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2023.05.28 06:14 Superb-Ad-7637 What is the best way to tie the carts together (as a cart pusher)?

Im no stranger to pushing carts, as I had done previously at costco. However, for some reason at HEB i cant seem to get the method down right; theres either too much slack in the rope, causing the end to skid off track (and almost hit cars), or the knot itself is too loose and dangerous to trust. My HEB has a lot of uneven parking lot, so just a little bit of slack can be cause for concern.
Ive tried to mitigate this issue by pushing the carts from the flank so I can keep both ends in line, but thats way too hard going uphill as that positioning leaves a lot of power to be desired.
Ive asked a manager to show me their way of tying their carts together, and their way has been wayyyyy worse than what I normally do. Go figure.
For reference, Id like to be able to push 8 carts, but with my method i can only consistently wrangle 7, with slack. But not enough slack to hook onto the 8th. Super annoying.
Any tips?
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2023.05.28 06:14 FltyDcsns 22 M searching for late night chats and possibly long term friendships!

Hey everyone! As per the title, I’m looking for some late night chats and the possibility of long term friendship! I’m quite lonely a lot of the time and finding someone who isn’t gonna ghost me after a few messages has proven quite hard actually. Anyways, if you’re interested in literally anything, please message me and we can talk about it! Even if I’m not interested or don’t know about it, I’d love to learn and maybe learn about why you like it! Shoot me a dm! I’ll be up for a few more hours :)
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2023.05.28 06:13 bmartin1989 Someone tried to whore herself out to me in the parking lot tonight

Tonight I got sent out to clean the parking lot of carriages as it was very busy tonight and the cartpushers left at 10, I was cleaning in the garden area where some woman was standing around. She asks me when I got off work then asked "would you like to have some fun with me?" I kindly rejected and went about my business. I told my Front End lead what happened and we both laughed about it. Leaving work the cops were driving around the parking lot (probably looking for her) so I think she tried whoring herself to the unloaders too. Maybe she was just on drugs....mark this as a weird night at work.
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2023.05.28 06:13 HankHillEnthusiast 25 [F4F] [F4M] MST US/OnlineNerd seeks fellow nerd

Here’s a little about me:
Here’s a little about you: - 24 — 32y.o. M or F - LGBTQ+ friendly - willing to take things slow, get to know each other, & allow things to develop organically
Anyways, I hope to hear from you
Here’s a pic of me:
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2023.05.28 06:12 buttercup2022- Question about insta

So I started following my crush on Instagram multiple days ago, and I'm pretty sure they use insta a lot because they post on their story frequently. I've never viewed their story and instead have had a friend show me what they posted in person, but that was only at a sleepover one time. I've decided not to view their story until they follow me back, is that normal/should I care? Is it a sign they don't like me if they don't follow me back in multiple days? We never really talked at all but we had a few classes together and I want to be friends or at least just talk sometimes. Should I give up? Also there's no way I will message first because he is gossipy and his friends would probably mock me ngl. Especially since one was rude to my friends and I confronted him. Just don't know what to do, sorry for chaotic post.
OVERALL QUESTIONS: is it a sign that my crush doesn't like me if they don't follow me back after some days? Should I care about being their story or not?
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2023.05.28 06:12 imBackground789 feels like i have no social skills.

so i talk to much too fast too loud not a good listener say unintentional rude things that i struggle to understand why its rude and use logic against them but they don't care (actually very insecure about people hating me and them thinking im dumb) so i can be defencensive. people say im too innocent in talking about inappropriate things because my religious beliefs. i ramble and talk too much of the same thing over and over and obsess/don't know when to stop.
sometimes don't think before speaking and have a self control problem and i mimic other people i act like child with children but can also act like a adult i just can't sustain anything forever idk who i am. i freak out when i realise i have a LIFE. easy for me to spiral. i don't care and care to much simultaneously.
i ramble a lot so i think people have trouble following. im too nosy i just want to help, i don't judge im the kind of guy to still hang with rivals cause idk its kinda like weird empathy.
but i just feel incompatible with society😫 both disappointed and proud because... well i will let you think why...
i have ocd so im different right off the bat , but someone with adhd told me i had adhd by the way i act idk maybe im entp or something like that but iv never had close friends but want to be friends with everyone do not hold grudges though.
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2023.05.28 06:12 princefruit Danmei discord communities for older fans?

I'm in a lot of the translation servers already, but I was wondering if there were any chill discord communities for danmei fans that are generally older, like 25+ or, even better, 30+?
Over the last several months I've joined a handful, but I just find it hard to assimilate and make friends when a vast majority of people are 10+ years younger than me.
I don't mind if the server is rp focused, focused on specific danmei, or if danmei is just a section, but are there any spaces just for the older crowd, or that have a large amount of older fans? At 32, I'm really struggling to find a community I fit in well with, where I'm not instantly the 'mom' or 'grandma' of the server. I have nothing against younger fans...but frankly I just don't fit in.
If there isn't one...can we all get together and make one? Where are my 30s peers?! ;;
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2023.05.28 06:12 DrNikVanHelsing Maybe a hot take? Why does Foo Fighters need a dedicated keyboard player?

