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2023.05.28 06:21 bleedinghero Can anyone identify the ar platform used by jj in the movie operation fortune?[email protected]
Movie guns wiki Is a miss. It's fully suppressed and it breaks down. Can anyone identify the rifle?
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2023.05.28 06:21 nonexistent_acount I felt like only using L1 friends as nukes

I felt like only using L1 friends as nukes
The true mvp of this were all if the friends with Solo LWs, those are stupid op when paired with FR
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2023.05.28 06:20 justobserv1ng Running game

Does anybody know how to run just decently on all madden without an elite RB? I have a star second year running back and went and got a superstar running back to have a strong run game. the run game is just awful. Even when I hit holes and sprint when I am getting past the line DT and linebackers will have the craziest tackles. I win off the passing game because I can’t stand how ridiculous the run game is. Just wondering if y’all have tips to make running game somewhat realistic
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2023.05.28 06:19 Zulimations Does anyone actually ever recognize the Pilaf Gang in DBS?

I'm a big fan of the original DB so it was nice to see the Pilaf Gang get a small comeback (and later future Mai) I'm in the middle of the "Future" Trunks saga now and some dialogue from Bulma made me realize I actually have no idea if anyone recognizes the Pilaf Gang - Bulma definitely doesn't, and I guess it's no wonder if they're all kids... still, how do you not realize the blue goblin kid with the star hat is the same one who continually messed with you, even if it's decades ago there's only so many people who look like that lol
I'm just wondering if I missed a moment where a character recognizes them or if they get recognized in the future. Not a very important detail, it would just bother me if nobody did at any point
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2023.05.28 06:19 AutoModerator Stirling Cooper Books (bundle books)

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2023.05.28 06:19 FAanthropologist Vince Mancini recaps: Top Chef World All-Stars Power Index, Week 12

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2023.05.28 06:19 Forced_Abortion_ We can do this, Reddit Nation!

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2023.05.28 06:18 euphgang Lost Deck At YCS Philly!

I lost my deck between rounds 3 and 4 of the main event at the YCS. It’s in a black deck box with a dice tray and a blue and white sticker on the side that reads “NO ONE BREAKS THE RANKS” in all caps. Deck inside has red main deck sleeves and white extra deck sleeves with the DAMA Shooting Majestic Star Dragon field center. There’s a copy of Magical Hound in the side deck and two orange Junk Synchron dice in the dice tray. Last saw it near tables 45-50 right before round 4 pairing were announced, pretty sure I just forgot to put it back in my bag before leaving the table. If you find it or know someone who knows where it might be, please turn it in to the Lost and Found and PM me! Thanks!
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2023.05.28 06:17 Meester_Tweester [Tournament Thread] COMBO BREAKER 2023 Day 3 May 26th-28th Feat. Magi, Polish, Joshman, Skerzo, Wevans, Smash Papi, Preeminent, Grab, Ben, Mekk, Slowking, Michael, Eggy, Lowercase hero, KoopaTroopa895, prof, and many more!

COMBO BREAKER 2023 May 26th-28th Schaumburg, IL

"COMBO BREAKER is a 3-day video game convention and tournament series held each year over Memorial Day weekend. A convergence of culture and competition, COMBO BREAKER has become one of the most well attended competitive fighting game events in the world."


Community Tourneys Brackets

Streaming Information


Stream Schedule

Event Schedule All Times CDT (UTC-5)

Community Tourneys schedule
Time Zone Converter, -2h for PDT, -1h for MDT, +1h for EDT, +6h for BST, +7h for CEST, +14h for JST, +15h for AEST
Friday, May 26th
  • 07:00PM: Melee Doubles (stream N/A)
Saturday, May 27th
  • 10:00AM-06:00PM: Melee Singles Pools
  • 02:00PM-04:00PM: Melee Singles R2 Pools
  • 06:00PM-08:00PM: Melee Singles R2 Pools
Sunday, May 28th
  • 11:30AM-02:30PM: Melee Singles Top 24->8
  • 02:30PM-06:30PM: Melee Singles Top 8


  1. TSM Leffen (Fox) (DQ)
  2. sigh Magi (Falco)
  3. Polish (Peach)
  4. Joshman (Fox)
  5. SlyFox Skerzo (Fox)
  6. Wevans (Samus)
  7. CG Smash Papi (Fox)
  8. Preeminent (Fox)
Early DQs: Leffen DQs: trade war

Other Information Community Tourneys COMBO BREAKER Website COMBO BREAKER Twitter SmashWiki Liquipedia
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2023.05.28 06:16 JennyPunk87 Dallas doesn’t deserve Hockey

Tried to show some in state appreciation to the only Texas NHL team. Got called a bunch of names by Stars fans. I am all in for Vegas to beat them now. The Stars captain & his attitude rubbing off on the Stars fanbase & not in a good way.
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2023.05.28 06:15 PoZe7 Refundia myth

