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Because the amount of Trump spam is *too damn high!* Enough Трамп Spam

2023.05.28 05:53 Sush1burrito Pregnant, depressed, and with two pets. How to do this?

It has been a stressful pregnancy. I’m going through it alone, due to a break up, so I need to figure out the pet thing alone.
I’m feeding both my cat & chihuahua regularly, and I do give them attention, but nowhere near what I did before. Living situation is mostly clean. My ex still drops by to clean the litter box. And my dog hates walks luckily (no joke, he’s a sweet, but grumpy old man); I just take him out on potty breaks. He’ll try to force you back to the door if you keep trying to walk him after 😂
Technically, my pets are super easy animals. But I’m still struggling hard. I barely want to get out of bed most days. Part of this has to do with having hyperemesis gravidarum; I have lost a significant amount of weight and have only recently started eating well, due to a prescription. But I still feel weak and ill, since it’s only been a few days with the med. My depression definitely plays a way bigger part though. Doctor won’t put me on an antidepressant, unfortunately.
Pet wise, I’m mainly struggling with my cat. She has become obsessed with me since I’ve become pregnant. To the point that she ignores any and all boundaries; if I remove her off of my belly, she keeps trying to force her way on. She also obsessively follows me and meows at me constantly. I did have a vet check her, and she is perfectly healthy; it’s just related to my pregnancy. It’s giving me major sensory overload right now that I’m so depressed. How do I handle this situation better? I have honestly broken down in tears over this.
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2023.05.28 05:52 KratosDoesntLift I feel like I'm at the end of my road

Posting on alt account.
For years I've been working every type of job imaginable. After working a job a bit, I begin having meltdowns and can no longer handle whatever job I'm working at the time.
I have worked these jobs: Fast Food (6 months), Car Dealership as a detailer (3 months), Electronic Store (1 month), Kayak Store (2 years), Bus Driver (6 months), Call Center (4 years), Grocery Store (1 week), Hardware Store (2 days), Sandwich shop (1 week), Gas Station (1 year), Pizza Delivery (1 year), Medical supply transport specialist (1 day), Truck Driver (5 months), Phlebotomist (8 months), Substitute (1 year give or take), and lastly Truck Driver again which I'm trying to keep working.
I will start a job, be fine for a bit, and for no apparent reason at all, I begin to have mental breakdowns. I have crying fits and anxiety attacks. I've talked to therapist and a psychologist, and none of them can figure out what's wrong.
I have been married for 7 years. I have no kids. Due to my issues with work, I feel like a failure. I can't provide for my wife. My rent is behind. My bills are all behind. Life is meaningless to me at this point. My depression is through the damn roof. Very little seems to bring me any sort of happiness anymore.
My wife crocheted me a stuffed dragon. It was her first stuffed animal, and he is super derpy. I instantly gravitated to him, and I love him so damn much. I named him Sox. Because of my current truck driving job, I tag team a lot, and I don't want to be judged for needing an emotional support dragon.
My anxiety is through the roof and I've only been at this job for a week. I got home Friday night, and the second I saw Sox I broke down crying and just held him. My wife was on her way home, so she didn't see, but I'm mentally broken at this point.
How the heck do I keep going? What is the point? I've tried medication, it doesn't seem to help. I've completed an aptitude test, and it said I would be a good accountant. I signed up for college courses this fall, but due to recent developments in AI, accounting may disappear as a whole.
I'm not going to unalive myself due to my family and how many people have done that in our circles in recent years. But I'm just broken. I don't want to get out of tomorrow to go back out on the road. I'm holding Sox right now trying like hell not to cry.
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2023.05.28 05:52 smalldumbandstupid Am I exceptionally subpar when it comes to cardio?

I see many people talk about how c25k worked for them, they were "really bad at running but it started very slow". That concerns me to be honest, if people are saying c25k is very beginner friendly. Because I can't even do the first day's lesson fully. I an totally tapped out before even the halfway chime. I'm a little overweight, 6'0" 200 lbs, which isn't super fat or anything. I tried repeating the first day's lesson every other day for two weeks and one of those days in the middle I managed to hear the halfway chime before I had to stop. Couldn't do it again after that one time. I'd love to try pushing through this barrier but I truly hate the way it makes me feel. It doesn't feel good like lifting weights-type of exhaustion. I literally feel like I'm dying, and so running is a monumental hurdle as my brain is screaming saying "stop putting yourself in a near-death state!!!".
I just don't know if any of this is normal?? I have pretty obese friends able to jog longer than me.
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2023.05.28 05:51 Proletlariet Ghazan

Respect Ghazan

Look, all you need to know is that the world is about to change. For the better.
History: Though much of his past is a mystery, the criminal known as Ghazan rose to prominence as a member of the Red Lotus. After his imprisonment following an attempt to kidnap the Avatar, Ghazan spent 13 years waiting for his freedom in a wooden cell in the middle of the ocean. Ghazan's time in prison renaming the constellations had a deep impact on him, though his carefree attitude seldom betrayed it.
When the Red Lotus' plot to overthrow the Four Nations and end the Avatar Cycle failed, Ghazan buried himself in the cave that served as their headquarters rather than face imprisonment again.
Powers: Ghazan was a master earthbender and one of the only lavabenders in the world.

