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2023.05.28 06:33 autotldr As cancer drug shortages grow, some doctors are forced to ration doses or delay care

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Widespread shortages of cancer drugs are forcing doctors to make difficult decisions about how to treat their patients, including rationing doses and turning to other treatment options with potentially more side effects.
As of Wednesday, the Food and Drug Administration listed 14 cancer drugs in shortage.
According to a March report from the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, drug shortages are at record highs.
New drug shortages increased by nearly 30% between 2021 and 2022.
"Carboplatin is such an important drug for the treatment of many cancers - breast cancer, ovarian, head and neck, lung cancer, among several others," said Dr. Lucio Gordan, a medical oncologist and president of Florida Cancer Specialists and Research Institute, a network of cancer clinics.
Drug shortages cause extra stress not only for cancer patients, but for medical providers as well.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Drug#1 cancer#2 shortage#3 carboplatin#4 treatment#5
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2023.05.28 06:31 Jomskylark A guide to watching ultimate on ESPN+, ESPNU, etc – including new international options!

Watch ultimate on ESPN channels: A guide

A few times a year ultimate will find its way to an ESPN-channel such as ESPN3, ESPN+, ESPNU, etc. There are usually a number of questions about how to watch ultimate on this platform, so I've compiled a few of the most common and put them below for easy reference.
  • ESPN3 is an online-only platform where games are streamed via internet or internet devices such as Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, etc.
  • ESPNU and ESPN2 are traditional television channels which can be watched on both TV and online. These channels are often, but not always, included in cable packages.
  • ESPN+ is a monthly subscription service that does not require a cable package.
When can ultimate be found on ESPN channels?
The following tournaments sometimes broadcast games on an ESPN channel:
  • D-I College Nationals
  • Club US Open
  • Club Pro Champs
  • Club Nationals
Typically, pool play games and early bracket play will be broadcasted by USA Ultimate or a third party such as Ultiworld, while ESPN will cover semifinals and finals.
For the 2023 D-I College Nationals, semifinals will be on ESPN+ and finals on ESPNU.
What's the deal with ESPN+?
Beginning in 2023, ultimate games may be broadcasted on ESPN+, not ESPN3. This is a substantial change for two reasons: (1) It almost certainly requires users to pay to watch, as there are few, if any, free workarounds like with ESPN3. But (2) it is considerably simpler to set up and watch, which some technology-adverse folks may appreciate.
  1. Go to Plus.ESPN.com and follow the steps. The cost is $10/month for the standard bundle or $13/month for a bundle including Disney+ and Hulu. There are no free trials for ESPN+.
  2. Once logged in and subscribed, simply visit the Schedule page and click on the USA Ultimate stream you'd like to watch.
  3. You can watch ESPN+ on a wide variety of devices and apps.
Cost-Saving Methods
  • You can save $1 for the month plan through Rakuten, or $12.50 for the annual plan. The annual plan also provides two months for free.
  • Verizon customers with a 5G Get More or 5G Play More plan, you may qualify for free access.
How can I watch games on ESPNU or ESPN2?
ESPNU and ESPN2 games are vastly easier (and free) to watch as they are dedicated TV channels. In addition to the methods below for watching ESPN3 games, also try:
  • Go to a bar or restaurant and ask a bartendeserver to change the channel. Be patient and tip well.
  • Google "free ESPNU" or "free ESPN2 stream" or something similar. Look for sketchy-looking URLs and domain names. I'm serious - there are many sites streaming these channels for free, and they ALL have dodgy URL names. Just close any pop-ups that appear. A couple I recommend are tv247us[dot]com/watch/espn-u/ and bigbro8fan[dot]weebly[dot]com.
  • Buy a universal remote and watch on your neighbor's TV through their window. If you say it's frisbee nationals they won't think it's creepy.
I'm an international viewer. How can I watch?
For years watching ultimate from outside the US has ranged from difficult to downright impossible. It's often required a combination of VPNs and free trials, or the service of a user to provide a bootleg stream link. At D-I College Nationals in 2023, USAU has developed a solution, offering a paid package that covers all semifinals, as well as the finals.
  • The package is $12. Click here to buy it.
  • USAU says there is a geo-fence that prevents users in the US from watching. I personally am not convinced - I'd be curious if it could be watched with a VPN like Hola. If anyone wants to try this, let me know if it works or not.
How can I watch ultimate games online, such as on ESPN3 or ESPNU but online?
If you have a cable package with ESPN3 access, it's super easy:
  1. Go to WatchESPN.com or the ESPN section of your app and look under the 'Also Live' section. You may need to click See All and scroll down.
  2. You can also try searching directly for 'ultimate' or 'frisbee.'
  3. There are also usually direct links to these games. Check the sidebar of this subreddit (you may need to be on old.reddit.com), or look on the USAU Broadcast Schedule page.
If you don't have a cable package with ESPN3 access, there are several workarounds with varying rates of success.
US Residents:
  1. First, if you have any cable package, visit WatchESPN.com and log in with your cable provider, just in case. Sometimes ESPN3 is complimentary, or you have an ESPN package that you don't know about.
  2. If you have access to a college campus or military base, simply connect to its wifi and visit the site above. ESPN3 is free and included for most colleges and military bases in the US.
    Note: You can often access college campus wifi even if you're not a student. Connect to the Guest wifi or ask at the local visitor center. For military base wifi, a simple workaround is to hop the fence or charge the gate. Free access for a year or more.
  3. Try a free trial of a service that includes ESPN3 access, such as Sling, Hulu TV, or Youtube TV. Some of these services, like Sling, lets you register for a new free trial on the same account/card if enough time has passed.
    Once you have a trial, use the service platform to browse to the game or website, or visit WatchESPN.com directly and login with your service credentials there.
  4. If nothing else, try a pirated stream link (see below). Be sure to close any pop-ups.
International Residents:
  1. Follow Step #3 above but with a couple of extra steps.
    First, you'll likely need a VPN to spoof your location. Hola is free and easy, but Nord, Express, etc are also options. You can also try this non-VPN method.
    Second, you may need a US credit card for the trial. If you don't have one, try Paypal or buy a Google Play gift card and use that.
  2. Another option is a free trial of ESPN Player. This is an official service provided by ESPN to viewers in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. See this post for more details. Note that ultimate is not always offered on ESPN Player.
  3. If all else fails, you may be able to find a pirated stream link. TV247US[dot]com/espn-3 (or tv247[dot]us/espn-3/) and MyGoodStream[dot]pw/espn are good places to start. RareTode (saswink), EatPrayFartSomeMore (EatPrayFart), and Sascha Vogel (ultimatesascha) have streamed on Twitch or Youtube in the past. Or try this suggestion.
The event is over. Can I still watch the ESPN games?
ESPN tends to archive games on WatchESPN.com for a few weeks. Just login with whatever login method you have, go to Schedule & Replays, click Replay, then use the filters to find the games. For ESPN+ games, you might need to login to ESPN+ first.
However, some games may simply not be viewable, even if they have direct links that still work. See this thread for details.
USAU will upload the games to Youtube at some point, but it may take X months to get there. They may also quietly upload the games to their Watch page and just not tell anyone. ಠ_ಠ
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2023.05.28 06:31 Willing-Abalone482 Lack of awareness: High need babies and unsolicited/dated parenting advice

