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2023.06.03 02:40 Justathrowawayokay13 28 [M4F] NJ/Anywhere. Finally bettering my life and want someone to share it with

My name is Jason and I am 28 years old soon to be 29 in July. I am currently working at a plant nursery and plan to finally go back and finish my schooling in the fall. I have dealt with a lot of mental health issues in my life, and although I still struggle, I am making a lot of progress! Finally got into a therapist who I really like and I am seeing a psychiatrist to get the right meds. I know mental health issues are a turn off to a lot so I figured I would put this in here sooner then later.

As for my hobbies? Honestly run of the mill average gamer. I like to spend most of my free time either playing video games, playing TTRPGS, watching anime, learning about plants (This is a new one) and other what I would consider generic interests. I was getting a degree to work in computer sciences but I am currently teetering on maybe changing majors even if it means school will take a little longer.

So I am really bad at these, and prefer to let people talk to me to get to know me. I hope what I wrote wasn't too boring even if its not a lot. I appreciate you taking the time to read my ramblings and I am looking forward to hearing from you!
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2023.06.03 02:29 Brutalbouy Hot take, kaidos story was great

Kaidos backstory and motives were really good
He much like king was kept in a cage and treated like a monster and was only let out of that cage by someone looking to use him as leverage and put him in a bigger cage and when he broke the bars, there was yet a bigger cage
The way I see it, kaido just wanted to be free for himself, and so when rocks came around, it was another cage in disguise. Then they disbanded and then another cage was put on him when he realised, he's not the strongest or the most powerful or the most infamous like Roger or whitebeard.
Kaido sought out the idea of joyboy because kaido himself wanted to be free, free from the restrictions place on him that there was always someone above him be it Roger, whitebeard, Rocks, the world government. He wanted freedom so he sought out a crew under the guise of freedom but only for themselves and spread his own word of joyboy and that kaido can change the world if no one was above him (hence kaidos kingly ambition)
But kaidos flaw was that in giving himself some sort of freedom put a cage around others, he put a cage on king, yes he saved king but Albert was no longer who he was while serving kaido. He took albers freedom and identity and told him to follow kaidos freedom.
Kaido wanted an army of zoans but the ramifications lead to the defective fruits taking aways the emotions of innocent people and leaving them with fake joy, which parallel luffy's ideal
Kaido wanted a home and an HQ so he put Wano in a cage and killed it's leaders
I think at some point kaido realised that all he had done was the exact opposite of what the legend of joyboy stood for and did the exact opposite of liberation, he terrorised and oppressed.
When Roger became pirate king and saw laughtale and the one piece and kaido didn't achieve any of those things, this was another huge emotional cage put on him because now there was someone above him that had done what he couldn't.
When marineford came kaido wanted to 3rd party to become the Victor but shanks stopped him and he was visibly pissed of when we see the scene when he's dealing with yamato after
I think whitebeards death was the straw that broke the camels back for kaido, he realised that what jlhe had done up until then was pointless, he hadn't searched for poneglyphs, he wasn't joyboy, hadn't become king of the pirates and had no legacy
Once he saw what whitebeards death did for the world and how the world reacted to his grand battle and ending, kaido thought that "the only way to be truly free, is to die" and as kaido says "death completes a person" And so kaido kept trying to kill himself but he wanted a huge spectacle
He wanted to die by "falling the highest point in the sky" or some other attempts that we haven't seen.
Kaido is now suicidal and an alcoholic and trapped by boundaries set by those freed themselves
And those who free themselves will always be kaidos downfall
Kaidos defeat was amazing because it was the way he didn't want. He wasn't joyboy, he wasnt the pirate king, he didn't laugh, he went out by someone who was freer than him, the whole country was having a party and not a single person knew how he was defeated and he's mostly likely not dead
And now trapped in a volcano, essentially another cage
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2023.06.03 02:28 AsAboveSoooBelow I deposited $9k of a friend's funds into my own account, but it is much more complicated than that.

This is a throwaway account.
I am unsure if this would fall under criminal law or civil law, so I apologize if this is not correct.
I live in Maryland.

There is a lot to this story, so I am just going to get right into it. My friend, we will call him Bob, did some bad things a couple of years ago. He just spent around 5 months in prison and is now spending an indefinite amount of time at another location while he is out-processed from the service.
Before he left, we discussed finances. We talked about how I was to be in charge of his finances while he was away, though mostly everything was on autopay. I was also to care for his dog, free of charge, for this entire period, which I am still doing, I am happy to be doing. These were all verbal agreements.
While he was in prison, he gave me the passcode to his phone (he had left it with me as well) so that I could transfer money to myself so I could fund the prison phone account that I talked to him through. I explicitly asked if I could transfer money to myself through cashapp, and he said that was fine and gave me his information and etc. It's important to note that for the first few months, he was still receiving pay as a service member as part of the court settlement, and he was supposed to be receiving pay this entire time as well, but something got messed up and so that is being looked into.
So I transferred myself money. I believe he also stated that I could transfer myself money to pay for his dog's things, and he also said I could buy myself something nice a couple of times, I guess just being a good friend. Which I really do appreciate. This verbal agreement wasn't on a "permission-based" idea, it was just a known thing, at least when it came to buying his dog food and such.
The issue is, I did buy his dog things that he needed, and I did fund the phone account, etc. But I also, at some point, ran into my own life issues and started sending myself money through cashapp for my own personal needs and expenses. I didn't think much of it because 1. he was still getting paid far more than I was spending, at least that is what I thought. I never checked his account because everything was on autopay. and 2. I was starting a new job soon and would easily replace whatever I transferred myself.
Well, that all went bad. Because he did stop receiving pay for some unknown reason, but he will get back pay for all of it eventually. I also lost that job. And before I knew it, whether it was through taking care of his dog, funding the phone account, buying myself "something nice," or tending to my own finances, I have, as of today(though this stopped many months ago), sent $9,000 to myself via cashapp. I want to be clear in saying that I did NOT send any money to myself the MOMENT i found out he was not getting paid anymore, but by that time, it was too late. He is looking at an eviction from his home now(which he said he doesn't even care because he does not want to live there), lots of overdue bills, possible bankruptcy, etc. And this would've happened by now anyways, even if I never touched any of that money, for any reason. He would've ran dry of money by now anyways, so this would all still be happening, it just happened a couple months sooner. I still know that I need to do the right thing.
His bank urged him to file a police report and claim it as fraud, but he opted not to do that and instead talk to me first. We agreed that I would pay him back for that stuff, the $9k, and I really plan to do that. I even sent him letter via email, per his request, not notarized, but signed letter stating that I intend to fully pay him back for the $9k that I "borrowed." I used the word "borrowed" and he was okay with that. I wanted him to feel comfortable in knowing that I would do the right thing.
That was about a week ago and so far, I have sent him $500. I'm not working right now, but vigorously looking for a job. I'm trying to do what I can to fix this because I know he is under a lot of pressure and I only made things worse for him, and contrary to all of this, I truly do love him and care for him, I just made a horrible, horrible decision. Or, I guess a lot of little bad decisions that amounted to one horrible decision.
He emailed me today a very long email(which is weird because we text and call often), laying out the urgency of me paying him, showing copies of bills, etc. He says he feels he is getting the cold shoulder from me but I am not trying to do that, I am just trying to do what I can to do this as quickly as possible, apply for lots of jobs, I've sold things, etc. We did not agree on a rate or amount that I would pay him per week/month/whatever but I am trying to do the best I can. I am scared that it is not going to be enough for him, and we're going to end up in court.
I guess my question is... If that happens, how do you, as professionals, think that this is going to go down?
Again, this is the last thing I want to happen, I want to help him, I still love and care for him, but I am scared that I won't be able to do enough for him.
Thanks for your help. I will add more details if I remember anything that I left out.
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2023.06.03 02:27 Igloo-Pincher Do you find it irritating when people call you spontaneously, especially when they know you’re at work, and when you text “sorry at work call you later” they don’t respond?

I just generally despise people’s phone etiquette. Like how fucking difficult is it to learn such very basic social skills??
Always text first, unless you are sure the person is free or it is a close friend or family member. Respond to texts at your earliest convenience, even if it is simply a brief acknowledgment.
Do not under any circumstances respond to a text with a phone call or a fucking VIDEO CHAT! Jesus, several of my friends and relatives do this and it is so incredibly irritating and inappropriate. It falls under the same category of aloofness as answering a call on speakerphone in mixed company. Are people fucking stupid???
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2023.06.03 02:26 throwaway20211111110 I am finally free

I never thought I needed to hear that, it may be weird, but it is almost like leaving an abusive relationship. Hearing that you are free from the abuse, the harassment, the belittling bullshit,and everything in-between.
No more getting screamed at by the Director of the company and CEO. No more 3:00AM drunk phone calls from the Director or his son. No more having the Director’s son hit on me and tell me to leave my spouse for him because they have money.
No more missing family events,gatherings,weddings, and date nights with my spouse. No longer tied to a work phone that went off all hours of the day and night which pulled me away from everyone.
No more being followed home, or worrying about angered staff trying to harm the other staff or myself via threats of our lives. No more worrying about having to making myself less feminine as a fear of my safety.
Lastly, no more worrying about myself worth, no more worrying about staff coming in ill and making a mockery of those who fear of falling ill. No more pain, anguish, and wondering constantly if I would be laid off or get a pay raise as I was always threatened that I did not meet some made up metric.
I am finally free, and now…I just need to keep going towards healing from over five years of trauma.
If you have read this far, I thank you dearly.
Sending all of my love & light to those who may be going through this same type of work environment, or that have gone through this type of environment🤍
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2023.06.03 02:23 Wolven91 Humanity are the dogs in God’s hot car of a planet. Many civilizations have petitioned for a group effort to help humanity while many others vote to simply wait for humans to “realize the door is unlocked.”

