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A place to discuss tight foreskin from phimosis, frenulum breve and preputial adhesion

2023.06.03 03:06 x7_7x Tickets for 1 adult and 1 child for Saturday

Tickets for 1 adult and 1 child for Saturday
I have 1 adult and 1 child pass for Saturday with Fan Expo bag. Unfortunately I am in the hospital and cannot attend. Please contact me if you are interested. I also have the coupon for 2 free children to enter.
Thank you
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2023.06.03 03:05 CannotFindAName12 CPS

My 5 year old child ate an edible she found in my room, so we rushed her to a hospital after she had a high fever and CPS was called because of the situation. I need help with this, because I’m new to all of this. It’s obviously a very stressful, scary and heartbreaking situation, so I was wondering if anyone can give me advice/understand what to expect. Her father and I aren’t in a relationship, but we are civil with each other for the sake of our children. We have a verbal agreement that I have our children for 3 1/2 days, and he has them for 3 1/2 days. We’ve done this for months, and it’s never been an issue. I just spoke with a CPS worker to determine whether it was intentional or not, and the CPS worker said it herself that “it seems like an accident”, but I don’t know how much power that holds. I was told I am still able to see my children anytime I want whenever I want, just not at my house until this issue is resolved. I was told to wait 45 days for the to determine if it was intentional or not, but I am able to call anytime if I have any questions. If anyone can give advice on the situation, it would greatly be appreciated.
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2023.06.03 03:02 Pashe14 I feel horrible for hurting my therapist

Tldr: I'm really struggling with myself after realizing the impact I had on my therapist of 2 years, causing him a lot of stress during his paternity leave and for the year prior.
Below is context: He was out for paternity leave and before and unfortunately during the leave, he had to deal with me and my incessant ungrateful neediness. Things blew up when he returned from leave, and we both said things we regret. I struggled a lot with feelings about people having children, and I just couldn't handle it all. I've since reflected obsessively and apologized, and we have returned to a solid working relationship. He says that I didn't do anything wrong, but I know I caused him immense stress during such an important time in his life, and shared that the year had been really difficult for him, and I can only imagine dealing with me made it so much worse.
For context, I am in 2-3x week intensive depth oriented therapy for longstanding mental health issues. After a decade of therapy including hospitalizations that was insufficiently helpful and sometimes harmful, which he validated and thought was partly traumatic, I was very assertive to the point of coming across as demanding. As part of the therapy, I had been previously invited to express anger toward him as part of the process, so I think I thought I was doing what I was supposed to do but was so frequently angry and learned that I came off as demanding, having too high expectations, and difficult, critical, and probably other things. I have longstanding relational difficulties and I also feel my future is riding on the therapy, and was overly assertive to the point of demanding and critical, so I realized I have been so difficult to work with. For context, he is a great fit for me, very kind, understanding and thoughtful.
He had told me I could email him in between sessions for the first 1.5 years because he wanted to be supportive and I did so regularly, with regret. He was consistently kind, responsive, and understanding. I couldn't take it in. Some of these emails expressed anger at him, frustration, desperation, and what sounded like criticism, though not my intention. He thought he was ok with it but it had been taking a toll and he determined he couldn't accept emails anymore, which is ok. I just feel horrible for the year I caused him so much stress. He is one of the kindest people I know and I feel horrible.
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2023.06.03 02:54 kavindagreat i heard donovan from berk was a really nice person he built hospitals for sick children

why are people hating on donovan so much (edp) he seems like a nice person and he really cares about helping children and the world. i feel as though we should treat donovan with more respect don't you agree. after all he will spend 3 silver coins to change your life
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2023.06.03 02:50 TheBonesOfAutumn In the 1970’s, two unrelated deaths occurred within the confines of a small home that once stood along Lawrence County, Indiana’s Ramsey Ridge Road. Referred to by locals as “The Mysteries of Skin Ridge,” this is the story of the unusual deaths of Dennis McArthur, and Gerry Lee.

Nestled in northern Lawrence County, Indiana, just six miles from Bedford, lies Ramsey Ridge Road. Just under three miles in length, the rural pathway once referred to as “Skin Ridge'' winds through the sparsely populated area’s dense woods atop a hill overlooking Little Salt Creek and nearby Bartlettsville. In the 1970’s, two completely unrelated deaths occurred within the confines of a modest green house that once stood along the ridge. Referred to by locals as “The Mysteries of Skin Ridge,” this is the story of the unusual deaths of Dennis McArthur, and Gerry Lee.
Dennis McArthur
On April 11, 1976, 44-year-old Pearl McArthur returned home after a lengthy stay at Madison State Hospital. Pearl, who would later be diagnosed with schizophrenia, had committed herself to the hospital in early December, leaving her 18-year-old son, Dennis, to care for the house in her absence. Accompanied by her 23-year-old daughter, April, who lived in nearby Bedford with her husband Gary, Pearl made her way inside the small two-story farmhouse.
Inside, Pearl and April found the home in complete disarray. Trash laid strewed about, lamps and furniture were overturned, and the stove was caved in, its exhaust pipe torn from the wall. It was unusually cold inside as though no heat had been recently used, and a strange smell permeated the air.
Alarmed, Pearl and April began to frantically search for Dennis. As they made their way over to a small couch located in a bedroom on the second floor, they noticed a pile of blankets lying on the sofa. As Pearl peeled back the layer of quilts, she was met with a horrific scene; Dennis’s decomposed body lay beneath the bedding. They immediately summoned police.
Dennis was found in a fetal position on the couch, facing inwards. Although covered by quilts, he was nude from the waist down. The coroner estimated he had died one to two months prior, however the cold weather had, in part, delayed the decomposition process making it difficult to give an exact time of death. During an autopsy, it was discovered that Dennis was severely emaciated, to the point of starvation. No evidence of external or internal injuries were found.
Police discovered several bottles of pills in the home; vitamins used for energy, an antidepressant, and a drug used in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. All of the pills were prescribed to Pearl, and were still relatively full. A toxicology test was conducted and proved negative, however the state pathologist who performed the test admitted that the test was incapable of detecting substances such as LSD. He also explained due to the amount of time that had passed since his death, the tests might not be one hundred percent accurate. Dennis’ cause of death was listed as malnutrition and exposure.
Investigators found several clues at the scene that struck them as odd. Although the cabin appeared ransacked, nothing seemed to be missing, including a small amount of money that was found within the disheveled home. Along with money, a small amount of, now spoiled, food was found in the cabinets and refrigerator. An upstairs window was found to be broken from the inside. Also upstairs, investigators discovered several large pools of blood, including one beside the couch where Dennis’ body was found. They also found blood on the backside of the couch, on a rug, and on the kitchen door frame, along with splatter on a wall. Testing confirmed the blood to be human.
Dennis was well known to both police and the county’s social workers. His mother, Pearl, was frequently in and out of mental institutions leaving Dennis and his two siblings to fend for themselves. The children’s father, Walter, had abandoned the family and moved to Georgia years prior. In 1972, Dennis was arrested for theft and truancy. That same year, he was expelled from school and never returned.
He was again arrested in 1973, this time for driving without a license, fleeing from police, possession of alcohol, and curfew violation. After his release, Dennis was sent to live with a man named Al Hagopian, a case worker for the Youth Services Bureau. Al was quoted as saying; “Finding him a place to stay was hard. The house where he had been staying was pretty grubby, and the state thought he was too young to live alone. His mother was in and out of hospitals a lot and he worried about her constantly. He didn’t want to return home, but said he had to go back to help care for his mother.”
Al discovered that Dennis “read and wrote backwards,” and was “practically illiterate.” After reviewing Dennis’ school records, he found multiple instances where teachers labeled Dennis as having disciplinary problems when it came to schoolwork, however not once did they mention he had a clear learning disability. Al further explained that attempts to secure employment for Dennis were nearly never successful. Aside from being unable to read or write, he had no vehicle. He also had no stable address or phone number and was oftentimes dirty and dressed in near rags.
Dennis’ unfair hand he had been dealt did not stop him from trying to act like an average kid most of the time, Al added. He explained that Dennis had an interest in cars, enjoyed hanging out with his friends, and was always chasing girls. He had also told Al he wanted to someday save up enough money for a new guitar, as he loved to play music. Al admitted that Dennis was also into the “street scene” and had dabbled in drugs and alcohol. Dennis returned home after two months of living with Al.
In 1974, after another arrest and his subsequent release from a youth detention center, Dennis went to live with his father for a short time. Dennis’ arrest had made headlines when it was learned the young man had been kept with adult men for a long period before being transferred to the youth detention center. Dennis and Walter reportedly couldn’t get along, however, and Dennis ran away to Florida. He lived there for a few months, washing cars to make money, before returning to the home on Ramsey Ridge in Indiana in 1975. He was again arrested, this time in Bloomington, Indiana for carrying a concealed weapon, alcohol consumption, and curfew violation. At the time of Dennis’ death, the charges against him were still pending.
According to his sister, April, she had gone to visit Dennis at the home on Ramsey Ridge on Christmas Eve. April said Dennis was sitting on the couch, playing his guitar. He also showed her a new rug he had purchased for the home. According to her, he seemed his usual self and the home was clean. April offered him some money, however Dennis refused claiming he had enough to get by.
Lucy Lively, an aunt of Dennis’ who lived “within hollering distance,” claimed she entered the home on February 1st to turn off a lamp that had been left burning. While she did not see Dennis, she claimed the home's interior was in normal order. Joe McArthur, Dennis’ paternal grandfather who also lived nearby, said it was not unusual for Dennis to disappear for long periods, so he thought nothing of the youths' absence as of late.
When Walter, Dennis’ father, was informed of his son's death, he informed police that Dennis, along with two male friends, had come to visit him in Georgia in mid December. He gave a description of the two teens and told police they had been introduced to him as “John Boy'' and “Blonde John.”
Police were able to track down “Blonde John” who was identified as 18-year-old John Fonk of Bloomington, Indiana. John told investigators that he and Dennis had driven to Florida together in October, not December, as Walter had stated. John explained they had stopped by Walter’s home in Georgia on their way back home. He was confident in the date as he had joined the Air Force in December. He also explained that “John Boy” had been a hitchhiker they had picked up along the way. According to John, “John Boy” rode back to Indiana with the pair, but he had not seen him, or Dennis since. He described him as being in his mid 20’s. After learning of the discrepancy in Walter’s story, police again tried to contact him, however phone calls and letters went unanswered. Unfortunately, they were never able to identify “John Boy.”
Further questioning of social services showed that Pearl had filled several grocery orders provided by state services, however the orders ceased when she had been again hospitalized. Eventually the Lawrence County Welfare Office had taken control and promised to look in on Dennis, however they could provide no evidence they had followed up on the case. They suggested that Dennis, overwhelmed with his impoverished lifestyle, had simply starved himself to the point of being comatose, before succumbing to the harsh cold of winter. They were quoted as saying “We were aware of him of course, but he never came to us. We don’t go looking for people if they don’t come to us for help. Now if he had, we would have done something.”
The local sheriff as well as members of Dennis’ family were unsatisfied with Dennis’ listed cause of death and continued to pursue the investigation for several months. Unfortunately due to a lack of funds, more elaborate tests that may have presented some clue as to how Dennis died could not be conducted. Sheriff Robbins was quoted as saying, “This is a very disturbing mystery, because even if someone confessed to killing him, I doubt we would have the evidence to prove it. But it sure is hard to believe he could kill himself like that, by just laying down and dying. We aren’t closing the case, it will remain open. But until we have something more to go on, there’s not much more we can do at this point.”
Dennis was laid to rest at Heltonville’s Gilgal Cemetery. Few attended the modest closed casket funeral and subsequent burial. One journalist gave a last description of Dennis’ final resting place,
“The dogwood trees are in full bloom on the hillsides of Gilgal Cemetery, and though Dennis’ body now rests peacefully beneath a carpet of fallen petals, his soul will surely never rest until the reasons behind his death are discovered.”
Pearl, Dennis’ mother, passed away in 2000 at the age of 67. Walter, Dennis’ father, died in 1988. His sister, April, passed away suddenly in 2006 at the age of 53. Dennis also had an older brother, Gordon, who passed away in 1994 at the age of 42.
Gerry Lee
On the evening of May 28, 1978, police were again summoned to the little green house on Ramsey Ridge. The home was now occupied by 27-year-old Gerry Lee, a divorced self employed carpenter, and his roommate, 25-year-old Michael Davis. When police arrived, Michael informed them that Gerry had committed suicide.
Gerry was found hanging from a maple tree located 20 feet from the home's front porch. The rope had been tied off to a branch approximately 10 feet above the ground and fashioned into a noose. His feet were found to be touching the ground, and his knees were bent. Blood was discovered on Gerry’s hands and pants, despite having suffered no visible wounds. An autopsy would reveal that Gerry had died of asphyxiation as a result of a fracture to his cricoid cartilage located at the base of his larynx. The coroner stated this was not an injury normally associated with suicidal hangings, but instead blunt force trauma to the throat. Inside, more blood was found on a television set, the phone, and on the kitchen floor. A window on the home's back door had been broken from the outside, leaving shards of glass lying on the kitchen floor.
When questioned, Michael gave an explanation for the unusual findings. He claimed that he, Gerry, and two other friends, Mike Oakly and Roberta Chandler, had spent the day in nearby Bedford before the foursome returned to the home on Ramsey Ridge. There, Michael told police that he and Gerry got into a “friendly scuffle” that resulted in Michael falling into the window in the kitchen. He suffered a deep laceration to his forehead that left him bleeding profusely.
According to Michael, Roberta and Mike accompanied him to seek medical treatment in Bedford, while Gerry stayed behind at home. Michael returned home alone from the hospital, having left Roberta and Mike in town. It was then he discovered Gerry’s body and summoned police. He added that that evening Gerry had threatened to shoot himself multiple times with one of the loaded guns kept in the home.
When Roberta and Mike were taken in for questioning, they gave similar accounts of the night's events. Both were released. Aside from having a visible wound, medical staff confirmed Michael had been to the hospital that evening, having sought treatment for a laceration to his forehead.
Still, both the prosecutor and the county coroner stated they were not entirely satisfied with a verdict of suicide. The coroner stated “Some things have not fallen into place like they should with a suicide case. Although it looks as though it could be a suicide, there are so many angles that do not fit in with the suicide verdict.” The prosecutor agreed, “I’m not satisfied with how the investigation was handled,” he said, “and there are still a lot of unanswered questions. Several months later, Gerry’s case was brought before a grand jury who ultimately returned a verdict of “probable suicide.”
Gerry was laid to rest in Bedford’s Breckenridge Cemetery. Despite his death being declared a suicide, many locals, including Gerry’s friends and neighbors, continued to believe that something more sinister may have happened that evening, and the suicide was in fact staged. The community’s more superstitious elders shared a similar belief, however adding that a “strange ethereal force” inhabited the room where Gerry once slept, and where two years prior the body of Dennis had been discovered.
Whatever your opinion may be, it seems for some the books will never fully be closed on “The Mysteries of Skin Ridge.”
Newspaper Clippings, Death Certificates, Photos-
Find a Grave Dennis-
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Find a Grave Walter-
Find a Grave Gerry-
National Library of Medicine-,the%20cricoid%20cartilage%20of%2020.6%25.
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2023.06.03 02:20 evandav13 Gilberto Perez on COLLEGE

From The Material Ghost: Films and Their Medium (1998).

