Greyhound mix with chihuahua

34M [chat] looking to make a new friend

2023.05.28 04:35 Naive_Possibility707 34M [chat] looking to make a new friend

Here's my poor attempt to sell myself like a bad infomercial. My social circle is pretty much limited to people I work with or short conversations with customers. I live in the US on the East Coast but grew up on the West Coast. I have two high-energy dogs, an Australian shepherd mix and huskie mix. I have a 1 year old son. I do enjoy cooking and making new dishes, but I am by far the worst baker. My favorite TV show is the office, please don't say parks and rec is better. I've had many random jobs in the past, with even random stories to go along with. I'm a bit of a nerd, I have a comic collection and random Star Wars collectibles, but I'm not ashamed. I have a few tattoos that have no meaning at all, and I plan on getting more soon. My music taste is stuck in the early 2000s rock, punk, and screamo. I'm just trying to make a friend outside of work.
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2023.05.28 04:34 InternationalTea4104 Some the the best smoked fish I've ever had, and the price is right.

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2023.05.28 04:34 Naive_Possibility707 34M looking to make a new friend

Here's my poor attempt to sell myself like a bad infomercial. My social circle is pretty much limited to people I work with or short conversations with customers. I live in the US on the East Coast but grew up on the West Coast. I have two high-energy dogs, an Australian shepherd mix and huskie mix. I have a 1 year old son. I do enjoy cooking and making new dishes, but I am by far the worst baker. My favorite TV show is the office, please don't say parks and rec is better. I've had many random jobs in the past, with even random stories to go along with. I'm a bit of a nerd, I have a comic collection and random Star Wars collectibles, but I'm not ashamed. I have a few tattoos that have no meaning at all, and I plan on getting more soon. My music taste is stuck in the early 2000s rock, punk, and screamo. I'm just trying to make a friend outside of work.
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2023.05.28 04:32 COMPUTER1313 Ideas for a "Total War: Fall of the Qing Dynasty" and justification

Timeline start: Either right before the First Opium War kicks off (giving players the option to find ways to avoid the war, or do things differently from how history played out) or the immediate aftermath of the war.
Timeline end: Somewhere around 1900's
Qing Dynasty
  • Major advantage: Immense population and economy, which could allow the player to grind down small modern forces with sheer manpower (after all, what good are rifles and cannons when they run out of ammunition in the middle of battle?...), assuming they aren't distracted by multiple ongoing rebellions throughout the map while also dealing with a foreign invasion.
  • Challenges: Survive (Think of the Western Roman Empire in TW: Attila, except this time in the industrial era). Corruption is incredibly rampant, but trying to crack down on that too hard and governors/generals may rebel.
Modernization will be necessary to prevent the foreign factions from continuing to carve up the Qing (which will cause even more rebellions in the remaining Qing provinces), but modernize too fast and it will cause its own rebellions (TW: S2 Fall of the Samurai style) or even have governors/generals rebel.
Joseon (Korean dynasty)
  • Major advantage: Initially foreign factions will focus on the Qing Dynasty, which gives the player some time to try to deal with the corruption and internal rebellions and prepare for the inevitable showdown.
  • Challenges: Still have to pay tributes to the Qing Dynasty, which the player can opt to break that treaty and accept the consequences for it. Eventually foreign factions will come knocking on the door. Modernization is even harder, unless the player risks significant internal instability to get the Joseon to break its isolationism.
  • Major advantage: Like the Joseon, has some time to prepare for the inevitable conflict.
  • Challenges: A hostile British faction may opt to use its Indian forces to the south of Tibet to invade, especially as the Qing continues to weaken. Modernization is also difficult.
Northern nomadic tribes
  • Major advantage: Mass traditional cavalry go brrr
  • Challenges: Player can choose to stay aligned with the Qing, or rebel (which could risk a war on all sides, against the Qing and the other nomadic tribes). The Russia faction will come knocking.
Foreign colonial factions (Great Britain, France, Japan, Russia, United States, Germany and etc)
  • All of them have their own flavors and sub-challenges, such as the Russia faction whose main victory condition is a warm water port and a railroad link to it (which predictably pits it against the Japanese faction's victory goal to control Manchuria and German faction's victory goal to dominate the Qingdao region).
  • Major advantage: Generally have a significant technology advantage
  • Challenges: Generally limited quantity of forces and the colonial factions' victory goals conflict with each other, so a player may end up with a situation where on one front their modern forces are going up against other modern forces, and another front is dealing with horde of Qing full-stack armies. Recruiting more modern forces has a very long waiting time, which means losing a modern fullstack could be game over (or at least cause a major death spiral).
For some of the factions, the profitability of their operations dictate how much forces they can field, and if things go into the red for too long (or merchants/missionaries are constantly being harassed/killed), the home country may lose its patience to "boot" the player and trigger a game over. There will also be crisis or war events in Europe that puts major pressure on the diplomacy between the colonial factions.
Qing rebel factions (such as the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom)
  • Major advantage: The Qing faction is generally going to be busy dealing with other rebels and foreign forces, and the player can quickly recruit hordes of fullstacks (of bullet sponge cannon fodder angry peasants) after a few provinces are conquered, and may even be able to get governors/generals to defect to them (and thus bring their provinces or armies over to the player's side without a fight).
  • Challenges: Access to modern weapons will be difficult unless major favors are gained with a foreign faction. Sufficiently piss off both the Qing and the foreign factions (or a Qing that pulls itself together), and it'll likely be a curbstomp.
A few challenge modes (ultimate victory):
  • As the Qing, declare open war on all of the foreign factions to expel them. This predictably leads to those factions all allying together because they would rather have some of their colonial possessions rather than none.
  • As a Qing rebel faction, overthrow the Qing and then declare open war on all of the foreign factions to expel them.
  • As one of the foreign factions, declare that all of China belongs to you, triggering war with the Qing, Qing rebel factions and all of the other foreign factions.
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2023.05.28 04:32 childishek Alternatives to the home recording studio

