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2023.06.01 00:49 whiskeydevoe What to do about my son getting 3rd degree burns from hot water at school (US-CO)

My son (12) was at the cafeteria and a classmate filled her ramen cup with hot water from one of the carafes in the cafeteria, spilling some of it on his foot, burning him badly. He went to the school nurse who said "he can probably go back to class" with the blister forming on his foot (seriously?). We pulled him from school and took him to our pediatrician, who saw the burn (and the now MUCH bigger blister) and sent us to Children's urgent care who treated and referred us to the burn clinic at the main Children's Hospital. We've been getting "evolving diagnoses" from the doctors over the past 2 weeks from "superficial (1st degree) and partial (2nd degree)" to today it being officially a 3rd degree burn ("full thickness" it's called now).
Obviously there's a problem if the school has water that's hot enough to cause 3rd degree burns THROUGH A SHOE. But Children's is also out of network for our insurance (because, American healthcare - yay, amirite?). So I suspect we're going to get slammed with a ludicrous bill after all this (oh - I forgot to mention that he now needs surgery to do a skin graft on the burn area).
I certainly don't relish the thought of pursuing legal action against a school district for this, but: 1. this is still really f*king dangerous, and 2. it feels quite negligent on the school's part. Of course, doing anything legally means my son has 6 years of hell (the administrators can be pretty vengeful), but I want to make sure that someone (the nurse, the kitchen staff, the administration) takes the situation seriously. Whether there's any kind of remuneration is like 97th on my list of things I care about here.
Hoping someone has some ideas on how best to approach this. Have you dealt with something similar? How did you effect change? Or did it require actually taking legal action to make a difference?
Thanks in advance!
PS - flair shows "personal injury" because that felt more appropriate than "school related issues" but it's sort of both.
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2023.06.01 00:45 waw420 The most unfair mission in the history of video games completed

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2023.06.01 00:42 mattt1123 22 [M4F] Virginia/Anywhere - Looking for that someone

Hey, I'm Matt! I am a very optimistic and lighthearted person who has a very positive outlook on everything, and I'm looking for someone else that shares this same feeling! I will be an upcoming 3rd year college student studying Business Management, and I'm also studying environmental science! I have so many interests, so I'm sure that I would be able to easily connect and vibe with so many people, I just ask that you're able to hold a conversation please! Here's a few of the things that I love:
• Traveling! Whenever I'm not busy with school or work, I absolutely love traveling to new places and exploring them. When traveling, the thing I do the most is embrace the culture of that place, whether it be from trying their local cuisines or exploring local hidden gems that are less traveled to. Ask me where I've traveled to and I'll gladly flood you with all of my travel pictures!
• Music! Music is probably the biggest interest of mine, as I use it to relax and escape from my outside worries. I listen to basically every genre of music, so it is very difficult for me to find a song that I won't like, and I openly encourage anyone to send me recommendations for stuff that they like! I have a very soft spot for older music (60s-80s, especially soft rock!), and it would have to be my favorite type of music. In addition, I've just gotten into collecting vinyl and physical music, but my collection is quickly growing! Although it is super difficult for me to pick a favorite artist, I would have to say my favorite artists are either David Bowie or Taylor Swift!
• Going to the gym! I've only recently in the past year gotten REALLY into going to the gym (5-6 days a week), and I look forward to going each day! I consider myself a bit of a "Cardio King", if you may since I basically only work on my legs, but I've been trying to get into lifting recently!
• Gaming! In terms of gaming, I dabble in both physical gaming and online gaming. Recently, I just got back into the Pokemon Trading Card Game after a long absence, and I'm loving it so far! For online games, I love most genres of games and am very open to trying new games with, whether that be the games that I'm really into playing right now (Valorant and OW2) or any other single or multiplayer game, I'm very flexible!
Haven't really had any luck with meeting many people that I've been able to form a meaningful relationship with in the past, so thought I would try and post here to hopefully find that forever person I've been searching for. So if you resonate with anything I've said in my post, I look forward to you messaging me so we can both get to know each other better :)
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2023.06.01 00:19 bcodd85 Update/advice/good luck

