29 "We've suffered a casualty"
2:31 "We have lost a teammate"
2:34 "The door will not hold much longer"
2:37 "The door will soon be reduced to kinglin(?)"
2:40 "I am restored"
2:42 "You have my thanks"
2:44 "One day i will repay your kindness"
2:48 Effort noise (kick probably?)
2:49 Effort noise
2:50 Effort noise
2:52 Effort noise
2:53 "It was nothing"
2:55 "You are welcome"
2:57 "A turret lies before us it is quite real"
3:02 "A turret is in our way"
3:04 "We must proceed as one"
3:06 "Apart we can not continue"
3:09 "We must come together then we may proceed"
3:13 "The payload is on it's way"
3:16 "The payload advances as it should"
3:20 "I am accompaning the payload"
3:23 "We must hold the payload"
3:25 "I'm under attack assistance would be appreciated"
3:29 "I require aid"
3:31 "On my way"
3:33 "No."
3:34 "We must rest victory from the jaws of time"
3:38 "Time is an illusion but he illusion it's about to run out"
3:44 "No snowflake ever falls in the wrong place"
3:48 "We are in harmony"
3:51 "Doubt shrouds you"
3:53 "What torments you"
3:55 "It is nothing personal, Genji"
3:58 "Why the look of gloom"
4:00 "Your distress betrays you, Satya"
4:03 "A shadow hangs over you"
4:06 "Your anguish comsumes you"
4:09 "You must accept the pain"
4:12 "This does not bode well for you"
4:16 "Chaos hunts your path"
4:18 "The path ahead is thorny"
4:21 "How ominous"
4:23 "Attachment the source of all suffering"
4:27 Effort noise
4:30 "Revive me so that i may re-join the fight"
4:34 "I am in need of reviving"
4:37 "I am seriously damaged"
4:39 "Life is more than a series of ones and zeros"
4:44 "We most protect our flag"
4:47 "Defend our flag"
4:49 "A detonator)? approaches we must not let it come near"
4:53 "The end approaches quickly to the robot"
4:57 "Our time draws near, grasp the opportunity"
5:02 "We most claim both the robot and our destiny"
5:06 "Our collective effort is leading us to victory"
5:11 "Let us be grateful for our advantages"
5:14 "Fortune smiles on us"
5:17 "A blessing to be among such capable hands"
5:21 "We should make our preparations here"
5:24 freezing noise
5:26 freezing noise 2
5:29 discomfort noise?
5:32 discomfort freezing noise?
5:35 freezing noise 3
5:39 "We must clear this area"
5:41 "Form is temporary the spirit is eternal"
5:46 "My apologies"
5:48 "I was mistaken"
5:50 "To err is human... or omnic"
5:53 "I require armor"
5:55 "I need armor"
5:57 "We must deal with this assassin, she continues to be a problem for us"
6:03 sigh noise
6:05 sigh noise 2
6:08 long sigh
6:10 deep breath
6:13 deep breath 2
6:15 "We must take the objective"
6:18 "Let us capture the objective"
6:21 "The enemies teleporter is here, destroy it"
6:26 "My ultimate ability is ready"
6:28 "Ready for transcendence"
6:31 "The enforcer still poses a threat"
6:34 "The flags destiny lies with another"
6:37 "Dropping the flag"
6:39 discomfort noise
6:42 discomfort noise 2
6:45 dicomfort noise 3
6:47 discomfort noise 4
6:50 discomfort noise 5
6:52 "Zenyatta is here"
6:54 "Advance the robot"
6:56 "Move the robot"
6:58 Discomort noise 6
7:01 Discomfort noise 7
7:03 more discomfort
7:04 "The flag returns"
7:06 "I have set the flag on its way"
7:09 "The assassin is over there"
7:12 "There she is"
7:14 "but intimidating nonetheless" (idk if this goes with the last one)
7:16 "Get back! she's on me"
7:19 "In 3... 2... 1..."
7:23 "3... 2... 1..."
7:26 "Get ready"
7:28 death noise
7:30 death noise 2
7:32 death noise 3
7:34 death?
7:37 more death?
7:39 "Let us push together"
7:41 "And now we begin"
7:44 "Destiny backens us towards our destination"
7:49 "My ultimate is charging"
7:52 more sigh noise
7:54 deep breath asmr
7:57 relieve breath noise
8:00 death fall noise
8:05 death fall noise 2
8:11 more death fall noise
8:18 "Hello world"
8:20 "The assassin is no more"
8:22 "Worry not she's been dealt with"
8:25 "Defend as one"
8:28 "Defend with me"
8:30 "Alone i am a tempting target for the enemy"
8:34 "Our numbers will soon be replendished"
8:38 "My allies will soon return"
8:41 "Farewell"
8:42 "Go in peace"
8:44 "I have found the enemy shield generator"
8:48 "My ultimate is almost ready"
8:50 "Understood"
8:52 "Acknowledge"
8:54 "Of course"
8:55 "Indeed"
8:57 "I understand"
8:58 "Understood"
9:00 "The door shutters)?"
9:02 "The door is heavly damaged"
9:04 "This life is not finished with you yet"
9:07 "We are still in need of you"
9:10 "Invisibility is not invincibility"
9:14 "You manifested your own fate"
9:17 "One often meets their destiny on the road the take to avoid it"
9:22 "Those who rush headlong into battle would do well to protect their heads"
9:28 "A great distance for one is but a step for another"
9:33 "Think first then leap"
9:36 "An easy target is not is not always what is appears to be"
9:40 "Foresight is as viable as speed"
9:44 "Ask for death and you will receive it"
9:48 "Remember Genji at your most powerful you are most vulnerable"
9:54 "Capture the flag"
9:56 "Let us take the enemy's flag"
9:59 "Be reborn"
10:01 "Oblivion embraces you"
10:04 "Fade into shadow"
10:07 "May the Iris embrace you"
10:10 "Be at peace"
10:12 "The wheel turns"
10:14 "The darkness consumes"
10:17 "Let us clear them off the objective"
10:20 "Our enemies are ceasing)? the objective"
10:23 "They are taking hold of the objective, we must stop them"
10:29 "Fortune favors me"
10:31 Laugh (AAAAAAAAAA)
10:34 "The iris embraces you"
10:38 "It is my pleasure to serve"
10:41 "There is no weakness in asking for help"
10:44 "Does who seek help will find it"
10:47 "Consider the alternative"
10:50 "The world is a dangerous place"
10:53 "The help is it's own reward"
10:56 "How amusing"
10:58 "The end is near we must not hold back"
11:02 "Time runs short, attack!"
11:06 "We must wrest the victory from the jaws of time"
11:10 "Time is an illusion but he illusion it's about to run out" (Again?)
11:15 "Press forward for time is not at our side"
11:19 "Time is off the escence let us attack"
11:23 "An erradicator be on your guard"
11:26 "She still poses a threat"
11:29 "The sniper still troubles us"
11:31 "Can i interest you in a snowball fight?"
11:34 "Do i think? Does a submarine swim?"
11:39 "The turret no longer exists"
11:42 "The turret is no more"
11:45 "The objective cannot take much more of this"
11:48 "Our objective will soon be destroyed"
11:51 "Mercy swiftly delivered"
11:54 "The more one takes the less one has"
11:58 "Accomplishment always follows effort"
12:02 "Tragedy unites many"
12:04 "My generosity extends to many"
12:08 "Perhaps we only exist in the memory of a person now gone"
12:13 burning? (noise)
12:17 burning
12:19 burning 2
12:21 more burning
12:24 burns
12:26 "Patience"
12:28 "The damage doesn't look as bad from up here"
12:31 probably getting charged by Reinhardt?
12:34 same?
12:37 AAAaaAAA
12:40 critical health
12:42 "The objective is no more"
12:45 "The objective has been eliminated"
12:48 "I require shields"
12:50 "I need sheilds"
12:52 "The assassin is gone for the moment"
12:55 "She's disappeard"
12:57 "Victory is our destiny but we must all play our parts"
