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2023.06.01 22:38 aSorryEnglishMajor English Major to CS?

English Major to CS?
My friend [24M] went to UC Berkeley and majored in English. Over the course of a year, he taught himself Node and React using YouTube, released three (pretty good) apps on the App Store and has contributed to the open source community. He’s that type (insane go getter). With no connections to the valley, he was able to get a really good job at a pretty well known company (think swivel iPad for restaurants). Myself? I went to Cal State Fullerton (a lot less glamorous than Berkeley) and also majored in English. I am super interested in CS and my friend has inspired me to make a career shift. How should I go about this? Should I go back to school for something CS related? Or should I teach myself a few languages and start building things? Please don’t sugar coat your responses.
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2023.06.01 22:18 sweetboyauthor Unexplained Things --- 2 (A sci-fi short story)

After conversing briefly with the director and Dr. McGregor, Anina walked to the engineering room and sat behind the screen. It was time to search for information about planet Zeroria. She’d been here for years and had never heard about it. She started typing on the touchscreen keyboard.
The door of the other room opened, and Jerry came in. He had stains on his suit again.
“Hey,” he called.
“Yeah,” Anina answered.
“Why did he ask you to wait?”
Anina smiled. “He wants to know why I want to be part of the mission. You know.”
“The director is worried about putting women on such a mission.”
“Excuse me?” Jerry raised his brows.
“Well, I told him not to worry about it.”
“Why did he ask you that in the first place?”
“Some bullshits about, ‘as a woman, you are more important on this ship to this planet than being out there.’”
“What nonsense?”
“You know I have a womb, and they will prefer to use it for good rather than waste it out there.”
“What did you tell him?”
“I told him I would be fine.”
“That’s a shitty thing to say to you.”
“Yeah, I know. I told him I would go. Now he has been given an assignment. To convince more people to join us. He thinks I can do it….”
Jerry shook his head. “This mission doesn’t look important to him.”
“It does to me.”
“It’s a new planet. What will happen if we find natural resources and rocks that could be used for anything else? Things we can use to build homes. What if we find out how to survive there? The sun has been the major source of energy for a long time, but what if we can find other things that are extremely cheaper and more useful too? Does it fascinate you that we can have the chance to see new things?”
“I am not. I can see all I want to see from here. These computers have everything we would ever need, all the data or the information ever known to man.”
“How come you didn’t know about Zeroria.”
He shrugged and nodded.
Anina laughed. “There is a lot out there that we don’t know about.”
“So, what is the next move now? How will you convince people? How many people will you convince?”
“I’m going to convince the doctors and engineers to join us. Parker and the director are working on how to convince the soldiers.”
Jerry nodded and returned to the other corner to continue working on the truck.
Anina turned back to the screen and tried to find information about Zeroria. Each time she searched for information, it only showed a picture of a giant rock and a summary:
The Zeroria was discovered by a group of astronauts a hundred years ago (October 2018) as part of an effort to find alternative planets that could sustain humanity. Unfortunately, the mission to see if it is survivable has been canceled.
She cleared her throat and typed something different.
“Why was the mission to Zeroria canceled?” She pressed enter, and the page showed two lines.
The reason for canceling the mission to Zeroria was the risk involved. Experts think the danger is too severe.
Anina frowned and typed again. “Has there been any human contact with Zeroria?”
There is little documentation about human contact with planet Zeroria. Although there have been drone tours of the planet, nothing has been recorded of human activity. A group of scientists visited in October 2018 but have not returned.
Anina spent the rest of the day reading about survival outside the planets, especially about Zeroria. Why was there little news about this planet? Maybe the only reason it had yet to be adequately documented was that the mission was unsuccessful. The government and International space mission didn’t want people to take such risks. She continued to read the details of the Reformers' procedures to survive outside the planets. She used videos, books, and AI-generated responses to learn all the information she could find.
In the evening, after dinner, Anina went to talk to a couple of people. Her sister, Candace, had been training under a professional doctor, and although she wasn’t a professional yet, she could be helpful on the mission.
She was sitting inside her laboratory. On this ship, there were only a few places to visit. So Anina wasn’t expecting Candace to be anywhere except the bedroom, library, or laboratory.
Anina knocked on the door and looked into the room through the glass part of the door.
Candace stopped what she was doing and looked up. Then, she waved, stood up, and came to open the door.
Anina stepped inside. “Am I allowed to walk around here without a coat?” she asked.
“Shhh,” Candace said, pointing to another corner of the room.
Anina stared at where she pointed. A group of men and women were working on something. They were all staying quietly and watching a glass on a flame from a bunsen burner.
“Why are you here?” she asked.
Anina followed Candace to the seat. On the table, a ray of light formed the image of an animal organ in front of her. It was generated from the lights from a flat bulb. She was reading a book on her iPad, too.
