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barracks inspections

2023.04.11 02:41 achillesthewarrior barracks inspections

I looked through MCO 11000.22 and on page 10-5 it says that all rooms should be inspected at least monthly. But it doesn't give guidelines for those inspections. And MARADMINS 291/13 says that for visual inspections there are the following limitations:
So this says they can't inspect your "assigned lockers" but it's talking about commanders not SNCO/NCOs.
Is there anything that says a SNCO/NCO is not allowed to make someone unlock their wall locker in their barracks room during field day or whatever so they can inspect it? I heard something about them needing a warrant and PMO to make you unlock something (unless it's a health and wellness I guess) But I am having trouble finding specific sources for that.
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2023.03.09 15:52 moonovrmissouri Need Help with getting Award on record [Advice]

I was on a team that was listed on a MARADMIN (I was a HM assigned to an USMC team deployed for OIR) as being awarded the Navy Unit Commendation Ribbon. The team was only stood up during OIR, the CO is retired now, and I have zero contact with anyone from that team. I went to my NRC's Admin and gave them the MARADMIN, my eval from the time I was deployed showing I was part of that unit for the specified dates. I also provided another letter that awarded other medals from my time on that team as more proof.
The YN says that is not enough for this to be on my permanent record. I don't have the original signed orders from that time period. Anyone have any advice to get the damned admin to actually process this?
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2022.09.29 09:59 thatisapaddlin The definition of insanity

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2022.09.29 08:36 toby301 A guide for new boots

When I first hit the fleet, I signed an initial counciling that I barely skimmed over, probably similar to everyone else. When I got put in my barracks room, I was told to not drink the tap water and to expect to do some lousy work like sweeping and taking out the trash cause I’m a boot, then was left to my own devices.
Looking back, I didn’t necessarily get any written guidance. I learned as I went and that’s pretty much the way things always go, right? ..but why? I have a genuine care for my subordinates not only as Marines but as human beings. I’m getting ready to check back into my unit after being away for some time so I made a written packet that I plan to give to new boots. I wanted to get some feedback here to see if this would be a good idea or if I should just leave ‘em to the wolves.
BASIC EXPECTATIONS -Consistent physical fitness (including outside of work) -Technical and tactical proficiency in job knowledge -General USMC knowledge -Annual / Fiscal training up to date -Transparency with appointments and punctuality
DAILY EXPECTATIONS -Be on time every day -If you’re confused about something, ask your NCO’s -Remain within grooming standards, weekly haircuts & freshly shaven -Maintain a clean and serviceable uniform -Pen and paper on your person at all times (rite in rain, green notebook, etc.) -Keep your CAC, rifle cards, and recall roster on your person at all times -Customs and courtesies always apply
BASIC GUIDANCE -Complacency kills, don’t forget the organization that you’re a part of. -Avoid confrontation. If you’re always perfect, nobody can call you out. -Take notes on EVERYTHING. Write down your personal accomplishments as you complete them. Set a weekly alarm on your phone to remind yourself to write down what you have done. After every field op, record what you did. This will make writing your monthly accomplishments a lot easier. -Time management isn’t hard. There’s almost never an excuse for being late. If you’re not already gunny timed, be 10-15 minutes early. 0530 PT doesn’t mean wake up at 0525. Learn to manage your time, hold your peers accountable.
PERSONAL ORGANIZATION -Don’t rely on your brain to remember things alone, use your note taking resources. -Utilize alarms on your phone to remind yourself of tasks that occur throughout the day. -Maintain a LOCKED note on your phone with passwords and password updates. Marinenet and MOL passwords change often. -Keep a binder with certs, important documents, and other professional documentation. (banking, car, personal records) -Keep an organized fishing tackle box with uniform items. (rank insignia, ribbons, badges, devices, etc.) -Use command hooks in your barracks room & wall locker to stay organized
CIF GEAR / UNIFORM GUIDANCE -Buy velcro name tapes for your gear & iron-on markings for your uniforms (including flak patch) -Buy containers for your gear and maintain cleanliness and serviceability. You are able to replace your broken and unserviceable gear at CIF -Every uniform should always be ready / dry cleaned -If you buy private gear to use, mark it with a sharpie -Don’t use certain items from CIF. It’s better to buy small items privately such as headlamps. Marines constantly lose small items in the field and steal other people’s CIF so that their receipt is complete. -Do not lend or sell your CIF to other Marines. You are responsible for every item on your receipt
FINANCIAL GUIDANCE the following is not professional financial advice, it is general guidance -Maintain a budget (see back of packet for budget outline) -TSP at 5% is a good minimum. -Put a percentage of each paycheck into savings. -Maintain an emergency savings fund of at least 3-6 months of expenses -Utilize the chow hall. Save eating out in town for weekends -Don’t buy a car without telling someone competent first. Buying a used car in full is typically better than making monthly payments. Ask your peers to carpool. -Don’t drink and smoke your money away. At the very least, record and control what you spend on alcohol and nicotine -Automate your bills to prevent forgotten payments
EDUCATION GUIDANCE -Ask about TA and knock out college credits, one class a semester isn’t hard to manage (the G.I. Bill only lasts 36mo.) -Books only help you, write books reports from the commandant's reading list (total page number / how many days you want to read it in = pages per day) -Make a monthly goal to complete at least one Marinenet course for points -Buy a CAC reader / use library or work computers -Understand how to read MARADMIN’s, orders, & technical manuals, all of which are available on -(insert annual / fiscal class list) -(insert classes that give good points) -(insert commandant’s reading list info)
PUBLICATIONS -(insert mos ™’s) -(insert 1020.34xx) -(insert JEPES order) -(insert drill & ceremonies) -(insert organization of marine corps forces)
*edit: reddit fucked my format so it looks like shit but still legible, tried hiding & editing then unhiding but this shit isn't gonna fix.
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2022.08.30 18:54 Annual_Competition84 New maradmin

