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2023.03.22 17:08 nwatkins364 Morant back for the stretch run. What situation is he returning to? --- Without Ja, the Grizzlies earned a valiant 6-3 record. What are some things we learned about this tough Grizzlies team during that time?

Morant back for the stretch run. What situation is he returning to? --- Without Ja, the Grizzlies earned a valiant 6-3 record. What are some things we learned about this tough Grizzlies team during that time?
Ja Morant’s absence only lasted a few weeks, but it felt like forever.
This is especially the case for a young team who has been without their cornerstone center since late January and recently lost another frontcourt impact player in Brandon Clarke.
The Grizzlies star point guard is back after an eight game suspension plus a reintroduction period and will see the court on Wednesday for the first time since March 3rd against the Nuggets.
His suspension spanned nearly ten percent of a season and was hopefully a time of reflection and healing as he looks to combat the mental stress that comes with having a team and city on your shoulders.
In his absence, Morant’s teammates dug into the 'ole tool bag and found ways to win while opening up some doors for key players on the roster.
Memphis overcame multiple deficits, including a 29 point hole against the Spurs. Though things seemed bleak on many occasions, the Grizzlies found ways to stay above water.
In the long run, this time spent without Morant could prove beneficial for the Grizzlies. Previously, a typical moment in a close game would involve three or four guys setting up camping chairs on offense while Morant does his thing and waltzes into the kitchen to cook. The creativity in end-of-game scenarios is frequently lacking. With Ja out, many other dudes got the chance to showcase their grit down the stretch. Even guys like Kenny Lofton got to step up to the plate and take a swing at success.
Since the article at ESPN spotlighting Dillon Brooks and his psycho defensive strategies, he has gone full WWE heel mode - and I’m here for it. The guy that the team readily proclaims as the heart and soul of the defense has helped bring the energy in the last few weeks among bleak circumstances. Brooks seems to have zeroed in on his niche and is putting a tremendous amount of focus on being a deterrent on defense and not forcing his shots on offense as much. During the stretch with Morant out, Brook’s usage rate was 18.9% - a point and a half lower than his season average. He also attempted 11.9 shots per game compared to the 13.7 he has attempted on the season. One would have expected to see an uptick in those areas for Brooks with Morant’s 20+ shots per game becoming available, but he was not the benefactor of those additional attempts. I think we can all agree this is for the better.
Where exactly did the Grizzles supplement their production? Well, coach Taylor Jenkins used a variety of lineups. The main starting lineup of Brooks, Tyus Jones, Jaren Jackson Jr., Xavier Tillman, and Desmond Bane was actually a net negative (-3) over this stretch in 191 possessions. The most successful lineup subbed in David Roddy for Brooks and was a plus -18 in 43 possessions (though Dillon himself was a plus -5.83 per 100). The bulk of this positive run likely came during Roddy’s run against Dallas where he lit them up for 43 points cumulative in a back-to-back series.
The biggest winner on offense for Memphis has been Jaren. He has stepped up and shown himself worthy of the All-Star bid that he received in February. His usage increased five points over his season average during the nine-game span of the Morant suspension. Jackson also led the team in scoring with 22.67 points per game compared to his 17 point per game average. He did this while not letting up on the defensive end. This shouldn’t be overlooked, as the Grizzlies frontcourt has been increasingly depleted by injuries, making Jackson’s success even more impressive. He is emerging as a true two-way play who discourages opponents from shooting at the rim and is learning to score consistently from the rack and the three-point line.
📷NBA University @NBA_UniversityJaren Jackson Jr. may not be a deep-drop rim deterrent, but my god he destroys everyone at the rim when they try… Guys shooting 14.6% (wow) less than expected at the rim against him. Impact stats are through the roof. His finishing has vastly improved this year. Still only 23… 📷1:23 PM ∙ Mar 19, 20231,195Likes160Retweets
Another key theme that emerged over the past three weeks is the increased comfortability for Luke Kennard. When he first arrived in Memphis following the trade with LAC, Kennard looked lost and intimidated out on the court. It seemed like a case of the yips. Well, the yips have been shaken and cast aside. Over the 9-game stretch, Kennard led the team in three point shooting with 2.56 makes on 5 attempts per game. He even looked a little more comfortable on defense and on multiple occasions made heads up hustle plays that benefited the team. Luke led the team with an impressive plus -9.34 per 100 possessions in his 202 minutes played. He requires only minimal touches on offense but the defense must respect his shooting. The future should prove out that Luke is a valuable addition to this roster.
Tyus Jones did his thing, averaging 16 points and 8 assists, furthermore proving that he was a critical re-signing this past off-season. Anytime Morant misses a chunk of games, Jones can be counted on to carry the torch in his absence.
Now that Morant is back, the pecking order will have to be re-established, but hopefully some of the momentum and comradery that has kept this unit together will shine through in the upcoming weeks and months.
(more at my substack)
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2023.03.22 17:08 Paan1k QuadTree, R-Tree or other for my PDF parsing problem

Hello, happy to join this sub! I'm parsing PDF in Python (with pdfminer.six, if you want to know) and I'm getting text (with bounding boxes), lines and rectangles.
Now, I am asking myself (and actually asking you) which library (and thus, algorithm) is better if I want to create a spatial index to speed up the following operations:
So, for all of these usecases, which library (or library combination) is better ? Or maybe a simple spatial hash ? For now, my implementation is to loop over the elements and put them in a dictionary of all known positions and one "other" field, and I separated text and shapes because of the "closest text element" problem. Would a spatial structure be beneficial in my case ?
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2023.03.22 17:03 JustKickItForward Rep Commits Fraud

So, I called in yesterday to check on the status of a 'PCA' and a nice oversea rep answers. She basically saw the PCA was approved so offers to manually add the 36mo monthly trade in credit (she claims this is faster waiting for the system to automatically add the credit).
Then she goes about offering me a loyalty discount for my troubles (of having to filing the PCA and having to call back in to check on the status) . She starts off by saying something like "You are eligible for a $10 loyalty count on the Start..." then she stopped. Bottom line, even though I asked her to confirm at least five times thst my current, older FUDP was not changing, and she processed the plan change anyways. Ask this on a recorded call, I believe.
What tipped me off something was not right was I received a text from Verizon after the call to "confirm the quote you started with your Verizon representative." Clicking the link showed me a side by side comparison on current vs proposed charges (starting the next billing period). But, there was a $20 loyalty discount, not & $10. Also, it seemed each line costed more than the $20 I was expecting.
I Immediately CALLED Verizon again. A US-based rep answered and confirmed my plan was set to change to the Start Unlimited at the start of the upcoming billing period. She canceled the unauthorized plan change request.
What is Verizon coming to?
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2023.03.22 17:03 Advanced_Falcon_2816 GTA 6 And A Return To Miami Allegedly Teased In Red Dead Redemption 2

For quite some time, there have been several leaks regarding the eventual Grand Theft Auto 6, including an alleged return to Vice City. Up until now, these leaks have been generally unfounded, but a new teaser discovered in Red Dead Redemption 2 may give credence to what we have heard about GTA 6.
Earlier this week, content creator StrangeMan discovered what appeared to be a GTA 6 teaser within a point of interest in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). Near the Sea of Coronado, players can find a skeleton of a Jesuit Missionary called “Brother Rodolfo,” along with a rather interesting letter he brought. The letter mentions that Rodolfo was called to the east by God; however, the writer, Cardinal Blanco, begs him to stay in California and not leave the mission.
StrangeMan interprets this as an internal struggle between Rockstar games writer Dan Houser, represented by Cardinal Blanco, and creative Sam Houser, represented by Brother Rodolfo. Of course, the mention of staying in California over heading east is likely about continuing work on GTA 5 versus making GTA 6. Moreover, StrangeMan believes that the letter alludes to TakeTwo Interactive’s view of the GTA franchise and disagreements between Rockstar and the publisher.
letter gta 6 possibly teased in rdr2 Image Courtesy of StrangeMan
However, “Cardinal Blanco,” or Dan Houser, mentions that sticking with GTA 5 or moving to GTA 6 has pros and cons, but he wants his brother Sam to stick around for a little while longer. Interestingly, it appears that StrangeMan does not really dive into the line that says, “Please stay in California until I arrive next March.” Perhaps this could mean that the team will reassess if they want to move forward with GTA 6, or it could simply be a red herring.
Despite the multiple possible meanings of this letter that StrangeMan goes over, it is quite interesting to see that GTA 6 is being discussed and there is possible debate over sticking with GTA V. As always, money talks, but if GTA 5 is beat to death, fans could lose interest in future titles. Either way, it will be interesting to see if Rockstar comments on the teaser, so stay tuned to HotHardware for updates.
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2023.03.22 17:02 throwawayxlost I work as an afterschool teacher, the mean students and mean coworkers have been getting to me and causing me so much stress, idk how to not let it get to me. PMDD makes it worse

