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2023.03.22 17:33 candytropicalsteel 20% Off OfficeFurniturecom Coupon & Promo Code

Check out the link for 20% Off OfficeFurniturecom Coupon & Promo Code. Once on the website, you'll have access to a variety of OfficeFurniturecom coupons, promo codes, and discount deals that are updated regularly to help you save on your purchase.
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2023.03.22 17:33 Comfortable-Paper807 Anything I can do about boss who spends more on advertising and is letting the actual service die?

I’m in an industry that is pretty reputable for being seedy and taking advantage of clients. Without giving too much away it’s an industry focused on relieving clients from the burden of another toxic industry. I started about a year ago and saw some red flags but was assured we were focused on “doing it the right way” and I was even encouraged to do research on the other companies in our industry and what they did wrong (which I did). I did see how my company was doing things differently and looking for real relief for these clients. When I started there were 5 people in my department doing the relief work. Then it went down to 2. Now it is only me. I am responsible for relieving all the clients of their burdens. Everyone else has quit. We have about 800 clients. About 600 of these clients are at standstills due to either checks needing to be sent to them or on behalf of them, or them needing to be outsourced to an attorney (which is paid for by the company). The owner of my company is aware that there is about 100k that needs to be paid out and I am constantly assured the money is “coming”. He supposedly got a grant from the government but the check “keeps getting sent to the wrong address”. He pays out about 5k total a month to pay to clients. It is not enough. He is also aware that we need new relief solutions and just keeps telling me that either I just need to be more persistent or he is working on it. His wife (who is always here) literally tells us not to talk to him about these problems because it stresses him out. Well last month he decided to open another sales office in another state. And hire a marketing person in office. While I still have all these problems and am unable to properly do my job. He constantly brings in new clients that we cannot provide relief for and he knows this. He is a very convincing sales person and also lies during his pitches (I.e. saying we have never had to issue a refund when he definitely has). These clients are also under the impression that there’s a skilled team of legal trained professionals working on their relief. There is only me. I am actively looking for a job but I have a small apartment and a 4 year old and do not want to work from home, and that seems to be the only other things that pay a decent wage in my area. Any advice? Is there anything legally I can do here? I’m not against whistleblowing if there’s anything illegal going on. I’m so miserable here.
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2023.03.22 17:32 Samowarrior SPC NOAA Day 3 convective outlook. Spring has sprung. Also note on Thursday a high risk of hail for Oklahoma.

SPC NOAA Day 3 convective outlook. Spring has sprung. Also note on Thursday a high risk of hail for Oklahoma.
Day 3 Convective Outlook NWS Storm Prediction Center Norman OK 0234 AM CDT Wed Mar 22 2023
Valid 241200Z - 251200Z
...SUMMARY... Supercell thunderstorms capable of all severe hazards, including strong tornadoes, are possible across the Lower Mississippi Valley on Friday.
...Synopsis... The upper pattern early Friday morning will likely be characterized by broad troughing across the western CONUS and subtropical ridging centered over the Straits of Florida. Enhanced mid-level flow will extend throughout western and southern periphery of the upper trough and then throughout the northwestern periphery of the subtropical ridge. A low-amplitude shortwave trough is forecast to move from the base of the upper trough quickly eastward across the southern Plains throughout the day, and then more northeastward across the Mid-South overnight. Strong mid-level flow (i.e. 100 kt at 500-mb) will accompany this shortwave, spreading across TX into the Mid-South.
The surface pattern preceding this shortwave trough is expected to feature a low over north TX early Friday, with a cold front extending southward from this low into the TX Hill Country and a stationary front extending northeastward into the Middle OH Valley. This low is forecast to move northeastward throughout the day, while deepening significantly.
...Lower MS Valley... Expectation is for a broad area of upper 60s dewpoints to be in place from east TX across the Lower MS Valley, ahead of the surface low and associated front. Cloud cover may temper daytime heating, but afternoon temperatures will likely still reach the 80s, contributing to moderate buoyancy across much of the region. In addition to this buoyancy, moderate mid-level flow atop strengthening low-level flow (supported by the maturing cyclone ahead of the approaching shortwave trough) will contribute to long hodographs with substantial low-level magnitude and veering. As a result, the environment will be very favorable for supercells.
Current expectation is for storms to develop during the afternoon over southwest AR and western LA (perhaps as far west as east TX). This development should occur ahead of the cold front within the open warm sector, maturing as it moves eastward across the Lower MS Valley. A discrete supercell mode is anticipated initially, with all severe hazards possible, including strong tornadoes. Upscale growth into a convective line is anticipated after this initially discrete mode, with the line pushing eastward across MS and AL overnight.
...Mid MS Valley... Despite less buoyancy that areas farther south, augmented forcing for ascent close to the surface low could result in bowing line segments capable of damaging wind gusts and embedded tornadoes Friday afternoon through Friday evening.
..Mosier.. 03/22/2023
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2023.03.22 17:32 lazymentors What Happened In Marketing Last Week: Adsense Updates, Facebook Removal & Twitter Algorithm Reveals

Top 5 Updates of the Week:




Meta :









Thanks for reading. These posts are sometimes deleted due to mod hate & even downvoted immediately by the team. You can subscribe through link in my bio to receive these updates every week with sources.
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2023.03.22 17:31 ArcheryAfficionado Why were my attempts to post a joke on this sub blocked but all the others are making it on? So unfair

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2023.03.22 17:31 ATobiaMD A further look into: 'The Exorcist'

