So phresh cat litter

Am I paranoid?

2023.06.01 00:22 rozeeone Am I paranoid?

When I was walking my dog he darted out onto the road at full force after a cat, when he reached the end of the retractable lead he jolted backwards from the force. (It happened quickly so that I didn’t have enough time to react and shorten the lead) I said out loud “you’ll break your neck”, then as I continued walking I noticed a neighbour, also with dogs, was nearby and had probably overheard me. She smiled as our dogs met and we went our separate ways. Afterwards it dawned on me that she might not have seen what happened and might also have heard my comment as “I’ll break your neck”. I feel physically sick thinking that she might think I am some sort of psycho that hurts my dog. I am a huge animal lover and my dog is my life. Am I paranoid and overreacting? Should I bring the topic up the next time I see this person?
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2023.06.01 00:21 broovian The Cats Essay "Uncensored"

I found a copy of the Cats video before it got ripped apart by YouTube's shit copyright system, where could I put it so others could see it? Edit:At least I think it's edit free, it still has Ian McKellen's bit but I haven't watched the whole thing to dirks check.
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2023.06.01 00:19 PrinceWillian [Recruiting] Find the Cat! #2YYCLU9LJ RCS verified Townhall 15 required 30v30 CWL Master League 2 bracket WAR 24/7 Clan level 21 The HIGHEST Capital Peak level 10

Looking for a cool, fair, active clan where you can war till the Cats come home?
You just found one!
Clan link:
Clan tag: #2YYCLU9LJ

CWL SPOTS AVAILABLE!!! We spin in around 18hours

Welcome to Find the Cat!
We're a bunch of mostly mature players from all over the world who like to give each other bad life advice and clash hard. Most of the pesky clanmates have been with us since the beginning and just don't want to leave somehow!

Who we are:
Clan Games are always maxed.
We play the 30v30 Clan War League so you will definitely get a chance having met other requirements.
We like to have fun but treat all wars very seriously! You do not have to be super pro, just reliable, willing to listen, and learn!
We wage war 24/7.
We smash all the Capital Districts in no time.
We have a discord server where we socialize and discuss strategies sometimes. As RCS members, our clan Cats are allowed and encouraged to join the RCS discord with thousands of members!

If you want to join us, be prepared to:
Be reliable in wars. We usually go for anything between 15v15 and 30v30 so if you need some time off, it's also possible!
Donate before requesting and keep your donations ratio decent.
Join our discord upon arrival.
Chat nonsense and have fun with crazy people.
Take part in Find the Cat! events (Winner gets GUARANTEED CWL bonus)

We are looking for people and Cats (mainly Cats) who are:
Unrushed TH15s who know how and like to war.
Like to donate and be willing to better the clan in any way possible.
Want to feel at home and help improve it.

Password required to join us can be found at
See you in game, and
May the Meow be with you!
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2023.06.01 00:19 Twayneeded Oct 2021