“I came here to tell you about an adventure,” Anina said.
“Planet Zeroria?” she asked.
“How did you hear about that?”
She glanced at Anina with a smile on her face. “You think you’re the only one with the latest news.”
“I’m just curious. You were not invited to the discussion today. Were you?”
“No, Dr. Muhammed was invited, though.”
“So, have you thought about it?”
She shook her head, adjusting the image on her iPad. The image of the intestine became twice the initial size.
“I’m not…. My superior doesn’t want to go. He said the mission was meaningless. So I am not going either.”
“I won’t force you, but this is a lifetime thing. Think about everything you could experience if you go on this journey.”
“You are talking about it like it’s some vacation. It’s another planet. That is probably toxic and can kill you if anything goes wrong.”
I rubbed my hair backward. “I’m not saying it is safe. I’m saying you could contribute to something bigger. Look at you. There is nothing here. You’re stuck in a laboratory, learning, and learning. How do you plan to use your skills and gain some experience? We have another two years before we will get to Ionigius. Have you thought about how long that would be?”
Candace was looking at Anina's face, and Anina could see in Candace’s eyes that she wanted to say yes.
“Just tell me you will join us, and I will be happy.”
“What about your dad and Rachel?”
“They are old for this kind of mission,” Anina said. Her father was neither an engineer nor a doctor. Rachel, her father's new woman, would turn fifty-five in the coming month, and Anina’s father had turned sixty-five the month before. Their years of being athletic and energetic were a bit behind. The survival details were not communicated yet, but they were not the best choice.
“Seriously, I wish I could come with you,” Candace said. “I will have to talk to my boss and see what she says.”
“This is a lifetime thing. Do you have to seek his permission?”
“Please, stop, Anina. I’m not going to do that. To just walk away without asking him.”
So, Anina nodded and left the laboratory. The plan was to meet some engineers and explain why they should value such an experience to Zeroria. But on her way to the engineering department, she heard the fire alarm. The alarm started with a blast. The light in the ship blinked twice, and then the red light that always stayed quiet started blinking in a circular motion, and the alarm began.
She stopped walking.
She was standing in the lobby that led to the second engineering department. She withdrew her hands from the pocket of her pants and shirt. During the day, she would have had her engineering suit on, and it would have been a lot tougher to run in it. But this was free. She looked around and started running towards her father's room, not in the direction of the engineering.
In the past couple of years, he had dedicated himself to helping with the food department. Here, most of the food items were raised using enhanced scientific methods.
She sprinted as fast as she could. The automatic sprinkler system started a few seconds later, and Anina had to stop running. She exhaled and looked at the floor as the water covered the whole place. Then, she began to stroll back to the bedroom area where she would find her father.
The sprinkler didn't launch outside the block of the engineering department, so the area was dry, which only meant one thing, the fire didn’t happen in the bedroom unit.
Anina walked to her father's room, but he wasn’t there. So she headed out again towards the food department. Before panicking, she saw her father walking back into the room.
“Hi, honey,” her father called and hugged her.
“There was fire, and I rushed down here….”
“Yeah, I am glad you are okay. I’m okay.”
“Do you know where the fire happened?” Anina asked.
“It’s the food store,” her father said. “A part of the food store is gone now. It went up in smoke. What we have left are crumbles from that unit.”
“But the fire has stopped now?” Anina asked.
“Yeah,” he said. “There is a bigger problem, though. Some of our food is gone. I think the farm is damaged too. We have to start all over.”
Anina shook her head. She had been to the farm once and saw the technology that kept the crops growing — the stores, the processed algae, and how the plants were raised vertically.
“So, the farm is gone,” I asked.
“Not everything. We are only down a little. But,” her father said, we will need a little more resources to get it up again,” her father said.
“Resources like what?” Anina asked.
“I guessed the engineers would figure that out.”
Later in the evening, Anina was in her bedroom with Jerry when they discussed what had happened. He was sitting on the floor beside her, and they both were looking out of the glass window. It was a computerized window made of glass. You could turn it off, and it would become blank, blocking the view and light from outside.
Anina stared out at the space, which was just like the name sounded, a dark, endless expanse with sources of lights that were sometimes as wild as the size of a book or huge, like a giant balloon or a rugby ball. They had been on this ship for some time, and this was the first time a fire had started and destroyed something huge. Most times, when a little fire accident happened, people stopped it from jumping from burning cigarettes to a whole desk. Corners of the ships had extinguishers too, so it was easy to prevent such hazards.
“My dad said the food store is badly damaged.”
“It destroyed the supply of oxygen, too,” Jerry said. He had his palm on his chin. “We won’t be able to produce oxygen, except on a smaller scale.”
“Damn,” Anina said. “So, what is the solution?”
"Zeroria,” he said. We are going to Zeroria.”
Anina put her hands on her knees and stared at the glass window. She had one question on her mind. “I think the fire wasn't an accident,” she said.
Jerry murmured, hymn, and then sighed. “I think it's orchestrated….”