New maradmin
Anyone read up on this? Does this mean anyone on the installation rates the ribbon?
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2022.01.17 21:31 FreeNClear1 Veteran's Education, Training, and Job Support

I’m using a throwaway account because someone could possibly recognize me from my previous posts, screen name from my primary account, and this is a little embarrassing. I (43M) recently returned from my 3rd deployment with my National Guard unit, I went back to my civilian job, but I’m just not feeling it anymore. I have a college degree but I’m looking at my peers and I feel I should have more education and more advanced at my age. This is where I need everyone’s help with. There are so many programs for veterans in regards to education, job training, and employment, I would really like to try and consolidate them into one area. Below are some that I have listed but I know there are A LOT more. If you just want to give me the name or link to the program, I’ll take care of the rest. Once I have a large list, I would like to make it a sticky or have it in the downloadable resources. I have all the current entries formatted much better but it looses some of the formatting when copied to Reddit. I figure, when it is complete, I will collect everything, put it in a PDF and find a way to share it through Google docs or on the sub. I won’t lie, this is partially selfish on my part because I would like to see what support I can tap into but I figure I can let other learn from the information I can collect. Thank you.
Joint Services Transcripts (JST):
Joint Service Transcript is now the official transcript tool for Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Coast Guard personnel that validates and documents the recommended college credits for professional military education, training courses and occupational experience of service members and veterans. This unified and standardized document makes it easier for institutions to review and articulate these credits as appropriate to service members and veterans degree programs.
I think USAF veterans need to access their transcripts using a different portal
Verification of Military Experience and Training (VMET):
Your Verification of Military Experience and Training (VMET) document helps you prepare resumes and job applications quickly when you separate from Service. The VMET document:
Gathers all reported demographic, training, and experience records in one place. Describes your Service occupations in civilian terms. Automated systems at each Branch of Service report occupation information to the VMET database. These systems vary, so information might not match your expectations.
That's why you use your VMET along with evaluation reports, training certificates, awards, transcripts, and similar documents to assemble a complete account of how you qualify for civilian occupations, certificates, licenses, or programs of study.
Q: How do I get a copy of my VMET document?
A: Sign into milConnect. Choose DoDTAP (eForm and VMET) from the Correspondence/Documentation menu. Select the VMET tab. Follow the onscreen instructions.
American Council on Education (ACE):
The ACE Military Guide is the sole source of information for all military courses and occupations evaluated by ACE from 1954 to present.
In April 2021, ACE launched a modernized and improved version of the Military Guide, which includes these new features:
- A streamlined format for course and occupation summaries
- A public Joint Services Transcript (JST) upload feature for students
- A dedicated application to support colleges and universities in making credit award decisions
- Simplified and user-friendly navigation and design
The ACE Military Guide retains these hallmarks:
- Information for all military courses and occupations evaluated by ACE
- Multiple ways to search for courses and occupations—by service, date, ACE ID or military course number, and course or occupation title
- Evaluations conducted by college and university faculty members who are actively teaching in the areas they review
Army Credentialing Opportunities Online (COOL):
COOL (Credentialing Opportunities On-Line) helps Army Service members find information on certifications and licenses related to their jobs and civilian careers. Use COOL to get background information on credentialing and find detailed information on:
- Credentials related to an Army Military Occupational Specialty (MOS)
- Credentials related to DOL Job Families
- Credential requirements and potential gaps between Army training and civilian credentialing requirements
- Resources available to fill gaps between military training and civilian credentialing requirements
Spend a little time getting acquainted with COOL and credentialing using the main navigation links at the top of the page, and then dive into your occupation-specific information using the Go to: or Navigator options at the top-right of every page.
Marine Corps Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL):
Marine Corps COOL provide Active Duty Marines, Veterans and Spouses a one stop resource to research and locate industry recognized certifications. Active Duty Enlisted Marines receive 100% funding for qualified certification testing up to six months prior to EAS/Retirement. MARADMIN 583/15
- Service members receive unlimited funding for qualified certifications based on formal Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) and Collateral Duty training.
- Industry recognized leadership credentials that provide civilian agencies verification of human resources and managerial experience.
Decision Support Tool (DST):
Exploring by your Interests will show you results based on your likes and dislikes. Answer each question based on how you feel about each activity. The activities below do not represent the exact job tasks you would perform at a job. They are used to assess the type of work you may enjoy. There are no right or wrong answers!
Replaced GoArmyEd and is used to assist military personnel with education support. They are “ArmyIgnitED is a tailored, intuitive resource that empowers you to achieve your educational goals. Whether you're at home or abroad, you'll have unlimited access to educational opportunities, support, and guidance throughout your desired Education Path, Civilian Path, Credential, or Army ROTC scholarship program.”
Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES):
