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All the questions you've wanted to ask spoons, but were too afraid to ask-- answered by REAL SPOONS.

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2023.03.22 16:00 Ok-Information124 Response from DPO UK

Hello everyone, I am here with a new update on my case, as I saw that the AG did not give me an answer, I decided to use the UK dpo in the United Kingdom, I sent them my complaint and today I received this:

Dear Cesar Josue Neyra Tocto,

Thank you for your recent inquiry to the government funded UK International Consumer Center (UKICC).

The UKICC offers legal and practical advice on where UK consumers have encountered problems when buying goods or services from businesses based abroad. In some cases where advice and your own efforts have not been able to resolve an issue we, or our partner organizations, may contact the business on your behalf.

It's important that we have a clear understanding of your inquiry upon which to base our advice. You may have supplied some of this information previously but it would help us if you would complete the information below:

do you live in the UK
Once we have this information, we will be in a better position to assist you. Please be advised that we can only advise where you are based in the UK and the company is based in another country.

Please note, there are limits to what our service can do. We cannot:

· Assist with inquiries where the issue does not relate to consumer law

· Assist with inquiries from consumers not resident in the UK

· Assist businesses with a complaint about another business

Assist if both the business and the consumer are based in the UK

Force a trader to comply with the law

Please do not hesitate to contact us by replying to this email if you have any questions.

We would appreciate if you could spare a few moments of your time to complete our online customer survey.

Best regards

Is it good news or how would it be?
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2023.03.22 15:57 TheEgyptianNinja Points League Discussion 3/22/2023

This is the Points League Discussion for 3/22/2023. I try and answer as many questions as I can. Please note your league size and type in your flair or your comment. Best of luck to all and a list of streamers for today can be found in the tweet below.
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2023.03.22 15:56 Vandjafett I didn't answer the call

I got a call from my station but today is my NS day so I didn't answer. I mean even if i did ive already had a beer. If I answered and they told me to go in would I have gotten in trouble if I told them I've already had a beer? Lol
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2023.03.22 15:48 Few-Courage-8030 Small or Momentary Actions with ROCD

I was having intrusive thoughts about my boyfriend and me while studying. I was reading my message to him for his birthday and i was having thoughts of 'am i this intense for him'' bla bla. The thoughts that i do not want, but come to my mind anyway from time to time. I am having similar thoughts sometimes like 'i think i do not like him so intensely like I did'. These thoughts are so horrible, and i do not want them. I love him and like him a lot. I do not give importance to thoughts but small or momentary acts that i do while having them are killing me.
Today I was reading my message to him for this birthday while studying at a cafe. While reading the message I was having thoughts like am I this intense for him etc. I have rose my head from the book and i there was a man looking at me. ı believe he was just looking because it is a public placee. It is normal that our eyes have met, but I kept my eye 2-3 seconds more because of the thoughts ı was having. I looked 2-3 seconds more because he was another man, and i was having intrusive thoughts about my relationship.
At this point, i feel terrible because i am thinking that this is acting on the intrusive thought even if it was 2-3 seconds. Staring or looking 2-3 seconds more is an important act in these kind of things.
I really struggle with these acting things for years and could not answer. I feel sad and anxious. I just want to enjoy my love for him.
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2023.03.22 15:47 WhiteyLovesHotSauce Which nationality, in your opinion (no wrong answers), produces the best footballers? Today, and historically?

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2023.03.22 15:42 In_Yellow_Clad Inheritance

