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Subreddit for the Netflix show created by David Fincher starring Robin Wright & Kevin Spacey.

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Discussion, news, theories and fan content focused on the Horror Director and Writer Mike Flanagan. Including S1 (Hill House), S2 (Bly Manor), Midnight Mass, and The Upcoming Series(s): "Midnight Club" and "The Fall of The House of Usher"

2023.03.22 17:44 jbrylinsabresfan Who was better?

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2023.03.22 17:44 autobuzzfeedbot 14 Times "SNL" Poked Fun At Celebs, And The Celebs Bit Back

  1. THE CONTEXT: The 2023 Academy Awards were a big night for Irish actors, largely due to the critical success of The Banshees of Inisherin. A quarter of the acting nominees were Irish.
  2. THE SKETCH: In 2015, the "Democratic Debate Cold Open" sketch had several of SNL's most iconic political impersonations, such as Kate McKinnon as former first lady Hillary Clinton and Larry David as Sen. Bernie Sanders. Jon Rudnitsky played Anderson Cooper.
  3. THE SKETCH: When Ariana Grande hosted SNL in 2016, she played a Tidal intern who impersonated several famous singers to save the streaming service during a glitch. She started by singing a rendition of "...Baby One More Time" in her "best Britney Spears voice."
  4. THE CONTEXT: Earlier in her career, Jennifer Lawrence was praised for being "relatable" and seemingly "normal" compared to other celebrities. However, this "cool girl" persona later became something she was mocked for.
  5. THE CONTEXT: Big Cat Rescue owner Carole Baskin criticized Netflix's hit docuseries Tiger King, which she said was originally pitched to her as an exposé on the exploitation and abuse of big cats in zoos. On her sanctuary's website, she wrote, "There are not words for how disappointing it is to see that the docuseries not only does not do any of that, but has had the sole goal of being as salacious and sensational as possible to draw viewers."
  6. THE CONTEXT: David A. Paterson was governor of New York from 2008–2010. He is legally blind, and, according to the New York Times, he was "well-known for making light of his vision problems" while in office.
  7. THE SKETCH: Similarly, in a 2018 "Weekend Update" bit, Pete Davidson mocked Dan Crenshaw, a congressman-elect who wears an eyepatch, as one of the "really gross people running for office this year."
  8. THE SKETCH: A 2014 Fox and Friends parody mocked the way the show discussed climate change and Obamacare. Cosmos host Neil deGrasse Tyson, played by Kenan Thompson, appeared as a guest and tried to convince the hosts that climate change is real.
  9. THE SKETCH: During SNL's inaugural 1976 season, Gilda Radner did an exaggerated impression of Barbara Walters called "Barbara Wawa." She spoke in an Elmer Fudd–like voice.
  10. THE SKETCH: In a 2021 "Weekend Update," Bowen Yang and Kyle Mooney portrayed Pretend It's a City costars Fran Lebowitz and Martin Scorsese.
  11. THE SKETCH: In a series of 2009 Today parodies, Kristen Wiig donned a blonde wig to play host Kathie Lee Gifford. She portrayed her as ditzy and cringey.
  12. THE SKETCH: When Jennifer Lopez hosted SNL in 2019, Melissa Villaseñor pitched an idea for a sketch where she did her J.Lo impression. She told AV Club, "I was telling her, 'Oh, maybe I can imitate you in a sketch. You know, I could walk around your house and pretend I'm like J.Lo and be like, 'My favorite color's blue.'"
  13. THE SKETCH: During her tenure on SNL, Maya Rudolph played Donatella Versace as a recurring character.
  14. And finally, THE CONTEXT: Former SNL cast member Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly are good friends.
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2023.03.22 17:42 NomenIncognito [EU] [SELLING] Battle Royale, Freezing, FMA FE, Rave Master, Tenjo Tenge, etc.

Some new items and reduced prices and shipping.
Hi mangaswappers! I’m selling parts of my collection, both OOP series and some duplicate volumes. Not splitting any sets at the moment, prices can be negotiated when buying in bulk.
Shipping to EU countries now included in the price for sets. Might be slightly less or more depending on exact location. Prices do include Paypal G&S fee. Timestamp is provided in the pictures.
Series Pictures Condition Price Comments
Battle Royale 1-15 G3-G4 €270 certain volumes show sun damage and yellowing due to age
Btooom! 1-9 G4 €170 /
Btooom! 1-12 G3-G4 €250 earlier volumes show more yellowing
Freezing 1-26 G4-G5 €720 /
Fullmetal Alchemist FE 1-18 G4-G5 €300 slight damage on the spine of vol. 2
Gantz 1-12 G3-G4 €360 vol. 7 is slightly damaged on the spine
Kill la Kill 1-3 G4 €160 /
Knights of the Zodiac 11, 22-28 G3-G4 €200 vol 23 is ex-library
Magi 1-26 G4-G5 €340 read once
Monster 1-7 G4-G5 €150 /
Psyren 1-16 G4-G5 €340 /
Shaman King singles 3-9 G3-G4 €50 /
Shaman King omnis 1-9 G4-G5 €170 /
Summer time rendering 3-6 G5 €125 like new, never read
Tenjo Tenge 1-11 G3-4 €330 /
Toriko 6-7 G4 €25 /
Toriko 1-11, 15 G4 €220 /
Ultimo 1-4, 8 G4 €60 vol. 8 is missing the viz media logo on the spine, printing error?
Ultimo 1-9, 11 G4 €260 /
Yowamushi Pedal 5-6 G4 €130 /
Seven Deadly Sins Box Set 1-2 G4-G5 €80 never read
Single volumes
Series Pictures Condition Price Comments
Astro Boy 2, 3 G4 €15/piece /
Baccano! 7 G4-5 €35 never read
Black Clover 1, 2 G4 €6/piece /
Mashle 1 G4-G5 €6 never read
Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest 2, 3, 5 G4 €6/piece /
Rave Master 33/34/35 G4 €250 Ex-library copy, but in overall great condition
Solo Leveling 1-2 G4-G5 €10/piece read once
The Elusive Samurai 2 G4 €6 never read
Beastars 1-2 G4 €8/piece /
Pluto 7 G4 €8 /
Fruits Basket 1 G3 €8 /
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2023.03.22 17:42 deeptechsharing Green Velvet LALALAND Miami 2023 Chart

Genre: House, Dance / Electro Pop, Tech House, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Afro House, Melodic House & Techno Release Date: 2023-03-13
DOWNLOAD in 320kbps here:
Tracklist: 1. Green Velvet, Chris Lake – Deceiver (VIP) (Extended Mix) (6:28) 2. Floorplan – We Give Thee Honor (Extended Mix) (5:41) 3. Green Velvet, Mihalis Safras – DEEPFAKE (Original Mix) (5:13) 4. Cajmere, Dajaé, Marco Lys – Brighter Days (Marco Lys Remix) (6:22) 5. Prok & Fitch – Hip Slide (Original Mix) (5:27) 6. Dillon Marinez – Mamita (Original Mix) (6:30) 7. Franco (AR) – Back to the Old School (Original Mix) (4:34) 8. Catz ‘n Dogz – Shine (Original Mix) (6:32) 9. Green Velvet, Mr Joe – Wild West (Original Mix) (6:01) 10. Walker & Royce – Feel The Vibe (Original Mix) (5:18) 11. Robot Needs Oil – Coco the Cat (Junior Gee Remix) (6:52) 12. Paul Najera, Jr, Quijada – Trippy Games (Original Mix) (7:07) 13. Mr Joe – Ghost City (Original Mix) (6:09) 14. Franco Musachi, Constanza Pucheta – Abyss (Original Mix) (6:07) 15. Camea, Saskia Krause – Feel You (Will Clarke Remix) (5:52) 16. Prok & Fitch – Testimony (Original Mix) (6:41) 17. Shermanology – Souljack (Original Mix) (6:25) 18. Dom Dolla – San Frandisco (Walker & Royce Extended Remix) (6:23) 19. Westend, John Summit – Detonate (Original Mix) (5:36) 20. Green Velvet, Jaden Bojsen – La La Land (Jaden Bojsen Remix) (3:42)
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2023.03.22 17:42 SixStringSuperfly Edible Garden Reports 10% Revenue Growth for 2022

