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2023.05.28 05:36 Pesymstic M2 Macbook Pro Premiere Pro Memory Issue (Using 44Gb Memory)

M2 Macbook Pro Premiere Pro Memory Issue (Using 44Gb Memory)
I've tried everything from testing out different versions, rendering different project files and sequences and more, and I cannot find any way to render a file without the memory leaking terribly forcing me to quit the application before the sequence renders. It's simple 4k footage I'm rendering into 1080p footage.
Premiere runs really smooth during the editing process. No playblack lag, nothing. It also happened once during me editing and I noticed that if I stay on the app long enough, it just leaks out all it's memory.
I even tried running the intel version and the beta version. I tried encoding using media encoder and the same issue happens.
I have an 8gb macbook pro but I've seen countless videos of people editing in premiere just fine on them with browser tabs open too, so I'm positive it's not just a hardware issue. (it's leaking 40gb, thats not normal)

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2023.05.28 05:35 MavsFanForLife [Granger] Cassidy: "We have 24 giveaways. I'm not sure you're beating the Arizona Coyotes in January with 24 giveaways."

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2023.05.28 05:35 Many-Assignment8057 Best VPN for Warzone Where is the best VPN location for Warzone bot lobbies reddit?

If you are looking to get an edge on your opponents in Warzone, then you need to consider using a VPN to have access to bot lobbies. These lobbies give you the opportunity to practice and gain valuable experience before you head into an actual match.
The best place to find the best VPN for Warzone bot lobbies would be Reddit. Plenty of conversations and Reddit threads are available on this topic with plenty of recommendations. One of the most popular VPNs for Warzone is CoverMeVPN. This VPN offers plenty of features specifically for gaming. It has various locations around the world so you can choose the best location to get access to your desired lobbies. CoverMeVPN is also fast, secure, and easy to use, making it a great choice for Warzone bot lobbies.
So if you want to enjoy Warzone bot lobbies then Reddit is the best place to start. And CoverMeVPN is the perfect choice for a VPN to access them. Check out its features and see if it's the right fit for your Warzone experience.
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2023.05.28 05:35 flowiththeuniverse Taoism helped me a lot.

After reading tao the ching, I finally understood that we have no control over others actions. We must focus on what we control: what we will do about it.
Its not easy to let go of the attachment but in these times we can find a huge amount of inner strenght and self love if we dive deep into the ourselves. We need to feel the pain, but dot not let yourself drown, we are not supposed to live in pain only mean to feel it.
Im sorry if this sounds bad but trust me this was my journey so far. 9 months since the breakup. The last week living together was hard. But deep I knew I needed to care about myself. Unlike some of you, the breakup is on me (I fucked up by being emotionally unavailable and did not go to gramps burial, again fucked up ik) and she couldnt forgive me.
I told her that if she wanted to breakup it was ok, i would leave after one week and we would talked about splitting our stuffs. She said to let open doors but i tried to be a friend. But she was a different person, sometimes she appear to be more affective, but then cold, couldnt talk.
After moving all my stuff out, I decided to tell her I couldn't be a friend. I rather be a stranger. I had unfollowed her a couple weeks ago, and started cleaning everytrace of her socials. It struggled to not want to find out about her. I stalked her a lot. The day I told good bye I saw her on a dating app.
There was an ice chill down my spine, I felt dizzy. But then I realized it was her choice. Taoism taught me about this, i cannot control what she decides, i can only control what I do.
The goodbye is the final test. I honestly hoped she would come back. So I never block her. Wanted to now if she would reach out after the good bye, a way of find out if she still cared somehow.
After 2 months during my vacation trip she saw my socials (3 days before my bday) and never said a word. Her bday was 1 month later and I knew It would suck. I never sent a word. Its over. Forever.
By accepting the change I found peace. Its easier to move on knowing that we still got a chance to live and find love. Its not a game over, its a next level.
Taoism taught me to accept that things happen the way they are supposed to happen. We do not control anything besides ourselves. Nature is always changing, so is everything around us.
Embrace the change and you will find joy again. Its not easy but its totally fucking worth it.
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2023.05.28 05:35 lolcatsayz 2 feature requests

I know this is more a pipe dream, and the team doesn't listen to feature requests, but I think it would be nice if OneNote had the following two things -
1) An optional table of contents that can scroll with each page, located to the right of the page (visible if the page border is minimized to allow it to show, so won't overlap with the right hand menu). For very large pages, it would be handy to see where you are in the page and instantly click to go to a different section. This could be implemented in a similar fashion to a wikipedia page with its TOC on the left side (yes, it would require some annotations to link parts of the document as anchors to the TOC entries, but this would be an advanced feature for those who want to do it, alternatively perhaps any Heading would automatically have its own TOC entry that can be clicked on and navigated to, for example).
2) Regex support. Perhaps not realistically achievable for searching on anything other than the current page (this would no doubt be too CPU intense), but for the current page being able to locate things via regex patterns would be nice.
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2023.05.28 05:34 Ok_Cake9845 Need help on diagnosis . No doctor seems to have a clue