Movie: The Exorcist (1973)
The seminal movie of the ‘demonic possession’ subgenre is William Friedkin’s 1973 film adaptation of The Exorcist. Like our trip through Connecticut (The Conjuring) in Week 5, the film and its novel are based on true events. In a 1972 New York Times article titled “Everyone’s Reading It, Billy’s Filming It,” Chris Chase reported that Peter Blatty based his novel on the 1949 Washington Post story, “Priest Frees Mt. Rainier Boy Reported Held in Devil’s Grip.” Details are provided in the personal diary of Fr. Raymond Bishop who performed over 30 exorcisms on 13-year-old Roland Doe. Supernatural occurrences noted in the diary included, but were not limited to, distortions in Doe’s voice (1). It has been speculated that Doe’s behavior may have been the result of a Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Streptococcal (PANDAS) infection.
How it relates to the field of psychiatry
At Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, the first module – titled Necromancy – of our year-long resident Psychopathology course focuses on ghosts (wraiths) and demons. While the former references disorders that are episodic in nature, tales of demonic possession serve to reinforce teaching points of chronic and persistent illnesses such as the Dissociative Disorders (DD). At the completion of the DD block, participants should appreciate that movies about demonic possession may be metaphorically interpreted as case studies of dissociation. For example, the hallmark characteristic of Dissociative Identity Disorder, a disruption of identity, may be described in some cultures as an experience of possession (DSM-5).
Another pedagogic lesson of The Exorcist references Holotropic Breathwork (HB). HB combines music with accelerated breathing to reach an “altered state of consciousness” as a form of self-exploration and psychotherapy. In their book (2), the Grofs describe the experience of demonic energy as “a change in facial and vocal expression…their voice is deep and raspy…spastic contractions make their hands look like claws, and their entire body tenses. [They] can muster physical strength.” After an outburst, everything quiets down and there is an eerie silence.
Regan demonstrates the pathognomonic description of demonic energy, which is associated with reliving memories of severe childhood trauma. The absence of her father and nocturnal enuresis (urinates coming down the stairs) lend further support to this potential etiology of Regan’s “possession.”
Key Words: Washington, William Friedkin, Peter Blatty, The Exorcist, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Fr. Raymond Bishop, Ronald Doe, PANDAS, Grof, Holotropic Breathwork, demonic energy
  2. Grof S, MD & Grof C, PhDhc. Holotropic Breathwork, p 194-95.
Anthony Tobia, MD, Copyright © 2018 Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. All rights reserved.
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2023.03.22 17:31 Verrgasm Clubbing

"Why won't you come with me?" Andrea's voice whined down the phone in the tone she always adopted when she wasn't getting her way. "C'mon… please? Everyone else is busy..."
"I already told you, I'm not going back to another one of your shitty dive clubs. Remember last time when I nearly got my eye gouged out in the moshpit? I had to take a week off work."
"So what if you got your bell rung for the first time, you really want to die without any scars? Besides, do you have any idea how hard it was to get these tickets? I had to pay some random street guy double just to get us in the door."
"Well, what's the big deal about this place, then? Why's it so exclusive?"
"Suck Shaft."
"Suck Shaft, they're opening. Headliner's some local hick but everyone's going to see Suck Shaft, it's their first gig in like ten years or something. How in the fuck have you never heard of Suck Shaft?"
"Andrea, can you please stop saying 'Suck Shaft' for a minute… let me think…"
"Look, are you coming or not? We'll be in and out in two hours, Tom, I promise. You'll be no worse off for work tomorrow, might even have something interesting to say around the water cooler, ay?"
"Fine... As long as we're only staying for the opener."
"Great! Pick me up at six."
I pulled up outside Andrea's house to find her sitting impatiently on the doorstep and she eagerly bounded over and hopped inside.
"Are you as excited as I am?!" She asked giddily, looking at me with her make-up-caked face. She presented two little white tickets and passed one over. "This is gonna be a night to remember!"
"Yeah, whatever… Two hours, then I'm going home, so don't fuck around, okay?" I put the car in gear and departed from the pavement. "I mean it, Andrea. I can't mess up with this job right now."
"Jeeeez, you're such a stick in the mud…" She groaned dramatically as her eyes rolled back into her head.
As we drove slowly down the decrepit street which was home to the run-down venue I was immediately shocked at just how busy it really was. A swarm of patrons all waiting to get inside mobbed the sidewalk and spilled over into the street. After a tedious fifteen minutes of creeping around, I eventually managed to squeeze the car into a tiny space two streets over.
It was freezing but I gave Andrea my jacket anyway after catching a few passive aggressive 'brrrrr's' as we walked side-by-side to the club.
"Why didn't you just bring your own coat?"
"Well, I didn't know we'd have to park like a hundred fucking miles away, did I?"
"What if it's cold inside? You consider that one, genius?"
"We won't be cold for very long," She shot me a sly wink as she dug into her back pocket and held up a baggie containing two tiny pills stamped with a smiling alien. "Roll with me?"
I looked into her big green pleading puppy dog eyes and found myself unable to say no. That and it had been a while since I'd gotten my hands on some decent ecstasy. Andrea always got good X.
"I'll take half. Remember I still have to get us both home in one piece after this." I said in a defeated voice, but secretly I was excited for the first time that day.
"Yay!" Andrea hopped up and clicked the heels of her Nikes at me. "This is gonna be great!"
She pulled the bag open and bit half a pill, handing me the other half. Then, without any hesitation, she slammed the other full one down too before flashing her tongue at me the way I imagine they make the patients do at mental hospitals after med time.
"For fuck's sake, Andrea. Really? You said two hours. In two hours' time you're gonna be completely gone, I'll probably have to carry you through the dance floor, prise your fingers off the stage just to get you out the door with me."
"A promise is a promise." She booped my nose condescendingly the way you might a small child. I always hated when she did that, endearing as it was. "When it's over, it's over. I won't hold you back."
"I hope not." I'd gotten the pill down quickly, but that bitter taste still permeated the surface of my tongue and a little at the back of my throat. "I really hope not..."
We rounded the corner and joined the back of the line and found ourselves relieved that it was moving relatively quickly. I stood on my toes and got a decent look at the action up front. The bouncer wasn't even really checking the tickets, just a nod in acknowledgement at whatever random white paper was being presented. This prompted me to check the one in my pocket.
It was riddled with typos. I held it up to Andrea and she looked at me as if I was from Mars.
"You paid double for fake tickets?"
"Yeah, so what? They'll get us in, won't they?"
"Jesus, Andrea. I swear, two hours and then we're leaving. Okay? This is gonna be a nightmare to get away from, look how busy this fucking street is, it's all because of these fake ticket scalping fucks..."
The ecstasy had begun to take effect and I couldn't help but feel a little shame for just how hard my half a pill was already kicking my ass. I looked over at Andrea for the first time since we'd joined the queue, of which was quickly packed behind us as we gradually approached the front, boxing us in. She was chewing voraciously at her bottom lip. I put my arm around her shoulder reassuringly and she turned to me with her big wobbly pupils. The vibrant green of her irises almost obscured by them.
"We will get in, right? Won't we?" She asked with a sort of desperation that I understood. I'd had a 'bad' X trip before when my plans got cancelled and I'd taken too much, ended up milling around my apartment hugging pillows and gnawing at my toothbrush. I pictured Andrea disappointedly sitting on her couch while she ferociously stroked her cat with hardstyle blasting through her TV speakers.
"Yeah, I think we'll get in. Don't worry." She pulled me closer to her and we embraced. Usually that took an hour or two but the clear overdose had ramped up the process. "Are you sure you're okay to go in here? You shouldn't have done all that at once."
"Oh, y-yeah" She chattered at me through her clenched teeth. She broke away for a second and yelled into the crowd behind us.
She was met with a rallying cry of about two dozen other people who were also prematurely wasted. With a pleased giggle she took my arm again and snuggled in, which was a relief because it was so damn cold on that sidewalk. We got close to the front and I whispered into Andrea's ear.
"Look, just keep your head down and don't look at the bouncer. If he sees how fucked up you are he won't let us in, okay?"
"Gimme your ticket."
I took her ticket and approached the big man by the door as Andrea half-hid behind me. No words were exchanged, barely even a look. He grabbed our tickets, and in we went.
"Here's your jacket back." Andrea thrust my knockoff leather jacket towards me and I put it back on, knowing that it'd eventually just become a hindrance in the heat. I followed closely behind as we descended the sickly white painted concrete stairwell, already littered with cigarette butts and empty bottles and vomit possibly from the night before. The music was getting louder as we got closer to the underground set. Thick swathes of bass resonated in the walls and in the floor and the ceiling and I felt myself come alive.
The stairs ended after a few turns and Andrea took my hand and led me into the packed crowd, all moving sinuously to the beat. I felt a jab in my ribs but I didn't care. We were somewhere close to the stage, but I couldn't tell where. My vision flickered and moved with my body as I danced with Andrea, every so often taking an accidental shove from a stranger and giving out a few of my own. That moment, I don't know how long it lasted, but it was the last time I was ever truly happy.
I brushed it off at first, something being shouted that looking back, I know must have been 'fire'. I just didn't want to believe it. Then, when the dancefloor broke its rhythm and people began to push into us towards the exit, I realized what was happening. Andrea looked into my eyes and I could see she knew it too, that rapturous joy snuffed out by terror. When the real world creeps into the fantasies we use to escape, turning them foul forever.
The music was still blaring, but the stage was empty. Smoke trickled out from behind it. Screams began to overtake the bass as people crammed in beside us, all running in the same direction. The lit single door exitway was in near darkness spare a few gaps that weren't full of people squeezing through. It was utter chaos.
All around us the ones who'd fallen over were stepped on in the scramble, I could hear their bones snapping under the weight of frantic footfalls and their pained reactions as they gasped their last breaths before giving in. Several men and women were actively shoving people back, throwing elbows and punches with others retaliating and then succumbing to the trampling themselves. We managed to reach the exit door leading to the stairs, but as I squeezed myself through Andrea's wrist got caught in the doorframe and was shattered by the incoming horde pushing through the cramped doorway three at a time. She screamed, shrieked out, and then was lost. I didn't look back, I was overcome with an unbearable rage. I stood in that doorway and I kicked out hard, knocking at least a dozen people back into the club, which was now entirely ablaze as flames engulfed the stage rendered near invisible by the thick black smoke.
I wasn't giving anything close to a fuck. I jerked my elbows into noses, I yanked back two womem ahead of me and they tumbled backwards down the stairs into the fiery oblivion below. I kicked and I punched and I shoved and I think I even bit a guy at one point, until eventually, I managed to wriggle through the open door and into the night air as sirens screeched down the street towards the scene. I looked back over my shoulder at the carnage as other escapees of the blaze rushed past me to safety. I did too, except I didn't stop running.
I got in my car and I drove home.
Fifty-three people died in that club that night. Seventy were injured, many in ways that'll surely have made their lives a living hell since. Andrea. I'm not sure if Andrea died in the crush or under some fucker's boot or if the smoke got her, or the fire. All I know is that she didn't make it. I just hope it was quick. Oh, fuck, how I hope it was quick... I look back and it's like I can see her lying there by that jammed up door with her wrist all bent backwards with the bone sticking out while she pleads, begs, the other people there to help her. Everyone ignored her. I ignored her.
I don't like to think about it. I can't. So I don't. I moved away. Nobody knows I was there, or what I did. I know I'll never forget it, though. I know that I'll never forgive myself.
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2023.03.22 17:31 BlandHorrorFan If you see a file on your computer name "see.jpeg", do NOT open it and follow these seven rules