Refundia myth
We did so well spreading myths that they are now we'll know at the main sub. What's next myth on our agenda to spread around? Probably that Pyro is not actually going to be finished in 5 years. Or that servers are dying constantly?
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2023.05.28 06:14 Ok-Ostrich8552 nobody to blame but myself

Long time reader, first time poster. This will be long, I tend to ramble. Yesterday, my bf and I were supposed to be celebrating our anniversary. Instead, I came home for lunch and he was completely moved out of our shared apartment. Now, let me back track to about 7-8 months ago. I came to my bf wanting his ok to reach out to my ex in an attempt to seek out some closure on the trauma I endured from him. He (ex) put me in one of the darkest places I had been in my life, and yet I can not get myself to hate him. Maybe I am too forgiving. At the very beginning of our relationship, bf was always there to pick me up and help pull me out of my own thoughts. I owe him my life for helping me out throughout that time.
Fast forward to about January or February, my ex begins using suggestive language, and keeps bringing up our past s*x life. I repeatedly tried telling him to stop, and again, was far too forgiving and continued to engage in conversation with him, (i know, I should have simply cut him off there. I wish I would have.) My bf and I at this time were not in the best place and I was feeling very self-conscious about a bit of extra weight I had put on, so the attention I was getting from my ex was like ecstasy to me. We end up hanging out a few times, as he kept begging to see me. One of these times, despite my multiple previous requests not to, he starts touching me in a very.. suggestive? manner, and trying to convince me that I want to sleep with him. I am very bad at saying no, especially with ex, as he is very persistent and gets distant and upset when he does not get his way. He was an expert at making me think I wanted to do whatever he wanted me to. We end up having s*x, and I have housed so much regret over it since. I somehow convinced myself if i just pretended it never happened, then I would feel less obligation to tell bf, so I kept quiet. Ex continued to bring it up in our text conversations, though, again getting defensive when I asked him to stop.
At this point, I decide to throw myself into trying to fix my current relationship, and trying to bring back the spark I felt we were missing. I thought things were going good for the next few months, and we were getting along better. Up until yesterday, our anniversary. As mentioned, I came home on my lunch break to all of his stuff moved out, and a note on our kitchen table saying he knows I cheated, not to reach out to him, etc. So now, I am sitting here with all my belongings, regrets, and feeling empty inside. In my eyes, there were absolutely no warning signs this was coming. I do not know how long he knew for, but I am guessing at least a month, maybe 2 or 3. I know he read our messages, and they were pretty damning. I deserved what he did for breaking his trust, and i have accepted that. The biggest thing that has been hard to process has been wondering how long he had been faking it. I am second guessing every "I love you," every time we were intimate, every hug and conversation we ever shared. How much of it was even real? Now, he refuses to acknowledge any of my attempts to talk to him about the situation, only responding in regards to our apartment. I am trying to put myself in his shoes and understand why, but all I am coming up with is that he wanted to hurt me. Again, I deserved nothing less. I just do not know if there is any situation in which I can ever reconcile with him, and try to earn his love and trust back. I love him so damn much, I really thought I was going to marry this man. I wish I had never tried to dig up and fix my past.
I have not been able to talk to any friends or family about this, as I am too ashamed to admit the true reasoning as to why he called it off in such an abrupt manner. I am empty, hopelessly alone. I do not know how to move forward or on with my life, and it seems like I never will. Thanks to everyone who made it through to the end, I know this was rambly and all over the place. Any suggestions on how I can possibly proceed?
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2023.05.28 06:13 WatchMeRayRay What WR combination did you enjoy more - Rodgers/Adams or Rodgers/Nelson?

Now that the Rodgers era has officially closed, I was reminiscing about the good times the Packers had during his tenure and landed on the 2 best WRs he played with - Davante Adams and Jordy Nelson. It was amazing to watch both of these guys dominate NFL defenses for years. I think both combinations were as close to equivalent dominance-wise as you can get.
Statistics-wise, they were around equal at their peaks. Nelson had 4 1000 yard seasons with the Packers (2011, 2013, 2014, 2016), while Adams had 3 (2018, 2020, 2021). Adams has more double digit TD seasons with 5 (2016, 2017, 2018, 2020, 2021), while Nelson had 3 (2011, 2014, 2016). Their peak seasons are pretty similar performance wise (98/1519/13 for Nelson and 123/1553/11 for Adams - note that you could also count his 2020 season as his peak performance, where he went for 115/1374/18).
Accolades-wise, Adams had more All-Pros during his time here, but keep in mind Nelson had to compete with prime AB, Megatron, and Julio (not to also mention other elite guys like Demariyus Thomas and Dez). Rodgers also won 2 MVPs with each guy as the leading WR.
If I had to pick, I would give the slight edge to Nelson, because it seemed like his catches came naturally in the flow of the offense rather than being forced like Adams were (The play action plays they ran together felt like they were going to be long TDs every time). But I loved both of these combinations. Which WR did you enjoy more (if you had a preference)?
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2023.05.28 06:13 jm91208 Worth saving Daiwa Sealine 50H conventional reel?

