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2023.06.03 03:32 lakaihc 16s Scar available

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2023.06.03 03:32 JuniperCalle [QCrit]-Adult Scifi-Ismene and the Voice-86k-1st attempt

Hello! I'm hoping to get crit on a query letter. [Agent] is a placeholder and I may include agent-specific "why I would be a good fit" at the end of the first paragraph (although I'm curious if that's still something people are supposed to be including or if it's too much additional length).
I'm also not sure about mentioning the short story-- I've been told it's unnecessary, but also that failing to disclose it would be cause for dropping me if someone did like the look of this.
Dear [Agent],
I am seeking representation for my adult science-fiction novel, Ismene and the Voice. It’s 86,000 words, fully rewritten from a short story. It follows a bookseller’s struggles in an exploitative industrial society and her transhuman partnership with a sentient library. The protagonists’ situation is reminiscent of the inner story of The Spear Cuts Through Water, and the hopeful Ghibli-esque tone is comparable to A Prayer For The Crown-Shy.
Ismene is a servant, a working-class bookseller who lives for her visits to the sentient, alien Castle (a former starship) and its transhuman partner, the Voice. In an industrializing society, she lives at the mercy of her contracted house while smuggling the Castle’s books for other servants on the side. Her friend Eryx is a scholar who’s worked for years to improve labor conditions, finding herself a tool of the business houses instead.
When their superiors frame them for their own ends, Ismene must navigate family intrigue and a military crackdown to get Eryx a chance at justice—if she can keep the Castle awake long enough to access its library. The Voice has passed away, leaving the Castle’s symbiosis dangerously incomplete, and its potential open to exploitation. If Ismene can get to the Castle, she can give Eryx the evidence to aid their allies—and get an unexpected chance at becoming the Voice herself.
[60-word bio]
Thank you for your time and consideration.
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2023.06.03 03:32 AncapGamingAddict The AEW World Cup (Firestorm Booking)

The AEW World Cup (Firestorm Booking)
Tony Khan announces The AEW World Cup, a 16 man tournament with each man representing a country. The final will take place at All In in Wembley Stadium with the winner becoming #1 Contender to the AEW International Championship. All In will also feature Orange Cassidy defending the AEW International Championship against Swerve Strickland (Strickland kept tweeting on social media about how a title match on TV is below a mogul like him, and challenges Cassidy for the International Title at All In, to which Cassidy replies with a thumbs up emoji, thus making it official).
A series of qualifying matches for the World Cup take place to determine certain competitors from countries.
Qualification Highlights:-
  • The Land of Opportunity Battle Royale - Won by Hangman Page by last eliminating Bryan Danielson to officially represent the USA.
  • 6-3-1 Match to decide Mexico's representative. Trios Match: Rush, Andrade, Vikingo VS Bandido and the Lucha Brothers. Winning team faces each other in a 3-Way to determine the official representative. Penta pins Rush with a Fear Factor to win the Trios Match. Bandido rolls up Penta and Fenix at the same time in the 3 Way to win and officially be Mexico's representative.
  • JAS member Angelo Parker scores an upset victory over Chris Jericho in one of the Canadian qualifiers.
  • Konosuke Takeshita cuts an excited promo after defeating Michael Nakazawa, and assumes that he has qualified considering they are the only 2 Japanese wrestlers on AEW's official roster. He says it's an honour to represent Japan when all of a sudden, he is surrounded by Kota Ibushi, Katsuyori Shibata and Kenta.
  • After losing out on qualification, Christian Cage announced that a close friend of his will still be in the tournament. Someone he considers a brother. Someone who debuted as a tall, athletically gifted creepy guy in a 3 man stable, .... Luchasaurus, by virtue of him being from "the Amazon forest".
  • David Finlay is announced as Germany's representative by virtue of birth.
The final list of participants is as follows:-
  1. Hangman Page (USA)
  2. Kenny Omega (Canada)
  3. Bandido (Mexico)
  4. Kota Ibushi (Japan)
  5. PAC (England)
  6. Malakai Black (The Netherlands)
  7. Claudio Castagnoli (Switzerland)
  8. Jay White (New Zealand)
  9. Buddy Matthews (Australia)
  10. Angelico (South Africa)
  11. Miro (Bulgaria)
  12. Francesco Akira (Italy)
  13. David Finlay (Germany)
  14. Hiku Leo (Tonga)
  15. Satnam Singh (India)
  16. Luchasaurus (Brazil)
R-O-16 Matches will be contested in a 15 Minute Time Limit
Quarter-Final Matches will be contested in a 30 Minute Time Limit
Semi-Final Matches will be contested in a 45 Minute Time Limit
The Final will have a 1 Hour Time Limit
In the event of a draw, neither competitor will qualify to the next round. Whoever qualifies will either get a bye, or win the tournament if they are the only one to qualify. If all matches in a round end up in a draw, then the winners will be determined by 3 judges.
  • Jim Cornette
  • Dave Meltzer
  • Vince Russo