Why hello there, I hope you were having a wonderful day before you've laid your eyes on this message. There's been a strange "virus" infecting PCs, it's strange that no one has been talking about this, no news, no discussings online, no nothing.
But relax, I'm here to save your butt from this "virus", I have experimented and I know everything there is to know about this thing. However, my identidy must remain anonumous, I don't want whoever created this "virus" to know my location. Keep safe, alright here goes:
Rule no. 1: Don't even think about opening the file named "see.jpeg". Please, I'm trying to keep you alive here, and you know what they say: "Curiosity killed the cat".
If you have already opened the file or simply want to know what happens when you do, then skip to rule 8.
Rule no. 2: Don't delete the file, at least not yet. If you do delete the file without doing what the next rules are asking for, it will simply just keep appearing on your PC making it slower every time until it either crashes your PC completly or it automaticly opens itself.
If your PC crashes then you are in as much danger as if you opened and saw what was in the file.
2A: If your PC crashes and ir doesn't turn on again then you are screwed. The creator of this "virus" will somehow obtain your IP address, what he does next is unknown, he could either do nothing, kidnap you, burn your house down, it's simply unknown what he can do.
Rule no. 3: Install a VPN, other than the "see.jpg" file, there is something else you need to worry about. You see, the creator is an active user of the Dark Web, He also has many alt accounts. If you aren't protected by some VPN, then the creator can also try to obtain your data and your IP address, but instead of keeping the IP address to himself, he spreads your address in the Dark Web for other hackers to see.
And you know how many fucked up videos or pictures are in that site, but what if you end up in a picture or video in there. God, bless you if that happens to you.
Rule no. 4: After you have installed a VPN an entity that I like to call "Fearless Maker" will start to hunt you. It doesn't matter if you have open the .jpeg file or not, it's bassicly a man who is on the .jpeg file who is presumed to be the creator of this "virus", mixed with all fucked up things, stabbed with knifes, barbed-wire around his neck, eyes missing, tongue torned off, etc...
He will start to hunt you when you activate your VPN, don't let him get too close to you or God knows what he'll do to you, maybe he'll tear your eyes out and leave you bleeding in pain, or maybe he'll tear your tongue and leave it hanging.
Whatever you are feeling, just get this in mind "He isn't real, he is just a mix of your fears and anxiety about this whole situation".
After you manage to calm yourself down shine a light at him, he usually only appears in dark places.
It is unknown how he manages to interact physicly with you, but for now just keep in mind that he isn't real.
Rule no. 5: Lock your door, it doesn't matter where you are, just lock your door. If you hear scratching noises on your door, don't move and remain silent for a few minutes, it's the Fearless Creator but he is much more aggressive, you will only be safe when the scratching stops.
If you don't follow this rule, then a image of your face mangled and thorned apart will appear on your screen. Fear this image, because that's what you will become in one hour, the catch is that you will remain alive the whole time, even after having your face mangled into oblivion, you will be still alive until you either die because of saturation, thirst or old age.
Rule no. 6: After acivating the VPN and dealing with the Fearless Creator and the scratching at the door. I want you to go to this specific site called "", click the download button, boot it up and execute it as an administrator.
It will then remove the "virus'" ability to re-appear for a maximum of 6 years, after this you can delete the file and proceed with your life like nothing happened, the Fearless Creator will stop hunting you down and everything will hopefully get back to normal. I still recommend switching from PCs and changing your password, every now and then.
Rule no. 7: If you have open the "see.jpeg" file, you have doomed your hopes of surviving, once you've opened this abomination of a file there will be a picture, open it and you'll see your head and the heads of other people that open this .jpeg file on spikes.
The picture will then become alive, a mangled representation of the creator of this "virus" will appear and smile at you, before a text appeares on the screen reading:
"Marked until the end, your head is my prize, such a good gift for my hard work on this masterpiece! You will watch as this cycle repeats, your head, limbs and body mangled just like the others only because curiosity bothered you. Lord Saddler has granted me such power and now I shall use it wisely. Sleep well, goodbye."
After reading this your body will start to contort in various ways, mangled, penetrated with barbed-wire, knifes and all kind of sharp, painfull objects. You'll be hanged up on chains, and you will be there forever until the end off time.
There is a small chance that nothing happens and that the file is autommaticly deleted after you've opened it, I wouldn't risk, I watched loved ones have the same fate after openning this file, only I survived because of this incredibly rare chance of survival and I hope nothing of bad happens to you.
Farewell, stranger, keep yourself safe out there.
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2023.03.22 17:31 LogOfOne Solution For Players Who Cannot Connect to GTA Online