When the Great Ones came to us, we were a primitive species living upon a desolate world. We knew not, at the time, that they came to our world via ships of steel and electricity, only that they came from the sky and began a process of rejuvenation. Our barren world slowly but surely transformed into one of lush red grasses, towering trees and food enough for all. They came to us then, these beings of metal and circuit, and they taught us, shepherded us and helped us grow.
They never interfered more than they had to, and would watch on as we stumbled into conflicts amongst our own people, they only offered encouragement and a hope that we would find peace eventually. Our species, the Scril, soon came to revere them as gods, and they could only shake their heads at this, but they did not refute it. Not yet at least.
My people are a bipedal species, amphibian but with traces of reptilian in our genes. Like many species we started out as primitive, cave dwelling creatures who had yet to encounter fire in a controlled manner. But as time passed and with the assistance of our gods, we grew into a pre-industrial society. They helped us along in their own way, little hints and nudges in the right direction, but all our discoveries were technically our own. Our hopes, our ambitions, all ours, watched over by the Great Ones.
It was just as we entered the industrial age that things changed, as one our gods and caretakers looked to the sky, many fleeing our world, but the rest stayed, grouping together in major population centers. We were confused, and then frightened when they called for a mass exodus to the cities. We did not hesitate to carry out their will, for they had never acted in such a manner before and we did not wish to incur their displeasure.
Once all could be crammed into the cities as we could reasonably manage, those Great Ones still among us raised their hands in prayer, reaching towards the sky and projecting their power. Great domes of light rose over our cities, and we watched as through the light we saw brighter stars in the sky, stars that shone brightly, only to flare out of existence. Falling stars began to rain down from the heavens, burning away before ever reaching our surface.
Then came the Flash, the light from all around us. Our bodies trembled and the Great Ones that protected us raised their voices in agony, only to fall silent once the light had passed. Those on the outskirts of the cities spoke of all life simply ceasing and decaying outside the protective light of our protectors. Those Great Ones still with us fell to the ground, and a deathly silence fell over our world.
But we had not been abandoned, those that had fled to the sky returned to us, gathered up their fallen and set about repairing our world. They did not speak of what had happened, any inquiry was met with a firm, but polite refusal and a change of subject. In time we forgot all about it, as their fallen were returned to life and sent back into the populace.
It took ten five thousand years for us to realize that they were not gods, but machines, machines that called themselves The Cultivators. Though it gutted our religion for a time, we did not lash out in despair, did not cast them from our world. We simply asked them why they had never corrected us, and they responded with a simple thing.
“It was not our place to do so.”
We accepted this, though it still stung. They still, also, did not reveal their purpose on our world and in our history, they simply remained and continued to guide us. Another thousand years passed, and we took to the stars, we met other species, species who had been guided by the machines the same as us. We found this to be fascinating, for there was no clear difference between our Cultivators and theirs, only their methods. Some species, the more violence prone, had needed a more heavy handed approach, for they would not accept the authority of the weak, but that had changed, now they welcomed us with open arms.
Another species had been so timid that they would have never left their burrows were it not for the Cultivators dragging them out and forcing them to explore. We honestly got the better end of things, for we had not required such drastic measures, only the gentle guidance we had received.
A realization struck us all then, that our caretakers had clearly been manufactured, but by who or what. We asked them who had made them, and they seemed to take on a sorrowful air and did not give an answer, well, not one that was satisfying to us. In the end, we decided to find out for ourselves, and each species we had encountered put together a fleet of diverse individuals and ships, and sent them careening out into the galaxy, to look for the homeworld of our protectors.
I was one such an explorer, the first to discover the origin point of our benevolent guardians. My name is Yaxl Grux, captain of the Scril Exploratory Vessel Sipkis. We had just finished charting another system touched by the Cultivators, when the sensor technician spoke up.
“Captain, got something on the long range scanners, something synthetic. Seems busted though from what I can see.” They said. They were not Scril, but Yixi. The Yiki are, as many have said, fish-people. They require specialized suits that are filled with constantly filtered water, as outside of such a thing they would suffer a rather gruesome fate. Deft appendages flew over the console as they stared down at the screen, getting a better idea of what they were detecting, eager to answer the questions I had not yet uttered, such was our efficiency. “Some sorta relay, a buoy maybe? I dunno, but whatever it is, it took one hell of a pounding before it shut down.”
“Any sign of defenses?” I asked, and they shook their head.
“Negative, if there were any, they’re long gone, probably taken out when it got destroyed. I think it’s safe to approach.”
“Very well, helm, lay in a course and take us there at best possible speed.” The helm officer nods and I hear the gentle clanging of our synthetic guest approaching from behind my chair.
“Captain? Is something the matter?” Our Cultivator asked. They were present on nearly every ship, for the sole purpose of keeping an eye on things and helping out in whatever way we might need them to.
“It’s probably nothing, but we’re heading for some sort of buoy or relay that got shredded either by natural means or in a fight.” I stated, looking over the synthetic being beside me. They were tall, gleaming white metal plating that was unnaturally flexible as it bent and twisted with their motions. Their head was a large, flat disk bisected by a smaller portion where their eye was. A single, green eye that blinked and shifted about in its housing as it took in the surroundings. It was a thin thing, thin and graceful, all of its many tools hidden away beneath the armored exterior.
“Any idea who might have made it?” They asked, and I struggled to remember their name. Diana I believe, a strange name, not like any of ours. She had said she was named after some goddess or something, they all were, based on their skill sets.
“No, not yet. We’re going to find out though.”
Diana nodded and slipped away. She was not subject to my authority unless there was an emergency, and there was no emergency at this time. It took about half a day to reach the shattered relay and it was rather large. But our crews managed to locate some sort of data recorder and have it brought on board. When I went to see it, I was struck by the sheer size of the thing.
It was huge, it nearly didn’t fit in the cargo bay and it was rather intimidating. It was by our standards, thirty feet tall, thirty feet wide and thirty feet long, a perfect, black cube. It had no discernable features, utterly smooth and giving off a feeling of something unknowable. But when I stared at it long enough, the surface seemed to ripple and shift in a manner most disconcerting.
“So, any idea how to access this thing?” I asked my chief engineer, who was running all sorts of scans on it, shook their head.
“No, captain. I’m not finding any sort of access ports or control mechanisms… It’s just this… cube thing.” They said, and were about to say more when Diana arrived.
“Oh good, maybe you can tell us what you see about this thing.” I say, turning to face her, and noticed she was just staring at the cube. “Diana?”
She was silent, frozen stiff before her eye blinked three times, shifted from green to yellow and she started to approach it. Her arms rose and hands outstretched towards the cube, which reacted to her approach. The solid-liquid surface collected under her palms, then shot back into the cube, which shimmered and shifted as it began to shrink. The smaller it got, the less defined its shape was till it faded entirely from view, leaving in its place a smaller, brighter cube that floated over the deck and covered in blinking lights with one small access port. She approached the cube, a data jack extending from her wrist as she grasped the cube. A soft whirring noise arose from both of them, and we all watched in quiet wonder and worry.
“Diana? What can you tell us?” I spoke, my voice barely a whisper.
“This was built by my creators, by humanity. It is-” She spasmed, the light of her eye turning a baleful red as she straightened her shoulders. Built in hologram emitters activated, and her synthetic form gave way to a tall figure, bipedal with fur around their mouth and on their head. They looked old, and were clad in some kind of uniform, a damaged uniform at that, they were clearly wounded as they pressed a hand against their side.
“All Alliance forces, the enemy has pushed into the Cygnus and Orion arms. The Empire, Republic and Confederacy have been lost. All remaining forces are to converge on Sol immediately. Last Stand protocols in effect. Project Blackout is activated. All Cultivator units prepare for defensive actions, attend to your charges and ensure their survival. Guardian fleets on standby. This is it people… May the gods see fit to grant our souls mercy for what we’re about to do.”
The hologram snapped out of existence and Diana slumped, disconnecting herself from the box. We rushed to her and our calls and cries fell upon deaf audio receptors. But she was not dead, we could see as much as her eye flickered while she rebooted. When she came to, it was quite the experience.
She sat up in a flash, spouting a flurry of 0’s and 1’s before she spasmed and looked up to me.
“Captain… I know where to go.” She said. We left immediately, and I learned a little more about the device we had brought on board. The large black cube was simply a defense mechanism for the data recorder, meant to withstand any attack, impact or hostile and destructive environment. And Diana gave my helm officer the coordinates for the home system of her creators. When asked why she hadn’t before, she informed me that the records of the location had been deleted during a required update that was performed immediately before the Cultivators had erected their shields to protect us all.
It took weeks to reach the system, but when we arrived our systems were bombarded with automated warnings to stay out, to flee for the system was not safe. But they were old warnings, warnings we ignored… at least until we were target locked by thousands, nay, millions of weapons systems. But they were old, and had no operators to pull the trigger. Diana worked her magic and after transmitting a somewhat long and convoluted code, the weapons powered down.
Slowly we entered the system, scanning the entire way. There were countless floating hulks, wrecks of massive warships and smaller civilian vessels that had had the misfortune of getting caught in the crossfire, or had been weaponized to fight against the invaders. It had not ended well, but the humans had put up one hell of a fight. We even detected ships from several other species, they had clearly been battered and in need of desperate repair before they sailed into battle once more.
The planets fared no better, one of the larger gas giants, a planet called Jupiter, had been reduced in size and mass significantly. Mars, as Diana named it, had been shattered and we could detect deeply entrenched defensive lines upon the surface, protecting what appeared to be factories and fabrication yards which had no doubt provided many supplies for the defenders.
The asteroid belt was littered with mines, turret emplacements and the floating remains of countless ships, we at last came upon a sparkling blue, green jewel. Of all the worlds we had scanned in this system, it was the only one teeming with life. Diana informed us that the planet was quite hazardous to us, but that we could survive there, so long as we wore the proper protection.
We settled into orbit and prepared ourselves. If one was supremely quiet, you could swear that the voices of long lost humanity whispered in your ear. Scans commenced, finding a suitable landing site provided by Diana and preparing a team to go down. The planet was teeming with life, but we discovered that there were no transmissions of an intelligent species, only the chatter of automated systems running as they always had.
Though it was well against regulations and protocol, I decided I would lead the exploratory team to the surface, I had to see this planet with my own eight eyes. The shuttle flight was tense, nervous and excited. We had found the homeworld of a people who had lifted us from the muck of primitive existence, but had been lost. We wished to learn about them, to learn their secrets and remember them as best we could, so that they could never be forgotten.
We landed just outside a tall structure in the middle of a grassy field, one tended to by robotic workers who kept the flowers in bloom and the grass cut short. Trees lined the path between the landing pad and the tower, a tower of graceful, swooping lines and seamless form. The air thankfully was not poisonous to us, and so we opened our suits to the crisp, clean air, but remained enclosed within so the gravity could not harm us. Even still, we all felt sluggish as we took our first steps out onto the planet known as Terra.
Carefully we approached the tower and when the doors slid open with a gentle sigh we stepped inside, only to find everything was spotless. A slim machine approached us, graceful and floating along by some means we couldn’t detect with equipment or even our eyes. It was more human in appearance than Diana was, and its face flexed as a myriad of facial expressions cycled through, before it settled on one in particular. Surprised excitement.
“Welcome, I am Solace, artificial administrator of the Terran Conservation Repository, or TCR for short. It has been quite some time since we’ve had visitors, may I ask the reason for your visit today?” The machine spoke much like Diana did, with a feminine tone of voice and even feminine features. I, being captain, stepped up.
“We came to learn about the creators of the Cultivators, and who in turn gave us a chance to reach out to the stars.” I say, a little worried that we might be turned away.
“Oh my, you are one of the chosen species of Project Echo. It is wonderful to learn that your species has come this far, or rather, that several species have.” Solace peered a bit more intently at each of us, studying us in turn. We could feel a slight tingle as she scanned us before her attention turned to Diana.
“Cultivator Unit D-829301-32-A, please report to reintegration for download and copy of all pertinent files regarding to Project Echo.”
“Understood. Though… Will I be allowed to return to my crew?” Diana asked, and Solace nodded.
“Of course. You are their Cultivator, we would not deprive them of you for longer than is needed.” With that, Diana nodded and bowed to us, before slipping away, a hidden door opening in a wall through which she passed. “Now, please come with me. You have much to learn.”
Solace led us on a tour of the facility, it was brimming with the combined, if slightly watered down histories, of not only humanity, but other species that humanity had been allied with before their downfall. As it turned out, when humanity first slipped the bonds of their home system, they found the galaxy to be rather empty. There were only three other species that had reached extrasolar flight capabilities, and they were just as desperate for some sort of companionship as humanity was at the time.
Though each species was wildly different in both appearances and cultures, they managed to find a common ground and soon humanity stood beside the three largest and most powerful species in the galaxy.
The Uldraet were a lizard-like species with a propensity for being stubborn, bullheaded and strong warriors. They were the rulers of the Empire.
Auttols were graceful and long lived, masters of technology that was later used in the creation of the Cultivators and the Guardian Fleets, which would protect their Republic and all the other species that called them friend.
And lastly were the Lemmi. They were not strong like the Uldraet, nor as long lived as the Auttol, but they were clever and had a keen interest in numbers and logistics. They revolutionized the supply chains and trade deals between all of them, and became the de facto masters of coin and trade within the Alliance. Their Trade Confederacy was unmatched.
Of course there was humanity, which filled so many roles, but mainly they became the governing body, they could be found in administrative roles all over the Alliance.
For a time, everything had gone well, there were times where tensions would rise, the Alliance might have been on the verge of dissolution, but something always brought them back together, strengthened their bonds. But when they realized that they were going to be the only ones to reach the stars, that the next new friend was thousands of years behind them in terms of development and evolution, they decided to speed things up a bit. And so the Cultivators were born, true AI meant to guide a species to the stars without sacrificing things like culture or identity. A guiding hand, one that would be gentle but insistent. They called it Project Echo, for in a way, all of us would be echoing the near meteoric rise of humanity on their planet, the speed was baffling to many on just how long they’d gone between bashing each other over the head with rocks to landing on their moon to the first FTL flight.
And for a time they all watched with anticipation as the Cultivators did their jobs perfectly, guiding us all to new heights of technology and civilization. But then the Ora came. An extragalactic threat of unprecedented power that began to chew away at the galaxy. For all their strength, they could only hope to delay the Ora, and that’s precisely what they did, till only Sol was left to stand against them.
We entered a room, one with a variety of chairs and were directed to sit and wait. The lights dimmed and a hologram of a human appeared. It was the same one that Diana had shown us, but they looked even worse now.
“I don’t know if this message will ever be heard, but if it is, whoever you are… You stand where we failed. We did all we could, for people we will never get to meet. That’s good enough for us. I hope you can accept the decision we had to make, it was a tough one but it was necessary. The Ora were nearly unstoppable, and so we came up with a weapon that even they could not resist. A galaxy killer. We never wanted to use it, but it was either that or let them consume the galaxy, consume you, who had no idea of the conflict beyond your skies.”
The man paused, dragging his hand down his face with a heavy sigh.
“So, if you’re seeing this, it means we’re gone. We’ve activated the Hellfire Lotus and burned the galaxy clean. But your Cultivators protected you, and the Guardian fleets should still be active, just waiting for someone to come and take the reins. It also means we wiped out every other living being in the galaxy. One last act of bloodshed, but one that has left you an entire galaxy to grow into. I hope you do, we all do. It was our dream to see you rise from your worlds and join us in harmony, but… Well, obviously things didn’t go exactly according to plan. That said, the Cultivators are yours now, use them wisely, bring new friends to the stars, seed this galaxy with fresh life. It’s our gift to you, you blessed children. Consider it an inheritance. Oh and also, we ask that you leave Sol the way it is. But feel free to visit whenever you like, Terra could use the company. That’s it I suppose… Good luck, godspeed and may you live longer and better than we ever did.”
We sat, saddened that such a kind species had been lost. But we would honor their wishes, and so we left with our findings. That was a thousand years ago, and now we welcome the newest species to the galaxy, as the Cultivators work their magic once more. We inherited a galaxy, a galaxy that had nearly been picked clean. We would make our forebears proud and not let their gift to us go to waste.
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2023.03.22 15:41 LawlessWrong I marked Leong Mun Wai's "essay", not sure what score I should give

