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2023.05.31 23:30 JonathanRedding Ghost Word Pt. 2

Continued from Pt. 1.
WARNING: This story contains depictions of non-consensual sex and gun violence.
Lyle found himself on foot, the valise at his side, the night air crisp and noisy. He realized he was ravenous. No surprise there, he hadn’t had anything to eat or drink in twenty-six hours. The late evening traffic was brisk around the campus, and as he passed a roving pack of students Lyle realized it was Thursday night. Thirsty Thursdays.
In keeping with ancient tradition, the majority of undergraduates avoided Friday morning classes at all costs, preferring to begin their weekend revels on Thursday nights. Lyle followed his feet. He imagined power emanating from the briefcase at his side, thrumming up his arm. He felt, for perhaps the first time in a life of shrinking uncertainty, boundless.
And it felt extraordinary.
Somewhere inside of him a notion was forming that he did not dare articulate. But he followed his feet. The easy ebb and flow of walk signals, the pleasantly cool night air, the passing chatter, even the occasional car-horn—which in the past had never failed to startle him, jittery as he was—seemed buoyant and agreeable. The night was his. He realized he was sloping gently downhill, as he followed his feet. He realized he knew exactly where he was going. He found himself before O’Flaherty’s Pub, with its sandwich-board blaring LADIES NIGHT 1/2 WELL DRINKS -- TRUST ME YOU CAN DANCE in electric pink loops. It felt only natural to step beneath the awning, swing wide the knotted mahogany door, and enter the din.
The ham-hock manning security—probably a redshirt lineman in his off-season—turned toward Lyle on autopilot, one hand reaching out as a question formed on his lips, lemme see some ID. Lyle made no attempt to reach for his wallet because he knew the inevitable would happen when the bouncer took in his face, which he did a half second later. A tiny beat of recognition flickered and was gone, and the bouncer turned away. No need to card the old dude. Good luck navigating the vicissitudes of adult life, you Mongoloid, Lyle thought. The jag off had a Black & Mild tucked up behind one ear, Lyle felt an insane urge to snatch it off his head and break it in half. He did not do well with the pretend authority of chunky, dead-eyed adolescents.
But I’m not here for him.
Lyle wove his way into the evening crush with the delicate, shuffling little steps he always used in crowds. By fits and starts he made his way deeper, deeper, winding toward the back bar, the one with the full-length mirror. That was her favorite. O’Flaherty’s had a Crosley jukebox, wood-paneled and coin-operated, reaching for vintage but stuffed to the gills with Bluetooth and wi-fi and digital memory and whatever else. A woman’s voice was booming out of it, an empty pop ballad gussied up by her big, operatic sound. Lyle tried to think of the singer’s name, but couldn’t. He squeezed into a narrow gap at the back bar.
Darby was flirting as she mixed a rum-and-coke for a gawky, dough-faced kid in a flat-cap and a Harrington jacket. On the few occasions he had come out on Darby missions, Lyle had stayed well back from the bar, waiting for drink service at one of the small cafe tables lining the billiard room. But tonight, he wasn’t here to watch.
Darby handed off the drink and caught sight of Lyle. He winced—he could read the surprise, even discomfort, on her face. But she was tending bar, and she was quick on her feet, and she rearranged her expression into a smile. She held up a finger—one sec—to which Lyle nodded, as she took flat-cap’s (father’s) Amex back to the register and opened up a tab.
Lyle enjoyed watching her walk. Enjoyed looking at her from the back, or in profile. He usually saw her face, in class, big brown doe eyes and very pale, freckled skin. A shade away from clear, he had heard her joke once, to James, as she had invited him to touch the roadmap of blue veins on her inner arm. That had enraged Lyle—the sudden, unwelcome image of James with those long creamy legs locked over his waist, his long, slow thrusts.
Because he restrained himself from ogling her in class, it was a pleasure to come to O’Flaherty’s during her shifts and watch her as she worked. Darby was not the first of what Lyle thought of as his “favorites”. Every year or two there was a fresh, irresistible young thing, for him to think about, alone, late at night. One of the unspoken perks of professordom was the constant influx of eye-candy, of short skirts and long legs and high asses and pert young tits. In his mind’s eye it was an endless profusion of imagined aureoles, of wondering about their panties—boy-briefs or frilly little whatsits or g-strings or none at all—and even if Lyle never slept with them there was an intense eroticism in holding power over these girls he could never have bedded in his own college years. In pushing that term paper over the failing line and waiting, deliciously waiting, for them to come to his office hour and plead. Only Darby’s work was reasonably competent, so even that grimy thrill was denied him.
Darby finished up with the register and came over, the pale of her neck stark against her tight black t-shirt. O’FLAHERTY’S was printed on it in green, the name stretched to accommodate her bust. Her hair frazzled at the temples; she’d been working hard.
Just a little dirty, that’s how I like you, he thought.
“Dr. L! We missed you today, thought maybe you caught the gunk. You all right?” Darby beamed her big smile at him, a gift of the gods (and of immaculate orthodontics).
“I’m fine, Darby, thanks. Just a communication mix-up. I’m sorry you all waited.”
She kept smiling, seemed to be waiting for more. He didn’t give it to her.
“Well—can I get you anything?”
Lyle hesitated, trying to think of a manly drink, something urbane and—professorial.
“Scotch-rocks. A double.”
Darby continued to stare at him, expectantly. “Any… particular poison, or-?”
Lyle glanced up, made a show of studying the bottles arrayed behind her. He knew nothing about scotch. Stupid. He settled on Johnnie Walker Black, and Darby poured his drink.
Lyle realized his heart was racing. Darby set the drink in front of him and he downed half of it in one swallow. He managed to keep his face neutral as the liquor seared his throat.
“This is a—little bit of a departure, for you, huh?” Darby indicated the scotch.
She must have known he heard her but she raised her voice anyway. The music had changed to a British pop group with a lot of electronic undertones, trying to sound haunting.
“The scotch,” she said. “Don’t you always order lemon drop martinis? When you come in?”
Busted. Two bright red circles appeared high on his cheeks.
“You know, it, it depends,” he replied. “Depends on my mood. And you—you make a hell of a lemon drop martini, here.”
Fucking idiot, he thought. They make the same Goddamn lemon drop martini as everybody else and she knows it.
Darby was smooth, though. Graceful. She rolled right past it. “I wondered why you never came over and said hi.”
“Well I don’t want to, you know, be a bother. You’re working. It’s always busy. And I’ve been coming here for years, off and on. You get used to seeing students out on the town. I try to give them their space.”
“Oh.” Her smile reappeared. “Well I’m glad you came over. Let me know if I can get you anything else?” She was already angling away.
“How was class today?” Lyle didn’t want to let her go. She glanced down the bar, she had customers waiting.
“It was great, really great,” she hurried her answer. She was giving him the brush-off. “James did great. He’s an awesome teacher. Awesome guy.”
“You know, I’d been meaning to ask you, about James…” Lyle leaned in, conspiratorially. Darby’s smile was faltering, but courtesy won out and she leaned in to hear.
“Are you fucking him?”
Darby recoiled, as though he had spit on her.
“Do you laugh at me, when you do it? When you fuck, do you laugh at the scabby, horn-dog professor?”
Darby’s breath hitched in her chest, she looked like she was about to cry. She took a step back. She looked down the bar, and then past him—toward the door.
Bouncer, he thought. She’s looking for the bouncer.
“I think you need to—” she began.
Then Lyle said the Word. The alien Word, meant to be moaned, easy as pie, really, when you thought about it, how the sounds flowed together. The Word that meant libido.
Darby froze. Her pupils flickered, Lyle saw, they constricted down to pinpricks, and then dilated as wide as they could go, swallowing the puppy-dog brown of her irises. Her face went slack. That wide, expensive smile vanished, and her mouth hung slightly open.
“Moisten your lips, Darby,” he said.
Her tongue slid out, pink and supple, and she obeyed.
Oh, my God, she OBEYED.
Lyle’s penis twitched in his pants, he realized he was painfully erect, his balls aching. He realized he had been, had been since—since I said the Word—since he had her and a cruel, savage sense of triumph shook him, he felt his pulse hammering in his veins, he felt like standing up on the bar and—
ROARING I want to ROAR at this dewy twat and all her imbecilic peers—
But instead, he took his cock firmly in his hand, through the cheap fabric of his Ross trousers, squeezed himself, and said—
“What are we going to do with you, Darby?”
Lyle fucked her in the alleyway behind O’Flaherty’s. That meant hurrying more than he liked, the dumpster provided cover but the blocks surrounding the campus were too well policed. It was all right, though. Now that he was armed with the libido-Word, the next time could be more leisurely.
He took her in. All of her. The small, surprisingly dark nipples, nothing like he’d imagined. The fine, black hairs on the nape of her neck, the peach fuzz of her freckled low back, her inner thighs. Her panties were white briefs with green stitching, they were covered with tiny frogs. He tugged them down, and nuzzled her there. He left hickeys, on her ass, her mons. Her smooth, exquisite young cunt.
Lyle took her from behind and saw the groggy confusion in her dilated eyes, the amazementand through that the pleasure, the unsuspected, unwanted, violating pleasure that jolted moans out of her.
Lyle sucked her neck, bit it, hard enough to sting. She gave a tiny mewl as she came, and her spasm triggered him also. Lyle buried himself to the hilt in her, finished in her, and felt—
Like a king. Like a GOD.
They stayed there as the minutes stretched out, panting, still joined. He savored her, until his own tumescence vanished, and he slipped out. Lyle patted her derriere.
“Get dressed and get back to work, Darby,” he said. “We don’t want you to get in trouble.”
She jerked her head, drunkenly, from side to side, as though she were trying to shake water out of her ears. Lyle breathed deep, in through his nose, the fine scents of the city. Fried food nearby, probably the Thai joint catty-corner to the pub. He stood and admired, as Darby tugged her frog-panties back up those long pale legs.
“I’ll see you in class.”
Darby stared blankly at him as he took up his suitcase, turned, and strode into the night.
When Lyle opened his eyes the next morning, he was only mildly surprised to discover that he felt no guilt at all. The sun streamed in, the world was up and running, coffee was calling, and by God he felt fine.
He sat up in bed, stretched. He glanced at the alarm clock, that hateful sentinel, now toothless—10:27AM. The mattress was bare, beneath him. He’d never washed the sheets. Puddled on the floor were yesterday’s clothes. He resisted the urge to tidy them up. Later. He padded to the bathroom and went about his ablutions, brushed his teeth, took out his shaving kit. He had used the sleep-Word on himself again, last night. After.
After! He let the memories wash over him. Her smell: the tang of sweat, bar-odors, the undercurrent of peach soap. The taste of her! And then the feast, afterward. He had followed his nose to Great Elephant Thai, wolfed down a plate of kai thot, fried to a crisp and dripping oil. It may have been the finest meal of his life.
And he had had such dreams! Dreams of Darby, and of favorites past. Dreams of fucking and of wealth and of slights avenged and of respectful, deferential looks, dreams of voices falling silent when he entered a room, of every eye on him. A song lyric drifted into his head, something from his childhood, a favorite of his father’s one long summer, repeated ad nauseam on the fourteen-hour drive down to Savannah.
Twenty years a’crawlin’… were bottled up in Tommy… he wasn’t holding nothin’ back, he let ‘em have it all…” Lyle sang, full voice, into the morning. A stupid grin spread over his face, as he wicked away the last patch of Barbasol, the careful spot right over his Adam’s apple, and rinsed his razor. He took a long look at Mirror-Lyle, looked into his eyes. He almost always avoided a close examination of his reflection, force of habit, but today he was a new man, and he wanted to take that man’s measure.
