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Ocala, FL

2010.09.26 02:39 Ocala, FL

Ocala, Florida, is a sprawling community in Marion County; officially declared the Horse Capital of the World in 2007. Whether you're a Florida native, a transplant, or a tourist all are welcome to participate. Mind the rules and let's keep it civil. Be the change you want to see.

2017.03.19 01:34 Texas4E Austin, without the toxicity

The Austin subreddit that isn't toxic.

2023.06.01 01:16 Shendryl Lost Mine of Phandalver in Cauldron VTT

A few months ago, the Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure was added to adventure market of the free and open source Cauldron VTT. Today, I updated it with some new maps and made some improvements to the existing ones.
How to start using this? If you don't have a Cauldron VTT account, make one for free. After you log in, click on the DM's Vault link in the top menu bar, click on the Adventures icon, click on the 'Browse adventure market' button and import the Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure. All you have to do is add the right tokens to the maps. I couldn't do that, due to copyright restrictions.
Have fun!
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2023.06.01 01:02 ShakenNotStirred018 Silly question for new griller (and new grill). We’ve used it 4-5 times (and love it) but what’s an easy way to clean this area underneath? It’s getting ugly along with the flavorizer bars. Not sure how often to clean either but now I can appreciate what a new grill looks like! Any advice?

Silly question for new griller (and new grill). We’ve used it 4-5 times (and love it) but what’s an easy way to clean this area underneath? It’s getting ugly along with the flavorizer bars. Not sure how often to clean either but now I can appreciate what a new grill looks like! Any advice? submitted by ShakenNotStirred018 to webergrills [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 01:01 ShakenNotStirred018 Silly question for new griller (and new grill). We’ve used it 4-5 times (and love it) but what’s an easy way to clean this area underneath? It’s getting ugly along with the flavorizer bars. Not sure how often to clean either but now I can appreciate what a new grill looks like! Any advice?

Silly question for new griller (and new grill). We’ve used it 4-5 times (and love it) but what’s an easy way to clean this area underneath? It’s getting ugly along with the flavorizer bars. Not sure how often to clean either but now I can appreciate what a new grill looks like! Any advice? submitted by ShakenNotStirred018 to Home [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 01:01 ShakenNotStirred018 Silly question for new griller (and new grill). We’ve used it 4-5 times (and love it) but what’s an easy way to clean this area underneath? It’s getting ugly along with the flavorizer bars. Not sure how often to clean either but now I can appreciate what a new grill looks like! Any advice?

Silly question for new griller (and new grill). We’ve used it 4-5 times (and love it) but what’s an easy way to clean this area underneath? It’s getting ugly along with the flavorizer bars. Not sure how often to clean either but now I can appreciate what a new grill looks like! Any advice? submitted by ShakenNotStirred018 to BBQ [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 01:00 ShakenNotStirred018 Silly question for new griller (and new grill). We’ve used it 4-5 times (and love it) but what’s an easy way to clean this area underneath? It’s getting ugly along with the flavorizer bars. Not sure how often to clean either but now I can appreciate what a new grill looks like! Any advice?

Silly question for new griller (and new grill). We’ve used it 4-5 times (and love it) but what’s an easy way to clean this area underneath? It’s getting ugly along with the flavorizer bars. Not sure how often to clean either but now I can appreciate what a new grill looks like! Any advice? submitted by ShakenNotStirred018 to grilling [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 00:45 Pleasant_Ad4296 Was answering a question about solo money on another post, they said they just cant make wnough money for things. This is wayy not all I could have exampled but I took the solo part into consideration. Take it for what you will.