Yesterday was terrible! Some students were just awful and the overall environment is so overwhelming for me, i usually have to do a routine of helping the kids find their classes and telling them where to go, and all of them talking to me at once cause a lot of overload, i have to tell them to please get into the line so i can go one by one but they dont listen a lot and find myself repeating myself over and over. Same thing happens with misbehavior in class, and it just get tiring after a while i cant imagine doing this type of job for very long or at least becoming a good worker, as im getting too tired to keep disciplining the students/telling them to behave/correct for long period of time and them not listening.
The main teacher tells the student to please stop talking and making noise while she teaches and while a student is playing (this is music class) and then a few seconds later they go back to making noise or trying to sneak into making noise and i find myself having to remind them every 5 minutes even the main teacher! When i took them to the lunch room for a break for the class they run around, misbehave, one kid drew something and told me to guess it and i didnt know what it was and he was like 'what kind of teacher are you, you dont know anything'' i told him sternly that is not nice to say and he should be respectful!
Then the kids kept drawing poop and giving it to me as a present and thought it was funny, one girl wrote stupid on someones drawing for me and told them to 'give it to me' when i called her out seriously she denied saying she wrote that! she also lies a lot and is a troublemaker
in another class i helped the teacher to try to quiet the class down and one kid mockingly told me 'okay miss'' and was waving his hands and mocking my voice and tone, i told him again that is not nice and to quit that or i will get the principal here, and i just walked away because i felt i was gonna snap as i was already in a bad mood and i still heard him mocking me, a little more quietly behind my back. another girl gave me attitude when i asked her if that was her stuff, she also asked me why do i do walk with my hands in a certain way and another said why do i have a lot of hair on my arms,, i admit that got to me a little bit as i been self conscious about those things
While there are some sweet and good kids, the overall atmosphere is taking toll on me, i do need money so im trying to hang in there until i can find another job.
What a nightmare. My coworkers are hit and miss, some are not so supportive or friendly, one coworker dislikes me for no reason, she talks to everyone but me, she avoids me, don't not speak to me, is hostile with me, i saw her yesterday, i had to pass her and the thing she carried was blocking the entrance, i gestured i needed to pass and she gave me a cold look and just pressed her hand to move the thing away. I really did not like her vibe or her attitude with me!
im near my period too my mood swings are all over the place. im trying to find another job but no luck, my past experience have just been with kids but im tired of childcare and want to work in an office or somewhere more peaceful and less noisy with more mature coworkers!
do you have any tips as help feel less stress and affected by the environment? esepically during this difficult hormonal period? thank you
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2023.03.22 17:02 anabolic_coach Q&A #68...Majestic Herbs Gynostemma for the Win!

Q&A #68...Majestic Herbs Gynostemma for the Win!
Q: Hey man I just wanted to say I really liked the info you gave us about Gynostemma tea. I never even knew this tea existed let alone all the performance and health benefits that it offers.
You seem to know a lot about herbs as well as all the other bodybuilding supplements too. You are like an encyclopedia of knowledge and not just on drugs and training info.
I am an older bodybuilder closing in on 50 years old. I have been on and off the gas for over 30 years. I really like all the longevity content you are discussing and I find it very informative and interesting.
I have one complaint though. You didn't mention what brands of Gynostemma to buy? I am sure there are good and bad quality ones, like just about everything out there.
I found one called Majestic Herbs Gynostemma. Did you ever hear of it? If so please let me know what you think of this brand?
Thanks Coach for all the wonderful content!
Majestic Herbs Gynostemma is of the Highest Quality!
A: Hey man its great to hear from you. So you liked the info on Gynostemma tea eh? I am very happy that I was the one to introduce you to this nutritional powerhouse. It has so much good stuff to offer that its too good not to drink. Plus I actually love the taste of it too.
Yes I have heard of Majestic Herbs brand and it is one of the ones that I recommend. I am planning another article about all the different forms of taking Gynostemma and brands as well in the near future. But today I will cover the Majestic Herbs Gynostemma as that is what you wanted to know about.
With the two part series I did on the health and performance benefits of Gynostemma tea I received a ton of DM's with questions and praises. Today I want to give you an in depth look at one of the products that you mentioned and that is none other than Majestic Herbs Gynostemma tea.
I Love Gynostemma Tea!
Rare Medicinal Herbs at Your Fingertips!
First off when it comes to different companies that produce high quality herbs and teas, Majestic Herbs is one of my favourite. Now for those of you who don’t know, Majestic Herbs is located out of Thailand but it is run by a fellow Canadian who moved out there a decade ago. He created this business to fill the gap of sourcing rare medicinal herbs especially for those that live in areas where they are nearly impossible to find.
He also wanted to provide customers with the highest quality organic medicinal herbs and teas available at an affordable price. This would allow these rare medicinal herbs to be shipped right to your door. No longer would you have to search high and low trying to get your hands on high quality herbs. With Majestic Herbs being an online business, getting your herbs is quick and easy.
Gynostemma Offers Amazing Health Benefits!
What Does Gynostemma Offer Your Health and Performance?
Now for those of you who have missed my series on Gynostemma I recommend you go back and give it a read. I have provided a ton of information based on medical studies to help you understand all that it has to offer your health and training performance. Here I want to highlight just a few of the many positive benefits Gynostemma tea has on the human body.
  • Gynostemma can help fight and prevent several forms of Cancer

  • Works with chemotherapy to improve its effectiveness and reduce damaging effects that it is noted for

  • Prevents cardiovascular disease from several angles

  • Optimizes blood pressure to treat both low and high levels

  • Lowers cholesterol, triglycerides, and irregular heart beats

  • Strengthens the immune system against bacteria and viruses

  • Provides potent antioxidant protection against free radicals

  • Improves muscle pumps in the gym due to increased nitric oxide production
  • Helps to reduce mental and physical stress and replenish depleted serotonin and dopamine levels

  • Helps ease insomnia and regulates your sleep cycle
  • Increases training endurance and recovery between sessions

  • Helps to decrease body fat levels

  • Improves insulin sensitivity for optimal health
  • Stimulates Glutathione Peroxidase product to help detox the body of toxins, pesticides, and heavy metals

  • Now these are just a handful of the different things that Gynostemma tea has to offer those that consume it.