March 22, 2023
Edible Garden Reports 10% Revenue Growth for 2022
Achieves Third Consecutive Quarter of Year-Over-Year Revenue Growth
Reports Strong Execution and Projects Turning Cash Flow Positive in 2023
BELVIDERE, N.J., March 22, 2023 — Edible Garden AG Incorporated (“Edible Garden” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: EDBL, EDBLW), a leader in controlled environment agriculture (CEA), locally grown, organic and sustainable produce and products, today provided a business update and reported financial results for the three month and full year periods ended December 31, 2022.
Mr. Jim Kras, Chief Executive Officer of Edible Garden, commented, “We are pleased to report that for the third consecutive quarter, since last year’s IPO, we achieved year-over-year growth in top-line revenue. We believe we have prudently deployed our capital, which has resulted in continued momentum and growth of the Edible Garden brand.”
“During a point in time when many businesses are struggling, we continue to expand our market penetration, perform consistently, and have kept our pricing relatively stable during a period of rapid inflation. Moreover, we expect to see an increase in margins once our Heartland Midwest facility is fully operational. Based on our current trajectory, we believe Edible Garden will turn cash flow positive later this year.”
“The Company continues to build out our nationwide distribution network by adding retail partners across the Northeast, Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeastern regions of the country. Additionally, we are diversifying our product offerings to include what we expect will be higher-margin products and new product categories. Furthermore, Edible Garden’s Zero-Waste Inspired® mission continues to resonate well with environmentally conscious consumers, as well as our retail distribution partners, resulting in a growing demand for our products.”
“Our achievements in the fourth quarter included the introduction of three new salad kits featuring locally grown, sustainable, cut lettuce, along with all the ingredients required to make a complete salad. Additionally, we acquired the Pulp® line of all-natural, Non-GMO, preservative-free, sustainable gourmet sauces and chili-based products, which will be available at Whole Foods Market’s Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern retail locations in the summer of 2023. These fermented sauces are located in the refrigerated section of the supermarket, typically adjacent to the produce section, allowing us to leverage Edible Garden’s growing brand recognition within this new category of products. This is an important step forward for the Edible Garden brand, allowing us to offer what we believe will be higher-margin products, with an extended shelf life. It also provides us with the opportunity for a further expansion of our distribution network with the addition of Whole Foods Market. Moreover, we added Morton Williams Supermarkets to our robust distribution network in the Northeast, which has begun carrying Edible Garden’s produce and products in all of their locations in the New York Metropolitan area. In addition, we deepened our penetration with Gristedes and D’Agostino supermarkets, and significantly expanded our product placement within their combined locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Westchester.”
“Importantly, we are committed to leveraging the latest technologies to advance our strategy of increasing yields and maximizing the nutritional value of locally grown produce. The Company recently entered into a research partnership with the New Jersey Institute of Technology, the USDA, and the EPA, studying the impacts of nanobubble technology in a CEA environment. This EPA-funded partnership has the potential to revolutionize the industry, providing more nutritious plants with longer shelf lives, which could greatly benefit Edible Garden’s entire product line.”
Financial results for the three months ended December 31, 2022
For the fourth quarter ended December 31, 2022, revenue totaled $3.1 million, an increase of 9.9%, compared to $2.8 million for the three months ended December 31, 2021. The increase was driven by increased demand from the existing customer base.
Cost of goods sold was $3.0 million for the three months ended December 31, 2022, compared to $2.8 million for the three months ended December 31, 2021. The increase was the result of higher packaging costs due to inflation, higher labor costs due to the tight labor market, and increases in rates charged by contract farmers.
Selling, general and administrative expenses were $3.1 million for the three months ended December 31, 2022, compared to $1.7 million for the three months ended December 31, 2021. The increase was primarily driven by higher payroll and compensation expense, as well as other public company expenses that were not incurred in 2021.
Net loss was $3.0 million, or ($9.13) per share, for the three months ended December 31, 2022, compared to a net loss of $2.0 million, or ($12.76) per share, for the three months ended December 31, 2021.
Financial results for the year ended December 31, 2022
For the year ended December 31, 2022, revenue totaled $11.6 million, an increase of 9.9%, compared to $10.5 million for the year ended December 31, 2021. The increase was driven by higher demand from the existing customer base.
Cost of goods sold was $11.2 million for the year ended December 31, 2022, compared to $9.9 million for the year ended December 31, 2021. The increase was the result of higher packaging costs due to inflation, higher labor costs due to the tight labor market, and higher costs charged by contract farmers.
Selling, general and administrative expenses were $9.4 million for the year ended December 31, 2022, compared to $5.6 million for the year ended December 31, 2021. The increase was primarily driven by higher payroll and compensation expense, which included one-time expenses related to the completion of the Company’s IPO, as well as other public company expenses that were not incurred in 2021.
Net loss was $12.5 million, or ($48.68) per share, for the year ended December 31, 2022, compared to a net loss of $5.5 million, or ($39.28) per share, for the year ended December 31, 2021. Per share amounts have been adjusted to reflect all stock splits.
The complete financial results for the year ended December 31, 2022, are available in the Company’s Annual Report on Form 10-K, which will be filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission and available at:
Conference Call
Edible Garden will host a conference call today at 11:00 A.M. Eastern Time to discuss the Company’s financial results for the fourth quarter and year ended December 31, 2022, as well as the Company’s corporate progress and other developments.
The conference call will be available via telephone by dialing toll-free 888-506-0062 for U.S. callers or +1 973-528-0011 for international callers and using entry code: 396260. A webcast of the call may be accessed at or on the investor relations section of the Company’s website at
A webcast replay will also be available on the Company’s Investors section of the website at through March 22, 2024. A telephone replay of the call will be available approximately one hour following the call, through Wednesday, April 5, 2023, and can be accessed by dialing 877-481-4010 for U.S. callers or +1 919-882-2331 for international callers and entering conference ID: 47876.
Edible Garden AG Incorporated is a leader in locally grown organic leafy greens and herbs backed by Zero-Waste Inspired® next-generation farming. Offered at over 4,000 stores in the US, Edible Garden is disrupting the CEA and sustainability technology movement with its safety-in-farming protocols, use of sustainable packaging, patented GreenThumb software, and self-watering in-store displays. The Company currently operates its own state-of-the-art greenhouses and processing facilities in Belvidere, New Jersey, and Grand Rapids, Michigan, and has a network of contract growers, all strategically located near major markets in the U.S. Its proprietary GreenThumb software optimizes growing in vertical and traditional greenhouses while seeking to reduce pollution-generating food miles. Edible Garden is also a developer of ingredients and proteins, providing an accessible line of plant and whey protein powders under the Vitamin Way® and Vitamin Whey® brands. In addition, the Company offers a line of sustainable food flavoring products such as Pulp gourmet sauces and chili-based products. For more information on Edible Garden go to
Forward-Looking Statements This press release contains forward-looking statements, including with respect to the Company’s ability to improve its financial results, the Company’s growth strategies, the Company’s ability to integrate acquisitions, including by expanding into new product lines, and its performance as a public company. The words “believe,” “could,” “expect,” “objective,” “opportunity,” “potential,” “project,” “seek,” “strategy,” “will,” and similar expressions are intended to identify forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements are subject to a number of risks, uncertainties, and assumptions, including market and other conditions and the Company’s ability to achieve its growth objectives. The Company undertakes no obligation to update any such forward-looking statements after the date hereof to conform to actual results or changes in expectations, except as required by law.
Investor Contacts: Crescendo Communications, LLC 212-671-1020 [email protected]
(tables follow)
December 31, December 31, 2022 2021 ASSETS Current assets: Cash $ 110 $ 31 Accounts receivable, net 1,105 767 Inventory, net 586 360 Prepaid expenses and other current assets 62 33 Total current assets 1,863 1,191 Property, equipment and leasehold improvements, net 4,891 2,573 Intangible assets, net 50 – Other assets 161 226 TOTAL ASSETS $ 6,965 $ 3,990 LIABILITIES AND STOCKHOLDERS’ DEFICIT LIABILITIES: Current liabilities: Accounts payable and other accrued expenses $ 2,787 $ 2,880 Short-term debt 2,042 4,209 Total current liabilities 4,829 7,089 Long-term liabilities: Long-term debt, net of discounts 4,282 3,882 Long-term lease liabilities 34 126 Total long-term liabilities 4,316 4,008 Total liabilities 9,145 11,097 COMMITMENTS AND CONTINGENCIES STOCKHOLDERS’ DEFICIT: Common stock ($0.0001 par value, 6,666,667 shares authorized; 356,587 and 166,667 shares outstanding as of December 31, 2022 and 2021, respectively (1)) 1 1 Series A Convertible Preferred stock ($0.0001 par value, 10,000,000 shares authorized; nil shares outstanding as of December 31, 2022 and 2021, respectively) – – Additional paid-in capital 17,891 511 Accumulated deficit (20,072 ) (7,619 ) Total stockholders’ deficit (2,180 ) (7,107 ) TOTAL LIABILITIES AND STOCKHOLDERS’ DEFICIT $ 6,965 $ 3,990 EDIBLE GARDEN AG INCORPORATED CONSOLIDATED STATEMENTS OF OPERATIONS (in thousands, except share and per-share information)
Years Ended December 31, 2022 2021 Revenue $ 11,552 $ 10,507 Cost of goods sold 11,188 9,859 Gross profit 364 648 Selling, general and administrative expenses 9,368 5,611 Loss from operations (9,004 ) (4,963 ) Other income / (expense) Interest expense, net (2,033 ) (617 ) Gain (Loss) from extinguishment of debt (826 ) 42 Other income / (loss) (590 ) – Total other income / (expense) (3,449 ) (575 ) NET LOSS $ (12,453 ) $ (5,538 ) Net Income / (Loss) per common share – basic and diluted $ (48.68 ) $ (39.28 ) Weighted-Average Number of Common Shares Outstanding – Basic and Diluted 255,776 141,005
Primary Logo
283 County Road 519Belvidere, NJ 07823
(844) 344-3727
Company Email: [email protected]
Investor Email: [email protected]
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2023.03.22 17:38 newcv Memphis is slated to complete its first BRT line in 2027, thoughts on the plan?

Memphis is starting construction on its first BRT line and I was curious what outsiders think about the viability of the plan. As a local, any investment in public transportation is exciting, but I wanted yall's opinion on whether I should get my hopes up that this will actually help catalyze dense development and less car dependency?
For context, the stops it's hitting include (E-W): 1& 2.) University of Memphis area 3.) a large public high school 4.) the Memphis Central Library 5.) a strode-parkway intersection (though it is within 15 minute walking distance of several trip generators, including Christian Brothers University, Brooks Art Museum, Memphis Zoo, and big old urban park, and a 30 minute walk/10 minute bike from the college football stadium, so idk?) 6.) Our cluster of local theaters, and Overton Square, a bar nightlife area, is an 8 minute walk. 7.) Strode intersection consisting of a Walgreen's and mid-rise housing 8.) Hospital, mid-rise housing, 10 minute walk from the Southern College of Optometry 9.) University of Tennessee's Medical School/Medical industry cluster 10.) Sun Studios/mid-rise housing 11.) Minor League Ball Park/5 minute walk to Beale St.
And then the downtown loop, which includes hotels, 5 minute walk to our downtown basketball arena, several hotels, walking distance to our Bass Pro Shops Pyramid (lol), the central bus system terminal, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, University of Memphis' Law School, Autozone's Headquarters, other downtown type shit.
They plan to operate at 15 minute frequency, with 10 minute peak frequency. I think it has dedicated bus lanes MOST (ugh) of the way, but not all, and the main two corridors it travels on the way downtown are strodes in the process of being reformed, but still very much strodes.
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2023.03.22 17:37 druhasareddit Elimination Record Update: The Challenge World Championship Episode 4