Worth saving Daiwa Sealine 50H conventional reel?
I was gifted an older conventional reel and it’s my first one ( i only had spinning gear until now). It seems to work, the clicker is loud, tension spool releases well, drag star is a bit stiff but engages. I was wondering if it’s worth servicing and saving, possibly throwing it on a budget rod like an tiger ugly stik or open to any suggestions. If it’s trash all good I don’t mind keep it as decor 😂
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2023.05.28 06:12 AutoModerator Stirling Cooper Books (Full Editions)

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2023.05.28 06:11 onebuddyforlife Reincarnated Into Another World As A Dicemaster Prologue

I rested my chin on the palm of my hand, overlooking the serene, green scenery of the rice fields outside of my classroom. The mountains stood tall and unmoving from afar, dividing the clouds that pass through its summit. I sigh in relaxation, appreciating the peaceful surroundings that one cannot find in the cities.
I snapped out of my quiet trance as a small truck carrying hay passed by the road, and I once again noticed the faint yet consistent mashes of buttons coming from my only friend in the province. Since our teacher announced that she had to leave class early, leaving us in class for the rest of our last period today, my friend over to my right has been playing the newly released game nonstop. The new MMORPG game, Alterra.
My blonde-haired friend Hirato was playing on a portable gaming console. His back has been arched towards the console for the past 15 minutes, his eyes are practically glued to the console’s screen. I inched my seat toward him to take a closer look. He was trying to defeat a monster resembling a three-headed snake—a Hydra. His character’s health was one hit away from hitting zero, but the Hydra was practically undamaged.
“Hey, Hirato,” I called him. “How long are you going to play that game?”
“Awww, I died!” He says exasperatedly, leaning back on his chair in annoyance. “I’ve been trying to beat this boss since yesterday and there’s no luck at all! I even have my gear maxed out for this level, and still...”
Hirato continued speaking as he packed his console into his backpack, “I wouldn’t have any problem at all had you continued playing video games with me. You could help me beat the boss, you know."
Then, Hirato started to make some "drama" in a weird, playful manner. "Come on, Naruki! We were best buddies since we were kids! Whatever must have happened between us, my best friend?” The bell rings across the school building, indicating the end of classes for the day. At the same time, I made a disgusted look at him after saying something corny that must have come from some TV show.
“Stop it with that little skit of yours. We are still best buddies, but I’ve grown up from playing games. Remember, we’re going to college next year and I’ve been preparing for it ever since.” I grabbed my bag from beneath my seat, and just as I stood up, the wooden plank I stood on creaked.
"That's not true, and there's no way you'll pass up on an MMORPG like Alterra! There's no way you stopped playing just for college." Hirato claimed, but he quickly switched into a pondering tone. “Though you made me think about college. You want to go to Tokyo University from what I recall, but I thought you were tired of the city because it’s too crowded there?” He asked.
“It’ll give me a greater chance to get hired for a job with a high salary. My dad also said that it takes some time to get used to the city when I’ve been living all my life in the rice fields.” I ignored Hirato's first statement--but it's true. There's no way I can quit gaming, so I lied to him about it, but I also don't want to take precious time off when I'm studying for a test that will literally decide my future.
“You’re already thinking of your future far ahead.”
“Well, do you want to stay in this school?”
As I took another step towards the door, the wood plank creaked again, filling the short silence in Hirato’s pause.
“...You make a point.” He uttered in agreement.
My school was a single-story building with multiple rooms, occupied by a few students in different grades. To add, we were also the only third-year high school students in the school. Everything here is made of thin wood and paper, and the wooden flooring creaked ever so often that if we step on it the wrong way, it might literally collapse the floor. This building was so old that I’d be having a family reunion with the souls of my family from five generations ago every school day.
The cool breeze of the late afternoon blew toward us as we made our way to the paved dirt road.
"By the way, Hirato."
"I lied. I'm actually playing Alterra. Since it released."
"Wha-- Then why won't you play co-op with me?!" Hirato was almost screaming in my face, taken aback by my lie.
"Because you're stupid. Why would you cast "Damage Reflect" on Hydra's one-turn kill when you're barely alive? Plus, it won't even damage the Hydra because the game recognizes the reflected damage as an effect, and the boss is immune to any effect."
"Urgh... Watch me beat that Hydra tomorrow, you'll regret not playing with me!"
"Do your best, Hirato. See you tomorrow," I sarcastically said to him as I watched my best friend run to his home, probably excited to try out what I just said. After all, I'm way past his level, so I can't even play with him without ruining his casual experience. It's time to go home for me as well, but the next bus stop is an hour from now. Maybe I'll play for a bit while waiting.
It was the scent of fresh air and the quiet atmosphere that separates urban life from rural life. Most people prefer convenience, while the minority prefer peacefulness. I'm part of the latter, but I still want to get a job in the city. Even if I'm still unsure what I wanted to be in the future.
“Hey, you brat!” A faint, old man’s voice screamed from the rice fields beside the paved road. “Watch out, the ground is dangerous there! Didn’t you see the sign?!”
My thoughts were cut off as I heard him shout at me with great urgency. After my eyes dart to the old man, I abruptly turn to see that there was a sign on the side of the road on both sides that said [ENTRY CLOSED]. Why wasn’t there any blockage? But it was my fault for not paying close attention to my surroundings.
“I’m sorry, mister. I didn’t see it earlier.” I apologized in a nonchalant manner, mostly because I still didn't realize the gravity of the situation at this time.
“Let go of your bag. Climb over the fence towards me. Now,” says the man.
