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BPD and hurdles to recovery

2023.05.28 05:20 qwas12357 BPD and hurdles to recovery

Vital Environmental Factors That Can Prevent Recovery From BPD:
If, as a result of childhood trauma, we have developed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or borderline personality disorder (BPD) our post-traumatic environment can have an extremely strong impact upon our chances of recovery. I list some particularly important factors below :
If we are not provided with such support, but, instead, are shunned and ignored, it is highly likely that our feelings of worthlessness, vulnerability and isolation will be intensified.
Support needs to be non-judgmental, empathic and validating both of our emotional pain and also of our interpretation of how our adverse experiences have affected us.
Also, those providing the support need to be 'emotionally literate' (i.e. able and willing to discuss feelings and emotions in a compassionate and understanding manner)
Obviously, if people we talk to about our traumatic experiences don't believe what we are saying or believe we are exaggerating the seriousness of what happened to us (or the seriousness of the effect it has had upon us) our psychological condition is likely to be severely aggravated: our lack of self-esteem, sense of despair, sense of worthlessness, sense of unlovability, feelings of isolation and any feelings of anger, bitterness and resentment we may have are all likely to be severely intensified.
We need to avoid those who would cause us secondary victimization. Secondary victimization occurs when those who ought to be helping us instead harm us further. Indeed, the example of not being believed (see above) is one such form of secondary victimization.
Other examples of secondary victimization include :
On top of these problems, it can, too, be difficult to get professional support:
A recent study carried out by Proctor et al., 2020, has produced further evidence that BPD sufferers frequently find it highly problematic gaining access to effective treatment such as dialectical behaviour therapy, or DBT. (In relation to this problem, you may wish to read my previously published articles: How Malignant Alienation May Impoverish Care BPD Patients Receive.)
Whilst many professional used to believe BPD was typically unresponsive to treatment, this can no longer operate as a feasible excuse as there now exists an increasingly large and growing body of evidence that a substantial proportion of those who have been diagnosed with this extremely serious condition (which is closely linked to severe and protracted, interpersonal, childhood trauma) can be treated effectively, at least to the degree that they no longer fulfil the requisite criteria necessary for the diagnosis of BPD to continue to be applicable.
The authors of the study suggest that difficulty obtaining proper treatment is linked to the continued stigma attaching itself to a BPD diagnosis. However, as sufferers of the condition become increasingly knowledgeable about the illness and of the existence of evidence base therapies like DBT (see above), so too should their confidence assertively to request the opportunity to access such treatment. After all, about one in ten BPD sufferers eventually die by suicide, so the need for such individuals to be offered compassionate, non-judgmental, empathetic and non-discriminatory treatment can hardly be overstated. The treatment of extreme mental pain is just as much of an ethical imperative as is the treatment of extreme physical pain.
The Australian study surveyed 500 patients between 2011 and 2017 and found that those offered appropriate help often waited between a year and a year-and-a-half to receive it. The author of the study pointed out that this not only resulted in unnecessary suffering for the BPD sufferer but also placed extra strain on hospital emergency services (i.e. due to more BPD sufferers reaching crisis point, attempting suicide, self-medicating with dangerous levels of alcohol and/or narcotics, extreme self-harm such as self-cutting and self-burning etc.).
The researchers concluded by emphasizing the importance of health professionals applying NHMRC BPD guidelines in order to support front line services responsible for the welfare of BPD sufferers.

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2023.05.28 05:00 Kazevenikov Cryptid Chronicle - Chapter 30

A special thanks to u/bluefishcake for the wonderful original story and sandbox to play in.
A special thanks to my editors LordHenry7898, RandomTinkerer, Swimming_Good_8507, CatsInTrenchcoats, and KLiCKonthat.
And a big thanks to the authors and their stories that inspired me to tell my own in this universe. RandomTinkerer (City Slickers and Hayseeds), Punnynfunny (Denied Operations), CompassWithHat (Top Lasgun), CarCU131 (The Cook), and Rhion-618 (Just One Drop)
Hy’shq’e Ay Si’am (Thank you noble friends)
Chapter 30: A Promise Kept
Kalai stepped off the shuttle to the Vaida’s headquarters and into a running tackle-hug from Sitry. “Oh Kalai, I could kill you right now! You got to see the Great Barrier Reef in person, you bitch!” Sitry’s cheerful voice was muffled from where she was still buried in her chest. Kalai staggered backwards a pace or two, happy to be back from her whirlwind adventure around Earth with her father.
Naranjo and Papa Rhaxiid were there on the platform to welcome her back too, but their welcomes were more sedate.
“Not to mention you got out of work for half our damn trip. Ugh, it’s so not fair!” Naranjo huffed as Kalai gave him a sisterly hug.
Papa Rhaxiid reached up and chucked her chin before turning to lead the way back inside from the forested platform. “Welcome back, sweet-sprout, we’ve missed you. Come on, we’ll get you settled again and off to work. There’s quite a bit you need to catch up on if you want your credits.”
The chuckles from the twins behind her were full of sibling malice, but she knew how to shut the pair of them up. “Papa Rhaxiid? I’ve got the paper on Biodiversity in the Reef you asked for, along with the dissection report and stomach content analysis of the tuna we caught. I want to put the finishing touches on it and do a final proofread first before I send them to you.” The man turned and gave her a warm smile as they entered the building.
“Good, why don’t you go take your things back up and say hello to Andy? I’ll give you an hour and a half to get freshened up, then I want you to report to Aquarium 12 with Dr. Sor’ansa. You can put your snorkeling practice to work there.” Papa Rhaxiid walked the three of them to the residential elevator. “I’m heading back to my office. Andy’s been requested by Maetro Pae’ella to work the kitchens for something called ‘Bison burgers'. Apparently it’s a type of indigenous bovine that the eastern Bands raise. That and something from Europe called ‘French Fries’.”
Kalai couldn’t help but get excited as she and her siblings piled into the elevator back to their little shared apartment. Sure the food she’d had all over the place was good, but so far nothing had been able to compare to Andy and his Salishian cooking.
“Nerd, I can’t believe you cheated and did work on your vacation." Naranjo broke the silence of the elevator after a little bit and stuck his tongue out at her.
Spit to windward, you vain little weed. Don’t hate me because I’m awesome.” Kalai’s riposte caused Naranjo to fold his arms and huff. Sitry simply ambushed her with an ear flick.
The elevator door opened to their floor before Kalai couldn’t bear the silence from Sitry any longer. “So, did you bag him yet, you lucky bitch?”
“No she hasn’t!” Naranjo’s singsong mockery of his sister interrupted Sitry’s response. “Papa hasn’t let Sitry even NEAR Andy without one of them around!”
