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2019.07.27 13:35 h9960 Yofukashi no Uta - Call of the Night - YNU - COTN

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2023.05.28 06:04 Apprehensive-Fail663 Jaw Gets Stuck. Is This TMJ?

My jaw gets stuck a lot and I can barely open it without it cracking. I don’t know if this is TMJ or a stress problem because I sometimes grind my teeth in my sleep.
This pain is so annoying.
What can I do to either soothe or get rid of it?
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2023.05.28 06:04 Last-Wear-6475 question for law students

i recently transferred to UNSW from another uni, and i've only completed 1 law course this year so far. i wanted to ask- is it really that we are never given weekly problem questions to take home and then work through in-class? this seems like a huge oversight, at my old uni i found this to be the best way of consolidating the concepts we'd been taught.
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2023.05.28 06:04 PumpkinPie3XIII Sometimes it's so hard to take people's problems seriously anymore.

I used to be way too sympathetic, got stepped all over because I was too nice. Then, I evened out, I had a balance of how kind I should be. Now, I find it hard to comfort my own friends with their own issues.
I know it's wrong, but I find a lot of people's problems to be so menial and unimportant. Ever since I lost my father and brother this has been a problem. I want to care about my friends, but for some reason when I hear some shit like "My mom won't let me stay out late she's such a bitch" I can't bring myself to care. Even if it's something more serious like my friends parents actually being total dicks, or they had a shitty day, I almost get angry.
If I'm logical about it, then I can understand that everyone has issues, and whatever they're dealing with/feeling is valid. They have a right to their emotions, but when I'm not logical about it, I just think about how simple some of their lives are. Their parents are alive, they never watched someone die, they're going to school, their bills are paid. (Not all of them of course, but the majority) I don't want to say I have it worse, because sometimes I don't, but after the things I've seen everything else seems far less important.
I don't show it to my friends, but Im starting to think some of them are pussies. I can't tell if I'm being a hardass or if I just grew up too fast, or maybe I'm just jealous. Most of the time I think they remind me of myself when I would get upset over a lot of things, but now I've realized that I need to be much more thankful for what I have and take the good with the bad.
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2023.05.28 06:03 123489f Does this man like me

Okay so today I was at cava and the guy making my bowl said I had pretty eyes mid way through making it. He was really attractive and I could’ve sworn he got slightly nervous at one point when I looked up at him, he started stuttering kind of. I’m honestly kind of tempted to go back and ask for his number or something but does it sound like he’s attracted to me or was it just A+ customer service lol? I’m also horrible at accepting compliments and don’t know if he’s serious or not, so I would love to hear another perspective, thanks!
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2023.05.28 06:03 rofyty 26 [M4TF] naughty fun katipunan (F or TF)

Open to TF or F
Trying out here again but looking for anyone free today from lunch to around 5pm in Katipunan or Estancia or nearby area and open to a bit of naughty fun. Hoping to meet someone who's needing a bit of release too. I can caress boobs and would like to try to suck someone or if you want some hands all over your body ;) . Just wanted to make someone moan or squirm as well if you would let me 🥰 we dont have to do it all the way, no penetration sex. You dont have to reciprocate too, i can just eat you out
we can exchange pics as well if you want before we meet
We can do it in my car and my car is tinted. If you are more comfortable though if you have a place of ur own then thats also fine
About me: - medium built slim chinito - fair skinned - 5'7 - clean and low count - has a tinted car
About you: - slim petite built or thicc in the right places - clean - dont really have that much preference :)
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2023.05.28 06:03 xXTronXx3971 Gentle wake with smart bulbs

Hi I have some tp link Kasa smart bulbs and smart switch and was wanting to use google gentle wakeup. The issue I’m coming across is that I need my light switch (not compatable with wake up) to be on in order for it to start to brighten the bulbs. Is there any way for gentle wake up to turn on my switch and then start brightening instead of only the bulbs being off while the switch is on?
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2023.05.28 06:03 vincecool456 Toxic Relationship, for the uncommon reasons.