Hello! I'm back with a new elimination record update from this current season/spinoff of The Challenge! A reminder, each one will have some facts added beneath the updated stats. This WILL include the Armageddon's from Final Reckoning, and all spinoffs, besides Champs vs. Stars/Pros (as that involved charity and challengers could leave and come back from the living quarters as they please). Spoiler warning if you haven't watched their other seasons!!
Episode 4: Jodi/Benja (ARG) vs. Nia/Rodrigo (ARG) in Oiled Up
WIN: Jodi (2-2) & Benja (1-1)
LOSS: Nia (4-2) & Rodrigo (1-1)
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2023.03.22 17:36 WorkingProfession820 Realtor 6 month contract

Hello! My wife and I have been looking for a house and working with a realtor and their recommended LO for a few months now and have placed 3 offers which we have gotten out bid on now.
I am beginning to feel that our realtor isn’t representing us well and would like to switch-but we signed a 6 month contract with this particular realtor. Is this legally binding? I will have a lawyer review it but wondering if anyone has been in a similar position?
We feel our relationship isn’t what it should be, the realtor is speaking with listing agents about properties without sending us the property first to confirm our interest, not being aggressive enough (we are in a hot market) and talking us out of offering higherefusing to offer higher on houses we wanted even when we voice this is the house we want to go all in for (hence why we lost out), pushing locations/houses we aren’t interested in. I feel we need a more seasoned realtor who will be knowledgeable and on our side. Am I being unreasonable?
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2023.03.22 17:36 SonLuffy Pokémon Adventures Anime Season 11

The original plan was to give the Platinum and HGSS arcs 16 episodes and fill it to two seasons with the Ranger spinoffs. I couldn’t get any ideas to expand those storylines or make an original script for the protagonists of the third game. I had to make the pacing of Platinum a bit faster and I could no longer fit Platina’s Battle Tower challenge onscreen. HGSS is a very compact arc with little opportunities to slow down and I removed an episode of the Red/Pikachu special.
Episode 251:
Looker investigates the Battleground and he meets up with Platina on a mission (417, 15)
The Battle Frontier opens up and Platina decides to challenge the Battle Castle (418, 18)
Episode 252:
Platina has trouble with the rules of the castle and she reaches the Frontier Brain (419, 16)
Platina fights against Darach and she is able to defeat him with a clever strategy (420, 15)
Episode 253:
Buck tells the duo info about Stark Mountain and Platina enters the Battle Arcade (421, 16)
Platina advances quickly in the Battle Arcade and Buck reaches Stark Mountain (422, 14)
Episode 254:
Dia and Pearl meet up with the Elite 4 and they receive a special assignment (423, 18)
Platina must fight her own Pokémon and Buck and Looker fight Team Galactic (424, 16)
Episode 255:
Platina defeats her own Pokémon against Dahlia and Charon catches Heatran (425, 16)
Platina learns about the Distortion World and she goes into the Battle Factory (426, 16)
Episode 256:
Platina fights more in the Battle Factory and the brains investigate a problem (427, 17)
Platina battles Thorton and she is able to defeat him in a duel of knowledge (428, 19)
Episode 257:
Dia and Pearl find Rotom and it goes in a room in the Eterna Galactic Building (430, 17)
Rotom keeps on transforming in its forms and Dia manages to befriend it (430, 16)
Episode 258:
Platina battles through the Battle Hall and she defeats Argenta one on one (429, 18)
The bodyguards discuss Giratina and Charon attacks Dia and Pearl in Eterna (429+431, 2+15)
Episode 259:
Dia’s Regigigas fights with Charon’s Heatran and Thorton fixed the machine (432, 16)
Palmer leaves with Platina and others and Dia takes an attack from Giratina (433+434, 12+5)
Episode 260:
Pearl lets Charon flee as Marley finds Shaymin and Platina questions Palmer (434+435, 9+8)
Platina’s group enters the Distortion World and she finds her bodyguards (435+436, 7+9)
Episode 261:
Marley, Cheryl and Mira fight the Galactic commanders and Dia sees Cyrus (436+437, 8+9)
Dia and Cyrus free Dialga and Palkia while Pearl and Palmer fight Darkrai (437+8, 2+14)
Episode 262:
The trio gets their Pokédexes back and the legendary Pokémon start to fight (438+439, 4+14)
Platina beats Charon, Shaymin transforms to help and Cynthia beats Giratina (440, 16)
Episode 263:
Charon fails in his last resort and Cyrus disbands Team Galactic before leaving (441, 18)
Looker leaves after giving Dia an egg and Platina wants to see some comedy (441+442, 14+5)
Mid-season break
Episode 264:
Gold participates in the Pokéathlon and he wins the events as he learns rules (442, 18)
Gold continues to win other events and he competes against the big star Jet (442, 18)
Episode 265:
Gold uses a trick to win against Bruno and he reveals that he will meet Lance (443+444, 13+6)
Gold defeats the wounded Dragonite and he finds out that Lance is in trouble (444, 18)
Episode 266:
Silver looks for Lance as Clair finds him and they are attacked by many Koffing (445, 17)
Silver finds a strange plate and he gets dragged in the new Safari Zone game (445+446, 3+12)
Episode 267:
Silver is attacked by Petrel who fights dirty and he wonders about his plates (446+447, 12+6)
Petrel escapes as Silver explains to Eusine and Crystal arrives with her mom (447, 18)
Episode 268:
Crystal decides to travel with Silver and Gold meets up with the Kimono Girls (448, 16)
Gold asks Morty to find Lance and Silver and Crystal are cornered by Ariana (448, 16)
Episode 269:
Silver leaves Ariana to Crystal and he is attacked by Falkner, Bugsy en Chuck (449, 18)
Silver sees Gold again and Crystal loses to Ariana as she is surprised by Arceus (449+450, 5+12)
Episode 270:
Crystal fails to catch Arceus and the admins let her chase as it attacks the gym (451, 16)
Gold decides to follow Arceus and Morty gives Silver the location of the plates (451+452, 7+10)
Episode 271:
Gold finds Lance and he tries to fight Arceus in the Ruins Of Alph inside its shield (453, 17)
Silver finds a hurt Crystal and Arceus teleports them, Gold and the admins away (453+454, 5+12)
Episode 272:
The admins contains Arceus on a stage and Silver is forced to give up the plates (454+455, 8+9)
Archer forces Arceus to create a new Dialga, Palkia and Giratina for Giovanni (455+456, 12+5)
Episode 273:
The trio fails to defeat the dragons and Giovanni appears with Lance and Pryce (456, 17)
Giovanni, Lance and Pryce fight the dragons and they explain what will happen (457, 15)
Episode 274:
Everybody wants to lure the dragons outside, but Gold attempts to calm Arceus (458+459, 14+4)
Gold refuses to let his Togepi fight and he sees he never opened his heart to it (459, 16)
Episode 275:
Togepi is able to calm Arceus down and Celebi gives Giovanni his medicine (460, 14)
Gold says farewell to Arceus and they discuss the director's newest TV show (460, 15)
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2023.03.22 17:35 AutoLovepon Technoroid Overmind - Episode 11 discussion

Technoroid Overmind, episode 11

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2023.03.22 17:34 TyTyLetta My roommate uses her anxiety as an excuse and I’m at my wits end…

Sorry for the long post but I need to vent. I (32F) have a roommate (24F) that I moved in with 6 months ago.
A little backstory, this is her first time being in an actual apartment, with only one roommate. She had two other living situation prior to moving in with me where she was subletting houses with like six other people that all went about doing their own thing, and nobody really had to take care of household chores, because the owner of the house did it for them. It was part of their rent. So she was used to basically being taken care of in the sense of clean.
Everything started out fine when we moved in together, until winter hit in full force and her “seasonal depression” came. Please don’t misunderstand, I have full comprehension of what seasonal depression can do to a person, having experienced it myself, but this girl just completely weaponized it to her advantage. Her turn to take the trash out? “I can’t I’m just so overwhelmed”. Her turn to load/unload this dishwasher? “Oh I had so much anxiety today I just went to bed”. In the beginning I sympathized because I too suffer from high anxiety and am medicating thanks to a very understanding doctotherapist. But it’s every. Single. Day…. At the time of our move-in, we sat down and established boundaries. I have tried to be as accommodating to hers as possible. She, on the other hand, has done nothing but disrespect mine almost daily. Example Turn off lights and electronics when you’re not using them or leave so that we can keep the electric bill down. I come home to an empty apartment all the time with every damn light in the house on and the TV in the living room and in her room on. And the heat is set to 78 because she was chilly before she left. One of my hard boundaries was that I do not want her boyfriend over more than three times a week, or for consecutive nights in a row for personal past trauma reasons I won’t go into detail here on the internet with strangers. for the first month, she was respectful of this boundary. And then she began to just basically tell me to go fly a kite, and started having him over almost nightly. We have been round and round, and when I bring it up to reinforce my boundaries she immediately plays the victim, has an “anxiety meltdown“ and then says I’m the bad guy, claiming that I am “gatekeeping her relationship” and trying to “control her” when she has 50% share of the apartment. Which is technically not true, because I do pay more towards the rent/utilities, and, being the more experienced renter, was the one that initially set up all of the utilities. She constantly says, I’m trying to act like her mother, and nag her to do stuff. Which the stuff I ask her to do, is stuff that she should (as an adult) be doing herself without anybody having to ask. My theory is if she doesn’t want me to “act like her mother and nag her“ she needs to quit acting like a spoiled brat, and start taking more responsibility and be accountable for her actions instead of blaming her anxiety for them. Now there are a lot more details to the story of why I’m so frustrated than I will add for privacy reasons that cause me to feel this way. We have had several chats and heart to heart conversations about our boundaries and continuous negotiations. All of which I try to accommodate, but she always goes back on them a week or two later. Then turns around and plays the victim when I called her out on it. Saying that her anxiety caused her to forget what we had discussed, and that I am “bullying” her by reminding her of these discussions. I am at the point where I no longer sympathize with her anxiety because she is using it as a weapon to walk all over me. And I am done. There are two sides to me, the sympathetic and empathetic side. And the bitch side. She is quickly unlocking the bitch side of me. I only have about six more months with her, and I will not be renewing my lease with her, but I just had to vent on here before I hurt her widdle feewings with a cruel dose of reality that she needs to grow up and take some responsibility for her actions and quit blaming it on her anxiety and depression. But overall, am I just overreacting and being too sensitive?
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2023.03.22 17:23 Chibi_yuna Streak 439 - Die 3 Winter von Berlin

