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Welcome to the 5th world.

2017.11.22 12:43 TheWeekdn Welcome to the 5th world.

1. Only surreal. 2. Must be in vเ๔є๏ format such as 'γσųŧųɓε'. 3. Be 𝕔 𝕣 𝕖 𝕒 𝕥 𝕚 𝕧 𝕚 𝕥 𝕪

2020.11.10 15:05 IndiCartoonists

this is a place for indians who want to start a new wave of indian cartoons on TV and comics/writing. We allow all types of Art styles/ sub genres, anime or otherwise.

2011.05.09 04:54 Unwashed_Vagina Dark Ambient music and news.


2023.03.22 16:56 SolidWarp One trick Sett player, and feeling lost?

Due to Sett’s ability to build so many different items and thrive I’ve had my ins and outs of different play styles with him and varying success in each. For the first 180k mastery I had on sett, I loved every moment and never felt objectively weak no matter how I build. Now I’m at 200k and have been having a hard time lately. When my opponents build tank or poke I seem to struggle (seemingly no matter how I build), and when they build fighter bruiser I can only go even or get slightly ahead it feels. The only real success I’ve been having with him as of late is splitpushing and abusing tp to do so (swapping sides when enemies cross vision lines to split other side for example).
How should I be playing Sett? In a weird way don’t think I know anything about him.
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2023.03.22 16:55 QuickCleaning100 Are you looking for an office cleaning service in Chicago that offers a customized and exceptional experience? At Quick Cleaning, we're here to help!

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Contact us and get your free quote at: 1-773-800-2524
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2023.03.22 16:55 billymartinkicksdirt Wired speaker to bluetooth/aux? (Boston Acoustics Substat7)

I’ve got an event space with Substat7 Boston Acoustics shelf speakers set up that has old style speaker cable … but no receiver. What’s the cheapest way to go from laptop/phone so renters can use bluetooth or plug in with their playlists for background music at a restaurant level using the existing speaker set up?
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2023.03.22 16:55 dsm5150 Rug style / color suggestions for a study?

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2023.03.22 16:55 Super-Shenron Endless Cycle

