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2023.06.01 01:24 Ok-Anywhere6998 How to make the most out of our BOS-DEL RT in early 2024?

Wife and I are flying BOS-LHR-DEL and will return early next year. Original flight details:
BOS-LHR: Delta Boeing 767-400 Main Cabin (V) LHR-DEL: Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787-9 Economy Classic (V) DEL-LHR: Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787-9 Economy Classic (X) LHR-BOS: Delta Boeing 767-400 Main Cabin (X)
Flights booked through Capital One Travel, but we are able to select seats, request meals, change flights etc through Delta directly. For our return DEL-LHR-BOS route, we have the following options for upgrade/change:
  1. Premium/Premium Select
    1. DEL-LHR-BOS (2 hour layover in LHR): $307/person
      1. Premium on Virgin Atlantic (DEL-LHR) in Boeing 787-9
      2. Premium Select on Delta (LHR-BOS) in Boeing 767-400
    2. DEL-LHR-BOS (with 9 hour layover in LHR): $307/person
      1. Premium (G) on Virgin Atlantic (DEL-LHR) in Boeing 787-9
      2. Premium (G) on Virgin Atlantic (LHR-DEL) in Airbus Airbus A330-900neo
    3. DEL-CDG-BOS (with 3.5 hour layover in CDG): $282/person (1 extra cabin bag/person)
      1. Premium Economy () on Air France (DEL-CDG) in Airbus A350-900 (listed as Flagship A350)
      2. Premium Select () on Delta (CDG-BOS) in Airbus Å330-300
  2. UppeBusiness
    1. DEL-LHR-BOS (with 9 hour layover in LHR): $1111/person
      1. Upper (Z) on Virgin Atlantic (DEL-LHR) in Boeing 787-9
      2. Upper (Z) on Virgin Atlantic (LHR-DEL) in Airbus Airbus A330-900neo
    2. DEL-CDG-BOS (with 6.5 hour layover in CDG): $1087/person
      1. Business (Z) on Air France (DEL-CDG) in Airbus A350-900
      2. Business (Z) on Air France (CDG-BOS) in Airbus A350-900
We have few questions regarding these possible upgrades:
  1. Since the flights are 8+ months ahead, should we wait for a better offer or grab one of these? Are the prices a good deal for Premium class? For Business/Upper class?
  2. Will getting the Amex Delta Reserve card help our travel experience? Maybe with a free upgrade (to Comfort+) and sky club access? Do we only get Centurion lounge access if we pay the full ticket with the reserve card? If one of us has the card, will both of us be eligible for upgrade? I've read that chances of upgrading without any Medallion status is minimal, and considering this is international, maybe we won't even be on the list for upgrade? If we get Delta Reserve and buy one of the Premium upgrades, will we get centurion lounge access and still be eligible for a free upgrade to Delta One?
  3. I can't see a way to use miles to pay for these. If I contact DL, will the agent be able to use miles instead of cash? How will the miles be calculated? Based on 1cpp?
  4. We haven't flown premium (Always economy with 1 AF Business class [option 2.2 above thanks to miles]). Is Premium on AF/DL/VS worth the upgrade?
  5. We have flown AF Business class once, and it was a good experience all the way from checking-in at DEL to landing at BOS. But, we haven't flown VS upper. Looking at images/videos and blogs, there doesn't seem to be much privacy in the Upper cabin. How does the experience in VS Upper compare to that of business in AF or Delta One?
  6. Reading through the blogs it seems that VS might have the best combination of soft and hard premium products. While the AF premium will be $25/person cheaper, I have read mixed reviews about their seats. Has anyone flown premium on these aircrafts (and possibly these routes)? How was your experience? Are the fixed shell seats in AF (or in any airline for that matter) premium really that bad? Is it worth upgrading to fixed shell seats if most people find economy seats to be more comfortable? We will get Skypriority with premium (faster check-in, security and boarding), but, we were hoping to get some extra baggage and lounge! Option 1.3 on AF/DL premium seems appealing, but the reviews about AF premium seats are discouraging. Also, it would be an extra $564 cash out of pocket.
  7. The AF aircraft listed on Delta and AF websites for the same itinerary are different! Should I trust the information on Delta or go with what is there on AF?
Any insights/thoughts/suggestions on any of these questions would be very helpful. Got in churning a few months ago and have gained a lot of knowledge and learned a few tricks from the community.
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2023.06.01 01:23 ItsDumi [SOUL STEALER] Chapter 9 - Canyon City (Pt. 7)