Round of 16

PAC (England) VS Bandido (Mexico) - AEW Dynamite - San Antonio, Texas
PAC enters wearing a mask as well as "Lucha Brothers" written on his trunks and their masks printed on either side. It looks like he's giving a tribute to his trio-mates who failed to qualify to represent Mexico. We are in San Antonio, a city with a large Mexican population and an excited crowd who cheer for both men like crazy before the bell even rings. PAC takes off his mask and an action packed 10 minute match ensues full of high spots and flips, PAC hits Bandido with a Black Arrow, followed by a Fear Factor to secure the victory for England and qualify to the Quarter Final.
PAC d. Bandido via pinfall after a Fear Factor (10:00)
Hiku Leo (Tonga) VS Luchasaurus (Brazil) - AEW Dynamite - Los Angeles, California
Both men have a connection to the city. Hiku Leo, a prominent feature of NJPW Strong which is based in LA, and the man behind the Luchasaurus mask actually being born in LA (the commentators play up Hiku Leo's connection to the city as a sort of hometown hero but obviously don't mention Luchasaurus' real life connection to Los Angeles). An all out war between a monster and a warrior full of intense strikes, eventually Luchasaurus overpowers Hiku Leo but he still shows fighting spirit despite taking huge amounts of damage. The match hits the 14 minute mark and Luchasaurus hits Hiku Leo with the Land Before Time. 1, 2, kick out! Luchasaurus immediately puts Hiku Leo in an Arm Triangle Choke. The timer hits 14:59 as Hiku Leo passes out and Luchasaurus secures the victory.
Luchasaurus d. Hiku Leo via technical submission with an Arm Triangle Choke (14:59)
Claudio Castagnoli (Switzerland) VS Satnam Singh (India) - AEW Dynamite - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Swiss Superman VS The Indian Giant is quite a one sided bout as Castagnoli wrestles circles around Singh for the first 5 minutes. Eventually, Castagnoli gets hit with a giant chop, to which he responds with an European Uppercut! Both men exchange chops and uppercuts until Castagnoli has has enough and lifts Singh up for the UFO for 30 seconds followed by a Giant Swing for 2 MINUTES STRAIGHT! Castagnoli sets Singh down, rolls him backwards, lifts him up for The Neutralizer for the 1-2-3.
Claudio Castagnoli d. Satnam Singh via pinfall after a Neutralizer (8:10)
After the match, Singh's stablemate Jay Lethal shows up to take him to the back as Claudio celebrates with the ROH World Title. Lethal sets Singh on the apron and enters the ring and stares down Claudio and his title as the ROH-loving Philly crowd go wild!
Miro (Bulgaria) VS Angelico (South Africa) - AEW Collision - Chicago, Illinois
You call yourself an angel? I will send you to God.
The last time Miro competed for the AEW International Championship was right here, in Chicago, where he lost. The match is an incredibly fan action packed bout involving the high flying babyface Angelico against the athletic monster Miro. Angelico manages to hold his own for 14 minutes as he avoids any major damage from Miro. As Angelico realizes that time is running out, he attempts to lift Miro for a Fall of Angels but Miro lifts him up and hits him with a Front Rolling Fireman's Carry Slam followed by a running somersault senton. He then puts Angelico in the Camel Clutch as Angelico passes out in 14:59.
Miro d. Angelico via technical submission with a Camel Clutch (14:59)
Buddy Matthews (Australia) VS Francesco Akira (Italy) - AEW Collision - Boston, Massachussetts
A city synonymous with America's fight for independence sees Buddy Matthews from the Commonwealth nation of Australia fight Francesco Akira, representing The United Empire.
Pure, fun, action.
  • Both men hit each other with a double Boston Knee Party in tribute to Eddie Edwards.
  • Matthews hits an Attitude Adjustment to Akira and proceeds to lock him in an STF in tribute to John Cena.
In the end, all good things must come to an end as Matthews hits Akira with a Whale Hunt (Murphy's Law) for the win!
Buddy Matthews d. Francesco Akira via pinfall with a Whale Hunt (14:30)
Jay White (New Zealand) VS Hangman Page (USA) - AEW Collision - Montreal, Quebec
This match takes place in the French speaking part of Canada as we need to stray out of the US for neutral ground (even though we still technically are in North America). A fun clearcut hero VS villain story.
  • Jay White locks in the Sharpshooter with a cheeky smirk on his face for that cheap cheap heat.
  • Hangman Page hits a Helluva Kick for that cheap cheap pop.
Page immediately follows up the Helluva Kick with a Blue Thunderbomb for the win.
Hangman Page d. Jay White via pinfall with a Blue Thunderbomb (9:00)
Kenny Omega (Canada) VS David Finlay (Germany) - AEW Dynamite - Atlanta, Georgia
A former Bullet Club leader VS the current Bullet Club leader, in the hometown of a phenomenal Bullet Club leader (Fun fact: David Finlay lives in Atlanta according to Wikipedia but this isn't mentioned).
A match full of fun Bullet Club references which the crowd eats up!
  • Finlay hits Omega with a Coup De Grace.
  • Omega locks Finlay in the Calf Crusher.
  • Omega hits Finlay with the Phenomenal Forearm.
In the end, Omega puts Finlay away with a Styles Clash!
Kenny Omega d. David Finlay via pinfall with a Styles Clash (9:00)
Kota Ibushi (Japan) VS Malakai Black (The Netherlands) - AEW Dynamite - Winnipeg, Manitoba
We are in the hometown of Kota Ibushi's lover, Kenny Omega. If Ibushi wins, we will see a clash of the Golden Lovers in the quarter final but Malakai Black wants to crush that dream. An epic clash filled with kicks and moonsaults. In the end, Malakai Black hits Ibushi with a Black Mass. He then has a cheeky smile on his face as he hits Ibushi with a V Trigger, followed by another Black Mass for the win.
Malakai Black d. Kota Ibushi via pinfall with a Black Mass (12:00)
Ibushi is bleeding from the mouth as Omega comes to his aid, to cheers for the hometown hero. Malakai lets out a sinister condescending laugh as Omega looks at Black with an enraged stare.
With that, we conclude the Round of 16.