  • It has been studied by medical researchers for several decades with tons of studies that have been conducted on it. This is truly one of the healthiest teas you can drink.
Gynostemma's Performance Benefits are Amazing for Bodybuilders!
Why Do I Like Majestic Herbs So Much?
Now there are many different Gynostemma teas available on the market so what makes Majestic Herbs different? One thing that really stands out is the integrity of this company. For me this is a big thing and I am sure many of you reading this feel the same way. Majestic Herbs Gynostemma tea is first off organic. This is a big plus for me especially when you don’t want to be thinking about what kind of pesticides could be used. Majestic Herbs source of Gynostemma is a fair trade product grown by local hill tribe farmers.
Beautiful Gynostemma Farms in Thailand!
This provides income to local farmers that have in the past relied on drug crops such as opium to provide for their families. By growing and cultivating Gynostemma it has provided a way out for these farmers to earn money while not relying on illegal drug farming. This allows them for a better way of life and a way to take care of their families without resorting to past means. In fact, Majestic Herbs Gynostemma is not just pesticide free but no chemical fertilizers are used as well.
Organic and Fair Trade
These Gynostemma farms are also run under a project by the government to help solve the issues of deforestation and soil erosion to make it easy on the environment from every angle. Under this Royal Project program, only sustainable and organic methods are allowed and practised in the farming of these crops. These farms and their products are also licensed and inspected by the Thailand version of the FDA. Since no chemical fertilizers are used, these hill tribe farmers rely on compost and humus methods.
Making Sure Your Gynostemma is Free of Pesticides is a Must!
Once the Gynostemma is ready to be harvested it is hand picked and dried using the traditional pan drying method. This is one of there reasons why Majestic Herbs Gynostemma tastes amazing, but also why it is so potent. When someone purchases Majestic Herbs Gynostemma not only are you benefiting your health and wellness, but you are doing much more. You are also helping provide a legal income to farmers and help sustain the traditions and way of life for the indigenous hill people of northern Thailand. Now with all that I just mentioned, how could I not want to spend my hard earned money with a company based on integrity and transparency like Majestic Herbs?
How Do I Prepare this Amazing Tea?
Now many of you might be wondering what is the best way to brew up Majestic Herb’s Gynostemma tea. There are a couple ways you can do it but I will outline below the best procedure to make the tastiest and most potent method available.
Start with Clean Water!
Step 1: Use High Quality Water
I am assuming the large majority of you reading this do care about the quality of the water you drink on a daily basis. One important note is that to get the best taste from tea, using a high quality clean water is a must. It can be reverse osmosis, distilled, or any other high filtration method to make sure it is clean and toxin free.
Don't Over Heat Your Gynostemma!
Step 2: Dial in the Temperature
Now take this clean pure water source and get it heated up to around the 90 degrees Celsius mark. You can use a food thermometer if you like but I am sure many of you don’t have the patience for this. I do seem to know my readers well, don’t I? To make this even easier you can bring the water to a boil on the stove. Once you have reached this point, remove it from the heat source and allow it to cool for about three minutes. This will most of the time get it to the right temperature without all the hassle.

Step 3: Add in the Gynostemma Tea
Here you can add in 1-2 teaspoons for each 250 ml of water used. If you are going to make a litre of tea, simply add in 4-8 teaspoons of Gynostemma to help provide the optimal dosage. You can try with the lower amount your first time and then increase from there to help you see not only where you like the flavour best, but also for its effects as well.
They Don't Call it \"Wonder Grass\" for Nothing!
Step 4: Steep for Potency
Now the next thing you want to do after you add in the tea is to steep it. Here you can cover and allow the tea to steep for a minimum of ten minutes. This is the least amount of time you want because you want to extract all those amazing gypenosides that I discussed in my series. One thing I like to do is let it steep for a full two hours. Oh yea I like my Gynostemma tea strong that is for sure. This allows the maximum concentration of those healing saponins to be pulled from these delicate leaves.
Brew to Perfrection!
Step 5: Drink and Be Merry
Now that your tea is ready, its time to drink up all that goodness that it possesses. You can drink it anytime of the day or night without any concerns. Like I mentioned in my articles, Gynostemma is dual directional. This means that it will help provide energy throughout the day, and then help you calm down and relax in the evening.
Tips and Tricks
Now many of you might be wondering how much to drink daily to reap all the benefits. For the beginner I would recommend at least 2-4 cups each and every day spaced out. Don’t try and drink that much all at once as you will get better results spacing it out. In terms of when is the best time to drink this delicious tea, consuming it about half hour before meals on an empty stomach is best. You can also take it a couple hours after a meal as well.
Make Sure to Use Enough Dry Tea to be Potent!
Now in the above paragraph I recommended 1-2 grams of tea per cup of water. For those of you who are more advanced and have responded well to the tea, this can be increased to find your sweet spot. Remember Gynostemma is safe and non toxic in nature. It has been consumed for thousands of years by people who drink large amounts everyday. The thing noted by these people is not only their healthy bodies free of disease and illness, but also their very long lifespans as well.
How Do I get my hands on Majestic Herbs Gynostemma?
Now like I mentioned before, getting your hand on this amazing tea is simple and easy. All you have to do is go to their website which I will leave below and place your order. They also have a contact form on their website. This way if you have any questions or concerns they will get back to you. They even have a customer service and order line as well if you would like to reach out and call. I have always received fast and courteous service that goes above and beyond what other companies offer. This is another reason why I have always liked dealing with “Mom and Pop” businesses over large corporations where they care less about your needs.
Majestic Herbs Gynostemma for the Win!
So take it from me. If you are new to Gynostemma tea then you are in for a real treat with Majestic Herbs organic tea. For those of you who have read my articles over the last two decades, you know that I try and source out those hidden gems that are not so easy to find in a wide variety of niche areas that strength athletes can benefit from.
Majestic Herbs is one of those hidden gems that you will be very pleased with that is for sure. If you are looking for a high quality organic Gynostemma tea, then look no further. Majestic Herbs will provide you with an amazing high quality and potent Gynostemma that will truly help you on your path to health and longevity!

They can be reached online at:
By Phone: (+66) 93 051 6481
I am Sure You Will Love it as Much as I Do!
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2023.03.22 17:02 Stunning-Log-425 [US] [A or H] Sargeras Looking for motivated CE raiders for 10.1 +

What we do here

Our team creates an environment that is laid back, but also internally competitive. We pride ourselves on having no drama internally, but pushing the edge of Cutting Edge. Riding the line of family and personal progression. We are a CE guild. Many of us have come from the Hall of Fame and between us all, we have collectively gotten CE in every tier to date. We are proud of what we have achieved but as time goes on so do responsibilities. We are not looking to push rank or force toon swapping/alts/splits. We want you to play what you enjoy and play what you will perform the best at in the game. Professionalism and performance equals progression.
If you are here, you want to be a better version of yourself. You want to be better than the last time you were in raid, or the last time you did that certain mythic+. We can help you do that and maintain that mindset. Being with others of the same mind makes the suck not suck so much.

What we offer in Unorganized Chaos

`We are in need of:

Raid Times:

Tues/Wed 9:30pm-12:30am CST

If interested please reach out!

Guild Master (Sprit)
Recruiter (Shamurai)
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2023.03.22 17:01 Debenham My boss-to-be is acting maliciously towards his current employer now that he's handed in his notice. Should I do something?

Hi all,
There is a lot of context here so please do bear with me.
I currently work in a building with multiple small businesses and currently work on the same floor as an organisation I used to work for. I have very strong links with that organisation, I'm friends with them all and I pop in their office throughout the day to use the drinks facilities.
Now, about 7 months ago they took on a new person. At the time, we all assumed they took him on to groom him for a higher role as he has lots of experience, is nearing 40, and it didn't make sense that he was taken on at the lower level. However, it turns out he was. His professional background makes him a far better fit for my organisation and 5 months in one of the guys tells me he's not happy there and looking to leave. He then tells me that too. (We'd chatted plenty over the months, gone to the pub with the others and by all accounts he seemed a bit quirky but relatively good-natured).
We simultaneously have a senior vacancy opening up so I chat to him and end up putting him in touch with my boss. After a couple of weeks and a couple of interviews the job is his, his notice is handed in and he's signed the contract (it is a contractor gig, so not proper employment). No problems at all from his current employer, they are all congratulatory.
This is where things get strange.
It begins with one of my ex-colleagues making me aware that sometimes this person would disappear in the afternoon and return as if he'd been drinking. Okay, weird but not the end of the world. Then, there is a problem with one of his references. Then, one of his former employers on his LinkedIn profile is exchanged for 'freelance writer'.
Now, we're hanging out on Friday in their office and he calls one of the guys (frankly, the most isolated of them all) and asks him to take a picture of the condom inside his (my incoming boss's) drawer. Its a commemorative one and there has been a bunch of them around the office for years and its a running joke. Now, this condom was jokingly put on his desk by the MD in reference to the guy going on some dates. At the time, no clear problem.
All of a sudden, the day after he signs his contract with us he says he's considering legal action against his current employer because, as he is a Catholic, this is bullying or workplace harassment or some such. Frankly, that is bollocks and this guy is not so thin skinned as to truly feel he was being bullied.
It seems that now that he's on the way out, and trying to get something out of them. He has also, all of a sudden, got a sick note to get him off of work for two weeks and prior to that was refusing to come into the office on Friday.
We work in a relatively tight industry and literally work 8 meters from this other office. As such, I'm beginning to wonder if the guy is not only acting maliciously but may be mentally unstable and could cause significant problems here.
I've not told my boss this yet, nor do the senior staff at the other organisation know that I know about all of this. This leaves me wondering if I should say something. Should we be hiring someone who is willing to threaten legal action over nothing and generally seems to have a duplicitous nature? Should I speak to my boss? Should I speak to one of the seniors at his current employer?
One final bit of context: my organisation is extremely small. At the moment I am the only full timer and the only one who uses the office, we have no-one remotely trained in HR as its all self-employment-based and I'll be working in pretty close proximity with this guy.
TL;DR My line manager to be has, since signing his contract with us, suddenly started taking sick leave and is threatening his current employer with legal action.
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2023.03.22 17:01 theyayisinsanfierro MAJOR regrets about attending Juno College web dev boot camp in Toronto