Source Key: The Legend of Korra Season 3 Episode # = E# 




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2023.05.28 05:51 theMentalShark Just bought a FZ1. got a few questions....

Just bought a FZ1. got a few questions....
Hello fellows,
I started riding on a 04 Suzuki GS500 and put about 6k miles on it, bumped into this 2001 FZ1 for $1600 with 61k miles immediately bought it without thinking too much about it. Overall it looks great and i feel like after a full maintenance it should be very worth it.
Couple of the questions I had with this at the moment:
  1. the bike takes convincing to turn in the corner. After putting it on the center stand and lifting the front wheel, I noticed the handlebar liked to stay in the middle. if i turn it toward the middle, at some point it will just jump to the middle as if it has a notch in the middle of it. is this normal?
  2. foot pegs feel.... loose, the whole bracket assembly moves if I apply pressure with my finger, maybe i should tighten it?
  3. does the FZ1 have a clutch and kickstand switch? mine will start in any gear with clutch pull (or in neutral), and does not care if the kickstand is down, is this normal?
  4. the kickstand feels.... very slim for the weight of the bike. due to the narrow driveway, i had sometimes turned the bike around by pulling the bike on the kickstand and pretty much turn the bike around. is the FZ1 skinny kickstand able to handle that?
Thanks for your time and i hope this will turn out to be one of the greatest investments of my life.
PS: the wife is too peaceful about me buying another bike... should I be concerned?
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2023.05.28 05:51 Annoyingly-Accurate My rewritten STAR WARS script for the the last 3 movies

EPISODE VII Title: Star Wars: The Legacy Awakens
A holographic map of the galaxy hovers in the center of the room. General LEIA ORGANA, POE DAMERON, and FINN stand around the table, deep in conversation.
We have to find Luke. He's the key to restoring hope to the galaxy.
But General, we've searched countless systems. There's no trace of him.
What about the old Jedi temple on Chandrila? Luke used to talk about it all the time.
LEIA ponders for a moment.
You may be onto something, Finn. If there's any place he'd go into hiding, it's there.
Rey lands her ship on the planet, cautiously making her way through the crumbling ruins of the Jedi temple. She senses a powerful presence and follows it deeper into the temple.
Rey enters a hidden cavern filled with ancient Jedi artifacts. LUKE SKYWALKER stands in the center, his back turned to her.
Luke Skywalker! I've come to learn the ways of the Jedi.
LUKE turns slowly, his face lined with age and wisdom.
Rey, I've been expecting you.
They engage in a series of intense training sessions, as Rey learns to tap into the Force and control her abilities.
The Resistance fleet hovers near the edge of a black hole. The FIRST ORDER, led by GENERAL HUX, approaches from the other side.
We can't outrun them forever. We need a plan.
We'll lead them into the gravitational pull of the black hole. Their ships won't stand a chance.
The Resistance pilots prepare for a daring attack.
KYLO REN, conflicted and tormented, senses the presence of his mother, Leia.
Prepare my shuttle. I'm going down to end this.
The Resistance ships engage the First Order in a fierce battle. The Falcon, piloted by Chewbacca and Finn, leads the charge.
Finn mans the guns as Chewbacca expertly maneuvers the ship.
Chewie, we need to keep them distracted until the others make their move.
Chewbacca growls in agreement.
The Resistance fleet lures the First Order ships closer and closer to the black hole's event horizon.
Kylo Ren boards his shuttle, his resolve strengthening.
Rey, now more confident in her abilities, faces off against Luke in a lightsaber duel. The clash of their blades illuminates the ancient cavern.
You are strong, Rey, but there's much you still have to learn.
I won't let the darkness consume me. I will bring balance to the Force.
Kylo Ren stands at the bridge, watching the battle unfold.
Enough. I will put an end to this once and for all.
Kylo orders his fleet to retreat.
The First Order ships hastily retreat, narrowly escaping the black hole's gravitational pull.
Rey and Luke, exhausted but resolute, sheathe their lightsabers.
You are ready, Rey. The galaxy needs you.
But what about you, Master?
Luke smiles, a hint of sadness in his eyes.
I will always be with you, Rey. Now go and fulfill your destiny.
Rey nods, a newfound determination in her heart.
The Resistance celebrates their victory as the First Order retreats. Leia embraces Rey as the Falcon lands.
Welcome back, Rey. The galaxy's hope rests with you now.
I won't let you down, General Organa.
They look out into the vastness of space, knowing that their fight is far from over.
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2023.05.28 05:50 C1500 Life is more trouble than it’s worth

