Fatal car accident in arizona yesterday

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2023.06.01 01:12 glass_star I bought a car today!

The walk-in fridge at work broke on Monday so I had to trash a bunch of prep and dairy. Yesterday, after it was fixed I had to do shopping to restock everything we lost. Today I began prep all the food, doughs & batters we need. AND deal with the surprise inspection from the health department in the middle of everything!
but today I also… BOUGHT A CAR!!! and even though I am completely fried, I’m so happy and satisfied! I’m exhausted but I am too excited to nap and I am just looking at seat covers and phone holders online lol it is completely overshadowing the misery and frustration I was feeling just a few hours ago :)
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2023.06.01 01:12 Jaydangle_ New Member

Well my Judge was involved in an accident, my buddy crashed his car with my pistol in it and i found it at the scene buried in mud.
Broken handle and caked inside and out with dirt.
Where can i find a new handle and what is the best cleaning kit on the market bang for buck??
Thanks in advance
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2023.06.01 01:12 Lovelife514 AITA for accusing a guy of seeing me just to ask to borrow my car?

I’ve been talking to a guy for 8 months. The situation hasn’t been consistent, because I’ve been dealing with some serious situation (my ex is in the hospital in a coma since Jan and although we’ve been broken up before he got into a coma, I’m still by his side). So I guess emotionally I’m not yet available. I’ve been transparent with this guy regarding my situation. I’ve seen him a handful of times since Jan , and about a month ago (may) he began pulling back. I called him out and he told me , he was quitting alcohol and needed space. He stopped calling, and texted me once a day (vs before calling every day). I asked to see him and he said we’ll see but never mentioned it and the next day he mentioned that he might go to a festival that his friend bought him a ticket for. I was so annoyed and made it clear to which he replied that we’re not in a relationship and he can do whatever he wants.
Anyways fast forward , two weeks later (three days ago), I ended up coming over to his place. We hung out for a bit (we haven’t yet got intimate). After I get home , he told me he wants to use my car while I’m away for two weeks (he has a suspended license). So I answered: that’s why u seen me yesterday so u can ask to use my car
And he responded: Fuckkkkkkkk you talking about . So many people did you dirt or what . Forget it can ask you for shit always think bad or manipulative I swear I don’t need that in my life I want str8 people . I said okay, and then the next day when I initiated a conversation he told me he meant what he said and he doesn’t want stress or bad vibes and that I always have negative thoughts and he just wants peace.
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2023.06.01 01:11 Far_Today_4464 Final Stages with Allstate Claim - Advice Appreciated

Hi All,
As the title states I am in the final stages of an Allstate claim where I was hit by an Allstate driver who claimed complete fault. I have two questions to bounce around in here before I call Allstate and am hoping someone may have advice for me.
1 - When I rented the car, I told Enterprise that this was an Allstate claim and they said "great" we will give you a car at their rate. I am now looking at the receipt and it looks Allstate's rental policy states they won't pay anything above $26/day and Enterprise charged me $33/day....I had the car for 29 days so it looks I might be on the hook for $200, is this worth fighting for? Have people had to deal with this before?
  1. The only "constructive" advice I have received from Allstate is that after my car is fixed, I can request a "loss of value adjuster" to attempt getting difference of what the car was worth before the accident vs after the accident. My car is a 2012 and probably worth around $10k private party. Is this a route worth going and have people had success with it?
Backstory: I was hit in a parking lot while I was sitting in my car, the other driver hit my fendeheadlight/bumper. I have video of this from my camera in the dash. I drove my car home after swapping info with the cops helping to facilitate. The other driver had their car towed (in hindsight I should have stuck it to the insurance company, but I thought I was helping....). I had to wait until the next day to get things started with the other driver's insurance (Allstate) because the other driver didn't start their claim until way later that evening and Allstate wouldn't even start the process without confirming things with them. Initially it seemed like everything was going to go smoothly. I dropped the car off at my auto body shop, got a ride to Enterprise, got my rental, and went home.
After that it has been ridiculously frustrating. Allstate told me the process would be easier if I gave them my debit card info to transfer the money for the car repairs so that I could pay my shop faster...they decided to NOT do this and just sent checks to the auto shop (wtf). I was told I was going to be contacted by an adjuster once the estimate was done (this didn't happen, I had to call a ton of people to even get in contact with the adjuster, which wasn't even the adjuster listed on the estimate). I ended up talking with my mechanic and confirmed that Allstate only had aftermarket parts listed on the estimate and I wanted OEM parts installed (because that was what was on the car before Allstate's client hit me....I know this is because of cost and unfortunately, I don't have much say unless I went the legal route which even then is it worth it...) This all leads me to the two questions I have above because the one feeling I've had through this whole process is powerless.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.01 01:02 Number-uno-one Anon is Bobby Fischer

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2023.06.01 01:02 JessJessTheJetPlane Strict, suffocating rules because I am a woman.

