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We are a NBA2K community dedicated to NBA 2K MyTEAM. Post not showing up? Let us know in modmail if it's been more than 30 minutes.

2017.12.25 17:58 Leandrinkingmachine 2kmtcentral

The fan made subreddit of 2kmtcentral.com. 2kmtcentral.com is an NBA2K myteam database that contains data from within the game mode linked to players, salaries, comparisons and more.

2022.10.08 21:57 LASD24 2kMtCentral Dead?

When will 2kmt central update its cards to 2k23? Are there any other websites that show card stats? Im trying to see the attributes of all the pink diamond trophy case players...
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2022.10.01 06:41 JeterS-03 Looking for a fully working 2K17 Card Database for Vanity Project

As the title says I’m looking for a working database , as 2KMTCentral and MTDB either don’t load the cards anymore or struggle to keep the site up , doing so for a project of mine I’d wish to share here some day. So if anyone can find one that shows badges/hot zones/etc , do tell
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2022.09.04 22:26 VictorDaGoat Does anybody know if this is an app or something else? I cannot delete it. Also when I press on it it takes me to the restaurant’s Yelp page.

Does anybody know if this is an app or something else? I cannot delete it. Also when I press on it it takes me to the restaurant’s Yelp page. submitted by VictorDaGoat to iphonehelp [link] [comments]

2022.02.13 19:48 Substantial_Strike12 Does anyone know how to fix this on nba 2kmtcentral? It shows up blank when I try to create a lineup and most of the players are gone. Not most but a lot of them.

Does anyone know how to fix this on nba 2kmtcentral? It shows up blank when I try to create a lineup and most of the players are gone. Not most but a lot of them. submitted by Substantial_Strike12 to MyTeam [link] [comments]

2022.02.08 03:44 Substantial_Strike12 Nba 2kmtcentral 2k22. When I try to create a lineup in nba2kmtcentral it is blank and half or more of the players I look up are gone. Does anybody know how to fix this? Please help.

Nba 2kmtcentral 2k22. When I try to create a lineup in nba2kmtcentral it is blank and half or more of the players I look up are gone. Does anybody know how to fix this? Please help. submitted by Substantial_Strike12 to MyTeam [link] [comments]

2021.12.31 03:57 yyy2k r/NBA2K 2022 Community Update

Hope everyone is staying healthy! It's been a rough two years, and I hope our communities have been a good place to chill and talk about NBA 2K, both the good and the bad.
I stumbled upon NBA2K in 2K14, frustrated that my MyCAREER endorsements weren't unlocking, and realized this place was a hidden gem in the 2K world that deserved more attention. With your help and our awesome mod team, we blasted off faster than I could have imagined, from 10k to 100k to 400k members, and even spawning sister communities like our Discord server, MyTEAM, and NBA2kTeamUp. It means a lot when I see people who have been here as long as I have, or even longer, still active here today.
A big part of that growth was thanks to our partners in the 2K community. With u/NBA2KLab, we wanted to help you compete with the best MyPLAYER builds. With u/2KDB_ and 2KMTCentral, we wanted to keep MyTEAM players in the loop with the latest content updates. The list goes on, with others like the NBA 2K League, u/CupWithTheIce's 2K Ratings and 2K Locker Codes, GamerSaloon, u/PowerGotNow, Brian Mazique, NBA2KW, and more.
Of course, the biggest boost was 2K trusting me to be a voice for the players (special shoutout to Chris Manning, who most of you know as LD2K) and trusting me to create an unofficial channel for community feedback. Whether you know it or not, many of you have made an impact on the game, with the pages and pages of comments under our Feedback & Wishlist posts, our 2K21 Badge Feedback post, and even one-off posts like this being shining examples. We worked through disasters together too, like the crazy launches where it seemed like half of your MyCAREER saves got blipped away overnight.
Through all of that, some of you joked that I should be a community manager for the game. Well.. I am very excited to share that I am joining 2K's Community team for NBA 2K! I'll be working daily to educate and engage the playerbase, and building feedback loops to make the game the best it can be.
With that said, I want to introduce everyone to u/RF_Ribeiro, aka 'Rib'! This is a name many of you will recognize, as he has done an outstanding job leading our Discord server and is the perfect person for me to transition my role in our communities to.
I have been talking to our staff and some of our power users, and the changes they make will only be for the better! To avoid any conflict of interest, I will no longer be involved in moderation, including removing, banning, and any other tasks that are related to post & user management here. I’ve worn a lot of hats over my many years that will take time to transition off, so Rib and the staff here will still have my full support. In the short-term, I’m strictly here to support them with whatever they need, especially with things that I personally wished for 2K to support. In the long-term, I will also want to get more involved again as a member, but now on an official basis. Between Rib and the amazing team that keeps these communities running, you are all in very good hands.
Wishing everyone a Happy New Year, and a warm & safe holiday season!
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2021.12.26 00:22 DaddyMahomes [XBX] [M22] Buying 2.5 million for $200. Good Rep

PayPal F&F preferred. Links to rep threads are below. former silver seller on 2kmtcentral.
2kmtcentral rep
2kmtcentral rep 2
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2021.07.18 16:37 Darth_Malidious NBA 2k17 Charles Barkley

I was wondering if anyone could help me in finding Charles Barkley’s Tendencies and Badges from his NBA 2k17 Myteam Card? I’ve tried 2KMTCentral.com and mtdb.com but with no success. 2KMTCentral’s Barkley page won’t even load. I’ve tried YouTube with no success either. I know there are downloadable versions of him online by the community. But I was trying to replicate him as much as possible from the Myteam card.
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2021.07.05 23:10 TheActualShadowYT I’m new to 2k and have some questions!

