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Lads that you’re in awe at the size of.

2018.01.05 11:35 VilePug Lads that you’re in awe at the size of.

Absolute Unit : an Animal or Public Figure, who is larger than we should normally expect.

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The place of reason - the place of the Metric System.

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We're a forum for the discussion of Type 1 diabetes including treatment, research, moral support, rants, and CGM graphs.

2023.03.22 16:52 Big-Adhesiveness-650 You are named the new executive producer of Takedown, what changes do you make?

I am fascinated with the progression of tone/production of TCAP to HVP to Takedown. I think everyone here probably has an opinion on why the previous iterations were better, but I’m curious how you think the show could improve at this point? (Of course taking into consideration how closely the stings are now being ran by lawr enforcement)
For me, part of where the comedy was found in the previous iterations of the show was how overly-produced these shows were as news segments to be broadcast on television. Chris, the straight-laced professional journalist, using his broadcasting voice to figure out why these guys are here. The predators always felt like fishes out of water when showing up at sting houses that actual felt like they were lived in too.
Here are the main changes I’d make:
Staging/production design: If it weren’t possible to move the stings to bigger houses, I would put more of the funding into staging the houses to seem like real homes. I think this would help for the emersion of the audience, as well as catching the predators off-guard upon arrival. TCAP & HVP also did a better job with camera placement to get the best shots of the predators during the conversations.
Editing/tone: I think the editing & Chris’ approach to these interviews is what could really improve it for me. Chris doesn’t feel like a journalist anymore, but rather a hardened sheriff that kind of just scolds the predators. I’m sure it comes with age & how long he’s been doing this, but it doesn’t make for compelling television in the way most of us enjoy these shows. I would encourage Chris to loosen up & remind him he’s not a cop, but rather a journalist trying to make compelling news stories. I appreciate the graphics/voiceover work from the original series, along with Chris’ talking head bits as well. I think we need more of that & less unedited cell phone footage of the cops working the stings.
I know that it’s a different point in time for both the Chris Hansen we know, as well as how these investigations are done now, so maybe my requests are unreasonable. Would love to hear what you guyyyys have to say!
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2023.03.22 16:52 Hamisachilldude My flame.

Hey P, I been missing you.
I’ve messed my life up a little because I have been a little lost without you. I find it hard not to just sit and cry when I think of you. Now that you have gone oh so far away. I do my best to not hide from life and keep going, but like I told you before you left you are my light . There were so many times when it was dark for me and you lit the way forward with your deathless smile. One of your many good attributes. I loved how you looked like a short Keanu reeves. Remember id call you John Wick? Yea I know you hated that but I knew I could get a chuckle out of you.
My favorite thing about us was the fact that so many times I could say I miss you and then you would say it back and ask me what I was doing and I would typically come running to wherever you were with a smile on my face because I knew I would get to see your smile which was so much better. I could hear your laugh, kiss you, hold you, hold your hand, or just be able to lay my head on you. It’s been a month I know and I’m trying to go after my dreams still and be strong. Also I know that I cant see you anymore but I hope you can see me. It hurts me so bad this world is a lot lonelier with out you in it. I know it looks like I might not be able to make it at times but I will because I know you love me and you always was one of my best supporters. You are the best friend that any man could have asked for, you were my dreams come true. I got to say thank you. Thank you for not giving up on me when i wanted to give up on myself. Thank you for making me more fearless. Thank you for making me a better man. Thank you for not taking my B.S. Thank you for being there when so many walked away. Thank you for putting up with me and my silliness at times. I can’t really send this one to you so I’m stuck screaming into the endless void of the universe. But I’ll seal this with love and if God is love maybe he can deliver this one for me. And now with tears running down my face I want you to know that no matter how high I get I will always still be looking up to you. With love, T.
P.S. I MISS YOU SO MUCH! And I really do love you. I’ll see you later.
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2023.03.22 16:52 Accomplished_Art_724 Ate ni jowa nangugutang