If you are reading this, you are likely considering attending the Juno College web dev boot camp in Toronto. The program has many excellent reviews from prior years, but it is clear the quality of the program has not only gone downhill, it has plunged off a cliff.
If you are still hell bent on attending, please consider the following, which I am posting for public awareness so you don’t get ripped off like I did.
1.) JUNO WILL NOT HELP YOU FIND A JOB. Their website claims they have employer partners. The vast majority of grads will never get referred to a job by them. Many doubt this partners list even exists. You are on your own after graduation despite what they say.
2.) THEIR CAREER SERVICES IS BEYOND AWFUL. Unless you have never worked an office job before, CS is worthless. All you get from them is a resume review and some VERY UNHELPFUL job search tips, which any employment agency or even reddit can offer you for free. Their CS team’s only purpose is to hound you to apply for jobs and annoy recruiters with FIVE FOLLOWUP EMAILS. Unless you want to pay $14k for a surrogate mom to nag you about finding work, this is not a good deal. They claim that being a pest like that works but present zero stats to back their claim. Recent cohorts have literally been told to cold call places for jobs because that is how bad their grads are faring in the marketplace. Many recent grads are given awful advice to put being a mentor as a job on their resumes. Even the dumbest recruiter can see through such a cheap trick to look employed. Other grads have been told to blatantly lie on their resume. And I don’t mean slight exaggerations or embellishments about duties in past jobs. I mean blatantly lying about being a freelance developer when you have had ZERO paid work to show for it. In other words, lying about jobs you never held. Other grads were told to exaggerate the amount of time they worked in previous jobs not by months, BUT BY YEARS. Be warned. Any place that asks you to sacrifice your integrity and honesty is bad news. The thing about lying on your resume is that IT WILL CATCH UP WITH YOU. When you start out in any new field, your integrity is all you have. The only thing worse than an unqualified candidate is one that is a boldface liar. Look on linkedin and see how many people list “juno college mentor” as paid work experience. These are actually volunteer roles where new grads help current students. Grads are being told to lie and list this as paid work. Any recruiter can see through such a cheap trick and it is little wonder their recent grads are faring so poorly. If I had to choose between an honest new grad and a dishonest one, guess which one I would hire?
3.) YOU WILL NOT LEARN STACKS IN DEMAND. Grads are not taught angular, vue, typescript or anything like that which most jobs demand. Worse, you are given no guidance on what stacks to invest your time in to continue learning.
4.) YOU ARE PENALIZED IF YOU DON’T QUIT YOUR FT JOB TO ATTEND. Students in the FT boot camp only get career support if they are actively seeking jobs in tech after graduating. Apparently Juno thinks this means you must be completely unemployed or working part time. Some grads who took a leave of absence to attend this boot camp were told they would not qualify for job referrals or career services for the crime of going back to a steady full time job afterwards. Other grads did exactly what Juno suggested and quit their steady jobs to attend, and are now worse off than before. Look on Linkedin and you will see a number of grads who are unemployed after a year and are now worse off now than before Juno.
5.) THE COLLEGE ITSELF SEEMS LIKE A DISORGANIZED MESS RIGHT NOW. I recently heard they fired their employer relations person and the founder herself resigned shortly afterwards as CEO: For those of you reading this that come from the white collar world Im sure you can read between the lines about what is going on at the c suite and board level. Recent grads haven’t even gotten their certificates nearly 6 months later. Is the printing budget out of funds or something?
6.) THEIR JOB SEARCH SUPPORT IS NOT ONLY DISMAL, IT WILL MAKE YOU FEEL EVEN WORSE ABOUT BEING UNEMPLOYED. Before, grads were required to check in with a career services once every week for one on one support with job searching (for those who did not quit their jobs). Now, it seems the college got greedy and enrolled too many students but does not have enough career services people, so these weekly check ins are now two on one. I heard from many grads this has made them dread these check ins and some have gotten very depressed over this weekly ordeal. They check in every week wondering if the other student in the chat has got a job or interviews yet. For the ones who are getting no traction in job searching, some are reporting increased depression, hopelessness and feelings of worthlessness. There is nothing more demoralizing that seeing others get ahead while you are not in such a “in your face” kind of way. Career services is supposed to be confidential and their new cheap 2 for 1 arrangement does not respect that. AVOID!
1.) DO NOT QUIT YOUR JOB. Work reduced hours, take a leave of absence or do the PT boot camp. You get garbage career services anyway even if you did quit so you are not doing yourself any favors by making yourself unemployed.
2.) CONSIDER OTHER BOOT CAMPS BEFORE JUNO. Don’t go to Juno because someone told you it was great for them. Do your research.
3.) LEARN FOR FREE ONLINE INSTEAD. When you consider their awful career support, their expectation that you quit your full time steady job, their god awful career services, and their near nonexistent employer network the message is clear. DON’T GO TO JUNO.
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2023.03.22 17:01 Versucher42 The ending, again (I know, I know, but listen...)

So I know everybody and their mothers with a borderline personality have theories about the end of The Sopranos. I just finished a (fifth? sixth?) rewatch of the show, and have had clearer thoughts about the ending than I have on previous watches. I'm sure this topic gets raised every hour or so on this subreddit, but I do think I have a perspective on it that, so far as I can tell, doesn't get much play anywhere else. And I want, for my own purposes, to write down my thoughts and get them in order. This will go on for a while, so apologies in advance, but I wanted to lay everything out as best I could. If you're looking for a TL:DR, this is not your post. Spoilers below (obviously).

Roughly, there are two major camps concerning the meaning of the end of the show. One camp, by far the most vocal, is the "Tony dies" camp. Here, the idea is that the famous "cut to black" in the final scene at Holsten's is the cinematic representation of Tony's death, and (crucially) that Tony's death is the dramatic culmination of the series as a whole. The Master of Sopranos essay lays out the evidence for the view, which is overwhelmingly convincing for a lot of people. The essay is pretty exhaustive, almost a frame-by-frame analysis of that final scene and (through it) an interpretation of the whole series. I'll just highlight a few key things, since they are usually brought up as the clinching pieces of evidence.
Overall, aside from these details, I think the argument's strength comes from the tension of that final scene. It seems clear that the scene wants you to be afraid something bad is about to happen, before it pulls the rug out from under you. Often, deathers will argue that this tension makes no sense unless it's building toward Tony's death. So, while we don't see the death itself, it must have happened, and in any case there are good reasons internal to the goals of the show and foreshadowed in advance for why we don't (even can't) see it happen.
The other camp, if it is a coherent camp, is the "open to multiple interpretations" camp. This has been advanced in multiple ways by multiple people, but is perhaps best expressed in this AV Club essay. The idea is that the "Tony dies" view is too simple, given the general ways in which The Sopranos always reveled in ambiguity and anticlimax (the essay compares it to fundamentalist religion). We don't see Tony die, and so we don't really know what happens that night in Holsten's. One way to interpret it, obviously, is that Tony dies, but it's far from the only one. Perhaps, it is often claimed, we're being shown the tension with which Tony always has to live his life. He better than anyone knows that he could die at any time, and so that tension is just the underlying anxiety he lives with all of his life. In any case, there are multiple ways of viewing that final scene (if there weren't, why would we still be arguing about it?), and reducing them all to one robs it of its dramatic significance.
(Technically you could say that there is a third camp -- the "Tony lives" camp -- but this is usually just an expression of hope, not an interpretation of the series/ending. I won't talk about it here.)
You'll notice that I discussed one view at way more length than the other. This is because, in a superficial sense, all the "evidence" is on one side. People in the "multiple interpretations" camp may have their own personal interpretations of the final scene, or they may not. But if they do, the interpretations are ideas that are far from being as fully thought out as the "Tony dies" theory. Deathers like pointing this out. The debate often stalls here. The multiple interpreters claim that the show is more ambiguous than this. The deathers admit that there is ambiguity in parts of the show, but not in all of it, and that anyway if you just read the Master of Sopranos essay again you'll see that this is not ambiguous.