I’m 29 years old, I was born to an Iranian father and American mother. I’m autistic, highly functional, but still autistic nonetheless.
I’m an avid car enthusiast and have been as far as I can remember. I’m very passionate about cars and know a lot more than most about them. I fall short when it comes to intermediate to advance repairs unfortunately.
I have a very supportive friend circle but unfortunately that’s about as far as my support goes.
Last year going into this year has been hard. I lost my father September 2022. I point a lot of grief at myself because around the time of his death I was midway through work on my car and missed out on spending my last moments I could have had with him.
I’m currently in a 1 1/2 year loveless relationship with a woman who’s still married. And sadly, this has been a lesser evil than many relationships I’ve had in the past. The worst getting me stabbed at 16 years old. We broke up New Year’s Eve just before midnight right after I tried to tell her I loved her for the first time. She broke out in tears and told me she couldn’t do it anymore and broke up with me.
That in itself took toll on me. I lost a lot of weight, and blamed myself for not being good enough. I spent the first couple days in constant tears. And the spent the days after doing anything I could to rekindle the relationship.
We’re back together, but it literally doesn’t feel the same. Since January 1st we haven’t slept in the same bed and still don’t despite being back together. She sleeps in her bed and I get banished to my couch. We live together and have since April of 2022 and I regret moving in with her in some ways, but the garage apartment I was living at before was very run down and she pressured me to come live with her. Slumlord sold the property I was in and I ended up with an even worse landlord so I ended up moving out.
I’m working a job I hate so much and feel trapped. Here recently my car I’ve put a lot of work into got hit while I was at work. Unfortunately this is not the first time this has happened as literally two years ago the same thing happened to another vehicle of mine.
I bring this up because I believe this was the catalyst in my situation. Literally weeks before I started making plans of bettering my life. I was creating a mental step by step guide to setting myself on the right track. And was actively and successfully meeting goals. I ran with my weight loss and started exercising. My girlfriend was starting to seem to appreciate me and everything.
I genuinely had a mental breakdown over everything. I needed her support more than anything and I was shunned away. I’m trying so hard to make this work because I’ve decided it’s going to be my last relationship. Everyone my age is married or has kids and real nice lives, and then there’s me.
There’s been talks of us buying the house we’re living in. Which should be exciting but it’s not, it’s more scary to me than anything. Not from general nervousness for a first time home buyer, but mainly because I’m being expected to cover the down payment, however my name will not be on the deed. Just my girlfriend’s. And I don’t trust her or anyone anymore. I’ll more than likely give in. And if she screws me and leaves me with nothing, that’ll be the end of me.
I’m genuinely unsatisfied with my life and my situation. And with everything going on. I’ve given myself until my 30th birthday to make some sort of drastic improvement or I’m going to take my life. I’m tired of fighting for nothing and not mattering. I’m tired of being treated differently. I’m losing all hope.
This ended up longer than I intended and I apologize. There’s a lot more to this story, but it’s already a novel. I’m not so much asking for advice or anything. I just wanted tell my story before I lose myself completely.
If they don’t love me when I’m here, they’ll love me when I’m gone.
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2023.05.28 05:50 bubbs12345678 Need to Vent. SAD AF

I’m so sick and tired of sacrificing sooooo much of my life. I literally miss out on so many family events or gatherings with friends. Feeling so low right now.
How do you guys deal with all the FOMO?? i feel like I’ve been studying for my whole life and that’s all. My family and friends get to travel the world and enjoy their weekends and enjoy just living their lives.
My friends are there for me but none of them understand what I’m going through bc non-medical friends. I feel like I’ve sacrificed so much, wondering if it will even be worth it. Anyways sry, feeling super emo rn and need to vent to ppl who might understand where I’m coming from.
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After each name is given that of the creature or thing into which the personage was changed subsequently.
Chikpitpa, young weasel;
Jahtaneno, a kind of shell creature;
Metsi, coyote; Ichpul, frog;
Sukónia, a name of pine martin, whose ordinary name is Demauna;
Tsoré Jowá, a kind of eagle.


