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2012.10.25 13:38 All Cops Are Bastards

All Cops? Well, buddy, they're bastards.

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A place to discuss music and anything else related to progressive metal.

2023.05.31 23:52 Subject_Dance_7942 Trying to find out if I'm being catfished

Was wondering if anyone could help me as well I have 2 pictures which I've already tried reverse image searching and nothing came up so I am lead to believe she could be real but then I asked for an outfit pic and she was shopping with her brother she is also living in France but the faces aren't visible and her "brother" is wearing a shirt from Aspen Colorado I'm a pretty skeptical person when attractive girls actually seem to enjoy talking to me so I'm cautious but I just wanna be sure
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2023.05.31 23:52 AstralDice_ Is there the exact same version of the „Sink“ song on Spotify?

I‘ve watched npesta‘s new video and I can‘t get the song out of my ears. It‘s called フィクサー (fixer) and it doesn‘t seem to be both by ぬゆり (nuyuri) or SymaG.
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2023.05.31 23:52 Allison2664 9dpo and sore boobs galore ⚡️

It’s been 9 days and I am getting those zaps ⚡️ especially on my nipples. Overall soreness but the drains are gone and healing has been good. Some peeling below my right nipple but my surgeon isn’t concerned. I have another post op appointment in 2 weeks. XOXO boob friends
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2023.05.31 23:51 Polibiux Oh no! She has AirPods on and can’t hear the tractor!

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2023.05.31 23:51 Karl_Hunguz The floor of an Applebee’s microwave brought in for service

The floor of an Applebee’s microwave brought in for service
Nearly all the silicone is missing from the tray that covers the bottom stirrer, and they wonder why it won’t heat right…
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2023.05.31 23:51 mrfishman3000 What’s your theory on why dogs in the Blueyverse don’t have litters of puppies?

Obviously the show couldn’t be about 5-8 heeler pups, but dogs have 5-6 pups on average. Why do dogs in this universe only have one at a time?
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2023.05.31 23:51 Oruni My first Inkarnate map :)

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2023.05.31 23:51 takerainpurple Anxiety in Quiet Places

Does anyone else with SIBO experience this? Being in class stresses me out because of my excess gas noises. I literally feel gas moving inside my body 24/7. I’m still experiencing this on Day 10 of Xifaxan. Some days are better then others. But my stomach never shuts up. I can drink water and it’ll produce gas. Is this not insane? Why is there no way to fix this? I cant live like this forever. It’s so embarrassing. My stomach is constantly making farting noises. And no it’s not my MMC working properly because it’s not your usual digestion sounds. It’s literally gas popping and exploding inside of me. It’s so hard for me to even hangout with friends or go to class because of this. Do you guys think Motility pro by Ortho Molecular will help improve this after my Xifaxan? and no gas x doesn’t work i’ve tried phazyme and gas x extra strength. Everything. It’s simply just so hard for me to pass gas. It never fully comes out, it’s just stuck for the next 12-24 hours. I don’t know what else to do. I swear i never had a problem being in quiet places until this problem, now it’s all i think about in any situation.
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2023.05.31 23:51 Few-Equivalent-9523 Please upvote the post and leave your link. I'll check out the comments on a random basis and click on your link as soon as I see it.

Haven’t clicked on any links yet so let’s click for click! Comment when done!
You can use the code: 161211007
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2023.05.31 23:51 tiredpiratess Intersection of GH and PTO?

If you give, say, 30 GH per week and the nanny uses PTO or sick leave in that week, how does that work?
Example 1: 30 GH/ week, nanny takes 1 week off. She gets paid for 30 hours, yes?
Example 2: 30 GH/ week, nanny takes Monday off, nanny works 26 hours T-F. We still just pay her 30 hours? Or do we pay her 32 hours because most work days are 6 hours?
I guess example 2 could also cover things like (paid) federal holidays, etc.
Trying to clean up an offer letter and want to make sure I have accounted for everything.
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2023.05.31 23:51 Unveiled_Nuggets Got let go today.

I’m just here to vent. Got let go because they weren’t going to be able to have me on and train me. I’m 1 1/2 years in the career. Joined this last company after a year with my first. Grass was greener. Last company doesn’t have any opening and now I’m afraid to go to a even worse company than my last 2.
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2023.05.31 23:51 Ok-Jellyfish3381 tried using the nitrox launcher to play multiplayer but it isn’t working. what can I do?