I'm not trying to be a hater, it's their band and they can do what they want with it. I was more of a casual observer since the 90s. When Taylor died, i got more into the band and appreciate a lot more of their music now.
I'm sure Rami is a great person and a personality, but why do they have him in the band? You cannot hear him for the majority of the time. It seems like for most of the time he's holding simple chords that are so buried in the mix. His role could easily be replaced by prerecorded backing tracks in the rare times where the keyboard stick outs or have some guy off stage?
Maybe you can point me to some examples where he's more integral than he seems to be on the surface? Especially live, it's all really guitar driven.
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2023.05.28 06:12 FltyDcsns 22 M looking for late night chats and possibly long term friendships!

Hey everyone! As per the title, I’m looking for some late night chats and the possibility of long term friendship! I’m quite lonely a lot of the time and finding someone who isn’t gonna ghost me after a few messages has proven quite hard actually. Anyways, if you’re interested in literally anything, please message me and we can talk about it! Even if I’m not interested or don’t know about it, I’d love to learn and maybe learn about why you like it! Shoot me a dm! I’ll be up for a few more hours :)
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2023.05.28 06:12 yuz_4547 I loved my parents growing up but now I question if I loved because I wanted to or because I had too.

This was trigger by a recently (probably 10 mins ago) argument with my parent.
So recently I have been feeling no so great about my life. I hate the fact that I’m stuck at home while in college. I hate the fact that I had to deal everyday arguments with my parents. I know that I live with them and I have to respect their rules since it’s their home but sometimes I can’t even get a little bit of freedom to do things that I wanted to do. For example, I wants to watch fast X this weekend and I made a joke with my mom saying “ Mom, this day I will not be home since I will be watching Fast X this day” then all of a sudden, she’s yelling at me say oh so now you’re not asking for permission, acting like you own this place, acting like you’re grown. Personally me, I didn’t care what she was saying to me because I’m use to the comments my parents say to me, I have grown to stay still and not react but this time it was just foul. She was saying all this comments say how since I want to be acting grown that I might as well sleep with man and drink/do drug since I know what it’s like to be a grown up. What got me mad was that she was saying all these comments in front of my relatives. At this point my smile turned into a frown and just looked at her and said “mom I was just joking around” and “ I’m sorry if it sounded as if I was demanding something from you”. At this point she just looked at me and didn’t say anything else, so I just head to my room. Then not even minutes later she called me saying where am I? I responded with I’m in my room, then she goes on with did I let you to your room. At this point she was pretty much screaming at me over the phone then hanged up on me. Now this was one incident that happened during the weekday
Now to right now with my dad. My parents left home and went to return some items and buy items, basically went shopping. I was home taking care of my little brother while my other brothers went to play soccer with my other cousins. After a while, my siblings come back but didn’t eat anything. On top of this, they weren’t really hungry, so we just waited for our parents to come back. Hours later the come back but at this point, all of us went to bed. While I was about to sleep I hear a knocking from my door and saw it was my brother, he told me to come up stair but before I did he was whispering to me saying that dad was mad at all of us. I asked how come so then my brother stated that dad is calling us worthless because we don’t know how to feed ourselves and that he always have to be the one buy food for everyone and then said that we are all lazy and being a bad example to my younger brother. At this point I’m feed up and just went to their room. I wait for a bit once I’m up then say hey dad and tell him welcome back home. He saw me then went off saying that my lazy and useless because I can’t make a simple rice to feed myself and that he always has to come home and feed us. Then he calls out to me and brother and mom that we are stuck on our phones and that we are the reason why my younger brother isn’t doing well in his studies. At this point I did talk back which looking back at it I shouldn’t have. I told him that we didn’t ask you to buy food for us and that I did make food for us during lunch and since there was a lot left, my siblings eat more of it. And th parent where he said laxy, yes I understand in the morning I was home but during this time I was making lunch for my siblings before I had to head to work. On top of not feeling so great, I still managed to get my shit done at work while being side tracked with other work. After my shift ended , I had to buy some thing that I need before I had to catch the bus. Then from heading home I was catching up on my reading for class since I didn’t have time to do it. Once I got home I had to help my mom with technical stuff then I had to take care of brother while doing some homework. After that was done I had to clean up the mess my brother made and clean up the mess of drunk folks coming inside with dirty shoes. So yeah I wasn’t lazy or worthless today but for some reason my father views me like this.
Like I’m tired of everything. I’m tired of the nonsense yelling and the consent degrading comments said to me. I’m tired, of forcing myself. I’ve always been there for them, but no, I mean there for me. I actually love my parents, but sometimes I question it, and if they really wanted me or if they really wanted kids in general. I really hate being the oldest kid in the family. I want to live my life with my parents and siblings are holding me back. I really wanna move out but I don’t have money and if I do, I have money, I barely have enough to pay for it only. I wanna explore the world, but I feel like my parents are holding me back in that is some point later. it may drive me insane. I really wanna get out of here and I’m planning to stay for two more years. Then to get out of here, be my own self. Like I just can’t anymore. I’m sorry this was longer but I had to let it out. Plus I’m also sorry if this sounds bratty but I just needed to say it out loud.
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2023.05.28 06:11 onebuddyforlife Reincarnated Into Another World As A Dicemaster Prologue