I have a high need baby and also suffers from bad sleep and feeding due to severe reflux. I try to explain it to people and I always get so much pushback, doubt, unsolicited advice, and most people think I’m just keeping him in a bubble/overprotective, or that I’m “spoiling” my 3 month old, or that he needs to learn to adjust. We do not let him cry long because his reflux is triggered and yes it is painful for him, most times he’ll throw up the very little that he just fed. He also chokes on his vomit and turned blue once, the amount of anxiety and horror I felt is unmeasurable. He is a poor sleeper and he barely feeds the minimum amount for his age and weight because sometimes his medication just isn’t helping his reflux, so I try to keep him on sort of the best routine or schedule as much ac possible just so he won’t be too tired to feed at night because that’s when his second dose is given and able to feed with less pain. He is easily overwhelmed and stimulated and has a hard time transitioning to sleep when he feels either. He tends to get overtired and would be too sleepy or his feeding and nap/sleep time will overlap but he only sleeps when rocked. With reflux like his we have to keep him upright at least 30 mins so he doesn’t throw up = overtired baby when it overlaps. Even as a high need baby he is pretty much on schedule with feeding and wake times, we track everything his feeding and sleep as we were asked by doctors and the worst sleep and feeding is always I MEAN ALWAYS when there was a change like visitors overstimulating him or him being up because we were out, or we’re out too long, especially when he’s been away from me too long. I have the charts and facts to show that it is not a coincidence. I’ve been trying to explain this to people so many times in the nicest way possible but they just don’t understand that I know him best and probably his pediatrician (medically speaking) and I don’t want to hear more pushback or your unsolicited advice shoved down my throat, I am so triggered especially when it’s from grandparents (older generation) and people without kids. They find my baby so adorable (thank you) but also he is not a toy and he will cry when uncomfortable and i know when he is hungry, tired, or simply want his mama. As a first time parent i have read and researched, articles backed by science to simply other parents’ experience because my baby is different than the “easy” babies I know and heard of. At this point I am so close to just not giving information or distancing me and my baby from other people (some friends and family) because it’s not just advice but the way they blatantly ignore my requests when it comes to the way I want to parent and my child needs to be handled. I do not believe my baby should adjust to us parents, I believe that they cannot be spoiled the first year and they communicate by crying or a sudden change in their behaviour and response (minus growth spurts). ————————————————- I have tried almost everything and I don’t understand other people who just disregard and undermine the way I parent my own baby because even with family and other babies I’ve personally taken care of, I never felt the need to give unsolicited advice or disagree with the parent no matter how present they were during their babies’ growth. I do not want to shelter my baby heck I want a break and want to stay out longer and have him get used to family and friends, I actually invite them myself to see/play with him but most of them just completely disregard my requests regarding my baby and it’s simple things like to not be too loud, give him when he cries, do no force feed him as he associates his pain from reflux with feeding and will go through bottle aversion/refusal again, do not shake him, keep him upright. try to be calm and don’t let him watch tv. I am not a helicopter mom and I always leave so they don’t feel weird that I’m watching them and baby and just pop in to check every now and then.
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2023.05.28 06:29 Opposite_Flight2776 Degenerative changes of SI joint on X-ray

Hello Everyone & thanks for reading! Just curious if my (constant) SI pain could possibly be AS related and figured most of you on here could provide your personal opinion. I don't go back to the spine specialist until July and I don't go to the pain clinic for another couple weeks. I do have an upcoming Pelvic MRI to rule out anything else that could be causing this pain.
Female. 41. I've had low one-sided back pain my whole life, on and off. Started in my late teens, early 20s. Usually never lasting more than days/couple weeks. In 2018 I have a really bad flair up of some sort. At the ER, I was given a methotrexate injection for a "possible ectopic" that was later ruled out (no ectopic). However, the back pain was alleviated soon after, not sure if by chance or what. Also had X-rays of ribs/hip/flank area with nothing showing.
Pregnant in 2019. Zero back pain the entire pregnancy but lots of carpal tunnel/trigger fingers (never had this before). I'd wake in the morning and my fingers would be deformed until I popped them in to place. This remained until about 4 weeks after birth.
Last summer, I had the right low pain start again. It seems to be in the SI, down the buttcheek a bit, front of thigh to the knee. The thigh is more involved if I am sitting for a bit and go to stand. It's been consistent since last summer. I feel better when walking or standing. I can only stand to sleep on my back with my legs elevated. I've had a few weird sensations during this as well, such as hot, painful toes (a couple at a time), painful ankle for no reason (where the inner bone sticks out) and general low back pain.
Mri last month (lumbar) showed stenosis and spondylosis at at the l4/l5 and l5/s1.
X-ray this month showed spondylosis and facet arthritis at l4/l5 w/grade one spondylolisthesis. Also states "degenerative changes involving the SI joints."
Sorry for the lengthy novel but curious what some of you think. I know many of you have become very well versed in this condition. When I asked spine specialist if it was my SI, she didn't think so (this was before this months X-ray).
Thanks again for your time. It's appreciated.
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2023.05.28 06:25 IceQueenWeiss Selling epic games account + coupon 25% expire june 15

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12/30/2019 Hello Neighbor
12/29/2019 The Talos Principle
12/26/2019 Faster Than Light
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7/3/2019 Last Day of June
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2023.05.28 06:24 wonsoongeeh Naga is PL's hardest counter?

I rarely jungle early game unless it's Alchemist. Even then, I prefer using unstable concoction to gank rather than stay out of sight and jungle. This is particularly true for Naga. I always go 2 wraith bands -> treads -> diffusal blade. Diffusal blade is always my first item just like when I play PL (which I generally avoid choosing because he's so boring). It gives Naga a total of 3 ganking soft-disables which makes her insanely potent for chasing but also good for early team fights with massive DPS output and mana burn.
I find her particularly powerful when ganking PL. PL's biggest weakness may be that in early team fights, he's always the first target. Nobody wants PL farming so he needs to die as early as possible and as many times as possible. Especially with Naga's massive aoe passive, difficulty of focusing on a single target with Naga's illusions, her net which prevents him from pulling out of battles, and her generally greater early game damage output. So you're going to discourage him from being too active in team fights because you want to avoid becoming a mid to late game dud by dying too many times.
But Naga is also the best ganker against PL. If you're jungling or laning solo, she can hide, spawn illusions, spot the real PL, net, then you're down less than 50% of your hp while having your mana burned substantially. Even if PL has enough mana for W after that brutal beating, most PLs (especially non-pros) will often just choose his main to run and leave his images behind, making him easy to spot with most of his illusions popped off by Naga's aoe.
Then use diffusal active to finish him off. What makes Naga particularly effective for ganking PL is that she can comfortably do it alone. With a hero like Sven, it usually needs to be done in pairs for a clever or good PL, because PL can just W and get out of there with Sven having limited options for chasing without a support. That's one extra manpower that could be used for better things.
I was stomping with Naga against PL in such a game. Until my girlfriend started complaining about playing too much game and ignoring her, so I had to abandon early and spend an entire week playing single draft. But lesson learned and it was fun. Until she-who-shall-not-be-named ruined it and I had to have sex instead (ugh).
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2023.05.28 06:24 brentus86 Scream VI - A Theory About the Killer(s)