Quarter Finals

2 shows.
Collision - Toronto, ON.
We need neutral ground yet again as the American Hero Hangman Page fights the Swiss Cyborg Claudio Castagnoli in the main event!
Miro VS Buddy Matthews
Hangman Page VS Claudio Castagnoli
Dynamite - Jacksonville, FL.
We return to the home ground of AEW where Kenny Omega won the AEW World Title. Will he be able to avenge his lover, Kota Ibushi ?
PAC VS Luchasaurus
Kenny Omega VS Malakai Black
Miro (Bulgaria) VS Buddy Matthews (Australia)
OOOHHH BOY! The Redeemer HATES this display of Satanism and he makes it known...physically. However, Matthews isn't one to let anyone toy around with him. A crazy, painful and speedy strikefest ensues. In the end, Matthews tries to lift Miro for a Whale Hunt but Miro pushes Matthews away and hits a Savate Kick. Matthews rebounds off the rope and hits Miro with a BLACK MASS and falls on Miro for the pinfall victory!
Buddy Matthews d. Miro via pinfall with a Black Mass (15:54)
Hangman Page (USA) VS Claudio Castagnoli (Switzerland)
Page manages to counter a Neutralizer attempt with a Dead Eye but he's too exhausted to reach Claudio for the pin!
In the end, Page goes for a Buckshot but Claudio bends, grabs Page's legs and puts him in a Sharpshooter. As Page edges for the ropes, Claudio floats over into a Crossface. Time is about to run out as Hangman attempts to escape but alas, he passes out in the Crossface!
Claudio Castagnoli d. Hangman Page via technical submission with a Crossface (29:59)
PAC (England) VS Luchasaurus (Brazil)
An enjoyable endeavour, a mix of hard hits, power moves and of course, everyone's favourite, good high flying "lucha things" as Kalisto would say. Both men go the distance and just in the nick of time, PAC manages to get Luchasaurus to pass out in The Brutalizer
PAC d. Luchasaurus via technical submission with a Brutalizer (29:59)
Kenny Omega (Canada) VS Malakai Black (The Netherlands)
Hard hits, moonsaults, technical sequences. The Ironman Kenny Omega does not back down as a smirky, condescending Malakai gets increasingly frustrated. Both men unleash all their wrath, everything they have. At one point, Omega goes for a Golden Star Press which Malakai counters into a Triangle Choke. Omega struggles but manages to lift Black up for a Golden Star Bomb which Black kicks out of. In the end, Omega hits Black with a V Trigger, Black rebounds off the rope and hits Omega with a Black Mass and falls onto Omega. 1. 2. 3.
Malakai Black d. Kenny Omega via pinfall with The Black Mass (29:59)
With that, we conclude the Quarter Finals.

Semi Finals - AEW Dynamite - Manchester, England

Buddy Matthews (Australia) VS Claudio Castagnoli (Switzerland)
A pure back-and-forth endeavour, these men pour out everything they've got! Claudio with his suplexes, power moves and submissions, Matthews with his high risk dives and hard strikes, but that's not all! Claudio goes crazy with European Uppercuts including a Springboard Corkscrew variation! Claudio hits a diving crossbody and a somersault senton on Matthews as well! Matthews is also able to hold his own against Claudio technically, with his own creative submissions and escapes.
At one point Matthews attempts to lift Claudio for a Whale Hunt, Claudio attempts a reversal into a Neutralizer, which Matthews flips out of and hits a Pedigree!
In the end, Matthews pins Claudio after a Black Mass!
Buddy Matthews d. Claudio Castagnoli via pinfall after a Black Mass (15:01)
PAC (England) VS Malakai Black (The Netherlands)
The match begins with an intense staredown as the hometown hero PAC is adored with cheers. Both men then perform an intricate chain wrestling sequence ending in a Death Ritual which PAC lifts into a Fireman's Carry Position, which Black slips out of and applies a waistlock on PAC. He goes for a German Suplex but PAC rolls him up. Black rolls PAC up, PAC kicks out, rebounds off the rope, Black attempts to trip PAC but PAC performs a cartwheel and a backflip as Black sits in a crosslegged position. PAC joins him in sitting crosslegged, mocking him. Black begins to laugh. PAC crawls closer, laughs and slaps Black. Black laughs more. PAC laughs again and slaps Black again. This eventually turns into a slapfest, followed by both men getting up and the slapfest turning into a strikefest. The strikefest ends with a double clothesline. The referee begins a 10-count. Both men kip up at 9 and stare each other down again. The crowd is mental. Both men now forearm the everloving crap out of each other. Black grabs PAC in a side headlock, PAC pushes Black off the ropes and Black performs a Springboard Moonsault onto PAC!
Strikes, submissions and acrobatics gallore in this match! Both men are putting in everything to ensure that they are one step closer to attaining the AEW World Cup!
In the finishing sequence, PAC goes for a Black Arrow which Malakai catches into a Triangle Choke! PAC is about to fade but he lifts Malakai up in a powerbomb position. Black gets out but PAC carries him in a Fireman's Carry when all of a sudden, Black counters and locks in The Death Ritual, which PAC ends up passing out in!
Malakai Black d. PAC via technical submission after a Death Ritual (44:59)
Post match, the lights go out and we see Buddy Matthews and Brody King appear in the middle of the ring. Malakai and Matthews stare each other down intensely. Malakai takes a mic and says: "Whoever it may be, The House Always Wins". All 3 men start laughing and hug each other in a warm embrace.