Everyone… considered him… THE COWARD OOOF… the COUNTYYYY…”
Something else surfaced, then, in his memory, something that cranked the wattage down on his smile. He didn’t get all of it, just a glimpse, like a dorsal fin rising above the water. He had dreamed of more than power and sex. There had been something else. Lyle had a vague red recollection of tangled depths and faceless figures. His mind offered up a fleeting image of a crumbling stone structure, of keening wind and squat pillars; and of a great broken vault overhead, through which could be seen a blasted sky.
Lyle charged his phone as he brewed up a fresh pot. It had run out of juice somewhere during yesterday’s festivities, and when it finally powered up again it began to vibrate against the Formica tabletop in his dining nook. He ignored the first two pulses, but the phone insistently continued, not with the regular rhythm of an incoming call, but rather the inconsistent bursts of message notifications trickling in from the cloud. He tapped the touchscreen, and saw he had seven missed calls: one from a colleague, yesterday; and six from James, each one with a voicemail attached. The most recent of these had come just twenty minutes ago.
Lyle sipped on his coffee as he retrieved the briefcase from beneath his bed. He sat at his dinette and removed the fascicle, easily finding the rigid page. He opened it, and this time the new Word was waiting for him below the first, long entry: the entry corresponding to the letter “A” itself. This Word was angry, Ks and Zs, a hornet-word, serpent-word. Lyle looked to the white space, where the definition would arise. He pricked his forefinger with the tip of a steak knife and squeezed out two droplets of blood.
der zorn
Lyle sipped. Lyle thought. Greek, then Latin, now German. Was it moving forward in time? He wondered again about those first shapes he had seen, in the library. The more he tried to remember the more he doubted they had been in Greek. Something older, maybe. Phoenician syllabary? He would likely never know. But the Words were changing. The book was changing.
And there was this: both of the—spells, they’re spells, let’s cut the shit—both of the Words it had given him so far had been…
“Intuitive,” he said finally. “Useful. Like it knew.”
Lyle took down the last foil sleeve of blueberry Pop Tarts from his cupboard. Pauper’s breakfast, he thought, but not for much longer. He searched through his contacts until he found the number for the Chancellor’s office. He thumbed the little blue phone icon beside it.
Lyle had just started boxing up his things when James burst into his office, perfectly symmetrical face distorted by fury, his generous features made ugly. Ah, the righteousness of youth. James took in the dense sheaf of Staples boxes, waiting to be folded; took in the bare walls, the stacked diplomas and photographs.
“What the fuck is this?” he demanded.
“Emergency leave,” Lyle answered with a dismissive wave. “I’ve had a family crisis. I’m afraid I have to attend to it. Professor Chole will be taking over my workload for the remainder of the semester, I’m sure she’ll be in touch—"
“What did you do to Darby? What the fuck did you do?” James spoke with the husky, quaking tone of pure adrenaline. He was just barely restraining himself from lunging across the desk, Lyle realized. He took the younger man in with bemused calm. He let the moment stretch out.
“Therese called me,” James continued, the words throttling out of him. “Darby’s roommate. She came home last night, she has—bruises, all over her, little, little bites—she won’t speak, she just sits there and cries, but she said your name. It’s the only thing she said. What did you do to her, Lyle? Did you rape her?”
“Dr. Hereford,” Lyle replied.
James craned forward. “What?”
You don’t get to call me Lyle.”
Lower, now, almost a whisper: “Tell me what you did to her.”
“I made her come,” Lyle said. “And she fucking loved it.
James did lunge then, he screamed and he leapt across the desk, coming down on Lyle in a tangle of thrashing limbs and rabbit punches, the two of them toppling Lyle’s chair, compressing awkwardly into the tight space between desk and wall. James kicked hard off of the gray metal drawers, managing to end up on top. His hands found Lyle’s throat and began to squeeze. Lyle felt himself constricting, felt the energy draining out of him, pinned, as he lost oxygen. He noticed the curds of spittle at the corners of James’s snarling mouth. He started to see spots in the periphery of his vision, and as he slapped ineffectually at James’s face he thought am I going to die here—?
Lyle dug down for the last of his strength. The Word chose me. This wasn’t the end. Couldn’t be the end. He extended his leg as far as it would go, and used the distance to drive his knee, hard, into James’s crotch. A grunting exhale was propelled out of the younger man. Lyle pulled back to do it again; James squeezed his thighs together to block, and when he did, he compromised his balance. He took one hand off Lyle’s throat and thrust out his arm to catch himself as be began to roll, allowing Lyle to draw in a long, ragged breath.
Then Lyle spoke the Word.
The der zorn-Word.
The word that meant anger, that meant rage, that meant WRATH.
“Son. Son, you’re bleeding, let me—let me help you, come on. Son, it’s gonna be okay, come on, now— “
The campus policeman approaches James like a dog that might be rabid, that slow hunched posture with arms wide, except for the policeman it’s only one arm because his right hand is flush up against his service weapon and his thumb snaps the little thumbsnap and it’s a very small noise but it’s so loud in James’s head and he shakes it, his head, does James, from side to side, in herks and jerks, like a dog that might be rabid, now, like there’s water in his ears and he’s trying to shake it out, is James, and the policeman is coming on and speaking in clear precise syllables that explode behind James’s temples, clusterbomb-words, and the cop is speaking but he’s hearing another voice, is James, and it’s Lyle’s voice, it’s Dr. L’s voice, not Lyle never Lyle, and Dr. L’s voice is saying snakebit you’re snakebit she fucking LOVED it and James touches his own face now and it must be true because there’s blood on his face and when he blinks his blink is heavy and liquid like he just dropped Visine in there but the thing is but only but except it’s blood and he’s bleeding from the eyes, is James, and now the policeman is right on top of him saying “son what happened can you hear me respond if you can hear me” and James hears the exploding words all right and he blinks and blood oozes from the corners of his eyes and the cop is changing now, in the blood, his face is BOILING and now it’s Darby’s face on the policeman and she opens her mouth and her head cranes back and she’s ruined inside OH FUCK SHE’S RUINED INSIDE SHOT HERSELF SHE SHOT HERSELF SHE’S SHOT and now it’s DR L IT’S DR L SCREAMING SNAKEBIT SNAKEBIT SNAKEBIT—
James rears back and head-butts the campus cop as hard as he can, the smooth acne-less center of James’s forehead connecting with the soft cartilage of the policeman’s nose. A sick crunch echoes in the lobby of the Humanities building, a young woman close enough to hear it vomits on the floor, it is the first puking incident of the day but not the last.
The cop recoils with a sick moan, in his surprise clapping his hands to his shattered nose; in that moment James bellows, an awful inarticulate animal sound of hate, and yanks the policeman’s service piece free of his holster.
The handful of rubbernecking students freeze as James shoots the policeman in the face.
The policeman’s name is (was) Lou, the students know, and he is (was) genial and well-liked. A silent second passes in the lobby, and then the screaming begins.
James dips down and pulls two spare clips out of Lou’s belt. He pockets them. When James looks up, he doesn’t see fleeing students.
He sees Dr. L.
A gaggle of Dr. L’s. A school, a clutch, a murder. He sees laughing Dr. L’s running in every direction, diving behind furniture, breaking for the street or hurtling into the stairwells. One Dr. L dives behind the reception desk. James starts after him on wooden legs.
When he reaches the desk, there is Dr. L beneath it, a cell phone in his hand, cackling. James shoots him in the stomach. Dr. L keeps right on laughing, howling with it now, whatever it is must be hilarious, a real knee-slapper, then James remembers its him, Dr. L is laughing at him so James shoots him again, shoots him so he’ll stop but there are so many more
Lyle Hereford, Ph.D., rested his browning forearms on the wrought iron railing of his third-floor balcony. He looked out over the Gulf of Mexico. The breeze was warm and gentle, suffusing, but it no longer calmed him. He took no notice of it. He was lost, as he was always now lost, in thought.
The one, lone thought.
It had taken a little less than two weeks for James’s horrific shooting spree to drop out of the news. The demands for GUN CONTROL NOW (or, conversely, for guns in every classroom) receded and were shelved for the next go-round. Politicians took to the field and unfurled their heraldry for the usual pro-forma skirmishes. Then, mercifully, a Cabinet official fucked somebody he really shouldn’t have and the national discourse (such as it was) barreled off, like a dog chasing a ball that its owner had only pretended to throw. As to why a handsome, popular, well-adjusted student should suddenly snap and murder sixteen of his fellows? The theories ranged from medically reasonable (an inoperable tumor which could not be verified via autopsy, as James’s brains had been removed by the responding tactical unit); to the paranoiac (James had been the subject of a Manchurian Candidate-style CIA/NSA/Acronym-of-your-choice experiment gone horribly wrong); to the Occult (the Devil made him do it).
Lyle had enjoyed that last one.
What Lyle had not enjoyed was that some of the conspiracy theorists, and even some of the legitimate press, had mentioned him by name. He had disappeared, after all, on an auspicious and chaotic day, to manage a crisis no one could verify involving a family no one could find. It had not been difficult to remain ahead of any enterprising investigators, though. Not with the Words.
And there had been so many more Words. Words in French and Finnish and Russian and Spanish and Mandarin. Words that meant envy and silence and fear and blindness and, perhaps the most potent yet, a Word that meant stupid. Lyle had employed that one against a statie who pulled him over as he crossed the Louisiana line, coming through Vicksburg. The guy had been six-two, maybe two-twenty, with sharp, curious eyes sunk deep in his skull. Lyle hadn’t liked the way he had looked at him, so he used the Word. Now the statie—Edmonds was his name, Trooper Edmonds—was six-two, two-twenty of drooling simpleton, probably staring at a wall somewhere in the nearest brain injury ward and driving the resident neurologists absolutely bugshit.
By the time Lyle made it to a quiet, lazy town on the Cajun Riviera and decided to set a spell, he had traded in his Acura for a Beemer and was carrying close to a hundred and twelve thousand dollars in cash. He had also acquired a 9mm Ruger and a shotgun with a pistol grip (the dealer had called it a snake charmer just before Lyle killed him).
None of that matters now, though.
All that mattered was the Word. Which, he had come to realize, was the last Word.
Because the book was alive, of course, had always been alive, Lyle knew that. Hadn’t let himself come right out and say it, but he knew. It had slept, maybe, possibly, until he woke it, with his touch, with his blood, but if it slept, it woke up thirsty. The book was always ready with the next Word, the next thing he would need. The book was collaborating with him. It was dancing with him, and at first he had thought he was the one leading, but now he knew better.
Lyle felt it. Felt it—pulling on him. All the time. Felt it in the room behind him, pulling, knew that he would go back in, sooner or later, go back in, and open the book, the book that has been leading him. Knew that he would open its hundreds of pages, because it was longer now, because it had grown, because it was three inches thick and the front plating had vanished and it wasn’t pretending to be a dictionary anymore.
He knew that he would open it and on every single page, centered, would be a single Word, the last Word, the Word that he will say, that he must say, sooner or later, and under it swirling in blood, blood that must be the book’s own, the final explication, the final command, the final meaning, and God, oh God, Lyle was afraid, because the last Word was
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2023.05.31 23:25 redbankresident Good Kickaround Kit?