“Rub it in, you snitch, besides, he did kiss me first,” Sitry preened happily as she playfully shoved Kalai’s shoulder.
Kalai pretended to stumble and almost caught Sitry’s foot, but she was just a hair too slow. “Yeah, and then you gave him a black eye, you clod.”
“Will you let it go? It was an accident!”
“It’s not even the only one he got either." Naranjo’s interjection stopped her right in front of their door.
“Wait, what? Who hurt him this time?” Kalai let her bag thunk to the floor as she turned to look accusingly between Sitry and Narny.
Sitry folded her arms and her ears twitched back as she shot a dark look at their door. “He ‘fell down’ yesterday while out at one of the Hatcheries we gave to the Hwatcoms. Mrs. Toloui nearly had a fit! She said she could smell another human on him and that he was covered in blood!”
Narny nodded primly as Kalai tried to process what they were telling her. “WHAT? Did she call out the militia? Track down whoever hurt him?”
“No, and he refused treatment and insisted that no one did it to him! When papa tried to talk to him, Andy said some stupid human macho shit about pain healing and birds liking scars. I don’t know, sometimes humans… they’re frickin’ insane!”
The door shot open and there stood Andy. His left eye was an angry puffy yellow and blue mess, and there were three points on his lips where a dark cinnabar line marked a crack. Kalai and her siblings stood in wide eyed shock at his sudden appearance and the only sound was the music emanating from the common room behind him.
Andy looked up and down at the three without saying a word. He cocked an eyebrow and snagged Kalai’s bag before any of them could react and cleared the doorway for them.
Kalai sputtered at the impropriety but Naranjo and Sitry just shrugged and walked in after Andy. “Femboys, am I right?” Narny whispered to Kalai as he passed. Kalai followed behind and was greeted by the white fluff-ball, Puck, who hopped up and down, whining for attention. She bent down and started scratching his ears and back. While Puck rubbed up against her hands, Andy settled back down at the table where his omnipad was hooked up to a keypad. Her heart started to sink a bit and Kalai shot Sitry a jealous look before the music came to a sudden halt and Andy interrupted the beginnings of her pity party.
“Ok, Kem’ira, I got the pics now and I’m telling you to declare yourself to the farmers first! I guarantee if you tell them you’re with the new DNR and you’re there to kill all the Scotch Broom in their pasture lands, they’ll stop trying to shoot you for trespassing!”
Kalai’s mood jumped up a bit. It’s not that he doesn’t care to see me, he’s in a meeting!
“No, no I’m not coming out to talk this over with them, I’ve got my own work to do! Either you start talking to folks like I showed you how, or ask the militia to give you one of their armored catsuits to wear under your uniform… Uh-huh, good luck." Andy hung up on the call and leaned back as Puck scampered over and hopped up in his lap.
Andy rubbed his temples before shaking his head. He seemed to relax a bit and Puck slid off to follow Sitry to the kitchen. Andy looked over and gave Kalai a happy smile that made her flush. “Welcome back! So how was the land down under? That tuna was fan-frickin’-tastic, if you aren’t sick of seafood I’ll do something fancy with it tomorrow to celebrate your coming back. Can’t tonight though, I got volun-told to be head chef tonight and I… Oh damnit! I’m late! Come to dinner, burgers and fries Indian style tonight. Gotta run!” With that, Andy went dashing out the door with Puck barking and scrambling along after him.
Kalai felt her heart sink back down again, as he left. “Andy I-” She started but he was gone.
“Yeah, it’s been like that for the whole week. The only time we get to hang out is dinner.” Sitry commiserated as she took Kalai’s bag into their room. “On the other hand, we might get to catch up during the family meal tonight.”
The dinner was delicious, though a bit weird. It tasted alright, but there was a certain aftertaste on the sandwich that just didn’t sit right with Kalai. She just couldn’t put her finger on it. The french fries more than made up for it though, and Mama Sakalbi had to hold a science trivia contest to see who got the last little handful.
Kalai and Narny were already silently plotting with each other for their revenge against their sister who had won and refused to share the last few matchsticks when Andy finally joined their table. He was sweaty and he smelled of woodsmoke and french fries. Kalai jumped up and offered him a seat next to her with a nervous smile. He took it gratefully and seemed to sag a bit as he gulped down a glass of water.
“Andy, I think you may be finding your calling as a culinary ambassador,” Mama Aftasia beamed. “A toast to the chef!”
Andy gave a shy smile and looked down as Kalai and the rest of the family gave a hearty ‘Here, here!”
“It’s a simple enough recipe; it’s just using bison instead of cow, that’s all, and I don’t know anyone who’d turn down hand cut fresh fries. It’s kind of hard to screw up.”
“Young man, you are speaking to a woman who found a way to take cold water and dried wumpa flakes and wind up with a Class-4 fire. Cooking has always seemed like ‘blight mysticism’ to me, and these foods? These flavors? Nothing short of a Greenwood miracle in my opinion." Mama Aftasia continued her praise of Andy, which only caused him to shrink even lower in his seat.
“To be honest, I like your salmon better,” Kalai said, and the whole table went silent. Kalai held her ground though, and was rewarded with a tired but genuine laugh from Andy that brought him back out of his shell.
“You know, I do too. My Clan were fisherpeople, not buffalo chasers.” Andy gave Kalai a cheeky grin, which she returned happily, her heart glowing. Mama Aftasia and Mama Sakalbi both blinked in bemusement at Andy’s statement while Sitry just giggled.
“Speaking of which, Andy, I received a call from Elder Alex Hwatcom.” Papa Rhaxiid’s change of subject instantly perked Andy up, and he stared silently, waiting. “He extended an invitation to our family to attend his family gathering this Friday-”
“Alex said that? He used those words?” Andy shook his head in shock as he interrupted Papa Rhaxiid. The table went quiet and everyone held their breath as they looked between the two men.
Papa Rhaxiid adopted as good an impression of the human Elder as he could. “I’d like to extend an invitation for you and your family to be guests at our family gathering this saturday up at the White… something… lodge-”
“The White Ram Lodge?” Andy sat forward, interjecting again as the color drained from his face.
“Yes, that’s the one! I asked if we could bring anything since the last time they hosted us they put on that wonderful spread. He said if we could bring a few salmon for the family, that would be wonderful.”
Andy leaned back and took another sip of ice water before holding the glass to his blackened eye. “Alex Hwatcom… just invited you… to a gathering… and he told you to ‘bring a few salmon’? Do you realize what a huge honor this is?”
Rhaxiid looked from his wives to his children with mild concern. “Um, I thought it was only dinner, but your reaction tells me there’s more significance to this than I originally thought. I was thinking about our stocks of adult Sockeye, but then I remembered in his story how important King Salmon are. Of course, I’d like to defer to you for the choice since you know these animals and the cultural expectations with this invitation better than we do.”