An emergency meeting hadn't been called for years. It was not a common event and for the scattered, highest levels of authority for each of the races, to be able to speak to one another across the vast distances instantiously, required a level of technology that was reserved for only the most dire of circumstances.
The core members of The Galactic Community were able to speak freely, to interrupt one another. Those that were not core members could still request to speak and had to be acknowledged and allowed to speak by one of these core members. Once given the floor, they were not to he interrupted until they had made their point and returned to respectful silence and observation.
It was rare, but such an event meant that at least one delegate or representative of every species that was part of The Galactic Community had access to the meeting and, shockingly, for the first time ever, every race was present.
"How long until impact?"
"Less than 12 hours."
"Can we not deflect it?"
"I was only asking. Is the information correct? Are we sure it will impact? From what I understand, its close but not actually on a collision course. It'll skim it at worst."
"It won't impact, all projections show it will detonate once in close proximity however. The detonation is certain."
"And after that?"
"The system will be uninhabitable in a natural manner. Perhaps for a time, the residual heat could keep some alive. Sealed underground compounds could realistically hold a few but we're talking weeks and only a few hundred."
"It would be no real difference from an asteroid station."
"Aah a question, before we go too far here. Why are debating this? Why does this matter?"
"Excuse you?!"
"Look, it's awful. Very sad, yes. We, of course, will issue a statement of regret. But this kind of thing happens every day. They're just primitives. I mean, even by our own standards, it's a debatable whether they're even sentient!"
"Are we ignoring the human population that's already part of our society? What of them?"
"You mean the illegally abducted few?"
"..'Few' she says..."
"Of course you don't mind, last I heard your systems were choked with so many humans you didn't know what to do with them."
"That's just made up slander. You're just trying to hide your own obsessions. We've heard of your ilk and what they do with the-"
"Neither of you are helping with your squabbling. But, if we're wanting them to still exist after their planet's loss, we can just use the current population of them in our possessions and create a breeding program. Pool our resources so to speak. Loss of the source does not mean that they're extinct."
"That's true, we can make adjustments to account for the genetic bottleneck issues too."
"With the planet wiped out, we would have to round what's left up, it wont be popular where they've made a name for themselves."
"Won't this lead to inbreeding?"
"Of course, but again, if we have control of the population, we can simply force and make genetic adjust-"
"I recognise the chintian delegate to speak."
"Thank you. What kind of ghoul thinks any of this is okay!?!"
No one responded.
"I've had the pleasure of speaking with a human; they're as sentient as you or I! They're well on their way to building a base on a separate planet in their system, it's a matter of time! One that, thanks to our mistake, they will not have the opportunity, and we're sat here debating if we can keep the ones that have been stolen as... as animals?!"
Again silence.
"You done?"
"...I relinquish the floor..."
"I thought your kind would have stayed away from a human..."
The chintian delegate's profile marked that they wished to speak again. It was ignored alongside the sea of other flashing notifications.
"I must say, I agree with our colleague."
"Oh for... they're just primitives!"
"They are living intelligent creatures and they and their world would not be in this mess if every race currently present had left them alone!"
The scolding tone silenced the call once more.
"That system has been the worst kept secret of the modern age. We-"
"We did not-"
"We! Every race here! Cannot claim that their species is free from blame. We did nothing to prevent this, if not our current emergency then something like it would have occurred. Or are we ignoring that all of a sudden that particular area of space has had no less than six claims against it?"
"Are we debating claims now? The Collective would like to once more point out that, that system would rightly fall within our-"
"Outrageous! The Hegemony is clearly the rightful owners of-"
Silence reigned once more.
"I am going to arrange an emergency fleet to follow into the system. If we move now we can arrive not long afterwards."
"You can't just commandeer Community assets, that's unheard of."
"Then vote to stop me."
"What? No! We vote to take action, not to-"
"No! We're obligated to undo what we have done. They're not aware of the torment we-"
"We have caused them. Either vote to doom them or help me. I require every able bodied ship to join me."
The first of the participants of the meeting disconnected. The fire in the now absent speaker's voice left a palatable shock wave amongst the remaining listeners.
"It would be simpler to let this matter resolve itself."
"When it gets out, it will be a nightmare for our public image, both the Community's and our own."
"I am not cruel, I don't want them to suffer, but what do you think our public image will be when we have a planetful of pre-contact primitives asking about who kept abducting their people!"
Several more participants disconnected, leaving only a few still listening.
"What if it wasn't all of them?"
"Stop. Don't finish that thought."
A beleaguered sigh.
"I'm going to go help with the rescue efforts. My advice to you is that you best make sure you're seen kissing one of the human children as you pull them from some wreckage. It'll be the only way to salvage this."
The call ended.
Shortly afterwards an emergency broadcast was sent wideband to all stations which contained the jump coordinates to a system that had been a poorly guarded secret for years.
The mission was disaster relief and rescue a countdown had already begun. The fleet would arrive after the disaster to avoid damage to itself. Once it was safe, the fleet would begin their work of picking up the pieces and seeing who had survived.
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2023.06.03 02:20 evandav13 Gilberto Perez on COLLEGE

From The Material Ghost: Films and Their Medium (1998).

"Nothing in the strange world of Buster Keaton's comedy is stranger than the ending of College (1927). In that picture Buster plays a bookworm who strives to become a jock. The top student in his high-school class, and so averse to sports that he makes his graduation speech into a diatribe against athletics, he yet arrives at college the next fall with suitcases full not of books but of athletic equipment. With the dauntless determination characteristic of the Keaton hero, the little scholar involves himself in a pursuit for which he's quite unsuited but which is, under circumstances equally characteristic of Keaton, what's expected of him in his courtship of the girl he loves. Outraged like all his other classmates by his diatribe at graduation, she'll see no more of him, as she promptly informs him after the speech, unless he changes his attitude and takes up sports. And so he changes his attitude, neglecting all his studies at college and instead spending most of his time on the sports field. Although he seems inept beyond hope at the various athletic activities he doggedly tries out, he succeeds in winning her in the end, for he summons up unexpected abilities when she's in danger and he comes to the rescue, running much faster and jumping much farther than he ever could before, managing with no trouble now an obstacle race over the hedges in his path and a high pole-vault into the window of her room. With undiminished momentum, he quickly disposes of the villain, a brawny dolt who has been his rival for the girl's affections, and proceeds with her to church forthwith, not even pausing to change his athletic clothes before they are married. Then follows a very peculiar epilogue. No sooner are the newlyweds out of church than a dissolve transports us many years later to the middle-aged couple in their home, sitting among their several children; this in turn swiftly gives way to the couple in their advanced years, abidingly sitting at home beside each other; this in turn to the closing shot of their adjacent graves.

"The element of sadness in Keaton's comedy has often been noted, and it certainly emerges in that brisk final depiction of aging and death. Coming on the heels of the triumphant happy ending, the sudden sadness of the epilogue takes us by surprise; but I don't think it constitutes such a break with the rest of the film as some believe. "'What is this abrupt slap in the face doing at the end of an otherwise unquestioning love story?' wrote Walter Kerr in The Silent Clowns. "It takes no more than eleven seconds of playing time to deliver its chill, and yet it undoes on the spot all of the yearning, the struggle and the victory, of the narrative."1 Evidently perturbed by the chill, Kerr misrepresents the epilogue as portraying a disappointed, even embittered couple, when nothing of the sort is suggested: all that we get is a brief summary of a long, uneventful marriage. It seems to me wrong, or only half right, to view the epilogue as a brusque reversal of a hitherto romantic story. Although the hero is unquestioning in his devotion to the girl, the romanticism of the story has been tacitly called into question all along by the conveyed sense that the girl is as unreasonable in her peremptory demands as is the hero in his stubborn pursuit. If Keaton is a romantic, he's a singularly unsentimental one. Granted, we'd have expected the story to end with Buster's getting the girl, but the epilogue merely shows us that he gets to keep her: surely not the undoing but the exact fulfillment of his wishes. If the epilogue brings about a reversal of the happy ending, it does so by way of being a logical continuation of it, indeed a visual equivalent of those famous romantic last words: and they lived happily ever after.

"Seeing the couple's whole life together go by on the screen in so short a time has, of course, none of the reassuring effect of those words. Yet even the disconcerting briskness of those final eleven seconds carries forward unbrokenly the haste of the climactic rescue and ensuing wedding, as if confirming Buster's aim to get things settled once and for all. College is not the only one of Keaton's films to conclude with the grave. In Cops (1922), a short film in which he's surreally chased by every cop in the city, "The End" appears inscribed on a tombstone capped with Buster's porkpie hat. The plot of Cops, however—unlike that of any of his full-length movies—has an unhappy outcome. Rejected by the girl he loves even after he manages to elude all the cops who have been after him, Buster suicidally puts himself back in their midst: an unusual ending for a comedy, to be sure, but not so strange as the way that in College the romance turns sad, in spite of its triumph, by being literally carried out to its conventional conclusion in the couple's staying together for the remainder of their lives.

"Although not quite in the class of Keaton's very best— Our Hospitality (1923), Sherlock Junior (1924), The Navigator (1924), The General (1927), Steamboat Bill, Jr. (1928)—College seems to me a splendid film that has been generally underrated. It surpasses, I believe, Harold Lloyd's better-known college comedy, The Freshman (1925), which preceded it and no doubt influenced it. The hero of The Freshman is also an incompetent athlete who redeems himself in the end by performing unexpected feats, in his case by winning the decisive football game of the season. (Apparently to avoid too close a comparison with the Lloyd picture, football is one sport omitted from College.) In giving such prominence to athletics, however, both comedians were merely reflecting a fact of campus life—in which sports are often more important than studies—and making use of material naturally befitting the physical comedy of the silent screen. Their comic conceptions, in any case, are fundamentally different. For Lloyd, athletics are part of the image of the big man on campus his ambitious but unknowing hero wants to become, whereas Buster only wants the girl, a more realistic goal as well as a more romantic one. Lloyd's hero is a thoroughgoing incompetent, a classic fool, whereas Keaton's is only a fool for love, a bookworm out of his element on the sports field and quite aware of his problem. When, after knocking over every other hurdle along the racing track, he succeeds in clearing the last one, Buster, instead of deriving any satisfaction from that success, gravely appraises it as a fluke, and then tips over that last hurdle too, feeling that it might as well conform to the pattern of the others. Such disdain for flukes is inconceivable in the Lloyd hero, who'd get nowhere without them. Unlike Lloyd, Keaton never plays the kind of comic character who is preposterously deluded about himself and what's going on around him.