I don't know what I'm asking for in this post, maybe some advice? Maybe some help? Or maybe just a place to rant without people knowing who I really am? I don't know. What I am certain is that some part of me already decided to do this so here I am.
I don't want to just, dump everything that is of me and this person here (I'm okay about telling things about me, but when it comes to the privacy of this other person, I'd prefer to keep them more anonymous than anything really, one thing I'd say, they are my guardian figure at the moment.) I'm in a bad spot right now, I don't really know what to do, at the same time, don't want to do anything about it, but despite knowing intellectually no one can really be a burden to someone else, I genuinely feel like my existence only prevents this person's life from being better than their life is currently.
I have been totally ignorant to some things they say, despite knowing they could be better for me, nay, knowing they are better for me, I don't want to do them, it's a vice for the understanding yet lack-of-action. That, despite their clear love for me, I don't feel it, there are many other things I'd like to do that I believe will drastically improve our situation, yet I'm told that well, that they'll do it for me. Maybe it's because I don't see that as love and rather something more catered to a fulfilment of their own desires. And that, I'm told that because of these things, I am given these "freedom" or "privilege" to do whatever and all, but I never ever saw it that way ever. I'd even double down for reasons I'll exclaim later.
It doesn't feel right, nothing feels right, both our treatment to each other, I don't want any malice and all I want is for things to go better, but our differing perspective continue clashing and it just breaks me at times. I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, I'm the person to peak in school but simply fail in practicality. I'm not responsible at all, I'm forgetful and lose my attention most of the time, but I've always been smart enough to tell myself that, "It's not completely your fault."
I never had a dad, some try to be my father figure but I've grown accustomed to not having one, once I was told after failing basic tasks that "Maybe you're just special. And that we need to adapt to you." And, it felt more insulting than it did caring, still it lingers in me like a scar engraved deep in my skin. But ever since then I've been more open to the idea that maybe I am just different, that my thought processes aren't meant to be understood like a normal person. I don't want that to be the justification of my behavior nor attitude towards all my mistakes, but understanding how I've been learning with everything else such as video games, all my hobbies, and specially how I did with school... it would make sense that because practicality was taught differently to me, that maybe if I learned it my way will make me a more societally fit and responsible person.
That has been the leading motive and agenda to my many tries of independence, but to no avail. I want to see what life would be like if I was just put in my own place and no one was there for me to depend on. What creative ways or methods will I craft to find my own harmony to what they had nailed into me called "practicality." Clearly, as I'm writing this post I've accepted that so long as I'm under them, I can never achieve that.
So I question, what has family become for me? Is this why I was never able to love my family as I would my best-friend? If love is incomparable then why is it that I feel more care and at peace with my friends than my family? People like my guardian often say that they're doing these things for me, that I'm too irresponsible enough and that's why they can't give me more tasks to do or whatever. I find that completely irrelevant.
It's what I said earlier, they'd rather do these things for me, it feels undermining, it feels like they're giving me the short-end of the stick, and every single day every time they go about saying things like "You're going to be 18 this year, when will you mature?", "I have to keep reminding you or else you'd never learn to do it.", "You can't do anything because all you do is have your phone beside you the entire day"...
The phone excuse hurts me the most honestly, I have my phone beside me because it's the only thing that's been keeping my mental up in times like this, I've grown to just love chatting and feeling for things because I can talk to people with similar experiences, friends who despite being hundreds of kilometers away, I feel closer to. People that I've gotten genuine help from just because of this little device. And the people who I idolize that at this rate, I've felt that I've learned so much more from and is the leading example of why I would like to strive to be a lead example in society...
I've done bad things in the past, even to my family, I mean don't we all? I don't speak of them nor apologize I'd rather prove that I've changed specially with my personality and I can look back at them happily, but I guess I know that as the way they treat me leaves a scar, so does the actions I've done in the past. But an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind no?
If there was one thing I could ask from this post, maybe it's direction, I don't know how I should handle the things going on right now, I don't know how bad things can get, I don't know what things I should do? Especially with my guardian, I don't feel the love she says she gives, but I still care for her and despite me not wanting to be a burden, I still want to learn the way I think is best for me, and they still seem too closed in their own world to accept that maybe their ways aren't the best for me. Or maybe I am wrong about this, who knows.
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2023.05.28 06:03 Radiant_Life5521 Both 17, my freind doesn't respect my boundaries.

We are both 17. I have a freind, some people would class him as my boyfriend, but I'm not too sure myself. Either way, we both like each other but I am muslim and so is he, I dont to do anything physical but he always kisses me and touches me and I tell him to stop but he doesn't listen to me. He doesn't touch me in a sexual way..I suppose he more like chokes me or grabs my thigh or trys to kiss me. It makes me uncomfortable and I make it obvious. This issue has been ongoing for around a year but today in the park he was persistent and it was clearly making me upset. Even when I was going home he said sorry so he does know hes done something wrong but when I was talking to him about it on chat, he just kept dodging the question and saying that I'm deeping it too much. I just dont understand, when someone says no to something shouldn't you just listen?
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2023.05.28 06:02 Successful_Diet1979 any Isekai similar to otome game sekai wa mob?

