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2023.05.30 05:08 Gapey3774 MTF for Any; platonic or non-platonic; up for anything!

MTF for Any; platonic or non-platonic; up for anything!
Heyyyy! Looking for anybody who wants to talk, platonic or not :) pics of me on my profileeee! I like anime, video games, manga, superheroes, reading, working out, all kinds of things like that! Feel free to DM, I’ll respond to any that I get as soon as I can :) feel free to dm multiple times to get my attention if I don’t answer right away!!! Hope to hear from you all :)
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2023.05.30 05:02 palabrist Months of sharp nostril pain no bleeding

32M, 6ft, no significant related medical conditions other than mild allergies which don't seem to be happening where I live now, no images to attach because I've checked with camera on flash and there's no visible signs.
Sharp papercut like pains in nostrils, mostly along the alar rim/entrance. Often towards the top/tip of nose. Never any bleeding at all! Yet it feels like cuts or micro tears. It will start to get better briefly but even lightly using a tissue can retraumatize it. It's been a few months. I have vague recollection of a bad runny nose earlier this year and using rough paper towels to blow it when tissues ran out. Maybe I cut it up then. I think I had some scabbing and bleeding at that time. But none since. Just terrible sensitivity and pain. But it's strange that it would STILL not have healed and just keep getting damaged. How did my nose go from normal for my whole life to... if I dare stick a soft tissue up there or scratch an itch it's on fire and feels like paper cuts for days in that spot? I am using a humidifier, Aquaphor, and saline nose spray and trying my best not to touch it. But I am having a hard time believing this is just cuts/tears/irritations that will heal if left alone. How is the skin suddenly so traumatized and sensitive that it won't heal? Doesn't make sense. I am desperate at this point are there other reasons this might be happening? Do I go to a specialist or my PCP?
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2023.05.30 04:35 hotsnot101 ChatGPT Update: remember or store personal data from one interaction

has anyone run into this issue? I'm using ChatGPT to track my muscle mass, as well as budgeting, but it seems like this possibility is gone now
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2023.05.30 04:00 code_hunter_cc ip country php or apache [closed]

As it currently stands, this question is not a good fit for our Q&A format. We expect answers to be supported by facts, references, or expertise, but this question will likely solicit debate, arguments, polling, or extended discussion. If you feel that this question can be improved and possibly reopened, visit the help center for guidance. Closed 9 years ago.i want to validate if the user enter his correct information (city, region, country) from my registration form.
i want to use maxmind because its free and 99.5% accurate (which is good enough for me)
now i read there's a php version and a apache version
which one is better to use? thanks
Answer link :
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2023.05.30 03:44 true_gamer13 I need new users urgently (new users only)

Hey! if any new users are out there and would like to use my link i'd greatly appreciate it

my link is
I only can take new users at this point and only have 4 hours left.
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2023.05.30 03:23 TheToeTickler2 I need someones opinion, someone new. Not famil

A few weeks ago my club in school got to go on a trip to complete. While we was there we got to hangout with other kids our age. Me and two of my female friends (I'm a female as well) was in the hallway hanging out with these people, they wasn't doing anything bad or illegal just hanging out. A few minutes later some guys that we met previously come by for like the third time and gets this other girl to ask for my number. I have a boyfriend and he knew all about these guys because I didn't want him to get the wrong idea. So I gave him my number so I could make a new friend and my two friends were like "oh I bet its becausd he asked the girl to ask a random one of us and she just thought you looked the nicest or whatever." It was just bullshit. They made it seem like never in a million years would I guy come ask for my number or anything over them and I don't know how I feel about it. I just need someone's opinion. Can someone help, please?
None of this is anything bad, it was pure innocence and wanting to have fun as a kid please don't take it a wrong way
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2023.05.30 02:52 SudoOOF M22 looking for real friends/+

Hey currently lost in the sauce looking to meet new people to help guide me (or each other)out of the sauce 😎. Down to earth guy here looking to figure out life. Trying to make friends where we help each other grow and become our best selves. A lil about me , I’m a stoner , trying to cut back tho. I reside on the east coast near NYC but have lived in Cali. I’m into cooking , baking , traveling , hiking , and doing neat stuff like smoking and candle making etc. I’m currently studying cybersecurity if that matters. Oof idk should use ai to help me with this but authenticy is key. If you’re real 18-23 just hmu need people to talk with. I promise im not dry and I have a good sense of humor well at least that’s what my therapist tells me oh well , ciao 😽
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2023.05.30 02:30 Colossalloser I’m sick of the mornings after