Boyfriend went near our house to quickly see me and also said to me na kinausap daw siya ng ate niya. Ang asawa ni ate (lets say si kuya riz) ay pupunta na raw ng Australia sa Monday for work.
I was surprised pero mas nagulat ako slight sa sumunod
Ang sabi ng ate niya baka daw pwede makahiram sa amin ng jowa ko ng 50k. So tig 25k kami at kahit daw tubuan niya ng 5%.
Di ko alam pero sobrang nega ko talaga pagdating sa pagpapahiram ng pera. Di ko naman akalain din na ganon kalaki ans hihiramin. Tapos kelangan sa Monday na. Ilan araw lang pagitan.
So I said no. Ang dami ko pa sinabi like sabi ko kung may mangyari masama sa relationship namin ni bf (like breakup) paano ko sisingilin ate niya.
Sabi ko sure din ba yun na may trabaho si kuya riz sa Aus. Magkano ba sahod niya, kasi besides supporting himself, kelangan niya supportahan yung asawa at 4 na anak at isang magiging apo niya (buntis kasi yung isang anak na 18 yo). Tapos sabi ko rin yung ate niya, magkano lang sahod. Sabi ko rin eh paano kung takbukhan siya ni kuya Riz
Ang daming nega parang all negative posibilities naisip ko.
Ewan ko kung gago ba ako sa part na to or what kasi kapatid yun ng jowa ko eh.
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2023.03.22 16:52 Specialist-Rice-5352 Hurting

This girl I liked and she liked me didn’t know what she wanted and we’d always flirt and I was fallin in love with her. About 4 months later she switched up out of no where and told me she wants to be friends. She told her friend she never rlly liked me so I asked her about it and she told me to shut up and to forget ab us and that me keep talking ab it makes me pathetic. I didn’t know what to say but that shit hit deep for some reason. Lowkey can’t get stop thinking ab her calling me pathetic. Maybe she’s right.
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2023.03.22 16:52 TheMaskedRider Anyone know where to find the smaller parking lots on Xbox One?

I can find the multistory parking lot under other parks, but can’t seem to find the smaller lots that came with the update.
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2023.03.22 16:52 razberries_on_mars @SHChronicle: The Oregon House Behavioral Health & Health Care committee chose not to schedule a hearing for HB 3312, the Alcohol Harm Reduction Act by the Friday, March 17 deadline, effectively overlooking and killing the legislation.

@SHChronicle: The Oregon House Behavioral Health & Health Care committee chose not to schedule a hearing for HB 3312, the Alcohol Harm Reduction Act by the Friday, March 17 deadline, effectively overlooking and killing the legislation. submitted by razberries_on_mars to StHelensOR [link] [comments]


Do you know what a writer’s worst fear is? No, not rejection – typos! Luckily this week’s experimental features for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition include the ability to edit your signs, write on both sides, and even lock your text by applying wax! Once you’ve rewritten all your signs, you can point them towards the new suspicious gravel block being added in this week’s changelog, or even fill them with crafting instructions for the new sculk sensor. The choice is yours! Discover the new sign customization along with suspicious gravel and other new features that will join Minecraft in the Trails & Tales Update later this year. Don’t forget to send us all your feedback and ideas at and report any bugs to

Experimental Features

Calibrated Sculk Sensors

Vibration Resonance

Sign Improvements


Cherry Blossom Biome

Features and Bug Fixes

Accessibility Features


Vanilla Parity





Touch Controls

User Interface

Technical Updates



Technical Experimental Features


The following APIs have been moved from beta to stable u/minecraft/server (1.1.0):

GameTest Framework


As always, you can check out the latest full changelog at Good luck and enjoy the Minecraft Preview update!
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2023.03.22 16:52 Ok_Cartographer6328 Need Advice for friend

