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A Subreddit dedicated to the correct pronunciation of the word "Cow". How to pronounce "cow": 1. Take the word "Crow" 2. Remove the "r" 3. Cow

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2023.06.03 03:02 _RainbowBacon_ Ran into this pretty gross lighting glitch whenever I play on Custom Arenas in 2k22. Anyone know how to fix this?

Ran into this pretty gross lighting glitch whenever I play on Custom Arenas in 2k22. Anyone know how to fix this? submitted by _RainbowBacon_ to WWE2K22 [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 03:02 AnnaBaptist79 Had a stressful two days

My brother and sister-in-law visited me for a couple of days. In the span of 45 hours, the two of them managed to drink five bottles of wine. I haven't had that much alcohol readily available to me since the Christmas season. I didn't have any of the wine, but there were a couple of occasions where it was tempting.
Part of the reason I was tempted was because I found being with them to be stressful. My sister-in-law talks constantly, which I am not used to, and she has no filter and said some unkind things about various family members. It was too much drama and negativity for me. I was also a little jealous because when people meet her, they think she is so fun and wonderful, while I am more on the quiet side. We went to a restaurant, and the waiter and the owner fawned over her and told her how great she was, while barely acknowledging me and my brother. I know I shouldn't overthink this, but it feeds into my insecurities.
They are gone now. I feel completely exhausted and drained from their visit, but also hugely relieved that they are gone and I didn't have a drink. Looking forward to a more enjoyable weekend.
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2023.06.03 03:02 AutoModerator [Download Course] Harlan Kilstein – Midjourney Mastery (

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2023.06.03 03:02 AcanthocephalaOk6414 How did you quit the scale?

I’m just now coming to terms with the fact that I’m addicted to the scale. I weigh myself far too often and the number truly dictates my mood. For me, it’s a compulsion. It’s like as soon as I get the idea to check my weight in my head, I have to go and do it. In the past, and with a lot of time and effort, I was able to get rid of other ED behaviours. Yet I’ve tried everything I could to quit the scale and I always go back to it. And I’m realizing it’s holding me back from recovery.
Does anyone have advice, or could you tell me how you approached this and what has worked for you?
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2023.06.03 03:01 BankPads The Pricing Structure for Colors is a Shameless

The way Capcom has structured the pricing of colors for the base roster in this game is a joke, and will make the game prohibitively expensive for anyone who is planning to bring SF6 to locals, or even worse run tournaments, and the issue only compounds across the number of setups owned. It should not cost over $100 extra on launch to be able to have a second copy of the game that has a basic number of colors for each character on the base roster, and that's before alternate costumes. TOs especially, who will already be having to shill out for multiple copies of the game can neither be expected grind each individual copy of the game in order to unlock colors for free, and it's even more unreasonable to ask them to shill double the cost of the base game per copy for base roster colors and a single alternate costume. There's literally no excuse for base colors being this expensive given that every contemporary game either just launches with all colors unlocked, or charges less than $20 for colors across the roster. Given how important local scenes are to growing and maintaining long term player bases, especially during a time where the FGC player base is shifting away from consoles as the primary place to play, charging this much for a basic core component of the game is something Capcom should be shamed for.
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2023.06.03 03:01 SevDC1207 Scorpion SRV co-pilot

How does my copilot enter the turret on the Scorpion SRV? It would be helpful to know so we can keep bogeys off us when raiding settlements
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2023.06.03 03:01 Cumpanzee Need help, can't get past the final part of the cyberspace section on research deck

I am stuck on the cyberspace section on the second stage of the game where there are like 10 of those massive stationary enemies that shoot homing stars at you. There doesn't seem to be a way to consistently dodge them, and the enemies take like 10 seconds of continuous fire to die, so there doesn't seem to be a way to kill them all before they inevitably kill you. I've this section 4 times and the stage is easy but takes forever, only for me to get to the end and die to this part, which is extremely frustrating.
I'm honestly not really enjoying this game so far, it's very repetitive. You just walk down samey looking hallways shooting boring enemies that either stand there and shoot at you or slowly walk towards you. If I can't figure out how to get past this part I might just give up, I wish I didn't spend the $40 on this game.
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2023.06.03 03:01 JackedDaxter An interesting parallel between Loomis and Laurie

An interesting parallel between Loomis and Laurie
In both of their final entries (H6 and Ends), we’re shown a version of their character that’s in a much better place both psychically and mentally than how they were in the prior movie. They have seemingly settled down into a more peaceful life, putting Michael behind them and trying to move on. The two of them also share a love of writing, using it as a tool to document their experiences with the boogeyman for others to read.
What’s even more interesting is that in alternate versions of these movies, both Loomis and Laurie end up becoming tied to Michael and his evil in a way that they can’t escape. The producer’s cut of Halloween 6 sees the mark of Thorn jumping from Wynn to Loomis, meaning that he’s now the one to watch over Michael and ensure his survival. The alternate ending for Halloween Ends had the evil in Michael infecting Laurie like it did Corey, ensuring that the evil would live on despite his death.
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2023.06.03 03:01 B-_rad Does weapon damage do anything for shapeshifter Druids?