"Nothing in the strange world of Buster Keaton's comedy is stranger than the ending of College (1927). In that picture Buster plays a bookworm who strives to become a jock. The top student in his high-school class, and so averse to sports that he makes his graduation speech into a diatribe against athletics, he yet arrives at college the next fall with suitcases full not of books but of athletic equipment. With the dauntless determination characteristic of the Keaton hero, the little scholar involves himself in a pursuit for which he's quite unsuited but which is, under circumstances equally characteristic of Keaton, what's expected of him in his courtship of the girl he loves. Outraged like all his other classmates by his diatribe at graduation, she'll see no more of him, as she promptly informs him after the speech, unless he changes his attitude and takes up sports. And so he changes his attitude, neglecting all his studies at college and instead spending most of his time on the sports field. Although he seems inept beyond hope at the various athletic activities he doggedly tries out, he succeeds in winning her in the end, for he summons up unexpected abilities when she's in danger and he comes to the rescue, running much faster and jumping much farther than he ever could before, managing with no trouble now an obstacle race over the hedges in his path and a high pole-vault into the window of her room. With undiminished momentum, he quickly disposes of the villain, a brawny dolt who has been his rival for the girl's affections, and proceeds with her to church forthwith, not even pausing to change his athletic clothes before they are married. Then follows a very peculiar epilogue. No sooner are the newlyweds out of church than a dissolve transports us many years later to the middle-aged couple in their home, sitting among their several children; this in turn swiftly gives way to the couple in their advanced years, abidingly sitting at home beside each other; this in turn to the closing shot of their adjacent graves.

"The element of sadness in Keaton's comedy has often been noted, and it certainly emerges in that brisk final depiction of aging and death. Coming on the heels of the triumphant happy ending, the sudden sadness of the epilogue takes us by surprise; but I don't think it constitutes such a break with the rest of the film as some believe. "'What is this abrupt slap in the face doing at the end of an otherwise unquestioning love story?' wrote Walter Kerr in The Silent Clowns. "It takes no more than eleven seconds of playing time to deliver its chill, and yet it undoes on the spot all of the yearning, the struggle and the victory, of the narrative."1 Evidently perturbed by the chill, Kerr misrepresents the epilogue as portraying a disappointed, even embittered couple, when nothing of the sort is suggested: all that we get is a brief summary of a long, uneventful marriage. It seems to me wrong, or only half right, to view the epilogue as a brusque reversal of a hitherto romantic story. Although the hero is unquestioning in his devotion to the girl, the romanticism of the story has been tacitly called into question all along by the conveyed sense that the girl is as unreasonable in her peremptory demands as is the hero in his stubborn pursuit. If Keaton is a romantic, he's a singularly unsentimental one. Granted, we'd have expected the story to end with Buster's getting the girl, but the epilogue merely shows us that he gets to keep her: surely not the undoing but the exact fulfillment of his wishes. If the epilogue brings about a reversal of the happy ending, it does so by way of being a logical continuation of it, indeed a visual equivalent of those famous romantic last words: and they lived happily ever after.

"Seeing the couple's whole life together go by on the screen in so short a time has, of course, none of the reassuring effect of those words. Yet even the disconcerting briskness of those final eleven seconds carries forward unbrokenly the haste of the climactic rescue and ensuing wedding, as if confirming Buster's aim to get things settled once and for all. College is not the only one of Keaton's films to conclude with the grave. In Cops (1922), a short film in which he's surreally chased by every cop in the city, "The End" appears inscribed on a tombstone capped with Buster's porkpie hat. The plot of Cops, however—unlike that of any of his full-length movies—has an unhappy outcome. Rejected by the girl he loves even after he manages to elude all the cops who have been after him, Buster suicidally puts himself back in their midst: an unusual ending for a comedy, to be sure, but not so strange as the way that in College the romance turns sad, in spite of its triumph, by being literally carried out to its conventional conclusion in the couple's staying together for the remainder of their lives.

"Although not quite in the class of Keaton's very best— Our Hospitality (1923), Sherlock Junior (1924), The Navigator (1924), The General (1927), Steamboat Bill, Jr. (1928)—College seems to me a splendid film that has been generally underrated. It surpasses, I believe, Harold Lloyd's better-known college comedy, The Freshman (1925), which preceded it and no doubt influenced it. The hero of The Freshman is also an incompetent athlete who redeems himself in the end by performing unexpected feats, in his case by winning the decisive football game of the season. (Apparently to avoid too close a comparison with the Lloyd picture, football is one sport omitted from College.) In giving such prominence to athletics, however, both comedians were merely reflecting a fact of campus life—in which sports are often more important than studies—and making use of material naturally befitting the physical comedy of the silent screen. Their comic conceptions, in any case, are fundamentally different. For Lloyd, athletics are part of the image of the big man on campus his ambitious but unknowing hero wants to become, whereas Buster only wants the girl, a more realistic goal as well as a more romantic one. Lloyd's hero is a thoroughgoing incompetent, a classic fool, whereas Keaton's is only a fool for love, a bookworm out of his element on the sports field and quite aware of his problem. When, after knocking over every other hurdle along the racing track, he succeeds in clearing the last one, Buster, instead of deriving any satisfaction from that success, gravely appraises it as a fluke, and then tips over that last hurdle too, feeling that it might as well conform to the pattern of the others. Such disdain for flukes is inconceivable in the Lloyd hero, who'd get nowhere without them. Unlike Lloyd, Keaton never plays the kind of comic character who is preposterously deluded about himself and what's going on around him.

"Buster usually has a good grasp of his situation, as good a grasp as one can expect from, as Kenner put it, 'a visitor, not native.' He is a visitor to the sports field in College who knows that the odds are against him there but nonetheless keeps trying because he also knows that the girl won't have him any other way, because he is a compliant visitor desiring to participate in a situation in which a girl's ideal boyfriend must be a jock.

"Why should Buster unprotestingly comply with the undue requirements laid upon him by others? One answer is provided in College by the figure of a dean, friendly to the promising young scholar and built small like him, who may be regarded as an embodiment of what his scholarly future would be like. Disappointed that Buster has been doing poorly in his studies, the older man, when he hears the explanation, tearfully reveals that he himself loved a girl once but lost her to an athlete. Buster would rather take on the alien territory of sports than end up alone like the dean. If all comedians are outsiders, Keaton is the outsider who will not give up the attempt to join in, to connect with others. Chaplin's Tramp, by contrast, is more or less self-sufficient, "an aristocrat," as Robert Warshow put it, "fallen on hard times." Lloyd's bespectacled democrat is a blundering free enterpriser, motivated by self-interest, patently inferior to his fellow men but aspiring to rise above them in the land of opportunity. Buster is unique in earnestly seeking a genuine togetherness. If he seems the loneliest of all comedians, it's because he's the one to whom companionship matters the most.

"That loneliness is hauntingly conveyed in those distant long shots, typical of Keaton, in which he appears as a tiny figure amid large empty surroundings: in the river town during the storm, or practicing by himself in the college stadium, or—in The Frozen North (1922)—coming out of a subway exit into an arctic wilderness.

"Robert Bresson—another practitioner of the deadpan approach, in a different way from Keaton's but with a similar sense that life is not a matter of personality—once defined originality as the failed attempt to do the same as everybody else, a definition that applies exactly to Buster. For all his efforts to join in, and all his eventual successes in meeting the forces outside, inside he cannot shake off the sense of his singularity. He thinks, therefore he stands alone in a world where no other minds are discernible, only systems of behavior. Ultimately he remains even more isolated than Chaplin's Tramp, since it's not Buster's individual qualities that single him out—these he hardly lets interfere in his transactions with others—but the very fact of his individuality, of his possessing the inner dimension of a self in the realm of the formula.

"Buster is not, then, Grierson's "romantic achiever of all things" but a bewildered equilibrist whose mind runs counter to the achievements of his body: a new kind of clown who may not so often trip over physical objects but who, so to speak, keeps tripping over his thoughts. The charming incompetence of the traditional clown was the conception of an earlier time, with more room for eccentricity than has been allowed in our ruthless century. Things were not so good then, of course—things never have been— but at least the clown could thumb his nose at the world and expect the world to let him be. He would puncture our lofty pretensions with his reminder of the claims of the body, of the fact that in our flesh and blood we all fumble our way through life. That conception hasn't lost its validity, and Chaplin can still use it to portray a doughboy in Shoulder Arms (1918) or a factory worker in Modern Times; but he was looking back to a Victorian humanism that decidedly fails him when portraying a Jew under the Nazis in The Great Dictator (1940). Keaton reverses that conception: to our age of increasing mindlessness he offers a comedy of mind. Although he never dealt with contemporary issues as Chaplin did, he accurately depicts the landscape of our time in its vast inhuman organization. He reminds us of the claims of consciousness against a mechanistic order, of the fact that our expert procedures and outward accomplishments take no account of our inner nature. Whereas the old clowns would assert our right to our idiosyncrasies, he asserts our need to live with one another in a community that does justice to our individuality. The sadness that emerges at the end of College underlies all of Keaton's happy endings: it is the sadness of inescapable isolation, of knowing that he does not in the end, any more than he did at the beginning, belong in a world where happiness is available only as a convention. Yet Buster has done his best, and leaves us with the haunting image of his solemn and solitary figure, at once purposeful and detached, bravely attempting the impossible."
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2023.06.03 02:12 Excellent_Log1191 BCCHF day #9

So I just realized that the call service representative is likely the nicest person to talk to. I don't think they were as special as I remembered it.
I just had a dream about eating a granola bar. It's been too long since I bought groceries. A psychatrist recommended me not to go outside. So I've been living in my parent's house ever since. Would a psychiatrist at BC children's hospital also do the same?
I remember a guy who posted a diary on the short movie Shelter for over a year. He's just like me. We're both, like, delusional. I also noticed a while ago that Cloudier - Our Story, mentions "written for centuries", the same author who wrote "A centimeter apart". Cloudier's probably referring to the short movie Shelter too.
There's a lot of reasons why I picked the short movie Shelter. One reason is because I believe my ancestry dates back to Japan, and the other reason is because it was the first time I felt happiness - at age 17, the same age as Rin.
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2023.06.03 01:59 magicalhealing Child injured at school