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2023.05.28 06:02 saphariadragon Pocketwatches

Just something that I found clicks with me and my adhd over regular watches. Sure, most of the time I use my phone but: 1. Fiddle friendly. You have a chain to play with, you have to wind it up to get it going, lift and twist to set the time,, and the latch that makes up the cover with the button to open and close.. not to mention simply watching the gears. 2. Intentional. I have forgotten a watch is on my wrist. I don't forget the pocketwatch personally because the chain hangs out and it moves and jingles and people ask about it. There is also a bit of heft to em. Not to mention I am less likely to forget the time right after looking at it because they are analog and it takes me a hot minute to read it over digital. 3. Craft friendly. This is a big one for me. I usually have a sketchpad or two on me to help doodle to focus/because I like to draw. Having things on my wrist, no matter what side, bugs me because while I might not use my non dominant hand to doodle I may use it to steady the page, fiddle with a reference on my phone, etc. But also just for any craft, cooking, anything I do or you do that requires both hands a wristwatch might get in the way/catch on the edge of the table... Pocketwatches don't. You don't have to take them off to do stuff.
I guess because I finally have a working one again I actually realized it's an ADHD friendly thing for me. The main downside to them is that you can't really fix them once the oil inside dries up and they seize. No one does watch repairs for less than the watch itself(if you can find one). At least they are relatively cheap.
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2023.05.28 06:02 marlss_ First time Sub with Soft Dom - I got feelings involved :(

We're both in committed relationships: I have a boyfriend, and he's engaged to someone else. But from the moment we started talking, we clicked right away. He mentioned that his fiancée isn't into BDSM, even after being together for a decade. So, he introduced me to this whole new world of BDSM that I've always been curious about but never tried. He even sent me some toys and we had some pretty steamy FaceTime sessions. It's only been two months, but he's been incredibly sweet, loving, and attentive. We've got some serious chemistry going on. Here's the catch though: I struggle with depression, and some days are tougher than others. The other day, I was feeling pretty lonely and really wanted his attention. But he was busy hanging out with his fiancée, so I let him know that all I needed was to hear his voice. He felt bad for not being there for me when I needed him. After that, things started to change. We both caught some serious feelings for each other, and it made him happy because he felt the same way. But then he realized that he's only hurting me because he can't give me what I want. I want more time to talk, more attention, and a bigger role in his life. But he admitted that he's too selfish to provide all that. So, he decided to end the BDSM part of our relationship, saying that I deserve someone who won't keep me as a secret.
I can't help but wonder if there's any chance of getting my Dom back. Should I just let it go? The worst part is, I've been beating myself up over this whole thing, and it's making me feel absolutely awful.
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2023.05.28 06:02 Mental_Improvement27 How do I get the splatfest keychains?

I want the keychains from my Nintendo but there are only choices for it to be shipped to the us or Canada. Is there any other way for me to get it?
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2023.05.28 06:02 AlertRelationship924 I think he is PERFECT

Hi all. I have been vetting a potential Dom for 2 months now, and am needing a bit of advice. 1. How long does a typical vetting process take 2 should I wait for him to bring up the "relationship" aspect of things (I tend to be a very traditional when it comes to dating) 3. Would it be outlandish of me to bring it up
And if not, 4. What are some creative ways to bring up the fact I want to offer my complete submission
Thanks all!
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2023.05.28 06:02 GrassLightning Auto-Calculating Speed?

I'm looking for how to code on the "Attributes & Abilities" page on a character sheet for a PC. Looking at a solution so that I am able to items with a mod that affects the Walking Speed Value on the core page of the character sheet. I'm an Armor Artificer, and have 2 sets of armor (one for both models) that
Similar to Armor Class where an equipped item with "AC +1" under the mods text-box increases the auto-calculated Armor Class on the core page of the character sheet. Check out the difference between a "Scale Mail" and "Scale Mail +1" from the compendium, once you have both in the character's inventory.
Reason I am looking to do this is that I'm an Armor Artificer, and have 2 seperate sets of scale mail within my inventory. I put whether it is the guardian or the infiltrator armor model in parenthesis. This way I can equip/unequip as needed to mess with the unique mods for each armor model. For instance, I took away the stealth disadvantage for the "Scale Mail (Infiltrator)" item. Since the infiltrator model also give a +5 to walking speed, I want to add a mod to the appropriate one to auto-calculated the change in walking speed.
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2023.05.28 06:02 the_brocialist 2023 Ope Cup

