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A positive community that encourages, enjoys and champions ladyboner-inducers of all types, showing the rest of the internet that, yes, ladies can slobber and objectify too.

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2023.03.27 09:48 Swan_Temple Support Please

Before I die alone on the street at age 60, or something much worse, I would like to be heard.
I have not had proper housing in 10 years. Because I can't afford an apartment. I've been living out of a suitcase, and that has taken a heavy toll on my mental and physical health.
I stayed in a motel for 8 years. Alone 99% of the time. That was hard enough and the prolonged isolation nearly broke me.
Then the motel owner signed some sort of contract with the county or state, to house problematic people. Fresh out of prison or psych ward. Fights broke out. Doors slammed. Lots of shouting and cussing. Drugs. Prostitution. Theft. etc. The motel manager would not intervene because the owner wanted more money.
I finally reached my wit's end. I need good rest to stay semi-sane. Not screaming and cussing and slamming doors all day and night.
In desperation I traveled across country to stay with someone I met online. A woman I thought cared about me.
But she's a wolf in sheep's clothing. Has become controlling and abusive. She's seriously mentally ill. Paranoid, delusional, dementia, drugs, alcoholic, psychotic, and possibly part of a cult, however outlandish that may sound.
Something very fucked up is happening here. But I don't know what.
Well now I'm locked out. Can't bathe or use the toilet. She's demanding twice the rent money than we agreed.
The simple solution would be check into a motel or hotel. But I don't have the money for that. Or eveb a car to camp in.
Now I'm cornered. If I break into her house to use the bathroom, wash myself, I can be arrested.
There is no lease. Only a verbal agreement. I spend all day and night trying to find somewhere else to stay. But all I get is dead silence or scammers.
Bros. Please talk to me. Bail me out if you can. I'm in Ocala FL area. I can go 600/month for a room far away from this crazy lady.
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2023.03.27 09:48 EmbarrassedLab224 Indoor Triangle Acoustic Absorber Board 100 Polyester PET Wall Decorative 3D Felt Sound Panels

We will keep tracking for each PO closely starting from the product development stage until the goods had arrived to our customers. We will be here to solve your problems at any time even after you sold the hexagon polyester acoustic wall panel. All you need to do is to tell us your needs, and we will find the best solutions for you. We've got a one-stop supply from design, production, construction to marketing.
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I am looking for a new source for polyester acoustic panels. Can you tell me the price per sheet? And what is the minimum order quantity. Our company is located in Israel.
We are an Industrial and Construction contractor. We are also a system integrator. We have an on-going Renovation project and we need an Operable Wall Partition. Wall size is 3. 4 meter height by 7. 2 meter length. Fabric finish. Please quote best price and delivery lead time CIF Manila.
We are looking for a felt type material for insulating loudspeakers at our factory in Hangzhou. Here are the specifications: 20 to 25mm thick, 0. 8KG/M2 to 2KG/M2. Is this something you can provide? If so, can We have a sample sent to our office in the USA? I can give you our FEDEX or DHL account number for shipping.
3D Office Halls Decorative Acoustic Sound Materials Customized Color Polyester Sound Panel
This PET acoustic wall panel is mainly applied in many fields including Guangzhou Mineral Spring Police Station, Huizhou Candy Bar, KTV soundproofing at Xiuwen Yihe Hotel, Guizhou, Daqing Olympic Park, Soundproofing of the machine room of the Xixia Interchange Tunnel in Lanzhou, Hunan Loudi Xinhua No. 1 Middle School, and so on.
We will do our best to supply high quality products with competitive prices to you.
Website: https://www.huiacoustics.com/product/polyester-fiber-panel/
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2023.03.27 09:48 E-webmedia Top Reasons Why Social Marketers Ask to Repurpose Content

