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The Helpful Place to Determine Your Next Bike and How Much to Spend on It

2013.03.19 05:36 The Helpful Place to Determine Your Next Bike and How Much to Spend on It

Are you in the market for your first bike, or interested in upgrading from your current one, but you're unsure what particular make/model is right for you? Maybe you've got your exact motorcycle in mind, and are looking for information on what comparable bikes sell for? You've come to the right place. Experienced riders and buyers/sellers will offer their advice and opinions obtained through experience with, and research of, the same decision-making process that you are going through now.

2023.05.20 07:41 kmeyer02 Selling my VTX

Selling my VTX
Unfortunately I think the time has come to sell my motorcycle. This bike is fully upgraded, windshield, grips, footboards, heel toe shifter, power commander, Vance and Hines exhaust, etc... This bike is a Honda and will run for a long time, has approximately 42,000 miles as of right now. Just serviced the front fork seals, front brakes and coolant flush. I don't want to get rid of the bike but I have other things I need to get taken care of. I checked on KBB and the basic bike for private party should go for $5000.00. I am asking $4000.00.
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2023.04.17 22:37 GeneratedName4453 Car with Negative Equity - Sell Now or Later?

I'm coming up on a year of having a car loan that has pretty bad negative equity and am looking for some suggestions on what I should do with it. The vehicle in question is a 2022 (and a half) Volvo XC60 T8 Recharge Extended Range R-Design with a monthly payment of $1180. I currently owe $64k on a 4.9% interest loan. From a few trade-in quotes, KBB and Edmunds it looks like I would get around $51-54k on trade-in. I know private party would be more but I honestly don't want the hassle. This car did qualify for the $7500 tax rebate which I attribute to the bulk of my negative equity. By making some sacrifices (less eating out, etc), I can afford the car payment, but this has me basically living paycheck to paycheck. I knew the car was more than I can comfortably afford going into it but I have a serious car obsession that I am trying to work through that has caused me to purchase a new car every 1-2 years. With that said, I like the car and wouldn't mind keeping it at least for another year or two. I do not intend on owning past the 4 yea50K warranty. Single 41 year old male with grown kids, so I don't see any life events forcing a car change.
I've decided to at least make an attempt at being a responsible adult by creating a budget and building savings (outside of 401k). I also have some home repairs that I've been putting off that could use some funding. I have around $10k in savings, $7500 of which came from the tax rebate. I also own a motorcycle worth around $10-12k that I don't ride much so I could potentially sell it. I have around $5k in credit card debt that I would like to take care of soon if possible, and no other debts besides house and this car. I feel like the car should go so that I can start slowly accumulating savings, but I'm not sure how to go about it or if now is even the right time. I have considered applying my $10k savings to the the up-side-down loan and then roll whatever else is left into a new/used car loan. I would be looking for something around the $30-35k range to essentially halve my current payment. Some websites have suggested that you can also roll negative equity into a lease so that in 3 years time you can wash your hands of the whole thing. I know leasing is generally frowned upon but it does seem like an attractive option for someone who is car addicted and likes to trade out cars often. I have no experience with leasing, though, so this is foreign territory for me. Other websites have suggested that just bearing through it for a couple years is the best bet since eventually you may start to build equity, though I'm not sure how well that will go with such a large amount of negative equity and the somewhat poor resale value of Volvo.
Given my circumstances, what would be the best route for me to take?
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2023.04.13 02:21 _Wolf_Rider_ need a car asap advice please?

So I have a few ideas In mind and one really time sensitive one. Im 19 and a welder so I think a truck could be my best idea for a reliable daily long-term. But I'm not sure. I do want a mustang pretty bad because I miss having in (sold mine and have been borrowing a Honda civic) My time sensitive option is buyout s lease my family member is turning in, in 2 days so I need to make a choice pretty much now on that. It's a 2022 Corolla le with 7500 miles. Basically brand new. Kbb outs it at 23-25k value. I have the option to buy it out for 17-18k or then turn it in (and the dealership is desperate and is going to overoay them a extra grand+ over lease value because they want to sell the car used and make money. Do I hold off and look for a better car or truck? Or do I jump on it? No issues with the car besides a missing valve stem cap, and a bit of body scratches around the trunk area and one in the door. Deep down to primer because they are white and wide and the car is red. Please give me advice asap. As for money I plan to spend 10-13k ideally on a different used vehicle but I can drop the 17-18k and have a couple grand left for any emergencies and a year of insurance or pay it monthly. I pay 2k a year for a motorcycle just to insure it as I have 1 at fault accident so I might get fucked backwards and sideways on insurance but it's a new car basically for a good deal. Idk what to do
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2023.04.06 02:30 healthyrx Am I over thinking the impact of my car payment?