"Buster usually has a good grasp of his situation, as good a grasp as one can expect from, as Kenner put it, 'a visitor, not native.' He is a visitor to the sports field in College who knows that the odds are against him there but nonetheless keeps trying because he also knows that the girl won't have him any other way, because he is a compliant visitor desiring to participate in a situation in which a girl's ideal boyfriend must be a jock.

"Why should Buster unprotestingly comply with the undue requirements laid upon him by others? One answer is provided in College by the figure of a dean, friendly to the promising young scholar and built small like him, who may be regarded as an embodiment of what his scholarly future would be like. Disappointed that Buster has been doing poorly in his studies, the older man, when he hears the explanation, tearfully reveals that he himself loved a girl once but lost her to an athlete. Buster would rather take on the alien territory of sports than end up alone like the dean. If all comedians are outsiders, Keaton is the outsider who will not give up the attempt to join in, to connect with others. Chaplin's Tramp, by contrast, is more or less self-sufficient, "an aristocrat," as Robert Warshow put it, "fallen on hard times." Lloyd's bespectacled democrat is a blundering free enterpriser, motivated by self-interest, patently inferior to his fellow men but aspiring to rise above them in the land of opportunity. Buster is unique in earnestly seeking a genuine togetherness. If he seems the loneliest of all comedians, it's because he's the one to whom companionship matters the most.

"That loneliness is hauntingly conveyed in those distant long shots, typical of Keaton, in which he appears as a tiny figure amid large empty surroundings: in the river town during the storm, or practicing by himself in the college stadium, or—in The Frozen North (1922)—coming out of a subway exit into an arctic wilderness.

"Robert Bresson—another practitioner of the deadpan approach, in a different way from Keaton's but with a similar sense that life is not a matter of personality—once defined originality as the failed attempt to do the same as everybody else, a definition that applies exactly to Buster. For all his efforts to join in, and all his eventual successes in meeting the forces outside, inside he cannot shake off the sense of his singularity. He thinks, therefore he stands alone in a world where no other minds are discernible, only systems of behavior. Ultimately he remains even more isolated than Chaplin's Tramp, since it's not Buster's individual qualities that single him out—these he hardly lets interfere in his transactions with others—but the very fact of his individuality, of his possessing the inner dimension of a self in the realm of the formula.

"Buster is not, then, Grierson's "romantic achiever of all things" but a bewildered equilibrist whose mind runs counter to the achievements of his body: a new kind of clown who may not so often trip over physical objects but who, so to speak, keeps tripping over his thoughts. The charming incompetence of the traditional clown was the conception of an earlier time, with more room for eccentricity than has been allowed in our ruthless century. Things were not so good then, of course—things never have been— but at least the clown could thumb his nose at the world and expect the world to let him be. He would puncture our lofty pretensions with his reminder of the claims of the body, of the fact that in our flesh and blood we all fumble our way through life. That conception hasn't lost its validity, and Chaplin can still use it to portray a doughboy in Shoulder Arms (1918) or a factory worker in Modern Times; but he was looking back to a Victorian humanism that decidedly fails him when portraying a Jew under the Nazis in The Great Dictator (1940). Keaton reverses that conception: to our age of increasing mindlessness he offers a comedy of mind. Although he never dealt with contemporary issues as Chaplin did, he accurately depicts the landscape of our time in its vast inhuman organization. He reminds us of the claims of consciousness against a mechanistic order, of the fact that our expert procedures and outward accomplishments take no account of our inner nature. Whereas the old clowns would assert our right to our idiosyncrasies, he asserts our need to live with one another in a community that does justice to our individuality. The sadness that emerges at the end of College underlies all of Keaton's happy endings: it is the sadness of inescapable isolation, of knowing that he does not in the end, any more than he did at the beginning, belong in a world where happiness is available only as a convention. Yet Buster has done his best, and leaves us with the haunting image of his solemn and solitary figure, at once purposeful and detached, bravely attempting the impossible."
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2023.06.03 02:14 Igloo-Pincher DAE find it irritating when people call you spontaneously, especially when they know you’re at work, and when you text “sorry at work call you later” they don’t respond?

I just generally despise people’s phone etiquette. Like how fucking difficult is it to learn such very basic social skills??
Always text first, unless you are sure the person is free or it is a close friend or family member. Respond to texts at your earliest convenience, even if it is simply a brief acknowledgment.
Do not under any circumstances respond to a text with a phone call or a fucking VIDEO CHAT! Jesus, several of my friends and relatives do this and it is so incredibly irritating and inappropriate. It falls under the same category of aloofness as answering a call on speakerphone in mixed company. Are people fucking stupid???
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2023.06.03 02:13 TlustyMis Lack of self control

Hello brothers ans sisters, i have a problem with masturbation. My story is that i was converted, i got a Holy Spirit and after my conversion God took porn out of my life. I am 600+ days free from porn. After my conversion i had a timeframe of 4 months that by God's grace i was able to not masturbate at all. It was hard but i was able to withstand temptation.
After this time there was an event that i was very sleepy and devil tempted me at night and I fell then. And a month later it happend again. And after that 1 month again. And it kept getting worse. Then after 2 weeks again, 2 weeks again. Now i am in a cycle of a one week and I don't know what to do.
I cried to God, fasted, prayed, talked to elder at Church, i read Bible daily. But when the urge comes, it seems impossible to resist. I am so overwhelmed then. I managed to lately resist temptation attm night but it was so hardcore i felt like some spiritual superbattle took place near me. It wasn't that hardcore after my conversion! I look for a spouse but it will take time. With each fall i feel like it's getting worse.
Please, tell me what to do. I feel hopeless.
Jesus Christ help me!!!
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2023.06.03 02:13 Drakolf TftM: War Crimes

Garhauf watched the people below with a quiet pensiveness. The verticality of the Central Sector of the Hedron never bothered him, not only was there gravitic shielding that prevented people from falling to their deaths- making it more like falling off a half-story and landing hard on the ground- but the railings were designed to prevent people from just climbing over and leaping down.
There being a fine on top of that didn't hurt matters either.
He took a drag from the pipe in his hands, a small gift from the Humans after the war, a way for them to say thank you, even though he was the enemy. He didn't inhale, not fully, drawing the smoke into his mouth, holding it for a moment, and releasing it in honor of his ancestors- not that the Hedron allowed the smoke to linger for long, even if it wasn't carcinogenic.
Small round drones swooped in, sucking up the smoke and filtering the air, his people were still lobbying for his culture's sacred herbs to be recognized as a non-toxic incense.
The door to the balcony opened, a Vagraxi expatriate stepped out, regarded Garhauf with a mixture of surprise and suspicion. "Why are you sitting in my spot, Caniti?" He demanded.
"Please. I've sat on this spot longer than you've been on this station." Garhauf remarked. "I was stationed here during the war with Humanity, I came up here to give honor to my ancestors for keeping me from getting butchered any time I fought on the frontlines."
The Vagraxi snorted and narrowed his eyes, Garhauf raised one mechanical arm and gestured toward the seat across from him. "It's a little farther, but you won't make a veteran stand up, now, would you?"
The Vagraxi sighed and sat across from him. The silence that fell wasn't tense, as many would expect. Garhauf eyed him for a few minutes, took another drag of the pipe, and let the smoke drift out of his mouth. "Your people are planning on going to war with them again."
It wasn't a question, nobody in their right mind believed the Vagraxi Empire would just sit around and allow Humanity to have a victory. The stalemate- and that is what it was, a stalemate- only ensured the Vagraxi Empire was stopped in their tracks from expanding.
"My people are the ones who recognize the Empire isn't infallible." The expatriate stated firmly. "That said, I am nonetheless still a citizen, and would be pressed into service if war broke out before I could fully immigrate."
Garhauf nodded. "Let me tell you something about my time in the war." He spoke. "I was a jailor back then, lost my arm, couldn't fight anymore, survived through sheer piss and spite. A warrior like me couldn't fight anymore, so they stuck me with watching over Humans." He fixed his eyes on the expatriate. "Humans, as long as you treat them with dignity, will not fuck you over."
"Please, we both know the Humans freely ignore their own laws of war when it suits them." The expatriate scoffed.
"Only half-true. They adhere very rigorously to their laws, they only ignore them when they're broken by the enemy." Garhauf took another drag from the pipe and let the smoke loose into the air. "I was the one who fed the Humans. kept them apprised of the war situation. I was trying to break their spirits, show them by how much we were winning, how we'd break their advance, how we held the line long enough to achieve our missions."
He nodded, tapping the pipe empty. "I was up here when they broke free. They broke containment, got their hands on our weapons, only shot the combatants. When they came up here, they didn't even aim a gun at me, said since I was the one who kept them in good health, I was free to leave."
"They didn't hate you." The expatriate remarked.
"I told them the only way I was getting off this station was as a corpse, and if they tried to push it, I'd tear their throats out. There was no way I would dishonor my ancestors by simply handing the Hedron over."
"What happened next?"
Garhauf chuckled. "They weren't interested in the Hedron as a weapon, they just wanted it out of the picture. Occupy it long enough to demoralize my people, so they cut me a deal. The Captain was in the bridge, holed up in there, ran in with his tail between his legs. Absolutely shameful behavior. They told me, if I killed him, I'd guarantee the survival of every soldier on the Hedron, constrained to their living areas, certainly, but not cramped in the prison."
"What did you do?"
Garhauf chuckled. "I refused. Said I wasn't going to do it unless the whole crew agreed to it. Bear in mind, they liked me, that gave me a lot of negotiating power. I knew I couldn't make them leave, I knew they weren't going to kill me unless it was necessary. So they did the next best thing."
He set the pipe on the table, leaned forward, and laced his fingers together. "They brought me to the brig and had me ask them."
"Surely your comrades said no." The expatriate remarked, shocked. "In what universe would that ever pan out?"
Garhauf laughed, it was the first, solid bellowing laugh he'd given. "This one, cub." He answered. "The Humans had already learned we'll turn our backs on a coward, and our captain had betrayed us all when he hid. We all knew we were well and truly flat-against-the-wall fucked. Absolutely rutted. So the decision was pretty easy, we couldn't take the Hedron back, but we could at least keep the firing codes out of Human hands for a while."
Garhauf sighed, shook his head, and cast his gaze down at the ground floor. "It was easy." He said. "The Humans let one technician out, he disabled the gravitic shielding, and I marched right up to the bridge alone, not a Human in sight. When the captain saw I was alone, he let me in, I told him how the Humans allowed weakness in their hearts and let me stay free because I did my duty and fed them. I told him, when I engaged with the Humans, to jump and make his escape."
"So he jumped." The expatriate spoke softly.
"So he jumped. He was quiet about it for the first few feet, when he realized he wasn't slowing down, he howled in fear, and then with a splat, he went silent. The fall killed him instantly, managed to twist himself around in the air, looking for a handhold, such that he landed on his head."
"What happened after that?"
Garhauf stretched and rolled his shoulders. "We were confined to the living quarters, I was the only one allowed in or out, so I was the one who carried requests to and from. Most of the stuff I was able to get, I was even able to negotiate trips to the training room, under armed escort, of course, just so we wouldn't go feral from boredom. By the end of the war, we didn't really care who the others were, since we treated each other with respect, we sort of became friends. Only two people died that entire time."
Garhauf nodded. "It's funny, the other jailor had a weak heart, he was in the middle of feeding the Humans when it finally gave out on him. The Humans managed to get the keys off of him, secured their arms, and took over the entire Hedron. Now, we all live here like one big happy family."
He stood up, picking up the pipe. "And this? A gift from those Human soldiers. Read the engraving."
The expatriate took hold of the pipe and read the words aloud. "To Garrauf-"
"Garhauf." He was corrected.
"To Garhauf, 10/10 would get jailed again." The expatriate looked up, confused.
"It's a Human joke." Garhauf remarked, taking the pipe back. "I met my mate back then, sometimes he lets me cuff him to the bed, as a treat." He pocketed the pipe "So, take my advice. If your captain is holding Humans in your ship's brig, and you want to survive when they inevitably get out? Make sure you're on feeding duty, and treat them with dignity." With that, he walked off, leaving a thoroughly confused Vagraxi alone to ruminate on his story...
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2023.06.03 02:08 Mrmander20 [Vell Harlan and the Doomsday Dorms] 3 - C1.1: How Much Would