I think both camps are wrong, and in fact have generally been totally confused by the debate about the ending as it still exists. I wonder if this comes in part from not having watched the show when it came out. I imagine that for those who watched that last season as it aired, there was a lot of wringing of hands about whether Tony would live or die. My impression is that critics at that time generally accepted the ending as ambiguous on this point (many of them wishing that it wasn't), while it was normal fans who readily accepted the "Tony dies" theory once it was developed. I of course recognized that Tony could die at the end of the show, but didn't expect it, and perhaps more importantly didn't expect the end of the show to depend on whether this plot point happened or not. And it seemed to me that the show itself wasn't really directing my attention to this very much. To me, it obviously had other, deeper concerns.
For this reason, I was always especially hostile to the "Tony dies" camp, and I remain so. I think the basic argument against it, which others have made before me of course, is pretty devastating: Tony's dying is simply not a satisfying ending to the show. What is it supposed to mean that Tony dies at the end? That he's getting punished for his life of crime, just like every other cinematic gangster ever? Given that people grew up on Godfather, Goodfellas, etc. it makes sense that many of them might expect such a conclusion, but this show always made fun of its relationship to these movies. The fun it made was affectionate, of course, but it's made abundantly clear throughout the series that this is not a typical mob story. Lots of viewers were unhappy about this, wishing there was more mob drama/violence, but we can say now with confidence that they were just misreading the show. Chase and co. cared more about Tony's relationships and his own view of life (informed by those relationships, therapy, various experiences, etc.) than they did about who would kill whom, who would rule Jersey after Tony goes, etc. So I guess the direction the deathers have to go here is to say: yes, the show cares more about Tony and his view of his life, and his death. The death at the end is satisfying because it is what Tony has been contemplating all along, and finally it comes. But still this doesn't seem very satisfying; indeed, it seems more like an after the fact justification for what is at the end of the day a very conventional way of ending a story. What a waste it would be for such a bold, creative and uncompromising show to end on this frankly quite boring note.
At the same time, though, the multiple interpreters seem to me often to argue in bad faith. The tension creators in that final scene are there, and much of the argument against the deathers has seemed to me willfully obtuse ("maybe it means something else, we don't know!"). That last scene is very clearly setting us up to believe that something terrible is about to happen. Why, if Tony is not about to die?
Mostly I've bounced back and forth between these objections, unsure as to exactly why. I've even been tempted sometimes to avoid the issue by thinking that the show is basically over after my two favorite episodes ("Kennedy and Heidi" and "The Second Coming"), and that the stuff in the last two is mostly unnecessary. But I smile every time that Journey song starts up in Holsten's, and now find that last scene almost hilariously funny, and this impression strengthens every time I watch the show again. I think I've finally figured out why. So, here it is:

That last scene is an intentional toying with the audience. Chase is deliberately giving the scene a tension that the events in it do not really warrant. He sets us up to expect a dramatic conclusion that he is dead set on denying us.
All of the evidence that the Master of Sopranos essay adduces as proof that Tony dies is there, and the deathers are right that it mostly points in one direction. Indeed, I don't think it really needed a whole essay to spell this out. You can just feel it while watching. Obviously that's because of the filmic techniques the essay goes into, but we don't really need to have all this pointed out to us. Everyone knows while watching that scene, especially if they've noticed that the episode (and thus the series) is within minutes of ending forever, that something important is about to happen. And indeed, if you watch it a couple times, it's not hard to notice the filmic techniques either. One of the oddities of the experience of reading the Master of Sopranos essay is that one senses that the writer finds all this stuff much deeper and more exciting than it is. (That's my impression anyway.) The techniques pointed to (point of view shots, foreshadowing, Godfather references) are not anything special in themselves, and certainly not anything mind-blowing for a series that gave us episodes like "Funhouse," "Kennedy and Heidi," "The Test Dream," etc. etc. These techniques work in the scene to build tension, but it feels like any first year film student could have told you as much, and any competent director could have come up with these ideas for building tension in the episode.
That is intentional, I think. The deathers' three points of evidence above are decidedly not some genius construction. They're a really quite cheesy setup for a conventional plot point. Tony dies, and dies in the midst of a freaking Godfather reference? Are you kidding? (I say this by the way as a great fan of The Godfather, and of that scene with Michael Corleone in the restaurant in particular.) I think the answer is, yes, Chase is kidding. The whole show has been very intentional about its relationship to traditional mob stories in general, and The Godfather in particular. The show gets a large part of its energy from the friction between this traditionally more violent and more moralistic mode of storytelling on the one hand, and the more domestic, everyday, family-centric mode that was more natural to serialized TV shows. The show's interest doesn't really lie in the one or the other, but in something in between. The show works in part because the threat of mob drama and the moral implications of it always lie in the background and threaten to break through, in ways that undermine the usual stability of the more traditional family-focused TV drama. And this of course makes it possible for Chase and co. to say all kinds of important things about family that the traditional family stories usually gloss over, about subterranean rifts and long-held grudges and slow generational change and on and on and on.
Think of the moment after A.J. tries to kill Junior -- he says he's inspired by the famous Godfather scene (where Michael is avenging his father's shooting, too), and Tony tells him "it's a movie." In fact, what A.J. says is that he's inspired by his dad's reaction to the scene (that he sits eating ice cream and says it's his favorite scene). Tony's reaction to this is not straightforward. He means "it's a movie, not real life." But of course his real life (unlike ours) is the subject of that movie. He himself has killed people in order to exact revenge, and probably has even thought of The Godfather while doing it sometimes. His real response to A.J. is not that it's just a movie, but that A.J. is not like him, that it's not in his "nature" to act like this. And he knows, for his own part, largely because of his experience in therapy, that he is not some simplistic mob movie character, that in fact while it's in his nature to do these things it's not in his nature to do them wholeheartedly, as his panic attacks and depression reveal. The Godfather reference serves to point us back to the tension of the whole show -- that these are people who do horrible things and can't or wont' fully acknowledge it to themselves, and that this lack of acknowledgement dooms them, even if the doom comes slowly.
By the end of the show, we've experienced this tension in more or less all of its possible variations, and have seen the characters experience it too, and make their peace (or not) with it. A.J. and Meadow especially are challenged by their upbringing to decide to what degree they want to be characters in a mob movie, and I think it's no accident that the last episode spends so much time looking at what direction their lives will be going in after the series is over. (Asking themselves, in Tony's coma-ridden words: "who am I? Where am I going?") Neither makes a particularly encouraging choice, though it's clear at least that neither of them is going to turn into their parents all over again. Tony himself shows, in the late scene with A.J.'s therapist, that he's going to fall into old habits, and thus forever be the half-hearted and depressed mobster he's always been.
What then of that last scene? Why does it make me grin? You know when you're watching it that things are about to end. And you know, if you've been paying attention, that the things the show cares about, the things that it's helped you to care about more intelligently (i.e., the way these characters relate to each other and how they conceive of their lives) cannot possibly resolve themselves in the next 5 minutes. You feel tense because part of you still wants that resolution, hopes that Chase and co. have some last trick up their sleeve, hopes that that last trick will somehow draw all this mess together and make some sense of it. And then you find that the show itself seems to be setting you up for it. All those point of view shots, the Members Only guy, the repeated failed attempts by Meadow to parallel park and then her run across the busy street -- all of it seems to be confirming for you what you wanted, for something big to happen and blow you away. Tony, Carmela, and A.J. are just talking about the things they always talk about, including a reference back to a really important family event from way back in Season 1. But you don't pay it much attention, because of the building tension. You're getting more and more excited. Meadow crosses the street unscathed, the bell rings, and then -- black screen.
There is genius here, but not where the deathers think it is. The genius is not in the tension building elements, which are film technique 101, but in the juxtaposition of this tension with a normal family moment, and that black screen. Nothing happens in that scene, not really. Or what happens in it is exactly what's happened in the show all through. The Sopranos sit around talking, breakin' each others' balls, worrying about the future, trying to remind themselves that things are good sometimes and that that memory can help you through the tough times. That could have happened without the tension elements and the black screen, and it would have been a good last scene, I think. But what's there is better. The show tempts us, the viewers, with a big resolution, even though we ought to know that one isn't coming. We give in to the temptation, and we give in to it for the same reason that all of the characters in the show make all of their bad decisions -- we want to believe that life is simpler than it is, that one big moment might change everything and save us from having to do the dirty work of life, day by day by day. We want to "get it," as Tony does in the desert in "Kennedy and Heidi," but also to be able to say clearly what it is that we get, and then have all the problems of our lives resolved. We're interested in The Sopranos because we're interested in those problems, whether we realize it or not. And that last scene is telling us: the problems are always there, and your hope that they could all just somehow go away is always there, too. The Journey song comments on this so obviously as to almost need no elaboration. It was a perfect choice, I think, in that it means this really quite deep thing, but is also just as banal as the tension setup. These are really ordinary, banal people in a way, and yet their lives (like our own) have all the depth that a life can have. And the most deep, banal thing that life tells us is: don't stop. Keep going. Hold on to what was good. Build what you can from it.
Chase's ploy here, I want to stress, is not mean-spirited. When I grin at the last scene, I'm not grinning at the misguided deathers. Chase is not making fun of people who wanted to see Tony dead. In fact, he seems to have been disgusted by this desire, and surprised after it was over that so many people were feeling it, since presumably they had been at least partly identifying with Tony throughout these 6 seasons of television. Chase is poking fun at a very human desire in all of us, the desire for our problems to go away, for them to resolve cleanly like a movie does. The desire is so strong that we convinced ourselves that a guy in a Members Only jacket was going to come out of the bathroom with more than just his dick in his hands to kill Tony, even though we know that that wouldn't solve any of the problems that the show has encouraged us to see and care about.
What happens when it cuts to black? Well, in a certain sense the answer is "who cares?" Here, I think the multiple interpreters are on to something. Maybe Tony dies, maybe nothing happens and these characters go on living their lives, maybe Tony is about to turn state's witness, maybe Meadow is going to reveal that the reason she changed her birth control is that she just got pregnant, etc. It doesn't matter, because the show is over and has said all it wants to say. But what really happens when it cuts to black is that you, the viewer, are frustrated. Your desire that something big would happen at the end has been frustrated. And the reason for that frustration is absurd. You wanted something that you should have known you couldn't have. But you can't help wanting it, because for all of us, as for Christopher, "the fuckin' regularness of life is too fuckin' hard." We've got to live it anyway, and that's all there is to do after the screen goes black.
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2023.03.22 17:00 swingerlover Using Common Sense With Love Spells #lovespells