I have observed posts being almost every other day in regards to players being unable to connect to GTA Online. And more often than not, they are also unable to access Social Club website. This post will suggest the solution for that specific case. If you can access Social Club while on the same network then I would recommend restarting the game and checking the GTAO status for your platform.
Main issue is with the IP address. And if you have a dynamic IP then the solution is relatively simple. All you have to do is switch off your router for upto 5 hours. Sometimes it only takes 5 minutes but sometimes it takes longer. So try smaller durations first before trying to keep it off for extended duration. Now once you turn on your router, check if you can access Social Club website. If you can then you successfully changed your IP Address and can now play GTA Online. If not then repeat the process by keeping your router turned off for even longer durations.
However, if you have a static IP then you need to call your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to change it. You can obviously wait a few days and try accessing GTA Online/Social Club and there is a good chance that you will be able to access the game. Unfortunately, its not a definitive solution. In my personal experience, I have had this issue lasting for over a week before I found out how to fix said issue.
Feel free to share your methods whenever you encounter similar issues so that it can help others.
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2023.03.22 17:31 Gullible-Acadia-6480 my (19f) child’s father (23m) ruined our relationship before the child was even born

so i don’t really know where to start, this will probably be pretty long. i am currently pregnant so i’m pretty emotional lol but i am tryna tell this story as unbiased as i can. so i started dating this guy John i’ve always had a lil crush on. John already had a son who was under a year old when we got together, i helped John as much as i possibly could, i began to love that child as if he was my own. the child’s mother is an old classmate of mine n we used to be kinda friends but she is very dramatic n toxic so ofc we couldn’t be civil if i was w her ex. anyways things were normal for a while, they were coparenting as best as possible. for context, me n John stayed together at his dads trailer n John doesn’t have his own phone (by choice). eventually i found out that i was pregnant, and tbh i wasn’t thrilled because John already has a kid so it wouldn’t rly be as special. a couple weeks later his sons mom let us know that she was very pregnant but she had been hiding it n not going to the hospital so that she could continue abusing drgs while pregnant. she ended up giving birth a couple weeks later n it completely shook up our relationship. i’ll admit i probably didn’t handle it the best way, but i was sad that he had yet another kid that wasn’t mine, now he has a son and a daughter, i cant give him his first son or daughter so whats even special about my kid. i avoided helping him w the baby because i didn’t know how to approach the situation but i continued helping w the older kid like normal, for context these two babies are full blood siblings born less than a year apart. shit was just getting all kindsa weird and confusing and eventually John fought his dad n got us kicked out. so after working all day i had to round us up w both his kids and make our way down to my dads house in the middle of the country in the middle of nowhere. i was taking care of him and his kids at MY family home. eventually the kids went back w their mom while John and i were still staying at my dads tryna figure shit out. one day while John was in town for work, i went up to the hospital n i ran into him at his friends, he was acting completely normal kissing me all over saying “i love you gorgeous” and told me to pick him up when i was done. while i was at the hospital he sent me a big ole paragraph about how my mom and his dad ruined everything and now nothing will work. it seemed like he was tryna end things but he just logged out and didn’t say more. so i just went home n figured well get it figured out. well anyway i woke up to see him all over his sons moms story (lets call her Tiana) basically he left for Tiana without saying anything, while i was pregnant n taking care of him n his kids. i reacted w emotions first so i texted Tiana talking shit bc shes a weirdo but she showed me texts of John saying he “wasn’t feeling it w me anymore” but that i was taking care of him and giving him a place to stay. i know Johns plans, he went back to her bc she’ll spend her whole life waiting around for him, shell let him control her, he can see his kids w her and on top of that he can do drgs with her. (ive never had substance abuse issues but a huge majority of my family does) i knew it was never about getting back together w Tiana, it was out of convenience. John is very self destructive so after the first couple of days he ran away from Tiana too. then both of their kids got sick n he let Tiana sat in the hospital waiting for him bc their baby had to get sent out. it took everyone forever to find John because he was running from his problems. anyway so they got sent outta town w their kids. John took of to the hospital outta town w his dad’s pickup and his dads phone, and for awhile, him and Tiana were posting all over social media acting all lovey dovey like they didnt do each other dirty af. i knew they were doing it to get under my skin it was very obvious. i i know that Tiana is pretty jealous of me, shes a lowlife druggie w two kids, thats how i know John only went w her out of convenience, not because he stopped loving me and started loving her again. their relationship was all kinds of toxic and ugly its not good for either of them or the kids. but what sucks is John has never been mean to me or got annoyed w me, he would literally worship the ground i walked on. we were very much in love but it was pretty obvious to everyone else that John was alot more in love, he admitted to intentionally getting me pregnant. this all came so out of the blue and they publicly disrespected and embarrassed me so bad. we live in small town so now everyone knows my bd running around w another girl while i’m carrying his kid. he completely left me in the cold he never broke up w me or said anything about it. as of right now, i think Tiana and John already broke up lol they deleted all their lovey dovey stuff its only been like 2-3 weeks lmao i already knew that would happen. so now all of us and our families are stuck in this ugly ass situation and no one knows what to do. i just need advice on what to do moving forward. i’ve had a very hard life n i went thru it all alone, so as a result i became very defensive of myself, i do not tolerate disrespect at all. so who i be if i let him get away w it? my plans as of right now are to move to my home state about 1000 miles away w my aunties, but i’m really sad. i don’t wanna go thru all of this alone and i don’t wanna raise my daughter without a dad. John is a good dad to his other kids and he used to be a good boyfriend to me, but my mind cant stop thinking about how he disrespected me and embarrassed me so bad. i still have about 5 months left so things could change, so i just need unbiased advice so i can have some time to think about it. i am torn between whether i should move to another state and raise my kid all by myself and leave her dad out of my life for good, or if i should give it time and let him be a dad after everything he did to us. i know it would cause a lot of heartache for all of us to completely exclude him, but he’s the one digging his own grave so now he can lie in it. on the other hand a part of me want to let him back in because my kid deserves a dad and i don’t deserve to go thru this alone. i don’t know if he deserves another chance, he was aware of what he was doing n he knows i wont tolerate this behavior. i’m pregnant so i’m super emotional so i don’t know if i’m being irrational. these are my only options atm.
TLDR - my unborn child’s father blindsided me w disrespect by just up and leaving without saying anything to get back w his other bm and now i don’t know what to do about our baby
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2023.03.22 17:31 I_smile_in_darkness Badass Hero vs. Karen at HEB