I worked with ychild to get her to clean her room. i did not help her but tried to tell her step by step on cleaning. ochild found out and started cleaning his room. He did well but missed something small. I asked him to finish this one section and he flipped out. I did not yell at him but did start to become heated because he was throwing a fit like a toddler. spouse came bursting into the room yelling at me for yelling at ochild.I think ochild knows he just can just yell and stomp to get spouse's attention and I will get in trouble and he will get to do whatever he wants. This is when I finally made up my mind that the only option is divorce. I cannot think that this marriage is fixable now. I did the dishes, cooked supper, cleaned the living room, swept, and vacuumed. spouse asked me when was the last time I cleaned the toilets. spouse slept with the kids.
spouse spent all day in her room working on her school work. I got the dash cams working in both of our vehicles. Worked with the dogl while walking with her harness. I put up all the laundry except for her shirts because there is no room in our closet and we are out of hangers. I picked up all the torn up trash and dog poop in the backyard. Did a water change in the aquarium. ychild has torn up her room that she cleaned the other day. I spent about an hour outside playing with ychild and ochild. I managed to get the kids in bed around 10-10:30pm. spouse announced that she was taking a bath. At the end of the bath I went in. She started talking about how after everyone went to bed she was going to stay up in the livingroom to work on school. She then told me i came in there for a reason and to tell her what was going on. So I asked if I could go down on her that night. She got angry and told me "does not need to be taken care of." I closed the door and left but I could hear her still going off on me. I feel deflated and unloved again. I don't know why I keep trying to bring the spark back in the marriage. spouse slept in our bed last night and ychild joined us. Today I cooked a breakfast supper and made pizza for lunch. I woke up at 3:30 am and couldn't get back to sleep.
I started this journal and decided to try and write about the previous 2 weeks events. My goal is now to record the things I do in the house, my interactions with spouse and the kids, where spouse sleeps, and anything noteworthy on a daily basis. This morning I tried to talk to spouse (she sighed and looked annoyed when I started talking) about an interaction I had with ychild on our way to get breakfast this morning. ychild decided to talk in a way that makes it sound like she is cussing even when she isnt. I told her what I told ychild and spouse snapped at me when I tried to get into the details. If I know I am going to talk to spouse about something non-spontaneous I'm going to try and start recording the interactions. I cooked supper. spouse slept in our bed last night, ychild joined us after waking up.
Today we went to the state fair. It started out as usual when we go on the trip. late start, blaming, getting mad, yelling, her being upset. After getting to the fair the day went well. We didn't argue very much and the day was actually nice but long. Wife had a school meeting at 5. Went out to eat for supper then ice cream with the kids. As usual fight started when the kids only wanted to sit with Wife. Get home kids bathed and put in bed. Wife bought a special deodorant to help with smells in the breast/pubic area (something she is self conscious about) I helped apply it and try and kiss her breasts. She turns away and says she is cold. Helped wife put together kids lunch and backpacks for the next morning. Take the trash out. I shower and notice my wife isn't in bed when I get out so I assumed she was sleeping with the kids. She was sitting in the living room in the dark with her phone on facebook. Wife said she was going to bed but didn't want to "do anything." I go to bed also so I can spend some time with her. Once again I try and cuddle with her. I roll next to her and place my hand on her leg. I don't move it because it tickles or annoys her. After 5 min without her trying to cuddle and with her face buried in facebook I roll over. She can tell I was upset and said that she didn't try and cuddle cause my arm was pinning her down. This isn't true it was only on her leg and i wasn't applying any pressure. YChild ended up in our bed during the night.
Went to work today. no goodmorning or goodbye kiss. Worked all day, picked up the kids, brought them home and emptied their backpacks. Wife got home about 10min later. No hey how was your day. no hello kiss. Nothing. She disappeared into the bedroom again. Worked with Ychild on her letters because she isn't doing well in school. had a breakfast supper. Took the dogs for a walk. made OChild lunch. She complained because I had not yet done the dishes. Waited till the last minute to get their backpacks/clothes together for the morning. Complained because things were missing. feels like I never hear anything positive only ever complaints. Went to bed and wife finally makes it in. I don't really attempt to cuddle just put my arm on her leg and accidentally scratched. Thought I had made her mad so I pulled my hand back. A few minutes later and she rolled over and spooned with me (little spoon.) Its been years since this happened. Is she doing that because of my persistence and she is trying to make me happy? or is it because of a positive change. Only time will tell (success.)
Woke up and wife wasn't in the bed. I don't know if she woke up early or went to lay down with the kids in the night. She was in a mood when i got up. Complained because I hadn't put up the kids school laundry when it came out of the dryer so the clothes are now wrinkly. I let myself relax last night and did not do as many chores. I need to work on that and try and stay busy. ran into trouble picking the kids up from school. Their school fund raisers were supposed to come out with the kids. Ochild did not bring them out because he didn't listen to instructions from his teacher. Wife had to swing by and pick them up because I was already on the way home and the line was seriously backed up. Got home did the dishes, cooked supper, folded the laundry and put a load of laundry in, and gathered and took the trash out. Wife spent the evening once again in our bedroom but this time it was working on activities to help our daughter learn better for school. She did have a school meeting at 7 pm. I thought the kids would shower on the next day so I did not tell them to bath, but was overruled agrily by wife and gave my daughter a shower because her hair was dirty. Kids got to bed 1 hour late because wife kept overruling me on telling them to go lay down. After kids went to bed I got on my computer to play games. I put too large a load in the dryer and it took a long time to dry so I was not able to put it up before bed time. Wife went into the kitchen to make the kids lunches. I asked if I could do anything to help and she said no. I layed down in bed a little later than I was planning. Wife was very angry when she opened the dryer because I hadn't taken the clothes out and folded them, I had washed our large pile of clothes instead of the kids 1 day of clothes, when I folded the laundry I didn't put the towels in the bathroom because i did not want to interrupt her meeting so she yelled at me because the towels were not in the bathroom when she went to take a shower. I was berated very badly and once again felt unappreciated, emasculated, and unloved (hated maybe.) She said that I was doing more around the house only because I felt our marriage was failing (in a sarcastic tone of voice) and I wanted to be praised. I am doing it because it helps with my depression and honestly I am trying to get into the habit for when I inevitably divorce her. I turned off my emotions and went to sleep. No kiss goodnight and even saying goodnight.
Woke up at 3:30 am alone in bed. I assume the wife slept with the kids. I couldn't go back to sleep so I laid in bed. Closer to the alarm time of 4:30ish I got ready for work. When my wife came in I had to say good morning,she wasn't even going to talk to me. I had to initiate the conversation. I left 5 min early because I didn't want to be around her. I had to kiss/tell her goodbye which is usual. I'm not sure the last time the morning routine was initiated by her. several times in our marriage I have experimented with how long we would go without a kiss or an I love you that wasn’t initiated by me. Usually its several weeks and I almost feel like seeing how long it would take this time. Got home with the kids and stopped for our weekly
treat. Wife did not spend as much time in the bedroom as usual. I was tired so I did not feel like doing any cleaning. I cooked supper and we watched a show during supper. Afterwards she joined me and the kids in walking the dogs. We got back and watched a few more shows and then I helped her with lunches and getting the kids things together. Anytime something didn't go perfect she always had little comments and blamed me (like when she couldn't find Ychilds clothes or if a tape was missing.) all in all, the day wasn't bad and wasn't good either. I went to bed a little early and she decided to stay up and watch one of her own movies. I did not kiss her or say I love you. She did not say anything about it.
Woke up at a normal time. Wife and Ychild were in bed with me. The morning went ok and Ychild was very chipper and loving. Got home from work with the kids and went out picked up groceries and ate out. we stopped at some yard sales and had a decent fun time with minimal arguing. Got home and put up the groceries. wife's parents were coming over the next day and "we" cleaned the house. I did the dishes, cleaned the counters, vacuumed and shampooed the carpets, picked up the living room, cleaned off the fireplace, put up the clothes in the living room. It was 10:30 I kept telling the kids to go to bed and Wife kept overriding me. Telling me its the weekend and the kids should be able to stay up. I think 10:30 is too late for an 8 and 5 year old to stay up. I told wife I was tired and was going to bed. She complained that she was going to have to stay up and clean the house by herself. She said i didn't do enough. The only thing she could come up with when i asked her what i didn't do was keep the entertainment center clean and organized. Apparently i'm fine living in an empty house. Funny when she was a stay at home mom after she got laid off and then during the pandemic, the house was never cleaned. She stayed home all day everyday and never cleaned nor cooked supper or did the dishes. I feel like I am bending over backwards not only am I not receiving credit for what I have done. I am actually getting complaints for not doing enough. She eventually went to bed with the kids while I slept in my bed alone again. Not that I wanted her company after making me feel like that.
Got up around 7:00. I finished cleaning the carpets in the living room, cleaned the trash from the carpets, and swept the bathroom. We went looking at garage sales. Parents got there a little late in the day and spent more time with her sister than they did with us which is usually. I tried to get the kids to go to bed at a decent hour but was once again overruled by my Wife. She said the kids are on a school break and should be able to stay up later. I agreed but didnt think staying up till 11:30 at night should be the answer. They should be in bed at 9:30 and asleep at 10:00. Needless to say Wife slept with the kids.
Today we spent a great deal of the day traveling and going to yard and estate sales. It was a decent day with minimal arguing except for right before supper trying to get the kids to not cry when we wont buy them everything they want. Wife said I am fuel to the fire for the kids. It upset me that she constantly bad mouths my parenting style. Apparently not putting up with children throwing fits and actually punishing them instead of just letting everything play out without saying anything is a bad day. A thunderstorm came late in the evening and none of us went to bed before it passed. Wife slept with the kids again.
We all woke up early and took wife to work. When we got back I let the kids play and be kids. We did work on Ychilds worksheets for school. Ochild had a dr apt then we went to pick up wife. Got home and cooked supper and did the dishes. I also vacuumed the livingroom. spouse spent the entire evening in the bedroom working on schoolwork. Wife slept with the kids again.
Woke up with Ychild in my bed and wife at work. Had a good day with the kids. Ychild lost one of her (only pairs) of shoes. They played all day in the living room having a good time. Had leftovers for supper. Wife spent all evening in the bedroom working on schoolwork. Wife slept with the kids again. I was feeling very alone again. Just reminded me how we don't have much of a marriage.
Woke up early alone in bed. Had a good day with the kids. Helped them build a big fort in the living room. I did some woodworking today and got the pole saw from our neighbor. Walked the dogs before supper. Supper didn't turn out well, the pork chops were freezer burnt so we got taco casa. Wife spent the evening in the bedroom working on schoolwork. Another thunderstorm rolled in around bedtime. Wife slept with the kids again. That's 6 days straight sleeping in my bed alone.
Woke up at 3:30am got up but went back to bed and eventually sleep around 4:30-5:00. Woke up with Ychild in bed. I took the kids to several stores today and changed the water in the aquarium . Wife got back home and let the kids play. Once my wife got home I cooked supper and washed the dishes while she disappeared into the bedroom. Went back there and she was just laying in bed saying she was tired while watching tv. I convinced her to come and eat supper with the family at the table. Afterwards she went back to the bedroom for more bed and tv. She would rather spend time laying in bed and watching tv than spend a little time with me. I have been all alone with 2 kids all day (actually for the last 4 days.) Ochild convinced her to come out of the bedroom to show her something on his tv. I don't know what to do and no longer feel connected to my wife, I feel like I am all alone. Wife came out and before laying down with the kids mentioned I havent kissed her goodnight in a few days and to come kiss her. It was just a smooch but at least she took notice. I told her it feels like she wanted me to do that lately.She told me she was just stressed and tired from school work. She slept with the kids again tonight.
Woke up with Ychild in bed with me. Got the kids up and fed them breakfast. Wife got home early and we went to an estate sale. I made hotdogs for supper. Kids went to bed late. Wife complained about them not being asleep. I told her what she said about them being on a school break and me getting in trouble with her earlier for putting them to bed before 10:00 pm. It didn't matter, it was still my fault and still upset. Wife slept with the kids again.
Wife got up earlier than me. We left the house around 9 to go look at some neighborhood garage sales. had a decent day in the car with minimal fussing. Got home a little later than planned. Had Ychild start cleaning her messy room. Wife started complaining about the messy house again saying she is the only one who cleans. Apparently I am not doing a good enough job. What a surprise. did some laundry today. got the kids to bed around 9:30. They were constantly out of bed until 11:00pm with different things. I was getting upset with them and my wife strolled in and took over as usual as soon as the kids started crying. She actually came to bed with me tonight. I tried to cuddle with her but as usual she huffed as soon as I put my arm around her. She said she doesn't mind me cuddling, she just doesnt like it when I move my hand. She made no effort to return the love. I am glad for these interactions because it reminds me that I am not loved and why I want a divorce.
Woke up around 6:00 am with a stomach ache and bloated. Down to 238 lbs. Wife spent the day in the bedroom working on school. I did some laundry, trimmed the trees in the yard, and put out bulk pickup items. Cooked chicken fajitas for supper. Wife came down sick with something and went to bed early. Kids were asleep by 9:00. Wife was asleep by the time I came to bed.
Went to work. Not a bad day there. Got home and cooked supper, took the dogs for a walk. Tried to put the kids to bed at 8:00 Ychild started crying and got wife to agree to let her sleep in our bed tonight. All they have to do is turn on the water works. The wife doesn't want to hear them cry so she caves. Ychild slept with me and wife.
Went to work. Picked up the kids and went home. Cooked hotdogs for supper. Put up some laundry. Wife cut the Ochild and my hair. Didn't go for walk today. Got kids to bed on time. Wife slept with the kids.
Worked from home today. Picked the kids up for a half day. Stopped at chick-fil-a for lunch. Went to the fish store with the kids. Met Wife for the Ychild's parent teacher conference. Cooked chicken fajita nachos for lunch. Gathered trash, did laundry, and did the dishes. Cut out the pumpkin with the kids. Wife and I watched Netflix until bed. We lay down and I decided to try cuddling again. I rolled over to her and she actually reciprocated. She put her leg around mine and held my hand. It felt really nice.
Went to work. It was an uneventful morning and work. Picked up the kids and called my wife to meet us at DQ for a treat. We got home and my wife wasn't feeling well. She didn't eat supper. Me and my kids took the dogs for a walk while my wife stayed behind and took a bath. We watched netflix until bed again. Got the kids in bed on time. When the kids threw a fit when they wanted Wife to cover them up she said something in a low voice and refused to tell me what she said. I kept asking her and she finally told me "it's probably why you resent me." I didn't say anything because it was partially true. I do resent her because the kids prefer her, but they only prefer her because she constantly gives in their fits and I do not. So I keep being the bad guy and she get to be the fun yes mom. Later we started working on the kids' lunches. I got a bottled drink off the table and started to open it.She asked if it was old and I said i don't think so. She started to complain at me because she didn't want to give the kids an old drink. I started to explain why I didn't think it was old (the cap still had seals on most of the cap.) She told me I was talking too loud (I wasn't, I was talking in a normal voice.) She told me she didn't need me anymore so I left and went to bed. We went to bed angry with
each other.
Woke up still angry at her because it was such a little issue to get mad about. Things like this happen all the time. Little things that don't matter in the long run end up being blown up beyond what it should have. had a decent day at work then went and got the kids. ate at the olive garden. Ochild asked if he could have her phone. I explained to him that he could only have his tablet, not her phone or tablet. He got upset and wife immediately caved and gave him her phone. I explained to my wife that we agreed 2 weeks ago and they haven't had either this entire time. their behavior is much better but she said she isn't feeling well and just didn't want to hear it. i got home and unloaded the groceries. My wife started complaining about me unloading the groceries wrong. Apparently I'm supposed to put them on the table starting at the far end then work down the table from there. Like it makes a difference if you take an extra step either way the entire table is filled up and it doesn't matter which end you start on. Then my wife complained that I hadn't cleaned up the blood drops from the dog yet. I literally was only home for 2 minutes before she got home then we left but it's supposed to be my job to get it done with no time to spare. I cleaned it up and she started complaining that I cleaned it wrong. I used a baby wipe when I should have used clorox wipes. There is litteral pee on the floor and she is worried that the blood wasn't sanitized. Makes no sense. This all happened within 20 minutes. Needless to say she slept with the kids again.
Woke up for overtime on a saturday. i worked 7 hours on a boat on the lake. Come home and the wife is sitting on the couch watching tv and the kids are right next to her zoned out with electronics. she didn't do anything all day and has been binge watching netflix. she said
She wanted to go to a local festival today. I fixed myself a pbj for lunch then did the dishes. We went next door to help the neighbors put on their pool cover. After that we went to watch a country band perform at a local festival. We were there for 2 hours and she seemed
upset with me because she knows i do not like crowds and i told her i was there because it's what she wanted to do. that's supposed to be my job to do things i don't like to support her but I guess i am actually supposed to like it to avoid offending her. The kids were
horrible and kept fighting over her phone. It seems like im never gonna get her to put her foot down. Came back home and watched the last episode of season one of our favorite shows. Kids stayed up late and the wife slept with the kids.
Had a decent night's sleep. The kids were screaming when I woke up. Kids had a full day of playing. I took Ochild with me when I went to the store and I bought him lunch. We get home and I throw the kids' laundry into the washer. Wife and the kids made a pumpkin into a puppy for
Ochild's book report. I take Ychild to the store to get her own pumpkin. Kids are playing a game with a hula-hoop like mirror-mirror. My son asks the mirror who is the laziest and he puts it up to me. It really hurt my feelings. Wife talked to him and told him all the things I do (dishes, cooking supper, laundry, sweep/mop, vacuuming, gardening, mowing.) She listed all these things. I talked to her about it later and she said "well" like she really thinks I am lazy. She just listed off all the things I do and she talks to me like I am lazy. Ychild threw a fit at bedtime because her required stuffed animal is dirty from the dog. I begin telling her that she needs to take care of it and this wouldn't happen. Wife gets onto me about trying to teach her life lessons. Wife allows ychild to sleep in our bed with us. I don't think any of my lessons will ever stick when wife is there to overrule me and go softer on the kids. At least I didn't sleep alone tonight.
Woke up and went to work. Uneventful day at work. Get the gets and bring them home. I put up the laundry and started a new load. Picked up the living room and then cooked supper (smothered pork chops.) Afterward we walked the dogs (wife got home and was tired so she changed into pajamas) ychild was upset and wants her mommy to walk with us so she got peeved but changed into street clothes and we walked together as a family. We get back and sit on the couch for the next 3 hours watching netflix. Put the kids to bed then finish our netflix binge. After I volunteered to help fix the kids' lunch for the next day. She praised me for the speed that I made their lunch. Unfortunately ychild had spilled something in her lunchbox and I cleaned it. It got wet when I cleaned and my wife flipped out and got in a bad mood. the next 20 min was kicking me out of the kitchen, complained because i forgot to bring ychild's sweater in from the car, upset because i did not put the laundry into the dryer. I went to bed alone.
Woke up with my wife and ychild in bed with me. I started getting ready and my wife started complaining to ychild that she will have to go dig through the laundry basket to get socks because they never get put up. I spent all my time between getting home and cooking supper and putting up laundry. The both of us sat on our butts and watched netflix for hours the previous evening. we could have done those together but we didn't. Instead it's my fault because I didn't do it. Its tiring bending over backwards, feeling like you are doing the brunt of the housework, the only one working, the only one cooking and feeling unappreciated and getting bitched at for minor things. especially the 1st thing in the morning to our ychild within earshot of me. She is very passive aggressive and saying these things to my kids undermines my authority and prevents me from being an effective parent. Its things like this that leads me to believe that's why my son thinks I am lazy. I wonder what she has said to him so that I didn't overhear. I got the kids from school and brought them home. I immediately put up the clothes that had been folded but not put up. I cleaned the fish tank of dead fish and snails. I cooked supper (hamburgers), i wasn't feeling well so we didn't go for a walk, I got an old laptop together for Ochild to use. Wife and I watched TV for about an hour and got on my computer. Went to bed alone.
Wife and I had an argument at the end of the night. Went to bed upset.
Woke up with my wife and ychild in bed. Didn't say goodbye to my wife when I left. I had a decent day at work. Picked up the kids and brought them home. We didn't walk the dogs today. Wife had to stay late at school. Wife went to bed early with the kids.
Woke up in bed alone. Left again without saying goodbye to my wife. She was upset but I guess doesnt realize that our marriage is in trouble or just doesn't care and wants to maintain an illusion. Didn't have to pick up the kids from school today. We went out to eat for supper. Wife slept with the kids again. came home and mowed the lawn. We ended up eating out at Tuscan Slice. came home and the wife slept with the kids.
Woke up alone. Worked 10 hours of overtime. got home and immediately left to go do some halloween stuff at the big church. had a decent time with little arguing. Afterwards I ate at CFLA. Daughter got upset because she wanted to switch seats and I said no. I am tired of giving in
to the kids' every demand. When she started throwing a fit and told her she was about to get a spanking. Wife got upset because I will actually spank them and she thinks it doesn't do any good. The kids only really seem to do this when they know mommy is around cause when it's just me they behave. They know they can always get mommy on their side and turn her against daddy just by crying. The wife stayed in the bedroom working on schoolwork after we got back. The kids stayed up really late (11:30). went to bed alone.
Woke up alone a little later. Wife and ychild had slept with me. We ended up staying home most of the day. Wife stayed in the bedroom working on schoolwork. I played with the kids, swept, vacuumed, did the laundry, cleaned the living room, and cleaned the aquarium. We went to a local church event for trunk or treat and then we took the kids trick or treating down downtown. It was a decent night. We got home and the kids went to bed a little late.
Nov 2021
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2023.06.01 00:19 iixxad I don’t think she’s coming back