Lilly hid behind a tree, her breath held as hard as she could. She cursed her burning legs as she peered around both corners for potential attackers. All she saw was a silent, unmoving walker on the ground next to a shed. Waiting about five minutes in the same spot, she checked her bullets. Two. Noting to make her shots count, she stepped closer to examine the body and gave it a light kick. Lilly took its lack of response as a blessing to dig through its pockets, glancing over her shoulder the whole time. But whoever killed them already took everything they had.
“Shit.” Lilly said. Yet, her hand landed on something firm but small…
A quarter. Virginia, 2005 was written on it. Her father never had that one in his collection, although Lilly could imagine his reaction if he did. Funny. After all he went through on the battlefield, these tiny pieces were one of the few things that brought him some solace. If nothing else, Lilly dared to hope he finally found closure. Amidst the endless pounding of their heart, the living could use such luxury.
“Ah!” She gasped, taken aback by a nearby rustling. In a steady and quiet pace, Lilly huddled back in her hiding spot with a trembling hold of her weapon. Was she really being followed? She couldn’t even trust her senses with how light-headed she constantly felt. She dared another peek… when a man burst through the leaves, carrying a pot of sunflower in his hands. It was normally Lilly’s cue to leave… but the glimpse she took of his face stopped her. Against her better judgment, she double checked…
“Oh god…” Lilly held her tightened chest and used the tree for support. He… was there. That fucking animal was right here. He had an unkempt beard and an eyepatch, but this wasn’t a face Lilly could forget. Not that she didn’t try to… but even her “sleep” wouldn’t allow her. Like she was still imprisoned in that meat locker. Like there was no way out… none except death.
It didn’t have to be her own.
Just as she was about to come out of hiding… the door of the cabin closed. He was definitely inside… but he’d see her coming. There would be better opportunities to make him pay.
To think she once tried to find common ground with that…
“... That guy.”
“Kenny.” Lee corrected.
“Right.” Lilly coughed. “You really think I should talk to him?”
“I guess that’s up to you.”
Despite his evasive reply, his flickering gaze from Kenny to her made Lee’s opinion on the matter clear. If they were to live together, it would be a lot easier to bury the hatchet.
Lilly met this man yesterday, but it already felt like she could understand him. Talk to him about a lot of things. Was it because they’ve been (quite literally) staring death in the eyes together? After spending so long planning or preparing for… the end, one would think she would be somewhat prepared for this.
Lilly turned to Kenny, who kept watch at the top of the RV. Next thing she knew, she let him take charge of the situation. And now she owed one to the last per How was she even supposed to go on about this? Something like “I’m sorry I was going to feed your son to these monsters”? This wasn’t gonna end well… but she was supposed to relieve him of his duty anyways.
She took a deep breath. “Here goes nothing. Hey, Kenny.”
As soon as Lilly announced her presence, the father’s very eyes wanted to bury her deep. “For the watch?”
“Listen…” Lilly rubbed the back of her left arm, “First, I wanted to… thank you, for helping me and my father back there… despite the circumstances.”
Kenny raised an eyebrow for a few seconds, before wearing a neutral expression. “It was just the right thing to do.”
“And… you should know I didn’t think he was in the right.”
“Could’ve fooled me.” Kenny replied through gritted teeth.
“We were all in a bad situation, Kenny. You saw what happened after that argument with my dad.”
“Oh!” Kenny laughed bitterly, “So now this is my fault?!”
“It’s not…!” Lilly inhaled and exhaled once more. “Look. Maybe that’s not an excuse but… he’s all I have left, and I’m doing whatever I can to keep him alive. Perhaps you can understand that?”
Kenny opened his mouth to say something else… but nothing came out of it. Instead, he had an almost vacant look on his face.
"Kenny?" Lilly called out to him.
"I… was just thinking of something else. It's not important.”
Lilly could tell it wasn’t true, but now wasn’t the time to ruin her progress with an inappropriate question.
“Well, what are you waiting for?” Kenny reached a hand towards Lilly, “Climb on."
Surprised by the offer, Lilly jumped up and let him help her up. There, she could see the walkers.
“Look at these guys.” He said. “All walkin’ around like they’re not about to fuck over the town. What do you think when you see them?”
“Lee asked me the same question.” Lilly said. “What’s even there to think?”
“I mean…” Kenny said. “When they talk about resurrection… I had a whole different picture in mind. Whatever happened to their souls-”
“Souls? What, you’re religious or something?”
“Born and raised a Christian man.”
“Well, I go back and forth. But religion and hope… Lee has seen the good it did that girl from the other night. It’s best to focus on being alive than relying on these things.
Kenny stayed silent for a few seconds.
“I’m aware this whole thing might be bullshit, Lilly. But where the hell would we be, if there weren’t people who believed in crazy things. Like that a piece of rock could somehow make a fire. Or… I’m sure Lee’s got historical facts for us. Point is, maybe we need to believe in some things to make it through this.”
“Well…” Lilly said. “I'm not in a hurry to find out which of us is right about the afterlife. Let me take over.”
“It’s alright. I think I’ve got another hour in me.”
“Okay… I’ll see you later.”
Lilly hopped down from the vehicle. While she refused to believe there was a golden house on a fluffy cloud with her mother waiting for her… at least they seemed to have worked something out.
Kenny watched the lady get further away from him before resuming his duty. An apology would’ve been nice, but realizing they were in the wrong would have to do for now. Besides… some of what she said wasn't total bullshit. His gaze drifted towards Katjaa and Duck’s room. If nothing else, these things gave him an opportunity to be with them. And he already had blood on his hands… it had to count for something.
Didn’t it?
“Why am I thinking about it all of a sudden?” Kenny muttered.
It probably wasn’t helped by… waking up early again. He had something to do anyway. Disregarding his canned food once more, Kenny picked up the pot and pushed the door open.
“Man…” his back made sure to remind him how old he was. About as soon as he came out, two walkers limped towards him. He briefly pondered over what it must have been like for them. Were they suffering on the inside? Or… was there nothing left? No longer weighed down by such things like age, or fearing for their lives… or being ashamed of anything they do.
Kenny kicked them both... barely staggering them. Another kick... and that was enough to knock down. Pondering on his unusual weakness, he continued on his path. His plans didn’t involve getting his hands dirty… besides, they could probably distract whatever was out there yesterday. He may have imagined it, though.
The former fisherman continued along the treeline to reach the makeshift tomb he had made. Too small of a grave for the pile of bodies he left in his wake, but it would have to be enough at that moment.
"Here, your favorite." Kenny said. “You know I was more of a fan of gifts that last… but what can I say? This world has a hell of a way to make you appreciate what doesn’t.”
He closed his eye.
“I didn’t look back, just like I promised not to. But Clem was right. I didn’t know these people. Or what will happen if this place falls one day. Should I have left her there? Am I even capable of looking after them?”
He tenderly touched the grave.
“Truth be told? I don’t even know what I’m doing here anymore. Do I even belong here? Sometimes… sometimes I catch myself thinking maybe it should have been me. You probably would have been smarter than me about things. You wouldn’t have tried to march people through a blizzard for nothing. You wouldn’t have… been alone.”
Kenny shook his head. "I guess it doesn't matter now. Same time tomorrow?"
Time had come to head back home. All this... somehow lightened the load on his heart somehow. Maybe today he would actually feel like feeding his body. Or better yet, actually grab some sleep. At least, it settled the argument: he truly was in no condition to take care of anybody else. In fact, he was more likely to drag them down with him and get them killed too.
When he pushed the door open, his blood ran cold a cold metal pressed against the back of his head.
“Guess your boat plan didn’t work out?” A woman said.
“The fuck?!” Kenny let out.
“Turn around. Slowly.”
Trying and failing to keep his heartbeat under control, Kenny did as he was told...
"Jesus..." Kenny muttered, as he faced the person he just about wanted to see the least.
Lilly approached with a smirk. “You remember me. Good. This will make things easier. Get inside.”
“The others aren’t with you. So, they’re dead?”
Kenny didn’t respond.
“Even… Clementine?”
Kenny kept quiet.
“Maybe they weren’t meant to live.”
“Just get it over with. We have nothing to talk about.”
Lilly pistol whips Kenny.
“There is the Kenny I know. Hasty as ever. You didn’t think we were gonna rush this, did you?”
“I know Clementine is still out there.”
This prompted Kenny to turn around, with Lilly smirking.
"My god, she IS alive."
“I’ll find her.”
“She will let you near her.”
“I will be the judge of that. You? You’ve got a different problem.”
Kenny grabbed Lilly’s wrist as he slammed her against the wall.
She could be anywhere.
Why? Why did she have to find him? Now, after all this time? It’s
Lilly stabbed Kenny.
He couldn't stop her now.
Again, he let her down. Like everyone else in his life.
He wanted this. He had it coming for so long. Now he was scared. So afraid. Why?
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2023.03.22 16:55 pikachoop_ [FOR HIRE] My commissions are open for chibi in valorant style at PHP 300