I needed a safe place to share what I experienced yesterday at the grocery store and not on my FB or Instagram account where my family can see. Let me explain. I am 18 and Bi and my family doesn't know. If they did, I would be disowned the minute I were to come out. I am surprised they "accepted" they way I dress which by the way, is just with combat boots or converse and mainly dark colored clothes. I keep to myself with my music and books and my awesome cat Itachi. Nothing special.
I went to get Itachi some cat food and some snacks since I was off and didn't have class yesterday. I noticed this lady following me in the store giving me disappointed stares even with my failed attempt to smile towards her. We checked out at the same time and as soon as we made it out of the store, she begins shouting. I didn't think she was yelling at me until she "yeah you disgraceful human in the skirt" I turned and she just kept following me calling me a depressed goth girl that God hates. She continued yelling at me telling me I'm going to hell, Jesus hates people like me and that I should be ashamed for making my family look bad. At this point, I realized I am wearing my black vest that has a rainbow heart that says "love is love" and that is probably the reason she is just losing her shit. She continues to follow me until I hear her yelling and the wheels from her cart getting closer. She rams me with her cart pretty hard making me drop my bags. As I'm picking them up, she hits me again and I fall and hits me again until this other lady gets in front of the basket blocking her from me. I got up and grabbed my bags still freaking out at how mad this Karen is. And I am calling her Karen because I don't think I got that other lady's name right. I just remember thinking like the game Zelda. So I will call her Zelda on here. Zelda starts yelling at the Karen asking what her problem is and that I wasn't doing anything wrong. I am just standing there like a dumbass still in shock when Zelda tells me to walk away and get in my vehicle and leave and that she gots it under control. She looks back at Karen when Karen hits her on the head several times with some metal and glass decoration. Zelda finally grabs it and like something out of a movie, she trips Karen and just starts hitting her with blood all over her face and arms. Yes I'm still standing there but the now just freaking out because of what is happening. I yell for people to help and I all I see is 3 people taking pictures or recording instead of helping. A man and his wife finally came to help and they took Zelda off of Karen and I just see a blank stare come from her bloodied face and asks if I'm ok. Like she is the one covered in blood from being pulverized over the head and she is asking if I'm okay!!! Karen put on a live performance and was crying thanking the couple for saving her from the brutal assault on a disabled woman. I am not sure what disability she was referring to but her physical ability seemed fine as she was running with a full basket of groceries and a very large bag of dog food and case of water. I realized that the pictures or videos are probably going to end up on some platform and my panic level goes even higher because my family. I start begging at the now 2 people with phones out to stop and to please delete or not to share because my family doesn't know I'm Bi. They were a bit older and I think they felt bad at my pathetic pleas that they put them away. The cops and ambulance show up and immediately go to Zelda and I'm chasing and yelling at them that she was not at fault. I told them Karen was the one who assaulted us first and Zelda was defending me. The paramedics took Zelda to get looked at while Karen was faking a heart attack. Another set of paramedics looked at her while the policemen asked me questions. I couldn't even focus because I was staring at the paramedics pull glass out of Zelda's head and body while another one was trying to stop the bleeding. I explained what happened and asked them to please not to make public. There was another person recording and they talked to him and asked that he respect my request. He didn't leave, but did stop recording. I think he still posted some of it because I found a video on FB and tiktok and reported it to be taken down. I don't understand why people just stand there and record and not help. Karen the whole time kept yelling at the cops and employees telling them that her husband was going to get them all fired because they were treating a disabled woman like a dog and nobody knew the judge and councilman she did and tells them they were all going to be sorry when Trump found out. They placed her in the cop suv in cuffs after they patched up her face. She continued to yell and kick the inside of the suv. They finally questioned Zelda and got her side of the story while they looked at my arm and shoulder and head where Karen hit me with the cart. Zelda left as quickly as she showed up. I only had a chance to ask if she was ok and gave her a gratitude hug. I know we both are pressing charges but I don't think that will be enough. I feel so bad that Zelda got hurt because she chose to protect me. I'm just another human, no one special but she got in the middle and shielded me from harm and took all the rapid fire. I always say that love over powers hate. It has too. If not, then what hope do we have for humanity. Zelda proved that there is love out there and it can take down people that have so much hate and evil inside them. I might be wrong but she must be a mom to just jump into action the way she did. I would be proud to call her my mom. For now I will call her my hero. Thank you, I smile in darkness (KP)
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2023.03.22 17:30 RealMe521 Enter the Enchanting Elfin Kingdom - Catch, Train, and Compete with Magical Elfins in a Revolutionary Gaming Metaverse!