I am 26 years old and I am on track to make about 95K after taxes for 2023. I am struggling with determining if my vehicle payment is worth continuing to pay or if I should be trying to get out of it for something cheapeno payments.
I pay $1725 for rent, $780 for my truck payment, $900 on food and utilities and about $700 in misc spending. I have no credit card debt and no student loan debt. I am however upside down on my truck being that I bought it in december 2021 towards the peak of vehicle prices and I currently owe $38k on it with KBB/NADA valuing it closer to 30K.
I feel like I want to get out of having the truck payments just because I don't enjoy having $780 a month payment but I do not feel that it necessarily causes me any undue hardship. My thoughts are of buying an older truck/suv that I can work on and fix on my own (anything short of an engine/transmission rebuild is within my wheelhouse) as this is a hobby of mine and I do have other transportation available (paid off motorcycle or S/O car if something drastic happens).
Is it a bad idea to dip into my savings to pay off the 8.5k over the value of my truck so that I can sell the truck without being underwater. Or is there a way that I can sell the truck and just make payments on the 8.5K I would owe for the duration of my loan? It is a 72 month loan with 4.29% interest.

Edit: The savings I would dip into are from an inheritance that I have been adding to saving for a house when interest is not off the wall- but have not taken out of yet and I would use the same savings to buy a sub 15k vehicle so I would use 8.5K + cost of sub 15k vehcile
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2023.04.05 00:57 Nicholasegreene Bought motorcycle from private party w/ hidden lien, can’t get a title

I purchased a motorcycle from a young seller who never told me there was a lien. He only said he never got a title. I got a bill of sale notarized in SC and tried to registeget title in NC. I searched the VIN and nothing came up. NC DMV searched the VIN and didn’t find the lien the first time. Just found out American Honda Finance has a lien with, I believe, the original purchaser. Guy I bought it from purchased from somebody else (not the end borrower). After many phone calls I got a name of original purchaser but have been unsuccessful in contacting him. The balance is over $6k and I purchased for less than half that. The KBB is only a hair over $3k. I keep getting directed to the Charge-Off division of Honda Finance so they likely have already written it off.
Am I stuck with a dirt bike now (since I can’t get title or renew registration to drive on the road) or do I have any legal recourse I can try to use to get Honda Finance to release the lien?
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2023.04.03 00:14 SirSharky Is this a reasonable asking price for this bike?

Looking to get this bike (link below) as my first motorcycle. I did my training/safety course on a Rebel 250 and had a great time, felt comfortable and gained a decent amount of confidence by the end of the course. My "ideal/dream" bike would've been a RE Int or GT 650, but I'm trying to play this smart and get something much cheaper and easier to deal with it to gain experience.
I have little to no understanding of motorcycle values and I'm getting vastly different $ amounts between NADA, KBB and CycleTrader for this particular yeamodel, so hoping to get more solid opinions here. I haven't had a chance to ride or see it in person yet, so just basing it off the description + pics. My max budget is the asking price ($2,500).
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2023.03.22 00:04 boardclimb2 Purchasing my first bike, 2016 Honda CBR 500 R ABS

Hi everyone,
I am looking to buy my first motorcycle from my friend, and I was hoping to receive some advice. As mentioned, it is a 2016 Honda CBR 500 R ABS. No accidents or major damage. About 3,000 miles. Current KBB value for this model in my area (Chicago) is $4160 and my friend is willing to let the bike go for $4,000.
Do you guys have any thoughts on this being a good beginner bike? Thoughts on the price? And thank you so much for the help!
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2023.03.21 23:57 boardclimb2 Purchasing my first bike, 2016 Honda CBR 500 R ABS