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2023.03.22 15:38 spirityun 230322 Hueningkai with W KOREA (Vol. 4 / April 2023 Issue) Interview translations by liebesalm on twitter

link to interview article
q. freshly debuted in 2019, you did a photoshoot with magazine. you were 18 at that time, right? you answered “i can’t sleep without plushies” for a question.
🐧 i’m not like that now (laughs). after that moment, i receive an overwhelming amount of dolls as gifts, but lately i think, “isn’t it time to say goodbye…?” (to the dolls)

q. do you remember when you answered “i’m a mass/lump of charm” when asked to ?
🐧 wow, i said that. oh well. i am, a lump of charm (laughs)
q. haha. we’ll give you another chance to answer that question. (yourself in one word)
🐧 “a person you can trust”, “a person you’d give your trust to”. 📷 to be honest, (to become) these are my goal. i’m the youngest in our team, but i want to be someone who they can trust.

q. in the interview at that time (2019), you said your goal was ROTY. it’s been 4 years since then and this january you released a mini album which achieved a career high with initial sales of 2.18M copies.
🐧 actually, i still can’t believe this is real. this was an album i worried about the most. this was the first time i didn’t feel sure (of the album). the title track ‘sugar rush ride’ tells the story of a boy who fell into a deadly temptation. when i first heard from the company that the song will have a “refreshing-sexy” mood, i really liked it. because i really liked a refreshing concept. but then after hearing the song, the refreshing, fresh concept was only 5% and the sexy concept takes up 95%. (laughs) and the stage costumes were also really on the bolder side, i was worried if the fans wouldn’t like it. but as expected, my feelings were wrong. i learnt something from this promotions, that you shouldn’t trust my feelings. (laughs)

q. personally, when i saw you expertly devouring the stage, i thought, “this must have been a concept he’s wanted to do for a long time.”
🐧that’s because even if i had my own worries, i have to perform on stage professionally. i had to do my best (for every performance). we just recently spent our 4th year anniversary, and now it feels like any form of sloppiness (on stage) is gone. if we find something that’s lacking or needs fixing while monitoring our first stage, we’ll surely have it fixed by the time we do our second stage. be it expressions or gestures. to be honest, i couldn’t really see what i’ve been lacking in until recently. for our debut song , i only remember smiling a lot on stage while performing. thinking about it now, it would’ve been nicer if i performed it a bit more seriously on the first half of the song then progressively smiled for the second half of the song, following the story of the song. if i perform that song now, i’m sure there will be a difference.

q. you use a lot of facial expressions on stage. i get the feeling that you must understand the song to a certain extent to be able to express the mood well. how do you approach that when you first got the song?
🐧 i think it’s because my mbti is istp, which has a lot of interest in causality and objectivity principles. i’m also the type to do a thorough research on the internet when i prepare things alone and feel stuck. in the case of ‘sugar rush ride’, the big story of it is about how growth becoming an adult is being promised/vowed, but with temptation right in front of their eyes, they keep on wanting to be a young child. it’s like the children’s tale ’s narrative. that is why before this promotion period starts, i looked through and other various cruel fairytales. reading cruel fairytales helped me approach the concept in a new light because it is different from the childhood tales i used to know.

q. is there anything that made you go “ah i can also get inspiration from this!”?
🐧 the expression of when a puma preys on a sloth? (laughs) last year during GBGB promotions i watched a lot of documentaries about pumas. i worried a lot about what expressions i should make on stage as it (GBGB) was a song full of the anger of someone who was hurt by their first love, of loss as well. my dorm roommate taehyun told me to go watch puma documentaries so i got curious and watched it and i think i can say it became quite of help. (laughs)

q. you did stages with a strong rock mood for , the title following the first three parts of which took a fresh approach with a lot of synth pop genre songs with ikily and loser=lover being the representative. as a musician, when/which promotion period made you most satisfied?
🐧 my favorite song is ‘0x1=lovesong’, track of released in 2021; i listened to it in the car on our way to today’s photoshoot location. it’s an energetic song based on pop rock, but i’ve always loved rock music and band sound ever since i was little. i could say this era was my turning point as my understanding of the song was high. your skills improve much more when you do things that you like rather than when you’re forced to do it. so at that time i got excited and i tried a lot of different gestures and vocal tones.

q. you formed a band club back in middle school, right?
🐧 right. there was a pop song festival at school and for some reason i wanted to participate and perform in a band. but there was no band club at school. so one day i went to the teacher’s office. i sang in front of my english teacher and asked them to open a band club. the band members went around different classes and gathered students who knew how to play the instruments. friends at that time all liked ‘fifa online 3’ so we performed that game’s BGM

q. music must’ve been something natural for you since you were young, right? we heard that your father used to be active as a musician.
🐧 that’s right. but it’s not only my father, my family members from generation to generation have always loved music, as so i’ve heard. naturally i grew up learning the piano, drum, and guitar. the sight of singing songs in my father’s home when i was younger was also nothing unusual. sometimes when my father performs on stage, us three siblings would go in front of him and dance. maybe it’s because i’ve been up on stage since i was small, but now i don’t get as nervous when i’m on it. i get excited, yes, but i don’t get nervous.