Hello, I'll be graduating college soon and with that moving into new housing with a friend/roommate. I've been in apartments/dorms all four years, so I always believed I was going to rent a house once I graduated so I could have space for a music setup... particularly somewhere I could mix and record, and particularly set up a drum kit.
However, my friend wants to rent an apartment and so, while I haven't conceded to anything, was wondering if anyone had ideas/experience for alternatives that people used to work around this constraint. I've been thinking something like renting out a storage unit or a garage, but wasn't sure about the logistics of something like that.
Any input is welcome!
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2023.05.28 04:32 According_Bid_2388 Beat the game today

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2023.05.28 04:30 cdspace31 First batch brewed! Tastes great. What now?

I got the Fermentaholics Complete Kombucha starter kit, followed the instructions, and all seems well. I checked out the pics in the pinned post, and the pellicle looks normal. On a taste test, it seemed sweet at first, but finished with a very nice sour bite. The SCOBY it came with sank to the bottom, and is still there. Normal enough, I guess, so it's on to bottling.
My question is, what do I do about the pellicle on top? Skim it off and add to the original SCOBY (somehow)? Save the original SCOBY and mix the pellicle into what I'm bottling? Skim the pellicle and see if it will make a second SCOBY? Just say to hell with it, and let the pellicle stick to whatever it may?
And a side question, how important is it to refrigerate after a few days in the second ferment? I've brewed beer, with natural bottle carbonation, and have left the bottles to sit for months with no adverse effects.
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2023.05.28 04:30 amwf4eva Beat the game today

Got this game last week and finally beat the game. Party was with original crew, normal difficulty.
At first was turned off by the initial complexity: multitude of buffs and managing multiple decks with different play styles for each character. Once I got the hang of it though, I was hooked.
I was surprised at the length of a run. I was expecting something between 30-45 minutes to complete a run, but I end up takin 1-2 hours. It's a weird mix of fun and frustrating.
I see there's other modes to play and more to unlock, but I'm going to take a break for now. Great game, good work devs.
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2023.05.28 04:29 sutherbb36 Fluid in dogs chest?

6 year old Pyrenees mix has had episodes of coughiing/hacking and labored breathing for 3-4 weeks, worsenening recently. Vet check thiught maybe asthma and have anti cough and antihistamine along with Zyrtec. Little change. Recently breathing became more labored and took him to ER. Ultrasound found fluid in chest. They are going to tap it out and check the fluid. Other than the breathing, he seems like a normal dog. What's the prognosis? Any benign causes to fluid in chest? Should we be worried? Obviously we are worried of a CHF and cancer diagnosis
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2023.05.28 04:28 MexiLoner00 What makes it ok to put macaroni and cheese in my mash potatoes?