Hi everyone,
I used to live in Denver but have just recently moved so hoping you guys can still help because I’ve really learned a lot from this sub.
Anyway, I am looking to buy my first motorcycle from my friend, and I was hoping to receive some advice. As mentioned, it is a 2016 Honda CBR 500 R ABS. No accidents or major damage. About 3,000 miles. Current KBB value for this model in my area (Chicago) is $4160 and my friend is willing to let the bike go for $4,000.
Do you guys have any thoughts on this being a good beginner bike? Thoughts on the price? And thank you again for the help even though I’m no longer in Denver!
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2023.03.19 18:01 swagonflyyyy Selling my bike for $3700, willing to negotiate but getting lowballed to like $2000.

I have a 2002 YZF-R6, garage kept, fully restored and maintained and it runs like new. It has cosmetic modifications, like gold and black fairings plus a black painted frame. No accidents.
Basically I wanted to sell it for $3700 and include a few bonuses:
- A heavy toolbox for any repairs you might need later.
- All of my protective gear, including 3 helmets, knee pads and a protective, hard, vest that actually saved me from an accident years ago when I was catapulted from another bike at 40mph. Didn't even leave a scratch on me.
- A Gopro Hero 7 Black.
According to Bing Chat:
Hello, this is Bing. I’m sorry to hear that you are having trouble selling your 2002 YZF-R6. According to my web search1, the MSRP price for a 2002 YZF-R6 was $7,999 USD when it was new. However, the trade-in value for a used unit in good condition is around $2,615 USD2. The typical listing price for a used unit in good condition or better is also around $2,615 USD3. I found some listings for 2002 YZF-R6 motorcycles for sale near you and they range from $3,900 USD to $4,299 USD45. It seems that your asking price of $3,700 USD is reasonable considering the mileage and the extras you are offering. However, you may have to lower your expectations or wait for a more serious buyer who appreciates the value of your motorcycle.
So what do you guys think, do you agree with Bing Chat? Or should I lower my expectations? I got two offers so far and I only got $1800 and $2000 offers, the latter telling me its a carb bike, has "super high mileage" (only 51,997 for an 02' bike, yeah right) and (bUt mY cOsMeTiCs) some other shady reasons. When I provided an explanation about my asking price they ghosted me. What would you guys do?
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2022.10.26 01:41 CyberPuggo How to Gauge if a Used Motorcycle Price is Fair?

I don't have any experience in used motorcycles trading, and the post-pandemic market confuses me even more. Are and good tools?
I'm looking for a 2019+ CBR650R in particular. There aren't many listings on Facebook market or Craigslist, and the above tools don't really have options to put in mileage/private vs dealer like their used-car counterparts.
How do I tell if prices are fair, from private and dealers?
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2022.09.05 23:52 AG74683 2001 Honda Shadow 750 Spirit

Considering this as a first bike. A guy I work with is selling his. It's a 2001 Honda Shadow 750 Spirit with 8,500. It has a windscreen and saddle bags. He says all it needs is an oil change, he hasn't done it only because he bought a new bike.
He wants $2,000 for it. I literally know nothing about motorcycles. From what I've been reading, these seem to be reasonable starter bikes? I don't know what the Spirit trim means vs the ACE? Is 2k a good deal? KBB seems to indicate it's reasonable but I have no clue. What does everyone think?
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2022.08.19 08:15 Mr_Guy_Person I hate Reddit

I only come here because most times it’s the biggest or most active community for most things.
But I’ll make a post and a godam bot will send me a message telling me to shove it down my throat because it broke this or that rule…when it didn’t.
Example just now: I made a post about how I was looking to buy a motorcycle on the bike reddit forum.
Yeah you can’t do that…but that was only the basis of the point of the thread.
See, during my search for the pricing of this bike I looked at Kelley Blue Book and something odd happened: for the year of 1997 there were only 3 choices for manufacturers when there’s a ton more. And in some cases 1997 isn’t even available as an option to choose for a year to look up bikes.
That…was the question and point and basis and wgateverthefuck you want to call it that makes “why does KBB do this for this 1997 only?” The main theme. NOT “I’m buying a motorcycle and help” thread #2,567,307
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2022.07.26 19:06 Secure-Inspection-63 I'm in my late-thirties, a mother of two, make a HHI of $200k+ a year, and my husband and I dabble in urban farming.