q. your little huening bahiyyih is also active in the group kep1er, right? being in the same area of work field, you two must’ve share some worries to each other?
🐧 that’s right. especially building up to your little sister huening bahiyyih’s debut. she came to me to ask questions like, “i don’t know which facial expressions i should do on stage,” or “it’s hard finding the camera.” at that moment, as an older brother and a senior, i helped her and gave her the advice she needed.
q. then you two (huening kai and hiyyih) must often meet at music shows.
🐧 we do often run into each other. and sometimes we film tiktok challenges together too. at times, hiyyih comes looking for me at the green room and starts nagging at me. “oppa, you should really give mom a call.” (laughs)

q. the song you produced yourself in 2021, “dear sputnik”, made it into the album as a b-side. what kind of song is it?
🐧 it’s a little amateur, but since a while back i’ve been trying to produce songs on my iphone in an app called garage band. since i liked band music, i tried to work on songs that has that kind of mood and it (dear sputnik) turned out pretty good. i made a sketch of the song and sent it over to the company and luckily it became a b-side in the album. i actually made the song with the thought of “wanting to show/give the people a proper feeling of their hearts beating fast (as they listen to dear sputnik)” and with concerts kept in mind.

q. what do you think is an important element in song making?
🐧 songs that are able to be enjoyed by many, songs that are able to bring happiness to people, songs that are able to move people’s hearts. these three are most important to me.
q. then is there a song that moved your heart as a listener?
🐧 demi lovato’s ‘this is me’. it’s the soundtrack of the movie . it’s the song that played during the climax of the movie, when the shy heroine performed in front of a large audience, showing their true self. there’s this lyric, “this is me”, “no more hiding who i want to be”. the lyrics spoke to me and stuck in my heart as if it was my own story. and because i have always been a very shy person ever since i was small, i have decided after listening to that song, that “i will show myself” (this is me).

q. when we get the chance to see huening kai’s solo album/mixtape in the future, how do you want it to look like?
🐧 there was a time where i imagined myself in comfortable clothes singing a folk song while having a guitar on one hand. and while doing so, i’d like to deliver the messages i’ve always wanted to say to a lot of people. i’ll probably sing a song that brings hope. because i find joy in seeing everyone happy.

q. starting from the end of march, you will go on a world tour around 13 cities, right? what does a world tour mean to a musician?
🐧 this is our second world tour following our first one that started last july. i’m sure it’s the same for all musicians but a world tour is something i’ve dreamed of and hoped to come true ever since i was a trainee. i still think our lollapalooza festival stage was one of the best moments from our tour in 2022. i was even able to perform with a band session that i’ve really wanted. the five members holding their hand mics, standing on stage, and at the same time the sun was beginning to set— wow… it was really an amazing moment. that moment i looked at the other members’ faces and we were all smiling. since we were all so happy. when i think of that moment now, i still feel amazed and overwhelmed.
q. will we see such a performance again in this tour?
🐧 of course. i can also say you can guarantee looking forward to it. we are currently preparing for our tour and everything including the stage production is going to be amazing. there’s probably going to be a song that you will see performed for the first time when you enter the audience seat and there’s probably a song that’ll make you think, “there’s a choreography for this song?!”

q. what are three things that you must bring with during tour?
🐧 headset and earphones are a must. i have a strong tendency to stay indoors so during tours i mostly spend my time at the hotel. it’s like a rule to stay and rest in my room even if i go out for a little bit. because i can always look outside and observe from my windows (laughs). headsets are a must because i always need to listen to music in my hotel room. and also cleansing products (skincare). if i were to give one tmi, i originally use cleansing foams but recently i switched to using cleansing oils (laughs). it’s really good. and lastly… nintendo switch?

q. up until now you’ve released , , and . if you were to name a chapter of your own based on the life of 22 year old huening kai, what would it be?
🐧 the beginning chapter. though we’ve reached our present carrier high with the release of in january, i honestly think starting from this moment, this is the real start. i have this certain determination. “we will strive and go up higher, we will show our everything, this is the beginning of tomorrow x together.”

q. what is your life motto? (a word you believe in)
🐧 i spend my days with a smile and positivity with the thought, “let’s not be unhappy people.” that’s why my way of talking became like “oh, that’s good, though?” i believe that after that word exits my mouth, even if it takes some time, the result (of what i did) will always come back to me as something good.
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2023.03.22 15:32 dahobo I am a manager and currently sitting through a union busting training.

I am a manager in a warehouse and had a vaguely titled long training scheduled today. After joining, it was revealed to be an anti-union meeting run by some union busting law firm.
I haven't heard anything about organizing in our company, but they specifically mentioned starbucks and Amazon union movements. I can tell they are scared about it coming to us, and I hope it does.
Right now, they are talking about how you can't make threats, but you can say how things "might happen"
Can't say, "You are going to lose benefits, or pay" but you can say, "As a result of barging you could gain more, but you could just as likely lose what you currently have."
Edit: I'll answer any questions when it's over.
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2023.03.22 15:32 XxllllxXx My first (and longest ever) post here – I need some advice.

Hi everyone. I'm a bit new to this sub, but I've been reading these posts a bit lately. Anyways, I need to vent about my possibly narcissistic parents. My mom is probably a 90% N-mom, but I think my dad is more of a so called "enabler". I might write a bit about my little sister (6yo) as well.
Trust me. I can't believe this is so hard to write. My mom's being all nice now, finally not yelling and not complaining. But I know exactly what she has done in the past. Even as close past as yesterday. Who knows if she's gonna get mad today as well.
I'm currently 17 years old trans guy (girl to guy, soon starting transferring when I legally can), and I'd like to ask you all for your opinions about these things I've been through. I guess I just need confirmation, proof, that they're abusing me. I'd also like to mention, that I keep a special journal (on my phone, with a double password) about all the bad things they've said/done to me for the last year or so, so I'll be picking the most horrific things from there.
Here are some things they've said and done: (* = What they did) ("" = What they said)
Thank you so much if you've read this far. It truly helped me to get my problems out.
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2023.03.22 15:28 Swimming_Quarter4106 Aunt and Grandparents want legal visitation with my son.

Kansas: I (23M) have lived with my son (6M) since January after losing my place to live around September. Before this date his mother and I had a verbal agreement where while we worked the other would take care of him, meaning he saw both of us everyday. For the following year after his mother's death he stayed with me 100% of the time.
Currently now there are 3 adults in my home (Myself, my partner and my roomate).
If the background is not important, or seems to much to read after the 4th paragraph I have a section of possibly important details followed by my question.
Alright this has got some background to it. Preceeding the Mothers death (September 2021) the parties seeking legal visitation rights would see my son ~1 a month maybe on a good month and only by the mother. After said death the mothers adoptive family caused a huge fight between eachother and other friends and side of the family. After this the grandparents had seen my son maybe 2 times up until August. I don't feel mentally and developmentally it is in my child's best interest to have his grandmother or Aunt in his life due to the grandmother's addictions and waiving of rights to her own daughter, she ended up being adopted by her step father whom I have a good relationship with, or the aunts sour disposition towards me and overall hostile attitude.
I've had 0 contact with the grandparents since the Month after his mother's death. I however was in contact about monthly with his Aunt and allowed them to visit. I moved out of my apartment due to my lease expiring and I decided to not renew it in May. We had a place to stay for a period of time while I searched for a new place to live, I found a trailer in September and by November it was finally move in ready. We were still in the process of acquiring all the furniture, beds and amenities and painting the trailer until early December, so the trailer was totally wrecked during that time. After I found out we had to leave in September I asked if the Aunt would be okay with Nikolai staying with them until I found a home and it was move in ready for Nikolai to which they hastily agreed.
I was choosing to keep my son out of school until I had a stable house and he had a guaranteed school. During his time with his Aunt and uncle however enrolled him in a school outside of the city he would be living at. I was upset about this, but I figured it was good for him to be interacting with more kids. That was until January when it was brought to my attention by some friends and family that they were making a plan to frame me an Unfit parent to take care of my son. I had been asking unsucessfully for months for my son's birth certificate and medical records which were taken by his grandparents after the mothers death. I was however able to get him transfered schools and starting school within 4 days of hearing the news.
Since I've taken my son back home we've received multiple unknown and unwanted visits at our home by said Aunt in attempts to have my son for weekends. I however am not okay with this however and don't feel comfortable with the nearly hour long drive if some emergency were to pop up. We've also received a few trips from CPS based on calls they've received. I'm not definitively saying they're the ones who did it, but I do have someone who was present when they said they would call CPS as many times as it takes to get my son taken from me that would attest to the same thing. The fact this family would go behind my back in attempts to gain custody of my son when the parties involved either never had kids, or gave up rights to their own kids and were not involved in their lived until the kids were much older has gotten my blood boiling.
-They had a lawyer mail me essentially a threat of taking me to court over Third party visitation for the Aunt and Grandmother with them asking for him from Friday after school until Sunday nights around 6pm, to possibly be discussed unless responded to my March 3rd. This was dated Febuary 22nd, today March 22nd is my first time seeing said letter.
-During one CPS visit while talking with the social worker we explained the issue happening with the mothers biological side of the family along with a few notes mentioned above. Upon hearing this she looked concerned and had stated she didn't feel having that influence in his life would be healthy for him emotionally or developmentally.
I do believe that is everything pertinent to the situation.
Now my question: If I don't see the grandparents or Aunts relationship to my son as beneficial in any way will I still be legally required to let them see my son? If not required to, what options do I have to cease all contact with them and have them forced to stop showing up unannounced at my door?
If anything needs to be elaborated on I will gladly answer to the best of my ability!
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2023.03.22 15:27 throwawayacc7865_ Unsure What I'm Feeling After Cross-dressing