Andy was silent for a moment before he put the glass down. “I’d recommend a ‘hard no’ to all your clone stock!” Now it was the Vaidas’ turn to be shocked, as each of Kalai’s Erbian family’s jaws dropped in synch. Before anyone could say anything, Andy continued, “You need to bring wild-caught. Farm-raised salmon wouldn’t… well we can tell, and you can taste the difference between them. We need to go fishing!” Kalai leaned towards Andy slightly as he lowered his head and started mumbling to himself. She was just able to make out what he was saying to himself as Mama Sakalbi and Mama Aftasia began whispering to each other. “...need to get the Gillnetter out of storage, check what’s running and select the mesh. I’m gonna need a deckhand too.
Kalai reached a hand out but stopped short of touching him. “Andy?”
He popped up and spoke for the whole table to hear. “I need a shuttle to the mainland and a waiver against the fishing ban. I’ve got to get my boat and the drum ready for sea ” Rhaxiid and Aftasia sputtered in confusion, but Mama Sakalbi had a shadow fall over her, and her ears pulled back.
“Do you mean to say you want to go out on the water? Risk the ecological balance for… dinner?”
Andy looked Sakalbi dead in the eye and gave her a firm nod. “Why don’t you come out and see how we did this before you got here. Think of it as a chance to see the way we’ve fished for the last hundred or so years, and then I can explain the way we used to fish before that.”
The offer snapped Rhaxiid out of his confusion and he brightened. “A learning experience? Wonderful, we’ll make a day of it!” His hands shot out to grab both his wives’ and Kalai could feel the vibrations in the floor from where he was excitedly tapping his feet.
“If you don’t mind hard, smelly work. Uncle Willy always called it ‘the worst desk in the prettiest office.' It’ll be a bit cramped, but I’ve got room on the boat for a few guests and observers; four I think would be ok. She’s a working boat, not a pleasure cruiser,” Andy explained. That sent the whole lot of them excitedly talking among themselves.
Kalai was about to lean in to talk to Mama Aftasia, but Andy caught her attention first. “I don’t suppose you’d want to go back out on the water, given you just got back from pleasure-boating-”
Kalai’s heart nearly jumped out of her chest. “I wouldn’t miss it for my own colony planet!”
Kalai stood on the pier, bundled in her thermal sailor’s coat. It was still dark and the wind blew from the north in a cold little morning breeze. Kalai took a deep breath and reveled in the smell of the fresh sea air. The soft chattering of Mama Sakalbi’s teeth broke the silence. “It’s a bit chillier than it said it was going to be.”
“The water always does that. It’s never as warm as the lubbers say it’ll be,” Papa spoke as he handed her back her thermos of hot chocolate.
Papa stood next to Kalai and nudged her with his elbow. Even in the dark, Kalai could see him smile up at her and jerk his head at the shivering Erbian. He was also wearing a thermal sailor’s coat, and his hands were stuffed in his pockets to keep them warm, just like Kalai’s. “Landswoman,” he whispered to her and the two of them shared a knowing smile. It was strange, but welcome when she'd told Papa about her upcoming day fishing with Andy, and he’d politely requested to join them. Papa Rhaxiid had graciously given his spot up to accommodate her birth father. Narny was all for it until Andy had explained what they were going to do, but then surrendered his challenge to the fourth guest space, not wanting to go anywhere NEAR anything that could see him come face to face with a Lion’s Mane Jelly. Sitry had done a happy little dance when she found out, but only yesterday had come down with Thistle Fever, and was bundled off to bed by her parents. It left Kalai, Mama Sakalbi, and Papa to accompany Andy on his fishing trip.
The water brushed against the shore behind them quietly. In the gloom, Kalai could just barely make out the outline of the nearest island mountain, but only because the stars had disappeared behind it. It was almost four in the morning, but Kalai had managed a catnap on the shuttle to the empty little lot that had been the boat launch. Aside from the water, the world was silent. Even the breeze made almost no noise and a sense of peace surrounded them. Everything was so calm, Kalai felt like she didn’t have a care in the world.
In the distance, a low rumbling sound of a motor rose from being almost imperceptible to a rolling drum of thunder. From around the point, two green floating lights sped through the darkness, and a spotlight turned on. The beam of light moved jerkily until it came to rest on the pier where they were standing and Kalai started waving her arms. Sakalbi’s omnipad rang, and Andy’s voice shouted over the speaker and the background noise for them to shine a light on the edge of the pier to help him park the boat.
Kalai and Papa moved closer and turned their omnipad flashlights on and waved them as the boat swung gracefully around and glided in alongside them. Kalai caught the rope that flew over the railing of the boat and she heard more than saw Andy moving around on the deck as she tied off on one of the mooring cleats. Several lights clicked on and the deck was bathed in light enough for Kalai to get a clear view of the boat they’d be spending the day on.
Andy hadn’t lied. Kalai saw that this little vessel was a working boat with no frills at all. When he’d told her they’d be going fishing, she’d envisioned something like the charter boat papa had taken her on out of Nantucket. Sporty, fast with a nod to comfort and function. This was not that at all. A giant wheel as wide as Kalai’s outstretched arms that looked like a sideways spool of thread was secured to the deck amidships and dominated the deckspace. Wrapped around it was a fluorescent green tangle with a line of oblong white and yellow corks and rope. There was a covered hatchway sitting behind the drum in front of the raised step to the enclosed cabin. Two large windows let the light out to two children’s bunks, a little table with a booth seat and a raised captain’s chair in front of the helm and engine controls. Andy shut down the engine and that peaceful stillness returned.
“Oway there!” Kalai called, “ship oway! Request permission to come aboard.” Kalai gave the traditional greeting of a Shil’vati sailor.
“Permission granted! Anyone need a stepstool?” Andy finally stepped into the light and Kalai got a look at him. He was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and the same bright orange coveralls she’d seen the fishmongers wearing on their date.
“I wouldn’t mind a hand, Mr. Shelokset.” Papa He’osforos braced a foot on the railing of the boat and Andy pulled him up.
“Just call me Andy, Doc, and welcome aboard. Jackie should be along any minute now with the day’s groceries, and the cabin’s out of the cold. You can get yourself set wherever you find comfortable.” Papa nodded and disappeared around the other side of the wheel moving towards the bow.
Kalai helped Mama Sakalbi into the boat next, and she quickly ducked into the cabin that took up the entire stern section save for a little ledge that ran along the outside. Andy gripped Kalai’s hand and she smiled as he pulled her deftly aboard. The boat rocked a little on its mooring, and Kalai almost fell into Andy, who wordlessly put his arms around her waist to catch her as she lost her balance. She flailed for a moment before she steadied herself against him.