For some reason, Reddit's automated bots removed my post from yesterday and my earlier post (December, 2020) because they thought it might be spam? Regardless, here's the link to my first post for answers to the profile questions ( . Also, there were requests for me to write a summer diary, since we are low-key urban farmers, so I've tried to emphasize those details in the daily summaries.
July, 2022 December, 2020
Investment balance (total) $691,800 $601,000
Brokerage account $92,000 $104,700
My traditional IRA $43,400 $41,400
My Roth IRA $73,300 $61,900
My 401K $243,200 $205,200
My husband’s 401K $188,000 $156,000
My husband’s Roth IRA $28,900 $18,000
My son’s 529 $13,700 $9,000
My daughter’s 529 $9,300 $4,800
Equity (total) $497,600 $300,700
Main residence Mortgage = $225,300; Zillow value = $542,400 Mortgage = $233,300; Zillow value = $455,200
Rental property Mortgage = $121,500; Zillow value = $302,000 Mortgage = $125,300; Zillow value = $204,100
Savings account balance $4,800 $6,200
Checking account balance $4,400 $3,700
Credit card debt $0 $0
Student loan debt $0 $0
Vehicle loans $0; KBB value = $22,000 $0; KBB value = $15,000
Net worth $1,198,600 $928,100
Monthly take home = $7,800 total (plus FSA reimbursement; rounded to the nearest $100)
My deductions (per biweekly paycheck; my deductions include all of the family expenses)
Monthly (total = $5,431.79)
Yearly and Bi-annual
SECTION 4: See previous diary for answers
My kids are now 3-years-old (daughter) and 4-years-old (son). Please see my previous diary for a look at our daily routine.
Our meal plan this week includes:
Right now, our property (about a quarter acre in a 1950s subdivision) contains:
We try to emphasize planting things that our children can eat raw right from the garden. I view their snacking throughout the day in the summer as "free-range", and encourage them to go into the yard and garden whenever they feel like it to pick and eat the produce. We don't use insecticides, pesticides or herbicides, and I feel that if they eat a little dirt, more power to them.
**I will only tally my personal expenses and our joint expenses below, because I don’t have access to my husband’s personal account. If I know about his purchases, I will mention them for context, though they will not be included in the weekly total.**
DAY 1 (7/18/22, Monday) = $303
Morning: My husband checks on the chickens every morning, and usually takes one of our kids to help collect eggs. Some fun facts about egg-laying chickens: Ours produce approximately 1.5 eggs every 2 days, so in the summer we get about 5-6 eggs/day. In the winter, because our chickens are free range they do still produce eggs (though their egg production is affected by the scarcity of light), so we get about 3-4 eggs/day. Also, the size of their eggs depends on both the breed and the age of the chicken (bigger = older), the color of the shell depends on the breed (we have brown, tan and green eggs) and the color of the yolk depends on the diet. Generally speaking, commercially farmed egg yolks are pale yellow, the more free range the more orange the yolks are.
Noon: At lunch time, I go into the garden to pick veggies for a salad and some fruit and vegetables for dinner. Pro-tip, if you're considering establishing a garden, invest in a high quality salad spinner to clean your greens. While I'm out there, I also check the bee watering dish, to make sure the water is fresh. I sign my children up for two more months of weekly soccer school ($303). The school emphasizes games and listening to the coach, with tiny sprinkles of skill-building. The kids love it.
Night: I pick the kids up from daycare and take them to soccer practice. It's at a local park so for the half hour before practice they play and eat the dinner I packed for them. My husband meets us there and, after practice, he plays with the kids at the park for another half hour while they finish dinner and I head home for some alone time. After the kids are in bed, my husband and I fool around a bit then curl up on the couch and watch an episode of the most recent season of History Channel's "Alone."
DAY 2 (7/19/22, Tuesday) = $150
Morning: After my kids have a small bowl of Cheerios for breakfast, they toss the leftovers to the chickens and put their bowls in the sink while I go into the garden and dump our coffee grounds onto the blueberry bushes. Blueberries thrive in a more acidic soil than we have, so the grounds are a nice, easy and free way to supplement their nutrients.
Noon: My mom comes over at lunch hour to trade sun-dried raisins from her grape vines, which our kids eat like candy, for a dozen eggs. While she's here, she also checks on the Roma tomato plants she asked us to grow for her. She likes to oven roast them and we have an unspoken agreement that she keeps most and I get a few portions back, which works well for us since we DROWN in Roma tomatoes every summer.
Night: My husband and I were struggling to train our children to go #2 in the potty for the past few months, so my husband had the genius idea of bribing them with a four-wheeler for a month of no accidents. Well, today is the day we have to pay up. My husband found one on Marketplace so we load the kids up to go look at it. It seems in working order and is the right price, so we buy it ($150). Our kids are over the moon and we spend the rest of the evening with them driving around our block until the battery needs to be recharged.
DAY 3 (7/20/22, Wednesday) = $0
Morning: My husband takes the kitchen scraps out to the chickens. We have virtually no food waste in our house, and we have a triage system for who gets what scraps. The chickens are prioritized first, since they feed us, then our dog gets whatever scraps the chickens won't eat (e.g., eggs), and our compost gets the things neither the chickens nor the dog will eat (e.g., lettuce). Leftover water goes to our dog dish, then the houseplants and finally to the bees.
Noon: I go into the garden and pick some ingredients for a salad, and while I'm out there I get a random impulse and pull all of the volunteer mint from our beds. It came in with the soil (we didn't plant it, which is why it's called volunteer) and honestly it's like a weed. I wash it, tie it in bunches and hang it to dry. In about a week and a half, it will make an excellent loose leaf tea.
Night: My son is having a really hard time tonight; he's struggling to listen and to regulate his behavior. The temptation is always to respond with consequences (i.e., "if you do this, you lose this item/privilege"), but I've been trying really hard to respond lately to the reason for the behavior, instead of the behavior itself. So I ask him if he would like me to read him a story, and he immediately says yes. He and his sister curl up in my lap and I read them several books and, before long, he's relaxed and half asleep with his head on my shoulder. I think the poor little guy was tired.
DAY 4 (7/21/22, Thursday) = $5.27
Morning: My husband decides today is the day to integrate the juvenile chickens full-time into our flock. It's inadvisable to integrate a single chicken into an existing flock, because they are the lowest in the pecking order and the other chickens can be vicious, which is why we always integrate two or more at a time. The kids and I watch as he lets the babies out, and it seems to go well! We sit on our patio and watch them warily circle each other until it's time to take the kids to daycare.