I rested my chin on the palm of my hand, overlooking the serene, green scenery of the rice fields outside of my classroom. The mountains stood tall and unmoving from afar, dividing the clouds that pass through its summit. I sigh in relaxation, appreciating the peaceful surroundings that one cannot find in the cities.
I snapped out of my quiet trance as a small truck carrying hay passed by the road, and I once again noticed the faint yet consistent mashes of buttons coming from my only friend in the province. Since our teacher announced that she had to leave class early, leaving us in class for the rest of our last period today, my friend over to my right has been playing the newly released game nonstop. The new MMORPG game, Alterra.
My blonde-haired friend Hirato was playing on a portable gaming console. His back has been arched towards the console for the past 15 minutes, his eyes are practically glued to the console’s screen. I inched my seat toward him to take a closer look. He was trying to defeat a monster resembling a three-headed snake—a Hydra. His character’s health was one hit away from hitting zero, but the Hydra was practically undamaged.
“Hey, Hirato,” I called him. “How long are you going to play that game?”
“Awww, I died!” He says exasperatedly, leaning back on his chair in annoyance. “I’ve been trying to beat this boss since yesterday and there’s no luck at all! I even have my gear maxed out for this level, and still...”
Hirato continued speaking as he packed his console into his backpack, “I wouldn’t have any problem at all had you continued playing video games with me. You could help me beat the boss, you know."
Then, Hirato started to make some "drama" in a weird, playful manner. "Come on, Naruki! We were best buddies since we were kids! Whatever must have happened between us, my best friend?” The bell rings across the school building, indicating the end of classes for the day. At the same time, I made a disgusted look at him after saying something corny that must have come from some TV show.
“Stop it with that little skit of yours. We are still best buddies, but I’ve grown up from playing games. Remember, we’re going to college next year and I’ve been preparing for it ever since.” I grabbed my bag from beneath my seat, and just as I stood up, the wooden plank I stood on creaked.
"That's not true, and there's no way you'll pass up on an MMORPG like Alterra! There's no way you stopped playing just for college." Hirato claimed, but he quickly switched into a pondering tone. “Though you made me think about college. You want to go to Tokyo University from what I recall, but I thought you were tired of the city because it’s too crowded there?” He asked.
“It’ll give me a greater chance to get hired for a job with a high salary. My dad also said that it takes some time to get used to the city when I’ve been living all my life in the rice fields.” I ignored Hirato's first statement--but it's true. There's no way I can quit gaming, so I lied to him about it, but I also don't want to take precious time off when I'm studying for a test that will literally decide my future.
“You’re already thinking of your future far ahead.”
“Well, do you want to stay in this school?”
As I took another step towards the door, the wood plank creaked again, filling the short silence in Hirato’s pause.
“...You make a point.” He uttered in agreement.
My school was a single-story building with multiple rooms, occupied by a few students in different grades. To add, we were also the only third-year high school students in the school. Everything here is made of thin wood and paper, and the wooden flooring creaked ever so often that if we step on it the wrong way, it might literally collapse the floor. This building was so old that I’d be having a family reunion with the souls of my family from five generations ago every school day.
The cool breeze of the late afternoon blew toward us as we made our way to the paved dirt road.
"By the way, Hirato."
"I lied. I'm actually playing Alterra. Since it released."
"Wha-- Then why won't you play co-op with me?!" Hirato was almost screaming in my face, taken aback by my lie.
"Because you're stupid. Why would you cast "Damage Reflect" on Hydra's one-turn kill when you're barely alive? Plus, it won't even damage the Hydra because the game recognizes the reflected damage as an effect, and the boss is immune to any effect."
"Urgh... Watch me beat that Hydra tomorrow, you'll regret not playing with me!"
"Do your best, Hirato. See you tomorrow," I sarcastically said to him as I watched my best friend run to his home, probably excited to try out what I just said. After all, I'm way past his level, so I can't even play with him without ruining his casual experience. It's time to go home for me as well, but the next bus stop is an hour from now. Maybe I'll play for a bit while waiting.
It was the scent of fresh air and the quiet atmosphere that separates urban life from rural life. Most people prefer convenience, while the minority prefer peacefulness. I'm part of the latter, but I still want to get a job in the city. Even if I'm still unsure what I wanted to be in the future.
“Hey, you brat!” A faint, old man’s voice screamed from the rice fields beside the paved road. “Watch out, the ground is dangerous there! Didn’t you see the sign?!”
My thoughts were cut off as I heard him shout at me with great urgency. After my eyes dart to the old man, I abruptly turn to see that there was a sign on the side of the road on both sides that said [ENTRY CLOSED]. Why wasn’t there any blockage? But it was my fault for not paying close attention to my surroundings.
“I’m sorry, mister. I didn’t see it earlier.” I apologized in a nonchalant manner, mostly because I still didn't realize the gravity of the situation at this time.
“Let go of your bag. Climb over the fence towards me. Now,” says the man.
While I didn’t know what could be so dangerous about this road that warrants an urgent reaction, I trusted him. But before I could even drop my bag, the ground starts to sink with me in the center.
It was only then that fear started to settle within me. My heart sank from my inability to do anything as my mind tried to process what was happening and what was about to befall. My legs shook from the sinking ground as well, to control my balance. I cannot feel the center of gravity in my feet anymore.
In a desperate attempt to escape from the sinking ground, I jumped, trying to outrun the sinking before I go along with it.
Yet it was too late.
The ground crumbled beneath me, revealing a sinkhole. All the adrenaline in my body surges instantly, slowing down time and making the fall to my imminent death seem like an eternity. The rocks from the ground begin to break apart and fall as if it wants to bury me as well if I wasn't dead yet from the fall.
Strangely enough, I thought that when my time comes, I’ll accept Death and warmly embrace it, but it’s too soon and unfair. My arms are both outstretched to the sunlight above, as my mind screams, “I don’t want to die yet!”
The falling rocks fully cover the sunlight as I fully plunge into the darkness, and along it with me as well. Thankfully with the darkness blinding what seems to be my body being crushed and mutilated by the heavy rocks, it only felt like I fell asleep, never to wake up again.
Good night, world.
My eyes slowly fluttered open to a familiar ceiling; particularly, my bedroom. The dark blue-painted star walls and the transparent curtain were both familiar, yet in front of me was some child using my computer. The window outside is also blindingly bright which made it seem impossible to peek outside.
“Um...” I didn’t know what else to say, so I tried to get the young girl’s attention
“Mhmhm!” A proud, laughing sneer came from the child. Still sitting on my gaming chair, she turned around to face me, her shoulders crossed and an arrogant expression that ticks me off for some reason.
“Welcome to the afterlife, Naruhaya Tabito. I have chosen you to–wait, who the FUCK are you?!” Her arrogant expression transforms into a mix of confusion, panic, and surprise after she opened her eyes.
“I should be the one saying that!” I exclaimed back, but I did not get a response because she quickly turned to the monitor. Upon standing up from my bed, I notice that the sounds of mouse clicking and keyboard pressing were all attributed to her--playing Alterra?
If this was the afterlife... It didn't look too bad. The events that transpired earlier haven’t registered in my mind yet.
“Hey, am I really dead?” I asked her.
The young girl was typing before she exclaimed in panic, “No no no...! You’re really dead! I killed the wrong person!”
“I see.” I didn’t know how to react to my death, but I also didn't feel sad or sentimental. I didn’t have much going on in the real world before I died, after all.
The young girl paused her game as she turned around to face me. “It’s because you aren’t supposed to die! I may have pressed your name accidentally while I was looking for a suitable candidate in the Living Database...” She sighs as she sinks into her chair. “Well, I suppose it’s not that big of a deal.”
The girl stood on the gaming chair, clad in a red-colored robe with a two-pointed hat that almost resembled horns. Her red-toned eyes glinted with the light of the bright window.
“Naruki Haruhito, sit,” With one downward motion of her finger, I immediately felt a strong, compelling force that made me sit on the bed.