My child 14(M) was injured at school yesterday. I’m wondering whether it’s worth litigating and if so, how much I can expect for compensation for my son.
Some background: at my son’s school the grades 7&8 kids have recess together. They typically have recess in Field A. Yesterday there was an outdoor musical concert being performed by the Grade 5&6 kids (whose parents were in attendance) so the school moved the recess location to Field B. Typically Field B, is a recess location for kids in grades 1-3. Grades 4 and above have recess in Field A.
During recess my son and his friend were sitting under a wooden arch structure - where they were catching some shade (it was hot and sunny yesterday) and having a good chat. Multiple other children decided to climb to the top of the structure and jump up and down. Due to the jumping up and down then structure buckled under the weight of the children sending it crashing down directly on my son and his friend. Both my son and his friend were trapped under the structure, it took two teachers to find the strength to lift up the structure to free the boys. My son’s friend was lucky in that he only sustained minor injuries - some bruises and scratches. My son wasn’t so lucky. The school called for an ambulance. After making that call, the school called both me and my wife. They told us that my son had only sustained minor injuries and out of an abundance of caution they had called the emergency services (as per their protocol). My wife was able to get to the school and meet my son before he was loaded into the ambulance. The EMT had informed my wife that they suspected that my son had sustained a broken collar bone - this was later confirmed in hospital.
I have asked the school to provide photos and video footage so that I can understand how everything unfolded. They told me they couldn’t supply this as the insurance company would be sending an agent to review the structure. Also, they had hired an independent engineer to review the structure too. The school has invited me over on Monday morning to discuss everything that happened. I plan to predominantly listen to them on Monday to see what the school has to say. Depending on how that meeting goes, I will most likely lawyer up after that initial meeting. Any advice will be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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2023.06.03 01:25 07919691 June 1st 2023 (...for a moment I felt what its like to have a family of my own)

during the pitch black of a night I get off of a bus into a town/city. its a cluster of small wooden homes and old timey street lamps, on hills covered in snow and bushes. theres is a general feeling that its christmas, and its maybe 50 or more years ago. its quiet, peaceful, lonely. I feel alone and sick, the horrible burning in my eyes and throat that I get before I cry. I walk to a house that has a light on above the door, knock and wait for someone to answer. I can see through the window that its so homey and comforting inside, the tv is on showing a claymation snow scene, and I'm filled with a longing to be part of whats behind that window. the door is opened by two kids, a boy with a blonde bowl cut, and a girl with wavy blonde hair. they're both probably under 6. I ask them if their parents are home, and if they could drive me to a hospital. their dad comes, he seems scruffy and unwell, with a shaved head and thick eyebrows. he was clearly getting ready to sleep and asks why I need to go to the hospital and I struggle to explain. I can only say that I am so unwell, in need of help. he judges me a bit but still felt an obligation to help, he gets his coat and starts up the truck. its a rusty old chevrolet truck, smelled like cigarettes, coffee cups in the holder, and for some reason only has two front seats. the kids want to come, so they sat in my lap bundled up in layers of coats and scarves. during the drive we start talking, and things get lively, the dad seems to have stopped judging me and opened up to me about losing his wife, the kids really liked me and the boy asked me if i could be their new mother. the girl was quiter but holding onto my hand tightly. we kept driving through these hills forever, and the pain of this family was now mine, and my sickness was theirs. it wasn't a burden however, only care. I loved these children so much I never wanted to let go of them, and the dad I felt for and admired, and I wanted things to get better between us so that the children could be happy. I didn't care about going to the hospital anymore just wanted to keep driving and talking. we eventually stopped at a gas station and I kept asking why we were stopping for gas, but the dad ignored me and went out, it slowly felt like everyone was floating out of the truck and ignoring me. the girl crossed in front of the headlights of the truck and then dissapeared into the darkness, the dad did too, only the boy I held onto so tightly that he didn't leave. but he seemed much less happy now and told me coldly (I recall this verbatim) "our mom is dead because she went to the hospital and never came back", I sat in the silence as he avoided eye contact and played with his coat string, then I realize it was pointless to keep him there. I asked if he wanted to go join his dad and sister and get something nice from the gas station and he seemed much happier and floated out of the truck, he looked at me one last time and smiled before closing the door. I sat there alone looking ahead at the trees in the headlights, for what felt like an eternity of waiting. it got darker and darker. and I kept waiting. I woke up in the morning with a feeling of dread.
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2023.06.03 01:20 Impossible_Ad_6694 I would like to have a job but I have no transportation. I live in the middle of nowhere and the only job is Dollar tree.

I (46F) have been a stay at home mom for 23 years. My children suffer from mental health and autism. She has suicidal tendencies and have been I'm and out of mental hospitals. My husband is the sole bread winner and I hate asking for things because our finances have is living paycheck to paycheck. The only thing I can do is ride my bike (I don't mind but riding the bike in traffic scares the hell out of me,) Everyday my husband comes home and bitcjes about everything. NO CANT DO THIS OR THAT. He always chose to start and really makes me angry. I get no how was your day When I ask how his day is going he cuts me off to bitch about anything. He is bipolar and stopped taking his meds years ago. I refuse to argue. Is there any jobs online I can apply for that doesn't consist of my having a car? I have a computer. He always bitch about my kids not having a job but we have no car. My daughter doesn't have have a license to get a job. I finally told him if he can help us on his days off since there are weeks he is at home and refuses to take us to get things done. My mother is in the ICU AND I asked him If he could take me and he said yes but slept until 4pm. Any advice would be appreciated 🙏. Please don't be hateful
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2023.06.03 01:07 Tails82x 11J protester (Cuba's 1/6) goes back on hunger strike
In Anguish, the Wife of a July 11th Prisoner on a Hunger Strike in Cuba, ‘He Could Lose His Life’
Before July 11, 2021, Yosvany Rosell García Caso spent his days between working as a welder and rearing his three children. That Sunday his life took a turn when he joined the mass protests in Holguín. Six months later, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison for sedition. Wednesday marked his 20th day on a hunger strike, demanding his immediate release.
“He is refusing intravenous hydration,” adds Rodríguez, who spoke with her husband to “try to get him to change his position.” However, 34-year-old Rosell was determined to “continue the hunger strike because he is tired of having his rights, and that of other 11J prisoners, continuously violated.”
“I understand him perfectly, but he is in a situation where he could lose his life and that worries me greatly,” says the anguished woman. Rosell began the hunger strike on May 11, following an incident where prison authorities denied him a visit from his wife and his three children, and as the days passed he expanded his demands to include his release as soon as possible.
Since he began the hunger strike, the woman, desperately, has gone to the prison on four occasions, but they did not allow her to see him and they did not even allow him religious attention. “After much begging they only let me see him yesterday at midday when he was already in the hospital. Today I am going over there again to see if they will let me in,” she said.
Rodríguez says that the damage is not only emotional or physical, “In addition to violating his human rights, the family has lived through two very difficult years, because he was the breadwinner. We’ve suffered repression and an economic hit for his being in prison.
This is not the first time Rosell is on a hunger strike. In February 2022, he did not eat while demanding that he not be transferred from Holguín to a prison in Cienfuegos and demanding improved conditions in prison. At that time, he had been the victim of suspended telephone calls or being kept in isolation.
Several months later, in July of last year, Rossell once again resorted to a hunger strike after being beaten for dressing in white in remembrance of the mass protests on 11J.
“I do not regret anything in the least bit. How could I regret wanting to see my country free of a communist dictatorship, which for more than 60 years, has subjected us to extreme misery and violated all our human rights? That blessed July 11th not only marked a before and after the beginning of the end of communism in Cuba, it also showed the worst face of the dictatorship,” he wrote in a letter shared on social media weeks earlier.
It's unlikely that communist Cuba will improve its prison conditions, however, as the country in general has problems keeping the lights on and its standard of living remains very low. Here's hoping for a successful 11J-style uprising against the dictators.
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2023.06.03 00:58 Wilhelmina3 My anxiety and depression is ending my marriage

Right now it’s hard for me to write this. I cannot stop crying and screaming for over more than a week. I’m so hopeless and I cannot speak with anyone. So if you’re kind to read my long long story I much appreciate. I’m (35F) and I’ve been married for almost 7 years and I’ve been battling with hard depression and anxiety since 2013. I met my husband on 2012 he lived in Spain and I lived in Mexico. So when he met me I was not the person I am now. He moved to Mexico to work and live with me however shortly before I got mugged and that event unleashed my anxiety. At the beginning I thought it was more of a PTSD but later I discovered through therapy that getting mugged was just the hand that opened my past of neglected childhood, constant reject, lots of self demanding, a toxic need to be independent, the frightened child that was despised by their family and felt lonely… getting mugged was a cruel way of remind me that I couldn’t get control of my life by myself and that I wasn’t that un breakable wall I thought I was to protect myself… So all this got translated as anxiety, agoraphobia, hypochondriac behavior, depression, social anxiety…. And my husband went through all that until one day he told me how much he suffered that I wasn’t doing anything to improve and how miserable he felt because of me not taking care. I felt so deep those words that I went constantly to therapy and took meds. 6 months later I was so so much better: I was working in an office, I was going out more, I felt like my old self was getting back to me, even my husband and I talked about having a baby….. until early this year I was diagnosed with diabetes, and just like the mugging incident that triggered everything all over again. I started to repeat old behaviors. As you can imagine I panicked I didn’t want to go back I was so happy we were happy… so different from last time I immediately called my therapist and we started to work on it again. But this is no magic and I had lots of rough days, with depression, apathy, hypochondria and agoraphobia. And I knew I was battling every single day with that, fear, diabetes medication that was beating my stomach and mood and I had to take strength to get better but it wasn’t easy. So fast forward to last week, husband and I went to Mexico (we live in Spain) I wanted to look for some family confort as previous months were awful. My husband got pretty bored and was telling how much he regretted going to Mexico and that I wasn’t doing anything for him besides being with my family (which I just get to see once every year) so one day I took him on a day out just for the two of us and he dropped the bomb: he said that he was exhausted from my anxiety and depression attitude and that he wanted us to separate temporarily that he now doesn’t want to have children with me anymore because of my hypochondriac behavior that I could stay in Mexico if I wanted… my whole life is in Spain: my job, my healthcare and even my debt! I felt so confused but I decided to come back and I promised I would change for better. Now I’m here just got back from hospital (kidney stones) and he is so cold and distant. He said that he needs to feel that he wants to spend time with me. I feel so lonely, vulnerable and I feel again like the unwanted, always rejected child. I feel so tiny and miserable. And with a inflamen kidney i cm not do much besides crying and feeling desperate and so anxious more than ever I don’t want to star all over in loneliness im so afraid this is not my country but I also don’t want to go back th😢 thank you so much for reading. Sorry for my bad English
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2023.06.03 00:37 Electrical-Vanilla43 80s Samantha Broken arm

80s Samantha Broken arm
Hi! Apologies if this is super obvious or if this post isn’t allowed. I’ve been lurking here for a while but this is my first post. My parents just showed me this picture of my Samantha from the late 80s or early 90s and were like oh her arm broke but we can just pop it back. It didn’t used to do this! Do I need to send her to a doll hospital, or is there a way to do it on my own? I had been saving her for my son or any future children. She’s probably not worth much since I don’t have any of her clothes other than this nightgown.
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2023.06.03 00:36 glittergold08 Weird to be seeing a pediatric endo?

Okay, so I’m a 23 year old female diagnosed at 6, and I’ve been seeing endocrinologists at my local children’s hospital ever since then. I’m aware that I’m a grown adult now but honestly, I absolutely adore my current endo. Of course I know I can’t keep her as my doctor forever, but is it weird to keep seeing a pediatric endo as an adult if they’re not forcing me out yet?
For many, many years I had a strict endocrinologist that my parents disliked, and my check-ups were always extremely nerve-wracking and uncomfortable for me. Not only was that endo always late so we’d be at appointments for hours, but she would question every single out of range number and pester my parents and I about everything. It never occurred to them to try to switch doctors, but she retired a few years ago, and I was automatically switched over to my current endo.
It might sound crazy but I don’t mind going to my appointments with her at ALL. She’s always on time, she takes time to catch up with me about my life, we go through my records together, she doesn’t guilt trip me about when I’m out of range, she listens to my questions and concerns, and she gives me good recommendations. I go to these appointments on my own at this point and have been doing so for years.
Eventually I will ask her if she has any recommendations for adult endocrinologists in my area, but I’m worried I won’t find an endo as good as her.
I’m not sure how long I can technically keep going to her until they recommend that I look for another doctor, but is there anything wrong with continuing to be her patient for the time-being? I’m not sure if being an adult makes a huge difference in the type of care or anything like that.
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2023.06.03 00:35 Past_Badger New Doctor doesn’t show compassion at all.

My son’s pediatric medical oncologist team and nurses at the children hospital were all extremely caring, attentive and super nice to my son and this new radiation doctor that deals more with adults at a different hospital is just plain cold and not good with kids. I feel like I should ask for a new doctor. What should I do?
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2023.06.03 00:22 MouniaDeMa 24(f) broke up emotional abusive relationship, ADHD, low self worth; how did you find love for yourself even though you think less of yourself?

I am not a native english speaker, apologies in advance!
I am sorry i believe this communtiy is great!! always brings a smile on my face. This is an impulsive post haha i will probably delete it later. i typed this in one go, a bit impulsive and i am sorry if I come off wrong.
It is a really long text so I am already grateful for just posting it here. It is almost impossible to go through this illeterate english bible chapter haha so i understand.
Thanks again this forum is great! You guys are my inspiration; being proud of who you are, and seeing ADHD as something to embrace.
Well, The relationship lasted six years from ages 19 24. Despite his flaws, my partner was kind, patient, and loving when he didn't have anger issues.It was my first relationship, and I had never been in love or had sex before.
I always knew deep down that his actions were not okay, but he would confuse me with moments of kindness.
Now, in a moment of clarity, I realize how easily he made me feel like I was wrong and how it affected my self-esteem.I feel weak, embarrassed, and insecure after years of being with him. At the same time, I am really grateful for all the happy moments, and there is a part of me that feels like i am wrong for saying these things, as it is not "truly" him. I feel so weak, i tried therapy, but even my cogntive behavioral therapist literal words were "you have no identity" during hard topics you switch the subject, ask for validation. I spoke later with a counselor from school, who told me it is unproffesional and therapy can take a long time, so I should not be disencouraged.