Noon: I take out a celery end that I've been rooting on our kitchen table into the gardent to plant. My family doesn't ever eat an entire bunch of celery, so I've taken to regrowing the ends of the ones I've purchased. This allows me to cut a stalk or two to use at a time and not feel wasteful for composting the rest of the bunch. For a fun science experience at home, here are the instructions for the process I use:
Night: My husband cleans out the chicken coop while the kids and I go out into the garden to pick some produce for dinner. While I'm busy doing a little bit of weeding, my children pick and eat raspberries, strawberries and sugar snap peas. We check on the fruit trees, and test the ripeness of the fruit. I talk to the kids about how to tell when fruit is ready to be picked. They don't quite understand that just because the fruit is there, it's not edible. It's an interesting way to teach patience. My husband and I decide we need to tire the kids out a bit more before bedtime, so we walk to our local burger joint and pick up ice cream cones for everyone ($5.27). Sugar before bed is always a good idea.
DAY 5 (7/22/22, Friday) = $75.14
Morning: My kids both slept late this morning which is absolutely heaven. My husband and I get to each dress and eat breakfast in relative peace. After they all leave for the day, I call a friend of mine who is going through a hard time right now with her husband, just so she knows I'm here to support her.
Noon: My schedule is really light today, so I asked my husband yesterday if he'd like to meet for lunch. It's really hard to have couple-focused time with our kids being as young as they are, so we try to spontaneously meet up if we can now that he's back in the office full-time. We go to a local deli and chat about our upcoming trips (he's going to a wedding in the midwest next month and the following month I'm traveling to the east coast to visit my best friend; $30.59). On the way home, I swing by our local zero waste store and pick up whey protein powder, fair trade coffee and bananas ($44.55).
Night: After work, I stop by for a quick walk around the neighborhood of a good friend who lives on the way to daycare. We gossip and she fills me in about a possible new job, then I hug her good by and run to pick up the kids. At home, we play in the garden a bit. We put a sandbox in there that they've filled with gravel and they have their own garden tools and gloves. The kids get water from the rain barrel to refresh beds that look a little dry. When my husband gets home, we set up some chairs in our driveway and the kids drive the four-wheeler up and down our street. After the kids are in bed, my husband and I have sex and then read until it's time for bed.
DAY 6 (7/23/22, Saturday) = $173.24, $30 personal
Morning: My husband and I have decided to take dedicated one-on-one time with each of our children on the weekends, to make sure they feel special and unique. Today is my turn with my son, and we go shopping for his school supplies. He is so excited to start school this fall, and he has fun picking out a lunchbox and the other things on his list. I also get him a donut at the store as a special treat ($63.22). My husband and daughter run to get chicken treats and supplies to improve the chicken water supply for the summer, because it's supposed to be hot ($22.47).
Noon: We walk through the farmer's market and pick up a pour over coffee, some food to eat there, some food to take home, and a bridle leather belt for my husband ($51.90, $30 from my husband's personal account). Then we go to a local swimming hole to meet up with family friends, whose son is going to school with our son in the fall. The kids splash around for a happy hour or two.
Night: After our kids rest for an hour or so quietly in their rooms, we change the batteries in some toys we picked up a couple weeks ago at garage sales, and my husband finds out we need a fuse for his volt meter. He takes my son to the hardware store with him, and I ask my daughter what she'd like to do. She picks a bath, riding around on her scooter with me inside the house, and then her marbleworks set, in that order. My husband and son come back with the fuse and some food from a local vegetarian restaurant and we play in our backyard until it's time for bed ($35.65).
DAY 7: DAY/DATE = $107.15 joint, $68.72 personal
Morning: We had planned to go meet the new foal one of our friend's minature horses had earlier this season, but he called this morning and said the poor baby has colic, so he had to reschedule. Instead, we go out to the garden to do a little bit of maintenance. My husband thins out the pumpkin patch, while showing the kids the two baby pumpkins that are growing, and breaking in half the first cucumber of the season for them to share. I improve the trellis system for our beans. I try to grow one or two new things every season, and this season it's beans.
Then we decide to get our camper ready for a camping trip next weekend. We bought it last year with the stimulus money we received, and it's been a fantastic purchase. It needs some minor repairs, so we head to the hardware store to pick up needed supplies ($107.15). While there, we randomly run into our brother-in-law. My husband's sister and her husband have kids almost exactly the same age as ours, so we make plans to get together later today. We head home and work on the camper, getting everythihng clean and organized for our trip.
Noon: While the kids and my husband rest, my sister comes over to pick me up; we are taking our nephew out to Red Lobster for his birthday. He is turning 10 and all he wants is lobster, which is hilarious, so we are gifting this to him as a present. He got the Ultimate Feast, ate half of it, and declared the lobster his favorite. He said the crab legs would have been his favorite, but "they're too much work" ($68.72 from my personal money).
Night: I hear my husband and the kids play-wrestling while I'm in our bedroom folding laundry. There are all sorts of crashes and bangs and giggles, which make me smile. Then, out of nowhere, I hear my daughter's sweet baby voice ask, "Will you please be a nice werewolf?" and I can't help it, I bust out laughing. We pack up some snacks, put the kids in their swimsuits, get the bikes out and bike to the local splash pad to meet my in-laws and their children. The kids play in the water, play at the adjoining park, eat some dinner and then we head home. While my husband changes their bedsheets, I get out the Waldo book and the kids and I spend about a half hour trying to find Waldo. They are OBSESSED with "Where's Waldo?" and they're pretty good at it. Then, bedtime.
WEEKLY TOTAL = $912.52 ($813.80 JOINT, $98.72 PERSONAL)
Reflection: This was quite a bit more than we typically spend in a week, but this week corresponded to a few infrequent big purchases, so it makes sense. I'm surprised about the values of our investments/retirement accounts. The last time I checked them was in about April, and they've all fallen 10+% since then. I kind of thought they'd have fallen more? But our real estate values are up, so I guess it all evens out.
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2022.07.26 02:40 DumbDonkeyLuvver Book value and bill of sale