Kita's eyes widen at the blue-eyed princess's offer.
"You know where he is?" Kita stammers, caught off guard by the sudden awareness.
"Do you still seek revenge?" The princess asks.
Kita doesn't respond, this posh girl has her number. 'Still'? She doesn't want to give away all of her leverage, what kind of an interrogator gets interrogated?
"I've looked into the dark one's eyes," The princess adds. "I saw something similar to what I'm seeing now,"
The black eyes? Is the dark one missing their soul as well?
"What'd you see?"
The girl pauses, squinting at Kita before shrugging her shoulders. "Loss,"
"Tell me what you know." Kita orders.
"I will tell you, if you take me with you,"
"It's obvious you aren't an interrogator. Your methods alone are beyond mediocre,"
"You an expert victim or something?" Kita scoffs.
"Not quite," The princess chuckles. "I will tell you anything you want to know if you get me out of here,"
"What makes you think I can do that?"
"I've seen you destroy armies, Kita."
Kita shuffles backwards. This princess doesn't just know about her soul, she knows more about Kita's past, than Kita. Armies? She remembers nothing of destroying armies. The idea of being so powerful sends a shiver down her spine.
A curiosity. A new desire. Such power sounds enticing. She couldn't fathom losing to the dark one despite having so much power- She may be underestimating the number of souls she needs to consume. The amount of power she currently has is barely a fraction of what she's achieved before.
"I'm not really that girl anymore," Kita stutters, trying to deflect the information.
"I noticed," The princess responds, rising to her feet. "You're much more polite now,"
"I am?" Kita says, stepping backwards as the blue-haired girl steps towards her. The girl is tall and walks with a towering posture. A royal walk. Slow and encroaching.
"You've forgotten everything this time? It is as if you don't even remember who you were,"
"And what do you think I was?" Kita asks.
"A warrior. A leader… A monster,"
The princess reaches her arms out to Kita, prompting a defensive stance. But before Kita can prepare, the princess's arms drape around her shoulders and then pulls Kita in for a warm, firm, hug.
"You poor thing," The princess whispers. "You're the shell of your former self,"
Kita pushes the girl off of her, overwhelmed by the sadness being expressed. She doesn't see herself the way this woman does and being called a shell is degrading. Is this some kind of disrespect? The way royalty manipulates the minds of others?
"People change," Kita scoffs. "I don't need your comparisons,"
"Sorry," The princess responds politely, surprising Kita yet again. "We were good friends in your past life… You usually remember me,"
"Well, I don't… Not this time,"
"Then I shall befriend you yet again," The princess passes an endearing smile.
"Not interested," Kita dismisses, "I'll get you out of here if you tell me everything you know about the dark and my past,"
"Escaped prisoner!" a voice yells from beyond the door, echoing through the stairwell. Prompting a look of urgency as they both glance towards the door.
"We have a deal," The Princess nods. "My name is Raya,"
"Listen, Princess. There's a kid named Jan who also had his soul stolen. I'm getting him out of here as well,"
The guards definitely noticed Kita's little mess once they got back. It's time to get out of here- she steps over to the door and knocks twice. Raising her hand in preparation for the door to swing open. The moment the burly guard reveals herself, Kita consumes her soul and catches the falling body to pull it into the room. From the corner of her eye, she sees Raya grab a knife from the guard's body and strap the rifle over her shoulder.
"You know how to use that?" Kita asks, raising an eyebrow.
"I've never met a royal who couldn't," She responds with a focused expression on her face.
Kita glances out the doorway to see only two other guards on the floor- the rest must have left to search for the prisoner. She walks straight towards both of them with her hands raised and from a reasonable distance she casts another consume spell. That's thirteen. It's not enough. After what the princess told her, it all feels so distant.
"Come on," Kita clears her throat. The floor is empty, and they need to get a move on before they realize she's on this floor. She positions herself by the door to the stairwell, taking a deep breath to focus up.
The princesses' blue hair and rags stand out like a sore thumb. Anyone would notice her or know she's a prisoner- sneaking about won't do. They'll have to fight their way out. This girl had better know what she's doing.