Conflict leads to me just waiting and dreading. Then I don’t land up falling asleep and then I dream about you texting me (which is what I’m waiting for miserably) and then i wake up and scramble for my phone because i don’t know if it happened or didn’t, and then i realise it indeed just didn’t.
And then I’m more miserable and my day is ruined, everything feels bleak and I am angry at myself for being this way and not being able to guard myself and really want to just take a baseball bat and smash something. The anger turns into self hatred very soon. And I’m just there.
Fuck me. I am so weak and I really fucking suck. I wish I had my walls up. Because bloody hell this really fucking hurts. I am such a loser. I want to run away. I want to throw my phone away, and then run. Just run and never look back. I hate how I come here and then cry about it. I hate how sob stories are all I have.
One day, I’m going to do it. One day, I will run so far away, so so far away and I will never look back. I’m tired of people. I don’t want to be around them. I want to be alone. I just want to be forgotten. Can’t my existence just be erased from the minds of people that I know? It should be fairly easy since I have like three people who are close to me and maybe five friends.
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2023.05.30 02:23 Geaux56 How to tactfully explore other opportunities?

I work in a highly niche and specialized field. I’m a remote employee working for a small firm across the country, whereas all other employees are local. I love my job, pay, company, etc. but I’m also the youngest, least qualified, least tenured professional in our firm. If we ever needed to make a cut, I fear my standing and remote location would make me the logical choice.
I don’t want to leave my job, but I do worry that I could eventually be let go and want to protect myself in the event of that. There are some local firms that specialize in my field, and I’d like to make contact with them. But I don’t want to tell them “I’d like to work with you if things don’t work out with my current employer”, basically telling them they are my backup plan.
Is there a tactful way to network with these firms?
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2023.05.30 02:15 tipperplantmom My puppy has a lot of strange mucus in her poop. Emergency vet says to not bring her in and just monitor, but I’ve never seen anything like this?

Species: pupper Breed: pembroke welsh corgi Age: 11 weeks Sex: F / not spayed Weight: 7lbs
Hi all, I just wanted some advice on if I should listen to my emergency vet and stop having puppy mom anxiety. About 30 minutes ago she had the weirdest dog poop I’ve ever seen. Slightly loose but not diarrhea. Yellowish in color. But the concerning part is that the entire thing is coated in a very thick and stringy mucus. Pardon the mind image, but it looks like someone dipped it in an apricot jelly or something. Maybe gelatin that hasn’t quite set yet. Energy level is normal, eating & drinking is normal. I did give her a bit of pumpkin purée about 24 hours ago for the first time. Could that cause an abundance of very thick mucus in puppy poo?
Immediately called my emergency vet (it is a bank holiday in the US, regular vet is closed). Told them I was worried about Parvo. They looked at the photo I sent and said it didn’t look like a Parvo poop, but didn’t say anything further. They also asked me if it smelled abnormal, but it just smells like her poop lol. I won’t attach a photo here because I’m not sure if that is against any rules (or politeness?) What would you all do if it was your baby puppy?
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3rd Squirrel goes back to his friends and says it worked! I swear! I just put my arms up and bam! u/TinFoilRobotProphet interestingasfuck 6,725 Upvotes 29/05/2023 09:34 UTC
4th I heard that animals can get so desperate in certain situation that they knew that their only chance to survive is by the help of humans. Even if they normally scared by them. I think I saw a YouTube video of a crow which was trapped in plastic or something and searched for a human to help. Pretty interesting. u/Trem0r13 interestingasfuck 6,082 Upvotes 29/05/2023 10:13 UTC
5th The lip wipe did it for me . Sleepy time u/autocorrectfool Unexpected 5,244 Upvotes 29/05/2023 04:16 UTC
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2023.05.30 01:40 Theconfessor001 Lost in translation while we speak the same language