Long history short: developed ibs after amoeba infection in july 2018.
Since then tried multiple treatments: antibiotics, fodmaps, histamine intolerance, mcas, sibo( rifaximin, all kinds of herbals). Done multiple blood tests, imaging, and so forth and nothing abnormal was found- ruled out Ibd, câncer, multiple sclerosis , scleroderma, reumatoid arthritis ,and sibo.
My symptoms are gerd, lots of bloating and gas in the intestines and a lot of pain in my belly while having bowel movements . I cannot eat any kind of fiber,no legumes no vegetables, even rice destroys me . but even on a restricted diet ( low carb/ sometimes keto) I get gas and bloating and pain
I take elavil 50 mg per day, nexium 40 mg( no , ruled out also that nexium is not causing the symptom).Elavil was the only thing that kind helped with bloating and gas and stool, but it is not enough. I am miserable everyday, this disease has destroyed my life, my relationships and my future. Have gone to gastro, allergists , naturopaths, immunologists and nothing is found .
But the oddest is that when I eat a lot of candy, although I fell they I am full, my bloating goes away , the gas comes out and I do not feel the pain. This last for 5,6 hours. The other day I get cramps and bow movements, but this hours are the only time I get relief.
The only thing that is lacking is trying paleo. I just need some help. Thanks for reading it all.that means a lot
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2023.05.28 05:34 Popular-Ad2918 [USA][H] Apple iPad 7th Gen. 32gb. WiFi BUNDLE [W] PayPal G&S

$250 (flexible)This comes with the iPad in original box, Apple Pencil in original box, charging cable and adapter, pre-installed screen protector, and ZUGU case (goes for $80 alone). If you need video testing of the product(s), i’m more than happy to oblige.
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2023.05.28 05:33 SameeMaree92 What to expect during my Electrical Safety Check? (Renter/Victoria)

Question for Victorian Renters/Tennans Has anyone had one of these since the legislation changed? I know the legislation differs between states, but my mental health would extremely benefit from any insights regarding what happens? More Info Below
So my realestate sent me an automated message saying I had an upcoming electrical appointment. I wasnt sure what it was, so i did some googling and found out that legislation changed regarding Property Owners ensuring Gas and Electrical Safey in their properties. Which is a very good thing. However, when i read
Rental providers must ensure that an electrical safety check of all electrical installations and fittings in the premises I did some more googling, because ofcourse all the links on the official Energy Safe Victoria website are broken, but i did find this which says they have to test all the power points in the home.
Could someone please put my mind at ease about this? I maintain my property extremely well, but im also Autistic and just came home on friday from a 3 week admission to a psychiatric clinic, as my NDIS supports completely broke down and I wasn't okay.
Besides unpacked bags, everything is fine, but as I have never been through one of these before, Id really appreciate some insite into what is going to occur as once i understand what is going to happen, i can deal with it. I dont have any set up support systems right now, and strangers in my space, with no understanding of the process occurring is extremely distressing.
Will they be moving my furnishings to better access hard to reach power points? Will they be asking me questions? Am i expected to do anything other than make the property accessible?
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2023.05.28 05:33 MountainBlueberry665 (25th May 2023) DNA test results can't be used as evidence to grant citizenship, says Home Minister

(25th May 2023) DNA test results can't be used as evidence to grant citizenship, says Home Minister
Watch as the many people who said to 'just take a DNA test if nothing to be afraid about' scurry away like rats or shift the goalpost as even they are unable to keep up with their precious degenerate institution's flip-flopping thanks to its utter bankruptcy in morals and principles.
Meanwhile, still no sign of reforms/solutions being suggested, just more bs jargon and semantics so fuck dem stateless kids.
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2023.05.28 05:33 Deathkisss REG help with 2 weeks left

TLDR: I don't understand anything and want to know if final review will help me pass.
I'm currently 2 for 2 on my exams FAR 90 AUD 84, but REG is not clicking for me.
To be fair I've been slacking on my studies, but when I do try to study I cannot remember or grasp the concepts well. I've done well in income tax in school, but becker is nothing like that.
I have 2 weeks left until my test (working full time) and am only in the middle of R5. I'm considering using a week of PTO in hopes that it may help me pass, but I also don't want to waste it.
I'm trying to cram everything and get through final review hoping that will make everything make sense.
Any advice is appreciated thank you in advance!
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2023.05.28 05:32 Erwinblackthorn What Kind Of Writer Are You? (Test Questions and Answer Explanation included)

I have devised a test that will challenge nearly all writers now and hold them to their values as a writer. The purpose of the test is to both allow you, as the writer, to determine what kind of aesthetic you're going for, as well as for us to understand if we can relate to your aesthetic. This part of your writing mentality will determine everything you do as a writer, down to what you write and why. The test is simple, a series of 22 multiple choice questions where you write down your answers on your own, and then once you're done, you scroll down to the next section where each answer is explained.
If you score over 16 answers into a particular category, you are highly likely to be part of that category. Anything further mixed will cause you to instantly be a postmodernist, but in a way where your aesthetic is incoherent rather than beneficial. If there is a question that you don't really believe the answer to, just go with whatever is closest to your thought. Also if you find multiple answers that you believe are correct in a single question, just go with whatever you think is the MOST important.
How accurate is this test exactly? Well, we're going to find out!