“My name is Filya, and I am the Goddess of Creation! Your Creator, and the One Above All!” She introduces herself with her arms crossed. It appears to me that she was trying to act superior and intimidating, but her haughty attitude, matched with her small stature, made it seem like she really was someone’s kid lost in my bedroom who was cosplaying as an anime character.
“You’re a child,” Even at this point in the afterlife, I do not believe her being the world’s creator for a bit.
“Wha–” Filya is taken aback by what I said. “I'm not a child, I'm a goddess! Respect and worship me, you dimwitted mortal, should you desire not to die a second time and leave your soul wandering in the empty void of space.”
While she was speaking, I couldn't move a single inch from the bed. Even if she was a goddess, it's impossible not to take her seriously because she looks like a child scolding her older brother.
Filya raised two fingers before saying, “As a token of apology for wrongfully smiting you, I’ll give you two choices. First choice: You can return back to the real world as a baby of a rich family, and you will be a prodigy who will basically have an easy life from that period until his death of old age. Of course, you won’t remember everything that happened here and in your past life. But that’s basically the same as having a guaranteed GAME CLEAR, in your terms.”
Having an assured future was my long-term goal when I was alive back then. It seemed like a compelling idea until I heard about the second choice.
“Second choice: You will be reincarnated in another world with all your memories intact, and I will grant you a power unique only to you, and it will help you fulfill the condition that comes with this choice.”
Curious, I ask her what the condition is.
“The condition?” A crooked smirk appeared on her face, turning her haughty tone into something vicious. “Conquer the world.”
My eyes widened in surprise, the weight of her words starting to add to my fear-turned-excitement.
“There is a prophecy in this world that if the reincarnation of Typhon–the cataclysmic world-ending being of the past–attains something of unimaginable power and influence, he will destroy the world.”
Filya speaks with complete urgency, “You must conquer the world to stop Typhon’s reincarnation from attaining such power because, at this point, no one in this world is showing promise to become the world’s strongest."
After a small pause, I asked her, "What do you mean?"
"The throne is empty and he can take it anytime.”
After she finished explaining, I was given some time to think about my decision.
A safe, fulfilled, and assured life? Or a dangerous life with a chance for absolute glory?
I could never pass up on this opportunity, I said to myself, and I thought I'd never hesitate. I can return back to the real world and be born to rich parents. I’d have tasty food to eat every day, get the games I want, and in the future, I’d die of old age with my life fully satisfied and fulfilled until the very end. While my life in provincial Japan was a bit bland and boring at times, it was a life I'd want to return back to.
But the concept of determinism disgusts me.
“Can you tell me more about which power you'll give me?” As soon as I asked her that, her lips curled into a smirk as if she already knew what my choice was.
“I can’t tell you which power because the World Administrator grants it to you. I'm simply the overseer of this world, I cannot decide things for you.”
“Ughh shut up!” Filya gritted her teeth at my continued barrage of questions. With one flick of a finger, I stood up on my two feet as she pushed me outside the door. “I’m giving you some traits to make your life in this world easier, on top of what you’ll receive.”
“Hey–” I tried to stop my legs from moving while she was pushing me, but I couldn’t. I should probably learn to stop resisting in the presence of this goddess. “I haven’t chosen yet!”
“But you’ve already made up your mind, right?” I could feel Filya using all of her body weight to push me towards the door, with her light grunts indicating her struggle. “Good luck-urgh, Otherworlder! May the Aether guide you among the river of stars.”
“H-hey, what does that mean?! Are you wishing for me to die again?”
“It’s a saying, dumbass!”
The door opened to a blindingly bright light, causing me to close my eyes. I could feel my body hover in the air, the strong gust of wind making it seem like I was flying. Wherever it will take me, I hope it wouldn't be somewhere dangerous.
The light seeping from my eyes significantly dimmed, and the cool breeze of the tropical, rural area that’s so familiar to me blew across me. Opening my eyes, I am greeted with a sight of a forest clearing and the chirping of the birds. I found myself still wearing the same black hoodie and gray pants from "heaven," or wherever I was reincarnated with the goddess, along with a pair of rubber slippers.
At the center of the clearing was a freshwater lake reflecting the afternoon sun. White ducks with yellow beaks are swimming gently above the lake–the kind that exists on Earth.
As I observed my surroundings, the thought that this was another world flew out of my mind. So far, there was nothing notable that separates this world from Earth.
I noticed a cold, slightly heavy weight of metal in my hoodie pocket. I pull it out to see a strange metallic plate with letters I haven’t seen before, but I could somehow read it. “Status Plate” is what it said.
The Status Plate glows blue for a quick moment before three holographic interfaces popped up from within it.
NAME: Luck LVL 10
Life Points LP : 110 Aether ATH: 110
Class: Dicemaster Equipped Weapon: Six-faced White Die
[Gift from the Goddess]
“By receiving the gift of the Goddess, you must not forget your true purpose in this world.”
10+ LVL UP↑
Class Set to Unique Class: Dicemaster
[Otherworlder’s Gift]
“Speak with goodness and greatness, for the vilest of words must be paid with your tongue.”
Granted the innate ability to communicate in Traevilyan.
[Dicemaster’s Covenant]
“Journey in isolation and hardship, Dicemaster. This is a covenant you made.”
Class Change is restricted.
Weapon Change is restricted.
Interclass Skill Sharing is restricted.
Portable storage class items are restricted.
LUCK is permanently set to -50.
When joining a party, your all party members' defense and attack is set to 0 until the party disbands.
All types of Evolution success rates are permanently set to 100%.
Message from Filya:
Item Attached: [Otherworlder’s Backpack]
"I made sure of granting you the trait to understand Traevilyan, Melsion's primary language! Aside from that, you'll find a guidebook on the fundamental aspects of Melsion. I wrote it myself, so be sure to follow everything there (* ^ ω ). There is also a weapon selector at the end of the guidebook once you read everything. Make sure not to lose it!"
Because of [Dicemaster’s Covenant], the backpack from [Gift from the Goddess] has not been granted.
Lots of terms I don't know here. And my name in this world is Luck? Ironic, considering my luck stat was basically negative.
From what I can understand, my unique class, Dicemaster, doesn’t have too many special skills to begin with. “The power I get should give me an advantage when starting in this world,” said the goddess. And the backpack that should give me a guidebook and a weapon wasn't granted. What kind of fuckery is this world playing at? Not that it might be useful after all, since my passive skill [Gift of the Goddess] didn’t allow me to use any weapon. That said, how am I supposed to fight monsters with a die?
I put the Status Plate back into my pocket before attempting to test my only skill.
And... I don't know how to cast a skill yet. Do I press it while my interface is active? Do I cast it verbally? Hoping it's the latter, I verbally spoke the name of my skill, “Dice Roll.”
A formation of blue crystals suddenly accumulated at a single point above my palm. I hovered my hand below the blue crystals that looked like it was materializing something, all while doing so instinctively.
“This must be aether, then?” I presumed as I carefully observe the translucent crystals.
The aether above my hand slowly faded into the air as the die materializes fully. It starts to spin quickly before coming to a complete stop as soon as it landed on my palm. The number on the top of the die is... one.
Unlucky... I muttered a curse under my breath before pocketing the Status Plate and retracting its holographic menu back into itself.
Suddenly, I heard a high-pitched clicking noise coming from the other side of the forest clearing. Emerging from the forest is a beetle that was nearly as big as a dog. It stared at me for a few seconds before it clicked once again--this time, it was more high pitched that it hurt my ears.
The clicking noise soon multiplied exponentially from the background of the forest, and as if that isn’t enough to knock me to my senses, the beetle charged toward me, along with probably its entire family emerging from the forest. Without a weapon or even a viable skill for protection, there was only one thing I could do in this situation.
I started to run as fast as I can into the forest, relying on the belief that I was faster than the beetles and that I'd find help along the way. While running, it didn’t take long for me to assume what my dice roll skill does.
“What the hell, Filya, this class is fucking shit!”
Hello, I'm TSR and this is my first post here! I mainly post on RoyalRoad, but I plan to upload all my chapters here in HFY in hopes of getting feedback about the story and criticism as well. I hope you enjoy it!
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2023.05.28 06:11 ivyxii Stuff 🫶