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2023.03.22 16:55 digital4kcollector (Offer) list (request) list

I split all splitable titles If you want a full code please let me know.
​ *Disney/Marvel/Star Wars all hd unless marked as 4k *
​ *hd unless marked otherwise collections* ​
​ *HD unless noted as 4k* ​
TV shows
Standard definition and XML Titles
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2023.03.22 16:54 Secret_Performer_442 EUW Challenger - Maxime#9000

EUW Challenger - Maxime#9000
I'm known as Maxime in-game and IRL, I have been Challenger since Season 7 on 3 different roles respectively.
My discord: Maxime#9000
I have been coaching as a side-hobby 2 years ago for fun and since 3 months ago I have been taking it way more seriously. As of right now, I have over 300+ hours of coaching with multiple reviews from my students.
My style of coaching is heavily focused on the student's needs. Everyone's session is going to be different since ultimately everyone is different. A Silver support won't have the same needs as a Diamond one for instance and depending on someone's strengths and weaknesses the session could be very different. This is also the style of coaching that works the most, since I look to fix those weaknesses and give precise and detailed advices on how to become a better version of yourself, you won't be disappointed.
I do take custom requests from my clients, whatever it might be :)
I am available 24/7, just add me on discord or simply directly join my server and leave a message there!
I can coach any server, at any time, just message me and I'm sure we can make something happen!
Discord: Maxime#9000
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2023.03.22 16:54 Quantum_mania47 An excerpt from the bliss of the celibate