  1. When I am inspired by an older work, I try to:
A. Copy it
B. Subvert it
C. Expand upon it
D. Make it inclusive

  1. I write to:
A. Entertain
B. Guide others
C. Represent
D. Learn about myself

  1. Compared to everything else in a story, I think people should be more interested in:
A. Originality
B. The theme
C. Equity
D. Having fun

  1. My style of writing can closely be compared to:
A. Activism
B. Pulp
C. Exploitation
D. Fables

  1. When analyzing a story, the correct basepoint is:
A. Author's intent
B. Reader's interpretation
C. Objective symbolism
D. Sensitivity reading

  1. It's important for my characters to:
A. Present a part of me
B. Represent minorities
C. Have fun
D. Fit an archetype

  1. The classics of the past are:
A. Superior
B. A good jumping point
C. Something that needs to be subverted
D. Patriarchal, racist, sexist, and homophobic

  1. I firmly believe that characters:
A. Have a mind of their own
B. Are there to represent real groups of people
C. Are archetypes in a collective unconscious
D. Can be whatever the reader thinks they are

  1. It is important that my writing:
A. Tells the truth
B. Is creative
C. Gives a voice to minorities, especially BIPOC and LGBT
D. Is open for interpretation

  1. To understand my work, my readers are intended to be:
A. Anyone, but mostly myself
B. Highly spiritual and simple
C. Fellow advocates of equity and marginalized representation
D. Well versed in art and language

  1. Traditional forms of writing are to be:
A. Deconstructed
B. Used as a loose guide combined with experimentation
C. Labeled as oppressive and elitist, because they are
D. Closely followed because they work

  1. My aesthetic:
A. Fits a particular, essential, form
B. Is known to me, but changes with the times
C. Can’t be labeled, and don’t you dare try to
D. Is part of my identity; sexually, racially, and as my gender

  1. Everything is:
A. Subjective
B. Political
C. Objective
D. Relative

  1. The theme of my story will:
A. Be determined before I write it
B. Be learned as I go
C. Help the marginalized be seen in a better light
D. Never matter in the scheme of things

  1. The most important step in my writing is:
A. Sensitivity reading
B. Editing
C. Outlining
D. Act of writing

  1. Storytelling is most important for representing:
A. Truthful aspects of life
B. Marginalized groups
C. Whatever the reader wants
D. The individual

  1. Knowledge is gained from:
A. Divinity
B. Lived experience
C. Nothing
D. Pragmatic action

  1. We can make the world better by focusing on:
A. Whatever you want
B. Scientific advancements
C. Equity
D. The truth

  1. Genre is there to:
A. Tell the reader exactly what they’re getting into
B. Expand as you create your own
C. Juxtapose to play with
D. Add women, LGBT, and BIPOC to it for inclusivity

  1. The moral of the story will resonate best with the audience when it’s:
A. Based on evolutionary principles
B. In line with the divine
C. Advocating for equity
D. Open for interpretation

  1. The future of storytelling needs to:
A. Stop caring about quality
B. Go back to how things were
C. Have more marginalized representation
D. Experiment more for originality

  1. The first thing to mention from a character, before anything else, is/are:
A. Their race, gender, and sexual orientation
B. A theme that ties to their purpose in the story
C. Descriptions that let us know who the character is
D. Whatever the writer wants

Answer Key and Explanation

There you go, test is over. How did you do? Are you still sweating? Just like in those nightmares where you are tested on something and you didn't study, huh? Well, the hard part is done and now we get to see the results. In the words of Filmbrain, I'm so excited.

Question 1

A. Pre-modernist
B. Postmodernist
C. Modernist
D. Woke
This question goes over how you view works that helped you get to where you are now as a writer. Where most people will make an homage to their inspirations, the postmodernist and the woke will try to use that inspiration to create their own content that is a rejection of the past. Pre-modernists don’t dare to change something that works because if it isn’t broken then there’s no reason to fix it. The modernist will find something broken and try to enhance it, usually with a dialectic(synthesize two ends to make a different idea from the base component), but they will still respect the past and things that work.

Question 2

A. postmodernist
B. pre-modernist
C. woke
D. modernist
This question goes over why they would write in the first place, meaning the purpose of their writing. This question of telos reveals one of the most vulnerable areas of a writer, because learning why you want to even begin writing might spoil the fun of it for the postmodernist and also the modernist. The pre-modernist and woke will appear more preachy and confident with this answer, but they will have entirely different intentions since the pre-modernist wants to stick to a truth and the woke wants to stick to a narrative. The difference is that the woke advocate while the pre-modernist accepts and teaches. The modernist can be seen as selfish for trying to understand themselves through an author’s journey, but the postmodernist is the most selfish with this one due to their personal conceptualization of the word “entertainment”.

Question 3

A. Modernist
B. Pre-modernist
C. Woke
D. Postmodernist
This question goes over what the entire story is based around, meaning the intended reason a reader would even bother partaking in interacting with the work. A key word for the woke is the word “equity”, meaning they want equal outcome, no matter what. This goes into media where the goal of woke media is to simply have a big name title include a person that happens to be with a group they feel is marginalized, meaning socially excluded or of minor importance. The postmodernist and modernist don't care about any of this, which is why they will appear similar, but the difference is that the modernist cares about originality like no other, especially at the cost of relatability. The pre-modernist will care about the theme because a good message causes a good argument to be had from your work, which is how a pre-modernist interacts with their readers.

Question 4

A. Woke
B. Modernist
C. Postmodernist
D. Pre-modernist
This question goes over style, which causes the writer to relate themselves to others and their inspirations. The woke is a political activist, so activism is always on their mind, and in their work, even when they claim it’s not. The modernist and pre-modernist appear similar in this department, but the key difference is that the pre-modernist will write easily repeatable stories that dwindle down into idioms over time(ex. The tortoise and the hare), while the modernist will draw out a story to have many adventures involving one single character. This question will also cause the postmodernist to become defensive because for some reason they are always insulted by the idea of their style being called “exploitation”, even though the goal of it is to exploit and contain sensationalism.