I've been playing for 20+ years. I have a 70's Ludwig kit that I love, but now I'm playing in a bar band (think 60's psych - Nuggets style) - and want a set that I can bring around and not have to worry too much if it gets dinged up, etc.
Any recommendations for a kit that is quality, sounds good - but can be bought for like $300-$750?
Appreciate any/all recommendations - thanks!
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2023.05.31 23:25 neonit42 empty containers

so for some reason I have kitchen and bedroom containers empty. no items at all, no matter how many containers I searched. I'm quite sure this is a mod issue, but I just don't know what mod could cause that. any help?
mods loaded:
mod = ModManager, mod = CheatMenuRB, mod = AzaDesertTiles, mod = AzaMountainTiles, mod = Cookie\_Tiles, mod = Diederiks Tile Palooza, mod = DylansTiles, mod = EN\_Newburbs, mod = EN\_Flags, mod = FantaStreetTiles\_01, mod = FearsFunkyTiles, mod = ManikRetexture\_Clean\_Tiles, mod = melos\_tiles\_for\_miles\_pack, mod = OujinjinTiles, mod = PertsPartyTiles, mod = simonMDsTiles, mod = SkizotsTiles, mod = TileFixes, mod = TryhonestyTiles, mod = iverytiles\_01, mod = tkTiles\_01, mod = 10YL\_RC, mod = 10YL\_KINGSMOUTH, mod = 10YL\_MAPS, mod = 10YL\_SAVEYOURSTATION, mod = XRoadsGunExpo, mod = Authentic Z - Current, mod = BedfordFalls, mod = Bendys Bunker v2, mod = Blackwood, mod = Checkpoint\_1, mod = Checkpoint\_2, mod = Checkpoint\_3, mod = Checkpoint\_4, mod = Checkpoint\_5, mod = Checkpoint\_6, mod = Chinatown, mod = Crossroads Checkpoint, mod = Cruise boat, mod = CruiseShip, mod = Desert, mod = EVAC\_Louisville, mod = EVAC\_Muldraugh, mod = EdsAutoSalvage, mod = EerieCountry, mod = ForagingZ, mod = FortKnoxLinked, mod = FORTREDSTONE, mod = Fort Rock Ridge, mod = Fort Waterfront, mod = GreenHellCommunityCenter, mod = InGameMaps, mod = InGameMaps\_Vanilla, mod = InGameMaps\_WestPointExpansion, mod = WestPointExpansion, mod = InGameMaps\_EerieCountry, mod = InGameMaps\_FortKnoxLinked, mod = InGameMaps\_FortKnoxRoad, mod = FortKnoxRoad, mod = InGameMaps\_FortRedstone, mod = Lighthousematrioshka, mod = Insurgent, mod = LincolnRegionalAirport, mod = LouisvilleBridgeSpawn, mod = Louisville\_Quarantine\_Zone, mod = metro, mod = military fuel depot, mod = MonkeysStartScenarioBase, mod = MonkeysStartScenarioBikerBackwardsCompatibilityPatch, mod = MuldraughCheckpoint, mod = OccupiedLouisvilleSpawnpoints12, mod = Otr, mod = OtrSR, mod = RV\_Interior\_MP, mod = RabbitHashKY, mod = RavenCreek, mod = SpawnsRC, mod = rbr, mod = rbrA2, mod = Riverwood, mod = RMH, mod = RosewoodVHSGunStores, mod = Sailors - Custom Spawn Mod -, mod = SaveOurStation\_KnoxCountry, mod = SecretZ\_v3, mod = RavenCreekEerieCompatibleSlocanLake, mod = RavenCreekEerieCompatibleSlocanLakeIngameMap, mod = TrimbleCountyPowerStation, mod = Legacy\_California, mod = Legacy\_Louisiana, mod = Legacy\_Vinegrove, mod = BRDM2, mod = UH60Helicopter, mod = UH60HelicopterSPspawns, mod = fol\_Take\_A\_Bath, mod = 67commando, mod = 78amgeneralM35A2, mod = 78amgeneralM49A2C, mod = 78amgeneralM50A3, mod = 78amgeneralM62, mod = 82oshkoshM911, mod = 86fordE150, mod = KI5VansExtra, mod = 86oshkoshP19A, mod = 87cruiser, mod = 90fordF350ambulance, mod = 92amgeneralM998, mod = 97bushmaster, mod = 10YearsLaterOccupations, mod = ProfessionFramework, mod = 10YearsLaterOccupationsSpawnItems, mod = 10yearslaterwrecksonly, mod = Alex, mod = Alex2, mod = ADRENALINE\_MOD, mod = AkyHair, mod = blkt\_crosshair, mod = blkt\_fonts, mod = ammomaker, mod = am\_bc, mod = hironiimenu, mod = Arsenal(26)GunFighter\[MAIN MOD 2.0\], mod = amclub, mod = tsarslib, mod = autotsartrailers, mod = ATA\_Bus, mod = ATA\_Jeep, mod = AZAGRAFFITI, mod = VISIBLE\_BACKPACK\_BACKGROUND, mod = BarricadeHurtZombies, mod = BarricadedWorld, mod = BatteryJumpstarter, mod = BetterFlashlights, mod = bettermasks, mod = bettermasks\_WMPatch, mod = WorkingMasks, mod = Better crowbar, mod = BetterSortCC, mod = Betterhandwash, mod = BB\_Cammo, mod = BB\_Utils, mod = BreakIntoTears, mod = ddBritaSoundFix, mod = BritaModelTweak, mod = Brita\_2, mod = BritasArmor\_Rig\_PawPaw\_Patch, mod = Brita, mod = DJ\_BritaPatch, mod = TheWorkshop(new version), mod = VOICE\_FRAMEWORK, mod = BuildOneByOne, mod = pz-bzoukhotbar, mod = bcUtils, mod = CAV\_Brawler, mod = Camo Netting, mod = CanteensAndBottles, mod = CDOI, mod = ChevalDeFrise, mod = Chloe Price, mod = ChristmasTime, mod = claimSH, mod = cleanashes, mod = MoreCLR\_desc4mood, mod = ClothesBoxRedux, mod = ClothingPreset, mod = BB\_CommonSense, mod = isoContainers, mod = ContainmentOperator\_Profession, mod = CraftHelperContinued, mod = MetalDrumRainCollector, mod = SteamCraftableEyepatches, mod = ARNHOutfits, mod = UniformsNH, mod = craftingEnhancedCore, mod = cremation, mod = DRLStandalone, mod = FH, mod = DRAW\_ON\_MAP, mod = DryFishMod, mod = waterPipes, mod = ducksBZSF, mod = DylansZombieLoot, mod = DynamicMining, mod = DynamicMonolog, mod = EasyConfigChucked, mod = eggonsAllDoorsAreYours, mod = eggonsModdingUtils, mod = EQUIPMENT\_UI, mod = EntertainYourself, mod = EssentialCrafting, mod = MezzHairColors, mod = EverythingHasAName, mod = ExerciseWithGear, mod = ExpandedHelicopterEvents, mod = ExtraMapSymbols, mod = ExtraMapSymbolsUI, mod = EN\_Flags\_Craft, mod = ExtraNoise's TV Channel 13, mod = FWOFitnessWorkoutOverhaul, mod = FWOBenchPress&Treadmill, mod = FancyHandwork, mod = FasterHoodOpening, mod = FearTheSun, mod = FencingKits, mod = firegastrail, mod = FAKRemodel, mod = FixCapacityOverlap, mod = FixTooltipLag, mod = FuelAPI, mod = FUMOTH, mod = FunctionalChainsaw, mod = GenRange, mod = Glow Sticks, mod = GunSuicide, mod = GunFighter\_Radial\_Menu, mod = HEADGEAR, mod = CAR, mod = HHair, mod = HSPR, mod = HealthPlus, mod = IBM-EB, mod = ImprovedBuildMenuFallen, mod = ItemTweakerAPI, mod = ImmersiveOverlaysRetextureLessIntrusiveVersion, mod = Improved\_Blood\_Ffects, mod = Improved\_Fire\_And\_Smoke\_Ffects, mod = improvedhairmenu, mod = ImprovisedBackpacks, mod = ImprovisedGlass, mod = IndustrialOvenFix, mod = RiskyInspectWeapon, mod = INVENTORY\_TETRIS, mod = ItemTweakerAPIExtraClothingAddon, mod = jumpThroughWindows, mod = kamaz53949, mod = Kate Marsh, mod = KitdeCostura, mod = KnifeAction, mod = KnivesCutClothesAndHair, mod = Lifestyle, mod = Lingering Voices, mod = LongLifeBulbs, mod = LuckyPlushies, mod = lumberjackshirtsrecolored, mod = M113\_APC\_by\_Papa\_Chad, mod = MaintenanceImprovesRepair, mod = MapLegendUI, mod = MapSymbolSizeSlider, mod = mileage-expansion, mod = MGRS (FMCCYAYFGLE), mod = Military\_Tool\_Kit, mod = MiniHealthPanel, mod = MinimalDisplayBars, mod = PSiMusic, mod = truemusic, mod = MoarCanOpeners, mod = modoptions, mod = MoodleDog, mod = MoodleFramework, mod = MonkeysStartScenarioJaap, mod = MonkeysStartScenarioRV, mod = FRUsedCars, mod = MonkeysStartScenarioBikerAutoTsarMotorclub, mod = MoreBuilds, mod = More Builds Plus, mod = More Gloves, mod = MMS, mod = MoreMaps, mod = mccsMod, mod = MusicfortheEndOP, mod = MusicfortheEndEX, mod = DDU\_NamedMaps, mod = necoarcmask, mod = NepBatteryColor, mod = NepEngineColor, mod = newcontainers, mod = Anim\_HandTorch, mod = M998NH, mod = NightVisionChucked, mod = eris\_nightvision\_goggles, mod = NVG, mod = NVAPI, mod = nattachments, mod = noirrsling, mod = OutTheWindow, mod = PaddedArmor, mod = PwSleepingbags, mod = PLLoot, mod = HarmonicaLS, mod = MilPoncho, mod = postapoc\_occupations, mod = projcardz, mod = PushFurniture, mod = RCExplosivesZ, mod = RDC\_Z777, mod = RainCleansBlood, mod = RainWash, mod = ReactiveSoundEvents, mod = RealShoulderHolsters, mod = RebalancedPropMoving, mod = ReloadAllMagazines, mod = RemoveDebris, mod = RenameContainers, mod = REORDER\_CONTAINERS, mod = REORDER\_THE\_HOTBAR, mod = JSRetroBooks, mod = rideabletrucks, mod = RotatorsLib, mod = RusGarments, mod = SaveOurStation\_Core, mod = satchelwithbagsIT, mod = SavottaBackpacks, mod = ScavengingSkillFixed, mod = seifuku, mod = ScrapArmor(new version), mod = ScrapArmorTweaks, mod = scrapcec, mod = ScrapGuns(new version), mod = ScrapWeapons(new version), mod = ScrapWeaponsMagazineFix, mod = ScreamerZRare, mod = ServingPlates, mod = BLTAnnotations, mod = Shoutsound, mod = SimpleConvertToBritaSRC, mod = SimplePlayablePianos4150, mod = UIAPI, mod = SkillRecoveryJournal, mod = Skizots Visible Boxes and Garbage2, mod = SIB3402, mod = sleeponit, mod = SlowConsumption, mod = snowiswaterbeta, mod = TieOnSpearheads, mod = SpnOpenCloth, mod = SpnHair, mod = spraypaintEDIT, mod = MetroLifestyleAddonSkill, mod = StalkerLifestyleAddonSkill, mod = SteamPoweredGenerator, mod = DropRollMod, mod = SuperbSurvivorsContinued, mod = SBM, mod = 2622297867, mod = Swatpack, mod = AnimSync, mod = tactorgsol, mod = Tariq's Beards, mod = DivisionBackpack, mod = TheEngineer, mod = Amputation2, mod = P4TidyUpMeister, mod = TileFixes\_ParkingGateNoStop, mod = TomClancyProfessions, mod = Trash and Corpses But Just The Interactive Trash, mod = TreesHaveLoot, mod = TrueCrouching, mod = Metro-Exodus-Music-Pack, mod = reality's\_music, mod = EDGERUNNERS\_music\_mod, mod = TrueActionsPatch4173, mod = TMC\_TrueActions, mod = TurnOffTVRadioFromContextMenu, mod = DRK\_1, mod = UndeadSuvivor, mod = UnderCoverOfDarkness, mod = unstacklogsontheground, mod = AlicesMultiWearVanilla, mod = VestsandOveralls, mod = Video\_Game\_Consoles, mod = VGC\_Addon\_GameBoyGames, mod = mrnvsbhltr, mod = VisibleHolster\_rexexture\_black, mod = VOICES, mod = rSemiTruck, mod = LexxRigsExtra, mod = WZ531\_APC, mod = WalkieTalkieModelsB41, mod = rWaterTrailerSemi, mod = rWaterTrailer, mod = WaterPipes Plus, mod = TheStar, mod = Wheelbarrow, mod = FC4WT, mod = WorkingVending, mod = YakiHSBasegameTexture, mod = YakiHS, mod = YouDriveISleep, mod = ZRemoteDoorControlSystemUIVol1, mod = VaccinDrReapers, mod = addTrailerHome\_RV\_Interior\_MP, mod = ahzbritagrayskins, mod = clothesboxskirtmeshfix, mod = errorMagnifier, mod = ezDirt, mod = sDayZ.MinimalDisplayBars, mod = uaz2206, mod = zReBetterLockpicking, mod = QNW\_Ladder, mod = QNW\_QNWLibrary, mod = Mirror\_avator, mod = BetterMakeup, mod = Replace Bandage, 
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2023.05.31 23:24 Grizelda179 Legion 5 3070 11800h mini stutters

So I've had the laptop for a year plus now. So far it has worked pretty well, decent temps and performance.
However, maybe a month ago I started noticing these mini stutters that would happen in different games. FM23, tape to tape, now it has started happening in nba 2k (recently started playing 2k but for the first couple of days there were no stutters, now there's a couple every 5 mins. In 2k the mini stutters make the FPS dip from a stable 60 to around 40-50 for a second, whilst in FM the dip is even bigger, the whole gameplay stutters quite noticeably.
Interestingly, in other games like rocket league or hogwarts legacy this doesn't happen at all.
in FM and T2T they're much more noticeable. Is it a hardware issue, and if so, is there a way to diagnose if my hardware is getting degraded, or can this be fixed somehow?
The only thing I could correlate with these stutters is possibly me getting avast free antivirus at a similar time that they started happening which is on 24/7, is it possible that this is causing it? Otherwise I do not really mess with any settings, apart from disabling the Xbox game bar. Latest nvidia and windows updates.
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2023.05.31 23:11 Troothe TrootheMC [Java + Bedrock] [SMP] [Skyblock] [Oneblock] [KitPVP] [Parkour] [& SO much more!] [1.12-1.19.4]