Top Reasons Why Social Marketers Ask to Repurpose Content
If you run social media, then you know how difficult it can sometimes be to produce content regularly. Even we know that producing content for social media can get expensive quickly when you handle it in-house or outsource it to content creators. When you repurpose any content, be it video, text, or images, you get some extra value from it. A Social media marketing agency in Chicago plays a vital role in creating, editing or repurposing content for clients to bring the best result.
Learn the reasons for repurposing content:
From turning a single image into something new or editing multimedia content to multiple social media posts without having to produce entirely new creatives, repurposing content has a lot of benefits. If you take social media services in Chicago, an expert marketing agency will guide you through the thick and thin of repurposing content.
Here we have given you some of the reasons for using old content as fresh ones.
● Although, it is good news for your marketing budget. Also, your content team will not get tired. However, you also have to take care of your audience's interest. You might be targeting to solve some common issues of your audience. However, it doesn't necessarily mean that they will all resonate with your content in the same way. For example, some people are more visual, whereas others may prefer textual content a lot.
● As a business, you must remember when it comes to SEO, the quality and quantity of your content are the number one priority. But that doesn't necessarily mean that you must develop new content from scratch to bring results. Especially if you have older, highly relevant content that contains backlinks, you must repurpose it. Repurposing content will feel like fresh content and provide equal value. It will give you a head start over newer competitor pages with no backlinks.
● We all are well aware of the Google algorithm of E-A-T. Repurposing old content falls with E-A-T statistics correctly. When you fix your old content with more relevant information, it improves your E-A-T. It'll help you become an expert on the topic.
● During repurposing content, you get new chances to attract new customers. It also provides you with a unique opportunity to target the right keywords. You gain backlinks even with technically your old content. Even it will help you rank higher on Google since your older pages have already been crawled by Google. It means that your repurposed content will have a better chance to rank on SERP. It means that you won't need to worry about having your new content indexed and wasting your crawl budget.
● Using Google Analytics to make data-driven statistics is what is practised by most businesses. Whether you should improve or repurpose your content, the context will be the same.
● For example, you can look at metrics such as traffic, engagement, social shares, and ranking. When it generates high-quality links and conversions, you will get the benefit of repurposing content. For example, if your content gets consistent traffic, it has earned some valuable shares. However, when it has below-average engagement, it may need an update or refresh. Whereas if an article receives little to no traffic, it may need a complete rewrite.
Wrapping it here:
If you are also looking forward to repurposing your old content, reach out to us today. E-Web Media is the social media marketing agency in Chicago to learn more about enhancing your content, creating new content, improving your rankings, or anything else in digital marketing! Our experienced digital marketers are eager to help you smash your goals and reach the top.
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2023.03.27 09:48 482jobs Please Click the link to review the job in full. The ideal candidates will meet the following selection criteria:

Be ready for the opportunity to be part of an innovative and amazing centre that supports independent discovery for children. Be a natural at building positive relationships with peers, families, and children. Be a positive team player, with a great attitude and a joy for working with children. Support our much loved way for teaching and learning. Be relentless in your pursuit for professional growth and development. Have an unwavering passion for children, their learning and care. Minimum 3 years experience as a Lead Educator.
PLUS meet the following essential requirements:
Diploma or working towards Diploma Current First Aid, CPR, Anaphylaxis and Asthma Certificates Valid Working with Children’s Check
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2023.03.27 09:48 ghoshstories1512 Are there any tools out there which can create cross-platform media plans using just one User Interface?

Let me explain: Currently we make our media plans based on essentially 3 basic inputs: Target : location, demographic split etc.
Product : market, pricing, ticket size etc.
Action : purchase, awareness, lead gen etc.
These three aspects will essentially define the metrics for the platform that the media plan is being built for and then we consolidate, analyse the estimated spends and create the final budget split for the particular project.
Now, coming back to my question…is there any platform that can help us create a media plan across all the channels we want to run ads on, by just taking in the inputs in terms of Target, Product and Action required without us having to go on to the specific platform and do our research on the estimates. Essentially, the platform should be able to pull estimates from various platforms based on the inputs and create a media plan within a single UI instead of us having to work this on Excel.
Please feel free to educate me if my question seems silly to some of you more seasoned guys in this industry.
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2023.03.27 09:48 Fabyoshi120 I made a new character (also 120 got a minor design change) hope you all like it.

