Does creatine water weight go away

1500 kCals A Day!

2015.03.10 22:08 THUMB5UP 1500 kCals A Day!

A sub about eating on 1500 calories total per day.

2016.02.16 12:12 Dryfasting

No food and no water. The dry fasting discord link:

2019.09.08 09:49 EzraCelestine Shitty Restriction Food

Restrictive eating can be rough, but at least it forces the ingenuity out of us. This sub is for laughing/commiserating about the experience of eating things that're low calorie, and uhhhhh... "creative."

2023.06.03 02:58 Footlongpenetrator Is the hype around Jamie Chadwick finally going to go away ?

Another weekend in Indy NXT, another weekend where Chadwick qualifies at the back and clearly does not have the pace to compete.
I always found it absurd the amount of hype she got and even the talk of getting to F1/F2 sounded ridiculous and laughable considering she failed hard in FRECA.
Maybe now this can finally go away and people will talk about her in real world terms.
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2023.06.03 02:56 Savings_Accomplished What's up with the need for me to tell you that you look beautiful? When YOU don't find yourself beautiful?

My partner has called me out for not doing this enough.
In recent years, I've been finding it harder and harder to find my partner attractive. She's always considered herself to have weight issues and because of it, our relationships have had some major blowouts. Historically no matter her weight, I've always found her physically attractive as her body type is what I'm into. However, the lack of self-esteem and confidence has become more and more of an attraction killer. And seeking it from me when you don't have it for yourself is even more of a turnoff.
Before our thirties, I always assumed either one of two things would happen. Either my partner would reduce her weight so she can finally be happy with herself. Or she would take the need to improve her mental health seriously and grow the confidence to be happy with her skin no matter what weight she is.
However, after 10 years of being together, we've reached our thirties and both things I thought would sort themselves out have become worse. My partner is the heaviest she's ever been and also, she's the most unhappy she's ever been.
My main issue is that now that we're thirty I am finding it hard to have empathy for the struggles of someone who doesn't help themselves. There's no motivation to eat more considerately, to do more fitness or to work on the mental health plaguing her self-perception.
Most times we go anywhere, choosing an outfit is an anxiety-inducing experience for both of us. Either she's unhappy with her sense of fashion, nothing fits how she would like or when she's dressed up she'll ask whether she looks ridiculous because something in her outfit isn't to her liking.
Then, when we're finally outside. She does this thing, where she pretends nothing is going on. And I have to act like she isn't in a bad mood and start to make jokes or conversation to try to alleviate the tension and dispel the negative energy that's been built up. This is usually worst if we're going to see friends.
And so, amongst her (self-percived) lack of fashion sense, her lack of confidence, her weight gain, her lack of effort in her appearance and her bad mood whenever we have to go out somewhere. I have to push through all those things and still say you look beautiful?
Why does your partner owe you that?
I've seen some other women complaining about their partner's lack of compliments and obviously, each story is different. But is it your partner's fault if you're putting in minimal effort and expecting praise?
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2023.06.03 02:56 ThrowRA8374738 My [34M] girlfriend [32F] just told me she has a new job abroad and needs to leave in a few days. I am conflicted.

I met a great girl last year. We got to know each other and both love each other very much. Two weeks after meeting she randomly announced that she got a job abroad and that she was off for 3 months. I didn’t mind because we didn’t know each other really well and I’m usually pretty detached anyway. She would come back weekends due to the nature of the job and we’d see each other once every two weeks. This was fine for me. Admittedly I was a bit upset because I thought “darn it just my luck, I meet a great girl after dozens of dates and short term flings and she is going away”… but I just got on with life and we kept in touch and the relationship blossomed. After this period she was working from London, where we are based, with frequent trips abroad. Again, this was ok.
We became very close and she did tell me that she might have another 3 month posting, with frequent visits back home. So I was kind of mentally prepared for this. She always tells me how much she loves me and wants to settle down etc. I love her very deeply. We’ve become really close and feel the same about each other.
Her 3 month call back never came and we’ve spent the past few months seeing a lot of each other and enjoying it very much. Talking about the next step of our relationship etc. If anything, she was the one who was more serious in wanting us to get married and get a place together…
She took an impromptu trip in May. She’s been in Australia and Fiji for 2 weeks with her sister. I thought great, why not, she should go and have herself a great time.
Anyway - yesterday she calls me and she says she’s back in London and tells me she has been offered a new contract with an amazing salary…… but for one year!!! She was crying and was upset but she said it’s an opportunity of a lifetime financially…
I love her, I support her, I want her to be successful in whatever she does. Hell, I’d support a random person. I’ve got a big heart and only wish the best for people who deserve it.
Here’s the thing, however, I feel really hurt. For the first time in years I feel like crying. I did not expect a year. Sure she will come back a lot but it’s not the same. She could hear my voice and started crying and apologised. Told her she has nothing to apologise for and that I only wish for her happiness and success but that at the same time I can’t hide how I feel. How sad I am that I’ll be away from her again. She said she will do anything to make it work. And I know she’s sincere and that she loves me.
But at the same time I just can’t shake how upset I feel. I have been walking around central London by myself trying to clear my head. It’s nearly 2am now. I feel deeply upset. She’s done nothing wrong but at the same time, I feel like I’ve been replaced by money. Who is to say that next year she won’t be offered another contract?! I can’t do long distance indefinitely.
She asked me to be patient and wait for her. And while I love her to the end of this earth, I feel like money isn’t everything in life. She could have got a job in London and still made good money. So what if it’s not the crazy salary she’s been offered.
I don’t want to tell her this because I don’t want to discourage her or make her feel like she needs to choose.
The point is I just feel so god damn hurt. Just when someone like this comes along. I just feel like, you know what, there aren’t any guarantees.
I asked her if she was serious about me and she started crying and was upset that I’d even ask.
I guess I just need to talk. I feel so alone and hurt right now. I don’t know what to do but don’t want to deny how I feel. And there’s no way I’d ever ask someone to make a choice like that. But I feel like she chose money over me. Without really thinking about how it would also affect me …
How would you guys approach this? Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.03 02:52 Moist-Watch-3576 I’m a mom that wants son to be ok.

So I have a 19 year old. He is handsome but has always had low self esteem ever saw himself how others did and he’s a little delayed learning wise but always did well anyways never got into trouble and just an amazing person. The kid that would help anyone he could. Never smoked weed. Always made good choices when no one was looking. I love him dearly. I will give my life for him. I do also have two other children a lot younger that are suffering now because of the turn in life that has happened. Two weeks before my son turned 18 he met a pretty girl. In his eyes she was out of his league. He said wow mom I never thought she would like me. I saw where she was messaging him constantly saying that he needed to get away from me I’m a toxic mom and never talk to me again. Then I saw where her mother who doesn’t have any of her children also messaging him about being drunk at 1pm and how he should never speak to me again because I’m “untreated bipolar bitch” my son turned 18 and ran away and lived in a hotel with them and a 17 year old that ran away also so the gf and her mom. He started acting strange. Avoided the whole family and lost a lot of weight. Started posting on social media about selling drugs. I of course went searching and trying to get him back and was met with the mom calling the police on me and putting restraining orders on me. My son ended up strung out and we didn’t know if it was drugs or mental illness but my son was no longer in his body anymore. He got I trouble with the law and had to move home for a short time. The gf moved down the street and he did worse and worse. It turned in to him betraying the whole family for this girl that doesn’t even call him her boyfriend. He just follows her lead that’s all he cares about. He did OD and I found him in time and saved his life. The gf could care less. He just spent 30 days in rehab because the court forced him to go he even in rehab avoided the family and talked to the gf allday on the phone. The drug he is addicted to is meth most likely that’s what has been constantly on the drug test. I seriously am at the point of handcuffing him to a house in the woods and hand feeding him until he comes back to his senses. I feel like because he’s naive and delayed that he will never understand that he was basically coerced into leaving the family and got out on hard drugs fast and then used. I feel like that is the only way I can save my sons life at this point. Anyone agree? He thought he was doing molly btw but it was meth. He doesn’t think he has a problem he thinks the girl is his answer to everything. There’s absolutely no common sense.
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2023.06.03 02:51 Aggravating-Cap-7198 I feel like I'm chasing an ideal of pure morality, pure kindess, but I can't obtain it. I'm too evil to.