Haven’t posted on here in awhile so I figured I’d update everyone on where I’m at as well as ask the community for some advice and good luck:
October 2021: abscess forms and drains on its own. Primary doctor gets freaked out, hands me 2 weeks of antibiotics and a referral to a general surgeon. General surgeon thankfully refers me directly to a CRS. Seen early November. Told I’ve got a 50/50 shot of this becoming a fistula.
January 2022: fistula confirmed
February 2022: colonoscopy performed. No major issues noted.
April 2022: first EUA. Seton placed
July 2022: second EUA LIFT procedure performs. Fails
November 2022: second abscess forms. What was is my 3rd EUA with a flap as the designated procedure turns into 2 setons placed. 3 days later I’m back for my 4th EUA as the abscess did not fully drain. Put on antibiotics.
January 2023: 5th EUA. Flap procedure. Fails
This Friday: 6th EUA to happen. CRS wants to do another LIFT.
Advice: While this group has informed me that my situation is not unique, my friends/family have been up both my you know what’s to get a 2nd opinion. I’ve fought them to this point but if this procedure doesn’t take, I’m thinking a 2nd opinion wouldn’t be the worst thing. My surgeon was upfront and honest with me that I’m his first patient that hasn’t healed after 2 procedures. Lucky me! He assures me he’s not giving up on me but said his feelings won’t be hurt if I do look for another opinion/surgeon.
Those of you that have gotten 2nd opinions after failed surgeries, are you finding different information from the 2nd opinion or just more of the same (ie. “it’s a complicated area to get to heal” “too much muscle involved to do the fistulatomy”, etc)?
Finally, if you wouldn’t mind sending some good luck, positive vibes and/or prayers my way for Friday, I’d be greatly appreciative. Hoping we can all experience a positive outcome from this experience.
Ps. Out of curiosity, for those of you who don’t have chrons/ibs or any other underlying Castro issue, do you have any other conditions you ever wonder might be connected? For instance, I struggle with eczema and alopecia areata. I feel like they’re all somehow connected but I’ve got nothing other than intuition to support it lol.
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2023.06.01 00:15 danielrod167 No Security Deposit After 60 Days

Hi I’m hoping someone can help me with this issue I’m currently facing. I moved out of my previous apartment and turned in my keys on April 3rd, 2023 and was told I would receive my security deposit within 30 days. I contacted the leasing office within 15 days to check on the status and after a few emails with no response, they finally responded and told me that they sent my move out statement to my provided forwarding address but the check was sent from their corporate office to my old address, despite me providing my forwarding address 2-3 times, but would be forwarded because I put in a mail forwarding request through USPS. In this email, they also attached my itemized list showing what charges I owed and confirmed that I did have about $800 that was supposed to be refunded to me after all of the deductions.
45 days pass and still nothing, not even the itemized deduction letter that was supposedly sent to my forwarding address had arrived so I assumed it was now lost in the mail and called them and requested them to void that check, have a new one sent to their office, and I would just come pick it up there to avoid this happening again. I’ve also called USPS and given them both my old apartment address and my new address and asked if there was any mail being held for either address and they don’t have anything. After a few more emails checking on the status of this request with no response and contacting their corporate office (who was also very unhelpful, they had me submit a customer service request form online which has apparently been ignored to this day) the leasing office finally responded to me and said they put in a REQUEST to stop payment on the current check and would get back to me when on the status of the request but since I requested the previous check to be voided, the process now takes “additional time”. Attached with this email was an image of the check and it showed a mailing date of 4/25/2023 so apparently they sent it yet it’s May 31st and I still haven’t gotten anything.
It’s now been almost 60 days, and since that last email about 2 weeks ago, all further emails to them have gotten no response despite saying they would check on the “status” which I’m not really sure what status they’re checking on. It’s starting to feel like they’re giving me the runaround and I’m not sure if I should just go ahead and file a small claims case in an attempt to get the money I’m legally obligated to, or try to keep contacting them. I was never late on rent, and I never had any issues, noise complaints, etc. while living there.
Is it time to take this to small claims? Or should I keep trying to contact them the way I’ve been doing in hopes that they’ll respond? Even if it’s just to tell me “chill the f out, we’re still waiting on the status” that’s at least better than me sending emails and getting nothing back, that’s the most frustrating part. In Texas, landlords have 30 days from the time a tenant turns in their keys to give them their security deposit back and in some cases the tenant is entitled to 3x the security deposit if this time limit isn’t met. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get 3x the amount because they can just say “look we mailed it on x day, we don’t know what happened” but at the very least I should be able to get the amount listed on the itemized move out statement. I have a strong feeling if any of them had $800 just in limbo with no concrete updates they would be doing everything in their power to try to find out exactly what was going on with their money.
I’m sorry, I know this is a wall of text but I wanted to provide as many details as possible.
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2023.06.01 00:09 Stack3 To infinity and beyond!