Theory - Wayne, Quinn, and Ethan are not related to Richie. They were sent by The Mastermind to continue the plan.
In a previous theory, I suggested that Gale is investigating a hypothetical Mastermind who inspired and guided Richie and Amber in Scream (2022). They were all part of an online community, and I think the Mastermind is continuing their work in Scream VI.
The idea of all three killers being related to Richie is a bit of a stretch on its own (the amount of work required to create fake identities for all three, while allowing them to effectively uproot their entire lives without anyone else noticing is too much). This especially becomes harder to believe when you consider the actions of two people - Gale and Kirby.
Gale wrote a book about the Woodsboro 22 murders, and didn't seem to find any information about them. Her books have never been about the past beyond what was revealed in the third act, though, unless you count Wrongfully Accused. Since she was focused on the murders themselves, I could see her not looking too deep into Richie and Amber's histories. Also, my previous theory also explains that this book wasn't necessarily meant to tell a story as much as it was meant to sell a narrative. I only include her because I know a lot of other people take issue with this.
Kirby, on the other hand, should have found something. She mentions in Scream VI that she'd been monitoring Jason and Greg in the months leading to their deaths. I think this began when she learned that Amber and Richie met online. She found where they met and began investigating there. She would have theoretically investigated anyone else who they had contact with in the months before Woodsboro 22, and somehow Wayne, Quinn, and Ethan never showed up. Sure, some families go a long time without conversing, but I just think it's strange that Kirby wouldn't have at least followed up with his family to see if they had any idea what he was planning. She should have met them, or at least been made aware of who they are.
Gale and Kirby's oversights have long been regarded as plotholes, but what if they're not? What if they're clues? What if the fact that neither one of them found out that the Baileys/Landries are related to Richie is because they aren't?
So, they're not related to him. Why commit murders and say you are?
The most obvious reason is they're part of the same online community/group. They're avenging their fallen brother, and/or are continuing the work he started. I like this because it kind of gives Bailey's line, "You fuck with my family, you die", a little more depth. Online communities can often be more than just people you chat with. They can become family for some people. So, even if he wasn't blood-relations, he was family to them. This is a nice foil to the Core FouGale/Sidney/Kirby family dynamic happening with our survivors.
The final question is why would The Mastermind have them pose as his family at all? What purpose would it serve? The simple answer - character assassination.
Sam killing three people she thought were related to Richie, but weren't, makes her look BAD. Like, it actually feeds into the narrative that she's mentally unstable. Especially when you take into consideration two things - her motive and her attitude toward them.
She went from wanting to save herself and Tara (and Chad and Kirby, by extension) to wanting to kill them. In fact, she took pure joy in inflicting emotional damage to them before murdering them. Her line to Wayne about Richie is incredibly dark. In fact, it's downright sadistic, even with context.
Let's say for a second that The Mastermind/Ghostfaces had the foresight to set up some way to record her during the encounter. Could you imagine how traumatizing it would be for Richie's actual family (who had nothing to do with his actions) to see/hear that? As a society, we've become so laser-focused on intended victim narratives, that we often forget the unintended victims. His family might be good people, and now because of his actions, their lives got turned upside down. They suffer the consequences of his actions. In addition, they lost someone they loved. So, even if Sam was right to protect herself, the dark place she took her taunting to might be incredibly traumatic to someone who wasn't trying to hurt her. I think seeing that would cause a lot of people to second guess Sam. Sidney killed, but I don't think she ever took pleasure in it. Sam does.
In Scream 7 (or whatever it ends up being called), I suspect we'll learn that the Baileys weren't related to Richie and that this was all a plan to make Sam look bad (which it kinda does). I think she went above and beyond what The Mastermind was expecting and this will feature heavily in the overall revenge plan they have for her.
A few notes about this theory:
  1. It explains why Jason and Greg had to be killed. They weren't actually part of the plan, and The Mastermind couldn't risk them fucking things up.
  2. It adds more meaning to Gale's attack. Not only is she getting closer to The Mastermind, she might also be able to prove Wayne, Quinn, and Ethan were recruited online. This would pose a threat to them.
  3. It's an incredibly nice subversion of Scream 2, instead of just a copy. They're his family, but not his family. (Seriously, Bailey is just a cheap knockoff of Mrs. Loomis if this isn't the case.)
  4. I pared this down quite a bit. Another version of this theory is that Ethan is the only one related to Richie (a younger brother, perhaps) and was either already involved in the online community or was recruited by Bailey/The Mastermind for this mission. I think it's a bit too convoluted, though it does add some details. I'd be happy to go further into that if anyone is really interested.
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2023.05.28 06:24 Swimming-Regret-2980 The Lack Of Michael Jackson Fan Games.

Hey MichaelJackson community,
I hope you're all doing well and enjoying the timeless music and legacy of the King of Pop. Today, I want to discuss something that has been on my mind for quite some time: the lack of fanmade games dedicated to Michael Jackson, specifically a reboot of the classic Moonwalker game from the Sega Mega Drive era.
As fans, we've seen various fangames pop up for numerous franchises and artists, but it's surprising how there hasn't been a significant effort to create a fanmade game honoring Michael's musical prowess and iconic dance moves. Moonwalker, released back in 1990, was an absolute gem that captured the essence of MJ's talent and charisma. Its unique blend of action, music, and platforming created a memorable experience for fans and gamers alike.
Now, imagine a modern-day reboot of Moonwalker that maintains the charm of the original while incorporating cutting-edge graphics and gameplay mechanics. Picture Michael's signature dance moves beautifully rendered in stunning detail, accompanied by a fresh soundtrack that pays homage to his incredible discography. The potential for an immersive and unforgettable gaming experience is immense.
So, why hasn't this happened yet? Are there any legal barriers preventing the development of such a project? Or is it simply a lack of passionate game developers and MJ enthusiasts coming together? I believe that if we, as a community, express our desire for a fanmade game or a Moonwalker reboot with modern graphics, it could spark the interest of talented individuals who can make it a reality.
Let's use this post as a platform to voice our enthusiasm and gather support for such a project. If you're a game developer, artist, musician, or just a passionate fan with ideas, please share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below. Together, we can potentially ignite the creation of a remarkable game that pays tribute to the legendary Michael Jackson and his immense impact on the music and gaming industries.
Remember, this is a community effort, and every idea counts. If you have any leads on existing fanmade projects or if you know someone who could bring our vision to life, please share it with us. Together, we can keep Michael's spirit alive through the medium of gaming and celebrate his incredible talent.
Let's make this happen, MichaelJackson!
Keep moonwalking,
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2023.05.28 06:24 DocWatson42 SF/F with Romance