Streak 439 - Die 3 Winter von Berlin
Ist es wahr? Ist der Frühling wirklich da? Die Sonne scheint nicht den ganzen Tag, aber die Temperatur ist ziemlich hoch. Könnte es sein, dass der Winter endlich vorbei ist? Es gibt ein lustiges Meme über die drei Winter in Berlin, und ich denke, es ist sehr wahr. Wenn ich das Meme lese, frage ich mich, ob dies der 3. Winter oder der eigentliche Frühling ist. So oder so bin ich glücklich, denn ich kann weniger Kleidung tragen und mein Hund kann länger draußen bleiben.
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2023.03.22 17:21 livelifereal IPL 2023 Season Preview Part 2: Chennai Super Kings

IPL 2023 Season Preview Part 2: Chennai Super Kings
This 10-part series strives to be cricket's build-up to IPL 2023. The idea is to provide meticulous, team-wise previews that include every essential detail a fan needs to have.
Delhi CapitalsChennai Super KingsMumbai IndiansSunrisers HyderabadRoyal Challengers BangalorePunjab KingsRajasthan RoyalsLucknow Super GiantsKolkata Knight RidersGujarat Titans - (These links will be updated as every subsequent part is published)

Chennai Super Kings

Owners: Chennai Super Kings Ltd.
Home Ground: M. A. Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai
Captain : MS Dhoni
Coaching Staff: (only major names)

Name Role
Stephen Fleming Head Coach
Michael Hussey Batting Coach
Dwayne Bravo Bowling Coach
Eric Simmons Bowling Consultant
Rajiv Kumar Fielding Coach

Recap of 2022

Finishing Position: 9th
Played: 14, Won: 4, Lost: 10
CSK's 2022 season was a hot mess. There were injuries galore. Key players like Deepak Chahar, Dwayne Bravo, Chris Jordan and Ravindra Jadeja went missing in action. And to top it all off there was a captaincy conundrum with Jadeja starting the season as skipper and MSD returning back mid-way. When they lost, they often lost big. They managed to avoid the wooden spot only because MI had an even worse season.

Top Run Getter Ruturaj Gaikwad 368 runs
Top Wicket Taker Dwayne Bravo 16 wickets

Preface to 2023

  • Talk of the Town
In the vocabularies of most CSK fans "Chennai Super Kings" and "Mahendra Singh Dhoni" are exact synonyms. Therefore, amidst the apprehensions that this could be his last season as a player, they'd want a triumphant and iridescent farewell for their Thala. And if, unlike Shane Watson's conjectures, this does happen to be Dhoni's swansong, how and to whom is the baton of leadership passed will be another thing to keep an eye on. This is one of the many reasons why Chennai fans are excited about Ben Stokes.
CSK fans are unapologetically proud of the consistent record their team has. Only twice - 2020 and 2022 - have CSK failed to qualify for the playoffs. The last time it happened, the team bounced back and won the trophy in the season that followed. So, just like how parallels are drawn to 1992 and 2009 every time Pakistan plays in a World Cup, don't be surprised if CSK fans passionately keep bringing up 2021 this time around.

  • Jersey/Kit for the season
If CSK was a person, they'd be the routineer who goes to the same restaurant every weekend, sits on the same table and orders the same dish every particular time. While other teams tend to launch a new jersey every season, CSK wore the same outfit from 2008 to 2020. They made a first subtle change in 2021 and have made another subtle change now. (See the parallels to 2021 have started already!)

If you look closely, you'd see the subtle pattern in the base of the shirt Ambati Rayudu is wearing

Ruturaj Gaikwad, MS Dhoni, Shivam Dube and Deepak Chahar sporting the new jersey during an ad-shoot

CSK players Ajay Mandal, Bhagath Verma and Subhranshu Senapati. wearing th 2023 jersey

  • Fixtures for the season:-
Chennai Super Kings will play the opening match of the season on Friday, March 31st against defending champions Gujarat Titans at Ahmedabad. The teams they play twice are MI, RR, DC, KKR and LSG. Their only games against PBKS and SRH would be in Chennai, while the ones against GT and RCB would be away fixtures.

CSK's fixtures for the 2023 season

  • Expected Home Ground Conditions:-
    The M.A. Chidambaram stadium has historically been a spinner's sanctum. The ideal strategy here has always been to bat first, score big and then allow your spinners to choke the opposition. This modus operandi gets further more bankable in day games as the afternoon heat in Chennai is usually scorching and takes a bit out of the team fielding first. CSK host SRH and PBKS for day games this season.
It's not a particularly high scoring ground (with the odd exception). The average T20I score in the 1st innings here is 159, whilst that in 2nd innings drops to 119. Of the 20 innings played here in IPL 2021, the score of 160 was breached only thrice.

Team for IPL 2023

  • Updates regarding injuries/unavailabilities

Player Likely Period of Absence Reason Replacements Announced
Ben Stokes Partial Expected to leave early to prepare for Test matches; also nursing a recurring knee injury None
Kyle Jamieson Full Season Lower Back Stress Fracture Sisanda Magala
Maheesh Theekshana At least first 3 matches Selected for ODI+T20I squad vs NZ. Might miss more matches if selected for T20Is vs Ire None
Simarjeet Singh No Update Recovering from a heel injury None
Matheesha Pathirana At least first 3 matches Selected for ODI+T20I squad vs NZ. Might miss more matches if selected for T20Is vs Ire None
Note: Replacements can only be announced for players who will be missing the entire season.

  • Updated Squad
MS Dhoni (captain), Ben Stokes✈️, Ravindra Jadeja, Deepak Chahar, Moeen Ali✈️, Ajinkya Rahane, Devon Conway✈️, Ruturaj Gaikwad, Ambati Rayudu, Kyle Jamieson✈️ Sisanda Magala✈️, Nishant Sindhu, Shaik Rasheed, Subhranshu Senapati, Shivam Dube, Rajvardhan Hangargekar, Dwaine Pretorius✈️, Mitchell Santner✈️, Tushar Deshpande, Mukesh Chowdhary, Matheesha Pathirana✈️, Simarjeet Singh, Maheesh Theekshana✈️, Bhagath Varma, Ajay Mandal, Prashant Solanki, .

Likely First Choice XI: 1. Ruturaj Gaikwad 2. Devon Conway✈️ 3. Moeen Ali✈️ 4. Ben Stokes✈️ 5. Ambati Rayudu/Shivam Dube 6. Ravindra Jadeja 7. MS Dhoni (c & wk) 8. Dwaine Pretorius✈️/Maheesh Theekashana✈️/Mitchell Santner✈️ 9. Rajvardhan Hangrekar 10. Deepak Chahar 11. Mukesh Chowdhary/Simarjeet Singh IP Options: Tushar Deshpande, Subhranshu Senapati, Ajay Mandal (Note: Impact player cannot be an overseas player if there are already 4 overseas players in the playing XI)

  • Major Strengths
(i) Depth in both departments: The presence of high quality allrounders gives CSK immense depth in both batting and bowling. Jadeja, Stokes and Moeen are three genuine bowling options who'd make the top 6 primarily on their batting skills. Whereas, their prime bowling options like Chahar, Pretorius and Santner are handy lower order batters. Sprinkle a little bit of Dube and Hangrekar and suddenly you have an XI with 8 bowling options and batting till number 9 or 10.
(ii) Flexibility: While Devon Conway has impressed one and all as an opener, he has even better numbers batting at 3 and 4 in T20Is (including a famous 99\ vs Australia).* Ben Stokes, who was a designated middle order batter for the WC winning England team, has an IPL hundred as an opener. Ambati Rayudu has been an opener as well as a finisher in the IPL. Pretorius, Moeen, Dube and Santner can virtually bat at any number. Having depth is one thing and flexibility is another. CSK has envious resources in both the aspects.
(iii) Leadership and Experience: By now, the importance of good captaincy in tournaments like the IPL is well appreciated. MS Dhoni's prowess in this regard is renowned enough. In fact, his performance as a skipper seem to enhance in his favourite kind of conditions: the exact kind that are expected at CSK's home ground. Moreover, even other than Dhoni, the team has wealth of experience to rely upon. Jadeja, Rayudu, Rahane and Moeen alone have a combined 1000+ T20s under their belt.

  • Weaknesses
(i) Death Bowling options: CSK would no more have the services of their talisman death bowler-Dwayne Bravo - in the middle. Whilst Pretorius is a bowler in the same mould, he hasn't done enough yet to be compared to the T20 legend. Similarly, young slinger Pathirana is fairly inexperienced. Stokes' recurring knee injury and the upcoming big summer of Test cricket might push him to be fussy about how much he bowls. Other seam bowling options - Chahar, Simarjeet, Chowdhary - are the ones that Dhoni invariably likes to utilise almost entirely in the powerplay. Hence they might struggle a bit to find designated players for the job of death bowling.
(ii) Rustiness among the bowlers: Pathirana and Theekshana will be missing the first 3 matches due to national duties. If they are picked for the T20s against Ireland and not given NOCs, they could miss three more matches. Deepak Chahar will be returning from a break due to injury, whereas Simarjeet Singh and Mukesh Chowdhary haven't played any competitive cricket since December 2022. Therefore "rustiness" could be a factor.