IP: (Bedrock Port: 25565)
TrootheMC is striving to be the best cross-play Minecraft server out there, providing a lag-free, stable, and fun place for all players to get together and "mine the craft" in whatever way they see fit.
Hermitcraft-like SMP
We are currently in Season 2 of our SMP, offering improved world generation, shops/claims, "vanilla" economy, head collecting, game tweaks / quality-of-life improvement (like armored elytra, for example), and SO much more!
Extra Game Modes
In addition to our seasonal SMP and minigames (mentioned below), we also have the following game modes you can play either by yourself, or with a team! \ • Skyblock\ • Oneblock\ • Skygrid\ • Caveblock\ • Acid Island\ • Creative
We also offer the following minigames on our server, with occasional game nights hosted in our Discord! \ • Parkour (comp.)\ • Kit PVP\ • Bridge Duels\ • Block Party\ • TNT Run\ • TNT Tag\ • Bomb Lobbers\ • Splegg\ • Quake\ • Mini Walls\ • Party Games\ • Prop Hunt\ • Temple Run
Our Community
We are a fairly small community, but recently have been opening up server to more players as we would like to share the great experience we've created.
Have questions? Please feel free to reply here, check out our site, join our Discord, or join the server and chat with us there! :)
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2023.05.31 22:48 brianchxi [USA-PA] [H] Nintendo Wii U, 2DS, Philips PicoPix Micro Projector [W] PayPal

Hi everyone! The prices include PayPal G&S shipped and I would prefer to do bundle discounts. I am selling some things that do not get much use out of me so here it is:
Super Mario 3D World Wii U 32 GB bundle preinstalled. Comes with everything in the picture. 1x power cable, 1x controller charging cable and 2x third-party chargers, 1x charging dock, and 1x wii controller sensor bar (no HDMI cable but I could find a short one that I do not use if you really need). I also have old classic Wii games and old Wii controllers if you are interested. Owned for a couple years everything works fine just collected dust. $170
2DS has original charger, stylus, and a skin which has an LV x Supreme design on the sides and back which you can take off no original box. I have an SD card in it which has Mario Kart 7, Mario Party: Island Tour, New Super Mario Bros 2. Owned for a couple years and still works flawlessly. $80
Philips PicoPix Micro Projector includes all original accessories but no box and an HDMI to mini HDMI cable which I purchased from Amazon. Owned for half a year and used about 10 times. $70
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2023.05.31 22:38 _nepenthes_ Back to the "box"

Zomg, I finally got cleared lift more than 20 pounds--and indeed do any activity at all besides walking--at my 1 month post-op appointment yesterday. I was soooo excited to get back to CrossFit. Literally went to the next available class.
Even after only 22 lbs lost since surgery, the difference in my mobility was huge! It feels like I lost it all from my stomach and hip area. We do a warmup that's essentially cobra pose into downward dog, then step forward into a forward fold across the gym. My gut used to get in my way so much that I couldn't step forward very far and it would take me like twice as many rounds as everyone else to do the distance. Now, I can practically step to my hands.
We do another warm up that's deep lunges and stretches across the gym and I've never been able to actually lower myself into a real lunge and get back out before. Yesterday I did 2 on each side before it was too hard to continue.
And I hung from a bar for 3 seconds in a row, which is 3 seconds more than I've ever been able to do.
It's not all roses. I'm still at around 600 calories a day, so I spent much more of the work out looking at the kettlebell/barbell rather than lifting the kettlebell/barbell than I would have liked. But I'm so frickin' happy to be back.
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2023.05.31 22:32 RedditUser_24601 Files from external volume is taking up space on internal SSD

Mac mini M1 with APFS.
I have a 2TB external SSD that houses my entire home folder. When I access the ~/Library/Mobile Documents, I can see that everything from iCloud Drive has been downloaded and taking up ~360GB.
When I access the iCloud Drive via the side bar on Finder, many files show that they are not downloaded and reside in the cloud. I can, however, watch a 500MB video going straight to Mobile Documents, but if I click on it through Finder side bar, it needs to download the same file before I can watch it.
I realized that the file is being downloaded to a location on the internal SSD even though the home folder is on my external drive.
Further investigating shows the file is downloading to a location on the internal SSD. It’s under Macintosh HD/Volumes/External Drive/Users/~/Library/Mobile Documents. I verified this by un-mounting the external drive and the external drive and file is still there under Volumes. I can load and watch the video. Very strange. On the other hand, there are other files listed that were NOT manually downloaded from iCloud Drive that show up, like a JPG showing 5MB, but I cannot view it. Quick Look just shows the file icon.
Is this normal behavior for an external volume to take space on an internal SSD? Shouldn’t external volumes disappear once un-mounted? Is this a feature of APFS? Some sort of caching?
Sorry I know this is long an kind of convoluted, but it’s a very specific situation. Could be some sort of symlink corruption due to my non-standard implementation of the home folder on an external volume.
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2023.05.31 21:23 SylvianGames Help narrowing down a UI aesthetic?

Help narrowing down a UI aesthetic?
Looking for some opinions on my projects UI direction.
I wanted to start with the general HUD and work out from there. Made a few mock-ups in photoshop to help envision each idea. Started with 6 completely different set-ups and have been eliminating each one based on feedback. Down to the last three now.
All colors, positions, text/font, etc. is NOT final. My only goal here is to settle on an overall style. Project is third person shooter. HUD would only appear while aiming down sights and shortly thereafter. Setting is 1980s, realistic science-fiction, serious tone.

Config1. Left Hexagon= Health. Bottom displays current ammo in gun over total ammo on person. Top is your 'medkit' count. Right is your grenade count. The fill color of each hexagon will rise and lower based on the current value.

Config 3. The smaller bars below the Health Bar are the 'med kit' counts. The smaller bars below the golden Ammo Bar are the grenade counts.

Config 5. Pretty much self-explanatory at this point. Will most likely change out the text for small icons if this option is picked.

Open to any suggestions. Thanks for taking the time out to read this post.
View Poll
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2023.05.31 21:04 bhakeman Wanted to do OMAD, but turned into IF (18:6)

I tried OMAD for a month a while back and lost 8lbs but it didn't feel sustainable. I started working from home fulltime shortly after that and the urge to snack occasionally took over.
I seemed to have found a groove and lost about 6.6lbs in the last 6 days:
I still have another 20lbs to get to my goal but this past week feels promising.
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2023.05.31 20:57 Hoonin_Kyoma CMMG .22 Kit- Need Advice

Want/need a .22LR to safely practice on my tiny range. Bought a Tippmann M4 a few years back (2017?), thinking I would practice more with it. Have had many disappointments and issues with it. Thinking about going with the CMMG .22 kit. Here are my questions… - Has anyone tried both of these (Tippmann & the CMMG)? If so, how do they compare? - How reliable is the CMMG? - Is the CMMG “picky” about ammo? I usually run Mini-Mags for something like this. - I’ve heard the barrel and muzzle device get crazy filthy. Is it better to just have a dedicated upper for the CMMG? - Anything missing that I really need to know before the purchase?
Thanks, in advance, for your help.
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2023.05.31 20:45 Troothe TrootheMC [Java + Bedrock] [SMP] [Skyblock] [Oneblock] [KitPVP] [Parkour] [& SO much more!] [1.12-1.19.4]

IP: (Bedrock Port: 25565)
TrootheMC is striving to be the best cross-play Minecraft server out there, providing a lag-free, stable, and fun place for all players to get together and "mine the craft" in whatever way they see fit.
Hermitcraft-like SMP
We are currently in Season 2 of our SMP, offering improved world generation, shops/claims, "vanilla" economy, head collecting, game tweaks / quality-of-life improvement (like armored elytra, for example), and SO much more!
Extra Game Modes
In addition to our seasonal SMP and minigames (mentioned below), we also have the following game modes you can play either by yourself, or with a team! \ • Skyblock\ • Oneblock\ • Skygrid\ • Caveblock\ • Acid Island\ • Creative
We also offer the following minigames on our server, with occasional game nights hosted in our Discord! \ • Parkour (comp.)\ • Kit PVP\ • Bridge Duels\ • Block Party\ • TNT Run\ • TNT Tag\ • Bomb Lobbers\ • Splegg\ • Quake\ • Mini Walls\ • Party Games\ • Prop Hunt\ • Temple Run
Our Community
We are a fairly small community, but recently have been opening up server to more players as we would like to share the great experience we've created.
Have questions? Please feel free to reply here, check out our site, join our Discord, or join the server and chat with us there! :)
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2023.05.31 20:44 meezer54 Bell Fire HH3000 and HomeKit, should I get a better router?

I've been having constant issues this past week since upgrading to iOS 16.5 as well as new architecture for HomeKit. I was using Apple TV as the hub but now they added in my HomePod mini as well. Often, 15+ times a day they are not responding. Outside of rebooting them both by powering them off/on, can I do that remotely? Or is it time to upgrade to HH4000 or better to get myself my own router. Or wait for Apple to fix all these issues? Not sure where to go, any thoughts/advice would be appreciated.
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2023.05.31 20:23 Livid-Technician6432 Need Pricing Help

Need Pricing Help
I’m looking to sell my entire setup and I was wondering if someone could tell me how much I should put it up for or prices on individual items. For reference in picture: - Empire mini gs buccaneer edition with box and tool kit - Virtue VIO Ascend Goggles with original cloth bag - Dye Rotor LTR with speed feed - Empire 68/4500 tank with exalt shoulder grip - Planet Eclipse elbow pads size M - Pod pack with 4 pods
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2023.05.31 20:18 Sexyunicorn99 quick pre-release Zangief overview

