Question about Ancient Fairy Dragon release date

2018.12.09 12:09 jasonhan416 Question about Ancient Fairy Dragon release date

I was checking AFD on yugiohwiki and i noticed something weird.
Collectible tin 1 comes with AFD secret rare promo with ancient prophecy booster pack in it, but it was released on August 18, 2009.
What is weird is that Ancient prophecy booster pack was released on Sept 1 2009.

So is the AFD secret rare promo from the tin can is the original AFD?
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2018.06.30 23:24 MarjanCebula Official Japanese translations

In one of my previous posts I already mentioned that I am writing my master's thesis about Yugioh. I received a lot of feedback from you guys and would just like to mention that I greatly appreciate everything you guys commented.
Unfortunately I ran into another problem whilst writing. I don't really know if I can cite the site YugiohWiki as an official source of information. Which leads me to my question: are there any official Konami sites where I can find the official literal translations of cards (names that aren't localized or censured)?
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2018.01.18 04:37 Iznhou Returning player; need help staying up to date and deck building.

This is my first post here so sorry if this is in the wrong format.
I'll try to keep it short. I started playing Yu-Gi-Oh! when I was 9. I'm 24 now so I've been playing off and on for about 15 years. I used to have friends who played with me but when I moved to a different state I didn't have anyone to play with anymore. Because I mainly stayed up-to-date with the changing mechanics and metagame by watching the show as well as playing the games. Mainly, the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship series which was the only alternative I had to actually play the game and create build decks aside from YGO Pro and that series ended after 2011 Over the Nexus.
I did try to stay updated by buying a booster packs but they can get expensive so I settled for researching YugiohWiki extensively. In terms of using the show to keep myself updated, I was able to continue watching up until halfway through Zexal due to the show jumping channels. However, I was recently able to finish the series and I'm trying to start watching on Arc-V.
Bottom-line: I used mainly the show, the Wiki, the main Yugioh subreddit, and video games to try and stay up to date but I've fallen a bit behind. I did by the starter deck for Pendulum Summoning but I've never used it in practice. And I plan on buying the starter deck for Link Summoning. Is there any advice anyone can give that can help me keep updated with the metagame?
Also, throughout the years I've played Yugioh, I was never good at making decks. I've always needed help. Throughout the research I've done, I know what kind of decks I've wanted to make, mainly Warrior Toolbox decks (if they're even still relevant) with cards and effects that involved banishing monsters instead of sending them to the GY and I've tried an Igknight deck once but it didn't work out to well. Unfortunately, YugiohWiki's information on Warrior Toolbox seems outdated. Is there general advice anyone can give in terms of building decks?
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2013.04.26 12:30 Hitsugaya_Toshiro Bringing rulings to a tournament?

People always get in a scrap with me over all of the rulings of my Madolche cards (especially with the queen) and it gets a little tedious. I honest dont know if I trust the judges at my locals either though.
My question is, how do I properly explain a ruling to someone? I don't want to be a dick and just say "I've been playing this deck since it came out I know what's going on." Are you allowed to just print a card rulings page off of yugiohwiki and bring it? If so how would they know you didn't forge it?
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