Vell Harlan and the Doomsday Dorms Book 3: Just a Moment
At the world’s top college of magic and technology, every day brings a new discovery -and a new disaster. The advanced experiments of the college students tend to be both ambitious and apocalyptic, with the end of the world only prevented by a mysterious time loop, and a small handful of students who retain their memories.
For the past two years, Vell Harlan has been caught in the loop alongside his best friends, Lee and Harley, and with their help he’s been able to survive every disaster the universe has thrown at him. But as Vell enters his third year, Lee and Harley are entering their fourth (and final) year at the Einstein-Odinson College. With a ticking clock counting down, the trio must cut through the chaos of killer crickets, haunted phones, and naked sorcerers to try and solve some of the mysteries plaguing their lives -including why all these butterflies keep following Vell around...
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The ferry finally came to a halt, and Samson wondered if his long nightmare was finally over. The Einstein-Odinson campus being on an island apparently came with some benefits, but quick commutes clearly weren’t one of them. Between planes, trains, and boats, Samson had spent most of the past 24 hours cooped up in a vehicle, traveling the long road from Nigeria to college. Thankfully, he had company.
“Still remember how your legs work, right?” Ibrahim asked. “Get a move on.”
“I need your fat ass to move first,” Samson snapped back. “Can’t get past you.”
Ibrahim chuckled at the joke and got moving, with Samson following close behind. The twin brothers made sure not to stray far from one another as they headed deeper into unfamiliar territory that got more unfamiliar by the second. Samson tried to avoid staring at the serpentine tail of a Lamia as it slithered by. He thought it would be rude. Ibrahim, on the other hand, very obviously stared at a cyclops lumbering past.
“Very...diverse,” Ibrahim said. He had no objections to any of the centaurs, vampires, or goblins arrayed in front of him, he’d just never seen so many in one place.
“Apparently they’re branching out,” Samson said. While the Einstein-Odinson had never been explicitly human-only, its facilities were designed by and for humans, so enrollment among the more magical forms of sapient life had been minimal. That had changed over the summer.
“Makes sense,” Ibrahim said. “They do have the robot, remember?”
Samson nodded. Of course he remembered. The school had made a big deal out of having the world’s first sapient machine among its students.
The twins cut through the crowd around the dock and found their way into a whole new crowd further on the campus grounds. Various departments and school organizations had set up recruiting booths to welcome the new students and hopefully snag a few members. The booths all had banners advertising organizations like the student council, culinary club, chess club, and one at the very center of them all which simply said “Ask us about your deja vu”. To Samson’s surprise, the robot herself was sitting at the deja vu booth, alongside a bulky man with tattoos on his cheeks. He took a quick look at the odd pair as he walked by. The robot, oblivious to his stare, appeared to concentrate on something for a moment and then held up a hand.
“Hey, stop for a second,” Kim said aloud. “You’re going to want to keep the space behind us clear.”
A few students who had been walking that way stopped in their tracks, not a moment too soon. The air split open as a crackling portal opened, and an icy blast of air surged forth. A second later, a quick spray of snow burst out of the portal, carrying with it three bundled-up bodies on snowboards and skis. They landed in a jumbled heap of snow, scarfs, and skis as the portal closed behind them. A few purple butterflies skimmed by the newly fallen pile of snow, circling a man on a snowboard before fluttering away as the robot approached.
“Nice landing,” Kim snapped.
“It’s a work in progress,” Harley shot back. “We’ll do better next time.”
“I’m sure. You guys enjoy the ski trip?”
“I’m not going to lie, Kim, it was fucking radical,” Harley said. “You should’ve come!”
Kim shrugged newly mechanical shoulders. After her dramatic journey of self-discovery at the end of last year, she had chosen to do so slightly less dramatic self-discovery and spent the summer studying herself and refining her new, robotic body. Now that she was no longer trying to imitate humanity, she was trying to figure out exactly what kind of design she was supposed to follow. She’d given herself a few once-over’s and refined her design a little bit.
Hawke, on the other hand, had just gone home and read a few good books, trying to de-stress after a year packed with multiple apocalypses, robot friends, and talking fish. It had done wonders for his mental health, and he was almost ready for another year at the Einstein-Odinson. Almost.
“Maybe next time,” Kim said. “Glad you guys had fun though.”
“And all at my parent’s expense,” Lee said. She removed some ski goggles, and the rest of her winter gear, as she made the quick transition from the cold mountain slopes to the warm air of the tropical island.
“Still baffled they sprang for the single-use portal,” Vell said. He shook a purple butterfly off his hat before removing it. “I know they’re like, rich rich, but still. That shit’s expensive.”
“But convenient,” Harley said. They’d been able to swing straight from their vacation back to school.
“I hope the Dean doesn’t make us clean up this snow, though,” Vell said.
“Eh, fuck it, it’ll melt,” Harley said. “Come on! Let’s drop off our stuff at Lee’s and then come take our turn at the deja vu booth.”
The snow-covered trio wandered off. Samson did a double take as they left.
“The hell was that about?”
“Robots and snake ladies all around and the ski trip is what has you asking questions,” Ibrahim said.
“The robot is involved in the ski trip,” Samson said. “The weirdness compounds.”
“Come on. We got a tour to join.”
Samson tried to put the weirdness out of mind as they weaved past the snow pile and tried to find their tour. As it turned out, the search for their campus tour was slightly harder than either twin suspected, because it was two tours instead of one.
“Ibrahim and Samson Onwe. I have you two down for separate tour groups.”
“Why would we be separate?”
“Why wouldn’t you be?”
Samson and Ibrahim each pointed to the other’s identical face. The tour guide rolled her eyes.
“I don’t make the group assignments, I just follow them,” she said. “Now, which one of you is Ibrahim?”
“I am,” Ibrahim and Samson said simultaneously. The tour guide lowered her glasses and stared at them for a long time.
“We’re a package deal, lady.”
An attempt at a staredown ended with the tour guide blinking first. She sighed heavily and decided she didn’t want to fight any battles this morning.
“Alright, fine, follow me,” she said. Samson and Ibrahim playfully elbowed each other and followed along, beaming with pride that their gambit had worked -again.
“I know it’s a big campus, and it’s only getting bigger, but do try not to run,” the tour guide said. “There’s always plenty of time to get where you’re go-”
The tour guide stopped herself mid-sentence as another tour group went sprinting past, headed the other direction. Samson and Ibrahim watched them go, noting the looks of fear on their faces.
“Is this the set up for a gag?” Samson asked. The past few hours had been pretty dull, so he’d be happy to see a good joke.
“No. They shouldn’t be doing that…”
The tour guide turned her head in the direction the other group had run from. A single log flew around a corner and bounced off the ground once before coming to a halt.
The single log was joined by another, and then a stick, and then three branches, and then ten more logs, and suddenly a tidal wave of wood in all shapes and sizes was thundering in their direction. The tour guide chose to ignore her own advice and run, with Samson and Ibrahim close behind.
“What the fuck?”
While running, Samson had taken a moment to glance over his shoulder and try to get a closer look at the torrent of wood being launched his way. In between the falling logs and tumbling two-by-four’s, he caught occasional glimpses of tiny, furry little animals.
“Are those...big rats?”
“I don’t care what they are, Sam,” Ibrahim shouted. “I want to get the fuck out of here!”
The rumbling torrent of wood kept crawling closer and closer their way -until a crashing sheet of ice rammed into it from the other direction. Samson saw one of the skiing women from earlier suddenly step onto the field and sweep her hands, reshaping the flow of the wave of ice.
“How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood,” she said, sounding far too amused by the turn of phrase, given the disastrous circumstances.
“Apparently the answer is ‘too fucking much’,” Harley said. She looked over her shoulder at Samson and the other fleeing tour groups. “We got this! Keep running!”
Samson didn’t need to be told twice. Though very soon he would be getting told very many things twice. Running didn’t do him much good, as the tidal wave of wood caught up to him. He stuck next to Ibrahim for a sudden and splintery end -and then woke up in his own bed, alive, confused, and alone.
Samson narrowed his eyes and stared at the Lamia slithering past.
“Look! It’s happening again, man, just like I said!”
Ibrahim looked at the half-snake woman and shrugged.
“I’m not seeing the punchline yet,” Ibrahim said. “This better be a good fucking gag, Samson.”
“It’s not- Listen to me! Everything is repeating itself!”
He’d gone through the entire twenty-hour ride to the school all over, somehow, after waking up on what appeared to be the same morning. Disbelief had turned to confusion had turned to frustration over time. Twenty hours in transit was actually even more boring the second time, especially since everything happened the exact same way, unless he did something to change it.
“Look at this, there’s about to be an ogre -yep, there he is,” Samson said, gesturing to the ogre crossing their path. “And then we’re going to step out here and there’ll be a lot-”
Samson stopped himself mid-sentence. There would be a lot of booths, including one labeled “Ask us about your deja vu”.
“We need to go.”
The twins cut an even faster course through the crowd this loop, since Samson knew exactly where to go and how to get there. He cut past chess club members and student council leaders and beelined straight for the booth with a robot and a broad-shouldered Maori man sitting at it. He only froze in his tracks long enough to notice that the sign had changed. Now it said “What should you ask us?”. The two residents of the booth carefully eyed Samson as he approached.
“Hi, uh, hello, Samson Onwe,” he said. The robot’s electronic eyes flickered in his direction. “Am I supposed to ask you guys about deja vu?”
Kim made two raised eyebrows of surprise appear on her digital face.
“One second.”
A storage compartment on Kim’s metallic hips opened up, and she withdrew a five dollar bill, handing it over to Hawke.
“Told you it would work,” Hawke said.
“You know what’s going on?”
“We do,” Kim said. “But we can’t explain it just yet. I think you should know we’re waiting on someone.”
“Right. Behind you, yeah?”
At this point, Ibrahim closed the gap and examined the table, and more importantly, the robot lady sitting behind it. Kim examined him right back. She’d actually never met twins before.
“Okay, I get it, these two have been telling you about all the stuff like the snake ladies and the campus stuff,” Ibrahim said. “Can we speed this up now? I really want to get to the joke.”
Hawke and Kim shared a furtive glance with one another before turning it in Samson’s direction.
“Does he not…?”
Samson shrugged.
“Oh, that’s going to complicate things,” Kim said. Her brain buzzed at her for a second, and she once again stopped traffic in the area, clearing the grass behind their booth.
An icy portal snapped open and shut in an instant, depositing a small amount of snow and two point five very graceful snowbirds gliding to a halt. Lee almost managed to make it to a dignified finish, but toppled over and fell into the snow at the last second. Harley slid her skis to a stop and then sat down in the snow next to the fallen Lee as she removed her goggles. Vell, who was on his feet this time, took notice of just how many butterflies came to flock around him, and decided to compartmentalize that until later.
“Told you we’d get it right this time. Most of us, anyway” Harley boasted. Lee sighed heavily as Harley’s eyes caught a person out of place, and she latched on to Ibrahim and Samson. “Well hello new people!”
“New person,” Hawke awkwardly insisted. He pointed at Samson. “Just him.”
Ibrahim didn’t bother trying to hide his offense.
“Oh. Well,” Lee said. “This will be...interesting.”
“Lee, the dramatic pause shit, seriously,” Harley said.
“It’s warranted,” Lee snapped. “Harley, Vell, go take our things and put them in my dorm. I’ll get our new friend started on, well, orientation.”
“Got it, boss,” Harley said. She waved to Samson with one hand and picked up Lee’s discarded gear in the other. “Talk to you later, dude!”
Two-thirds of the skiing trio wandered off, leaving a still highly confused Samson and an even more confused Ibrahim to face off with Lee.
“Right, and you are?”
“And Ibrahim,” his twin interjected. It sounded like his patience with this “joke” was wearing thin.
“Pleasure to meet you both, Samson, if you’ll come with me, I can answer most of your questions.”
The two twins stood their ground, though Samson did twitch a bit.
“I want to know what’s going on here too,” Ibrahim said. “Is this some kind of hazing thing? Am I being hazed?”
It took a lot of effort for Hawke not to roll his eyes. He’d thought the same thing once upon a time. He almost wished he’d been right.
“No. It’s...well, it’s hard to explain,” Lee said. “It’s just a bit of a randomly selected process, and random chance has turned up Samson! It’s nothing personal, dear, it’s not up to us.”
“Well, listening to you is up to us,” Ibrahim said. “We’re a package deal.”
“Yeah, that’s right,” Samson said. He looked for certainty anywhere he could get it right now, and his twin brother was the most certain thing he knew.
“Well, alright then, I can’t force either of you to do anything,” Lee said. “But, Samson, any explanations you may be wanting to hear right now will have to wait. It’s your choice.”
After delivering that gentle ultimatum, Lee stepped back and joined Hawke and Kim at the booth. Ibrahim stepped away, and though it took a moment, Samson walked away too. He took a few glances over his shoulder, but followed Ibrahim all the way to their tour guide. She sat in the exact same place as last time, and said the exact same things too.
“Ibrahim and Samson Onwe. I have you two down for separate tour groups.”
“Why would we be separate?”
“Maybe it’s just how things are around here,” Samson suggested.
“Well screw that,” Ibrahim said. “We’re a package deal.”
“Come on, it’s just a tour, the island’s not that big,” Samson said. “An hour or two, at most.”
“You’re suspiciously on board with this,” Ibrahim countered.
It was true, but Samson played it off anyway. He didn’t want to ditch his brother, but the weirder things got, the more he felt he had to.
“Fine. But this had better be a really good joke you’re setting up for,” Ibrahim said. He followed the tour guide away while Samson pretended to wait for the next tour group. As soon as Ibrahim rounded the corner, Samson went running back to Lee.

