Extreme exposure dive shop

Dokkan Battle Box (Global & Japanese)

2023.03.22 17:56 Artemis_Roblox Dokkan Battle Box (Global & Japanese)

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2023.03.22 17:54 e_boon Which ammo has lead-free primers?

Trying to reduce lead-exposure. So far, the only ones I've been able to find are:
Federal Syntech
Federal IRT
CCI Blazer Clean-Fire
Defender Eco Frangible
40 S&W / 45 ACP / 10mm:
Federal Syntech
380 auto:
Federal IRT
Norma Eco Speed/Eco Power
12Ga / 20Ga:
Federal Speed-Shok
Federal BlackCloud
Does anyone know of any others? This blog says all CCI Blazer ammo have the Catalyst lead-free primer, but after a deeper dive it seems only the more expensive "Clean-Fire" line has it
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2023.03.22 17:47 Financial-Base4924 I was wondering if there is any decent or good characters that can be useful for this team.

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2023.03.22 17:47 DukeCharming Advanced Open Water Course Suggestions in Massachusetts

Hi all!
I'm fairly new to scuba diving. I got my PADI Open Water certification last Summer in St Lucia and I'd like to expand my experience and knowledge in Massachusetts. Does anyone have any suggestions for local Advanced Open Water courses?
I see that there are quite a few dive shops and most require having recent cold water experience. I'm not really sure how to get that since I don't want to repeat the open water course I already took.
I'd appreciate any advice on which dive shop to go with and how to get that cold water experience!
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2023.03.22 17:44 tycat1901 Stuck in redzone, help me with a team to beat it

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2023.03.22 17:37 kristoneverr 2 week itinerary

Hello, I'm coming to Malaysia in June, will be staying there for 14 days. I have made a possible plan but might need help, is this plan too packed or is it feasible?
21st June- arriving at KL, will be staying there until 25th June (first day to settle in, second day to explore city, third day for Batu caves tour, fourth day for Melaka day tour)
25th June until 26th - Taman Negara 1 night tour
26th June until 29th -Ipoh (will arrive at Cameron Highlands around 4pm, will try to catch the bus to Ipoh. Second day for exploring Ipoh, third day for Cameron Highlands)
29th June until 1st July- from Ipoh to Penang with bus, will explore Ipoh, second day for Georgetown
1st July till 4th July - boat ride to Langkawi, second day for sky bridge, cable car, island hopping, third day for relax, maybe diving.
4th July - fly back to KL and spend last night there, shopping etc.
Should I add some places or remove something? Is the bus connection reliable everywhere? Thank you, my first trip to SEA, can't wait!
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2023.03.22 17:09 Aggravating_Ride8688 trading

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2023.03.22 17:02 cbb88christian Negotiations Underway 4

First Prev Next
Approximated Earth Date: 3. May. 2235
"Destination set: Earth's Moon. Estimated travel time: Fifty-five minutes, and twenty-three seconds."
Teresh had to catch himself with a hand as the ship suddenly roared to life. The world began to turn as he could feel its momentum change. Questions began to bubble in my head, like a pot of gotesh starting to boil.
Earth? Is that the name of planet 626, or another? Could it be a prison world? Was I just tricked by an elaborate ruse into surrendering myself to becoming a captive once more? Teresh shook his head. No, that's stupid. Unless humans are an incredibly cruel species, there would be no reason to lull me into a false sense of security. They are aware that I am unarmed and alone. Tom alone would be able to physically overpower me. I will just have to trust in my new ally.
Part of him wanted to escape, and another knew that it would be pointless. Even if he made it back to his ship there was no guarantee that he could get the hanger doors open. Then there was a chance that they would just blast him out of space the moment he left the ship. This was not the time to let fear rule him. He had to be strong, brave, and honorable, like his ancestors before him.
A brisk knock came at the door, which nearly caused him to jump out of his feathers. He saw the familiar orange and black form of Tom walk through the door. Along with him, an orange suit and helmet that he held in his left hand. Tom’s throat rumbled before he started talking.
"I looked through our spares. This is the smallest one we've got. Might be a little loose on the shoulders, but it should get the job done," he explained, holding it out to him.
"Thank you," Teresh replied, taking the bundle from him. The fabric was pretty soft and surprisingly flexible and elastic. Though, he did immediately think of one flaw. "You don't suppose my talons are going to poke through the fabric, do you?"
Tom stood there, a hand on his side. After a moment of silence, he shifted his weight to the other leg and responded, "Eh, I don't think so. Long as they're not razor sharp you should be fine. Just don't push too hard against the finger parts."
"Oh, you have five ‘fingers.’ As you called them," Teresh said matter-of-factually. He noticed upon looking at his suit and referencing Tom's that the hands had five ‘fingers’ each.
He held up his own, and they both counted four talons. One that took the same position as the thumb, with the only missing being a pinky equivalent. Fortunately, Teresh was quick on his feet.
"I'll do my best to keep it out of sight. At worst, I lost them in an accident," he explained.
"Huh, good ingenuity. We're going to need that if we want this to work," Tom replied, crossing his arms together.
Teresh wasn't exactly sure how to read the gesture, but his tone sounded positive. He would be sure to upload their language to the translator as fast as possible. When interpreting, the machine outputs everything in a dull, neutral voice. Once the language was properly recognized however, they could speak to each other as if there were no language barriers at all. That would have to wait, sadly, as it sounded like they were about to get moving.
He stood up and began donning his suit. Quickly finding a small zipper, which was a tad infuriating with talons. The Valaxi could manage them just fine, but the kooli needed their own zippers that featured a larger hole for their talons. Just another advantage they had from natural superiority.
Tom shuffled his feet a bit and turned away from Teresh in an instant. Causing him to pause and tilt his head at the human.
"Is something the matter?" Teresh asked curiously.
Tom throat rumbled again, and he coughed. Responding, "Sorry, I just figured you wanted some privacy."
The kooli shook his head, amused by his sentiment. His race didn't typically wear trappings like the Valaxi or the Leo-oup. Typically, such practice was observed as a way to either cover exposed genitalia or to accentuate their appearance. Kooli had no such exposure and preferred the natural beauty of their bodies and feathers. To don clothing atop was seen as a practice that only extremely narcissistic or Valaxi obsessed kooli indulged in. Even their own Jarva only donned a cape and crown when attending the imperial commune.
Of course, he had no clue why the humans covered themselves, but that would have to wait for future discussion. All he could do was theorize as he finally slid on the loose garb. The suit fit well enough, outside of bunching up near his feet and elbows. Not enough to be a hazard, but just enough to look a few sizes too big. He began to fight with the zipper again, seeing Tom glance back.
"Ah, did you need help with that? I imagine it's tough with the..." Tom paused awkwardly, "claws?"
"Talons. And yes, it would be very helpful, thank you," Teresh replied.
Ancestors protect me, he pleaded, realizing what it meant.
Tom took a few steps and knelt down, less than a foot away from Teresh as the gentle zzzzzzzip of the zipper traveled up the suit. The kooli held his breath through the whole process. His eyes strained to find some semblance of a shape inside the black void. Seeing a rough circular object move inside, with some strange jutting or jagged shapes around it. Unable to form a clear picture as the zipper reached the top of the suit. Tom gave it a small tug and seemed satisfied.
"Good, nice and secure. Not too bad a fit either. Just looks like a kid wearing his dad's shoes," he explained absentmindedly.
"Kid? Shoes?" Teresh asked, feeling much smaller when draped in the large suit.
"Ah, right. Kids are what we call our young. Children, kiddos, there's plenty more. As for shoes, we wear them on our feet to protect our skin," Tom explained, causing Teresh's eyes to widen.
So many questions chirped inside his mind. It was going to take hours just to process all the basic questions he had about humans, not to mention ones on culture and family unit. Tom seemed to pick this up too as he held out the helmet.
"I promise I'll answer every single question you've got once we get you to my contact. For now, just try to keep a hold on them in your head," he said, as if able to read his mind.
Now that wasn't something he considered. Though there was no evidence of such an ability existing, who knew what humans were capable of. Perhaps they could possess natural psionic ability. That discovery would make for an excellent essay or dissertation.
It was not the time for essays however, it was time to don his own black mirror. Taking the helmet, he slid it onto his head. It was a bit claustrophobic, and it hurt a little with his crown feathers being forcibly pressed against the top of the helmet. Outside of that though, it was perfectly serviceable. The entire world around him was shifted to a darker tone, including Tom. If he couldn't see his face before, it was now impossible to see anything past two layers of this dark glass. He could feel Tom touching parts of his neck, and he heard a few snaps as the neck and helmet joined together. Either magnetic or through some other means, he couldn't tell. Tom stepped back and gave him a once over.
"Perfect. This is actually going to work," he spoke softly.
"You doubted it working?" Teresh joked, the translator rumbling within the suit.
"Hey, this is completely new territory for me. I'll be happy if we make it past the front door," Tom replied, then pointing towards his chest. "Which reminds me. We're going to have to shut that off when we get there."
Teresh gulped, "B-But-"
"Yes, you'll have no idea what's going on. You're going to be in a new place, surrounded by tons of humans, and you may or may not be in danger," Tom explained, doing absolutely nothing to quell his fears.
However, what the human did next was something that Teresh never saw coming. He actually got down on his knee, more or less being eye level with him. Although he couldn't see them, he could tell that Tom was looking right through him.
Tom's voice was serious, low, and full of determination. Exclaiming, "Teresh. I need you to trust me when I say this. As long as I am with you, you are safe. I won't let anyone touch a feather on that head, and if they do, I'll knock them off their ass. My friends will be there with us too. All three of us are going to protect you. Okay?"
What is this feeling? Teresh thought to himself. There was something about his words that caused his heart to swell. He felt like he could do anything, that he was going to succeed. Not even General Vorin's words instilled him with as much confidence.
"Y-Yes Tom. I trust you," Teresh answered.
"Do you mind if I put my hand on your shoulder?" He asked. More confusion, but he was too inspired to question it.
"You may," the kooli replied.
Tom lifted his hand, causing Teresh to flinch as it slowly but surely impacted his shoulder. Feeling his strange finger appendages grip his shoulder firmly but not painfully.
"I'm with you. Don't forget that," Tom said stoically. Then standing and pulling back. "Let's do some rehearsal in the bay. You won't need to talk the talk, but you'll need to walk the walk."
"Talk the talk and walk wha-?" Teresh began.
"Don't worry about it kid. It'll be just like theatre," he explained, then going on, "that's a-"
"My people have theatre Tom, I understand," the kooli replied, grinning under the helmet.
"Right. Of course. Let's go," Tom replied, his tone suggesting a bit of embarrassment.
Together, they made their way out of the medical ward and into the main hanger, or "bay" as Tom called it. He saw the other two outfitted individuals watching their approach. Able to tell that both parties were engaging in a game of observation. Trying to discern the shapes underneath the suits.
Still only three crew members, for a ship of this size, he thought to himself.
With how small their crew was, perhaps this flagship was decommissioned. That would explain the lack of bodies and ships in the hanger. If their military was even more armed than this... they would make for a wonderful child race. The Valaxi would help them reach their true potential. If Teresh could accomplish that, he would consider it his greatest feat in life. It would cement him and his family in the good graces of the empire forever and bring honor to General Vorin's home.
Tom held up his hand and shook it around at them, announcing, "Hey guys, this is Teresh. Teresh, meet Maxim and Ally."
"Hello," a higher voice responded from the suit on the right.
"Howdy," another low voice emerged from the suit on the left.
"How-dy?" Teresh mimicked, shaking his taloned hand at them.
He heard a few coughs or strange gasps from them, and he just hoped he hadn't offended them in some way. Tom's throat rumbled like a growl, causing the two to stop. A show of authority it seemed.
"We're going to help Teresh get to Mikael. Once we meet, then we'll figure out what to do from there," Tom explained.
"Sounds good. How do we start?" The one called Maxim asked.
"First, Teresh," he turned to me. He tapped the side of his helmet several times, explaining, "if I do that, it means turn on your translator. If I do this," he made a flat sliding gesture on the bottom of the helmet, "it means turn it off."
Tapping, on. Sliding, off. Easy, Teresh internalized.
"Good. Now we're going to start practicing some scenarios. We have a little over a half hour left so we don't have too much time, but it should be enough. First, I'm going to explain what we're doing, then I'll give you the signal to shut your translator off. We need to get you used to humans talking or doing things around you. Whatever you do, you need to stay calm, cool, and collected. Think you can handle that," Tom asked, nodding his head at him.
He clenched his hands tightly, feeling truly confident for one of the first times in his life. Teresh focused his gaze on the three of them, "Let's do it."
It's time to prove my mettle.
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2023.03.22 17:00 swingerlover Using Common Sense With Love Spells #lovespells