The core, essential meaning of celibacy is:
A period in which there is no loss of the creative substance, including the finer
But attending this, a real celibate period will also mean:
Refraining from conscious sexual thrills or indulgence involving the sexual organ
while in the waking state, even if there is no loss of semen.
This is what "celibacy" means.
Any man who is breaching either of the above two requirements should not be
calling himself a celibate. First, celibacy means no sexing with the sexual organ --
touching by self or others, or directing of energy there. One avoids what would
cause an erection; does not seek out the erection or the sexual thrill. Second,
celibacy means no loss of the sexual material -- even the smallest amount -- during
any state aside from sleep. This is the minimum meaning of celibacy, and
The one who is enjoying sexual thrills sex, even though avoiding the loss of any
substance, is certainly not a celibate. Some men get entranced with sex tricks for
retaining most or all of his semen even though enjoying sex. This is certainly a
better thing than the wanton loss. But these should not be tempted to think of
themselves as "celibate." It is delusional to think that when you do this you are not
burning up life force and "leaking" at deep levels. If you practice real celibacy for a
while, and then these sex tricks, you will sense clearly how they still vitiate you;
drain life out of you. In fact the subtle form of the sexual substance is the most

significant of all. Then on the astral level, even looking at a woman's body with
sexual interest, a sensitive man can feel his shakti leaving him. Through "Taoist"
and other techniques one keeps his sex addiction going, keeps the consciousness
flowing powerfully down the spine instead of up, enlarges his sexual organ and
makes it more of a magnet for the life energy, and does physiological harm to his
sexual organ. Any practice that harms the human body is tamasic (ignorant). These
sexual practices that conserve semen are just a savvy type of sex addiction.
Above was given the minimum definition of celibacy. It doesn't mean you don't
feel fond of a woman. It doesn't mean that you don't feel attracted to them, or even
have crushes on them. But it means you don't sex yourself (as in masturbation or
looking at sexy images), and you have no loss of semen.
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2023.03.22 16:54 Scole2nd Upcoming 3rd person MOBA

Hello fellow MOBA enthusiasts!
I am the community manager for an upcoming 3rd person MOBA called Avengard, which is inspired by Smite but is different in many ways from your average MOBA!
Unlike other MOBA games where you play as premade Heroes, you will play as Juggernauts which are characters created by the player. That's right! You are making your own characters! You can customize the Juggernaut's height, face (detailed editor using sliders!) 'fitness' (chonky, slim or average), individual choice of armor pieces (you can mix both heavy and light armor pieces together if you want!) and even choose from a wide plethora of different weapons! Be it simple weapons like one handed swords and spears or more unique weapons like magic gloves and ninja shuriken. Heck, you can even adjust your character's attributes (DnD style)! We want to create a game for you to feel like the heroes you always aspired to be. To show YOUR heroic persona and clash with others to see who is the better Juggernaut! Or... perhaps you are unsatisfied with the first Juggernaut you made? That is not uncommon. Do not fret! You will be able to create more than one! Because what is a MOBA without multiple characters am I right?
I COULD tell you more, but... where is the fun in giving out all the details right away? ;)
If you want to know more, feel free to type in DM if you want to join our Discord server dedicated to the game and follow our progress and the latest news~
Until then, I wish you all a nice day and hope to eventually find you on the fields of Avengard! :D
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2023.03.22 16:54 totomoto101 Highly Skilled Psychic Readings

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2023.03.22 16:54 Seakawn Sound visualizer effects, without actually being a traditional/cliche music visualizer?