The Final - AEW All In - London, UK

Malakai Black (The Netherlands) VS Buddy Matthews (Australia)
The match begins with a handshake and a hug, followed by a clinic, a spectacle to be witnessed at least once in everyone's life. Both men know each other upside down, inside out, and counter each other's moves, including Matthews dodging each and every one of Malakai's Black Mass attempts, each time Malakai looking at Matthews with a sense of anger mixed with pride.
In the end, Black goes for a Black Mass, Matthews catches Black's foot, and performs a Whale Hunt on Black for the win!
Buddy Matthews d. Malakai Black via pinfall after a Whale Hunt (59:59)
After the match, Buddy celebrates with his newly won AEW World Cup, alongside his House of Black brothers.
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2023.06.03 03:31 heuve Finally completed my build! [Corsair 7000D]
Just finished my first watercooled build and second ever build last weekend and I wanted to share! I regretted choosing watercooling at several points throughout this process, but I've very happy with the results. I think I spent as much on cooling and housing the machine as I did on silicon and copper.
I plan to use it mainly for practicing machine learning and playing with AI since I hardly ever game anymore. It does chew up Diablo 4 without breaking a sweat. CPU got up to 77 ° C on Cinebench, but I haven't seen the GPU report core temp above 50 ° C. Got a good deal on a used 3090 and read about VRAM overheating concerns, so I bought the waterblock and at that point there was no turning back. Didn't put a lot of work into cable management, cool bends, or other aesthetics...but I don't mind looking at it!
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2023.06.03 03:31 GrimMistletoe Help with the instep not breaking in- was this a mistake?

Hey y'all, I grew up hearing about the legacy of doc martens, and I had finally gotten a pair of my own for my birthday in February, the 1460 mono patent leather lace-up because they're my style but also on sale, (though I had bought them at the previous marked down price $120...) and I had planned on breaking them in to wear on a study abroad trip (that I'm leaving for in less than 48 hours) and to be an everyday shoe for me, for theoretically, years.
The thing is that the instep part of the shoe is physically killing me when I wear these. Like I've done the frozen water trick, I've been slathering and massaging them in mink oil, I've done the double-layered thick socks and heat dryer. It hurts SO MUCH when I put these on, I feel the pain radiating in my bones, up my shin, and in my knee. I felt like I got the right size because when I tried on a size up, my heel lifted and barely stayed on.
I've now been doing more research and I'm seeing how people are leaving DM behind because of the drop in quality and I have seen Rose Anvil's videos on DM and I've read about Solovair. I'm honestly feeling a little heartbroken because even on sale, these were a big ticket item for me to ask for and receive, and I feel like it was wasted because they hurt so much to wear them.
Does anyone have any advice on breaking in the instep so they're salvageable? I know they won't be ready for my trip at this point but I'm still wanting to hear any advice. Please help.
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2023.06.03 03:31 RedReclusive 29 #Michigan Heavyset black guy looking to be a dad

Looking for someone in Michigan, Indiana, Northern Ohio, or Ontario who's willing to make a baby. I'm looking to at bare minimum coparent, but am open to a relationship, marriage, etc. I'm college educated and I currently work full-time as a social worker, but I'm also good at household chores if you happen to be in the market for a house husband.
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2023.06.03 03:31 MNLYYZYEG Heart Signal 4 - Episode 3 - 230602

Heart Signal 4 (하트시그널4) is finally here after 3 years.
Episode 3 Discussion for Heart Signal 4 over in /koreanvariety subreddit:
Cupid returns for a fresh assault on the hearts of a new group of romance-ready singletons. The group has never met before, but must live together in Signal House. The house rules encourage flirty behavior, but forbid housemates from directly telling anyone that they like them. Instead, they must express their feelings via text message. But there’s a twist: All texts to housemates are anonymous – meaning recipients have to guess who is trying to make a love connection with them.
Watching events unfurl in the house is a celebrity panel of love experts. These include returning romance fans Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Ea Na, and Lee Sang Min, all veterans of previous “Heart Signal” seasons. And joining this trio this time around is a fresh crop of star pundits, including OH MY GIRL member Mimi, Kang Seung Yoon of WINNER, and leading psychiatrist Kim Chong Gi.
This variety TV show series is the follow-up to 2017’s “Heart Signal.” A second series was released in 2018. And this was followed up with Season 3 in 2020.
“Heart Signal 4” is a 2023 South Korean reality TV/variety show that was produced by Park Cheol Hwan.


Lee Jumi (이 주미)
Kim Jiyoung (김 지영)
Kim Jimin (김 지민)
Shin Mingyu (신 민규)
Han Gyeore (한 겨레)
Yoo Jiwon (유 지원)
Lee Hushin (이 후신)


Kim Eana
Lee Sangmin
Yoon Jongshin
Kang Seungyoon (from WINNER group)
Kim Mihyun or Mimi/미미 (from OMG group)
Kim Chonggi (psychiatrist)


Stream Viki
Stream VIU Singapore
Stream VIU Hong Kong
English subtitles are available on Viki now.
Around 9PM for English subs on Viki could be the consistent release schedule, so wait ~10-12 hours after the episode premieres (converting from Korean Standard Time, it's like 9:50AM every Friday, New York Time/Eastern Daylight Time), then the Viki volunteers should have the English/etc. subtitles available maybe before midnight or usually it's available the next day anyway, just like with other Viki shows.
Remember VIU (and KOCOWA/etc.) also has Heart Signal 4 but it seems sometimes they're delayed with the English subs or episode release.
For VIU access, you'll probably have to use VPNs set to Singapore/Southeast Asia to view their catalog.
Oh and Heart Signal 4 (and earlier seasons) is also apparently available on Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, et cetera, but as usual there's some region restrictions.
Accessing Kdramas, Korean variety shows, and so on (basically Viki, VIU, Disney+, Netflix, etc.): and