My lists are always being updated and expanded when new information comes in—what did I miss or am I unaware of (even if the thread predates my membership in Reddit), and what needs correction? Even (especially) if I get a subreddit or date wrong. (Note that, other than the quotation marks, the thread titles are "sic". I only change the quotation marks to match the standard usage (double to single, etc.) when I add my own quotation marks around the threads' titles.)
The lists are in absolute ascending chronological order by the posting date, and if need be the time of the initial post, down to the minute (or second, if required—there's at least one example of this, somewhere). The dates are in DD MMMM YYYY format per personal preference, and times are in US Eastern Time ("ET") since that's how they appear to me, and I'm not going to go to the trouble of converting to another time zone. They are also in twenty-four hour format, as that's what I prefer, and it saves the trouble and confusion of a.m. and p.m. Where the same user posts the same request to different subreddits, I note the user's name in order to indicate that I am aware of the duplication.
This isn't my strongest suit, as I am not interested in the stereotypical romance book.
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2023.05.28 06:21 the_farkas Little photo shoot by the sea. Polaroid the button sx 70 with sx 70 film.

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2023.05.28 06:21 bleedinghero Can anyone identify the ar platform used by jj in the movie operation fortune?

https://www.alamy.com/usa-bugzy-malone-in-a-scene-from-cstx-entertainment-new-film-operation-fortune-ruse-de-guerre-2022-plot-mi6-agent-orson-fortune-and-his-team-of-operatives-recruit-one-of-hollywoods-biggest-movie-stars-to-help-them-on-an-undercover-mission-when-the-sale-of-a-deadly-new-weapons-technology-threatens-to-disrupt-the-world-order-ref-lmk110-j7689-141221-supplied-by-lmkmedia-editorial-only-landmark-media-is-not-the-copyright-owner-of-these-film-or-tv-stills-but-provides-a-service-only-for-r[email protected]
Movie guns wiki Is a miss. It's fully suppressed and it breaks down. Can anyone identify the rifle?
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2023.05.28 06:21 Maypay0923 Witch(?) Girl hiding from father with mom and pet cat

So, I read this novel back in middle school (2014-2016) and throughout the years I've forgotten and found this book online multiple times ( I know, I should have saved it somewhere). This time I have forgotten it again and for the life of me I can't find it again.
The plot: The book follows a girl, whose name I can't remember, her mother and their pet cat. For whatever reason I can't remember, her mother has gone into hiding with her from her father since she was born. In fact, the book opens with a prologue of her father looking around a hospital in the labor and delivery ward on the day of her birth. It also kind of describes her mother in labor with her and giving birth to her, not graphically or anything. It also describes how she, her mother, her aunt (who was in the delivery room as well), and what I believe was the midwife who delivered her, shrinking to hide from her father just before he enters the room. Afterwards, what I remember next is kind of fuzzy but the major plot points I recall are:
  1. Her mother ends up leaving for some reason I can't remember
  2. The cat is turned into a human, in this case a teenage girl ( the cat was female before the transformation if it wasn't clear) and ends up going by the name Cat or Kat
  3. They end up meeting two boys, who are brothers and are their next door neighbors, and starting a dual romance with them (as they happen to be about the same age as both of them respectively.) This leads to a comically described scene where the older brother sees Cat/Kat, freezes, runs to his room I guess and comes back better dressed I guess to impress her.
  4. They go on a double date to what I'm hundred percent sure was SeaWorld or a fictional equivalent. It's kind of random now that I think about it.
  5. The main character meets her father who I think ends up not being bad and even teaches her some spells.
  6. There ends up being a confrontation between her parents at the end of the book that she helps resolve and they reconcile I believe.
  7. Cat/Kat ends up wanting to stay human and I think gets her wish.
The book seemed relatively new when I read it but it could have been older than the aforementioned dates. I apologize for the long post and am grateful for any suggestions given, thank you!
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2023.05.28 06:20 JulietDove3000 AITA for being scared of a costar (TW Mentions of SA)

I (16f) have been interested in acting from a young age. I started doing theatre in my freshman year of high school because I had social anxiety and have GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). During my freshman year, I became friends with a senior named Joe (now 19m, then 18m). Joe was one of the first people who believed that I could be a good actress. We stayed in touch after he graduated and he has sent me several copies of his movie scripts and has asked me to play characters in them which I happily said yes too. Here’s the thing, the other day, Joe contacted me about being in another one of his films which I immediately said yes to. He told me who my fellow actors would be which was people I knew for the post part as they were only older than me by a couple years and only graduated last year. There was one name I didn’t recognize. We will call him Kyle. I asked Joe about Kyle because I wanted to be sure that I was right about not knowing him. He is the same age as Joe which I was completely fine with but I decided to look him up on Instagram to see what he looked like. To say the least, I became anxious almost immediately. Not because I knew him or anything like that but simple because I was scared of the sight of him. Around the end of 2022, I was SA’ed by a 29 year old bartender who worked at the same restaurant as me. Ever since then, certain things trigger me about my experience such as smells, music, settings, and even similar features on people that he had. I’m sure that “Kyle” would actually be a lovely guy because Joe would never be friends with someone horrible on purpose but my question really is am I right for being scared or am I just an asshole?
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2023.05.28 06:18 InYourMind44 [Friendship] Looking for real life PLATONIC friends in middle Tennessee

Good evening! I’m a 22-year-old gal who has found herself in a spot where most of my real life friends are too busy to hang out. I am looking to find people who live in the area who would eventually want to hang out in person. I am looking for specifically platonic friendships and would like to find other women to hang with.
My interests are very varied, but I like to hang out by a fire and have drinks, music (mostly lighter metal and rock, but I also like a lot of pop and some country and rap), true crime, quilting, learning about most anything, and just chillin. I had a fire tonight with my brother and his girlfriend and after they left, I was just chillin outside with my Mike’s hard lemonade thinking about how all my friends are too busy to hang out regularly, or we’ve just grown apart. So, here I am, humbly seeking new friends! If you think you might like to see how we jive, shoot me a DM!
I would like messages only from people close to middle Tennessee who would want to hang out in person eventually after we get to know each other. Also, women only please. Anyone messaging for anything not platonic will be ignored.
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2023.05.28 06:16 casapulapula Trying To Build Peace One BRICS at a Time. ANTIWAR DOT COM