To infinity and beyond!
I found an obvious and simple way to traverse the Collatz Conjecture numbers in an upward direction. It's probably been found before, but I thought I'd share anyway.
By 'Collatz numbers' I mean all the numbers naturally visited while the algorithm is running. This includes 1/3rd of even numbers, and 2/3rd of odd numbers: [1,4,5,7,10,11,13,16,17,19...]. (Conversely, excluding even numbers [2,6,8,12,14,18...] and odd 'roots' [3,9,15...]).
When we use the Collatz algorithm we start high, and inevitably (or so it seems) go down to 1. But what if you wanted to start at 1, and go up to infinity, by some means incorporating the Collatz algorithm? You can; here's how.
You must keep a list of at least all the Collatz numbers you've visited before (you can just keep a list of all numbers, as the below non-optimized version does). If you visit it again, we add logic in that case to do something different: if it's odd, 3n, if it's even, 3n-3. That's it.
This algorithm maps all Collatz numbers to all Collatz 'roots'. By roots, I mean odd numbers never visited by the algorithm such as 3, 9, and 15; they are every 6th number, starting with 3.
def collatzUp(n, l): while True: if len(l) > 1000: return n = int(n) if n in l: if n % 2 == 0: n = n * 3 - 3 else: n = n * 3 else: print(n) l.append(int(n)) if n % 2 == 0: n = n / 2 else: n = n * 3 + 1 
Here's the first few numbers it prints:
1, 4, 2, 3, 10, 5, 16, 8, 9, 28, 14, 7, 22, 11, 34, 17, 52, 26, 13, 40, 20, 27, 82, 41, 124...
And here's a visual representation:
Modified (counting up) Collatz Algorithm (first 1000 numbers)
I strongly believe this algorithm will visit every Collatz number, in fact I think it'll visit every odd number, and every even number that isn't divisible by 3.
Maybe the reason it's been so hard to prove the Collatz Conjecture is because we've been looking at it the hard way. We start high, and end up at 1 so we get a picture of a structure starting at 1 and supposedly infinitely branching out to infinite numbers. It seems intuitive that the space is comprised of one loop (1-4-2-1) and an infinite number of tails, but we're unsure why.
Maybe by extending the algorithm to tie all those branches together - a modification to the algorithm that allows it to traverse all the branches in the other direction - we can begin to see the truth behind what our intuition already thinks it knows.
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2023.06.01 00:03 campbell-1 LI + IG = Lunatic

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2023.05.31 23:44 DBZcollector Running out of space, which do you suggest I get?

Running out of space, which do you suggest I get?
I was planning to get the rest of the Ginyu force to fit on the top shelf, but now that I have the first form frieza I wanted to add, I don't know that there will be enough space up there..
What figures would you suggest I put on the top shelf? (trying to keep it from namek saga or possibly just frieza race figures too)
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2023.05.31 23:36 dajisuki Recent experience with Hobby-Genki, is this the norm?

So I ordered a figuarts 2nd Form Frieza from HG. I had paid for DHL shipping as I find them to be very quick and reliable so I was willing to pay a bit more for it. I remember getting an email from HG on a very short notice about how the shipping rates changed so they will ship it through FedEx instead to save me from paying more money. As if that's not weird enough as I already prepaid for the shipping, I absolutely dreaded the idea that FedEx was going to handle my shipping because they are known to treat your packages like garbage. When I got home from work, I found the package just lying there on my driveway as if the delivery guy just punted it and drove off. As soon as I went to pick it up, I noticed one side of the box was completely crushed. After I opened it, I noticed that the box inside was also crushed and as a collector who likes to keep their boxes mint, this frustrates me to no end. Should I contact HG about this or are they just going to brush it off as a nonissue? Has anyone experienced this from them? How is their customer service? Any other import sites one can recommend that won't do this type of thing? Thanks.
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2023.05.31 23:17 yeetsendmemes 3 Year Long Reoccuring Dream