Author's Note:
Hello and welcome back to Doomsday Dorms for book three! Your friendly local lunatic/author here with two status updates on all things Doomsday Dorms:
First, for those of you desperate to know what happens next (and next, and next, and next...) the Patreon version of Doomsday Dorms has been updated to be a full month ahead of the free updates, rather than just a week, for the same price.
Secondly, to those who might be wondering about the availability of book one, I did want to say that while I had every intention of having the final version ready and published today, alongside book three's launch, a few different factors conspired to delay my plans. It is very close to completion, however, and I look forward to officially launching it within the next week or two, so if you're a new reader curious how this chaos started, or an old reader who wants to revisit a favorite chapter, stay tuned!
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2023.06.03 02:02 Ramscales What’s your favorite soft drink?

I am looking to expand my sugar-free drink choices. I drink probably a sugar-free soda every day and really don’t want to drink more than that. I’ve never really been able to get into coffee, tea or that powdered Crystal Light. I like Powerade Zero very much, but the nurse in my doctor’s office told me to stop drinking it because it has a very high sodium content. I do drink water, but I’d like to find some good choices that fall between diet soda and water on the flavor spectrum. Any ideas?
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2023.06.03 02:00 pollo147 All bosses from worst to best in my opinion

Before starting, sorry if my english is bad, im from Argentina, this post is an idea from other post published 1 year ago
  1. Sgt. Suckerpunch
Difficulty: Very easy at difficulty 1 and 4 but on 8 it is a real challenge, 1 hit from a plunger tornado and you are DEAD, i like the challenge on 8 difficulty but can be annoying.
Design: The clog punched his limbs off so he uses plungers to do various attacks
Theme: Cool song but gets boring very fast
Story: Blud tried to unclog the clog but got demolished, that means he tried to set Swirly D. free, but he gets mad at us when we do it, weird but it can be because he is mad at the fact the player releases Swirly D. and not him.
Strategy: Just hit him with rock grimoire/meteor grimoire and use range weapons like OP watering pail or rubber ball cannon to shoot him, when he announces a plunger tornado just fly away or knockback him with rubber cannon or meteor grimoire (if you are using that build)
  1. The Creator
Difficulty: Literally FREE, even on 8 difficulty just spam pet rock grimoire and youre done. This happens because he cant spawn pollywogs when being in knocked in the ground, so yeah, you can cheese him. (And he is easiest boss of the game if you fight him normally, its technically the first boss so yeah)
Design: I love his design, he looks very cool and i love his crazy juice hair, nothing more to say here.
Theme: Blud DOESNT have a theme song
Story: He is called the creator, but the creator of what ??? blud DIDNT made nothing why is he called the creator. He is probably a faker OR the creator of the pollywogs.
Strategy: Already explained, just go full fire on him with odinary pinneaple, murder him with a morningstar, or spam pet rocks if 8 difficulty, he is the easiest boss of the game.
  1. Wawsp Queen
Difficulty: Back on 1.9 she was ABSOLUTELY HARD, not on 1 diffculty obviously, but on 4 and 8 difficulty she was the hardest boss. (i never beated her on 8 difficulty in 1.9) Focusing on the new updates she is a lot easier and you can absolutely cheese her just with Signy's Wheels and no upgrades! tough on 8 difficulty she is a challenge but not as hard as 1.9 version
Design: A big wasp with 2 homing guns on her arms, if you are too close to her and some time passes he will start charging a powerful explosion wich can kill her wawsps (i think) you cant eat her head but you can wear it as a helmet, she is still alive so she can say some funny dialogue when you wear hear head
Theme: No, i dont like this song, i find it annoying, but it fits the boss very well. Wawsp queen is always angry and yelling at you and for some reason this song feels angry (idk what im saying anymore)
Story: idk... Just some wawsps stinged hoagen's hand and thats it.
Strategy: if you are on difficulty 1 you can cheese her just rushing at her with the car nitro, however on difficulty 8 you cant use the car because its too weak for the amount of health she has, you can use ordinary pineapple and pet rock (idk that is what i used)
  1. Mrs Slitherss
Difficulty: i will talk better about this on strategy, but Slitherss is an easy boss on 1 difficulty, and as expected, a real hell on difficulty 8. She is probably the second hardest boss on difficulty 8.
Design: Long snake that has the ability to fire laser trough the eyes, sadly she uses this power only 2 times in the entire game. She has the ability to fly and is the original owner of the Draginslayer (Draginslayer appears on Larva Land too, i dont know why but it is there)
Theme: I absolutely love this theme! It feels very epic and intense, when playing on a difficulty higher than 4 this can bring adrenaline as the bosses have more health and do more damage, Sleepy Slitherss, the song that plays when she has been defeated is a very good song too even if you are just hearing 30 seconds of the song the first time playing it lol.
Story: Her role is being the teacher of the juice school, if you get an answer wrong she will kill you. Ms Slitherss tries to lie you about the real Juice Galaxy world and she probably has something to do with the juice queen.
Strategy: in 1 difficulty you can literally kill her before her fight starts, but in higher difficulties this fight will be a tough one! on difficulty 8 it isnt safe to stay on ground for too much time! she will call her students so they spawn from the ground and 1 hit you. This is why you should fight against her on the roof, you have limited space but its better than risking losing the fight at the end because a random ahh dragin spawned right next to you. She will only charge at you, if you fight her on the roof this will make the fight very tricky as the limited space wont let you move too much without falling you want to avoid at all costs getting hit on 8 because this guarantees you an instant death. i recommend using tiny sun grimoire tough i used pet rock because i didnt have tiny sun, ordinary pineapple can work too.
  1. The Clog
Difficulty: Fun on difficulty 1-4 hell on difficulty 8 (wow what a surprise) the gimmick of this boss is that you CANT use any weapon on it outside the mighty plunger. you will want to have good arm power for this one (obviously talking about harder difficulties)
Design: it is a giant white ball with hands, as mentioned before, only plunger can kill him. Very simple design as expected.
Theme: As the title says "Angry Tunnel" is the counterpart of the default toilet realm music "Calm Tunnel" so its an intense version of that song, i love it and it makes the battle more immersive.
Story: Clog is there as a way to block Swirly D. from getting into the overworld. After being defeated clog screams "Master ive failed" so this leaves us with the question of who sended clog to block the way into the end of the toilet realm. We may know about this mysterious character on a future update.
Strategy: You want good flight and arm power for this boss, and pay attention when he rushes at you or moves back to avoid your hits. If you are playing on difficulty 8 beware with his hands because they will demolish you in 1 hit, also he is very tough so thats why you want lot of damage and arm power.
  1. Dream Eater
Difficulty: Dream Eater can prove a challenge while playing melee or even with ranged weapons such as ordinary pineapple and rubber ball cannon. He can fly and avoid projectiles easily. Tough he can be easily killed with a tiny sun grimoire
Design: A Strange flying creature with pitch black corpse and a white face wich looks like a demon, he has red horns and his eyes glow orange.
Theme: I absolutely love this song, it fits very well with the fight and feels very intense as you are fighting with literally a demon.
Story: We dont know too much about his story or why is he in Mr Fox dream, probably represents the bad time Lil Mr Fox had everyday at the Juice School as you can read trough the notes that are on the trees.
Strategy: Fight him with draginslayer if you want to go melee or use a grimoire or a ranged weapon that can keep shooting at him without having too much trouble, stay on the cabin roof if you dont have confidence to keep flying while fighting him and if you are trying to beat him in difficulty 8 you may want to use a grimoire on him.
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2023.06.03 01:56 Gist_it At least 50 people are killed, hundreds trapped in India passenger train derailment