I feel like there's an existing baseline of human morality, a kindess that everyone has that I lack and therefore am too horrible to ever obtain. I just suck, I feel jealous of others accomplishments despite me wanting to be happy for them, and I feel that I don't work hard enough and that I should be but at the same time my family wants me to pull it back and focus on myself. But I can't, if I don't work hard enough I'll never get into my dream school, and live a good life. I'm an intellectual runt amongst my peers and I fear I will always be, and because of that I'll always be a liability in any lab environment I'll ever be in. I keep thinking back on bad things that happened to me although I know they only get stronger the more thought I put to them. That, in part is why I don't accomplish as much as others, they will go on to do way better than me in everything I care about and that shouldn't matter, but it does, and I hate myself for it. I will never become the kind hearted person I want to be, everytime I try it just seems fake and I'm sure others know it, and are repulsed by it. I feel I will just never be good enough, for myself or others. I'm sometimes mad at my friends for branching out more and holding higher positions in clubs I like through their popularity, which I feel I can never obtain because I suck at talking to others and don't talk as much in general (ironic right?) I feel I serve no purpose, other than to harm and take away. And I know subconsciously that's not true, but because I am not my ideal of perfectly kind, perfectly motivated, and perfectly intelligent like I see in my friends. Then I am worth nothing at all.
P.S. Maybe perfection doesn't exist, but I feel I'm not the right amount of kind, and everytime I try to be I think I just end up hurting others.
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2023.06.03 02:49 Beneficial-Bend-9857 Dm ambushed me with a lvl 20 home brew character when I didn’t have weapons or armor and other players can’t see why I’m upset

This just happened and I’m infuriated for background I’ve been playing with this group for a while and this dm in particular is known for making bullshit hard combat example I had to fight a lvl 25 martial as a lvl 7 wizard I won bc hold person silvery barbs is hot and lucky rolls. Basically in this campaign I’m playing an archer fighter rogue multi class and I managed to get my hands on a lot of good items. Needless to say with I do a lot of damage and when I’m hidden no one can find me. Combat happens and I hide and fire arrows and stuff dies. Through plot events we end up at a demons mansion and contractually obligated to participate in a death game where we are hunted for sport by powerful demons. Ninja finds a book with all the demons weaknesses and doesn’t share it with us and then decides to try and fight all the demons in the middle when the game starts. I being an archer chill a long ways away under cover and hide. Ninja a shinobi and the other frontliner brazil who is playing a hybrid demon and demon slayer get badly damaged while I don’t get hit seeing as I’m far away. Im still doing my part in the combat doing good amounts of damage. After combat I want to short rest to regain my class features byt ninja and Brazil want to keep fighting stuff so I say fuck that noise and go short rest and hide while they fight. They end up getting almost obliterated and I end up doing some sniping the problem was only ninja knew their weakness in character because he refused to tell us and we ended up finding it out mid battle during the entire session Ninja made constant comments about me being a little bitch and hiding and not taking damage and that why am I fighting from a range seemingly ignoring that I’m built as an archer with the sharpshooter feat so me fighting with a sword would decimate my damage and my con isn’t the best and I would lose sneak attack bonus and my to hit bonus from my fighting style. I kept getting but by comments about my build being broken when they are both playing minmaxed homebrew races and classes and their races gave them shit like passive regen and damage reduction and increased speed and darkvision all at once. Last session I talked to ninja about it being dickish and after a lot of arguing they agreed that they where rude. Next session my character does the bard thing and ninja sells my character out to a powerful npc telling him that I killed his teammate. So mid boinking my character gets ambushed withought weapons armor or anything by a level 20 shinobi homebrew that has 30 fucking dex. I was pissed and said there is no point rolling initiative since I have no hope of winning just kill my character and be done with it and they where like no it’s not to kill you it’s to humble you and none of them seemed to understand why u was upset since I in character used ambushing to fight stronger enemies and that I can’t be hypocritical. My character ended up being psychically tortured for the session by somone that ninja wanted to join for anyone who watched Naruto ninja wanted to join the akastuki and I one shitted one of the akatsuki bc sharpshooter +assassin rogue *action surge +sneak attack means some sexy numbers. I’m mostly just fed up with the constant passive aggressive comments and the bs combat that leaves me the choice of minmaxed or get tpked when I’m the only one getting punished for minmaxing they aren’t even trying to like learn the rules to minmax they are just using broken homebrew while at constantly ragging on my character saying that they could kill it easily and getting mad that my ARCHER is fighting from a long distance. I play in other campaigns and it’s not a problem but in this one it’s just constant aggression it’s not the DMs fault he doesn’t get pissy about us minmaxing to fight his unbalanced combat he just throws characters with stats of gods at us and we try not to die but this instance coupled with ninja and Brazil laughing and being ducks about it genuinely makes me not want to play especially when they insisted that I play the combat that I would insta die so I didn’t wanna and just asked that the dm say what happens . Sorry for the jumble I’m just really annoyed and it’s been almost an hour and I still can’t do anything bc the party is split and I’m trapped in a psychic hell.
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2023.06.03 02:49 5sunnycats Florida student nurse desperate for wisdom teeth extraction - advice?

Hi everyone. I'm currently a full time nursing student and full time caregiver for my mom who has alzheimer's disease. I only receive $300 every 4 months of financial aid which is barely enough to buy gas, food, or pay doctor copays and get my own medication.
The past 3 months I have been in excruciating pain from semi-erupted wisdom teeth, which the dentist said are completely "decayed down to the root" and the cause of my pain.
I live in northeast Florida & have had no luck finding any resources to help. I just enrolled in dental insurance but it only covers a small portion of the $2000 cost & doesn't take effect for another money. Meanwhile I can barely eat or sleep. I am alternating NSAIDs which provided no relief and neither did Tylenol 3.
I have even searched low cost clinics and dental schools for free or very low cost care by students, however either they do not provide extractions at all or, if they provide oral surgery, there is still a large cost as the students cannot do it.
I'm in tears as I type this. I already have some underlying health problems I try hard to manage, and so having this pain on top of it is just really upsetting and I do not know where to turn.
No place I have called allows any type of payment plan, the few that do isn't even remotely doable, and again my credit is too poor to be approved for it.
I have reached out to family for help (feel terrible doing that) but while they are happy to drive me for the procedure, they are unable to afford to help financially (understandable.)
Does anyone have any advice or know any resources? I feel so trapped that I'm going to be in pain forever, and it's so hard to sleep, so at school I'm just exhausted.
I ice the area (pain radiates from jaw, to neck, even face is tender) as well as hot compresses but the pain is too severe.
FWIW, I live in Jacksonville, FL, but I'm willing to drive anywhere up to a few hours away for help. Does anyone know any resources? I call places everyday hoping I can't find a place but have had no luck.
Thank you for reading.
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2023.06.03 02:48 zyocuh Alice Fiction Start Up Guide 6-2-2023 thru 6-13-2023