Part one here.
If you like Mafia romance, check out Saved on Amazon Kindle.
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2023.06.01 22:00 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator (High Quality)

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2023.06.01 21:26 Negative-Bar-7113 Upvote the post and leave your link. I'll check out the comments sporadically and click on your guys links as soon as I can.

help me out too please, support to go all around!
or Code for code, reply with your code: 163249162
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I will help with your programming tasks. I can develop web, desktop, and mobile applications to fulfill your requirements.
I will create a Python program to scrap data from any website you wish in formats such as CSV, Excel, JSON, Pandas Dataframe, and SQL.
I will automate boring tasks such as daily computing routines and scheduling/sending emails.
I will develop simple discord, twitter, and telegram bots.
My rate starts at $50 per project.
Examples of Projects I've Completed: 1. A telegram bot that makes new members complete a captcha verification. 2. A telegram bot that gets real time wallet transactions. 3. A program that parsed incoming job applicant emails from LinkedIn, extracted details, and sent them to an API. 4. A program that scraped information and price history of all the games on 5. A program that fetched tweets matching specific keywords.
I can be contacted via DM, discord - NekoGal#9171, telegram - FriskyKatty
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2023.06.01 21:06 Inesa_uTest [Hiring] [Gig] uTest Remote Paid Study for Patient Portal Users (1 hr - $50)

Hello Everyone!
My name is Inesa, I am a Community Engineer at uTest (, by Applause ( We are a company that helps businesses test the accuracy and usability of their websites, applications, and hardware through freelance software testing and feedback. You can get paid to help us shape the digital landscape!
For a usability study, we are looking for people in the USA who are willing to provide their insights on a patient portal product (e.g. Forward Health, etc). Qualified participants who are planning to schedule a doctor’s appointment on the Patient Portal website or mobile app, will record their screen while speaking aloud in English during the appointment scheduling process. The study will take approximately 60 minutes to complete.
Project Details:
Please apply here if you are interested.
*For more information about our company please visit us at,, or UTEST. Here is a video about how uTest works.
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2023.06.01 21:06 Off_Brand_Barbie_OBB New to this, & scared to try medication

