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Modern Cosmic Horrors chapter 2

2023.06.03 03:18 NotNiko15 Modern Cosmic Horrors chapter 2

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Chapter 2: In Inertia

In this chapter I took inspiration from a very creative venlil who decided to remain anonymous
Memory Transmission Subject: Kos, Venlil Civilian
Date [Standardized Human Time]: July 12 2136
It happened in a fraction of a second.
I was on my ship, traveling FTL in a subspace. I served as a captain of an interplanetary transporter Fertility. On board I carried loads of green fruits destined for a venlil colony where they meant to ripen upon arrival. Now they were exploding from the vacuum.
My very ship was torn into pieces within an instant. There was no time for my brain to process what happened. I braced myself for a slow death. I felt the oxygen leaving my vessel and temperature dropping rapidly. I felt pain in my chest.
Death… never came to me. I remain seated in my chair and the pain begun to subside. I watched as inertia took hold of my cockpit, lifting everything around me. The sight was bewildering, but I still don’t know why I wasn't suffocating. I released my harness and floated out of the room. Behind the doors was a dark hallway. The power was long gone so I decided to walk straight instead of trying to breach the doors in the darkness. At the end of a hallway, I reached an intersection. Only one of these tunnels had a light at the end, which was the way I chose.
Was this the afterlife? Was I dead, about to meet the creator? I was wondering as I floated through the tunnel. The light was just a reflection of what’s behind a corner. When I peeked, I saw that the entire vessel was torn in a half. The further corridor was abruptly cut by a precipice. I could even see the generator room that wasn’t spared by a sweeping force. I drifted across the ship, awestruck by the surreal scene. It was when I noticed that I had full control over the direction of my floating in inertia, which was against the laws of physics, more akin to out of body experiences.
And so I found myself suspended between two halves of my ship, unable to fathom the reason for this purgatory state. I lived a good life. I wandered out to open space, to try and see my ship in full. I noticed another object lingering close to my ship. It was a wreck of what looks like a space buoy. It collided with my ship, which means I was torn out of subspace before that.
Was that an FTL disruptor? It started working a moment before I passed through it. That was the best theory I could have thought of. I decided to investigate the buoy to test my hypothesis. The hull of the buoy had imprinted lettering in venlang.
The name of my homeworld did not give any answers. I needed to look further. I tried to check behind the hull of my ship and I was met with an immense pain in my paw. It was illuminated by this system’s star. I pulled my hand behind the hull and hugged it, trying to ease the pain. Even after hiding in the shadow of a shipwreck, the pain was so unbearable, it was clawing on my senses.
I felt tears accumulating around my eyes, they were also affected by inertia, rendering my vision blurry. I returned to my cockpit. There was nothing rational in this place. I just wanted to see my family and friends. Whatever deity rules this universe, I was pleading for their mercy. The void remained indifferent.
When my feelings calmed, I began to think of my crew. They were still on this ship. I went to look for them on the other half of the vessel. Behind the precipice was a maze of corridors. A faint beam of light penetrated through the broken hull at the starboard side of my ship. It means that any illuminated area was off limits. Most of my crewmates must have been ejected, because I only found someone at the stern. It was my FTL engineer, Qualen. He was pale from freezing and suffocating. His eyes were popping out of the sockets, and his mouth expressed a pure terror. I wondered where his soul could go, or be. Maybe he didn’t die yet. Perhaps I was the first to die, and time passed unbearably slowly for the rest.
I returned to my cockpit resigned. I decided to wait for something to happen or to think of some bright idea. None of it ever came. I only noticed more anomalies. The objects that floated in inertia were now frozen in time. Even Qualen’s body wasn’t moving across the corridor. I started experimenting with the new laws. I threw an object and watched as its momentum was decelerating. Everything was trying to reach the frozen-in-time state. A thought came to me, that I am in fact Faster Than Light, and the entire world has come to halt. If that was true, then why was the starlight so painful?
I went exploring the front part of the ship. Despite being engulfed in darkness, the sun was my enemy now. I’ve reached the front sleeping quarters, which were reserved for the highest rank personnel, including captain. I’ve found a journal on a shelf. I returned to the cockpit to use the remaining light to read it. The journal belonged to Vesen, the first officer. I couldn’t find her anywhere. Maybe her body was floating in a dark room, or she was engulfed by the rays of the star and I couldn’t reach her. Maybe she was ejected and she disappeared forever. I decided she wouldn’t mind if I read through her journal.
Most pages contained a standard overview on Fertility’s state. Fuel, food, water, oxygen, power, crew. In the middle Vesen started writing more personally.
“Day 7 [July 10 2016]
I’ve read thoroughly through the crewmates’ dossier. There are individuals acting strange. I have seen the rations shrinking slightly faster than in the past 7 days. Even the social meetings were dropped more rarely, or very late. Those are the tiny hints for something bad. There is a predator disease developing on Fertility. I couldn't find it without commissioning a brain scan, so I had to guess based on the dossier.