i had a reoccurring dream from 3rd grade to 5th grade. this dream was almost every night, any other night i would dream of literally anything else. this dream is now ingrained into my memory and i’m hoping someone could help me understand what it means.
i would seem to be in some form of circus tent, yk the whole red with white color scheme and everything. i would be in my old ballet uniform and be walking on a tightrope while holding one of those long long poles that they seem to use to for balance. i would begin to walk across the tightrope. there would be like a shadow (?) group that was completely black to represent like the silhouette of the audience. there was also the older versions of the camera from like the early 1900s with that circular thing for the flash. there was the constant white flash in the background taking photos. while walking across i would lose balance and fall. then the perspective would change from first. then it became a scene of white water. a black droplet would fall into the water creating ripples. the color would never mix either. and then i would wake up.
does anybody have any idea what this could mean?
*i added a crowd silhouette for reference
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2023.05.31 22:59 WePoeTried [PROMO] PoeTRY Podcast: What He Said (x2), Cempulappeyanirar and Kapilar

New episode of PoeTRY with Yuki and Koya! This week we read two classical Tamil love poems (Akam poetry), both titled "What He Said," by Cempulappeyanirar and Kapilar, and translated by A.K. Ramanujan.
Listen to the episode here.
What He Said
What could my mothe rbe to yours? What kin is my father to yours anyway? And how did you and I meet ever? But in love
our hearts have mingled like red earth and puring rain.
Cempulappeyanirar (1st -3rd century CE) translated by A. K. Ramanujan

What He Said
My love is a two-faced thief. In the dead of night she comes like the fragrance of the Red-Speared Chieftain’s forest hills, to be one with me.
And then, she sheds the petals of night’s several flowers, and does her hair again with new perfumes and oils, to be one with her family at dawn
with a stranger’s different face.
Kapilar (1st centuryBCE -3rd century CE) translated by A. K. Ramanujan
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2023.05.31 22:59 us_2021 Locator 69 - Success & Timeline

My timeline. Hope it helps someone. In Process Date: 3/31 Routine Application Date of Travel: 6/2 (mentioned on renewal)
13 days before travel I called NPIC and got the application marked as Urgent - Gave them my CC info to expedite. Nothing got charged on that day. Next day I called Locator 69 directly and they had no note that mentioned the Urgent processing. Called NPIC again to confirm/mark urgent processing. Called LoC 69 and this time it did show urgent at their end.
(this is important step I feel to confirm that message got thru)
Called LoC 69 a couple times and was told I had enough time and there are good chances it will get done. Time went by without any changes.
Contacted congressman on 5/23 and provided info/release forms. He offered to look into it but then No reply.
With 5 business days remaining, called NPIC first thing on 5/25 to schedule in person appt and was the first in line. No appts anywhere in the country.
Now was in full panic mode - contacted Senator. He was very prompt and offered to look into it.
The very next day Friday, May 26th got email at 8:00 PM CT that passport was approved /shipped but will get to me on June 3rd (day after travel) and there was no movement due to long weekend. Stressed again (so close, yet so far..)
Finally Got picked up by usps yesterday (May 30th) and got delivered today (5/31). Was checking tracking every 30 mins.
It was shipped from Tucson thru priority mail. They took my CC by did not charge for expedited or overnight shipping.
Total time - exactly 2 months (routine svc)
Don’t know if the congressman/ Senator assisted somehow or my application got picked up as part of normal schedule since it was already 7 weeks.
It definitely helps if your travel date is on the app and with getting it marked urgent for imminent travel, I feel LoC 69 was cognizant of it.
Thank you to the helpful folks on this thread, LoC 69 and good luck to all !
Now I move on to the Global Entry forum — I hear the wait there is in months..😀
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2023.05.31 22:54 techproblems22 MLS Pick'em 2023 Week 15 [Deadline: Saturday 6/3 @ 2:30 PM EDT]

Welcome to the sixth MLS Pick'em season and fifteenth MLS Pick'em of 2023. Please read the rules below and good luck with your picks throughout the season.
Please read the rules below and good luck with your picks throughout the season.
Week 14 Summary
NOTE: Pick'ems will be posted every Tuesday or Wednesday.
Note: It asks for an email but that is so you can receive a copy of your responses. If you wish to join, I can add you to email group so you will receive an email about it every week(it may be in the spam folder though so please check).

