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2011.04.23 16:57 Terraria

Dig, fight, explore, build! Nothing is impossible in this action-packed adventure game. The world is your canvas and the ground itself is your paint.

2023.05.22 23:21 Specialist_Trick_925 What happened

Why does my grass randomly turn into hallowed. Ive already Clentaminated it over and over again
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2023.03.16 12:55 Madglace the wheel is ready (link to it in comments if you use it and show it to others credit wand of sparking who originaly come up with the idea and alsodo cool videos) i will record this horrible playthrough on youtube (not live) but won't do it now because i'm waiting for my captur card to arrive

the wheel is ready (link to it in comments if you use it and show it to others credit wand of sparking who originaly come up with the idea and alsodo cool videos) i will record this horrible playthrough on youtube (not live) but won't do it now because i'm waiting for my captur card to arrive submitted by Madglace to Terraria [link] [comments]

2023.03.02 02:43 TeenageWiredWeird Hardmode destroyed my desert town & I don't know how to fix it.

Hardmode destroyed my desert town & I don't know how to fix it.
I should probably post this in ThanksWorldGen once I figure out how to fix the issue. It won't make sense to read what my issue is without some backstory first.
Basically, I beat the Wall Of Flesh a while ago, & the stripe of corruption that came with hardmode went right through the one non-corrupted desert in my world. The game kicked all of the NPCs in my desert town out of their homes & won't let me put them back in due to the corruption. I built enough empty homes beforehand, planning on having hardmode NPCs move into them, where the former desert NPCs had somewhere to go, but with no empty houses leftover. Then I spread the hallow in corrupted areas. After building more houses, getting a few hardmode NPCs, & defeating Queen Slime, The Destroyer, & Skeletron Prime, I got the clentaminator & have begun trying to purify the desert.
Now for my issue. I can't seem to get enough money to get enough green solution fast enough before the corruption takes over half of what I previously did. I had the idea to section off the town part of the desert then purify that so the corruption can't get to it again, but the wiki said that deserts require atleast 1500 blocks of sand, hardenned sand, &/or sandstone. What should I do?

My world, as seen from terramap.
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2023.02.06 16:41 pulica212 How can i update my TmodLoader to " v2023.2.5.0 " ???

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2023.01.18 18:05 The-emerald-gamer screw this achievement

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2022.12.23 11:04 C-H-N-M Clentaminator in getfixedboi

Been playing Legendary getfixedboi and having the best Terraria experience ever /s. Have about 20 hours on the world and preparing for Hardmode.
Now I’m having the moral dilemma on how to manage biome spreading. I have a small world and thought I would dig out a barrier to separate the evil and purity but I feel I have already spent way too much time digging and clearing out areas (Plantera, Skeletron, Duke Fishron arenas, life fruit farm, fishing spots, etc.)
I am now leaving it up to randoms on the internet to decide whether to allow the use of the Clentaminator or not.
View Poll
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2022.10.29 01:03 HoneypotCoco I’m making this post for anyone who is truly frustrated about Corruption, Crimson, and Hallow.

Ever since I started playing Terraria, I was extremely frustrated when the corruption and hallow spawned in after hard mode. It would ruin all my builds and I hated making tunnels that took ages. For anyone who experiences these same frustrations. Here is a guide on how to get rid of the corruption.
I highly recommend beating the moon lord or going to an all items server before these steps
  1. Accessories for mining
    • Celestial Stone
    • Hand of Creation
    • Shroomite Digging Claw (Light)
    • Mining Potion
    • Exquisitely Fed
  2. Accessories for Clentaminating
    • Terraformer
    • Green Solution
    • Biome Sight
    • Binoculars (Very Optional)
  3. How to Clentaminate
When Hardmode begins, Corruption and Hallow spawn in diagonal lines from hell to the surface (beware of floating islands). For some people, keeping these while containing them is enough. This guide will just show how to quickly eliminate parts of corruption.
The Terraformer has a range of 95 tiles. This means that one can make two hell holes with 190 in between them. (it is recommended to make them 180-185 blocks apart). This can fully eradicate any corruption in between 190 blocks. With the mining accessories available, you can quickly eradicate large parts of your world.
Utilizing TerraMap is essential to clentaminating your whole world and just parts. Remember it’s always to be safe than sorry, so don’t play risky when clentaminating your world. TerraMap is a great website that allows you to view your entire map and is able to highlight any blocks.
To Utilize TerraMap - go to the Terramap Website - top left corner tap on ’Choose File’ - choose a .wld or .bak file - top right tap on search bar - choose corrupted block - top right choose highlight - 👍
Once you find any corrupted blocks, use the biome sight potion to locate and clentamine. That’s all for today guys.
Happy Clentaminating Terrarians!
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2022.10.10 20:49 sophdog101 Pots/plants not breaking?