So I have been seeing a provider for the past 2 months, and she has spent more time trying to get to the bottom of what is wrong with me than any other doctor, psychiatrist, etc. that I have ever seen. She has ADHD and seems pretty confident that, that is what my issue is. (I had been diagnosed as bipolar previously, however, she thinks that it was a misdiagnosis). We will run other tests next week just in case (diabetes, thyroid, etc. Etc.) But she told me to think about perhaps trying a small amount of strattera. I am really scared to try it, even though I have been on bipolar medication for years. I think I've read too many things online about liver failure etc. But I am TIRED of my brain feeling like a box of tangled wires...I have done this for 30 years, I have masked it and I am so damn tired. But what if the strattera gives me liver failure? I am scared to be in even worse shape than I am now. Have any of you had success on this medication?
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2023.06.01 21:00 Breadfruit_Ancient Yawned really big today and something popped out of my chin

Yawned really big today and something popped out of my chin
I’m 16 and today in school I had a pretty big yawn and when I did that something popped out of the underside of my chin, felt like a lump and it and it didn’t really hurt, it felt more uncomfortable then painful. I put my thumb on it and basically just shoved it back into place and I feel fine now but I want to know if this is something I should worry about, I was about to talk and move my jaw while it was popped, only left it popped out for about 15 seconds before I pushed it back in.
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2023.06.01 20:53 vanyaaa26 I (19F) want to start dating again, but I do not feel ready after my break-up with my ex-boyfriend (18M).

I (19F) have been dating my ex-boyfriend (18M) for two years. We've broke up in october 2022.
Our relationship had its ups and downs. I truly believe he was my person, for most of the time we've been a couple. We've met after I just got out of a mentally draining relationship, with a guy who cheated on me for 6 months. We've clicked instantly and the beginning was absolutely beautiful. I was struggling with an Ed and he helped me get back on my feet; I felt insecure about mostly everything, especially when it came to trusting someone again. We have been through a lot together and I couldn't be more grateful that I had him by my side.
However, we had many downs in our relationship. It was his first real relationship and had no common sense when it came to it. And he was (as I like to believe) absolutely clueless when it came to girls liking him. Some times it sent me into an episode, as I felt all my trauma was going to happen once again.
By the time our relationship was close to an end, he changed. Drastically. Over the past two years, I've gained a lot of weight - I spiraled into some sort of depression episode, after the death of two family members in the same year; and, I was comfortable to look like that with him. My weight gain caused a problem between us and it resulted in some crappy comments about my body and me, in general. The person I loved wasn't the same and I couldn't look in the mirror without feeling guilty - the one person I loved the most, didn't like the way I looked anymore. At the same time, he started hanging out with a lot of other girls from his class and made some sort of group friends with them. Worth mentioning is that, in the course of our relationship, he always had to say something negative about them and always mentioned he couldn't stand most of them.
This is the context, now coming back to the present. I've lost weight, started loving my body, found life-long friends and made memories I will never forget.
HOWEVER, it is still some sort of ongoing story with my ex-boyfriend. We've stopped talking fully somewhere around january this year and he unfollowed me a couple of days ago on Instagram. I've wanted to maintain a civil relationship with him, even though I hate the person he had become now. The last straw was back in March, when it was my birthday, and he couldn't even care less to send a happy birthday message (especially because he knew it meant a lot to me, in general).
This monday we've had a party, as a parting event because we are finishing highschool. Since we've attented the same high school, we've both been there. The whole time, only when I was looking at the dance floor (not to him specifically, but somehow he always in my view), he would let other girls kiss him on the cheek, neck, you name it - the cherry on top it was the fact that those girls were the ones he hated all that time. I could care less if they even had sexual interactions, it's his life after all, it's just pathetic.
There is more to it, but he seems like he didn't move on. I did. I do not feel any anger, sadness or madness when I think of him or see him. I am just disappointed that, after two years together, he chose to show me that he got over me in some disgusting ways - especially since this is not his first time doing some sh#t like this.
After all this context, coming back to the main point. I am afraid to date again. I want to date, honestly and sincerely, because I love loving someone. Not just anyone, but someone to call my own. I feel fulfilled with my life right now, I don't see a new relationship as my main source of happiness - just additional happiness that you can't achieve any other way. I feel insecure - I am not sure that I can trust someone like that again. Like I've said, there is more to the story, and many things he has done since we broke up we're directly attacking my insecurities he only knew about.
So, any advice how I can get over this? Got over the relationship itself, I just need to know how to start my journey in the dating world.
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2023.06.01 20:43 PM_ME_YOUR_CORGIS 35[M4F] Florida / Tampa, Looking for my weird vibe