It's probably worth noting that neither of my parents are diagnosed with anything (they haven't been to a physiatrist before). Multiple people have recommended this subreddit for support based on my situation though.
I am 17 years old, Australian and my entire life is controlled because I am a woman. My mum became Christian when I was 14 and her personality, opinions and beliefs all completely changed.
Before that she had always been strictest on me because I was the oldest. She would help me with schoolwork and violin for hours outside of school hours because I had to be the best. Straight A's wasn't the expectation it was the minimum. I was expected to Accel at work for grade 10 when I was in grade 4 and I did.
I went through a phase of depression when I was 11 and 12. I didn't have the energy or motivation to work as hard as I used to and I was surrounded by peers who were told told to just "do their best". It felt very unfair. My grades fell behind and my progress with violin stagnated. My mum never listened when I expressed that I wanted to see a professional and it was hard to bring up because emotions were taboo.
My younger brothers never did well in school they would get C and D mostly. If they got a B mum was over the moon. Due to their poor academic results more pressure was put into me. Mind you I was already struggling mentally at the time. My mum would say I need to succeed to make up for where my brothers fall behind. Violin was an expensive hobby and we are not rich so when I skipped practice I would be reminded that I am taking opportunities from my brothers in doing violin.
I ended up attempting ☠️ myself when I was 11 and then 12 because I thought it was the only way for my brothers to succeed. Nobody knows about the first time. My mumade me lie to the doctors and say it was an accident and she still didn't get help for me.
Anyways I am past that now. I seriously don't see myself being that mentally unstable again. This phase is what made my mum a Christian.
I am homeschooled now (I have been on and off since prep). I don't ask to go out and do things ever. She has made sure I am isolated and my only opportunities to meet people and make friends are heavily supervised and only ever her friends kids.
Recently I have asked for somethings though. I want cut my now waist length hair to shoulder length and join Crossfit.
My mum says cutting my hair is sin for a woman so even though dad if fine with it I'm not allowed. She says that it will make me look chubby. I am not skinny but I'm not overweight either, I just have a full figure. She also says that I need to keep it long so that my future husband finds me attractive.
She also said no to Crossfit because I am a woman. She says that their is too much weightlifting and not enough cardio. It will bulk me up and make me look huge, "gross" and masculine. This is hard enough for a woman who is really trying to achieve it. I am aiming for body recomposition so it just won't happen. It's also not allowed because there are men there and I might me tempted to sin... If you catch drift. I haven't given her any reason to think this. I have never even held hands with a guy and I want to stay a virgin till marriage. She just sees me as some wild, hormonal animal.
If I go to my dad to express my opinions my mum gets mad at me. She tells me it's disobedience because she doesn't want me to talk about these things with him. She has also brought up on a few occasions how doing so could cause problems in their marriage. I don't want to cause problems but I literally have nobody else to talk to and even then dad won't do anything because he doesn't want to argue with mum. I can also tell he finds it annoying when I bring it up not that he'll say that.
Sorry for ranting so much. I just feel very heated right now! Also don't suggest going to the authorities because I won't. My brothers are fine they get treated much better because they are boys. They are better of here than in the system.
Also, I live in the countryside too far from town to walk or bike. I can't drive by myself because I'm on my learner's licence and don't own my own car. I am not allowed to work even though I have wanted to since I was 13. So I can't save up money for a car or to leave home at 18 either.
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2023.06.01 01:01 DifficultySea5855 First DUI - Injuries after the fact?

Hi everyone, A little background. About a week ago I was arrested on my first and last DUI charge after blowing a .17 in Cook county, Chicago where I was in an accident with another vehicle. In the police report, both myself and the other party were uninjured, and he was able to drive away with his car. I have gone through the motions, retaining a lawyer. I spoke with both insurance companies and the gentleman stated that the other individual went to the hospital later for apparent injuries? Has anyone experienced a situation like this? At present, I'm working on the impression that this is a class A misdemeanor, but I'm worried that apparent injuries can get this bumped up. I would love to hear your experiences. Thank you.
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2023.06.01 00:54 Dont_steal_myburrito Was making this decision as a 17 year old smart.

I’ve recently gotten a new puppy, I have always wanted one and an opportunity arrived when someone I knew was giving away a batch of German shepherd’s. I’m seventeen and I’m on my summer break I had been watching countless amounts of videos thinking that that it would make me prepared and I had worked up some money. But now that I have finally gotten the puppy I have felt miserable and I’ve also realized that I’m not prepared at all.
The first couple hours weren’t bad I enjoyed playing with her she had accidents but I cleaned them and wasn’t to stressed about it. And then the night came by, I barely slept, she whined about an hour every time after she woke up. The next day I was tired and i had already started to feel some puppy blues. And now that some time has passed and it feels like everything I do with her and for her is a chore which it’s kinda supposed to be but it feels like the only time that I can have fun with her or at all is when we play soccer or when she’s asleep.
Then there’s other problems which came with the dog. I’m seventeen and my parent said that if I wanted the dog I had to be financially responsible for it which as the days go by it seem more and more daunting. I want to buy stuff that I had been wanting for months or years beforehand but now it feels like I can’t or am not allowed to anymore because of her. I can’t really do anything I used to. I can’t go out to eat with my family like I used to, I can’t really play video games, I can’t take care of myself properly, and I can’t even focus on hanging out with my baby brother who was my favorite person in the world but now it’s like I have to keep my brother and dog distanced because she’s too rough with my brother and he’s too rough with her at times and so now it feels like I’m separating myself from him.
I also had plans that I was really looking forward too and now it feels like I can’t do them. I wanted to take a vacation with my family, I wanted to buy a car and learn how to drive I wanted to get a job that would let me achieve all of this without working for my dad. And now all I’m left with is regret and anxiety. I just needed to get this off my chest but I’m really struggling on what I should do and I feel like I can’t tell my parents or anyone that know about the dog because I feel like if I tell them I want to re home her they’ll be dissapointed in me and think worse of me but I’m still a kid who wants to live out the last year of his childhood and not spend what feels like 24 hours on taking care of someone that makes me stressed and overwhelmed. You guys might think I’m an asshole as much as I think I am but I’m just really scared of the decision I made.
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2023.06.01 00:45 Pleasant_Ad4296 Was answering a question about solo money on another post, they said they just cant make wnough money for things. This is wayy not all I could have exampled but I took the solo part into consideration. Take it for what you will.