Hey, I just wanted to see if anyone else is having this problem. On PC my weapons aren't breaking any pots or plants. I have to use a pickaxe and specifically click on whatever it is that I'm trying to break. I've tested multiple weapons and it doesn't work for any of them. Has anyone noticed this? Is there a way to fix it?
Edited with the solution:
It's the new book they added!
The Guide to Environmental Preservation
I thought it had something to do with the clentaminator and its new upgrade but it just prevents you from breaking nature and pots, which I think is something that builders like to have so they don't accidently mess up their stuff. For normal playing though I don't think it's very useful.
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2022.10.06 06:53 Ryu_Hayabusa_ I was checking my world to see how long it would take me to clean it and ...

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2022.10.02 10:51 Wwlink55 Strategies for the new Remix seed?

I've been really enjoying the new Remix seed ("Dontdigup" as a seed) but it seems to flip a lot of Terraria mechanics on their heads, and I feel like there's a lot of room to develop new strategies that wouldn't work with a normal world setup.

Some of the general things I learned the first few hours of playing the new seed...


Happiness as a mechanic is completely disabled, so the only thing you need to worry about is having NPCs living close enough for pylons to work. If pylons are tricky to use, teleporters are also available in pre-hardmode as of the latest update as well and can be bought from the mechanic.


The surface is incredibly dangerous and the only reasons you would want to go up to it even in just pre-hardmode would be to fight Skeletron. You can fight EoW/BoC and EoC underground. One benefit at least is you do not need to wait for any specific time of day for Skeletron and can activate the fight whenever.


Falling stars seem to come in far greater quantities than a normal world, which seems counter-intuitive since you are underground. Breaking pots and defeating slimes with stars in them will get you quite a few early on.


Getting to the ShimmeAether biome is harder than on a normal world. You might not be able to make regular trips until you either get a teleporter set up (which might not be realistic until at least demonite/Crimtane tier tools) or you manage to get lucky with caves.


Don't try to make the surface livable. You are likely not going to have a realistic chance of doing so until as late as early hardmode when you can get a clentaminator. Instead, make use of happiness not being an issue and try to make your biomes underground. Recognize you will likely struggle to get certain pylons (forest and beach) for quite awhile.
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2022.09.29 16:06 Kyxn_R How to get (mostly around 50-60 1.4.4 items)