There was one individual with an uneasy past. The FTL engineer Qualen was caught in a ln arxur invasion on one of the colonies. He barely survived and escaped by hiding in an unexplored by exterminators forest. He was hiding among wild predators, until the arxur took every survivors as a cattle. I am positive that Qualen was afflicted with predator disease after that time, and now he's spreading that behavior among the oblivious crew. In a meantime i must isolate him until we return to Venlil Prime”
I was shocked after reading this. Qualen had a predator disease? I have known him for many years, he couldn't possibly be dangerous. He was like a brother to me! His name would have been cleared if we ever reached civilization and brain scanned him.
But then again, he was the only other venlil who wasn't ejected from Fertility. Is he the reason I can not rest? It must be, there's literally nothing else on this shipwreck!
I have realized the purpose of this place. It’s a judgment. The sun was an instrument of execution, like a flamethrower for exterminators. I have to incinerate the body of a predator diseased crewmate before I can finally reach peace. The danger keeps me trapped from eternal rest, I have to burn it! I rushed out of the cockpit and reached the familiar precipice.
And I froze. The frame of the hull on the other side was lit by a star, locking me out of the stern. The rays were slowly traveling towards me. It made no sense! Everything was supposed to be frozen in time, but we are still orbiting around the system! I have returned to a dark hallway to gather my thoughts. I had to cross the precipice and burn the body of Qualen, but to do this I need to walk through hell itself. The alternative was to wait until the sun passes me unnoticed. I could not see any good spot to hide, as the ship was full of reflective surfaces. Both choices are equally risky but I chose the first option. It would be a problem if the chance I had was also time sensitive.
I returned to the great crack and took a good look at the spotlit surface of the corridor. I mimicked taking a deep breath for good luck and launched.
I felt like I was boiled in water, when I dived into the starlight. Whatever I tried to do on my most primal instincts, I was thrown out to square one, and even now the pain did not abandon me. I screamed into the aether, floated erratically, anything to let the endorphins ease my suffering. It took a long time to find relief, and I remembered that I don’t possess a body anymore and no natural pain relievers are produced in my brain. The only thing that suffered was my very soul.
When I returned to the precipice, I saw the starlight was already licking on my part of a ship. In no time I will be caught by dawn. I thought of going outside of my ship, while I still could. The reflective interior couldn’t be safer than the vast space. But I still could not outrun the starlight. I would be hiding in an umbra of Fertility. If I stray too far, I will be caught in penumbra. More than that, I couldn’t expect it, there are no reference points in space.
It was too late to do anything now. There was only one thing to test. The starlight might be an absolution. Maybe if I’m engulfed in it, I will be able to find the real afterlife. Absolution was not a concept from the venlilian faith, but again I can not think of any religion where the star smolders the soul of the wronged. Whenever I wanted to test it or not, the rays were approaching through the reflective walls of the hallways. I returned to the cockpit to wait for my fate. I thought of just closing the doors, but the electricity could not work and I was in inertia, I had no way to grapple and pull the doors together manually. I could only sit in my seat and wait.
What if there’s no good ending for me? If the star was an act of extermination of a soul, only a predator hell was awaiting me. Will I suffer for nothing forever? Will the souls of predators eat me until I stop existing? Will they keep eating me until the end of time? Or maybe they acknowledge me as one of them, as I could also have predator disease? Do predators even have souls? I was caught in a stream of thoughts as the starlight was closing in. I launched to the furthest corner, buying as much time as I can. I didn’t think the reflections even allowed the light to reach me. It seemed like the starlight was approaching me no matter what. If that’s the case, wouldn’t they reach Qualen’s body as well?
I had to stop that thought, as I was out of time for pondering. I took another nonexistent breath, closed my eyes and tensed all my muscles.
It was impossible to describe the agony I felt at that moment. My impulses forced me out to the center of the room, and my entire body was exposed to the scorching force of the star. My very soul was screaming out of my control and I was torn out of my mind. I lost my vision and heard ringing in my ears from the noise of my own throat.
Soon the blurry vision returned to me, but I was still screaming in pain. Through the pain I saw I was in a completely different room. There was a spotlight above me, and the walls were dim. I was laying on a bed that felt like it was made of cracked concrete. Everything that touched my body and the light itself was painful. Even the ungroomed hair was piercing through my skin. I heard a hum in my head, coming from a translation implant. There was someone in that room speaking an alien language. The figure appeared in my range of vision. It was tall and wearing a coat. It said that the others will come in a quarter of a paw, and that everyone was expecting me for a long time.
It came closer and I felt numbness as I deciphered the face of a blurry figure. It had front-facing eyes! IT WAS A PREDATOR! It truly must be a predator hell! I tried to move, back off, run! But my entire body was heavy. It felt like I hadn’t slept in a whole life. All my limbs, tail and neck were completely exhausted! The pain could not mellow either. I was trapped in a painful reality, awaiting to be tortured forever! The monstrum said that I must not worry about anything and allow my body to rest. It finally introduced itself as a human.