Using Common Sense With Love Spells #lovespells
The greatest love spells you can carry out are those inspired by self-love. If you are struggling to love someone to the extent of trying to “put a spell on them” and make them mysteriously love you, it means you are doing it right. In case you are doing anything apart from endeavoring to open yourself up to someone who can love each other openly then you are not honoring yourself.
I can confidently say, from my long-term experience, there is just one candle love spell that works decently. After several years of people failing, sometimes even brutal relationships, I decided to preach self-love and the appreciation of what people really needed from a relationship. I had to ask myself various questions first. Was it the emotion of existing through another person, or was it the call to have someone attend to them and mind about them? Was it finances and success in the world or was it the necessity for friendship and security and comfort? Above all a person needs to ask themselves which love spell to choose?
What You Need
  1. A candle that resembles the male
  2. A candle that resembles the female
  3. Oil
  4. Parchment paper
You need to make sure that you do the spell on the New Moon.
This is the time that has the greatest energy for fresh beginnings- however, you carry out the candle magic anytime you wished. From the astrology knowledge, one must understand that the New Moon iss the ideal time. Be aware that- if you follow an extremely difficult year, full of sadness and a very ruinous relationship—some don’t desire to calm and wait for the New Moon. Hence, people carry it out anyway…usually the same day.
Write Down Your Wishes
Write down your wishes on parchment paper and recite them as the candles burn. Make sure to visualize your efforts.
Anoint The Candles
Anoint both the candles, all the while chanting your love goals, example; You can request that you be joined with a kind and generous partner who would be committed to you. Request for someone who is willing and ready to accept your love. Don’t have limitations to the person about money, looks or age. Just request that they be the one meant for you and vice versa. Apart from being able to be free to your love, your other essential quality would be their character. Then ignite the candles and declare the love spell over them. The bottom line of the spell was a call for the Universe to consider your need for love, a narrative that love is a human necessity, and an expression that you are as qualified for it just like everyone else in the World. Include a call that a suitable person to be brought to you no matter who was or where in this World.
As the candles burn, reflect on your past experiences about relationships. Look as the candles burn.
With the burning and vanishing of the candles empty the effects of the yesterday from your inner aura, and ready yourself to allow a new relationship into your being. Be aware to begin a new relationship while sticking to the yesterday and earlier energies is self-defeating.
Make sure you completely forget your past- and anything that connects you with the past. Ever hear of off with the old on with the new? Next, make the move to meet fresh people by even going to some social events. With your fresh revitalization, you will feel strenuously prepared to take action in your life. From there you should be able to notice and establish people who were not right in your life. See how things go a month into your candle love spell. Some people meet someone right away, they might be older, might not have a profession or lots of money, but may have a sweet smile or kind eyes. Some people meet this person, go out, get along and move in with one another. The candle type spell is decent to attract a new but would not recommend bringing someone back or stealing a mate. This is held for stronger magick. Learn More: 13 LOVE SPELLS YOU SHOULD KNOW
Is Candle Magic The Best?
Although “sometimes” candle magic can work decently, its always wise to seek the help of an experienced caster. Aside from candle love spells, there are several other more potent magick energies and ways to cast love spells such as, fire magick, water magick, hermeticism, Kabbalah and many many more, even blood magick or invoking a Djinn. Sometimes a candle love spell is not powerful enough, such as is there an outside influence? Does the person need to be broken up? Do you plan to steal a mate from someone? Does someone need to be banished? If you answered yes then you would need a 2 in one love spell. If you would like a powerful spell that then you would need an experienced caster if you seriously want results.

Below Is An Example of Black Magic Love Spells

PLEASE NOTE: I only perform black magic spells in certain pre-approved circumstances. So please [contact me](mailto:[email protected]) regarding your situation and I’ll let you know if I find the situation warrants black magic.
11. The Black Magic Love Spell
Simply put, this eliminates any obstructions. It incorporates one of the blackest break-up djinns and potent love spell for your victim to dearly cherish and come to you. With this love spell, you can also obtain: o The BLACK MAGICK DJINN- meant to release your victim or target from an individual who is a hindrance and eliminate that individual for eternally. o Love spell- to enhance their affection, affinity and excitement for you, prompting them to come back to you as soon as their prevailing relationship is terminated.
12. The Infernal Princes of Hell Love Spell
With this love spell, your four top princes of Hell will be begged and commanded to aid you in realizing your love’s excitement. The Princes (Leviathan, Lucifer, Satan and Belial) command all 4 magical quarters, thus, establishing a robust ring of unholy power that will help to manifest purposes. Again, the four will make use of some demons to help them in manifesting your goals. The love spell grants them absolute energy to manifest your purposes as best as they can imagine. Nevertheless, it is somewhat unique compared to other love spells as it is *not* proved to be safe and therefore could come with some Karmic repercussion since it lacks limits. With that, they are best applied in pretty tough cases, where everything else has been declared ineffective.
13. The Steal a Mate
If you need someone who unfortunately belongs to someone else, the Steal a Mate love spell will be of great help as it will assist you to steal that target away from your competitor.
You can purchase spells at the store here: love spells
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2023.03.22 17:00 KOOLAidToHumanity The cult exploits many Filipino cultural values.