Step 1, get Acid lab and upgrade it. Need to do stupid dax missions for upgrade. Step 2, use it as much as possible to get max payments per hour. 300k ish for a full load. Can call mut on phone to resupply when not indoors, no need to go anywhere, and can call in acid lab from interaction menu to anywhere. You can get an idea of how much you have to sell if you pay attention to your stock when you leave your bars and how much it costs to resupply.
Step 3, have 3-5 cars you care about,, super, bike/tuner, one armored. Sell rest of cars if u make money from it. You will be able to buy 50 of each eventually.
Get nightclub and biker businesses, link them. Not forgery office or green house. Then Forget the biker bizs, stock is separate from nightclub stock. Sell acid lab and night club regularly and spend money on 3 things if you have no properties that have them to get. Bullets, armour, and snacks (Health) .
You'll be a millionaire in a month or less.
Source: me, bad at the game and brain damaged. I make 50k on accident regular at this point.
I haven't even finished cayo once yet have had sub forever.
Save a lot, grind money a lot, look up what to invest in (first) that suits how you play. And have fun. 🤝👍
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2023.06.01 00:39 SomeStrangeSins judgement paradox theory

I always had this thought in my head from something a woman preacher said to me once. I asked her if I would of died when I was 10 would I go to heaven she said that I was a innocent child and would of went to heaven. But then I said so being a 32 year old male who has had sex with multiple women, smoked a lot of weed , drank, partied watched porn masturbated , etc etc would I go to hell now she said yes .
So I was thinking if Hitler would of died when he was 10 years old let's say from a accident, he would of never did what he did at a later point in his life because he would of been dead. So would Hitler be in heaven? But because he lived to be however old and did all those horrible crimes and murders he is definitely going to hell correct?
So isn't this kind of a paradox?
We could make up a story about a kid named Timothy Turner let's say he get hit and killed on his bike at 8 years old everyone would say "god received another angel" but let's say his guardian angel stops the car fr hitting him so he lives and between the age of 35 to 50 he becomes a psychopath murderer rapist and has dozens of victims before he is caught and executed under the death penalty or let's say he find a way to kill himself in prison
Would Timothy Turner now be headed to hell?
What do you think of this?
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2023.06.01 00:37 SomeStrangeSins judgement paradox theory

I always had this thought in my head from something a woman preacher said to me once. I asked her if I would of died when I was 10 would I go to heaven she said that I was a innocent child and would of went to heaven. But then I said so being a 32 year old male who has had sex with multiple women, smoked a lot of weed , drank, partied watched porn masturbated , etc etc would I go to hell now she said yes .
So I was thinking if Hitler would of died when he was 10 years old let's say from a accident, he would of never did what he did at a later point in his life because he would of been dead. So would Hitler be in heaven? But because he lived to be however old and did all those horrible crimes and murders he is definitely going to hell correct?
So isn't this kind of a paradox?
We could make up a story about a kid named Timothy Turner let's say he get hit and killed on his bike at 8 years old everyone would say "god received another angel" but let's say his guardian angel stops the car fr hitting him so he lives and between the age of 35 to 50 he becomes a psychopath murderer rapist and has dozens of victims before he is caught and executed under the death penalty or let's say he find a way to kill himself in prison
Would Timothy Turner now be headed to hell?
What do you think of this?
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2023.06.01 00:36 CallmeCalicoin Can I/should I pursue legal action?

(Dec 15th)Car accident resulting In minor TBI and post concussion syndrome
History of stress induced hallucinations (labeled as disability on job application and employer infromed before hand)
(April 18th)Aggravated concussion symptoms due to high stimuli environment Went to hospital with increase in confusion, migraine, dizziness, and headache. Was told likely reason was a new injury.
Taking this info, and the history of hallucinations believe that an at work accident resulted in new concussion
Pulled to back room to fill out workplace accident paperwork, asked many questions about when, where, how, and what happened. (All while still in a state of brain fog and confusion)
Sent home until doctors appt to confirm injured state, and to file an LOA with sedgwick
(May 10th) doctor says I still have concussion and need restricted duty (no manipulating objects over 10 pounds, no bright lights, loud noises, hyperactivity)
Informed by team lead that "restricted duty means I can do nothing at the store." And to "go home until follow up appt."
(May 25th) follow up appt approved me for light duty (up to 25 pounds of lifting, remembering to take breaks as needed)
(May 26th) return to work and informed that an accommodation with sedgwick has to be made for light duty
(May 30th) accommodation call made and pending approval
Pulled into store managers office by dept manager (posturing and imposing stance) informed that after reviewing footage there is no evidence of an accident.
When history of hallucinations resulting from stress is brought up the same dept manager stifles a laugh
Turns out, by company standards, "restricted duty" and "light duty" are treated the same and the dept manager (different) who told me I can't work and to go home until follow up appt (25th) was incorrect
Also told that I was not supposed to make an accommodation call as that created a new LOA claim
(May 30th) dept manager (aggro) tells me I need to go to HR with no sidetracking (hadn't had any before)
I'm told that due to a system decision about my absences (covered by sedgwick) I am terminated, and that I need to keep physical track of my time punches. Once the termination goes through I will be "reinstated" and need only wait a few days
That night my scheduled shifts vanish and I'm unable to clock out using the store time clock, all of my related benefits are deactivated and I'm locked out of store applications.
Is this something I should seek legal counsel for? Should I quit?
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2023.06.01 00:36 Loose_Work_6138 IRS debt question and situation.