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2023.06.03 03:18 HumbleAsher Plants are dying

Plants are dying
Recently bought Alt Reineckii, Corkscrew Val, and Radican Sword in 15g Fluval Flex.
It has been one week and I keep seeing dead leaves floating in the tank. Not sure what im doing wrong? Light stays on about 8-10 hours a day.
This is a (in progress) Blackwater South American biotope im trying to create so there are tons of tannins and the ph is low.
Currently have 3 Corydoras Paleatus and 1 German Blue Ram as well as floating plants
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2023.06.03 03:15 babynurse97 Nurses who float

Just curious- if you float to another unit, do you typically tell the patients families that you don’t normally work on that floor? As a peds nurse they float us to NICU sometimes and I feel like when the parents are asking me questions they’re speaking a completely different language. In this case, do you disclose you’re not part of the NICU team?
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2023.06.03 03:14 Sebz778 [WTS] Sig P365XL Mags, Tenicor Holsters, Colt AR Upper, Mossberg 500 Barrel, Magguts, MBUS, P365 mags, Glock Holster, And More For Sale

Holsters- All are right handed
Tenicor Velo 4 Sig P320 Holster- In great condition. Comes with pull the dot snaps. $85
Tenicor Certum 3 Sig P365/P365XL Holster- In great condition. Comes with one clip. Was filed slightly to accommodate manual safety models. $90
Trex Arms Raptor P365/P365XL Holster- In great condition. I believe this model is discontinued. $50
BBF P365/P365X Holster- was cut in order to fit a compensator. Has some velcro on the back of it. $13
Cobra Glock 19 OWB Holster- In great condition. $18
Grip Modules
(2) P365 standard grip modules- Both are in excellent condition. No manual safety cutout. Both have mag release. $25 each or both for $45
P365XL Grip Module- In great condition. Has a cutout for a manual safety. Has a mag release. $33
Magazines- I will not ship to ban states
(8) P365 12 Round Magazines- These are for the standard P365 module. All of them are new and haven’t been used. $38 each or $290 for all of them. I can provide discounts if multiple are being ordered.
(4) P365XL 12 Rounders with magguts +2 Installed. These have a 14 round capacity in their current configuration. These are all in great shape. They will include the original OEM 12 round spring from SIG in addition to the magguts baseplate to use for standard P365 module. $68 each or $260 for all 4.
Front MBUS 2nd Gen- Brand new. $22
SGA Receiver Sling Mount for Mossberg 500/590- Great condition. $14
Uppers And Barrels
Colt upper- The barrel is 21 inches long from the chamber to the flash hider. It is in excellent condition. It has a free float adapter and appears to have been a setup for a national match competition. I don’t know too much about the upper. It does not include the BCG or the charging handle. This thing is heavy, weighing in at about 7lbs. $725
MOSSBERG 500 MAVERICK 88 28" 12GA BARREL ACCU-CHOKE 2 3/4 & 3"- Brand new came with my order and I do not need a long barrel- $200
All prices are shipped CONUS. I will be using Paypal F&F or G&S if the fee is covered. Open to offers and bundles.
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2023.06.03 03:10 ogreatgames Ty The Tasmanian Tiger: Dual Boomerang Action Gamecube Game!

Ty The Tasmanian Tiger: Dual Boomerang Action Gamecube Game!