Old Jahtaneno had a great many daughters, and all but two of these were married.
At that time Sukonia was a great chief in this country about us.
He had a large sweat-house, and many people to serve him.
One day Jahtaneno called his daughters and said: "My girls, I want you to go to Sukonia's house.
I have heard that he is very rich; go and see him.
He has no wife yet; he may marry you.
Rise early in the morning, bathe, comb your hair, go and see the chief Sukonia."
The two sisters made no answer, said nothing, obeyed their father.
They rose early next morning, bathed, combed their hair, painted their faces red (young people painted red always).
Their mother gave each girl a nice basket; she hung beads on their necks, and put food in their baskets.
"If any man meets you on the road," said Jahtaneno, at parting, "do not look at him.
A man richly dressed and wearing many beads will come toward you, will speak to you; do not look at that man; he is no one but Metsi."
The two girls began to sing when they started, and their song was:--
"Au ni á, au ni á, mo a wé, he ló,
Au ni á, au ni á, mo a wé, he ló"
They went northeast, the way which the old man had told them to go.
He warned them further, saying,--
"There is a house this side of Sukonia's, and not very far from it; two women live in that house, two old maids.
Be sure not to stop at that house.
Do not go near these women; pass their place quickly, do not stop before it, do not talk to the women.
They are bad, evil women.
If you go into their house, you will never come out of it; if you go, you will be killed there."
Jahtaneno's daughters started, walked away quickly, singing as they went,--
"Au ni á, au ni á, mo a wé, he ló,
Au ni á, au ni á, mo a wé, he ló"
Metsi heard the song; he listened and said to himself:--That is a good song, that is nice singing; I like to hear that song.
I think those two girls are going to the chief I think they are going to visit Sukonia Mujaupa. Now, otter-skins be here before me, and beads in plenty, and beautiful shells."
He wished for all other things that he liked.
Metsi dressed himself richly and waited.
Jahtaneno's daughters walked and walked on without stopping, met no one on the way till they came to where Metsi was waiting.
The younger sister was walking ahead; she saw Metsi at one side of the trail, but would not look at him a second time.
The elder sister looked a second and a third time.
"I think that is Sukonia Mujaupa," said she.
"Your father would not say so," answered the younger sister; "that is Metsi."
But the elder sister liked the stranger's appearance; she looked at him many times.
"I think this is Sukonia," said she.
"Come on with me," said the younger sister.
"Have you lost your eyes? That is Metsi."
The younger girl was ahead now some distance; the elder stopped to look at the stranger more closely.
"Which way are you going?" asked Metsi.
"Our father sent us to Sukonia the chief."
"Oh, I am chief," said Metsi; "you are to come with me.
I will start for home very soon."
"My sister is ahead, she is waiting.
I must hurry and tell her first.
I will come back to you then."
She caught up with her sister and said: "I will go with this man; this is Sukonia, the chief He said he was chief"
"You must have lost your mind," answered the younger sister; "that is Metsi.
He is no chief, he is not Sukonia."
The elder sister went with the younger, but she wanted to go back to Metsi, she wished to go with him; she liked his dress, his words pleased her, she believed him.
Both went on, though the elder went against her will.
"You will see two black bearskins hanging over the sweat-house door," said the father, when his daughters were starting.
"Stop there; that is Sukonia's house, that is the house to which you are going."
Toward sunset they came near the place where the Ichpuls lived.
"Let us stop here," said the elder sister, "and get something to eat, I am hungry."
"Our father told us to pass this house; he told us not to stop near it, not to go to it, not to look at it," said the younger sister; and she went on without looking, she went straight ahead.
The elder sister followed her, but followed unwillingly.
At last both came near Sukonia's, and saw the two bearskins hanging out over the sweat-house.
Chikpitpa, Sukonia's little brother, was on the roof, and Tsore Jowa, his sister, was at work making a house for herself a little way off at one side.
Chikpitpa ran into the house, calling loudly,--
"Two girls are coming! Two girls are coming with baskets!"
The old man, Sukonia's father, brought bearskins for the young women to sit on, and waited.
The sisters came in and took the places shown them.
Chikpitpa was in a corner when the sisters sat down.
He ran to one and then to the other, looked at them, sat on their laps.
He was very glad that the sisters had come; he liked to be with them and talk to them.
Old Sukonia went out and called to Tsore Jowa, "Come! my daughter; bring food to our guests, to the young women who have come to us."
She brought deer's marrow; she brought other kinds of food, too.
The sisters had put down their baskets outside, near the door.
On the way they had said to the baskets, "Let the food in you be nice;" and when leaving them at the door, they said, "Be large and be full."
The two small baskets stood outside now, very large and full of every good food. Sukonia came home with his men about sunset.
Chikpitpa sprang up to the roof of the house, and called to his brother,--
"Two guests have come to our house.
Two women are sitting inside.
They are sitting in your place."
The men came in, and Sukonia sat down with the sisters.
They pleased him; he liked their looks.
"Have you brought food to our guests?" asked Sukonia.
"I brought some," said Tsore Jowa.
"Oh, give more. Bring plenty of everything!"
The two baskets which Jahtaneno's daughters had brought were carried into the house.
The sisters invited all present to try their food.