Okay, so this might be unpopular prediction (and I can’t wait for her to suddenly return tomorrow after I post this, lol) but I truly feel like she might not come back.
Hear me out. Yes, she’s done this before. She’s been doing this cat and mouse game of disappearance and huge breaks for years, ever since her Sims channel, but I feel like people don’t get how significantly different this time is.
Every other time, she’s gotten even minimal backlash and freaked out, but she has ALWAYS had good 95% of her fanbase behind her. Like, even after and through the racist video scandal, or the first time getting back with Andrew, we might have been critical of her here and we might have been growing in number, but when you went to her YT comments it was still mostly support or the “we love you girl, you do you, fuck the haters”. And I think that has been a big, stable building block for Cindy. She knew that no matter what, her audience would stand by her.
The way things have completely turned around in the comments under the last video was a complete 180 and I can’t even blame her for getting a whiplash so big she might never return. One stable thing, her adoring fans, sniffed out. (In her eyes, of course, she probably didn’t see how everyone was trying to help and get to her and get her to get it together, she only saw “attack! danger! hate!”) I almost feel bad for her in a way, because I know how big abandonment is for someone with BPD. No matter how many times she disappeared, she could count on those drones waiting for her and that’s no more, so I honestly don’t believe she will come back if she doesn’t think she will get that validation and love.
I want to say I hope she’s gonna get help, get a job and heal, but we know how she is… and she’s with Andrew again, which is bound to end up a disaster at one point or another. Either way, I will miss the drama. 😬😂
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2023.06.01 00:16 Putrid_Boysenberry67 Cat has a hard lump behind his left ear