![video](5yituk3a9nb91 " Ty The Tasmanian Tiger is full of extreme mission challenges. Visit to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#gamecube #game #animals --
Ty The Tasmanian Tiger For Nintendo Gamecube. Ty The Tasmanian tiger is a tiger with an extreme mission. His goal is to free his tiger friends from captivity in a strange action packed adventure. Attack with a variety of cool moves to take down multiple enemies along the way. Explore dangerous level after dangerous level with his trusty boomerang as a weapon. Plus, at select parts you can even dual wield these fantastic boomerangs. And you can use various other types of boomerangs. Quickly smash through floating orbs, objects, and enemies while pursuing your epic mission. Hear cool Australian voice accents too throughout the game. This is an excellent action adventure title to check out. --
Hey check out similar videos here:
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2023.06.03 03:09 Sweetnsaltyxx Apparently "bad" tattoo. What's wrong with it?

Rib tattoo (post healing) of mine cross-posted in tattoo. Got a bunch of low-effort, "this is bad" comments with no further context. The only thing I can think of is the uneven flower strands (intentionally requested because how often do you find perfect flower clusters in nature?). Someone cited "anatomically incorrect" with no further context, but you wouldn't be able to see the floating ribs anyway.
Can anyone give me feedback I can actually work with? How come people say "dOn'T gO BaCk To ThIs ArTiSt" and then not say what the artist did wrong?
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2023.06.03 03:07 matheus2santos Finally made my KD positive! (Without counting assists)

Finally made my KD positive! (Without counting assists)
After 615 hours of gameplay, my number of kills got over the deaths, without counting the assists. Hunt it's a visceral and unforgiving game, I've sufffered a lot at my first hours, I've dies too much and played with friends with higher MMKDA, the matchmaking was cruel. Playing solo now feels a little more fair, since I foun players at my skill level or lower. I use to float between 3-5 stars, most of the time a high 4 star-low 5 star. Thanks! Is someone here trying to get this personal achievement?
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2023.06.03 02:48 aba_xeon How can I get rid of this error message? It shows up when I try to change display mode using the NVIDIA control panel. Please help me fix this issue.

How can I get rid of this error message? It shows up when I try to change display mode using the NVIDIA control panel. Please help me fix this issue. submitted by aba_xeon to LenovoLegion [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 02:45 Neat-Calligrapher989 Bow river floating end point?

Hi! I have my own raft and I want to take some friends floating down our beautiful river.
Usually I love the long float from Baker Park to Calgary Zoo parking. It’s a good 3.5 to 4 hours float.
But my friends want to do a shorter one. Is there an end point at Edworthy Park? I’m thinking Baker Point to Edworthy would be the perfect amount of time.
Last week I checked near Angel’s Cafe but it’s too steep to get off and lug a heavy raft there. Is there a flat get-off point on the opposite side?
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2023.06.03 02:41 Midnight_Crocodile What is a good way to introduce my non-binary child? This is my ?

Son/ daughter are obviously gendered terms. I’ve asked my child( born f) and they’re at a loss for anything better than “ kid “, which sounds a bit dismissive to me. We had a comical discussion ranging over “progeny”, “ fruit of my womb” and “spawn” haha. When they explained their orientation to me, how their identity fluctuates between masc and fem, I said “ you’re a floating voter then?” Which they found hilarious. I’m 100% supporting J’s status (?another one!) and never realised what I semantic minefield I was going to get lost in! Help please!
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2023.06.03 02:40 ragingteen4 Was I a bad person?

I compliment my ex now ( when we where dating) that I like his body shape and is kinda jealous, it was my thought back then.
We broke up months later for a different reason, I say him floating around Yubo and he is jacked. ( good for him, I'm not attracted to that btw). I always wondered if my words effected him. He opened up to me like a wile after my comment. And said he hated his slimness and his waist. But I liked it.
I never knew of it as a insecurity he never told my in body language, verbal or over text that it was an insecurities.
I now feel like a dick for possibly accidental "body shaming him. I Mean it was over 2 years ago and I still feel bad.
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2023.06.03 02:39 Drakolf Tyler the Janitor:

Tyler was the kindest, most gentle Human on the station. He didn't get angry- not often, at least- and usually when he did, he was more likely to burst into tears than become aggressive. Making him cry was considered about the worst thing you could do to him.
He worked as a janitor, which meant he had a solid knowledge of the station, how it operates, and how to maintain it. While the engineers were overall good at keeping things working, Tyler made sure everything was up to standard.
Everyone adored him for his kindness, his sensitivity, and his ability to keep things in confidence- to the point where a given individual was more likely to face the wrath of others if they tried to coerce him into giving up a secret.
It was why when he was shot by the raiding party, that everyone was instantly demoralized.
The raiders were Gratari, scavengers who stole FTL technology from a pair of foolish missionaries looking to spread their faith. They trawled the cosmos, taking anything they could get their hands on, you were lucky if they killed you.
They chose to take the station's inhabitants as slaves.
Nobody was in a state to pay attention to their fallen friend, seeing him in that state only brought more pain than it was worth, and the Gratari certainly didn't give two shits about a corpse. It was why nobody noticed the body was gone, nor did they notice the trail of blood leading into the ventilation system.
Space stations have many kinds of failsafes, exosuits are coded to respond to emergency alerts immediately, so when their magnetic shoes suddenly activated, and the environmental protections triggered, they understood something was about to happen.
The Gratari didn't have a moment to consider what was going on, because the airlock opened, exposing the station to the vacuum of space. The Gratari, neither prepared for sudden exposure to a vacuum, nor outfitted with standard magnetic insoles as the artificial gravity was disabled, were swept up along the whirlwind that sought to vent them into space. some grabbed hold of their captors, screaming as they desperately sought to stay alive just a little longer.
When the depressurization was over, all that remained of the Gratari were floating corpses with bloodshot eyes staring fearfully at the still-living station employees.
The airlock was sealed, the gravity returned, and breathable air vented into the depressurized room. Once equilibrium was reestablished, Tyler's voice came in over the intercom.
"Hey, so, uh, I'm bleeding out over here in the bridge. Got a medpatch on, but all it's doing is stopping the worst of it. Can I get a medic in here?"
After Tyler was patched up, and the ballistic round removed from his body, the crew asked him how he- sweet, gentle Tyler- was capable of killing all of the Gratari in such a brutal fashion.
Tyler's response was to vomit, and while shaking like a dried up leaf on a winter morning, simply said, "I know what it's like to be taken. I didn't want that to happen to you."
Nobody begrudged Tyler's decision to leave the station, even with therapy, the reminder that he had taken so many lives just to save his friends weighed heavily on him. Nonetheless, they still kept in contact with him, and when they called in for a replacement, the note on it read as such:
[Make sure they are a Human.]
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2023.06.03 02:34 KharAznable cheap deck under $30 part 33