Attached to friend with said disorder. She’s never been involved with anyone before. She never gave a commitment, and according to her we were “just friends”. But I could tell, and everyone around us could tell there was something going on between us. Her parents, sister, everyone noticed it.
She hardly texted and even ignored texts. But we exchanged snaps daily 2/3 times. And there was some texting at night. And we copied each other’s snaps, I think in a way it was like confessing love for each other.
Got blocked after confessing love directly on text. She gave warning before doing so but I doubled down on the love lol.
6 months later, she came to my house while I was blocked. ( for a family function, as our parents are close) Acted completely normal, and was only interested in spending time with me, and no one else at the party.
That day I could notice the signs of disorganised attachment and dissociation. Snapping at me, look of frozen terror when I was being romantic, laughing like a five year old girl when I was being flirty, zoning out etc. And she was confiding in me like a friend that day.
And before I got blocked and things were normal(relatively lol) she told me her deepest secret, even if it was just in a few words.
She has all the signs of a horrible childhood. After I got blocked I messaged using brothers phone like once a month but no reply. But she saw them. And never pressured her to unblock.
But after she came to my house, I added her to WhatsApp group with just us two, told her she was behaving bad, she left the group. Also told her she can say goodbye anytime, but DIRECTLY. But no goodbye, just left group. I Got brothers phone and told her to stop running away as that won’t solve anything. Then she accused me of harassing her( lashed out and wrote paragraph long texts to my brother about how I don’t respect her etc.) Told her sorry, will never message again. Then she said she will unblock me but to respect her boundaries as friend. Bullshit, as deep down she knows it’s more than that. But I’ll comply.
She’s Still unresponsive after getting unblocked.
My question is, is it better to keep sending texts periodically or to let her isolate completely and wait for her to come to me. I know the relationship is alive, I could feel it when she met me recently.
She’s in a very bad place and I’m ready to wait cause love. Lol.
It’s been 8 months since she initially blocked me. I’m still blocked everywhere except WhatsApp.
This is a very serious level of mental illness, I can tell. Even I’m somewhere along the lines of crazy , that’s why I understand her a little but nowhere near her.
Fine with being just friends as long as I’m there for her. Idk how that will work as it’s weird for a guy and girl to be just friends, specially near marriageable age.
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2023.03.22 16:51 Spirited_Purchase_32 I don’t understand

I can never stop thinking, no matter how my hobbies I take up. Being depressed, I took peoples advice to make the world my oyster, to do things and travel wherever I want. But no matter how many things I see everything feels empty. The responsibility we have is wrong, the world itself, life, it’s all wrong. Do you know how many animals and plants have died out? Only 1% of all life on earth that has ever lived isn’t extinct. Life itself, in my opinion, is an anomaly. It’s trying to survive, carve out an existence for itself. Many can still find joy in it, and for them I am so very happy. However, this cannot be the case for us all. I must say, I do not see myself as enlightened, quite the opposite really. I don’t find joy in hobbies, work, travel. Such things hold no meaning to me. Again, others find joy in it, but not me.
“Find joy in the little things.”
“It gets better.”
“Life has no meaning; so the world is your oyster.”
If these statements help you, I’m glad. But to me, they feel like lies. I don’t want consciousness anymore. I no longer want pain, sadness, not even joy. I don’t want to perceive the ills of the world, be held responsible for things other people did, and not my own agency. Not only that, in general, everything is just so—complicated. So many places, so many skills and hobbies, so many people. When I didn’t exist I didn’t have to know any of this. I don’t want to know any of this, and that’s a feeling I just can’t explain. I guess It’s just, the blissful nature of the abyss will always draw me back in.
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2023.03.22 16:51 No_Cycle_5364 CA: $NeedyNotGreedy23 PP: ItzUr$&IWantItNow23 WishList: Visa Prepaid Gift Cards, Prepaid Gas Cards (so I can make it to my nail and hair appt) You can pay my landlord directly, just inbox me for his info (btw this is all a joke) 🤣🤣🤣 y’all would help me wouldn’t you?