MLS Pick'em 2023 Week 15

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2023.05.31 22:54 techproblems22 MLS Pick'em 2023 Week 15 [Deadline: Saturday 6/3 @ 2:30 PM EDT]

Welcome to the sixth MLS Pick'em season and fifteenth MLS Pick'em of 2023. Please read the rules below and good luck with your picks throughout the season.
Please read the rules below and good luck with your picks throughout the season.
Week 14 Summary
NOTE: Pick'ems will be posted every Tuesday or Wednesday.
Note: It asks for an email but that is so you can receive a copy of your responses. If you wish to join, I can add you to email group so you will receive an email about it every week(it may be in the spam folder though so please check).

MLS Pick'em 2023 Week 15

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2023.05.31 22:49 halptehPA Pink Blush Maternity is a Joke

I see this place recommended a lot here & I would never recommend this brand.
Bought from the maternity clearance and there’s nothing specialized for maternity about the majority of their products.
Long sleeve shirts are not long enough on my torso or arms. I’m always a small in regular clothes… my regular tops fit me better than Pink Blush’s ‘maternity’.
I’m 5’5” (average height) and their lounge pants are an inch too short and there’s nothing spectacularly stretchy about the waist band… no way these last me to my 3rd trimester.
I got a long skirt with a top combo set and a I have a similar NON-maternity set that I got from Anthropologie that fits me better and has more stretch.
Also got a form fitting long dress and almost had a panic attack trying to get it on… absolute no for 3rd trimester.
I was expecting their maternity branded clothes to be longer & have more material/stretch around the torso and hips & was extremely let down. Wish I would have bought from tried and true brands like Madewell and Anthropologie in a size up instead or gap/old navy maternity. Such a waste.
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2023.05.31 22:43 ShadBenoot Why did goku take so long to heal

Vegeta said the healing machine would have goku back in an hour and then he took an hour long nap made a wish with the dragon balls fought frieza through 4 forms and goku still wasn’t healed was there ever an explanation for why it took so long or was it an anime mistake and they were padding for time
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2023.05.31 22:41 thisisminenow [M4F] High Fantasy and other stories. Looking for long-term partners