I went to order a bucket of chirken and some mash potatoes with gravy as usual. I take a bite of my mash potaters and in the middle I get mac and cheese which tastes like dog ass. I hate the mac n cheese from kfc. What gives? I ordered mash potatoes not mac and fucking cheese ! Is this a new trend or do the employees slap ingredient together mixing shit I never ordered in?
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2023.05.28 04:28 lana_del_reymysterio What happens if you mix two different brands/types of hand sanitisers? Does it just change its appearance or does it actually dilute the effectiveness of each when mixed together?

Say I have a little mini pocket hand sanitiser bottle that's half empty and I re-fill it with a different brand or type of hand sanitiser (could be say 5% difference in alcohol content, one could be more of a thicker gel and the other more liquidy etc).
Aside from the appearance changing (e.g. becomes more cloudy), does it actually have a negative impact on the effectiveness of each when mixed together?
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2023.05.28 04:28 sakura-angel Looking for play date for very large dog

My partner and I have a large 108lb mutt (mastiff/husky mix) that we adopted from the shelter. He's very sweet and gentle, however since he hasn't had a chance to play with other dogs he barks at them sometimes when he seems them. We are trying to train him to stop this but it's difficult when he doesn't have a chance to meet another dog. If you have a dog that is friendly and likes to play with large dogs but doesn't mind being barked at somewhat, please reach out!!
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2023.05.28 04:27 molliesc older tunes for live shows?

Hi y’all! I’m seeing Dermot next week in Chicago & was curious what from his old stuff he’s been performing. I saw him last summer & “moments passed” & “an evening I will not forget” were so incredible live I was hoping he was still doing those. Is it a healthy mix of without feadoves & ravens with sonder or is it mostly sonder?
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2023.05.28 04:26 deathlyconscious I hate that people feel bad for me

Hello all, this is my first post here. Feeling like shit due to unrelated circumstances, so I would really just like to vent, even if nobody sees this. My mom died when I was 7, and my family never told me how out of fear of upsetting me(?). Obviously this was a traumatic experience, but as a 7 year old I did not process what happened. All I understood was that mom "had an accident with two medications" and now everyone is treating me differently. My teachers faces would change when my dad would try to discreetly let them know what had happened ( I guess so they could avoid mothers day crafts, etc) my family treated me differently of course, my same aged cousins would give me their toys bc "she doesn't have a mom". (Of course I know they were doing that with all good intentions, but ouch). I remember specifically a writing project we had in 2nd grade where the prompt was "write about the worst day of your life". As a kid I was just trying to be honest about the assignment and didn't know my teacher would have such a shocked and sad reaction. I just wanted to be treated like everyone else. In high school I had more issues with family. I was a depressed teen, but I kept my grades up and didn't act out at all, just spend time in my room like most teens. They always openly worried about me, telling me neighbors were concerned about how I started dressing. I did and still do have an alternative style, but that's just what I like. And now as an adult, I found out what actually happened to my mom. I found out from my fucking boyfriend (now ex). He asked my grandmother when I was out of the room, and she told him a much more detailed story about how she was with some friends, and in a manic episode she was given some medication from one of them that aids people who are getting off opioids. She just wanted some relief. Well it ended up killing her because it mixed with her prozac (she had diagnosed bipolar so idk why she was even given prozac to begin with). On top of that, the friend who gave her the medication apparently killed himself after he found out. I ended up getting a copy of her autopsy results, 10 years after the fact, because my family didn't want to tell me. So after living my life with this air of concern I get from my family every time I see them, I get incredibly triggered when I think someone feels bad for me. It makes me so uncomfortable. I am a responsible adult. A few months ago an aunt texted me after seeing me at at the family Easter gathering, saying "I just wanted to reach out to make sure you're ok". And this made me so uncomfortable and upset. Admittedly I did wear a more goth outfit, but I was acting happy and socializing with everyone. I dont know what to do anymore. I feel like I cant ask my family about my mom, who she was, what she liked. I only have a few memories and whatever clues I can gather from some of her stuff I have. As I've gotten older I think her absence has been a lot harder since I'm old enough now to process what happened. I want my family to respect me and not worry about how I'm doing, and also be able to tell me about her.
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2023.05.28 04:26 backlash10 Process for unambiguous structural determination