I made a post yesterday or the day before looking for flowers and fruits but I have the fruits now but still looking for those flowers. the only flowers I'm looking for are the rarer, harder to get ones, Purple Pansies and Blue Roses. I can pay 5,000 bells per flower as they're rare and hard to get :) hoping to buy 2 of each so I can breed them further in my town
I'm also looking for bushes. A lot of bushes. If you have a town that has T.I.Y or further that sells bushes I'd love to come to your town and buy some :)
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2023.05.28 06:11 forgottenoak 33 [M4F] #NC/USA/earth, artsy hipster seeks someone to send pictures of my dog to

Howdy. I'm looking for company, could be friendly, could be flirty, could be anything. Without further adieu, some facts about me:
-as advertised I have a very cute dog. I adopted him about 5 months ago and he's an adorable, loving doofus -I do some artistic woodworking. I make a lot of practical things and try to express the natural beauty of the wood. I could talk about wood forever so I'll stop before I get carried away -people call me a hipster. I'm a try hard at the stuff I care about (wood, cooking, anything I get interested in. For example I decided to improve my handwriting last year and spent a lot of time developing a style). Other hipster things: I dress like one. I like jeans and flannel shirts and boots. I'm ever inching towards being a stereotype. I'm on the verge of becoming a coffee nerd lately.
Now I want to hear about you! What do we have in common? What's the best meal you've ever had? If you cook what would you cook to impress people? What's your fashion sense like? What topic makes you babel endlessly about? I'm dying to know.
Your chat will get a cute dog picture, unless you hate dogs. In that case please don't bother me.
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2023.05.28 06:11 ibleedspeed I see the rule about blurry video but...