Good evening… or morning or afternoon, depending on where you hail from. If you happen to exist outside the normal flow of time… good eternity, I guess? Anyway, I’m looking for someone to share in an adventure.
The bit where I introduce myself
I'm 28M, from Europe. I’ve been roleplaying on and off for over 10 years and I'm looking for a new roleplay partner to hopefully start something long-term with.
I am open to most genres, though slice-of-life isn’t really my cup of tea. My absolute favourite is fantasy (especially dark fantasy) and a few close runners-up would be sci-fi, dystopian and post-apocalyptic. Romance is fine as a sub-plot but I wouldn’t usually choose to have it as the main focus. As well as original plots I’d be up for stuff involving a few fandoms - in particular, Harry Potter, Star Wars and Avatar the Last Airbender. When it comes to fandoms, I do prefer to make OCs and create a new story which can happen either alongside or completely separately from the events of the main storyline within that fandom.
I have a specific prompt in mind (if we go with mine, my sample below could serve as a starting point or we could start from scratch), but I'm equally happy to discuss other ideas
As for my writing, I would describe myself as literate and love writing (and receiving) decently lengthy posts with lots of detail and description in. My average post-length is probably between 500-1000 words but I can write longer posts if I have enough to go on. That being said, quality matters more than quantity and this is supposed to actually be fun after all so there’s no pressure to write an essay for every post.
The bit with what I’m looking for
18+ is a must
1st or 3rd person doesn’t matter, I’m happy with either.
My preferred platform for roleplaying is Discord but I’m open to others if that doesn’t work.
Semi-literate to literate
Open to OOC chat
No Ghosting! If you’re not up for continuing then just say so.
One final thought: As fun as roleplaying is, I do have an actual life. At times my job is super busy and I have other commitments besides so while I usually try and write at least one post a day (more if I can), this won’t always be possible. I’ll always try and let you know if you’re going to have to wait for a post and of course, I’ll do my best to make it worth the wait!
I look forward to writing with you, friends!
The bit with the writing sample
Ellair was careful to keep one hand against the cliff as he descended the precarious steps set into the side of the mountain. To his right, the dark grey rock rose away, almost appearing to loom out at him through the fog. To his left: emptiness, nothing but clouds which he could often swear appeared to take on the form of a vast gaping maw, waiting to swallow any careless soul who lost their footing on the narrow stair. A few buildings protruded from the rock face above him but most of this part of the city had been built on the mountain's upper side where it was safer. In its history, more than one citizen of Diltarun had been Lost-To-The-Clouds due to carelessness around the edges of one of the mountains upon which the city had been built. Accomplished though he was in his mastery and control of magic, he knew that even he could not safely arrest a several hundred foot freefall. “Lost-To-The-Clouds”, he muttered to himself as he negotiated a particularly uneven step. It was a deceptively gentle way of putting it, a phrase born out of the way the surrounding clouds which were almost perpetually present, would hide from view the unfortunate citizen who misplaced their footing too close to the edge long before their fall ended abruptly on the mainland below. It would be a rather undignified end for the Archmage of a Nexus City. He reached the bottom of the stairs without incident.
The cliff face gave way to a large opening, high enough that Ellair could enter without stooping. Stepping into the cave was a peculiar sensation. Even though he had taken only a few steps past the threshold, the air had become abruptly warmer compared to the chill outside - a consequence of the high altitude. His ears popped as they adjusted to the sudden change in pressure. The air felt damper in here too - he could almost taste the moisture in every breath. As he moved further inward, away from the entrance, the passage became almost completely dark and increasingly narrow, and he had to keep his hands on the walls to either side to keep from bumping into them. He did not have to go very far in this manner, for the passage soon widened again. At first the walls no longer pressed tightly from either side and he could walk more comfortably. Soon he had to stretch his arms out wide, to feel them at all. Before long they were out of reach altogether. Knowing he had almost reached his destination, he began to move more cautiously taking one step then waiting a moment before taking the next. Step. Wait. Step. Wait. Step.
He blinked, turning his head slightly, raising his hand against the sudden light. Not that it was true light, and the reflex did little to help as there was no apparent source. The light simply was. He stood very still as he waited for his eyes to adjust, knowing the peril of continuing blindly on. The cavern was vast. The opening behind him, which was in truth as wide as most roads and more than twice that in height, seemed a mere rat hole by comparison. To either side the walls stretched away far further than one ought to be able to see in a cave, but for that cold, blue-purple light that seemed to come from everywhere and illuminate everything. They met high overhead in a warren of stalactites. The path was as a knife edge, a mere few feet wide and dropping away to either side into utter blackness that defied even the omnipresent light. It zig-zagged its way at a slight incline toward the center of the cavern. Having recovered his sight, Ellair performed his usual mental routine of inventing a few new obscenities to describe the mages of old and their apparent proclivity for precipices and proceeded until the path ended on an empty platform.
He stood in the middle of the platform, eyes closed, concentrating. He could feel the turbulent magic swirling around him as the energies from three intersecting Leylines converged and mingled. He hastily threw up a few mental wards, safeguards against any of the less altruistic entities that might sense his presence, and cast his awareness out, far beyond the mountains, searching out his apprentice, Ixia. He was unsure how the knowledge had come to him, yet as surely as he knew his own name he felt with a certainty that she was in danger. He could not have said if it took him hours or seconds, but he found her, an image condensing in his mind like a memory drawn up from some half-forgotten past. He could not see her surroundings, only the woman herself. Her features were set in a grimace of determination, but her eyes betrayed fear, even terror. Energy erupted from her fingergs as she hurled a spell at whatever adversary she was facing. This was wild magic, barely controlled. She must be desperate. His vision wavered as a pang of guilt shot through Ellair, momentarily breaking his concentration. It had, after all, been him who had sent her on this mission. Had he overestimated his protégé? Or underestimated the threat? In any event, she clearly needed aid, and fast. He refocused, this time not on Ixia herself, but her location. Strands of pure energy began to coalesce out of the air around him, surrounding him in white light. His robes billowed and his hair whipped around his face. There was no final flash, no sound like thunder. One moment the platform was engulfed by a sphere of magical energy, with Ellair at its center… and then it wasn’t. The cavern grew dim, the air stilled and the platform was once again empty.
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2023.05.31 22:39 HaroldThePolitician 'Sumar' for Spain Diaz shines amidst a backdrop of a right wing revival