First make sure to check out the Alice Fiction Useful Links and Re-roll suggestion thread as for the most part that is still accurate.
If you are just starting the game and want to know who too pull on and why then this is for you.
Now if you are joining because the Re:Zero collab, both of those units are very good units, if that is your main reason to join get them both as you wont be disappointed. If Re:Zero isn't the main reason you are joining, then I would suggest you pull on the step up banner.
For the Step up banner these are the units I personally rate in terms of importance. The ones with Limited by their name cannot be pulled randomly off other banners, they only appear in specific banners. The other 3 are in the general pool so you have a chance to get them at any time. A few of the units in the list have other units that fill a similar role as that unit.
  1. 3★ Hanayaka Musashi (Limited) - She is arguably the best unit in the game. For special teams she is the best buffer. The amount she can increase the damage for your DPS is unrivaled. Aim for her hands down.
  2. ★ Konohana Sakuya (limited) - She is a very strong Special Defense Debuffer meaning she reduces the enemies armor. This played a huge role in the later stages when enemy armor can cause your damage to plumet. She is also particularly strong because she deals burn damage. Burn damage does a set amount of damage every turn regardless of enemy defense or attribute. If you dont get her you could use Merlin as a sub.
  3. 3★ Enkidu - She is a Physical Defense Debuffer. Her Defense debuff is on her passive which allows its up time to be 100%. Her only weakness is that she requires a specific team set up in order to proc her passive. You need Herself + 1 Wood unit + 1 Fire unit + 1 Flex unit. The flex unit can be of any attribute but you must have an additional wood and fire unit to utilize her properly. If you dont get her you could use QSH or Walprugis as a sub.
  4. 3★ The Director - She is Special Buffer allowing your special units to deal more damage. One of the best parts of The Director is that she fits in the popular team comp known as "Wang gang" that also requires a specific team comp to proc Wang's passive.
  5. 3★ Thor - She is a Physical buffer and she is the 2nd best physical buffer in the game with Gawain being the best buffer. If you dont get her you could use Gawain as a sub.
On to the Re:Zero units.
If you have any questions of course please ask away and if you feel I missed something let me know and I will fix any errors.
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2023.06.03 02:47 billyboy888888 Another FITC Course Schedule Post

Hi Everyone,
I am posting this for my Daughter. She will be a first-year, OOS student, majoring in Physics and is in the Honors College. I think she got all A's in High School and took several AP courses/exams with either a 4 or 5 on all of them. She is also very social and will be going through sorority rush.
Here is the Fall Term courses she is thinking of taking:
MAC 2312(H) Calculus with Analytic Geometry II (4 hrs.) (Although she has yet to get here AP Calc Exam score back, she thinks it will definitely be a 4, with the possibility of a 5).
PHY 2048C(K) General Physics Using Calculus I (4 hrs.)
CHM 2045C(H) Chemistry Fundamentals I (4 hrs.)
IDH 1920H Honors Symposium (1 hr.)
AST 2002(H) Astronomy (3 hrs.) or a GEP (3 hrs.)
-> 16 credits total
Does the above look like it will be too much/difficult? Although she is a very good student, this will be her first time in College and away from home, wanting to join a sorority, and taking 3 difficult, "heavy" courses.
I suggested that she puts the CHM on hold and maybe take it in the Spring or next Fall.
Any thoughts and suggestions would be much appreciated.
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2023.06.03 02:47 TLMoonBear Let’s talk about learning to get good at Abyss

What makes the Abyss hard?

There are many complaints about the Abyss. One particular complaint that commonly appears is the Abyss being “hard” or having “unfair mechanics”.
Tackling difficult content requires players having an understanding of how game mechanics and how players can express skill. Without this, players cannot actually engage with the challenge game designers come up with.
I believe many (but not all) complaints about Abyss combat are due to low player understanding of skill expression. This is due to several reasons:

1. Outside of Abyss there's very little actual content that requires you to be good at the game

2. Genshin gives you very little feedback when you fail in the Abyss

3. Content creators don’t focus on this topic enough

So let’s talk about what some key gameplay techniques are for Genshin. And then I’ll walk through Abyss design and how to think about beating the Abyss.
I will assume you are already familiar with basic techniques such as funnelling energy particles, and using I-Frames from Bursts / Dashes.

Key gameplay skills to learn

1. Grouping

Key idea: Killing multiple enemies is often as fast as killing one enemy if they all stand in the same place, saving you time
Even when using an Anemo character, the AI can be manipulated to group themselves together. This makes killing them much faster.
The core idea is that if the enemy isn’t in range to hit you, it will try to walk forward to do so. Therefore, you can position yourself in a way to encourage the AI to move together. This avoids you having to chase them around and waste time.
How to do this: When a pack of enemies spawns, move to one extreme side of them. The enemies on the opposite side will walk closer to get in range and bunch up together.
An easy trick: The first time you do an unknown Abyss layout, just load and don’t even try to fight it. Watch where enemies spawn, and how long their attack range is. This lets you observe if there are any grouping tricks you can abuse.
Example: Spiral Abyss Patch 3.4 Floor 12-2-2 (2 min 28 sec onwards)
After blowing up Wave 1 with Raiden, the player runs to the far left side of the Abyss. This causes Wave 2 of the Husks to begin to group up.
Running to the opposite side of the Abyss then gets the Husks to all stand right next to each other perfectly. This zig-zag manoeuvre means they can be extremely efficiently AoE’ed down much faster.

2. Camera Angle Management

Key idea: Always stand in a position where you can see all enemies. This means you can never be surprised by an attack from off-screen.
If the enemies are always in front of you, you can watch for the most important attacks to either Dash or cast Bursts to immune the damage / knockback.
You should never be in a position where you are hit by an attack you did not see coming.
How to do this: The easiest way to do this in the Spiral Abyss is to stand with your back towards a wall and the enemies in front of you.
Example: Spiral Abyss Patch 2.7 Floor 12-2-1 (1 min 50 sec onwards)
The player immediately runs to the back wall of the Spiral Abyss. This means despite enemies spawning in a circle around the starting point, everything can be seen by the player camera.
This has the benefit of grouping everything up to eat AoE and die efficiently.
After Wave 1 dies, the player always looks at the Cryo Slime facing the Frost Lawlachurl. Always keeping the Lawlachurl in front of them means every attack is extremely telegraphed and can be casually dodged for a clean kill.