1-he's slower.
lp now 7f from 5f in sfv
cr.lp now 5f
lk now 7f 8f
mk still 10f and has great range. I think the hitbox is at the very tip of his shoe.
Hop knee is 14f with 7 active frames. if it hits meaty and/or in drive rush, it can combo. 9f
HK 13f 12f
SPD still 5f
basically add a 2-3f to most of his old moves
2-you can't combo into super 3. tried from many different situations and I couldn't. I think only DI and smetana drop wall splat on Punish counter can be combo'd into super 3.
3-can punish counter very easily into 4k damage with only 2 bars. HK into ex-BD
4-SPD into drive rush if timed correctly can give your opponent anywhere from 6 frames to only 3 frames to act. hard to time correctly due to needing to gauge the distance. I couldn't personally hit any earlier than that.
5-Russian suplex into drive rush is guaranteed frame 1 oki. all versions give same frames except ex which pushes both of you slightly more towards the wall, and gives 27f instead of 26.
6-I remember the cyclone super 2 hitting almost full screen in the closed beta footage. in this version it almost has the same range as VT1.
7-he lost his lp anti-air. seems near impossible to anti-air with it now. seems his anti air normals are hellstab, HK, and cr.hp. hellstab has wider hitbox infront of him than you think
8-Borscht dynamite is not special cancellable. it can also be used from the ground.
9-Mid range EX Siberian express is going to be an online MENACE. it has 23f start-up with 1 hit of armor (non-EX is 28f). if you think you're safe from SPD, you can quickly be grabbed and pushed to the wall. also with drive rush can give you frame 1 oki.
10-SPD range change is noticeable immediately. that bitch hits hella far.
11-punish counter held HP into FULL drive rush is +5 to +7. guranteed hit/grab mix-up and corner carry
12-Tundra storm parried Zangief's own HK, MK, and Lk. in SFV it would've only parried MK. dfHK from zangief does not get reversed BUT ZANGIEF DOESN'T GET DAMAGED EITHER. the attack just bounces off.
13-according to infil, Gief has the highest health of 11000. Honda and Marisa have 10500, rest 10000.
14-super cannot be jumped after flash, 7f start-up
15-Modern Gief gains great on reaction anti-air anti-fireball/whiff punish supers. but loses nearly his entire Punish counter tool-kit. Smetana drop, HK, and Cartwheel. viability all depends on if reaction super is better for him than punish-counters.
16-EX lariat isn't invincible like a DP.
17-EX borscht dynamite is needed to combo into it. regulars will whiff
18-all his supers are invincible on frame 1
19-punish counter Smetana dropkick into FULL drive rush is +12.
I probably missed a lot. so if you want me to test anything, let me know
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2023.05.31 19:40 gamingaway How do you keep your mind occupied?

I'm personally interested in crafty things, but curious about any things that work for you.
I.e. I recently bought a mini DIY windmill generator kit and found it to be a nice distraction from my day to day issues, but it just took a half hour so I'm thinking of things I can do more regularly.
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2023.05.31 19:38 dreamingofislay Feis Ile 2023 Day Five Bowmore & Ardnahoe Day Recap (5/31)

Feis Ile 2023 Day Five Bowmore & Ardnahoe Day Recap (5/31)
Back at it for Day Five of the Feis! Today's the first day split between two whisky distilleries, the island's oldest (Bowmore) and its newest (Ardnahoe). This doubling up is going to be happening more because several new distilleries are opening here (Port Ellen, Portintruan, ili, and Laggan Bay) in the next few years.

The Kinship tasting in a handsome back room of the Ardnahoe Visitor Center
  • Bowmore absolutely killed it in terms of fan service this year. Let's tick off why. First, one of the best swag bags of the week: mini-glencairn glass, lanyard, bung stopper coaster, little lock souvenir, carabinekeychain ring, and a postcard, all in a nice canvas bag. Second, although most of their tastings were bookable in advance, they kept a few slots and events for people to book on arrival, a real treat for those who couldn't snag a ticket online. Third, they had carnival games in the courtyard with nice prizes for winners, including a shuffleboard contest where the day's high scorer would win this year's Feis bottle.
  • And fourth, and most importantly, Bowmore had a killer dram bar that was exactly what I hoped Laphroaig would do yesterday. Everyone got two free dram tokens good for a Bowmore 12 or 15, but the real treat was the cash bar. Want to try the 2023 Feis bottle? 6 pounds. Beyond that, they had a "last drop" menu with prices between 5-15 pounds to try expressions from the last 15 years of Bowmore's history, including a 21-year Port distilled in 1988, an ex-bourbon 21-year-old from 1989, on and on. This is why real whisky lovers want to come to Feis: to try bottles they would never see, probably never even hear about, at home. Bravo on the tasting bar, and a clear win for Bowmore vs. Laphroaig among the Beam Suntory distilleries this year.
  • My only slight negative note is that Bowmore's facility isn't laid out very well for the festival which, fair enough, it's a working distillery, not a party hall. It just so happens that Laphroaig and Caol Ila have these big, wide-open spaces to allow people to congregate. Bowmore's is long and narrow, and around the back of the plant up against the sea, so it funnels people away from the bands and the live music.
  • It is well worth visiting Ardnahoe on this shared day. The distillery is a stark contrast to its older siblings: ultra-modern and sleek, with huge, airy spaces, reminding me more of a high-end winery in Rioja or Napa Valley. Even the stillhouse has floor-to-ceiling windows with a jawdropping view of the water and Jura. The gift shop has dozens of independent bottlings from all over Scotland thanks to Ardnahoe being owned by Hunter Laing. Probably the best single bottle shop on the island. And it may also have the best tasting bar; the menu is a leatherbound book with dozens of offerings and low prices. 5-7.5 pounds for 20-year-old-plus whiskies, which is unheard of, at least in the U.S.
  • Premium events on Feis Ile are often very good values. The Kinship tasting at Ardnahoe is a good example. Kinship is their annual release around festival time and consists of six old and rare expressions (this year's ranged from an unusually young Bruichladdich 18 to two 33-year-old Islay whiskies from Bunnahabhain and Caol Ila). While the ticket was pricey at 100 pounds, the bottles average over 500 pounds, close to 20 pounds per 25 ml pour. Doing the math, these six whiskies cost less per dram at the tasting than in the bottles.
  • Ardnahoe's own single malt is coming out next year for the first time. I asked them to describe it, and they said it's supposed to be "fruit forward, smoke second," peated to around 40 ppm so between Bowmore and the Ardbeg/Laphroaig/Lagavulin trio. Only Islay distillery to use worm tub condensers and with the longest still arms in Scotland, all enhancing the fruitiness of their spirit. So excited to try it next year and hoping a few bottles make it stateside.
  • We do do non-whisky events now and then! Today's was a pottery painting experience at Persabus Pottery, a small cottage shop that sells gorgeous painted pottery and also lets customers paint their own pre-made clay items, ranging from plates to tea kettles to small jugs. The cost of the experience is the cost of the item (most are in the 25-50-pound range; I did a 22.5-pound dinner plate) plus a 2-pound-per-person studio fee for the use of the paints and equipment. It's a serene interlude from a week of downing whiskies. This fun time is available year-round, so I highly recommend it. Here's my poor man's take on Machir Bay, before firing:

Machir Bay, interpreted by a truly horrific artist
  • The people here are so friendly it's unbelievable. I was hanging out in line before Bowmore opened and struck up a conversation with a couple who booked a holiday here not realizing it was Feis week. Turned out, they had tickets to a Laphroaig-run trivia night tonight and couldn't go, and they gave me the passes for free. I wish them good karma for the rest of their trip!
Another day of epic drams, and still a Laphroaig-fueled evening to go:
Bowmore Feis Ile 2023 18 y.o. - Pulled out of oloroso and PX sherry casks, this is a classic, strong example of Bowmore's distillery character. The kind of dram I'd have someone try if they wanted to understand what Bowmore aims to do. Sultanas, dried fruit, rich and sweet.
Kinship 2023 Bunnahabhain 33 y.o. - Another ex-bourbon Bunnahabhain, a rarity. Paul from Ardnahoe gave "heather honey" as a main note, and I'm not going to gainsay his description. It's a classic old ex-bourbon dram with waxy, fruity sweetness and a hint of fresh ginger on the finish.
Kinship 2023 Bruichladdich 18 y.o. red wine cask - By far the darkest dram on the table, and my wife's instant favorite. I called the nose chocolate milkshake; she said malted milk balls and root beer float. Point is: rich, dessert-like aromas, followed by an intense sweet, spicy, and tannic attack that's so characteristic of red wine-matured whiskies and almost resembles a cask-strength bourbon at times.
Kinship 2023 Highland Park 27 y.o. - My favorite of the day, with a chameleon of a nose that started out farmy and funky but transformed over about half an hour to apple pie. The palate was a little medicinal and complex, but the highlight was the finish that burst with floral and orchard fruit notes.
Kinship 2023 Caol Ila 33 y.o. - Just had an older, Douglas Laing Caol Ila 40 earlier in the trip, so it's interesting to try a Hunter Laing now. The two brothers who inherited the company from their father split it down the middle in the aughts, dividing the casks in half, so they have very similar bottlings. This one was a crowd-pleaser and won a survey of all tasting groups today as the collection favorite. Loads of lemon, and then a warming leathery/barbecue smoke on the finish.
Kinship 2023 Bowmore 27 y.o. - My second favorite, this had the most fantastic tropical fruit flavors of any whisky so far this week. Old Bowmore really leans toward that direction, and this one does it to the umpteenth degree.
Kinship 2023 Laphroaig 25 y.o. - The more Laphroaig I try, the more I'm reminded of why it's my favorite distillery. Its medicinal, maritime, yet sweet and fruity (as it matures) profile is instantly recognizable. This one didn't veer off the beaten path at all; could easily mistake it for an exceptional official bottling.
Slainte! Three days left: Kilchoman, Bunnahabhain, and Ardbeg. I wish I never had to leave.
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2023.05.31 18:58 LadyElfriede LadyElfriede's Reviewless Review Recs of May!

Note: I make fun of books and authors, so if you really can’t take being poked at, Spindle Manor will do the poking for you with their long, sexy legs.