Hello everyone, my male cat will be 2 years old in September, he’s an indoor cat (rarely goes outside and only on a leash) and he’s also castrated.
He had no previous health issues, but last Saturday afternoon I noticed a very hard lump behind his left ear, it’s under the skin and seemed to pop up over night, because I’m sure we would’ve felt it while petting him the day before.
The skin under it is normal, we couldn’t find a puncure or a bite wound and it isn’t warm to the touch. We went to the vet as soon as they opened which was on Monday and they said that he didn’t have a fever, his lymph nodes were normal and the bump was too hard to be an abcess (the best way I could describe it is that it feels like a bone, it’s that hard).
Also, he’s been eating a little bit less than usual (still goes crazy for treats, but eats a tiny bit less food from his bowl) and he was also a little less active since he usually has the energy of 3 cats combined, but they said it hurts when they squeeze the lump, so it might be because of that.
They gave him a shot of antibiotics and something for an allergy reaction in case something bit him, but the only option would be a spider since we have mosquito nets on our windows and no bugs flew in.
The bump grew after the vet visit and it always feels like a little ball when it swells up, but I believe it’s because they squeezed it really hard to try and diagnose him, so it got irritated again. We went back today, the lump got a little bit smaller since Monday, but it’s still there and grew again after the visit to the vet.
He got a shot of painkillers and they said it’s probably some swelling from hitting his head. We did adopt a new cat about a month ago and they were playing all the time, he was also frequently throwing his head against the floor while they played.
My question is - does anyone know after how long the swelling should dissapear since the vet couldn’t give us an answer and should we take him to get an X-ray? They also told us to come back tommorow, which we will do.
I’m really worried because in 2 days he’ll already have the lump for a week which seems a little long for swelling because he hit his head, so I’m panicking about some kind of malicious growth in the worst case scenario, if he was misdiagnosed.
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2023.06.01 00:15 peachgatorade At a loss