Excerpt: "In the early days of the war in Ukraine, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was open to negotiating a peace. The United States was not. State Department spokesman Ned Price explained, oddly, that the midst of a war is not the time for diplomacy. “This is not real diplomacy,” he said, “Those are not the conditions for real diplomacy.”
A month later, the State Department was still rejecting a negotiated end to the war, even if the negotiated settlement met Ukraine’s goals, because “this is a war that is in many ways bigger than Russia, it’s bigger than Ukraine.”
That same month, then-Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett was talking to both Zelensky and Russian President Vladimir Putin, attempting to mediate negotiations that he said had “a good chance of reaching a ceasefire.” But, once again, according to Bennet, the United States “blocked it.”
In April 2022, promising negotiations in Istanbul produced a “tentatively agreed” upon settlement. A negotiated end to the war seemed to be within reach. But, once again, the United States and United Kingdom put a stop to it. Then-UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson rushed to Kiev to gain control of Zelensky, telling him that Putin “should be pressured, not negotiated with.” He added that, even if Ukraine was ready to sign some agreements with Russia, the West was not. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu and Numan Kurtulmus, the deputy chairman of Erdogan’s ruling party, have both said that “Zelensky was going to sign,” but “the United States…want[s] this war to continue.”
The U.S. has consistently prevented peace talks while pouring weapons into Ukraine and pushing for war, leading a frustrated Brazilian President Lula da Silva to complain, “The United States needs to stop encouraging war and start talking about peace.”
With the fall of Bakhmut, the massive loss of Ukrainian life and artillery and the Russian missile strikes on Ukrainian Patriot and other air defenses as well as Ukrainian ammunition storage sites, it is conceivable that those denied diplomatic solutions could have offered a result more favorable to Ukraine than the one that is shaping up on the battle field. Ukrainians may come to wish that Zelensky had listened to saner counsel.
But the United States is no longer the only power offering counsel. Other poles are emerging from this war larger. And those poles are pushing for peace.
BRICS is an international organization made up of Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa and growing, that does not seek to confront the United States but to balance its hegemony and foster a multipolar world. Brazil has suggested that BRICS could help negotiate an end to the war.
Lula has insisted that negotiations are “the only viable way out of the crisis” in Ukraine and has proposed a joint effort, or a “peace club,” that could include BRICS members China, India, Brazil and possibly Indonesia. Indonesia has been a leader in the nonaligned world. They have declared their interest in joining BRICS and were recently welcomed as a guest at the BRICS Foreign Ministers’ Meeting.
India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has also offered “to contribute in any way towards peace efforts.”
[ ... ]
South Africa’s membership in BRICS makes it perhaps the only important international organization in which an African country has an equal voice. The insertion of Africa into the negotiating arena is an important announcement of Africa as an independent pole in the newly forming multipolar world.
The U.S. pole has not only declined to push for peace negotiations in favor of continuing to feed the war with the constant flow of weapons, but it has forcefully blocked other countries from encouraging them. But the United States may no longer be the world’s only pole. A new multipolar world, led by the BRICS nations, is attempting to compensate for the American refusal of peace talks and to take the lead in trying to start negotiations toward a peaceful resolution of the horrible war in Ukraine.
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2023.05.28 06:16 Cilbit Bitter Sweet Goodbye to my 2022 Bolt EUV LT. TLDR: Best New Car Purchase Ever!! Though I wish I Didn’t Get a Dud. :/

Bitter Sweet Goodbye to my 2022 Bolt EUV LT. TLDR: Best New Car Purchase Ever!! Though I wish I Didn’t Get a Dud. :/
I traded in my 2022 Bolt EUV LT in Bright Blue Metallic with 18,300 miles on it, to a local Honda Dealer for $26k. I replaced it with a CPO 2019 Honda Insight Touring in Cosmic Blue Metallic with just under 79k miles for $24k plus extended warranty, so total price was around $28k with taxes/fees I believe.
I really miss my Bolt EUV… but I couldn’t continue with all the random issues happening or not being able to be duplicated and so forth. The last straw was me having to make the 4 hour drive home from Olympic National Park in Washington, with Service ABS, Service ESC, Service Transmission, Steering Assist Reduced Please Drive with Care, and LKA System Unavailable. The first time I used my brakes, the pedal went all the way to the floor and steering was all over the place. And it had just started raining heavily while driving through very curvy roads in pitch black darkness. :/
I took the Bolt EUV in ASAP to the dealership and they didn’t find any codes stored in the computer, other than for the radio head unit going black/freezing up (replaced the radio control unit I believe), and for the charge ring light glitching out and no longer being in sync with the dashboard light (cleared the codes and confirmed it was working properly). I just couldn’t believe the car didn’t have any codes stored for all those lights/error messages. :(
I couldn’t afford another Bolt EV/EUV as the dealerships in my area are still marking them up, and the Oregon EV Rebate program is closed to applicants for the year as they don’t have enough funding. Hopefully that’ll be open again next year.
So if I had be able to secure another Bolt EV/EUV I would’ve spent more than the $25k I spent on the Bolt EUV I traded in. This whole situation sucks because I absolutely LOVED the car even with the short comings it had. If I could’ve guaranteed the issues I had with the car could be fixed and I’d have no major issues going forward I would’ve kept it, but I couldn’t and I need a reliable car.
I’m in between jobs, so I’m doing Uber full time and taking the Bolt in so many times was keeping me from being able to work.
My Honda Insight is also at the dealership being checked over right now as I found a few issues with that I wanted to have checked out/resolved.
A few of them being:
•Passenger side headlight seemed to be aimed too high. •Hood would flutter rapidly at highway speeds. •Vibration from the front end at highway speeds. •Popping noise when turning the steering wheel left/right. •Metallic rattle coming from shifteconsole area. •And a few other things.
I think my luck is just down right now, but I’m trying to stay positive. :)
I’ll miss you Blue Lightning, and I hope wherever you end up, that you’re taken care of. :)
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2023.05.28 06:12 Superb_Buy3007 charter a yacht in Thailand for a week

Are you a sailing enthusiast looking for an unforgettable experience in Thailand? Look no further than SEARADAR, the premier concierge service for sailboat captains.
Our personalized yacht selection from trusted charter companies ensures that you'll be cruising in style. But we don't just stop at the yacht - our support managers will be there every step of the way to assist you with paperwork, route planning, and any questions or issues that may arise during your week-long journey.
Thailand is one of the best areas to explore by yacht, with turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, and stunning limestone cliffs. Some of the top destinations to visit include the islands of Phuket, Koh Phi Phi, and Koh Samui. Discover hidden coves and bays, snorkel in crystal-clear waters, and immerse yourself in the rich culture and cuisine of Thailand.
The best times to rent a yacht in Thailand are from November to April, when the weather is dry and sunny with calm winds and seas. However, if you're looking to avoid the crowds and enjoy lower prices, consider visiting from May to October.
And the best part? SEARADAR offers yacht reservations at the cheapest and best prices. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to explore Thailand by yacht.
Book your yacht charter in Thailand for a week now through our website. Click this link to get started: https://searadar.tp.st/ysUlRFOw. Contact us via phone, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook for personalized service and the best sailing experience of your life.
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2023.05.28 06:11 onebuddyforlife Reincarnated Into Another World As A Dicemaster Prologue