ARPG newbie here
I am playing a Druid with almost all werewolf abilities. Does weapon DPS affect my damage or is my damage just based on my skills?
Also, I don't really understand how weapon damage is calculated with 1 handed vs 2 handed weapons. Do you just add the two one handed weapons up to get a total that you can compare directly to a single two hander? Are melee skills calculated with a melee weapon like an axe and spells with a totem?
All tips are appreciated
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2023.06.03 03:01 optimusxprime88 Need help with Mirrativ

I can't figure out how to find more than the listed games. I see others streaming them, but every search is comes back dead. Anyone on here still use this app?
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2023.06.03 03:01 SharkBoy-o_0 Distance

I never really noticed it until now - how far apart we are. You in your bubble, me in mine. I always keep mine far enough away that it doesn't collide with yours. I have a feeling you'd be upset if yours shattered. Your perfectly crafted dome that keeps others out, and yourself safely inside. Even when others find a way inside I see the second layer. It's in your eyes. I see the barrier that keeps your soul safe and hidden from those around you. Sometimes I see it falter, like when you laugh or smile. But in the end it stays in place. Whenever we pass each other I can feel mine expanding to let you in, but at the same time I feel yours gently get smaller in avoidance. Sometimes I imagine yours dissipating to allow me entery, but in reality it remains unmoving. In the back of my mind there's a place where our barriers no longer exist separately. In this world we move together as one, trusting each other wholeheartedly, residing in each other's space comfortably. But those are just fantasies. As real as the dreams feel, and as pleasant as the daydreams are, they aren't real. They never will be. They can never happen because those layers of protection are impenetrable no matter how hard I wish to try.
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2023.06.03 03:01 your_avrage_fairy007 What are we

I need you to tell me if we’re ok. That we’re going to get through everything going on. Because I can’t tell anymore. Sometimes it feels like there’s hope. That this curve ball we’ve hit will pass. Then other times it’s like we’re falling apart. So I don’t know how to feel about anything. I need you to tell me if you still want me. If everything we’ve planned is what you want. So I know what I need to do because I’m lost. Like we are stuck in video game with only one story line; the same song on the radio. I love you but I really cannot tell what we are. So what are we? Are still together are we just friends? Or are we that awkward line in between friends an more than friends. With these questions running through my head. I can only wonder what the future will look like if we still have one. I keep waiting to see if you’ll make a move on any form of communication. But sometimes it’s like you don’t want to. Like you’re shutting me out please don’t shut me out. Just give it to me straight tell me what you’re thinking. Don’t worry about hurting my feelings or putting me in a depressive state. All couples have days that they hurt one another’s feelings. We’re gonna yell and fight we’re gonna have bad days. Just like we will have good days. But we need to get everything out in the open. I need you to tell what you need an what you want. I know it can be hard but that’s how relationships work and last. With trust and communication. We use to talk about everything we don’t even do that anymore. Is our relationship dying or is this just a faze? I don’t know anymore I need you to tell me what you want So I’ll know.
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2023.06.03 03:01 AtomicRapture In need of Advice in regard to Jobs and Portfolio Advancement

I am in need of advice, I am a recent college graduate looking for job opportunities.
First, What is arguably the best way to get myself out there and to find job opportunities?
Second, how do I advance my portfolio for employers and myself, I need more work to showcase on my website and was wondering on how to do this.
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2023.06.03 03:00 P4ulin92 MY THEORY ABOUT POST HUMAN 2 LORE (based off somethings oli said in interviews)

MY THEORY ABOUT POST HUMAN 2 LORE (based off somethings oli said in interviews) submitted by P4ulin92 to BringMeTheHorizon [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 03:00 Due-Conversation-782 How easy is it to get your Class 2 licence in Auckland currently?

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2023.06.03 03:00 Eckofyre Went on a great first date where she asked me out for second date at the end. Ghosted through text two days after.