I recently had the pleasure of checking out the Elfin Kingdom GameFi project and was pleasantly surprised by the unique features it has to offer. Unlike many other GameFi projects out there, the Elfin Kingdom allows players to create their own adventure and choose their own roles within the game. This not only makes the game more engaging, but also allows players to take advantage of different opportunities to maximize their earnings.
What I also appreciate about the Elfin Kingdom is the low entry barrier. All you need to start playing is a cryptocurrency wallet that is compatible with smart contracts on the Binance Smart Chain and some BNB to pay for transaction fees. The two in-game tokens, $ELFIN and $KING, are deflationary tokens that can be withdrawn and sold on the open market if desired.
The Elfin Kingdom also offers unique processes such as the factory processing for Elfin NFTs and a built-in entropy system, adding an element of randomness to the game. And, excitingly, the Kingdom will be expanding to other blockchains in the future, enabling cross-chain compatibility.
Overall, I highly recommend giving the Elfin Kingdom a try for a fun and rewarding gaming experience. 🎮🧝‍♂️👑
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2023.03.22 17:30 throwawayfujiballRA Feeling bummed

I freaked out because I got a text from my mom's friend
Went through a lot of abuse. I got away from my family who was abusing me and spoke up about them abusing other family's kids
They'd been tracking me together with an app called mspy/mlite
That app previously had a feature to track using only a phone number
The feature no longer exists but they now have an option to download a spying app without the victims knowledge
I freaked out because I'm afraid my mom's friend might give my number to my mom
I posted on rbi asking what to do
I received comments saying I might be mentally ill, mildly schizophrenic, that its impossible to track with a phone number.
They're down voting me and replying in ways thatre condescending
I literally had this happen twice where I posted about it, was called psychotic, then later came back with proof the app exists.
It's still up on the sub... now I'm going thru it again.
I'm very sensitive ofcourse because of my situation and I'm sad to the point of struggling to get out of bed
I'm feeling gaslit because my reality is being questioned. The only proof I have are google search results about the app tracking with phone numbers still coming up
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2023.03.22 17:30 HonestlyTired21 The Reaction To Uganda’s Homophobic Law Disgusts Me

If you’re not aware, Uganda passed a law making it illegal to be gay or identify as LGBTQ+. The law also makes “aggravated homosexuality” potentially punishable by the death penalty.
The reactions on the internet to this law sicken me. It’s not just another case of the “internet being the internet” and people feeling emboldened to share their thoughts through secret and private accounts. People on Instagram are commenting with their main accounts things like “W Uganda” or remarks bashing the LGBTQ+ community for supposedly “shoving an agenda” on kids. Others claim that being gay is unnatural and that homosexuality should be outlawed. The overwhelming majority of comments are stating such things.
As a person who has grown up with the social media, I understand that the internet isn’t a kind place and that people utilize it to express things they wouldn’t dare say in public. But it feels different. I can’t really describe it, but it seems as if a door has been opened which has motivated people to express truly hateful sentiments about those in the LGBTQ+ community.
Sorry for the rant.
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2023.03.22 17:30 AutoModerator Weekly Wednesday thread.

Weekly thread to ask away all doubts. Suggestions can also be typed here.
If you have doubts which are not related to Anki+Medicine, use this thread. So posts made violating Rule 1 will be removed.
If you are working on a deck or willing to contribute, see the list of ongoing works in this mega thread and make a comment there if you're the first one starting that subject.
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2023.03.22 17:29 GL1TCH3D [Montreal, QC] [H] Heddphones, Hifiman R10 (dynamic), Burson Audio Playmate 2 dac/amp [W] PayPal / Stax / Electrostats

I've been making some impulse purchases lately but I think it's time to go back to what I know works for me.Up for grabs is a pair of Heddphones (with Burson Playmate) and Hifiman R10 (dynamic version) that I'm looking to trade for e-stats or sell outright to fund those purchases.
Price is inclusive of shipping with insurance and signature. Discounts for cash equivalent or pickups.


The Heddphones unfortunately are not working for me. I received these in a trade and then purchased the burson to drive them. Unfortunately, I just can't listen to them comfortably. These are the newest revision with the larger headband and I still find them too small for me. This results in discomfort when wearing them for longer listening sessions. It's distracting enough that I have to regularly reposition them to adjust the pressure points. I contacted Hedd support and I was told this is unit is already a model with the revised, extended headband, so there's not really much else I can do about the discomfort. They sound phenomenal at this price point. Unfortunately, just not comfortable for me. In my research this was not something that seemed to impact people, at least not with the revision.
Condition: Incredibly clean and well kept. Under a year old. I'd rate it a 9/10. NO BOX OR MANUALS. Unit is just under a year old (receipt on hand). Includes standard 6.3mm cable.
Price: $1750 Paypal, $1650 cash equivalent

Hifiman R10

Hifiman R10 I don't find as good as my Fostex TH900 (besides in soundstage where the Fostex has poor width). There's a modder for the closed back Hifimans in New York, John Massaria, that I was planning on sending these off to, but I figure I may as well keep them stock right now if someone wanted them. Bought them because I was hoping to experience something along the lines of the original Sony R10 (which I never got to listen to).
Condition: Incredibly clean. I'd rate it a 9/10 conservatively. Includes all paperwork, box, manuals. Extras include an extra set of pads, extra aftermarket 4.4mm balanced cable, and the XLR cable on top of the stock 6.3mm. Also has the wireless adapter.
Price: $1450 Paypal, $1350 cash equivalent

Burson Audio Playmate 2

Bought this specifically to pair with the Heddphones as they require a lot of juice. The playmate just felt like a solid dac/amp combo to pair with the heddphones on a budget. The power is unnecessary for the TH900s which I'm keeping as my go to non-estat.
Condition: Basically brand new, but I'll leave it at a 9/10 conservatively. Includes original box, paperwork, adapter.
Price: $675 Paypal, $600 cash equivalent
I'm looking for electrostats, in particular 007s with or without an accompanying amp. Open to other offers as well, whether they're from Stax or other brands. Can trade one, or both, with cash on my end depending on the offering.
Otherwise I can accept Paypal or cash and can ship just about anywhere.
Thanks for looking!
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2023.03.22 17:29 SuboptimalJam Screen Recording a DS?