Star warrior-battleguard;PjVTLbw0vq+t/Py7iPka9hdInEt+9clEDqL35F0=:star%20warrior
note: an update (more like sidegrade) to the previous version of star warrior deck. I decide to go with a version that is lean more on the warrior side with battleguards and feast of the wild. Feast of the wild is not once per turn and can is searchable by battleguard cadet and we use isolde to summon cadet from deck. So what here is several plans for the deck
- summon isolde, hopefully with 1 of the lv5, special cadet search feast, use feast to special 2 lv5 then link summon proxy f magician using isolde + cadet, fusion summon something.
- the usual plan, special thrasher, tribute it for kaiza, kaiza banish thrasher to dump kaiki. On opponent turn special kaiki to fusion summon raidjin.
double hooking is pretty decent to summon kaiki and todoroki on your turn so you can fusion something using the monster summoned by double hooking.
Phoenix blade is our recoverable discard fodder for double hooking or fusion recycling plant.
Fusion recycling plant can be used to get our 1 polymerization into rotation. Discard something and add poly from GY or deck and on end phase recover 1 fusion material from GY. It also activates on opponent turn so the fusion eff of kaiki can return 1 material to your hand which you can use as fusion material or discard fodder.
Degeneraider Machine;uiDJ7atSgES9YiQjqfmmlzCglWJ8WB5rkK8W0/k=:generaider_machine
note: a somewhat modified version based on theory of deck here and The deck makes me wonder what we can do with newer generaider support (vala and laevatein) and a bunch of cheap cards IRL. And the list is somewhat the result. The gameplan is simple
  1. We go 1st and summon qliphort genius using lefty-righty driver package or thetherwolf or just activate drone (just remember, hornet drone is a warrior and not a machine, link it up to kagari first)
  2. Get boss stage ready either you activate on turn 1 or flip boss fight on opponent draw/standby phase
  3. if your opponent add card(s) from their deck to their hand (including on draw phase), boss stage will summon dovelgus. Make sure you don't summon dovelgus on zone pointed by genius.
  4. on summon of dovelgus, boss stage will spam generaider token, including to the zone pointed by genius.
  5. use genius eff to search high lv machine monster, I have no idea atm what to search. You technicaly can search floodgate-y monster like spell canceller, cracking dragon or maybe gizmek uka (then uka can summon a barrier statue, but the zone is full of token if you summon it using dovelgus on step 6, so uka is more of deterrence). The high level monsters we put in there are machina citadel/fortress and some questionable gizmek card. I just want to summon gizmek okami, that's all there is.
  6. Use dovelgus to tribute monster(s) pointed by genius to summon whatever you just searched. And if you summon 2 monsters at the same time, genius gets another search.
from there on we grind.
Vala is pretty good girl. We can send her as cost for kujikiri curse and can special herself from GY by sending a generaider card. If she is summoned, she can summon a generaider from hand/gy. Giving you easy access to her...I mean her xyz form, laevatein, if you so desire. But I'm a man who like big machine so I opt for mountain slicer and enterblathnir instead.
Metalfoes-ancient warrior;fVW4yz4bKE1b8goR4lnh/V8EsstrRBPokaA=:metalfoes-ancient%20warrior
note: another metalfoes deck. Metalfoes has been the bread archetype of ygo. It is pretty servicable on its own, but you can slam a lot of things into them as long as it makes sense. This list is no different. Here is 1 of the plan:
- have a metalfoes scale set combination from deck.
- sun mou to send metalfoes combination from field to gy to get double search off sun mou and combination.
- sun mou search zhuge liang, and combination search....something to complete the scale I guess, or maybe vanisher if you have complete scale. On new chain zhuge liang special himself, sun mou can trigger to bounce opponent monster if you go 2nd.
- link summon double dragon lord, and search another sun mou.
- complete the scales and pend summon sun mou. If you want to play around nibiru you can just stop there, use the new scale to pop old scale and search another combination to end on double dragon lord + sun mou bounce eff+search off combination.
- do your metalfoes things. Which is too broad to answer. Metalfoes does not have the most obvious going 1st end board. Your pure metalfoes combo end board probably just end on mithrilium+combination+full metalfoes fusion+vanisher in ED/hand/GY in a good day. The end board gives us option to summon orichalc on opponent turn, trigger mithrilium+combination, mithrillium summon vanisher, and combination sumon mithrillium. This gives you 3 body and a banish from field or gy, and orichalc can destroy opponent card if it is sent to gy.
Therion beatdown;SnGyaeVArVtQhSJ1lB/Ukh1+0DlmlBXNUiA=:therion_control
note: The crashing price of lily borea and discoloseum gives us good opportunity to make our therion deck better. This built is based on the fum control on the previous part. We go blind 2nd nearly every time, remove the more normal summon reliant sea mare and ogier, but we add in lonefire to turbo out lily, which also require normal summon, but with better payoff. Lily can search discoloseum a field spell that basically reward you for battling opponent monster, either send a therion card to gy to replace battle destruction and recover 1 therion monster to hand if your monster is destroyed. But most of the time we use its search eff.
the mekk-knight package is there as beatstick and negation bait, they also can be used as link material and target for duke. Linkslayer works as backrow removal and discard outlet for therion monsters. the mekk-knight and linkslayer alongside therions can be used as link material for demiurgy and gives demiurgy bonus nuke effect.
note: This is not a BLS ritual deck. BLS ritual have same issue with Dark magician Ritual deck. The deck is just awkward. Their ritual is lv8, but main deck monsters are gaia the fierce knight monster with level 7. The ritual also does not help either, all of them must tribute exactly level 8, some even require you to sned LIGHT and DARK monsters. Forcing you to play awkward level 1 DARK/LIGHT monster. Not the worse thing ever since 1 of them can be from GY, but more attention must be paid when deck building the ritual version while they payoff is, eeeh. So I ditch the ritual build and just play the usrarctic version + sacred soldier. Probably post the ritual build for another time.
The gameplan is just simple. Just an updated version of ursarctic deck here (Some of tech choice there like guan yun can also be played here if you want). We blind 2nd and use lv8/7 ursarctic as disruption by tributing our high level monsters. then summon something big (BLS's/advent dragon) to inflict massive damage.
Both chargin/arisen gaia act as tribute fodder for ursarctic monster then ursarctic monster on the field are tribute fodder for advanced dragon. The gaia monsters float into other things when tributted, charging can search a BLS monster, and arisen can special a BLS monster from hand/GY. Gateway to chaos is our searcher for those gaia monsters. The ratio for ursarctic monsters can be better tuned to your liking.
We have 2 BLS boss monsters in envoy of the beginning and sacred soldier. Both are searchable by charging gaia. Envoy have some line of play with advance dragon, special envoy, banish something, tribute it to summon advance dragon, destroy another, advance attack, bring back envoy frm gy, banish another monster. The banish eff is once per turn per copy. Sacred soldier must be tribute summoned or special summoned using arisen trigger eff. Its banish eff is " can..." eff so make sure arisen eff is CL1.
note: the new superheavy samurai engine is pretty neat 1 card full scale engine, you scale wakaushi, use his eff to scale monk big benkei and special iself. Then use big benkei eff to search soulgaia booster, equip soulgaia booster to wakaushi then special booster from s/t zone. Now we have level8 or rank4 engine without eating our normal summon. If we want to get full scale, we can use soulgaia booster and wakaushi as synchro material to scale wakaushi from ED. Of course since we play zefra deck, we would like our high scale to be zefraath that copies zefraniu scale so we don't do the last part. Instead we use soulgaia booster+ushiwaka as xyz material for gallant granite to search zefraath. This will free up our providence+oracle to search more important tools. Sakitama is our other way to get lv4 bodies to the field before eating our "normal" normal summon for turn. If you already have access to zefraath, the superheavy package can be used as synchro material for void ogre dragon, a big dragon with s/t negate if you emptied your hand. Other option will be use wakaushi as tuner to summon synchro longyuan with zefraniu. Overall you have good amount of option for your extra deck.
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2023.06.03 02:34 sean6428 Why ____ Should Have Won Edge of Extinction (38)!