13:03 "Stay steadfast and we shall win"
13:07 "Victory is within our grasp hold strong"
13:12 "We must see this through to the end"
13:16 "Let us hold out until the end"
13:19 "Time is on our side we must simply endure"
13:24 "I'm feeling unwell"
13:27 "My systems are compromised"
13:29 "Disabling security protocols"
13:32 "Your recognition honors me"
13:35 "The cards have selected me"
13:38 "Our enemies return with vengeance"
13:41 "Beware they have returned"
13:44 "The enemy is utilising a shield generator"
13:48 "Enemy shield generator destroyed"
13:51 "Hold the robot we must end their push"
13:55 "Recover our flag"
13:58 "We must retake possession of our flag"
14:01 "Peace be upon you"
14:03 "I greet you"
14:05 "Hello"
14:06 "Greetings"
14:08 "We must reclaim our flag"
14:10 "The enemy has taken posetion of our flag"
14:14 "Come to me for healing"
14:16 "Come here for healing"
14:18 "The path to healing leads here"
14:21 "A shoked tire bears down upon us)?" (i didn't understand a thing)
14:24 "Shock tire over the breach)?" (same)
14:27 "The enemy posseses a teleporter"
14:30 "Energy transfers between us"
14:33 "I believe i won this round"
14:36 "A telling blow"
14:38 "A touch of wisdom"
14:41 "What profound impact"
14:43 "Scadoosh" (HAHAHA WHEN?? from a skin??)
14:45 effort noise
14:46 effort noise 2
14:47 effort noise 3
14:49 effort noise 4
14:50 effort noise 5
14:51 effort noise 6
14:52 "Over here"
14:54 coughing
14:59 coughing 2
15:08 "I have spotted an enemy bastion"
15:10 "Remember past succeses but always strive for more"
15:16 "This way"
15:18 "Here my friends"
15:20 laugh (I love him)
15:35 "I think therefore i am"
15:40 "When did you received this curse countess"
15:44 "Some believe that the full moon is a good omen"
15:48 "Did i say i trusted her"
15:51 "I do not sense the spark of life within you"
15:54 "Walk along the path to enlightenment"
15:58 "Ready i am ready" (Oh god...)
16:01 "I dreamt i was a butterfly"
16:04 "Frightening"
16:06 "There are null)? troopers ahead"
16:08 "No troopers spotted"
16:10 "The enforcer is no more"
16:13 "The flag moves with me"
16:15 "I have become one with the flag"
16:19 "Go to the objective"
16:21 "Let us head to the waypoint"
16:23 "Let us re group at the objective"
16:26 "The objective is near"
16:29 "Take care that you do not spend yourself before the battle is done"
16:34 "Our purpose is to show everyone that in the iris we are all one people"
16:41 "Rarely has my path crossed a warrior as cheerful as you"
16:45 "No one of note just one of thousands of like me)?" (what?)
16:50 "Do you think me so helpless"
16:52 "But one moment of clarity changed everything"
16:56 "There are times even i can not stand by"
17:00 "It is not magic but the power of the spirit that i channel"
17:05 "My believes are simply in the fundamental ways of life and nature nothing more"
17:12 "Simply a traveler of search of purpose and meaning"
17:16 "I'm following in my masters footsteps searching for enlightenment tho my path has not always been a stright one"
17:25 "Our objective has been damaged"
17:27 "Our enemies are breaking through"
17:30 "Fate is not without a sense of irony"
17:34 "Look in the mirror"
17:36 "We move with the objective"
17:39 "Let us see the objective to it's destination"
17:43 "The enemy out numbers us"
17:45 "We are outnumbered be cautious"
17:49 "I sense the reaper"
17:51 "I sense the presence of the witch"
17:54 "The summoner is here"
17:57 "Doctor Junkenstein so good of you to join us"
18:02 "The ground shakes"
18:04 "Junkenstein's monster is here"
18:07 "We should guide our flag back to safety"
18:10 "The enemy has relinquished our flag"
18:13 "We must move them from the door"
18:16 "They have reached the door"
18:19 "The summoner is no more"
18:21 "The witch is gone but she will reaturn"
18:26 "Doctor Junkenstein has laughed his last"
18:30 "Junkenstein's monster has fallen"
18:33 "The reaper is gone for the moment"
18:37 "I am made whole"
18:39 "My systems are restored"
18:42 "My systems are repeared"
18:45 "I am healed"
18:47 "Your dance grows more elegant Satya"
18:51 "You are adept at endings")? (idk)
18:54 "Well done my apprentice"
18:57 "Eventually all fade into oblivion"
19:00 "Well done Genji"
19:03 "You have ushered them to paradise"
19:06 "There is beauty in your actions"
19:09 "I did not teach you that one"
19:12 "Fall back"
19:13 "Likewise Satya i hope to repay you for your generosity at our temple"
19:19 "I served coffee"
19:21 "Then paint it with emptiness"
19:24 "How... fortunate for you"
19:27 "Why do you believe so?"
19:29 "I collected payments at a laser tag arena"
19:33 "Perhaps they believe we will not defend this place but if all the rest of the wolrd were to fall this would be the stand i chose to make"
19:44 "I like being near the ocean it reminds me of where i was born"
19:49 "I sense that your hardest battle is yet to come"
19:54 "What seems like magic is sometimes science we dont yet understand"
20:00 "Victory goes to those who maintain their focus"
20:04 "I was a life guard at a waterpark"
20:08 "It would be a pleasure"
20:10 "I drove a tractor"
20:12 "You have an intense gaze doctor"
20:15 "You spend your second chance at life walking a lonely road"
20:21 "I believe that Torbjörn's behavior has rubbed of on you"
20:25 "I owe my gifts to the iris"
20:29 "What makes you think i am a pacifist"
20:32 "Someone always cares you must simply seek them out"
20:36 "I dream of peace and sometimes falling"
20:41 "And yet you sound just like he did"
20:44 "A mirror reflects only what can be seen"
20:48 "Perhaps it is assumptions that are foolish"
20:52 "Try listening to silence"
20:55 "Our mission awaits us"
20:58 "Indeed"
20:59 "I massaged sheep on a free-range pasture"
21:03 "Shed the weight of your doubts, and your mind will become clear"
21:08 "Seeking progress by sowing chaos is like planting a tree in a volcano"
21:14 "Change often comes univited what you make of it is up to you"
21:21 "Quite a puzzle isn't it?"
21:24 "I embrace the unkown"
21:27 "And what of the enemy within"
21:30 "I focus on my breathing"
21:32 "Strangeness is in the eye of the beholder"
21:37 "My memories from before the awakening are blurry like a fading dream but i do remember somethings"
21:46 "In the coming battle you mean?"
21:48 "To find succes we must search in harmony"
21:53 "As long as there is free will i fear there will be evil"
21:57 "If a city never sleeps how can it dream?"
22:02 "Those who only seek to enrich themselves lives the most impoverished lives of all"
22:08 "True it also makes us great teachers for we can easily hide our disappointment"
22:15 "Indeed, why are we here?"
22:18 "Ask not who their maker is but what they mean"
22:24 "Is victory so important?"
22:27 "Fruition comes from within as does failure"
22:32 "I have always wondered what it is like being inside an orb"
22:37 "Over there"
22:38 "I need help"
22:40 "I require assistance"
22:43 "I pray that we can reverse this outcome"
22:46 "We are not deafeated yet"
22:49 "We must persist from the difficult times"
22:53 "This obstacle can still be overcome"