"They're planning on trading the kid, do you know where they would take him?"
"Vlad's office, on the second floor,"
This is the fourth floor, so his office is up six flights of stairs. Nothing too crazy, from there, are three more flights to the exit.
Kita cracks open the door to the stairway, looking through the gaps in the railing below to see if the coast is clear. She then looks up to see an open door three flights up, on the third floor.
They step into the stairwell and scurry their way up the three flights of stairs whilst trying to remain as quiet as possible. Before she reaches the top of the third-floor staircase, she pauses to look into the door. She sees four sets of poots huddled together by the door and readies a spell.
As she takes another silent step to the top of the stairs, the group of raiders breaks and each of them step into the stairwell. Kita freezes in a moment of panic, and one of the raiders looks in her direction before a look falls on the raider's face.
"She's here!" He yells, raising a pistol at her as the others turn to raise their weapons as well.
Raya instinctively steps up close to Kita's back as she rotates her wrist. Kita's natural reaction to danger comes with a muscle memory she was hoping to see. The same one from the rich folk's tent- Shield.
The raiders open fire in the stairwell, bullets erupt in all directions as bright streaks of light ricochet into the sphere of energy surrounding Kita and Raya.
The first raider runs out of ammo. Kita raises her arm across her body, preparing to strike.
Three more clicks follow. The nearest raider is out of her reach, and still reloading. She drops the shield and announces a spell in her mind.
Her arm extends, and like a sword- she slashes across the nearest raider's chest. In the same motion, a sharp slice of wind crosses the raider's chest- Creating a deep gash from his shoulder to his pelvis. The upper third of the gun in his hand falls clean off the rest of the weapon before his body falls to the floor.
Without a second thought, Kita raises her hand at the two raiders nearest to the door and casts a push. The doorway to the third-floor busts open, sending the two raiders through the newly made hole.
As Kita raises her arm to the last raider, who's just finished reloading. Raya suddenly appears in front of her. With a few swift strafes, Raya kicks the gun out of the raider's hands and uses the blade she'd collected in three swift moves. An X marked by two cuts to the raider's chest, and a cut to the throat.
"Holy shit. The Princess is violent," Kita jests.
"I led an army," Raya chuckles.
"Sure, but those two extra cuts were just-" Kita exhales and puts her hands on her waist.
"Oh please, did you see what you did to that guy's chest?" Raya rolls her eyes. "I've never seen you do that one before,"
"Is that right? Your pal Kita the conqueror couldn't think of that one, huh?" Kita smiles, a knowingly smug one. She jokes, but she genuinely feels proud of herself for thinking of it.
Raya laughs, readying her rifle, "You're different, but you haven't really changed,"
"What's changed?"
"For starters, the old Kita would've taken them all out with one spell," Raya responds, stepping into the hallway of the third floor.
"Well, I prefer to make it a fair fight," She sasses, stepping into the debris-filled room to hear the sound of a few coughs. They step over the bodies of two other raiders who must've been on the other side of the wall.
Two sudden pops erupt from Raya's gun, dropping a guard at the opposite end of the room who was still on his feet. On one half of the room are rows of bunk beds, with the other half having a kitchen and a seating area. The place is a mess- understandably considering how many people probably stay here.
"How many souls?" Raya asks, surveying the room.
"How many do you have left?"
"Feels like… nine," Kita answers. "We should head upstairs,"
"We got lucky. This is usually where they all congregate," Raya says, turning back to the stairway.
"Where would they be?"
"Mostly likely a job,"
Kita's eyes widen, thinking it might have something to do with the kid. She double-times her way out of the room and up the stairs when she hears the ricocheting of bullets before the sound of crackling emits from the floor below.
She casts a shield all around her, and Raya steps inside moments after. They both start moving up the staircase, trying to shift in unison to avoid either of them being exposed to the whizzing bullets.
Read ahead on RoyalRoad [](
Kita's thoughts - Post Chapter 9
"I really need to pee"
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2023.06.01 01:23 JG1ANDONLY JFK centurion lounge - T8 to T4