I made a new character (also 120 got a minor design change) hope you all like it. submitted by Fabyoshi120 to GachaClub [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 09:48 please_behave_face Extreme lethargy and squinty eyes - vet found nothing

Species: dog Age: 13 Sex: spayed female Breed: shepherd mix Body weight: 50 lbs
History and clinical signs and duration: About 50 hours ago, after walking on a golf course, my dog started displaying symptoms of extreme lethargy and was unable to stay awake. Her eyes were watery and squinty. No crazy discharge though. At first we thought it was an allergic reaction to something on the golf course, but after a day and a half she just stayed extremely lethargic and her eyes stayed squinty and closed and our other dog had no symptoms. We took her to the vet where they ran bloodwork, listened to her heart, did a urinalysis, and checked her interocular pressure. Everything was normal except a small clump of white and red blood cells from her urine. They did an ultrasound and found a small polyp in the bladder, but don’t think it is transitional cell cancer due to placement in the bladder. No signs of UTI. No other obvious signs of lumpy organs from ultrasound.
She does have elevated ALT, GGT, and ALP from a previous blood panel performed a week before the symptoms came on 2 days ago. She has had elevated ALT in the past and is on ursodiol.
Additionally, from a previous visit where an X-ray of her hips was taken, the vet didn’t see anything wrong with her spleen or liver, but a radiologist thought her spleen looked mildly enlarged and a little lumpy. We will look into that with a radiologist ultrasound, but from the ultrasound with our vet she didn’t see the lumpiness on her spleen today.
We’re really confused as the vet offered inconclusive information on why our pup is so suddenly lethargic and has squinty eyes. There are no obvious issues including varying thoughts on organ lumpiness from vet/radiologist. The only weird thing was the polyp in her bladder, but there’s no infection. She is still unchanged from Friday evening and it is Sunday evening now.
We’re pretty desperate for an answer. Any clues as to what is causing her sudden lethargy and eye sensitivity/squinting?
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2023.03.27 09:48 TheDuskProphet Scared of going to sleep

It's... troubling having to live in someone else's body, ans having to question whether your memories are real or not. But I've grown used to it. I can even say that I've never been happier in my entire life than in these past few months!
But sleeping still hurts.
It's that way me and my wife start to dissasociate and we start to loose control of our thoughts and we stop feeling "solid", and it doesn't help that we always dream with memories of the old host (they're gone) and I'm sick of all of it because all I want is to be myself! I want to live! I want to be happy and I'm just tired of having to question my existence!
If I could just dream with my past life, or my wife, or anything from the past months, anything mine! I want to stop struggling to feel real! I know I'm real!
Please help
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2023.03.27 09:47 nctravelandtour Andaman and Nicobar Islands Family Tour Packages

Nc Travel Andaman is committed to providing the best Andaman and Nicobar Islands Family Tour Packages. We have a team of expert professionals who are passionate about Andaman and Nicobar Islands and its various tourist attractions. With years of experience in the tourism industry, we have designed our packages keeping in mind the diverse needs of our clients. We also provide customized packages based on your specific requirements. So, if you are planning a trip to Andaman and Nicobar Islands with your family, do not hesitate to contact us for the best deals.
Contact Details:
Visit: www.nctravelandaman.com
Call: +91–9531874783, 9933281892
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2023.03.27 09:47 Becca0407 Staff acting like snakes

I’m a pretty new manager to retail and this particular store. On paper the store is doing very well, we hit our targets regularly and the staff all work hard etc. Some people I’m not the biggest fan of but I don’t let them know that.
My company does this thing every year where they do a survey to see what the staff are happy with etc. I came to this store just after that, the results weren’t great as they were all complaining about the previous manager (he was no saint but not as bad as the staff would make you believe). As a result of this other managers have gone in to speak to the staff to see what their issues are.
I don’t know exactly what was said but they seem to be complaining about me and saying the store is very bitchy, they don’t think they are doing a good job etc. Now from my POV none of this was going on in my store.
I’m a very fair and kind manager so I know some of the complaints are unwarranted and some of it will be staff complaining because they don’t get their way 100% of the time. How do you not take this personally? It’s really getting to me that they are bitching about me, and each other. I’m just here to do my job and go home 😭. They haven’t complained to me at all. When I got the results of the survey and spoke to them all to try and improve the store they said they were happy and it was much better than with previous manager. And I believed that.
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2023.03.27 09:47 CumbersomeMidg Missed opportunities for more satisfying gameplay in Dokkan