Spiffo Plush (Killing Zombies) (night)
Enchanted Duskdial (throw sundial in shimmer)
Rod of harmony (throw rod in shimmer)
Terraformed (throw clentaminator in shimmer)
New nighttime bricks (on different nights new moon, full moon, etc.) throw luminite bricks in shimmer on different nights (those can also be turned into walls)
Ancient bricks (throw cobalt, copper, hell stone, obsidian, pink, green, blue, dungeon, iron, gold, and mythril bricks into shimmer (these can also be turned into walls)
Poo blocks get the well fed buff (or better) and sit on a toilet
Ocrams razor (put in the seed getfixedboi and get each of the mechanic summons and go to a mythril/orichalcum anvil
Waffle iron (kill the boss summoned from the ocram razor)
Fart kart (whoopie cushion and minecart at work bench)
Terra fart kart (fart kart and terra toilet at work bench, I think)
The dirtiest block (0.00036% dropped from mining dirt)
All base stat permanent increasers (Throw these items in shimmer) Mana crystal Life fruit Gold worm Paddlers hat Life crystal Pink pearl Any food item (dropped from trees) Wooden arrow Torch Flare/blue flare
Aether monolith (drop angel statue in shimmer)
White, yellow, and brown solution (sold by the clentaminator) (I don’t know requirements) but I had moon lord beat
Cursed walls (throw spider, dungeon, sand walls, and lihzahard in shimmer) there are other variants as well, but are done the same way
Reef set (furniture set) made with reef block (it uses coral)
Balloon set (furniture set) made with the silly balloon blocks (bought during parties from party girl)
Ultra absorbent sponge (all sponges) Honey sponge and honey bucket are gotten from jungle related quests
Clumsy slime (will spawn when it is windy and you are in space)
Cool slime (will appear during a party)
Nerdy slime (will spawn after killing king slime in the new update)
Elder slime (will appear as a friendly jumping chest underground/caverns)
Mystic slime (find the rare critter mystic frog in the jungle and throw purify powder on it)
Diva slime (throw a sparkly slime balloon at a pool of shimmer) (SSB is a queen slime drop)
The “Hat” Slime (fish him up during a blood moon)
Squire slime (drop a copper helmet on a slimes body/head)
Chlorophyte extractinator (chloro bars + extractinator)
Terraria (bought from clothier)
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2022.09.25 04:28 maxMificius Torch Luck Obsession

So I know Red said that suggestion time was over, but I haven’t really gotten involved in the community around Terraria until recently and read through all the spoilers for the upcoming 1.4.4 update and saw this wasn’t included. The idea I came up with is super small QOL addition. What if the Clentaminator changed torches? Of course this wouldn’t work for every torch but it’d be hell of a lot easier replacing all of my corrupt torches to normal torches while purging the corruption, right? Has anyone else already suggested this or also had this idea?
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2022.09.20 21:07 BlackBerry5412 Help

Hello terraria community, I once again seek your wisdom and support. After entering Hardmode I have been trying to keep my beloved world somewhat in shape and safe from being completely covered with corruption or Hallow. I separated some chunks with different biomes, Ice, Jungle, desert, some forest biomes as well as the left ocean. The problem is that a lot of stuff under the surface is now probably corrupted and Clentaminator amo costs WAY too much. My question is it worth trying to save the whole world and are there any fast ways I can farm money for the Clentaminator.
I am adding a screenshot of my world so y'all can judge me.
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2022.08.20 23:47 Eleven_27 is TEdit safe?

for context: ive already messed around with the files on my terraria game to transfer my old player off my ios device onto my pc so im a bit reluctant to further add things to my game
my corruption has gone out of control. ive spent about 5 platinum coins on clentaminator solution, ive tried bricking it off, ive tried it all and my corruption wont stop spreading so im considering using tedit to remove the corruption completely. that way, i can make a boxed in, artificial corruption for collecting soul of nights and cursed flames etc so its more contained.
i used to play on terraria mobile on my ipad and recently switched to pc. i transferred my old character who had a ton of op items and higher health to my brand new game to give me a bit of a heads start (cheating i know). ive had no file issues with the transfer and the game works perfectly fine as normal but im worried that installing tedit will cause file corruptions and disable my game or delete worlds etc.
is it safe? will installing tedit ruin my game or is it good to go? thanks :)
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2022.08.19 05:04 Routine_Gap_848 Can't craft phoenix blaster

Can't craft phoenix blaster
So I got 10 hellstone bars and 1 handgun, but couldn't craft phoenix blaster. How to fix?
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2022.08.19 00:40 Dan_The_Druid Terraria Suggestions for 1.4.4 (1.5?)