I rested my chin on the palm of my hand, overlooking the serene, green scenery of the rice fields outside of my classroom. The mountains stood tall and unmoving from afar, dividing the clouds that pass through its summit. I sigh in relaxation, appreciating the peaceful surroundings that one cannot find in the cities.
I snapped out of my quiet trance as a small truck carrying hay passed by the road, and I once again noticed the faint yet consistent mashes of buttons coming from my only friend in the province. Since our teacher announced that she had to leave class early, leaving us in class for the rest of our last period today, my friend over to my right has been playing the newly released game nonstop. The new MMORPG game, Alterra.
My blonde-haired friend Hirato was playing on a portable gaming console. His back has been arched towards the console for the past 15 minutes, his eyes are practically glued to the console’s screen. I inched my seat toward him to take a closer look. He was trying to defeat a monster resembling a three-headed snake—a Hydra. His character’s health was one hit away from hitting zero, but the Hydra was practically undamaged.
“Hey, Hirato,” I called him. “How long are you going to play that game?”
“Awww, I died!” He says exasperatedly, leaning back on his chair in annoyance. “I’ve been trying to beat this boss since yesterday and there’s no luck at all! I even have my gear maxed out for this level, and still...”
Hirato continued speaking as he packed his console into his backpack, “I wouldn’t have any problem at all had you continued playing video games with me. You could help me beat the boss, you know."
Then, Hirato started to make some "drama" in a weird, playful manner. "Come on, Naruki! We were best buddies since we were kids! Whatever must have happened between us, my best friend?” The bell rings across the school building, indicating the end of classes for the day. At the same time, I made a disgusted look at him after saying something corny that must have come from some TV show.
“Stop it with that little skit of yours. We are still best buddies, but I’ve grown up from playing games. Remember, we’re going to college next year and I’ve been preparing for it ever since.” I grabbed my bag from beneath my seat, and just as I stood up, the wooden plank I stood on creaked.
"That's not true, and there's no way you'll pass up on an MMORPG like Alterra! There's no way you stopped playing just for college." Hirato claimed, but he quickly switched into a pondering tone. “Though you made me think about college. You want to go to Tokyo University from what I recall, but I thought you were tired of the city because it’s too crowded there?” He asked.
“It’ll give me a greater chance to get hired for a job with a high salary. My dad also said that it takes some time to get used to the city when I’ve been living all my life in the rice fields.” I ignored Hirato's first statement--but it's true. There's no way I can quit gaming, so I lied to him about it, but I also don't want to take precious time off when I'm studying for a test that will literally decide my future.
“You’re already thinking of your future far ahead.”
“Well, do you want to stay in this school?”
As I took another step towards the door, the wood plank creaked again, filling the short silence in Hirato’s pause.
“...You make a point.” He uttered in agreement.
My school was a single-story building with multiple rooms, occupied by a few students in different grades. To add, we were also the only third-year high school students in the school. Everything here is made of thin wood and paper, and the wooden flooring creaked ever so often that if we step on it the wrong way, it might literally collapse the floor. This building was so old that I’d be having a family reunion with the souls of my family from five generations ago every school day.
The cool breeze of the late afternoon blew toward us as we made our way to the paved dirt road.
"By the way, Hirato."
"I lied. I'm actually playing Alterra. Since it released."
"Wha-- Then why won't you play co-op with me?!" Hirato was almost screaming in my face, taken aback by my lie.
"Because you're stupid. Why would you cast "Damage Reflect" on Hydra's one-turn kill when you're barely alive? Plus, it won't even damage the Hydra because the game recognizes the reflected damage as an effect, and the boss is immune to any effect."
"Urgh... Watch me beat that Hydra tomorrow, you'll regret not playing with me!"
"Do your best, Hirato. See you tomorrow," I sarcastically said to him as I watched my best friend run to his home, probably excited to try out what I just said. After all, I'm way past his level, so I can't even play with him without ruining his casual experience. It's time to go home for me as well, but the next bus stop is an hour from now. Maybe I'll play for a bit while waiting.
It was the scent of fresh air and the quiet atmosphere that separates urban life from rural life. Most people prefer convenience, while the minority prefer peacefulness. I'm part of the latter, but I still want to get a job in the city. Even if I'm still unsure what I wanted to be in the future.
“Hey, you brat!” A faint, old man’s voice screamed from the rice fields beside the paved road. “Watch out, the ground is dangerous there! Didn’t you see the sign?!”
My thoughts were cut off as I heard him shout at me with great urgency. After my eyes dart to the old man, I abruptly turn to see that there was a sign on the side of the road on both sides that said [ENTRY CLOSED]. Why wasn’t there any blockage? But it was my fault for not paying close attention to my surroundings.
“I’m sorry, mister. I didn’t see it earlier.” I apologized in a nonchalant manner, mostly because I still didn't realize the gravity of the situation at this time.
“Let go of your bag. Climb over the fence towards me. Now,” says the man.
While I didn’t know what could be so dangerous about this road that warrants an urgent reaction, I trusted him. But before I could even drop my bag, the ground starts to sink with me in the center.
It was only then that fear started to settle within me. My heart sank from my inability to do anything as my mind tried to process what was happening and what was about to befall. My legs shook from the sinking ground as well, to control my balance. I cannot feel the center of gravity in my feet anymore.
In a desperate attempt to escape from the sinking ground, I jumped, trying to outrun the sinking before I go along with it.
Yet it was too late.
The ground crumbled beneath me, revealing a sinkhole. All the adrenaline in my body surges instantly, slowing down time and making the fall to my imminent death seem like an eternity. The rocks from the ground begin to break apart and fall as if it wants to bury me as well if I wasn't dead yet from the fall.
Strangely enough, I thought that when my time comes, I’ll accept Death and warmly embrace it, but it’s too soon and unfair. My arms are both outstretched to the sunlight above, as my mind screams, “I don’t want to die yet!”
The falling rocks fully cover the sunlight as I fully plunge into the darkness, and along it with me as well. Thankfully with the darkness blinding what seems to be my body being crushed and mutilated by the heavy rocks, it only felt like I fell asleep, never to wake up again.
Good night, world.
My eyes slowly fluttered open to a familiar ceiling; particularly, my bedroom. The dark blue-painted star walls and the transparent curtain were both familiar, yet in front of me was some child using my computer. The window outside is also blindingly bright which made it seem impossible to peek outside.
“Um...” I didn’t know what else to say, so I tried to get the young girl’s attention
“Mhmhm!” A proud, laughing sneer came from the child. Still sitting on my gaming chair, she turned around to face me, her shoulders crossed and an arrogant expression that ticks me off for some reason.
“Welcome to the afterlife, Naruhaya Tabito. I have chosen you to–wait, who the FUCK are you?!” Her arrogant expression transforms into a mix of confusion, panic, and surprise after she opened her eyes.
“I should be the one saying that!” I exclaimed back, but I did not get a response because she quickly turned to the monitor. Upon standing up from my bed, I notice that the sounds of mouse clicking and keyboard pressing were all attributed to her--playing Alterra?
If this was the afterlife... It didn't look too bad. The events that transpired earlier haven’t registered in my mind yet.
“Hey, am I really dead?” I asked her.
The young girl was typing before she exclaimed in panic, “No no no...! You’re really dead! I killed the wrong person!”
“I see.” I didn’t know how to react to my death, but I also didn't feel sad or sentimental. I didn’t have much going on in the real world before I died, after all.
The young girl paused her game as she turned around to face me. “It’s because you aren’t supposed to die! I may have pressed your name accidentally while I was looking for a suitable candidate in the Living Database...” She sighs as she sinks into her chair. “Well, I suppose it’s not that big of a deal.”
The girl stood on the gaming chair, clad in a red-colored robe with a two-pointed hat that almost resembled horns. Her red-toned eyes glinted with the light of the bright window.
“Naruki Haruhito, sit,” With one downward motion of her finger, I immediately felt a strong, compelling force that made me sit on the bed.
“My name is Filya, and I am the Goddess of Creation! Your Creator, and the One Above All!” She introduces herself with her arms crossed. It appears to me that she was trying to act superior and intimidating, but her haughty attitude, matched with her small stature, made it seem like she really was someone’s kid lost in my bedroom who was cosplaying as an anime character.