CA: $NeedyNotGreedy23 PP: ItzUr$&IWantItNow23 WishList: Visa Prepaid Gift Cards, Prepaid Gas Cards (so I can make it to my nail and hair appt) You can pay my landlord directly, just inbox me for his info (btw this is all a joke) 🤣🤣🤣 y’all would help me wouldn’t you? submitted by No_Cycle_5364 to TiktokScammersBeggarz [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 16:51 Capital_Version9769 Is Goddess Durga immortal?

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2023.03.22 16:51 jacksoncatlett Best place to buy bud?

I live in east TN in the tri cities and i’ve been wanting to try out a ‘cbd’ shop in VA. The only one i really know of is the Zarati shop in bristol/weber city. the people at Hippie House told me they were just now opening a new location in coeburn that was getting shipments of real weed but I couldn’t find it on google. What’s the best place to go within ~1hr drive of Bristol?
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2023.03.22 16:51 PurpleColourSplash Looking for a place to move to in Bristol within 30ish minutes bus drive to the centre

I know most bus services here are crap, i’ve lived in Bristol for 3 years now but have always lived in Fishponds. I’m looking to buy a house and move somewhere new.
My number one place was Bradley Stoke as I know the M1 runs through there, but at the moment there doesn’t seem to be much for sale at the price i’m looking for, houses seem to be £270,000 whereas my budget is £255,000.
Was just wondering if anyone else could recommend an alright place in Bristol with decent (or as decent as it can be) ability to commute into the centre (Around half an hour) and around that price range, if this exists. Just so that I might be able to broaden my housing search a bit.
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2023.03.22 16:51 Gloomy-Use241 Passed the SC-900

I passed the Microsoft SC-900 certification last week. Prepared for a week
Thanks to freecodecamp
and whizlabs practice test questions
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2023.03.22 16:51 babystrudel Should I take the GRE?

All the schools I am really interested in don’t require it. I currently have a list of about 8-9 schools that I know I want to apply to. Should I take the GRE anyway?
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2023.03.22 16:51 borgerairconditioner Borger Air Conditioning Corp

Air Conditioning Installs, Maintenance & Repair In New York.

We are committed to build trust and goodwill among our customers by setting high standards in the market for Air Conditioning Services. Our AC services are well-recognized in the state and customers proudly recommend us for all kinds of air conditioning solutions. Borger Air Conditioning Corp is also a leading supplier of air conditioner parts and accessories like window units, PTAC units, thru-the-wall units, heating coils, and water storage heat pumps. If you notice any kind of disturbance, noise, or breakdown in your air-conditioning system, you can call us anytime.
Call us today: (516) 604-6921 or Visit
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2023.03.22 16:51 Low_Psychology9860 What is your perception of rich?

I just want to know kung ano main basis ng ibang mga tao to define rich people. I often get labelled as rich, but I am considered part of the middle class. Yes, we can afford apple products but I don’t think having these gadgets can be a sole basis for being rich.
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2023.03.22 16:51 thejuulpod How to feel more confident on top?

I’m a curvier girl (not big but not very tiny either) and I can almost not stand to have sex while on top. I don’t even know how to move when doing it? Porn makes it look so easy and effortless. My knees hurt and i feel like i look sooo unattractive. Any advice on how to make it feel good and be more comfortable with it?
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2023.03.22 16:51 Alternative-Tomato87 First time playing, in for $200 out for $750

First and foremost, massive shoutout to this entire Reddit page for some very helpful advice to new players! I love games like Catan and liars dice so thought craps would be perfect.
When first arriving the tables were full and fast paced so I didn’t get in immediately, but when it calmed down to a few people I jumped in on a $25 minimum table next to the dealer. Few super safe pass line bets and tipped a few bucks to start.
Long story short, ended up getting crazy hot on 6s and 8s for what felt like 15 minutes and the comradere at the table was next level
Side note: As soon as I won a few hands I put the $200 away and only played with what was in front of me. As a beginner, it felt easier to manage cash flow
Best casino game ever 😃
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2023.03.22 16:51 pawprint554 AITA for dropping a friend for what she did to her cat