I (21M) got back into contact with a 21F who was my friend in middle school but we lost contact as I moved cities to go to high school. She recently moved to my city for an internship and I got together with her and some friends she also knew who I had stayed in touch with and we all went to a bar. The entire time at the bar she was very handsy and flirty with me and so a couple days later I asked her out to go to grab some drinks as a date and she agreed.
We grabbed a few drinks at a speakeasy for 1.5 hours and when our reservation time was up (the speakeasy only allows people to stay for a maximum of 1.5 hours) I suggested going to grab dessert and she seemed really enthusiastic to go when she could've left the date then if she wasn't feeling it. The entire time we were at the speakeasy and while we were walking and at the dessert place our conversation never stopped and it really felt like we had chemistry and she was being flirty and enjoying herself. 4 hours into the date while at the dessert place her work called and she had to leave to do work (she works as an investment banker and I'm told weekend work and being called in is normal). Instead of just calling an Uber and leaving straight away to go to work which she admitted she should be doing or else her boss might get mad, she offered to walk around the city with me for 20 minutes before she left. Once she finally ordered an Uber and the driver came, she hugged me goodbye and said that she had a lot of fun and mentioned that we should go explore a local market the following Saturday if I was free, which I happily agreed to.
Fast forward two days, and I texted her to make a joke about something that happened during the date which I had then hoped to steer the convo towards finalizing plans for the next date that she started. No response for three days. She previously took at max three hours to respond. I texted her again to directly confirm on Thursday because I had other plans on the weekend I needed to finalize and I didn't want to have to plan around a maybe potential date. She finally responds 12 hours later telling me that she's busy with work on the Sunday and also has other stuff on Saturday so it's not happening and doesn't offer to reschedule, just says that she'll let me know if her Saturday plans are free.
I'm just a little hurt because she was the one who initiated the conversation around the second date and planned it without any prompting from myself, so it's not like she said it out of courtesy or something. Also all of the times where she could've left if she wasn't actually enjoying the date like after the speakeasy or right when work called, but she didn't. I'm just truly confused on how someone can switch up in only a day and a half from being so receptive and warm to being so cold. I'm not going to lie and say it doesn't hurt because I do admit I got a bit more invested in her than I should've but it was one of the most fun first dates I've been with and she seemed so enthusiastic and into me, and now it seems like I mean nothing to her, like she doesn't even care about me at all.
I should note that she broke up with her ex and first love of 2 years about 4 months ago because he cheated on her, so some of my friends are suggesting that she simply isn't ready for another relationship and the prospect of continuing going on dates with me was too real and scared her off.
I guess I'm mostly writing this just to vent and see if anyone has advice or if I'm just viewing it all wrong.
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2023.06.03 03:00 jenn1319 I’ve (30F) have been with my fiancé (33M) for 5 years. But how do I break up with him?

A little back story for context.
Around 12 years ago I met a guy, we’ll call him B. Me and B had a whirlwind romance for 5 or so weeks before I moved across to county. We kept in touch as friends ever since and have seen each other go through relationships and breakups and him eventually getting married and me getting engaged to my current partner, we’ll call him A.
Recently B’s marriage has broken down and he’s getting divorced, we have both since realised that we both feel we were meant to be together. We have spoken openly and said that had we both admitted how we felt to each other 12 years ago we probably would still be together now.
Now to A. I love him, I really do. But I can’t ignore my heart in this. We never argue, we like a lot of the same things, we live and work together. But I can’t help feeling the last 12 years have been a journey to have me and B be brought back together eventually.
I want it to be the least horrible way because it’s not fair to him for me only to be half in a relationship.
What’s the best way to go about talking to my current partner?
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2023.06.03 03:00 Excellent-Airport-48 One day a few years ago the Cauchi's took their masks off for a few minutes....

I did a rewatch of their last reunion on VPR. Side note - how humbling it must have been when they were let go. They were absolutely let go. They didn't quit. They seemed to be controlling the narrative for that whole season. But my point here is that this rewatch was a strong reminder of how much hate he had for Ariana and Brittany was quite hateful too. And now, thanks to getting a ride on the Scandoval money train by pretending to care for Ariana, they are getting a few more minutes. I hope this flurry of activity is just breathing a little more publicity for them and then they will be forced to get off their asses and work when the people who worship them realize they are boring, not funny, not intelligent and not really fans of the shit they shill.
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2023.06.03 03:00 Dazzling_Jicama2059 How to stop putting IN A Relationship to a achievement bucket list as other people's lives have no place there and a relationship should no bring fulfillment by itself?