Behold, my lackluster attempt at stoking some midwestern rivalry. Thinking it may be interesting to keep tabs on our midwestern rivals via a fan-made competition - hypothetically called the Ope Cup.
Teams in the Ope Cup:
Chicago Columbus Cincinnati Minnesota St. Louis Kansas City
Chicago’s record: 3-3 vs Cincinnati (1 pt) 2-1 vs Minnesota (3 pts) 1-0 vs St. Louis (3 pts)
Columbus’ record: 2-3 vs Cincinnati (0 pts)
Cincinnati’s record: 3-3 vs Chicago (1 pt) 1-5 vs St. Louis (0 pts) 3-2 vs Columbus (3 pts)
Minnesota’s record: 1-0 vs St. Louis (3 pts) 1-2 vs Chicago (0 pts) 0-3 vs Kansas City (0 pts)
Kansas City’s record: 3-0 vs Minnesota (3 pts) 0-4 vs St. Louis (0 pts)
St. Louis’ record: 0-1 vs Minnesota (0 pts) 5-1 vs Cincinnati (3 pts) 1-2 vs Chicago (0 pts) 4-0 vs Kansas City (3 pts)
Since there are 3 teams in both conferences, and some teams may play more games than others, points-per-game is the most fair way to rank the teams.
Chicago - 2.3 ppg
St. Louis - 1.5 ppg
Kansas City - 1.5 ppg
Cincinnati - 1.3 ppg
Minnesota - 1 ppg
Columbus - 0 ppg
So despite our league position, we’re still the kings of the cup!
Dumb idea? Great idea? Let me know. Or don’t. Mostly this suggests to me that we would absolutely dominate a Central Conference.
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2023.05.28 06:02 KawaiiTempest Can someone explain how I’m gaining weight while doing a very labor intensive job?

[SW: 108 lbs, CW: 138 lbs, GW: 110 lbs]
Sorry, I’m a mobile user.
I (F26) have been gradually gaining back previously lost weight since I moved across the country. Being unemployed destroyed me, but thankfully, I started a job as a housekeeper at a luxury hotel in a decent area a couple weeks ago. We’re drastically understaffed, which has me cleaning 10-20 rooms and making anywhere from 10-30 beds by myself per shift. I thought to google what I could possibly be burning while climbing stairs, vacuuming, dusting, and scrubbing floors, tubs, windows, tables, and toilets on my hands and knees for 7-9 hours per day.
According to the first result: “If you dust for an hour, you'll burn around 159 calories... But if you're doing heavier scrubbing, like washing windows, you'll burn between 318–378 calories per hour.”
There’s no possible way I’m burning over 1000 calories per day doing this and STILL gaining weight, right?
In terms of my eating, I haven’t been counting calories every day, but I’ve been cutting back on junk and anything artificial. I’ve axed fast food and any restaurant with a drivethru, all drinks with calories (aside from morning and afternoon coffee), anything with HFCS or excessive sugar, and all store-bought or prepackaged sweets and meals. Should I start counting every calorie? Should I skip the free breakfast at the hotel (which typically offers scrambled eggs, bacon/pork sausage, muffins, plain bagels, fruit, yogurt, and coffee) that I attend 3 days per week? I’m at a total loss.
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2023.05.28 06:02 Accomplished-Ease381 Need help understanding and handling husband when in psychosis

Apologies for the long winded post in advance. My husband in Sept of last year started to not make sense,became very angry, and put my life and his in danger. We didn't realize it at the time that he was going through his first ever episode of psychosis. We were unable to pin down what would have caused it. It did not help that the hospital kept him in the Er for 8 days without giving him anything but Ativan shots(which caused aggression) so they gave him haliperidol. And then transferred him to a psychiatric hospital where he was put on antipsychotics(prolixin shot,clonidine,quentipin) he stopped taking all meds within a week and didnt get the next shot. They diagnosed him with stress induced psychosis but he's been under way more stress than the time period leading up to his break. He could make sense for long periods of time during his psychosis and the er sent him home twice because they thought I was overreacting and there was nothing wrong with him. He thought I poisoned him and he said some terrible stuff. Now just recently he went through psychosis again. Again, we have no idea why this is happening after never having anything like this happen to him his whole life. He again got sent home twice from the er before they kept him 2 days and then sent him to psych hospital. They diagnosed him with unspecified psychosis and sent him home on zyprexa. That was the 15th of this month and he stopped taking his medication. He again thought I drugged him, he screamed for 5 hours straight saying nasty things to me and my 2 kids who are in their early 20s. The cops were called because he grabbed a pair of huge scissors and cut his hand intentionally with them. He thought we were going to hurt him and I was scared he was going to hurt one of us. The problem I'm having is that he says there is nothing wrong with him and that he doesn't need meds,counseling,or treatment. Some of the things he thinks happened are not true at all. He has a huge distrust of me that wasn't earned. I don't contradict his feelings. I try to understand where he is coming from but I don't know how much more hurt I can take. I have breast cancer. I have missed important appointments. My husband will act indifferent to me or say things are my fault. He will continue to tell me false narratives because he believes them to be true. I got rid of all the guns in the house this last time and he's gone from yelling at me that I stole from him to saying he's depressed he doesnt have them and hes going to go into psychosis again because he doesnt have his stuff. I can not allow them back into the house because im scared. I've tried talking to him nicely,supporting him,being non combative. No one gave me any advice from the hospital on what to do if this happens again. I usually notice the onset and try to talk him into voluntary commitment while he's lucid but he doesn't go. I end up spending 3 days at home staying up hours at a time trying to get through to him and him spiraling. Then either calling an ambulance or the cops just for him to go and be let out,then go a second time and be let out again within hours and then finally being involuntarily committed the 3rd time. Again, sorry for such a long post I'm just at my wits end. I truly love him but everything has changed.
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2023.05.28 06:01 Lazy-Stable-7059 Hair style recommendations? I found out I'm a soft autumn and will be trying lighter hair colors but I'm lost on how to style :( I've had full bangs before and they did not suit me but id be willing to try again