Two passenger trains derailed in India on Friday, killing at least 50 people and trapping hundreds of others inside damaged rail cars.
The accident: The derailment occurred in eastern India, about 220 kilometers southwest of Kolkata, trapping hundreds of passengers and sending about 400 to hospitals. * The cause of the accident is under investigation. * Ten to twelve coaches of one train derailed, with debris falling onto a nearby track, then being hit by another passenger train coming from the opposite direction, causing up to three more coaches to derail.
The aftermath: In the aftermath of the accident, emergency rescuers climbed atop the wreckage to break open doors and windows, using cutting torches to free survivors. * Nearly 500 police officers and rescue workers, along with 75 ambulances and buses, responded to the scene, where rescuers attempted to free as many as 200 people feared trapped in the wreckage.
Rail safety in India: Despite government efforts to improve rail safety, several hundred accidents occur each year on India's railways, the largest train network under one management in the world. * Most train accidents are blamed on human error or outdated signaling equipment.
View original article on NPR
This summary was created by an AI system. The use of this summary is subject to our Terms of Service.
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2023.06.03 01:55 rabidhorse97 Getting the ick and uncomfortable interactions from POT SBF- red flags right??

Hi babes,
Made a post last week about a POT SBF and conflicted advancement with a SD. A few days have passed and I wanted some of your opinions.
I work a professional job 5 days a week and also get booked as a waitress for parties at private residences and hotels. Last night I had an incredibly fun party I was working, I’m talking NDA’s, booze galore, lots of molly, and only older millionaires in attendance. My contract time got extended (double the pay plus significantly more tips), and I was to relocate to one of the guy’s penthouses with some of the other girls and gentlemen.
POT SBF had expressed wanting to see me last night, and has always been aware that I do this for additional work. He has also known about this party for the past week. I told him I would see him if I could, but that I was working and would let him know my timeframe as soon as I had a solid answer. I ended up reaching out and letting him know my contract got extended and I would be staying significantly later than I had originally planned, and that if I were to see him it wouldn’t be till much later in the evening/early mornings. I suggested that it would be better to reschedule to the next night (he was available). He said no, kind of had attitude about all this but told me it was okay and that he would wait up. After some nagging texts and missed calls, I somehow managed to finesse my way out of there an hour early (difficult to pull off since I’m a paid employee) and called him to let him know I was available now, but that I had been drinking for hours and was still rolling on molly. He said okay no problem and to come over
I get there and he’s immediately all over me, trying to pressure me to drink more and got extremely upset when I gently declined. I reminded him I had been drinking excessively for several hours, was actively in show mode at work (burnt out), and was still rolling a bit so I was exhausted and just wanted to relax with him. He guilt tripped me HEAVY talking about “I went out of my way to pick this up for you tonight…. you could at least take a shot” “You at least have to drink wine or champagne with dinner”, and when I kept refusing and asked for water he was visibly upset and irritated. I kept playing my part while being honest about my state, thanked him for dinner and that I would love to lay down and cuddle with him in bed till we fall asleep. I was actively crashing and falling asleep at this point, and he starts making out/kissing me, grabbing all over me, and I’m not engaging too much because I am not trying to do that. He ends up having some really lame sex with me and when he’s done I ignore him and go to bed.
I woke up an hour later so grossed out by this guy and wanted to leave at this point while he was asleep. I could barely sleep, was grossed out by his attitude and actions, and just wanted to go home to my dog. I ended up laying there until he got up to shower, which was when I grabbed my stuff together and cleaned myself up to leave. I met him in the kitchen and explained I had to leave to take care of some things and to let him get started on his work day, and he had a problem with this too. He kept grabbing my arms stopping me, insisting I stay for breakfast, repeatedly asking me what was wrong and what happened at my work (??? I’m not an escort or stripper, I’m payed to be there, look sexy, and flirt with men while feeding them drugs, food, and alcohol lol). Every time I walked away to grab something he would follow, insist I stay because he doesn’t have to work till 10, demand to know what I needed to do instead and that I needed to stay for breakfast. I finally pulled away and walked towards the door, he followed me out to my car and stood behind it while I was trying to pull out. I waved goodbye thinking “wtf”
Now he’s texting me saying he bought us tickets to this thing tonight. This is my first night off work in 2 weeks and I want to relax and see my friends. He knows this. He’s becoming extremely possessive of all my free time (we are not actually in a relationship), showing up at my day job often, and it’s becoming way too much. I want to lie and tell him I’m unavailable tonight. None of my past SD’s or SBFs or even vanilla have ever been this possessive or over bearing and it’s starting to raise alarm bells in me. I want to hear your thoughts and make sure I’m not over reacting?
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2023.06.03 01:54 Ralfop Safe Saturn Bowl Never spill your food again with our Balance Bowl. The bowl has interlocking parts that rotate as the bowl moves, so your food will never fall out. It’s perfect for traveling, eating on-the-go, and for children. FEATURES: Rotating bowl Keeps food upright Spill-free and mess-free

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2023.06.03 01:45 MorphogeneticSorrow_ 24 [NB4F] EST/Anywhere - A Contract with Terms and Conditions

To whom it may concern,
Herein lies a contract, pre-signed, including the terms, conditions, and all relevant information regarding the love, support, and value offered by one MorphogeneticSorrow_. Herein also lies a co-signature line for whomsoever deems said contract worthy of their signature.
Terms and Conditions:
-The initial signer indicates that they are an AMAB Non-Binary Individual with They/She pronouns.
-Although this post is marked “4F” it is mostly to deter men who can’t read. The co-signer may fall into the category of F, TF, or AFAB Non-Binary; all are acceptable.
-The initial signer indicates that they are from the Eastern Standard time zone, but that the co-signer may retain the right to originate from any other time zone.
-The co-signer agrees that they have ample time to devote to communication, either textual, verbal, or both. Verbal is preferred but not required at first, although the initial-signer has been told, on record, that their voice is very soothing and nice.
-The initial signer indicates that they are not without flaw, are victim to numerous debilitating mental health issues, and understands that that is not for everyone. The co-signer indicates that they are okay with this and can handle the requisite reassurance and comfort required by said conditions.
This position comes with benefits that are not without merit. Entitlements of this contract are listed as follows in no particular order:
The co-signer is entitled to all love, affection, and care the initial signer is capable of providing.
The co-signer is entitled to gratuitous feline images of the utmost adorable variety.
The co-signer is entitled to either join the initial signer for video games, or to watch along and chat while the initial signer plays if that is their preference.
The co-signer is entitled to lots of movie nights and/or show binges.
The co-signer is entitled to the semi-professional quality cooking of the initial signer.
The co-signer is entitled to as much of the initial signer’s free time as they would like.
The co-signer is entitled to Tarot readings performed by the initial signer.
The co-signer is further entitled to anything agreed upon by the two at a later date.
This contract of course comes with a series of failsafes in place to protect both the initial and co-signers. The contract is singular and binding, meaning no co-signature is to be made until agreed upon by both parties. However, there is a “trial” period wherein the co-signer is entitled to all the benefits listed herein until they are certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that they wish to sign the contract. If interested, please contact the initial signer via Direct Message or the Chat functionality upon the Reddit website or mobile application.
X MorphogeneticSorrow_
X__________________ Date:________
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2023.06.03 01:44 MorphogeneticSorrow_ 24 [R4F] EST/Anywhere - A Contract with Terms and Conditions

