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2023.05.27 16:28 mbakerwv Leather Working Starter Set

hello. im looking to get into leather working. Starting out just tooling and stitching some rement leather until i get used to cutting and hand stitching techniques. Im looking at some tools and have filled my shopping cart numerous time and then trashed it all becuase i dont have confidence that im buying the right tools or missing something that ill need. Anyways. im looking at the starter hand stitching kit (see link below) from Tandy leather. Does anyone have any experience with them? would it work? or should i add some additional pieces? Thank you in advance 📷 https://tandyleather.com/products/hand-stitching-starter-set?variant=42947574825091
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2023.05.27 04:20 xdhailey Went back and finished my first tooling project today ☺️

Went back and finished my first tooling project today ☺️
Definitely prefer cutting my own leather rather then using Tandy’s kits. Also, the holes were janky which made saddle stitching neatly near impossible. Although there are some things I would change, this was a fun project.
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2023.05.22 16:36 THERocknRollChef Tandy Leather Or Somewhere Else For Getting Started With Items?

I'm near Chicago IL USA, and wondering if folks here feel Tandy is the best source for quality/affordable leather for us newbies? There's a Tandy store in the area, or online of course; Free shipping for orders over 200 bucks. FYI we're starting with a women's purse and matching wallet - not a big order.
Okay let's hear your thoughts on this, alternate sources etc.
chef marty
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2023.05.21 13:33 Low-Instruction-8132 Luggage Tag

Luggage Tag
I made this as a gift for my niece for her baby shower. The tag is for her go bag when she's ready to deliver. I used a Tandy craft aid and doubled it up to create a pocket for the baby's info card from the nursery. I'm no artist. I found the stork image on line and printed it. Then I transfered the outlive to the leather with a stylus. I basically just winged the cuts and tooling. I wanted the stork to look like it was flying at early sunrise.
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2023.05.20 12:32 NewbHunter19 Leather Painting Help

Hey all,
I just got started in leatherworking a couple months back specializing in leather for the fire service. So far it's all been strap work with me making chinstraps for helmets and straps to hold firefighting gloves. All has gone well up until now. My buddy requested I make him some straps and he wants lettering on it. Now this is a pretty standard request so I was gonna get it sooner or later but I cannot figure out how to properly paint my straps.
I originally bought a 1/4" stamp set from Weaver but then got a better 1/2" set from tandy. I have no problem stamping the leather but the paint it where it falls apart. I've tried brushes, the henna style bottles, bamboo skewers, and more to try to apply the paint but I either have trouble controlling my stroke or I end up with too much paint and it runs off. I've been at this casually for a couple weeks and just cannot figure it out. I even bought a head lamp with magnifying glasses to try to help myself out.
I'm really at a loss so any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
For context I'm using 9oz English bridle cut in 3/4" straps and acrylic paints from Angelus
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2023.05.17 18:48 Pusserton Help needed: leather curling after applying gel antique

Help needed: leather curling after applying gel antique
I've had this issue before, and it finally occurred to me to ask for advice. I have a fairly regular issue where my leather curls (sometimes significantly) after applying gel antique. Any advice to minimize this?
Tandy 2/3 oz veg tan, with Eco-flo gel antique
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2023.05.15 22:13 Beerzy421 Day 1 of a new hobby

Day 1 of a new hobby
I can already hear my better half when she gets home. Another hobbie.....
I picked up some supplies from my local Tandys Leather. Just downloaded a 16" messenger bag pattern. Is it best to print the pattern to regular paper then transfetrace the paper pattern to a card stock material?
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2023.05.13 00:14 Cactus_milk44 Frustrations with shoe industry

I am a poor person trying to get into this craft. I currently am a tandy leather employee ( I thought it would help me to learn about leather-working )
Because I don’t have alot of money to really pay to do this stuff at home I thought it would be a good idea to try and find a little work with someone that makes or repairs shoes.
I have hit up a few places in my area that do shoe repair but it’s not anything close to cordwaining from what I have seen.
I went into a bootmaker shop and had a good interaction with some employees they said I could come on and do lasting for them and learn from there.
I called the owner to verify and he at first tried to sell me his business. Then asked me for 3000$ to work for him. And said that I needed something to offer him and that I can’t go around life with a gimme gimme mentality.
I am 2/5 for absolutely horrible experiences going into these places.
Was this an unreasonable request?
Is there anyway for a guy without tons of disposable income to get into this craft?
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2023.05.10 20:50 --waybackthen-- Bernie Wojcicki Leather Tools