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2023.06.03 03:00 04Fedor Firestorm 120: Book the first edition of a new AEW tournament

Firestorm 120: Book the first edition of a new AEW tournament
CM Punk returns for the launch of Collision as expected and from the start of Collision to the beginning of this booking he does not interact with MJF or the elite at all. He doesn't even go on dynamite. Instead, he rekindles his feud with Samoa Joe and is still unable to defeat The Samoan Submission Machine.
Wednesday November 8th Dynamite
On the previous week's dynamite it is hyped that Tony Khan has an absolutely massive statement to make. He announces that there will be a one time only Pay Per View to take place on December 31st called AEW: Endgame. He talks about how MJF is holding the AEW World Championship hostage with his contract running down. He announces a tournament to take place culminating on the winter is coming episode of Dynamite where the winner will challenge MJF at endgame. The segment comes to an end as the bracket is flashed on the screen.

Saturday November 11th Collision
To kick off the tournament we see a close match between Samoa Joe and Malakai Black. Most of the match is striking based between the two. However in the end it is Joe that is able to nail a massive muscle buster on Black to put him away.
Wednesday November 15th Dynamite
It is on dynamite that we see an absolute WAR between Miro and Keith Lee. The two bring out the best in each other and after 12 minutes of pure brutality Lee is unable to life Miro up for the spirit bomb and the Game Over seals his fate.
Saturday November 18th Collision
In an absolutely massive episode of Collision we see two first round matchups on the same show. The first is Bryan Danielson vs Eddie Kingston. Throughout the match we see Danielson consistently fighting from behind which should get him more of a face reaction as he is being built back up. In a callback to their classic in 2021 we see Danielson once again have Kingston stuck in a triangle choke only for Kingston to pick him up and slam him to the mat. This however is not enough as Danielson eventually comes out on top with 2 running knees in succession to get the three count.
Later in the night we see CM Punk take on Andrade el Idolo. In a surprisingly one sided match Punk is able to neutralize the offense of Andrade and he gets the win with a GTS.
Wednesday November 22nd Dynamite
The first tournament matchup of the night is between Roderick Strong and Adam Page. In a reverse of their first matchup a decade prior, Page is the favorite while Strong is the one who is trying to make a run up the card. This time however, Page will not be denied and he is able to dispatch Strong with a Buckshot lariat to advance.
The second matchup of the night is in the main event and it is another chapter of the Moxley/Omega saga(their first matchup since the cage match months ago). This time Omega is the one that comes out on top after he nails Moxley with a One Winged Angel.
Saturday November 25th Collision
Adam Cole and Pac main event the show and the two go all out. At the end of the match Pac misses the Black Arrow and Cole capitalizes with a german and he finally finishes the match with the Panama Sunrise.
Wednesday November 29th Dynamite
Here we see a match between Claudio Castagnoli and Darby Allin. A hungry Darby comes out with something to prove in an attempt to get even with MJF. Despite controlling most of the contest he still falls short to the brutal offense that is displayed by Claudio.
Updated Bracket
Saturday December 2nd Collision
To kick off the second round we see a match between Danielson and Miro. This match closes the show and gets 30 minutes. To start the match, Miro unleashes his mighty power, violently shoving Bryan down multiple times, electrifying the crowd with each forceful blow. But Bryan refuses to back down, retaliating with lightning-fast strikes of his own. But when it seems like a comeback is possible, Miro launches a devastating knee strike that sends Bryan hurtling out of the ring.
Showing his resilience, Bryan recovers and launches a barrage of thunderous kicks to Miro's body. Miro charges forward, but Bryan expertly counters with a waistlock. However, Miro's sheer strength propels him out of the hold, executing a bone-crushing running shoulder tackle. Bryan refuses to be defeated, sprinting off the ropes and delivering a jaw-dropping clothesline followed by a breathtaking dropkick that sends Miro sprawling out of the ring. Bryan's determination pushes him to the edge as he prepares for a daring suicide dive, but Miro snatches him out of midair. With incredible force, Miro executes a release belly-to-belly suplex on the unforgiving floor. The crowd is in awe as Miro ruthlessly hurls Bryan into the solid steel steps. Miro follows up with not one, but two thunderous suplexes, sending shockwaves through the arena.