I have had the IRS mail me letters in the past from several years back that were never filed due to living abroad but I had some client 10-99 I didn’t know about. I now have to file because I went through some medical/mental health bad medication issues basically destroyed everything. I was living in California now currently in FL.
I have a brand new travel trailer I had just purchased but was in an accident a few months afterwards and so I have the new truck and this trailer and cards and some medical bills but no idea where to even start.
Truck was totaled no insurance, trailer is being kept at a friends but I need to get back to clean out property if I’m going to give back to the creditor etc.
Antidepressants basically sent me on a wreck less path of self destructive behavior and losing a major business and all of my belongings. I am 40 and just devastated here.
I’m worried if I start making income my funds will be garnished or I’ll be sued I haven’t been able to work I went through some mania and major depression from this young doctor I knew better to just take supplements.
I guess I’m just trying to figure out what is best since I don’t even have any paperwork or info to get started. I’m worried Wells Fargo would freeze my account too in the future. It’s all really unbelievable I’m dealing with all this at once and I feel pretty hopeless about it all.
I had Amex gold and platinum some other cards with chase and synchronicity and all this furniture and best buy on stuff I didn’t need or would have wanted but meds triggered some hyper spending and I was evicted in Arizona and they’re probably seeking money. Sorry for the rambling.
My income was 150k yr w-2 and I never filed last few years either.
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2023.06.01 00:32 Proudlymediocre Carrying It Forward: My Dad's Act of Kindness Still Echoes Decades Later

When I was a kid, my divorced aunt -- my dad's sister-in-law -- ran into financial issues.
In the midst of this, we all were at the hospital visiting my grandpa, and we were amassed in the cafeteria when my aunt went over to grab a sandwich. As my aunt approached the cashier, my dad, who so often would not spend money on himself, quietly got up from his seat, walked over to the cashier, and paid for my aunt's sandwich before returning to his seat without any fanfare. To this day, I still don't know if he saw me see him do that (note: Dad doesn't take compliments well -- he gets embarrassed by them and tends to deflect them towards other people or dismiss them).
Today, an older and discreetly-emotional (red watering eyes, but no sounds) woman seated near me mentioned to the server that her husband died this morning. So without any fanfare, I paid for her plus tipped the server well, because I wanted the woman to know that someone else empathized wit her pain. I will probably tell my wife I did this, but will not mention to anyone else (reddit doesn't count since it's anonymous and at the end of the day has zero consequential effect on my life). This is not the first time I did this, and honestly it won't be the last. And I'd be lying if I said my dad's action -- quietly paying for my cash-stricken aunt all those years ago -- didn't have an effect on me, and still didn't influence me today. In fact, I thought of him today as I paid for the woman in mourning.
I post all this here because I'm so grateful my dad tried his best to live his life the right way. It influenced me, which in turn has an influence on others, and his kindness to my aunt and his striving to be good to human beings in crisis (dad is one of those people who will stop and get involved during a medicaL emergency or car accident) decades ago is still echoing today.
So here is a gentle reminder that our kids are often watching, sometimes when we're not aware that they are. And if we want the future to be a better place we can start by modeling for our own kids right now the benefit of giving our time and our money to other people, to letting people around us know that we see them and to be there for them when they are in pain. My own kids are grown now, but I still try to model that satisfying feeling of helping a fellow human being in need. Because arguably I got more out of helping that woman today than she got.
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2023.06.01 00:31 justwanttojoinin I lost my keys days ago

All of my keys are on one bunch, because I have got a long track record of losing them. I realised that if I attached everything to my car keys, I obsess over them when I leave the house because I am so worried that I'll get stranded and not be able to drive home.
Well, I haven't been able to find my keys for about three weeks now. I didn't tell anyone until yesterday because I am quite embarrassed. I have a spare for the car, but it's the only spare and I'm now vibrating with anxiety every time I go out incase I lose the last key. I've obviously lost the keys in the house because I wouldn't have gotten home without them. But I cannot find them anywhere.
To add insult to injury, my partner bought a pack of fobs that sound an alarm when you press the remote they came with. He attached them to everything "important" so I could find things. I have since lost the remote, rendering these useless.
One day when I'm dead, I hope someone finds the black hole in my house where these things have gone to.
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2023.06.01 00:25 PokemonBreederJess Car of pregnant woman catches on fire when man runs the red at Michigan and Mansfield.

I live on the corner, and I heard the impact. When I run out across my lawn, a silver van is already smoking as a pregnant woman and two young children quickly get onto the grass and away from the vehicle. The man that ran the red had to make like a gopher to get out the side of his now flipped car, as his windshield was crunched but not budging.
While I went inside to get water for the family and our first aid kit, the car went up on flames, and stretched over to the large amount of plants and trees on the corner.
Thankfully the response time was rapid to the scene. In less than 10 mins, both fire and police had the situation under control.
That kid was a trouper, for as scary as the situation was, she made some people laugh. And want to thank my other neighbor for coming out to also give the kids and pregnant woman sparkling water, although the kids made me laugh with the faces they made.
All that to say, I want to call out the rubber necker walking around in a sprain boot. While you were out there with your "Let's Go Brandon" and "Go Woke Go Broke" pins, trying to get people's comments on video for your tiny minded whatever that "started when Fox dropped Tucker", while you were way more concerned with making some kind of name for yourself by capitalizing on someone's pain, there were actual caring individuals doing the real work of making sure everyone was safe and had what they needed. I sincerely hope this literal ambulance chaser can get the mental health services he so sorely needs.
Hope the family gets home safe tonight. Knowing the kid was able to sing and smile before they left because the people around them helped them feel safe, that's what matters to me.
Those two seconds you think you have don't exist, and if you run that red you may not exist anymore either. Both cars are totaled, and if the fire department had not responded so fast the transformer definitely would have caught fire.
I have seen many accidents on Michigan and Mansfield but today's was really bad. Someone tries to run that red every week, and almost every week there are screeching tires or impacts. Today, it was a full blown car fire. At least no one was seriously injured.
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2023.06.01 00:21 YazzSoria Pacifica 2020 Hybrid