Bernie Wojcicki Leather Tools
Hello, I'm unsure if this is the right place for this and will look at posting in the leather craft area too but I'm interested in finding and purchasing the below pictured tools that the late master whipmaker Bernie Wojcicki was selling out of Tasmania before he passed away. The black adonized beveleresizer along with black lace cutter was made by Bernie's engineer and avid fisherman friend Dan.
The silver lace cutter was a copy of Dan's lace cutter made by Mark Johnson of Johnson Leather Works in Iowa, USA. This was after Dan stopped making them as he was already retired when making these tools for Bernie. Mark fell out of touch with Bernie and not even Bernie knew what has happened to him.
Also, I already own the Tandy Aussie strander and Bevan Rossack's version of the resizebeveler Bernie later used so I'm only interested in the items I'm mentioning. I know more than 20 of these tools were sold by Bernie before he passed and if anyone has some they're willing to sell in good shape, I'd be extremely interested. Thanks so much.
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2023.05.09 21:31 Gwrath281 Frog jelly Brazilian sides review

Frog jelly Brazilian sides review
Pros: Good amount of leather for the price (3-4 oz on sale for 95 dollar plus shipping cost) Smells pretty nice but I could see if this is overwhelming for others. It is noticeable. Smooth flesh side Takes dye pretty well
Cons: If you want a clean leather for a project with leather then out of the 28 sq foot I got 9-10 sq ft that isn't useful (14 ish if you dont want vein marks). It is useful if you plan to dye it with darker or rich colors. The imperfections are spread throughout so if you want big project materials then this isn't your best bet. 8 cuts total ranging throughout. 5 of which are together ( better than if they were spread out). Smallest is .5 inches biggest is 6.5. Very veining at one side about 7 square feet.
Hope this helps other people out. I didn't see much review of this leather from frogjelly so I decided to do it myself. Honestly would just use this for practice and maybe some small goods for gifts. I wouldn't recommend using this leather for your leather goods products. I probably probably recommend sienna flat veg from tandy for 70 dollars with 6-8 less sq ft over this (go to store if possible to chose the best one... I got one online & it's was still better than this one. Only had maybe 2-4 sq ft unusable leather).
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2023.05.09 18:49 TimidMeudwy Where should I get my supplies and leather from if I have to do irl/ What's the consensus on this store.

I was wondering what is thought of Tandy Leather, like, is it one of "t h o s e" stores or is it just okay. I haven't really gotten to see many leather stores/vendors around me, I mean I'm sure there's several that I just haven't heard of, but I haven't seen many. Which being where I am I'm not sure should be the case, but it whatever. Do people normally just online order their things? This isn't an issue as much as it is curiosity. Maybe there's some specific places I should get my supplies from instead? I'm just very unfamiliar with the craft environment.
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2023.05.08 01:55 Chaosmeep LHP witch hat

LHP witch hat
Finished this hat recently, leather hub patterns ...pattern. the stitching is crazy to get more of the witch look, so it is on purpose lol, same with the frayed unhemmed cloths. Top areas is somewhere between 2-5 oz leather cause it came from tandy, brim is 7-9 oz.
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2023.05.05 05:00 Environmental_Cat_77 First real project

First real project
Hey guy this is my first real project and I tell you what I had a heck of a time pulling out my prongs. I resorted to using pliers to pull out the prong ended up breaking an awl when poking thru 4 layers ended up drilling each hole with a small drill bit. But here I am with my nice little project that’s alittle small to fit a card in but it’s my first Planning a trip to Tandy do you guys have any recommendations on things I should get while I’m there other than bees wax thinner needles and a good awl I have a big box of leather scraps I was gifted and I’m messing around with that until I feel comfortable then I’ll try to buy a quarter I made my pup whiskey a black “collar” I mostly did it to try to learn to burnish edges
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2023.05.04 23:56 janet_hoar Craftool Handpress Punch Die?