Table of Contents: ctrl + f:

Updates: #
Stats: ^
Recs: *
Conclusion: @
Answers: ~
Theme: Ö


Welcome back to Reviewless Review Recs of May!
A short introduction to this post: Every book is recommended, regardless of how bad it is or not. You have the brain capacity to decide if you like it or not, don’t let a stranger make a decision for you.
I speak in the second POV and describe what the book is actually about, and not the false advertising of publishing companies. I do this with shitty jokes and satire and try to convince you to pick up the book, regardless of how I feel about it.
Unlike Hoover, all books deserve a chance….Sigh, OK, fine, fine, Barbara. Even….Even...Eleventh Cycle.

May was filled with disappointment that a jury vote existed and the king of Finland didn’t win Eurovision. The world unanimously cried, but couldn’t be that mad that Loreen won.
Except this bitch.
I fucking wanted Alika to win so badly. I even voted and paid for the first time to give all my votes to her. Her song spoke to me and touched me that it’s never too late to go back to my work.
If Bomanz from Black Company can become a famous sorcerer at his rickety age, maybe we can too!
My favorites of Eurovision (from music videos only, I feel like every one of my favs bombed someway except Finland, France, and Norway):
Czechia (wtf was that live performance...)

In ACTUAL book news, I’ve been waiting patiently for the library to hand me the newest Mark Lawrence book that I’ve been waiting literally 3 and a half weeks now, but I still get bumped down on Libby...for some reason. Eh.
Also since I managed to finish “She Who Rides the Storm”, I finally started “Elantris”. Was a long time coming but was saving it for a while and thought it was finally time to tackle Sanderson. I started Way of Kings with the paperback version and boy, that was a mistake for my ADHD…
And, that’s why I got a Kindle last year.
Anywho, let’s get started!

Some Updates: #

Stats: ^
Books read this month: 10 (+3)
Books I started: 13 (=)
Total amount of words I read (approx): 1,050,508 (-414,261,565) according to last month...I read way more. Not sure why the numbers are this drastic
Books published 2010+ : 8 (N/A)
Mary Sues & John Smiths: 11, give or take (7+)
YA books: 5 (+4)
Good smut scenes: 1 (+1?) I think it was in the Witcher, say what you will about the series, the man knows how to write smut
Light Novels read: 0 (-2)
Books that felt Souls-like: 6 (+2)
Audiobooks: 4 (N/A)
How many brain cells I lost: 529 (+500)
Brain cells gain: 175 (N/A)

What other stats do you guys want to see?

Guessing Game:
Want to know the real rating I gave each of these books anyway, even though the true spirit of this post is to decide for yourself anyway? I know there’s one of you fuckers in here, but here, guess the ratings and the answers are revealed at the end. You anarchist, you.

Reviewless Review Recs: \*

Seven Faceless Saints by M.K. Lobb: Read if you're in the ages 14-18, as this is possibly the most edgiest thing you might read about fictional Italy. Two teens are trying to solve a murder mystery in an alternate universe where Catholicism reigns supreme. Wait.
As an adult, this is a living personification of that one prozd video.
If you ever played Phoenix Wright, you’ll figure out the murderer in 5 seconds. If you haven’t, then maybe this would come as a surprise.
Atheism is talked about on the nose, you can't stop thinking about “Friends” because of "Roz" being mentioned every other second, and our intrepid MC goes to horny jail every other second when she's literally fighting for her life and not focusing on a gun that could disembowel her.
PTSD of war is represented by the male MC who probably once could have been the trope of the “nice guy” in school that you never had interest in, but 3 years later, because he sported 5 o’ clock shadow and has a baritone voice, he’s automatically hot.
Oh, and there are token bi, POC, and elderly people, but they’re only mentioned for a few pages, so don’t expect that much diversity. You think Archer, Maas, and Lobb could actually be friends with each other given how they write their books. A secret society. cough

Ö Theme: Heat Waves – Lime:
Ö Runner up clip: Moist maker (this sandwich is actually GOAT, made it several times):
Between Two Fires by Christopher Buehlman :
Read if Percy Jackson wasn’t edgy and dark enough for you and need something similar. Uniorinically, this is actually not satire but an actual (sorta) rec. Structure is similar to Jackson but with none of the jovial themes and tropes. Think “Lightning Thief”, only dark and edgy with grotesque monsters and, not urbanite Greek deities, but evil people from the Crusades era.
You keep thinking you’ll meet the 4th character in the Sanderson reunion tour, but there’s actually only 3 characters that are on this journey, not 4. So that Italian will actually not join us even though you liked his character a ton and curse at yourself at a potential LGBT partner dude. One day.
You will also find yourself crying, not because of how the story ended, but how the epilogue ended and boot up AO3 to fix everything.
You probably should(n’t) give this book to your aunt for reasons you know in the back of your mind but your evil AF. Maybe offer this to at Christmas and explain that it’s a book about a pilgrimage...(which isn’t totally wrong) but you’re a little bastard that is gonna get an ass whopping next Christmas, but it’ll be worth it.

Ö Theme: Alika- Bridges:

Time of Contempt (Volume (???)) by Andrzej Sapkowski (Witcher)
Read if you want to see Geralt turn into a woke ally Boomer, Yennefer going to relationship counseling, and Ciri gets her wish in more ways than one. If you’re comparing Witcher books with each other, quality has gone up since Blood of Elves if that’s what you’re concerned about. We also see the Abyss Watchers making an appearance and then you think of Jerma’s Rat song in your head for inexplicable reasons.
This book is mostly about Yennefer trying to employ questionable (albeit understandable) parenting tactics on Ciri and being caught up in the after math.
As usual, book is dated towards rape, but the only saving grace is it’s “off screen” and not in your face, “Eleventh Cycle”, knock that shit off
Let’s be real, you can’t treat this series as a separate unique book to it’s own, it’s more of a long ass story that Sapkowski decided for marketing reasons to space it out in 300+ page books.
If you ask me what makes this more interesting than the previous books, it will be like asking me which regional orange looks different and bitch, I don’t got energy for that shit.
Ö Theme: Rats Birthday Mixtape

The Curse of the Spectre Queen / The Rise of the Snake Goddess by Jenny Moke
Read if you like to imagine Indiana Jones as a teenage girl, but loves books. Instead of meeting hot girls, we meet hot 1920s men, which you get to decide how good or bad that is.
The BAMF slays and you wish we had her as our Jones instead of our shy book loving MC, but hey, at least this MC has at least one quality to her that has way more personality that anything Shannon can hope to write in her stories. (Yes I know she writes her books as if they were history books, that’s not the point, Meredith)
Spectre Queen’s plot is literally about another book that will make you hug trees and will lead our characters across to Ireland. The next book is about a girdle, that you literally had to Google wtf a girdle was. You first thought it was a grill.
You wonder if the publishing agency struck a deal with the Irish and Crete travel agencies.
You also make a startling discovery that these characters are your OC from high school and middle school and your love interest OC from college mashed up into an adventure book that is oddly less erotic than anything Maas could create. You get to decide how good or bad that is.
Ö Theme: Indiana Jones Theme Song:

Mordew by Alex Pheby
Read if you want to read an MC bland as hard tack inherit powers that don’t make sense till past the 70% mark. You want to read a dark YOUTH ADULT novel. Can’t find anything that’s edgy and dark enough for you? Well, here it is!
Dark mansion with Igor from the Velvet Room with an obvious villain being obvious, befriending a young boy that supposedly wants the best for him.
What can go wrong?
There are Souls-like elements weaved in, but you’re not going to see much of it. It’s mostly a vibe/fart than a plot or atmosphere.
What this book is pretty much: boy wants to help dad, there are weird monsters living in the mud, and a mansion that totally wants to abduct/help kids. Totally. Oh, and be aware, animals die in this book. A lot. An entire species is pretty much annihilated for teenage hormonal reasons that won’t make sense even if you’re still a teen. (Yes, I was one too and I also didn’t go on genocides. Thanks, Dad, you are a gem.). Oh, and someone fucked an anthropomorphized hedgehog along the way. Yeah. That happened.
If you go into this book, DO NOT READ THE BLURB! It ruins the whole plot of the entire book. If you buy/rent it, don’t you dare flip to the back side. Just open to the first chapter and start reading. You’re welcome, Matt.
Ö Theme: La Zarra – Evidemment Unironically, I think this song fits rather well with Mordew

Ö Runner up clip: Running in the 90s: You know why...