3. Stamina Management

Key idea: Keep enough Stamina so you can always dodge important attacks.
Melee characters must trade their Stamina for distance and speed to clear fast. Therefore, you want to position carefully in the Abyss to minimize the distance you have to travel.
(This is also why Yoimiya is sometimes favoured over Hu Tao at very high levels of investment. If you are strong enough to one-rotate things anyway, the range advantage means you spend no stamina attacking enemies that spawn far away from each other instead of needing to chase them down)
How to do this: Know where enemies spawn. Kite towards spawn locations so you don’t spend time and stamina chasing up with enemies.
If you face enemies that charge you, stand with your back to a wall. The enemies will charge into a wall. This way you don’t need to chase after them.
Example: Spiral Abyss Patch 3.4 Floor 12-1-1 and Floor 12-2-1 (1 min 40 sec onwards)
On Floor 12-1-1, the player knows where all enemies are spawning. They move in a way that minimizes stamina usage and can spawn camp the enemy.
On Floor 12-2-2, the player stands with the wall at their back when the Consecrated Beasts spawn. This means they charge towards the player. Camera angle management means the attack is extremely obvious and easily I-Framed.
Keeping both Beasts near the wall means they can be easily AoE’ed down for a quick kill.

4. Pre-cast long animation Skills / Bursts

Key idea: Bursts take up time. Cast the ones with long animations when enemies have downtime so you don’t use up your DPS window.
Enemies that are targetable can also be cheesed by hitting them for some extra Energy from skills / Favonius procs.
How to do this: Many enemies have animations for spawning into the Abyss. Instead of waiting for them to spawn in, use the time to set up things such as Nahida Burst so you minimize the time not spent doing dps.
Example: Spiral Abyss Patch 3.4 Floor 12-2-2 (3 min 55 sec onwards)
By the time Dorito King ASIMON has even fully loaded into the Abyss, the player has already set up Yae turrets, Nahida E and Burst, and funnelled energy on Yelan to get back her Burst.

Learning the 3.7 Abyss specifics

1. Overview of Abyss design

Mihoyo creates Abyss layouts to encourage or discourage a specific type of gameplay, or put pressure on team compositions.
The most common approach is creating one side with an AoE mob focus vs one side with a Boss killing focus.
However, more recently Mihoyo has been introducing specific challenges to target specific ways players play teams.
The reason Mihoyo does this is because it's one of the few ways they can balance content in the game. They can't retroactively buff / nerf things. So the primary lever they have is to create Abyss designs that encourage or discourage certain types of play.

2. 3.7 Abyss Design

The 3.7 Abyss is structured as a team composition building test. It rewards players who have built a variety of characters they can flex, and punishes people who have narrow character pools.

Right Side: The Shield Breaking Challenge

Left Side: The Time and Character Pool Challenge

3. Floor specific advice

Floor 12-1-1

Grouping techniques:

Floor 12-1-2

Nahida National comments:

Floor 12-2-1

Floor 12-2-2

Floor 12-3-1

Floor 12-3-2

Nahida National comments:
GL HF clearing the Abyss~! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
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2023.06.03 02:46 kitten2125 Family reunion advice

I have a family reunion coming up in a couple months. It'll be the first time I'v see my egg donor in years. I have been very LC and recently have been able to get away with not texting on holidays without her having a meltdown.
The problem is I only agreed to attend because a lot of my extended family was supposed to be there. She tends to behave better with more people and I wanted to meet my new baby cousins. I found out last week it will only be my parents, my sister (who is the golden child and belittles me about as much as my mother used to), and my grandparents. I still want to attend because my grandfather recently suffered a stroke and I would like to see him. My husband is coming with which is comforting but lately iv been sick thinking about the trip. I feel like a scared little kid all over again. Whats she going to say about my weight? My graying hair? My blue collar job? Literally any part of my life she can pick apart in that condescending tone. Am I going to be able to defend myself now or freeze up?
This will be the first time she's met my husband, she didn't know we got married or that I was even dating for some time. I already agreed to go on the trip, got my plane tickets and my grandparents are excited to see me after so long, so I hate to cancel but I don't want to be miserable either. Its 4 days long, should I suck it up or cancel all together? Am I overthinking this? Will I calm down once I get there? What are yalls experiences with family reunions??
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2023.06.03 02:46 WrenSh Does the shame and self-disgust ever go away?

I’ve experienced multiple sexual traumas as early as age 11 and as recently as 2021. I feel disgusting. I’m ashamed of myself for not being able to prevent or stop what happened. I’m ashamed that I was present for something so disgusting. And that somehow makes me disgusting.
I’ve been trying to heal since the last assault… and in that time I keep hearing that “true healing” is a fallacy and not real. …that the pain never actually goes away…. Does that mean I’m going to feel this ashamed and disgusted with myself forever?? Whats the point of trying to heal if it doesn’t make me any less distressed or in pain?
I don’t want a life of just going through the motions for the sake of everyone else not having to deal with my emotions. But that’s what healing seems to sound more and more like the more I investigate it… just going through the motions….
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2023.06.03 02:46 MedDN0 31 [M4F] East Coast/USA Let's hold hands as we explore the world

Good evening! I've been looking for that special someone but still no luck. I've met some cool people but eventually the spark dies or things are more platonic. But that doesn't mean she isn't out there somewhere!
I am 31, living on the east coast (obviously). I know physical attraction is important - I am 5'7", Southeast Asian, more musculadad bod type physique. I work quite random hours in healthcare but try to make it to the gym at least 2-3 times a week.
About me:
As mentioned above, I work in healthcare in a fairly high stress environment so when I am home I usually just want to laze about to recharge. Despite being an introvert (ISFJ/ISTJ) my work requires a lot of social interactions. I tend to be more of a homebody but do enjoy time out with my partner, less inclined to go to big social gatherings/bars/clubs.
Some of my hobbies include but are not limited to: Trying various restaurants, weight lifting, PC building, video games, walks in nature, occasional hike, and binging shows (anime/TV - definitely recommend TLOU).
Personality wise I am a good listener, considerate, patient, intelligent, open minded.
I enjoy various types of music such as Kpop, RnB, instrumental pieces, Rap/Hiphop, Jpop, etc. Unfortunately, I am not a big fan of country or metal music.
I am open to children, although I think the decision is ultimately up to the woman to decide since she does nearly 100% of the work in childbearing.
Looking for:
I am looking for my future partner, preferably someone between the age of 24-35 (some flexibility on this). Someone who's hand I can hold as we walk through the various food markets of the world. You eating two bites and me having to finish the rest of all the street side skewer we bought after just downing a meal less than 2 hours ago. Trying snacks and drinks from around the world before falling asleep while cuddling. I'm looking forward to traveling to Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and Iceland to name a few.
While I am not looking for someone with any particular interests or hobbies, but it's important to be passionate about something that you have an interest in or may be pursuing. Sharing some common interests would be nice. Video games are a large part of my life since I was young so it would be nice to share that passion with someone else.
I am looking for someone who is emotionally mature and able to communicate what they feel. I am the type of person who wants to understand your joy, happiness, frustration, anger, disappointment in hopes that I can either recreate it or fix what might be causing it.
Open to a LDR with the right person, but there needs to be plans for relocating sooner rather than later.
Thank you for taking the time to read through my rather long post! I hope to hear from you. Feel free to DM me or send a chat. I would prefer to exchange pictures soon after interacting so we can get the physical attraction aspect out of the way and not waste each other's time.
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2023.06.03 02:46 snotgoth777 [Routine Help] Should I go back to Tretinoin?