However, I blocked out many negative moments because of the positive ones and realizing now so much more, such as these examples:

He had many good qualities and gestures, such as driving long distances to see me, planning romantic outings, being great with children and animals, and cooking for me every single day cause he liked to do so, plannign surprise birthdays for my mom, driving my mom to the hospital, he could be very positive overall and joyful; people, everyone around me loved him and would say; it is easy to love him
Now lisrening back to the voice messages i send (yes he gave me the world he did a lot what i am not mentioning here) but i notice once i brought up the fact that the arguments were not okay, he told me he doesnt deserve that, i should find somebody else, that i cannot reapeat this a thousand times it is not true. I supported him throughout the years, i told him that he doesnt deserve to feel this way in his anger and I am sorry for him and with help we can overcome this. He ironically joked"youre gonna pay for my sessions"?. He spends 400 euros in the month on weed (i am cool with smoking, i do it too sometimes, but than i am a bit sad that he does not want to (as he has the money) and never saw the point.
At the same time, he told me during the break up that i can call him, i should date other people (after one week), and he was serious since he wanted to build a future with me, house, baby and all. He even gave me a diamond ring, which could be symboliic seen he said as a step he said.
I dont think he has any idea......
I am angry at myself for tolerating this behavior and not recognizing the signs earlier.
I always felt guilty for small mistakes and felt like something was wrong with me.
The relationship had a negative impact on my mental health at the same time i never felt so happy in those good moments, so loved, , and I now question if he played a role in my increased sadness and depression.He made me feel like I was on top of the world while kicking me down, and I feel like a failure.
I have a study delay and an unfinished thesis. he graudated before me and found a job in the meantime, drove every weekend two hours to see me. he wanted to move abroad with me.
i was not feeling so great in my skin, and i expressed that i wanted to be more strong, independent, before moving together abroad; i always ignored that deep down I was afraid of not having enough backbone in arguments, and i was afraid abroad in case if i would be alone, plus somehow i still feel like i am not good enough. I am still not graduated (thesis in two weeks to deliver help and i am typing this impulsive text).

Despite his claims of putting more effort into the relationship I realize that I never felt safe enough and always wanted to proof myself. Hoenstly I still want to, for my fam, for him, myself. I just want to be worth.
I apologized repeatedly in voice messages, reminiscing about the good times and questioning what I could have done differently.

I tried to talk about with my mom before about this topic, we never talked about feelings growing up, she had her past too. But I see from her face that I upset her, I ask her for advice, she was watching a show she asked me to put if off cause and she was going upstairs. I apolgized a lot and said i was sorry again, that she could keep watching i ran upstairs and now I am here. it feels wrong to talk. And in an impulsive moment that I do open up, i always regret it.
Before bed she came to my room and wished me goodnight. both laying in bed in another room, i tild her i was sorry that i talked about it and i should have not done that, she had a nice glass of wine, watched a show, i was not considerate to talk about these things. she replied that she is the one that needs to apoligezed cause i havent talked about it with anyone and she is a bad mom. of course i said it is not the case, she is an amazing mom and i love her more than anything. Now i feel even worse, knowing that she feels bad. it reminds me again that talking does no good somehow, although i want to, doesnt mean other people want to talk about it or listen, it can make them upset. so here I am haha . i regret it deeply.

I don't know what to feel. I cannot name one single positive thing about myself. I feel like a failure really. When i look in the mirror i dont like what i see. throughout life i always stumbled, with no explaination why. i have alwats felt like i was not good enough, and probably because i think so, nobody will ever feel that.
I remember growing I up, i could not remember something someone said to me "i was a liar" or "i am not willing to listen" , I forgot my keys "You are stupid" , my dad throwing my clothes on the street in front of the whole neighbourhead because my room was a mess again, or got hit. these years, going though a divorce of my partents, living in an isolated trailer park for a bit with my mom and no drivers license made it hard to go out as there was nothing nearby, (my mom is amazing and worked her ass of to have a home now, i am super proud of her)i had no drivers license, heightened my loan and rented an appartment with my boyfriend together during covid (great times but lots of downs too), now i am failing myself, relationship, school, no job experience besides an internship. i am literally a failure

(this story is going to sound like bullshit maybe but i want to express confusion)
My sister and I also had a difficult time. The last argument i had with her is once she moved back after her studies failed (she is starting again she is really strong and resilient!) I visited new schools with her to check them out. while she stayed here, we argued about literally a pair of pants; i could borrow pants one day, the next morning i wore them too to go to visit the shop (she is really invested in clothes/ huge warderobe) and she got so angry, i apologized but she claimed i had no respect for her that she told me, things got heated, i cried and i walked to my room to sit on my bad, she stood in the doorway and told me "i should take more ADHD pill cause I am obviously crazy and she would rather live with my (ex-abusive) dad than with me". I yalled how can you say such thing, you dont mean it. she literally packed her suitcase and got out. My mom told me it was my fault because i wore this pants that morning.. my mom of course being sad, i tried to talk about it , i felt so alone.
I know it is wrong of me, the pants are her boundaries, she told me i could wear them the day before, without thinking i stood up the next morning, picked them up from my chair, and moved without thinking. i tried to bring up why it made me feel so sad and i believe the actions/words are maybe a bit drastic what she said: "please are you gonna use this against me for how long". I still feel upset about it till this day. After she moved, she would still come home to watch tv during the day and acted like nothing happened. of course we never talked, i stayed in my room, went to the library or took a walk.
My sister broke up with her boyfriend right now and therefore we of course immediately forgot about any past tensions. I also wanted to make it alright for my mom, always. i smile, but it never felt the same, i am still upset. Luckily now things are a bit better. i love her a lot, i just hope she is happy.

Espeically now with the study delay of two years, i feel like i am not going anywhere.
i was trying to be hopeful looking for jobs with no experience needed, to give myself some hope. i know it is stupid, i have to weeks to deliver my thesis and with everything going on i cannot seem to focus, i will try my best, My fam told me that "which job are you gonna do actually , is there something that you can do ". I laughed it away as a joke, i thought it was funny, but actually hurted me deeply because it wasnt a joke. They expressed it before.
Why does it always feel like i have to take ten extra steps to each a destination?
I recently reached out to my school counselor again: we used to talk more at school but i dissapeared for a year. i reached out, we talked for more than one hour on teams, crying my eyes and it was okay, she is amazing. she could remember what i said the first year of school walking through her doors. She told me that she never forgot about me especially since she opened up her personal life (we went through similar things in life) and she saw herself in me. Now she emails me with positive messages, always expressing that if i need to talk, even after i finish school she is there! I am really grateful for her in my life actually. I want to stay in touch i have to try my best. Even though it are small moments, they mean everything to me,This has really been a light point recently, it hit me when she told me that i need to stop thinking as she used to say to herself, that I don't matter, that there is no space for you, that i can say how i feel, i can say no, that i am worth to exist.
Anyways i dont want to self pitty myself, i am grateful to have a roof on top of my head, a family that loves me, food on the table, i am healthy, there are so many blessings.
I am sorry if i come off like i am not grateful. i am sorry if i come off unconsiderable.
I just dont know what to do, what to feel, what to think.

It feels like i am standing still for so long... It is my fault cause i allowed all these things.

I havent seen my friends for more than a year. One week ago a friend came for dinner , this already makes me happy that it is a step in the right direction !
I really dont like who i am. why cant i be more strong?
honestly it feels that i am doing something wrong, speaking so badly about him. I feel guilty and embarassed of myself. He was really kind and loving. I wonder if I would have been more strong, maybe he wouldnt disrespect me like that. Maybe I allowed him too, and I did. So it is my fault.
Still doesnt make it alright.
I hope one day to love myself. Especially before a raise a daughter of my own, Maybe if I ever did, this wouldnt have happened. I am so sad
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2023.06.03 00:22 Drakolf TftM- Rabies:

To say the Hedron was segregated implied a level of injustice that, really, only the Humans really understood culturally and historically. It was more that vast sections of the station was pressurized in different ways, filled with gasses that exactly matched homeworld conditions, and even incorporated plants and some animals to accommodate. They were usually prey animals, a handful of predators, all properly socialized and carefully vetted for long-term sustainability on the station.
Grahim and David lived more in the center of the Hedron, with the rest of the Council- well, they lived apart from them, in David's suite that he had rented out with his Doctor's salary before the Council footed the bill since Grahim was living with him. Even so, the duo often visited each other's biosphere within the Hedron, though David insisted on getting the relevant vaccines and booster shots before entering. "To be safe." He said.
Grahim never understood his Human Companion's paranoia, every creature was carefully vetted for habitation, there was no possible way for any form of disease vector to get onto the station. Nonetheless, he suffered through his companion's paranoia, mostly because he greatly respected and cared for him.
Terran atmosphere was slightly thicker than Grahim was used to, a slightly different combination of gasses, a slight head rush as a higher amount of oxygen meant a slightly more sluggish movement. He took a hit off his atmospheric stabilization inhaler, kept his mind as sharp as he could under these conditions.
Grahim liked Humans, and as the Human children surrounded him, he felt no lesser for kneeling down and letting them get their fill of petting him. David laughed, it was the kind of good-natured laughter that accompanied most shenanigans that children got into.
"I think they like you." David remarked.
"Of course they do, your species conditioned yourself to find anything fluffy cute and pettable." Grahim replied.
During the Caniti-Human War, the Canicians had learned never to harm Human children, it was an indelible sin that even other Humans could not get away with. While the war was in the past, before Grahim's time, the elders had spoken of how the Humans they fought had abandoned their rules of warfare the moment children began to fall.
They had been overwhelmed instantly, and the terror in that elder's eyes signified that this was a warning to take to heart, and so Grahim was gentle.
That was when he heard the growling. The children were startled, first looking at him, thinking perhaps he had been growling, but as it continued, they moved away from the sound.
A canid superficially resembling a Canician was growling at them, white spittle foamed around its mouth, eyes dilated. Grahim recognized a threat. The canid ran straight at Grahim, barking viciously, lunging at him, clamping its jaws on his arm. Grahim grabbed the beast by its throat and slammed it against the ground.
"Run!" He barked. "I've got it pinned! Take the children and run!"
Grahim was startled to see David not running away with the children, but approaching. He was still commanding them to run, which they did, and then David did something that shook him.
Grahim insisted on David carrying a sidearm for his protection, being the companion of a Councilor, it was important he be protected at all times if possible. David had agreed to this, especially after the incident with the trio of hunters. David pulled out his sidearm and shot the canid.
Three times, and the beast went limp.
David let out a shuddering breath. "It'll be fine." He said, mostly to himself. "We took our boosters, we know it works on Canicians." Those words were more concerning to Grahim than any others he could have uttered. Boosters, implying a viral threat.
David pulled out his communication device and spoke into it. "This is Dr. David Holt, we've got a dead rabid wolf on the station and a Canician who was bitten. He has had his booster shot within the past few days, but medical attention is mandatory. I repeat, we have a biohazard situation on-" David glanced around. "-Section A7, Subsector B5. Subject is neutralized with one Canician bitten, but known to have gotten a booster shot."
Grahim tried not to panic, he dislodged the fangs of the canid from his arm. He breathed, the canid had torn up his arm badly, enough that he definitely needed immediate medical aid. David- always prepared, had his medical kit out. He scanned the wound, used some nanites to heal the worst of the wound, and used gauze to wrap it up- this meant surgery. Then David pulled out a device Grahim had never seen before.
"I am going to inject you with a combination of an antiviral agent and an immune system booster." David stated. "Lyssavirus- Rabies- is a pathogen that infects nervous tissue. You've had your booster shot, so you should be safe, but I am absolutely not taking any chances on the off chance it's not enough."
"Do what you need to." Grahim stated. The injection was painful, but Grahim trusted his companion. Human authorities arrived within minutes, some had guns trained on Grahim, which concerned the Canician greatly.
"Stow your gun, you idiot!" David snapped. "It takes far longer than a few minutes for rabies to cause any significant damage!"
"You heard the doc!" One of the Humans, their captain, most likely, snapped. "And next time listen to the debrief! This isn't a fucking zombie apocalypse. Goddamn rookies..."
Grahim was soon transported to the sector hospital, the doctors here showed much less concern than David, indicating his companion's fear had mostly been the possibility of losing him. They chastised him for being overcautious, and causing undue pain to a patient, David calmly asserted, "When it comes to a member of the Council, any of us would have our asses handed to us if we didn't ensure their safe recovery."
"Regardless, the vaccine and booster is enough to combat the infection, with your unneeded addition, all he needs is time and rest, and a little surgery to remove damaged tissue and regrow it.
"I trust my companion." Grahim stated. "He would not do anything to me that was completely unwarranted, even if it was born of a paranoid desire to see me completely healthy."
The doctor sighed and deigned to not complain. It wasn't like he was also a medical professional- albeit one that dealt more with Humans than not. "In any case, you will need to be confined to the hospital for the time being, just to be on the safe side- not that you'd be able to leave the sector while the quarantine is in effect. They'll need to round up every animal, euthanize them, follow up on any incidents in the past regarding animal bites and keep the people under close observation."
Grahim was startled. "Is that not extreme?" He asked.
"Rabies takes a long time to show symptoms, yet wasting time also limits the options one has to combat the nerve damage it causes. Nervous therapy is expensive, I doubt the Council will approve the money necessary for covering every potential victim-"
"Write me a report in plain terms, and I will present it to the Council." Grahim stated. "If this is dangerous enough that you need to euthanize every animal brought into this sector, then it is imperative that the Council be made aware, and vetting processes revised to accommodate."
The doctor looked surprised, he clearly hadn't expected Grahim to take him seriously. "I- will do that." The doctor replied.
Grahim was prepped and taken to surgery, to have his arm healed, and then, he sent formal requests to have a holographic stand in prepared for future council meetings. After all, he was on the Human side of the quarantine, and that was reason enough for his absence...
The incubation rate of rabies can vary between one week to a year, but is more typically between two to three weeks. These words, along with the news that the Human Sector of the Hedron was under quarantine shook the station.
It wasn't Humans who vetted the animals brought in, that task had been handled by others in spite of the Humans outright demanding that they be the ones to check. The Council had tossed aside their complaints as just Humans demanding special consideration, rather than anything approaching sensible concern.
The Human Councilor, Graham, silently stared at the stone-faced Council as Canician Councilor Grahim gave his account of the situation, including how he'd been savaged by a Terran canid- a wolf- while protecting Human children.
"It is the opinion of the medical staff in the Human Sector that every animal brought into the sector be euthanized, and that vetting processes are revised to accommodate Human standards." Grahim had finished. The hologram looked toward Graham. "Councilor Gra'am-" The Canician still wasn't used to pronouncing his name correctly, but it was an adequate attempt. "-I trust you already have the vetting revisions available?"
Grahim damn well knew he had the revisions, he'd been trying to push them every chance he could without pissing off the rest of the Council. Maybe if he'd pushed harder, this wouldn't have happened.
"Ladies, gentlemen, other." Graham stated. "This situation is our fault." The other Councilors flinched at his words. "Mine especially, for not pushing this harder than I should have." His words were heavy. Some of the guilt was affected, laid on thick to get his point across, nobody- not even the Gixx who was currently reading his mind- doubted the sincerity of his words.
"You are asking that we leave the vetting process of animals to Humans." The Latra Councilor stated.
"Terran animals." Graham didn't bother to hide his anger and frustration. "It has always been about Humans handling animals from our biosphere!" He looked at everyone gathered. "Let us not forget how the Council has ignored requests from Councilor Grahim out of petty revenge for their past warmongering, nor how you've constantly and consistently spoken over me every single time I raised this issue!" His anger was under tight control, he let it loose like a tightly leashed dog. "I personally think this extends beyond mere revision of vetting procedures, but the fact of the matter is there is an entire people in that sector who have been forced into quarantine because your chosen people got sloppy!"
The words stung, but nobody begrudged the Councilor's words. He was right, after all.
"Let us hear your proposal, in full." The Vagraxi Councilor stated.
"Essah-Tuvant, you can't seriously think-!" The Latraii Councilor interjected.
"My people have done their fair share of damage to the Humans, Councilor, be at peace knowing they haven't declared war on us yet."
Yet. That one word hung in the air. Humans had, in their own ways, perfected the art of war. Having spent generations killing each other, it was both their creativity and restraint that taught the Council that Humanity was reasonable- and it was their willingness to ignore their own rules of war in response to 'war crimes' that they also knew Humanity could be far more vengeful than any angry God.
The Council allowed Graham to speak, and to their surprise, the request was very straightforward, they understood if they had bothered to let him speak his piece, yes, this entire situation could have been avoided.
They had not been fair to the Humans, or the Caniti, for that matter, and the fact of the matter was that this mess couldn't be anyones other than their's.
Humans, unaugmented, can live up to one hundred years. Augmented, they could live twice that, and those who chose to upload their brain into a machine, or join the Gixx mindworld were effectively immortal, at least until they decided a cessation of existence was all they really had left to do.
The quarantine came and passed, the Humans took to it without too many complaints- those who refused to abide by it were removed from the station entirely, put on a ship, and told to waste someone else's time. Of over ten million Humans, only seven began to show symptoms of rabies, and those who did, who couldn't be recovered through nanite therapy, were given the choice of brain uploading, or a mercy kill.
On the rest of the station, a thorough sweep, a vaccination initiative, and careful observation only revealed approximately four non-Terran pets who had contracted the disease, and even then, they had been discovered long before they displayed any symptoms, or were even contagious.
And Grahim, of course, suffered through his ordeal with little more than boredom and the occasional worried glance from his companion, who was by his side at much as he could be, on top of taking on shifts at the hospital under the credit of the central hospital.
And the year without wildlife in the sector only brought in a newfound appreciation for them when animals raised in captivity were brought onto the station, all of them thoroughly vetted by Human zoologists.
Grahim was okay with a few extra months of observation, just in case.
It was during lunch with Graham that Grahim talked about his experience. "After my initial stay at the hospital, David and I stayed with his family, we were planning on visiting them regardless, so it was no issue."
He spoke of how the family welcomed him as usual, and even being notified that he had been bitten by a rabid wolf didn't stymie their kindness and concern- more for his well being than any fear on their part.
"The children I saved visited me almost every day. They brought me a lot of candy." Grahim chuckled. "I couldn't eat most of it, but it was the though that counted." An entire year surrounded by only Humans, giving progress reports on the show gathering and euthanasia of every animal in the sector...
"They had done a sort of ceremony in honor of them." Grahim remarked. "Like a mass funeral. It was... strangely breathtaking."
On top of this, he was also invited to various celebrations the Humans had, the oddly secular holy days, the traditions that varied from family to family, from culture to culture. Exciting, exotic.
Many of these details were shared with the Council as well, mostly to give them an idea of how Humans handled quarantine- which was to say, very well. Graham had chimed in, "We learned from our last mistake with conoravirus." He had stated, but didn't go into detail.
By this point, the Council had unanimously agreed that it was worth listening to the Humans more, as their response to the crisis had not only been effective, but had actually minimized casualties beyond the scope of what the finest minds among the other species expected.
So, when another outbreak happened- this time in the Vagraxi Sector- the protocols were followed almost exactly the same way, and aside from some resistance from those who thought it was a deliberate attack from Humans- at least, until a culprit was found who refused to admit their pet had been bitten on a visit to the Human Sector- the situation was handled a little worse than with the Humans, but not to a devastating degree.
Finally, after little over two years, the rabies virus was removed from the Hedron, and hopefully, it would never find purchase there again.
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2023.06.03 00:08 VerpinBeeping I'm in Alaska to say goodbye to my children