We speak, talk communicate, If the the world was ending by your hands I would not retaliate Lost in translation while we speak the same language I fantasized about a life where we would’ve escaped it all and ran away something only we could’ve managed But loving you is like being handed a rose, Being so touched and flattered my mind flows Being so blinded by red colors of love, Unaware of the fact that the pigment of the rose is decorated by the thorns that my hands can’t be disposed of. Your love can only be compared to music, I would’ve given you the world, being so addicted to your rytmn but you abused it But I refuse to move on, because I knew all along, that this would just be me crying to another depressive song. Another song I can feel miserable too, Because I find comfort in sadness, and my sadness is you. Trying to love you is like reading a newspaper while it’s on fire, or trying to be loved when your a natural liar, yet it’s our never ending cycle I desire But I can’t find it in me to despise you you find the audacity to look through me like I’m see through Finding ways to beat my mind black and blue for all my secrets only you knew If I decided to leave would you come too? Would you join me, run away to a better life where we would grow up and I would be your future wife, Or would you leave me to be left consumed by the devestaing loneliness Where I cry myself to sleep fantasizing about a life where it’s only us? The wounds that resemble thunder in my veins Watching the storm cluster and light up in flames, but in another life I would’ve taken your last name. But deep down you know, that we are exactly the same, drowning in our thoughts trying to survive, to get across. But the hands pull you down, untill you’re unable to breathe and you drown. But is it worth the extreuxiating pain, Honestly, I would go through it all again. Because no matter where you are, we share the sky, when the suns goes down, you can’t deny. We share the moon, as the music would turn into our tune, we share the afternoon then I hope you realize that soon when it’s mid-June you will think of me, mabye then you’ll see yourself in me in the reflection of the dark drowning sea. Because there will a piece of you in me always, because I see you when I stargaze even tho I was just your phase, you drew memories in my heart I could never erase. Yet you expect me to be fine I’m just a part in your book while your the cover of mine
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2023.05.30 01:31 tododiaum7x1 How durable is the Camelbak Chute Mag?

I'm considering buy my first insulated water bottle and I'm torn between the Camelbak Chute Mag (insulated) and a Hydro Flask. The Camelbak appears to be much better, and I like the colors available here in my country a lot more than the Hydro Flask's colors.
For those of you who have it, how durable is the bottle itself (the painting, resistance to dents) and specially the chute mag lid? I'm kinda afraid that the plastic lid would easily break as it's bended every time we need to drink water.
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2023.05.30 01:22 Impossible-Change-39 Reasons to go green

Here are some interesting facts about eco-friendly cleaning products:
  1. Many traditional cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful to the environment and your health.
  2. Eco-friendly cleaning products are made with natural ingredients that are biodegradable and non-toxic.
  3. Using eco-friendly cleaning products can help reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier planet.
  4. Many eco-friendly cleaning products are packaged in recyclable or biodegradable materials to reduce waste.
  5. Some eco-friendly cleaning products are even made with renewable energy sources like wind and solar power.
  6. Many eco-friendly cleaning products are just as effective as traditional cleaning products, and some are even more effective.
  7. Eco-friendly cleaning products are often cruelty-free and not tested on animals.
  8. Many eco-friendly cleaning products are locally sourced, which supports local businesses and reduces transportation emissions.
  9. Using eco-friendly cleaning products can help reduce indoor air pollution and improve air quality in your home.
  10. Switching to eco-friendly cleaning products is an easy and affordable way to make a positive impact on the environment and your health.
How to Clean Your Home the Green Way: The Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products
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2023.05.30 01:01 Bbrotman23 Halo BasiNest 3.0 Swivel Wobbly?

My husband and I just assembled the baby’s bassinet (she’s coming in 2 weeks) and we noticed it’s very wobbly on top - doesn’t seem sturdy at all. It’s all out together properly and I did see a few Amazon reviews where parents experienced the same thing…
Anyone have experience with this bassinet?
This is the second one we’ve tried and just want a sturdy bassinet for next to our bed (I may be getting a C-Section so we wanted one like the Halo Swivel).
And no, we don’t want to use a pack n play due to space - we have one but it is going downstairs.
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2023.05.30 00:54 Dangerous_Ad3205 Will Apple charge for part replacement, even if my MacBook is under limited 1 year warranty?

I recently bought a MacBook pro M1 14” ( feb 23 2023), it was working fine, like there were a few hiccups like my trackpad was losing its gestures, or the note pad being stuck or apps like whats app crashing at start up, i thought they were general problems experienced due to bugs in the os. But on the night of 22nd may my laptop shut down on itself and wouldn’t turn back on when the power button was being pressed,despite having 98% charge. I connected the charger and the laptop finally turned on, it asked me to put in my pass at sign in, so i did . As soon as i put in the pass and click enter the laptop would automatically restart itself without booting up to the home screen. So i tried to follow the steps shown on ytb, i erased the hard disk and tried to install the os again, it went fine until the last step where i had to select a hard disk to install the os, when i did, it kept issuing a notification “ hard disk not connected to power source” or like laptop not connected to power source, but the charger’s been connected to the laptop from the start. So the next day i took it to an authorised service centre, i had bought my mac in india and i carried it with me to Georgia(in europe) when i moved for my college. The service people said that there’s an issue with the chipset of the mother board and it needs to be replaced, they quoted me 3414 GEL which is $1332😭
I wanna know if my limited warranty covers this damage. I never installed any 3rd party apps,nor did i spill anything over it. I asked the store ppl to tell me the cause of this issue, they said they dont know 💀 Please help me.
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2023.05.30 00:42 No-Midnight8613 I (M14) am struggling with a complex crush on one of my best friends (F15).