Hi everyone, with very exciting 1.4.4 update being diligently worked on by the amazing folks over at Re-Logic I've seen a lot of really great quality of life suggestions by the community, which members of Re-Logic have also been very receptive to. So in light of that I thought it would be nice to post of list of small/quality of life suggestions I've thought up for my favorite game over the years, hopefully it's to your liking everyone!
Terraria Ideas:
⦁ New (Old) Items: Ancient Furnace and Ancient Hellforge, generated rarely in underground cabins and the underworld, respectively. Each is functionally identical to their current counterparts, but they each use the old pre 1.2 pizza-oven looking sprites. Alternatively perhaps they could be crafted at a demon/crimson altar or graveyards from their current iterations instead of being generated.
⦁ New (Old) Item: Ancient Blade of Grass - Made using the same recipe and has the same stats as the Blade of Grass but made at a demon/crimson altar and uses the old sprite, in much the same was as the Ancient Hallowed Armor. Compatible with the Night's Edge crafting recipe.
⦁ Old Item: Re-add the Orb of Light, have it be made by crafting with the Shadow Orb and purification powder at a demon/crimson altar, for those who care about it.
⦁ Beating the game (Moon Lord) lets you select your ore types when generating new worlds, including which ores you'll get in Hardmode, much like how beating the Wall of Flesh used to be the unlock trigger for World Evil Selection at World Creation. Perhaps for simplicity's sake maybe just make it a binary choice between the classic ores and the new ores for Pre-Hardmode and Hardmode.
⦁ New Items: A reinforced door that cannot be forced open/broken down by enemies as easily as a regular door that is made out of iron/lead and wood, and another even stronger door that is made out of a Hardmode material that is completely unbreakable/unopenable by enemies.
⦁ New Item: Pink Banner - This way all team colors are represented along with the other red, blue, green and yellow banners that existed before the pink team was added, crafted the same way as them, just for consistency.
⦁ New Item: Bottomless Honey Bucket - Obtained from fishing in Honey in Hardmode.
⦁ New Item: Honey Absorbant Sponge - Obtained from fishing in Honey in Hardmode.
⦁ New Item: Multi-Absorbant Sponge - Crafted from all 3 Absorbant Sponges, can absorb any liquid.
⦁ New Item: Bottomless Multi-Bucket - Crafted from all 3 Bottomless Buckets, right click to cycle which liquid will be poured with left click.
⦁ New Item: Pet Stand - Sold by the Zoologist, it is a furniture item that you can place a pet in and have it displayed there, including light pets.
⦁ New Item: Bust - A display item much like a mannequin, it is smaller, can be placed on furniture, and is used to display helmets/head vanity items. It would be 1x2 Blocks in size, with the upper block being empty space for whatever hat may stretch above.
⦁ New Items: Pearl Necklace, Black Pearl Necklace, Pink Pearl Necklace - A series of 3 visual accessories that when equipped provide a small passive bonus to the Luck Value, increasing in strength according to the rarity of the pearls used, the necklaces do not stack with themselves or each other, the largest benefit you have equipped is the one used, Pearl Necklace < Black Pearl Necklace < Pink Pearl Necklace. This gives the player something else to do with Pearls that is both aesthetically and mechanically beneficial.
⦁Consistency: Santa Claus de-spawning instead of dying when Christmas Time ends, with a departure message like the traveling merchant.
⦁ Consistency: There is little reason the Candy Cane Hook should have the lime rarity as it is worse than a lot of the other Pre-Hardmode hooks. You could argue that it's because it is only available during Christmas which makes it really rare, but the Bat Hook obtained during Halloween is about as rare but is actually better and sells for less, and it only has a rarity of orange. I realize this is a huge nitpick.
⦁ New Items: Nebula Hook, Solar Hook, Vortex Hook, and Stardust Hook - Made from their respective type of lunar fragments. The purpose of this is so you can have the option of using one hook design from the Lunar Hook instead of all 4 of them. They would each have 3 arms, travel 35 blocks, and glow their respective color like the lunar hook parts do.
⦁ New Item: Mirrored Visor, made from the Blindfold and the Pocket Mirror, replaces the blindfold in the Ankh Charm's crafting recipe. Ankh Charm and Ankh Shield now also protect against Stoned Debuff to reflect this.
⦁ Add Hand Warmer into the Ankh Charm's Crafting Recipe, Ankh Charm and Ankh Shield now protect against Frozen as well as Chilled. Move Hand Warmer to be a drop from Hardmode Ice Biome enemies so it’s not season-locked.
⦁ New Item: Charm of Life - Combination of the Cross Necklace with the Charm of Myths, combines their effects. OR Sun Charm, made from the Star Cloak and the Charm of Myths?
⦁ New Items: Purple, Pink, and Red Snow Blocks - Surface Snow biomes can be corrupted/crimsoned/hallowed like deserts and underground ice biomes.