Past Threads

Episode Subreddit Thread
Episode 1 koreanvariety, heartsignal
Episode 2 koreanvariety, heartsignal
Episode 3 koreanvariety, heartsignal
Heart Signal Youtube channel or 하트시그널 라비티비 channel:
Heart Signal 4 teasers and clips playlist:
Heart Signal 4 production stream:
Heart Signal 4 Episode 1 commentary with Heart Signal 2 Jaeho and some other people:
Heart Signal 4 Episode 2 commentary with Heart Signal 2 Youngjoo and Jaeho, and some other people:
Heart Signal 4 Episode 3 commentary with Heart Signal 2 Youngjoo and Jaeho, and some other people:
Gaheun (Heart Signal 3 and Friends) and Jaeho with the Heart Signal 4 house:
Jangmi (Heart Signal 2 and Friends) and Jaeho with the Heart Signal 4 house:
Heart Signal 4 Official BGM Playlist:
Heart Signal 4 Official BGM Playlist 2:
The Chinese version of Heart Signal (心动的信号) has an engaged couple now, don't click this link unless you finished Heart Signal 2 (心动的信号第二季), oh and it also talks about Terrace House marriages too:心动的信号,_Chinese/중국_version_couple/
Terrace House: Aloha State marriage now has pictures:
For Heart Signal, the original Korean version and some seasons of the Chinese version should be on Viki.
Season 2 of both the Korean and Chinese versions are considered the best, and now some people also really like the 5th season of the Chinese version. The upcoming 6th season of the Chinese version is being prepared at the moment, it might be out later this 2023 year or so.
Heart Signal 1 (Korean Version):
Heart Signal 2 (Korean Version):
Heart Signal 3 (Korean Version):
Heart Signal 1 (Chinese Version):
Heart Signal 2 (Chinese Version):
Heart Signal 5 (Chinese Version):
With the Chinese version of Heart Signal, it's available on the WeTV/Tencent Video website (has English subs), and also their WeTV/Tencent Video channels on Youtube for free but without proper English subs.
Through the Tencent Video Youtube channel you'll have to use auto-translate from Chinese/Mandarin or maybe say Thai, Vietnamese, etc. So for English subs you have to check their own WeTV/Tencent Video/etc. website.
Viki has the 1st, 2nd, and 5th seasons of the Chinese version of Heart Signal, so you'll have to look for the 3rd (心动的信号S3) and 4th season (心动的信号S4) elsewhere. Like use auto-translate/etc. with the Youtube episodes, or check their actual WeTV/Tencent Video website.
Heart Signal 3 (Chinese Version), Episode 1 and playlist (has Thai and Vietnamese subtitles, use auto-translate to English/any desired language):
Heart Signal 4 (Chinese Version), Episode 1 and playlist (these episodes on Youtube for the 4th season don't even have automatic captions/subtitles (no Thai/Vietnamese/Chinese/etc. subs either), so go on WeTV/Tencent Video's website or some places (like Bilibili, etc.) for other subtitles):
Expect English subtitles on Viki/etc. to appear after 10/12/etc. hours have passed since Heart Signal 4's initial release on the Korean TV/streaming services.
Episode 3 of Heart Signal 4 got moved to Friday (today), and it seems to be a similar schedule of being available around 11 hours later, 9PM New York Time/Eastern Daylight Time. Future episodes will probably be on Friday too unless they change it again (due to low ratings and so on), as such expect subs to be out during the weekend as IIRC it was rare for shows (on Viki) to have subs on Monday instead of Saturday or Sunday.
But actually that did happen for a while with the earlier seasons of the Chinese version of Heart Signal, as in it would be stuck at about 95% completed subtitles for a good day, like some parts or dialogue were missing subtitles. Still watchable but sometimes key/etc. parts were glossed over. Viki subtitling teams are still composed of volunteer members, so keep that in mind if the subs are delayed for a while.
For the KOCOWA and VIU subs, expect them to be earlier than Viki but right now it seems that they may be delayed or after Viki, so who knows how it'll be for the next 10 episodes or so.
If you don't want to wait for Viki/VIU/KOCOWA/etc. subtitles (and to get ahead of spoilers), you guys can watch the raw Episode 3 on this Channel A (채널에이방송영상) channel (appears like an hour or so later):
Wait, wtf they just regionally restricted it this past week, lol, so a VPN set to Korea will probably unlock it. This was the link to Episode 2 of Heart Signal 4:
That video for Episode 2 (from the Channel A (채널에이방송영상) channel) has no English/etc. subtitles, but with auto-generated Korean, you can use auto-translate to English/any desired language (it worked last week):
This is the link to Episode 3 of Heart Signal 4 from the Channel A (채널에이방송영상) channel:
Oh and if you want to watch it live (there's advertisements and other shows around the Heart Signal 4 episode stream), then you can also visit the Channel A website:
Note the release schedule in Korea: like UTC+9, Korean Standard Time, 10:50PM every Friday. That just translates to around 9:50AM New York Time/Eastern Daylight Time. So make sure to tune in around that specific time as otherwise you'll miss the episode release and get like a different thing, lol.
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2023.06.03 03:31 M116rs New (to me) pond

New (to me) pond
I just bought a house that has this pond in the back yard. There's no fish but the previous owner said he had 4 koi in it. There's 3 separate pumps, two circulation pumps, and one for the waterfall.
I intend on getting some fish for this but I'm not sure if both of the larger pumps are necessary. Do I need more plants? Any advice will be much appreciated.
Thank you in advance.
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2023.06.03 03:30 shane041 Game sharing early access (solution found!)