My flight is at T8. Does someone know if I can get into T4 centurion lounge? And since only 3 hours prior to flight taking off are allowed, how long did you spend from leaving T4 and arriving at T8 and passing security?
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2023.06.01 01:23 TowelTop1171 Images from the JDG Documentary from MSI, some interesting background info and some backstage pictures!

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2023.06.01 01:22 Sunhillian The Story of a Little Star and The Man from Sunhillow – A Little SLF Fairy Tale: Part 2

Part One here:
The very next evening in conversation she uttered the words ‘I don’t have internet crushes’. That previous night the Sisters were clearly in a good mood, listening and not drunk for a change, or were they? Had he heard right, was that confirmation she was not interested, or code for that she had a crush on him? He brushed it aside as if unsaid and waited to see if she mentioned it again. If there is a message there, he reasoned, she will want to know it was heard and mention it again more directly.
He didn’t have to wait long, the very next evening she slipped into general conversation ‘I have a crush on you’. There it was;, his heart skipped a beat and immediate panic set in. His insecurities hit him like a train until the excitement, possibilities and thoughts of planning to meet her reasserted themselves.
The next two months were filled with time-skipping conversation and the excitement of how, when and where they could meet. Risqué pics and vids were swapped [rule break 1], personal data was exchanged [rule break 2] and as yet not a single phone or vid call had taken place between them [rule break 3].
The meeting would take time to organise. With previous travel plans in place, work commitments committed to and the fact they did not live in the same country all contributed to quite a delay. He was more than a little concerned if they didn’t meet soon, the initial rush of excitement would likely wear off, the conversation dry up and she would be snapped up by the undoubted myriad of suiters all vying for her favour.
Nevertheless, if the obstacles could be overcome, surely it would signal well for a successful meeting, wouldn’t it?
After a further two months wait, it was all arranged and the day was fast approaching. This was going to be a success he vowed. This is after all, a vanilla date with a beautiful, charismatic, intelligent and sought-after woman; A reasonably well-known and respected SB in the community they both frequented and enjoyed and he was not going to leave any tool he could use back in the toolbox.
Three nights in comfort, in the capital city of her resident country, 2 ½ hours from where she lived. She had organised the train, he the flights and still not a single phone or vid call had taken place. They would meet at the station and taxi straight to the hotel to check in [major rule break 4].
He waited anxiously for her to arrive. What if she actually was a catfish or a fatfish after all? What if the whole thing was a sick hoax and she never showed [it had happened to him before]? No, he reasoned, he knew too much about her, she must be genuine. No-one could develop that depth of story and keep it spot on for months. What if she didn’t like him, what if he didn’t like her? They had both been half joking along these lines for a while, although it was a more than reasonable concern for them both.
Her train was now 30 minutes late but finally it arrived. She was at the taxi rank. Deep breath, opening line rehearsed, shoulders back, confident walk. He thinks he has seen her in the crowd of travellers but she’s facing away from him. He messages that he is behind her. Is that her?
Final Part to follow:
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2023.06.01 01:18 L0ckroach Drone planning

Does this add up? Especially the flight time and stuff related to the energy.
Frame Carbon fiber Solar panels 4 square meters of high-efficiency solar panels Batteries 4 x 12S2P 10000mAh batteries Motors 4 x 300 watt motors Propellers 10 inches propellers Flight controller Pixhawk 3/4 Avionics GPS module from Ublox, FPV camera, and gimbal Payload 0.5 pounds Camera High-quality camera Weight 40 pounds Maximum flight time (with solar power) 12 hours Maximum flight time (with batteries) 6 hours Maximum range depends Maximum speed 25 mph Cost $5,000 (about)
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2023.06.01 01:17 smtim91 Feedback on flight deal subscriptions.

We have a big family so when we travel together and travel with additional friends deals on flights really make a big difference on our budget. Aside from the deals from airline mailing lists I check places like travelzoo or slickdeals from time to time.
Which ones have you had experience with? How much do you pay, where do you find value, and how do you use it?
There’s a couple of them out there, I’m wondering which ones you use and why you prefer one over another if you have more than one.
Thank you!
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2023.06.01 01:17 BobbyBobRoberts TRACKLIST: Cowboy Bebop: Soundtrack From The Netflix Series (Vinyl)

Hooooly crap! The Netflix OST on vinyl has 23 exclusive songs! That's a whole album's worth of Seatbelts music that most people don't even realize exists.
Say what you will about the Netflix live action show (didn't hate all of it, but wasn't sad to see it get canceled), but bringing Yoko Kanno back to do the soundtrack was one of the few good decisions the showrunners made. The mix of old favorites and new material was a real treat, and the OST was pretty good already. But an extra hour and a half of new music from the Bebop-iverse? Sign me up.
As of now, I've only found one good source to listen to the whole album, so I've put together a tracklist with links and timestamps. It's split across two discs, with two sides each, so the whole thing is done as 4 different videos.

Cowboy Bebop: Soundtrack From The Netflix Series (Vinyl)
Side A
Side B
Side C
Side D
Exclusive tracks are marked with an asterisk next to the track list
Track List Song Name Time
A1* A Day in the Bebop 00:00
A2 Kickin' Colt 03:18
A3* A Hole to the Universe 06:17
A4* What Planet is This?? 07:00
A5* Twilight 08:41
A6* Weekend Ana 11:39
A7 Julia's Song (feat. Elena Satine) 14:51
A8 The Adventures of Losers 17:29

Track List Song Name Time
B1* Rouge 00:00
B2* Sleuthing Two 01:05
B3* Suit and Tie 02:06
B4 Funky Stuff 03:46
B5* Faye's Sky Fall (feat. Gabriela Robin) 05:37
B6* Time 06:33
B7* IKA Pod 09:23
B8 Net Rush 10:50
B9* Headphone 12:56
B10* Ein 13:46
B11 Waltz in High Socks 16:28
B12 Beans Be 18:04

Track List Song Name Time
C1 TANK! 00:00
C2 Cat Attack Part 1 (feat. A-Sha Mai Yamane) 02:05
C3* Dedicated to Sergio 03:36
C4 Woodcock 09:22
C5 Rooftop Kung-Fu 10:32
C6 Milky Cheat 12:36
C7* My Bean at 5 14:40
C8 Blood Brothers 15:30