“Gotcha,” Andy smiled, and Kalai could see him flush almost as much as she could feel herself doing as their noses almost touched. Those big dark brown eyes surrounded by white orbs drew her in and she felt she could lose herself in them. Kalai started as Andy danced her around him and moved her towards the cabin door.
“It might be a little cramped for you in there, but the Mary Jean wasn’t built for pleasure boating, she’s a working girl. Sit tight, I gotta check a few things in the back.” Andy patted the railing affectionately before he hopped up and scooted along the outside of the cabin towards the stern. Kalai couldn’t help the little longing groan that came out as he left her there on the little tiny quarterdeck. Her heart was hammering in her chest as half formed fantasies danced at the edges of her mind.
“I saw that, little minnow.” Papa’s voice was soft, but his tone and the sudden broken silence nearly gave her a heart attack.
Kalai could only stammer as her father stared at her with a cocked eyebrow. A thump from the cabin window behind saw an amused Mama Sakalbi daintily sipping at her thermos with her ears twitched forward in interest, staring out at her. “Papa I… he-”
Papa moved carefully around the covered hatchway to stand next to her, leaning back against the cabin window and heaved a sigh. “I must say I’m surprised. This lovely man’s got good clean lines and is very well cared for. It speaks well of his Skipper.”
It took a full minute for Kalai’s brain to process that he was talking about the boat and not Andy. “And the way Andy brought him in smooth in near complete darkness? It gives me confidence in his abilities.”
Kalai breathed a silent sigh of relief and exasperation. Although she was happy to be spending more time with her father, bringing him on what she’d hoped would be a sailing date wasn’t exactly what she’d had in mind for ‘family time’. He wants me to find a nice young man and spend time with him on a boat, but the first chance I get Papa decides to clam-jam me.
From up on shore, the sound and lights of a large human vehicle screeching to a halt heralded the last of their party to arrive. Kalai heard the clomping footsteps coming down the pier and moved to the railing to lend a hand.
“Ahoy Mary Jean! Raggedy Andy, you there?” Kalai stared with wide eyed surprise to see a human female, loaded down with plastic bags and sporting two human weapons on her shoulder. The two of them locked eyes, and while Kalai didn’t understand everything the girl shouted in surprise, she had caught and understood the phrase, “What the fuck?”
“Easy now, they’re my guests, and the one inside is the boss!” Andy appeared on the pier instantly before either Kalai or the woman could react further.
“Ya didn’t tell me we were having pur-” The woman glared at Kalai and her father. She had switched to Vatikre thankfully, but her tone was hostile as she dropped everything but her weapons. “I mean, hwun’eetums, aboard. A gal could get the wrong idea pretty quick in the dark when there’s no warning.”
“Knock it off Jackie. Let’s get the grub aboard and shove off.” Andy picked up some of the bags and took the guns as Kalai offered a helping hand over the railing. “Oh, Kalai, this is Jackie. Jackie? Kalai. That’s her dad over there, Doc He’osforos. He saw and treated Kay Tee a few years back.” Andy jerked his head towards the direction of Kalai’s father as she held out a hand to the human girl. On a quick inspection, she appeared to be about the same age as her and Andy. She had a round face and was about as dark complected as Andy was. She was shorter, only a few inches taller than Papa, but when Jackie grabbed Kalai’s hand to hop up onto the rail, she could feel the strength and the compact muscle hidden by the baggy sweatshirt and pants.
“Wait a minute, did you say Mini-Me over there saw Kay Tee? You’re fuckin’ with me!” Jackie stumbled a bit as she hopped down onto the deck with a loud thunk and advanced on Papa who shrank away at her advance. “You saw li’l Kay Tee? Where the fuck is he? Is he alright? Is he still fighting the good fight?”
“Last I saw, yes, he was ‘fighting the good fight.’” Papa looked over at Andy with a slightly worried expression. Andy smacked the girl in the back of the head, causing her to flinch and she opened the door to the cabin for Andy to go inside.
Jackie rubbed the back of her head and laughed. “Well that’s a little bit of alright, innit? Maybe today’s gonna be a good day after all!”
“Jackie, get suited up and get on the bow. I need a good pair of eyes on the roller horns,” Kalai heard Andy shout from the cabin, followed by a whole lot of thumping and banging from cabinets being opened and closed.
“You got it, ol’ man. We going to your place or mine?” Jackie sidestepped in and opened a tiny little closet and pulled out a set of rain gear that was identical to what Andy was wearing. Kalai collected herself and stood in the doorway next to her father as they both leaned in.
“Mine; Chuck said the Yaw’much are running from the South. We’ll do a set nor’west of Lummi in the Rosario and see if we can get some Fraser Kings,” Andy replied as he turned the engine back on and the vessel roared to life.
“Chuck? Isn’t that one of your cousins? I didn’t know he could keep track of the movements of Salmon, may I ask how he does it?” Mama Sakalbi perked up as she pulled a set of earplugs out of a pocket and inserted them.
Andy prevaricated a bit, looking from Jackie back to Sakalbi then to Kalai and Papa. “I’d rather not answer that-”
“Breakin’ the law, breakin’ the law! Breakin’ the law, breakin’ the law!”
Jackie began singing a human song, and Andy threw her the dirtiest of looks as she finished getting into the orange coveralls. Mama Sakalbi sputtered as Andy shrugged apologetically.
“Make a hole!” Jackie called, and she and Andy came back out as Kalai and Papa made room for them. Andy hopped back onto the dock to cast off while Papa ducked into the cabin.
“Can I help?” Kalai offered as Andy shoved the vessel off and leapt the gap over the black water below.
“You want to be useful? Come forward! I could use an extra set of eyes!” Jackie called back, and Kalai felt a slap on her shoulder from the boisterous human woman.
Andy stood at the helm, watching Jackie and Kalai as he leaned to get a better view of them past the Net drum. The bow was lifting up again, and the gentle little swells became like speed bumps, jostling them up and down in a predictable bouncing rhythm.
“Are you sure you couldn’t slow down, Andy? It’s a bit rough, don’t you think?” Sakalbi was hanging on to the table and her thermos with a worried expression on her face.
“I could, but we’ll miss the morning set. We want to bomb out the buoy right when the tide changes. If we’re lucky, then we’ll get around seventy or eighty by slack tide this afternoon and call it a day.”
“How do you know where to fish?” Dr. He’osforos was making a good show of standing and maintaining his balance with his hand on the booth.