So I'm buying a used motorcycle out of state. The MVA website says that I need a notarized bill of sale if the vehicle is less than seven years old (it is) AND it is being sold less than the book value. KBB provides a Trade-In value and a Typical Listing Price (from a dealer), but does not provide a private party value. I am paying more than the Trade-In value, but less than the Typical Listing Price.
NADA on the other hand provides a Suggested List Price, Low Retail, and Average Retail. The purchase price is higher than the Low Retail, but less than the Suggested and Average price.
BUT! The Bill of Sale form (VR-181) states fair market value. The price I'm paying is in-line with other bikes of the same model of similar years.
Since the purchase price is in-line with the market, am I in the clear? Will I need a notarized bill of sale in this case? Just trying to make sure I have my ducks in a row, since it'll be a pain in the ass to drive back and try to get the seller to go to a notary with me after the sale has been completed.
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2022.06.29 19:40 PSKTS_Heisingberg Currently in the journey to trading up to my dream car… need advice.

Planning on trying to trade up from a Yamaha R1 2003, all the way up to my dream car, a C6 Z06 Corvette as a fun story to tell in the future and to learn more about how to work in bartering. I’ve gotten a few offers and found a few deals as well, the bike is currently valued at roughly $5500-$6000 in resale according to KBB.
Recently, I’ve found a trade deal for a 1986 Ford Bronco 4x4 2dr, with only 58,000 miles with a C6 auto transmission and a 315 CUI V8. It runs, drives and stops. They average roughly 9-15k in resale value and I know in terms of trade leverage trucks absolutely hold more weight than motorcycles.
The question is, is this a smart or safe trade? Would this be a proper increase in value? Or do you think it would be a harder time to get rid of (not saying that my R1 has been any easier nobody takes it serious lol.)
Any car flippers or people with knowledge about this type of stuff is appreciated, thanks.
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2022.06.23 01:17 Expensive_Cupcake_88 PCX 2013