The cult exploits many Filipino cultural values. Having strict parents that would micromanage everything you do, making decisions for you. "Utang na loob" (English: "debt of gratitude" Literal: "a debt of one's inner self"), and how you have to repay your parents and never disobey them, no matter what. The fact that a lot of Filipinos live in an extended, often multi-generational household, is used against realizable apostates. If one isn't lucky, it's quite difficult to leave the cult peacefully, for you will be shunned not just by your family, but by your friends. A person born into the cult will be taught that the "outside world" or sanlibutan is inherently evil, and that they should be avoided as much as possible, for they are not "one of us". The INC person will be alienated from the "outside world", which is, in reality, just the real world. With this, they would have lesser access to outside perspectives about what life would be like as a non member, by purposeful design, of course. They'd be blind and ignorant and apathetic. And so, the typical INC member would have relatively more cult friends than non-INC ones. And the day that this INC person becomes an apostate, the rug will be pulled from under them, as if they had no positive memories shared with their friends and family. The familiarity will amount to nothing, and the apostate's support system will be non-existent. And if the apostate was a hardcore INC, they'd have a hard time readjusting and unlearning the taught notion that the sanlibutan is ungodly. From here, they would learn that the people they have been talking mad shit about, are just... normal human beings. And then, the apostate would realize that from birth, their life has been designed for them to not be able to leave the cult. To paraphrase that one video, "Those who go against you, shall be as nothing!" Or something among those lines.
Just from the examples I made, you can see how the INC checks every mark in Steven Hassan’s BITE Model of Authoritarian Control. Behavior, Information, Thought, Emotional.
If you have more examples, please share them here.
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2023.03.22 16:59 Aggressive-City4453 IT knows when I am sleeping IT knows when I am awake

Kinda sounds like a Santa Claus song eh? I could only wish it was good ole St.Nick. I don’t have a name for this unknown terrifying creature so I call IT, IT.
It all started about 2015 when I moved to the North to the Rocky Mountains in the Idaho Panhandle. I went adventuring riding my 4 wheeler deep into the woods, just exploring and loving the isolation of having nobody else around. I packed extra gas a pick ax and shovel to do a Little Rock hounding as Idaho is the gem state. I planned on making this just a day trip as I had plenty of sunlight until at least 9 o’clock as it was the middle of June.
I took off down a trail behind my house after mapping out the area, I planned on taking my quad as far as I could before, jumping off and hiking into some uncharted territory, as I thought some of the best finds would be where very little people if any had gone there. It was a beautiful day about 80 degrees with a little breeze, the trail was fun, hills, tight turns, even some big boulders embedded in the trail as some of it was part of an old logging road. The further I went, the more rugged and rough the terrain was, it slowed me down a little but I was out just enjoying the day.
I logged in about 20 miles of trails on my 4 wheeler and found a thick forest with steep mountains and big boulders in my way. So I figured this is as good place as any to start hiking and exploring. It was tough going and along the way I found several quartz veins in the side of the mountain I rummaged around, busted some of it up in hopes I might find some gold. As the afternoon went on I figured I better go on ahead if I’m going to get to the uncharted area I picked out.
As I continued on I noticed a big hole in the ground I almost fell into. Kinda like the cave from the movie the descent. It was an amazing sight, probably an old abandoned mine shaft over 100 years old. No warnings it was there I just stumbled upon it. I threw a rock down to see if I could hear it hit the bottom, and it did after several seconds, so I knew it was a deep hole, and very dark too even in the daylight.
After exploring around the opening searching for ore and unique rocks in which I found some pretty big chunks of red garnet and a few samples of opal beautiful stones. I noticed it was getting late, damn I thought it’s 730pm already. I made a note of my find and pinpointed the location so I could go back, Then I started my hike back to my 4 wheeler. As I was leaving I heard some weird indescribable shriek coming from down in the dark deep hole, It sounded like it was pretty far away but it still sent chills down my spine and made me speed walk away after gathering my tools and rocks. As I was hiking back to my 4 wheeler I couldn’t help like feeling I was being watched and constantly had to look over my shoulder. Not much I could see as the forest was crazy thick up in this part of the woods.
Darkness was falling in quick on me as I was almost back to my 4 wheeler, then I heard that demonic shriek from the path i just came from, and it sounded just like the one from the mine shaft but only closer out in the woods now. I felt the hair on my neck stand straight up and I now had goosebumps all over. I felt as if I was in fight or flight mode so I chose to start jogging in the direction of my quad. I could see it about 50 yds ahead at the edge of the tree line. I thought to myself almost there just gotta keep moving. Just as I reached my 4 wheeler I heard tree branches snapping and underbrush being mowed down like something big is rushing through the forest heading in my direction.
I fired up my quad and floored it onto the rough trail my shovel flew off the 4 wheeler rack and I just left it. About 80 yards from where I took off I turned to look behind me and there IT stood. Ungodly skinny, tall, and pale as a ghost with no hair, bright gleaming yellow eyes two horns on its head like a big horn sheep and long gangly arms with giant hands and claws like a wolverine about 7 ft tall at least. It had a head like an elk big nose and it was staring right at me. I heard it growl or roar over my quad engine then it took off towards me at a speed I didn’t think I could outrun even on my Kawasaki Brute 750 which easily did 60mph.
I navigated the rough trail the best I could almost losing control several times pushing 40 mph and it was crashing through trees gaining on me. As luck would have it I made it to the old logging road where I could open it up full throttle 60 mph the whole way and I would glance back at every straightaway to see where IT was. Fortunately I was losing It. Still IT was not giving up. I finally got out on the main road it must’ve been 1030 now as the moon was out and it was pretty dark. I floored it the final 3 miles to my driveway and finally let off the gas and parked my quad in the shed. Being aware of my surroundings I crept to my house got in and locked the doors and windows I didn’t know wether or not that thing was still following me or what? Just when I thought all was good I heard that demonic evil sound that it made before at the mine and in the woods. I thought oh my god no way it followed me all the way home and found me.
I peeked out my window out into an open meadow in my front yard and at the edge of the tree line about 75 yards out I was disturbed by what I seen. There IT was standing bipedal and puffing out it’s chest making that god awful noise. I could hear it through my house. It was walking back and forth just pacing waiting hoping I would come back out. Surely IT couldn’t see me but it suddenly cocked its head and looked right at me peeking through my shades on my window. I quickly closed them. Got on the phone with the fish n game explaining to them I was being stalked by some creature. They insured me it was just wildlife and I told them to come out to my address and see for themselves. It took about an hour for them to get there the creature was there then wasn’t. Of course when the two wardens got to my residence there was no sight of IT.
We talked for several minutes, I could tell they weren’t believing any of my story. They even had the gall to assume I was drinking or on drugs. Shortly after they left I decided I needed to go to bed I was exhausted. Maybe I did just hallucinate all that who knows. I was woken up by some strange scratching noises outside of my bedroom window. I checked the clock it was 3 am. I was terrified to peek out my window as I had an idea of what I’d see. Sure enough as soon as I peeked there was it’s big head yellow glowing eyes peering right at me as if it was looking through my soul. Then it smiled with rows of razor sharp teeth. I closed the blinds. Thinking no this is not happening. Waited a few moments looked again and it was gone.
The next morning I looked outside at the siding on my house, outside of my bedroom and sure as shit there was deep claw marks all over the side of my house. I knew now that this all was very real and not a nightmare. I have lived in the same house for 8 years now as it is 2023 and everyday and every night that thing is watching me, it makes sure I know of it’s presence. It hasn’t done any harm to me yet. But it’s probably just waiting to catch me slipping. I only go to work and stay inside my house year round now because It knows when I’m sleeping and knows when I’m awake. Just patiently waiting for my final mistake.
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2023.03.22 16:58 p200099 Another negative Oraquick. I think this has given me the confidence to go get my gen 4 test today at 110 days. I hope everyone out there struggling with fear and anxiety can get through this tough time negative or positive.

Another negative Oraquick. I think this has given me the confidence to go get my gen 4 test today at 110 days. I hope everyone out there struggling with fear and anxiety can get through this tough time negative or positive. submitted by p200099 to HIV [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 16:58 tjwacky Using a spark plug to free a lure. Has anyone tried this? I’m curious how/if it works.