Using Common Sense With Love Spells #lovespells
The greatest love spells you can carry out are those inspired by self-love. If you are struggling to love someone to the extent of trying to “put a spell on them” and make them mysteriously love you, it means you are doing it right. In case you are doing anything apart from endeavoring to open yourself up to someone who can love each other openly then you are not honoring yourself.
I can confidently say, from my long-term experience, there is just one candle love spell that works decently. After several years of people failing, sometimes even brutal relationships, I decided to preach self-love and the appreciation of what people really needed from a relationship. I had to ask myself various questions first. Was it the emotion of existing through another person, or was it the call to have someone attend to them and mind about them? Was it finances and success in the world or was it the necessity for friendship and security and comfort? Above all a person needs to ask themselves which love spell to choose?

What You Need
  1. A candle that resembles the male
  2. A candle that resembles the female
  3. Oil
  4. Parchment paper
You need to make sure that you do the spell on the New Moon.
This is the time that has the greatest energy for fresh beginnings- however, you carry out the candle magic anytime you wished. From the astrology knowledge, one must understand that the New Moon iss the ideal time. Be aware that- if you follow an extremely difficult year, full of sadness and a very ruinous relationship—some don’t desire to calm and wait for the New Moon. Hence, people carry it out anyway…usually the same day.
Write Down Your Wishes
Write down your wishes on parchment paper and recite them as the candles burn. Make sure to visualize your efforts.
Anoint The Candles
Anoint both the candles, all the while chanting your love goals, example; You can request that you be joined with a kind and generous partner who would be committed to you. Request for someone who is willing and ready to accept your love. Don’t have limitations to the person about money, looks or age. Just request that they be the one meant for you and vice versa. Apart from being able to be free to your love, your other essential quality would be their character. Then ignite the candles and declare the love spell over them. The bottom line of the spell was a call for the Universe to consider your need for love, a narrative that love is a human necessity, and an expression that you are as qualified for it just like everyone else in the World. Include a call that a suitable person to be brought to you no matter who was or where in this World.
As the candles burn, reflect on your past experiences about relationships. Look as the candles burn.
With the burning and vanishing of the candles empty the effects of the yesterday from your inner aura, and ready yourself to allow a new relationship into your being. Be aware to begin a new relationship while sticking to the yesterday and earlier energies is self-defeating.
Make sure you completely forget your past- and anything that connects you with the past. Ever hear of off with the old on with the new? Next, make the move to meet fresh people by even going to some social events. With your fresh revitalization, you will feel strenuously prepared to take action in your life. From there you should be able to notice and establish people who were not right in your life. See how things go a month into your candle love spell. Some people meet someone right away, they might be older, might not have a profession or lots of money, but may have a sweet smile or kind eyes. Some people meet this person, go out, get along and move in with one another. The candle type spell is decent to attract a new but would not recommend bringing someone back or stealing a mate. This is held for stronger magick. Learn More: 13 LOVE SPELLS YOU SHOULD KNOW
Is Candle Magic The Best?
Although “sometimes” candle magic can work decently, its always wise to seek the help of an experienced caster. Aside from candle love spells, there are several other more potent magick energies and ways to cast love spells such as, fire magick, water magick, hermeticism, Kabbalah and many many more, even blood magick or invoking a Djinn. Sometimes a candle love spell is not powerful enough, such as is there an outside influence? Does the person need to be broken up? Do you plan to steal a mate from someone? Does someone need to be banished? If you answered yes then you would need a 2 in one love spell. If you would like a powerful spell that then you would need an experienced caster if you seriously want results.

Below Is An Example of Black Magic Love Spells

PLEASE NOTE: I only perform black magic spells in certain pre-approved circumstances. So please [contact me](mailto:[email protected]) regarding your situation and I’ll let you know if I find the situation warrants black magic.

11. The Black Magic Love Spell
Simply put, this eliminates any obstructions. It incorporates one of the blackest break-up djinns and potent love spell for your victim to dearly cherish and come to you. With this love spell, you can also obtain: o The BLACK MAGICK DJINN- meant to release your victim or target from an individual who is a hindrance and eliminate that individual for eternally. o Love spell- to enhance their affection, affinity and excitement for you, prompting them to come back to you as soon as their prevailing relationship is terminated.

12. The Infernal Princes of Hell Love Spell
With this love spell, your four top princes of Hell will be begged and commanded to aid you in realizing your love’s excitement. The Princes (Leviathan, Lucifer, Satan and Belial) command all 4 magical quarters, thus, establishing a robust ring of unholy power that will help to manifest purposes. Again, the four will make use of some demons to help them in manifesting your goals. The love spell grants them absolute energy to manifest your purposes as best as they can imagine. Nevertheless, it is somewhat unique compared to other love spells as it is *not* proved to be safe and therefore could come with some Karmic repercussion since it lacks limits. With that, they are best applied in pretty tough cases, where everything else has been declared ineffective.