To whom it may concern,
Herein lies a contract, pre-signed, including the terms, conditions, and all relevant information regarding the love, support, and value offered by one MorphogeneticSorrow_. Herein also lies a co-signature line for whomsoever deems said contract worthy of their signature.
Terms and Conditions:
-The initial signer indicates that they are an AMAB Non-Binary Individual with They/She pronouns.
-Although this post is marked “4F” it is mostly to deter men who can’t read. The co-signer may fall into the category of F, TF, or AFAB Non-Binary; all are acceptable.
-The initial signer indicates that they are from the Eastern Standard time zone, but that the co-signer may retain the right to originate from any other time zone.
-The co-signer agrees that they have ample time to devote to communication, either textual, verbal, or both. Verbal is preferred but not required at first, although the initial-signer has been told, on record, that their voice is very soothing and nice.
-The initial signer indicates that they are not without flaw, are victim to numerous debilitating mental health issues, and understands that that is not for everyone. The co-signer indicates that they are okay with this and can handle the requisite reassurance and comfort required by said conditions.
This position comes with benefits that are not without merit. Entitlements of this contract are listed as follows in no particular order:
The co-signer is entitled to all love, affection, and care the initial signer is capable of providing.
The co-signer is entitled to gratuitous feline images of the utmost adorable variety.
The co-signer is entitled to either join the initial signer for video games, or to watch along and chat while the initial signer plays if that is their preference.
The co-signer is entitled to lots of movie nights and/or show binges.
The co-signer is entitled to the semi-professional quality cooking of the initial signer.
The co-signer is entitled to as much of the initial signer’s free time as they would like.
The co-signer is entitled to Tarot readings performed by the initial signer.
The co-signer is further entitled to anything agreed upon by the two at a later date.
This contract of course comes with a series of failsafes in place to protect both the initial and co-signers. The contract is singular and binding, meaning no co-signature is to be made until agreed upon by both parties. However, there is a “trial” period wherein the co-signer is entitled to all the benefits listed herein until they are certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that they wish to sign the contract. If interested, please contact the initial signer via Direct Message or the Chat functionality upon the Reddit website or mobile application.
X MorphogeneticSorrow_
X__________________ Date:________
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2023.06.03 01:43 Zodiacuser [Store] TI8, TI9, Nemestice,Aghanims, Diretide CC's

Emperor Zodiac Services is back on reddit to provide you my servicesI have been selling since TI10 and stopped due to complication with reddit postings. But now I have returned to provide service to those who are interested as there is coin to be made.For proof of legitimacy as a businessman please look at my steam profile
Mode of payment Gcash/Coins.ph/Paypal/PaymayaDown payment of half or full payment is a must for transaction to proceed to avoid joy ridersIf interested feel free to message me in reddit or in steam ( Prefer steam as I am more active there) ^^

TI8 Collectors Cache Quantity Price
Shackles of Enduring Conscript (Axe) 1 Available $10
Rare: Rainments of Obsidian Forge (Underlord) 1 Available $15

TI9 Collectors Cache Quantity Price
Directive of the Sunbound (Clockwork) 1 Available $10
Distinguished Expeditionary (Tuskar) 1 Available $10
Prized Acquisition (Batrider) 1 Available $10

TI10 Collectors Cache II Quantity Price
The king of thieves (Keeper of the Light) 0 Available 1 Reserved $10

Nemestice Collectors Cache Quantity Price
Arcane Inverter (Gyrocopter) 1 Available $10
Caerulian Stars (Enchantress) 3 Available $5
Litany of the Damned (Doombringer) 1 Available $10
Red Sands Marauder (Shadow Shaman) 0 Available 1 Sold $10
Twilight Hex (Dark Willow) 2 Available 1 Reserved $6

Aghanims Collectors Cache Quantity Price
Blight Fall (Abaddon) 1 Available $8
Cosmic Concoctor (Alchemist) 0 Available 1 Sold $6
Forgotten Fate (Mars) 1 Available $8
Perils of the Red Banks (Chen) 2 Available $8
Secrets of the Frost Singularity (Ancient Apparition) 1 Available $8
The Chained Scribe (Grimmstroke) 1 Available $8
Rare: Pyrexae Polymorph Perfected (Ogre Magi) 1 Available 1 Sold $20

Diretide Collectors Cache I Quantity Price
Champion of the Fire Lotus (Monkey King) 4 Available $4
Chines of the Inquisitor (Faceless Void) 4 Available $4
Crimson Dawn (Phoenix) 5 Available $4
Deathstick Shaman (Witch Doctor) 3 Available $4
Dirge Amplifier (Undying) 4 Available $4
Forgotten Station (Terror Blade) 3 Available $4
Hounds of Obsession (Chen) 2 Available $6
Seadog's Stash (Clockwork) 4 Available $4
Spoils of the Shadowveil (Spectre) 4 Available $4
Starlorn Adjudicator (Dawnbreaker) 1 Available $6
Trophies of the Hallowed Hunt (Ursa) 4 Available $4
Whippersnapper (Snapfire) 2 Available $4
Rare: Angel of Vex (Invoker) 2 Available $20
Rare: Blue Horizons (Marci) 3 Available $15

Diretide Collectors Cache II Quantity Price
Acrimonies of Obsession (Vengeful Spirit) 3 Available $4
Bird of Prey (Legion Commander) 1 Available 1 Reserved $4
Cursed Cryptbreaker (Pudge) 3 Available $4
Darkbrew's Transgression (Alchemist) 3 Available $4
Dawn of Darkness Foretold (Doombringer) 3 Available $4
Feasts of Forever (Nightstalker) 2 Available $4
Freeboots Fortune (Ogre Magi) 2 Available $4
Grand Suppresor (Silencer) 2 Available 1 Sold $4
Sacred Chamber Guardian (Huskar) 2 Available $4
The Wilding Tiger (Pandaren Brewmaster) 1 Available $6
Transcendent Path (Oracle) 1 Available $6
War Rig Eradicators (Techies) 2 Available $4
Withering Pain (Boneclinkz) 3 Available $4
Rare: Grudges of the Gallows Tree (Treant Protector) 5 Available $10
Rare: Brands of the Reaper (Anti-Mage) 2 Available $15
Very Rare: Sublime Equilibrium (Void Spirit) 1 Available $25
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2023.06.03 01:40 EntertainmentProper 8g mushroom psychosis, tried to strangle friends mom, destroyed room, and more