Sorry if requests or questions like this aren't appropriate for this sub. I'm just exploring subs to ask this in, and this sub seemed most relevant based on my initial impression. Let me know if other subs would be more relevant.
Also, I haven't done much exploration through live wallpapers to find something like this, so my deepest apologies if this idea is abundant and easily discoverable... Anyway...
Most or all sound visualizer live wallpapers are exactly what you'd expect. A series of bars, or whatever, going up or down, out or in, whatever, based on the sounds of the audio it's picking up. Some will keep with the theme of songs and even display artist names and song titles.
But I was wondering if I could have a regular wallpaper, or rather a "regular" live wallpaper, such as a nice (perhaps animated) image of something, and simply have effects go across the wallpaper whenever sound is picked up.
My specific idea was for subtle waves to ripple across the background of my wallpaper as my mic picks up sound. If the sound is small, a small wave would appear and fade out fairly fast. If the sounds are loud, big waves would appear and wash over the entire wallpaper. Etc.
The wave itself could have a specific design to it, or it could just be the background itself being warped in order to reveal a wave. Of course, it doesn't have to be waves. I'd be pleased with any effects. That follow this idea. Maybe the image could be of a garden, and tiny birds or flowers go across the screen as sounds are picked up, you get the idea.
In the future, if phones have two built-in microphones in order to pick up sound direction, then the waves could come in from whatever direction the sound is coming from. But, I'm getting ahead of myself.
Does literally anything remotely like this exist now? Or are all live wallpapers like this just stereotypical music visualizer graphs? Thanks for any input!
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2023.03.22 16:54 karma_weaboo Proof that the troupe didnt massacre kurta

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2023.03.22 16:53 totomoto101 Highly Skilled Psychic Readings

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2023.03.22 16:53 Under_Sea_Stars Looking to improve my stasis build after nerfs to Syntho…

Hello all! So I main a stasis titan, and just love the build it fits my style so well. However with the nerf to Syntho glaive combo. I find myself needing to remove my heavy stasis glaive and Syntho. At this time what’s a good stasis build? Armor and weapon wise as I’d genuinely like to keep playing stasis while also doing my part for DPS.
Thank you!
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2023.03.22 16:53 friendlyBrowniee Ramadan the month of Quran

One of the major reasons of the heartbreaking decline of Muslim Ummah, according to the poet of the east Iqbal Sahab, is a complete abandonment of the study of The Noble Quran by Muslims all around the world.
وہ زمانے میں معزز تھے مسلماں ہو کر،
اور تم خوار ہوئے تارک قرآں ہو کر
"The honoured of their times, they lived, For their's was true iman, You live disgraced, as having left the paths of Al-Quran."
The copy of the Quran is sitting there in all our houses waiting to be picked up and understood by us who claim to be followers of the greatest man to ever set foot on this planet, Muhammad bin Abdullah (PBUH). The reading of Quran has been reduced to earning Sawab (Good Deeds) by clueless recitation instead of us understanding what the heavenly book is trying to convey, implementing it in our respective lives and preaching its message to other Muslims.
In his famous Iblees ki Majlis-e-Shura, through the character of Iblees, Iqbal speaks of a heart wrenching tale of Muslim fall:
چشم عالم سے رہے پوشیدہ یہ آئیں تو خوب،
یہ غنیمت ہے کہ خود مومن ہے محروم یقیں
ہے یہی بہتر الہیات میں الجھا رہے،
یہ کتاب الله کی تاویلات میں الجھا رہے
"Better, if this Law (Islam) be kept hidden from the world's eye: So much the better, the Believer himself is deprived of inner conviction.
Better that he remains busy and entangled in the metaphysical theology: Better, that he remains busy and entangled in the interpretations of the Book of God."
Let us all take advantage of this month of Ramadan and set our boats into the vast and deep ocean of the Noble Quran. May this Ramadan help you witness a glimpse of the greatness of Allah and bring you closer to him.
Ramadan Kareem!
كتب أنزَلَتهُ إِلَيْكَ مُبْرَك لِّيَدَبْرُوا ءَايَتِهِ ، وَلِيَتَذَكَّرَ أُولُوا الْأَلْبَبِ
'This is a blessed Book which We have revealed to you 'O Prophet' so that they may contemplate its verses, and people of reason may be mindful.
(The Noble Quran 38:29)
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2023.03.22 16:53 pikachoop_ [FOR HIRE] My commissions are open for chibi in valorant style at $10