Got the recall service done for the Pacifica we own . And now I’m having problems with it . Yesterday I was driving home with my kids and out no where the car made a sudden stop and wouldn’t let me move the car . I had to turn it on and off and finally got it to move . Will the manufacturer give me my money back ? I’ve only had it for like 6 months . And I no longer feel safe it anymore . I don’t want to drive in it with my kids in it . One more thing the hybrid battery does not last . It dies within 10 min . It’s also been glitching . The sliding doors close on my kids when they are trying to get in the car . The a/c suddenly starts to blast . The child locks turns on and off . So many little things keep happening . It’s in service right now . But I no longer want the car
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2023.06.01 00:18 nintendoomed Cleansing after a car accident

hello all!
i was in a car accident recently (everyone was okay, but my car is totaled). my tarot cards & grimoire were in the car with me.
the tarot cards i had in there are my absolute favorite deck. they were my first deck and i am so connected to them. however i feel very wary about using them before cleansing them after the accident, same with my grimoire, because i’m afraid they’re currently harboring some chaotic, if not downright bad, energy. i haven’t done a reading with them yet, but when i hold them they just feel /off/.
other than smoke cleansing which i will of course do, i was hoping some other witches would have some advice for me on how to cleanse them & breathe new life into them. i plan on doing this on the upcoming full moon, or the days leading up to it as well. i’ve never had to clear such strong energy out of something i so deeply care about before, and i’m wondering if anyone has success stories on ridding such bad vibes. TIA ! :) ✨
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2023.06.01 00:17 Twayneeded Nov 2021