I am looking at PCX 150 2013 model with 4500 miles for sale. From the picture, it looks new. It seems like it was garage kept. I am unsure what or where to look for used motorcycle value other than KBB. KBB is showing me 1,780 trade-ins and 2,640 when purchasing at the dealer. What is the fair price for 2013 low miles with decent maintenance history? Thank you.
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2022.06.21 22:22 Zero_Phux_Given Ninja 650 ABS

I was told to take a look at the Ninja 650 ABS as a first motorcycle, is there any specific model year which is better or has less issues than another? Any year to avoid? (I can't find any site similar to CarComplaints but for motorcycles)
Also, does this KBB pricing seem accurate? Is there a reason the 2015 model would be higher priced than the 2016? Same with 2018 and 2019? (I also have no idea what the difference between EX650 F vs K is)
Lastly, any reason to not get a Ninja 650 ABS or is there another ABS motorcycle you recommend?
I'm 5'11"-6' tall. Budget for bike is ~$5,500-6,500 (I can spend more but as a first bike I'm happy with something used, inexpensive, already been dropped, etc. I expect I'll drop the bike so I don't want to buy something that's going to lose much more value.)
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2022.06.20 06:26 Zero_Phux_Given Ninja 650 ABS or something else?

I was told to take a look at the Ninja 650 ABS as a first motorcycle, is there any specific model year which is better or has less issues than another? Any year to avoid? (I can't find any site similar to CarComplaints but for motorcycles)
Also, does this KBB pricing seem accurate? Is there a reason the 2015 model would be higher priced than the 2016? Same with 2018 and 2019? (I also have no idea what the difference between EX650 F vs K is)
Lastly, any reason to not get a Ninja 650 ABS or is there another ABS motorcycle you recommend?
I'm 5'11"-6' tall. Budget for bike is ~$5,500-6,500 (I can spend more but as a first bike I'm happy with something used, inexpensive, already been dropped, etc. I expect I'll drop the bike so I don't want to buy something that's going to lose much more value.)
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2022.06.15 02:24 iDuLicious Trying to keep a clean title, my car that's worth next to nothing was "vandalized" by transients pushing a parked motorcycle onto my car. If I go through with a claim, will they make it "SALVAGE"?