hi! long time lurker here in need of some friendly routine advice. I was on tretinoin 0.025% for acne from October 2022 until May 2023. My skin never looked better up until March when I suspected my moisture barrier was compromised due to a lack of hydrating products in my routine. My skin looked dull, was itchy, everything I put on it stung, and I was experiencing new breakouts after 2 months without any! Not to mention the main thing that clued me in was that I was a horrifying shade of red that looked like a sunburn.
At the time my routine was consistent and very simple: AM: Water on face, Naturium Niacinamide + Zinc (Every third day I’d swap it out for Mad Hippie Vitamin C), Trader Joe’s Ultra Hydrating Gel Moisturizer, Trader Joe’s Daily Facial Sunscreen
PM: Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash, Naturium Niacinamide +Zinc, Tretinoin 0.025% (Every other night), Trader Joe’s Ultra Hydrating Gel Moisturizer
After multiple attempts to fix my dehydration problem without stopping use of tret I finally took it out of my routine and focused on getting my skin healed. Fast forward to today, after multiple trial and error with different products, my overall skin appearance feels and looks hydrated (FINALLY!!!!) but the catch is, i’m getting the same breakouts I was before I started using tret!
My routine as of now is:
AM: La roche Posay Hydrating Gentle Cleanser, Naturium Niacinamide + Zinc, La Roche Posay Double Repair Moisturizer, Neutrogena Baby Sunscreen
PM: La Roche Posay Hydrating Cleanser, La Roche Posay Double Repair Moisturizer, La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume B5
I have very sensitive, dry, acne prone skin with lots of texture and hyperpigmentation. I have breakouts mainly on my chin, jawline, around my mouth and sides of my face. I get flat closed comedones in all the same areas as well that sometimes flare up into angry pimples but more often just lay dormant on my face. (Tretinoin was the only thing that made them go away). I want to reintroduce Tretinoin now that I am more informed. (I was prescribed by a doctor who didn’t tell me much except to ease into it). I also bought Paula’s choice Azelaic Acid 10% Booster thinking that could help with pigmentation + subside future breakouts but I don’t know how to put that into my routine.
Should I start with the Tretinoin or give the Azelaic Acid a chance first? Will Azelaic Acid help with breakouts on its own or should I be using them together? Will Azelaic Acid give me the same benefits that the Vitamin C did or should I go back to Vitamin C? Any help is appreciated! I want to keep my skincare as simplified as possible!
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2023.06.03 02:46 Lucifer0622 My husband almost killed me

My husband and I have been together for 21 years. Our relationship was good, we were able to communicate and be our own person. We were healthy but that all changed after we lost our son and he relapsed. The abuse started small but then it got more brutal in a way. I have "left" him a couple of times but I always end up back which I'm pretty aware is my fault. Yesterday, we got into an argument after he accused me of cheating, he went through my phone, and when he didn't find any incriminating, he broke my phone and attacked me physically and sexually. While I was still laying on the fucking floor, he came out from our room with his gun, I thought he was only going to threaten me which he had done before but this time he actually pulled the trigger but the gun malfunctioned and it didn't fire. For a couple of minutes we just looked at each other in disbelief and shock, I believe or at least I know I was, then he went back to our room as if nothing happened. I got up, cleaned myself, and went to pick up our son while acting like nothing happened. I have friends who care about me but I don't think it would be fair to put this on them, they have their own lives and their own problems and who am I to add more stress so I haven't shared this recent event with anyone completely. I don't think I can share it with anyone I know. I honestly believe he's going to kill me one day. I want to leave but I know if I leave, he will find me and kill me too, so I'm dammed if I do and dammed if I don't. He has connections with law enforcement so if he does kill me, he would get away with it. So, I'm just fucked! I know the police won't be any help, I mean how many stories have hit the news of a person being killed by their spouse after leaving, after getting a retaining order, or a divorce, or after reporting them? It's so common that not it's no longer shocking (sad but not rare) So, I'm just fucked! I'm just living until he kills me or I kill myself. I used to have hope, I thought we could repair our relationship but when that dream died, I thought that I could leave, I had everything planned, I was going to move out of state, close to some dear friends, and build my life from the ground up but then that dream died, too. Now, tomorrow, I have to stand in front of his family and friends while we renew our vows which was something I didn't even want to do and still don't. I guess all I am now is a hypocrite and a liar, living a life full of lies. This week, a friend of mine told me how she looks at us and saw true love or as she put it, we are #relatioshipgoals, and all I can do was smile and nod but that's how most of our friends look at our relationship because that's the lie we are giving them. I don't know who the fuck I am anymore, I always try to be honest and keep shit real, but now, most of the time, I'm just protecting his ass and reputation. I have never told his friends anything negative about him, they don't know about the abuse, and they don't know how many times he has knocked me out or beat me to the point where I thought I was going to die. But to them, I'm a cheater and an abuser! One time, he pushed me to the edge and I reacted (not physically) but I did yell and cursed him out while he was recording and had a smirk on his face which infuriated me even more, then he sent it to his friends and I'm now the abuser, the person who yells at his poor husband, I know I was in the wrong and I regret the way I reacted but it was nothing compared to what he has done to me but to his friends, I'm the villain. He has taken everything from me, my body no longer belongs to me and god forbid I make a mistake or anything he perceives as a personal attack. He has posted videos of us having sex which I consented to be recorded but I didn't consent for him to post them. Before I became a stay-at-home dad, I used to work with children and now, I don't think I'll ever be able to teach again, what if I do, and one of my students or employers find those videos? The only reason I found out was that one of my best friends found one of them, he knows me, and he knows I'm not the type of person who would post homemade porn (not that it's wrong to do it, but it's just not for me) and when I showed him, he claimed he was hacked. I don't longer feel like a human being or have any hope left for the future whatsoever, I'm not suicidal at the moment but I'm sure as hell not living!
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2023.06.03 02:44 Zen-Paladin How do you guys tell your ASD/ADHD symptoms apart?