Step 1, get Acid lab and upgrade it. Need to do stupid dax missions for upgrade. Step 2, use it as much as possible to get max payments per hour. 300k ish for a full load. Can call mut on phone to resupply when not indoors, no need to go anywhere, and can call in acid lab from interaction menu to anywhere. You can get an idea of how much you have to sell if you pay attention to your stock when you leave your bars and how much it costs to resupply.
Step 3, have 3-5 cars you care about,, super, bike/tuner, one armored. Sell rest of cars if u make money from it. You will be able to buy 50 of each eventually.
Get nightclub and biker businesses, link them. Not forgery office or green house. Then Forget the biker bizs, stock is separate from nightclub stock. Sell acid lab and night club regularly and spend money on 3 things if you have no properties that have them to get. Bullets, armour, and snacks (Health) .
You'll be a millionaire in a month or less.
Source: me, bad at the game and brain damaged. I make 50k on accident regular at this point.
I haven't even finished cayo once yet have had sub forever.
Save a lot, grind money a lot, look up what to invest in (first) that suits how you play. And have fun. 🤝👍
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2023.06.01 00:16 minimalstrategy Wet brined (50/50), chili oiled, memphis dusted, hickory and cherry smoked, reverse chargrill seared NY chop with grilled corn

Wet brined (50/50), chili oiled, memphis dusted, hickory and cherry smoked, reverse chargrill seared NY chop with grilled corn submitted by minimalstrategy to grilling [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 00:11 Ireonox Steam suddenly stopped working with my controller between yesterday and today

As the title says, my Xbox Series controller stopped working with Steam sometime between yesterday and today.
I was using it just fine to play AoT2 yesterday and the day prior and in general for well over a year now, but now it just won't take any inputs from it at all anymore, not in game and not in big picture mode not in the controller config pop-out window.
As far as I can tell, steam at least "recognizes" the controller exists since the "controller layout" option appears next to the "support" option on game "home" screens as well as the little controller icon next to the settings icon when it's plugged in and they dissapear when I unplug it.
Controller itself works just fine. I can navigate some of the Windows menus like the settings application or the start menu with the dpad and face buttons, the pad configuration thing shows all the buttons working correctly, I can connect it to my phone via bluetooth and navigate that just fine and I can even use it via Steam link on my phone to control Steam big picture, play games, and even swap it over to mouse mode and navigate the desktop that way.
I've got the open xbox gamebar shortcuts disabled and I've got enable steam input for xbox controllers enabled, though I've tried using it with both options opposite of what they were which did nothing but start bringing up xbox game bar whenever I hit the guide button, which I could navigate normally. I've tried running Steam in and out of Admin, I've tried removing the device that is the controller and having it re-setup itself and that didnt help, restarting PC has done nothing as well. Different cables did nothing, different usb ports did nothing, connecting to my computer with bluetooth did nothing. It's the weirdest problem and I'm at a loss as to what happened or what else to do to try and fix it. hell, most of the fixes I tried were just general controller issue fixes which werent needed since the controller works, steam knows it's there, it just refuses to take its inputs.
As you could probably guess, I would rather not play games with my controller using Steam link on my phone as an input medium so help would be appreciated.
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2023.05.31 23:36 EatinSLOCal Bear City Social [Food Truck] - Review