22:57 "Trick or treat"
22:59 "A temporary set back"
23:02 "We can overcome any obstacle"
23:05 "We must act and soon"
23:08 "Let us remember our purpose"
23:10 "Progress awaits us"
23:13 ""Perhaps we are forgetting something"
23:15 "We must eliminate this target"
23:19 "Caution"
23:20 "Be alert"
23:22 "Watch here"
23:24 "An enemy here"
23:25 "Here is an enemy"
23:27 "heal this one)???"
23:29 "We must guard the objective"
23:32 "Defend the objective"
23:34 "Even the teacher can learn from his student"
23:38 "It takes a hundred times to learn, a thousand times to understand" (My fav)
23:44 "One who fears loss has already lost"
23:49 "The cycle begins anew"
23:52 "True strength does not always lie in victory"
23:56 "Pain is an excellent teacher"
24:00 "Overconfidence is a flimsy shield"
24:04 "A reminder that life is never easy"
24:08 "Defeat cannot break one who perseveres"
24:12 "The cycle is broken"
24:14 "Adversity is an opportunity for change"
24:18 "A challenge presents itself"
24:21 "A temporary set back" (again..)
24:24 "Failure is acceptable giving up is not"
24:28 "The outcome is not preordained"
24:32 "Repetition is the path to mastery"
24:36 "Our fates are written in the stars"
24:40 "The enemy is here"
24:42 "The enemy desires a battle"
24:45 "Let the blessings of the season be upon you"
24:49 "I return"
24:51 "Press the attack"
24:53 "Let us all become one with the objective"
24:56 "Proceed to the objective"
24:59 "An enforcer is before us"
25:01 "Pass into the iris"
25:04 "Reflect upon your actions"
25:07 "Your set back is only temporary"
25:10 "Rest your soul"
25:13 "A cruel fate"
25:15 "Pride can not protect you"
25:17 "Your focus lacks focus"
25:20 "One day you will see that coming"
25:23 "Science cannot answer all questions"
25:27 "And now, you have found peace"
25:30 "You must learn from your mistakes"
25:34 "No fist has ever won against an open hand"
25:38 "Your answer lies in stillness"
25:41 "Good judgment comes from bad experiences"
25:45 "Regret is all-consuming"
25:49 "A resolution swiftly delivered"
25:52 "All ice melts"
25:54 "A beautiful swansong"
25:57 "I didn't go easy on you this time"
26:00 "And so the mask falls"
26:03 "We all represent unfulfilled potential"
26:07 "Greed has spent you"
26:10 "Silence answers all questions"
26:13 "A closed mind is already defeated"
26:18 "Let the sun set on your pride"
26:21 "Defeat is the better teacher"
26:24 "What goes around, comes around"
26:28 "Not everything should be taken seriously"
26:32 "When you soar you risk the fall"
26:36 "Move too quickly, and you overlook too much"
26:39 "What legacy is worth your life?"
26:43 "In chaos, more chaos"
26:46 "Do not hesitate"
26:48 "The lead awaits us"
26:50 "Soon the lead will be ours"
26:54 "We are being drawn to the lead"
26:57 "Tho i stand alone my teammates still fight at my side"
27:02 "The task falls to me"
27:05 "We are making progress upon the objective"
27:08 "The objective has taken damage"
27:10 "All proceeds according to plan"
27:13 "The rhythm is in you if you search within, get down into the iris, float to the beat"
27:22 "Ummmmm"
27:25 "Embrace the rhythm, embrace the beat, embrace the melody, move your feet"
27:32 "I humbly accept"
27:35 "I will become one with this reward"
27:38 "The universe shares it's bounty"
27:42 "I foresee great riches in my future"
27:45 "The experience is its own reward but surprises are nice" (oh)
27:51 "Join me"
27:53 "Group up"
27:54 "Group up here"
27:56 "We must join as one"
27:59 "Group up with me"
28:01 "Join together"
28:03 "I will not juggle"
28:05 "Yes"
28:07 "The door has open to our enemy"
28:10 "The enemy comes thru the doorway"
28:13 "We must destroy the objective"
28:16 "Focus our attacks upon the objective"
28:19 "That was your lesson for today"
28:22 "Our moments)?? run out do not leave him"
28:26 "Now we must focus, stay with our robot friend"
28:30 "I can sense your presence"
28:33 "Enemy detected"
28:35 "There is someone there"
28:37 "Let go of that that which weighs upon your mind"
28:42 "Behind you"
28:43 "Slicers approaching)???"
28:45 heavy sigh
28:48 sigh
28:50 sigh 2
28:53 effort noise
28:54 kick probably?
28:55 effort noise 2
28:56 "Join me at the objective"
28:59 "Come to the objective"
29:01 "To me my friends"
29:03 "What joy to share the path with another"
29:07 "A promising disciple"
29:10 "You've learned well Genji"
29:12 "Our minds aligned"
29:15 "It takes two hands to clap" (brutal)
29:18 "A meaningful union"
29:20 "One intention many hands"
29:24 "We must focus our attack upon the objective"
29:28 "I see the sniper"
29:30 "There she is"
29:32 "I will watch this place"
29:34 "Keeping watch here"
29:36 "Allow me to watch here"
29:39 "Meditation is all i require to sustain myself"
29:43 "It most be my many years of training, careful diet and simple way of life" (He's such a troll lol)
29:50 "You wound me"
29:52 "A pause in the battle and opportunity to re-center our minds"
29:57 "When i gazed into the iris i found great nothingness, it changed me"
30:04 "You've must have experienced the same"
30:07 "You blame yourself for the dragon's reign of terror but it is not your fault"
30:13 "Push forward"
30:15 sigh?
30:16 more sigh
30:18 relieve sigh
30:19 sigh 1000
30:21 "They have all perished"
30:23 "We are alone for now"
30:27 "Aaaaww serenity at last"
30:31 "Free your mind"
30:33 "The enemy steers we must hold them)?" (idk)
30:37 "Do not allow the enemy to proceed"
30:40 "The enemy begins to move along their path"
30:44 "Breach the door and our path will be revealed"
30:49 "We must break through"
30:51 "Remove the obstruction before us"
30:54 long sigh
30:58 deep breath
31:01 long sigh 2
31:04 DEATH
31:05 death 2
31:07 "Focus on the target"
31:10 "We must eliminate this target"
31:13 "Through here"
31:14 "Our path lies this way"
31:17 "I have dropped the item"
31:20 "Unfortunately i dropped it"
31:23 "I sense an enemy to the right"
31:26 "A shocked tire approaches to our right"
31:29 "Joy to the world"
31:32 "We must locate their teleporter"
31:34 "A shocked tire approaches on the left"
31:37 "Our enemy approaches on the left"
31:40 "I welcome adversity"
31:43 "A momentary set back"
31:45 "My thanks"
31:47 "Thank you"
31:48 "I am grateful"
31:50 "You have my thanks"
31:52 "Wonderful"
31:54 "Excellence is its own reward"
31:58 "Get out of there"
31:59 "I'm going in"
32:01 "We have injured the heaviest sold)? unit" (idk the word)
32:04 "A chance presents itself to strike him down"
32:08 "Talent trooper engaging"
32:10 "I see a sniper"
32:12 "Sniper!"
32:13 A lot of effort noises
32:22 "Always strive for improvement"
32:25 "Together we have taken the lead"
32:29 "AaaA progression"
32:31 "We advance as one"
32:34 "Your flaws are revealed... in the Iris"
32:39 "Know when to hold on, and when to let go"
32:43 "How far the mighty fall"
32:46 "A stumble is still a step towards a direction"
32:50 "A fall is merely a chance to rise again... later"
32:56 "Observe your environment; carefully"
32:59 "You may be missed... but not by me" (Brutal 2)