Apologize for the lack of a better word for missed opportunities but my contention is that bc of poor decisions to segregate extreme and saiyan units, bamco gave saiyans mainly prepped for battle link while extreme units were given fear and faith link. As if the deliberate attempt to divide hero units and villain units is insufficient, bamco's inconsistency in giving fear and faith and/or pfb to the aforementioned was exacerbated by throwing ss into the mix, often favouring hybrid saiyans to have ss which created a lack of synergy even among hybrid and pure saiyan units. Imo, such a move ruined the gameplay for me as it reduced our freedom and convenience to form teams without link consideration. I'm also disgusted by the repeated gokus being carnival featured; each new carnival banner takes five months to appear only to see goku after goku, quite reminiscent of the dark days during which vegito used to be the top grossing solution. My solution to the "agony?" Cut down on spending and summon on a diverse range of units, be it extreme or super class. Lastly, bring back leaders which give one category and a supe extreme buff. Two or two point five categories on a dfe is just lazy imo..
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2023.03.27 09:47 epaulart Feeling oppressed and overwhelmed by family conflicts.

Hi everyone, I (M25) live with my family since the coronavirus crisis. My parents are christian. I have been living a hard situation for 3 years, it makes me fed up. I explain : my parents are always considering they are right about everything, whatever topics. They know better than you. They know the Word better than every christian. They don't go to the service because they disagree with pastors and won't respect the biblical communauty hierarchy. Because of my living choices are different, because of my spiritual life is mainly different from their, they consider I'm just religious. So I can't feel in communion with them. Consequences, I don't share my difficulties and my joys with them, I can't feel confortable with it. When I do it, I regret instantly because I don't get the attention I need but a moral class. Everytime they suspect a bad intention from me. I can't carry on such relationships. They are my parents and they are christian , so I want to change this situation. I know I have a lot of defaults, I know I'm a sinner, I know I make mistakes, I know I can be pride and stubborn. I confess all of it. But when I try to speak with them about my feelings, about my hurt, they don't want accept they are oppressing me and discouraging me, they don't want accept that they don't listen but only reply what they want to say, without consideration about what I'm saying.
Today, I want to give up. I'm fed up. Our relationship is one-sided. I'm not able to support it. I don't know to what to do. I'm discouraged and it has a hugh impact in my life : at work, at home, at church, in my relationships, in my self confidence ; even in my spiritual life. I wanted to build something new before I leave home, to have a healthy relationships with ; but now I just want to give up and to get far away from them without coming back.
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2023.03.27 09:47 BorisGrozni How Kyoto Blockchain and DMRV Can Revolutionize Climate Change Action

Hey everyone! 👋
I wanted to share my thoughts on an exciting development in the field of climate change action: the combination of blockchain technology and Decentralized Monitoring, Reporting & Verification (DMRV). With the growing urgency of the climate crisis, we need innovative solutions that can transform the way we approach climate change mitigation, and I believe that Kyoto blockchain and DMRV have the potential to do just that. 🌍🌳
What is DMRV? DMRV is a system that leverages blockchain technology to track, verify, and report on climate actions and emissions data. This decentralized approach ensures accuracy, prevents tampering, and increases transparency in the process. By using blockchain and DMRV, we can empower organizations, governments, and individuals to make data-driven decisions and track progress towards their climate goals, fostering a culture of climate accountability. 🎯
Blockchain can also facilitate carbon trading, which allows for the funding of projects aimed at reducing emissions, such as reforestation and renewable energy development. This creates a global marketplace that rewards sustainable practices and accelerates the transition to a low-carbon economy. 🌱💰
As you can see, combination of blockchain and DMRV can revolutionize climate change action by increasing transparency, accountability, and efficiency. By leveraging these technologies, we can take more effective steps towards combating climate change, protecting our environment, and ensuring a sustainable future for our planet. 🌍🕊️
I belive that what KyotoProtocol.io is building really has the potential to make a significant impact on climate change action. Who do you think our partners in this space should be? Are there any other innovative technologies you think we should be exploring to address the climate crisis? 💬
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2023.03.27 09:46 Sklipp Any way to make Stealth Lich work?

Some friends and I decided to play Lancer and I had the amazing idea to take Lich but stealthy. The GM and I agreed that nobody can detect my soul vessel markers so using it could help keep me hidden. I'm also a fan of the smoke grenades and licence features like those in Metalmark. Was wondering if anyone has experience with it and if "striking from the shadows" type stuff has any value to it like Infiltrator's Ambush ability.
The GM is using a custom setting instead of the usual Lancer world, so all our mechs are customs and not something widely known about.
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2023.03.27 09:46 ikonixtelecoms Ikonix Telecoms - VoIP Phone Systems in Kent

Ikonix Telecoms is the premier provider of VoIP phone systems for businesses in Kent. Our cutting-edge technology and experienced team of professionals make it easy to find the perfect solution for your needs.
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2023.03.27 09:46 Lekalovessiesta Whats your opinion on the use of audio to desensitize a dog to dogs barking?