Was desperate for a cordless affordable stick vacuum with a hepa filter as my allergies go crazy every-time I use my other cheap vaccuum I got on amazon… aaaand I guess I got what I asked for with this one too because this stick vacuum cant deal with my cats hair at all even though it advertises it can. I’m going to return it and need advice. I know I know cordless is terrible in the long run, so I have a big ask for you guys.
Is there a vacuum on the market that is reliable, affordable, lightweight, can deal with cat hair and my long haired boyfriend, and has a hepa filter? I would love if it was a stick vacuum with attachments so i could reach corners and such.
For context I am going to be downsizing to a two bedroom smaller apartment that is mostly carpet with some vinyl. Price range would preferably be under 200 but I’m willing to go up to 400 if my boyfriend can split down the middle with me which I know he will.
Again I know this is a big ask to find a vaccuum with all these qualities but there has to be something along these lines… I’m desperate at this point.
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2023.06.01 00:13 RIV_C Litter Robot 4 Waste Drawer with Handle

I have a cat that likes to stand on the step attached to the waste drawer, stick his front paws in the litter cylinder and do his business. Good thing he’s cute.
To mitigate the Tootsie Roll Fairy’s visits, I ended up removing the step from the waste drawer and noticed additional screw holes labelled “handle”. This would lead me to believe they have a waste drawer with a handle instead of the step.
I’ve seen one bundle ad that mentioned a handle, but haven’t been able to find one on their site or in the wild.
Does anyone have a waste drawer with the handle? There’s a gap between the main body of the unit and the waste drawer without the step installed.
Anybody good with a 3D printer?
Anyway… I removed the step and bought the new large fence and I haven’t had any presents outside the LR in about a week. I’d just like to fill that gap to the litter containment with the handle option (maybe it was scrapped).
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2023.06.01 00:12 denika2505 29f (almost 30 🫣) any wonderful mortals looking for a natter?