Question 5

A. Modernist
B. Postmodernist
C. Pre-modernist
D. Woke
This Question goes over what a writer uses to determine the most valid interpretation, which is now a hot topic due to people unable to agree. This is due to different mentalities determining who has the correct basepoint, and this is another area where the postmodernist and woke merge. The author is most important to the modernist because it is an individualistic position to hold and the individual author is meant to know the most about their writing, since it came from their mind. However, the pre-modernist believes that there’s something beyond the personal interpretation that is correct, so their goal is to get closer to that objective position to increase their cogency and relatability.

Question 6

A. Modernist
B. Woke
C. Postmodernist
D. Pre-modernist
This question goes over what the characters are standing for in a story. It may have caused the woke to think they are modernist, because self representation and marginalized representation are similar when the author believes they are marginalized. However this is different because the modernist form allows non-marginalized people to still represent themselves, which is why classic works have a lot of elitism from the 1800s and 1900s. Postmodernists will focus on playfulness. The pre-modernist will want their story to represent larger aspects of the human experience, as well as the things that go beyond human, such as the divine.

Question 7

A. Pre-modernist
B. Modernist
C. Postmodernist
D. Woke
This question goes over how the writer views the things people say they like and have liked for generations. When something goes beyond a trend, it presents itself as tried and true, with the postmodernists and woke determining that these things must be destroyed. Subversion is an attempt to change something entirely to then have people focus on the change, very much like a sex change. This is why the postmodernist and woke answer will appear similar, but so would the modernist answer. The difference is that the modernist answer will still show respect to the classics, just that the modernist will expand upon it, usually in a pulp form that has a single protagonist engage with a collection of multiple adventures from prior, like how sitcoms share a catalog of episode types.

Question 8

A. Modernist
B. Woke
C. Pre-modernist
D. Postmodernist
This question goes over what a character is as a form of symbolism and representation. This is where the woke and pre-modernist seem similar in their answer, but the big difference is that the pre-modernist is far more open on how something is symbolically relevant. The postmodernist will throw all of the responsibility onto the reader, whether it's due to a sort of nihilism or the absence of integrity. Modernist writers like to claim their characters are "alive", which is a first step into demanding realism that isn't really realistic.

Question 9

A. Pre-modernist
B. Modernist
C. Woke
D. Postmodernist
This question goes over what the writer puts in a hierarchy of dependency and focus, which then translates into their reasoning for why they write in the first place. The pre-modernist is the only one who will try to tell the truth in this aspect, because there is a focus on truth and objectivity. The modernist can easily set that aside in order to be creative, but will see creativity as truth, which might make their answers seem similar. This question also is where the postmodernists split away from woke, because the postmodernist will leave it to the reader, while the woke demands the reader to listen to the author’s intent.

Question 10

A. Postmodernist
B. Pre-modernist
C. Woke
D. Modernist
This question goes over the requirements a reader must meet in order to enjoy a woke, which is a barrier, not a bridge. The postmodernist doesn’t believe in a barrier, so they will believe anyone will love their work, but the work is written to themselves, for themselves, by themselves. The woke only intends to appeal to fellow allies, meaning a political barrier is created, and intentionally created. The modernist will create a sort of “elitist” barrier, which relates to the hipster movement. Pre-modernists intend on making their works accessible to anyone, since most of these works were intended to have word of mouth(memes) transfer the ideas between groups and cultures, making it the most approachable.

Question 11

A. Postmodernist
B. Modernist
C. Woke
D. Pre-modernist
This question goes over how the writer views the past, which is another question about how they treat homage and works around them. The postmodernist firmly demands deconstruction of the past because the past is there to mess with rather than respect. Modernists seem similar in their way of changing things, but they will still respect the past and instead use experimentation, which is to retain the bulk of an idea and add a few things to see what happens, like a spice being added to a dish. The woke will determine the past is offensive and this is why they want already established IPs to be changed, as well as the previous installments to be hidden from the masses.

Question 12

A. Pre-modernist
B. Modernist
C. Postmodernist
D. Woke
This question goes over how a writer views themselves. The postmodernist is highly allergic to labels, because the label presents an objective idea, where they demand everything to be subjective. This is where the woke completely contradicts the postmodernist, because the label is to be the most important thing possible to the woke, but only as self-identity, making it the most selfish of the choices. Modernists are confident in who they are, but they are easily changed, especially if they believe in a dialectic. The pre-modernist and modernist can both believe in an essential form, but modernists change with time which is why trends are constantly changing, due to the “originality” factor.

Question 13

A. Postmodernist
B. Woke
C. Pre-modernist
D. Modernist
This question goes over ontology, the nature of being. The second someone believes everything is a particular thing, they will apply that particular thing to their work. This is why woke people now say “everything is political” and then apply their politics to the work. The postmodernist is allergic to this idea, because they don’t like the label of political, so this is where the postmodernist will try to blend in with the other two. Pre-modernists will apply an objective idea to their works, which brings up their idea of truth, which brings in form, which reduces originality. This is where the relativity of the modernist will try to fill in the gap, by focusing on “originality” to counter the pre-modernist.