Game Plan: Possible Punts

  • Heir Apparent
Despite the mid-tournament u-turn last year, the mere fact that they named Jadeja as the skipper to begin with shows that they're looking for a successor. So even if Dhoni leads them through the entirety of the 2023 season, there might be subtle signs of succession that the fans would want to watch out for. Whether the reigns are officially passed on or not, certain nuanced moments could indicate who would lead CSK after MSD's retirement. While Stokes is a fan favourite, Chinna Thala Raina believes in Ruturaj Gaikwad. Ajinkya Rahane and Deepak Chahar could be outside contenders.

  • Role Clarity
The downside of having a first XI as flexible as CSK's is that multiple people can don multiple hats in different situations leading to obscurity in roles for some players. There have been the odd case where Dhoni stuck with a player in a particular role for too long yielding counterproductive results. However, his judgement has largely been astute. Once again he'd be expected to define clearcut roles for each individual. Bowling order for different situations being be the priority.

  • Local Players and their Impacttm
The biggest criticism CSK faced in their poor years was the misutilization of local talent. Many believed that players like Gaikwad, Jagdeeshan, Hangrekar, Sai Kishore and Senapati weren't given ample opportunities even after CSK were out of the qualifying race. IPL teams with successful seasons have usually got their local players to punch above their weight. CSK will know it themselves. Their handling of Ashwin, Jataki, Badrinath and Vijay in their early years is an example. Similarly MI getting the best out of Bumrah, Krunal, Rahul Chahar, Kishan, Surya etc. before they were superstars bore them glory. Hence, it would be interesting to see how CSK uses the likes of Mandal, Hangrekar, Deshpande and others. Remember, if the team is playing 4 overseas players already, the Impact Playertm has to be an Indian player.

Share this with CSK fans and feel free to express your thoughts in the comments. Stay tuned for Part 3: Mumbai Indians.

Delhi CapitalsChennai Super KingsMumbai IndiansSunrisers HyderabadRoyal Challengers BangalorePunjab KingsRajasthan RoyalsLucknow Super GiantsKolkata Knight RidersGujarat Titans - (These links will be updated as every subsequent part is published)
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2023.03.22 17:12 Theclaaw Countdown to Kickoff 2023: Portland Thorns FC

Countdown to Kickoff 2023: Portland Thorns FC

🌹🌹🌹 LET'S GET THORNY!! 🌹🌹🌹
You can check out the the original post with links to all other write ups for this year here.
Head Coach: Mike Norris
Formerly an assistant coach for the Thorns, Mike Norris took over the team in January of this year following the resignation of last year’s head coach, Rhian Wilkinson who stepped down after only one season. Her resignation came after a joint investigation by the NWSL & NWSLPA regarding a relationship developing with a current player on the team. While the investigation found Wilkinson did not violate league policies, Wilkinson left the team after player urging, regarding the broken trust between the players and Wilkinson, the legitimacy of the reporting/investigation process of the team/league, and potential retaliation amongst other issues.
Norris joined PTFC in 2022 as an assistant head coach under Wilkinson. Most recently, Norris was the goalkeepers coach for the current Olympic champions, the Canadian Women’s National Team, but Norris’s assistant coaching background in women’s soccer is extensive. After starting his coaching career in youth soccer, he quickly moved up through Canadian youth’s national system up to the senior team over the span of 8 years. Most importantly, Norris was hired with the backing of the current players. Expectations are high for Norris. The Thorns are coming off their third championship season with sights set on a repeat performance.
Technical Director: Karina LeBlanc - General Manager
Karina LeBlanc took over the role of General Manager in November of 2021 following a 3 year stint as CONCACAF’s Head of Women’s Soccer. The newly dedicated role in the Thorns' organization came after a separation between the Thorns management from their brother club Portland Timbers FC stemming from the fall out of the 2021 abuse scandal of the league. LeBlanc, a Canadian national team Hall of Famer, was immediately thrown into the mix, managing to make a splash with her first two trades within her first month, securing a substantial amount of allocation money and expansion draft protection. Unfortunately, LeBlanc stumbled a bit in her first NWSL draft, using her first pick on a player that was never signed by the club (due to transphobic/anti-LGBTQ+ social media posts). In just over a year, LeBlanc appears to be a breath of fresh air in the recent tumultuous years of the club. Just like head coach Mike Norris, there are high expectations for LeBlanc (honestly though, not protecting a known abuser would instantly shoot LeBlanc up to the best GM in Thorns history).
Captain: Chrstine Sinclair
Synonymous with Portland women’s soccer and needing no introduction, the Canadian GOAT Christine Sinclair has been the Thorn’s captain since the start of the league in 2013. While several players have worn the armband in Sinc’s absence, the captaincy is Sinc’s and truly Sinc’s alone.
Stadium: Providence Park, Soccer City, USA
Arguably one of the most iconic professional soccer stadiums in the US, Providence Park has played host to the Thorns since they joined the league in 2013. Located in the Goose Hollow neighborhood in Southwest Portland, the recently renovated stadium is home to both PTFC teams and can host over 25,000 fans.
Ownership: To Be Determined
I am not going to waste time talking about the Thorns' current owner; in no way does he deserve any more publicity and in mine, and I’m sure many others’ opinion, should not be allowed to own a club in the league. Thankfully, in December of 2022, it was announced the Thorns would be up for sale. While this could potentially hinder both the Thorns & Timbers’ mantra of “Two Teams, One Club”, the future is bright for the Thorns. Right after the announcement of the sale, it was reported that an all-women investment group led by Nike executive Melanie Strong was looking to submit a bid with a valuation of $60 million.
Mascot: N/A
While there is no mascot for the club, the prominence of roses can be seen throughout the club, including on merch, within the supporters section, and even awarded to players after home matches.
Kits: We’ve Got Some Mixed Opinions
The Thorns have had some really great kits in past years. However, the kits unveiled in 2022 really missed the mark. One comment pointed out that the 2022 kits looked as if someone took the 2021 kits and remade them in MS Paint. Switching to black kits the previous year, Portland’s primary kits kept with the theme of a black base with the inclusion of red vines/thorns. A nice little easter egg, the acronym dear to the PTFC supporters, BAON, is included within the neck tag (a feature added to the kits starting in 2020).
The secondary kits didn’t fare much better. The club kept with the primary colors of white and red, but other than that, not much else can be said about them.
2023 brings about a fun new kit for our Ed Hardy fans out there (at least we can say they didn’t play it safe???). The Thorns wanted to go bold and that they did. With an updated logo on the shorts, they definitely stand out.
Supporters Groups: The Rose City Riveters
Housed in the North End of Providence Park, the Rose City Riveters are a wild bunch of supporters. You can check out their Instagram or Twitter. The group provides plenty of volunteer opportunities, charity drives, and are never shy in supporting what they believe in. The Riveters are loud and proud (NSFW - language), creating one of the best sporting environments in the league. Very biased, but they also create some of the best TIFOs and banners; since I love a good TIFO/banner, here are few of my recent favorites:
Subreddit: /Thorns
The Thorns subreddit is probably above average in activity compared to other clubs. You’ll get the biggest news, fun social media posts, and the occasional hyped upvote party (we like excitement). Drop by to show your support!
News and Commentary: Stumptown Footy & Riveting!
Stumptown Footy & Riveting! are the two publications that you will constantly find Thorns-centric coverage & commentary. While STF is currently going through the SB Nation cuts of all soccer coverage, they still plan on continuing coverage of soccer in Portland. Both are great for not just coverage, but opinions on the Thorns & the league.
Key Twitter Follows for Team Insights:
Thorns FC
Ryan Clarke - Beat writer for The Oregonian
Paul Danzer - Sports writer for The Portland Tribune
Stumptown Footy
Phuoc "Francis" Nguyen
Rose City Review
Mike Donovan
Chris Rifer
Anne M. Peterson - Portland based AP writer
Meg Linehan - The Athletic (it’s not a true list without Meg)
Craig Mitchelldyer - Great PTFC photos!
DanteysArt - Not Twitter (though they do have one), but great game day pics!
2023 Season/Home Opener: Sunday, March 26th, Orlando Pride @ Providence Park
Full 2023 Schedule
  • NWSL Championship: 2013, 2017, 2022
  • NWSL Shield: Supporters’ Shield: 2016, 2021
  • NWSL Challenge Cup: 2021
Also including the 2020 NWSL Community Shield for the Fall Series after the Chaos Cup.
2022 Season Review
Three Stars!!! ⭐⭐⭐
The Portland Thorns were your 2022 NWSL League Champions! As any other season in Portland, the Thorns came in with high expectations following their Shield win in 2021, but their upset loss in the semi-finals to Chicago. Portland went into the pre-season Challenge cup in the West Division finishing 3-1-2, but missed out on advancing to the knockout stage to defend their Challenge Cup championship. The Thorns started off the regular season a little sluggish, going 1-3-1 in their first five games, falling all the way to 7th in the standings. Thankfully, they quickly hit their stride, going on a 10 game unbeaten streak. Following back to back thrashings from NCC & SD, the Thorns went on to not drop a match for the rest of the season. They ended the season with a record of 10-9-3 and a goal differential of +25! The race for the shield at the end of the season was wild, with Portland being in control of their own destiny, but couldn’t get it done, ultimately falling short by 1 point to OL Reign.
Focusing on the on-field storylines, there is one name that was the star of the show: Sophia Smith. Coming into her 3rd season in the league, Smith took off (for club and country)! Racking up 14 goals with 3 assists which lead to 3 Player of the Week nominations (1 win), a Player of the Month award, 2nd in the race for the Golden Boot, NWSL Championship Game MVP, and ultimately being crowned the 2022 NWSL MVP. Nothing could stop Sophia Smith last season and hopefully this is just the beginning for her.
Smith was not the only Thorns player to really step it up this year. Continuing on with the nickname of Goalkeeper FC (shout out the magical Thorns GKer coach Nadine Angerer), starting goalkeeper Bella Bixby tied for the most clean sheets in the league with 9 (10 if you include the playoffs). Rookie Sam Coffey made an immediate impact in the midfield, switching to a DM position and being an anchor our midfield needed. The Thorns also had 1 iron woman in 2022, defender Kelli Hubly who really solidified her starting role going forward (over an injured Emily Menges). Last, but not least, one of the biggest stories of the season: the return of Crystal Dunn! After giving birth to her very adorable son Marcel in May, Dunn returned to the pitch less than 4 months later. And who could forget Dunn’s game winner to send Portland to the championship?
Players Out
  • Lindsey Horan, MF - For now, Horan is still out on loan to Lyon through the summer of 2023
  • Marissa Everett, F - Retired (to pursue a career in nursing)
  • Abby Smith, GK - Free agency (signed to Gotham)
  • Yazmeen Ryan, F - Traded to ACFC
Players In
Free Agents: None
  • Reyna Reyes - Defender - Round 1 Pick 5 (still unsigned, but training with the team)
  • Izzy D’Aquila - Forward - Round 1 Pick 12 (signed)
  • Lauren DeBeau - Forward/Midfield - Round 2 Pick 24 (released by the team ahead of final roster)
  • Lauren Kozal - Goalkeeper - Round 3 Pick 32 (signed)
Preseason Roster
Thorns return 23 players from their 2022 season and added 3 new players through the NWSL Draft.
Goalkeepers (3): Bella Bixby, Shelby Hogan, Lauren Kozal (DRAFT)
Defenders (9): Kelli Hubly, Meghan Klingenberg, Natalia Kuikka (INTL), Tegan McGrady, Emily Menges, Meaghan Nally, Gabby Provenzano, Reyna Reyes (DRAFT), Becky Sauerbrunn
Midfielders (7): Sam Coffey, Crystal Dunn, Olivia Moultrie, Taylor Porter, Rocky Rodríguez, Christine Sinclair, Hina Sugita (INTL)
Forwards (7): Janine Beckie, Natalie Beckman, Hannah Betfort, Izzy D’Aquila (DRAFT), Sophia Smith, Michele Vasconcelos, Morgan Weaver
Predicted Preferred Gameday XI
Formation: A bit unknown what the formation will be this year with a new head coach, but the Thorns primarily ran a 4-3-3 last year. It’s going to be an interesting discussion to see how Norris handles where Sinclair goes. While I respect the Canadian GOAT, I believe Sinc would be best used as a super sub. Depending how Norris handles where Sinclair goes, there is going to be some variation within our midfield & forwards group. Predicting Sinc remaining in our starting line up, I would expect to see some form of our starting XI looking something like:
Likely Top Bench/Subs:
  • Emily Menges, D
  • Hina Sugita, MF
  • Janine Beckie, F (sike :( )
  • Izzy D’Aquila, F
  • Olivia Moultrie, M (again, Moultrie’s use is really going to depend on what Norris plans on. Moultrie was ramping up in minutes on the back half of the season last year. As of today, Moultrie is in the Starting XI for the Thorns first preseason match)
Returning Players (Almost Everyone):
GK: Bella Bixby, Shelby Hogan
D: Kelli Hubly, Meghan Klingenberg, Natalia Kuikka, Tegan McGrady, Emily Menges, Meaghan Nally, Gabby Provenzano, Becky Sauerbrunn
M: Sam Coffey, Crystal Dunn, Olivia Moultrie, Taylor Porter, Rocky Rodríguez, Christine Sinclair, Hina Sugita
F: Janine Beckie, Natalie Beckman, Hannah Betfort, Sophia Smith, Michele Vasconcelos, Morgan Weaver
The Vets
Almost every Thorns player is a veteran with the team at this point. The vets below are those who have been around the block a time or two in this league:
D: Klingenberg, Menges, Sauerbrunn
M: Dunn, Rodríguez, Sinclair
Something to Prove
  • Kelli Hubly (D) - Being the Thorns only iron woman is a feat in itself, but until the 2021 season, Hubly hadn’t been a consistent starter. With an aging backline, it will be seen if Hubly can continue on the upward trajectory in being that anchor of our backline
  • Sam Coffey (M) - Year 1 for Coffey went about as good as one could wish for. Like Hubly, Coffey’s “prove it” is if she can continue to be as good as she was last year, proving that year 1 wasn’t just a fluke (I don’t think anyone thinks this is the case though). If she isn’t called in for the World Cup (a long shot at making it at the moment), Coffey is going to be a key piece for the Thorns.
  • Olivia Moultrie (M) - The Child. (Can we even call her that anymore?). Moultrie & co. fought hard to allow her to play for the Thorns which led to massive changes in how the league handles U18 players. That said, Moultrie hasn’t really consistently shown that she’s as good as they said she was. A lot of it is due to playing time, it came sporadically and at times, playing only the last few minutes of the match. However, Moultrie has shown flashes of brilliance when she was in. She’s not afraid to be physical and she has the confidence to take her shot.
  • Christine Sinclaire (M) - Does Sinc really have to prove anything at this point in her career? No. However, we are unfortunately heading towards the end of Sinc’s career here. The big question is, how will she handle it? This will be Portland’s 3rd coach in 3 years and while the Thorns are far from rebuilding, it is yet to be seen where Sinc will fall in Norris’s game planning. However it shakes out to be, I have a feeling we will see Sinc be what Sinc always is, the GOAT.
Out for the season
So far, Portland is looking good as far as the SEI list (knock on wood). Jinxed myself on this one. Unfortunately, Janine Beckie went down in the preseason friendly against the U23 NT with an ACL tear. The biggest missing piece will once again be Lindsey Horan. Leaving at the start of last season, Horan left big shoes to fill. She will continue to be out until at least June (the end of her loan), but we most likely won’t see her return until after the World Cup. Fortunately for the Thorns, they do not lack depth in their midfield.
Realistic Best Case Scenario: 1st Place
The Thorns are returning almost the entirety of their championship team. And while they do have a new coach, Norris was there during the Thorns’ championship run. Expectations for the club will be higher than ever with the possibility of the Thorns going back to back a very realistic goal.
Realistic Worst Case Scenario: 5-7th place
The league is only getting better. While the Thorns did not lose any key players, many clubs right below them gained quite a few. Five different clubs were all within 4 points of each other at the end of the season. The 3 teams right below Portland were San Diego, Houston, and Kansas City. I won’t repeat what’s already been said in these write ups about those 3 teams, but the Thorns could’ve easily been 5th last year as they could’ve been 1st. Looking further back, you have a team like ACFC who should be returning many injured starters and could easily project themselves forward in the standings. The World Cup is going to be especially hard on the Thorns who will look to have ~7 players out which includes 5 potential starters. I don’t expect to see Portland drop out of the playoff picture, but the middle to back half of the season could get very interesting.
Realistic Most Probable Scenario: 2nd-4th
While the Thorns didn’t make any flashy trades or free agent signings, they stuck with what they know worked. Sophia Smith really hit her stride last year and is going to be looked upon to continue her dominance this year. The return of Lindsey Horan (if healthy) in the back half should really give us a push late into the season. Portland returns a team of veterans that know what it takes to win. Can they repeat the success of their 2022 season? We’re going to have to find out.
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2023.03.22 17:11 parksandbooks Serious anxiety - first bad migraine after a period without many