While I didn’t know what could be so dangerous about this road that warrants an urgent reaction, I trusted him. But before I could even drop my bag, the ground starts to sink with me in the center.
It was only then that fear started to settle within me. My heart sank from my inability to do anything as my mind tried to process what was happening and what was about to befall. My legs shook from the sinking ground as well, to control my balance. I cannot feel the center of gravity in my feet anymore.
In a desperate attempt to escape from the sinking ground, I jumped, trying to outrun the sinking before I go along with it.
Yet it was too late.
The ground crumbled beneath me, revealing a sinkhole. All the adrenaline in my body surges instantly, slowing down time and making the fall to my imminent death seem like an eternity. The rocks from the ground begin to break apart and fall as if it wants to bury me as well if I wasn't dead yet from the fall.
Strangely enough, I thought that when my time comes, I’ll accept Death and warmly embrace it, but it’s too soon and unfair. My arms are both outstretched to the sunlight above, as my mind screams, “I don’t want to die yet!”
The falling rocks fully cover the sunlight as I fully plunge into the darkness, and along it with me as well. Thankfully with the darkness blinding what seems to be my body being crushed and mutilated by the heavy rocks, it only felt like I fell asleep, never to wake up again.
Good night, world.
My eyes slowly fluttered open to a familiar ceiling; particularly, my bedroom. The dark blue-painted star walls and the transparent curtain were both familiar, yet in front of me was some child using my computer. The window outside is also blindingly bright which made it seem impossible to peek outside.
“Um...” I didn’t know what else to say, so I tried to get the young girl’s attention
“Mhmhm!” A proud, laughing sneer came from the child. Still sitting on my gaming chair, she turned around to face me, her shoulders crossed and an arrogant expression that ticks me off for some reason.
“Welcome to the afterlife, Naruhaya Tabito. I have chosen you to–wait, who the FUCK are you?!” Her arrogant expression transforms into a mix of confusion, panic, and surprise after she opened her eyes.
“I should be the one saying that!” I exclaimed back, but I did not get a response because she quickly turned to the monitor. Upon standing up from my bed, I notice that the sounds of mouse clicking and keyboard pressing were all attributed to her--playing Alterra?
If this was the afterlife... It didn't look too bad. The events that transpired earlier haven’t registered in my mind yet.
“Hey, am I really dead?” I asked her.
The young girl was typing before she exclaimed in panic, “No no no...! You’re really dead! I killed the wrong person!”
“I see.” I didn’t know how to react to my death, but I also didn't feel sad or sentimental. I didn’t have much going on in the real world before I died, after all.
The young girl paused her game as she turned around to face me. “It’s because you aren’t supposed to die! I may have pressed your name accidentally while I was looking for a suitable candidate in the Living Database...” She sighs as she sinks into her chair. “Well, I suppose it’s not that big of a deal.”
The girl stood on the gaming chair, clad in a red-colored robe with a two-pointed hat that almost resembled horns. Her red-toned eyes glinted with the light of the bright window.
“Naruki Haruhito, sit,” With one downward motion of her finger, I immediately felt a strong, compelling force that made me sit on the bed.
“My name is Filya, and I am the Goddess of Creation! Your Creator, and the One Above All!” She introduces herself with her arms crossed. It appears to me that she was trying to act superior and intimidating, but her haughty attitude, matched with her small stature, made it seem like she really was someone’s kid lost in my bedroom who was cosplaying as an anime character.
“You’re a child,” Even at this point in the afterlife, I do not believe her being the world’s creator for a bit.
“Wha–” Filya is taken aback by what I said. “I'm not a child, I'm a goddess! Respect and worship me, you dimwitted mortal, should you desire not to die a second time and leave your soul wandering in the empty void of space.”
While she was speaking, I couldn't move a single inch from the bed. Even if she was a goddess, it's impossible not to take her seriously because she looks like a child scolding her older brother.
Filya raised two fingers before saying, “As a token of apology for wrongfully smiting you, I’ll give you two choices. First choice: You can return back to the real world as a baby of a rich family, and you will be a prodigy who will basically have an easy life from that period until his death of old age. Of course, you won’t remember everything that happened here and in your past life. But that’s basically the same as having a guaranteed GAME CLEAR, in your terms.”
Having an assured future was my long-term goal when I was alive back then. It seemed like a compelling idea until I heard about the second choice.
“Second choice: You will be reincarnated in another world with all your memories intact, and I will grant you a power unique only to you, and it will help you fulfill the condition that comes with this choice.”
Curious, I ask her what the condition is.
“The condition?” A crooked smirk appeared on her face, turning her haughty tone into something vicious. “Conquer the world.”
My eyes widened in surprise, the weight of her words starting to add to my fear-turned-excitement.
“There is a prophecy in this world that if the reincarnation of Typhon–the cataclysmic world-ending being of the past–attains something of unimaginable power and influence, he will destroy the world.”
Filya speaks with complete urgency, “You must conquer the world to stop Typhon’s reincarnation from attaining such power because, at this point, no one in this world is showing promise to become the world’s strongest."
After a small pause, I asked her, "What do you mean?"
"The throne is empty and he can take it anytime.”
After she finished explaining, I was given some time to think about my decision.
A safe, fulfilled, and assured life? Or a dangerous life with a chance for absolute glory?
I could never pass up on this opportunity, I said to myself, and I thought I'd never hesitate. I can return back to the real world and be born to rich parents. I’d have tasty food to eat every day, get the games I want, and in the future, I’d die of old age with my life fully satisfied and fulfilled until the very end. While my life in provincial Japan was a bit bland and boring at times, it was a life I'd want to return back to.