Hi, I just bought a handpress (the red one from tandy) and a few dies (would liked to have been able to just get hand tools and not spend so much but hammering in an apartment at 5am doesnt go down so well) and I was curious about one of the die sets.
One that I got is a punch and the plate it punches onto is metal. Is that bad for the tool? Since the die cant sink into the plate at all, its having a little bit of trouble fully going through the leather without a second, faster push. At my work, we hand punch on cutting board material (HDPE I think?) and never on an anvil or plate. Is it wrong to punch with the die on metal? If so, what should I do?
Im sure I'd be able to fashion something with a spare cutting board and either make a small HDPE plate to slot in or just remove the piece that holds the plate and put in a bigger slice of hdpe, but that sounds like a lot of work and mess i'd rather not get into
Also, when the die is inserted flush into the press, it doesnt make contact with the plate when fully pressed down, so I've had to move it down a few millimeters. Is that any kind of problem?
Hopefully I've used the right words, I'm still a total novice with leather, and if you need clarification I'd be happy to provide. Thanks!
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2023.05.02 08:13 Egmonster Canadian Leather Sources?

Hi there leather people.
My wife has a burgeoning leather goods business here in BC Canada. We have been getting our stuff from Tandy Canada but I was wondering if there was a better and cheaper way? We could order volume.
Anyone have any advice?
Thank you!
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2023.05.01 05:16 HappyOneToo New to leathercrafting

I have no experience with crafting with leather other than a kit I got as a child where pieces were already cut and I just laced it together. I sew and do other craft projects and want to start leathercrafting. I have a few questions. 1) Where do you buy your leather? I checked the FAQ section of this group and saw mention of a Tandy leather chart, but the link didn't work for me. So, other than Tandy leather, where do you purchase? I'm interested in small projects as well as larger ones like purses, tote bags, and shoes. So, I'd be interested in smaller scrap like pieces as well as larger pieces. 2) If I'm using thin leather, can I use my regular sewing equipment? I have several standard home sewing machines as well as an industrial straight stitch and an industrial serger. Would I need a special needle for them to use those? I also have some heavier needles for hand sewing with plastic canvas that I think will work for the leather. Any special equipment that I'd need to work with leather? If so, whats the best place to purchase them and any advice on what to get, bare minimum to start?
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2023.04.28 06:54 savvysearch Are investor proxy votes confidential?

I’m reading the material from ProxyVote and this is what they say:
Is my vote confidential?
Yes. It is our policy that all proxies, ballots, and vote tabulations that identify the vote of a stockholder will be kept confidential from us and our directors, officers, and employees until after the final vote is tabulated and announced*, except in limited circumstances including any contested solicitation of proxies, when required to meet a legal requirement, to defend a claim against us or to assert a claim by us, and when written comments by a stockholder appear on a proxy card or other voting material.\*
It’s the bold part where I’m confused. Soooo, it’s not confidential after the final tally? Can someone please explain to me?
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2023.04.27 02:21 BVLundquist Purse for a friend.

Purse for a friend.
This is my latest piece, a black leather purse I made for my friend. She wanted something that could go with any outfit and had some of her style.
The closure is from Tandy leather and is called a pin & eyelet clasp.
I'm really happy with how this one turned out! I hope you all like it too.
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2023.04.26 23:13 BVLundquist Finished purse with additional photos (as requested).

Finished purse with additional photos (as requested).
The clasp is called a "pin & eye clasp" and was brought from Tandy leather.
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2023.04.25 20:02 BIG-J-T- Questionable tandy leather veg tan

Questionable tandy leather veg tan
Hi everyone I bought some black veg tan from Tandy and noticed what appears to be cracks on the grain side. I’d like to know what type of leather this is as I’ve worked with natural vegtan before and have never seen it crack like this. I’ve including pictures of the cracks and all tags I could find on it. Please help me identify what type of grain this leather is. Thank you.
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2023.04.23 23:32 ShiftyFitzy I got a side of this as a gift, so I don’t know what it is exactly. Just that it came from Tandy. It is NOT the Faraon leather. Roughly 1.5-ish mm. I cannot ask the man who game it to me - he wouldn’t know anyway. Any ideas? Thanks.

I got a side of this as a gift, so I don’t know what it is exactly. Just that it came from Tandy. It is NOT the Faraon leather. Roughly 1.5-ish mm. I cannot ask the man who game it to me - he wouldn’t know anyway. Any ideas? Thanks. submitted by ShiftyFitzy to Leathercraft [link] [comments]

2023.04.23 23:07 johnhenryshamor Oak Bark Tanned Source

Hi all. I'm in the Midwestern US. Looking for some oak bark tanned leather, very thin, on the order of bookbinding leather. I have not found any in the big names like Tandy or Springfield. Any ideas?
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