Question 14

A. Pre-modernist
B. Modernist
C. Woke
D. Postmodernist
This question goes over the message of a story, which relates to the telos(purpose) of a work. The woke will focus on political messaging and advocacy, with their advocacy focusing on making the groups they like feel better about themselves. The postmodernist doesn’t really care about the theme, because the message will be determined by the reader, so they don’t put a focus on that, which eventually hinders their works and prevents them from being deep. The modernist is focused on self discovery, which includes what they are saying with a work, and this is part of stream of consciousness. The pre-modernist and woke will appear similar with this answer, but the main difference is that the pre-modernist doesn’t make political or group advocacy and is higher resolution than that, which is where a lot of religious and spiritual aspects come in.

Question 15

A. Woke
B. Modernist
C. Pre-modernist
D. Postmodernist
This question goes over how a writer views the process, which relates to telos(purpose). The answer for pre-modernists results in outlining since the outline of a story matters more when you’re making sure your story both makes sense and gives a proper theme. The modernist usually gets confused between the act of writing and editing, which will make it hard for them to answer this one, but the postmodernist doesn’t care about editing since a lot of it is meant to look haggard anyway. Editing is usually related to dialectic thinking, because you take a base component and try to enhance it. The woke are the only ones who peddle sensitivity reading, because they aren’t looking for a truth, but rather something that prevents offending the groups they cater to. Although, this is a question the woke will tend to lie about because sensitivity reading isn’t as popular as they hoped it would be.

Question 16

A. Pre-modernist
B. Woke
C. Postmodernist
D. Modernist
This question goes over how a writer views their own writing in how things are symbolically represented. Part of it is symbolism and the other part is how they view the audience. Postmodernists don’t care, making them the outcasts of this question. A woke writer will confuse truth with their advocacy, depending on how sure of themselves they are, but they tend to catch themselves once they see the more specific choice, even though they will say the opposite in public. Modernists like to focus on the individual, because they view everyone as an island, which relates to this special snowflake idea that sparked with hipsters. Postmodernists can be confused for modernists with this aspect, due to that slight merge under the hipster mentality.

Question 17

A. Pre-modernist
B. Woke
C. Postmodernist
D. Modernist
This question goes over epistemology, the theory of how we gain our knowledge, with knowledge relating to what the author knows and what the reader knows. The postmodernist will try to throw all of the weight onto culture(social constructs), which is why they focus so much on mixing and appropriating media. The woke will convince people that a “lived experience” is the most important thing, which is how they convince others that only a black writer can write a black character, or only a gay writer can be trusted with gay characters. Although the woke now will contradict themselves to blend in with the postmodernist, which is where they can get confused. The modernist demands for things to be practiced, which can confuse them for a pre-modernist, since pre-modernism is about things that are tried and true. The difference is that modernists will expand their concept of knowledge to things that are practiced as an individual, which can cause forms of exclusivity and remove the essentialism that pre-modernists hold.

Question 18

A. Postmodernist
B. Modernist
C. Woke
D. Pre-modernist
This question goes over advocacy and demands for the market. The pre-modernist will sometimes be confused for a modernist here because the modernist will determine science as truth, even though science is limited and always changing(this ties back to relativism). The postmodernist is excluded from the rest as the only one placing all the burden on the individual(again), but here it is where they claim everyone is an island, which is maybe the only thing modernists and postmodernists agree with, when convenient. The difference is that modernists have faith in science while the postmodernist doesn’t, due to their hyper-subjectivity. This is how, for example, a postmodernist can believe in flat earth and a modernist doesn’t, even if both are praising individualism.

Question 19

A. Pre-modernist
B. modernist
C. postmodernist
D. woke
This question goes into aesthetics, specifically how the writer feels about the way we tell readers what’s in the book. The woke will add things to a genre that speaks to the groups they want to uplift, such as afro futurism and LGBT fantasy. This is where a pre-modernist and woke writer will get mixed, but the key difference is that pre-modernists still retain the definition of the genre and the woke will follow the postmodernist concept of stretching and subverting to be an interloper of a genre. Meanwhile, the modernist will take genres and combine them to expand upon them, like how modernist filmmakers combined German expressionism, crime dramas, and poetic realism to make noir.

Question 20

A. Modernist
B. Pre-modernist
C. Woke
D. postmodernist
This question goes over the ethics of a work, in how writers view the ethics of their readers(aka sympathy). This is the most important for the pre-modernist and the woke, but for different reasons. The woke demands for their readers to follow the same political narrative while the pre-modernist demands for the reader to be open for spirituality and religious meaning. In a way, the secular choices are postmodernist and modernist, but the modernist goes for a scientific approach while the postmodernist throws all of the burden on the reader(again).

Question 21

A. Postmodernist
B. Pre-modernist
C. Woke
D. Modernist
This question goes over the writer’s path and goal for following generations. Whichever one the majority follows will cause the trend to go along with it, which is what is later called a movement. Pre-modernists beg for a renaissance, a return to the classics, while the modernist doesn’t mind going further into new territory as long as they find it creative. The postmodernist doesn’t care about much, because they demand the highest quality to be on par with the lowest, which leaves the door open for any advocacy, which right now is the woke. The woke don’t care what the future holds in the same way the postmodernist does, but the one thing the woke add to it is the need for representation of groups they want in the media.