I worked from home today because the kids' school was having a teacher work day. It was a decent day. When I am alone with the kids they don't really argue too much and even if they do I am there to help them. It seems like I have a better relationship with my kids and my children don't misbehave as badly when it is just me taking care of them. They really ratchet things up when their mother is home. Wife came home and she is nearing the end of her academic degree plan. Had to have an HVAC repairman come try and fix our heater. He shocked himself 3 times. Wife has had problems with her Dr office adding stress to her day meaning that she was in a bad mood and let me know it. She spent all afternoon in the bedroom while I dealt with the kids, cooked supper, did the dishes, washed clothes, and did the laundry. We took the kids for a short walk after supper without the dogs because it was already getting dark. I gave the kids baths and they went to bed on time. Wife stayed up late working on schoolwork and I went to sleep alone.
Woke up with ychild in bed. Wife was already up and griping about something. Getting gripped out 1st thing in the morning always starts off the day in a bad mood. Work was uneventful but productive. Got home and cleaned off the kitchen table (of course there wasn't a single square inch of available space on it for the past 1 1/2 weeks) none of the mess was mine it was all wifes/kids projects.I cleaned it so that she would have a space to make cookies with the kids like she promised. Trying to make her day a little easier knowing that had she gone in there with the table like that it would have been bad and also knowing that there were things on the table so I knew that I would get blamed for any misplaced objects. My prediction came through when she came into the kitchen and thanked me for cleaning the table but immediately started griping about missing items and how she had wished she had cleaned it to show she would know where they are. This always happens and is one of the main reasons I cannot declutter our house. It just leads to more gripping. If I clean or don't clean I'm gonna get bitched out. Wife had to head to town quickly to pick up an Rx so we went with her. I had not yet started supper so I put everything up so we could have it the next day and we all went into town together and ate supper in the van. She also got some negative comments on some of her schoolwork so she was in a bad mood x2 because of an incident with her dr's nurse. Wife stayed in the bedroom working on schoolwork while I got the kids dressed in their PJ's and put them to bed about 15 min late. I walked into the bedroom and she was searching for socks for the kids in the laundry hamper. When she was done I took the hamper into the living room and matched them all then put them up. I then played on my computer. Wife went into the kitchen at about 9:45. I went in there about 10 min later and asked her if there was anything I could do for her. She said no then asked me if I saw her come into the kitcher. I said yes and she started gripping that I should have come in there sooner to help her cause she was now almost done. She started complaining that the only time she gets to relax is when she is laying down on her phone in bed (nevermind the number of times i come into the bedroom to find her watching TV or on facebook on her computer.)
I was only on my computer for about 30 min. Its not like I spend all day doing nothing but she makes me feel like I do nothing at all. A common mantra in this house is the wife saying "I never get any help" and "I cannot keep this house clean by myself" when she literally hasn't done any cleaning since her parents visited last month and I still did most of the cleaning. The only time she cleans is when someone is coming over. Needless to say I am feeling very resentful and unloved. We haven't shown any affection to each other since a month ago. Some Days when things are decent (not good just not bad) I wonder if it's a mistake to be considering divorce but days like today are more common and remind me of why I want one. I couldn't sleep due to drinking some tea at supper so I got out of bed and sat on the couch until 1am.
Woke up this morning very tired and sleepy with ychild in bed with me. Wife was already in a mood and I was gripped out for "not listening" she then proceeding to account for 3-4 times recently that I have asked her a question that she had already told me an answer in a previous conversation. So once again I get to start the day in a bad mood. I feel compelled to kiss her and tell her I love her now or she will get upset. I did that then came back inside for something and she got upset when I didn't go back and give another hug/kiss. No way am I gonna do that while being bitched out so I just walked out the door. Great start to the day. Got the kids from school and came home. Cooked supper and took out the trash. Got the kids into bed but ychild talked herself into falling asleep in our bed. Wife said she would move her but of course didn't and ychild slept in our bed all night long.
Woke up with ychild in bed with me. kissed and told her i loved her before work. Had a decent day at work and left to pick up the kids. This was my last day picking the kids up from school and we stopped for ice cream on the way home. We were supposed to walk the dogs before I started supper. I told my wife this but she was on the phone with her mother about her job offer. 25 min later and it was getting close to supper time and she was still on the phone.I decided it was too close to supper to walk and then cook. Wife came out and I told her that. she got upset and we ended up having a small walk. I got back and cooked supper and we all ate at the kitchen table. Wife disappeared back into the bedroom to work on schoolwork. I put the kids to bed on time and then got on my computer. Wife started working on the kids lunches and I asked if there was anything i could do. She said no. Then the bedtime ritual started. This all happened within 20min. I came to bed and turned the lights out. When my wife came back she bitched at me cause she had left one of the lights on on purpose. Then she zinged me for not paying attention when she told me about her medication a few days ago. Then she complained that I had missed a bag of trash in the bedroom. Then she accidentally slammed the bathroom door and got mad when I asked if she did that on purpose. Then she cussed at me when she complained about the bed hurting her back and I suggested a sleep study. Despite all of this I really felt the need to try and cuddle with her. I rolled over and she immediately asked if she needed to turn off her phone. I told her no but she could if she wanted to, then she complained that this is the only time she gets to relax and then immediately jumped up cursing because she forgot to put the clothes from the washer into the dryer. I rolled over and put my mask on to fall asleep. I knew I would get hurt but I couldn't help myself. It took me a while to go to sleep because of the pain in my heart and the lack of love.
I worked from home today so i did not have to wake up as early. Wife woke up and got the kids ready. Wife had a full one sided conversation with ychild in our bed while i was trying to sleep. I feel like she was resentful for me being able to sleep in and her having to get up so she did it as a way to wake me up and keep me from being able to sleep. The kids yelled goodbye and the wife left without so much as a word or touch. I had a decent day at work. The HVAC repair man showed up early.I was going to go and pick up the kids at 11:00 but we decided to just get powerhouse(aftercare) at the school instead also for monday. I could have gone and picked up the kids but didn't because they were already scheduled and I thought we had already paid. Wife got mad at me for that. She was really late because it was her last day of DT and she had people say goodbye to her then went to pick up the kids. We decided to eat at the new seafood place then went and picked up groceries. We got home and put the groceries away and watched some shows on the couch. She got upset because I was on my phone (so was she) and said she watched more of the tv than I did. I tried to get the kids in bed but she overruled me because it was the weekend. The kids stayed up and eventually convinced her to go to bed with her. I slept alone but honestly I think I prefer that now.
Woke up alone. Had a decent day and went to Ychilds 1st birthday invite party. Wife made appointments for both kids to get the flu and covid vaccine. We had a great time at the party and socialized for the 1st time in a long time. We had to leave early to get to the pharmacy for the vaccines. When we got there the pharmacist told us we were scheduled for the flu only. It greatly upset the wife and she flew into a rage. Canceled both appointments. We got back to the car and she was yelling, screaming, and violently hitting her phone on the steering wheel. I told her to be an example to kids and she told me to "kiss her ass." She is angry the whole ride home. She started getting loud with me multiple times and I asked her not to talk to me like that. Apparently, asking her to speak to me politely instead of raising her voice at me is not giving her grace. Saying that I never give her grace when she talks nasty to me. saying that I do it all the time to her and she never says a word. I told her to speak up next time and she says she does and just gets bitched out. I am at my wits end. She is being very nasty to me and then puts the blame on me instead of realizing how she is treating me and accepting blame. A really nice day totally
ruined by her temper. We ended up having cereal for supper and going for custard afterwards. We stayed up late and the kids convinced my wife to go sleep with them.
Woke up by myself again. After wife got up we ended up going to the new donut store for breakfast and we stopped off at walmart on the way home. When we got home I noticed my radiator was leaking.I went to oriellys to buy some stop leak. We got back and I put on jumanji and then beethoven. Ochild really loved jumani. We were having a decent time. Today I did 4 loads of laundry, bathed the dog, cleaned the aquarium, cooked supper, and cleaned the guest bathroom. Of course wife got onto me when I did the kids laundry because i missed 1 shirt and 4 socks out of ychilds room. After supper we played a board game. Then the kids had a bath and I was chastised when I went in there to talk to the kids after my wife was yelling at them. I am not supposed to step in except when I am supposed to of course I have no idea when that is supposed to be. Kids went to bed a little late. I slept by myself.
Woke up by myself. Got up early even though I am working from home to help my wife with kids and take the dog to the vet. Wife started gripping about me not doing anything to help with the kids. I don't understand because she gets them ready at the last minute. That's usually when I am getting together also. She doesn't tell me or let me ask what she needs help with. Just grips after the fact. Dropped the dog off and returned to work. Picked the dog back up and returned to work again. Wife got home late due to her new job onboarding and flu vaccine. We had mcdonalds for supper and the kids went to bed really late. ychild spent the evening with wife because she wasn't feeling well. Since both the kids were up past their bedtime wife went to sleep with them.
Woke up early because I am still stuck on the old schedule. Wife came in and got herself ready for her 1st day. I got up, helped with the kids and got the dogs ready (surgery) then went to work. work was ok. Came home and cooked supper. The evening was uneventful.
Ychild got sick so I worked from home. We were both asleep when wife came into the room. She then had a loud conversation/argument with ochild in the room. waking up ychild and me. If I were to wake them up when they were sleeping in I would get bitched up one side and down the other. Seems like she does it all the time. Took Ychild to the dr and she was covid negative thankfully. Wife came home and the day went ok. She was tired so we watched netflix. I cooked supper and did the dishes. We got the kids in bed a little late. Wife went to bed a little early. I went into the bathroom to get some medicine shortly after. Wife was visibly upset when I came in. I really don't understand why and she wouldn't tell me. Eventually she said that she didn't expect me there. It made me feel really hurt. I felt like she not only didn't want me there but actually got mad that I showed my face. Maybe she thought I was going to lay down with her
but if that was so it would be no reason to get mad, I know she plays on her phone in bed and that's her relaxation time. Either way it was totally uncalled for and if that's how she is going to make me feel I don't see a point in staying together. storm came rolling in and ychild woke up so she had to go sleep with them.
Holiday today so I stayed home. I could hear the wife yelling at the kids trying to get ready. So I got up to help.
Skipped some days because nothing happened. Nothing good or bad. At bedtime my wife was getting lunch ready. She has been a little stressed lately due to her computer HD failing and EDTPA coming back for revisions. Her professor didn't come to her appointment to help. I helped make the kids lunches. The kids' clothes were still sitting in the chair (apparently it's my job.) I offered to help get the kids clothes together. She very sarcastically said she would welcome the help if I could turn on a light so she could see. I know it doesn't sound bad on paper but she was very hateful and hurtful. When I asked her not to talk to me like that she responded that she didn't need a lecture right now. I just want to be spoken to with respect and love not hate and vitriol.
Not journaling everyday because things aren't as bad everyday. Yesterday I did the laundry for the entire house. This morning I got up. my wife had already left for the grocery store to pick up groceries. I got up with Ychild. She got home and we unloaded the groceries. I relaxed in the living room. and she started cleaning the kitchen. I always hate days like this because anytime she cleans I get to hear her bitch and moan and the state of things. I am the only one to clean the house/kitchen for the last 6 months, actually even longer,for as long as she has been in college or working. It is not messy, it's just not up to her standards. Plus most of the mess is hers. She does projects and things but doesn't clean up afterward. When I get in to clean, if I move things around or put up her things I get yelled at. It feels like a handicap because the only one that can truly clean is her and when she doesn clean I feel like crap because she spends the whole time
mouthing and bitching about me because it isn't clean enough to suit her. And if I try to go in and help or clean another part of the house I get bitched at again because "i'm only cleaning because she is upset" she doesn't seem to notice the hours of cleaning I do when she is not around or is concentrating on other things.
We left on the 23rd (my birthday) to go down to Carthage for the weekend. The holiday went well with minimal fussing. Friday the 26 came and my wife surprised me with a weekend getaway sans kids. her family pissed her off right when we left. we get to our BnD and then leave to do some shopping. We went way too long, ate supper,and drove to longview. She had thought that we would just spend the weekend together. I wanted to get physical. I take her to a sex shop and she gets embarrased and refuses to look at anything or consider any toys. Our sexlife is laughable and practically non-existant. You would figure if someone was trying to save their marriage they would at least attempt to spice things up. I got upset and we went back to our cabin. I am tired and we just go to sleep. Wife makes us take a bath in the morning. We wash each other, then when we get out she changes into a negligee. She tells me I am not allowed to do any oral on her and that it will be the last time I see her in a G string. Totally sexy right? I had put some nice smelling lotion on my privates and she made a comment about how that would taste ( thinking I might get some oral) but instead she just led me to the bed and got on top. She has sex with me and I find it difficult to finish becuase she is clearly not enjoying it and refused to do any foreplay. We leave for the day and walk around Jefferson. Get back and start drinking wine and painting. She gets drunk enough to make a move and changes into another negligee. I feel like I almost forced her to let me eat her out after I gave her oral. She says I am not allowed to kiss her. we eventually start having some decent sex but she cannot stand much of the physical aspect and eventually it just shift to the standard missionary. I cannot finish and she gets up. I tell her i'll finish myself off if she will help. She starts cleaning and doesn't care when I get upset. We eventually have a small heart to heart where she tells me she is resentful
for the way my parents treated her and I was very pacifist instead of confrontational with my parents. She tells me she watches squirting videos and masturbates in the bath (lied to me when she says she doesnt masterbate.) She clearly has very strong issues with sexual intimacy and refused to do anything I wanted. She thought it was a successful weekend and I'm thinking it just shows how far apart we are and how little in common we have. multiple times just both of us on our phones because we have nothing to talk about. We go back and pick up the kids and it takes forever to get home. When we do I find the dog with something sticking out of her chest.
I am trying to work on her when my daughter comes out there and the dog jumps up and runs to her. She starts freaking out and i try and get ychild to come to me, unfortunately i did yell because i was scared of her getting stabbed by the dog. Of course she freezes up screaming as the dog is trying to get to her. I end up having to go to her and pick her up. As I am trying to take her to the garage I fall and bust my knee. This starts a big fight because I am now hurt, angry, and yelling while also trying to find out what's wrong with the dog. Eventually I discovered that the dog had forced herself inside the metal loop of a small childs butterfly net. I end up cutting it off her with some wire cutters. My knee is now busted and my wife and I have been fighting because she feels like when I am angry and hurt is the best time to keep getting in my face and talking shit about me. Just makes me want to seek a divorce all the more. She thinks this weekend was a success and all I can see is the end. I was angry when I went back out to her van and hit the open door button too hard and dented it. No real excuse but I wish she didn't pile on my problems by yelling at me in front of the kids while I'm trying to discipline them. I wasn't abusing them or being physical in any way but my wife will not allow for any dissent from the way she wants to raise the kids. I feel like I am not a father. I am allowed no say in raising them. The kids can just yell/scream/cry and my wife will come to the rescue, preventing me from actually doing any good or teaching them to understand right/wrong. It's her way or the highway.
Dec 2021
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2023.06.01 00:09 Ok_Management_3441 Can i report a paralegal for financial loss?