I’ve had migraines with aura ever since I was in college - since I was diagnosed I had had one or two every 1-6 months so while unpleasant it was doable.
A little over a year ago I had a severe uptick in migraines - about 1-2 a week with an increase in headache days to almost every day. It was a very dark time for me - I refused to go further than 20 minutes away from my house because I would be unable to get home in time, developed severe anxiety and depression around triggering a migraine (ate the same food every day, refused to do anything new or different, stopped working out, had to quit a job I loved). Through this very rigid way of living I was able to decrease my migraines to once a month or so and headache days to 4-6 days a week and since then have gradually added things back into my life.
Under advice from my doctor I recently started adding exercise back in - this past week I went from two short workout sessions to two short and one longer in the same 7 days. After the shorter workouts I experienced minor dizziness that went away within 30 min with a snack and then yesterday an hour after the longer workout I started to get severely dizzy - it persisted and worsened until it felt like full blown vertigo with a slight headache. I couldn’t move without feeling like the world was spinning and lost balance so badly I fell extremely hard. Eventually I realized that it could be a migraine and took my abortive, which did help. Today is a post migraine day so I know my feelings are heightened but I can’t stop crying and thinking about how scared I am to have debilitating episodes like this multiple times a week. Our office just announced that we have to go back 3 days a week and I wouldn’t be surprised if the stress from that announcement caused this migraine ( I am in the process of applying for ADA accommodations to wfh).
I’m not sure what I’m asking for here. Has anyone else had periods with frequent migraines and then periods of no migraines? How do you deal with the uncertainty of never knowing if the next big migraine means they’re just going to keep coming?
I feel like this sounds dramatic and I know others have it so much harder, but I’m so afraid of being so sick again - I totally lost the will to live and I can’t imagine going through that again. What do you do to keep yourself grounded when you’re feeling like this?
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2023.03.22 17:08 nwatkins364 Morant back for the stretch run. What situation is he returning to? --- Without Ja, the Grizzlies earned a valiant 6-3 record. What are some things we learned about this tough Grizzlies team during that time?