Track List Song Name Time
D1* Sad End Fad 00:00
D2* Muddy Road (feat. A-Sha Mai Yamane) 00:42
D3 Lord of the Empty (feat. Leo Imai) 05:38
D4* Sushi Truck 09:07
D5* Into Noir 11:07
D6 The End of Friendship 12:15
D7 The Fate of Three 14:06
D8* Earthland Entrance 16:38
D9* El Rey Bar 17:49
D10* Hello to ya Blues 19:16
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2023.06.01 01:16 L0ckroach Drone planning

Does this add up? Especially the flight time and stuff related to the energy.
Frame Carbon fiber Solar panels 4 square meters of high-efficiency solar panels Batteries 4 x 12S2P 10000mAh batteries Motors 4 x 300 watt motors Propellers 10 inches propellers Flight controller Pixhawk 3/4 Avionics GPS module from Ublox, FPV camera, and gimbal Payload 0.5 pounds Camera High-quality camera Weight 40 pounds Maximum flight time (with solar power) 12 hours Maximum flight time (with batteries) 6 hours Maximum range depends Maximum speed 25 mph Cost $5,000 (about)
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2023.06.01 01:16 L0ckroach Drone planning

Does this add up? Especially the flight time and stuff related to the energy.
Frame Carbon fiber Solar panels 4 square meters of high-efficiency solar panels Batteries 4 x 12S2P 10000mAh batteries Motors 4 x 300 watt motors Propellers 10 inches propellers Flight controller Pixhawk 3/4 Avionics GPS module from Ublox, FPV camera, and gimbal Payload 0.5 pounds Camera High-quality camera Weight 40 pounds Maximum flight time (with solar power) 12 hours Maximum flight time (with batteries) 6 hours Maximum range depends Maximum speed 25 mph Cost $5,000 (about)
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2023.06.01 01:15 CowCluckLated On my 8 hour flight I quickly rush from my seat to the bathroom after feeling ill from my last meal.

I then notice a huge line in front of the bathroom, nobody in thier seats, then realizing the flight has another 6 hours to go.
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2023.06.01 01:14 LiteraryButterfly We (21F and 21M) were considering renewing our lease together to rebuild our relationship, but now I think he may have just been telling me what I want to hear.