⦁ Sprite Change/New Item: The King Slime Mask should have a little crown on it to match with the boss’ new sprite and the Queen Slime Mask, then maybe keep the old one in as an Ancient King Slime mask, or move it to a rare drop from regular slime enemies and call it the Slime Mask.
⦁ New Item: Four Leaf Clover - A Hardmode Information Accessory that Displays your current Luck Value. I think it would be a Hardmode accessory since then it would only be obtainable late into the game, and since the Luck value is supposed to be a secret and mysterious thing, this aspect of it would be maintained for a while.
⦁ New Item: Charmed Phone - Crafted by combining the Cell Phone with the Four Leaf Clover. This lucky combination brings the number of information points displayed up from the Cell Phone's 12 up to an ironic 13. The name being a pun on charmed as in enchanted but also the sprite would be the cell phone with a little shamrock charm hanging off it. I like it being a new item instead of the Four Leaf Clover being retroactively added to the PDA’s recipe because this doesn’t impede acquiring the PDA/Cell Phone Pre-Hardmode, then later the Clover can be added to it.
⦁ New Item: Treasure Ring - Made from the Greedy Ring and the Treasure Magnet, combines their effects.
⦁ New Item: Shadowflame Whip - Dropped by the Goblin Summoner, inflicts shadowflame debuff in some form.
⦁ Combining music boxes into a jukebox that can play any song in the game with a UI to select the song.
⦁ Sound Effect Change: When you take damage while wearing the full creeper costume, you could make a hiss noise instead of the usual hurt sound, similar to the necro armor and frost armor alternate hurt sounds.
⦁ The Witch Doctor only selling Corrupted/Crimson Fountains on worlds that have that respective world evil, instead of always selling both.
⦁ The Armored Viking being able to drop the Viking Helmet so that it isn't hard to acquire once Hardmode starts since Undead Vikings start spawning much less at that point.
⦁ Sprite Change: The undead miner could be re-skinned to be wearing the mining clothes, especially since it drops them.
⦁ UI Change: Add a star icon to the top-right corner of completed bestiary entries.
⦁ Mechanics/Balance Change: Having multiple frog leg tinkers not stack their frog leg effect to make them consistent with things like boots, bottles, balloons, and celestial stones?
⦁ Increase Hallowed Hood's Armor Rating up from 1, perhaps like 3-4? It has a weirdly low defense value.
⦁ Mechanics Change: Change Sunflowers and Peace Candles to not affect the spawn rates of Critters and other peaceful creatures, just hostile ones.
⦁ Have the Steampunker sell the world evil Clentaminator solution of the opposite world evil on Blood Moons/Solar Eclipses if she's in a graveyard during them, much like how the Dryad now sells the alternate world evil seeds in a graveyard.
⦁ Have Oasis Crates also contain Pyramid loot so the pyramids' items can be obtained on any world, even if you didn't get any Pyramids or didn't get the loot you wanted.
⦁ Give the Staff of Regrowth the ability to turn mowed grass back to regular grass.
⦁ Changing dye plants and strange plants to be able to be broken with any weapon just like herbs and grass.
⦁ A way to upgrade the summoner emblem into something better, as mages get the celestial emblem, warriors get the Mechanical Glove/Fire Gauntlet, and rangers get the sniper scope.
⦁ Expand the wooden crates loot table to include more wooden chest items.
⦁ New Item: Frozen Hero Shield, crafted from the Frozen Shield and the Flesh Knuckles, the Hero Shield and the Frozen Turtle Shell, or the Frozen Shield and the Hero Shield, combining the effects of the three initial items used to make it.
⦁ Add Dunerider Boots to the crafting recipe of Terraspark boots along with Lava Waders and Frostspark Boots, add the Dunerider boots effects to the Terraspark Boots.
⦁ Re-add old Stardust Guardian Down-Down Sentry functionality on top of the new current function so it can passively defend the player when it's with them or defend a particular area it's sent to if you want it to with punches and the old explosion attack, because these two functions don’t clash with each other.
Achievement Ideas:
⦁ …Do Us Part. - Kill the bride. (Matches with The Groom's Achievement of "Till Death...")
⦁ Say Hello to My Little Friend! - Obtain and use your first pet summoning item.
⦁ Speedrunner - Kill any Boss on the first night.
⦁ Mimicry - Defeat a mimic.
⦁ Terraria-Mobile - Craft the Cell Phone.
⦁ All-Shielding Ankh - Craft the Ankh Shield, the ultimate defense against all harm.
⦁ But Why? - Craft a toilet from cactus.
⦁ What a Waste - Craft a Terra Toilet, the ultimate Hero's Throne.
⦁ A Peaceful Night... - Earn your first lantern night, a celebration of a major victory.
⦁ What're You Buying? - Purchase an item from the Skeleton Merchant.
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2022.08.18 17:58 TopCommentOfTheDay August 16th, 2022 - Top Comment of the Day - Small Subs