DANTES provides nationally recognized examination and certification programs, in addition to consolidated management of contracts and programs to prevent duplication of effort among the Services. They describe themselves as “In simple terms, DANTES provides no-cost education and career-planning programs for the U.S. Armed Forces military member. Our Defense programs can help a military member at every stage of their military career, from entry into the service to the final stage of civilian transition to their next career.
The Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) is the Defense Human Resource Activity (DHRA) component that provides consolidated management of Defense Voluntary Education (VolEd) programs th​at prevents duplication of effort among the Services and helps service members gain the knowledge they need to achieve their education goals, advance in their military careers, and transition into the civilian workforce at the conclusion of their military service.”
DoD SkillBridge:
The DoD SkillBridge program is an opportunity for Service members to gain valuable civilian work experience through specific industry training, apprenticeships, or internships during the last 180 days of service. SkillBridge connects Service members with industry partners in real-world job experiences. MARADMIN 350/18
- Marines report to the SkillBridge industry partner for the duration of the internship or employment training.
- Receive industry recognized job training, employment skills training, apprenticeships and internships leading to employment in high demand job fields.
VET TEC Program:
The VA's Veteran Employment Through Technology Education Courses (VET TEC) program is accepting applications for veterans or active-duty Service members within 180 days of separation who are interested in pursuing a career in information technology. The VET TEC program matches eligible participants with training providers to help develop in-demand skills in the tech industry and provides financial support outside of GI Bill funding for those who are accepted into a training program.
List of VA-approved VET TEC training providers:
United Services Military Apprenticeship Program (USMAP):
USMAP enhances employment opportunities by documenting military job skills and experience through the Department of Labor (DOL) registered apprenticeship program. Having a DOL Certificate of Completion of Apprenticeship is a definite advantage in landing a civilian job at a higher starting salary. Employers know the value of apprenticeships.
Apprenticeships expand career options and build on your military experience by having immediate supervisors verify the ability to perform required duties and task.
At the completion of the apprenticeship, Marines receive a certificate and have a documented work history that can be used as a supplement to resumes, award nominations and military promotion boards.
U.S. Small Business Administration - Office of Veterans Business Development (OVBD):
The SBA offers support for veterans as they enter the world of business ownership. Look for funding programs, training, and federal contracting opportunities. The agency has many Veteran entrepreneurship training programs located on their website.
- Boots to Business: An entrepreneurial program offered on military installations around the world and a training track of the U.S. Department of Defense Transition Assistance Program (TAP). Boots to Business Reboot extends the entrepreneurship training offered in TAP to veterans of all eras in their communities. Boots to Business Revenue Readiness is available after completion of Boots to Business or Boots to Business Reboot and provides a six-week virtual program that prepares participants to take their business idea from concept to an executable business model.
- Women Veteran Entrepreneurship Training Program (WVETP): Provides entrepreneurial training to women veterans, women service members, and women spouses of service members and veterans as they start or grow a business. SBA funds these entrepreneurship training programs available exclusively for women veterans through grantees:
- IVMF - Veteran Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship (V-WISE)
- Lift Fund – San Antonio
- Service-Disabled Veteran Entrepreneurship Training Program (SDVETP): Provides entrepreneurship training program(s) to service-disabled veteran entrepreneurs who aspire to be small business owners or currently own a small business. SBA funds entrepreneurship training programs for service-disabled veterans through grantees:
- IVMF - Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV)
- Veterans Entrepreneurship Program (VEP) – Riata Center for Entrepreneurship, Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University
- Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans - St. Joseph's University – St. Joseph’s University
- Dog Tag Inc.
- Veteran Federal Procurement Entrepreneurship Training Program (VFPETP): Delivers entrepreneurship training to veteran-owned and service-disabled veteran-owned businesses nationwide interested in pursuing, or already engaged in federal procurement.
Yellow Ribbon Program:
The Yellow Ribbon Program can help you pay for higher out-of-state, private school, foreign school, or graduate school tuition and fees that the Post-9/11 GI Bill doesn’t cover. Keep reading to find out if you’re eligible and if your school takes part in this program.
Veterans Business Outreach Center (VBOC):
The Veterans Business Outreach Center (VBOC) program is designed to provide entrepreneurial development services such as business training, counseling, and resource partner referrals to transitioning service members, veterans, National Guard & Reserve members, and military spouses interested in starting or growing a small business. SBA has 22 organizations participating in this cooperative agreement and serving as Veterans Business Outreach Centers (VBOC).
Find your local Veterans Business Outreach Center (Almost all local VBOCs have their own detailed webpages):
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2021.08.05 09:51 1122steven Post-Service Awards Question

Former enlisted Marine, now Army WO. A MARADMIN just came out awarding my old unit a MUC for dates during which I was assigned.
I’ll tackle the Army paperwork in the other sub, but my question is how I get it added to my original USMC DD-214 in the first place.
Is it a DD FORM 149 I send to the BCNR? Or an SF 180 I send to MMRP?
Hopefully there’s some HQMC 01XX guru out there that can hook it up with some info, thanks!
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2021.05.17 13:17 caelric USMC In Service Transgender Transition MARADMIN

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2021.05.17 13:16 caelric USMC In Service Transition MARADMIN

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2020.10.01 21:45 guccibootsthrowaway Gucci boots?