Okay, I've been searching everywhere for an answer to this. And I think I just found it. This worked for me.
"This is very specific, but if you're game sharing Diablo IV early access locally (two Xboxes in the same house) you can actually play on your own Xboxes with a very specific process I accidentally just found. Start the game on the secondary Xbox with the primary account. Add the secondary account as P2 and join the game. Have P1 leave the game and then P2 leave the game back to the main menu. P2 can now start their own game on their Xbox and P1 can as well. You can now join either party as normal. Enjoy game sharing early access!"
Credit to @SmartCon_Drums on Twitter for finding this!
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2023.06.03 03:30 stibgock Big Baby Step Celebration

Sorry, long-winded post... This might only make sense to very few, but I have nobody to celebrate this milestone with right now.


I've had anxiety for most of my adult life due to various traumas. But I was a bartender for a decade+ and going to work and hustling mostly kept it at bay (mostly...). Cut to the quarantine. My fiancee and I moved in with my Mom after we were laid off. My mom has had lots of health problems since she was young, and as a result is immunocompromised. Can't take any antibiotics, can't take any painkillers etc. (She's had root canals with no drugs...).
So during the year and a half that we stayed with her we BARELY went anywhere for fear of bringing something home. At first we shopped with masks, but that eventually turned into deliveries. Long winded story short, I developed an intense panic attack leaving the house. It got so bad at one point, that I could barely take the trash to the cans at the curb. Granted, this was in Sacramento during the summer when it hit 111 degrees regularly.
There was lots of progress and backsliding over the next few years. For instance, we went to Tahoe in 2021, but I could barely leave the hotel room. We even bought a car by having the salesman bring the car and paperwork to the house... We ended up moving out to our own place summer of 21. I couldn't go to view apartments, even though they were within a couple miles of the house. So my fiancee picked.
While at the new spot I had some significant strides. I started walking the dog, yards at a time, inching further and further as time went on. Eventually I was able to start going on drives (with my SO as a passenger) and then eventually solo drives. Not far. I called them "round the blockers". Then we had the opportunity to move back to SF. (SF was always a healing city for me). So we moved. I gathered all my energy, meditated, and just went for it. It was a huge deal.
Cut again to being all moved in. My progress clock basically reset. Slowly, I worked my way making out on the block and to the bar downstairs. That bar! My entry point to freedom. I started socializing down there and heavily coming out of my shell. Another big moment.
I got to the point where I was able to walk the dog fully around the block (those long sf blocks)!
Then we got COVID. After we healed, my clock was reset to 0. Maybe -2.
I ended up seeking out a psychiatrist and subsequently a therapist. Best thing I've done for myself.
I bought a bike, and started riding around! The world! There it is!! At least a few blocks of it! Then we started to drive again! More of the world!!! I still needed to be dropped off after our drives to the dog park and the ocean, but I was seeing THE OCEAN and THE DOG PARK!!
I'm able to walk my bike to all the bars within a mile radius, but I can't for the life of me walk past 2 blocks...
Until today. I'm currently 3 blocks away from my house, at a bar I've been to tons of times (with bike) but without my bike! I walked here! It feels like the beginning of a major breakthrough. It may seem trivial, but holy wow it's major for me.
The kicker, my fiancee just went on a camping trip so I can't share this with her. So I post!
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2023.06.03 03:30 AutoModerator [Download Course] Dan Koe – Digital Economics Masters Degree (

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Phase 2) Content Strategy

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  • Never run out of content ideas for your posts or promotions (without using content templates — that’s how you stay a commodity).
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2023.06.03 03:30 Tinkerfitz [Philadelphia] Need advice on where to take my career with a BS in Business Administration?

A little context: I graduated from college in 2018 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with a major in Information Technology Management.
Initially when I started college, I wanted a BS in Computer Science, however, with zero experience in coding, or the knowledge that that’s what the field of CS entailed, I was quickly weeded out of the program and had to decide fast what to do with my college years.
So, I went with a major in Information Technology Management thinking it would be sort of like Computer Science, but really it was nothing like that and I also didn’t realize until graduation that what I was getting was primarily a business degree.
Moving forward, I haven’t worked what I would consider great or enjoyable professions post-college. I worked as a Help Desk IT Support Agent at an e-commerce company formerly owned by eBay, but then 2020 rolled around and I was let go from the position due to COVID lay-offs.
I lived off federal and state unemployment with pandemic assistance from about March 2020 to January 2021, at which point it ran out and I had to figure out a new work position to make ends meet. I got hired for another IT Specialist type position working from home, which I was terminated from in October of 2021 due to not being able to perform to the quality assurance standards of the company.
I then worked as a call center agent servicing credit card accounts for Capital One from December 2021 to about April 2022, and I absolutely detested the position. I ended up using all of my sick days to get out of having to work for about two months before one of my supervisors called me and asked if I was okay, at which point I was honest with them in saying I didn’t want to work the job anymore and was quitting.
After that, I got a job working for Apple as another call center agent doing online sales support in June of 2022. Pretty much the same thing happened as the Capital One job where I really hated the job and my disdain for it resulted in me self-sabotaging my performance to the point that they had to separate from employment with me.
Now I’ve been unemployed since January of this year, and while I did get accepted for a new job as a Help Desk Analyst at Cigna projected to start in two weeks, I can’t help but feel that I am totally lost in what I want to do with my life for a career going forward, and what I could possibly do with my degree and past work experience that isn’t going to be the same IT support positions that I’ve grown to hate.
I feel that I have grown and matured a lot since graduating college in understanding what it looks/feels like to be broke, and it was because of hitting these multiple rock bottoms that I’ve learned how important it is to have employment and steady income, even if the job isn’t a favorable one, but I would like to improve from this upcoming Cigna job to doing something I would actually enjoy even just 1% more than prior roles.
I have always had a passion for the arts and entertainment, but I don’t know how I could translate that to realistically working in that field and making a living off of it. I’ve also become more aware, realistic, and less delusional about the difficulty and grind one has to endure if they ever wish to succeed in the world of the arts. Also something I realize now that I didn’t a few years ago is that you need money to support your essential bills before you can nurse your dreams, hobby’s, or other interests. So while working in the entertainment or arts industries would be great, I wish I could figure out what the hell to do with my Business Administration degree in the meantime.
People tell me it’s great I have the business degree because it leaves me open to many job opportunities, but truthfully I don’t know what those would possibly be. When looking up positions one could attain with such a degree, I only see jobs such as Commercial Loan Officer, Sales Manager, HR Manager, Financial Manager, or Market Research Analyst-all of which sound like soul-sucking and miserable jobs to me. I really don’t want or find any enjoyment out of being a manager.
It is for this reason I come to /careerguidance to ask what would you do in my situation? How do I make use of what I went to school for for four years? How can I transition to a career I actually want to wake up in the morning for from a degree I never wanted and crummy jobs I hated?
That’s all I can think of for now, any and all advice is appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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2023.06.03 03:29 Pretend-Artichoke-45 Cat with crystals in urine not using litter box