But the concept of determinism disgusts me.
“Can you tell me more about which power you'll give me?” As soon as I asked her that, her lips curled into a smirk as if she already knew what my choice was.
“I can’t tell you which power because the World Administrator grants it to you. I'm simply the overseer of this world, I cannot decide things for you.”
“Ughh shut up!” Filya gritted her teeth at my continued barrage of questions. With one flick of a finger, I stood up on my two feet as she pushed me outside the door. “I’m giving you some traits to make your life in this world easier, on top of what you’ll receive.”
“Hey–” I tried to stop my legs from moving while she was pushing me, but I couldn’t. I should probably learn to stop resisting in the presence of this goddess. “I haven’t chosen yet!”
“But you’ve already made up your mind, right?” I could feel Filya using all of her body weight to push me towards the door, with her light grunts indicating her struggle. “Good luck-urgh, Otherworlder! May the Aether guide you among the river of stars.”
“H-hey, what does that mean?! Are you wishing for me to die again?”
“It’s a saying, dumbass!”
The door opened to a blindingly bright light, causing me to close my eyes. I could feel my body hover in the air, the strong gust of wind making it seem like I was flying. Wherever it will take me, I hope it wouldn't be somewhere dangerous.
The light seeping from my eyes significantly dimmed, and the cool breeze of the tropical, rural area that’s so familiar to me blew across me. Opening my eyes, I am greeted with a sight of a forest clearing and the chirping of the birds. I found myself still wearing the same black hoodie and gray pants from "heaven," or wherever I was reincarnated with the goddess, along with a pair of rubber slippers.
At the center of the clearing was a freshwater lake reflecting the afternoon sun. White ducks with yellow beaks are swimming gently above the lake–the kind that exists on Earth.
As I observed my surroundings, the thought that this was another world flew out of my mind. So far, there was nothing notable that separates this world from Earth.
I noticed a cold, slightly heavy weight of metal in my hoodie pocket. I pull it out to see a strange metallic plate with letters I haven’t seen before, but I could somehow read it. “Status Plate” is what it said.
The Status Plate glows blue for a quick moment before three holographic interfaces popped up from within it.
NAME: Luck LVL 10
Life Points LP : 110 Aether ATH: 110
Class: Dicemaster Equipped Weapon: Six-faced White Die
[Gift from the Goddess]
“By receiving the gift of the Goddess, you must not forget your true purpose in this world.”
10+ LVL UP↑
Class Set to Unique Class: Dicemaster
[Otherworlder’s Gift]
“Speak with goodness and greatness, for the vilest of words must be paid with your tongue.”
Granted the innate ability to communicate in Traevilyan.
[Dicemaster’s Covenant]
“Journey in isolation and hardship, Dicemaster. This is a covenant you made.”
Class Change is restricted.
Weapon Change is restricted.
Interclass Skill Sharing is restricted.
Portable storage class items are restricted.
LUCK is permanently set to -50.
When joining a party, your all party members' defense and attack is set to 0 until the party disbands.
All types of Evolution success rates are permanently set to 100%.
Message from Filya:
Item Attached: [Otherworlder’s Backpack]
"I made sure of granting you the trait to understand Traevilyan, Melsion's primary language! Aside from that, you'll find a guidebook on the fundamental aspects of Melsion. I wrote it myself, so be sure to follow everything there (* ^ ω ). There is also a weapon selector at the end of the guidebook once you read everything. Make sure not to lose it!"
Because of [Dicemaster’s Covenant], the backpack from [Gift from the Goddess] has not been granted.
Lots of terms I don't know here. And my name in this world is Luck? Ironic, considering my luck stat was basically negative.
From what I can understand, my unique class, Dicemaster, doesn’t have too many special skills to begin with. “The power I get should give me an advantage when starting in this world,” said the goddess. And the backpack that should give me a guidebook and a weapon wasn't granted. What kind of fuckery is this world playing at? Not that it might be useful after all, since my passive skill [Gift of the Goddess] didn’t allow me to use any weapon. That said, how am I supposed to fight monsters with a die?
I put the Status Plate back into my pocket before attempting to test my only skill.
And... I don't know how to cast a skill yet. Do I press it while my interface is active? Do I cast it verbally? Hoping it's the latter, I verbally spoke the name of my skill, “Dice Roll.”
A formation of blue crystals suddenly accumulated at a single point above my palm. I hovered my hand below the blue crystals that looked like it was materializing something, all while doing so instinctively.
“This must be aether, then?” I presumed as I carefully observe the translucent crystals.
The aether above my hand slowly faded into the air as the die materializes fully. It starts to spin quickly before coming to a complete stop as soon as it landed on my palm. The number on the top of the die is... one.
Unlucky... I muttered a curse under my breath before pocketing the Status Plate and retracting its holographic menu back into itself.
Suddenly, I heard a high-pitched clicking noise coming from the other side of the forest clearing. Emerging from the forest is a beetle that was nearly as big as a dog. It stared at me for a few seconds before it clicked once again--this time, it was more high pitched that it hurt my ears.
The clicking noise soon multiplied exponentially from the background of the forest, and as if that isn’t enough to knock me to my senses, the beetle charged toward me, along with probably its entire family emerging from the forest. Without a weapon or even a viable skill for protection, there was only one thing I could do in this situation.
I started to run as fast as I can into the forest, relying on the belief that I was faster than the beetles and that I'd find help along the way. While running, it didn’t take long for me to assume what my dice roll skill does.
“What the hell, Filya, this class is fucking shit!”
Hello, I'm TSR and this is my first post here! I mainly post on RoyalRoad, but I plan to upload all my chapters here in HFY in hopes of getting feedback about the story and criticism as well. I hope you enjoy it!
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2023.05.28 06:11 sonar_y_luz Rage 2: Star Wars Mod (its too bad this game isnt moddable)