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2023.05.31 23:51 Sabarai I 27 F have no experience dating

Hi everyone,
The title is pretty self explanatory. Iam looking for advice preferably from late bloomers on how to start dating.
The reason I waited this long is because of trauma mostly. I was bullied a lot and was extremely sheltered as a child. And I also come from a very conservative country and I moved to a more sexually liberated one.
I am too intimidated to date because, I’m an adult now and the expectation is that iam experienced and know what I’m doing. And I don’t unfortunately. I’ve been putting off dating because after the age of 18 I started to feel ashamed of my status as a certified nerd and this has lead me here.
If you have some insight, please share it with me. My mail box is open, I’d love to hear about your personal experience.
TLDR: I have never dated and I’m looking for advice
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2023.05.31 23:51 CinnamonRage Unity Diner’s Tofish and Chips - was excellent. Haven’t had fish in near 7 years and this was one of the best copies I’ve had. Think the seaweed “skin” may have helped with the “sea flavour” (London - was there on holiday)

Unity Diner’s Tofish and Chips - was excellent. Haven’t had fish in near 7 years and this was one of the best copies I’ve had. Think the seaweed “skin” may have helped with the “sea flavour” (London - was there on holiday) submitted by CinnamonRage to veganuk [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 23:51 JoeTillman The Mane Event for Wednesday, May 31st

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2023.05.31 23:51 Icy_Connection_9367 Ideas anyone?

Ideas anyone?
I really need some ideas to tie a few events in my new story together! Basically a girl named Iris found a magic creature and ends up saving a magic forest. She takes care of the creature, but I can’t find a way for her to be drawn to the forest and adventure into the magic part of it. Any ideas? Also my handwriting isn’t perfect so stick with me 😅
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2023.05.31 23:51 throwRAfo99 My new boyfriend (25M) had sex with my(23F) brother (21M)

I’ve only been dating this guy for a few weeks officially and he was staying at my apartment. My brother needed a place to stay so he I let him sleep in my second room. I had to go to work in the afternoon yesterday but they both didn’t have things to do so it was just them when I left. I got off work early and walked in on my boyfriend fucking my brother and my brother was wearing my cloths. I obviously broke up with my boyfriend but I didn’t even know my brother was gay. I would feel like a bad big sister if I didn’t try to work this out. Is cutting off my brother the right thing to do?
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2023.05.31 23:51 sinnomantwo Possibly changing one of the classes

Possibly changing one of the classes
Incoming freshman here. I wanna keep the seminar since it’s basically knitting for a couple hours. But they said we couldn’t change times or professors for the classes given to us. I’m just worried about feeling overwhelmed with both chem and bio and precalc (don’t know if i’ll actually take precalc since i haven’t taken the MRA yet) in one semester.
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2023.05.31 23:51 asdfghjkl0303 Visiting Darwin in July! Things to do/see?

Hey Darwin! So I (23F) will be visiting my husband (24M) who is stationed in Darwin for about 10 days when he’s on leave in July. We’re American. We have a hotel booked in the city centre and just looking for tips & recommendations on what to do! He hasn’t done a whole lot of exploring in his time there yet. We have a day trip to Katherine Gorge booked- but that’s about it! I see mixed information about getting in the water in Darwin- so I’m assuming it’s best to just keep out? Any and all info is appreciated!
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2023.05.31 23:51 sawmymind Am I at risk for contamination

Ordered a product from China. It was an experimental drug for a rare condition that I am dealing with. On the Facebook group, someone said that they reacted poorly to just the PACKAGING. This made me paranoid. The package was delivered and I immediately threw it out (in the garbage bin outside, not in my house —- the product never entered my house). I used my bare hands, but washed them immediately. Am I at risk for any contamination? I’m feeling anxious right now but don’t have any other symptoms. Thanks.
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2023.05.31 23:51 Zealousideal_Bag1479 Best Company to work for for a PM?

I am currently interviewing with Gilbane, Hoar, and Robins & Morton. All seem to be pretty solid companies. Does anyone have any input on the upsides or downsides of these companies or worked there? I am looking to move to a larger company to stay long term. Gilbane and Robins and Morton I know are on site PM which I don’t mind and Hoar is out of the office which I probably prefer. Any input is appreciated!
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2023.05.31 23:51 invalid333 Boyfriend (29m) lied about having kids…

I (22f) have been dating him only for a month, but we got serious rather quickly. We talked quite a bit about it since he ‘came clean’. There was one time that his online gaming buddy let it slip that he had kids but I just thought it was an inside joke or something like I didn’t hear him correctly. After than I asked him directly if he had kids and he said no. Come last night on my way down to see him he texts me that he lied about something, he was sorry, and that in the moment he panicked.
I just do know how I feel, kids are not at all a dealbreaker for me in this relationship.
Q’s: -yes he pays the baby mama full child support -yes he sees them every three months as he is on the road for work -I’ve seen pictures -he knows what he did (lying about them) is wrong -he didn’t tell me on the first date (or soon thereafter) because he didn’t want me to walk away and also he is protective of them
Pretty much idk how I feel. I feel a little betrayed yet if I was in this situation I don’t think I would have told someone about my kids until I knew I wanted a more serious relationship with that person, but at the same time I straight up asked and he lied.
TLDR: Bf of one month lied abt having kids, feels bad, idk how to feel.
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