Bear City Social [Food Truck] - Review
When we started Eatin’ SLOCal, we had a dilemma. Our mission statement was to focus on reviewing the restaurants in the city of San Luis Obispo, you won’t see us posting things from elsewhere in the county, a neighboring county, LA/SF, or somewhere else in the world (unless it’s April Fools’ Day – that was fun). So while we love our local food trucks, it presented a dilemma as they often operate outside of the city and they’re often never in the same spot. Therefore, we landed on a rule – if a food truck/stall/etc. operates at least once a week within town at the same spot, they can be featured on Eatin’ SLOCal, which is why I was happy to see a handful of food trucks take up a parking spot at The Kitchen Terminal and that brings us to our final featured burger spot during #NationalBurgerMonth at Bear City Social.
\"Elote Style\" Cauliflower Taco (left) and Linguica & Eggs Taco (right)
📍The Kitchen Terminal SLO, 4750 Allene Way, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Bear City Social is a food truck that does the Runway Wednesdays out at the Kitchen Terminal, a collection of local food trucks that have been gathering since the end of last November to put on a weekly lunch service (and formerly early dinner service too that has seemingly been axed). Their navy blue truck has been around since April of 2021, starting out by frequenting Tent City in Atascadero. At The Kitchen Terminal, they have a table with four seats out and a table with utensils, napkins, condiments, and complimentary sunscreen, which I found to a be a nice touch, there’s no real shade in the area. Check their socials for upcoming stops and hours, Runway Wednesdays are from 11 AM – 3 PM at The Kitchen Terminal.
Humpty Dumpty Smashie
The Featured Menu has the BCS Smashie (a classically topped smashed burger), a Gaucho Bowl (a quinoa bowl), their Quesadilla Suiza, Pozole Rojo (a Mexican stew), and a BLT Salad. There is an Additional Smashie Menu, featuring their Smashie burger with 4 additional topping/dressing styles – Americano (classic burger fixings), The Humpty Dumpty (with a fried egg and bacon), the Cali (cliché avocado, swiss, and green chili), and the Bear BQ (their take on a BBQ/Western burger). You can also add or remove any toppings you want to make your own perfect burger and there is a plant based option available on request. Currently, on the Specials Menu is their tacos with 6 different options all served with cilantro, onions, and a scratch made salsa – Beef Barbacoa, Cuban Pork Shoulder, “Elote Style” Cauliflower, Santa Maria style Tri-Tip, Pollo Sobroso, and Linguica & Eggs. On the dessert menu is a Double Chocolate Brownie and a Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie. They have canned soda and Liquid Gravity Water for purchase as well.
Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie
What I Had:
I had an “Elote Style” Cauliflower Taco, Linguica & Eggs Taco, The Humpty Dumpty Smashie, and a Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie. The tacos, as mentioned above, are topped with cilantro, onions, and a house made salsa. The Linguica and eggs are a classic combination, with the sausage sliced and mixed in with the eggs – great for a breakfast taco. The “Elote Style” Cauliflower tacos where cauliflower seared on the griddle (I assume) topped with Elote fixings and it definitely mimicked that flavor, even the texture of the cauliflower emulated roasted corn, my only note for it (and this is a very irrelevant one) is that there was too much on it that it was hard to close the taco without it spilling out.
The Humpty Dumpty Smashie is a 1/3 pound Wagyu Beef Patty place on a hot griddle with onions and smashed flat (as flat as you can smash almost 6 oz of beef without it being too large for a bun – which is not flat at all) topped with American cheese, a fried egg, bacon, ranchero sauce, and a spicy aioli. Okay, you all know how I hate when something is advertised as a smash burger and it’s a thick boy. Normally, that’s because the burger is just a generic burger that’s been smashed yada yada yada. Now people are getting away with evoking the smash name without it being a true smash burger and apparently the new term is a Smashie. Let me just say, this burger is good. The Wagyu is fatty, but perfectly cooked in a smashed way and on the toasted brioche balances it out. That fried egg is runny and it was oozing all over before I even bit in, which plays off the bacon and the ranchero sauce and spicy aioli. The brioche is soft and all the textures are fantastic – except the for the bacon, which was cooked but not crispy in the slightest, which is not how I like my bacon. Either way, this may have been the best burger I’ve had this month. Finally, the chocolate chip cookie was good, a mound style similar to a Levain Bakery cookie, just smaller with chunks of chocolate, slightly warm. It was soft and tasty.
Would I Have It Again:
Yes, the Wagyu Smashie is fantastic. It’s not a smash burger in my opinion, but it’s no longer advertised 100% as one, it’s smashed and is a delicious burger. The Linguica and Eggs taco was a good twist on a classic breakfast for me and I’d go back for that before it leaves the Specials menu. I look forward to seeing where this truck goes, they are locally sourced, “farm to street” and it shows in the care in their dishes. The only downside is limited seating (but it’s a food truck so that makes sense). So with all that in mind, Bear City Social gets an Eatin’ SLOCal rating of – Take-Out Now!
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2023.05.31 23:25 neonit42 empty containers