Hey! I'm looking for some genuine people to talk to 😊 I'm open to short or long term :) A sense of humour is always good! I've met a couple of really cool people on here so hoping to meet more :)
Here's a little bit about me so you can see what you're letting yourself in for and if we would vibe 😊 I'm 29, from the North of England, I'm married and have a cat and a dog :) I really love cooking and baking! My brownie recipe is my pride and joy! As far as hobbies are concerned.. I sing and play guitar (but can't play guitar too well, just enough to accompany myself when I'm singing) I love hiking and really want to get into paddleboarding! 🙈 I'm a cancer if that's something you're interested in! I listen to almost all genres of music, depends on my mood! My current favourites are folk/ indie :) (particularly Hozier and Noah Kahan) I work in a solo environment so socialising outside of my husband and family is somewhat limited, so I want to try and meet people here 😊
Platonic only please! I just want to make friends! So yeahhh there's a sprinkling of information about me, so fire away if you think we'll vibe 😊 Ask me something? Shoot a random fact at me! Tell me your most useless talent? Or your deepest darkest secret (we can start at the good stuff if you're feeling brave! Or maybe just a teeny secret if you're not feeling quite as bold! 🙈)
Either way thanks for reading long ass post 🙈 enjoy your night! Ps. If I don't reply tonight I'm not being rude it's just 11:10pm here and I'm up early in the morning 😊
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2023.06.01 00:10 Hopeful-Ad-3865 My SO chose him at the shelter/cat-cafe because he was shy and 'looked sad'. I think Biscuit knows who picked him 💗

My SO chose him at the sheltecat-cafe because he was shy and 'looked sad'. I think Biscuit knows who picked him 💗 submitted by Hopeful-Ad-3865 to u/Hopeful-Ad-3865 [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 00:10 VinnyQuinny Balding stray cat?

So for the past few months I've been feeding the stray cats ever since their original "caretaker" has been getting sicker and sicker, so I've seen many of the same stray cats who all appear to be relatively healthy aside from some scars and such, but there's this tiny little cat with a huge bald spot. The fur is matted and hanging off, exposing her bare skin. She has some blue spots (which I assume to be veins) but I've noticed these 6 tiny black spots on the bare skin in the same general area. I couldn't tell if they were moving, but her health has been scaring me to death. She's been somewhat more trusting than most strays, approaching and meowing at us but never getting too close and running away when we slightly move. I'm sure she grew up with humans and possibly ran away or was abandoned, because she meows at us and hangs out with this same cat about her size and fur length (probably siblings) who completely trusts us. I was just wondering if it could be some sort of parasites or worms? Any advice on what to do? How to capture her safely to send to vet?
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2023.06.01 00:09 Dealer_Of_Asparagus The hay is all hers

The hay is all hers submitted by Dealer_Of_Asparagus to Rabbits [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 00:07 hatingassb1tch TikTok rant

I hate hate HATE the tiktokification of crochet. A year ago I could find so many different patterns and videos on crochet and each one was unique and fun. Everything was so diverse and then idk what happened but so many TikTokers started making those “shrugs”. The sleeve things?? And don’t even get me started in that cat ear beanie. Those are good starter protects but like all I see are the same two things everywhere. U can’t find any good crochet vlogs anymore bc everyone is doing crochet sleeves or cat ear beanie. I’m sick of it. And about the sleeves,there aren’t even any good patterns for them. No increasing or decreasing just a straight shot down the arm and it looks so awkward. All these TikTok ppl making the same 2 things and then trying to sell them for like $10 is obliterating the crochet market. (I’m being dramatic). It making ppl think of crochet in a totally different light now. Crochet is worth so much more than just ten dollars. Anytime I tell someone I crochet or knit they say “ohhh can u make me a cat ear beanie?” NO!! Ok sorry guys for the long post.
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2023.06.01 00:05 Tiph8uh5knee Looking for a solution for the breeze litter box

I have tried so many cat litters and litter boxes over the years and I really can’t seem to find one that I’m happy with. I’m currently using the hooded breeze litterbox. I use the the breeze pellets on top, as intended. I tried using the pads underneath but they are just way too expensive for how often they need to be changed. So I use cat litter box liners and animal bedding wood pellets. I’ve also tried adding the generic pads as well, but they don’t really seem to help and I probably won’t repurchase. I don’t use the animal pellets on top because once they start breaking down it gets everywhere. ( I’ve tried using multiple different mats.) My biggest issue with my current system is that the base really isn’t very deep and once the pellets start breaking down they expand and are basically touching the grated part. I know not to put too much in the base right away, but after a day the urine to pellet ratio is off and more pellets need to be added. Are there any totes/containers that would work for this? Or any other ideas for litter and/or a litter box in general? I should probably mention that I have 2 cats that are 15+ years.
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2023.06.01 00:04 UltimateHeatBlast My cat came into contact with essential oils

So my mum has been staying over and she had some essential oils that the cat knocked over. Only around 5 drops came out and I ran and picked her up. I washed her with water because I’m out of cat shampoo. Will she be ok? I’m not sure what breed she is but she’s mostly white with black splodges and she’s round 1 year old. Not on any medication or anything
• ⁠Species: cat • ⁠Age: 1 ish • ⁠Sex/Neuter status: female, unneutered • ⁠Breed: I’m not sure • ⁠Body weight: 20lbs maybe? • ⁠History: no history • ⁠Clinical signs: none yet • ⁠Duration: 5 minutes ago • ⁠Your general location: England • ⁠Links to any test results, X-rays, vet reports etc. that you have: none
If your post already includes this information please disregard this message.
I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.
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2023.06.01 00:03 Difficult-Ad8228 2013 g37 exhaust