Throwaway because I don't need folks who know me to know my real reddit username.
There was a comment in a post about the former Commandant, General Robert Neller, roasting a Marine dubbed "Gucci Boots". That dude is none other than me and I thought I'd drop some context into one of the funniest (and most depressing) moments of my short Marine Corps career. It's gonna be pretty much copied and pasted from a buried comment I made on the original thread, per u/snarky_answer request.
On December 20, 2016 I actually got flamed by General Neller in front of hundreds of Marines for asking him why Marines had such a limited selection of boots and if it would be possible to grant deployed unit/platoon/team leaders the power to authorize their Marines to purchase and wear different types of boots. And no, I never once asked about Gucci boots.
"Why the fuck would you ask this?" I was a POG who spoked out from Sig -> Camp Lemonnier, DJ for a few weeks to fix a particularly finicky piece of SatCom equipment. This piece of equipment was situated on the flight-line and I would frequently see the GCE (Ground Combat Element) guys doing Osprey boarding/deboarding drills. On a few occasions, I noticed some of the guys had boots that were falling apart. One guy literally had the front lip of one of his boots flapping because it had torn apart at the front and side seams. Coincidentally, the new PX had just opened on base and I decided to visit it to pick up chevrons (I hit the cutting score for Corporal). While I was searching for chevrons, I also browsed the footwear section. For civilian wear, there were Merrells, Chuck Taylors, Columbia, and I believe Salomon's. In the uniform footwear section, I noticed that there were only Navy and Army boots. It hit me that even if a Marine wanted to swap out his boots, he had no options unless he could get one shipped out or a buddy had an extra pair in the same size because none of these boots in the PX had an EGA stamped on them.
"How did it go down?" When the Commandant visited NAS Sigonella, everyone was corralled into a hangar to meet the top devil dog. Near the end, the Commandant asked for questions and I fielded my question about footwear. Instantly, I realized I fucked up. He grilled me about what my MOS was, what possible issues I was having with my feet as a non-grunt, and how ridiculous the question was because I didn't have a solution in hand. I tried to defend myself by stating that I wasn't trying to complain, just trying to bring up some things I noticed with some Marines and their footwear but he was not having annnnyy of it. During the course of this, General Neller laid the jokes on and brought up the topic of Gucci boots, much to the enjoyment of the hundreds of Marines in the crowd. Occasionally I would try to sit down, thinking he was done, only to have him re-engage me, forcing me to quickly stand up again. Say what you want about General Neller, the dude could have been a comedian! Fuuuuck, I should have shut my mouth and just let some dumbass ask another question about tattoos/full sleeves/what the Commandant is doing for New Years. Boy did the rest of that deployment suck.
"Any Marine worth his salt has extra boots in his seabag for any situation!" - General Neller During the course of the roast session, General Neller said the above statement to me, paraphrased of course. In regards to that, over the course of a deployment, it is completely possible that extra pairs of boots could break down, tear, or degrade due to a variety of reasons. Without casting blame or shade on any specific manufacturer, manufacturer defects can quickly create a scenario where boots fall apart. Marines operate in every clime and place, why shouldn't our boots? Also, what happens when the logistics on a base aren't conducive for Marines to get replacement footwear, like aboard Camp Lemonnier?
"What did you hope to get accomplished by asking such a dumb fucking question?" Open a dialogue about why the Marine Corps footweauniform policy (in 2016) seemed to be so rigid vs. the other branches. Could the Marine Corps uniform policy be far too rigid for the realities of some operational units? Pipe dream but, could there be an immediate verbal frag order given by the Commandant, in front of hundreds of Marines, that would authorize SPMAGTF leaders to start sourcing footwear based on operational need even if the footwear fell outside of the confines of P1020.34G so Marines weren't running around with flapping boots? Truthfully, I wasn't holding my breath for immediate change but I really just wanted to highlight an issue to somebody who asked for questions. I was hoping for a "town-hallesque" discourse. Maybe even the opportunity to dive into more experiences and anecdotes from those present.
"What did you do about this?" After I got roasted by the Commandant, SMMC Sgt Maj Green handed me his business card and instructed me to email him. Over the course of several weeks, I typed up a response with observations and recommendations based on research for changes in the Marine Corps uniform policy. I also interviewed some 03's from 2/8 about their opinion on expanded footwear options. Basically, I argued for footwear reciprocity.
"Footwear reciprocity?" In 2016, the Marine Corps only had two types (Temperate or Hot Weather) of MCCBs (Marine Corps Combat Boots) for wear with any version of the utility uniform. Of the two types of boots, there were only ten MCCBs and Rugged All Terrain (RAT) boot models specified for wear by MARADMIN 117/16 dated March 2nd, 2016. Meanwhile, the Army's AR 670-1 had over fifty five boots for wear with their utility uniform. At the time, the Army had invested their time and money for over ten years in deciding which manufacturers and models were the best. Why not lean into the fruit of their trials and errors and adopt some of those models, at least for operational units? Just stamp an EGA on it!
"Is there a precedent for this?" Yes, sort of. How do you think we got our MARPAT design for cheap? We uhh "acquired" existing research and development conducted by the Canadian military on "rectilinear camouflage patterns" to develop MARPAT. In 2006, the Army issued a temporary order allowing soldiers to wear older black Cold Wet Boots in lieau of the newer tan Intermediate Cold Wet Boot, which was in limited supply at the time.
"What became of this, Mr. Gucci Boots?" Well, definitely not what I recommended. I didn't even get a response from Sgt Major Green, but that didn't come as a surprise. Hey, I don't take it personal. I don't think he actually expected a response. Plus I'm just another POG.
But, in April of 2017, after I had come home from deployment, I was pleased to see the front page of the Marine Corps Times was "New Boots for All Marines". Unfortunately, it wasn't footwear reciprocity but an announcement about development of a new type of jungle boot. Whatever, I was happy for any sort of progress beyond those god forsaken RAT boots.