33:03 "What is descent, but a lesson in humility?"
33:07 "They have fallen... how unfortunate"
33:11 "Attack"
33:12 "Let us strike in harmony"
33:15 "Attack with me"
33:30 "Amid discord, we will find tranquility"
33:35 "He must be dealt with"
33:37 "We must find a way to deal with the heaviest assault)? unit"
33:41 "The summoners threat must be ended"
33:45 "Doctor Junkenstein must be dealt with"
33:48 "The reaper still haunts us"
33:51 "We must vanish the witch"
33:54 "Junkenstein's monster must be destroyed"
33:58 "Existence is mysterious"
34:01 "I have learned from my experiences"
34:05 "My mind is open"
34:07 "My spirit is strong now to strike"
34:12 "Energy flow through me"
34:15 "Every rooster crows in its own pen"
34:19 a lot of effort noises
34:23 "The payload it is at a stand still"
34:26 "Let us push the payload forward"
34:29 "We must unblock the payload"
34:32 "Incoming"
34:34 "The payload must me stopped"
34:36 "We must hinder the payload's journey"
34:40 "Let us hold that payload"
34:42 "I require healing"
34:44 "I need healing"
34:46 "How... disappointing"
34:49 "She's turned her attention to you"
34:52 "The assassin is targeting you"
34:54 "Take cover"
34:56 "Victory or defeat our destiny is not preordained"
35:02 "Be present in the moment"
35:04 "It is good to return but am i still welcome here?"
35:09 "Your will is strong my friend"
35:11 "But in time i know you will realize we are not so different"
35:17 "And i will watch your back in turn"
35:20 "Consider only victory make defeat an impossibility in your mind"
35:26 "Tell me your thoughts my friend"
35:29 "I can feel the embrace of the iris so strongly in here"
35:34 "I would be happy to teach you"
35:36 "It is rare that i meet one with such an unformed mind"
35:40 "It is good to fight alongside one of my brightest pupils"
35:46 "It does, my brother Mondatta, gave much to improve their lifes but it was not to be"
35:53 "A disciplined mind is your most dependable ally."
35:58 "A chance to focus"
36:00 "A warrior's greatest weapon... is patience"
36:05 "So this is where you grew up? You must show me around"
36:10 "If only human and omnic could learn to live in peace here..."
36:15 "I sense within you the same rage that once consumed your brother"
36:20 "What a fascinating place! Can science alone unlock the path to enlightenment?"
36:28 "Do you have any dreams, my friend?"
36:31 "And i do not understand much of how you heal doctor Zeigler"
36:35 "I suppose we must all take some things on faith"
36:42 "Existence is mysterious isn't it"
36:43 "An omnic on the moon is not so special. There are more robots than humans in space"
36:50 "To us all i miss him greatly"
36:53 "I believe that we must all do our part to find solutions to the troubles that are before us"
37:00 "It is sad to see a place that might have known peace... reduced to this"
37:06 "A noble but tragic sacrifice, i hope that you will honor it"
37:12 "I have not returned here for many years. I wonder if my brothers and sisters will be pleased to see me"
37:20 "Turring green)?? my brother's dream but not to be" (what)
37:26 "Time is a river it may be stopped for a while but it will always flow the same direction"
37:34 "I feel most unwelcome here"
37:38 "Genji how was your reunion with your brother?"
37:42 "Symmetra you speak of law and of order but you must know that life is chaotic by it's very nature"
37:51 "I believe that you could find peace, if you were to search within yourself"
37:57 "Indeed my friend, indeed"
38:01 "I hear that you've taken an omnic Torbjörn"
38:04 "The payload rests idle"
38:07 "The payload must be moved"
38:10 "We must move the payload"
38:13 Getting hurt i think
38:17 "This will be of use"
38:19 "I have what we seek"
38:21 "Here we are"
38:22 "I sense the presence of an assassin"
38:25 "An assassin comes for us"
38:28 "Experience tranquility"
38:31 "Our teammate is in need of reviving"
38:34 "Our teammate needs to be revived"
38:38 Pain
38:49 "Let us pave our path together"
38:52 "Shall we journey together"
38:55 "We must work and breath as one"
38:58 "We are all pilgrims on this mission"
39:02 "I am with you"
39:03 "We are as one"
39:06 "The path of fate threatens to diverge in the enemy's favor"
39:10 "The enemy draws near stop them"
39:14 "We must prevent the enemy from taking the lead"
39:18 "The objective nears destruction"
39:21 "We've almost achieved our objective"
39:24 "The enemy has pushed past us"
39:26 "We have lost the lead"
39:29 "The enemy's understandings surpasses ours"
39:33 "The enemy's teleporter is no more"
39:36 "I feel the darkness flowing through me"
39:40 "My soul ignited!"
39:43 "I am efervescent"
39:45 "My spirit burns!"
39:48 "An R-14 engage with caution"
39:52 "Remember me, for I will remember you"
39:56 "My heavy burden to bear"
39:59 "Virtuosity is an admirable virtue"
40:03 "A herald of victory"
40:05 "Mastery cannot be concealed"
40:08 "Our enemy gathers here" (>-<)
40:11 "I shall handle this"
40:13 "It is done"
40:15 "Allow me"
40:17 "We must see this through to the end"
40:20 "Victory is our destiny but we must all play our parts" (again)
40:26 "Victory is within our grasp hold strong" (again)
40:31 "I am in an agreement"
40:33 "We need a healer"
40:35 "The enemys flag is ours"
40:38 "I have captured the flag"
40:40 "If you do not change direction, you may end up where you're headed"
40:45 "Let us escort you along your path"
40:48 "We will unify our push with yours"
40:52 "Hello brother"
40:54 "Come with us"
40:56 "Go"
40:57 "I am attaining the objective"
40:59 "I am on the objective my friends"
41:03 "Join me on the objective"
41:06 "Death is whimsical today"
41:09 "Walk in shadow"
41:12 "Listen to my prayer"
41:15 "Harmony is within your grasp"
41:18 "Be whole once more"
41:21 "I release your suffering"
41:24 "A balm for your wounds"
41:26 "We walk in the shadows, my apprentice"
41:30 "Gaze into the unblinking eye"
41:34 "Embrace oblivion"
41:36 "Be one with the darkness"
41:40 "Be reassured you are not alone"
41:44 "Find solace"
41:46 "Overcome your pain"
41:49 "Your spirits lifted"
41:52 "Let me assist you"
41:55 "Allow me"
41:57 "Harmony follows you"
41:59 "Be soothed"
42:02 "I am with you my friend"
42:04 "Let me relieve your burdens"
42:07 slight effort noises
42:12 pain? effort? idk just noises
42:21 "I'm over here"
42:23 "I am here"
42:25 "My ultimate is ready proceed without fear"
42:29 "You are not ready to learn"
42:32 "Peace and blessings be upon you all"
42:36 death 200
42:43 "The attack comes form the above"
42:45 "The attack comes from the right"
42:48 "Our enemies are behind us"
42:50 "They attack form below"
42:53 "Our enemies attack from the rear)??"
42:55 "The enemy lies before us"
42:58 "Our enemies attack directly"
43:00 "The enemy is on the left"
43:03 "The enemy is below us"
43:06 "The enemy is above us"
43:08 "The enemy is on the right"
43:10 "The attack comes form the left"
43:13 "One moon shows in every pool. In every pool; one moon"
submitted by sala344 to ZenyattaMains [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 23:55 mink21 Kymco 200 Engine Parts