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2023.03.22 16:53 crowtown First go at a traditional style leather case for binoculars

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2023.03.22 16:53 swollenbro Civ 7 Flavor Wishlist

This list will primarily be comprised of aesthetic and game play flavor wishes but may drift into game play mechanics where there is overlap between the two.
1) first and foremost a more realistic art style.
I think most civ players are history fans and I'm not super into the cutesy style of civ 6. History usually isnt cute. Whether you're going for culture, domination, or other victory type, the game is about global domination in some form. The vibe of the game should be grittier than Farmville.
2) More dynamic leader scenes
There's a ton of room for improvement in leader meeting scenes. Why not show both your leader and the other leader actually meeting? The world congress could have some more visual elements as well.
3) Declutter the map
On turn one even civ 6 looks beautiful. As you start to build more cities, districts, and improvements, the map starts to look like a complete aesthetic mess. Part of this is the giant blockish cartoony art style that I've already mentioned, but part of it is also just that there aren't enough tiles in the game. Most of the real world is not completley covered in buildings. There should be way more open spaces on the map even into the late game. A simple fix to this in my mind would be just increasing the amount of tiles in the game and increasing all units movement so it doesn't take forever to get around.
What other primarily aesthetic/flavor changes would you like to see in Civ 7?
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2023.03.22 16:53 Scare12f Chun Li Loses Street Fight & has to Deepthroat Big Cock for Chunky Cum Facial and Head Locked 69 Balls Deep Throatpie

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2023.03.22 16:53 Ok_Cartographer6328 Need Advice for friend

Attached to friend with said disorder. She’s never been involved with anyone before. She never gave a commitment, and according to her we were “just friends”. But I could tell, and everyone around us could tell there was something going on between us. Her parents, sister, everyone noticed it.
She hardly texted and even ignored texts. But we exchanged snaps daily 2/3 times. And there was some texting at night. And we copied each other’s snaps, I think in a way it was like confessing love for each other.
Got blocked after confessing love directly on text. She gave warning before doing so but I doubled down on the love lol.
6 months later, she came to my house while I was blocked. ( for a family function, as our parents are close) Acted completely normal, and was only interested in spending time with me, and no one else at the party.
That day I could notice the signs of disorganised attachment and dissociation. Snapping at me, look of frozen terror when I was being romantic, laughing like a five year old girl when I was being flirty, zoning out etc. And she was confiding in me like a friend that day.
And before I got blocked and things were normal(relatively lol) she told me her deepest secret, even if it was just in a few words.
She has all the signs of a horrible childhood. After I got blocked I messaged using brothers phone like once a month but no reply. But she saw them. And never pressured her to unblock.
But after she came to my house, I added her to WhatsApp group with just us two, told her she was behaving bad, she left the group. Also told her she can say goodbye anytime, but DIRECTLY. But no goodbye, just left group. I Got brothers phone and told her to stop running away as that won’t solve anything. Then she accused me of harassing her( lashed out and wrote paragraph long texts to my brother about how I don’t respect her etc.) Told her sorry, will never message again. Then she said she will unblock me but to respect her boundaries as friend. Bullshit, as deep down she knows it’s more than that. But I’ll comply.
She’s Still unresponsive after getting unblocked.
My question is, is it better to keep sending texts periodically or to let her isolate completely and wait for her to come to me. I know the relationship is alive, I could feel it when she met me recently.
She’s in a very bad place and I’m ready to wait cause love. Lol.
It’s been 8 months since she initially blocked me. I’m still blocked everywhere except WhatsApp.
This is a very serious level of mental illness, I can tell. Even I’m somewhere along the lines of crazy , that’s why I understand her a little but nowhere near her.
Fine with being just friends as long as I’m there for her. Idk how that will work as it’s weird for a guy and girl to be just friends, specially near marriageable age.
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2023.03.22 16:52 PanickyProvocation DAO Global Hackathon Registration Open

DAO Global Hackathon Registration Open
The wait is over, registration is now open for the 2023 DAO Global Hackathon!
Get ready to build with the top names in the ecosystem for a chance to win over $120,000 in bounties:
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