All the men ate food from the baskets and praised it, Sukonia, the chief, was pleased more and more with the sisters that evening, and married them.
After all the people had eaten next morning, Sukonia went to hunt.
He took many men with him.
That day Sukonia's sisters showed his wives every place in the house and outside it,--showed them where venison, roots, and acorns were kept; showed them where the water was.
The spring was in the house in one corner, carefully covered.
After some days Sukonia said to his wives: "I want you to tell me what your father said when you were leaving him.
When does he want you to go back? When does he wish you to visit him?"
"He did not tell us when to go to him.
He did not tell us to go back at all, he only told us to come here; but we want to see him. We want to tell him how we live here."
"Well," said Sukonia, "go to-morrow; go to see your father.
What does he eat? What does he like?"
"He eats salmon; he likes nice beads, furs, and shells."
"I will send him some of my meat, I will send him venison.
I will send him beads and furs."
"May I go with my sisters-in-law?" asked Chikpitpa.
"No. I want you here," said Sukonia.
"I want you here, my little brother."
The two women rose early next morning, and Tsore Jowa helped them to make ready. Sukonia gave them fat venison, and every kind of bright beads and rich presents for their father.
They started; went as far as the Ichpul house, where the two frog sisters lived.
The two old maids were in the road and spoke to Sukonia's wives.
They were very kind and pleasant.
"Put down your baskets and sit a while with us to talk," said they.
The Jahtaneno sisters were frightened.
They did not wish to stop.
They feared the Ichpul women, did not like to make them angry by refusing.
They were afraid to sit down, afraid to refuse.
"Oh, how your hair looks! let me see your head," said one Ichpul woman to the elder sister.
"Oh, how your hair looks!" said the other to the younger sister; "let me look at your head."
"Put your head on my lap," said each Ichpul sister to each of Sukonia's wives.
Each was afraid, but still put her head on the old maid's lap.
The Ichpul sisters killed Sukonia's wives, flayed their bodies, and put their skins on themselves.
About sunset next day the two frog women went to Sukonia's house; went in and sat where Jahtaneno's daughters had always sat; took the place of Sukonia's wives; looked just like them because they had their skins on.
About dusk Sukonia came home from the hunt.
Chikpitpa, who ran ahead, rushed into the sweat-house to see if his sisters-in-law had come back from their father's.
He saw the two women, looked at them; they seemed like his sisters-in-law, but when he came near he cried out at once,--
"Phu! they smell like frogs!
The Ichpul sisters are here: these are the frog old maids!"
He cried and ran out to meet his brother.
"Brother," said he, "the Ichpul women are in our house.
They killed my sisters-in-law to-day.
I know they did." And he kept crying, "They killed my sisters-in-law, they killed my poor sisters-in-law!" and he cried without stopping, cried bitterly.
The two old maids wearing the skins of Sukonia's wives were making acorn porridge.
When it was almost ready, Sukonia looked at the two women.
They seemed like his wives, and he was in doubt, till all at once he thought: "I will ask them to bring water from the spring.
If they know where the water is, they are my wives; if not, they are false."
"Bring me water, my wife," said he to one of the women.
She stood up, took a water basket, turned toward the door, and said to Chikpitpa, "Come out with me for water, my little brother-in-law."
"Wait," said Sukonia.
"You need not go now."
She came back to the fire and sat down with her sister.
Sukonia knew now that those were strange women.
"Whip me," said Chikpitpa to his brother, "I will cry, roll around and kick.
I will kick those nasty frogs! I will kill them."
When the acorn porridge was boiling hard, Sukonia struck Chikpitpa with a switch and scolded him: "Why are you crying? I can do nothing, you cry so."
The boy rolled on the floor, cried more than ever, kicked, rolled around, kicked as hard as he could, rolled toward the fire and kicked, kicked one woman into the boiling porridge, kicked the other one into the burning fire, and in this way he killed the false sisters.
Chikpitpa was glad; he laughed. Sukonia threw the two women out doors, and mourned all that night for his wives.
Next morning early he rose and said, "Stay home to-day, all of you."
"Where are you going?" asked Chikpitpa.
"Stay here, my little brother," said Sukonia.
"I am going somewhere."
Sukonia followed the trail of his wives, reached the place where the Ichpul sisters had stopped them, and found their dead bodies.
He took out his bowstring of deer sinew, struck the two women, called them, raised them to life.
"How were you killed?" asked Sukonia; "how did it happen?
Did you go to the Ichpul house?"
"We did not go to that house; those two women were out on the road and they stopped us. They asked us to sit down and talk with them.
We were afraid to sit, afraid to refuse.
We sat down, and they killed us."
Sukonia took his wives home.
When they were in sight of the house, Chikpitpa was on the roof watching.
"Oh, those are your sisters-in-law," said he to Tsore Jowa; and he ran out to meet them.
"Go, now, to your father," said Sukonia, next morning.
"Carry presents and venison to him, and be here at sunset."
The two sisters rose early, took two baskets, and started.
At noon they were at their father's house.
Old Jahtaneno was glad when he looked at his daughters and saw the nice presents.
"Our husband told us to go home to-day, and we cannot stay long with you."
They took back many presents from their father, and were home at sunset.
They met no trouble on the way.
The Ichpul sisters were dead, and Metsi did not meet them a second time.
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2023.05.28 05:50 vehyde at 16, i feel like i’ve wasted my life