I'm sorry everyone I don't really have anywhere else to post this.
I apologize for formatting and rambling. My chest hurts so much right right now. I'm so alone I thought about reconnecting with the church and my family. It'll be ok though. This too shall pass.
I've lost everything. My marriage. My kids. My health. I live in a single hotel room with a half fridge and a sink.
This weekend the State of Alaska flew me out to say goodbye to my kids before the adoption is finalized in court.
I gave my kids everything I had but I came up short.
I grew up in the church after my parents converted in early adulthood.
My father was a former alcoholic and Vietnam veteran. My mother suffered from anxiety and post partum depression.
I think the church offered them a purpose and structure and maybe hope that they didn't have.
I grew up reading the book of mormon story books and listening to them on cassette tape. In fact listening to the stories at bedtime was how my parents put me to sleep.
We didn't have hugs or love growing up but I really believed in those stories and I really believed in eternal happiness.
I had behavior issues as a kid and teenager but I managed to honorably serve a full time mission.
I really believed it was a miracle that I served because when I was fourteen I had a bad accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury. My injury resulted in some paralysis in my right leg.
But I served with all my heart and afterwards my ex-wife and I were married in the temple.
We had kids and I tried so hard to be a good husband and dad but I failed.
About ten years ago I began presenting symptoms of schizophrenia. My history of a serious TBI was very likely a major factor in developing the disease.
I began to "hear" the voice of god and was hospitalized for a time in Utah.
Guess what? Hyper religious delusions are very common, especially in Utah lol
God damn if I didn't go crazy trying to be a good saint.
It didn't matter though because my wife left me and the kids to be with someone she met on an LDS dating app lol
I ended up losing custody of the kids. I was homeless and using drugs for a while.
I paid my tithing for years and I guess it paid off because I ended up in Provo of all places and the church was kind enough to give me a weeks worth of vouchers for a cheap motel.
Some PIMO friends took me in for a few months while I got some housing and filed for disability.
I'm still waiting for my disability claim to be approved and I live off $250 a month.
I eat at the Food and Care Coalition in Provo. I also get food from the food bank by the Frontrunner station.
I really like Provo TBH. It's safe and quiet. Sometimes when I can't sleep I go to Maverick or 7/11. Maybe I'm not afraid on the streets of provo because I'm the dangerous one.
Provo PD is also really good compared to others.
I don't beg for money but god help me if I haven't been tempted. Maybe that's why the police don't bother me.
I don't really have a point except that I really believed in the church and I have nothing to show for it.
My heart is broken. My kids are in foster care and I'm very very alone.
I really believed in the good parts of the gospel. Love your neighbor. Forgive. Be grateful. Turn the other cheek.
There were some good people in the church too. Kind people.
Ironically it was the example of the good people that made me realize the hypocrisy of the church. The racism and sexism and so forth.
There are people in the church that are better than the doctrine. Better than the leadership.
Strangely enough I'm grateful to learn the truth. Living a lie was making me crazy.
But now I've relinquished custody and signed the adoption papers for my beautiful children.
I hope that when my disability claim is approved I will be able to visit my kids at least once a year. There are no guarantees though because I have no parental rights and the adopted parents can choose not to allow it.
Anyway, my heart aches and I'm alone. I just wanted to get this off my chest.
I love you all and wish you all the very best in your post-faith journey.
If you're ever in Provo and you see me rolling around in my wheelchair at 3AM feel free to say hi
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2023.06.03 00:06 lautaromassimino Fixing Netflix "Elite" (season 4-6). [English].

Seasons 1, 2 & 3's rewrite:
S4. Attempted assassination of Rebeka Bermujo Ávalos: “A very strict principal and four new students arrive at Las Encinas who attack with love entanglements, serious rumors and a mystery that has just come out of the oven”.
Season 4 Characters List:
  1. Samuel García Dominguez.
  2. Guzmán Nunier Osuna.
  3. Valerio Montesinos Rojas.
  4. Rebeka Parilla.
  5. Cayetana Grajera Pando.
  6. Christian Varela Expósito (recurrent).
  7. Nadia Shanaa (guest).
  8. Felipe Rosón Caleruega.
  9. Patrick Blanco Benavent.
  10. Ariadna Blanco Benavent.
  11. Mencía Blanco Benavent.
  12. Benjamín Blanco.
  13. Armando de la Ossa.
  1. Las Encinas is a bilingual school, but we never see another teacher speaking English (French in the English dubbing) again.
  2. The school competition with the Ivy League prize that Nadia and Lu compete for during the first three seasons is not mentioned again, when it is supposed to be something that is done every single year.
  3. In addition, from this season almost all the scenes are located almost exclusively inside the school, and we see very little about outdoor scenes, or the private lives of the characters. This is also a serious mistake, since that was what best allowed us to know each other's backgrounds, and create empathy with them.
Season 4 Scoop:
Ari, Patrick and Mencía:
Benjamín Blanco: The father of the new trio, and the new principal of Las Encinas, after Azucena's dismissal. In the middle of the season, we find out that he is actually Polo's uncle (his late wife was Begoña Benavent's sister). The compound last name of his children is Blanco Benavent, instead of Blanco Commerford.
Felipe Rosón Caleruega:
⠀⠀⠀ → We know that his father, Teodoro Rosón, after the end of Season 3 became the sole owner of the old company that he co-directed with Ventura Nunier (Guzmán's father) who was arrested at the end of S1 for embezzlement towards the School of San Esteban (the school from which Samu, Nadia and Christian received scholarships at the beginning of S1, after its collapse).
⠀⠀⠀ → We now learn that Teodoro plans to rebuild a Public School again on top of the ruins of San Esteban, this time by "legal means" to avoid the same fate as Ventura, but still solely for the economic purposes that would result from such construction, and a new scholarship program that this new school would have with Las Encinas.
⠀⠀⠀ → During the next season, the construction of this new institution would have finished, and we would have new scholarship recipients in Las Encinas, coming from this new school. This would be part of the "reboot" that the next generation would mean for Elite.
Rebeka (not Ari) is the main victim of the season:
Love triangle Samuel/Ari/Guzmán: It never happens.
⠀⠀⠀ → Samuel and Ari's relationship would not be there just as one more of the season, but would serve as an element for the plot: Ari would have approached Samuel after learning that he was Christian's close friend (the accused in Polo's murder) to try to obtain information. However, her feelings towards him would become true over the course of the season, thus seeing a kind of development in her character, which would allow the public to empathize with her.
Guzmán & Mencía: Both become close friends, based on how much Guzmán would see Marina in Mencía [For those who didn't know, Mencía was written as a reformulation of Marina's character, adapted to the needs of the new environment with this "new gen"].
As mentioned before, Philippe's character is eliminated as a new character: his plot was something very delicate that I think was not handled well, and in the future it would be remedied with the entry and development of Isadora's story. With Philippe gone, Cayetana's as his love interest is eliminated.
Patrick + Valerio:
Christian subplot:
Valerio's possible death?:
Armando's fate:
Guzmán drops out of school: At the end of the season, we see how he decides to join Nadia in the US.
Outcome of Ari-Samuel Subplot, linked to Polo:
T5. Murder of Samuel Garcia Dominguez: "Another semester begins in Las Encinas that brings new love triangles, new students, new rules... and a new crime that leaves everyone baffled".
Season 5 Characters List:
  1. Samuel García Dominguez.
  2. Rebeka Parilla.
  3. Cayetana Grajera Pando.
  4. Felipe Rosón Caleruega.
  5. Patrick Blanco Benavent.
  6. Ariadna Blanco Benavent.
  7. Mencía Blanco Benavent.
  8. Isadora Artiñán.
  9. Iván Carvalho.
  10. Cruz Carvalho.
  11. Benjamín Blanco.
Isadora & Iván's arrival: Elite timeline is confusing because Season 1 is supposed to pertain to an individual school year. Seasons 2 and 3 belong to two semesters of the same year, just like seasons 4 and 5. This would mean that Isadora and Iván would be entering Las Encinas in the middle of the semester, without any explanation. We could remedy this by giving him a simple explanation that would, incidentally, unite the two of them like the best friends T6 would have us believe they are, when we've barely seen too many interactions between them:
Patrick/Ari/Ivan triangle: It never happens.
Love triangle, Patrick-Felipe-Iván:
We would be introduced, in a secondary way, to some of the new characters of season 6 (in a similar way to how S6 gave us a first introduction to Sonia, a character signed as main for T7). Among them:
Graduation: Samuel and Rebeka officially graduate from Las Encinas, similar to what we saw for the rest of the characters in S3 (but without Valerio and Guzmán, as both would have dropped out in S4).
Samuel death: It would still happen, and it would still be at the hands of Benjamin. However, the reasons could turn out to be different:
T6. Ivan's accident, and subsequent coma: “After the death of a student, Las Encinas faces a new school year trying to have an image wash by covering up past disasters. The students try to achieve their goals, but will they all reach their goal alive?
Season 6 Characters List:
  1. Felipe Rosón Caleruega.
  2. Patrick Blanco Benavent.
  3. Ariadna Blanco Benavent.
  4. Mencía Blanco Benavent.
  5. Isadora Artiñán.
  6. Iván Carvalho.
  7. Nicolás “Nico” Fernandez.
  8. Dídac.
  9. Sara.
  10. Rocío.
  11. Raúl.
  12. Cruz Carvalho.
The season begins three months after the murder of Samuel and the imprisonment of Benjamín Blanco.
The events of season 6 happen in a very similar way to what we originally saw, since that season was thought of as a reboot of the show, and it returned to recover all the vibes of the first generation. As I mentioned in the S4 section, at this point the sexual morbidity of the show was greatly reduced, and at all times there was a great feeling of togetherness, even with the new characters (something that, I dare say, we had never had before in Elite, not even with the original gen).
Isadora's plot:
Cruz Calvalho's plot: the hate crime plot against Cruz is also removed…
Relationships of the season, without too many changes:
We would still have the departure of the Blanco siblings for the end, but this time, it would NOT be having "reconciled" with their father.
Knowing that Iván's character is still signed for S7 (unlike Patrick; this is confirmed by Manu's absence at the beginning of the season recordings), we could achieve a fitting ending for this couple by using a Short Story between Seasons 6 and 7.
Anddddddd here it is! My take for a rewrite of this show, which I feel started at the top of everything and gradually went down in quality, although it still has a lot of potential. I'm proud of how all six seasons turned out as a whole, though I still feel like these last three seasons feel a bit incomplete compared to the first ones. So what do you guys think? Would you add or take away something that I added? Did you like the changes? I'm new here, and this is my first real post on reddit, so I'd really appreciate your feedback ^-^
submitted by lautaromassimino to EliteNetflix [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 00:00 FappidyDat [H] TF2 Keys & PayPal [W] Humble Bundle Games (Also Games From Past Bundles)