Top Upvoted

Racist YouTuber TheQuartering accuses the new Addams Family of being "woke" and "race swapping". Hmmm, let's take a look at the original Addams Family comic.
The Addams Family was literally created to poke fun at the conservative view of family. It's a parody on the white-picket-fence upper class nuclear family.
The conservative ability to not understand movies, tv shows, humor, and music never ceases to astound me. They were surprised when Star Wars came out against evil empires, somehow. Or that Rage Against the Machine didn't have their back. They played "Fortunate Son" at Trump rallies. They were shocked when Homelander was a bad guy. Just... how can you not get it that badly?
2923 points · TheFeshy on /Persecutionfetish · Context

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/gaymers attempts to start a brigade to mass report mods on a video game
This mod represents what the modder would do in real life if able. It erases all trace of LGBTQ existence from the world. Of course this is "just" a video game, of course this is not real, but we're talking about worldviews and intent, which begin in the real world before the mod is created. The modder is a real person with a real computer connected to the real internet. They have real feelings towards real people.
And those opinions shape real actions, which is how all this also ends in the real world. The virtual medium of the video game is just a transitory symbol between what's in a bigoted content creator's head and what other bigoted people do out there once they are bombarded with enough anti-LGBTQ propaganda. This mod is only one example. I'm obviously not saying it's over and we have conquered homophobia. But it is a part of it.
There's also a "shit's about to get real" aspect to tearing down or vandalizing or replacing Pride flags, which again is only happening inside a video game but it does have real psychological impact on people who see it. The aspect is, the flag represents to us a horizontal identity, which is to say an identity that our parents do not stimulate or foster or help us through (a vertical identity) and instead we have to find out for ourselves what it means to be lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, etc. and how to behave in the world and what the world will do to us and so on.
This can lead to a sense of belonging that is always hanging by a thread, as we usually do not share blood or an upbringing with those that understand us, those that are there for us. Oftentimes we can't count on our biological families to show us the ropes, so the flag represents all the community we have.
You can think of it as being a citizen of a given country and finding yourself stranded in a whole continent or planet separated from everybody you know, friends and family, and the general population in this world hates you, and the single link you have to other people is your country's flag. You find a few compatriots also stranded in this hostile society and eventually you find out that there's a flag of your country painted in somebody's wall. But then it's torn down or vandalized or replaced with something else on purpose, as in, not even due to the lack of space or whatever but rather specifically to eradicate you. It's a taunting move. A threat which can be serious if done in the real world, but pathetic in a video game, even more so in a single-player video game.
So the real question is:

Why was this so important to accomplish? What harm did the Pride flag cause?