So I’ve had my g for a couple of months now and I’m looking into exhaust systems. I know a lot of people get the Tomei single exit exhaust but I personally don’t like the look of it. I was looking at the z1 touring exhaust but it’s a little pricy. Does anyone know any other good cat back exhaust systems for it that’s also not too expensive and sounds decent?
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2023.06.01 00:03 youhungryicouldeat Owner of a Litter Robot for 3+ Years

Disclaimer - this is a rant post because LR disables comments on all their social media posts (I wonder why?!?)
Went all in on this product. The whole kit. $800+
100% serious - biggest waste of money and my biggest regret in terms of purchases.
The thing constantly faults and gets stuck in an unusable position. I’ve done everything. Bypassed the trip sensors by taping them together, received 3 replacement bottom units and 1 whole ass litter robot after that. Still fails.
This product is bad, flat out. To be clear, the customer service people were great, so they aren’t to blame.
Please for the love of cats everywhere - do not buy this awful, poorly engineered product.
I bought this because I was sick of scooping crap, but at this point - at least I know a litter box won’t ever fail at it’s sole purpose of being a means for my cats to relieve themselves.
Don’t care to hear a defense of this product. If you’re someone who is looking into this product - DO NOT BUY
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2023.06.01 00:02 howbizsolutions Understanding User Intent in Digital Marketing

Understanding User Intent in Digital Marketing
When looking at website data, it’s sometimes easy to forget that users are in fact real people just like you and me. Rather than being data points to be crunched and manipulated, they’re living beings who are visiting us in order to scratch an itch: they want information on something.
In digital marketing, and content marketing in particular, it’s especially important that we understand what motivates users to perform certain searches.
One common framework for understanding search intent used by content marketing agencies is the transactional, informational, or navigational model.
Or as Google puts it,
  • Do (transactional)
Transactional searches are the most hotly contested in both organic and paid search, as they’re the nearest to the end of the funnel.
  • Know (informational)
For organic search, the informational category is generally the most competitive. There are many ways to skin this cat; you can go for the high-volume unbranded terms or you can target the long tail for smaller but comparatively easier wins. The problem is that the broader the term, the less clear the searcher’s intent is.
  • Go (navigational)
For brands, navigational keywords are generally the easiest to rank for, and this means they spend less time and effort monitoring and maintaining these rankings. However, this can leave them vulnerable to proactive competitors or negative PR.

Freeing ourselves of keyword tunnel vision

When we look at search terms, we see combinations of words. But it’s the intent behind the search that we need to be addressing.
I can pull a bunch of short- and long-tail search terms, group them into topics and then create content to match those terms, but this misses out the biggest piece of the puzzle (the informational search) even if I try to weed out the intent-marking terms like “buy online” or “near me”.
This is where we ask ourselves why the user is performing their search, and in doing so outmaneuver the competition by creating answers to not only their questions, but their actual needs.

Serving user intent = user experience

Going for intent frees us from keyword tunnel vision. We aim to serve human searchers, not just what they type into that little white box in their browser. We think about what someone might want to know — the keywords are a secondary factor.
If you can’t give people the information they seek, you’re not going to do very well as a website, let alone a search engine.
Google’s ability to understand what we’re looking for and provide access to information has made it one of the most important developments in human culture and history, ever. As marketers, it therefore makes sense that we do everything we can to help our users — and Google — achieve their goals.
As search becomes more “human”, optimizing for user experience (i.e. intuitively giving people what they want) will become increasingly important. The simplest way to do this is to optimize for user intent; delivering on user intent creates better user experience, by definition.

The opportunity: Information seekers

For content marketers, the informational category offers the most significant opportunity for addressing user intent.
The traditional funnel (awareness, consideration, purchase) isn’t an accurate representation of how people seek information when they’re looking to buy something. In reality, it’s more like this:
Let’s put this into a real-word example.
Say you want to buy a digital camera. Photography gear isn’t cheap, so you want to do your research and make the best decision.
Your research process might go as follows:
  1. Google search for “Canon DSLR”
  2. See a product and look up reviews
  3. Shortlist items, look up reviews across YouTube, forums, blogs, overseas sellers, etc
  4. Decide on something that might be the right combination of price and features
  5. Search again for product name
  6. Shocked at the price, look up Gumtree used ads
  7. Find some items you hadn’t seen, Google for more info
  8. Refine your shortlist
  9. Go back to look for brand new cameras
  10. Notice Google Shopping or eBay ads and discover much cheaper prices for the same items
  11. Why are some people so much cheaper? Google the store names
  12. Whirlpool forum, find out that there’s a grey import market
  13. Look up grey import company reviews. Mainly forums come up
  14. Research into pros and cons of grey imports
  15. Start watching YouTube videos on totally different camera-related topics (e.g. photoshop, photography techniques) and consume this media
  16. Forget you were even shopping for a camera and start looking at lenses for days on end
  17. Days or weeks later, repeat this process until you feel confident you know enough to have made a good decision
  18. Purchase
  19. Continue researching for product support, tutorials, and new gear to go with your recent purchase
  20. Repeat ad nauseam.
(Source: this is more or less what I experienced myself when searching for a camera)
As you can see, there are multiple touchpoint where information is the key decision driver. You’re comparing products, learning the pros and cons, looking at related products, finding out about new purchasing channels, and so on.
The more places a brand can be during this process, the better.

People search repeatedly. Aim for their search refinements.

The moral of the story is that the information-gathering (or “consideration”) phase is the biggest slice of the funnel. By far.
Many brands get caught up in the final purchase stage and treat all searches as if they were transactional, but they shouldn’t. For most businesses, to limit yourself only to a website with prices on it is a huge missed opportunity.
This is the difference between YouTube or Facebook and Google Search. It’s very possible to come across something on social media or have Google suggest something to you at the bottom of the SERP, and for that to take you on a journey of learning and entertainment — and the further into your buying process you are, the more likely users are to engage.
We must understand how those people in the middle of the funnel are actually using the internet, and how they bounce around. The funnel model is a bit of a misnomer — very few people are really that linear in their decision making.
Brands must embrace the chaos that is the decision-making process and work out where they want to slot into the content landscape and engage with their prospective market. The time for websites to simply be online shopfronts is well and truly over.