so for some reason I have kitchen and bedroom containers empty. no items at all, no matter how many containers I searched. I'm quite sure this is a mod issue, but I just don't know what mod could cause that. any help?
mods loaded:
mod = ModManager, mod = CheatMenuRB, mod = AzaDesertTiles, mod = AzaMountainTiles, mod = Cookie\_Tiles, mod = Diederiks Tile Palooza, mod = DylansTiles, mod = EN\_Newburbs, mod = EN\_Flags, mod = FantaStreetTiles\_01, mod = FearsFunkyTiles, mod = ManikRetexture\_Clean\_Tiles, mod = melos\_tiles\_for\_miles\_pack, mod = OujinjinTiles, mod = PertsPartyTiles, mod = simonMDsTiles, mod = SkizotsTiles, mod = TileFixes, mod = TryhonestyTiles, mod = iverytiles\_01, mod = tkTiles\_01, mod = 10YL\_RC, mod = 10YL\_KINGSMOUTH, mod = 10YL\_MAPS, mod = 10YL\_SAVEYOURSTATION, mod = XRoadsGunExpo, mod = Authentic Z - Current, mod = BedfordFalls, mod = Bendys Bunker v2, mod = Blackwood, mod = Checkpoint\_1, mod = Checkpoint\_2, mod = Checkpoint\_3, mod = Checkpoint\_4, mod = Checkpoint\_5, mod = Checkpoint\_6, mod = Chinatown, mod = Crossroads Checkpoint, mod = Cruise boat, mod = CruiseShip, mod = Desert, mod = EVAC\_Louisville, mod = EVAC\_Muldraugh, mod = EdsAutoSalvage, mod = EerieCountry, mod = ForagingZ, mod = FortKnoxLinked, mod = FORTREDSTONE, mod = Fort Rock Ridge, mod = Fort Waterfront, mod = GreenHellCommunityCenter, mod = InGameMaps, mod = InGameMaps\_Vanilla, mod = InGameMaps\_WestPointExpansion, mod = WestPointExpansion, mod = InGameMaps\_EerieCountry, mod = InGameMaps\_FortKnoxLinked, mod = InGameMaps\_FortKnoxRoad, mod = FortKnoxRoad, mod = InGameMaps\_FortRedstone, mod = Lighthousematrioshka, mod = Insurgent, mod = LincolnRegionalAirport, mod = LouisvilleBridgeSpawn, mod = Louisville\_Quarantine\_Zone, mod = metro, mod = military fuel depot, mod = MonkeysStartScenarioBase, mod = MonkeysStartScenarioBikerBackwardsCompatibilityPatch, mod = MuldraughCheckpoint, mod = OccupiedLouisvilleSpawnpoints12, mod = Otr, mod = OtrSR, mod = RV\_Interior\_MP, mod = RabbitHashKY, mod = RavenCreek, mod = SpawnsRC, mod = rbr, mod = rbrA2, mod = Riverwood, mod = RMH, mod = RosewoodVHSGunStores, mod = Sailors - Custom Spawn Mod -, mod = SaveOurStation\_KnoxCountry, mod = SecretZ\_v3, mod = RavenCreekEerieCompatibleSlocanLake, mod = RavenCreekEerieCompatibleSlocanLakeIngameMap, mod = TrimbleCountyPowerStation, mod = Legacy\_California, mod = Legacy\_Louisiana, mod = Legacy\_Vinegrove, mod = BRDM2, mod = UH60Helicopter, mod = UH60HelicopterSPspawns, mod = fol\_Take\_A\_Bath, mod = 67commando, mod = 78amgeneralM35A2, mod = 78amgeneralM49A2C, mod = 78amgeneralM50A3, mod = 78amgeneralM62, mod = 82oshkoshM911, mod = 86fordE150, mod = KI5VansExtra, mod = 86oshkoshP19A, mod = 87cruiser, mod = 90fordF350ambulance, mod = 92amgeneralM998, mod = 97bushmaster, mod = 10YearsLaterOccupations, mod = ProfessionFramework, mod = 10YearsLaterOccupationsSpawnItems, mod = 10yearslaterwrecksonly, mod = Alex, mod = Alex2, mod = ADRENALINE\_MOD, mod = AkyHair, mod = blkt\_crosshair, mod = blkt\_fonts, mod = ammomaker, mod = am\_bc, mod = hironiimenu, mod = Arsenal(26)GunFighter\[MAIN MOD 2.0\], mod = amclub, mod = tsarslib, mod = autotsartrailers, mod = ATA\_Bus, mod = ATA\_Jeep, mod = AZAGRAFFITI, mod = VISIBLE\_BACKPACK\_BACKGROUND, mod = BarricadeHurtZombies, mod = BarricadedWorld, mod = BatteryJumpstarter, mod = BetterFlashlights, mod = bettermasks, mod = bettermasks\_WMPatch, mod = WorkingMasks, mod = Better crowbar, mod = BetterSortCC, mod = Betterhandwash, mod = BB\_Cammo, mod = BB\_Utils, mod = BreakIntoTears, mod = ddBritaSoundFix, mod = BritaModelTweak, mod = Brita\_2, mod = BritasArmor\_Rig\_PawPaw\_Patch, mod = Brita, mod = DJ\_BritaPatch, mod = TheWorkshop(new version), mod = VOICE\_FRAMEWORK, mod = BuildOneByOne, mod = pz-bzoukhotbar, mod = bcUtils, mod = CAV\_Brawler, mod = Camo Netting, mod = CanteensAndBottles, mod = CDOI, mod = ChevalDeFrise, mod = Chloe Price, mod = ChristmasTime, mod = claimSH, mod = cleanashes, mod = MoreCLR\_desc4mood, mod = ClothesBoxRedux, mod = ClothingPreset, mod = BB\_CommonSense, mod = isoContainers, mod = ContainmentOperator\_Profession, mod = CraftHelperContinued, mod = MetalDrumRainCollector, mod = SteamCraftableEyepatches, mod = ARNHOutfits, mod = UniformsNH, mod = craftingEnhancedCore, mod = cremation, mod = DRLStandalone, mod = FH, mod = DRAW\_ON\_MAP, mod = DryFishMod, mod = waterPipes, mod = ducksBZSF, mod = DylansZombieLoot, mod = DynamicMining, mod = DynamicMonolog, mod = EasyConfigChucked, mod = eggonsAllDoorsAreYours, mod = eggonsModdingUtils, mod = EQUIPMENT\_UI, mod = EntertainYourself, mod = EssentialCrafting, mod = MezzHairColors, mod = EverythingHasAName, mod = ExerciseWithGear, mod = ExpandedHelicopterEvents, mod = ExtraMapSymbols, mod = ExtraMapSymbolsUI, mod = EN\_Flags\_Craft, mod = ExtraNoise's TV Channel 13, mod = FWOFitnessWorkoutOverhaul, mod = FWOBenchPress&Treadmill, mod = FancyHandwork, mod = FasterHoodOpening, mod = FearTheSun, mod = FencingKits, mod = firegastrail, mod = FAKRemodel, mod = FixCapacityOverlap, mod = FixTooltipLag, mod = FuelAPI, mod = FUMOTH, mod = FunctionalChainsaw, mod = GenRange, mod = Glow Sticks, mod = GunSuicide, mod = GunFighter\_Radial\_Menu, mod = HEADGEAR, mod = CAR, mod = HHair, mod = HSPR, mod = HealthPlus, mod = IBM-EB, mod = ImprovedBuildMenuFallen, mod = ItemTweakerAPI, mod = ImmersiveOverlaysRetextureLessIntrusiveVersion, mod = Improved\_Blood\_Ffects, mod = Improved\_Fire\_And\_Smoke\_Ffects, mod = improvedhairmenu, mod = ImprovisedBackpacks, mod = ImprovisedGlass, mod = IndustrialOvenFix, mod = RiskyInspectWeapon, mod = INVENTORY\_TETRIS, mod = ItemTweakerAPIExtraClothingAddon, mod = jumpThroughWindows, mod = kamaz53949, mod = Kate Marsh, mod = KitdeCostura, mod = KnifeAction, mod = KnivesCutClothesAndHair, mod = Lifestyle, mod = Lingering Voices, mod = LongLifeBulbs, mod = LuckyPlushies, mod = lumberjackshirtsrecolored, mod = M113\_APC\_by\_Papa\_Chad, mod = MaintenanceImprovesRepair, mod = MapLegendUI, mod = MapSymbolSizeSlider, mod = mileage-expansion, mod = MGRS (FMCCYAYFGLE), mod = Military\_Tool\_Kit, mod = MiniHealthPanel, mod = MinimalDisplayBars, mod = PSiMusic, mod = truemusic, mod = MoarCanOpeners, mod = modoptions, mod = MoodleDog, mod = MoodleFramework, mod = MonkeysStartScenarioJaap, mod = MonkeysStartScenarioRV, mod = FRUsedCars, mod = MonkeysStartScenarioBikerAutoTsarMotorclub, mod = MoreBuilds, mod = More Builds Plus, mod = More Gloves, mod = MMS, mod = MoreMaps, mod = mccsMod, mod = MusicfortheEndOP, mod = MusicfortheEndEX, mod = DDU\_NamedMaps, mod = necoarcmask, mod = NepBatteryColor, mod = NepEngineColor, mod = newcontainers, mod = Anim\_HandTorch, mod = M998NH, mod = NightVisionChucked, mod = eris\_nightvision\_goggles, mod = NVG, mod = NVAPI, mod = nattachments, mod = noirrsling, mod = OutTheWindow, mod = PaddedArmor, mod = PwSleepingbags, mod = PLLoot, mod = HarmonicaLS, mod = MilPoncho, mod = postapoc\_occupations, mod = projcardz, mod = PushFurniture, mod = RCExplosivesZ, mod = RDC\_Z777, mod = RainCleansBlood, mod = RainWash, mod = ReactiveSoundEvents, mod = RealShoulderHolsters, mod = RebalancedPropMoving, mod = ReloadAllMagazines, mod = RemoveDebris, mod = RenameContainers, mod = REORDER\_CONTAINERS, mod = REORDER\_THE\_HOTBAR, mod = JSRetroBooks, mod = rideabletrucks, mod = RotatorsLib, mod = RusGarments, mod = SaveOurStation\_Core, mod = satchelwithbagsIT, mod = SavottaBackpacks, mod = ScavengingSkillFixed, mod = seifuku, mod = ScrapArmor(new version), mod = ScrapArmorTweaks, mod = scrapcec, mod = ScrapGuns(new version), mod = ScrapWeapons(new version), mod = ScrapWeaponsMagazineFix, mod = ScreamerZRare, mod = ServingPlates, mod = BLTAnnotations, mod = Shoutsound, mod = SimpleConvertToBritaSRC, mod = SimplePlayablePianos4150, mod = UIAPI, mod = SkillRecoveryJournal, mod = Skizots Visible Boxes and Garbage2, mod = SIB3402, mod = sleeponit, mod = SlowConsumption, mod = snowiswaterbeta, mod = TieOnSpearheads, mod = SpnOpenCloth, mod = SpnHair, mod = spraypaintEDIT, mod = MetroLifestyleAddonSkill, mod = StalkerLifestyleAddonSkill, mod = SteamPoweredGenerator, mod = DropRollMod, mod = SuperbSurvivorsContinued, mod = SBM, mod = 2622297867, mod = Swatpack, mod = AnimSync, mod = tactorgsol, mod = Tariq's Beards, mod = DivisionBackpack, mod = TheEngineer, mod = Amputation2, mod = P4TidyUpMeister, mod = TileFixes\_ParkingGateNoStop, mod = TomClancyProfessions, mod = Trash and Corpses But Just The Interactive Trash, mod = TreesHaveLoot, mod = TrueCrouching, mod = Metro-Exodus-Music-Pack, mod = reality's\_music, mod = EDGERUNNERS\_music\_mod, mod = TrueActionsPatch4173, mod = TMC\_TrueActions, mod = TurnOffTVRadioFromContextMenu, mod = DRK\_1, mod = UndeadSuvivor, mod = UnderCoverOfDarkness, mod = unstacklogsontheground, mod = AlicesMultiWearVanilla, mod = VestsandOveralls, mod = Video\_Game\_Consoles, mod = VGC\_Addon\_GameBoyGames, mod = mrnvsbhltr, mod = VisibleHolster\_rexexture\_black, mod = VOICES, mod = rSemiTruck, mod = LexxRigsExtra, mod = WZ531\_APC, mod = WalkieTalkieModelsB41, mod = rWaterTrailerSemi, mod = rWaterTrailer, mod = WaterPipes Plus, mod = TheStar, mod = Wheelbarrow, mod = FC4WT, mod = WorkingVending, mod = YakiHSBasegameTexture, mod = YakiHS, mod = YouDriveISleep, mod = ZRemoteDoorControlSystemUIVol1, mod = VaccinDrReapers, mod = addTrailerHome\_RV\_Interior\_MP, mod = ahzbritagrayskins, mod = clothesboxskirtmeshfix, mod = errorMagnifier, mod = ezDirt, mod = sDayZ.MinimalDisplayBars, mod = uaz2206, mod = zReBetterLockpicking, mod = QNW\_Ladder, mod = QNW\_QNWLibrary, mod = Mirror\_avator, mod = BetterMakeup, mod = Replace Bandage, 
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2023.05.31 23:24 ChootinNPootin Best Sushi?