I live in a 2x2 apartment with my ex-boyfriend (21M). I initiated our break up in October of least year, about a month before what would have been our 3-year anniversary. The primary reasons for our break up were his dishonesty and lack of responsibility. I was paying for everything on my own and didn't feel like he was being a responsible equal partner, then on top of that, it turned out that his history of dishonesty was not history, but still current. The nail in the coffin that secured my decision to end the relationship was finding out he'd told his family that he was borrowing money for rent because I didn't have my half, when in reality it was the other way around.
We continued to cohabitate because both of our names are on the lease, and while I could have gone to my parents' house, I was concerned about ending up with an eviction on my credit. So, things were okay-ish living together, with lines blurring from time to time, until the beginning of this year. I was still the primary person handling bills/rent with little help from him in that area, even after being out of both of my jobs for over a week with COVID. I grew more and more resentful as things really didn't seem to change much, and eventually the environment at home grew toxic with my resentment and desperation for help clashed with him swearing he's doing his best and I just don't see all the effort he's putting in. Admittedly, he was doing nice little things like doing the dishes, offering to rub my back when I got home, lighting candles in my room for when I get home, taking my dog out for me, things like that. But I told him I'd rather he help me with keeping us afloat financially, and that didn't go over well.
At the very end of January, things came to a head when he didn't tell me that the power bill was way overdue (it's his bill, I pay the gas), and they cut off our power. I couldn't afford to pay the months of backed up bills because I'd just paid for other bills. I came home after a long day of work to an apartment with no power and we ended up in an argument. He went left to go to a different state to be with his parent. I went to my parents' house with our pets because the apartment had no power.
A day or two after he left, we had a conversation. I told him I'd be willing to try again if he agreed to make some changes: get a job, get into therapy, things like that. He'd started working, said he was in therapy, said he had a psychiatrist and started meds, it seemed like he'd made a lot of progress. Fast forward two months and I invited him on a trip with me for my birthday, as we'd reconnected more as he seemed to be growing more responsible. He'd offered to pay for my flight as a gift, then at the last minute, said he couldn't. He also missed his flight and just hopped back into bed instead of going to the airport to try to get another one. Then, he ended up not having his half of the money for our hotel, so I had to ask family in the state we traveled to to buy our hotel for last half of the trip. We ended up arguing on the trip because I brought up that the whole thing felt a lot like old patterns.
Fast forward two more months and he came back from his parent's house out of state to try to reconcile our relationship. I was under the impression that because he'd have a job immediately (transferring), he'd be able to pay his share of things responsibly, and he'd be more stable and healthy mentally (depression - which I also live with), and he'd been working on his dishonesty problem in therapy. So, I encouraged him to come back and we could slowly try starting over.
Well, all of that came to a screeching halt when our power went out last week. He'd told me he got on a payment plan with the power company, but then wouldn't let me listen to his phone call with them to figure out why the power was out. I called them myself and they said no payment arrangement had been made. I had to come out of pocket $500 and ask my parents for $300 to get our power turned back on, as it hadn't been paid since I paid it in February. He swore he'd pay my mom and I back on his payday that Friday, but then he said he didn't get paid Friday because his manager didn't submit his hours on time. Whenever he gets a job, they seem to always be with places that frequently screw up his pay. Then this past week I had a really long day and he created this very sweet plan to help me wind down and have a good night, lit candles, made dinner, rubbed my back, etc.
Then, I started wondering about how I've never actually seen him go to/virtually do therapy. I've never seen him take meds, and when I asked what med he was on while he was still out of state, he kept saying he'd tell me/show me, but then he just never did even though I mentioned it several times. It felt like he didn't actually have meds and was hoping I'd forget/drop it. I'm so conflicted because he does really nice, sweet things for me, but I can't help but feel like maybe he's not being as honest as he said he was. I'm starting to think he was just saying what he knew I wanted to hear to want to maybe try again.
Recently, I told him that I think we should slow down and both of us should probably do some more of focusing on stabilizing ourselves independently, mentally and financially. When we had the conversation face to face, things went fine. I felt awful for hurting him. He was honest that, while I felt things were progressing to fast and I didn't think we were ready to be anything serious right now, the pace were going was already agonizingly slow for him. I mentioned I don't think it would be a bad idea for us to get experience with other people, as we were kids when we got together and don't really know ourselves as adults outside of each other. I just meant casual dates, not jumping into relationships with other people. Again, the face-to-face was open, honest, and respectful. But for the past couple of days he's been blowing up my phone at night with pitiful messages about not being good enough, saying we should be fwb and begging for a bj/sex despite me recently telling him I think I may be somewhere on the spectrum of asexuality, sending long messages saying his feelings don't matter, and it's really overwhelming and made me want to distance myself more.
Now, we'd already submitted a proposal to renew our lease for another year before all of this drama started. I just don't know if that's still a good idea. I go back and forth between thinking I should just give it more time and thinking I'd be an idiot to proceed. These things can't all be coincidences, can they? I like to think of myself as an intelligent person, but I have generalized anxiety, and it's not out of the realm of possibility for me to be overthinking things. When I bring up that something he said sounds like a lie or is suspicious, he says I'm overthinking. I can't tell if I should continue trying to be exclusive and rebuilding this. I did encourage him to come all the way back here, but I'm wondering now if maybe I was misinformed when I decided to do that. I'm sorry if this is all over the place, my thoughts are incredibly scattered at the moment.
TL;DR - My ex left to a different state to live with family and do some growing up. He and I were supposed to be rebuilding our relationship, but now that he's back here, I can't tell if he just said all the things he knew I wanted to hear but hasn't actually changed or if the patterns are really just coincidences and bad luck, and I should stop overthinking everything. I don't know if the sweet gestures are enough to outweigh what could genuinely just be a crap hand he's been dealt.
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2023.06.01 01:12 BMW_E70 recommend me a drone?

I'm looking at the newest offerings from DJI. My last bird was a Phantom 3 4k, it was a great drone and performed awesome in adverse conditions. Sadly I no longer have the drone.
I've looked into the Mini 3 Pro, and despite its smaller size I've seen videos during wind tests with gusts up to 20 mph, it's still capable of flying and the gimbal is stabilized and the sensor quality seems decent. Seems like a versatile little drone.
Overall, it seems like the Mavic 3 is the " do it all" drone and the hasselblad camera looks amazing for HDR or dynamic range and quality. Do you think it's worth getting the Mavic 3 with the X28 zoom? I think that's a pretty neat feature having a telefoto lense for far away shots or taking a shot without having to crop a photo or video in post process. Plus the flight characteristics are superior including flight time. Only con is cost $2,000.00 It's been awhile since I've flown, it seems anti-collision technology is pretty " idiot proof". I did everything manually on my old P3 4K.
There's also the new Air 3 coming out soon... Decisions hmmm
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2023.06.01 01:11 VehicleThese7934 Do I visit my Grandma despite my fears of traveling?