“You’re a child,” Even at this point in the afterlife, I do not believe her being the world’s creator for a bit.
“Wha–” Filya is taken aback by what I said. “I'm not a child, I'm a goddess! Respect and worship me, you dimwitted mortal, should you desire not to die a second time and leave your soul wandering in the empty void of space.”
While she was speaking, I couldn't move a single inch from the bed. Even if she was a goddess, it's impossible not to take her seriously because she looks like a child scolding her older brother.
Filya raised two fingers before saying, “As a token of apology for wrongfully smiting you, I’ll give you two choices. First choice: You can return back to the real world as a baby of a rich family, and you will be a prodigy who will basically have an easy life from that period until his death of old age. Of course, you won’t remember everything that happened here and in your past life. But that’s basically the same as having a guaranteed GAME CLEAR, in your terms.”
Having an assured future was my long-term goal when I was alive back then. It seemed like a compelling idea until I heard about the second choice.
“Second choice: You will be reincarnated in another world with all your memories intact, and I will grant you a power unique only to you, and it will help you fulfill the condition that comes with this choice.”
Curious, I ask her what the condition is.
“The condition?” A crooked smirk appeared on her face, turning her haughty tone into something vicious. “Conquer the world.”
My eyes widened in surprise, the weight of her words starting to add to my fear-turned-excitement.
“There is a prophecy in this world that if the reincarnation of Typhon–the cataclysmic world-ending being of the past–attains something of unimaginable power and influence, he will destroy the world.”
Filya speaks with complete urgency, “You must conquer the world to stop Typhon’s reincarnation from attaining such power because, at this point, no one in this world is showing promise to become the world’s strongest."
After a small pause, I asked her, "What do you mean?"
"The throne is empty and he can take it anytime.”
After she finished explaining, I was given some time to think about my decision.
A safe, fulfilled, and assured life? Or a dangerous life with a chance for absolute glory?
I could never pass up on this opportunity, I said to myself, and I thought I'd never hesitate. I can return back to the real world and be born to rich parents. I’d have tasty food to eat every day, get the games I want, and in the future, I’d die of old age with my life fully satisfied and fulfilled until the very end. While my life in provincial Japan was a bit bland and boring at times, it was a life I'd want to return back to.
But the concept of determinism disgusts me.
“Can you tell me more about which power you'll give me?” As soon as I asked her that, her lips curled into a smirk as if she already knew what my choice was.
“I can’t tell you which power because the World Administrator grants it to you. I'm simply the overseer of this world, I cannot decide things for you.”
“Ughh shut up!” Filya gritted her teeth at my continued barrage of questions. With one flick of a finger, I stood up on my two feet as she pushed me outside the door. “I’m giving you some traits to make your life in this world easier, on top of what you’ll receive.”
“Hey–” I tried to stop my legs from moving while she was pushing me, but I couldn’t. I should probably learn to stop resisting in the presence of this goddess. “I haven’t chosen yet!”
“But you’ve already made up your mind, right?” I could feel Filya using all of her body weight to push me towards the door, with her light grunts indicating her struggle. “Good luck-urgh, Otherworlder! May the Aether guide you among the river of stars.”
“H-hey, what does that mean?! Are you wishing for me to die again?”
“It’s a saying, dumbass!”
The door opened to a blindingly bright light, causing me to close my eyes. I could feel my body hover in the air, the strong gust of wind making it seem like I was flying. Wherever it will take me, I hope it wouldn't be somewhere dangerous.
The light seeping from my eyes significantly dimmed, and the cool breeze of the tropical, rural area that’s so familiar to me blew across me. Opening my eyes, I am greeted with a sight of a forest clearing and the chirping of the birds. I found myself still wearing the same black hoodie and gray pants from "heaven," or wherever I was reincarnated with the goddess, along with a pair of rubber slippers.
At the center of the clearing was a freshwater lake reflecting the afternoon sun. White ducks with yellow beaks are swimming gently above the lake–the kind that exists on Earth.
As I observed my surroundings, the thought that this was another world flew out of my mind. So far, there was nothing notable that separates this world from Earth.
I noticed a cold, slightly heavy weight of metal in my hoodie pocket. I pull it out to see a strange metallic plate with letters I haven’t seen before, but I could somehow read it. “Status Plate” is what it said.
The Status Plate glows blue for a quick moment before three holographic interfaces popped up from within it.
NAME: Luck LVL 10
Life Points LP : 110 Aether ATH: 110
Class: Dicemaster Equipped Weapon: Six-faced White Die
[Gift from the Goddess]
“By receiving the gift of the Goddess, you must not forget your true purpose in this world.”
10+ LVL UP↑
Class Set to Unique Class: Dicemaster
[Otherworlder’s Gift]
“Speak with goodness and greatness, for the vilest of words must be paid with your tongue.”
Granted the innate ability to communicate in Traevilyan.
[Dicemaster’s Covenant]
“Journey in isolation and hardship, Dicemaster. This is a covenant you made.”
Class Change is restricted.
Weapon Change is restricted.
Interclass Skill Sharing is restricted.
Portable storage class items are restricted.
LUCK is permanently set to -50.
When joining a party, your all party members' defense and attack is set to 0 until the party disbands.
All types of Evolution success rates are permanently set to 100%.
Message from Filya:
Item Attached: [Otherworlder’s Backpack]
"I made sure of granting you the trait to understand Traevilyan, Melsion's primary language! Aside from that, you'll find a guidebook on the fundamental aspects of Melsion. I wrote it myself, so be sure to follow everything there (* ^ ω ). There is also a weapon selector at the end of the guidebook once you read everything. Make sure not to lose it!"
Because of [Dicemaster’s Covenant], the backpack from [Gift from the Goddess] has not been granted.
Lots of terms I don't know here. And my name in this world is Luck? Ironic, considering my luck stat was basically negative.
From what I can understand, my unique class, Dicemaster, doesn’t have too many special skills to begin with. “The power I get should give me an advantage when starting in this world,” said the goddess. And the backpack that should give me a guidebook and a weapon wasn't granted. What kind of fuckery is this world playing at? Not that it might be useful after all, since my passive skill [Gift of the Goddess] didn’t allow me to use any weapon. That said, how am I supposed to fight monsters with a die?
I put the Status Plate back into my pocket before attempting to test my only skill.
And... I don't know how to cast a skill yet. Do I press it while my interface is active? Do I cast it verbally? Hoping it's the latter, I verbally spoke the name of my skill, “Dice Roll.”
A formation of blue crystals suddenly accumulated at a single point above my palm. I hovered my hand below the blue crystals that looked like it was materializing something, all while doing so instinctively.
“This must be aether, then?” I presumed as I carefully observe the translucent crystals.
The aether above my hand slowly faded into the air as the die materializes fully. It starts to spin quickly before coming to a complete stop as soon as it landed on my palm. The number on the top of the die is... one.
Unlucky... I muttered a curse under my breath before pocketing the Status Plate and retracting its holographic menu back into itself.
Suddenly, I heard a high-pitched clicking noise coming from the other side of the forest clearing. Emerging from the forest is a beetle that was nearly as big as a dog. It stared at me for a few seconds before it clicked once again--this time, it was more high pitched that it hurt my ears.
The clicking noise soon multiplied exponentially from the background of the forest, and as if that isn’t enough to knock me to my senses, the beetle charged toward me, along with probably its entire family emerging from the forest. Without a weapon or even a viable skill for protection, there was only one thing I could do in this situation.
I started to run as fast as I can into the forest, relying on the belief that I was faster than the beetles and that I'd find help along the way. While running, it didn’t take long for me to assume what my dice roll skill does.
“What the hell, Filya, this class is fucking shit!”
Hello, I'm TSR and this is my first post here! I mainly post on RoyalRoad, but I plan to upload all my chapters here in HFY in hopes of getting feedback about the story and criticism as well. I hope you enjoy it!
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2023.05.28 06:06 billsponsor Vetoed by President on May 25: H.J.Res.42 - Disapproving the action of the District of Columbia Council in approving the Comprehensive Policing and Justice Reform Amendment Act of 2022. Sponsored by Andrew Clyde (R) of Georgia. Sponsorship party breakdown: R-20, D-0.