Our (2.5 yo male) cat stopped using his litter box midway through our vacation. We’ve left him with cat sitters checking in on him everyday a few times without any issue; this was no different. We assumed he was having separation anxiety, as he otherwise seemed liked himself. When we returned, we gave it a few days but he showed no sign of using his box. The only blessing in this is he continues to urinate on a tile area of our house (much easier to clean). After multiple vet visits to get a urine sample, the only abnormality was the presence of calcium crystals in his urine. His bladder showed no stones on x ray, and other than a slightly higher calcium level, bloodwork was all normal as well. In the meanwhile, I tried all the tricks online to get him back to his box (making his new spot unattractive, even using prickle mats which led to another spot on the tile, playing with him near his box constantly, adding a box to the new pee spot, etc etc). After a few weeks, he started using his litter box (both the old and new one), but without much consistency. As of now, he hasn’t used it for the last week and I am going crazy to trying to figure this out. Because of the crystals, we’ve switched him to a urinary diet and wet food only. He has also been on an anti-depressant (amitriptyline) for the last 4 weeks to help with inappropriate elimination. It has been 2 full months of this and I’m worried he will never go back to his box. Any advice or similar situations would be helpful! TIA.
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2023.06.03 03:29 dsf_oc Cancellation Refund

If I deny entry to a guest for violation of house rules at check in (guest who booked not present), I understand that I can keep 100% of their payment as it is now forfeited. Do I need to keep the house available for them for the duration of the stay (28 days)?
For example, if the guest actually shows up after day 1, am I obligated to honor the reservation?
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2023.06.03 03:29 yoyesnoyes How the heck do I get CARS up

How the heck do I get CARS up
Hey everyone. I am testing 6/29 (retake). I scored a 508 the first time which was devastating but tbh it was the avg of my FLs. I just took the AAMC FL#1 today and scored ANOTHER 508 with the exact same score for CARS. I submitted my primary on the second day of submission and have a really strong gpa and science gpa (3.94 and 3.92). My ECs include 300 hours of leadership, 150 clinical hours (completed and estimated could be in 1000s due to full-time paid MA job in gap year), and almost 1000 hours of research. My community service hours is part of my clinic hours cuz I manage a free clinic.
I am pretty upset with CARS cuz I did blueprint practice exams before this and I was scoring 126-127 on them... i thought the blueprint ones were soo hard (and deflated from actual aamc) but Idk how I f-ed up this aamc cars even more.
Thoughts on how to improve MCAT score and CARS? Since I submitted with a 508 on my app, do my gpa and ECs make up for it? I feel like my personal statement was very strong as well.
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2023.06.03 03:28 Grande_Chai_Latte 28 [F4M] NYC-Looking for that forever kind of love

I'm a short African-American female born, raised and still residing in NYC. I currently work from home in healthcare, and actively seeking a more low stress job for my mental health.
Here are a few random facts about myself:
Hobbies: I enjoy podcasts, gaming on my PS5, Switch & PC. I enjoy fantasy novels and have a small book collection that developed during the pandemic.
Movies: Anything Marvel (although some of their stuff is lacking lately). The John Wick Series. Dark Knight Trilogy. Some animated movies.
Shows: Some K-dramas, The Office, Community, True Blood, House of the Dragon, Killing Eve, Gilmore Girls, Tokyo Vice, etc.
Music: Pop, Rock, Indie, EDM.
I am a general homebody but I've been able to get out more since the weather is on track now. I enjoy having brunch in the city on the weekends, indulging in self-care, or kicking back and enjoying museums.
I am a progressive, pro-choice, and pro-LGBTQIA+ which is massively important to me, especially as a minority and woman of color.
My love language is quality time. I enjoy setting aside time for adventures, date nights, or just time to curl up and watch a movie together.
What I am looking for the most is stability. I'm nearing my 30s and I'm at the point in my life where I really don't want to date for the sake of dating. I really want to be able to find my best friend, my partner in crime, and someone to help me relax at the end of my day.
Looking for:
Someone who loves to crack jokes and does not take themselves seriously.
Someone who is laid back & down to earth.
Within the age range of 26-35.
Located within NYC or JC/Hoboken area.
If you managed to read through my blurb, feel free to reach out with a bit about yourself.
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2023.06.03 03:28 Silent-Samus84 Looking for a real dog lover to adopt my cousins 1 year old male Husky named Bruce.