Hair style recommendations? I found out I'm a soft autumn and will be trying lighter hair colors but I'm lost on how to style :( I've had full bangs before and they did not suit me but id be willing to try again
I have very thin, straight hair and not a lot of it.
I'm currently using a volumizing shampoo and my hair can hold some volume all day just from letting it dry a certain way.
If I let my hair fall straight down and cover the sides of my face it looks horrible! So I usually tuck it behind my ears
Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.28 06:01 Under_Dimsum LF bandmates !!

Hello !! My friend and I (Both from ID 122 SMIT) are currently looking for bandmates in csb. We play the drums and the bass so we are currently looking for the following:
- Keyboards
- Lead Guitarist
- Rhythm Guitarist (Preferably can also do Male/Female vocals)
- Male/Female Vocalist (If Rhythm cannot do vocals)
The purpose of the band is entirely for fun where we can play in school events, bar gigs, open mics, and maybe some recordings. Doesn't need to be good at playing the instrument naman, we can all learn from each other along the way and practice. And ofc we all have to vibe with each other so we can have fun performing. Comment/Message if interested !! Thank you and have a great day !
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2023.05.28 06:01 Shirleehee TIFU trying to help my wife sleep (feat. Harry Styles)

So I got a email for an extended free trial to the Calm app and I know my wife has been having a hard time sleeping recently. She had used the free version of the app in the past to play gentle ocean, rain, and static sounds that I thought were pretty relaxing so I thought this was a win win.
When I approached her with the awesome promotion she got so giddy and exclaimed that Harry Styles had created something to the app. I didn't think much of it until she started playing it. I can't quite describe what I am currently listening to other than Harry Styles reading poetry five inches from my ears with all of its fidelity. To say that my wife passed out instantly is an understatement. She is snoring peacefully next to me with her phone under her arms still having little Harry tell her she is made of the same stuff as stars in this vast cosmos.
At first I thought this was hilarious, but it's been 30 minutes now and the reality is really starting to sink in... I'm not going to distrub the peaceful slumber of my wife especially since she's been having trouble sleeping recently but I don't know how long this goes on for and I'm hoping to all that is holy that it isn't on repeat.
What's worst of all is this is a 4 month trial and I'm pretty sure I've just solidified my new nightly listening routine...
TL;DR I gave my wife a free trial to the Calm app and now Harry Styles is attempting to ASMR soothe me to sleep
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2023.05.28 06:01 Witty-Ad6918 Mods for ark possible?

So I have the file explorer on my xbox and I have been able to download mods for mine craft with it. I was wondering if there's a way to use that app to download mods into my ark single player?
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2023.05.28 06:01 Efficient_Calathea Autistic behaviors are human behaviors

I’ve been getting irked by seeing posts on social media where someone might be fidgeting, having high energy, stimming, speaking with flat affect, etc and just seeing a ton of comments calling that person/character autistic for no reason other than those behaviors. It bothers me because it comes off as the ‘everyone is a little autistic’ vibe. Autistic behaviors are human behaviors, just because someone is self soothing or has sensory preferences, etc it doesn’t mean they are autistic. I don’t want to gatekeep but the inaccurate use of the term is bothering me. I can understand the value of pushing for those behaviors to be better accepted by applying it in contexts people relate to, but the issue comes when it’s so overused that it loses the meaning entirely.
I needed to get that one off my chest it all.
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