So basically, there's this one girl who I'll call C for crush. We've been friends for about a year but she has a boyfriend who I'm great friends with. She's super nice and smart, and she's one of my best friends. They've been dating for a year as well, but a few months ago, they hit a skid in their relationship. They agreed that for one week they were just friends and that they'd be dating again after that, and hopefully it would fix their relationship. She then told me she liked me, and so we talked a lot that weekend. But this is where it gets really complicated. The day before the school week began, she had me over to hang out and watch movies. Then, after about one hour, we looked at each other, and kissed. It was one of the greatest moments, but maybe what it caused to me would end up being terrible. They got back together and we're healthy as can be, and she told me excitedly. But she's barely brought it up since, if at all. It gets worse. One day, they were fluctuating a little, so she came to me and told me. I wrote a heartfelt text to her, not displayed any sort of romantic affection, but just kind things about her. She replied "I love you." I was in shock, so I just decided to say I love you too. But she seems so happy with him, and I'm not going to intrude on their relationship, because I care about both of them. But I've been dealing with depression for months now, and I still have a crush on her, but I know deep down she might be using me. I'm scared, I don't want our relationship to rift, because it might put me
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2023.05.30 00:34 Hanta_no_kage Why do people form platonic and non platonic relationships?

Next year I'll be 20 and no longer fit to be in this sub so I will quietly depart , I feel as the time nears I might as well ask my ignoramus questions.
Do people have friendship because it benefits both parties or is a more non benefit thing. From what I understand a lot of people make friends that have either similar interests or opposing interests like a magnet.
From my experience I don't think I have the capacity to trust people or the capacity to love. Thoughts like people have friends because they don't want to be alone and form relationships because they don't want to die alone.
From what I can tell most people don't love with their hearts anymore and just with their eyes, juxtapositing the notion that love is blind.
In a couple of years I'll join the workforce in a proper role, and I presume I'll have to network to get further up the industry.
So is networking not just making friends for your benefit?
I have many things to say as I near this old age, so much so that I don't feel I can articulate it well. I've cut off all my friends from college and now uni, and I'm trying to find the blissful tranquil solitude again while also trying to regain my old productive self.
I feel that in secondary when I first made my first group of friends as involuntary as it was. Drag out of a libary after 3 years and under a dt corridor. They weren't real friends and as I get older my defenitionof friendshas gotten so warped.
So much so that what it seems is a blood brother like in the mafia and not some ordinary friendship where rumours can lead to mistrust even if they are untrue and where people will leave you for their own benefit.
Sorry for the tangent, these are the ramblings of who, I don't know anymore?
This will be overlooked and lost in the sub new section but its not really me wanting it to be read more me writing a vague question not expecting any serious answers.
Gooday good folk of reddit and gn.
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2023.05.29 23:47 Reasonable_Junket266 rains scare tf out of me

good morning !! as y’all know if you’re in PH there’s supposed to be a super typhoon hitting the country but then changed direction nonetheless it still rains pretty hard in some areas of PH.
the sound of heavy rains scare me. the way it makes a loud banging sound when it hits our roof makes me so uncomfortable specially when i’m alone. (i’m mostly alone like rn)
sum ppl might think it’s vv dramatic but idk & idc lol. this might be trauma from prev typhoons that hit PH when i was younger. my mom would be so scared while we all help her put our appliances & things up so it wouldn’t get wet and get damaged when it floods inside our house.
we would spend those night without lights on because the power’s usually out those time as i live in the province, we would always experience black outs as expected.
during those time, at night, we’d only see darkness outside and almost to no light from the candle we lit up to somehow give assurance that we’re all still together those moments. the sound of heavy rain and strong wind banging our walls and trying to steal our roof are all we can hear and feel. felt like are home was breathing in sync with the typhoon tbh.
it would pause after few hours of rain but then start all over again as the eye of the typhoon only passed through our area. lol
maybe this is the reason why i hate the sound of heavy rains, it might be comfort to others but for some ppl who might have experienced what i did before, they might feel the same way as i do.
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2023.05.29 23:41 pootahtays I tried to tell a girl: I was hooking up with her boyfriend...