This happened a while ago but has recently come back up
A close friend of mine wanted to get a cat. Since I’m a big cat person she came to me for help choosing a cat and to ask for tips on cat care. About a week of her having the cat she came to me and asked about declawing because the cat was scratching everything up. I told her that you should never declaw a cat. I made sure to tell her all the negative side effects such as heavy biting and peeing everywhere. I also made sure to tell her some alternative solutions such as clipping the nails or using nail caps. At the time it seemed like she got the message.
A while later I heard from someone else that she went and got him declawed anyway. When I called her to confirm she said yes, apparently he had scratched up her favorite shirt and that was the last straw for her. Of course I was very upset with her since I directly told her not to do that. She didn’t see the big deal and said there have been no negative side effects. After this incident I distanced myself from her, we didn’t talk as much and I was more reluctant to be around her. She noticed my changed and told me this was something stupid to get so upset over.
After a month I found out she was looking for a dog. The reason she was looking for a dog was because she gave the cat away. When I asked why she gave him away she said he refused to use the litter box. I then told her that was one of the side effects I tried to warn her about. She just brushed me off and said it’s not her problem anymore. I tried asking who she gave him to because I wanted to make sure he was in a good home and I’d be willing to take him if things didn’t work out. She refused to tell me anything. There is a small part of me that still thinks she didn’t give him away and either threw him out or something worse.
This left me heartbroken, the poor cat was punished for something that was in no way it’s fault. After this I completely cut her out my life. I didn’t answer any calls or text and always declined when she wanted to hang out. She called me out for caring more about an animal than her. The rest of my friend group took her side and shunned me. I had to find new friends but if all my old one saw nothing wrong with what she did then it was for the best. When I told my new friends this story they were on my side.
This person is now trying to insert herself in my life again and is saying I’m an a hole for treating her so cruelly and that I need to apologize. I really don’t think I was in the wrong for dropping her but maybe it’s weird to put an animal over a person.
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2023.03.22 16:51 f1newsbot Hamilton won’t be Mercedes’ lead driver until F1 car changes

With Mercedes so far away from race-winning, let alone title-contending, form and Lewis Hamilton not having a 2024 Formula 1 contract yet, ‘Hamilton mood watch’ would be a popular pastime even without him being as – relatively – outspoken about the team’s efforts as he has been lately.
He’s also not even been the team’s top performer. Yes, he led George Russell home in Bahrain, but it’s 2-0 to Russell in the qualifying battle (the Saturday gap nearly four tenths of a second in Saudi Arabia last weekend) and Russell finished ahead on race day in Jeddah too.
Sunday was still better for Hamilton in Saudi Arabia than Friday and Saturday. Only eighth in qualifying, and off the pace on hard tyres in the first stint, when he was overtaken by both Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc, he benefited from being able to clear his pitstop under the safety car and then being on mediums for the second stint when most others were on hards. That allowed a move on Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari to secure fifth place.
It was enough for Hamilton to declare he was “generally happy” and that there were “lots of positives to take” from the Jeddah weekend. He was pleasantly surprised to beat both Ferraris in the race too, though Ferrari’s take on this was that it was just the vagaries of race circumstances such as safety car timing for its strategy and then it faring badly on hards, rather than a sign that it was now behind Mercedes overall.
But even amid his relatively content end to the weekend, there was a strong hint that Hamilton’s not going to be Mercedes’ main hope until something changes with the car.
There was a degree to which Hamilton said the disparity between him and Russell was just down to set-up choices, and Hamilton certainly did seem to go awry on that front relative to his team-mate.
But both Hamilton and team boss Toto Wolff spoke of there still being a fundamental issue with the 2023 Mercedes that’s going to limit what Hamilton in particular can do with it until a major change is made.
“We’re a long way down on downforce for one, we have to pick up the rear end on downforce particularly,” said Hamilton when asked what needed to happen for him to get more confidence in the W14.
“The more rear we gain, the more stable the rear becomes, the more confident we’ll be to be able to attack.
“But I think in general this car, even if we change that, there’s a specific thing with something on the car.
“It’s a position I’ve not had in previous years’ cars. For me, it’s the thing that is making me uncomfortable so I’ve just got to work hard with the team to make sure that’s changed.”
Russell clearly got the car into a better working window in Saudi Arabia than Hamilton did.
I got the impression that Lewis just went in a set-up direction that wasn’t vastly different to Russell’s but was different enough that it just seemed to not be right.
He didn’t have confidence in the car all weekend. Russell did a better job, he probably didn’t manufacture in his own problems whereas it sounds like Hamilton did a little bit with the way that he wanted to try to adjust the car’s set-up.