Question 22

A. Woke
B. Pre-modernist
C. Modernist
D. Postmodernist
This question goes over how the writer views their characters in the way they want the reader to view them as well. This is a priority of aesthetics, with the postmodernist throwing all of the aesthetic burden on the reader(again). Modernists demand the character to be very visual and “realistic” to where they can be seen as a real person, because the modernist views their character as “living” and “with a mind of their own”. The woke only cares about what group gets represented by a character, with anything else up for interpretation, which is where they merge with the postmodernist. The pre-modernist will focus mainly on themes and symbolism to have their characters make sense, which falls back to the idea of form and essentialism.


This test is to be used by anyone trying to figure out who they are and what kind of readers they will appeal to. Feel free to share it around, ask questions from it, expand upon it. Hell, make up your own test that is way better than this one. Again, I’m positive that if someone refuses to take the test, they are woke or postmodernist. Woke if they are too offended to take it and postmodernist if they are afraid of being labeled. I find that weird since the modernist proudly wears the badge with honor, the pre-modernist is happy to finally realize there is a label for them, but the postmodernist and woke are afraid of being found out about their intentions, as if their intentions are a bad thing when revealed.
To me, that is rather sinister, which is why the woke and the postmodernists are causing trouble in basically every forum, server, group, stream, wherever you interact with them. This wasn’t always the case. Before the postmodernists just wanted to have fun, but now they are dedicated to making sure others follow their agenda, and only their agenda, which is why postmodernists easily get mixed with the woke. There must be another name for that type of person, which isn’t woke but more like one who is egotistical to where they think it’s their way or the highway, even though they think everything is subjective. Woke is a branch of postmodernism, for sure, but the postmodernist is not supposed to take their subjectivity as objectivity, which seems to have started happening thanks to the critical theories that sparked wokeness to spread in the late 2010s.
Feel free to ask questions, let me know what you got as a score, suggest any further questions or fixes to the current ones. Remember, if you score over 16 on any category, you’re certainly of that mentality. I am also considering having it where if you score 1 on any woke question, then that means you’re instantly woke. So if you score 1 on woke but end up in another category, let me know as well to see how likely that is.
Next test I’m working on will go over your knowledge of writing, which will be 56 questions long with both multiple choice and written answers that will challenge writers on how worthy they are of being called good. I would like to have this one as a test to tell who knows what they’re doing and who doesn’t, with the questions going over:
  1. Marketing
  2. Theme
  3. Narrative
  4. Tone
I believe these 4 categories are what determine how willing a writer is to both sell a book and relate to the reader. If they get something like 80% or above, they know their stuff enough, but anything below that and they are unaware of how to sell something a person will buy.
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2023.05.28 05:32 wisteriaswirl new cat not using litter box

species: cat age: ~2 years sex/neuter status: f, spayed breed: american shorthair body weight: 7lbs history: n/a clinical signs: n/a duration: 1 day location: tx
i adopted a cat today and since she's settled in, she has not used the litter box. she knows where it is and is familiar with the litter and has been eating and (just started) drinking water. she is cuddly and very friendly, so i don't think it would be an anxiety issue. i'm a first time cat owner and may be overthinking, but is something wrong? i can't help but worry and any help would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.05.28 05:32 _diabolus_n What is cost and quality of living in Hyd?

Hey! I just got selected in Tech Mahindra as an SDE(intern) during our campus placements and my working location is Hyderabad and i know little to nothing about the place . As i have heard it one of the upcoming IT hubs and i really want to know how are pg prices and quality of living in Hyd and how is Tech Mahindra as a starting company?
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2023.05.28 05:32 human_raisedbyhumans GRE Today, 168Q 165V!

Took the GRE at-home test today and got a 168 in QR, 165 VR.
Very excited with my score, as my goal was 160+ in both sections.
Studied for about 3 months with a full-time job, so study time was limited to about 5-10 hours/week.
I recommend:
-Magoosh for QR (although I did complete many practice VR sections with Magoosh initially to get an idea of timing, structure etc.)
-Official ETS materials including PowerPrep and the PowerPrep Plus tests for VR
-GregMat videos on YouTube and quizlet for his vocab sections (in hindsight given all his praise on GRE, I may have ONLY used GregMat... but I had already paid for Magoosh LOL)
Overall, my test-at-home experience was very smooth and I recommend it! Honestly, when I was taking the test, I felt that I was doing quite badly... it felt more difficult than all of my previous practice exams, so don't be discouraged during the actual test if you get stumped.
Let me know if anyone has any questions :) In addition, I would love to sell the remaining 2 months of my Magoosh subscription at a discount. Please message me!
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2023.05.28 05:32 Stray_Gh0st Need help with Gen 2 REPR 308

Need some help from fellow repr owners. I bought this new 2 months ago. Put a few mags through it to test function and everything seemed fine. This was using pmags.
Today i took it out and threw on one of my 30 cal cans. I emailed LWRC customer service for a suggestion on the gas setting to use and they said 4-6 should be fine.
The issue im having ( i think) is the gas adjustment screw from closed (0 tightened all the way clockwise) will make one full revolution and go PASSED 18 and continue until it stops at 16. So its basically making almost 2 complete revolutions, but it only has 18 settings?
I couldn't get the rifle to lock open after last round using pmags or lancers no matter what gas setting so it seems under gassed (this is without the suppressor, it wouldnt lock open with the suppressor either. This also caused some failure to eject issues as well)
Anyone experienced this? Im going to contact lwrc on Tuesday and see what they suggest or send it in.
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2023.05.28 05:30 B048 My mom would rather miss my wedding than get vaccinated or wear a mask