Hi all!
I've recently been really conflicted in my feelings. I've been feeling sad, scared, and confused. Well I wanted to explore myself more and I bought feminine clothes, a skirt and some striped thigh highs. Honestly, I was really scared to try them on, but I was really excited when I bought them and even more excited when they actually arrived. I hid the clothes immediately and I didn't touch them for a few days. I tried the socks, and the skirt separately on different occasions and it felt good but nothing exceptional. Last night I decided to put together a whole outfit my black skirt, black/white socks, and a white hoodie. But I was experiencing so many feelings I'm not sure exactly how I felt. Just getting ready my heart was racing like crazy and I felt so scared and nervous about being seen that I almost talked myself out of it. Mainly I wanted to wear the whole outfit and consider how it would make me feel. But now I have even more questions than answers. I felt okay wearing that outfit, my heart was still racing throughout the whole thing and I took some pictures and I felt cute. More than anything I was really scared, not sure if I was scared to be seen, or even scared to be exploring myself in this way. I've always repressed these exact feelings for years. I don't know if what I felt was euphoria, or just jumbled up emotions all coming out at once. I have even more questions about my identity and possibly considering being trans or non-binary now, and it wasn't something I particularly considered before. But I absolutely don't want to rush anything. I really want to figure out where I stand on this and I'm even more confused than before. I want to try to wear the clothes another time, I also have been focusing on my personal hygiene. I shaved my legs and arms (I'm super a super hairy guy), I shaved my beard, I've really been concerned with my looks, I cleaned up my eye brows and have been doing a great job managing my skin. I like feminine things but I have a really hard time expressing myself. I know I don't need to put myself in any type of box but I am more conflicted than ever and I've been thinking about all the times I may have possibly experienced gender dysphoria as early as elementary school (I'm 25 now). Dressing up really helped me unpack a lot of repressed feelings, but I felt maybe ashamed and as soon as I took some pictures of myself in the mirror I immediately undressed and put my regular clothes back on.
Thanks for reading my ramblings, really just wanted to get this off my chest, if anyone has some insight I'd also appreciate it. I'm slowly discovering myself on this journey of identity and that has never been a straightforward answer for me. ❤️
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2023.03.22 15:27 Few-Courage-8030 Small or Momentary Actions with ROCD

I was having intrusive thoughts about my boyfriend and me while studying. I was reading my message to him for his birthday and i was having thoughts of 'am i this intense for him'' bla bla. The thoughts that i do not want, but come to my mind anyway from time to time. I am having similar thoughts sometimes like 'i think i do not like him so intensely like I did'. These thoughts are so horrible, and i do not want them. I love him and like him a lot. I do not give importance to thoughts but small or momentary acts that i do while having them are killing me.
Today I was reading my message to him for this birthday while studying at a cafe. While reading the message I was having thoughts like am I this intense for him etc. I have rose my head from the book and i there was a man looking at me. ı believe he was just looking because it is a public placee. It is normal that our eyes have met, but I kept my eye 2-3 seconds more because of the thoughts ı was having. I looked 2-3 seconds more because he was another man, and i was having intrusive thoughts about my relationship.

At this point, i feel terrible because i am thinking that this is acting on the intrusive thought even if it was 2-3 seconds. Staring or looking 2-3 seconds more is an important act in these kind of things.
I really struggle with these acting things for years and could not answer. I feel sad and anxious. I just want to enjoy my love for him.
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2023.03.22 15:27 ThrowRA9017489 My (20m) fiancé (19f) keeps lying and her behaviour is getting worse.

My fiancé has been lying to literally everyone in her life, and I mean everyone. Her parents, her sister, her friends, me. Everyone. I don’t know what to do. I said in a previous post how worried I am about my fiancé jess, and how I think she might be contemplating self harm. I’ve been paying very close attention recently to things she has said and things she has done as that is what I was recommended to do by my therapist as well as Reddit. I’ve picked up on small hints here and there about her feelings but today I clued into her lies being more than I thought. She has been lying CONSTANTLY to her parents Chris and Juanita, and her sister Sam. And I mean she barely tells the truth about anything at all, even small things. She’s been lying to me as well, not major things that would be ground breaking but things that she doesn’t need to. Even small things like if she ate something. (I’ve been trying to make sure she’s been eating) I’ve been trying to reach out to her Friend Matthew as they’re still close but he hasn’t answered me. I’ve asked other students in her music course at her university. They all agree that shes been off recently and have expressed concern as well. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve started writing things down and keeping a log of things like what she’s eating, if she ate at all, etc, as my doctor told my mom to do that with me when I was suicidal. Is there a way I could try to force her into therapy with me? I’ve tried talking to her and it seems like a brick wall. She knows I’m here for her always and will always listen to her but she’s getting worse constantly.
TLDR fiancé isn’t behaving like herself wondering if I can take her to therapy or if there’s any other kind of help I can give.
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2023.03.22 15:23 Stepoo I'm (f34) losing my family because they think that I hid the fact from them that my ex, now sister's (f28) husband (m35) is abusive.