Just finished EOE today. Before watching I knew that Chris had won the season and was considered one of, if not the worst winner ever in Survivor history. I am very surprised at why he was given the win when Gavin played a better game overall. Not even considering that Chris was voted out of the game and only brought back in with 3 days left, Gavin played a much better social and strategic game. He played a large role in the early Aubry blindside, blindsided Eric, blindsided Ron, and was never a target throughout the entire season. Rick's question in FTC summed it up best, as the other 17/18 players all had their name written down with Gavin being the only exception. Now you could question if Gavin floated through the game or did nothing, but I just don't think that's the case. I think the edit certainly did not do him any favors but he had an excellent story, was always in a power position, and voted correctly at every tribal except the Kelley blindside (exception of the idol plays at F6 and F5 where no one else voted correctly except Chris and Rick because they had idols and advantages). I'm not saying that Gavin played a flawless game because he did not and had many errors; however, to say that he was less deserving as the person who placed third and then came back with only 3 days left after being on the Edge the second longest is ridiculous. I respect Chris for the moves he made when he came back as those were the cards dealt to him, but I would have respected a Rick win more than a Chris win. However, if I'm on the jury I am more inclined to vote fro Gavin over Rick because he was never voted out, but Rick at least played from F14 on instead of F6 like Chris. Julie was never getting any votes and even though I do think Chris had a better FTC, Gavin played all 39 days, never had his name written down at all, and played the role in 3 major blindsides. I was very disappointed in Aubry's vote and it does lower a bit of the respect I had for her as a player of the game as she clearly voted for who she liked better even though at FTC she explains how Gavin played an excellent social game and liked his answers. I do think the Edge gave an unfair advantage because of votes that Chris would clearly have gotten like Reem but notice that most of the votes of players who were in the game the entire time voted for Gavin. Yes, it was courageous that Chris takes on Devens in fire but that should not lead to him winning. It was the right move for Chris as Devens would have beat everyone and not saying Chris wouldn't have gotten a couple votes, but he should not have won period. Thinking about if it was a 7 person jury and the final 7 to be voted out were the votes: Gavin wins 4-3. The first 6 voted out on jury all voted for Chris because they spent more time with him at EOE. Just some thoughts I had after watching.
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2023.06.03 02:30 Nyto242 WTF Mr krabs have a new business ?

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2023.06.03 02:20 aliceedang Corner floating shelves?

Corner floating shelves?
My husband and I are looking to get rid of this bookshelf but we need a replacement and was thinking floating corner shelves. Would that be too weird?? Our left side of the TV is usually left empty because the Christmas tree so we don’t really want to place anything on that side. TIA!
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2023.06.03 02:20 doradiamond This wine glass looks like it’s been photoshopped to look like it’s floating.