“Well, there’s two ways you know. The first is you fish the spots your family’s fished since time began. Every family has about two or three different secret spots that we know there’s fish in, and we’re pretty defensive about their locations. The second is by smell. Right now it’s the tail end of the King season, and you can smell them in the water.” Andy turned and saw the incredulity etched on the faces of the two aliens.
“No, I’m serious! King Salmon slime is really pungent, and you can smell them when they’re close to the surface. We get to the fishing spot and take a deep whiff. If we smell them, we’ll set the nets.” Andy laughed at the disbelief on their faces as the GPS on his omnipad beeped and he turned to sail around the last buoy and head for the fishing ground.
“I’ve never noticed that in any of the Kings we’ve raised-”
Andy suppressed a laugh as they caught a larger swell as they left the lee of Lummi Island. Andy reveled in the feeling of weightlessness as the deck rose up and fell out from underneath their feet, leaving everyone suspended for a moment in midair before falling back down. A massive spray of water rose and washed over the deck, drenching Kalai and Jackie, who were still forward. “Cloned and farmed Kings don’t have that same smell. Wild ones smell and taste different, I’m telling you!” Andy pulled back slightly on the throttle as they climbed the next swell. “Brace!” he called as they climbed and fell once again.
There was a look of fear on Sakalbi’s face as she gripped the table for dear life, but to Andy’s surprise, the Doctor looked completely unfazed, and was handling the rise and fall of the deck like an old salt. “You look like you’ve done this before, Doc.”
“I’ve done a stint or two at sea before,” he spoke, in the same tone Andy would have used when trying not to sound too confident, and Andy smiled.
“Kalai keeps talking about loving the sea and sailing. Did you teach her to sail?”
“Yes, me and her mothers. When they were home, we would take the family yacht out in the Vaascon Straits and sail around the Occidiens. Kalai practically spent all her early childhood on a sailboat.”
“And almost every waking moment on one in Junior Academy. I swear you couldn’t dig her out with a trowel when she wanted to go sailing,” Sakalbi managed to add in a word as the boat slowed, and the dramatic rise and fall of the deck slowed with it.
“What about you, Mr. Shelokset, did your father teach you to sail too?”
“I was too young before he passed. My Great Uncle Willy taught me after I came home, and Grandma took me out to the family fishing sites when she wasn’t busy with the Council. For the first two or three years after they let us come home, fishing was the only way to feed our families, but the Militia and the Cambrians would try and sink our boats or arrest us whenever we tried to go out.”
“And that’s why you’re so good at maneuvering your vessel in the dark with no instruments?” Mrs. Vaida had folded her arms, and her voice twinged with that imperious tone she’d had when they’d first met.
Andy huffed a dry laugh. “I did what I had to for me and my people and to survive, Ma’am. I don’t like breaking the law or dodging lasers and gunfire, but there’s a lot of poor families that need to eat.”
The GPS beeped, and Andy gave Mrs. Vaida a slightly defiant look to counter her furrowed brow. “We’re here,” he said as he threw the engine in neutral and opened the cabin door.
Andy walked out and took a deep breath, but all he could smell was the net and the exhaust from the engine. “HEY JACKIE! WE SMELL MONEY?” Andy yelled out as he took stock of the sky. The first signs of sunrise were chasing all but the morning stars away and a light fog was rolling in from the north.
“FUCK YEAH I CAN SMELL ‘EM, ANDY! LET’S BOMB OUT AND GET BREAKFAST GOING!” Jackie looked slightly manic as she smiled brightly. Kalai, on the other hand, looked wet and miserable as she shivered, arms wrapped around herself. Andy gave his cousin a disgusted look as he pieced together what had happened. Every deckhand learned when to duck behind the raised bow and the roller horns that guided the nets so as not to get a faceful of spray when cutting through a swell. It was also a classic hazing trick for Senior Deckhands to let Junior Deckhands learn this the hard way.
Andy moved forward to stand in front of the two of them. Kalai was trying to squeeze her coat dry, but Andy knew it wouldn’t do much good until the sun came out. Jackie at least had the sense to look a little remorseful. “Kalai, why don’t you go sit in the cabin and get out of that wet coat. It’s cold enough out here even for us-”
“No way, Andy. Junior deckhand Kally here wants to impress you and get her dainty soft hands dirty! She’s been bragging about being a sailorwoman and wants to learn to fish ‘your way!” Jackie gave Kalai’s shoulder a wet slap as the poor alien woman went blue. Out of cold or embarrassment, Andy couldn’t tell.
All Andy could do was shake his head and huff. “Ok then! Secure the buoy and sling on my mark. I’ll get us in position!” Andy couldn’t help but chuckle as he heard Jackie start ordering Kalai about. Andy went back into the cabin and looked in the closet/bathroom to see if there was anything hanging up that he could give Kalai. There was only the one rain slicker and a few of Andy’s old sweaters from when he was a lot smaller. Well, looks like I’ll just be cold today. He quickly stripped out of his sweatshirt and grabbed the slicker before throwing a switch on the main control. Dr. He’osforos and Mrs. Vaida threw him quizzical looks as he went back outside wearing less than when he came in. He was down to a sleeveless shirt and his coveralls, and the morning breeze cut right through him and he braced his jaw to keep it from chattering.
“We’re ready to go- Andy, why are you practically naked from the waist up?” Kalai was staring wide eyed at him as he approached her and Jackie was on the bow. Jackie had everything ready; the buoy line was strung through the horns and ready to toss out. A giant orange and blue beach ball sized float hung at the end of the line to mark the end and make it easier to pick up later.
“Trade me your coat for these. If Jackie’s putting you to work, you’ll need these to keep warm.”
“I’m alright, I can-”
“I’m the Skipper of this boat, and I’m ordering you to take off that wet coat and put these on; and Jackie?” Andy gave his cousin a long and piercing look. “Give her the elbow gloves, not the halfsies.”
The scoff and the muttered Salishian profanities meant he’d read the next prank she’d had in mind right. She was planning on giving her the cloth gloves with only the palms and fingers coated in rubber. While perfectly fine for fishing, Andy knew they tended to get soaked through very quickly and did nothing to keep jellyfish stingers and fish slime off your hands. Kalai sputtered for a moment before she complied gratefully and she accepted the dry clothes and rain slicker.
Andy saw Jackie give him a strange look before looking back at Kalai, but he paid it no mind. He walked back to the controls on the drum and switched off the hydraulics, placing the mechanism in neutral. “SLING IT!” Andy called as he took the small jerry rigged steering wheel and threw the boat in reverse. Kalai jumped as the line started unspooling the net into the water at a rapid pace.