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Dungreed 0.9 TF2 $1.81 PP -
Dusk 2.0 TF2 $3.91 PP -
EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 4.1 The Shadow of New Despair 2.2 TF2 $4.28 PP -
ELEX 1.1 TF2 $2.18 PP -
EVERSPACE™ 1.6 TF2 $3.16 PP -
Elite: Dangerous 1.3 TF2 $2.67 PP -
Empire of Sin 1.3 TF2 $2.55 PP -
Endzone - A World Apart 0.5 TF2 $1.04 PP -
Euro Truck Simulator 2 1.1 TF2 $2.19 PP -
Exanima 2.6 TF2 $5.24 PP -
FTL: Faster Than Light 1.0 TF2 $1.92 PP -
Fable Anniversary 3.7 TF2 $7.32 PP -
Fallout 76 2.1 TF2 $4.22 PP -
Fantasy General II 0.6 TF2 $1.25 PP -
Farming Simulator 17 0.6 TF2 $1.13 PP -
Firefighting Simulator - The Squad 3.8 TF2 $7.47 PP -
First Class Trouble 0.6 TF2 $1.12 PP -
For The King 1.0 TF2 $1.92 PP -
Forager 1.3 TF2 $2.6 PP -
Forts 2.3 TF2 $4.52 PP -
Friday the 13th: The Game 3.0 TF2 $5.86 PP -
Frostpunk 1.0 TF2 $2.07 PP -
Full Metal Furies 0.6 TF2 $1.15 PP -
Furi 0.8 TF2 $1.62 PP -
GRID - Ultimate 2.0 TF2 $3.97 PP -
GRID™ 0.9 TF2 $1.81 PP -
GRIS 0.5 TF2 $0.92 PP -
Gang Beasts 3.0 TF2 $5.89 PP -
Garden Paws 1.0 TF2 $2.05 PP -
Gas Station Simulator 1.9 TF2 $3.68 PP -
Gears 5 11.7 TF2 $23.1 PP -
Gears Tactics 4.5 TF2 $8.93 PP -
Generation Zero® 1.5 TF2 Refer To My Other Thread $2.93 PP Refer To My Other Thread May Multiplayer Bundle
Goat Simulator 0.4 TF2 $0.88 PP -
Godlike Burger 1.1 TF2 $2.1 PP -
Golf With Your Friends 0.9 TF2 $1.69 PP -
Gordian Quest 1.8 TF2 $3.58 PP -
Gotham Knights 5.5 TF2 $10.83 PP -
GreedFall 0.8 TF2 $1.54 PP -
Grim Dawn 5.2 TF2 $10.28 PP -
Grim Fandango Remastered 0.6 TF2 $1.09 PP -
Guacamelee! 2 0.6 TF2 $1.19 PP -
HITMAN™2 Gold Edition 3.1 TF2 $6.16 PP -
HIVESWAP: Act 2 2.1 TF2 $4.18 PP -
HROT 1.9 TF2 $3.7 PP -
Haiku, the Robot 1.3 TF2 Refer To My Other Thread $2.56 PP Refer To My Other Thread Must-Play Metroidvanias Bundle
Hard Bullet 1.2 TF2 $2.38 PP -
Hearts of Iron IV: Battle for the Bosporus 1.8 TF2 $3.53 PP -
Hearts of Iron IV: Cadet Edition 2.7 TF2 $5.3 PP -
Hearts of Iron IV: Death or Dishonor 0.9 TF2 $1.74 PP -
Hearts of Iron IV: Waking the Tiger 1.9 TF2 $3.68 PP -
Heave Ho 0.6 TF2 $1.1 PP -
Heavy Rain 2.1 TF2 $4.15 PP -
Hell Let Loose 5.2 TF2 $10.32 PP -
Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice 1.1 TF2 $2.26 PP -
Hello, Neighbor! 0.5 TF2 $0.91 PP -
Hellpoint 0.4 TF2 $0.75 PP -
Hero's Hour 0.5 TF2 $0.92 PP -
Heroes of Hammerwatch 0.6 TF2 $1.13 PP -
Hitman Absolution 0.4 TF2 $0.79 PP -
Hitman Game of the Year Edition 1.3 TF2 $2.61 PP -
Hollow Knight 2.8 TF2 Refer To My Other Thread $5.48 PP Refer To My Other Thread Must-Play Metroidvanias Bundle
Homefront: The Revolution 0.8 TF2 $1.68 PP -
Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak 0.4 TF2 $0.77 PP -
Horizon Chase Turbo 0.4 TF2 $0.72 PP -
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Digital Special Edition 0.7 TF2 $1.46 PP -
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number 0.6 TF2 $1.15 PP -
Hotline Miami 0.8 TF2 $1.56 PP -
House Flipper VR 0.9 TF2 $1.73 PP -
House Flipper 2.8 TF2 $5.5 PP -
Human: Fall Flat 0.9 TF2 $1.88 PP -
HuniePop 0.4 TF2 $0.89 PP -
Huntdown 1.3 TF2 $2.6 PP -
Hurtworld 2.1 TF2 $4.07 PP -
Hyper Light Drifter 1.6 TF2 $3.11 PP -
Hypnospace Outlaw 0.8 TF2 $1.55 PP -
I Expect You To Die 1.4 TF2 $2.68 PP -
I-NFECTED 6.3 TF2 $12.5 PP -
INSURGENCY 1.6 TF2 $3.16 PP -
Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition 0.4 TF2 $0.73 PP -
Imperator: Rome Deluxe Edition 1.1 TF2 $2.09 PP -
Imperator: Rome 0.8 TF2 $1.6 PP -
Injustice 2 Legendary Edition 0.9 TF2 $1.76 PP -
Injustice 2 0.7 TF2 $1.46 PP -
Injustice: Gods Among Us - Ultimate Edition 0.7 TF2 $1.32 PP -
Into the Breach 1.5 TF2 $2.93 PP -
Into the Radius VR 2.9 TF2 $5.84 PP -
Ion Fury 1.6 TF2 $3.12 PP -
Iron Harvest 1.4 TF2 $2.74 PP -
Jalopy 0.9 TF2 $1.87 PP -
Job Simulator 6.6 TF2 $13.01 PP -
Jurassic World Evolution 2 2.4 TF2 $4.81 PP -
Jurassic World Evolution 0.7 TF2 $1.43 PP -
Just Cause 2 0.5 TF2 $1.06 PP -
Just Cause 3 XXL Edition 1.3 TF2 $2.63 PP -
Just Cause 4: Complete Edition 2.0 TF2 $3.97 PP -
KartKraft 3.2 TF2 $6.3 PP -
Katamari Damacy REROLL 1.1 TF2 $2.24 PP -
Katana ZERO 1.1 TF2 $2.23 PP -
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes 2.7 TF2 $5.42 PP -
Kerbal Space Program 0.8 TF2 $1.6 PP -
Killer Instinct 8.8 TF2 $17.49 PP -
Killing Floor 2 0.6 TF2 $1.2 PP -
Killing Floor 0.9 TF2 $1.69 PP -
Kingdom Come: Deliverance 1.5 TF2 $2.93 PP -
Kingdom: Two Crowns 1.0 TF2 $1.95 PP -
LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Premium Edition 0.5 TF2 $0.9 PP -
LEGO Batman Trilogy 1.6 TF2 $3.07 PP -
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 0.4 TF2 $0.79 PP -
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 0.6 TF2 $1.11 PP -
LEGO Lord of the Rings 0.4 TF2 $0.83 PP -
LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars 0.5 TF2 $1.05 PP -
LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga 0.6 TF2 $1.13 PP -
LEGO® City Undercover 0.7 TF2 $1.34 PP -
LEGO® DC Super-Villains Deluxe Edition 1.7 TF2 $3.28 PP -
LEGO® DC Super-Villains 0.4 TF2 $0.78 PP -
LEGO® Jurassic World™ 0.4 TF2 $0.71 PP -
LEGO® MARVEL's Avengers 0.4 TF2 $0.78 PP -
LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2 Deluxe Edition 0.9 TF2 $1.83 PP -
LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2 0.7 TF2 $1.34 PP -
LEGO® Star Wars™: The Force Awakens - Deluxe Edition 1.1 TF2 $2.25 PP -
LEGO® Star Wars™: The Force Awakens 0.6 TF2 $1.15 PP -
LEGO® Worlds 1.1 TF2 $2.12 PP -
LIMBO 0.4 TF2 $0.71 PP -
Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective 0.7 TF2 $1.47 PP -
Labyrinthine 1.9 TF2 $3.76 PP -
Lake 0.8 TF2 $1.51 PP -
Last Oasis 1.6 TF2 $3.11 PP -
Layers of Fear 2 6.3 TF2 $12.52 PP -
Layers of Fear 0.6 TF2 $1.12 PP -
Legion TD 2 1.7 TF2 $3.33 PP -
Len's Island 4.2 TF2 $8.26 PP -
Lethal League Blaze 1.5 TF2 $3.06 PP -
Lethal League 0.8 TF2 $1.58 PP -
Library Of Ruina 3.2 TF2 $6.42 PP -
Life is Feudal: Your Own 0.7 TF2 $1.39 PP -
Life is Strange 2 Complete Season 0.7 TF2 $1.33 PP -
Life is Strange Complete Season (Episodes 1-5) 4.5 TF2 $8.95 PP -
Little Misfortune 2.3 TF2 $4.47 PP -
Little Nightmares Complete Edition 1.6 TF2 $3.22 PP -
Little Nightmares 1.0 TF2 $2.06 PP -
Lobotomy Corporation Monster Management Simulation 5.0 TF2 $9.99 PP -
Loot River 3.3 TF2 $6.47 PP -
Lost Ember 1.4 TF2 $2.76 PP -
Luck be a Landlord 2.4 TF2 Refer To My Other Thread $4.77 PP Refer To My Other Thread Luck of the Draw: Roguelike Deckbuilders Bundle
METAL GEAR SOLID V: The Definitive Experience 1.5 TF2 $2.89 PP -
MORTAL KOMBAT 11 1.8 TF2 $3.53 PP -
MX vs ATV Reflex 0.4 TF2 $0.71 PP -
Mad Max 1.2 TF2 $2.32 PP -
Mafia II: Definitive Edition 3.6 TF2 $7.11 PP -
Mafia III: Definitive Edition 2.1 TF2 $4.21 PP -
Mafia: Definitive Edition 2.2 TF2 $4.36 PP -
Magicka 2 - Deluxe Edition 0.9 TF2 $1.69 PP -
Magicka 2 0.6 TF2 $1.18 PP -
Maneater 0.8 TF2 $1.63 PP -
Manhunt 1.1 TF2 $2.18 PP -
Mars Horizon 0.8 TF2 $1.53 PP -
Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition 7.8 TF2 $15.36 PP -
Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne 0.6 TF2 $1.22 PP -
Max Payne 1.0 TF2 $2.06 PP -
MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries 2.5 TF2 $5.02 PP -
Medal of Honor 2.1 TF2 $4.24 PP -
Mega Man Legacy Collection 0.5 TF2 $0.9 PP -
Men of War: Assault Squad 2 - Deluxe Edition 0.9 TF2 $1.69 PP -
Men of War: Assault Squad 2 War Chest Edition 0.8 TF2 $1.6 PP -
Men of War: Assault Squad 2 0.8 TF2 $1.6 PP -
Metro 2033 Redux 0.5 TF2 $1.05 PP -
Metro Exodus 1.4 TF2 $2.79 PP -
Metro Redux Bundle 1.1 TF2 $2.17 PP -
Metro: Last Light Redux 1.1 TF2 $2.26 PP -
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year Edition 0.9 TF2 $1.71 PP -
Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™ 0.9 TF2 $1.8 PP -
Middleearth Shadow of War Definitive Edition 1.2 TF2 $2.37 PP -
Midnight Ghost Hunt 2.5 TF2 Refer To My Other Thread $4.93 PP Refer To My Other Thread May Multiplayer Bundle
Mini Ninjas 0.5 TF2 $1.05 PP -
Mirror's Edge 2.2 TF2 $4.36 PP -
Miscreated 1.4 TF2 $2.87 PP -
Monster Hunter: World 3.5 TF2 $6.89 PP -
Monster Sanctuary 0.6 TF2 $1.26 PP -
Monster Train 0.5 TF2 $0.92 PP -
Moonlighter 0.4 TF2 $0.85 PP -
Moons of Madness 1.8 TF2 $3.48 PP -
Mordhau 1.7 TF2 $3.32 PP -
Mortal Shell 1.4 TF2 $2.77 PP -
Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator 2021 0.8 TF2 $1.58 PP -
Motorsport Manager 1.3 TF2 $2.55 PP -
Move or Die 0.7 TF2 $1.46 PP -
Moving Out 1.4 TF2 $2.82 PP -
Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden - Deluxe Edition 1.5 TF2 $3.01 PP -
My Friend Pedro 1.0 TF2 $1.91 PP -
My Time At Portia 0.7 TF2 $1.43 PP -
NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 4 Road to Boruto 2.6 TF2 $5.23 PP -
NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM Revolution 0.8 TF2 $1.5 PP -
NASCAR Heat 5 - Ultimate Edition 0.6 TF2 $1.1 PP -
NBA 2K13 4.8 TF2 $9.52 PP -
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 1.6 TF2 $3.14 PP -
Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker - Deluxe Edition 1.6 TF2 $3.13 PP -
Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker 0.4 TF2 $0.83 PP -
Necromunda: Hired Gun 0.7 TF2 $1.45 PP -
Neon Abyss 0.5 TF2 $1.01 PP -
Neverwinter Nights: Complete Adventures 3.7 TF2 $7.33 PP -
Nine Parchments 2.2 TF2 $4.27 PP -
No Time to Relax 2.9 TF2 $5.75 PP -
Northgard 3.9 TF2 Refer To My Other Thread $7.64 PP Refer To My Other Thread May Multiplayer Bundle
Not For Broadcast 0.7 TF2 $1.36 PP -
ONE PIECE PIRATE WARRIORS 3 Gold Edition 1.2 TF2 $2.38 PP -
Observer 0.4 TF2 $0.74 PP -
Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty 0.4 TF2 $0.72 PP -
One Step From Eden 0.5 TF2 $1.03 PP -
Operation: Tango 0.4 TF2 Refer To My Other Thread $0.8 PP Refer To My Other Thread Humble Choice (May 2023)
Opus Magnum 1.1 TF2 $2.13 PP -
Orcs Must Die! 3 1.9 TF2 $3.69 PP -
Outlast 2 0.6 TF2 $1.17 PP -
Outlast 0.5 TF2 $1.06 PP -
Outward 1.5 TF2 $2.94 PP -
Overcooked 1.0 TF2 $2.02 PP -
Overcooked! 2 1.3 TF2 $2.59 PP -
Overgrowth 0.8 TF2 $1.53 PP -
Overlord II 0.4 TF2 $0.85 PP -
Owlboy 1.0 TF2 $2.04 PP -
PAYDAY 2 0.4 TF2 $0.82 PP -
PC Building Simulator 0.7 TF2 $1.32 PP -
PGA TOUR 2K21 0.6 TF2 $1.24 PP -
Paint the Town Red 2.4 TF2 $4.73 PP -
Parkitect 5.5 TF2 $10.98 PP -
Party Hard 2 0.4 TF2 $0.71 PP -
Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Enhanced Plus Edition 0.6 TF2 $1.25 PP -
Pathologic 2 0.5 TF2 $1.04 PP -
Pathologic Classic HD 0.4 TF2 $0.85 PP -
Per Aspera 0.7 TF2 $1.39 PP -
Phantom Doctrine 0.4 TF2 $0.85 PP -
Pillars of Eternity Definitive Edition 1.3 TF2 $2.66 PP -
Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire 1.0 TF2 $2.07 PP -
Pistol Whip 6.2 TF2 $12.33 PP -
Plague Inc: Evolved 1.6 TF2 $3.23 PP -
Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition 0.4 TF2 $0.78 PP -
Planet Coaster 1.8 TF2 $3.55 PP -
Planet Zoo 2.0 TF2 $3.93 PP -
Planetary Annihilation: TITANS 6.0 TF2 $11.91 PP -
Portal Knights 1.3 TF2 $2.62 PP -
Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid 2.8 TF2 $5.48 PP -
PowerBeatsVR 1.0 TF2 $1.99 PP -
PowerSlave Exhumed 1.4 TF2 $2.79 PP -
Praey for the Gods 0.6 TF2 $1.16 PP -
Prehistoric Kingdom 1.5 TF2 $2.93 PP -
Prison Architect 0.4 TF2 $0.76 PP -
Pro Cycling Manager 2019 1.3 TF2 $2.61 PP -
Project Hospital 2.4 TF2 $4.82 PP -
Project Wingman 2.6 TF2 $5.21 PP -
Project Winter 1.1 TF2 $2.17 PP -
Propnight 0.7 TF2 $1.32 PP -
Pumpkin Jack 0.4 TF2 $0.84 PP -
Quantum Break 2.0 TF2 $4.0 PP -
RESIDENT EVIL 3 2.3 TF2 $4.49 PP -
RUGBY 20 1.3 TF2 $2.58 PP -
RWBY: Grimm Eclipse 3.3 TF2 $6.62 PP -
Ragnaröck 3.5 TF2 $6.93 PP -
Rain World 1.1 TF2 Refer To My Other Thread $2.19 PP Refer To My Other Thread Must-Play Metroidvanias Bundle
Raw Data 1.1 TF2 $2.17 PP -
Re:Legend 1.1 TF2 $2.13 PP -
Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered 0.5 TF2 $0.95 PP -
Red Matter 4.5 TF2 $8.95 PP -
Resident Evil / biohazard HD REMASTER 1.1 TF2 $2.23 PP -
Resident Evil 0 / biohazard 0 HD Remaster 1.2 TF2 $2.35 PP -
Resident Evil 5 GOLD Edition 1.8 TF2 $3.53 PP -
Resident Evil 5 1.1 TF2 $2.16 PP -
Resident Evil 6 1.4 TF2 $2.81 PP -
Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Deluxe Edition 2.5 TF2 $4.88 PP -
Resident Evil: Revelations 0.8 TF2 $1.5 PP -
Retro Machina 0.5 TF2 $1.02 PP -
Risen 2: Dark Waters Gold Edition 1.5 TF2 $2.88 PP -
Risen 3 - Complete Edition 1.0 TF2 $2.07 PP -
Risen 0.9 TF2 $1.82 PP -
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam 0.7 TF2 $1.34 PP -
River City Girls 1.4 TF2 $2.87 PP -
Roboquest 0.5 TF2 $1.06 PP -
RollerCoaster Tycoon Deluxe 1.1 TF2 $2.09 PP -
Rollercoaster Tycoon 2: Triple Thrill Pack 1.7 TF2 $3.28 PP -
Rubber Bandits 0.8 TF2 $1.52 PP -
Ryse: Son of Rome 1.7 TF2 $3.38 PP -
SCP: Pandemic 2.2 TF2 $4.28 PP -
SCUM 3.0 TF2 $5.96 PP -
SOMA 2.4 TF2 $4.8 PP -
SONG OF HORROR Complete Edition 0.7 TF2 $1.42 PP -
STAR WARS™: Squadrons 1.6 TF2 $3.23 PP -
SUPERHOT VR 2.3 TF2 $4.51 PP -
SUPERHOT 0.8 TF2 $1.59 PP -
Saint's Row The Third Remastered 2.3 TF2 $4.5 PP -
Saints Row 2 0.6 TF2 $1.16 PP -
Saints Row IV Game of the Century Edition 1.1 TF2 $2.25 PP -
Saints Row IV 1.0 TF2 $2.05 PP -
Saints Row the Third - The Full Package 1.0 TF2 $1.93 PP -
Saints Row: The Third 0.6 TF2 $1.27 PP -
Salt and Sanctuary 1.1 TF2 $2.15 PP -
Sanctum 2 0.5 TF2 $1.06 PP -
Satisfactory 6.6 TF2 $13.01 PP -
Second Extinction 2.1 TF2 $4.11 PP -
Secret Neighbor 0.9 TF2 $1.85 PP -
Serious Sam 2 0.8 TF2 $1.58 PP -
Serious Sam 3: BFE 1.0 TF2 $1.99 PP -
Serious Sam 4 4.0 TF2 $7.94 PP -
Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem 2.3 TF2 $4.51 PP -
Shadow Man Remastered 1.0 TF2 $2.0 PP -
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun 0.4 TF2 $0.85 PP -
Shadow Warrior 2 0.9 TF2 $1.76 PP -
Shadow of the Tomb Raider 3.2 TF2 $6.37 PP -
Shenmue 3 1.3 TF2 $2.58 PP -
Shenmue I & II 1.3 TF2 $2.58 PP -
Shining Resonance Refrain 0.5 TF2 $0.96 PP -
Sid Meier's Civilization VI : Platinum Edition 3.0 TF2 $6.03 PP -
Sid Meier's Civilization VI 0.7 TF2 $1.47 PP -
Sid Meier's Civilization® V: The Complete Edition 1.9 TF2 $3.76 PP -
Sid Meiers Civilization IV: The Complete Edition 0.8 TF2 $1.6 PP -
Siege of Centauri 0.6 TF2 $1.16 PP -
SimCasino 1.3 TF2 $2.56 PP -
SimplePlanes 1.9 TF2 $3.78 PP -
Skullgirls 2nd Encore 1.2 TF2 $2.47 PP -
Slap City 1.1 TF2 $2.25 PP -
Slay the Spire 3.6 TF2 $7.17 PP -
Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition 1.0 TF2 $1.93 PP -
Slime Rancher 1.7 TF2 $3.32 PP -
Sniper Elite 3 1.1 TF2 $2.14 PP -
Sniper Elite 4 1.3 TF2 $2.53 PP -
Sniper Elite V2 Remastered 1.3 TF2 $2.5 PP -
Sniper Elite V2 1.0 TF2 $2.05 PP -
Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 0.8 TF2 $1.58 PP -
Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 0.9 TF2 $1.88 PP -
Sonic Adventure DX 0.5 TF2 $0.92 PP -
Sonic Adventure™ 2 0.9 TF2 $1.86 PP -
Sonic Mania 1.3 TF2 $2.6 PP -
Soul Calibur VI 1.6 TF2 $3.24 PP -
Source of Madness 0.6 TF2 $1.13 PP -
Space Engineers 2.7 TF2 $5.3 PP -
Space Haven 0.6 TF2 $1.15 PP -
Spec Ops: The Line 0.9 TF2 $1.81 PP -
SpeedRunners 0.5 TF2 $1.04 PP -
Spellcaster University 0.5 TF2 $0.9 PP -
Spelunky 1.1 TF2 $2.23 PP -
Spirit Of The Island 1.3 TF2 $2.59 PP -
Spiritfarer 1.1 TF2 Refer To My Other Thread $2.18 PP Refer To My Other Thread Humble Choice (May 2023)
SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated 1.3 TF2 $2.51 PP -
Spyro™ Reignited Trilogy 4.9 TF2 $9.65 PP -
Star Renegades 3.0 TF2 $5.94 PP -
Star Trek: Bridge Crew 4.4 TF2 $8.62 PP -
Star Wars Republic Commando™ 0.4 TF2 $0.71 PP -
Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (Classic, 2005) 1.4 TF2 $2.7 PP -
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 0.4 TF2 $0.85 PP -
Star Wars® Empire at War™: Gold Pack 1.2 TF2 $2.39 PP -
Starbound 1.1 TF2 $2.24 PP -
Starpoint Gemini Warlords 1.8 TF2 $3.48 PP -
State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition 3.0 TF2 $5.92 PP -
Staxel 0.6 TF2 $1.15 PP -
SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech 0.9 TF2 $1.83 PP -
Steel Division: Normandy 44 1.5 TF2 $2.91 PP -
Stellaris Galaxy Edition 1.8 TF2 $3.56 PP -
Stellaris: Lithoids Species Pack 0.8 TF2 $1.49 PP -
Stick Fight: The Game 0.6 TF2 $1.1 PP -
Strategic Command WWII: World at War 2.2 TF2 $4.26 PP -
Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection 1.5 TF2 $2.94 PP -
Streets of Rogue 0.6 TF2 $1.24 PP -
Stronghold 2: Steam Edition 2.0 TF2 $4.0 PP -
Stronghold Crusader 2 0.9 TF2 $1.84 PP -
Stronghold Crusader HD 0.6 TF2 $1.24 PP -
Stronghold Legends: Steam Edition 0.9 TF2 $1.76 PP -
Styx: Shards Of Darkness 0.9 TF2 $1.76 PP -
Subnautica 3.6 TF2 $7.15 PP -
Summer in Mara 0.6 TF2 $1.09 PP -
Sunless Sea 0.4 TF2 $0.76 PP -
Sunless Skies 0.7 TF2 $1.34 PP -
Sunset Overdrive 1.0 TF2 $2.01 PP -
Super Meat Boy 0.5 TF2 $1.08 PP -
Superliminal 1.9 TF2 $3.84 PP -
Supraland Six Inches Under 1.5 TF2 $2.89 PP -
Supreme Commander 2 0.8 TF2 $1.62 PP -
Supreme Commander Forged Alliance 2.0 TF2 $4.02 PP -
Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality 1.8 TF2 $3.5 PP -
Survive the Nights 0.9 TF2 $1.69 PP -
Surviving Mars 0.5 TF2 $0.92 PP -
Surviving the Aftermath 0.7 TF2 $1.41 PP -
Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet - Complete Edition 3.3 TF2 $6.45 PP -
Sword Art Online Hollow Realization Deluxe Edition 1.5 TF2 $3.01 PP -
Syberia: The World Before 1.2 TF2 $2.32 PP -
Synth Riders 3.5 TF2 $6.96 PP -
Tales from the Borderlands 3.4 TF2 $6.83 PP -
Tales of Berseria 1.1 TF2 $2.12 PP -
Tales of Zestiria 0.9 TF2 $1.72 PP -
Talisman: Digital Edition 0.5 TF2 $0.94 PP -
Tank Mechanic Simulator 1.1 TF2 $2.17 PP -
Telltale Batman Shadows Edition 1.0 TF2 $1.9 PP -
Terraforming Mars 0.6 TF2 $1.15 PP -
Terraria 2.2 TF2 $4.26 PP -
The Ascent 1.1 TF2 $2.26 PP -
The Battle of Polytopia 0.4 TF2 $0.85 PP -
The Beast Inside 0.4 TF2 $0.77 PP -
The Blackout Club 0.6 TF2 $1.17 PP -
The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope 1.6 TF2 $3.12 PP -
The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan 2.2 TF2 $4.42 PP -
The Darkness II 0.5 TF2 $0.99 PP -
The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet Of Chaos 0.9 TF2 $1.69 PP -
The Escapists 2 0.9 TF2 $1.85 PP -
The Escapists 0.6 TF2 $1.13 PP -
The Henry Stickmin Collection 0.7 TF2 $1.46 PP -
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Final Cut 1.3 TF2 $2.67 PP -
The Intruder 2.2 TF2 $4.28 PP -
The Jackbox Party Pack 2 2.0 TF2 $4.02 PP -
The Jackbox Party Pack 3 2.9 TF2 $5.76 PP -
The Jackbox Party Pack 4 2.1 TF2 $4.14 PP -
The Jackbox Party Pack 5 3.1 TF2 $6.15 PP -
The Jackbox Party Pack 6 2.8 TF2 $5.58 PP -
The Jackbox Party Pack 1.1 TF2 $2.18 PP -
The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame 0.4 TF2 $0.8 PP -
The Last Campfire 0.4 TF2 $0.78 PP -
The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky 1.8 TF2 $3.57 PP -
The Long Dark 2.0 TF2 $4.0 PP -
The Long Dark: Survival Edition 0.4 TF2 $0.78 PP -
The Mortuary Assistant 2.4 TF2 $4.82 PP -
The Red Solstice 2: Survivors 0.4 TF2 $0.78 PP -
The Surge 2 0.9 TF2 $1.83 PP -
The Survivalists 0.7 TF2 $1.36 PP -
The Talos Principle 1.0 TF2 $2.06 PP -
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier 0.4 TF2 $0.71 PP -
The Walking Dead: The Final Season 0.5 TF2 $0.92 PP -
The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series 2.2 TF2 $4.41 PP -
The Witness 3.7 TF2 $7.29 PP -
The Wolf Among Us 1.4 TF2 $2.83 PP -
This Is the Police 0.4 TF2 $0.85 PP -
This War of Mine: Complete Edition 0.7 TF2 $1.36 PP -
Titan Quest Anniversary Edition 0.6 TF2 $1.22 PP -
Torchlight II 0.6 TF2 $1.19 PP -
Total Tank Simulator 0.4 TF2 $0.74 PP -
Total War SHOGUN 2 3.6 TF2 $7.03 PP -
Total War Shogun 2 Collection 1.8 TF2 $3.48 PP -
Total War: ATTILA 2.1 TF2 $4.19 PP -
Total War: Empire - Definitive Edition 1.8 TF2 $3.61 PP -
Total War: Napoleon - Definitive Edition 1.6 TF2 $3.2 PP -
Total War: Rome II - Emperor Edition 2.8 TF2 $5.54 PP -
Total War™: WARHAMMER® 3.2 TF2 $6.25 PP -
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator 2.9 TF2 $5.68 PP -
Totally Reliable Delivery Service 0.7 TF2 $1.29 PP -
Tour de France 2020 0.6 TF2 $1.15 PP -
Tower Unite 5.2 TF2 $10.39 PP -
Townscaper 0.6 TF2 $1.18 PP -
Trailmakers Deluxe Edition 1.5 TF2 $2.93 PP -
Train Simulator Classic 0.9 TF2 $1.7 PP -
Tribes of Midgard 0.9 TF2 $1.8 PP -
Tricky Towers 2.0 TF2 $3.98 PP -
Trine 2: Complete Story 0.4 TF2 $0.85 PP -
Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince 1.2 TF2 $2.42 PP -
Trine Ultimate Collection 4.2 TF2 $8.22 PP -
Tropico 5 – Complete Collection 0.8 TF2 $1.6 PP -
Tropico 6 El-Prez Edition 2.6 TF2 $5.07 PP -
Tropico 6 2.3 TF2 $4.55 PP -
Turmoil 0.4 TF2 $0.73 PP -
Turok 0.4 TF2 $0.76 PP -
Two Point Hospital 2.2 TF2 $4.28 PP -
Tyranny - Gold Edition 0.6 TF2 $1.22 PP -
Ultimate Chicken Horse 1.8 TF2 $3.57 PP -
Ultimate Fishing Simulator 0.5 TF2 $0.92 PP -
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 1.7 TF2 $3.4 PP -
Ultra Street Fighter IV 0.6 TF2 $1.15 PP -
Undertale 2.1 TF2 $4.07 PP -
Universe Sandbox 4.6 TF2 $9.15 PP -
Unrailed! 1.5 TF2 $3.0 PP -
Until You Fall 0.7 TF2 $1.4 PP -
VTOL VR 6.6 TF2 $13.01 PP -
Vacation Simulator 5.2 TF2 $10.32 PP -
Vagante 0.7 TF2 $1.41 PP -
Valkyria Chronicles 4 Complete Edition 1.5 TF2 $2.93 PP -
Vampyr 1.7 TF2 $3.27 PP -
Verdun 0.4 TF2 $0.73 PP -
Victor Vran 0.8 TF2 $1.62 PP -
Visage 3.0 TF2 $5.87 PP -
Viscera Cleanup Detail 1.9 TF2 $3.75 PP -
Void Bastards 0.4 TF2 $0.84 PP -
Volcanoids 1.4 TF2 $2.81 PP -
Vox Machinae 3.4 TF2 $6.78 PP -
Wargame European Escalation 0.4 TF2 $0.72 PP -
Wargame: Red Dragon 5.3 TF2 $10.56 PP -
Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters 2.2 TF2 Refer To My Other Thread $4.28 PP Refer To My Other Thread Humble Choice (May 2023)
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Master Collection 1.6 TF2 $3.12 PP -
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Grand Master Collection 2.0 TF2 $3.93 PP -
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II: Retribution 0.8 TF2 $1.62 PP -
Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War 1.0 TF2 $1.95 PP -
Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Tyranids 1.6 TF2 $3.12 PP -
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Collection 2.1 TF2 $4.07 PP -
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 1.7 TF2 $3.29 PP -
Warhammer: Chaosbane - Slayer Edition 1.1 TF2 $2.09 PP -
Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide Collector's Edition 0.7 TF2 $1.38 PP -
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Collector's Edition 1.5 TF2 $3.02 PP -
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 0.8 TF2 $1.52 PP -
Warhammer® 40,000™: Dawn of War® II 0.6 TF2 $1.26 PP -
Warhammer® 40,000™: Dawn of War® III 1.7 TF2 $3.33 PP -
Warpips 0.8 TF2 $1.53 PP -
Wasteland 3 1.3 TF2 $2.55 PP -
We Happy Few 0.8 TF2 $1.62 PP -
We Need to Go Deeper 1.7 TF2 $3.34 PP -
We Were Here Too 0.9 TF2 $1.81 PP -
White Day : a labyrinth named school 0.6 TF2 $1.25 PP -
Who's Your Daddy 1.7 TF2 $3.31 PP -
Wingspan 1.2 TF2 $2.37 PP -
Winkeltje: The Little Shop 1.1 TF2 $2.18 PP -
Witch It 3.3 TF2 $6.54 PP -
Wizard of Legend 1.4 TF2 $2.86 PP -
Worms W.M.D 1.1 TF2 $2.24 PP -
Wurm Unlimited 0.7 TF2 $1.45 PP -
X4: Foundations 5.8 TF2 $11.48 PP -
X4: Split Vendetta 1.9 TF2 $3.8 PP -
XCOM 2 Collection 1.4 TF2 $2.79 PP -
XCOM: Enemy Unknown Complete Pack 0.8 TF2 $1.6 PP -
XCOM: Ultimate Collection 1.2 TF2 $2.42 PP -
Yakuza 0 2.0 TF2 $3.96 PP -
Yakuza 3 Remastered 1.1 TF2 $2.24 PP -
Yakuza 4 Remastered 2.0 TF2 $4.01 PP -
Yakuza 5 Remastered 2.8 TF2 $5.48 PP -
Yakuza Kiwami 2 3.2 TF2 $6.41 PP -
Yakuza Kiwami 1.8 TF2 $3.61 PP -
Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles 1.8 TF2 $3.58 PP -
YouTubers Life 0.5 TF2 $1.06 PP -
ZERO Sievert 4.9 TF2 $9.65 PP -
Zenith MMO 2.2 TF2 $4.38 PP -
Zero Caliber VR 4.2 TF2 $8.31 PP -
Zombie Army 4: Dead War 1.9 TF2 $3.75 PP -
Zombie Army Trilogy 0.5 TF2 $1.04 PP -
biped 0.9 TF2 $1.79 PP -
rFactor 2 3.2 TF2 $6.43 PP -
while True: learn() Chief Technology Officer Edition 0.8 TF2 $1.61 PP -
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2023.06.02 23:53 rita-on-reddit Looking for advice regarding recent PNES diagnosis