Vetoed by President on May 25: H.J.Res.42 - Disapproving the action of the District of Columbia Council in approving the Comprehensive Policing and Justice Reform Amendment Act of 2022. Sponsored by Andrew Clyde (R) of Georgia. Sponsorship party breakdown: R-20, D-0. submitted by billsponsor to u/billsponsor [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 06:06 KnownCicada8344 DXM a Retrospective on 10 Years of Abuse

I first tried DXM when I was 20. Having just moved out of state for college, not being able to readily purchase booze and having developed a pretty extensive poly-drug habit prior to the events I’m about to describe, I was up for just about anything.
I vividly remember taking the first swig of Vick’s 44 Dry Cough , it was nauseating but a necessary means to an end in my pursuit of reckless abandon. Being (at least at this point in my life) very inexperienced with dissociatives, I did ‘t know what to expect beyond skimming a few reports on Erowid. When I finally did start to feel the first tinges of an effect, it was indescribable. My body became an odd paradox of loose and rigid. My perception of time and distance, alien and as everything reached a crescendo, I was taken away by a manic, almost god-like euphoria, far different than amphetamines, MDMA or the other RC stimulants I’d dabbled in that seemed to build and build as the night progressed. Suffice to say I was hooked from day one.
This led to a pattern of steadily escalating the dose, first consuming one bottle (approx 350 mgs) 1-2 times a week to doses in excess of 700 mgs 2-4 times a week. I was buying all of this from my uni’s C-store on prepaid meal cards so, had virtually unlimited access and more than enough time to indulge. I saw incredible things, reptilian entities that popped out from the sky and laughed at me, leaving my body and hanging out with machine elves, crashing a study session being held in my hall and, overtaken with extreme mania loudly proclaiming “I am God.” fairly innocent until it all culminated in massive OD that left me handcuffed to a hospital bed with what I soon came to understand was serotonin syndrome.
During thai time, I combined DXM with numerous other substances most notably; cannabis (which produced insanely synergistic effects), extreme amounts of alcohol, methylphenidate, MDMA, Ambien, benzos and (probably worst of all), synthetic cannabinoids (aka “spice”) which led to a full psychotic break that took an inordinate amount of time to recover from.
The aforementioned overdose (roughly 2100 mgs in a 2 day period) gave me enough perspective to clean up my act for a couple years, but after graduating with honors, securing gainful employment and moving out on my own, I went back to what was familiar. I had money for other vices that I indulged in (cocaine and alcohol were becoming problematic around this time as well) but convinced myself that DXM was a world that I would always be willing to explore. Well that I certainly did.
My most visceral trip was essentially the equivalent of a full on DMT breakthrough. At this time, I’d discovered “triple C’s” (EXTREMELY dangerous DO NOT abuse these) and was regularly taking doses exceeding 900 mgs. This particular time, I was about an hour into dosing and standing in my kitchen. Suddenly, everything went black and I felt the presence of some greater entity which scooped me off of the ground. I opened my eyes and saw a plethora of other alien life forms all stuffed into mechanical pods (think The Matrix) and was told by this entity (for lack of a better term G.O.D.) that I had “been selected from across the universe to be sent to a training camp for new gods.” I was again overtaken by euphoria and gave myself to the entity as I was wired into a pod of my own, feeling every sensation. I then stared out at the walls of other beings and closed my eyes. I came to fumbling around with a bowl of mac and cheese that I’d put in the microwave for far too long. Looking back on this, it's somewhat reminiscent of Isac Asimov’s The Last Answer, a short story of which I’m quite fond. Anyway, this experience forced a different form of perspective, so I decided that I’d pursue another “breakthrough” again even if it killed me.
It was during this time that I let my abuse and general debauchery reach truly disgusting levels. I had a girlfriend at the time who also indulged in the narcotics (I’d “upgraded” from coke to meth during this time and always had booze as a mainstay) and our use skyrocketed after a scant 6 months together. I continued going balls deep into addiction. Moving from one toxic relationship to another and somehow managing to hold down steady, professional jobs. None of my coworkers or the few friends I had knew about my vices, especially the propensity I had for leaving my body to solve equations that hold reality together with my homies, the machine elves.
I had my final trip in the summer of 2020. At this time in my life, COVID lockdown was in full swing and I was actively suicidal more days than I wasn’t. I ingested roughly 1800 mgs and literally disappeared. I felt my entire world collapse into a fine point before everything faded from view. I sometimes, wonder if I had clinically “died” or at the very least, stopped my heart for some unknown period of time in that moment. I came back with the epiphany that I’d learned all I could from this strange, strange molecule. The IV meth and 5th of vodka a day were soon to follow and I as of this writing have been able to string together 2.5 years of sobriety (including alcohol and cannabis).
Overall, my experiences with DXM were in many respects incredible. They were also incredibly destructive. I can’t recommend in good conscience that anyone follow in my footsteps and never want to understate the importance of how powerful and addictive this substance is. If you do decide to venture into the dextroverse, please do so with extreme caution. There really are no harm reduction measures to suggest beyond making sure that the products you're ingest ONLY list DXM as the active ingredient and keeping the doses to a 2nd plateau range. Much and as always stay safe out there.
submitted by KnownCicada8344 to TripReportsTFTT [link] [comments]