Hello! After watching the suns play in the nba playoffs, I decided I want to play some 2k. Thing is, I’ve never played before. I want to build a team that is the best possible suns player (all time) in every position. While building the team on 2KMTCENTRAL I noticed some players are Rewards while others are Premium. Can you buy Rewards players or how does that work? And is there anyway to see the prices of the players without being on the game? Thanks!!
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2021.07.02 02:04 ClankedRatchet Need some myteam advice!

Need some lineup help please on what to do next!
Terry, Collins, Wiseman and Curry are all Gauntlet DMs!
What should my next move be? I’ve got 40k MT currently
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2021.06.21 08:34 Ok_Vermicelli_3500 Lineup Advice - 130k + mt to upgrade/change

This is my current team, I just started about a month ago and I'm current gen.
Let me know what you guys would change...I also have 130k+ mt
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2021.06.11 13:39 Fit-Scallion1600 (the joe Caldwell is the new GO one) I have about 50k to spend and willing to sell anyone and buy someone new. Also need some advice for my backup center and backup small forward.

The lineup
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2021.06.05 17:45 MoTeY_0001 2k should change this Agenda!

2k should change this Agenda!
Today I was looking at the challenges from the agenda, I noticed a challenge (without looking at which group it was part of) of 25k which requires to score 250 points with "george gervin rewards", then since it is a good challenge I started looking for which george gervin served, from the database I saw that there are only two versions of this player, an 89 from an old season and a 96 "rewards" obtained by completing the double-take collection. So I spend about 85k to complete it, and after a game I see that the agenda has not updated, so I try to play every mode before realizing that another version of george gervin ,obtained with tokens, was required; I realized it randomly thanks to the image and after also reading the name of the agenda. I believe that 2k should make the challenge complete also with the geroge gervin 96 since a generic "geroge gervin rewards" is required, what do you think?
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2021.06.01 21:17 SnooDonkeys7587 What do yall think of my lineup I think its GOATED

GOAT Lineup
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2021.05.16 09:06 MiffedPond829 Lineup advice midseason

I'll probably get embiid and dino when they drop as well as a giannis and or tmac eventually. I also have Rashard and plan to get Vince and Elgin. I also love Dr j but might wait to get him. I have 2 mil mt. What should I do/who should I sell? I kind of want to buy KD and bol with hof hzh
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2021.04.29 12:35 MKMinckler Which Grinch Shoe is Best For Hero Go Jokic?

Straight forward, which grinch shoe is best for Hero GO Jokic?
Speed Grinch
Speed - 93 to 98
Spd/Ball - 87 to 92
Accel - 93 to 98
Dunk - 95 to 99
Ball - 86 to 91
Defensive Grinch
Block - 90 to 95
IDef - 90 to 95
LatQui - 83 to 88
PDef - 83 to 88
Steal - 53 to 58
Shooting Grinch is not worth it imo (with Nurse as coach) but if you rather it lmk.
I thought I'd simplify my question this time https://2kmtcentral.com/21/players/8872/nikola-jokic
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2021.04.28 15:42 Bouchkilele TT Offline - Best Players To Use To Avoid Murderous CPU Matchups?

So last year I did over 2,000 TTOff games and my method was simple. Evo'd PD Lin, Evo'd PD Kareem and Evo'd Ruby Kyle Kover. CPU read them as Sapphire, Sapphire and Gold and matched me accordingly, allowing me to breeze through most matchups, as the goal really wasn't to "enjoy the competiton", but to get inside the vault.
This year I've seen the Evo's are sparse. I have the Sapphire Butler from Season Rewards and have been using him (currently a Ruby), HC Kevin Durant and some other random (emerald, ruby, whatever I need for XP challenges etc.)
Couple questions:
Thanks guys!
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2021.04.19 05:25 Bondo13 I changed my team up click the link and comment your opinions

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2021.04.16 02:40 k_sway [XSX] 500k to fill out my lineup

I recently sold pretty much all of my auctionable players and have around 500k to fill out this lineup. Would love some suggestions.
Would like to use as many of the untradeable players in my lineup as I can.
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2021.04.13 01:12 k_sway DM KG worth it over Opal Dirk at C?

I’m looking to grab one of these guys when the market dips on Thursday night/Friday morning.
Is KG worth the extra MT at the C position?
This is what my lineup looks like:
View Poll
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2021.04.08 20:50 Rude-Cow-5565 I need help... can y’all direct me the right way because my team is struggling a bit.. any suggestions would be helpful

Here’s the team: https://2kmtcentral.com/21/lineups/179785/dessert
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2021.04.01 22:05 kkr255 Randle vs Green

Hi guys, I'm just wondering if I should use 98 Randle or 96 Green in my starting line-up, who is better coz im new at the game. I would appreciate any kind of advice:)
My squad: https://2kmtcentral.com/21/lineups/171633/xxxxxxx
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