But what about the cost of creating all this content?

You might ask yourself, “Why should retailers spend all that time and money creating content for someone who’s just going to buy used, or go somewhere else?”
Or is the real question: why aren’t they all doing it? Why isn’t everyone trying to one-up each other in positioning themselves as the place you should go to? A good salesperson who knows what they’re talking about and is genuinely interested in helping is the person I won’t for a second regret buying from.
They could create all this content and generate a Facebook page, Instagram account, YouTube subscriber count, newsletter or educational resource that users truly want to interact with. The bigger their following gets, the more they’ll be able to harness (i.e. monetize) that audience.
Their suppliers might start giving them special access to deals or new products, or they could begin holding paid events or meet-ups, with early access going exclusively to members of their list. Non-competing but related brands might start approaching them wanting to gain access to this audience, which would of course come at a fee.
These are just some of the ways that content marketing should be considered; it’s so much more than just blog posts optimized for high-volume keywords. All you need is some time and an internet connection, and something interesting, educational, informative or entertaining to say (which your audience actually wants to hear), and you will be able to build an audience.
People will forever look up YouTube reviews and forum comments. They’ll ask their Facebook friends, they’ll scroll through Instagram and Pinterest, all for different reasons and different stages of their indecision. In future they’ll search using their voice search assistant, and Google will show them results from whatever channel it deems fit. Being there is half the battle won.
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2023.06.01 00:02 Re-Re_Baker Peter can’t stay related to kid readers forever. He needs to grow up.

But Marvel is too stubborn to allow that. They said that 616 Peter being married and having kids would make him “less justifiable” when it would make him more justifiable. They said that Peter having a child will cause kids to lose interest in him when it will cause them to be more interested. Wouldn’t they be excited to see Mayday, Benjy and Annie when they’re born? They were excited to see Franklin Richards when he was born.
Why do Sue Storm and Reed Richards marry and have their son Franklin but Peter can’t stay married to Mary Jane and have Mayday? It’s bizarre on how these writers do nonsense like that.
Why didn’t Joe Quesada try to do a comic to break up Sue and Reed and prevent Franklin from being born? He did this with Peter and Mary Jane and ruined everything! Why didn’t he ruin Fantastic Four with this cat shit?!
What’s worse is that Zeb Wells did this massive dog shit where Mary Jane is married to fugly Paul and they adopted those brats Owen and Romy until they faded away to oblivion. He even said that Peter will never be married nor have a child because that would be the last issue. It’s outrageous. He, along with Cebulski and Lowe are those editorial writers who have a fetish for pissing fans off and torturing Peter nonstop.
We have all kinds of spider people who are still related to kids such as Miles Morales, Miguel O’Hara, Gwen Stacy (Spider-Gwen), Cindy Moon, Ben Reilly, Kaine Parker, Jessica Drew, Peter Porker and on and on and on.
So sick of this horse shit. So tired of those editorial writers’ shenanigans. So sick of Quesada’s “Superhero couples breaking up” cat shit and Wells’ “Paul and those brats” dog shit.
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2023.06.01 00:02 Tp889449 Am I a dick for having fun at the (might be ignorant but id describe it as low) cost of others?

So one of my friends got super mad at me cuz I hit her water bottle with precision twice, in my head it was pretty funny but she acted like I just skinned her cat on her front porch and toasted its removed dermis like a crepe or something cuz she called me a dick like 5 times with this super eerie look on her face, if somebody hit my water bottle and they found it funny I would laugh along too, given that she's a girl and I'm a guy I might just not understand something about how girls hang out and find fun, cuz us guys do inappropriate shit like that all the time and we just laugh it off, id be like "ok who cares if somebody knocked a bit of water out of my water bottle, I can just fill it up again", I really wanna know what yall think, cuz it might be time I change my attitude towards how I find fun, don't wanna be a dick yknow.
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2023.06.01 00:02 samm105107 I'm really worried about my cat's kittens. I'd really appreciate any input

Hello everyone. I'm posting here looking for advice or anything that can help me figure out what to do because I'm really in distress right now.
I want to clarify something first, I'm from a village in a 3rd world country where we don't have any animal shelters or rescue. And to make things worse, I'm jobless because it's very difficult to get a job with a salary here. A year ago a cat gave birth around our house, and I've been taking care of her kitten since. Her name is princess. I tried to do my best for her, I was unable to raise her inside the house ( dad is allergic and mom has OCD about hygiene). I built her a little house right at our door and she stays there. last month she gave birth to 3 kittens. I knew this day will come but unfortunately I didn't have the money to get her fixed. She was in heat right after I paid for the vet for her viral infection, it was a difficult financial situation for me that month because I paid 70% of what I have for the month. Now I have no idea how I can feed princess and her 3 kittens once they strat eating. I posted on this fb group for kittens adoption but no one was interested, because in my country people prefer certain type of cats, the one that are bred to be home cats, not regular cats you see in the street.
I don't think I'll earn salary any time soon, and I feel so much guilt about this situation. Princess relies completely on me for her food, she wouldn't go look for food like other neighborhood cats. And her kittens will be like that too. Also, I get sick worried when I think that princess will give birth again, and her kittens as well.
Can anyone tell me what can I possibly do in this situation. I'd really appreciate any help
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2023.06.01 00:02 cassylvania Potential second cat

Hello everyone!
So, I’ve (26 F) pretty much had cats since I was a little girl. My partner and I currently have a six-year-old cat named Shiro who we adopted from a foster home when she was still a baby. We love her dearly and she’s very content, healthy and loving.
Our friend’s cat just had kittens. I’m seriously considering taking one in. I’m confident I can care for two cats and we have the space for it, I’m just not sure Shiro will like the kitten? She’s an anxious kitty, and gets startled easily, she always has been. She’s been living alone with us since she was less than a year old.
Would it be a poor choice to try and introduce another cat to the household after she has been the only cat for so long?
Thank you!
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