I am looking at picking up an old DS Lite for nostalgia, and maybe to start making some random YouTube videos. However after browsing the sub a little bit and looking on YouTube, there doesn’t seem to be any straight forward way to record the game. All the posts on this sub I’ve seen are 4+ years old, so I wanted to check in and see if there was possibly any updates.
I know I can use an emulator to screen record, but I just wanted to double check to see if any options were better. I also presume the DS lite is limited compared to its newer brothers, as I know there are some homebrew ways to record 3DS stuff.
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2023.03.22 17:29 just_someguy01 I feel so useless not being able to help and it's making my stomach drop

I don't really have anyone to turn to with this.
My best friend (M19) and I (FtM20) know each other for 3 years now and we really are very close. We tell eachother everything, including me ranting and venting about my family and past, he doesn't mind at all, he actually wants me to. But he doesn't do the same to me, no matter what, he keeps on eating everything inside him. Recently something has happened and he's really down, it really hurts me to see and hear that, because he can be a bit snappy and say unharmful normal things like asking me to quiet down, that make my stomach drop, because I think he doesn't like me anymore. He never really opens up, both of us had abusive relationships in the past and issues with friends leaving us, so I think that still sticks with him. I just feel so useless because I can't help him, I feel like he can't trust me, that he's annoyed of my abandonment issues. It might all just be super stupid, but it breaks me knowing he doesn't trust me. I don't know what to do anymore and he means everything to me because he quite literally saved my life, I'm afraid he'll leave me behind because he can't talk to me. If that happens I don't know what will happen to me, I just know it won't be good
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2023.03.22 17:29 r-isa-bot Bugtracker Report - 23w12a

Mojang's Release Post ~ Last Report ~ Last updated: 2023-03-22T16:29:15.993789290Z
New bugs reported since the release of 23w12a:
Report # Description Confirmation Status Comment
MC-261164 Sniffer egg don't block rain Unconfirmed Open
This table is generated automatically; it might contain issues that are invalid or not contain issues that are currently resolved To report any problems with the auto generation, please go to our Discord server! If you found a bug and you are not sure whether it has already been created or not, ask here!
History: 20w22a ~ 1.16 Pre-release 1 ~ 1.16 Pre-release 2 ~ 1.16 Pre-release 3 ~ 1.16 Pre-release 4 ~ 1.16 Pre-release 5 ~ 1.16 Pre-release 6 ~ 1.16 Pre-release 7 ~ 1.16 Pre-release 8 ~ 1.16 Release Candidate 1 ~ 1.16 ~ 1.16.1 ~ 20w27a ~ 20w28a ~ 20w29a ~ 20w30a ~ 1.16.2 Pre-release 1 ~ 1.16.2 Pre-release 2 ~ 1.16.2 Pre-release 3 ~ 1.16.2 Release Candidate 1 ~ 1.16.2 Release Candidate 2 ~ 1.16.2 ~ 1.16.3 Release Candidate 1 ~ 1.16.4 Pre-release 1 ~ 1.16.4 Pre-release 2 ~ 1.16.4 Release Candidate 1 ~ 1.16.4 ~ 20w45a ~ 20w46a ~ 20w48a ~ 20w48a ~ 20w49a ~ 20w51a ~ 1.16.5 Pre-release 1 ~ 1.16.5 ~ 21w03a ~ 21w06a ~ 21w07a ~ 21w08a ~ 21w08b ~ 21w10a ~ 21w11a ~ 21w13a ~ 21w14a ~ 21w15a ~ 21w16a ~ 21w17a ~ 21w18a ~ 21w19a ~ 21w20a ~ 1.17 Pre-release 1 ~ 1.17 Pre-release 2 ~ 1.17 Pre-release 3 ~ 1.17 Pre-release 4 ~ 1.17 Pre-release 5 ~ 1.17 Release Candidate 1 ~ 1.17 Release Candidate 2 ~ 1.17 ~ 1.17.1 Pre-release 1 ~ 1.17.1 Pre-release 2 ~ 1.17.1 Pre-release 3 ~ 1.17.1 Release Candidate 1 ~ 1.17.1 Release Candidate 2 ~ 1.17.1 ~ 21w37a ~ 21w38a ~ 21w39a ~ 21w40a ~ 21w41a ~ 21w42a ~ 21w43a ~ 21w44a ~ 1.18 Pre-release 1 ~ 1.18 Pre-release 2 ~ 1.18 Pre-release 3 ~ 1.18 Pre-release 5 ~ 1.18 Pre-release 6 ~ 1.18 Pre-release 7 ~ 1.18 Pre-release 8 ~ 1.18 Release Candidate 1 ~ 1.18 Release Candidate 2 ~ 1.18 Release Candidate 4 ~ 1.18 ~ 1.18.1 Pre-release 1 ~ 1.18.1 Pre-release 1 ~ 1.18.1 Release Candidate 1 ~ 1.18.1 Release Candidate 2 ~ 1.18.1 Release Candidate 3 ~ 22w03a ~ 22w05a ~ 22w06a ~ 22w07a ~ 1.18.2 Pre-release 1 ~ 1.18.2 Pre-release 2 ~ 1.18.2 Pre-release 3 ~ 1.18.2 Release Candidate 1 ~ 1.18.2 ~ 22w11a ~ 22w12a ~ 22w13a ~ 22w14a ~ 22w15a ~ 22w16a ~ 22w17a ~ 22w18a ~ 22w19a ~ 1.19 Pre-release 1 ~ 1.19 Pre-release 2 ~ 1.19 Pre-release 3 ~ 1.19 Pre-release 4 ~ 1.19 Pre-release 5 ~ 1.19 Release Candidate 1 ~ 1.19 Release Candidate 2 ~ 1.19 ~ 22w24a ~ 1.19.1 Pre-release 1 ~ 1.19.1 Release Candidate 1 ~ 1.19.1 Pre-release 2 ~ 1.19.1 Pre-release 3 ~ 1.19.1 Pre-release 4 ~ 1.19.1 Pre-release 5 ~ 1.19.1 Pre-release 6 ~ 1.19.1 Release Candidate 2 ~ 1.19.1 Release Candidate 3 ~ 1.19.1 ~ 1.19.2 Release Candidate 1 ~ 1.19.2 Release Candidate 2 ~ 22w42a ~ 22w43a ~ 22w44a ~ 22w45a ~ 22w46a ~ 1.19.3 Pre-release 1 ~ 1.19.3 Pre-release 2 ~ 1.19.3 Pre-release 3 ~ 1.19.3 Release Candidate 1 ~ 1.19.3 Release Candidate 2 ~ 1.19.3 Release Candidate 3 ~ 1.19.3 ~ 23w03a ~ 23w04a ~ 23w05a ~ 23w06a ~ 23w07a ~ 1.19.4 Pre-release 1 ~ 1.19.4 Pre-release 2 ~ 1.19.4 Pre-release 3 ~ 1.19.4 Pre-release 4 ~ 1.19.4 Release Candidate 1 ~ 1.19.4 Release Candidate 2 ~ 1.19.4 Release Candidate 3 ~ 1.19.4 ~ 23w12a
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2023.03.22 17:28 goodyyy123 [H] All types of Crypto, All types of Epay [W] Target, Doordash, Grubhub, Uber, Walmart, Amazon Balance, Fast Food