13. The Steal a Mate
If you need someone who unfortunately belongs to someone else, the Steal a Mate love spell will be of great help as it will assist you to steal that target away from your competitor.
You can purchase spells at the store here: love spells
Want Izabael To Cast a Spell For You?
Visit My Magick Spell Shop

Magic Spells by Izabael DaJinn The World’s Premiere Spell-casting Genie
***Successful Spells Cast since 2007 *\*
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2023.03.22 16:50 vrJaden Finally Played Deadpool (2013)

Now I’m extremely late , Deadpool has been my second favorite comic book character ( behind Spider-Man ) since I was a kid ; but I couldn’t afford the game nonetheless the console when I was younger . Luckily I’m 17 now , and my girlfriend bought me the game the other day and I must say …
Going into this I assumed the game would be average at best due to how much hate I’ve seen on it , but man I disagree . I finished the story in one swoop since I’m off today , and it was just ridiculous and over the top fun from the opening . I know that some people ( mainly referring to this video https://youtu.be/55huF8QVJbk and some other opinions I’ve seen ) wanted this game to explore the deeper story of Wade’s character , and although I do think that would’ve been fine - I just feel like the game didn’t need to be that . It’s very self aware that it’s nothing but a long action filled killing spree that doesn’t take itself serious whatsoever , and I’m perfectly fine with that . I don’t believe that every game as to be an Arkham / Insomniac fleshed out story ( although those are some of if not the greatest comic book adaptations ever created ) that really dives deep into the characters . Although that would be phenomenal, a 5 hour Deadpool adventure featuring the X-Men and unapologetic gore isn’t bad either .
I know that Deadpool’s character gets misconstrued very often , but I don’t think they got Wade ALL WRONG in the game . As a DP fan , I can admit that the “modern” Deadpool jokes can get very irritable , and in the movies ( love the movies btw ) a lot of the jokes are very 😐ish if that makes sense ; but this game actually had extremely high highs and not a lot of lows in terms of the comedy for me . The 4th wall trope can get old fast , but the way that they integrated it into the story hit the nail on the head for me everytime . Obviously the usual Deadpool sex jokes weren’t hilarious , but that’s almost expected .
One word that I kept seeing along the years was “repetitive” , and I honestly couldn’t disagree more . There are way too many combat options for the game to get repetitive in my opinion . Every mission had something insanely different and I never really found myself bored at any point . The game isn’t perfect whatsoever , but I never felt like all the enemies were the “same” because they weren’t , like at all . Seeing hoards of various different enemies attacking you at once was overwhelming but in a nice way . Kind of like the Arkham games on a much , much smaller scale .
I can understand why someone would think that the game “ruined” Deadpool’s image , but I wouldn’t say that’s the game’s fault . I would’ve liked to be able to change outfits like in the Arkham / Spider-Man games , especially since we see Wade in his black suit at the start of the game . The dodging system was a little wonky and it was difficult to handle the waves of enemies all at once , but once you get the combat down it’s incredibly enjoyable .
For what it was and for what it was intended to be , I’d honestly give the game an 8.4/10 maybe . I honestly think if the budget was larger this would’ve been one of the greatest games of my life lol , but maybe that’s bias . What did y’all think of the game ?
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2023.03.22 16:46 Advanced_Falcon_2816 Rockstar Launches GTA+ Subscription Service With Member Exclusive Benefits But Is It Worth It?

Once upon a time, it was commonplace for online games to have subscription fees. The earliest popular graphical online games, including Ultima Online and EverQuest, all had recurring service fees, as did many games that came after, such as Final Fantasy XI and World of Warcraft.
That model has largely given way to the "freemium" model where the publishers give the game itself away for free, but much of the game's content is locked behind the choice of either extended play times "grinding" for materials, or the option of skipping that grind with a real-money payment.
However, some games have both, and that usually includes the longest-lived and most-successful ones. Sega's ten-year-on Phantasy Star Online 2 is free-to-play, but has extensive cash purchases and also has a "premium" subscription available. In Final Fantasy XIV and the venerable World of Warcraft, the subscription fee is still required despite the presence of a cash shop.
Grand Theft Auto Online has a lot of similarities to what we usually think of as qualities of "MMO" games. While it isn't "massively multiplayer" on a local scale—sessions normally include a maximum of 32 players—there are tens of thousands of players online at any given moment. It has named player characters with persistent progress and all of the other things we think of from MMO games: equipment, appearance customization, player housing, difficult multiplayer "raid" events, and so on.
With that context in mind, it probably shouldn't be a surprise that Rockstar is launching a subscription service for GTA Online. It's called GTA+, and it costs $6 a month. Ponying up for the premium subscription earns you a cool $500,000 in the in-game GTA$ currency every month and extra GTA$ on "Shark Cards," as well as exclusive benefits. Here's the list of benefits for the first month: The Principe Deveste Eight — along with a complimentary Hao’s Special Works upgrade for it before it is made available to purchase by the general public — plus the HSW Orange Trip and HSW CMYK Glitch Liveries. The Auto Shop located in La Mesa, introduces an assortment of gameplay updates from Los Santos Tuners. Current Auto Shop owners can relocate to La Mesa at no additional cost. Waived LS Car Meet Membership fees. Current LS Car Meet members with GTA+ will be reimbursed GTA$50,000 during this event period. Yacht owners can upgrade to the Aquarius Super Yacht at no additional cost. The Gussét Frog Tee and Broker Prolaps Basketball Top and Shorts automatically added to your wardrobe. The Conveyor Livery for the Mammoth Avenger, HVY APC, and TM-02 Khanjali. A selection of free paints and emblems for the Auto Shop. 3X GTA$ and RP on Hao’s Special Works Race Series. 2X Car Meet Rep on the Street Race Series. It would be easy to criticize Rockstar for this move because the company has already taken $60 of your money for the game. That's to say nothing of the grind-heavy nature of GTA Online that practically forces players to purchase Shark Cards for in-game currency if they want to make progress at any kind of reasonable rate. There's also the fact that the company is charging money for what is honestly an extremely minor update on the current-generation consoles.
In the interest of fairness, though, we'll note that many players who bought GTA V (including GTA Online) purchased it nearly a decade ago. Just like other major online games, GTA Online has seen years of additional content and improvements through continual updates, and that stuff does cost money to create.
deveste eight The Principe Deveste Eight, one of the rewards for subscribing this month.
If you own GTA V, you don't actually have to pay Rockstar anything to play it for the rest of eternity, so giving players an option to spend a little every month to support continued development is fair. However, the list of benefits, at least for the first month, is pretty weak.
There's another caveat, too: this program is only available to players on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles. We've asked Rockstar if GTA+ will be coming to the PC version, and will update this post if we get a response.
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2023.03.22 16:45 Amethyst939 Need help improving my editing

How can I improve my editing? I'm trying to achieve a more natural look to my photos. However, they always end up looking too bright, then when I try to adjust the overall brightness tone down, they look too unnaturally dark or too "cool."
I start out with auto and usually try to keep the auto exposure unless it is extremely too bright or dark. I try not to mess too much with exposure and focus on shadows, highlights and contrast. However, I think I'm struggling most with white balance and also trying to get the right skin tones that look natural. It's hard to describe but the editing just looks too obvious, unnatural, and bright. Some photos, I've been able to achieve what I want but others I'm still struggling to get it right. Ive tried skin softening and that just doesnt look right to me either. Then Ive done the opposite with sharpening or increasing clarity. What am I missing?
Any tips? What is the issue I'm having here? I'm shooting portraits of people.
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2023.03.22 16:38 IPerkules [H] Global Endgame Mainly all difficult content is completed has 1700 red coins 500 yel coins very high amount of other consumables as well

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2023.03.22 16:36 Vegetable-Cobbler734 Risk topic: The evolution, impact and insights of the Credit Suisse event

Risk topic: The evolution, impact and insights of the Credit Suisse event
01 Credit Suisse's history of events
CreditSuisse (hereinafter referred to as Credit Suisse), founded in 1856, is an investment banking and financial services company dealing with personal and corporate financial services, banking products and pension and insurance services. CreditSuisse is the fifth largest global conglomerate and the second largest bank in Switzerland, with branches in more than fifty countries worldwide. Traditionally, Swiss banks include Credit Suisse, National Bank, and UBS Group (UBS merged with UBS AG in 1998), leaving only two large Swiss banks, Credit Suisse and and UBS AG.

Credit Suisse event development history at a glance: freezing three feet, not a day's cold


Former advisor forges clients' signatures for illegal gains


"Surveillance scandal", alleged espionage


"Surveillance scandal", resignation of COO and CEO


Greensill collapses, Credit Suisse closes $10 billion fund holding its bonds
Archegos plunges, Credit Suisse loses $5.5 billion
Involved in Mozambique corruption scandal, fined $475 million


Reports net loss of CHF 1.7 billion for fiscal 2021, profit warning raises market concerns
Convicted of helping Bulgarian drug cartels launder money
Announces three-year restructuring plan incorporating $4.2 billion
Saudi National Bank acquires $1.4 billion stake in Credit Suisse, becoming the largest shareholder with 9.9% of the shares
Data breach of 18,000 accounts with over CHF 100 billion in hidden wealth involving several serious criminal customers
Over CHF 110 billion withdrawn by depositors in the fourth quarter

February 9, 2023

Reports fiscal 2022 loss of $7.6 billion

March 14, 2023

Shares plunge 30% after claiming "material weaknesses" in FY 2021 and FY 2022 reporting process

March 15, 2023

Saudi National Bank chairman says refuses to assist Credit Suisse in increasing liquidity
Swiss central bank says it will provide liquidity to Credit Suisse if necessary

March 16, 2023

Announces it will borrow up to CHF 50 billion from the Swiss central bank

March 20, 2023

Credit Suisse faces up to $10 billion a day in depositor withdrawals for nearly a week, sources say
UBS reached an agreement with Credit Suisse and the Swiss central bank to acquire Credit Suisse for $3.23 billion
Credit Suisse's 16 billion Swiss franc AT1 bonds written down to 0 on the same day as required by Swiss regulators
Some Asian banks' AT1 bonds dive sharply, hitting the biggest drop of 20%
UBS five-year credit default swap widens to 175 basis points, highest level on record
Saudi National Bank confirms it lost nearly 80% of its investment in Credit Suisse, more than $1 billion

02 Pros, Cons and Potential Impact of the Credit Suisse Acquisition

As one of the world's systemically important banks, the bankruptcy of Credit Suisse would have enormous secondary damage, which in turn would affect the entire financial system. Potential solutions for Credit Suisse include takeover, closure, spin-off and nationalization. on March 19, 2023, the Swiss government held a press conference in which UBS AG (UBS) acquired Credit Suisse for 0.76 Swiss francs per share at a total price of 3 billion Swiss francs, with substantial losses for all shareholders who previously held Credit Suisse shares. The Swiss central bank committed to provide up to CHF 100 billion in emergency liquidity loan support to the merged bank, while the government provided a CHF 9 billion guarantee for potential losses on the assets taken over by UBS. Some market participants have commented that the proposal is the most reasonable of all possible options, but there is a risk that the proposal does not treat investors fairly.