I live in Washington State, and i used a “mill” style law firm for my hit and run car case (just as some background).
The short story, i told the paralegal i didn’t get my car looked at further after the accident (i only had the outside looked at since doing a full examination on the car would cost me about $500-$700 depending on the shop), so the initial amount i got was $1770ish for just the damage on the outside of my car. I sent this to the paralegal months ago. Please keep in Mind my car was worth $10k-$12k pre accident.
Here comes the arbitration date. I reached out to the paralegal and asked him if i should be getting a full look at my car (this being my first lawsuit, i wasn’t sure if the other party insurance was going to come look at my car which they never did or what was going to happen). The conversation went:
Me: “I never got my car fully looked at just the damage on the outside since if i wanted the engine checked out i would’ve had to pay out of pocket.”
Paralegal: “no worries it wasn’t completely fixed/inspected.”
And that was the end of the conversation. I didn’t know any better of course because i really thought the other insurance company was going to come and assess my car.
Well, arbitration came and went. And i won! I get the settlement, and the arbitrator awarded me $1770. I was confused so i reached out to the paralegal and asked him why i was awarded that amount. He told me that was the amount that was on the form i sent to them for getting my car fixed. He’s correct, but why wouldn’t he tell me to get my car fully looked at? Especially because they took 40% from my property damage as well, so after that i got a little over $1k for my car. And yes, it was in their contract i signed that they take 40% of everything i got in the settlement.
Anyways, i think i covered everything. I just want to know if this is even a reportable offense since i lost out on a lot of money (atleast $10k). I have proof of this conversation as it was over email. My BAR association in my state doesn’t have anything about reporting a paralegal on their website and no one answered when i called.
Thanks in advance
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2023.06.01 00:09 fattymcbutterpants01 Disappearance of Scott Allen Hilbert