'Sumar' for Spain Diaz shines amidst a backdrop of a right wing revival
(Dont have time for very fancy graphics)
After Pedro Sanchez calls a shock snap election following a round of poor results for his governing PSOE party - Spain see's a volatile and unexpectedly wild campaign season; Podemos and Sumar come to an agreement to stand together and after poor performances from Feijoo and Sanchez in the debates - the top job is within the grasp of the left for the first time since the 15-M movement sure the foundation of Podemos as a force that thought possible to take on PP and PSOE.
Polling at the close of polls showed a large PP lead over PSOE though Sumar trailing only slightly behind.
PP: 38.7% PSOE: 18.9% SUMAR: 17.2% VOX: 14.3%
Opinion Polling during Campaign period
During the Campaign Feijoo confirms that he would form a coalition with VOX if they were to have the combined seats to form government. This announcment came with widespread condemnation by both national and regional parties. PSOE and Sumar both reiterated there commitment never to work with VOX to form government.
As election night progressed it became clear the right had underperformed; Feijoo despite making significant gains on his parties 2019 performance did not have the combined seats with Vox to form government. Diaz's newly formed platform far outperformed expectations winning well over 25% of the votes and alongside it 88 seats; PSOE would fall to 3rd place for the first time since Spain became a democracy.
By the morning after the election; negotiations had already began between Sumar, PSOE and numerous regional parties to form a government - Diaz saying at 10:20 AM the day after 'A snap election would be a disaster for the nation; and the left. It is in everyones interest, mine, Sanchez's and the leaders of our fellow regional parties to come to a reasonable agreement that ensures we can see a progressive and socialist government continue!'
Headline article by BBC
Graphic of results

Detailed Map of results

Diagram of makeup of Cortes De Generales

Makeup of Cortes De Generales
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2023.05.31 22:29 simicboiuchiha Need ideas for dusk/dawn themed puzzles

Hello all, my party is currently in an abandoned temple which was built in honor of the elven god of twilight, that has now turned into a dungeon.
The main idea for the dungeon is that there are 2 different "versions" of the dungeon, dusk or dawn. At dawn, each room has certain monsters, but at dusk those monsters do not exist and are instead replaced by other monsters that only exist at dusk.
Durring the middle of the day or the middle of the night, all of the pathways of the dungeon disappear and the party cannot make any progress forward because everything becomes a solid wall, and they have to wait until the next iteration of dusk or dawn to occur before continuing. I usually make this about 4-5 rooms before dawn/dusk ends.
Heres the overall puzzle theme.
Upon locating the temple deep in the woods, they are unable to open the huge stone doors and they read the elven inscription on it that loosely translates to "the dawn will guide you". They investigate, and they find a bunch of glass jars with water in them hung from the tree branches and arranged in a certain way. They see that the light from dawn is hitting all of these different angles through mirrors and jars and they figure out they need to rearrange them to get them to hit a specific spot on the door to get it to open. I just made it an intelligence check. Thats roughly how i want the theme of the puzzles to be in the dungeon, you have to take light, reflect it around corners to get it to hit a specific spot where something triggers when dawnlight hits it, and when dusklight hits it something different happens.
Heres an example of one the party encountered in the dungeon The party falls through a trapdoor while wrestling a basilisk and ends up in the basement. Later, they explore and find an old room with a waterfall coming from the wall into a natural spring that has started to flow from below the floor. In this room, there is an old decrepit fountain with a crystal ornament on top. They figure out due to the position that if they were to reflect dawnlight into this fountain and then get it to directly hit the waterfall, something will happen. They find an old mirror in the spring below the dungeon after some swimming, and then they use their swords and shields and the mirrors they found to reflect the light from another room onto the fountain(after repairing it). Once again, i just made it an intelligence save. Once they succeeded, the dawnlight hit the fountain onto the waterfall, and then the waterfall changed and started flowing UPWARDS. they jumped in, and it shot them up to the 3rd floor. They thought this was pretty cool.
I need more ideas like this. Ideally if the puzzle could have 2 forms, one for dusk and one for dawn. The waterfall flows downwards at dusk, nd upwards at dawn for example.
Any ideas?
submitted by simicboiuchiha to DMAcademy [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 22:07 Dusay New Inhuman Deeds & Joined Forces LGTE Missions Completed - FPF Frieza Pubstomps Goku

New Inhuman Deeds & Joined Forces LGTE Missions Completed - FPF Frieza Pubstomps Goku submitted by Dusay to DBZDokkanBattle [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 21:58 UnAwakenedPillarMan Giving Cent some incredibilis (balance + rework ideas)