Before getting into the story, you must know a few things:
• I have Allstate Auto Insurance, full coverage.
• The thing I'm worried about most is if I go all the way through with a claim to my auto insurance, that they're going to total out my vehicle and give it a SALVAGE title.
• If that is the case I'd rather withdraw my claim & pay for it out of pocket to protect the title of the vehicle. It has sentimental value & something I vowed when I acquired it was to keep the title CLEAN for its whole life.
• This entire incident was captured on CCTV by the building(s) I park next to/nearby.
My vehicle which this happened to is a 1993 Subaru Impreza Wagon L AWD. KBB value on it is worth next to nothing. I have gotten in touch with the security team that captured the CCTV footage. They told me that basically 2 homeless individuals were arguing near my car and one of them thought it was a good idea to push over the motorcycle parked next to my vehicle, onto my vehicle during the heat of the argument. They also told me the owner of the motorcycle worked for their company, so they said they weren't sure if they should release their personal information, however he stated to the security team that there was minimal damage to his motorcycle and that he felt no need to go to insurance on his end.
I provided all of the details to the person who took my claim over the phone, including the phone # of the security agent who contacted me and described the footage to me over the phone, and the license plate # of the motorcycle that fell onto my car.
The only damage done was to my front passenger side door. It's a nice 2 gashes exposing a lot of metal & took off a good amount of paint, along with the entire trim piece. Glass is intact, it also rolls down just fine, speakers work, locks still work..
I have submitted a claim already but have yet to fill out a form they sent me ~2 days ago, I would just like a straightforward answer to my situation. Thank you!
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2022.06.10 16:06 indispensable_cash How am I doing for my age? I am constantly worrying about finances.

Hey all! I'd like to breakdown my situation here and gain some insight/advice into my financial position.
About me
Monthly Expenses/budget
All leftover money is sent to savings and taxable brokerage.
I have constant worry that I am not doing enough in terms of savings, retirement, and investments. I feel IMMENSE guilt for buying things I don't need, like dinners with friends, rounds of golf, gear for my motorcycle to help keep me safe, occasional drinks at the bar, etc. I feel like this money is better spent on investing or building my emergency fund. I am constantly checking Mint to see if I am going to go over my budget, what my net worth is, how my investments are doing, and where I can spend less money.
I know I make a decent amount for my age but it genuinely feels like I don't have enough money to do the things I want and live stress-free when it comes to spending money. It doesn't help that I have a friend that always wants to go out to eat at restaurants and I feel like a stingy asshole if I say "no" because he knows how much money I make.
I want to learn how to not obsess over this stuff, can anyone offer any advice here?
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2022.06.08 00:12 SolusT1 Question about the value of a used 2014 Honda Shadow Phantom

I am hoping to get a better understanding of the value of a 2014 Honda Shadow Phantom in this weird market of 2022. The bike has 5,000 miles and appears by the photos to be in good condition, mostly stock. The seller claims it was well maintained service wide.
He offered the bike for $5300 down from his much higher asking price. KBB puts the bike around $4900 and /NADA seems to put it at much less.
What do you think is a fair price for this bike in the current market. Looking to use it as a daily driver / second motorcycle for long rides / city errands.
My apologies if this post is against the rules in some way.
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2022.04.19 07:55 averagerarelyscores Someone stole my baby (2014 CBR600RR ABS)

Hi y’all! I live in a major city and live in a super secure apartment but found out the other day that someone managed to get into my secured garage of my apartment and steal my motorcycle.
As I’m going through the process of filing a claim with my insurance, how do I ensure I get the most value for my bike?
It has ~17k miles but In near perfect condition, very minor scratches and internally as perfect as can be (had a huge service done last year to make it “almost like new”)
I only had minor mods like a slip on, windscreen, tank grips, integrated tail light, tail tidy, etc.
I remember the KBB being around $8.5k but I’m curious if people manage to get more based on condition, etc.
I never had a motorcycle stolen from me so any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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