Does something moving at high speed pulling hard turns and stopping on a dime make the cut? I don't even begin to know how to show this video to strangers... There is a lot of colorful language coming from my mouth I understand the reason for the rule completely and I don't blame the admins at all for that but guys I just experienced something unprecedented... I've seen one 20 years ago up high but this is pretty much right in my face, 3 minutes of video out of the whole 10 minute ordeal during which I went and knocked on my dads door and got him to come out and bare witness once I realized this thing was not leaving right away...
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2023.05.28 06:11 kuromi_metalgear Looking for new books [horror,psychologist,thriller/detective,etc]

Hi first post here. I just finished some Swedish thriller books and I'm looking for new ones to read! Recommend anything you thing it might interest me~
■I'm looking for:
-very graphic violence. -characters older than 25 plz -mystery... idc if it human or not, I love some suspense and not knowing who is the killer or what's going on. - Horror, a lot. -mental illness protagonist over 25 y/o - grief, how to do it, pov of the dead one or the one who lost someone. - dead in general. -Sci fi is accepted as well (I'm new to science fiction I just read Asimov's?)
☆I don't mind fantasy, I just don't like when it's all magical and explanation by some sorcery stuff.
☆Also I don't like young adult books sorry. I think they deal with many teenage things or in teenage ways (I'm a very sad granny).
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2023.05.28 06:10 xBrandinho me (M19) and my girlfriend (F21) just can’t seem to click around others such as family/friends. what can i do?