-407 points · INTPgeminicisgaymale on /ShitPoliticsSays · Context · Deleted, Recovered From Archives

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Market Open thread for General Trading and Plans for Tuesday, August 16, 2022
I want to jump onboard with u/doomkoon4648 IXR bet. I’ll donate $100k to Australian Wildlife Conservancy (or a different organisation if anyone has suggestions) if IXR closes at or above 10c on December 31st. u/mcfucking u/username-taken82
1 platinum awards · HMS--Beagle on /ASX_Bets · Context

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In Berlin, Abbas skirts apology for Munich attack, says Israel committed Holocausts
No country experiences gaslighting like Israel. Whatever is done to Israel, it's actually Israel committing those atrocities on others. Whatever tragedy has befallen the Jewish people, it's actually the Jewish people perpetrating those acts on others. It's depraved and insane
2 gold awards · idanrecyla on /Jewish · Context

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new player here, how do i stop corruption?
Talk to the wandering Dryad and they should be selling purification cobblestone, use them to build a portal and go through it to receive a diamond clentaminator that can be used to kill The Wall Of Ender, the wall should drop 15 to 45 Clorox wipes that can then be used to get rid of the corruption.
11 silver awards & 34 awards · CableMurc02 on /TerrariaMemes · Context
Have feedback? Message the moderators! · v22.6.14 · Includes Small Subs with at least 1000 subscribers
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2022.08.13 00:24 Lumber_Stellar World gen has been heavily discouraging me from playing

Ive been playing Terraria since 2017, and recently Ive tried to start a new playthrough but world gen has consistently been an issue. I cant help but think of hardmode whenever I see corruption next to a biome vital for progression. It just makes me lose excitement to attempt and build pylons, or play the game at all, as all my progress would just be wiped away. Clentaminating in my opinion is a rigorous process that makes the game stale and unenjoyable. Keep in mind that I love Terraria, and every other aspect of the game is amazing. (For those wondering, i’ve tried journey mode and it just isn’t for me)
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2022.08.04 23:34 NotReallyMeepyNotSus One more Terraria suggestion

I have one more suggestion for the next Terraria update.
Now that we can clentaminate the jungle and have corrupted mud and stuff, I had another thought. Perhaps some people utilized the “turning to dirt” thing that happened before to get rid of jungle biomes. So maybe now that clentamination doesn’t work the same way on the jungle, we could have some kind of endgame tool used for drying mud blocks into dirt, or vice versa. A Dryer, Wetter, perhaps something for snow blocks and deserts, maybe caverns also, all of that could work really well for complete biome control once you’re at the point where there’s nothing left for you to do, post Moon Lord and all that. Combined with my other suggestion of some way to make the Ocean biome without messing with watery deserts, using something similar to a monolith but more advanced, with backgrounds, music, and monsters (maybe called the Oceanator or something) could be great for builders and fighters alike for control over biomes, so that you can make your world however you want without nearly as much work as was required before. All this would be post-Moon Lord, as in endgame level. Something like this could complete the build arsenal and make creating and expanding biomes easier than ever before!
Also, is there Hallow mud to go with Corrupt and Crimson because if not there should be Hallow mud.
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2022.07.19 11:36 idkafoxiguess Is The Clentaminator worth it?

im new to terraria and i just defeated my first mechanical boss (The Twins) and the steampunker just moved in, and im thinking about buying the Clentaminator but its expensive so i wanna make sure that its worth it, so is it worth the purchase?
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2022.07.18 16:20 Fit-Group9047 I will create a new world

I will create a new world

I applaud you if you can spot what's wrong with this world.
So here's a story of my first playthrough of terraria on mobile, years ago - I had a world with crimson in it, and it was bullying me at the time. Thus, I didn't like the crimson part of the world. But at the time, I was only in pre-hardmode (I pretty much read the wiki thoroughly at this point), so the clentaminator wasn't a option. You can probably see where this is going - I blew up the entirety of the crimson. After that, the red stuff bullied me no more.
I've done it again, on my final run of Terraria on master mode. The purple stuff was bullying me so I blew it up. Here's the crater of where my corruption used to be:
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2022.07.12 14:50 WannaFuckFemaleZardy I heard the Lunatic Cultist yell at random?

So, this happend long time ago, about March or February 2022. I was in my main Terraria world (Journey, Crimson, Large). It was post-Moon Lord when that happend, I was purifying in the underground crimson with my clentaminator on green solution, when all of a sudden I hear the Lunatic Cultist yell, I did not have any Steam Workshop item installed. I though it was like a normal thing that the crimson lost 1% and it was supposed to make that noise but I'm still not sure so I want some like explaining.
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