Miro seizes control, applying a dominating chinlock for what seems like an eternity. With the turnbuckle as his weapon, Miro mercilessly whips Bryan into it, shaking the entire ring. However, Bryan refuses to be defeated, summoning his last reserves of strength to deliver consecutive running dropkicks. Yet, Miro proves his resilience, responding with a brutal Samoan Drop, leaving the crowd on the edge of their seats. Miro showboats to the crowd which gives Bryan an opening. Unleashing a flurry of ferocious kicks to Miro's chest, Bryan momentarily gains the upper hand. But Miro, unbowed, catches him in his grip, only for Bryan to ingeniously counter into a lightning-fast kneebar submission. Miro teeters on the edge of defeat, almost succumbing to Bryan's relentless assault. But Miro is able to summon his inner strength, powering out of the submission and delivering a gutwrench suplex. As the crowd erupts, Miro follows up with a jaw-dropping release German Suplex.
In a breathtaking display of athleticism, Bryan counters a second Miro suplex attempt, landing gracefully on his feet and he delivers a roundhouse kick to Miro's head. Bryan relentlessly pummels Miro with a barrage of knee strikes to the head, stomping with unyielding fury. The crowd is on its feet, chanting in sheer admiration as Bryan attempts his signature running knee strike, only to be caught mid-air by Miro, who executes a bone-rattling Powerbomb. Miro, overcome with emotion, points skyward, seemingly communing with his divine power. His fervor reaches its peak as he locks in the fearsome Game Over submission. Bryan, however, refuses to surrender, summoning every ounce of fight in his body to crawl towards the bottom rope. Undeterred, Miro savagely stomps on Bryan's back, determined to enforce his dominance. Once again, he applies the Game Over submission, but Bryan summons his remaining strength, rolling over and trapping Miro in the LeBell Lock, targeting his left arm and head. Miro fights back with a furious onslaught of punches. Bryan refuses to relent, transitioning seamlessly into the same triangle that gave Eddie Kingston problems, delivering thunderous elbows to Miro's head. The intensity reaches a fever pitch, but Miro resorts to desperate measures, using eye-gouging tactics to break free. Undeterred, Bryan retaliates with punishing kicks to Miro's body, but the Bulgarian Brute absorbs the blows and counters with a ruthless kick to Bryan's ribs. The two warriors ascend the turnbuckle, and in a breathtaking display of agility, Bryan executes a heart-stopping DDT off the top rope
As the crowd erupts in a frenzy of anticipation, Bryan seizes the moment, poised to deliver the final blow. With a surge of adrenaline coursing through his veins, he unleashes a running knee with unmatched precision, colliding with Miro's skull. The impact is thunderous, and the Bulgarian Brute crumples to the canvas. The referee dives into action, sliding into position to administer the three-count. The entire arena holds its breath as the referee's hand strikes the mat once... twice... and with a deafening roar, the final count echoes throughout the arena.
Danielson is overjoyed with his victory and he cuts a promo after the match which redeems him in the eyes of the fans.
Wednesday December 6th Dynamite
It is here that we see Adam Page and Kenny Omega go to battle once again. All the tension that they tried to put to the side resurfaces. As the deafening cheers of the crowd fill the arena, anticipation hangs heavy in the air. Both men, having shared a tumultuous history, find themselves standing on the precipice of an opportunity that could alter the course of their careers. As the bell tolls, a moment of hesitation lingers between Page and Omega. Their eyes meet, conveying the unspoken bond they once shared, as well as the lingering memories of their past battles. Their admiration for one another tempered by the overwhelming desire to claim victory and secure a shot at MJF. Both of them wanting be AEW's hero.
The match begins with a cautious approach, each wrestler studying the other's movements, searching for a weakness to exploit. Page, with his cowboy spirit, displays his trademark agility and strength, executing flawless suplexes and lightning-fast strikes. Omega, the virtuoso of the squared circle, responds with masterful counters and breathtaking high-flying maneuvers, leaving the audience in awe. As the match progresses, the hesitation slowly fades away, replaced by an intense competitive fire that burns within both men. Page's determination to prove himself worthy of the championship opportunity pushes him to new heights, delivering awe-inspiring dives from the top rope and bone-crushing power moves that send shockwaves through the ring.
Omega, showing a side of him that we have not seen since Full Gear, demonstrates why he is considered one of the greatest wrestlers of this generation. With his signature V-Triggers and mind-bending submission holds, he takes control of the match, methodically wearing down Page. The crowd's emotions surge as they witness the clash of these titans, torn between their admiration for Page's underdog spirit and their respect for Omega's undeniable skill.