I have a product that I’m struggling to characterize: I have 1H NMR, 13C NMR, and low res mass spec data. What experiment will allow me to quickly determine what I actually have? All data shows that I have a mixture of isomers (two peaks w/ same m/z in GCMS, all signals doubled in 13C NMR and 1H NMR). The backbone of the molecule is confirmed to be a cyclooctane ring (starting material is cyclooctene and an isocyanate). There are 12 upfield signals in the 13C NMR and four signals between 50-80ppm so it seems to be a mix of disubstituted products, but I don’t know if it’s a bicyclic system or if it’s a mixture of cis- and trans-disubstituted products.
I initially thought I had made an oxazolidinone ring fused to a cyclooctane ring, but I found a paper that had made that product (and characterized with IR, HRMS, 1H, 13C, and elem. analysis data) and that product has a wildly different proton NMR. Is there an NMother experiment I can do that will easily tell me what I made besides IR (though I can try that soon)?
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2023.05.28 04:26 Original_Trashcan The Neon Mimic: 「 Master Boot Record 」

The Neon Mimic: 「 Master Boot Record 」
Name: 「 Master Boot Record 」
Namesake: The band, Master Boot Record,
User: Atta, a seemingly sentient robot, fighting their way out of a city and preventing themselves from being scrapped.
Appearance: A short, vaguely masculine humanoid, wearing a large cap, always obscuring it’s featureless face, it has an infinity symbol emblazoned on it’s cap, additionally it has two antenna jolting out of it’s “headphones'', intertwining with each other, it wears a sort of mix of a cloak and a bomber jacket, without sleeves, a record symbol on its back. Underneath its chest has 6 dials on its metal plated body, wires extruding from their sides, they were a pair of baggy pants, ripped along outwards, revealing another infinity symbol underneath. Their arms are what looks to be neon lights, prehensile and move like tentacles, with 4 on each side, usually trying to coil around each other (similar to Deoxys). Its body is predominately black and gray, with accents of pink and blue, most notable in their infinity symbols on its body and on the neon tentacles, although the tentacles' color can change at will, but remain usually with blue and pink colors.
Abilities: CTRL: MBR is able to dig and phase its neon tentacles into any machine or organism, creating a copy of the machine, or copying an aspect of the organism of it on it’s tendrils, this effect can be used to copy the wings of bird to grant flight, or even the arms of a stand, granting the user partial power of the stand (Like, if stolen from Magicians Red, gaining weak pyrokinesis), in addition to damaging the one being stolen from additionally the copied aspect will always take on the colors of MBR.
Tendrils: Without any copied aspects, neon tentacles can appear from the stand, and the user’s hands, they can be used to restrain, grapple, or to defend with, as they are extremely durable, although not exactly sharp, and thus cannot be used to cut.
Destructive Power: C, On it’s own, it cannot deal much damage to a opponent, at most only being able to restrain and squeeze one, but if gaining partial ability from a especially power stand, especially copying their arms multiple times, could make them be as destructive as the original.
Speed: B, the tendrils are sent out fairly quickly, able to fully restrain someone in seconds, although.
Range: C It has a range of around 5 meters, but the tendrils can exit this range, but the main body cannot go outside this range.
Stamina: A, with the fact the user is a robot, and thus cannot get tired, means that they have virtually infinite stamina, as long as they have charge, additionally using their stand does not deplete their charge.
Precision: B: Their tendrils are fairly precise, even more so once they copy the hands of a stand or human.
Potential: A, due to their CTRL, they have infinite possibilities when it comes to their abilities, as long as they’re able to copy the stand’s ability.
Weakness: Their main weakness is being unprepared, the tendrils on their own, without any aspect are not the best at defending the user from harm, much less attacking, additionally, when copying a stand’s arm, only a portion of their power is copied, inferior to the original, which can make depending on the copied ability difficult against the original.
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2023.05.28 04:25 nlarc Nipple eczema + baking soda?

Been going through a bad flare. I remember last time my gyno (not dermatologist) recommended mixing water with baking soda. How much should I mix? Warm or cold water? Anyone ever tried it?
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2023.05.28 04:25 AdaireDeCuir Freya found her furever pack!