In general, the advantages of bank mergers as a potential solution during a banking crisis are: first, increased stability: bank mergers can potentially increase the stability of the financial system by creating larger, more diversified banks that are better able to withstand financial shocks. Second, it reduces risk: by merging, banks can reduce individual risk exposures by diversifying their portfolios and spreading risk across a larger entity. In the case of the Credit Suisse acquisition specifically, the key was to stabilize market expectations. Bankers and the government hope that the Credit Suisse case will demonstrate the central bank's and the government's protection of the banking sector, which in turn will allow investors who are still on the sidelines to re-enter banking stocks, stabilizing market expectations and putting the current crisis on hold.

But whether the Credit Suisse acquisition can achieve its expected effect is controversial. The day the acquisition was announced, UBS's five-year credit default swap expanded to 175 basis points, reaching a record high. As a result of Credit Suisse's discounted deal, Saudi National Bank confirmed that it lost nearly 80% of its investment in Credit Suisse, more than $1 billion. In addition, the combined UBS Group would have total assets of more than $1.5 trillion, and the excessive asset size could pose a risk to Switzerland. The acquisition could also have a negative impact on the Swiss job market, with the merger of the two banks likely to result in some 10,000 layoffs.

More controversially, Credit Suisse's CHF 16 billion AT1 bonds were written down to zero as required by Swiss regulators. under Basel III, common equity tier 1 capital (CET1) is the first capital to be written down, followed by additional tier 1 capital (AT1) and Tier 2 capital. However, in the Credit Suisse case, the common shareholders' equity at the top of the write-down order was protected to a certain extent but AT1, which was relatively at the bottom, was written down in full, which was inconsistent with the loss-absorbing order stipulated in Basel III, which triggered significant volatility in the AT1 market. According to Bloomberg Industry Research, no other bank in Europe, except Credit Suisse and UBS, has provisions that allow full write-downs of AT1 while retaining some value for equity investors.

Credit Suisse AT1 capital is basically CoCo debt (contingent convertible debt). This bond variety was created in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis to meet the capital requirements for banks set out in Basel III, introduced in 2010, as a financial instrument to protect the capital adequacy of banks. When a bank meets certain triggers, such as the CET1 ratio dropping to a certain level or being unable to continue operations (Point of Non-Viability (PoNV)), CoCo bonds will be forced to stop paying interest and converted into shares or written down to improve the bank's capital adequacy ratio. It is the lowest-rated class of bank bonds, offering attractive returns in boom times and bearing the brunt of threats when banks run into trouble. According to data compiled by Bloomberg, Credit Suisse Holdings Inc. has 13 outstanding tranches of CoCos bonds worth $17.3 billion, denominated in Swiss francs, U.S. dollars and Singapore dollars. Such bonds represent slightly more than 20% of its total debt. The largest number of U.S. dollar-denominated CoCo bonds, including $2 billion of perpetual bonds that could have been redeemed in July this year, and $2.25 billion of bonds with a first callable date in December.

Swiss financial regulator FINMA said in a website announcement that the acquisition would trigger a "full write-down" of Credit Suisse's AT1 bonds to strengthen the bank's core capital because of the unconventional government support. The trigger for Credit Suisse's CoCo bonds is a CET1 < 7% or a viability event. According to media reports, Credit Suisse's capital adequacy ratio is well above the 7% threshold that triggers the write-down of AT1 bonds. As of the end of 2022, the bank's CET1 ratio was 14.1%. This trigger is thus likely to be the occurrence of a survivability event. Prior to this, in 2017, junior bondholders of Spanish bank Banco PopularSA had their bonds written down by around €1.35 billion following the bank's acquisition by Banco Santander, when the company's shares were also written off, while regulators forced the cancellation of its CoCo bonds, but on a much smaller scale than Credit Suisse.

After the news was released, the market reacted sharply, once triggering market panic, European shares fell more than 2% at the beginning of the session, double-digit plunge in bond yields in Europe and the United States, some banks in Asia and Europe AT1 bonds jumped sharply, hitting the largest drop of 20%, safe-haven demand made gold rise above $ 2000 for the first time in a year. Credit Suisse European and U.S. stocks both fell more than 50% to a new low, UBS European shares fell 16% after turning up, but the cost of one-year CDS credit default swaps hit an eleven-year high. Large U.S. banks turned down in late trading, First Republic Bank fell 50% intraday and multiple meltdowns to record lows.

After the bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank, the U.S. banking industry has seen deposits moving from small and medium-sized banks to large banks, and there are media reports that small and medium-sized U.S. banks with assets of less than $250 billion are responsible for 80% of commercial real estate loans, 60% of industrial and commercial loans, 50% of real estate mortgages, and 45% of consumer loans. The Credit Suisse incident is bound to increase market concerns about the banking sector in Europe and the United States. The Fed's balance sheet expanded by about $300 billion in recent weeks after the Fed launched its Term Financing Program (BTFP). On Sunday the Fed and six other major global central banks announced coordinated action to enhance the supply of liquidity in permanent dollar swap arrangements. The U.S. is also reportedly studying ways to provide guarantees for all bank deposits as a "pre-emptive plan" for an intensifying crisis. European banking regulators reassured the market that equities would take losses ahead of AT1 bonds. The Bank of England said AT1 bonds will be paid in order before equity investors and after Tier 2 capital (T2) bonds.
03 A review of the comparison with the global financial crisis in 2008

The Credit Suisse incident has become the current "Bear Stearns moment" overseas. In the 2008 financial crisis, Bear Stearns was acquired by JP Morgan Chase, but the subsequent crisis could not be stopped, followed by the collapse of Lehman, which eventually triggered the global financial crisis. How will the global banking industry risk transmission go this time? Let's first review the transmission path of the 2008 financial crisis, which was a global crisis triggered by the collapse of the U.S. real estate market. The crisis began in the United States and quickly spread to the rest of the world. Here is a review of the transmission chain of how this crisis unfolded:

  1. Real estate bubble: At the beginning of the 21st century, low interest rates and lax lending standards led to a real estate bubble in the United States. The U.S. housing market peaked at the end of 2006, and from 2002-2006, total U.S. residential real estate market value increased from $16 trillion to $23 trillion, and total residential real estate market value rose from 110% to 150% of GDP. Home prices soared and many people bought homes they could not afford.

  1. Asset securitization innovation & subprime mortgages: Based on home loan mortgage-backed securities (MBS), more complex CMOs and CDOs emerged. to hedge against default risk, CDO issuers bought credit default swaps (CDS), and insurance agencies were sellers of credit default swaps (CDS) and assumed the corresponding risk. Asset securitization has led to increased mortgage funding, and increased investor demand for mortgage-related securities means that some borrowers with poor credit histories can also obtain loans. In addition, investment banks have continued to innovate with lower minimum down payments and declining interest rates, resulting in variable rate mortgages, interest-only mortgages and negative amortization mortgages. in 2003-2004, U.S. subprime mortgages accounted for only 6% of total mortgages, while in 2005-2006 this percentage rose to 20%. According to CNN, in 2006, the U.S. subprime loans amounted to $640 billion, about twice as much as three years ago, subprime mortgages accounted for 20% of the total size of the U.S. national mortgage market, financial companies, hedge funds in the hands of subprime mortgage-backed bonds worth $1 trillion.

  1. Real estate market collapse: As interest rates continued to rise from 2003-2006, home prices plummeted and many homeowners defaulted on their mortgages when the housing bubble began to burst in 2007-2008. 2. Asset securitization innovations & subprime mortgages: Based on mortgage-backed securities (MBS) for home loans, more sophisticated CMOs and CDOs emerged. in order to hedge against the risk of default, the CDO issuers buy credit default swaps (CDS), and insurance institutions are sellers of credit default swaps (CDS) and bear the corresponding risk. Asset securitization has led to increased mortgage funding, and increased investor demand for mortgage-related securities means that some borrowers with poor credit histories can also obtain loans. In addition, investment banks have continued to innovate with lower minimum down payments and declining interest rates, resulting in variable rate mortgages, interest-only mortgages and negative amortization mortgages. in 2003-2004, U.S. subprime mortgages accounted for only 6% of total mortgages, while in 2005-2006 this percentage rose to 20%. According to CNN, throughout 2006, the U.S. subprime loans amounted to $640 billion, about twice as much as three years ago, subprime mortgages accounted for 20% of the total size of the U.S. national mortgage market, and the total value of bonds collateralized by subprime mortgages in the hands of financial companies and hedge funds reached $1 trillion.
4, bank failure: a large number of banks and other financial institutions invested in these complex derivatives suffered huge losses. April 2, 2007 was the starting point of the "subprime mortgage crisis", this day, the second largest subprime mortgage institutions in the United States New Century Financial Corporation filed for bankruptcy protection, in March 2008, JP Morgan Chase to $ 236 million to buy Bear Stearns Bank, to avoid the burst of financial assets. On September 15, Lehman Brothers filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, an important U.S. investment bank that had invested heavily in the real estate market and owned a large number of assets such as mortgage securities (MBS) and derivatives, but these assets rapidly depreciated in value after the housing market collapse. The huge size of the liabilities in these balance sheets made the company unable to pay its debts in a liquidity crisis, which eventually led to the bankruptcy of the company and triggered the outbreak of the global financial crisis.