Ever since getting my ADHD diagnosis(2nd one, got one before but never treated) I have been understanding more how alot of the problems I had weren't due to my autism. Obviously things like poor communication skills and special interests definitely fell under that label, but I was tired of my mom putting all my issues under autism. I felt subconscious about using accomodations in high school/junior college(did poorly in both regardless) because I wanted to show autism didn't hold me back even if I didn't understand why I was struggling, and this applied to other areas of life. I now know many if not most of my life problems are due to ADHD, but still with substantial impact from autism.
To note, I am a level 1 or formerly would be an Aspie. I had little to no language delays as a baby, and at age 8 I was assessed for ADHD and ASD, and at the time I met the marks for the former but not the latter. Granted this was pre-2013 where they didn't think you could have both, but it said I didn't have difficulty sharing interests, no unusual use of language or understanding emotions. I definitely feel like ASD only manifested itself in early adolescence.
ASD traits:
-Poor social/communication skills: Definitely without a doubt. From middle school to until after high school I didn't get how to properly conversate with people. I would maybe walk up to others and try to talk about something out of the blue or related to a special interest. I talked more at people than to them without. It isn't an exaggeration to say I sometimes came off literally like one of those talk-to-text softwares. While I wanted friends, I just didn't grasp the typical give and take of conversations or forming connections beyond have a few acquaintances to talk to sometimes. I was noted by a the school psychologist to spend lunchtime walking around or sitting in the library alone, aside from when they had me help in the lunchroom for a free lunch and some work experience.
-Hyperfixation/special interests: This feels like it ties so close to the first that they are almost the same. When I did try to talk to people, I would either maybe be able to have a conversation depending on the topic(Star Wars or anime) but didn't know how to progress beyond that. I definitely pissed/irritated some people off by going on and on about certain subjects. I used to talk to this kid all 4 years about nerd stuff and debated religion but he noted I tended to do it too much. Also one instance where I tried talking to some kids in my neighborhood when I was 15 after living there for almost a year. Went on about creepypastas/urban legends, one got mad when I didn't stop and later on an older guy said he didn't like it and neither would alot of the parents with the younger kids around , so to at least tone it down. Didn't really talk to them again after that, both out of some embarassment but also disinterest despite still being lonely
-Stimming(?): I questioned if this fit me at first, but seems it does. I tend to think out loud. Like literally just saying what I am thinking. I am not talking to people/voices no one else can see or hear at all, but my mom has cautioned to be careful as others may mistake it for schizophrenia. Also at times when thinking about something embarassing(either a past experience or even characters having embarrassing/dramatic moments in TV or movies) I have said certain phrases I guess to try to distract from it. I moreso tend to do this in private personally.
-Rigid thinking: Definitely. With getting hyperfixated on things I tend to really think about certain things WAY more than I should or need to. Like with the religious stuff, I at times came off as preachy and was even pro-life for awhile(shudder). My family was technically Christian, but we weren't fundies at all or even serious church goers(went more during middle school, but I subsided in HS). I guess despite how I was raised I took the Bible stuff at moreso face value. This also applied to when I was into the anti-SJW stuff the really popped off in 2016. I didn't get alot of nuance back then with these things even though I thought I did. I also was a bit of a good two shoes at times, in terms of calling out others for cussing or having poor attitudes, not listening to teachers. Was self righteous looking back given all my issues.
ADHD traits:
-Sense of restlessness: Absolutely. I was even described as ''hyperkinetic'' in my medical records. I guess that's why morning runs feel great, especially when I play certain music or even movie clips(like the Portals sequence from Avengers Endgame). I actually had a teacher snap at me for doing TKD moves instead of work in curriculum support(and not wanting anyone to get hit). Plus I loathed the nonemergency ambulance job I had because of how restless I felt when we were posted or just the low acuity calls. Ironically my then untreated ADHD was also why I couldn't pass field training when I tried 911 work.
-Difficulty focusing: Yep. Looking around the room during work or tests(not at other students of their papers), and just not being able to get things like other kids did. Even getting distracted even outside of school, like how grocery shopping could take longer than it should before meds/having a solid shopping list. Even when just browsing/watching Youtube/sending an email I end up looking up random things and opening up so many browsers.
-Poor time management/procrastination: Oh boy. I did pretty good in school till around 3rd grade where this became more common. Then middle school included lots of last minute work during lunch or break, even taping assignments to some teachers doors so it was till on time. While I wouldn't say I had mean teachers, there was varying levels of tolerance for this. To be fair they and myself didn't know about my ADHD. Also have been tardy to work several times for every job I had. Never a reason I was fired but even if trying to plan ahead time seemed to go too fast or I just couldn't keep up, leading to frustration.
-Forgetfulness: This always pissed my mom off, to the point of her making ''duh'' noises to me or telling me not to be a la la land. Even if I just want to go somewhere losing my wallet, phone or keys can lead to a long time searching and stress as a result.
-Disorganization: Messy room, laundry pile up, dishes or other chores not done as soon as they should. Plus if you were a classroom aid, dealing with me often meant sorting through tons of old papers, notes and current assignments stuffed haphazardly into my folders/binders that were falling apart minus Scotch tape. This also applied to my thinking: Lots of decision paralysis which also affected my personal goals. Despite liking martial arts since being a kid, I have no black belt or extended period of training due to style hopping for years, and not being able to train due to poor money management. Speaking of which...
-Impatience/constant stimulation: Until taking meds never realized my ADHD was why I ate out so often or snacked alot despite wanting to get in shape(am a skinny fat, but still). I once blew through literal thousands of dollars of some trust money due to Doordash(not all at once but definitely regret it). Even when eating more protein, drinking water and other typical types to crave hunger only meds really helped and leave me feeling I can fulfill my glow up phase.
Where the two overlap:
-Some social problems could be due to the H/I aspect of ADHD. Interrupting people or intruding on a conversation. I was also quite clingy in elementary which ironically was why certain kids I was attached to didn't want to be friends. That said the main root was definitely autism, especially when starting adolescence.
-The pacing/verbal stimming could also be amplified by the hyperactivity, but even with having been on meds for a few months I still do it. I did however stop having those times where my mind felt it was racing and I grabbed my head begging it to slow down.
-Both conditions have hyperfixation tendencies. However I did feel that even if I had a same general interests it might dilute and I would switch to something else. This is basically what happened with martial arts, aside from some rigid thoughts that caused conflict with an instructor.
-Rejection sensitivity/withdrawal: This isn't a specific symptom, but something that from what I see those with either condition feel. Despite having both I don't have sensory issues(thank God) but also when at the movies physically withdraw from scenes of a character experiencing embarassment or a serious argument. This seems to be due to how our actions led to faux paus moments and reprimand from our peers and family. Other than that loud noises and such don't bother me, and I actually use the volume a bit too loud for TV and music.
Thoughts? What's the split like for you guys?
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2023.06.03 02:40 diablo1128 Started getting healthy over a year ago but my poops are like mashed potatoes every day.

I have no idea if this is the right sub-reddit to ask this questions. So I apologize if this is the wrong place.


Basically, I have had poops the consistency of mashed potatoes since I started to get healthy over a year ago and I don't know how to get back to nice logs that I used to have. I only poop once in the morning and I don't have emergency urges during the day so I don't think it's health issues. It's just the consistency of the poops that have changed and I don't know why or how to solve it.

Background Information

I used to have an in-office job and my poops were great. One nice sized log every morning and I was good to go for the day. In the office I had a standing desk which I would use the vast majority of the day. I ate like shit though lots of junk food and sugar. I didn't exercise at all outside of the standing desk and walking around as needed in the office and to get lunch up town.
Over 2 years ago I got a new job that was 100% remote and I could work from home. I lost the standing desk and was sitting most of the day. My eating patterns did not change and I still ate like shit. Maybe even more so at home as I just ate pasta most days and still didn't exercise.
Over this time my poops turned in to the aforementioned mashed potatoes. I still had one poop in the morning, but some times a small second poop in the afternoon was needed. I didn't get satisfying poops any more and things didn't feel empty after my morning poop like when I was going in to the office everyday.
So over a year ago I felt very unhealthy and decided that I needed to get in to better shape. I had gained a lot of weight and wasn't feeling good everyday. I started to overhaul my daily routine and get on the right track, but my poops didn't really change all that much.
As part of my new routine I did the following

My daily routine as of the last year is basically
Through out the day I'm drinking lots of water and a bottle of GT Raw Kombucha. The Kombucha is for some probiotics, though I don't know home much Kombucha has made a difference.
I find when I eat too much soluble and insoluble fiber I get super gassy, bloated and just feel uncomfortable. I find drinking even more water than I already do counteracts this to some level. Though I think I feel like I'm over hydrated when I drink this much water as my pee will run clear all night and maybe even in the morning.
I'll also add that I am an asian born in the USA. So growing up it was a steady diet of real Chinese food every night and there was always white rice. I say real because its not the greasy deep fried stuff you get at the local take-out place. I'm not sure it matters, but it may be helpful if there are easy generalizations that can be made. For example I pretty sure most Chinese people are lactose intolerant.
I've lost lots of weight and gained some muscle with my routine. I went for 40 waist pants to 34 waist and the 34's are feeling a bit loose at this point. I could see needing to buy 32 pants by the end of the year.
I assume I'm doing something wrong to make my daily poops all mashed potatoes texture. Sorry this is so long and I apologize for any spelling and grammar mistakes. Hopefully somebody can give some advice or if there is a better place to post, please let me know.
Thanks for any responses!
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2023.06.03 02:40 SentientCircusPeanut Can someone please interpret this PFT for me? Asthma, COPD, or something else?