i was bullied in middle school and fell into a harsh depression quite quickly. i transferred to an online school, and then never spoke to any of my friends again and stopped going outside. i was so afraid of EVERYTHING and i was so so tired. something shifted a year ago, and some of the haze began to clear. i wanted to have a future. and now, i feel so much more than i’m used to. i care about things and i don’t know how to manage it, so it turns into anxiety. i spent years alone in my room, avoiding my family. i wish i hadn’t. i wish i could reverse everything. my dad struggles too, and i haven’t been there to help him. i’ve wasted all this time and love and now i don’t know how to fix it. i’ve become so anxious because of everything bottled up inside me. i feel guilty ALL the time and i can’t ever move on. whenever i feel happy, i become overrun with anxiety. whenever i have an accomplishment, i start thinking about how people would remember me by it if i died suddenly. i can’t stop thinking about my family dying. i stopped telling them i loved them for a while. i still did, and i always will, but there was a blockage inside me. i want to be able to say it again. im not tired anymore, just so afraid. i lost valuable time with my family, valuable time in my life. i can’t bring it back and it hurts me. i don’t know where to go from here.
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2023.05.28 05:50 Humble_Hedgehog_93 Lost/injured pigeon in western Sydney

Lost/injured pigeon in western Sydney
The last two days we have had a pigeon walking around our property. It has come near our front door and hidden under a chair, but now is hiding in the long grass. I haven’t seen it fly, and has an orange tag on its left leg. It won’t let me get close enough to look at what is written. I’m worried as we have feral cats and foxes around. What do I do?
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2023.05.28 05:48 stardumplingg upca 2023 upm dpwas

hello, are there former dpwas peeps here from upm (from upca era) that got accepted into a white college/course? can i ask about the process? super nag-ooverthink na po kasi ako simula nung nagfail aq to secure a slot huhu
background (since i dont know what my upg is): - gen ave from g8-g11 ranges from 95-99 - from public school in jhs (and a former ssc/ste student) - my current school is a big public high school, on average mga 20+ naman natatanggap sa up samin over the years (is that a good standing tho? 😭)
i chose 1 course from a white college kasi and 1 from cas (ba course), but even though interested ako in both, i prefer the first course more
did u immediately get an interview after submitting your courses in the portal? if the release of results is near and wala pa rin akong email, should i give up na? nasasayangan lang talaga ako sa opportunity, please tell me if merong similar standing sakin na nakapasa huhu tyia po
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2023.05.28 05:48 quisquis56 Spontaneous Reoccurring incontinence

So, I’m super embarrassed to post this for so many reasons but…
I am a 25 yo m. I’ve been having issues with incontinence for the past 2-3 years. The strange part is that it is not constant. 90% of the year I’ll have no wetting issues. Then once or twice a year, I’ll have an episode of urinary incontinence. This usually starts with one wetting accident and increases over the course of a week to a month to the point where I have to wear the thickest diapers I can find 24/7. You guessed it, I’m experiencing one of these episodes now. A few days ago I had a wetting accident and today I have been unable to exercise or feel any control over my bladder. It feels like I am nearly constantly leaking. In the past, these situations have resolved on their own.
I haven’t seen a doctor about this in the past due to my own fear and lack of financial resources. I’ve promised my wife to see a doctor asap.
In the meantime, has anyone ever had an experience like this or heard of something similar? The only correlations I’ve been able to identify are that I’m usually highly stressed and anxious when this happens. My limited research suggests that it’s unlikely for anxiety to be the sole cause but I obviously am no expert.
So, I welcome advice from what to expect when I see a doctor and potentially get referred to a specialist and the best products to manage in the meantime. I’ve also changed to a job that will make it much harder for me to be discrete and change easily so any ideas for highly absorbent but discrete diapers are welcome.
Thank you all!
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2023.05.28 05:48 WHATS-myname123 trying making friends

Hi guys, Caio here, im looking for friends who wants play with me in rank, im so tired of lost all the time cause dont have a good team, so if someone wanna help me rank up, please call me
im gold rank on sup and bronze on dps, i from brazil, so i speak portuguese, but also i can understand english and spanish.
well, thats it, holpe u guys can read this, bye
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2023.05.28 05:47 Ashamed-Border-9651 Looking for players (must be at least 18) to play with every once in awhile!

I’m on the North America server Night Star and i’m wanting to have some people to play with when i get bored. I’m 18 and i see a lot of younger people on Night Star so i’m just wondering if there’s any players on here who are older. i’m wanting to make some friends who are more near my age group that aren’t younger than me.
I am already in a club with one of my close friends so i’m not wanting to join any for now but i’m quite active on sso! I’m Juliette Goldworth incase any of you see me in the server and are wanting to be friends :)
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2023.05.28 05:47 Great_Driver_2937 Help with keeping motivation

I’ve always limited myself with masturbation and porn use ever since I began watching it, rarely will I ever masturbate within back to back days, I normally leave 2 or 3 days in between. I also don't watch porn as much and only use soft core images and things like that. The reason I’m telling y’all this though is because I still want to stop getting off to these pictures and stuff, but I lose motivation so quickly because I give myself the “it’s not that bad it’s just pictures” or “I don’t even masturbate that often” excuse. Does anyone have any good tips for motivation in these scenarios?
My problem is that even though I don’t watch it that much, I still cannot get my self to stop, and that is a problem to me and my future. I’m tired of falling and every time I find some motivation I forgot all about it in about 3-4 days. If anyone could let me know what really motivated them to stop that would be great, because there is no place for any type of porn in the future I want for myself.
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2023.05.28 05:46 IntelligentMedia8255 Very stressed. Strange lump* found in left breast.