Key takeaways:
1) A hangar full of hundreds of Marines ranging from Private to Commandant and SMMC is NOT the place for a nuanced discussion about uniform policies.
2) It doesn't matter the intent, if you ask a leader a question, try to be as concise as possible and have a solution or recommendation IN HAND. Otherwise, you will get roasted.
3) If you're not a grunt, don't bring your poorly formed opinion to a career infantry Marine - it just comes across as whining.
4) If you get roasted by the commandant, expect the story to pop up from time to time. All in good fun, at this point.

Sorry for the long post, just thought I'd share. Hope you enjoyed! Hopefully the Marine Corps has developed some better policies or footwear options!
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2020.08.28 15:32 nick_reithmaier USAF MSC (Medical Service Corps) AY21 Results and Reflection

I'm writing this post as an honest reflection of my strengths and deficiencies while applying for MSC. I hope my failure helps someone better their package, ultimately giving USAF a better pool of candidates. (My name will come out on the official list when it's published next week, so I've redacted all my information aside from name and everyone else's information.)
I applied for the AY21 MSC board, which met Mon-Wed 17-19 Aug 2020. I didn't get selected, but I did place as alternate #3 of 5. Alternate profiles are good reference points for anyone trying to apply, because they represent the cutoff of who is selected and who wasn't. The board doesn't provide feedback on the selections and only provides summary statistics of who was selected. Each candidate profile is a tradespace of attributes, so the MSC board selects the best overall candidates. Thus, a young candidate with high GPA/GRE and letters of rec could get selected over another candidate with more experience but a bad O6 interview. This makes knowing the attributes of all the candidates chosen as alternates (the cutoff) especially useful to gauge your likelihood of success.

The MSC board selects from both active duty USAF (the AFPC channel) and all other sources (the AFRS channel). USAF reservists, ANG, and all other active duty apply thru the AFRS channel. MSC hasn't released the AY21 summary results as of this post. An active duty airman (AFPC channel) reported that AY21 had a 35% selection rate. Assuming that USAF had similar number of billets to fill as previous years, this suggests that MSC had about 200 applicants this year—about 60 more applicants than previous years. The high applicant rate this year is probably due to 1) the economic downturn causing more people to consider USAF for a job (healthcare was especially hard hit because elective procedures got canceled) and 2) COVID-19 delaying the board date which allowed those individuals the opportunity to apply—this is similar to how the COVID-19 downturn’s impact to airlines is reducing the number of USAF pilot slots available.
The AY20 board (that board met in 2019 to select candidates matriculating in 2020) selected 71 out of 139 applicants (51% selection rate). Thus, the alternate candidates are truly the middle of the population. The AY20 candidate averages were 3.67 GPA, 303 GRE, 9.42 of 10 interview score, and 44% had a graduate degree.


I've supported US federal government clients in finance and data analytics. Most of my civilian experience has been at the Office of the SecDef and Office of the SecNav. I've done data analytics work on financial data and built several cost models. (Note that Scribd's web render messed up the PDF formatting, so download the actual PDF to see what the board saw.)


My two letters of recommendation were positive. We could submit a max of two. They both came from two military officers (a USMC O4 and a USMC O5) that supervised me on deployment. These were the same two that authored two of my USMC performance reports. I had could have asked government employees in my civilian job as a DoD contractor to write me a letter of recommendation. I thought a military letter of rec would have been viewed as more favorable. In retrospect, I should have chosen from my civilian contacts because that represented more of my professional experience time and the package already contained my military performance reports.

My interview with the O6 went well. He stated directly to me that I was the best candidate he's ever interviewed. I assess this means the interviewer gave me a 10 out of 10, but have no conclusive proof. My recruiter connected with the interviewer and assessed I had a good shot at being selected, so this aligns with (but doesn't prove) a good interview score.
I studied for the interview by reviewing JP 4-02 titled "Joint Health Services". I also reviewed the functional areas of an MSC officer to crosswalk my experiences to those functional areas. The interview turned out to be less technical and more leadership/values/mentoring related--an area the USMC trains well on.