But overall it’s just broadly where Mercedes is at the moment: the best case scenario is if something happens to the faster cars it might be able to steal a podium.
Asked by The Race if the Mercedes was more manageable in race conditions than when on an all-or-nothing qualifying lap, Hamilton agreed that heavy fuel and the more measured demands of race pace tamed the car to a degree.
“It’s on a massive knife-edge when you’re above 95% but when you’re in the race stint, it’s much more controllable, more predictable,” he said.
We’re still very early in the 2023 F1 season and only have small sample sets to judge relative performance on. The set-up success Russell had relative to Hamilton may have been specific to the asphalt demands of the Jeddah streets, for example.
But Hamilton’s recent talk of feeling ‘disconnected’ from the car and complaints that his feedback last year wasn’t heeded support a feeling that there’s a particular gap between what he wants for his driving style and preferences and how the W14 behaves, an added layer of personal discomfort beyond the car’s overall pace deficit. And a fundamental one too, not something that a set-up tweak or a different circuit will erase.
That was inferred in the way Wolff summarised Hamilton’s feelings about his 2023 car as well, his description carrying a clear hint that this is not just a bad car but a bad car that specifically does not suit what Hamilton needs.
“I think we have a fundamental issue that he’s not happy with and is linked to the way he feels the rear end of the car,” said Wolff.
“And that’s not something that can be cured quickly.
“But the drivers are the most important sensors in the car and if they tell us that’s what they feel, we need to consider that.”
On The Race F1 Podcast last week, Mark Hughes explained how Hamilton’s apparent complaints had steered Mercedes in the right direction with its previous-generation cars.
“Sometimes what the numbers say doesn’t tally with what the driver is trying to tell you and the driver will be overruled because the simulation says another thing and the engineers are working from numbers. But sometimes the reality’s not quite like that.
“Hamilton’s always asked for a car with which he can take corner approaches very, very aggressively, with very late braking, geometrical lines but very aggressive input and a rear that will keep up with it.
“When Mercedes had the diva car of 2017 (above), Hamilton was saying he would prefer a different aero balance. And over the next few years, he gradually convinced the team to keep moving it in the direction that he wanted it and from 2017 to 2020 it got better each year.
“If Mercedes looks back on it, it might actually see that there is a correlation between what Hamilton’s been asking for and performance, because the car did generally get better between 2017 and 2020 as it moved in the direction he was asking for.
“Having his input placed higher up the order of priorities is probably one of the lessons to learn.”
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2023.03.22 16:51 Randomredditor069 Assembly - this locking pin is moving in and out when I rotate the safe plate. I might have Mated it wrong but I can’t figure out how to stop it moving as I rotate the safe plate - more info in comments

Assembly - this locking pin is moving in and out when I rotate the safe plate. I might have Mated it wrong but I can’t figure out how to stop it moving as I rotate the safe plate - more info in comments submitted by Randomredditor069 to SolidWorks [link] [comments]