Does anyone else think that the nanotrite abilites in this game would make great force powers? I actually think this game does that type of thing better than any of the actual Star Wars game have. They could just replace all the enemies with different kinds of Storm Troopers and pretend like the desert is Tattooine. Maybe build a Mos Eisley trade town.
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2023.05.28 06:10 Jert01 Protection magic 101: basics

This one is admittedly an older write up that I never posted here, however I’ve worked on it so much that it's basically a different bit of text all together. I really had fun working on it. I will always stress that my words are never law! These are just my ideas, feel free to disagree with me.
In my opinion I see protection magic as a very fundamental building block to anyone trying to get into practice. This is for a few different reasons: A) its one of the easiest forms of energy manipulation. B) it is extremely difficult to harm yourself with. C) it quite literally uses basic shapes, colors, and symbols which can then be further developed into more complex workings. E) its a great first step into magic theory as a whole, in fact, I’d count it as just one step above blowing out a candle to make a wish or writing something in a journal to manifest.
It can also be one of the first steps to learning discernment. Protection magic as a starting point is just you molding your energy against a background of other collective unknown energy. Having such a simple black and white difference of “my energy” and “not my energy” is the first lesson of differentiating between subtle forms of matter(technically mental forms of matter). Simple “my energy” and “not my energy” are the bones of learning how to sense spirits, learning how to communicate spirits, how to tell spirits apart from one another, how to tell the difference between you and a spirit, and much much more.
And obviously the biggest reason for why its so great is that its- well protective. You are able to defend yourself, this builds up your confidence as a starting magician. Confidence and education are the best tools against fear.
Its funny because learning magic is like sending yourself back to kindergarten. You have to learn basic shapes, you have to learn simple visualization, you have to learn basic black and white before filling out the vast amount of complexities that exist within the occult/spiritual world. Its baby steps, and those steps are critical to someone's development as a magician. Especially if someone seeks to have the occult be a large part of their life. The occult is a marathon not a sprint. When starting out you have to treat things like learning a very new language, start simple.
While the following breakdown of protection magic is old I will vastly expand on it and break things down much more. Please remember that I am no master, I am no teacher, I am no King, I am just a Magician. My words are never law! This is just one Magician sharing their thoughts and opinions with other Magicians. That is it. Without further ado:
I am someone who stresses protection but not someone who jumps at every shadow or cries "i've been cursed" at every misfortune. I like to be as well informed as possible while being as practical as possible. Protection serves to not only defend yourself against possible threats but to ground yourself from personal thoughtforms.
With protection magic you have to understand the general concept you are working with. Protection is something primal. being kept safe, healthy, and secured away from things that wish to harm you is core to most animals. Humans are born with an innate fear of falling. we seek safety instinctually. We find the right means to protect ourselves with not matter if its physical, emotional, mental, and of course spiritual.
I am aware that some claim that protection is not needed however I would firmly disagree. Since the start of folklore and mythology there have been threats that humans wove tales about. These small rhymes, rules of thumb, and magical cures for angered spirits have become a staple in culture and collective understanding. So even if you are an atheist( or someone who doesn’t see the use or logic of protection magic) I find it interesting to at least go over the idea of spiritual protection and understand the reasons behind it.
First, you have to define what you are protecting, what you're protecting from, and how you are protecting it. You wouldn't wear deodorant to protect yourself from viruses. You don't wash your hands to protect yourself from getting robbed. The fact of the matter is that protection needs to be applied correctly against the correct threat. This is true for most magic as well.
The “what you are protecting” is simple enough. You can protect just about anything and everything but boiling it down to generals it will normally be:
1) Yourself
2) Your space
3) Your property
Things can of course be made more complicated! You can add protections on your finances. You can add protections to your job. You can ensure that your mind is protected from being swayed or influenced. You can secure your housing or living situation with protections. You can even add protections to your pets.
The “what” In protection magic is very easy to pick and is probably the easiest of steps in regards to this type of energy work.
If you feel that you’re missing some type of protection in an area of your life a good question that I generally ask is “how would I attack myself.” As outlandish as it may seem, putting yourself in the shoes of an attacking spirit can really highlight your weaknesses in defense. Think about how you would attack yourself. How would you bring you to ruin? Destabilize your mental state? Turn your vices sour? Cause arguments between your friend group? Really sit down and think about it.
If you were an enemy to you how would you take yourself down? Once you’ve written a list of your weaknesses or openings then its up to you to place protections on those weak spots. No one can ever be 100% on anything however you can get close.
But the above only applies to people who are slightly more advanced in their practice. If you are just starting in this field of energy work then focusing on the basics of Protecting Yourself, Protecting your space, or protecting your property will be enough.
No matter what the “what” is in your workings of protection magic once you have it you can move onto the next step.
Protection from What?
The way that I learned it there are three core "threats" that you'll be needing to protect yourself from:
Harmful entities
Other magicians
Negative spaces
These three core threats can again be more complex but overall most dangers can come from one of the three or a mix of them.
Protection from other magicians/ other people has two layers in it. Im sure everyone knows what the “evil eye” is. A classic tale of jealousy, hate, ignorance, and anger wrapped up into a single strong gaze that sends a nasty wave of energy aimed at one person in particular. People like this can also spread rumors which can be harmful in its own right. I would count this person as a threat just as much as I’d count another practiced magician as threat.
However if you keep to yourself magic wise and don't go around discord or reddit or Facebook occult groups then running into another magician to piss off is rather difficult. The second layer to this however is mundane people in mundane situations. The threat of robbery, toxic people, and backstabbing is equally a threat as is a magic or evil eye related one.