I didn't need any waivers. I'm 34 with a PULHES of 1/1/1/1/1/1 and a class 1 dental. I had a Navy hospital fill out my DD-2807-1, DD 2807-2, and DD-2808 rather than MEPS—this went smoothly. My USMC record and finances are all clean. My only legal issue was an already paid/settled traffic ticket from 2008, which didn't impact the package.

Since the board doesn't provide feedback, I'll reflect on my own package for others. I thought that I had a 50/50 chance of getting in, so the alternate slot means I landed where I expected. My GPA was below average while my GRE was above average. My job experience was mixed. I didn't have any direct hospital experience, but I had an otherwise well-rounded resume.
My USMC intel reserve/deployment experience taught me skills useful for medical readiness--for example: ops integration, exercise planning, and CONOPS dev. My civilian experience taught me skills useful running government orgs--for example: budgeting/finance including the DFARS and the DoD FMR, the PPBE cycle and POM dev, and DoD IT architectures (where I built cost models for). My resume did a good job highlighting my experiences and how they relate to MSC duties. I included my USMC qualification sheet, which was a clear brief sheet of my military experience.
I wonder how the board interpreted my USMC career. It's possible that the connections between USMC and USAF weren't clear. For example, how to read USMC performance reports (which are at least 5 pages each, and we get two per year) or the how difficult it is to get awards in the USMC.

I assess the below average GPA, lack of a healthcare degree, and lack of direct healthcare experience kept me from placing higher. I can't change any of these in under a year for the next board. An above average GPA or at least a year in healthcare most likely would have put me in the bottom of the selection zone. I probably could have made my package better in small ways though.

Each board is different, so it'd be interesting to see how last year's or next year's board would have compared my package with my peers. Social media posts from Reddit and both emphasize the interview part of MSC. My package suggests the interview is less important than hyped up to be because my package was overall decent--that is, a bad interview will likely push your package downward more than a good interview will raise it.
I assess that the board focused on candidates with direct healthcare experience and healthcare education. That was the one of two areas (the other being GPA) where I lacked. Boards are comprised of people (3x colonels in the MSC field from what I gather), each of which has their own preferences on what a good candidate looks like. The same package could get selected in one board and non-selected in another. It's okay to think of this as somewhat random. You put forth your best package with the implicit understanding that someone else's package might be better in the one attribute that particular board views more favorably.
I'll expand on COVID-19's impact to this year's board that I mentioned in the SELECTION PRIMER section.
DoD is also changing the Military Health System by converting active duty uniform personnel to civilian personnel. The Army has already converted it's active duty hospital administrators to civilian for its CONUS military treatment facilities, so they only employ hospital admins as reservists. A 2019 USAF strategy plan stated some military treatment facilities would no longer serve reservists or veterans. This means that USAF would need fewer MSC officers since USAF is providing less medical services.

I'm thinking about applying to USAF MSC again next year. I'd like to get new experiences to broaden my skillset beyond intel and finance. My USMC and civilian supervisors see me as the go-to expert for intel and government finance. My USMC leadership wants me to commission, or at least apply for intel warrant officer. My USMC command is nominating me for a Navy Commendation Medal because of the intel curriculum I developed when we moved to virtual weekend drills due to COVID-19. If it gets approved, it'll be good for future commissioning packages.
I'm considering applying for the Coast Guard direct commission to intel later this year. Packages are due next month and the recruiter says I can use the same medical paperwork. This was my second choice because it's still intel—at least it's in a different warfighting domain than USMC and deals with a different problem set.

Feel free to add your own package makeup and whether you made it, didn't make it, or were selected as alternate. Future candidates could use this as a megathread resource for their own packages.
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2020.07.11 05:44 gimmeallthedogs4 Are spouses allowed to travel right now?

Specifically for USMC. The new maradmin on July 1st said military personnel are allowed to travel within 100 miles to other DoD installations. Are spouses allowed to travel outside that radius? And for leisure? It’s unclear
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2020.06.24 14:02 autotldr USMC celebrates LGBT Marines, CWO responds to negative Facebook comments

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 58%. (I'm a bot)
The direction to celebrate the Corps' growing diversity came into the spotlight Monday when the Facebook page for Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, South Carolina, posted a picture to honor pride month and LGBT Marines.
Those comments were met by responses from Chief Warrant Officer Bobby Yarbrough, a communications officer for the recruit depot, who fiercely defended the Corps' stance on pride month and the diversity brought by LGBT Marines.
More than 13,600 service members were kicked out of the military for their sexuality under the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy, according to the MARADMIN. Another commenter said the post was "Totally against my morals and beliefs" and said the Corps is succumbing to "Influences that do not belong."
A spokesman for Headquarters Marine Corps did not comment on everything posted by the chief warrant officer, but did say most of Yarbrough's replies matched with the Corps' values.
"Although social media management policies vary between commands, much of the dialogue on this post shows the command responding directly to statements that are not in line with Marine Corps values or current policy," Capt. Joseph Butterfield told Marine Corps Times in an email Tuesday.
Terfield said Headquarters Marine Corps would be reaching out Yarbrough's command about his use of black socks in his utility uniform.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Corps#1 Marine#2 post#3 Ask#4 Yarbrough#5
Post found in /news.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2019.11.07 13:23 1mfa0 PSA for Os: enroll in EWS NLT 31 Dec