Hi all, I was taking my 5 month for a walk on Tuesday last week in the carrier. When I took the carrier off, I noticed a hard spot in my left breast as it was a bit painful. Especially when I had my daughter on my left hip throughout the day. I thought it was a blocked duct from pressure of the carrier. Fast forward nearly a week, the lumpy area is still there. It feels thick and I can’t seem to grasp it or move it.
I’m not looking for medical advice, I am booked into my GP tomorrow for them to review and ultimately refer which I feel is likely.
Dr google isn’t helping. It seems that what I am feeling in my breast is the definition of breast cancer. I feel like I have a black cloud over me. Every time I look at my daughter my eyes start to well up. I had a random stroke in November whilst 35 weeks pregnant. That has given me major anxiety as I dont have risk factors for stroke.
I am just wondering whether all hard and immobile lumps are cancerous and whether they do just appear what feels like overnight.
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2023.05.28 05:46 iwantdrumsyoutoozlol I feel really stuck at home

so my mom doesn't usually let me go anywhere on my own and when she comes home she's kinda too tired to do anything. I feel like I've wasted like over 2 years of my life because when she comes out we just stay in the living room, put on the TV and do absolutely nothing but go on our phones. And it makes me feel really bad, because now im realizing how much time I've wasted when I could literally doing anything I've asked my friends if they wanna come over because I've been feeling a bit more sad and lonely but they haven't really given any proper responses to me. And it makes me feel kinda sad ngl lmao but I don't wanna keep asking them if they barely give me a response My mom tells me it's fine if I wanna go to my room and do my own thing but I still feel bad and when I come back she says stuff that makes me feel bad for leaving. But I'm really really tired of sitting around and do nothing, and I don't like drawing traditionally near her because its kinda emberassing and makes me feel weird, and I don't have alot of things to do in general ☠ I don't usually like doing the same thing/playing the same game all over again , I know this is silly but I just don't know what to do lmao TDLR: im stuck at home and can't really go anywhere, asked my friends to hangout but they didn't really say anything, I feel like I've wasted so much of my time doing nothing and just need some advice on feeling less weird and bad about leaving my mom alone when she comes back from work. She doesn't really go anywhere and I'm kinda the only person she has to come home to
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2023.05.28 05:46 JoshAsdvgi Story telling Time

Story telling Time


The old-time Indians say that long, long ago, the Little People made a law that stories must not be told in summer.
Summer is the time for work.
Bees must store their honey. Squirrels must gather their nuts.
Men must grow their corn.
Trees and plants must leaf, and flower, and bear their fruit.
If stories were told, plants, birds, animals, and men would stop their work to listen.
This would mean poor crops and hungry people.
Animals would forget to grow their winter coats and lay by their winter stores.
Birds would fail to start in time for the South.
The old Indians say that the story-teller who disobeys this law of _Jogah oh_ will suffer some misfortune.
Winter is the time to tell the stories, for then the work of animals, plants, and men is done,--and the Little People are fast asleep.
No, it is not safe to tell stories in summer.
No one knows when a bird, or a bee, or a butterfly may be listening, and may tell the chief of the Little People.
Should the chief of the Little People be offended, he might cause something dreadful to happen to the story-teller.
Last summer, the writer of these stories came very near being changed into an animal,--or something worse,--just for telling stories.
So an old Indian said.
She does not know now how she escaped.
She thinks it must have been because she was a White Indian.
This is how it happened.
It was at the time of the Harvest Moon. _Yeh sen noh wehs_ spoke for one
of the tribes at their council house, and she told some of these wonder stories.
All went well until the middle of the night.
Then a very old Indian came to warn her of her danger.
It seems that he had been at the council in the evening, and had heard the stories told, many of which he knew.
He told _Yeh sen noh wehs_ he had expected to see her change into something else right then and there.
He said he would not dare to tell a story.
"No, no, me 'fraid, evil come!" he said.
Then he wanted to know if _Yeh sen noh wehs_ was a real Indian.
He had been told that she was a White Indian, but when he heard her tell the
stories, he said, he thought she was a real Indian.
When _Yeh sen noh wehs_ told him that she had not a drop of Indian blood running in her veins, he looked very solemn.
At last he spoke.
He told the interpreter to tell her,--for he spoke but a few words of English,--that the Great Spirit made a snake, a snake; a fox, a fox; a muskrat, a muskrat; a coon, a coon; a bear, a bear; an Indian, an Indian; a White Indian, a White Indian.
Each must be snake, fox, coon, bear, Indian or White Indian, as long as he lived.
Each must be himself.
Then the old man asked what disease _Yeh sen noh wehs_ had, that made her go around with a feather in her hair, acting like a real Indian, if she were a White Indian.
_Yeh sen noh wehs_ had no answer.
And she does not know to this day, what saved her from being changed into a rabbit, a katydid, or something worse, by the chief of the Little People.
She knows, however, that she is very glad she is telling the stories to you, in the WINTER time.
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2023.05.28 05:45 Mighty_Mac I want you to describe your energy balloon to me, In as much detail as you can