Hi everybody
We just moved to a neighborhood that is very quiet but has a lot of barking dogs. We barely ever see any on our walks (no dog parks here in many kms)but we hear a lot. Our older dog (5y GSD) is not used to hearing dogs barking and she gets nervous and starts barking as well.
Of course we are trying to desensitize her. We distract her and reward her every time that she ignores the dogs. But of course I cant control when the dogs bark.
I was wondering if perhaps i could accelerate the process playing audios of dogs barking. It would have the advantage that you can regulate the volume so it starts "easier" for the dog and i can always pause it if she is getting nervous.
Has anybody done that to train their dog to not respond to barking dogs?
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2023.03.27 09:46 illusionpanic How can someone find the newest programming trends?

I’ve been doing Java development for a while. Mostly rest apis with spring / maven. At my last job there was an architect who always knew the “best stable and newest trend” library or method. And it was freaking awesome, it felt like I will never fall behind. Always learning, always improving, always having the most optimised code.
Back then, he was the one that told us about webflux, he tought us security (oauth, jwt, encryption and all that), he tought us about how to properly write rest services, he tought us some workflows to never skip unit tests, reactive programming and when to use it, you name it!! It was a freaking dream…
After a while, I had to change job and now I am at this big corporation, good salary, but god damn old, legacy code. Architects don’t seem to care that much, if it works don’t touch it. I don’t like that. So I proposed to my manager to start using some of the newest libraries to improve our projects (things that I have learned from my old job) and he absolutely loves the idea. It’s hard to do this on older projects but for the new ones we will definitely use more modern code.
But I can’t seem to do a great job at finding what’s better. How did the architect from my old job do it? I asked and he said “just keep your eyes on the news”.. I have to say I subscribed to many… MANY technology newsletters, but I think I didn’t follow the good ones.
So here I am asking you guys: how does someone find the trends of programming for current year? What do you follow online? How can I not fall behind and become a fossil like old employees from big corporations that just want to get their salary?
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2023.03.27 09:46 No-Formal4288 How to handle? Players are too scared to go to dinner with Strahd

Bit of context: After playing last weekend our campaign is going on hold for a few months because my gf and I are having a baby.
I ended the last session with the party reciving the invitation to dine at Ravenloft from Rahadin. My players are pretty scared of Strahd (yay!) and have been avoiding him whenever possible.
Now they got the invite but are too scared to go. I would like to start the next session at the dinner. We have done a little time jump before and seeing as it will be a couple of months before we actually play again, I think this would be an awesome spot to kick things off again.
Do I tell my players IRL that it will be fine, that Strahd has plans with them and that they (probably) won't die. Or do I let them be scared and have Strahd get a little angry when they don't show up after a few days?
I would really lilke to run the dinner, but having them be this scared is also pretty awesome.
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2023.03.27 09:46 joryfargone A Supportive Resource for the Bleeding Disorder Community: Sharing My Experience

Hey everyone,
I hope you're all doing well! As a member of the bleeding disorder community, I understand the challenges we face and the importance of finding reliable resources for managing our conditions. That's why I wanted to share my experience with a specialty pharmacy that has made a positive impact on my life and may help others as well.
This pharmacy specializes in providing a variety of factor products and personalized support from experienced care coordinators. What sets them apart is their genuine commitment to their patients' well-being and quality of life. They focus on helping individuals with different bleeding disorders by offering tailored services and a compassionate approach.
If you ever feel the need to explore new options or just want to learn more, feel free to send me a message, and I'll be happy to share the details. I assure you there's no pressure, and I just want to help others find the support they deserve. 😊
Has anyone here had any positive experiences with a specialty pharmacy for bleeding disorders? I'd love to hear your thoughts and any other resources you've found helpful in managing your condition.
Take care and stay strong, C.J. (Jo)
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2023.03.27 09:45 Knicgimmegimme Dog park etiquette- what to do with a seemingly unfriendly dog?