I am looking for the best sushi places in Austin.
I tend to categorize sushi into four distinct categories: (1) Need a reservation [omasake style, Uchi, Uchiko, Soto, etc.]; (2) Incredibly good but a little pricy [Musashino, Tatsumi, Lucky Robot comes to mind]; (3) Actual Sushi at a good price; (4) Everything else - California roll based/Commercial/Cookie cutter.
I am primarily looking for Category #3, but am definitely open to #2 as well. In short, what is the best place for the money?
If they have Madai on the menu, that’s a huge plus. If every roll is some form of a California roll, that’s a huge negative.
For reference— I really like : Muse, Maiko, BarChi, Lucky Robot, Sushi to the Moon, Tatsumi, Tomodachi. Indifferent about: Sushi BangBang, Sushi Nini, Midori. I do not like: RA, Sushi Junai, Ebisu, Ichiban.
Bonus points for hidden gems, super fresh fish, quality Nigiri, broad spectrum of fishes, Authentic Japanese style, and cheap prices!
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2023.05.31 22:53 GuaranaJones Lebua at state / bar / drink

this post may seem strange but nevertheless, I will give it a try.
I was in BKK in summer of 2012 and visited the Lebua at State. when I went up to the top, somewhere on the way to the top I had to switch elevators in order to continue the ascend upwards. While switching, I crossed some kind of electro party going on in some kind of bar which had also some kind of balconies with a view over BKK. I don´t know on which floor that was. So I decided, since the music was great, to stop there for a while and have a drink. It was there where I had my best long drink/cocktail in my life. I still remeber it occasionally. I obviously forgot it´s name and ingredients (could have been vodka + other stuff).