Can someone please interpret this PFT for me? Asthma, COPD, or something else?
Hello everyone,
I'm a 29 year old man, smoked maybe 100 cigarettes in my life starting around age 17 but never smoked cigarettes consistently and haven't smoked in years. I did however start smoking weed at 16 and began smoking everyday, maybe a gram a day, at 17. At 18 I got a dry herb vaporizer (volcano) and since then have use the vape 99% of the time. I've been a daily user since, with a few months off here and there.
I noticed that I started coughing a lot more a couple of years ago when I got my medical marijuana card. It may be that I'm just vaping more than I did in the past, but this was concerning. I cough a lot after eating, so my doctor first suspected GERD but an endoscopy showed no signs of acid. My cough seems to magically go away in the late hours of the night. I quit vaping for like seven months and while my cough improved quite a bit, it still would come up a little bit almost every day, especially in response to irritants like perfume. Chest x ray and CT scan came back normal, so finally I got a PFT, with the results attached here. After my CT scan came back clear, I (perhaps stupidly) stopped worrying and started using the vape again.
I see that my FEV1/FVC is pretty low (71%), like right on the border of COPD, and my FEV1 before the bronchodilator was pretty low too (76%). After the bronchodilator, my numbers improved a little bit, and there was a larger improvement in FEF25-75 (35%) which is noted on the report, although FEV1 didn't improve by 12% or whatever the usual cutoff for asthma reversibility is. However, my main doctor had his aides call me up and say that this suggests very mild asthma, although I should still see a pulmonologist.
I've been prescribed albuterol, and it helps a little bit, but I'm still coughing. I've still been using the herb vaporizer, yes I know I should quit. I'm trying to switch over to edibles but it's really hard because of how unpredictable they are. I'm in the process of switching over and I hope to soon, but for now I'm just trying to cut back on vaping. Unfortunately, the vaporizer really is the best way to take it as medication, although I'm open to quitting. I still need to see a pulmonologist, I've been putting it off for months because the pulmonologists I've been referred to don't take my insurance or accept self pay so I need to find one myself, which I plan to do next week.
I guess my question is, can anybody help me interpret this PFT? Does this seem more consistent with asthma or COPD? How critical is it that I stop using the vaporizer? I know that COPD is progressive and the worst thing you can do is continuing to inhale stuff, but is "very mild asthma" as dangerous? Do these numbers and the symptoms I describe suggest that I'm risking COPD by continuing to vape? I have OCD and anxiety too (one of the reasons I have a med card), so this has been stressing me out a bit for a while, and I'm not sure how much of it is real and how much is my anxiety tricking me.
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2023.06.03 02:40 TheGrandImperator [In-depth] Optimal Ship Designs in 3.8.3


This is a writeup on the best ship designs in Stellaris v 3.8.3, and yes I know it's quite long. There is a Synopsis with the conclusions at the end of the post. It’s not going to include the best fleet designs, though I think we might be able to make some inferences. It is going to be focused on PvE, but a lot of these designs will also be a very strong starting point for PvP designs. These designs are based on personal testing in-game, calculations via spreadsheets with numbers taken largely from the wiki, and videos such as Montu’s ‘Early Corvette Design’; as such, there’s plenty of ship configurations I have not tried and tested. Please add any you think I missed!
After watching Montu’s 3.8 weapons tierlist, I was theorycrafting ship designs with some friends again. I fondly remember some of the pre-3.6 ship and fleet design discussions, and there has been enough time since the combat rebalance that I think the meta is beginning to settle. I’m going to break up the analysis into 3 parts: Early game (Corvettes and Destroyers/Frigates, one or two weapon type upgrades researched), Mid game (All the above + Cruisers and more weapon types researched), and Late game (Above + Battleships and Titans, most if not all weapons have been researched to the highest tier, minimal repeatables).


This borrows most heavily on Montu’s Early Corvette Design video. In it, he describes the absolute best Corvette design as 3 missiles in S slots. There is a 4-design Rock Paper Scissors hierarchy that goes 3 Missile < 2 Missile PD < 2 Kinetic/Laser + PD < 3 Kinetic/Laser < 3 Missile. The 3 Missile will beat any design that does not have PD in it, which the AI is likely to use, hence being the ‘best’, and where you probably want to start. The early game after that initial design requires you to be adaptable and has probably the greatest emphasis on needing Intel on the enemy’s designs if you want to gain an edge in ship design. You will generally want to research higher tier Missiles for a few reasons as well, so this is a great time to start.
Once you roll Disruptor tech, the early game shifts and you must immediately outfit all your ships with these bypass weapons. It is actually hard to overstate how powerful Disruptors are in Corvette vs Corvette battles; I did the math on this one, and the time to kill with Disruptors will be up to half the time with kinetic/laser weapons. In my experience and based on my math, Disruptors are the final word in the early game.
For defensive slots, it is also dependent on what tech you roll, but Armor is the most useful defensive slot in the game. Discounting Archaeotech, there are extremely few weapons that bypass armor or deal bonus damage to it, and most of those are found in the mid-to-late game. For Aux slots, I recommend afterburners.


Once Cruisers start to come online, the best weapon to outfit them with is the Whirlwind Missile battery. Even before then, Cruisers with Disruptors still are not to be scoffed at, or G slots are also great for taking down starbases. Once SwarmeWhirlwind Missile tech is researched, I strongly believe that the best ship design in the midgame is the “Macross” Cruiser design. As many M slots as possible, with 2 S slots at the tail end for 3 Aux slots. Every M slot is filled with SwarmeWhirlwind Missiles, and the 2 S slots have either regular missiles or the Archaeo Nano-Missile Cloud Launcher. The 3 Aux slots all have Afterburners, and the Combat Computer is set to Artillery. The purpose of this design is to kite away from the enemy with a fantastic 120 range weapons that ignore shields. The 3 Afterburners make Cruisers surprisingly fast, all the missile weapons have 100% accuracy and solid damage, and these missiles are especially effective against targets with low Hull points, meaning Frigates with Torpedos are a very unreliable counter despite doing lots of damage with their G slots. This design is not perfect against strong Starbases with their loads of Armor and solid Hulls; if you find yourself struggling with those, consider adding Cruisers with G slot weapons of your own. I recommend Torpedos and more missiles.
If your opponent is using a design like this, the best counter is to get on top of them. This design relies on dealing constant damage that cannot be avoided while kiting the enemy. Cruisers with equal speed that get the jump on them with Torpedos and Disruptors will tear them apart, but rely on starting the battle in close range already, such as attacking the Macross Cruisers while they are entering/leaving a system or are otherwise already near the edge. If you notice your opponent has pure Armor defenses, you can also get cheeky with Neutron Launcher Frigates, which have the same range as Swarmer Missiles, but no travel time and deal huge damage in an alpha strike.
My recommended Torpedo Cruiser loadout is very straightforward: use the same defenses and Aux slots as the Macross Cruiser, but use Torpedos in all 3 potential G slots, and Disruptors in the other slots, set to the Torpedo combat computer.