Our little fiend (6 months, fully vaccinated) loves people but has been pretty scared of other dogs. We took her the dog park for the first time last weekend and she did just fine! Revisited this weekend and she did much better and even played with a puppy her similar size and age. Yay- huge win! It went so well yesterday we went back again today. There was a dog that was muzzled and came up to our pup and immediately started barking at her within an inch of her face. Dog was recalled by owner, but it happened again, causing our pup to run to us, tail between her legs and all. This dog did this to every dog they came in contact with. We moves areas and would you know, it happened a third time. This prompted me to verbally assert I’ll be ensuring space between my dog and theirs. The other dog and owner left short there after. Thoughts on how to handle this next time? Any tips? Generally, this seems like a great dog park with awesome owners.
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2023.03.27 09:45 Basic_Row848 into nothingness

Fade into black, oh how we go The light of life, now dim and low Like embers in a dying fire Our hopes and dreams, they all expire
The darkness comes, and takes us in Our world, it fades, becomes so thin We are but shadows, lost and still As time stands silent, and all is chill
What once was bright, now fades away A memory of a brighter day The laughter and the joy we knew Are now just echoes, fading too
The sun has set, and left us here To face the night, to face our fear The stars above, they twinkle bright A distant glimmer, in the endless night
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2023.03.27 09:45 LunaKPalara Would you test/treat for ulcers in this situation?

My mare is 5 years old. She’s in 24/7 turnout and on free choice hay. She was started under saddle at 4 years old but has been out of work for the past few months due to saddle fit issues - I couldn’t locate a saddle fitter in our country, so I had no one to help me solve her fitting problem. I’ve only been lunging her.
A couple months ago she showed some resistance to picking up the hind feet, so I brought the vet out. He found some pelvic pain that we treated with medication for 10 days + stretches and physio exercises. She went back to normal within a few days and all was well. I also finally managed to book a saddle fitting with an amazing fitter from abroad who would fly in!
Then recently, leading up to the day of the fitting, my mare started being agitated and uncomfortable. It was very on-and-off; some days she was better than others. She would struggle with picking up the feet, even the fronts now. She would pin her ears when I would run my hand down her front leg to pick it up, despite being more than happy to let me brush her all over and rub her legs. Occasionally she would also pin her ears while being groomed in specific spots, but then other times she would be completely fine with it. I also noticed she was starting to develop more muscle in the underline of her neck, which led me to believe she was carrying herself differently.
I decided I would call the vet and get some ulcer medication, to see if maybe that was the issue. It was the week leading up to the fitting and it was on pretty short notice, and I ended up not getting it in time.
The day before the saddle fitting appointment, I noticed she was a bit off on her right hind while lunging. She wasn’t lame, and I couldn’t exactly put my finger on what I was seeing - it was so subtle that I didn’t notice it until I focused on that leg specifically for ten long seconds.
The next day, I explained to the fitter that I didn’t think she was very ridable at the moment, due to her long break shortly after being started and her recent “offness”. The fitter checked her back and found the same pelvic pain my vet did - so apparently it’s back. She said she didn’t think she had ulcers, and mentioned that hormonal issues can also contribute to pain in that area. She also said the way she carries herself due to the pelvic tension is affecting her sternum, which is why her neck muscles have changed.
The saddle we tried fit her nicely after some adjustments, and she was fine being lunged in it at the trot, and being ridden in it at the walk but not at the trot. She also only accepted my weight in it when we added a gelpad - but she was this way with her old saddle as well before she stopped fitting. The fitter said her Haflinger was like that, too and that some horses needed extra padding.
When she refused to trot in it with me on her back though, she acted the same way she did when I attempted to ride her bareback, and the fitter said the problem was probably the tension in her pelvis rather than the saddle - which seemed like a good fit. She did tell me to sleep on it before I purchase a saddle that I can’t be 100% sure of, because we couldn’t get a very accurate fitting while my horse was not feeling her best. I’m going to have her see a chiropractor this week.
Here’s the thing. Given this, would you still check for ulcers? I want to check all the boxes, but I’m worried it would be a waste of money considering the only symptom was her on-and-off reactions to grooming, and we know she has that pelvic pain. She hasn’t dropped any weight, her appetite hasn’t changed, and her coat condition is flawless. Would you only get the chiropractor out, or would you treat for ulcers as well?
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