(The fact that I tried to strangle my friends mom wasn’t even the worst part of this story, but I figured it would grab your attention)
I was 18 when this incident took place, and I had done acid lots of times with no issues at this point. Including a 500ug dose during a car ride that turned out fine, so I thought I had psychs under control. Shrooms, however, I had only done twice, a 2g and a 3.5g trip. The 3.5 trip was pretty scary, I almost slipped into egodeath but I’m pretty sure I held onto reality enough for my ego to not fully dissolve. I assumed that it was scary because my set and setting wasn’t very good, so after that I wanted to experience a moderate dose of shrooms again, but this time in a good setting and hopefully have a great time.
I had a really good dealer, he was a kind person, and would often throw in free tabs with my orders and stuff like that. I told him I wanted 8g of mushrooms, and that me and my friend were going to take 4g each at his house that night. He sold me the shrooms, and I didn’t have a scale or anything I just trusted him, and I assumed that he gave me 8 grams. I had never seen 8 grams of shrooms before, it looked like a lot but I thought that 8 grams should look like a lot, but in retrospect I think he had sold me about 14 or 16 grams or even more. They weren’t very high quality from what I had seen before and he was probably just trying to get rid of them honestly. It was a bag of small caps and stems and it was about the size of an oz of we’d. They were pretty hard and chewy, not as fluffy and soft as the white giants I had in the past, but I powered through and ate as much as I could. My friend said he couldn’t eat anymore because he was sick of the taste, so I would say I ate about 60% of the bag. That puts my estimate at about 8-10 grams that I had consumed at my friends house that night.
A little more context before I get into the horrifying and scaring events that took place that night, my friends mother was home and she was absolutely not okay with anything more than weed or alcohol being consumed at her house. This led my friend, who we will call Jay, to feel a little paranoid about taking them in the first place, because he didn’t know if we were going to be loud or anything. Jay had only done shrooms one time, and it was with me when I took the 3.5, and he was also freaking out and trying not to let his ego dissolve. He also took acid with me at my house one time, probably a 100ug dose. In retrospect it was completely stupid and irresponsible for me to push him to take what I planned on being 4 grams of shrooms at his house while he was paranoid about his mom and inexperienced with psychedelics. Also, my parents are not accepting of any drug whatsoever, no alcohol no weed whatsoever. I had been caught drinking one time before this, and that was a major shock in the family which completely devastated everyone. Somehow this wasn’t enough to get me to stop seeking substances.
Anyways, we waited on his porch during the come up, and when I started feeling it it hit me like a brick wall. Everything started to look like the old 3D movies used to look if you weren’t wearing the red and blue glasses, if that makes any sense. This is hard to explain, but I started to have this deep feeling that I was entering a realm where I had been before but hadn’t been to in a long time, and it felt like it was the other half of my life that I had completely forgotten about. Again I can’t explain it that well but it was an extremely powerful feeling and I was overcome with emotions about how I had forgotten about this place and that I had spent my whole life without remembering it. After this we quietly went inside into his room, his mother was sleeping. I remember talking to him for a while about random trippy things for a few minutes, but after that things got very, very weird.
The following events happened to me like they were movie scenes, I remember one event then I do not remember what happens between that time and the next event. The next thing I remember after talking to Jay was him sitting across the room on the bed talking about how he wasn’t feeling very good, something about nausea and confusion and general anxiety. I was like “no man don’t worry, we’re actually in a dream right now. I think I’m actually dreaming right now” and he was pretty confused and didn’t know what I was talking about. I pulled out my phone and texted him, despite him being 10 feet away from me, trying to explain to him that I was having this crazy feeling like I was in a dream and that it was nuts. I guess for a few minutes I forgot he was there, because I was texting him like I was sharing my shroom experience from my house and I was trying to tell him about it.
The next thing I remember is opening Pokémon Go on my phone and there was a treecko, and when I tried to catch it I thought that it was my dad. I legitimately, without exaggeration, thought that this treecko on my screen was my actual true father, and I was just fascinated. I couldn’t believe this discovery and just spent a few minutes thinking about it. I then tapped on another Pokémon to try to catch it, and when I did it turned into a freaking ditto. Those of you that play Pokémon Go probably can imagine how fucking insane it was to catch a ditto high as shit on shrooms, I thought the damn world was about to collapse or something it was unbelievable.
After this, Jay decided to turn on some YouTube to try to relax and distract us both, because he could feel things going south. I guess he took it as a bad sign when I was telling him that a treecko was my dad. I had a thought like “I think they say you’re not supposed to watch tv on shrooms” but I thought nothing of it and figured it might be fun. The tv started talking to me, the characters in whatever the video was were talking to me about how we were all living in a simulation and that we have to figure out who is causing it. Once we found who was running the simulation, we would have to find them and tell them that we realized we were in a simulation and that the game could end, and at that point we would be released into the actual true reality and be free from this dimension. That sounded super cool to me, and I had a discovery that the person running the simulation was his mother. I thought that as soon as we went to her room she would be waiting on us to tell her we “figured it out” and at that point we would be released into true reality. So I told Jay, and he immediately told me that was a terrible idea and that it was all nonsense and that if we woke up his mom that we would be fucked and might even go to jail. I debated with him for a while, trying to explain to him what I was thinking and why it was legitimate, but he was having none of it and would not let me leave the room. Eventually I gave up the idea, which you would think was a good thing, but when you hear what happened instead you’ll realize it probably would have been better to go talk to his mom and get kicked out of his house.
The next thing I remember is Jay laying in bed, I think he said he wanted all of this to end and that he was going to try to sleep, so I was alone with my thoughts. I started to feel alone, so I crawled into his bed with him, which was very weird because I was never one of those people who is comfortable sharing a bed with another guy or anything like that. This is when the full blown psychosis started. I suddenly thought I was 10 years old, and that I was in my old bedroom laying in bed with my dad early in the morning. I really wanted breakfast, so I started poking Jay, who I thought was my dad, trying to get him to wake up and take me to Hardee’s. This didn’t work and he wouldn’t move. So I just continued to lay there and daydream and think about whatever was going through my head. I remember seeing a shape on the wall which was familiar but I had no clue where it was from, and I suspect this was something that I had seen very early in my childhood like when I was a baby or something that started to manifest itself on his walls. It was like a circle with three shapes in it that kinda reminded me of a face of some kind but looked nothing like a face. I can still imagine it to this day, but if I actually tried to draw it I would have no clue what to draw, it’s just some abstract thought.
I do not know what happened but I ended up in his floor, and the delusion that he was my father was over at this point. Now, I had completely forgotten he was there, I didn’t know where I was or what I was doing but I knew that somehow I had escaped whatever fake simulation I was in and that now I was in true reality where I could do whatever I wanted. I was pleased with this, my first thought was that I wanted a strawberry donut. Yes, apparently if I was given the power to do anything I wanted to without consequence the first thing I would do was manifest a strawberry donut. I figured that it would take time to learn how to fly and walk through walls and stuff, and that for now I would start simple. So I decided to piss my pants, since that was one thing I thought in my past life I wasn’t allowed to do, and since I could do whatever I wanted now I said freak it and pissed. It was warm and gross and I kinda regretted it for a second, but I quickly forgot that it had happened. I was distracted by some other fantasy which I cannot remember, but it had something to do with me doing something I couldn’t do before and I was amazed at it.
At this point I am fully in a delusional psychosis that I have escaped the simulation and there are no consequences to any action that I do. Kinda like I had a reset button and could just undo any action that was done or something. I didn’t think it was in a dream anymore, I literally thought my new reality was this world. And so, I did whatever I wanted to, with no thought or hesitation.
The next thing I remember is waking up to his room being completely destroyed, the lights on, Jay and his mother standing there looking at me in shock and horror, and me being pinned to the ground by a giant wardrobe, the type with doors on top and drawers under it. There was shit falling out of the doors onto me and I was covered in ashes from an incense tray. I didn’t remember how the wardrobe got on top of me, but weeks later my friend told me that it fell on me while I was climbing on it and eating the ashes out of the incense tray. The wardrobe was really heavy and I couldn’t get out from under it, but I was still fully in psychosis and asked Jay and his mom why they weren’t fucking helping me out when I obviously was stuck. I was yelling and screaming at them, “What the fuck are you doing? Don’t just stand there get this shit off me so we can go get a strawberry donut what the fuck are you doing?!” I couldn’t figure out why there was no reaction from them, if anything just disappointment and disbelief, and that started to really piss me off. Why weren’t they down to go get some strawberry donuts? Obviously it was time for fun and destroying shit and they’re just sitting there looking at me. This wardrobe is fucking heavy and crushing me and they’re just looking at me like deer in headlights. I remember there was a cord for something near my head and I just grabbed it and started chewing on it, like actually trying to eat it since I could do whatever I want. Jay’s mom came over to me and said to cut that shit out or to stop or something and I was like “fuck you, you’re pissing me off quit killing the vibe let me eat it” I was pissed off. She took it from me but I just kept grabbing it again. She was wearing flip flops and I think I took one of them off of her foot when she was trying to kick the cord away from me and I tried to eat the shoe and I think she hit me in the face with it, but that’s so blurry in my mind that I don’t know if it actually happened or not. I kept trying to eat anything I could get my hands on.
The next thing I remember is Jay on top of me, fully restraining me like a cop has to restrain a resisting criminal. He had my arms pinned town beside of me and he was sitting on my stomach area trying to keep me from moving. It fucking hurt a lot. I was like “Dude Jay what the fuck are you doing get off me I’m trying to have a good time and you’re actually hurting me”. I remember it really hurting my stomach because Jay was a bigger guy and I felt like my stomach was about to explode and kill me. I had a brief thought that I had been sent to hell for doing whatever I wanted to do, and that the rest of my eternity was going to be him sitting on top of me while I screamed in pain. I thought that it would never end, and I started going ape shit crazy screaming and yelling and crying begging him to get off me. Like I literally pictured this painful scenario lasting for another minute and couldn’t stand it, then realized this is what it will be like for the next hour, and the next 24 hours, and for the next 40 days and 40 years and I couldn’t bear the thought. I didn’t know how the wardrobe got off of me at the time, but again weeks later Jay told me that I somehow became a superhuman for a second and pushed the wardrobe off of myself and lunged straight at his mother’s neck trying to strangle her. I got pretty close to her apparently, and she had to jump back, but I don’t remember any of that, that’s just what he told me. At that point he had to take me down and restrain me, because he recognized that me trying to kill his mother was not a good thing and it had to stop immediately, believe it or not.
At this point his mother had called my mother and told her the situation, a phone call that I am sure my mother will remember for the rest of her life, because she could hear me screaming and cursing in the background of the call. She put her on speaker and mom tried to ask me what I was doing and I just told her to fuck off and come help me because these people weren’t letting me have strawberry donuts and get wild like I wanted to. That call didn’t last long, but she sent my dad to come and pick me up. Jay restrained me until my dad got there, and when he got there they told me to leave and that my father was there to pick me up. I was like okay fuck you guys I’m going to party with my dad, and I got in his car. He didn’t say a word to me and I was still fully in psychosis and did not realize what was happening. My pants were soaked so I just took them off, dad told me to stop and that I couldn’t take my pants off but I was like “no, they’re wet they have to come off” so I got completely naked in the passenger seat of the car.
Unfortunately, that moment was when the psychosis ended and I became fully aware of what had just happened. I think this moment will forever be the worst moment of my life unless I do something else stupid in the future. Every negative emotion you could possibly feel hit me right there, guilt, shame, anger, all of it hit me right in the chest and I swear I almost passed out. It was physically painful when I realized what I had just done. I probably lost my very best friend forever, his family hates me now, my family knows I do psychedelics, I am naked in my dads car, I have just fully ruined my life as I know it and I have no clue what went wrong in the trip that led to this point. I have no clue why I went into psychosis, but I sure did and I fucked my entire life up in the span of 4 hours. I cannot explain how terrible that moment was and I’ll remember it for the rest of my life. I was defeated. Being the real man of genius my father is, trying to I guess lighten the situation or something idk, he went through the damn Hardee’s drive through and ordered me some food. The lady at the drive through did in fact see me naked in the passenger seat, which I’m sure made her day. The rest of the car ride was just me being completely speechless and more or less paralyzed with fear and regret, and when we got home I ran inside straight to my room and locked the door. I refused to look at my mother, who wanted to talk to me obviously, I couldn’t face her at that moment. She didn’t even know what mushrooms were or that they were a drug, so trying to explain a full blown psychosis experience wasn’t going to happen. I texted Jay and I had no clue what to say, besides that I was sorry. There were no words I could say to him to even start to explain anything, I didn’t even know what I needed to explain so I just said that I couldn’t believe what just happened and that it was infinitely sorry. He didn’t reply. I slept for probably 6 hours and woke up actually feeling pretty normal, at which point I decided to go upstairs and talk to my parents.
I don’t remember much after that, but I know it sucked. I know it took Jay weeks to even speak to me like we had ever been friends, and months after that to repair our friendship. Yes, we did repair our friendship, and now 3 years later we simply don’t talk about it. I even see his mother occasionally out town and she’s very loving towards me and says hello. I don’t know how I got so lucky to have a friend like Jay and his family, because if it was nearly anyone else they probably would have called the police and had me thrown in jail instead of calling my parents. I’ll forever be thankful for them.
Be careful with your doses, people
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2023.06.03 01:40 neunicyclers If u looking for a fun club for summer

If u looking for a fun club for summer
probably should should have said a month ago, but come to unicycle club-- we'll lend you a unicycle (for free) for the session and teach you!
We meet every sat 1pm between ruggles and ryder (unless weather is dreadful)
Will continue at least until end of summer 1, then be back in full force for the Fall
Slack: https://join.slack.com/t/neunicyclers/shared_invite/zt-1twyx14yp-8WvmzfT_TVKlybE1g~hQCA
Insta: https://www.instagram.com/neunicyclers/
Engage: https://neu.campuslabs.com/engage/organization/unicycle
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