Morant back for the stretch run. What situation is he returning to? --- Without Ja, the Grizzlies earned a valiant 6-3 record. What are some things we learned about this tough Grizzlies team during that time?
Ja Morant’s absence only lasted a few weeks, but it felt like forever.
This is especially the case for a young team who has been without their cornerstone center since late January and recently lost another frontcourt impact player in Brandon Clarke.
The Grizzlies star point guard is back after an eight game suspension plus a reintroduction period and will see the court on Wednesday for the first time since March 3rd against the Nuggets.
His suspension spanned nearly ten percent of a season and was hopefully a time of reflection and healing as he looks to combat the mental stress that comes with having a team and city on your shoulders.
In his absence, Morant’s teammates dug into the 'ole tool bag and found ways to win while opening up some doors for key players on the roster.
Memphis overcame multiple deficits, including a 29 point hole against the Spurs. Though things seemed bleak on many occasions, the Grizzlies found ways to stay above water.
In the long run, this time spent without Morant could prove beneficial for the Grizzlies. Previously, a typical moment in a close game would involve three or four guys setting up camping chairs on offense while Morant does his thing and waltzes into the kitchen to cook. The creativity in end-of-game scenarios is frequently lacking. With Ja out, many other dudes got the chance to showcase their grit down the stretch. Even guys like Kenny Lofton got to step up to the plate and take a swing at success.
Since the article at ESPN spotlighting Dillon Brooks and his psycho defensive strategies, he has gone full WWE heel mode - and I’m here for it. The guy that the team readily proclaims as the heart and soul of the defense has helped bring the energy in the last few weeks among bleak circumstances. Brooks seems to have zeroed in on his niche and is putting a tremendous amount of focus on being a deterrent on defense and not forcing his shots on offense as much. During the stretch with Morant out, Brook’s usage rate was 18.9% - a point and a half lower than his season average. He also attempted 11.9 shots per game compared to the 13.7 he has attempted on the season. One would have expected to see an uptick in those areas for Brooks with Morant’s 20+ shots per game becoming available, but he was not the benefactor of those additional attempts. I think we can all agree this is for the better.
Where exactly did the Grizzles supplement their production? Well, coach Taylor Jenkins used a variety of lineups. The main starting lineup of Brooks, Tyus Jones, Jaren Jackson Jr., Xavier Tillman, and Desmond Bane was actually a net negative (-3) over this stretch in 191 possessions. The most successful lineup subbed in David Roddy for Brooks and was a plus -18 in 43 possessions (though Dillon himself was a plus -5.83 per 100). The bulk of this positive run likely came during Roddy’s run against Dallas where he lit them up for 43 points cumulative in a back-to-back series.
The biggest winner on offense for Memphis has been Jaren. He has stepped up and shown himself worthy of the All-Star bid that he received in February. His usage increased five points over his season average during the nine-game span of the Morant suspension. Jackson also led the team in scoring with 22.67 points per game compared to his 17 point per game average. He did this while not letting up on the defensive end. This shouldn’t be overlooked, as the Grizzlies frontcourt has been increasingly depleted by injuries, making Jackson’s success even more impressive. He is emerging as a true two-way play who discourages opponents from shooting at the rim and is learning to score consistently from the rack and the three-point line.
📷NBA University @NBA_UniversityJaren Jackson Jr. may not be a deep-drop rim deterrent, but my god he destroys everyone at the rim when they try… Guys shooting 14.6% (wow) less than expected at the rim against him. Impact stats are through the roof. His finishing has vastly improved this year. Still only 23… 📷1:23 PM ∙ Mar 19, 20231,195Likes160Retweets
Another key theme that emerged over the past three weeks is the increased comfortability for Luke Kennard. When he first arrived in Memphis following the trade with LAC, Kennard looked lost and intimidated out on the court. It seemed like a case of the yips. Well, the yips have been shaken and cast aside. Over the 9-game stretch, Kennard led the team in three point shooting with 2.56 makes on 5 attempts per game. He even looked a little more comfortable on defense and on multiple occasions made heads up hustle plays that benefited the team. Luke led the team with an impressive plus -9.34 per 100 possessions in his 202 minutes played. He requires only minimal touches on offense but the defense must respect his shooting. The future should prove out that Luke is a valuable addition to this roster.
Tyus Jones did his thing, averaging 16 points and 8 assists, furthermore proving that he was a critical re-signing this past off-season. Anytime Morant misses a chunk of games, Jones can be counted on to carry the torch in his absence.
Now that Morant is back, the pecking order will have to be re-established, but hopefully some of the momentum and comradery that has kept this unit together will shine through in the upcoming weeks and months.
(more at my substack)
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2023.03.22 17:07 AutoModerator My 600lb Life - S11E08- Patrick's Journey - Live Episode Discussion Thread

Season 11 Episode 08: Patrick's Journey
Aired: March 22, 2023
Synopsis: Patrick's weight has never been a bother, but now he's so big that it's getting in the way of his relationship with his daughter. If he wants to see her graduate high school, he'll have to reverse course

A new post will be created after the episode airs for post-episode discussion.
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2023.03.22 17:02 norcalbutton Kitchen Fridge sticks out into the garage, causing temp issues

As the title stated, our fridge is enclosed in an insulation free drywall enclosure that sticks out into the garage. I have pics if needed. I don't know dimensions yet. Actually, the entire house is basically without much insulation, though the windows are double pane. The home was built in 1957 as a track house. Other neighbors have long since done a garage conversion so I don't know if others had the same type of layout.
The garage is small. The wall faces the west side. We are inland Northern California. Our summers are scorching and winters are mild. But in the summer the top of the fridge gets warm and stuff freezes in the fridge portion. The freezer is on the bottom. It's a small, simple not very fancy house and I'm looking for a low cost DIY solution to regulating fridge temps a bit better. The fridge just fits inside the dimensions of 5he enclosure so there is no way to get anything easily inside there. I'm thinking even wrapping insulation around the outside if necessary. I have no idea if that's ridiculous or not.
Either way, we need to get this house better insulated because we are bleeding heating and cooling cost. We stay inside one room 6 months of the year it feels like. We make just a smidge(like $150) above income requirements for any sort of assistance for utility bills. And since I am currently unable to work, we are on one income without much wiggle room.
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2023.03.22 17:01 AutoLovepon Tsurune: Tsunagari no Issha • Tsurune: The Linking Shot - Episode 12 discussion

Tsurune: Tsunagari no Issha, episode 12

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2023.03.22 17:01 Versucher42 The ending, again (I know, I know, but listen...)

So I know everybody and their mothers with a borderline personality have theories about the end of The Sopranos. I just finished a (fifth? sixth?) rewatch of the show, and have had clearer thoughts about the ending than I have on previous watches. I'm sure this topic gets raised every hour or so on this subreddit, but I do think I have a perspective on it that, so far as I can tell, doesn't get much play anywhere else. And I want, for my own purposes, to write down my thoughts and get them in order. This will go on for a while, so apologies in advance, but I wanted to lay everything out as best I could. If you're looking for a TL:DR, this is not your post. Spoilers below (obviously).

Roughly, there are two major camps concerning the meaning of the end of the show. One camp, by far the most vocal, is the "Tony dies" camp. Here, the idea is that the famous "cut to black" in the final scene at Holsten's is the cinematic representation of Tony's death, and (crucially) that Tony's death is the dramatic culmination of the series as a whole. The Master of Sopranos essay lays out the evidence for the view, which is overwhelmingly convincing for a lot of people. The essay is pretty exhaustive, almost a frame-by-frame analysis of that final scene and (through it) an interpretation of the whole series. I'll just highlight a few key things, since they are usually brought up as the clinching pieces of evidence.
Overall, aside from these details, I think the argument's strength comes from the tension of that final scene. It seems clear that the scene wants you to be afraid something bad is about to happen, before it pulls the rug out from under you. Often, deathers will argue that this tension makes no sense unless it's building toward Tony's death. So, while we don't see the death itself, it must have happened, and in any case there are good reasons internal to the goals of the show and foreshadowed in advance for why we don't (even can't) see it happen.
The other camp, if it is a coherent camp, is the "open to multiple interpretations" camp. This has been advanced in multiple ways by multiple people, but is perhaps best expressed in this AV Club essay. The idea is that the "Tony dies" view is too simple, given the general ways in which The Sopranos always reveled in ambiguity and anticlimax (the essay compares it to fundamentalist religion). We don't see Tony die, and so we don't really know what happens that night in Holsten's. One way to interpret it, obviously, is that Tony dies, but it's far from the only one. Perhaps, it is often claimed, we're being shown the tension with which Tony always has to live his life. He better than anyone knows that he could die at any time, and so that tension is just the underlying anxiety he lives with all of his life. In any case, there are multiple ways of viewing that final scene (if there weren't, why would we still be arguing about it?), and reducing them all to one robs it of its dramatic significance.
(Technically you could say that there is a third camp -- the "Tony lives" camp -- but this is usually just an expression of hope, not an interpretation of the series/ending. I won't talk about it here.)
You'll notice that I discussed one view at way more length than the other. This is because, in a superficial sense, all the "evidence" is on one side. People in the "multiple interpretations" camp may have their own personal interpretations of the final scene, or they may not. But if they do, the interpretations are ideas that are far from being as fully thought out as the "Tony dies" theory. Deathers like pointing this out. The debate often stalls here. The multiple interpreters claim that the show is more ambiguous than this. The deathers admit that there is ambiguity in parts of the show, but not in all of it, and that anyway if you just read the Master of Sopranos essay again you'll see that this is not ambiguous.

I think both camps are wrong, and in fact have generally been totally confused by the debate about the ending as it still exists. I wonder if this comes in part from not having watched the show when it came out. I imagine that for those who watched that last season as it aired, there was a lot of wringing of hands about whether Tony would live or die. My impression is that critics at that time generally accepted the ending as ambiguous on this point (many of them wishing that it wasn't), while it was normal fans who readily accepted the "Tony dies" theory once it was developed. I of course recognized that Tony could die at the end of the show, but didn't expect it, and perhaps more importantly didn't expect the end of the show to depend on whether this plot point happened or not. And it seemed to me that the show itself wasn't really directing my attention to this very much. To me, it obviously had other, deeper concerns.
For this reason, I was always especially hostile to the "Tony dies" camp, and I remain so. I think the basic argument against it, which others have made before me of course, is pretty devastating: Tony's dying is simply not a satisfying ending to the show. What is it supposed to mean that Tony dies at the end? That he's getting punished for his life of crime, just like every other cinematic gangster ever? Given that people grew up on Godfather, Goodfellas, etc. it makes sense that many of them might expect such a conclusion, but this show always made fun of its relationship to these movies. The fun it made was affectionate, of course, but it's made abundantly clear throughout the series that this is not a typical mob story. Lots of viewers were unhappy about this, wishing there was more mob drama/violence, but we can say now with confidence that they were just misreading the show. Chase and co. cared more about Tony's relationships and his own view of life (informed by those relationships, therapy, various experiences, etc.) than they did about who would kill whom, who would rule Jersey after Tony goes, etc. So I guess the direction the deathers have to go here is to say: yes, the show cares more about Tony and his view of his life, and his death. The death at the end is satisfying because it is what Tony has been contemplating all along, and finally it comes. But still this doesn't seem very satisfying; indeed, it seems more like an after the fact justification for what is at the end of the day a very conventional way of ending a story. What a waste it would be for such a bold, creative and uncompromising show to end on this frankly quite boring note.
At the same time, though, the multiple interpreters seem to me often to argue in bad faith. The tension creators in that final scene are there, and much of the argument against the deathers has seemed to me willfully obtuse ("maybe it means something else, we don't know!"). That last scene is very clearly setting us up to believe that something terrible is about to happen. Why, if Tony is not about to die?