Andy set an ‘S’ bend in the quarter mile long net, zigzagging backwards until they came to the end of the line. Andy stopped the boat as Jackie tied off the other large buoy and tossed it over the side, unstringing the cork-line from the roller horns in the process. He pulled hard over and put a bit of distance from the net before shutting the engine down. The line of white and yellow corks marking the net bobbed lazily with the swells as silence settled over the water again. The waves rocked the boat gently as Andy found his sea legs again.
“Alright, I’ll get breakfast going. Jackie, Kalai? Post the watch for seals,” Andy called as he walked back into the cabin to fire up the tiny little gas stove.
Sakalbi, having found the confidence to stand at last, poked her head out of the cabin and stood on by the hatch to the fish hold. “Seals? Why would you need to watch for seals?”
Andy grit his teeth and looked over from where he was cracking open and scrambling eggs. “They’re the spawn of Satan and we hate their guts!” Andy bit out. Jackie came back and pulled the two shotguns and a pair of binoculars from the closet. Andy reached over to a side cabinet and pulled out a box of shells for them. Both his boss and the Doctor’s eyes got wide.
“Seals are the enemy of our blood. Were it not for the invasion, our unending war against these vermin would continue to this day!” Jackie growled as she loaded one for herself and rested the other on Andy’s seat at the helm.
The look of growing horror on Sakalbi’s face towards their facetious declarations caused Andy to chuckle a bit, before launching into an explanation. “We’re not fans of the species because they’ll wait until a fish gets caught in the net and then they’ll steal it, costing us a fish AND ripping a big hole in our nets that we then have to take time to repair. We use the shotguns and buckshot to give them a nice welt and convince them not to hang around, because they’ll wait up on the surface and watch the buoys, just like us. A single seal can and will take between five and ten fish. The worst is when they start getting full, they’ll just bite out the bellies of a salmon in the net. We can’t really do anything with that fish once it’s ‘seal-bit’. So yes, as fishermen, we hate them.”
“Learned opportunism in apex predators as a response to human activity… I think I’ll go see this behavior for myself!” Sakalbi practically rushed out the door towards the bow where Jackie was sitting on the roller horns explaining to Kalai how to spot the bastards, leaving Andy alone in the cabin with the Doctor while he cooked breakfast for them all.
Dr. He’osforos sat down heavily in the booth and pulled out his omnipad. “I’ve had a word with my friend in the Interior. She’s pulled the warrant for your brother, and I’ve withdrawn the charges I filed.”
Andy froze and turned around slowly. The only sound was the sizzle and pop of the eggs and chorizo that he’d added to them in the skillet. “You mean… it’s done? He can come home?” A wave of light headed euphoria swept over Andy and he swayed with the gentle rocking of the boat. “I will pay you back, Doc-”
The doctor held up his hand and stopped Andy. “We’ll call it even, but there’s something… I was able to get my hands on this,” Andy watched as the doctor swiped something towards his omnipad and it dinged. “What is it if I may-”
“Are you really asking an Indian to tell you a story? Because it’s going to be a long one if you are.” “I’m Sevastutavan, young man; we invented long stories.”
Andy froze and stared at the screen of his omnipad. The Vatikre was heavily accented, and Andy had a bit of trouble with the unfamiliar accent, but centered in the frame in a hospital room, sitting in a wheelchair, was a Salishian boy. Andy blinked in surprise as he stared at the screen. “Is that-”
“I am Ikw’is’hi’ehlah, and this bearer is… of the Orca Clan Sheloksets. I drove our Haida enemies onto the rocks and took many heads when they attacked our winter village on Orcas Island. I signed the Treaty with the Great White Father and I fought against the slavers of the south-”
Andy wanted to grab the omnipad but the smell of overcooking eggs brought his attention back to breakfast and Andy stirred and scrapped the food quickly, trying to save it.
“I asked her for any materials she could give me on your brother. Pictures, recordings, anything. This is what she gave me. It's the last known recording of your brother during an interrogation conducted by a Navy Commissar prior to his escape. It seems he made friends with a Pod of Deaths Head Commandos. Quite a bit of the recording has been redacted, but… there are portions of it where he talks about his family and his history. I thought you might like to have it.”
Andy hurriedly pulled out paper plates and a slice of bread for everyone and scooped a heaping portion of the chorizo eggs onto them. He handed the doctor his before leaning out the cabin door. “Slop’s on, come and get it!”
Andy sat down after moving the shotgun out of the way and started the video over again as the three women came back to grab their plates and lost himself watching his brother start telling his story.
“What’s that?” Andy heard Kalai ask over his shoulder, and he paused the video.
“That’s my brother! That’s Kay Tee!”
“Holy shit, what?” Jackie nearly shoved Kalai into Andy as she jammed her bread slice down her gullet and crowded in to see the screen.
Andy started the video over a second time and they watched in silence. “God, that brings back memories. Back when mom was still alive and before we broke up the warband. I can’t believe that slippery little punk ghosted a pod of Commandos for two fucking years! Holy shit, that’s badass!”
Before Andy could say anything, Sakalbi started coughing and brought the binoculars up. “Uh, Andy? Jackie? What do we do about sharks?”
Jackie looked at Andy in confusion. “Sharks? There’s nothing but Dogs around here.”
“Well those are shark fins and they’re charging the net!” Sakalbi pointed and Andy looked up to see dorsal fins charging the center of the net.
Andy looked at Jackie and spoke the same words in tandem, “Oh shit!”

To be posted 6/4/23
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2023.05.28 04:54 _Shadow_25_ Hospital Security

Hey everyone,
I just received a promotion to a Hospital Account and am loving it so far. The Hospital is pretty large, 7 floors, trauma center, large ER, Psych wing, etc. The security department is very large and everyone is amazing so far.
I just wanted to ask if anyone else's Hospital account has this. The Hospital has transport staff that transports patients being admitted, discharged, to xray, etc. But Security is respondible for picking up dead bodies from the rooms or whereever the patient passed (body is already in bag upon arrival), and transfers said body onto gurny, transports it to the morgue, transfers it into the refrigerator, so forth. Also, releases the body to the mortuary/coroner, which includes taking the body out of the refrigerator, place it onto the gurney, and assists mortuary/coroner (if needed) with loading it onto their gurney. I don't mind doing it, but just seems out of the ordinary.
Multiple Security Officers that work there have stated at other hospitals they have worked at, they never were responsible for this. I have many friends who work in different hospitals who say its odd as well. We aren't forced to do this (supportive management) but it is in our Post Orders.
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2023.05.28 04:51 Aixela__ AITA for blocking my father finally?