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2023.06.03 02:16 Sparks2777 Denied a couple claims

My first claim had some approvals tinnitus/ hearing loss, but denials on Deppression and back and sciatic. Can I appeal with a new IMO for my back etc? My primary Doc wrote one for me the 1 page IMO that is floating around this website is the one that I submitted, I also went to my C&P I talked about how it affects me, pain levels etc. would an paid for IMO help my case to get me approval? I buddy letters submitted also. I got out in 1980 so maybe that is the real issue
the VA letters just mentioned no record of complaints or treatment in service. My diagnosis is solid. any help is appreciate, Thanks
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2023.06.03 02:15 darrenlamb45 Linger Effects of the Khmer Rouge

Hello everyone,
With this post, I do not mean to offend anyone or be insensitive. However, I am curious about Cambodia. I recently visited Phnom Penh, visited S21 and the Killing Fields, and read "First They Killed My Father" by Loung Ung. I also intend to read "When Broken Glass Floats" and "The Immortal Seeds," all of which I bought from Monument Books (a wonderful bookstore!). I also went to the Money Museum which was incredibly informative in explaining how Cambodia did not officially oust the Khmer Rouge until much later and the economic ramifications of that.
My questions are as follows:
  1. What are the most obvious lingering effects of the Khmer Rouge regime in 2023? Are there any noticeable, or subtle, impacts the Khmer Rouge still has on Cambodian society or culture to this day?
  2. Do some Cambodians still hold xenophobic/racist views towards, "barangs," "Youns," and foreigners in general? From what I gathered, "a pure ethnic Khmer state" was part of Pol Pot's vision. Obviously, it is hard to undo that kind of thinking (unfortunately).
  3. How is the Khmer Rouge regime taught in schools in modern days?
  4. Has there been any sort of "cultural" revolution since the Khmer Rouge days? I saw a lot of street art indicating that Cambodian rock-n-roll artists were executed during the Khmer Rouge regime.
  5. I noticed that Phnom Penh appears to be developing quickly. There are lots of new shops and apartments. I also noticed many international schools (which are not cheap). However, how has the aforementioned regime affected the economy, job market, and overall opportunity of both urban and rural populations? I can't imagine Phnom Penh is representative of the whole country.
  6. What kind of steps forward is Cambodia making for a more stable future?
  7. This one isn't really related to the Khmer Rouge, but how is China (investment) viewed in Cambodia? I saw A LOT of new, nice-looking buildings in the Koh Pich area. However, almost all of them were empty.
I sincerely thank you all for your time and effort! I loved my time in Cambodia, but I was left with my questions than when I arrived.
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2023.06.03 02:15 hemitheos Help me get into experimental K-Pop!

So I feel like this post has kind of been a long time coming. K-pop has floated around me for a number of years now, with the 1st song I remember hearing being Gee by Girls Generation & it being a great time. But the first song to really latch onto me would come some years later and be Girls Front by Odd Eye Circle.
Recently I've found myself wanting to immerse myself more in what it has to offer, one thing I've always appreciated about the genre is how willing and eager it is to experiment with new sounds. It is something I have been craving more as of late. I've made a small playlist of songs I've been listening to and like in hopes that some of you will be able to point me to similaother things you think I'll appreciate.
Granted this list may be a bit eclectic but I love a variety of different genres (especially house influences!) so feel free to throw in some oddballs, thanks for your help in advance! ;)
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2023.06.03 02:14 Prunestand Rust be like

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2023.06.03 02:13 Short_Ambassador_365 A floating, glowing orb keeps watching me at night

I (20F) keep seeing this Orb at night in my bedroom and I can feel it watching me. This started a couple of weeks ago, I was on my phone in the dark when I suddenly felt I was being watched from a specific corner in my bedroom. When I looked over I saw this floating Orb in the exact same corner. It was blue, the center was more opaque than the outside, it was round but similar to an egg, looked like a glowing cloud, but the glow was kinda faint. If I look away for a bit it will be in a completely different spot but If I look for long periods of time I can see it moving to what appears to be towards me, as if it's trying to approach me. I'm 100% certain this is not a light from any electronic devices because I turn off and unplug everything before going to bed. Also I have searched where the Orb appeared and there were no light sources to be found. My bedroom is pitch black. Also even if the light was coming from one of the devices, none of them have a blue light. Most are neon red and some are neon green. I don't know what this thing is but I don't think it's evil? It actually felt like it was trying to comfort me somehow. It doesn't make me feel scared or in danger, just uncomfortable because I can feel it watching me. Some nights I could have sworn I saw 2 but maybe that was just my eyes playing tricks on me. Also I'm not a 100% sure if the color is blue, it's like a blue with a small hint of green. It doesn't appear on my bedroom every night but it does show up often at random times. Any idea what this could be?
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