Combined armsmen,
Quick PSA for the Officer side. Check out the below MARADMIN back from July concerning EWS:
To summarize: EWS is changing from its current distance posture to a new, SOMEHOW WORSE version. Right now, the distance 866X series looks as follows:
8661: Knock out in a weekend with some good ctrl-F'ing of the pubs
8662: Knock out in a week (especially if you're deployed or can somehow justify distance) with slightly more in-depth ctrl-F'ing of the pubs, or use some of the widely available gouge to just breeze through the stupid quizzes
8663/8664: Attend a 16 week online-entirely or online + one class/week each.
Now 63 and 64 suck ass, there's no avoiding that. But essentially the new version of EWS will make 61 and 62 take JUST AS LONG as 63 and 64, instead of something you can conceivably knock out in a week. Yes, you read that right, from one week to THIRTY TWO. If you enroll in 8661 via MarineNet by the end of December, you can at least get 61 and 62 done in the spring and then just have to worry about the 8663 and 8664 equivalent classes which are essentially the same anyway. If you don't do this, you are effectively doubling your workload on this pointless promotion requirement.
Quick Q&A
Q: But isn't Expeditionary Warfare School a pointless waste of time, needlessly taking busy Officers in the prime of their tactical development away from their battalion, shop, or squadron to do idiotic busy work in a completely misguided, masturbatory fantasy world, LARPing as Bn commanders in a hypothetical third world war ?
A: Yes
Q: I'm a XX02 1stLt with every intention of getting out, should I do EWS?
A: No
Q: What if I have even the slightest consideration of staying in?
A: Cool, enroll in the class
Q: I'm a student aviator with no intention of staying in past my commitment, what about me?
A: I was the same way and still am! But remember, if you have any intention of going the reserve route post active you can't be passed for O-4 twice (i.e., you must do your PME). Reserve USMC aviation can be a great deal, so good it's probably worth spending a few hours of your time a week on this stupid dog and pony show.
Q: I'm in flight school, this sounds retarded, and I'd rather spend my time at the Pelican/McGuires
A: It is and you should, that being said... If you're in flight school, enroll and knock 61 and 62 out by June. Seriously - I can't imagine being a boot HMLA pilot and balancing studying the JCAS with outdated, unclassified LCE pubs to not fail a 8662 test. Completing the next iteration of EWS will be a serious problem for junior pilots in particular. Trust me on this one.
Q: What if I have an opportunity to do blended EWS in Spring 2020?
A: Then you should obviously do that?
Q: I'll have you know I intend on applying for resident EWS!! Do not disrespect this MAGTFery! This is making me mad and sweaty and I JUST pressed my chucks!
A: Nerd
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2019.06.20 14:59 RocketScientific Korea Defense Service Medal KDSM

I recently found out I am eligible for the KDSM. I filled out MARADMIN 120/04 and have been run back and forth between National Archives and Board of Correction for Naval records and now directed to USMC Personnel Management Support Branch.
Any MC vets have experience with receiving KDSM for service before 2004?
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2019.05.16 23:02 Ragen_N Rocky boots in Lejeune MCX

Have you guys seen the new rocky boots in the lejeune MCX? I saw a Gunny wear them for a day, went to check them out and they have no EGA on the heal. I can’t find any MARADMINS or ALMARS that authorize their wear but they’re located in with the regular USMC boots and they have definitely been tested by HQ
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2019.03.20 04:36 zrockstar MARADMIN 6969/69: Petition to the Mods of /r/USMC

1 To all who shall see these presents, greetings.
2 I am reposing special trust and confidence in the mods of the USMC subreddit to change the upvote animation to "KILL".
a For Example: Give him one - KILL!
3 It only makes sense. Plus everyone gets a NAM, not everyone gets an upvote.
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2017.11.10 14:37 USMC_CuttingScores Composite Score Calculator USMC (Updated for Maradmin 084/17)

Composite Score Calculator USMC (Updated for Maradmin 084/17) submitted by USMC_CuttingScores to USMC [link] [comments]