To be frank, I'm not a fan of traveling. I'm absolutely terrified of planes and this trip would have me take 2 short flights and 2 long-haul flights and be away from home for ~11 days. We're going to see my Grandma, and it would be the first time since the passing of my Grandpa 4 years ago. While I do love her and occasionally talk with her on the phone I just don't want to travel. She's also super sweet and nice but the language barrier means I can only repeat basic phrases to her and nothing more. On the off-hand, it seems as if her mental health has gotten worse since my Grandpa's passing since she's been seeing things and preparing for guests she thinks she's having. She's still coherent and seems healthy but it would also worry me as I would be spending the time at her house and unsure as to how it would be if she had company again.
I've visited before but I've always either been bored or have counted the days until my return. These visits were also usually 4 years apart, so in recent memory I can only remember maybe the last 1 or 2 times I've visited, with the last one being a tough one since my Grandpa's passing shortly after getting back home.
As for me, I rarely spend time outside my home, and all the flying plus the extended stay away from home seems to be too much for me. Everyday for about a month now I've been constantly thinking and worrying about the trip and am afraid it won't stop until the actual trip a month and a half from now. Unfortunately the tickets were already bought and now I'm sitting here struggling to decide whether to go see her again or try and cancel my ticket for maybe a refund. If I refund I just know I'll feel regret for not seeing her, but at the same time being grateful and relieved for not having to travel. My family would still be going, and she would get to meet her great grandson on my brothers side. Sunk costs aside I wouldn't mind seeing her, but it's the traveling and time away from home plus the uncertainties that are making me question if I should visit or not.
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2023.06.01 01:09 floofyskypanda how much should i spoil for a beginner to gaming?

recently, i’ve been making my girlfriend play the game, and she’s having a hard time controlling the character, and figuring stuff out.
today we spent a loop at ember twins gravity cannon, and she kept exclaiming that the cannon was going down, while spending a bunch of time looking at the pearly things on the side. she also didn’t know it was the cannon, despite reading about it at the construction yard.
she’s been to the southern observatory, but hasn’t tried to find an anti clockwise hurricane.
we even went to the sunless city, with the same observation. we flew through the sand beam from ash to ember, but she hasn’t caught on that the sand is travelling, and she needs to get there sooner.
i frequently take the controller from her because she struggles with flight. how much do y’all think this detracts from the experience of facing challenges, and how much help should i be giving without ruining the wonder of discovering the truth by yourself? ie. should i tell her that ember twin will slowly fill up with sand, or that brittle hollow will slowly fall apart, and she should approach the tower of quantum knowledge later, etc?
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2023.06.01 01:09 yangmusa Decathlon NH500 Escape (32 liter) fits under seat on Boeing 737 Max 8

Decathlon NH500 Escape (32 liter) fits under seat on Boeing 737 Max 8
Headline says it all really ;-)
I just got back from a 2 week trip to multiple cities in the US, living out of my Decathlon/Quechua NH500 Escape. I've been curious if it would fit under the seat in front, but was reluctant to try since boarding is always a rush and if I spent time trying it out and it didn't fit I might lose a spot in the overhead bin...
My final flight was on Southwest and I boarded towards the end, so I had no choice because all the bins were already full! And luckily it fit easily, not a problem at all. The bag's dimensions are 19.7” x 11” x 9.8” and the Southwest personal item requirement is 16.25” x 13.5” x 8”, so the Escape is clearly too big for budget airline personal item-only trips, but it's nice to know it fits in practical terms.
For reference I'm 6'4" (194cm) and leg room was ... ok. During the flight I did try rotating the bag so I could stretch my legs out under the seat, but I could have survived the 2 hour flight without too.
For reference, [here are my first thoughts on the backpack]( and [here is follow-up from my first trip with it](
Decathlon NH500 Escape under seat
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2023.06.01 01:08 A_Night_Owl_Official 25 M Looking for new nerdy friends

Hiya guys! I've been exhausted today, and I figured a great way to spend the evening would be to relax and get to know some new people c:
About me: 25 M here in the east coast of the US trying to unwind from work. Kinda shy, but I open up rather quick when meeting new people. Very lax in terms of communicating, it's cool if you want to talk every day, but if we only chat here and there then that's cool too
Hobbies: Gaming is a big one. Mainly play on PC but also enjoy the switch. Very excited for these showcases coming up as well. I also have been trying to find my love for anime again! I recently went to a convention and had a blast so if you also go to those or have a recommendation for a show feel free to let me know! I also really enjoy cooking/baking c: I find it very relaxing, and delicious to cook up something
That's about it! Feel free to let me know a neat fact about a hobby you enjoy, or what music you love (I listen to just about anything) c: I ask you be similar in age to me, but anyone 18+ can respond
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2023.06.01 01:08 PurpleSolitudes Cheap Flight Ticket

Travelstart is a leading online travel agency that offers a wide range of flights, hotels, and car rentals at competitive prices. They have a team of experts who are always on hand to help you find the best deals on flights, and they offer a variety of features to make booking your travel as easy as possible.