  1. Global financial crisis: The bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers caused a great impact on the global financial market and triggered the global financial crisis. The bankruptcy led to the disintegration of confidence in other financial institutions, rising borrowing costs, tight market liquidity, and the risk of bankruptcy for many companies and banks. Governments and central banks around the world took a series of measures to mitigate this crisis, such as launching massive bailout programs, lowering interest rates, and providing financial assistance. However, these measures did not fully resolve the financial crisis, and the U.S. and global economies fell into recession in the following years.

The global financial crisis had a profound impact on the development of the global economy and financial market system: First, the crisis highlighted the need to strengthen financial regulation to prevent excessive risk-taking and ensure the stability of the financial system. Since then, governments around the world have introduced new regulatory requirements to increase transparency, limit leverage, and reduce systemic risk. The second is the contagious nature of the financial crisis, which showed the interconnectedness of financial markets and how problems in one part of the world can quickly spread to other parts of the world. This has led to increased international cooperation and coordination among regulators and central banks. Third, the crisis demonstrated the risks associated with complex financial instruments, such as synthetic CDOs. hence the need for greater emphasis on transparency, risk management of financial products. Fourth, the importance of liquidity in the financial system. When credit markets froze, it was difficult for firms to get the financing they needed, which exacerbated the economic downturn. Since then, central banks have introduced measures to increase liquidity in the financial system during the crisis. Fifth is the role of government intervention. The crisis proved the need for government intervention in the economy in times of crisis. Governments around the world provided fiscal stimulus and implemented accommodative monetary policies to stabilize their economies and prevent further recession.

04 The impact and insights of this Credit Suisse incident

First, the global financial system is under increased pressure from systemic risks, and risks are still being transmitted. From a market perception perspective, the direct impact of the Silicon Valley bankruptcy was limited to some regional banks in the U.S. The impact of the Credit Suisse incident on the global financial markets and economy was of a different magnitude. The much-discussed full write-down of approximately $17 billion of Credit Suisse AT1 bonds triggered a widespread sell-off of AT1 bonds in Asia-Pacific and European markets, with financial institutions with heavy positions suffering large losses. Despite the rebound in AT1 bond prices in Asian markets on Tuesday, it is feared that investors' confusion and anxiety over the order of AT1 liquidation will not be fully dispelled. This market of up to about $275 billion may face a deep freeze, which will no doubt also trigger market concerns about the health of the global banking sector on a wider scale and will hit more financial institutions, and it is difficult to say that the market turmoil will end.

Confidence is the cornerstone of a properly functioning financial sector. From the credit market, the market is generally expected to see a contraction of credit, which will accelerate the emergence of the U.S. banking sector credit inflection point, will also make the Federal Reserve's decision more difficult, the market recession expectations in the rise. From the financial market, the Silicon Valley Bank incident superimposed on the Credit Suisse incident, the banking industry in Europe and the United States have to switch to the crisis mode, the risk of spreading the trend. The transmission chain of the U.S. subprime crisis is a real estate default → MBS prices plummeted → CDO prices annihilation → financial institutions collapse, and the banking crisis is likely to develop along the chain of interest rates rose sharply → market value loss → deposits and other liabilities outflow sharply → liquidity risk outbreak → collapse, be acquired, the U.S. government policy on the expansion of the scope of deposit insurance landing remains to be seen, at least until then The problem of regional banks in the US will continue. Investors are concerned that losses from rising interest rates + liquidity problems will eventually trigger asset quality problems for financial institutions.

Past research has shown that financial crises are contagious, with financial market correlations increasing significantly in crisis mode and volatility spillovers. Although from the current market volatility, in addition to the U.S. bond market volatility has hit a new high since 2008, foreign exchange, stocks and other markets volatility rise relatively small, but need to be alert to the European and American banking crisis is not handled properly, may trigger a global financial market tsunami and global cross-border capital flows dramatically, be alert to the formation of China's financial market impact.
Second, the reputation of the Swiss banking sector has been hit again, and the cracks in the international monetary system have deepened. The Swiss banking industry has been criticized in recent years for helping the rich to avoid taxes. Since 2007, 85 Swiss banks have been fined a total of $5 billion for helping U.S. bank clients hide their wealth, including Credit Suisse, which was fined $2.5 billion in 2014 for helping wealthy Americans avoid taxes. Some of the practices of Swiss banks during the Russia-Ukraine conflict have caused customers to worry that the nature of their banking industry is changing again. Credit Suisse alone has frozen some CHF 17.6 billion of Russian assets, or about 33% of all assets of Russian natural and legal persons in Switzerland, according to the Swiss daily newspaper Le Journal. A large number of deposits of non-Western clients are accelerating out of the major Swiss banks. Credit Suisse, for example, had an outflow of CHF 123.2 billion for the year 2022, and in the fourth quarter alone, customers withdrew CHF 110.5 billion in funds from Credit Suisse. And this anti-conventional decision by Swiss regulators to write down the full amount of AT1 bonds hit the market so hard that the ECB had to step in to emphasize that the EU's order of indemnity criteria are not set by Switzerland. And this incident made the Saudi National Bank, which took a stake last year, lose 1.1 billion Swiss francs in less than 15 weeks, sounding another alarm for the acquisition of problematic financial institutions across borders.

The West's financial sanctions against Russia in recent years have raised concerns about the reliability of the dollar as an international reserve currency, and the Swiss banking sector's involvement has called into question its adherence to the principle of neutrality. Against the backdrop of a century of unprecedented change, the cracks in the international monetary system are deepening and the financial order is undergoing intense restructuring in the wake of the crisis. The recent increase in gold purchases by central banks and the continued rise in the price of gold are a reaction to the distrust of the existing international monetary system. The multipolarization of currencies may be an important direction in the future, and the RMB will play a greater role in the construction of the new pattern due to the gradual improvement of the Chinese economy, the increasing depth of the market and the expanding use of overseas. The historic window for the RMB to increase its internationalization and become a more widespread settlement and reserve currency may be emerging.
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2023.03.22 16:36 Specialist-Bag8043 Space expert reveals Guinness World Records of the universe