Transitioning from the Mid Game to the Late Game is essentially about what ship designs can contend with the Macross Cruiser and which designs can complement or surpass it. The Macross Cruiser dominates the midgame, but there are things it struggles with; in particular, targets with high Armor and high Hull. Starbases were mentioned previously, and as more Starbases get upgraded and Defense Platforms are built, the Macross Cruiser will struggle more. Additionally, Battleships and Titans seem to fair reasonably well against them, as both will have high Armor and solid Hull. Therefore, Battleships and Titans still serve a role in Late Game fleets. Additionally, Battleships are capable of 2 or 3 designs that I think can be quite strong.
The first Battleship design is based around long-range Bypass weapons. In general, bypassing shields and armor is a strong mechanic, and abusing it at long range can mitigate the trouble Battleships can have against ships with large amounts of Armor. It utilizes the Arc Emitter X slot weapon and Cloud Lightning L slot weapons. Cloud Lightning is fairly weak, however, dealing only slightly more damage than a T3 M slot Disruptor while taking up an L slot. In exchange, you get 50% more range (40 vs 60). The trouble here is that Battleships simply cannot field many M slots, so I believe Cloud Lightning is still the best choice for this build. Overall, I think this is the weakest of the Battleship designs that I will be covering, but if your fleets are built for full bypass, then this Battleship may still provide a niche as the longest-ranging ship capable of full bypass.
The next two designs come as a pair: a Carrier and an Artillery design made to complement each other in a self-sufficient manner. The Carrier Battleship fields Ancient Driller Drones, which have a -50% penalty against shields, but ignore armor and have a 25% bonus against Hull. 3 can be fit at maximum onto each Carrier Battleship, along with 4 PD, 1 L slot, 1 M slot, and 2 S slots. I recommend utilizing primarily Guardian PD, both to attempt to stem the tide of missiles, and because, if necessary, their high armor damage will complement the Driller Drones in battle. For the L slot, I went with Kinetic Artillery for bonus damage against shields and overall high damage at very long range. For the M slot, I recommend Whirlwind Missiles for their high range. For S slots, Ancient Nano-Missile Cloud Launchers are the perfect synergy, ignoring shields and armor and dealing 25% extra damage against Hull, similar to the Driller Drones. A Carrier combat computer will do its best to keep this ship as far away as possible from danger, allowing the strike craft to fight for as long as possible, as that is the main source of damage for this design at 34.78 avg damage per tick each. For defensive slots, I recommend a 5:1 mix of armor and shield to prevent being hard countered by Neutron Launchers (I’ve done the math on that, and Battleships of just about any design will actually lose to Frigate/Cruisers with Neutron Launchers in equal numbers, if they have only armor). For Auxiliary slots, there are a number of potential options: Afterburners to allow for a small amount of kiting and speed your fleets up somewhat, Shield or Armor hardening against enemies running full Bypass weapons, and Regenerative Hull Tissue for a small boost in sustainability during battle, as the .5% daily Armor regen will restore about 44 armor per Armor slot each tick in combat for each RHT (for where this math comes from, see this thread).
Finally, we can discuss the 3rd Battleship design, the Artillery Battleship. This one is much more simple by comparison, with a Tachyon Lance X slot and 4 Kinetic Artillery L slots. The purpose of this ship design is to ensure that any targets with large amounts of Shields will not counter the Carrier type Battleship. The Tachyon Lance itself is extremely good against high-armor targets as well, particularly targets with only armor, as none of its damage is wasted against Shields, which it has a -50% penalty against. Once targets have had their Armor stripped away, the Kinetic Artillery does full damage against Hull, meaning that this design also relies on the other ships, such as Torpedo Cruisers, to help remove the Armor of its targets, as the low firing speed of the Tachyon Lance is not enough to be self-reliant. This ship design should have the Artillery ship combat computer, the same 5:1 Armor to Shields ratio as before, and two Auxiliary Fire Control Aux slots.
As alluded to before, Titans can also keep a niche in the modern meta. These behemoths are not excellent in direct combat, and are mostly used for 3 tasks: providing useful auras, beginning engagement at maximum ranges, and instantly destroying Starbases. As the Auras have not changed, the most beneficial are the same as in previous patches, with the exception of -20% Shields being less impactful than before, given the prevalence of Shield Bypassing weapons. However, if your target has a high amount of shields and you are using the Carrier+Artillery Battleship combo, this one can still be very useful. The 3 other Auras I run in order of importance (I feel) are Quantum Destabilizer (-10% enemy fire rate), Subspace Snare (-20% Combat Disengagement Chance), and Inspiring Presence (+5% friendly fire rate). For weapons, I have gone with Kinetic Artillery and the traditional Perdition Beam rather than the Ancient Ruination Glare, though I have not done a lot of experimentation with this design in combat. It retains the 5:1 Armor to Shields defenses, a Carrier combat computer, and 3 Auxiliary Fire Controls.


I have very little grasp on the balance of economics and firepower for balancing fleet compositions, but I can suggest which ship designs should be used in a fairly basic fleet pattern in the late game.
A Titan, whose purpose is to instantly annihilate the Starbase you might be attacking into, or destroying enemy Titans while staying at long distance.
Artillery Battleships, who will then fire and strip the enemy of most, if not all, of their Shields.
Carrier Battleships to then start whittling away at the Hull of ships that no longer have Shields
Disruptor Corvettes, which serve as low-cost chaff for absorbing high-damage weapons, and which contribute to Hull damage done by Carrier Battleships. In combination, these two ship designs should quickly eliminate low-Hull targets, leaving larger targets like Cruisers, Battleships, Titans, and Starbases behind.
And Torpedo Cruisers, which will help by eliminating the Armor of the remaining ships, which will probably be taking huge bonus damage thanks to their size.
The optimal number of each ship type that should be contained within a fleet is unknown to me; there are too many variables for me to test via spreadsheet, it will require testing in-game, which I haven’t tried yet.


The perfect ship changes through the course of the game. Early designs are built around what tech you have rolled and the designs of your enemy, and must remain flexible, though there are some generally good designs to try and roll the tech for. Disruptors dominate the game once they are unlocked, until the Midgame, where Cruisers stuffed full of missiles and the occasional torpedo kite most other designs to death flawlessly. By the lategame, all the tech and designs begin to converge, but the previous designs are not totally obsolete. Instead, new tools are unlocked that help reign in the previous designs. Battleships with a mix of Driller Drones and Kinetic Artillery can quickly destroy threats like the Macross Cruiser, and Titans will annihilate Starbases in the path of your conquest. I fully recommend building balanced fleets in the Late Game, with a mix of several of these designs. As always, keep in mind that the best ship design is the one that counters your enemy’s, and that these designs are not as cut-and-paste as in the previous meta. Even in the lategame, there are builds that might surprise you and counter your fleet, and being a generalist means taking at least some losses in every fight.
I want to end this by thanking the Stellaris devs for their hard work and the knife’s edge they have managed to balance combat in the game on. I am so much more interested and intrigued by ship design post-3.6 than any other time, and it’s a breath of fresh air! It’s not perfectly balanced still, but nothing is more “Stellaris” to me than spending 5 hours with both the Ship Designer and a spreadsheet open to find how to break that balance. To them and anyone who managed to read this whole post: sincerely, thank you.
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