we’ve been dating for exactly a year, however, we did not really become public about it till january of this year. the reason being that i have stricter parents than hers and wanted to make sure to take the right approach when becoming public. so, before being public about our relationship, we would go on secret dates and all. we would go in either more reserved places or just spend time alone. these dates were honestly the best because i felt like i was really able to connect w her in such a beautiful way. my next step was to become public and get her and my parents to get along. i would say my girlfriend and my parents get along pretty well to this day. the problem is that we just do not click when we are together w other family or friends. when we have gone out to parties, we just seem to be two different people. sometimes we have even looked like complete strangers around others. everything we do just seems so forced or awkward. also i feel like the relationship can get very toxic/controlling when we are around others. it’s gotten to the point where we just can’t stand going out together. it’s brought many arguments and honestly we’ve even talked about splitting up bc of it. i feel stuck bc as much as i enjoy spending time w her when we are not around others, i just cannot connect w her when we are w others. what can i do? any tips or suggestions would help out a lot, thank you!
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2023.05.28 06:10 Complex_River I accedentiently ran over my mom and killed her today. Any input would be appreciated?

I'm trying to find a way to cope with this and I just don't know how.
In an accident in a parking lot today I ran over my mon and killed her. I'm 41 she was 73.
My mom was my best and only friend outside of my bf. I'm going to be lost without her.
I don't know if this kind of post is allowed here but I'm looking for perspective wherever I can find it cause I just don't know how to cope.
I called my therapists emergency line and I have a callback coming Monday and as soon as my insurance approves it I'll be in counseling.
But until then how do I look at this? What's a perspective I can take to help me get through this?
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2023.05.28 06:10 boatz4helen Drunk me with another W

Went on a beer run to the local gas station. Told the girl behind the counter that I've been working on this new song. Then I started singing "Hello" by Adele. This is the stupid kind of shit I do when I'm off my tits drunk. So this is not 100% cringe because I actually know how to sing, but still...
Her response was essentially you have to pay a lot of money for that song, but I think she kinda enjoyed it. :)
Why is it that I have to be drunk in order to appreciate human to human interactions? Surely that's a bug.
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2023.05.28 06:10 ComManDerBG [TotK] At least my hands still work. TotK came out at the perfect time and is really helping me get through a pretty difficult time.

Was hit by a drunk driver swerving into my lane, he was in a lifted pickup so he was completely fine of course, fortunately he was arrested, and no one else was hurts, im the only lucky one. I was life flighted but overall I wasn't that badly hurt. Only needed two surgeries, one for each leg. Left leg broken tibia and fibula, right leg is just fibula. Other scratches, bruises, a slipped disc which led to a huge scare because I couldn't feel my legs, but that was just temporary nerve stuff thanks to the slipped disc, Also a sore neck, concussion, sprained wrists and fingers and chipped finger nail all from the airbag alone. Overall it could have been a lot worse given the size of the alcholic fuckhead's truck, only spent a short-ish time in the hospital.
Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I dont have any more pictures, im not one to really chronicle my life, I only wanted to share how much this game is helping me, distracting me from the pain, the nausea, the stress. Im also playing Metroid Prime Remastered for first time blind and its just as incredible.
Does anyone have any cast tips? Especially for sweat, the nausea is leading to a lot of perspiration, and the sweat is leading to a lot of itchiness. The doctor was just like "keep them dry" which isn't super helpful.
My username is in the picture to prevent reposts.
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2023.05.28 06:10 Unique-Back7713 Please help: Unwilling Money Mule