Hello, I recently bought a 2008 Kymco People S 200. I put a couple hundred miles on it, but recently while descending a big hill at top speed the engine blew. I am unsure exactly why or what broke, possibly ran out of oil. The motor spins but has no compression, so probably a valve has bent or the piston has a hole in it. I will take it apart next week.
Anyway, I have rebuilt motorcycle engines in the past, but where do I get parts for these? Can I use Cheap 180cc GY6 ATV engine parts?
submitted by mink21 to scooters [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 23:48 GrumpyOldDan Happy Pride Month & leave a message in the r/lgbt 2023 Pride Yearbook!

It's finally pride month!

During this month, it's important to remember WHY we have the pride we do. We've earned it. We deserve it. We're proud because we have and continue to rise and overcome adversity, showing strength through love and community. Our support for each other and through that our acceptance of our true selves is something we should always be proud of. This month it's time to make sure everyone else knows it too.
A lot has happened since this time last year, and in many places our community have faced setbacks and challenges. We've sadly seen major pushes in parts of the US to restrict rights, and even the introduction of the death penalty for members of our community in Uganda. However we have also seen amazing progress in other areas, easing of restrictions on MSM donating blood, several states introducing greater protections for LGBTQ+ people, Spain introducing self-ID laws, and a court in Japan ruling its same-sex marriage ban as unconstitutional. It is important we remember the origins of pride month and look at how we can speak out for our rights, support each other as a community, and continue to push for positive change. But we have always been here and will always be here. Love wins.
Every weekend this month we've also planned a theme to help celebrate the month on the sub and we'll be giving out mod awards giving Reddit Premium (ad free Reddit browsing) to winners and posts that wowed the mod team.