Guinness World Records has been expanded by a space expert in order to showcase some incredible statistics found throughout the rest of the cosmos. In a new video this week, British scientist and BBC TV broadcaster Brian Cox says, "If there was a Guinness World Records 'Universe' book, the records would be remarkable." Cox quickly moves through an extensive list of exciting space-based records, starting with "the most enormous compact object," a supermassive black hole, a picture of which was taken by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope three years ago. The so-called M87 galaxy, which is six billion times more massive than the sun and is located 55 million light-years from Earth.In addition to numerous records, Cox unveils the universe's fastest object as well as its biggest structure and smallest object. The scientist identified Glass-z13 as the farthest distant verified galaxy when asked. "The light's journey from it to the telescope took around 13.4 billion years. We are examining the galaxy as it might have been 200 million or 300 million years after the Big Bang. Glass-z13 has a distance from Earth of little over 33 billion light-years due to the expansion of the universe. The James Webb Space Telescope, the largest telescope of its sort ever constructed, made the discovery of the far-off galaxy. The Webb telescope has been conducting research into deep space and sending stunning images back to Earth since its deployment earlier this year. As Cox points out, recordings of the universe are subject to perpetual change as astronomers and scientists make new discoveries all the time using more potent tools like the Webb telescope.
What reionized the Universe, and when?
When did the transparency of the universe begin? It's a strange but crucial question. The Universe was once opaque, but over time it changed to transparency and is still transparent now. It is literally the reason we can see far-off objects in the sky, and in a more existential sense, that instant of cosmic transparency had an impact on the behaviour of galaxies, the formation of stars, and other things. Answering the question is something that many astronomers want to do because it has significant ramifications for the objects we want to study and because we are here because of it. Astronomers from several countries may have discovered the solution to the puzzle: 12.7 billion years ago, roughly 1.1 billion years after the Big Bang. The fact that this is a few hundred million years later than previous calculations has some intriguing ramifications. Our entire Universe was in a hot, dense condition and all of its matter was ionised immediately after the Big Bang, like minutes after it: Any hydrogen or helium nuclei were free of any electron bonds. When an electron attempted to move, a photon, a particle of light, would strike it and cause it to fall. At the time, all of the light was incredibly high-energy and more than capable of maintaining the ionisation of the environment. As matter is so dense, if you were in this miasma, which in a sense you were since everything in the Universe was, it would appear absolutely opaque to you. An ionisation timeline Gas was cold and neutral in the early Universe (on the left), but as time goes on (on the right), radiation from stars and active black holes rips electrons off hydrogen atoms, illuminating the gas. An ionisation timeline Gas was cold and neutral in the early Universe (on the left), but as time goes on (on the right), radiation from stars and active black holes rips electrons off hydrogen atoms, illuminating the gas. The time interval is roughly one billion years from left to right. Thesan Collaboration, in picture Astonishingly, as the Universe cooled and expanded over the next 400,000 years, the average photon eventually ran out of energy to ionise hydrogen. For the first time, protons and electrons united and remained together to form neutral hydrogen. Recombination is the term used to describe the joining of an electron and a proton, hence this event is referred to as recombination even though it was the first time most atoms had united. Continuing the story Neutral hydrogen is highly good at absorbing visible light, the wavelengths of light humans can see, therefore the universe was still opaque even though the density of the Universe was reducing as it expanded. This period is known as the Dark Ages. That situation would last for a very, very long period until new objects formed that could emit ultraviolet light. When they were created, they ionised the hydrogen in space once more, but this time was different since the Universe had a lower density, allowing photons to go farther without being absorbed. Space became transparent all of a sudden and remained so. We can see a great distance even today because the majority of gas is ionised, or officially called a plasma. Reionization refers to this point in the universe's history. However, when did that occur? A pleasant approach to learn more exists. A blazar, or galaxy containing a supermassive black hole spewing energy, as depicted by an artist. Credit: Science Communication Lab and DESY A blazar, or galaxy containing a supermassive black hole spewing energy, as depicted by an artist. Credit: Science Communication Lab and DESY Image: Science Communication Lab at DESY Huge black holes evolved in the centres of galaxies as they initially emerged from the darkness. These black holes would collect matter as it fell into them, building up in a disc that would become extremely hot and emit high-energy ultraviolet light, X-rays, and gamma rays. These galaxies are what astronomers refer to as quasars, and we can view them from a very, very long way. When these quasars' light reaches us, it battles the Universe's expansion, which causes their wavelengths to lengthen—a process known as redshifting. In other words, the redshift reveals the quasar's distance, which in turn reveals how long after the Big Bang we observe it. Due to the fact that light can only move at a certain speed, objects that are further away are redshifted more and appear to us in the past.Because of the quasar's immense strength, even if we observe it before reionization, it will have already ionised the hydrogen immediately around it, allowing light to escape. The light from the quasar will be absorbed if there is a cloud of hydrogen between us and the quasar that is sufficiently removed from it to remain neutral. The redshift of the wavelength gap we detect in the quasar's light indicates how far away the cloud is from us and, more significantly, how far back in time we saw it. Very far distant clouds are neutral and unionised. However, following reionization, we suddenly stop noticing them because they are unable to take in the quasar's light.. So in theory, all we need to do is isolate the light from a collection of distant quasars using really good spectra. Numerous wavelengths will exhibit significant absorption, which will disappear at a sufficiently low redshift. Reionization took place then. This is really difficult to do in real life. You need really brilliant quasars, and even then, they are faint because they are so far away. Additionally, you need very good spectra, which calls for a large telescope and prolonged exposures. Numerous additional factors must also be taken into consideration, such as how the universe was structured back then. However, the astronomy team actually did this. They used archived observations of 42 additional extremely bright quasars from two other observatories in addition to 25 very distant very bright quasars from the XQR-30 survey. They discover that the Universe first became transparent roughly 1.1 billion years after the Big Bang by closely examining the 67 quasar spectra. Illustration of the first stars in the universe illuminating the gas clouds where they originated. Photo: NAOJ Illustration of the first stars in the universe illuminating the gas clouds where they originated. Photo: NAOJ And that's really fascinating! What precisely ionised the universe is unknown. There was enough time for supermassive, extremely hot, luminous stars to form as well, and they could have also blasted out UV light, enough to contribute. It might have been these very quasars. Was it thus stars, quasars, or a combination of both? The timing may be able to focus this. Reionization was previously estimated to have occurred 200 million years earlier, but if the new estimate is accurate, there is plenty of room for many more of these first-generation stars to form and contribute. So, if you'll excuse the pun, it might have been both stars and quasars working together. Around this time, galaxies were developing, and if these stars were incredibly powerful, they could blow gas straight out of the galaxies, altering the evolution of those galaxies. In order to comprehend when these stars existed and what they might have done to their surrounding environments, we need to know when reionization took place. I'll remind you that you reside in a galaxy and on a planet revolving around a star whose lineages may be traced back to this period. Reionization—what it was, when it happened, and how it affected the universe—thus plays a role in our existence. It's clear why we want to know the answer. And it might be here at last. Naturally, more observations are preferable. We may also be able to determine the duration of reionization if we have more exact estimates of this number from models of cosmic structure. 1,000,000 years? 10, fifty, or one hundred? It's almost certain that larger telescopes with better cameras will be used to answer that question. We are among the first species to comprehend precisely how the universe came into being and what occurred to it after that. You can quote me on that, but the Universe took 13.8 billion years to get here, and I think it was worth the wait.
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2023.03.22 16:15 Available_Emotion604 I did all the objectives but I didn’t unlock the Cena. Why?

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2023.03.22 15:59 Legitimate-Claim2929 WIBTA if I never visit my sister and her boyfriend again?

Hi, before I start I’m just gonna say my age, and a little bit about myself. I’m a female, I’m 18 years old, I have severe anxiety and possible autism (still waiting for testing.) I get extremely uncomfortable easily so I don’t know if I’m overreacting. Anyways, last night I went shopping with my sister and her boyfriend, he would not stop poking my head and saying ‘boop’, which made me a bit uncomfortable because I hate being touched, but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to be rude. We ended up going to their apartment later on and eating dinner, and during dinner (I have no idea how it led to this conversation), but her boyfriend tried to force me to say the N word (with the hard R), I was extremely uncomfortable. She started saying it too (which I have never heard come from her mouth, she’s changed a lot with him.) While he tried to peer pressure me to curse and say the N word while my sister was laughing, I repeatedly told him ‘no’ and he called me a goody two shoes. Shortly after that, he put on a movie and I told him I was tired as an excuse to go home (I was tired but I could have stayed longer if they didn’t make me uncomfortable.) That’s pretty much all to be honest, but I never want to go there again, I had a really bad experience, of course not going there means never seeing my sister again, but she never wanted to be really close with me anyway. Would I be an a**hole if I never went there again?
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2023.03.22 15:37 Edward_Stivenson 150+ Informative Essay Topics for All Students

150+ Informative Essay Topics for All Students
What Is an Informative Essay
Have you ever wondered what is an informative essay? Well, wonder no more! An informative essay is a type of academic writing that aims to educate the reader about a particular topic. It's not meant to express opinions or persuade the reader but rather to provide objective information and facts.
Informative essays can cover a wide range of topics, from the history of the Internet to the benefits of meditation. They can also be written in different styles, such as descriptive, compare and contrast, cause and effect, or even narrative.
One of the great things about informative essays is that they can be a fun and interesting way to learn about a new subject. They often require research, meaning you get to explore a topic in-depth and learn things you never knew. And, because they are objective in nature, you can be sure that the information you are getting is accurate and reliable.
If you're looking for informational topics to write about, it's important to remember to keep it factual and unbiased. You want to provide the reader with as much information as possible so they can make their own informed decisions.
In conclusion, an informative essay is a type of academic essay writing that seeks to educate the reader about a particular topic. They can cover a wide range of subjects and be written in different styles. So, if you're looking to learn something new, why not try exploring our topics for informative essays?
Meanwhile, let's find out how to choose the best topics for informative essays in the following section.
How to Choose Informative Essay Topics
Choosing the right informative essay topic is essential for crafting an engaging and insightful piece. The topic should be interesting, relevant, and informative. So, what is the first step to creating an informative essay? Here are five tips from our custom essay writing service for selecting a great topic for an informative essay:
Identify your interests and passions - Start by brainstorming topics that you are passionate about or have a keen interest in. It can be a hobby, a particular field, or something you have experienced personally. Choosing a topic that you are interested in will make it easier to research and write about.
Research current events and trends - Look for current events or trends that are of interest to you. For example, a new technology, a social issue, or a popular cultural phenomenon. These informational paper topics are often popular and relevant, and there will be plenty of information available to write a comprehensive essay.
Consider your audience - Think about who your audience is and what they might be interested in learning about. Consider topics that are relevant to your audience's age group, interests, and needs.
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  1. How to choose the right pet for your lifestyle
  2. The benefits of regular exercise for overall health and well-being
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  4. The importance of recycling and reducing waste in daily life
  5. The process of making homemade soap or candles
  6. The impact of social media on communication and relationships
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  8. The origins and cultural significance of various superstitions
  9. The history and importance of voting in democratic societies
  10. The benefits and drawbacks of using ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft
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2023.03.22 15:32 Jackviator The Spacer’s Guide to Caring For Your Pet Human (Part 2)

Greetings! If you missed part one, it can be found here.
This chapter is a bit of a long one, but very worth it if you want to understand what’s happening later on; it sets the stage, does a bit of worldbuilding, and expands on our absolute cinnamon roll of an alien deuteragonist.
Anyway, as always, I hope you enjoy. :)