Looking for my weird other half. Tall but a little chonky and working on it (down 70lbs). Software engineer that enjoys cooking, reading, games, and trying to improve himself. Looking for someone that I can enjoy talking with and connecting to. If the software engineering gets boring I'm going back to my FloridaMan roots and becoming a pirate.
What was an interesting book (fiction or non) that you read in the last year?
What's your stance on the oxford comma and what role will it play in WW3?
My cat
Love aquariums
Picture of said cooking
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2023.06.01 20:37 Ok-Student-9078 24 [m4f] Inner Loop - Hot Summer Fling

I wanna preface this by saying: Don't waste my time. Don't message me, and then just stop responding or ghost me. Of course, if either of us change our minds or get cold feet, it's fine, but it's not cool to leave someone hanging.
I'm looking for someone who'd be down to meet regularly and fuck. I'd like this to be long-term. We could also hang out and do other stuff, go places, and whatnot. I'm not opposed to a one time thing, but ideally, we'd be friends that fuck, lol. I'm looking for someone inside the loop (610) who can host. To be clear: I can't host, so you'd have to be able to. I enjoy doing things like hitting up coffee shops, going to museums, concerts, light workouts, movies and video games. I'm 5'8" and 166 pounds (currently in the process of losing some) and I'm a white/hispanic mix. I'm looking for someone in the age range of 18-35 for this. If you're interested, chat with me!
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2023.06.01 20:22 DeepChancla [For Hire] Experienced SEO Consultant for Hire

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Rate: 25USD/Hour
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2023.06.01 20:18 ThreeCheesesHigh 24 M [chat] [friendship] looking for friends all over the world!

Hey there! I'm an engineering student from Istanbul, Turkey (Türkiye). I can speak English, German, and Turkish (surprisingly). Learning different languages and cultures excites me. I'm not much outdoor person so my hobbies are generally indoors. I like cinema, books, podcasts, tv series etc. I don't want to specify genres and am open to your suggestions! I'm trying to build habits to do more sports and want to start swimming and kickboxing, so if someone bullies you just let me know (but first make sure that (s)he is less trained than me). We can also arrange voice chat on Discord. Please send more than just "Hi!". Looking forward to hearing from you! All the best!
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2023.06.01 19:44 fairyflossdragon [TOMT][VIDEO] Nintendo Game Sound Design Youtube Analysis Video