These layers to the threats of the “other magician/ harmful person” should be handled differently! Just as each method of attack is different, each method of protection from it needs to be different as well. This isn’t me suggesting that every protective ritual has to be miles different then another when you go to make protective items, just that each situation needs to be thought upon differently and carefully.
For all workings- not just defensive ones, I highly recommend you sit down with a type of divination and vet your ideas in regards to protection. Vet if the herbs you're adding to your protection bottle will actually align with the method of protection you want. Vet if the chants you found on the internet would actually be beneficial for the energy work you’re doing. Ask questions! And critically think. You might get a flood of inspiration with grand ideas of ancient circles or pentagrams however if it runs counter to the herbs you're adding then it will make the working muted. Everything has qualities, layers, associations, and aspects.
We all know the basic
Fire - expansion, light
Water - shrinkage, heavy
Air - light, flowing
Earth - heavy, solid
These qualities are important in magic. These qualities being used as measuring systems in the type of energy they bring to a practice are both subjective and objective. Objectively breaking down a plant like a dandelion into various qualities can tell us that its associated with the sun, strength, and air. Its associated with these qualities because of the color, it’s persistence, and the plant's natural cycle of spreading seeds. However breaking it down in a more subjective lens can tell us that its been associated with dreams, wishes, and the heart.
The basic theory behind the understanding of qualities is that nature comes in patterns and repeats. Its the simple as above so below. Learning qualities and how they relate to everything else is hard to learn at first however starting with basic elemental associations for things is a good bridge to start.
Personal associations can have more impact then objective ones in my opinion because its the filter that your energy is going through. How you understand something and how you interpret something will shape your energy. If that shape is the key to the result you want will depend and is why I suggest vetting ideas with divination.
Make sure to vet everything you do in a working. Ask if it effectively brings the change you want. See if there are ways to improve it. Above all make sure you understand the reasons for each step, each herb, each chant, and each everything.
Bringing back the focus to various threats leads me to focus on harmful entities. Harmful entities is a label that I apply to general hostile astral spirits, hostile spirits, or pissed off spirits. The core to this label is that it addresses non physical threats and more astral attacks that can bring harm to your physical body eventually. Technically if a magician were to astral project to you and attempt to cause harm, sow discord, destabilize, ect then they could fall under this label as well.
This is often the big bad that most people think about when they ask about protection magic. Horror movies show us that spirits are just itching to scam, steal, and trick us in some way or form. Setting up protections against this type of threat is good for peace of mind and can come in handy if you happen to cross paths with something thats less then happy.
The last “threat” in this section is negative spaces. This threat is something that I’ve rarely encountered but that I find important to mention. Places with “bad vibes”, spaces where intense violence occurred, some cemeteries, ect. This is where the threat is the area itself and it’s draining capabilities. Think of it like stepping into an old oil puddle that stinks. The stench clings onto your pants and soon you feel like it’s everywhere. The main danger with this type of threat is that it not only drains you but it can attract harmful spirits. These places can make you feel sick, dizzy, cause panic, and even nightmares after you’ve moved from the space.
Needless to say no one wants to experience that so its good to set wards against it.
Each of the sections build up to the final step of protection workings, the how. Just how do you go about protecting yourself? How do you know what qualities are best against certain threats? How do you go about putting it all together?
I am going to answer these questions but I hope not to lead away from the theory that I like to stress. I adore writing rituals and giving instructions but what I mainly like to use these posts as is basic theory. The idea behind the rituals and complex structures that are found within grimoires. The base formula that magic is set up on and that makes it work. I will go on about basic visualization but this how section is not a ritual instruction! This is not a herb recommendation list, or me giving invocations out. This is the base formula of how to use energetic protection. There will always be more complexities then I have time to write for. There will always be more ways to shape, twist, form, and mold energy in creative, efficient, and effective ways to strengthen the effect of a working.
With that out of the way the “how” is the most complicated and vast part of these types of workings. There are so many ways to mold energy, so many ways to call on herbs, gods, use planets, ect. There are so many rituals out there for people to find uncrossings, protection charms, and other protective items. This how section will focus on the black and white of “my energy” and “not my energy.” After you’ve identified what you’re protecting and what you’re protecting it from the how comes down to you.
It comes down to what you have available and what types of vetting you did in the other steps.
Most importantly of all, keep it simple. More does not always mean better. I can slap 50 herbs together in a jar but that doesn’t mean its stronger. The main action of the “How” is *How*ever you plan to weave the above steps together. You will need to raise the energy needed to activate the protection. You get to form your own puzzle of ideas and simple shapes to create as many walls around you as you want.
There are various mediums in which you can toss your herbs, stones, sigils, chants, and visualization together.
You can use candles
You can use jars
You can use waters
You can use oils
When putting everything together don't focus too much on how strong something is or how complex it is. Follow what feels right and practice. The occult is a grand place with many secrets and many voices. The best way to stretch yourself out and explore small steps into it is by practicing.
As said before I am no master. My words are never law and people will think differently then I do. Protection magic as a whole is a huge and in-depth study that I didn’t even scratch the surface of. This write up went past what my old one used to be and im kinda happy about that. I might post the old one if I ever feel called to but right now thats all I have! I’d love to hear other’s ideas about protection magic.
and ofc I didn't proof read this nor will I.
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2023.05.28 06:10 AutoModerator Stirling Cooper Books (A Bundle)