15 minutes ago
Y’ggdrasog nervously whistled to himself as he remotely piloted an unmanned stealth drone from his cloaked ship in the upper atmosphere of the alien planet, yet every so often did a happy little wiggle in his seat at the terminal. Despite the danger in what he was doing, he was shaking with excitement and literally glowing with glee (which, if you were curious, happened to be a lovely shade of banana-yellow).
But my apologies, dear reader; I’m getting ahead of myself.
You see, Y’ggdrasog worked as a galactic interplanetary system scout, colloquially known as a “spacer” among the citizens of the Ul’dril Galactic Collective (a governmental alliance between a wide variety of different sapient species that also happened to be his employer). His main function was piloting his personal scout ship to uncharted star systems to summarily un-unchart them.
While in this line of employment, he had been witness to countless wondrous things. He had seen stars go supernova, witnessed space dust forming beautiful nebulas tens of lightyears wide, and caught the frosted trails of comets slinging close enough to a star to off-gas their icy payloads. But nothing even came close to this, to every spacer’s wildest, most fantastical dream discovery:
LIFE! And not just any life, SAPIENT LIFE!
As the drone flew through the sky, descending towards the surface of the planet below, he reminisced on that fateful day approximately six planetary months ago…
He had been scouting the ice and gas giants in this yet-uncharted solar system, scanning their composition with the unmanned probe-drone he used to sample geological deposits, take gas samples and so on to determine if they could be possible new sources of rare elements to harvest for the Collective. He had just finished probing the seventh planet out from the star when he suddenly picked up multiple abnormal readings originating from the ocean-planet of the system. He sighed, figuring it would just be the usual; some leftovers from a solar flare that affected its magnetosphere or some such.
As he listened in through his radiation wavelength analyzer, he expected to hear the meaningless, purposeless static he had heard hundreds of times before. Instead, he heard strange patterns. Hang on, was that… were those- They were! Voices, in a language he didn’t recognize.
He recorded a sample, then pulled up his auto-translator and had his ship’s analytical programs study it, in case it was a distress call from some poor sap who had crash-landed their spacecraft. …But not a single known language was a match.
He scratched his head, puzzled. Could it be a code of some sort? It wasn’t uncommon for smugglers, pirates, spies, and other “off-the-books” types to hole up on uncharted worlds and use coded verbage to prevent detection by Collective authorities. He had the ship analyze it to at least determine what Collective species the vocal cords that produced them were, but again, no matches, not even when he had it scan the audio samples for possible voice-altering.
He sat back in his pilot seat, stumped. Then, he started connecting the dots.
If the vocal cords producing these noises weren’t recognized as a species already included in the Collective, that meant these were the voices of a species unknown to the Collective. An unknown species, but one that was was nonetheless smart enough to use radio waves…
His eyes flew open, and his bioluminescence began to glow the pure white of sudden realization.
He leapt up from his chair, and would have nearly deafened anyone nearby with the joyfully excited noises he started to make.
…Luckily, however, he was in space. And after all, in space, no one can hear you squee.
It took him nearly an hour to calm down enough to call it in over his quantum communicator and provide the audio samples he had recorded, then another hour to reassure his liaison on the other end countless times that no, this was not a joke, this was not a lie, an elaborate prank or some such- yes, he would be more than willing to testify to the truth of his statements in a Collective court, and yes, this was in fact the once-in-multiple-millennia moment he and most every spacer in the entirety of the Collective always dreamed of:
…As Y’ggdrasog left Memory Lane and turned back onto Present Day Boulevard, he let the controls go for a second and proceeded to spin around in his chair in sheer excitement whilst giggling like a madman, literally glowing with giddiness, before swiftly grabbing the control stick again before the drone drifted off course.
HE found a new sapient species! HE did! He’d be in the Collective history archives for the rest of time!
…Months of preparations had to be done beforehand, of course. He had to wait a few long, loooong days on the outskirts of the solar system with his ship in full stealth-mode (so as to avoid attracting attention from the new species until the time was right) before a truly staggering amount of Collective ships arrived, chock-full of top experts in all sorts of social and scientific fields to fill any conceivable role in the analysis of this new species.
While he wasn’t allowed to participate in the work himself or see most of what they were doing, he was nonetheless ecstatic with the knowledge that the work was being done all because of him. Plus, at least he could attend certain intelligence briefings on their main findings as well as look at heavily-redacted versions of some of the results of their endeavors.
Various scientists from the myriad Collective species and dozens more scientific disciplines had gathered together, set up shop within a day and gotten to work. They performed long-distance surface scans, mapped the planetary geography, and analyzed their atmosphere and planetary conditions to determine what Collective species might be compatible for potentially cohabitating with them.
Y’ggdrasog was delighted to learn that they utilized oxygen for respiration just as his species (lumigog) and tens of others in the Collective did, in contrast to Collective species who had to have, say, an atmosphere mostly composed of carbon dioxide, who were out of luck.
Additionally, they drank the same liquid water for fluid regulation in their bodies as his own people did. …Though admittedly, at a much narrower spectrum of salinity than his own species was capable of tolerating. He found that a bit tragic; there was so much water to be found in their homeworld’s oceans. Yet unlike his own people, who could drink from nearly any water on their homeworld, these “humans” could only drink what they called “freshwater.”
However, any sadness he felt about their situation faded when he learned that the gravity of their homeworld was only 1.04x that of his own species’ homeworld; this meant that at least in the case of lumigogs, the answer of cohabitation was a very solid “yes!”
Moving along, the scientists in charge of engineering and military endeavors surreptitiously analyzed the humans’ levels of technology to determine their capabilities, if they were a potential threat to the Collective, and so on; they were deemed, to quote the spokesman of the Collective military, “mostly harmless.”
Y’ggdrasog thought this might be a bit unfair. …That is, until he read the reports, and found yet another reason to pity them. From what little he was able to read of the heavily-redacted documents, the humans were very, VERY primitive. Spirits, they hadn’t even developed fusion yet!
…Still, that was all the more reason to help them; and to do so, they needed a proper line of communication. Countless diplomats, ambassadors, emissaries and representatives of every Collective race were attending seminars on all the sociological experts were learning about the species’ social norms across distinct cultures. And most importantly, the linguistic experts and etymologists got the ball rolling for the true-AI algorithms of the larger vessels (far more complex than his own ship’s operating systems, which only measured in at a few paltry yottabytes) to sort out the languages these “humans” used.
…Speaking of, just how many languages did they need?! With each additional language that was added to the auto-translator databases, he thought surely this one will be the last, but no! You couldn’t swing around a “noodle” of “spaghetti” (the humans always seemed to choose such silly names for their food) without hitting someone speaking a new language!
But all the pity, sadness and frustration he felt was outweighed by the jubilation he felt knowing that all these countless man-hours of hundreds of individuals per each and every Collective species were happening because of him. All these people were here because HE found them, and he was ecstatic at the impossibly exciting prospect of welcoming this new species into the Collective- or on the off chance they didn’t wish to join them, it was determined that it was safe to at least uplift them technologically so that they could be potential new allies, as well as potentially provide new avenues for trade and commerce of never-before-seen exotic goods. After all, there was hardly any risk in doing so, as they were quite literally outnumbered by over a million to one by the allied races of the Collective.
…And after all that, when they had quadruple-checked everything, then quadruple-checked it again to be absolutely sure, the day of first contact FINALLY came. Everyone brought out the celebratory drinks, snacks and party favors. The diplomats sent out their messages in hundreds of human languages declaring a desire for peaceful contact, promises to assist them in the technological uplifting of their species to a post-scarcity way of life and an offer to join the Collective for the benefit of all parties involved, and THEN

No response…
After a few nervous, awkward hours of sitting alongside the other low-ranking crewmates of the larger vessels, he and all those around him got orders of radio silence from high command and for all the “non-essential” personnel to return to their ships and wait for further orders.
As he remembered the sinking feeling he’d experienced at that moment, Y’ggdrasog unconsciously gripped the drone control stick much tighter than necessary.
…All that waiting, the agonizing waiting for them to greet this new species, the one HE found, and for what?
More. Thrice. Damned. WAITING.
…But this time, there wasn’t even a payoff to look forward to, and no one above would tell him what was going on. He didn’t know why there was suddenly so much smoke in the air of the planet, nor what all those bright flashes lighting up the atmosphere midway through the first day were- and there were certainly no answers coming from high command.
He had to sit there in his spacecraft, and just… wait.
One planetary day passed. Then another. Then another, and so on.
In the downtime, he read and reread the guidelines for first contact back to back over and over again, trying to find out what the possible reason for the wait could be. …Unfortunately, all that availed him was eye strain and an extreme amount of boredom from trudging through all the legalese.
After a week of sitting around, watching the planet slowly spin beneath him while in orbit, he couldn’t stand it any longer. He needed to know what was wrong. He NEEDED to act- if only to silence the creeping dread that had slowly but surely permeated his entire being. A dread born of the worry that something had gone horribly, catastrophically wrong…
And thus, an idea formed: His drone.
He knew the humans’ tech levels; there was a smaller chance they could detect him than the literally astronomically low odds of him finding this species to begin with. …Instead, he was far more worried about the potential ramifications if anyone from high command knew what he was up to.
Long before the radio silence commenced, he was told in no uncertain terms that no, he couldn’t scan the planet, no, he couldn’t act as an ambassador, YES, they really meant it, and NO, it didn’t matter that “he really really REALLY wanted to help somehow, please please pleasepleasePLEASE-” …and after that last bit, they shut down his outgoing comms to high command for a full planetary month.
Er- more importantly, he was told that while no, he couldn’t help in the preparation process, after first contact commenced his main function would be to do what he did best. Scouting and scanning to tease out any additional information he could on the planet’s natural resources in order to assist with the technological uplift process.
The thing is, they had given no specific time frame- …just “after first contact commenced.”
Technically, the current time frame satisfied that condition.
So technically, he wasn’t doing anything he wasn’t supposed to, he was just- …uh… …t-taking initiative!
They couldn’t court-martial him for just doing a little scanning here and there to get ahead of his own workload, surely.
…And it would just be an entirely coincidental, happy accident if while doing this he managed to find out what in the name of the spirits above was happening.
And so he had slowly, carefully moved his ship in such a way that he was currently orbiting in what he hoped was the blind spot of most of the ships of any higher-ups.
…Purely so as to, uh- better position his drone’s entry point into the atmosphere, yes! Rest assured, he was only motivated by- um… a-avoiding negative weather patterns. …Or something like that.
Once in position, he released and directed it towards the planetary surface.
If lumigogs had sweat glands, his would have been in nervous overdrive as the drone descended through the atmosphere.
Would he be detected? Would this all be for naught?
He waited, glancing between the ships around him and the drone’s interface on his monitor, but from his readings on the other vessels it seemed like all the command ships’ sensors were focused on the bigger population centers of the planet. He let out the breath he didn’t realize he was holding. He was safe- if only for now.
…He’d have to focus on a rural area. Despite every loophole and excuse he could come up with, he’d still be much better off remaining undetected and not interfering in whatever might be going on in more concentrated pockets of the species. It would likely take much longer to gather information this way than heading towards the larger population centers in search of clues, but he could still poke around on the sly for any information he could tease out from the surroundings.
…And hopefully then he could finally get the answers he so desperately craved.
<“Alter descent velocity. Slow to 50% speed and activate autopilot mode.”>
Y’ggdrasog looked at the aerial scans, deciding that what seemed to be an area focused on harvesting crops with a long road running alongside it dotted with the occasional primitive ground vehicle would be as good a place to start as any.
He highlighted the road with a flick of a clawed finger.
<”Descend to 100 meters above planet surface, then follow highlighted path at 20% speed. Proceed.”>
As the drone dutifully obeyed his commands and traveled along the stretch of paved road for a time, he was surprised at the lack of humans to be found despite the vehicles present. Each and every one had seemingly been abandoned; they all sat still, unmoving. His curiosity piqued, he highlighted a few of them in the control interface.
<“Halt forward momentum. Descend to 50 meters from planetary surface. Scan and analyze condition of marked targets.”>
As he finished his verbal command, the familiar synthesized voice of his drone’s onboard computer blared to life from the speakers of his terminal.