Centurion is a very peculiar character, loved by many for his strong identity, he struggles quite a bit in today's meta, mainly because of how much kit design and character roles have changed since his rework, making it quite outdated.
Changes will be made with 4v4s in mind. Cent not only suffers from being a bad teamfighter, which he has always been, but has been outclassed in 1v1s, and even in ganks, where he should shine. This comes down to newer heroes/reworks being good gankers, as well as good in teamfights. I will focus on making Cent more viable in 1v1s, as well as give him interesting options in teamfights and ganks, resulting in more utility without making him anywhere near as powerful as other heroes in teamfights.
I will split this post in 2 parts: 1. Much needed changes to make his kit actually viable, as well as QoL. 2. Additional ideas that would either modernise Cent, reinforce his identity, or give him more utility.
  1. Basic changes:
(This would prevent opponents from interrupting the jab from hit/blockstun, as well as make it safer to use in teamfights.)
(The tracking is the main thing holding back the move, making it very inconsistent at trading with early dodge attacks. A band-aid fix would be to give the lvl3 punch a riposte. For example: from 1000 to 1300ms, the jab gives a full-block, and hitting Cent in this window triggers a guaranteed "riposte jab" that causes a knockdown.)
  1. Ideas for a rework, and less necessary changes:
  • Give a bigger window after a parry to do the parry counter, and allow it to target-swap more reliably with enhanced forward movement.
(This is a simple QoL change, making the parry counter more useful in teamfights.)
  • Lion's roar 3rd hit deals 15 damage.
    (Currently, lion's roar is only used with haymaker, to chain into throw, and give a wallsplat punish. On a regular GB, heavy is always a better option. Thus, giving damage to the 3rd hit will incentivize to use lion's roar on it own, the high damage when paired with haymaker being balanced by the fact that it is slower (easier to peel) than a heavy, cannot execute, and requires a feat.)
  • Give Cent a new move, with identical properties to a forward dodge, and make it accessible as a recovery cancel at 100ms after any of his move, except a missed lvl3 jab, as well as from 200-400ms in a side or back dodge.
    (This is to give Cent more mobility and forward movement, and give him more unique options compared to basic dodge recovery cancels heroes, without altering his flow, since he already has access to an infinite chain.)
  • Make eagle's fury feintable, undodgeable, and give a soft-feint to his "forward dodge" move, as well as 100-500ms into a forward dodge. It can also chain into chain lights.
    (As it currently stands, eagle's fury is only good as a roll-catcher, and, in my opinion, very under-used for such a cool-looking move. Making it feintable and undodgeable makes it safer, and not an easy parry or dodge GB for the enemy, as well as making Cent more unpredictable, and helping his kick be a better opener.)
  • Allow forward dodge recovery to be cancelled by a light attack at 100ms.
(This change could be problematic, as it introduces an infinite light chain in his kit. But seeing as Cent already has a 3 light chain, which can be looped back on itself with a jab, it wouldn't add a lot of spam potential. This otherwise gives more options from his forward dodge.)
  • Allow a soft-feint into his "forward dodge" from his heavies, the 1st or 2nd hit of his zone, and his jab.
(Soft-feint from the zone is pure QoL, but from his heavies and jab, would incentivize the use of kick and eagle's fury to counter defense attempts. This would also give cent more mobility during his chain, and completely negate any "roll away" attempts. I like the idea of giving another layer to his kit, and I don't think it would break anything, but maybe this is too much, and just not worth it.)
  • Eagle's talons should be a back + heavy input, and maybe have some sort of damage reduction during it.
(Different input allows for more options after a knockdown, and damage reduction would make it safer to use in a teamfight.)
  • Give hyperarmor (at 100ms) to any light after a parry counter, a jab, a kick, or a successful fully charged heavy (allowing his charged finishers to chain into opener lights).
(This gives Cent a more reliable way to confirm his damage in a teamfight, and continue his offense after a pin.)
  • Allow cent to cancel the pin animation of his charged heavies with either a light (hyperarmored), a 500ms bash with the parry counter animation, or his "forward dodge" move. Timings have to be balanced in order to not confirm any attack on the pinned target.
(Allows Cent to not be stuck in his pin animation in the middle of teamfight, instead being able to either continue offense on his target, or target-swap with a quick bash, hyperarmored light, or his forward dodge attacks.)
Thank you very much for reading up to this point, could you please give some feedback about those ideas ? I am very interested to read what you think of them.
submitted by UnAwakenedPillarMan to CompetitiveForHonor [link] [comments]