So, since neither google nor chatgpt or bard were able to help me; is/was there a bar or something similar in between top floor and lobby, where one has to switch elevators on ones way up/down that may still exist and have an online presence with the actual cocktail/drink menu online? :)

long shot, I know, but had to try.

Thank you.
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2023.05.31 22:52 Entiox Goat's Memorial Art Show

Because most people here probably don't know Scot Rienecker, better known as Goat, and his dog Tiberius died in February after their house caught fire. This Sunday, June 4, 2023 Goat's Memorial Art Show will be held at the Pet Shop Bar and Grill in Jersey City. Donations collected in Goat's name will be going to Jersey City Dog Trust, for dogs in need of food, housing or shelter, and to New City Kids, an arts enrichment program for inner city children.
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2023.05.31 22:36 KAVAHOUSEFM Angel Investor Search for a Kava Bar, a Euphoric Tea Bar (South Florida)

My business partner and I have finalized our business plan, menu along with formation of our LLC and bank account as we are location scouting. At this time, the business plan is structured with detailed plans for the buildout and projected sales.
We are looking to obtain debt-based capital and to secure private equity funding. The total amount of capital needed is $121,800.
Kava House will serve as a South Pacific Island style bar with an emphasis on alcohol-free euphoric teas including kava, Mitragyna Speciosa (kratom), kombucha and cold brew coffee.
Net Profit Margins spanning from 50.52% to 97.12%. If you are local to Florida, you're able to walk into a Kava Bar and will be well aware of how profitable they are and will continue to be as they are bustling into the market.
Please reach out for more detailed information on our business plan via Reddit or [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
Best regards,
The Kava House Team.
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2023.05.31 22:07 NicolasAnimation Gltiched drive-by camera during Shifting Weight