In a heart-wrenching moment, Page summons his last ounce of strength, refusing to succumb to defeat. With a surge of adrenaline, he unleashes a flurry of hard-hitting strikes, stunning Omega and igniting a glimmer of hope within the crowd. But Omega, driven by his insatiable thirst for victory, fights back with unyielding ferocity, displaying his arsenal of devastating maneuvers that have made him a force to be reckoned with. As the final moments of the match approach, both competitors are pushed to their physical and emotional limits. The crowd, fully invested in the narrative unfolding before them, erupts with fervor, their cheers echoing throughout the arena. In a moment of sheer brilliance, Omega executes the One-Winged Angel and he pins Page to the canvas for the three-count.
The sound of the bell signals Omega's triumph, and the crowd rises to their feet in a mixture of admiration and bittersweet emotions. Page, though defeated, is given a standing ovation for his incredible effort, his heart and determination shining through the loss. Omega, a mix of relief and satisfaction, stands tall as the victor, knowing that he must be the one to dethrone MJF.
Sunday December 10th ROH Final Battle
Another battle in the storied rivalry between Punk and Joe. Punk and Joe face off on the Collision before the PPV and both Punk cuts a promo about how he NEEDS to defeat Joe and he NEEDS to defeat MJF but Joe cuts him off. Joe mentions that Punk has never beaten him before and at the end of the night it will just be more empty promises from Punk as the two brawl to end the show.
The match erupts into a furious display of athleticism and strategy, with Punk unleashing his lightning-fast speed and quick thinking while Joe relies on his unrivaled power. Punk's determination to overcome his past defeats fuels him, igniting a fire within his soul. He throws caution to the wind, unleashing a relentless assault on Joe, leaving no opportunity for his opponent to recover. Punk surprises Joe with an array of unexpected maneuvers. His agility allows him to evade Joe's strikes, while his calculated precision lands devastating blows. The crowd's excitement builds with each near-fall, their cheers echoing throughout the arena.
Punk summons the spirit of their past battles. He employs tactics that have troubled Joe in the past, pushing the Samoan Submission Machine to the brink. Every move carries the weight of their shared history, as Punk looks to rewrite his story and emerge victorious. As the match reaches its climax, Punk executes a series of awe-inspiring moves that leave the crowd in a state of awe. The atmosphere crackles with electricity as Punk, determined to defy the odds, delivers a thunderous Go to Sleep to a staggered Joe. The impact reverberates through the arena but the referee is only able to slap the mat twice before Joe kicks out.
Joe rises and looks to deny Punk once again as he tosses Punk to the corner. Joe sprints at Punk but Punk is able to move out of the way! Punk lays into Joe with knees and kicks. He turns Joe around and walks to the apron. The collective realization washes across the crowds face as they see what he’s attempting, A PEPSI PLUNGE! Punk nails his finisher and finally is able to keep Samoa Joe down for a three count.
The crowd erupts in a frenzy of jubilation as Punk emerges triumphant, his long-awaited victory finally secured. The moment is an emotional culmination of his journey, a testament to his unwavering resolve and refusal to be defeated. The arena reverberates with the deafening cheers of fans who have witnessed history unfold before their very eyes. Punk stands tall, his body battered and bruised, but a victorious smile etched upon his face. The segment ends with Punk calling out MJF and telling him that he’s coming for that title.
Wednesday December 13th Dynamite
It is on this dynamite that we see the first ever singles matchup between Adam Cole and Claudio Castagnoli. Right from the opening bell, the action explodes with a flurry of technical mastery and high-flying maneuvers. Castagnoli utilizes his power to dominate the early moments of the match, delivering thunderous European uppercuts and a gutwrench suplex that shakes the ring. The crowd erupts in awe as Cole, manages to counter with a lightning-quick enzuigiri, staggering Castagnoli.
As the match intensifies, Cole unleashes a barrage of strikes, hoping to keep Castagnoli on the defensive. He connects with a devastating superkick that sends Castagnoli crashing to the mat, but to everyone's surprise, Castagnoli kicks out at the last possible moment, igniting a wave of disbelief and excitement among the audience. Undeterred, Cole seizes the moment, scaling the turnbuckle to deliver the Panama Sunrise. He nails the finish cleanly but CASTAGNOLI KICKS OUT WITH MILLISECONDS TO GO!! Castagnoli, fueled by the roar of the crowd, rises to his feet, delivering a series of blistering uppercuts that leave Cole reeling. The momentum shifts as Castagnoli launches himself off the ropes, executing a jaw-dropping Big Swing, twirling Cole around with incredible speed. The audience is in a frenzy as Castagnoli transitions seamlessly into the sharpshooter, applying immense pressure on Cole's legs.