We're also going to be running a lgbt yearbook all through the month, reply below with a bit about you, a message to the community for this month, or even a story to share with the community. We'd love to see stories from members of our community that help others learn some of the history of our community and to discuss what's changed in being LGBTQ+ over the last few decades. This will then be added to our wiki hall of fame.


We'll post more details on these as each weekend starts!
Also please remember to report any rule breaking that you see rather than arguing with trolls. Means we can get it cleaned up quickly and keep the space for members of our community.
Thanks for being part of this subreddit and from all of us on the mod team we hope you have a great pride month!
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2023.05.31 23:36 AndyRogers47 Brushless Motor recommendations Traxxas Slash 4x4

I am looking for a brushless motor to upgrade traxxas slash 4x4(stock). All my parts are stock and I am pretty new to rc so all advice and recommendations are appreciated:)
submitted by AndyRogers47 to Traxxas [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 23:03 HotSherlock-SI- Do y'all build your factories back to front or front to back?

I used to start, for example, a heavy modular frame factory by putting down a manufacturer and then working backwards and oveunderclocking as necessary until I knew how many of what quality ore nodes I needed to exploit and either belting or trucking it in. When it came time to build motors, I'd build a new factory and go all the way back to ore as needed. Unused hmfs from the "old factory" would get stored/sunk and forgot about until I needed to build more manufacturers or something. In my last couple of worlds I've instead exploited every ore node in an area and belted it all to a factory to make what I could in stages and oveunderclocked to minimize waste and stalls and expanded as new recipes and buildings become available until I no longer had all the appropriate raw material to expand further at which point I'll grab what I can carry and go find a new area with a larger variety or raw materials to start over from scratch. The downside being that eventually all my building materials get consumed by part production and eventually the resources get spread so thin I only make like 0.15 motors per minute. There's no waste, but there's no throughput or storage either.
I've used online tools to an extent, which led to my initial backwards build strategy, but I find it hard to derive a suitable world location to match the raw materials the calculator says I need without having to ignore or bypass good ores that just aren't necessary in the build as per the calculator.
When you plan a factory or just build one on the fly, do you start at the beginning or the end?
submitted by HotSherlock-SI- to satisfactory [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 22:52 Tenchi2020 I just ordered a 2 hp Suzuki outboard for my twin troller, is there a way to adapt throttle/steering

So my boat has two seats that sit in the center, I have trolling motors underneath the boat that I control with pedals which is very convenient. I have a transom so I am putting a small Suzuki outboard for scooting around but I am wondering if there is a way of adding some type of throttle and steering wheel for the motor versus sliding the seat back to hold onto the handle. Anyone have any ideas?
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2023.05.31 22:35 mthw704 (SELLING) HUGE LIST OF 4K/HD/SD CODES. Great selection to choose from with a nice $2 list. Over 4,000 transactions.