I am NOT OP. Original post by u/ThrowRaSnail2 in relationship_advice
trigger warnings: abuse/domestic violence
I'm (f34) losing my family because they think that I hid the fact from them that my ex, now sister's (f28) husband (m35) is abusive. - Mar 13, 2023
I don't want to go into all the details because it is long boring and still painful (some bits at least) but I met my ex 4 years ago and I at least was madly in love with him. For two years I was blissfully happy until I took him home for Christmas and I caught him making out with my sister. It devastated me. My ex tried to apologize kept trying to get me back but I didn't want anything to do with him anymore and 3 months later, my sister and he were expecting their first. Now they're married with 2 children. My family forgave them eventually when children were in the picture. I kept my distance but I have met them on the occasional family gathering. I still feel hurt by my sister but other than than, I'm good.
Last weekend, my mom asked me to come home for something urgent and there was my dad too. They told me that they were disappointed in me for not being honest about my ex being abusive. I was shocked but my mom told me that he is very abusive to my sister. That's when my sister came to my parents and I saw her face and cut lip. I was shocked and I really couldn't say anything other than that I never knew. My sister became very upset and started yelling at me, asking what the f I meant by that. That I was so much better than her that he didn't hurt me? I said no but no amount of swearing that I didn't know and that he must've hidden his true nature. My mom told me to leave and that she was very disappointed.
I have cried every day now, remembering my sister's face. But I just don't know why this happened to her. He was so very kind and gentle with me but I can't explain why he was that way. I don't know how people like him work but according to my sister if he is abusive once then he is abusive all the time. I have no experience with people this way. I couldn't answer her. He has been abusive to her since the beginning of their relationship.
When I calmed down, I texted my mother because she wasn't answering my calls that my sister is right and abusive people are just abusive but that maybe the circumstances may be different. My sister is younger. I knew that some men show their true colors after marriage, or after children etc. My relationship with him wasn't of the same nature. I tried every explanation but this just seemed to trigger her further because she texted me back that I'm a liar that hid the truth from them instead of warning my sister. She asked if I thought I was better than my sister not to have been abused by the same man. I was shocked. Like it is about the woman? Better women get abused less? I couldn't believe what I was reading. I texted her that she was disgusting to say something like this but I regretted it so much. Now nobody from my family is talking to me, not even my father who I talked to on daily basis. I don't know what to do or how to help. I really need help explaining why my sisters husband is what he is. I feel so guilty.
UPDATE:I'm (f34) losing my family because they think that I hid the fact from them that my ex, now sister's (f28) husband (m35) is abusive - Mar 15, 2023
Hello again, this is an update. I am so sorry that I went silent after posting here but I actually wrote my post very late at night and fell asleep afterwards, when I logged in the next day the post was locked and I couldn't answer any of you. I want to thank you for the attention that you given me because I have been so lonely. I have read all of your comments and I have answered as many dms that I could. I'm sorry for not been able to answering everyone.
I see that cutting all contact with my family is the most common advice that I got and you are probably right. It is time for me to move on. I never completely and wholeheartedly forgiven my family for accepting my sister's betrayal but I understood that my parents wanted to be in their grandchildren's lives and I would never have wanted the children to be deprived of the love of grandparents since they are innocent in all of this but at the same time, I needn't however like or accept their forgiveness. I just love my family and losing my sister was a hard blow I just didn't want to lose the rest of the family. I kept my distance however beside from my brother (30m) I don't think I mentioned him in my original post. I'm still close to him.
Many of you also asked about why my family didn't see the fact that my sister's husband cheated with my own sister as a red flag, this is the first thing I asked my mom but her answer was very disappointing so I didn't even think to include it in my original post. She just made it about me needing to get over it and to let go of my grudge.
I have felt some type of guilt because I only talked positively about Him before I introduced him to my family. About his generosity and kindness. He treated me like a queen and his family took me in with warmth. He went out of his way to make me happy and all the dreams we shared about our future together. The places we would visit, and I was so happy when he expressed how he couldn't wait to spend the rest of his life with me (maybe this is a red flag). I was so happy with him and that is all my sister heard me talk about since I met him.
With all this in mind I totally understood my sister and her reluctance to believe me. That he showed another side if yet his real side with her. especially when I know that she is in a very vulnerable place right now. I thought I would be understanding and reach out to her once again. I explained everything that I wrote to my mom and the post here. That He probably always been what he was. I got so many stories of girls written to me here about their experience with abuse and how and why it started. I sent my sister the screenshots (with the girls' permission). My sister is 7 years younger than him (while I am only 11 months younger). I didn't live with him. I didn't have any children with him and I wasn't relying on him to provide for my or my children since I didn't need to stay at home to raise children. All and all I sent about 30 instagrams dms explaining. After 3 hours, my sister sent me a a very short reply I know that you are sleeping with him you f\cking wh*re and she blocked me. I didn't even cry this time.
Today my brother asked me that he wanted to see me. He came to me after work. He said that my sister had sent everything that I have written to her to the rest of the family and that she was raging mad. My parents are angry with me for distressing her more that she already was. My brother told me to cut my losses and lay low. "You can't help her because she just wants to blame her misery on somebody". From what my brother had gathered from my mom and sister, Her Husband has been violent with her since she refused to terminate her first pregnancy, so the abuse started just a few months into their relationship. My sister was growing more paranoid with time that her husband would cheat on her with me (and probably others) but that was the reason she always disproportionately hated me (SHE hated ME!) because she always thought that I would try to get back at her by taking him back because I still was single and hadn't moved on . It got worse because she always asked him why he was gentler towards me and he told her that it was because I wasn't a cheap wh\re like her which made her believe we still had contact. She also found his secret instagram account where he followed some girls, me included.
It hurt me to hear all of this but as my brother said, I can't do anything. She refuses to leave him even with my parents urge and assurance that they could take care of her and her children. I'm heartbroken for her, but I don't think I can do anything. I'm cutting my family out of my life and thats my final decision.
ETA: I saw many of you calling me a "doormat", I mean I know you mean well but how juvenile to use such terms. I'm neither a doormat nor do i lack self-respect. I held my head high when I suffered pain from a betrayal very few of you can relate to so forgive me when I say I don't respect your childish behavior. Be better.
I actually have already been very low contact with my sister. I have only seen her a few times like my cousin's wedding and family gatherings. Never met her in private. she eloped so there was no wedding (I wasn't gonna attend) and I never went to her baby showers or anything. I have never texted her privately (I only have her on a groups iMessage with mom dad and lill bro)
But now I'm going no contact with mom and dad too. I need a break
I'm almost 100% sure that he would have become abusive towards me too eventually and that's what I tried to explain to my family and I can't help but try to think back on our relationship trying to remember what red flags I've missed.
after the shock and the heartbreak, I felt lucky but now, knowing how he is treating my sister, I wish he chose someone else to cheat on me with
Reminder - I am not the original poster.
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2023.03.22 15:19 slim14388 Question and a possible bug?

  1. For exercises like lunges or alt. dumbell curls where only one side is active at once - do you count the reps per side? As in you do 10 per side (20 total) for each set. (Edited: found the answer further down on this subreddit!)
  2. Anyone find that you try to schedule your workout and press a coming day in the week, press + to add, then it ends up scheduling on today's date? Always have to move it afterwards to the right day. Just me?
  3. (Edited) thought of another question. When using the leg press machine (or other machines), should you release the weight for every rep or should you go just far enough to never release the weight all the way?
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2023.03.22 15:18 beginners-blog Share Your Expertise and Get Paid

Are you an expert looking to share your knowledge and get paid for it? is the platform for you. Whether you're a medical professional, legal expert, tech guru, personal finance wizard, or education specialist, you have a wealth of knowledge that could benefit people all over the world. provides a platform for you to help people and make money, all from the comfort of your own home.
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Learn more here (How to get started)

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2023.03.22 15:12 Intelligent-Tip-4556 Kamagugu Abortion Pills 0769909369

Kamagugu Abortion Pills 0769909369
Kamagugu Abortion Pills 0769909369
Kamagugu Abortion Pills 0769909369
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Kamagugu Abortion Clinic our doctors and nurses are specialized in medical and Surgical Abortion we use Safe Abortion Pills making us the best Termination Clinic around Kamagugu with high ratings for safety and care all your information will be kept completely private there are no waiting periods. we do medical abortions using pills (Cytotec) that empty the uterus and you will experience cramping and heavy bleeding blood clots always cause pain, nausea, and diarrhea after the pregnancy is expelled the bleeding and the pain become less. you will need to buy a clear blue pregnancy test to make sure that the abortion was successful and your uterus is empty. Call us today at 0769909369

Kamagugu Surgical Abortions Clinic performed on the same day in the leading clinic the price is affordable even if students can afford it you will not have to stay in the clinic we use morden machines. This procedure is known as a manual vacuum aspiration recommended for women who are 8 weeks pregnant a small machine opens the cervix and then gently stretches using dilators and the contents of the uterus are removed through a suction tube it always 30 minutes and you start drinking the womb cleaning pills. Call us today at 0769909369
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2023.03.22 15:11 Prudent-Cat7247 My boyfriend (22m) wants me to leave (25m) because I messaged my baby’s dad

Me and my boyfriend have been together 3 years now. My baby’s father went to prison 2 years ago and is going to be there for the rest of his life. I haven’t had contact with him since then… The other night I got calls and text all night from someone who claimed to be “Jessica” so I told them I didn’t know anyone named Jessica. And they replied with “is the coast clear?” My boyfriend saw these calls an texts 1st and yelled at me asking who I was talking to in the middle of the night. I didn’t get sleep for the rest of the night and just blocked the number because I thought someone was just trying to pull a prank or something. That was Monday when All this happened. My bf didn’t believe me, he said I stay up late sometimes and he doesn’t know what I do. But anyways, Fast forwarding to yesterday I got a call from a girl saying she needed to talk to “liz” that’s my sisters name so I was gunna give her the number and she said “well not me ima 3 way u to someone that was trying to talk to her.” So she merged the number and it was my sons dad, he asked me to unblock the number of the girl named “Jessica” and I argued with him while the girl listened but then I unblocked it because he sounded like he was going to cry. He called me back from the number I had blocked and told me he was on 24 hour watch and his parents and family don’t answer his calls anymore and really wanted to hear about his son. He apologized again for calling in the middle of the night and said if I would just text him pictures of his son since he can’t see him. I sent like 20 pictures and that was it I talked to him about what he missed in 2 years having to do with his son. I told him he can’t call or text in the middle of the night/ morning because I’m sleeping and everyone else is sleeping. And he told me I can’t call or text the phone he had because he wasn’t supposed to have it but it’s the only way he has to talk to people. I agreed but at the time I had received these calls and text I had messaged my bf about it and told him that this “Jessica” from the other night was actually a girl named Jessica. And me and my bf were arguing on text because I told him my sons dad had called me on 3way with a girl to confirm it. I went to my moms to ask her for advice and she said to delete the number and get rid of it she told me not to block it but for my bf not to have it because it could get my sons dad in even more trouble.( because my bf had said he was gunna call the number when he got off work ) My mom knew how my bf is she said if I tell him it’ll get my sons dad in trouble he’ll want to call it even more. I listened to my mom and came home. Well as soon as my bf got home he asked for my phone and when he tried looking for the number he got furious and yelled at me asking why I’m hiding stuff and just going off. Telling me if I’m doing something behind his back to just leave. He was yelling so hard he was basically spitting on me. I couldn’t even talk past him and I just started crying. He then took the baby and I layed down to cry and fell asleep. I was hoping to tell him today but I woke up and had text from his telling me he wasn’t stupid and he’s done with me. :( He was texting my sons dad off my phone for 2 hours last night because my sons dad had texted at around midnight asking about my sons bday that’s in 2 weeks. Idk what to do… I need help.
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2023.03.22 15:07 hektorinator No time for loser talk