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2023.06.01 01:07 PurpleSolitudes Best Cheap Flight

Best Cheap Flight
Travelstart is a leading online travel agency that offers a wide range of flights, hotels, and car rentals at competitive prices. They have a team of experts who are always on hand to help you find the best deals on flights, and they offer a variety of features to make booking your travel as easy as possible.

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Book Cheap Flights
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2023.06.01 01:06 markc2502010 EasyJet Flight Delay "ATC regulations" "Extraordinary circumstances" Defence Beaten.

Hi Just wanted to archive this result from a recent Flight delay claim I had with Easyjet which ended up going all the way to ADR. I hope me posting this on Reddit will allow others who were on this flight claim the compensation they're entitled to.

Scheduled Date & Time of Departure : 29/06/2022 02:25
Departure Airport : Dalaman Airport – Turkey
Destination Airport : Manchester Airport - United Kingdom
Flight Number Ezy1960
Airline Easy Jet
Scheduled Date & Time of Arrival 29/06/2022 06:55
Actual Date & Time of Arrival 29/06/2022 20:00

Defence Reason : Air traffic control slot
“Due to the ATC regulations imposed upon the Preceding Flight it was not possible to operate the Flight without an overnight delay.”

“The Recital states that 'Extraordinary circumstances should be deemed to exist where the impact of an air traffic management decision in relation to a particular aircraft on a particular day gives rise to a long delay, an overnight delay, or the cancellation of one or more flights by that aircraft, even though all reasonable measures had been taken by the air carrier concerned to avoid the delays and cancellations's Reference is also made to the Court of Appeal case 'Blanche vs Easyjet'in which the court stated 'in order to avail itself of the protection provided by Recital 15, “the carrier must demonstrate the necessary causal link between the ATMD and the particular delay that is the subject of the compensation claim.” This means that carriers must be able to identify the effect that a particular ATMD had on a particular aircraft in relation to a particular scheduled flight in order to rely on the extraordinary circumstances defence. In Blanche, this was satisfied easily by the fact that the ATMD of Gatwick ATC had prevented the aircraft scheduled to operate the claimant's flight from arriving in Brussels until well after the scheduled departure time for that flight had passed. On the basis of the above, I consider that the Airline in this case has provided evidence deemed sufficient to demonstrate that the existence of ATC restrictions caused a delay to the Flight and that this event would be regarded as an extraordinary circumstance within the remit of the Regulation. Accordingly, I am satisfied that the Airline can rely on the delay being due to extraordinary circumstances as a defence against the requirement to pay compensation on this occasion. 5.4 Having considered all available information and evidence, I am satisfied that all reasonable measures were considered, in an attempt to avoid or minimise the disruption. Accordingly, on that basis, I determine that compensation is not payable in this case.”
I disputed the ADR FINAL DETERMINATION as I believed that the Determination contains a factual error or an error on a point of law.
I am not satisfied that the Airline have demonstrated a causal link between the claimed ATC restrictions applied to the preceding flight, and the delay of the preceding flight and the subsequent overnight delay of the Flight. The Airline has stated that the delay to the preceding flight resulted in the Flight crew running out of hours and the Flight being delayed overnight. Consequently, I am satisfied that the reason for the Flight crew running out of FDP hours, resulting in the Passenger arriving at their final destination airport by over three hours, cannot be considered an extraordinary circumstance within the context of the Regulation. Whilst I acknowledge that the Airline has demonstrated that the rescheduled Flight was subject to 31 minutes of ATC restrictions, I am satisfied that the delay to the Flight from nonextraordinary circumstances was still over three hours after deducting this delay from the overall delay to the Flight in accordance with the case C-315/15 Pešková. As such, I determine that the Airline cannot rely on the exemption to paying compensation under Recital 14 of the Regulation in this case and therefore compensation is due to the Passenger. Having reviewed, I am satisfied that the distance between Dalaman airport and Manchester airport is 3,028 km and therefore the amount of compensation in accordance with Article 7 of the Regulation is £350.00 per Passenger, total of £700.00 for two Passengers.
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2023.06.01 01:03 PM_ME_ABOUT_LOVE [H] Marvel Legends (X-Men, Mutants, Scarlet Spider, Orb, & More!)/DC/TMNT/Wrestling [W] PayPal

Making deals. Make me an offer, may be surprised what offers I'll accept on some items. I do have other pics of items shown too.
Prices aren't shipped. Everything comes with what you see. I tried to mention what thought was missing. Some prices negotiable, feel free to ask!

Marvel Legends


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2023.06.01 01:02 WholesomeBeetch Can you move from one Gatwick terminal to the other after security?

My sister and I are taking two different flights but more or less at the same time. From a quick google search, it seems that I’ll depart from terminal North (easyjet) and she’ll depart from South terminal (Wizzair). I was wondering, are the terminals connected after security? Can we still go through security together to spend more time in each other company?
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