With the crowd on the edge of their seats, Cole fights tooth and nail, refusing to submit. He summons every ounce of his fighting spirit, clawing his way to the ropes to force a break! Claudio realizes that he must go deep into his bag and he slams Cole to the ground with a brutal powerbomb. Castagnoli then scales the turnbuckle, ascending to the top rope. With precision and grace, he launches himself into the air, executing an awe-inspiring MOONSAULT that connects perfectly with Cole's prone body. The impact is earth-shattering, and the referee's hand slams the mat for the three-count.
Updated Bracket
Saturday December 16th Collision
Before the main event match between CM Punk and Bryan Danielson we get a hype package. Both men are in backstage interviews and they talk about their history with MJF and each other. The anticipation is palpable as the bell rings, signaling the start of this epic semifinal clash.
Punk wastes no time, immediately targeting Bryan's leg with a vicious assault. He locks Bryan in a devastating leg lock submission, applying immense pressure. The crowd erupts in awe as Bryan summons every ounce of strength to fight his way out of the hold, showcasing his incredible resilience.
With both competitors already showing signs of fatigue due to the unforgiving schedule, Bryan launches a flurry of lightning-fast kicks, trying to gain the upper hand. However, Punk's determination shines through as he mounts a relentless comeback. He stomps on the back of Bryan, unleashing a surge of aggression, while the announcers amplify the intensity of the moment. Punk unleashes a thunderous kneebreaker, exploiting Bryan's vulnerable state. Seizing the opportunity, he hurls Bryan over the top rope, crashing onto the unforgiving floor. Sensing victory within his grasp, Punk continues his assault, ramming Bryan into the security wall, leaving a lasting impression. As both competitors make their way back into the ring, Bryan refuses to stay down. He unleashes a missile dropkick and the near fall electrifies the arena, with the fans on the edge of their seats.
Recognizing Punk's vulnerable state, Bryan seizes the moment, applying an excruciating abdominal stretch. The commentators emphasize the effects of the grueling tournament on both men, as they continue to push their limits. The crowd rallies behind Punk, acknowledging his resilience despite his sore ribs and back from previous encounters Punk summons his inner strength, fighting back with a tenacious figure four leglock. Bryan, known for his ability to escape holds, struggles to break free and refuses to relent, inflicting punishment on Bryan's already battered body. Bryan reaches the ropes to the delight of the roaring crowd.
The battle reaches its crescendo as both men unleash a flurry of strikes and near falls. The dueling chants echo throughout the arena, showcasing the crowd's appreciation for the remarkable athleticism and heart on display. Each passing minute intensifies the struggle, with fatigue threatening to overcome them. In a pivotal moment, Bryan attempts a superplex, aiming to put an end to Punk's run. Punk is able to shove Bryan off the ropes but BRYAN PULLS PUNK DOWN WITH HIM!!
The energy in the arena reaches a fever pitch as Punk and Bryan engage in a slugfest, refusing to back down. Punk's determination shines through as he delivers a devastating running knee to the corner. Bryan's valiant efforts fall short, allowing Punk to counter his bulldog attempt. Summoning every ounce of energy, Punk unleashes a barrage of offense, showcasing his unmatched skills. In a heart-stopping moment, Punk delivers a GTS that connects squarely with Bryan. The crowd explodes as Punk goes for the cover, securing the victory.
Wednesday December 20th Dynamite
In the highly anticipated semifinal clash between Kenny Omega and Claudio Castagnoli, the stakes are sky-high. Both men step into the ring, their bodies weary from the demanding tournament. The atmosphere crackles with anticipation as the bell rings, signaling the start of this electrifying encounter.
Omega and Castagnoli waste no time engaging in a technical display of skill and power. Omega, known for his agility and speed, unleashes a barrage of lightning-fast strikes, forcing Castagnoli on the defensive. Castagnoli, a powerhouse in his own right, counters with raw strength, overpowering Omega and leaving the crowd in awe. As the match progresses, the weariness from the tournament becomes apparent. The intensity rises as both competitors dig deep, showcasing their unwavering determination to secure a spot in the finals. Omega, a master of mind games, strategically targets Castagnoli's weaknesses, seeking to exploit any opening.