I, 16F, recently resorted to the decision to stop seeing my father after years of many different events. I should firstly make it clear that I wasn’t subject to abuse in any of this I don’t think, I know I wasn’t physically though. So, when I was 7, my parents had divorced and my dad very soon after started dating another lady and moved in with her whilst I stayed living with my mum. Before he had left, he was always such a lovely and funny dad - well, that’s what everyone tells me anyway as I don’t have any memories of him living with us. However, after he left he started changing lots and now he’s nothing like he was before. His girlfriend would very often criticise and make constant pokes at me. It became very apparent quickly that she didn’t want any involvement with me, and wanted my dad for herself. Many times she would do cruel things and say some pretty harsh things. One time I was staying at their house for the weekend but wasn’t feeling well enough to go and see my dad’s girlfriends’ family for the day. Later that day when they got home, she was meant to be cooking dinner for us and because I didn’t feel well enough to see her family, according to her, I was apparently not well enough to eat and whilst they sat with their full plates, I was sat with a small snack and a few slices of cucumber. Another time I had accidentally spilt a glass of water to which she got pretty angry, shouted at me for a bit before storming outside to sit in her car for about 6 hours until I left to go home as she refused to talk to or speak to me. One time on New Year’s Eve we had celebrated with family and were going back to a hotel after. Keep in mind the hotel only provided enough pillows for the three of us to have one each. I felt very sick when we got back to the hotel so I sat in the bathroom almost throwing up. Once I went back into the room when I was feeling slightly better, my bed had no pillow, whilst my dads girlfriend had two and overheard her whisper shouting to my dad “she’s not my daughter, why should I care about her?”. So basically I was feeling really unwell and she couldn’t even spare a small ounce of empathy or sympathy by leaving me a pillow for my comfort? No. She didn’t care about me as she so clearly said. These are only a scarce number of the things that happened between me and them. No matter how many times I would tell my dad how disregarded and unwelcome I felt around them and told him the things she had done/ said, even if he witnessed them, he would always back her up. Anyways, fast forward to lockdown, him and his girlfriend got pregnant and despite the rules in the uk saying that fathers and mothers living in desperate households can still see their children during the pandemic, he would make up excuses, which was fine whilst she was pregnant, however as time went on and my half brother was born, the excuses not to see me didn’t stop. He would say he couldn’t see me, yet his girlfriend would be posting photos of her and ALL of her family (keeping in mind the uk rules were that you could only meet with one other household) and it became so frequent to the point my mum would have to comfort me at least two or three times a week from just seeing her new posts and being pushed away. My half brother is now turning three this year and I’ve only seen him 6 times at most which kind of says a lot. Anyway, at the start of the year I was diagnosed with a condition that causes me to faint often. From the multiple trips to the hospital, we learnt that on top of the other thing, I was clinically diagnosed with trauma and anxiety caused by my dad. Funnily enough, the only cause for the other thing I was diagnosed with that would make sense for my situation, is trauma. I honestly wasn’t surprised about the anxiety. It got to a point where even if I saw a message come through from him, I’d shake a lot and my eyes would well up with tears. When he called was even worse and I physically couldn’t press the answer or call button. This now takes us to a few weeks ago. I called him up, well, got my mum to press the call button for me and sit in the next room over and shut the door. I told him that I constantly felt anxious around him and his girlfriend and how unwanted they would make me feel which I had already told him over the years, to which he went on to try and manipulate me into thinking I was in the wrong and was victimising himself which I was starting to buy into and I’m assuming my mum had heard me crying on the call and some of what I was saying as she came into the room and nodded at me to hang up. So I told him not to contact me and I hung up in tears. I spent a whole hour or two after that call fully shaking badly and sobbing in my mum’s arms whilst she had to comfort me and reassure me that I wasn’t in the wrong and I haven’t done anything or said anything bad to them and she had to continuously explain to me how he was essentially gaslighting me into believing I was the one who had messed it all up. Long story short, I am getting put on a waiting list for therapy and have cut contact with my dad and am not planning on seeing him any time soon, or hopefully ever again. I’ve been trying to think of things I could have said or done that could cause them to act how they do with me and I mean, I have sent a few messages before which I expressed my annoyance in and also on a call but in those times it was 99% of the time to defend and stand my ground. Now I have a bit of an issue, with Father’s Day coming up in the uk, it has me constantly envisioning my dad sitting and waiting for a message all of the day to have the realisation that he has essentially lost a daughter. I keep getting a picture in my mind of my dad breaking down staring at the empty notifications on his phone and I’m scared that the stress will push him too far. He has always been one to bottle things up and then let it all out and as much as I hate him for what he has done, I don’t want him working himself into a heart attack or something. He’s still my dad. I don’t even know if he cares enough about me for it to hurt him but I keep getting this crushing guilt in my heart which is what has led me to being sat here at 3:45am on a Sunday typing this up. I really don’t know what to do and whether I’m in the wrong for what I’ve done or not because my friends all tell me that my dad and his girlfriend are in the wrong but my mind makes me believe they’re just saying it because they’re friends/ family and don’t want to hurt me. Please be as honest about me as you want in this because I need a genuinely honest opinion from people I don’t know so I can’t get biased responses. So, am I the asshole for dropping contact with my father?
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2023.05.28 04:48 WritingSweetroll Our Troubled Youths - Part 1 (Official Remake)

[AN]- This is the official remake of my series, "Our Troubled Youths". I was young and kind of a virgin when it came to writing lol. But, I've grown a lot in my writing, and I wanted to truly give this series a better story, and the better characters it deserves. So please enjoy!

“Slow down-” AJ huffed, chasing after Willow. She ran fast through the thick woods of Virginia, one goal in mind. It was very early in the morning- but Willow was determined that she would bring some food back home, and not just some small rabbit– but a deer. Ruby told her that deer were active at dusk and dawn, so she’d have to choose one of those times for the best results. In order for her to get around Clementine knowing, she’d have to sneak out at dawn. Willow ignored AJ, she had made a shot at a big, juicy deer. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a clean shot so the deer immediately fled. But that didn’t stop the fire in her veins, she was determined to feed her family, but mainly, she was determined to prove herself.
AJ huffed in irritation. He mentally cursed at himself, realizing this was his karma for acting this exact way when he was Willow’s age. AJ stopped running, walking instead now. She was in good vision, and it seemed she’d slow down as well. Besides, he needed to catch his breath.
Willow stopped, looking around for the deer. The blood trail confused her as it ran in circles. She calmed herself down. Tracing the trail closely, she was slowly gathering a possibility to where the deer had gone. Her vision was so focused on the floor that she didn’t realize where she was walking– and then all of a sudden she had felt herself slipping. “Ah!” She yelped, rolling down a steep hill with rocks and stumps- the pain caused her to shout in agony.
AJ was quick to action, “Willow!” He called out, running on pure adrenaline.