I have a (very) modded copy of GTA IV,, retail and not Steam downgraded. I ran into an issue during the TLAD missionf Shifting Weight that made it very difficult to pass, the drive-by camera does not zoom out of Malc's bike, but rather zoom into the center of it, making it very difficult to aim and shoot the cops. If I stop aiming, the camera goes into cinematic mode (???). It does not make the mission impossible but still broken and annoying. I tested outside the mission with Zolika's Menu trainer and found out this bug also happens outside the mission if I try to aim as a passenger in any vehicle, so it's not really a mission issue (bar the cinematic camera thing). Has anyone experienced this? This is so specific I'm not getting any help anywhere. I could only find info about a glitch at the end of the mission caused by Zolika Patch which I already got around (disabling the 300 FPS fix) but nothing about this drive-by camera bug.
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2023.05.31 22:05 Vegan_Not Running a "Life in the Village" server, but nobody can get above "Peckish"

Hey, folks. Sorry for the really stupid question, but I haven't been able to come up with answer.
This evening I set up a local server using the "Life in the Village" mod pack. So far, so good.
But for some reason, everybody is stuck at 3 1/4 bars on the hunger bar, with a "Peckish" debuff. And no matter what we eat (raw, cooked, or prepared foods), it never goes up. Now and then we'll get a white outline around a meat bar or two, but the actual meat never fills up.
Here's a mod list in case there's something obvious I'm missing:
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2023.05.31 21:57 4ronse Windows 11 Mouse clicks unfocus and do nothing

Hey Reddit, I need your help :) So the problem is that I can move the mouse and use my keyboard to open apps and interact within them. The scroll on the mouse also works just fine! The problem is whenever I use the buttons on the mouse. Whenever I click on either one it makes Windows unfocus everything.
(Also it's a laptop)
Things I've done:
Update: Sometime only the task bar Icons are clickable but nothing in them is. (The start menu for example does open but can't click inside it)
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2023.05.31 20:56 vriels34 Silence killing the dance floor

Other than pre-writing tuning/instrument breaks into your set, how are you keeping the space between the music to a minimum?
We've noticed we have maybe 5, 10 seconds max before we lose the dance floor crowd. We're a rock cover band mostly playing at pubs and bar and grill venues if that makes a difference. We do a few medleys where we're playing for about 10-12 minutes straight, but we're a four-piece. We have to take a breather or two at some point during the 45-60 minute sets.
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2023.05.31 20:54 CheeseFace83 A lot of their card readers have an 'add gratuity' prompt too..

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2023.05.31 20:54 jellybloom17 Assorted nonsense from Lori’s story

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2023.05.31 20:53 MushroomzL Feedback on my iOS game UI
Please consider that in the second screenshot, the gameplay one, the sprites (character and bra) are placeholders, I'll replace them eventually.
I'm overall satisfied with the gameplay UI, I think the different components, such as joystick life bar and score label, as well as the colors, have the same vibe. What I'm really not sold on is the font used in the menu screenshot, I could not really find a font I like and maybe it's also a bad idea to use different fonts for the 2 scenes.
Also not sure if the character is funny/relatable enough, thought about it a lot and the best I could get is the clubber version of Kim Jong Un.
Anyway, that's my own humble taste and all the UI might be really awful for a neutral eye, so any advice or critique is very appreciated!
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2023.05.31 20:47 Avid-Seeker Increase viewport size.

Increase viewport size.
The viewport size on Tutanota is so small and annoying. Especially when reading HTML emails with photos.
  1. Add the "No split" view option: Half my screen is taken by two or three new unread emails (all read emails are archived). That space would be better used for reading emails.
  2. Collapsible main menu: Gmail by default collapses the side menu and expands it only on hover. Just compare the size difference between the two:
  1. Menu bar: is too tall. I already know the shortcuts, and it's taking unnecessarily large space.
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