Fast Buyer with many recently completed trades!! 100% Legit!! Get paid quickly with no worries!!
Please note that I am not looking for Amazon Gift Cards, but I can purchase store gift cards that you can buy directly on Amazon using your Amazon balance. Message me to see which store gift cards I am looking for on Amazon.
They must be legitimately obtained and you must be able to show proof.
Comment on post before PM. I will not respond if you do not comment on post first. Seller responsible for any fees.
Please make sure that you are only communicating with goodyyy123 and reviewing feedback on my profile!
I have many recently confirmed positive trades on GCX and GCT which you can review.
Thank you and let’s have a smooth transaction.
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2023.03.22 17:28 Slowu [FOR HIRE] I Will Produce Scroll-Stopping Videos, Animations, and Ad Creatives for You and Your Business: $30 Per Video Offer


I can edit and/or produce different styles of videos for you for a flat fee of $30 per video, with video duration varying upon the type of video. Following are some of the real examples of different styles of videos along with their respective prices:
  1. Cooperate/Business dynamic slideshow style [$30 per 60 Seconds] :
  2. TV commercial style [$30 per 30 Seconds] :
  3. Explainer videos in whiteboard/doodle animation style [$30 per 60 Seconds] :
  4. Explainer animation with static character style [$30 per 30 Seconds] :
  5. Animation animation with dynamic character style [$30 per 15 Seconds] :
  6. App/Product/Service/Percussion style [$30 per 20 Seconds] :
  7. Tutorial style [$30 per 60 Seconds] :
  8. B2B corporate fully-animated style [$30 per 10 Seconds] :
  9. Dropshipping style [$30 per 60 Seconds] :
  10. Reels/TikTok style [$30 per 30 Seconds] :


Your Idea/Business Info > Discussion/Brainstorming > Script Writing > Video Editing/Producing > Draft Delivery > Revisions > FINAL VIDEO
NOTE: Please note that some of the videos require a voiceover and/or footage to be used, which is charged additionally and can be either sourced from a stock library or recorded by you, thus it needs to be discussed beforehand.


  1. Over 8 years of video making experience
  2. Fast turnaround time
  3. Super-high quality videos at a competitive price
  4. High precision and attention-to-detailing
  5. Highly organized process
  6. Long term business options
  7. Free multiple minor revisions


The best, fastest, easiest and most convenient way we can get started is by discussing the details through WhatsApp. However, if you're not comfortable with that, you can share any other instant messaging details using the form below or just send me a chat here on Reddit.


I can also be your long term video editor / social media creator, by creating a detailed content calendar and producing the videos accordingly.


🔥 TESTIMONIALS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES! There are tons of more reviews which I haven't posted here due to the confidentiality agreements between me and the client.
  1. [VIDEO] ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Reddit Chats 💬: chats are not reviews, and are only intended to give you the idea of how the process goes.
Thank you.
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2023.03.22 17:28 apocalypse-panda Discouraged after doctor's visit

I'm extremely annoyed because I've done standing tests at home and I very clearly have a consistently high heart rate of 30+ BPM difference but when I finally went to the cardiologist my heart was for once totally behaving. Of course. My blood pressure went down to the absolute bottom floor of what is considered healthy so there is that but she also only tested me for five minutes instead of ten. The cardiologist was nice when I explained to him my frustration and he basically said he believed me but he didn't give me an official diagnosis. He recommended I wear compression stockings and drink electrolytes. The stockings have helped, the electrolytes seem to make my symptoms worse (I mentioned in a post I made yesterday). I've had these symptoms for years, including difficulty sweating and regulating body temp, postprandial issues, and frequent need to pee at night. I finally read about POTS in passing when I was doing research around hypermobility after my rheumatologist diagnosed me with HSD because there is a lot of overlap between the two and I was like woooah, that sounds like me! Then I did the standing test and I hit the mark. I talked to my GP and showed her my numbers and she agreed this was very compelling evidence and sent me to the cardio. The older I get the more important it is to me to have a diagnosis. Not only to validate the ongoing issues I've been having but also because this shit actively interferes with my work. I'm a bartender and I don't need to tell any of you that it's no cake walk to have these issues while working this very active job on my feet all day. It's a trade off because I can't tolerate sitting in front if a desk all day because of my chronic SI joint dysfunction. I feel like having a solid confirmed health history is important because my health issues are getting worse and I need to have these things documented to be able to ask for what I need from my employers and potentially protect myself and my job if I need to. I'm just really annoyed that the health issues I'm having aren't super common and none if my Healthcare team are knowledgeable about any of them. I've been with my GP for six years and I'm just now starting to get answers after years of an uphill battle to figure what wtf all of my symptoms add up to. I'm moving in four months so there's no point in my going out and getting another Healthcare team. In the meantime I'm just trying to work with what I have. Looking for answers is exhausting. /rant
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