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Luca (Google Play/ports)
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Mr. Peabody & Sherman (MA)
Mud (Vudu)
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Mummy Returns, The [2001] (MA)
Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb (iTunes/ports 4K or HD MA)
Noah [2014] (Vudu or iTunes)
Non-Stop [2014] (MA or iTunes/ports)
Now You See Me 2 (iTunes 4K)
Nut Job 2 : Nutty By Nature, The (iTunes/ports)
Other Woman, The [2014] (MA, iTunes or Google Play/ports)
Overlord [2019] (Vudu)
Oz The Great & Powerful (MA + 100 points)
Pain & Gain (Vudu)
Paper Towns (iTunes/ports 4K or HD MA)
Paranormal Activity [Theatrical] (Vudu or iTunes)
Paranormal Activity 2 [Unrated Director's Cut] (iTunes)
Paranormal Activity 3 [Extended] (iTunes)
Paul [2011] [Unrated] (iTunes/ports)
Peanuts Movie, The [2015] (iTunes/ports 4K or HD MA)
Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters (MA or Google Play/ports)
Peter Pan [1953] (Google Play/ports)
Pet Sematary [2019] (Vudu)
Pirate Fairy, The (Google Play/ports
Pitch Perfect (iTunes/ports 4K)
Pitch Perfect 2 (iTunes/ports 4K)
Pixar Short Films Collection Volume 3 (Google Play/ports)
Planes [2013] (MA + 150 points)
Possession, The [2012] (iTunes)
Prometheus (MA)
Purge: Anarchy, The (iTunes/ports 4K)
Purge: Election Year, The (iTunes/ports 4K)
Quiet Place, A [2018] (Vudu HD or iTunes 4K)
Riddick [2013] [Unrated] (MA or iTunes/ports)
Ride Along (MA or iTunes/ports)
Ride Along 2 (iTunes/ports)
Rise Of The Guardians [2011] (MA)
Russell Madness (MA or Google Play/ports)
Safe [2012] (Vudu or Google Play)
Safe House [2012] (MA or iTunes/ports)
Saving Mr. Banks (Google Play/ports)
Secret Life Of Pets, The (iTunes/ports 4K)
Secret Life Of Walter Mitty, The (MA or Google Play ports/ iTunes option is expired)
Selma (Vudu or iTunes)
Shang Chi & The Legend Of The Ten Rings (Google Play/ports)
Shooter [2007] (Vudu)
Sicario (Vudu 4K, iTunes 4K or Google Play HD)
Silver Linings Playbook (Vudu or Google Play)
Sing [2016] (iTunes/ports 4K)
Sinister (iTunes)
Skyfall (Vudu or Google Play)
Sleeping Beauty [1959] (Google Play/ports)
Smurfs 2, The [2013] (MA)
Snatched [2017] (iTunes/ports 4K or HD MA)
Snow White & The Huntsman [Extended] (iTunes/ports 4K)
Solo: A Star Wars Story (Google Play/ports)
Space Between Us, The (MA or iTunes/ports)
Spider-Man: Far From Home (MA + Sony points)
Spider-Man: Homecoming (MA + Sony points)
Star Trek [2009] (iTunes 4K)
Star Trek Beyond (iTunes 4K)
Star Wars: The Force Awakens (iTunes/ports 4K or HD MA + 150 points)
Star Wars: The Last Jedi (iTunes/ports + 150 points)
Ted [Unrated] (MA)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows (Vudu HD or iTunes 4K)
Terminator: Genisys (Vudu HD or iTunes 4K)
This Is 40 [Theatrical] (MA or iTunes/ports)
Thor: Love & Thunder (Google Play/ports)
Thor: Ragnarok (iTunes/ports 4K or HD MA + 150 points)
Toy Story 4 (iTunes/ports 4K or HD MA + 150 points)
Trolls (MA)
True Blood: Season 4 (iTunes)
True Grit [2010] (Vudu)
Turbo [2013] (MA)
Tyler Perry's Temptation: Confessions Of A Marriage Counselor (Google Play)
Underworld: Awakening (MA + Sony points)
Valerian & The City Of A Thousand Planets (Vudu)
Venom (MA + Sony points)
Walk Among The Tombstones, A (iTunes/ports)
War For The Planet Of The Apes (iTunes/ports 4K or HD MA/GP)
Warm Bodies (iTunes 4K or GP HD)
War Room [2015] (MA + Sony points)
When The Game Stands Tall (MA + Sony points)
Why Him? (iTunes/ports 4K or HD MA)
Wild Card (Vudu or Google Play)
Wolf Of Wall Street, The (Vudu)
Woman In Black, The [2012] (MA)
Woman In Gold (Vudu)
Wonder [2017] (Vudu/GP HD or iTunes 4K)
XXX: Return Of Xander Cage (iTunes 4K)
Zootopia (MA + 150 points/no iTunes option)

💲2️⃣ SD

All About Steve (iTunes/ports)
Cedar Rapids (Vudu/ports)
Descendants, The (iTunes/ports)
Inside Llewyn Davis (MA)
Juno (iTunes/ports)
Marley & Me (iTunes/ports)
Mr. Popper's Penguins (iTunes/ports)
Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief (iTunes/ports)
Rocker, The [2008] (iTunes/ports)
This Means War (iTunes/ports)
Tree Of Life, The (iTunes/ports)
We Bought A Zoo (iTunes/ports)
What Happens In Vegas [Extended] (iTunes/ports)

$1 Codes

💲1️⃣ HD

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi (Vudu)
Alex Cross (Vudu)
Avengers: Age Of Ultron (Google Play/ports)
Avengers: Endgame (Google Play/ports)
Avengers: Infinity War (Google Play/ports)
Beauty & The Beast [2017] (Google Play/ports)
Big Hero 6 (Google Play/ports)
Black Panther (MA without points or Google Play/ports)
Bourne Ultimatum, The (MA)
Captain America: Winter Soldier (Google Play/ports)
Captain Marvel (Google Play/ports)
Choice, The [2016] (iTunes)
Deadpool (iTunes/ports 4K or HD MA/GP)
Divergent (Vudu)
Divergent Series: Insurgent, The (Vudu or Google Play)
Doctor Strange (Google Play/ports)
Ender's Game (Vudu)
Escape Plan (Vudu)
Expendables 2, The (Vudu/GP HD or iTunes 4K)
Expendables 3, The [Theatrical] (iTunes 4K or Vudu/GP HD)
Expendables 3, The [Unrated] (Vudu, iTunes or Google Play)
Fast & Furious 6 [Extended] (MA)
Fast Five [Extended] (MA or iTunes/ports)
Fate Of The Furious, The [8] [Theatrical] (HD MA)
Fate Of The Furious, The [8] [Extended] (MA)
Fifty Shades Darker [Unrated] (MA)
Finding Dory (Google Play/ports)
Furious 7 [Extended] (MA)
Girl On The Train, The (MA)
Girls Trip (MA or iTunes/ports)
Hillsong: Let Hope Rise (MA or iTunes/ports)
Hocus Pocus (Google Play/ports)
Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The (Vudu)
Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, The (Vudu)
I Feel Pretty (iTunes)
Inside Out (Google Play/ports)
Iron Man 3 (MA only/no points or Google Play/ports)
Jason Bourne (MA)
John Wick 3 (Google Play)
Jungle Cruise [2021] (Google Play/ports)
Jurassic Park [1993] (MA)
Jurassic World (MA)
Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain (Vudu)
Kidnap [2017] (iTunes/ports)
Lightyear [2022] (Google Play/ports)
Lion King, The [2019] (Google Play/ports)
Logan Lucky (MA)
Lone Survivor (MA)
Maleficent (Google Play/ports)
Mission Impossible: Fallout (Vudu)
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (Vudu)
Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (Vudu)
Moana (Google Play/ports)
Norm Of The North (Vudu)
Now You See Me (Vudu or iTunes)
Oz: The Great & Powerful (Google Play/ports)
Perks Of Being A Wallflower, The (Vudu, Google Play or iTunes)
Pitch Perfect 2 (MA)
Planes (Google Play/ports)
Purge, The [2013] (MA)
Purge: Election Year, The (MA)
Red 2 (Vudu/GP HD or iTunes 4K)
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Google Play/ports)
Secret Life Of Pets, The (MA)
Sing [2016] (MA) PENDING
Star Trek: Into Darkness (Vudu HD or iTunes 4K)
Ted [Theatrical] (iTunes/ports)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [2014] (Vudu)
Thor: Ragnarok (Google Play/ports)
Transformers: Age Of Extinction (Vudu HD or iTunes 4K)
Transformers: Dark Of The Moon (Vudu)
Tyler Perry's Madea's Witness Protection (Vudu)
Tyler Perry's Temptation: Confessions Of A Marriage Counselor (Vudu)
Unbroken [2014] (MA)
World War Z (Vudu)
XXX: Return Of Xander Cage (Vudu)
Zootopia (Google Play/ports)