Using a spark plug to free a lure. Has anyone tried this? I’m curious how/if it works. submitted by tjwacky to Fishing [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 16:56 SolidWarp One trick Sett player, and feeling lost?

Due to Sett’s ability to build so many different items and thrive I’ve had my ins and outs of different play styles with him and varying success in each. For the first 180k mastery I had on sett, I loved every moment and never felt objectively weak no matter how I build. Now I’m at 200k and have been having a hard time lately. When my opponents build tank or poke I seem to struggle (seemingly no matter how I build), and when they build fighter bruiser I can only go even or get slightly ahead it feels. The only real success I’ve been having with him as of late is splitpushing and abusing tp to do so (swapping sides when enemies cross vision lines to split other side for example).
How should I be playing Sett? In a weird way don’t think I know anything about him.
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2023.03.22 16:55 captionwellhid Coolant bleeding question

Had the car (2011 328i xdrive) in my garage for two months now due to funds and time. Front suspension rebuild, axles, bearings, new coolant lines, ofhg, the dreaded oil pan gasket along with (a lot of) other general preventative maintenance. Just about to get the subframe back on and everything wrapped up today or tomorrow!
So, I'm aware of the coolant bleeding procedure, and have done it a few times. I'm truly just curious, can it still be done the old school way, cap off the reservoir while it gets to temp? Is there a specific reason it has to be done cold? Thanks!
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2023.03.22 16:55 StripeyTiger1 58 [M4F] #Midlands, England, UK - seeking younger for clean 😇 and/or dirty 😈 relationship

Some people like their dating to be clean and romantic, others like it dirty. Click on which you prefer (or both)
Clean Version
I'm looking for a young woman who would like a relationship involving having children. I want someone who would like children soon because I'm not getting any younger, but its fine if you use birth control until you make your mind up. As far as I'm concerned, if I'm having sex with you, you have my permission to get pregnant or not as you choose. You can live with me or visit often before and after conception. I'd like a long term relationship and ideally would like at least two children
Dirty Version
I'm a much older man looking for a young woman/women who will let me fill her juicy fertile pussy as often as possible with my cum with the aim of knocking you up, so I can enjoy your belly growing and I can share your nice full milky tits. I want to knock you up as soon as possible, so please stop birth control and remove any implants if you have them. After you get pregnant I want you to live with me or at least visit often so I can enjoy and explore your growing body, and so I can breed you again after you've pushed the first child out.
I realise what I'm looking for may be hard to find, so I won't be surprised to be reposting this in 6 months, but its enjoyable talking to people whilst looking. 😀
Unlike many on here, I'm not just looking to talk about doing this (although that's fun) I'm looking to meet up with someone and actually do it. Ideally you will be in the UK or a short plane journey away. Willing to talk to people further away but will be upfront and say the closer you are the more likely this will happen.
I live in a large village but it has a railway station just 5 mins away on a direct line to London.
I believe that in a relationship I should help you achieve your goal in life, whether it's a career or being a stay at home parent, but I'm there to be a partner, not baby you 24/7. Similarly, although I want someone younger, you're not my slave (except in fun roleplay!).
I believe in spontaneity so after agreeing to have sex the first time, you don't have to ask to start things next time, however "Stop" and "Not Right Now" are valid!
I'm not a great believer in sexual extremes, but have no objection to fun. I will mainly be turned on by the fact that someone beautiful is happy to be with me.
Messaging links:

I apologise if this is a deal breaker, but due to the prevalence of people who are fake 👎 or just looking for fun {fine 👍}, I will have to keep this post live until I am in a committed physical relationship with someone!
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2023.03.22 16:55 digital4kcollector (Offer) list (request) list

I split all splitable titles If you want a full code please let me know.
​ *Disney/Marvel/Star Wars all hd unless marked as 4k *
​ *hd unless marked otherwise collections* ​
​ *HD unless noted as 4k* ​
TV shows
Standard definition and XML Titles
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2023.03.22 16:54 RuhWalde Regarding the note about Queen Desire preceding chapter 7

I'm re-reading Assassin's Apprentice, and the note about Queen Desire's death at the opening of chapter 7 struck me as quite strange this time.
Though the historical note is not signed, the author is implied to be Fitz; so far, there have been no excerpts that seem like they're from outside sources.
So when Fitz asserts that Desire died by overdose rather than poisoning, he claims that this is something he "absolutely know[s] as truth". He further emphasizes this with the line "I can say with complete knowledge." However, since he never revisits this topic in the main narrative, it is left unclear how he could possibly know this. At that time, he was about 12, and he seldom spent time with any of the royal family, Desire least of all. How could he possibly be certain how she died?? What kind of evidence would even be possible to convince him of this truth so securely? After all, if someone did hasten along her death, they would surely try to make it look like an overdose, and I can't think of a way that someone without modern technology would be able to tell the difference.
The only way he could be certain of how she died is if he had a hand in causing it to happen...which would contradict his claim. So is that the conclusion we're supposed to take? That Fitz is outright lying in this note and that Desire was murdered? That would also possibly make sense for why he avoids the topic in his narrative, which is quite a glaring omission.
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2023.03.22 16:53 DinksMcGillicuddy Transferring Post 9/11 Gi Bill benefits between children

I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this but wanted to confirm. My wife and I are both vets: I'm in the Reserves now, she's getting off active duty this summer.
Years ago, she transferred her Post 9/11 to our daughter. (I already used mine.) She incurred a three year obligation for doing so, which she has already fulfilled. Since then, though, we've had a second daughter, and would like to give #2 half the benefits. Basically split it so they both get 18 months of benefits.
If she transfers half of her Post 9/11 time to daughter #2, she does NOT incur another active duty obligation, correct? That was already fulfilled with the initial transfer, right?
She's got a civilian job lined up, we're moving, so changing up the timeline now would be less than ideal.
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2023.03.22 16:53 Ok_Cartographer6328 Need Advice for friend

Attached to friend with said disorder. She’s never been involved with anyone before. She never gave a commitment, and according to her we were “just friends”. But I could tell, and everyone around us could tell there was something going on between us. Her parents, sister, everyone noticed it.
She hardly texted and even ignored texts. But we exchanged snaps daily 2/3 times. And there was some texting at night. And we copied each other’s snaps, I think in a way it was like confessing love for each other.
Got blocked after confessing love directly on text. She gave warning before doing so but I doubled down on the love lol.
6 months later, she came to my house while I was blocked. ( for a family function, as our parents are close) Acted completely normal, and was only interested in spending time with me, and no one else at the party.
That day I could notice the signs of disorganised attachment and dissociation. Snapping at me, look of frozen terror when I was being romantic, laughing like a five year old girl when I was being flirty, zoning out etc. And she was confiding in me like a friend that day.
And before I got blocked and things were normal(relatively lol) she told me her deepest secret, even if it was just in a few words.
She has all the signs of a horrible childhood. After I got blocked I messaged using brothers phone like once a month but no reply. But she saw them. And never pressured her to unblock.
But after she came to my house, I added her to WhatsApp group with just us two, told her she was behaving bad, she left the group. Also told her she can say goodbye anytime, but DIRECTLY. But no goodbye, just left group. I Got brothers phone and told her to stop running away as that won’t solve anything. Then she accused me of harassing her( lashed out and wrote paragraph long texts to my brother about how I don’t respect her etc.) Told her sorry, will never message again. Then she said she will unblock me but to respect her boundaries as friend. Bullshit, as deep down she knows it’s more than that. But I’ll comply.
She’s Still unresponsive after getting unblocked.
My question is, is it better to keep sending texts periodically or to let her isolate completely and wait for her to come to me. I know the relationship is alive, I could feel it when she met me recently.
She’s in a very bad place and I’m ready to wait cause love. Lol.
It’s been 8 months since she initially blocked me. I’m still blocked everywhere except WhatsApp.
This is a very serious level of mental illness, I can tell. Even I’m somewhere along the lines of crazy , that’s why I understand her a little but nowhere near her.
Fine with being just friends as long as I’m there for her. Idk how that will work as it’s weird for a guy and girl to be just friends, specially near marriageable age.
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