I feel terrible. So for some context, I'm an EMT student (19F) who just got hired to work in an ER and become close friends w/ one of the EMTs (27M) that worked for that county. He and I got really close, platonically, and he is the most attractive guy I have ever met...and he even introduced me to his gf who worked as a resident in that hospital; they have been together on-and-off for 4 years and live together in a small apartment in my college town. I respected that they were together, especially since i met AND work with both of them.
Eventually, the 27M guy from the ER starts flirting with me over text and I'm trying to keep it platonic because...the context of working with both of them? Anyways, I kinda felt weird about it but still talked to him so I didn't ruin my work environment...I think. After a week of texting and him trying to low-key flirt with me, he asks if I want to get drinks with him after work one day, and I immediately ask if his gf is okay with that. He goes "what gf?" and I leave it there, feeling weird. At the end of work one day, I decide to go with him anyways, and long story short...I end up sleeping with him.
Fast forward a few weeks, we have been hooking up every weekend, and while I feel bad, this is the best sex of my life and I have severe self-harm tendencies so im conflicted each time, and when I ask about the gf each time, he says they are having problems and she's never duh, shes an ER resident.
The other night, I felt terrible and couldnt sleep, like I havent been since this started, and I dm'd the gf on insta, asking if I could speak to her. In a couple of days, the guy goes "dude what the fuck", and I see that they both blocked me on insta...I removed him from every social media, except for number, and he hasnt tried to contact since.
I know I fucked up but did I do the right thing ending it and trying to tell her?
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2023.05.29 22:52 Tight-Ad-1442 First Time Stoner Have Questions Full of Anxiety 👏🏻

First Time Stoner Have Questions Full of Anxiety 👏🏻
First post ever here on Reddit!
Friday night I was walking from one part of our property to the house when I was blessed with a sudden and uncomfortable pain in my lower lower back. Having a history of medical anxiety I didn’t fight the pain and just breathed through and chalked it up to other stuff. By the time I got to the house I had to sit in the car because I couldn’t make it inside. Tried to just work through it when the urge to vomit hit and it was all downhill from there. Went to the ER, and got back in a room super fast, morphine didn’t touch it, they gave me something else after which helped, and CT showed a 2mm stone. I named it Frank.
It made it to the bladder and they gave me tools to pass it at home. Right before leaving I used the restroom and out pops Frank! I will follow up with urology this week to have him analyzed.
Overall it was worse than giving birth 0/10 do not recommend.
But now I am living in constant fear of having another one. I’m afraid to eat anything, drink anything other than water. Every twinge and ache and bladder spasm is crippling my already awful health anxiety. I made it through the worst part but am now left with the aftershocks. I’m also on Bactrim and I feel like it makes it worse and is heightening anxiety.
🪨 Questions 🪨
How do you feel with the fear of birthing more Franks?
I passed it on Friday right before midnight, and I’m still so freaking tired, is that normal? I feel like I only have one outing a day in me.
Is it normal for your back and urethra to feel sore? Feels like low key UTI, or mild Interstitial Cysitis.
I have flomax and hydrocodone that I ended up not needing in case it happens again, but having these tools still isn’t bringing me comfort.
Some of you guys are mad stone veterans and I just don’t know if I have what it takes to join the club. 🥺
And no offense I don’t want the paid membership. 😂
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2023.05.29 22:29 MysticMushieeee Alternatives to stimming

Hi hi! I need some help or tips!
So I’ve always picked at my nails and hang nails/skin. It’s gotten to the point where I give myself finger cramps and my forearms hurt like hell! My dr even said that I might have given myself arthritis (he’s not the best dr he didn’t have any advice for me ): on how to stop)
Recently I started picking at a scab on the back of my head. Ive done this once before I had one on the back of my head and one was on the side of my face, it started out as a pimple but I ripped it and kept going until it got about the size of a dime! I just couldn’t stop picking at it! Now I’m doing this with the back of my head, I’ve stopped before but I don’t remember how! It hurts! Lol but for some reason I just can’t stop!! I woke up this morning and told my self okay! Today is the day you’re going to stop and a few minutes later I ripped off a piece! :/ so if anyone has any alternatives or ideas of what worked for them :)
My bf bought me a bunch of cool spinning/fidget rings! But I forget to wear them or sometimes they bother me on my fingers :/ they get in my way when I’m trying to do things. Maybe I should just stick to those Or if anyone knows any cooler ones!
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