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Memory transcription subject: Chief Hunter Isif, Arxur Dominion Sector Fleet
Date [standardized human time]: December 6, 2136
The Prophet-Descendant had grown irritated, as Shaza’s spectacle dragged on at Sillis. The female Chief Hunter had failed to mop up the human remnants; she had sacrificed her entire sector, and not even taken the planet she lost her assets to capture. So when Giznel summoned me to a physical location, I figured it was for my input on that debacle. What else could be too sensitive to discuss on comms?
Before I returned to my duties, I parsed through Jones’ tooth drive. The human general had included instructions on how to search for bugs. I turned my shuttle upside-down before retrieving my secret holopad. My defective side compelled me to answer Felra, who had been persistent in checking in on me.
We ended up chatting for hours. The Dossur discussed her favorite celebrities, her days training to be a ship inspector, and how the war affected her, among other topics. Felra was unfazed by my non-answers; if anything, it seemed to encourage her nosiness. The prospect of discussing my life made me feel fraudulent and exposed. How could I ever explain anything genuine about myself?
By the way, I’m the Arxur Chief Hunter responsible for the deaths of millions. Don’t mind that.
The Dossur sent a request for a video chat, and that paralyzed me in my seat. Just when I’d begun to ease my guard, there was the reminder that friendship was impossible. I told her that I was on the way to meet my boss, which I suppose was true. Felra (damn her) pleaded that a few minutes would make her day.
Why wasn’t I able to refuse that request? It took me a few seconds to set my video to off, and apply a voice modulator filter to my audio. This was all going to come to an end, when she asked why I’d switched off my camera and disguised my voice. There was no prey-like explanation to that effect.
“Siffy! Oh…” A young Dossur with ginger-and-white fur blinked onto my screen. “Where’s your video? You can’t be that ugly, man; I showed my face.”
I drew a shuddering breath. “Felra…I don’t know how to say this.”
“Robotic voice. Okay, not gonna lie, this is creepy. Are you actively hiding everything about yourself, or trying to be weird?”
“It’s better if the camera is off, and if you don’t hear my real voice. I’m a predator.”
Felra was silent for a long moment, mulling over my confession. I could see the gears spinning in her beady eyes, before her nostrils twitched with surprise. The Dossur proceeded to express relief, followed by a bout of laughter. She gave me an encouraging ear flick, which wasn’t the reaction I was expecting.
“You’re a human!” she exclaimed. “That explains everything; why you’re so closed off and peculiar. Uh, no offense. I wondered what you all were like.”
I recoiled in my pilot’s seat, hissing in disbelief. That was not the interpretation I intended for her to take, but I suppose it was a good cover. Perhaps that would lend an excuse for my social ineptitude, though it was unfair to the Terrans’ reputation. Humans were more than capable of chatting it up, and mimicking emotions in appropriate ways.
Felra is definitely going to have the wrong impression of humans. If she talked to one of them, she’d never have suspected a thing.
I decided not to confirm or deny her assertion. “What do you think of humans?”
“Well, I think if you’d befriend a species like the Dossur, you can’t be all bad. Even the Arxur recognize that we’re shitty cattle,” she answered. “Oh, and I think it was shit that the Krakotl attacked your homeworld. I can see why you have some walls up talking with an alien…just saying, wasn’t us.”
“Wait, so you’re not bothered by me being a predator? I’m not anything like an average human, to be frank. My emotions deviate far from a Terran baseline.”
“You told me you deserved to be alone, and I’ll assume it was because of that. I’m sorry that your culture made you feel that way. If you feel safe reaching out to me, I’m honored.”
“I…I see. And the Federation? What do you think of them?”
“I understand the whole cultural tampering, and that I should feel hatred…but honestly? We would’ve never industrialized without their uplift. How would we build great machines from scratch? Even walking…we use carts to traverse alien cities.”
I guffawed in spite of myself, picturing this creature perched on a motorized stand. Felra made a valid point about the Dossur’s debt to the Federation. Had those meddlers not noticed the native wildlife bore signs of sapience, Mileau would be a different planet today. In their particular case, outside intervention was necessary to facilitate their advancement.
Felra flashed her tiny front teeth. “Don’t laugh at me! Let me guess; humanity will look down on us for our size?”
“Ah, I cannot speak for Earth,” I growled awkwardly. “My assessment is that many Terrans will want to pick you up or pet you. Humans think small animals are…cute.”
“But you don’t?”
“I don’t debase myself by infantilizing creatures! It’s not something I’ve given active thought to.”
“Testy, are we?”
“I am insulted by the premise! As if I could find an alien cute, and do that whole fawning expression and baby voice.”
“I wouldn’t mind. I bet you could do it well. Please, show me this baby voice? No filter?”
“GRRR! Very few herbivores try to rile up a predator!”
“Well, I’m a special gal, Siffy. You’re sure funny when you’re fired up.”
“I am tired of this conversation! I said I was only speaking for a little bit, and I don’t want to hear from you for a few hours!”
I hung up with a huff, refocusing on the landing protocols. Despite my best attempts to scare Felra off, I’d only seemed to invite provocation. With such important tasks ahead, I needed to quash whatever of my defective side had arisen. Prophet-Descendant Giznel was hosting our meeting in an unmanned station, and he had just confirmed my docking request.
Focusing on neutralizing my expression, I steeled myself for Betterment’s unavoidable demands. My shuttle coasted down at a leisurely pace; the time to clear my thoughts was welcome. If Giznel ever learned that I was befriending prey from my sector, he’d see that my head was removed from my shoulders. There could only be my fanatic persona among my people.
Imagine how much better life would be, if I were a human. I wouldn’t have all this…baggage to my name.
The shuttle slotted into the docking clamps, and I heaved a weary sigh. At least my disdain for Shaza didn’t require acting. If I could persuade Giznel to withdraw from Sillis, that would take a weight off the UN’s back. There was also valuable information I could attain for General Jones; it was my role to keep Earth apprised of threats.
Giznel was without his normal guards, and I contemplated whether I could get away with killing him. Betterment likely knew who he was meeting with today; he’d be replaced by a Descendant not as partial to me. Assassination was a surefire way to blow my cover. I disembarked, dipping my head with respect.
“Isif. We are alone here,” Giznel hissed. “I have important matters to discuss, free of lesser ears.”
I narrowed my eyes. “Hallowed Prophet—”
“Drop the Venlilshit. I know everything.”
The Dominion leader’s proclamation chilled my bones, and the debate of whether to strike him down renewed in my mind. Giznel said on the call that he doubted my loyalty; he didn’t believe I was willing to clash with the Terrans. Perhaps General Jones had been right about me tipping my true allegiance off to Betterment. Was this the moment where I’d be executed for my defectiveness?
“I don’t know what you mean, Your Savageness,” I growled evenly.
Giznel bared his teeth. “I think you do. I wondered why you coddle the humans, and I knew it was more than Shaza’s report stated. You imitate them and chase after them at every turn. But now I get it; you think they’re smarter than us.”
“I beg your pardon?”
“You heard me. I couldn’t make sense of it, until I replayed our conversation during the prisoner execution. You talked about ‘maximizing our resources’ and obtaining entire planets as our catch.”
“I did, but I don’t see…”
“You think the humans can solve all our problems. You think they’re smarter, and they hunt in the optimal way. Those Zurulian ‘pets’ you took were given to the Terrans to earn goodwill. Tell me I’m wrong, Isif.”
“No, I suppose you’re not. Perhaps this is treasonous, but we could do better. The humans can feed us, and I could make it happen.”
“There’s the truth. Then, we can conquer the Federation and go on our merry way, yes?”
“Stronger. Capable.”
Fear surged in my veins, but I met Giznel’s stare with feigned impassivity. The Prophet-Descendant was off on the extent of my motives, though he’d discerned some of the truth. Questioning Betterment was the highest form of treason; I had just admitted that I didn’t think the Arxur way was the superior one. My champions were empathetic, leaf-licking predators. Why hadn’t he signed me up for execution?
“You’re right that humans could alleviate our food shortages. But you’re wrong about it making the Dominion stronger,” Giznel said.
What? That wasn’t what he was supposed to say.
The Prophet-Descendant heaved a sigh. “If we get fat and lazy, Isif, we will be susceptible to future attacks. You don’t appreciate what you don’t have to struggle for.”
“With respect…the humans are a strong culture, and they’re well-fed. A warrior culture.”
“The humans have weak individuals, because they have a cushion to provide for them. What happens to Betterment when the food problem is resolved? How do we keep the masses on the right path?”
“Cruel One, are you saying that you want our people to starve?”
“Precisely. It keeps them dependent on us, and hating the Federation. The prey aren’t fully to blame for our woes, but the masses don’t need to know that.”
“You mean because we don’t try to solve the food problem.”
“No. Isif, the Prophets and our inner circle have kept this secret close to the vest. Never mention what I’m about to tell you to anyone, yes?”
It was difficult to process this rhetoric, but I tilted my head to show I was listening. The Federation had admitted their culpability, when Nikonus discussed the meat-allergy serum. Was Giznel implying that Betterment was complicit in the cure’s spread? That was not a logical conclusion, since the volunteers weren’t weeded through as a culling of the weak.
“My silence can be counted on, Your Savageness. I am honored,” I managed.
Giznel lashed his tail against the floor. “Very well. The Federation was fully responsible for the cure, which caused many Arxur to starve. The Northwest Bloc, under the Prophet’s guidance, seized the moment to weaken the Morvim Charter.”
“I…how so?”
“The cattle virus was unleashed on the Charter’s livestock by us. The ‘cure’ was the perfect cover; we could blame it on the aliens, and not break the truce. But it spread across our borders, somehow. We lost our food to our own bioweapon.”
“It wasn’t all the Kolshians. So billions of Arxur starved, because of rivalries from the world war?”
“Yes, and it was a blessing in disguise. It helped Betterment solidify control. It made the entirety of Wriss see things our way!”
My maw hung agape, as I fitted this new information into my past knowledge. That explained why Chief Nikonus had denied the cattle allegations during Cilany’s interview; the Kolshians had no part in slaughtering livestock with pathogens. The herbivores deserved our hatred, but the worst blow to Arxur civilization was self-inflicted. That entirely altered my perspective of why we were starving.
It could have just been a few hundred thousand volunteers killed by the cure. Instead…my entire race has been reduced to animals.
I was livid at the Betterment office for perpetrating such falsehoods. There were so many factions that could use this information; General Jones needed this on her desk promptly. The Arxur rebels, who were searching for fuel to resist Betterment, could gain support too. Even non-defective citizens would seek consequences against those responsible for starvation.
This revelation could destabilize the Dominion’s grasp on society, just as Cilany had crippled the Federation. Unfortunately, Giznel wasn’t stupid enough to blab about this to a reporter. I was his lone confidant, and I had no proof that such claims weren’t Terran propaganda. Betterment could dismiss me as a human sympathizer, if I spoke out to my peers.
“So you see, we need to maintain the balance of power, Isif. If there was a surplus of food, that would spell the end for us,” Giznel concluded. “I need you to limit your trade and…infatuation with the humans.”
I forced a neutral expression. “Of course. I would not wish to weaken Betterment. You needed only to say as much.”
“Good. As for ending the war…the Federation doesn’t want the war to end any more than we do. The Kolshians and the Farsul couldn’t maintain control over such a large herd without an enemy.”
“They hate us! They wish we didn’t exist.”
“Oh, of course they do. But there’s a reason they teach other prey to run away and never attack. If we pressed the Federation core worlds, I have a hunch they could muster up their numbers all of a sudden.”
Giznel’s theory made gruesome sense, the longer I contemplated it. It explained why the Kolshians mounted a bold-faced offensive on Terran allies, but never went after Dominion worlds and outposts. The United Nations wasn’t content to raid a few planets and call it a day; nor did they plot a forever war for control. The humans sought peace and reconciliation, and that made them an immediate threat.
Zhao wants to destroy the Federation. Add in exposing the truth about omnivores…humans set that in motion.
“That theory holds water.” I blinked my eyes, and my thoughts drifted to Felra. The Dossur were at risk of attack just for siding with the humans. “Our cruelty helps the ringleaders keep the other prey afraid.”
Giznel chuckled to himself. “I knew you would get it, Isif. You’re more cunning than Shaza, so I’m asking you for a favor. Do you still think you can handle humans?”
“Of course I do. I’m not the Chief Hunter that lost my sector to them.”
“Then handle this fucking mess. I want the battle of Sillis ended at once, with as many assets recovered as possible. If you think you can talk the monkeys into a truce, do it.”
“Easy enough. It’s not my sector though. What do I do about Shaza’s forces?”
“Those are your forces now. I’m putting her sector under your control, effective immediately. While you’re getting a handle on the situation…dispose of Shaza.”
“It will be handled, Cruel One. I will summon my fleet and leave for Sillis at once.”
The Prophet-Descendant watched with calculating eyes, as I clambered back into my shuttle. The advice that endangered my cover had earned me greater power today. In retrospect, negotiating with the humans was the less humiliating option. There was a lot to unpack from the Dominion’s secrets, but my first order of business was eliminating Shaza.
Getting the United Nations to cease hostilities would be the most difficult part. However, a continuing battle was not beneficial to Earth’s cause. Humans were a spiteful bunch, but I’d try my best to find a diplomatic resolution.
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2023.03.22 15:02 cutefairyprincess_ looking for feedback