Dear Reddit,
I'm reaching out to all of you lovely people because I have nowhere else to turn at this point. I have spent the better part of the last 2 days cold calling attorneys, and the ones that were willing to talk to me for more than 5 minutes, without a retainer, basically said that they couldn't help me, because I have yet to be charged with anything. I spoke to one that was actually pretty kind and gave me some advice, but I am scared of following through with his advice, for fear of the varying repercussions from the human being that now seems to own me.
Here is the situation:
I initially contacted a vendor on the DN looking to buy a small quantity of "stuff", but his available listings were too high, so he instructed me to go on an encrypted messaging app to negotiate. I went on this app, and was repeatedly unable to to procure from him, because I just didn't have the money.
I feel like and idiot, so please spare me the commentary. I'm at a real low point in my life, outside of the scope of this, and hadn't slept for 2 days when this happened. It felt nice to be validated. I clearly wasn't thinking straight, and misconstrued manipulation for a much needed dose of kindness.
Long story short, he schmoozed me, and I fell for it. He offered me an opportunity to make a bit of money. I knew what this was, but out of desperation, I sent him my personal Venmo account, CashApp account, and a couple others to receive funds from. I was explicit with whoever this is, that I only wanted to do 2 transactions or so, so my accounts wouldn't be flagged, and then I was done. He agreed to my terms, or so I thought, and then he had one last request. He sent me a link to a website and said to fill out my information on it. I clicked the URL, and immediately got cold feet. It was a sketchy website, like craigslist, but for the purchase of something random but specific. (I'm omitting any specific details for fear of this post being found my this person, even though thats highly unlikely) In any case, I saw the website for what it was, basically an online form for my personal information, so they can come find me or doxx me, or do whatever it is that they do to suckers like me that fall for this shit, and run away with the money. Again, knew what it was, and told him I wouldn't fill it out, and we left it at that, or so I thought.
The next day, unsolicited, I get a deposit for a small amount on my Venmo, and a subsequent message from him saying he sent a test sum. Before I could reply I get two deposits to the sum of 850$ and in my delirium, I accepted them. Part of me also just though I could complete these transactions and be done with it. I instant transferred both deposits into my personal checking account so I could get the bitcoin he wanted off of CashApp. I didn't account for the fact that it would be a pending charge, and wouldn't be able to fund my CashApp account, and so it began. This turned into a 7 hour ordeal, trying to figure out how I could get him his BTC. At the end of the 7 hours of jumping through hoops, I was able to get him his BTC, and sent him a message saying I wasn't interest in doing this anymore, and that I would "let him know" if i was interested in the future. The next day, I wake up to another 400$ in my Venmo account, and for some reason accepted it again. Long story short, Venmo flagged the account, and his money was now stuck in the account. I explained to him what happened, and he got very cold on me very quickly. I did everything I could, but the funds were still trapped in the account he flagged with his unsolicited payment.
I've been trying to make his money back delivering food, but I can't make the 400$ he says I owe him now in less than 5 days, and he keeps demanding it and saying he needs it now. The whole situation has done a number on my psyche in light of all the other fucked up shit going on in my life right now. He's gotten in my head to say the least. I get a message roughly every 30 minutes, from him, demanding it. He has been so degrading and I feel so worthless and used. For fear of him doxxing me, or finding me / hurting me or my family, or reporting the info he has on me to the authorities, I feel the need to get him whatever he thinks he is owed. Needless to say, I'm very scared of the potential repercussions of this entire situation. I'm not entirely sure what he can do, really, but I also don't want to risk any of it. I also can't come up with whatever he thinks I owe him though, I have to feed myself, and expenses, so the 5 days it would take is really more like 10-15 days.
I haven't been contacted by anyone yet regarding this, but I'm sure the 3 accounts that I mentioned are all flagged at this point, and I fear that it will all be investigated. I realize the 1200$ he sent me in total really isn't a lot in the grand scheme of things, but the 400$ he says I owe him now is way more than I ever have to my name at any given time. I don’t want to further incriminate myself, but I'm really just tempted to report it and face the consequences at this point.
How do I handle this at this point ?
Do I block him, and face the consequences he has for me?
I haven't explicitly asked him what he would do if I don’t get this to him, but I also don't want too, for fear of prompting him to act upon whatever he can do to me.
Who do I notify that this happened?
Do I go and report myself for this? Do I notify my bank and implicate myself further in all of this?
Is there any way to get back in good standing with these financial institutions ?
They were all of my personal accounts.
Is there any way to ameliorate the situation without any serious repercussions ?
I just want it all to end, and go away.
Please help. I realize what I am asking for really isn't legal advice, but I wasn't sure where else to post this.
Lastly, thank you to all that have read this. And extra thanks to anyone that offers their 2 cents. Reddit is my last hope.
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2023.05.28 06:10 FltyDcsns 22 [M4A] looking for late night chats and maybe long term friendships!

Hey everyone! As per the title, I’m looking for some late night chats and the possibility of long term friendship! I’m quite lonely a lot of the time and finding someone who isn’t gonna ghost me after a few messages has proven quite hard actually. Anyways, if you’re interested in literally anything, please message me and we can talk about it! Even if I’m not interested or don’t know about it, I’d love to learn and maybe learn about why you like it! Shoot me a dm! I’ll be up for a few more hours :)
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2023.05.28 06:10 applecidervinegar123 Advice, criticism, notes?

I’ve been applying for months and have gotten no interviews or even a call back 😭 I’ve probably applied to over 100 jobs at this point.
I realized the resume I was using was bleak and too general so I’ve taken all my old resumes that have gotten me jobs and redid the most recent into a new format. This is what I came up with.
I’m worried this looks boring and won’t stand out or it being 2 pages might be too much cuz almost 2 full pages. I’ve been applying to data analyst jobs but a lot of my experience have really been administrative but I’ve done a lot of data stuff in those roles so I highlighted them as well as I could.
I’m going to start sending this out after the holiday so I’m hoping for any advice, notes, or critiques to improve it as much as possible.
The rejection is getting to me 😭😭
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