Looking for a real dog lover to adopt my cousins 1 year old male Husky named Bruce.
Bruce has a lot of energy. He may be a little unsure at first but he is a good dog. He needs someone who will have patience with him because all he knows is my cousin & the family at the moment. My cousin doesn't have the time for him so she feels it isn't fair to keep him cooped up in her house while she's at work or out & about anymore so she is looking to sell him to a forever home for $250-$300. She originally paid over $1,000 for him. We live in Baltimore, MD. He's up to date on shots & is neutered. I'd like someone to adopt him who understands Huskies & will let him have a good life. If interested just let me know & we can make arrangements to have him meet you. Thanks.
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2023.06.03 03:28 Nice_Armadill0 Need Advice for CA resident.

Can I take a trip to visit my sister in FL with my 3.5 year old WITHOUT her dad (my husband, we are married but are talking about divorce. Nothing has been filed, things are rocky and I need to be around family)
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2023.06.03 03:28 AutoModerator [Full] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator

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  1. Agency Navigator course Core Curriculum
  2. Custom E-Learning Platform For Agency Owners
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  5. Template Contracts, Sales Scripts, Agreements & More
The lessons in Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator will teach you how to:
- Starting Your Agency
- Finding Leads
- Signing Clients
- Getting Paid
- Onboarding Clients
- Managing Client Communication...
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2023.06.03 03:28 MamaOfTwo1995 My dog is being falsely accused of biting someone in TX

My husband and I adopted a dog a few months ago. He was a stray found on a farm in our town, and the woman who found him couldn't keep him. We don't know what breed he is exactly, but he is about the same size as a small golden retriever. I always say he is a pure bred good boy. So long story short, after making sure he was good with our kids, we brought him home. When we had him checked by a vet, we were told he was about a year old, give or take a month or two. He still has a habit of gently gnawing on your hand like puppies tend to do, and he follows me EVERYWHERE.
This weekend, my mother in law came back to live in our town. We have been helping her unload her Uhaul, and thankfully finished getting everything into her new house. My husband's uncle also came to help. I'd never met the uncle before today, and my husband, while civil with him, doesn't care for him too much.
The uncle stopped by our home this morning without letting us know he was coming. We live in a house that my MIL owns, so it was very easy for him to know where we were. Anyway, he claimed to be there to meet our new daughter, who was in the middle of her morning nap at the time. But our dog came to the door to greet him. Tail wagging, lots and lots of kisses, a little jumping and a little gnaw here and there, but overall just friendly behavior. This dog does not have a mean bone in his body, and even acts as a foster dad to some kittens that my sons cat suprised us with.
Since my daughter was asleep, uncle left to go see my MIL. About 45 minutes later, MIL calls me and says "why is (insert uncles name) telling everyone your dog bit him?" I asked her what she meant by that, and she told me that uncle is going around telling everyone that he came by our house and he was bit by our dog. She said he wouldn't show her the bite or tell her where he got bit. Just that our "f-ing dog" bit him. Now, MIL has met our dog plenty of times. She's stayed the night with us on a few occasions, and our dog loves to cuddle up to her when she's here. So she knows he doesn't bite, and she told me that she doesn't believe a word her brother is saying. But while she knows he's lying, others might think he's telling the truth.
My concern is this. From what I've been told, this uncle is a serial liar. He steals from family, "borrows" money but never pays it back, and passes his kids off onto other people. About a year ago, when my MIL still lived in the house we are in, he broke in while she was on vacation and trashed it while he stayed in it for a few nights. I'm told he's supposed to be on a few different medications for some mental issues, but refuses to take them, claiming medications kill you.
This man is also wanting to move into a house he owns which is only a few blocks from us. Us moving isn't an option at the moment for several personal reasons.
What are the steps I can take to protect my family and my dog? We are already looking into getting security cameras installed. Should I alert my local police of his accusations? What do I need to do legally to keep us safe.
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2023.06.03 03:27 Powerful_Argument732 GAINERS & LOSERS - WEEK ENDING 6/2 -TOP 10

MDB 32.8% 1 AYRWF (25.66%)
LATCH 32.23% 2 VFF (17.62%)
KOD 30.45% 3 OKTA (16.20%)
PFMT 29.02% 4 PD (13.66%)
BIGC 22.28% 5 GAN (12.86%)
PTON 21.48% 6 GWIRE (12.73%)
CFLT 20.38% 7 OPAD (12.59%)
FIVN 19.57% 8 CSTL (12.58%)
PIRS 19.40% 9 LKNCY (11.97%)
IRBT 19.20% 10 OGI (11.17%)


Starting with the LOSERS side this week, I chose to sell off several stocks prior to going into earnings but unfortunately OKTA was NOT one of them. The fortunate part is that I only owned a very small portion and am able to average down if I choose to do so. PD-Pager Duty is a stock I am keeping an eye on and may grab some shares on a downward run. Further down the list at #15 is last week's top GAINER - MRVL giving back just over 8% of last week's well for me having taken a position in SOXS.
Over on the GAINERS side this week is a stock that I unfortunately sold prior to earnings. Almost 3 months ago, for those that recall, I posted an MDB ALERT pointing out - well see below:
MDB ALERT.....MDB reported earnings this evening....57 cents vs. 7 cent estimate and sales of $361.3 vs $339.3 est.....but guidance is bring them down....I grabbed shares at $205 & 204. This is worthy of having in long term hold but buy small and average down when option is given.
I did well with this stock having taken profits in early April and buying back even cheaper a few days later....but not as well as if I had just held the stock. This damn market will make you regret taking profits and sitting on matter what your choice it seems. That stock went as high as $398 at market open - almost a double - and I settled for 50%+ gains. I will be watching to see if it closes that BIG gap over the next few weeks / months but too rich to be buying at these prices IMO. I also want to review the financials closer as well. I will close with this snip of a 6/2 update by Morningstar:
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