2016.10.02 21:52 Jarrod28 Marine Campaign: Day 6

--TOPSEC CLEARANCE REQUIRED BEYOND THIS POINT-- From: LtCol [REDACTED], USMC To: 1st Raider Battalion, "Razor Team", and 2nd Tank Battalion Company C "Cantankerous" Subj: OPERATIONS EVENT/OPERATION BRIEFING – OP WOLVERINES +5
Good Afternoon Marines. The river incursion yesterday has allowed the establishment of FAB Kansas. After the loss of FOB Kansas and the subsequent withdrawal of friendly forces, you are now the northernmost element in Al Rayak. Relief at this time is doubtful. MCIA suggests that Russian forces in your area were caught off-guard by the your movements last night, and they are having difficulty deploying to counter.
Your first objective today is to destroy a Russian depot. The depot is mainly used for storage, and is lightly defended. Light vehicles continually move along the road.
Your second objective today will be to Search for a motorized infantry platoon in the area. Engagement will be at your discretion.
FRIENDLY FORCES: A small contingent from the 2nd Tank Battalion, Company C, was separated from and were unable to link with the main battle group. They’ve managed to stay undetected and they will operate with you from FAB Kansas. They will be tasked separately from Razor; armored support will depend on the success of their objectives.
ENEMY FORCES: Russian infantry, accompanied by medium motorized elements. Armor is present, however should not pose a significant threat.
GEAR: FROG MARPAT-D Combat Utility Uniform COYOTE Plate Carrier of the Operator's choosing COYOTE/MARPAT-D Helmet of the Operator's choosing 5.56 Rifle, preferrably M16A4, non-magnified. MARPAT-D Backpack (optional)
Marines will deploy from FAB Kansas and accomplish their mission. The FAB is well within enemy territory; security will be necessary.
ROLES: 2-3x Demolition, EOD preferred. 7-12 Armored Crew Marksmen, 1x per squad
Campaign Staff: T. Bolt, R. Smith, A. Amis, K. Evans, S. Bagchee, K. Storm, M. Ryan, W. Alphin, J. Rolland, J. Faraday
Thanks to all SOAR members for their input!
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2016.09.23 20:24 Jarrod28 Marine Campaign: Part 1

From: LtCol [REDACTED], USMC To: 1st Raider Battalion, "Razor Team"
Good morning, Marines
Ongoing tensions in the peninsula nation of the UN-backed Al Rayak have caused RF forces to impose a Military takeover. After multiple warnings from the United States, Russia began hostile takeovers of the country's military facilities and airfields. In order to maintain OPSEC, we have not dispatched reconnaissance drones to the nation at this time. Because of this, we have very little intel on the Russian military's operations/posts/encampments.
1st Raider Battalion "Razor Team" is being tasked with executing a HALO jump into RF-controlled territory. A High Altitiude Low Opening jump is required in order to not be detected by enemy radar facilities. Razor Team is to insert undetected into enemy territory, regroup, and insert into the town of Dayr Hafir. Once in the town, Razor Team will eliminate all enemy posts in the RF-controlled towns, as well as destroying the town's main power substation. Razor Team is to attempt to do this undetected, either avoiding detection/capture or eliminating reinforcements. The United States government will maintain full deniability of this situation.
FROG MARPAT-D Combat Utility Uniform COYOTE plate carrier of the Operator's role/choosing COYOTE/MARPAT helmet of the Oprerator's choosing. 5.56 rifle of the Operator's choosing unless specified by role - Preferably M16A4 - SUPPRESSED Handgun of the Operator's choosing - SUPPRESSED Desert MARPAT backpack - Optional Appropriately colored face concealment - MANDATORY. Operators should not be identified.
Marines will be dropped via the newly introduced MV-22 Osprey replacement - Y-44 Blackfish
Marines will deploy from the USS Nimitz, which is already on standby outside of the RF's detectable zone
Semper Fidelis LtCol [REDACTED] USMC
Dossier by T. Bolt
Support Roles: 1 Transport Pilot (Blackfish)
Campaign Staff: T. Bolt, R. Smith, A. Amis, K. Evans, S. Bagchee, K. Storm, M. Ryan, W. Alphin, J. Rolland, J. Faraday Thanks to all SOAR members for their input!
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2013.07.13 07:44 ConradFerguson "Gunner's Cadre?"

A couple days ago, I asked about people's experience with the VEERP.
I don't know if Gunner's Cadre is a thing in other units, but it's pretty much where we go to Regiment, and either drive for the Gunner, or be PSD or any assortment of other jobs I haven't been told about.
The same day I went to get my VEERP papers, my sqd ldr asked if I wanted to go to Gunner's Cadre, to which I said "No, I'm going to VEERP, I'm getting the papers today." This was passed up all the way to the company XO, who then decided to put my name on the roster anyway.
My team leader WANTS to do the Gunner's Cadre, and we passed up to have us switched, and the XO, who was my platoon commander through afghanistan, and up until the beginning of this month, said the words "Fuck no."
So I'm being forced into the Gunner's Cadre, unless I can get a VEERP approved to get out less than 6 months from now, before I get orders to regiment.
My question is, does anybody have any clue what the fuck this is, and what I should expect?
EDIT: My Plt Sgt, XO, and 1stSgt all just triple penetrated me--Dry. Although I notice that you guys say it's not a bad gig, I'm still not up for it. My XO, who said on Friday he'd replace me if I found an eligible Marine off his list, submitted the names this morning. I never got the list on Friday, and when I went in this morning to explain to my PltSgt/1stSgt/XO (whoever was there) what was going on, 1stSgt told me he won't approve any VEERP's over 90 days (even though the MARADMIN, which I found on this sub says up to 365) early.
So I'm not going to early out, I'm going to regiment, and I now have a pretty good idea of what anal feels like.
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