The action reaches a fever pitch as Omega and Castagnoli exchange high-impact maneuvers and near falls. The crowd hangs on every moment, torn between their admiration for Omega's innovative offense and Castagnoli's awe-inspiring power. Each move brings them closer to the edge of their seats. Sensing the end drawing near, Omega unleashes a sudden burst of energy. He hits Castagnoli with a flurry of devastating strikes, leaving his opponent reeling. Omega pauses for a second and then seemingly makes up his mind. GTS!!! Omega nails Claudio with a GTS and picks up the limp Claudio then hits a One Winged Angel! The referee's hand slaps the mat for the three-count, solidifying Omega's victory. The arena pulsates with energy as Omega revels in his triumph, setting the stage for an epic clash between him and Punk in the finals.
Saturday December 23rd Collision
Kenny Omega makes his first ever Collision appearance in this episode. As the night ends we see an intense face-to-face confrontation between Omega and Punk. The arena crackles with anticipation as they lock eyes, their gazes piercing through the tension in the air. The crowd erupts into thunderous cheers, fully aware of the significance of this moment.
Omega, the self-proclaimed "Best Bout Machine," exudes confidence. Punk, the embodiment of rebellion and defiance, stands tall, fueled by the fire that has fueled his career. The atmosphere is electric as the cameras capture every second of this historic encounter. Microphone in hand, Omega unleashes a torrent of verbal jabs, taunting Punk about taking his ball and leaving and questioning his ability to defeat him. Punk, known for his sharp wit and unyielding determination, remains composed, absorbing Omega's words and plotting his own retort.
With the tension reaching its peak, Punk finally responds, his voice filled with conviction. He says that ever since he came to AEW all he’s wanted to do was beat Kenny Omega's ass. He acknowledges Omega's prowess but reminds him of their unfinished business. The crowd hangs on Punk's every word, knowing that the battle between these two warriors will be one for the ages.
The segment concludes with a heated staredown, the air thick with animosity. The anticipation for their clash at Winter is Coming reaches fever pitch as fans eagerly await the culmination of this bitter rivalry.
December 27th AEW Winter is Coming
The bell rings, and the match ignites into an explosive start. Punk and Omega waste no time in unleashing a flurry of high-impact maneuvers, showcasing their athleticism and technical prowess. The crowd is on the edge of their seats, witnessing a masterclass in professional wrestling. The pace of the match is relentless, with both competitors pushing their bodies to the limit. Punk and Omega engage in a series of near falls, each count sending shockwaves through the arena. The crowd is completely invested, their cheers and gasps echoing throughout the venue.
Omega, fueled by his determination to prove himself as the best, pulls out all the stops. He unleashes a breathtaking display of aerial maneuvers, leaving the crowd in awe. Springboard moonsaults, top-rope dives, and lightning-fast strikes become the norm as Omega showcases his full repertoire. The audience is swept up in a wave of excitement, unable to tear their eyes away from the captivating action unfolding before them. Punk, refusing to back down, counters Omega's onslaught with a ferocity of his own. He employs his technical expertise and hard-hitting strikes, creating moments of high drama and intense back-and-forth exchanges. The crowd is in a frenzy, their cheers echoing through the rafters, as they witness the clash of these two wrestling legends.
The match extends well beyond its expected duration, reaching an unprecedented length that exceeds all expectations. The endurance and determination of both Punk and Omega are put to the test as they dig deep into their reserves, summoning every ounce of strength and willpower. In a jaw-dropping moment, Omega executes a mind-boggling sequence of maneuvers, leaving the crowd in stunned silence. His innovative offense leaves Punk struggling to keep up, showcasing Omega's undeniable talent and skill. The crowd erupts in thunderous applause, recognizing the brilliance of Omega's performance.
As the match enters its climactic final moments, the tension in the arena becomes almost unbearable. The crowd is on the edge of their seats, holding their breath with every near fall and near miss. The atmosphere is charged with emotion, as fans are torn between their support for Punk and their admiration for Omega's resilience. In the end, Omega unleashes the One-Winged Angel, catching Punk off guard. The arena explodes with an eruption of cheers, as Omega secures the hard-fought victory.

Final Bracket
You could go either way with who wins at endgame. I would probably lean towards it going to Omega but there could be a great story with the whole MJF contract business.
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2023.06.03 03:00 Kymilove Freeing up space in onedrive?

Okay so I've started using mods on the sims and I've apparently used up all of my storage space on one drive. I believe I've just been saving all of my files to one drive and not my PC? If that's possible. In my settings it says I have 900 GB of free space. Can anyone help me figure out how to not share my sims file to onedrive? Which if I do that, will the game still work?
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