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2023.05.28 06:09 sufass666 They really need to patch the issues in Jedi Survivor, now I can’t get Platinum

They really need to patch the issues in Jedi Survivor, now I can’t get Platinum
This game is so fucking fun and I would give it at least a 9/10 if it weren’t for the bugs/performance issues in some spots. This one bug just ruined my chance at getting platinum because I can’t complete the rest of my bounties now which keeps me from getting the last two trophies 😑. Really hope this gets patched, anyone else been able to fix this bug?
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2023.05.28 06:08 SnooEpiphanies5054 The House of Özamil (Lovecraftianesc rp)

“You shouldn’t be ere..” the masked stranger states, his round brimmed hat covering his facial features as his jagged weapon glistens with the white blood of the inhuman cretin laid beneath the seekers feet, it’s head stared up in a horrific gaze, it had been removed from the torso only a few paces away. “This is a place of nightmares friends, and the cosmos seek sustenance.” The Reaver cackled softly as he turned and slowly walked off into the darkness, his jagged blade dragged behind him as the two stared in disbelief. “This is a nightmare…” one of the cloaked figures states while the other take a few steps in and looks back with a hand beckoning forward. “C‘mon, we’ve work to do…”
This house is strange, darkness envelops all while the stars shine through the ceiling in pockets of incandescence. But the cosmic cretins prowl and the two newest partitioners crawl deeper and deeper into hell, in search of the heart of Özamil.
If anyone’s interested send me a message. This is a small sort of step into cosmic horror, and the seekers and slayers of it as they fall deeper and deeper into the nightmares laid before them in this strange world past the doors and even further past the cosmos and into the depths of the townstead of Özamil, we are the Partitioned Confederates of the Guild, Reavers and Seekers all. Let the unknown be known to we few.
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