Hi all! I’ve read a couple of posts in this feed and let me start by emphasizing how thankful I am that this group exists and that everyone appears to be so open and welcoming and supportive.
I was hospitalized in March 2023 for several days where I underwent a video EEG and was diagnosed with PNES. The medical team at the hospital discharged me shortly after the diagnosis and recommended I follow up with a specialized clinic. They promised me I would be able to be seen within 90 days. It has been nearly 3 months, and I just received the notice they now are estimating that I will be able to start in November - another 6 months from now.
Right now, I seem to have these ‘episodes’ in bursts. I’ll go several days without them, and then have multiple episodes over the span of a few days. They mostly happen in the evenings, and I normally recognize my precursors with ~2 minutes warning. Sometimes I’ll have seizures, other times I’ll lose consciousness, and other times I’ll just start to feel really poorly and have tremors. I’ve noticed they can be triggered by significant changes in my hormones, such as when I’m on my period, really anxious, really relaxed, or ingesting intoxicants. Other than that, there doesn’t seem to be any really pattern. I’m a behavior analyst, so trust me when I say I’ve taken thorough data and can’t seem to find any common threads. And as someone with GAD, MDD, OCPD, and complex trauma - changes in my hormones happen often.
I have two incredible partners who have been super supportive, and my family does the best they can, but I feel like no one truly understands how difficult this condition is to live with. My OCPD shows up a lot in my need to control myself and the world around me, so having periods of time where I can’t control my own body has really wrecked my mental health. I feel like I’m burning out the people around me by talking about my ‘episodes’ all the time, but I live in almost constant fear of them. They’ve happened while I was driving, while I was in public, in the middle of the night, in front of my friends, etc. I work with children and one of my biggest fears is that I’ll have an episode with a client. It bothers me to the point where I’ve woken up from nightmares about this exact situation in a cold sweat. I feel like I have no control over my body or over my life, I feel like a burden to the people around me, and I’m constantly living in a place of fear.
Does anyone have any advice? I’ve tried looking up treatments online, but most of what I’ve seen has included a psychiatric service dog, CBT, or intensive work with a specialist. I’m trying to get in to see a specialist and I have been seeing a therapist. I love dogs but I don’t think a psychiatric service animal is in the cards for me - unless someone in this thread has one and finds it super super helpful, I’m not really going to consider that right now. I’m really struggling and sometimes I don’t know where to turn, so any support would be super greatly appreciated!
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