I posted this in a narcissistic parent group and someone tagged this group and honestly I just need to scream this whole issue somewhere bc I feel like I’m losing my mind
I (26f) went home to visit my parents this week to go wedding dress shopping. I was originally going to elope and turn the event into a wedding/honeymoon but my mom and my sister practically begged me to have a real wedding. Hey if the parents are paying for it I won’t say no. (And I would love to have my sister there) We found the perfect mother of the bride dress for my mom while we were shopping. I was really excited. Today (now yesterday) I found my dress. I was crying I was so happy!
Then while my dad was paying for the dress (they are fulfilling my grandma’s promise to buy my wedding dress since she passed of cancer and they got the inheritance) my mom was trying once again to convince me to have the wedding where they live. I’m across the country and am planning on having it near where I live. My mom is a pro at the guilt trip and mentioned if we do it where I live my grandparents and aunts and cousins (all her side since everyone on my dads side is dead now) won’t be able to come. Well after a week of this I basically told her (gently) that I really want my friends to be there, and for their safety I wouldn’t feel comfortable inviting my extended family in the first place. Especially my grandparents.
For context, my grandparents and mom are the textbook definition of Qanon trumpers. My grandma was talking all about how she supports book banning after one of my appointments and her and my mom are convinced the election was stolen. Now my friends are all very liberal people. Among the guests we have non-binary individuals, queer individuals, a drag Queen, and a polyamorous throuple. And I finally let my mom know this because it just came to the point where it couldn’t be avoided anymore. I wanted to make sure she knew to be polite around them. She looked like she would be sick. But the kicker came when I mentioned one of our guests is immunocompromised and we were going to ask people to be up to date on their shots.
Now this woman has gotten Covid and had to go to the emergency room. She had to have a respirator. She had long Covid afterwards and started losing her hair. She looked me in the eye and said “maybe I shouldn’t have gotten that dress then.”
She would rather not go to my wedding at all than get vaccinated to protect my friend from dying. She would rather not wear a mask than watch me walk down the aisle.
Luckily my dad is sane and vaccinated but he is so “don’t stir the pot” that I know he won’t do much. The whole thing killed the joy of finally finding my dress and I want to cry. My mom has disappointed me and crossed boundaries and just been a conspiracy theorist wack job my whole life but the little part of me that has been holding out hope and just wanting her mom is crushed. I wanted to cry.
This morning I told my dad that my partner and I would be willing to figure out some compromise with having her take Covid tests leading up to the wedding and he said he would bring it up, but with him and my sister being the only family basically coming that they would no longer pay for the wedding if my mom couldn’t come. Like I never said she couldn’t come I just wanted her to be aware and not potentially make my friends really sick. She’s the one choosing if she would come or not and putting it all on me. She keeps saying how much I’m upsetting her like it isn’t MY WEDDING that SHE is making all about HER! She’s the one who wants to die on this hill. She tried telling me not to invite my friends so she could go but I’m absolutely NOT going to do that bc they are close friends of ours and some are even responsible for my partner and I getting together in the first place. They are like family to us.
And my dad taking her side on the issue by basically threatening to stop funding it (the money would be up to him more than my mom so it’s really a him decision) is honestly the worst part. All these years I gave him more credit than he deserved. Up until now I always felt like he had my back when it came to my mom and that he was someone safe. I just can’t look at him the same after this.
She has begrudgingly agreed to the Covid tests (though she’s still upset bc somehow the government will track her through an at home test or some shit) and I’m guessing they are still funding the wedding now that we have come to that “compromise” but our relationship will never be the same after this. I’ve spent years trying to fix the relationship with my mom but she’s made it impossible. I honestly don’t want her to come anymore after cooling down, but I went through so much just to get a compromise out of her that I might as well just leave it so I can at least have a wedding before the relationship with my parents absolutely dissolves.
Fuck trump and fuck Qanon for making her so much worse than she was. I remember when she believed antivaxers were idiot hippies. At least that was one thing we could agree on. Now she tells me she “woke up” my friends and I are lucky our hearts haven’t exploded or some shit while my friend AND my fiancé have both lost people to Covid. And I know so much of it is fueled by extreme evangelical shit that she keeps spitting even now like there weren’t three raptures that were supposed to occur since I was in the third grade. Oddly enough I wish she was even a little like she was back when I was in the third grade. At least she wasn’t this bad.
What really sucks is IM the one who feels guilty. I feel like I did something wrong. I feel like I’m somehow the selfish one and a disappointment. I just want to go home to my fiancé and cry in bed. I feel like I mean so little to both of them right now. But like… it’s my wedding. Even if I am being selfish, isn’t it at least a little understandable? Am I somehow in the wrong here and just not seeing it?
And cutting them off completely would hurt my mental and physical health because due to a few mental illnesses I have trouble keeping a steady job and am therefor financially dependent on them, especially for things like dr and therapy appointments which I need to stay sane and get my medications.
Once I’m back with my fiancé I’m sure things will feel a little better but this pit in my stomach hurts. Sorry this turned into a big old trauma dump rant but this shit keeps weighing on me.
Sorry about format and all that shit. I’m on mobile.
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2023.05.28 05:30 Aleddin1 Drug testing for Area Managers