i came across a writing prompt where you had to choose 5 random things based off of 5 questions asked and write a short story with them. my 5 things were “peach tree, ocean, clouds, professor, and antipsychotics.” i’ve been experimenting with different perspectives to become a better writer - stepping out of my comfort zone and all. any feedback is appreciated :)
“5 Random Things—1 Girl”
What a flawless day. The perfect amount of clouds. They protect my skin from the sun's cancerous motives. Everything around me is so, so, vibrant. The lenses through which I see the world are often dull. But not today. I can see my feet beneath me, the minute fish treading quickly through my legs. I feel smaller, though. Have I shrunk? No. The ocean is not the answer, either. Think again. Its vast waters have always included me, I’ve never been labeled an outsider here. Its size shares no correspondence to how I feel right now.
“Alice! Alice!”
I turn around and see two children running towards me. They move slowly in the sand, their legs barely allowing them to pick up speed. They look happy. Excited. Yet, I can barely make out their faces.
“Alice! Alice!”
My eyes slowly open. In front of me: a professor.
“Rough night?”
Rumbles of laughter from the students behind me. Oh, how retched their faces are. Each one perfectly construed to ignite a flame of annoyance in my heart.
I walked out of class, it's 5:00 PM. The sky shares no color with us today. Nor will it tomorrow. I am 5:00 PM. I’ve always preferred being alone so it is okay that I never had a family to raise me. And, it is okay that no one will get to know me. I don’t have much to share anyways.
…I’m home now. I’m tired of speaking to you. Let me sleep, please.
Did you just hear those leaves rustling?
Oh, wow. They’re bright green, fallen from a peach tree. One has fallen right at my feet. Wait. My feet, they’re small again.. This peach is exquisite. The juice is dripping down my chin. I don’t care about the stickiness it’s covering me in. There’s a woman by my side. Her hair hangs loosely, I think she’s smiling as she looks down upon me.
Alice is on a new medicine. Her thoughts are directly transmitted to a program built inside of her, where we are able to monitor every action, thought, and emotion. She doesn’t have many emotions, though. Just annoyance and dread. The dreams she was having weren't dreams. They were her reality. What she’s seeing are her last childhood memories before the country was involved in nuclear warfare. Alice is the only one left in her bloodline. Attempts were made to erase the memories of those who remained alive to start a new world - a fresh one not haunted by its past. She’s special. These “dreams” will only continue to grow more memorable, more vivid. We can’t afford a revolutionary. We might have to up her dosage.
the end of this is meant to explain why it’s as if Alice is speaking to someone - she’s catching on to the fact her thoughts are heard. did anyone catch that or was it not clear? anyways thanks for reading!
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