Freya found her furever pack!
1 was so, so nervous about adding a female velvet hippo puppy to our pack. It took months to integrate my "stepdog" Oscar with my two littermates, Loki and Thor. I had no idea how she'd fit in at 4 months old with our 7 year old boys.
Freya was homeless, living on a street with a guy who went to jail for stalking his ex girlfriend. She had it rough. A friend of my fiancé's adopted her, but his wife was allergic. I couldn't send this poor baby back to the pound (especially when she picked up kennel cough there), so we gave it a try.
Freya fit RIGHT IN! She LOVES her big brothers so much! They play with her and she keeps them exercising and young! Freya has no fear about taking them right on to play, and Loki especially looks out for baby sister. It's funny how sometimes they find and choose you. Please enjoy a few pics or Freya with her brothers Oscar (great Pyr), Loki (velvet hippo rottie mix big boy!), and Thor (velvet hippo boxer mix). Hope it makes you smile as much as I do. Taking a chance on Freya the Velvet Hippo Warrior Princess changed all of our lives for the better. 💙
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2023.05.28 04:23 doesnotexist2 Can i make a plastic(laminate) countertop safe for food prep?

I do a lot of large meal prep for family meals and often spill off cutting boards. Anything i actually need to cut i'd still cut on a board, but for stuff i'm just mixing/separating can i just put food directly on the counter? Obviously thoroughly clean it first, but with what?
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2023.05.28 04:22 CDGQYR Journal recommendations, please.

I have been searching for a particular kind of journal without success and hope someone can offer suggestions, please. I want a hard bound journal with lots of pages, ideally 8 X 8 inches, that can accept at least a light watercolor. I’ve read that 200gsm paper is ideal if it is cotton and not cellulose. I use my journals for a lot of writing, and I include an image every few pages. I have been using altered books that I have made by covering the existing print with gesso. This is time consuming (and sort of fun at first), but the finished page isn’t accepting of watercolor. Watercolor markers work better if I’ve covered the entire page in gesso and not neglected the margins. I may have to resort to making a journal perhaps with mixed media paper, but there must be suitable products on the market. What do you use? What do you recommend for my needs? Thanks so much!
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2023.05.28 04:21 legionPEWDSLWAIY123 watched birds of prey again....miss black mask

After having mixed feelings about birds of prey the film first time i saw it, I rewatched it again, and i kinda wish they didn't kill of ewan mcgregor's black mask so early..... I think the climax is ok.. but half of the film looking back i wish they incorporated more of his character into the dc universe... really hope james can bring back some of them back, but killing off mask and zsasz kinda made me bored... all that payoff &....o they dead now k... He (zsasz) had been killing for at least 15 years and worked for Sionis for essentially all this time, you'd think they would add more continuation with those characters, while harley's arc was ok i wished we got more history with black mask.....maybe mask had been in the criminal underworld for a few decades SHOW US HIS ORIGINS... maybe he knew batman I NEED MORE LORE on this dc sandwich"......but ye those are my thoughts. do we think if they reset the wb universe he could return in a multiverse timeline? as a film BOP is a ok film, its fun, good and needed more meat on it, but its still a funny one as dc goes.
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2023.05.28 04:20 cantabileChaos Mopped floor w/ Fabuloso and cats walked on it

I mixed around 1/8-1/4 cup of fabuloso all-purpose cleaner in a couple gallons of water to mop the kitchen floor. There’s no good way to keep all four cats in one place for very long (none of the interior doors latch so I can’t just lock them in different rooms either) so I did it when they were all in different parts of the house napping which worked pretty well while I was mopping. The problem is that now the floor’s drying and they all woke up and every object I move in front of the two entrances to the kitchen to block them just entices them more. The floor is still damp and a couple already ran across. I’ve been wrangling cats constantly since I got done mopping. I just wanna know how big of a risk it is for them to step in the soapy water then clean their paws later. It’s my mom’s house and she’s done it before with probably little to no precautions in place without the cats getting sick (to my knowledge), but I’m super worried about them ingesting any cleaner even if it is very diluted. Should I be preparing for a vet visit, or am I just being overly cautious? Also should I mop the floor again with clear water to get rid of any residue left after it dries?
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