Hi all, I recently watched a video on Youtube about Nintendo sound design. I was fairly certain the title was something along the lines of Nintendo’s musical identity or why Nintendo games have a unique sound to them, but I haven’t had much luck finding the video and for whatever reason I can’t find it in my watch history.
Provided I’m not mixing up the contents of this video with another video I watched around the same time, the contents covered Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey’s sound design and the way they consist not just of plain sound effects but musical notes/tunes/riffs.
It cited the example of how in Mario Odyssey the electric sound effect of the wires harmonizes with the background music, and also how Breath of the Wild’s “item found/picked up” jingle is essentially the chest opening music but sped up and pitched up. The creator of the video recreated the Breath of the Wild sound step by step to illustrate this. I believe the video also discussed how Nintendo has to take into consideration how often players hear these sound effects so they don’t become annoying.
The channel had a blue and black icon, with the blue portion I believe vaguely in the shape of a triangle, and I think part of the channel’s name in the centre. I thought it said “side”, but that could be a wrong. I am fairly certain the first letter of the word in the icon was “S”, however. The video was very much an analysis/essay type with visual aids, so not just commentary over the video game clips.
If you think this question would be better posed to a different subreddit (like tipofmyjoystick) please let me know and I’ll try my luck there, too! Thank you so much in advance for your help!
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2023.06.01 19:40 yourcutieboi Just turned 23 [M4F] looking for a gamer gf!

Hey there! I'm a guy who loves to play games, watch anime, and read. I'm looking for someone who shares those interests and can enjoy gaming together!
When I'm not gaming, I enjoy watching anime and reading manga. Some of my favorites include Gintama, Jujutsu Kaisen, and the stormlight archives
As for gaming, right now I'm mostly just playing a few card games like lor and a rogue like game. I’m also masters in league and lor!
When it comes to relationships, I value honesty, communication, and mutual respect. I'm not into drama or playing games (unless we're talking about video games, of course!), and I'm looking for someone who feels the same way.
A few things i'd prefer if you weren't interested in are doing a ton of drugs or drinking. An occasional drink is fine but I'd like it if you didn't do too much more. As well as not wanting kids, kind of awkward to say but it's just my preference to not want kids.
If you're a fellow gamer, anime fan, or bookworm, and you're looking for a guy who shares your interests, feel free to reach out! Let's chat and see if we hit it off.
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2023.06.01 18:52 mrsUXdes2B Online Shopping Habits - Screener Survey (Demographic: 18+, online shoppers)

Hey there! I could really use your help with my capstone project focused on online shopping behavior. Right now, I'm in the process of gathering responses for a quick screener survey. It's super short, only 9 questions that'll take you around 3-5 minutes to complete. If you're interested, I'll be conducting follow-up video call interviews! And hey, I'd be more than happy to participate in your research project too.
I'm only asking for emails so I can contact you later on if I have follow up questions or to schedule a video call. I will not share or sell your information.
Thanks a bunch in advance!
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If you are interested in Iman Gadzhi’s courses, contact us on:
Whatsapp/Telegram: +44 759 388 2116 (Telegram: multistorecourses)
Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore[@] (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.01 18:06 AmbitiousOats [24] Let's play scary games, watch anime, and send pictures of our pets!

Hello hello! I'm Vivi, I just turned 24, I'm constantly sleepy and I love cute/silly animals. I enjoy watching bad anime on purpose to laugh at them, and I can organize any refrigeratofreezer in the blink of an eye.
I'm into: Gaming, anime/animation, art, movies, manga/webcomics, reading/writing, and music. Basically anything creative!
(Here's some of my top 10s, if you like that kinda thing.)
I'm a pretty big horror fan, from games and movies to anything surreal or supernatural in general.
Modern ruins, liminal spaces, ghosts, mythologies, folklore, urban legends, cryptids... my biggest guilty pleasure is ghost and cryptid hunting shows.
I also love obscure games, especially retro and indie ones. If there's an old game you loved as a kid, but feel nobody's ever heard of, please tell me about it!
I'm mainly looking to game* and watch stuff together, but if we share the same interests and you just wanna chat, I'd love that too! Most of my friends aren't into horror or my kinda tv shows at all, so I'm really hoping to find people who are.
*(Since they're so popular, I feel like I should mention I don't really play a lot of battle royale or any MOBA-esque games. No Valorant here, sorry!)
All I ask is that you're 20+ and that you don't send me weird NSFW stuff. I purposefully didn't put F in the title because I wanted to avoid that kind of thing. Though based on some posts I've read here, it seems unavoidable unfortunately :( I guess that's Reddit for you.
Calls and just messaging are both cool. I can message all day, and I'm usually free to hang out 11am-2pm CDT and 8pm-2am CDT.
Send me a DM and if we click we can move to Discord! (You will be rewarded with pictures of my cat if we do.)
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2023.06.01 17:57 dragonic_puppy My own character concept (seviper)