Mostly I've bounced back and forth between these objections, unsure as to exactly why. I've even been tempted sometimes to avoid the issue by thinking that the show is basically over after my two favorite episodes ("Kennedy and Heidi" and "The Second Coming"), and that the stuff in the last two is mostly unnecessary. But I smile every time that Journey song starts up in Holsten's, and now find that last scene almost hilariously funny, and this impression strengthens every time I watch the show again. I think I've finally figured out why. So, here it is:
That last scene is an intentional toying with the audience. Chase is deliberately giving the scene a tension that the events in it do not really warrant. He sets us up to expect a dramatic conclusion that he is dead set on denying us.
All of the evidence that the Master of Sopranos essay adduces as proof that Tony dies is there, and the deathers are right that it mostly points in one direction. Indeed, I don't think it really needed a whole essay to spell this out. You can just feel it while watching. Obviously that's because of the filmic techniques the essay goes into, but we don't really need to have all this pointed out to us. Everyone knows while watching that scene, especially if they've noticed that the episode (and thus the series) is within minutes of ending forever, that something important is about to happen. And indeed, if you watch it a couple times, it's not hard to notice the filmic techniques either. One of the oddities of the experience of reading the Master of Sopranos essay is that one senses that the writer finds all this stuff much deeper and more exciting than it is. (That's my impression anyway.) The techniques pointed to (point of view shots, foreshadowing, Godfather references) are not anything special in themselves, and certainly not anything mind-blowing for a series that gave us episodes like "Funhouse," "Kennedy and Heidi," "The Test Dream," etc. etc. These techniques work in the scene to build tension, but it feels like any first year film student could have told you as much, and any competent director could have come up with these ideas for building tension in the episode.
That is intentional, I think. The deathers' three points of evidence above are decidedly not some genius construction. They're a really quite cheesy setup for a conventional plot point. Tony dies, and dies in the midst of a freaking Godfather reference? Are you kidding? (I say this by the way as a great fan of The Godfather, and of that scene with Michael Corleone in the restaurant in particular.) I think the answer is, yes, Chase is kidding. The whole show has been very intentional about its relationship to traditional mob stories in general, and The Godfather in particular. The show gets a large part of its energy from the friction between this traditionally more violent and more moralistic mode of storytelling on the one hand, and the more domestic, everyday, family-centric mode that was more natural to serialized TV shows. The show's interest doesn't really lie in the one or the other, but in something in between. The show works in part because the threat of mob drama and the moral implications of it always lie in the background and threaten to break through, in ways that undermine the usual stability of the more traditional family-focused TV drama. And this of course makes it possible for Chase and co. to say all kinds of important things about family that the traditional family stories usually gloss over, about subterranean rifts and long-held grudges and slow generational change and on and on and on.
Think of the moment after A.J. tries to kill Junior -- he says he's inspired by the famous Godfather scene (where Michael is avenging his father's shooting, too), and Tony tells him "it's a movie." In fact, what A.J. says is that he's inspired by his dad's reaction to the scene (that he sits eating ice cream and says it's his favorite scene). Tony's reaction to this is not straightforward. He means "it's a movie, not real life." But of course his real life (unlike ours) is the subject of that movie. He himself has killed people in order to exact revenge, and probably has even thought of The Godfather while doing it sometimes. His real response to A.J. is not that it's just a movie, but that A.J. is not like him, that it's not in his "nature" to act like this. And he knows, for his own part, largely because of his experience in therapy, that he is not some simplistic mob movie character, that in fact while it's in his nature to do these things it's not in his nature to do them wholeheartedly, as his panic attacks and depression reveal. The Godfather reference serves to point us back to the tension of the whole show -- that these are people who do horrible things and can't or wont' fully acknowledge it to themselves, and that this lack of acknowledgement dooms them, even if the doom comes slowly.
By the end of the show, we've experienced this tension in more or less all of its possible variations, and have seen the characters experience it too, and make their peace (or not) with it. A.J. and Meadow especially are challenged by their upbringing to decide to what degree they want to be characters in a mob movie, and I think it's no accident that the last episode spends so much time looking at what direction their lives will be going in after the series is over. (Asking themselves, in Tony's coma-ridden words: "who am I? Where am I going?") Neither makes a particularly encouraging choice, though it's clear at least that neither of them is going to turn into their parents all over again. Tony himself shows, in the late scene with A.J.'s therapist, that he's going to fall into old habits, and thus forever be the half-hearted and depressed mobster he's always been.
What then of that last scene? Why does it make me grin? You know when you're watching it that things are about to end. And you know, if you've been paying attention, that the things the show cares about, the things that it's helped you to care about more intelligently (i.e., the way these characters relate to each other and how they conceive of their lives) cannot possibly resolve themselves in the next 5 minutes. You feel tense because part of you still wants that resolution, hopes that Chase and co. have some last trick up their sleeve, hopes that that last trick will somehow draw all this mess together and make some sense of it. And then you find that the show itself seems to be setting you up for it. All those point of view shots, the Members Only guy, the repeated failed attempts by Meadow to parallel park and then her run across the busy street -- all of it seems to be confirming for you what you wanted, for something big to happen and blow you away. Tony, Carmela, and A.J. are just talking about the things they always talk about, including a reference back to a really important family event from way back in Season 1. But you don't pay it much attention, because of the building tension. You're getting more and more excited. Meadow crosses the street unscathed, the bell rings, and then -- black screen.
There is genius here, but not where the deathers think it is. The genius is not in the tension building elements, which are film technique 101, but in the juxtaposition of this tension with a normal family moment, and that black screen. Nothing happens in that scene, not really. Or what happens in it is exactly what's happened in the show all through. The Sopranos sit around talking, breakin' each others' balls, worrying about the future, trying to remind themselves that things are good sometimes and that that memory can help you through the tough times. That could have happened without the tension elements and the black screen, and it would have been a good last scene, I think. But what's there is better. The show tempts us, the viewers, with a big resolution, even though we ought to know that one isn't coming. We give in to the temptation, and we give in to it for the same reason that all of the characters in the show make all of their bad decisions -- we want to believe that life is simpler than it is, that one big moment might change everything and save us from having to do the dirty work of life, day by day by day. We want to "get it," as Tony does in the desert in "Kennedy and Heidi," but also to be able to say clearly what it is that we get, and then have all the problems of our lives resolved. We're interested in The Sopranos because we're interested in those problems, whether we realize it or not. And that last scene is telling us: the problems are always there, and your hope that they could all just somehow go away is always there, too. The Journey song comments on this so obviously as to almost need no elaboration. It was a perfect choice, I think, in that it means this really quite deep thing, but is also just as banal as the tension setup. These are really ordinary, banal people in a way, and yet their lives (like our own) have all the depth that a life can have. And the most deep, banal thing that life tells us is: don't stop. Keep going. Hold on to what was good. Build what you can from it.
Chase's ploy here, I want to stress, is not mean-spirited. When I grin at the last scene, I'm not grinning at the misguided deathers. Chase is not making fun of people who wanted to see Tony dead. In fact, he seems to have been disgusted by this desire, and surprised after it was over that so many people were feeling it, since presumably they had been at least partly identifying with Tony throughout these 6 seasons of television. Chase is poking fun at a very human desire in all of us, the desire for our problems to go away, for them to resolve cleanly like a movie does. The desire is so strong that we convinced ourselves that a guy in a Members Only jacket was going to come out of the bathroom with more than just his dick in his hands to kill Tony, even though we know that that wouldn't solve any of the problems that the show has encouraged us to see and care about.
What happens when it cuts to black? Well, in a certain sense the answer is "who cares?" Here, I think the multiple interpreters are on to something. Maybe Tony dies, maybe nothing happens and these characters go on living their lives, maybe Tony is about to turn state's witness, maybe Meadow is going to reveal that the reason she changed her birth control is that she just got pregnant, etc. It doesn't matter, because the show is over and has said all it wants to say. But what really happens when it cuts to black is that you, the viewer, are frustrated. Your desire that something big would happen at the end has been frustrated. And the reason for that frustration is absurd. You wanted something that you should have known you couldn't have. But you can't help wanting it, because for all of us, as for Christopher, "the fuckin' regularness of life is too fuckin' hard." We've got to live it anyway, and that's all there is to do after the screen goes black.
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2023.03.22 17:01 mxbxl Can someone have a look at my chart? Is it possible to see when/if I'll have kids? Marriage?

Can someone have a look at my chart? Is it possible to see when/if I'll have kids? Marriage?
Thank you!!
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2023.03.22 16:59 KappaOfficer A Fast growing and focused guild, with priority on helping our members succeed not just for themselves, but the guild as a whole - Active & Social Members - See Comments for More Information

Σternal Kappa
Relaxed group of active and social members! Looking for positive vibes as we continue to grow!
The Eternal Empire is a family of 8 independently run guilds and home to 400 players. We support all level of players from beginners to experienced, end-game all-heroic competitors. Guild GPs range from 300M - 430M+. All active & dedicated players are welcome! We understand that life happens & take that into consideration. We share one Discord server where we have the tools, bots, resources & seasoned advice to help guide you as you progress. Our motto is: “We build together, we grow TOGETHER!”.
49/50 Members, 330M+ GP
1:30 UTC / 20:30 EST / 17:30 PST Guild Reset
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