Hello everyone! I’m accepting an Area Manager role located in Michigan and I’m freaking out on whether or not i’ll be tested for weed. I have a drug screening coming up and was wondering if anyone knew the answer to this! thank you!
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2023.05.28 05:30 delusionalsickpuppy hi there, i am looking to rehome these lovlies (more in desc)

hi there, i am looking to rehome these lovlies (more in desc)
i have these three little custom furbs, and two 2005s i am looking to rehome. in short I'm trying to move out and want as little things as possible for when i move. I know the green 05 with glasses does not work, and i haven't tested the rest. if you need any additional photos of anything I'd be happy to send them. i have replaced both of the 05's beaks as they were disintegrated when i got them. i thought this would be the best place to start to look at rehoming them, as im not sure how ebay collectors and the like feel about customs. i would also appreciate if you could share any other places i could list these guys. thank you all in advance.
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2023.05.28 05:30 A_Lone_Egg 23 yrs old with chronic bilateral issues, advice needed

Hey all,
I just wanted to ask if anyone has had a similar experience to me, but I have been going dealing with chronic issues in both my knees and shoulders for over a year now (almost 2 for my Right shoulder). MRI's have shown grade 1 chondromalacia in my knees and bicep tendonitis in my shoulders. Except for my right shoulder, there wasn't a specific traumatic incident that started it, my knees both went bad suddenly, and my left shoulder started getting impingement about 6 months after my right one. I have been consistently doing PT for these years and have seen very mixed results: my shoulders have been been up and down and have not been better to the point where I can sleep on them or go to the gym (my bicep tendon can't take a load over 5 pounds). My chondromalacia was starting to feel better but I have also never been able to get rid of this painful catching feeling in both the knees (and get back to running).
My history: I have gotten a sjogrens syndrome diagnosis from my rheumatologist back in 2020, I've had a positive ANA test but negative SSA and SSB and sed rate. One of my sjogren's panel results came back extremely high, and I've been having bad inflammation problems with my eyes as well (superior limbic keratoconjunctivitis) and dry eyes. My sjogrens syndrome flare ups usually present as bilateral nerve pain in my wrists and visible inflammation. Currently only taking Hydroxychloroquine
My main confusion is that my bilateral knee and shoulder issues don't seem to follow the same trends as my bilateral wrist pains. In fact, every other rheumatologist I have seen has strongly been against me going on stronger medications for these things. Reasonings include: No visible swelling or heat or redness, my symptoms aren't worse in the mornings (in fact they are the best in the morning), blood tests aren't super conclusive of rheumatoid arthritis, and also I didn't not notice a response to prednisone when I took some last summer for my wrist pain. I have been on the AIP diet to test it out, and it helped my wrist pain but not my shoulders and knees.
I just wanted to ask if other people have had bilateral issues that didn't present as the normal joint pains, but ended up having success with medications. My current rheumatologist suggested I go on sulfasalazine. I did have a slighlty positive Rheum 14.3.3 ETA blood result and my rheumatologist said I could have seronegative RA, but also when I saw a few other rheumatologists they told me this test is not very proven so far either.
I overloaded my left knee during PT and has regressed back to the point where I can't put weight on it, so I'm just really worried I am going to cause myself more damage at this point if I don't take medications and it is something autoimmune. The sulfasalazine is somewhat of a shot in the dark to my rheumatologist as well. I guess I'm generally opposed to medications but will do it if its necessary at this point
Thanks for reading! Would love to hear opinions
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2023.05.28 05:29 sytrsreign Axanthic question

Axanthic question
So i was interested in what differences the 5 different lines of axanthic have i was unable to find single gene examples of the other three but i was able to locate tsk and vpi ive only ever really experienced vpi and from compairing the two that i have examples of it looks like vpi is lighter then tsk but it might just be the lighting i do understand that axanthic is something you wanna plug into a combo to remove the browns and yellows and leave you with a black and white snake learning and i just love genetics assistance is welcomed and thanked ahead of time (not my animals these guys are up on morph market)
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2023.05.28 05:29 AnotherDevArchSecOps Tramp against remote FreeBSD or MacOS?

I'm trying to troubleshoot problems of Tramp via ssh on remote FreeBSD or MacOS. Tramp works fine when the remote is Linux.
I've set this at the first line of the remote .zshrc in the case of MacOS:
[[ $TERM == "dumb" ]] && unsetopt zle && PS1='$ ' && return 
At least connect does not just hang, but it shows this (testing connecting to localhost):
/ssh:[email protected]:/Users/USER:
(blank page)

Anything to try here? I've tried starting up Emacs with -Q to rule out any local config. The Emacs I'm using is on MacOS and version is:
GNU Emacs 30.0.50 (build 1, x86_64-apple-darwin22.4.0, NS appkit-2299.50 Version 13.3.1 (a) (Build 22E772610a)) of 2023-05-02 
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2023.05.28 05:29 TomBerryxD Real Time Location Sharing like Find By by Apple

Why does Android or Google Maps offer no real time location sharing which means that you can follow your friends or family members in real time without a delay? In Google Maps the location is often delayed a few minutes. With Find My by Apple, you can see the live location from another device.
Is there maybe an app available for Android that does not consume lots of power? At least Apple has implemented this feature that does not seem to drain lots of battery.
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