I only really have moves, sadly, feel free to criticize if it seems dumb
For neutrals: Jab/rapid jab: starts with a tailwhip, like mewtwo, this will occur twice then go into a series of bites like piranha plant, but if a is pressed 3 times it'll do the two tailwhips then the final 3rd hit will be a leg sweep, this will have a chance to trip, it'd be more likely the higher the percentage Dash attack: a lunging headbutt Forward tilt: is just a faster safer jab 2, but can be pressed 3 times to strike more, with the 3rd hit sending up, kinda like meta knight Down tilt: just a lower poke with a chance to trip causing a tech situation, it can two frame Up tilt: think melee fox, seviper will use its tail for a backwards overhead swing (can hit in front if fighting larger character) sending up and leading to string combos F-smash: seviper will fling its tail up then back down, spiking if the sweetspot is hit at ledge Up-smash: seviper will do headbutt, if whiffed it'll have a drawback do to seviper jumping up then landing back down since, no arms or legs D-smash: bellyflop, I know seviper can't learn that, but I think it'll be funny to see a giant snake jump up and crush some characters head, it'd be strong, but have a lot of lag N-air: nail will be a spin, this was my most interesting concept move cause, after the spin, seviper will do a downward tail slap, that'll spike if it sweetspots Up-air Is a upwards bite that'll send up a bit to help with recovery but also be a good juggling option D-down: seviper will go head first down spinning a bit, it can't be acted out of so it gonna take your stock if you do it off stage, but it'll bring the opponent with you, the start hitbox will spike, but the rest won't F-air: seviper will use poison spray, going a but out in front of him, it'll apply poison which will deal damage over time for about 3 seconds, it won't deal much but it'll definitely add if hit alot B-air: just a simple tail slap, like mewtwo but less floaty Grab: while use its mouth to grip the opponent Pummel: seviper will close its mouth a bit more to poke the opponent F-throw: seviper throws the opponent forward and out of its mouth, at low percents it can lead to jab locks but at mid-high percents, you'll have to follow up with an areal Up-throw: seviper will do kinda like with his f-smash, but just the down hit, so a simple tail slam B-throw: seviper will turn around and push the opponent back, it won't be to strong but it'll be a good throw to follow up with dash attack D-throw: seviper books the opponent on the head with his tail, burying them in the ground
Specials Neutral special: seviper will do poison fang, it can be charged to deal more damage, once fully charged it'll be held, which will cause the glowing effect to keep the reminder that its charged, then it'll pretty hard if hit at the sweetspot on his mouth, but be weaker if slightly in front of him Side special: coil, seviper will lunge forward, grabbing the opponent in its tail then throwing them forward a bit, it'll will throw downwards if used in the air Down special: protect, when activated, seviper will be covered from the front and top, healing its percentage for a second, but it can only last one hit, I'd say it'll heal, 2.5% each second, if the sheild breaks, then it can't be used for a few seconds Up special: pounce, seviper will lunge upwards, it'll go decently high, but not so far left or right Final smash: seviper will leap into the air and use acid rain, covering the screen and dealing constant damage to the opponent until it ends, seviper can fight while this is happening His walk will be just a slow version of his run, which will just be a slither, and yes he can crouch to be kinda like metal gear snake
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2023.06.01 17:45 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (The Course)

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