Scott Allen Hilbert

This is going to be my first write up so excuse any formatting errors and or incoherent sentences. Also shoutout to u/lisagreenhouse who did a writeup about 3 years ago, some information was pulled from their post as well as charley project and other cited sources at the bottom of the post Scott Allen Hilbert was an 18 year old college student at Morehead State University in Kentucky when he went missing. When he went missing sometime after March 13th, 1988 he was on Spring break with the intention of traveling to Ohio State University to visit some friends. Hilbert left a note on his refrigerator for his parents notifying them of his plans for his break. Scott never made it to OSU campus and his care was found a little over a week later at a dead-end 1,700 miles away in Littlefield Arizona right on the Utah border. The car and surrounding area contained several of his belongings which included his dorm key, lug wrench of a car, a bottle of shampoo and strangely a kitchen knife from his set at home. Not in the car however was the suitcase of clothes he packed for his trip. According to the Webslueths other items were also recovered from his car such as a book of matches from Denver, Colorado and restaurant pages from a eatery in Long Beach, California
Somebody had also attempted to push the car down a hill however a tree had stopped it from going all the way down the hill. In the car there were at least two sets of fingerprints. One belonging to Scott and the other set was unable to be identified. The front and rear license plates were unable to be recovered. In the car too despite the trip to Arizona being 1,700 miles the odometer had been driven over 2,000 miles more leaving those miles not accounted for. There are several theories to how Scott Hilbert went missing, ranging from being the victim of a serial killer or dangerous hitch hiker. All the way to international suspects who have ties to drug activity. All of which are possibilities as the police have very little information regarding the disappearance of Hilbert.
This case certainly resonates with me as so many of these missing college student cases do. I can’t imagine the families pain of not knowing and having to constantly wonder the circumstances surrounding his disappearance.
https://charleyproject.org/case/scott-allen-hilbert https://www.websleuths.com/forums/threads/oh-scott-allen-hilbert-18-cincinnati-13-mar-1988.533583/ https://www.reddit.com/UnresolvedMysteries/comments/g0sesd/scott_hilbert_18_disappeared_from_milford_ohio_in/ https://www.doenetwork.org/cases/4375dmoh.html https://www.nbcnews.com/feature/cold-case-spotlight/where-was-scott-hilbert-when-someone-pushed-his-car-cliff-n390281
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2023.06.01 00:08 Dontbestingypls Should I switch jobs from in-house to billables?

I live in Southern California. Barred in 2021. Seven years as claims adjuster before law school.
Currently house counsel for a major insurance carrier making $110k with $6-10k end of year bonus. No billables. I only practice one area of insurance defense and little opportunity to branch out into different areas of general liability with this employer.
Two job offers both with large insurance defense firms. $130k with 1900 billable hours and $140k with 1950 billable hours. Insurance defense but general liability so I would be exposed to a variety of cases and not just car accidents.
I have never had billable requirements. Is a $10,000 to $20,000 increase in salary worth it?
Alternatively, my thought is I can use these offers as leverage to request a raise with my current employer.
Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
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