Describe your REBAL to me, I'm just curious. Did you ever look up? Did it change when you when you reached a new focus level?
I saw a beautiful aura of a mix of colors. Think of opal, but wispy like the northern lights, floating around a glass ball, spinning around me. More purple, pink, and blueish than anything. I smelled something like...water? Like a very clean and pure smell almost like rain. It gave a nice warm feeling, like being snuggled up in a blanket. My surrounding became a little distorted, looking through it, things looked wavy and sounds began to have a reverb (echoing) effect. But mentally I felt so safe. Like nothing could ever touch me.
Hitting F12, it began to move faster and faster. There were rings of energy pulsating head to toe. With each pulse I felt it go around my body, almost like static electricity. I decided to keep going. I had this weird sensation on my tongue. Like metallic taste, like putting a 9v battery on your tongue (but not nearly as intense, more like a tingle). The sound I heard though, is what was most interesting. It was a intense fluttering sound, almost like a helicopter I guess. I looked around for days trying to figure out if anything in reality sounded like this. If you listen to this clip, this is nearly the exact sound I heard (I'd really like to know if anyone else has experienced this)
At this point, you have to realize something. My REBAL wasn't just protecting me, It was also protecting everything from me, keeping all this energy contained. I was satisfied, so I toned it down a bit. Probably went a little more than focus 12 there, but it was the greatest feeling I've ever felt. I really hope all of you get to experience what I did that day. It's something you'll never forget. But now I want to hear your own personal experiences.
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2023.05.28 05:45 quisquis56 Recurring Spontaneous Incontinence

So, I’m super embarrassed to post this for so many reasons but…
I am a 25 yo m. I’ve been having issues with incontinence for the past 2-3 years. The strange part is that it is not constant. 90% of the year I’ll have no wetting issues. Then once or twice a year, I’ll have an episode of urinary incontinence. This usually starts with one wetting accident and increases over the course of a week to a month to the point where I have to wear the thickest diapers I can find 24/7. You guessed it, I’m experiencing one of these episodes now. A few days ago I had a wetting accident and today I have been unable to exercise or feel any control over my bladder. It feels like I am nearly constantly leaking. In the past, these situations have resolved on their own.
I haven’t seen a doctor about this in the past due to my own fear and lack of financial resources. I’ve promised my wife to see a doctor asap.
In the meantime, has anyone ever had an experience like this or heard of something similar? The only correlations I’ve been able to identify are that I’m usually highly stressed and anxious when this happens. My limited research suggests that it’s unlikely for anxiety to be the sole cause but I obviously am no expert.
So, I welcome advice from what to expect when I see a doctor and potentially get referred to a specialist and the best products to manage in the meantime. I’ve also changed to a job that will make it much harder for me to be discrete and change easily so any ideas for highly absorbent but discrete diapers are welcome.
Thank you all!
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2023.05.28 05:45 snookers1111 My dad is a piece of shit

I was around at my parents house, my mom asked him a question which he didn’t answer, because he was on his phone like he always is. She then said something else and this time he did and he went nuts. Raised his voice at her told her “I’m fucking sick of this” and then went off on a tantrum. All she did was ask him about sports and that if he could get off his phone to acknowledge her. He then made fun of her looks (my mother is beautiful so don’t even know what he was even trying to so there) and screamed that all she does all day is sit there and watch tv.
This made her cry, so I stepped in.
My dad has zero tolerance of me and doesn’t appreciate me what so ever - and I’m the same with him. It’s been that was ever since I was a little girl - and this is why I’m envious of good father figures.
I tried to explain to him in a nice civil matter that Mom doesn’t feel acknowledged because you’re always on your phone and she’s tired of talking to a brick wall and would rather talk to you
He then starts screaming at me, saying I’m a free loader (I literally work 10 hrs a day and have my own house) I told him to not scream at me to which he replied “I get to scream all the fuck I want at you” I said he didn’t. More put downs and tantrums happened. He proclaimed “things are gonna change around here” and stormed off into his car and he hasn’t come back since.
I told my mom I knew exactly what she was trying to say and he was just a narcissistic dickhead. The thing is that he’s like this every day and has been for so much years but he isn’t with anyone else. Everyone sees him as a great person that helps everyone out and they worship the ground he treads on.
If only they really knew what a piece of shit he really was.
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