💲1️⃣ SD

Act Of Valor (iTunes)
Amazing Spider-Man, The (MA)
Annie [2014] (MA + Sony points)
Call Me By Your Name [2017] (MA + Sony points)
Captain Phillips (MA + Sony points)
Despicable Me (iTunes/ports)
Devil Inside, The [2012] (Vudu)
Elysium (MA + Sony points)
Equalizer, The (MA + Sony points)
Family Guy: Blue Harvest (iTunes)
Family Guy: It's A Trap! (iTunes)
Fury [2014] (MA + Sony points)
Glee: The Concert (iTunes/ports)
Haunting In Connecticut, The (iTunes)
Heaven Is For Real (MA + Sony points)
Hobo With A Shotgun (iTunes)
Hope Springs [2012] (MA)
Hours [2013] (Vudu)
Hugo (Vudu)
Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs (iTunes/ports)
Immortals [2011] (iTunes)
Internship, The [2013] (iTunes/ports)
Judy Moody & The Not Bummer Summer (iTunes)
Jumanji: The Next Level (MA + Sony points)
Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle (MA + Sony points)
Life As We Know It (iTunes)
Mama Mia! The Movie (iTunes/ports)
Monuments Men, The (MA + Sony points)
Morbius (MA + Sony points)
Mortal Instruments : City Of Bones, The (MA + Sony points)
One For The Money (iTunes)
Ong Bak 3 (iTunes)
Peter Rabbit (MA)
Raid: Redemption, The [Unrated] (MA)
Rio (iTunes/ports)
Robin Hood [2010] [Unrated] (iTunes/ports)
Safe Haven (iTunes)
Star, The [2017] (MA + Sony points)
This Is The End (MA + Sony points)
Total Recall [2012] (MA + Sony points)
X-Men: First Class (iTunes/ports)
X-Men Origins: Wolverine (iTunes/ports)

Super Cheap SD Codes

All movies are 3 for $1 each/must spend at least $1 total
Cabin In The Woods, The (iTunes)
Expendables 2, The (Vudu only or iTunes only)
Frozen (Google Play/ports HD)
Hunger Games, The (Vudu or iTunes)
Jurassic Park [1993] (iTunes/ports)
Perks Of Being A Wallflower, The (iTunes only)
Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes (iTunes/ports)
Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Google Play/ports HD)
Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Google Play/ports HD)
Turbo [2013] (iTunes/ports)
Tyler Perry's Madea's Witness Protection (iTunes HD only)
What To Expect When You're Expecting (iTunes only)
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2023.05.31 22:24 diddyece Overton's Trolling Motors Deals & Offers

Click the link for Overton's Trolling Motors Deals & Offers. Save some money by selecting one of the current promo codes or coupons on that page. That page is updated regularly with the latest coupons, promo codes, and deals. Take advantage of the discounts by selecting one to use.
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2023.05.31 22:23 diddyece Overton's Boats, Motors & Engine Parts Deals & Offers

Go to this page for Overton's Boats, Motors & Engine Parts Deals & Offers. If you're looking for the newest coupons and promo codes, that page is the place to go. They always have the latest offers available.
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2023.05.31 22:20 Krullin Help identifying antique motor component

I'm working on restoring an old General Electric motor from 1948, as I got it when I purchased my lathe. The guy said it ran, but it was filthy so I decided to clean it up before I test it.
Well, i need to do a lot more than just rinse the dirt out, because the insulation on the stator winding is gone in parts and this thing would definitely catch fire if I ran it more than 5 seconds.
Regardless, I'll figure that out later. For now, i need to know what I'm looking at so I know how to put the motor back together, and see what I can/need to replace to make it safe.
Specifically, these rollers that are attached to the backplate and wiring board. I talked a bit with my brother, and we think it might serve the same function as graphite brushes in brushed motors, but not exactly sure how to go about cleaning or reusing these safely.
TLDR: what is this and should I replace it. If so, how and with what?
I included the catalogue entry for my motor, it's one of the 3 KC motors listed but unsure which thermal rating it had. Specifically the 1725 rpm 1/3hp variation.
Thanks! I barely have any idea of what I'm doing so any help is appreciated.
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2023.05.31 22:02 Undergrad26 Just learned from a FB engineer that not only can almost anyone who works there see who posted what, but that they also offer de-anonymization as part of the corporate offering. Happy trolling!

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2023.05.31 21:41 diddyece Overton's Trolling Motors Discount

Go to this page for Overton's Trolling Motors Discount. If you're looking for the newest coupons and promo codes, that page is the place to go. They always have the latest offers available.
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2023.05.31 21:41 Riespieces16 HS175D Motor issue/replacement

Hey guys, I have an hs175D and am having issues with one of my motors. When I unlock the propellers they all kick on except one which will sputter out and die. Has anyone had this issue? How can I get a replacement and get it fixed? The local shop to me said they don’t work on holy stone cause they can usually get the parts. Any tips help.
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