She Who Rides the Storm by Catelin Sangster
Read if you like Sanderson and wished he focused more on the characters rather than the world building. You also like the ooey gooey feeling of finding a red/blue ship that you wished was the main pairing, but you’ll have to settle them being the side ship. Oh god, why, every single time?!
While it does have a romance tilt to it, this book focuses more on finding a cure for a mysterious illness and two of the characters are refugees from a religious cult that loves sunshine and that one weird horse mount from the Empire Strikes Back that you couldn’t take the auroshees seriously because of that.
Imagine that desert bar scene in A New Hope, but make it a whole book. But make it about a heist as a side plot that is barely touched on until the last 20% of the novel.
You also love doing puzzles in your spare time as you’ll be doing a lot of piecing together of the plot and world building from chapter to chapter. Unlike my problems, this one is pieceable and the last remaining piece is dangled over your head until the next book.
...Sangster is probably going to make you pay $20 for this singular piece, ain’t she?
Ö Theme: First Aid Kit - The Lion’s Roar:
Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain
Read if you want to have a blunt conversation with Bourdain about food, the faults of the kitchens, what not to do if you want to be a chef, and to be transported to the deepest, darkest alley where you might be knifed, but goddamn, the best chicken heart can be found here.
If you’re a bitch that’s easily spooked by curse words, then this probably isn’t for you. can sneak this to your cook boyfriend if you want to break up, because he already read the fucking book, Berta, I thought you knew him better by now!...Now you can finally segway to break up. Congratulations!
You’ll see the workings of a mind that was suffering. That was the reflection of this entire autobiography. Suffering and food. That’s life in reality, ain’t it?
Don’t expect cohesion or a semblance of logical flow of pacing. This book, like Mr. Bourdain’s mind, was a cluster fuck of erotically describing food, the dark corners and reality of the cooking world, and shitting on people because they were dicks.
He is sorely missed, and this isn’t a bit, but I still mourn his loss to the world. The world needs him again.
RIP to the GOAT.
Ö Theme: Okami – Sei-an (Aristocratic Quarter II) (Because he’s timeless and immortal even beyond death)
Skullduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy
Read if you got tired of everything happy and sunshine in Percy Jackson and wanted blood, death, knives, SKELETONS, AND 12 year olds that are surprisingly self aware of the fact that they’re a teenager. You want less consumerism and capitalism than what Percy Jackson pushed down your throat. Finally, no mentions of those fucking gold arches, Riordan.
Oddly, no parents are dead in this book. In every YA book you read, there is at least one parent dead, gone to get milk, or playing Tears of the Kingdom. Pleasant surprise for this narrator.
You are also a person that hates world building that lastS for pages and pages. There’s none of that in this book. Expect pages of dialogue like it’s a transcript of my parent’s arguments.
Mom, I don’t agree with you. No, I don’t agree with you either, Dad. You fucking little….Just plant the damn fig tree, for fuck’s sake.
From other sources, apparently the book series gets darker as books go on, so take that as you will. Listening to Eminem and Linken Park between books may increase levels of angst in the subsequent books.
Side effects include: angst, a potentially bi-found family that lasts 10 seconds, fear of skeletons, mourning for fictional characters, and teenagers being oddly logical.
Post script: This would actually make an excellent autumnal book cause of spoopy skeletons.
Ö Theme: Lose Yourself – Eminem: (I was yesterday old when I realized “Mom’s spaghetti” lyrics was this song)
Ö Runner up clip: Spooky scary skeletons
The White Rose (Volume 3 of the Black Company) by Glen Cook
Read if you liked having Charm flashbacks of Volume 1, but want a great dopamine rush in Volume 3.
Night Circus got nothing on this book for reasons you’ll figure out later. Expect a lot of weird crack shenanigans such as talking rocks just to name an example. The Lady’s character is fleshed out a lot more than previous volumes. Twists and turns are aplenty and Croacker complaining he’s too old like an old grandpa shopping 10 AM at a Walmart.
Funny enough, Morgenstern is a lot related to this book in more ways than one. Move over, lady, Cook was the original writer of Night Circus, caramel popcorn and candy apples be damned! We’re eating crusty bread and thickened stew, bitch!
You’re not going to be at the edge of your seat until the last percentage of the book, but it’s worth the dopamine rush and emotions that are given in the end, long after you put the book down. You will find yourself wandering around the library wondering how you returned from a reality of flying manta rays and talking old ass Swedes loitering in the lobby, discussing where to fika next.
You’ll need a lot of Monsters to process your emotions tonight.
You also finally figure out where Miyazaki got the inspiration for the Storm King in Demon Souls. All this time, you got mad at Miyazaki for inserting a giant manta ray for disappointing climax reasons. No. He may have understood Black Company more than we thought.
Coleydoesthings is also screaming at the top of her lungs by the end of the book, crying into her body pillow.
Ö Theme: MSR – Lord of the Wolves: (Someone help me on the EX Stages omfg)
Conclusion: @
I’ll be traveling soon, so the books might be on the short side, but my dumbass quality will remain. Just sprinkled with a lot of curry, chapati, and a big helping of obesity.
God, my thighs can’t take anymore of America.
I think I’ll have fun reading Elantris cause it’s literally a love letter to Soulsbourne and I might learn a bit from it! Can’t wait for it!
I know it’s not book related too much, but what were y’alls favorite in Eurovision?
(Did anyone feel like Armenia just spent money to send that girl an expensive Tinder profile?)
Answers: ~
Seven Faceless: 2/5
Between Two Fires: 3/5
Time of Contempt: 4/5
Curse and Snake: 3.95/5 & 4/5
Mordew: 1.5/5
She Who Rides the Storm: 3.9/5
Skullduggery: 3/5
Medium Raw: 4/5
White Rose: 4.5/5
If you have any constructive feedback, I’m open to them! Hope you enjoyed this month’s Recs!
Link to Blog Post:
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2023.05.31 18:41 s-smashly Floral Libra Mini

Floral Libra Mini
Bought the libra mini kit from AliExpress as a creative outlet for me to play and make something pretty!! I use dried flowers and washi tape between the top pieces and some flowers in the front and back panels as well!
Paired really well with ePbt Aesthetic!
submitted by s-smashly to MechanicalKeyboards [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 18:24 Threethirtythree_333 Wordscapes Animals (May 2023 update)

Some give spelling bee 🐝 bonuses, some earn extra Brilliance ☀️, if ☀️ matters to you (status). The other bonuses are for the weekly mini games. Earn extra cocoons 🦋 for Tuesday’s butterfly garden, earn extra binoculars 🔭 for Wednesday’s portraits events, they earn extra Stars ⭐️ for the weekend tournament. Monday’s Key, Balloon, Honeycomb, etc is just a run for 72 levels, no event bonuses given (bees would help). Animals are a way to get you to spend more money and time on the game. For entertainment, and to get you to connect with other players/teammates, as they do not publish anything as a guide on how it works.
Once you first get the animals, you have a special common-only egg, that goes away in 7 days. That it's replaced with 4 different egg colors rotating every 2 days, Blue, Red, Green, Purple. They have different animals inside them to "unlock” for the cost of heart ❤️ gems, that you accrue slowly with each level, or harvest from the animals’ rewards.
Green: C Deer ☀️, C Frog 🔭, C Finch ☀️, C Snowy Owl 🦋, UC Zebra 🐝, UC Leopard ⭐️, UC Macaw 🦋, R Hornbill 🦋
Blue: C Fox 🐝, C Blue Jay ☀️, C Kingfisher ☀️, C Ostrich 🦋, UC Flamingo ☀️, UC Puma ⭐️, UC Camel 🔭, R Mandarin Duck ☀️
Purple: C Savannah Hare ⭐️, C Long-Eared Owl 🔭, UC Harpy Eagle ☀️, UC Hyena ⭐️, R Penguin 🔭, R Panther ⭐️, E Anteater 🐝, E Quetzal 🦋
Red: C Mallard Duck ☀️, C Wolf ⭐️, UC Bat-eared fox 🔭, UC Toucan 🦋, R Tiger ⭐️, R Giant River Otter 🐝, E lion ⭐️, E Elephant 🔭
The first week's common-tier-only egg should still be 350 heart gems per hatch (1 animal card), then it goes away for the other 4 egg groups with 4 different "tiers" of animals: 🔸Common, 🔸🔸Uncommon, 🔸🔸🔸Rare, 🔸🔸🔸🔸Epic. The egg prices begin at 950 for Purple/Red, and 650 for Green/ Blue, as green/blue doesn't have any epics and worse rares they are cheaper to acquire, but I personally avoid the Blue/Green altogether. The prices used to be 1,500 & 900 ❤️ gems. All “hatch 1 animal card, with different % chance based on rarity tier.
Activities time based on tier (increasing respectively), 30, 45, 60, & 120min. Activities until sleep is listed in stat bar (based on tier & reward type). Animals need a number of duplicate cards to level up (increases with each level), coat color changes at levels 3, 5, 6, & 7, for a total of 5 colors. How long they sleep is pre-set based on quality of reward, not tier (Anteater is a short 6hr, other epics are 24hrs).
Animal’s event-rewards are locked unless they are active at the time and you have started each new event already. Spelling bees 🐝 and Brilliance ☀️ rewards are always active as are heart ❤️ gem rewards. Cocoons, Stars, and Binoculars will not count and go uncollected if you haven’t STARTED THE EVENT. If you haven’t started (0% status) the new butterfly garden, new portraits series, or new weekend star tournament, then the event-based-rewards will go uncounted and trashed. To start, you must first finish a level before you get the event-bonuses. You will still get the Heart Gem rewards, so sometimes run them for the heart gem bonus only, especially epics.
In a recent update (4/26/2023), the eggs went "shiny" but only if you already had every animal in that egg group. The heart gem cost went down to 600 & 450 red/purple & blue/green. Also they give +3 or more animal cards, with a possibility of a "jackpot" for more. Common jackpot +15 or +18, Uncommon jackpot +8, Rare jackpot +5, Epic jackpot +3. Setting timers to come back to the game to collect and reset, spending coin to end activity timers early, strategizing having them ready to collect for the start of a new event, putting on an epic before bedtime to maximize heart production.
All of it has brought more money and daily activity to the game. Some argue it ruined the pure word game aspect of it, making it a “silly egg-hatching game with rainbow animals” instead of a mature wordsmith game. This business is designed to entertain AND make money. Enjoy, I hope I’ve helped.
Edit please excuse my excessive use of commas
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2023.05.31 18:11 Valuable-War554 Club Car Precedent Rear Seat Kit

Looking to add a rear seat kit to my 2011 Club Car Precedent. Will be used for kids and adults. Due to the kids, safety is very important so needs to also include easy ability to add seat belts and grab bar. And easy for me to install myself.
Which kits do you all recommend? Space is also important to me in garage, so like the idea of the ones that fold up but curious if really saves that much room compared to the others as it looks like the foot plate is larger.
Thanks for the feedback
submitted by Valuable-War554 to golfcarts [link] [comments]