He shook his head, puzzled.
<“What happened here…? …Alright, ascend, 300 meters from planetary surface. Continue forward movement following the highlighted path, 15% speed.”>
Farther and farther the road stretched, but he didn’t see a single human upon it, nor in the surrounding area. He sighed and absent-mindedly gazed around at the surrounding environment. He couldn’t help but marvel at how- well, alien it all looked. The taller plant life he saw appeared to be quite complex, their stems covered in thick fiber and their extremities full of- oh, what was the word, “leaves?
…He hadn’t paid all that much attention during the portions of his schooling that covered exotic alien plant life found on feral worlds and the various homeworlds of the other races of the Collective. He figured he’d never really need to interact with much beyond the giant fungal pods, great lichen growths and so on of his homeworld. He was a spacer for spirits’ sake, not a xenobotanist, and-
…Wait, what was that?
<“Halt forward momentum. Reverse 50 meters. Pan visual sensors left, 30 degrees.”>
He squinted at the incoming visual feed. He was right, there was something laying in that ditch! Probably just a random piece of detritus, but better safe than sorry. He highlighted it.
<”Scan target. Assess.”>

<”...Descend toward target, 5% speed.. 2%... halt.”>
His eyes narrowed further as he zoomed the forward visual lens in. Whatever it was, it looked to be a biped, and-
…Wait a minute, he recognized that body structure! Spirits be praised, this had to be one of the members of the new species!
It- they, he corrected himself- had pale skin, long, dark brown fur atop their head, and were wearing clothing covering their torso and legs- though much of it was stained red, running all down the left side of their body.
What were they doing all the way out here in the middle of nowhere? And why were they laying in a ditch, unmoving? …Were they ok?
<”Scan target, and establish connection to ship auto-doc subsystem. Assess physical condition and cross-reference with known anatomical data of species designation: human.”>

Y’ggdrasog nervously swallowed, trying to center himself and focus despite what he had just heard. Well, that certainly answered that; no, she very much was NOT ok. Whatever had happened to her, it really messed her up.
<”Analyze if damage sustained is life-threatening without intervention given circumstances and location.”>

He swore under his breath.
<”...Expand and clarify analysis.”>

<”C-certainty of analysis conclusion…?”>

He put his head in his hands, his bioluminescence flickering between several colors- none of them good. Spirits above... She was going to die unless someone helped her!

…But he was in no position to do so…
He knew deep down that he was deluding himself if he thought he could get away with this if he was caught. No amount of loophole abuse and“legitimate” excuses could save him from severe negative repercussions, not when it came to something as serious as first contact.

He was already risking enough as it was…

Maybe he could let someone in one of the other ships know- no, that would give away that he’d been poking around on the sly…

Maybe- maybe someone else would find her in time, and they could save her? Or maybe, despite the odds, she might just get better on her own? Even if it took her past the 1.3 cycle mark to do so, there was still a- his brow furrowed as he did the math- 0.0000028% chance that she could survive, and a chance was a chance! …Right…?

No one would know if he didn’t intervene. It would be so easy- no chance of getting caught, no risk, no danger, just pull the drone-prone back to the ship, return to his original position, scrub the flight logs, and-

No, she’s not.
He opened his eyes and spoke, voice full of grim certainty.
<”Descend to two meters above highlighted subject. Very, VERY carefully use stasis field to attach to subject, entangle her matter with an equivalent mass of carbon from the fabricator hold, then return to quantum anchor point with cargo and safely lower the subject prone beside the drone chassis. Proceed.”>

He got up from the terminal and took off for the drone bay as fast as his taloned feet could carry him, one thought repeating itself over and over in his head as he went, a mantra of sorts:

submitted by Jackviator to humansarespaceorcs [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 15:23 letty-lovette (F4A) Can we make something?

Hello, you can call me Letty. I’m 26, I've been writing for the better half of a decade and I’m looking for something somewhat specific. It’s not a specific story plot, it’s something else.
I've been rping for a while and I’m a very up beat person (even though this post is going to sound kinda stiff). I like talking, I like having fun. Part of the rping experience for me, is befriending my partner. I’m looking for someone that rps on discord and almost always goes over the discord limit 3, 4 even 5 times. To this I will do the same. I almost always go over the limit multiple times. I understand heavy dialogue is a case by case situation though.
I’m looking for someone who really wants to build a world, whether it be something based on our reality or a whole new kingdom with all new nonsense.
I’m looking for someone who really enjoys writing and will give nice chonky posts that we can both work with together. My writing style is 3rd personal novella style. I always give a lot to work with and I want to receive the same. I believe it would be considered literate or even adv-literate.
I'm a very laid back, friendly person. I love making joke and sharing videos and memes. I love diving into our passions, ranting about anything and everything and I’m extremely patient. I'm simply tired of being ghosted. I'm tired of someone saying yeah let’s do this, we create this world and then they disappear after the first or second post.I understand life happens, I would know, i work in the medical field. And I’d much rather wait for a juicy post than do rapid short posts.
Now, I can’t write horror plots or mystery plots. I just suck. I mainly write fantasy and i have to have an element of romance. Rom-Com is my genre of choice. I love cliché's: mafia, vampire, demon. That kinda thing. I don’t play the damsel in distress, my female and male characters are sassy.
I’m not even sure if anyone reads this far into posts anymore but if you have, and this sounds interesting, send me a dm! Tell me why you're interested, why you decided to message me. Send me a little mushroom. Maybe we can build something beautiful.
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2023.03.22 15:22 letty-lovette (F4A) Can we make something?

Hello, you can call me Letty. I’m 26, I've been writing for the better half of a decade and I’m looking for something somewhat specific. It’s not a specific story plot, it’s something else.
I've been rping for a while and I’m a very up beat person (even though this post is going to sound kinda stiff). I like talking, I like having fun. Part of the rping experience for me, is befriending my partner. I’m looking for someone that rps on discord and almost always goes over the discord limit 3, 4 even 5 times. To this I will do the same. I almost always go over the limit multiple times. I understand heavy dialogue is a case by case situation though.
I’m looking for someone who really wants to build a world, whether it be something based on our reality or a whole new kingdom with all new nonsense.
I’m looking for someone who really enjoys writing and will give nice chonky posts that we can both work with together. My writing style is 3rd personal novella style. I always give a lot to work with and I want to receive the same. I believe it would be considered literate or even adv-literate.
I'm a very laid back, friendly person. I love making joke and sharing videos and memes. I love diving into our passions, ranting about anything and everything and I’m extremely patient. I'm simply tired of being ghosted. I'm tired of someone saying yeah let’s do this, we create this world and then they disappear after the first or second post.I understand life happens, I would know, i work in the medical field. And I’d much rather wait for a juicy post than do rapid short posts.
Now, I can’t write horror plots or mystery plots. I just suck. I mainly write fantasy and i have to have an element of romance. Rom-Com is my genre of choice. I love cliché's: mafia, vampire, demon. That kinda thing. I don’t play the damsel in distress, my female and male characters are sassy.
I’m not even sure if anyone reads this far into posts anymore but if you have, and this sounds interesting, send me a dm! Tell me why you're interested, why you decided to message me. Send me a little mushroom. Maybe we can build something beautiful.
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