Willow finally fell onto the floor, deeper into the forest. Everything was blurry, but she could see she fell from a pretty high ledge. She shook her head trying to regain consciousness, everything hurt. After about a second, she tried to get up- “A-ah-” She stumbled, sitting back onto the floor. “Shit.” She whimpered from the pain of her ankle, it was definitely sprained, hopefully only sprained. But that seemed like the least of her issues. Her heart dropped as she heard the all familiar groaning. She looked up to see dozens of walkers coming over to her. It seems the commotion of her screams had gathered a lot of unwanted attention. “N-no.. no!” She tried to force herself up, she only successfully made it halfway before she fell down again.
AJ made it to the cliff's edge, looking down at Willow. “Shit! Willow!” He started to slowly make his way onto the steep ledge, he planned on sliding down gradually. “I’m coming!” he shouted.
Willow had a brief relief as she heard AJ’s call. So, her mind cleared for a moment, and she went into defense mode. “Damnit!” She complained, seeing that her bow was nowhere to be found, so she slid as far back as she could. With her back against an oak tree, she pulled out her knife and held it near her chest. “AJ…Please hurry!” She shouted, the walkers were getting closer and closer…to now where she was realizing how immobile and defenseless she really was. Panic rushed in quickly, and her mind went straight to insulting herself. If only she’d listen to her mothers warnings, if only she wasn’t so stubborn–
Her thoughts cut short as a walker fell onto the floor, grasping at her shoes, inching closer to bite her. “Ah!” She shouted, taken aback. She’d never been this close to a walker before, and she’d never feared for her life this badly.
“Willow!” AJ screamed with a fury. He held up his own bow and arrow- and shot the walker before it could hurt her. He quickened his pace down the hill, he was close to the bottom already so it wasn’t a safety issue to do so. He finally got to her, and immediately scooped her up in his arms. Willow kept her defensive stance, even in the safety of his arms. It wasn’t until a few minutes later, when she held her knife in front of her face. The knife was clean. No blood on it at all. She let the knife rest against her chest. She cried, and threw her hands over her face to cover said tears. Her knife being clean meant she didn’t even try to kill the walker on her, she would’ve died if it wasn’t for AJ.

Willow sat silent in the medical room. It used to be a dorm for some kids years ago- back when people actually were alive before the apocalypse. Sometimes she’d wonder what it was like for them. Must’ve been a lot better. She focused on some ripped medical pages that were hung on the wall. Ruby really wanted it to feel like a ‘real doctors office.’
The silence was then interrupted by Ruby coming into the office. She held fresh bandages in her hand, and some saline. It was homemade saline ofcourse, just salt and clean water. In the other hand, she held a hot drink.
“Hey there.” She said softly, she placed the items on the desk. “This is some ginger tea.” Ruby gave her the hot tea, “Ain’t as good as tylenol, but it's something.” She then went onto her knees, lifting up Willow's ankle gently. Willow sucked in her breath as the pain stung her. “I know..I know.”
Willow sighed, placing the cup in her lap. She held it tightly, letting the warmth surround her finger tips. “So. How bad is it?”
Ruby gently wrapped her foot in the gauze, “Well. It’s not broken so that's good. You just need to not move on it so much- let it heal. You had a pretty nasty fall.”
Willow nodded. “I mean, how bad is it?” Willow bit her lip, “With mom?”
“Well….” Ruby grunted getting up, dusting her hands. “I mean, I'm not gonna sugar coat it. Even Louis is mad. And you know it takes a storm to upset that goofball.”
Willow gulped. If her dad was mad, her mom was furious.
“AJ’s taking the brunt of it. She’s letting him have it.” She sighed, placing her hands on her hips and shaking her head. “But that doesn't mean you're safe.”
Willow started to bounce her leg anxiously. There was no doubt that she would be getting her ear chewed out. “Ok.” She said, accepting her fate.
“I’ll let her know you’re ready to be seen.” Ruby started walking away, but turned around half-way. “It’ll be alright. As scary as Clementine is sometimes, she still loves you to death. It's the reason why she’s so passionate.” She then exited the room, leaving Willow to soak in her thoughts.
Willow allowed the silence to engulf her. This was the only peace she’ll be getting before a fighting match of emotions. She grumbled to herself, thinking, ‘Why didn’t you just pay more attention? If only then we could have been feasting on a deer.’ She sighed heavily, and fell back onto the springy mattress. Interestingly enough, she felt a brief happiness along her chest. Memories from when she was a toddler had come up. There isn’t much entertainment in the apocalypse- but her dad sure found out ways. Example being, he would throw her onto the spring mattress and she’d fly into the air. He would catch her again and repeat the process. Willow being 15 couldn’t experience that again, she was just too big. But still, the memories were always welcome to come back.
Suddenly, those feelings of joy were quickly swept away as the door was heard being open. She sucked in her breath as she braced herself. Louis and Clementine walked in- obviously not happy. Clementine leaned against the pole on the other bunk bed across from her. Louis just sat down, looking more disappointed than angry.
“Get up.”
Shivers. Her voice was stern and harsh. It could even scare a walker. Willow sat up, met with the eyes of a very upset mother. But to Willow's surprise, her eyes were glistening and wet. She was holding back tears with all her strength. It made Willow feel even more guilty.
“Willow, what are the rules?”
“I know. I get it, but–”
Clementine chuckled, “Apparently you don't get them. Repeat them. Now.”
Willow sighed, looking at the floor. With an attitude, she replied, “Which ones?”
Clementine replied with a judgy expression, “Excuse me?”
“You have a rule for everything I want to do–”
“The rules we follow when going into new places, or new experiences.” She emphasized her last two words, biting back at her daughter's sass.
Willow swallowed, her mothers tone wasn’t lighting up. She decided to cut the bullshit and truly answer. “We listen for monsters–” Only the first rule, and it bit at her ego; She didn’t even think about the walkers stupidly enough. It seemed her shock was shown through her expression– because Clementine looked at her with a small relief. A relief that she actually learned from her mistake- rather than being stubborn about it. “-and..we always find a way out.” Willow finished in almost a shamed whisper.
The room was silent now. Surprisingly, Louis was the one to break the silence. He clapped and whispered in an awkward tone, “Hooray! You figured it out!” Obviously trying to lighten up the mood, something he always tried to do.
Clementine turned around slowly, looking at her partner of 23 years, with the disgust of a stranger. She sighed and placed a palm on her forehead. Willow couldn’t help but chuckle at this. Her chuckles only started a domino effect of chuckles. And just like that, the family came together again. Regardless of how much fear she had of her mothers anger– she never felt unsafe or unloved.
The laughs ended, and it was serious again. Clementine sighed, coming over to Willows bed, and sitting on it. Louis followed, sitting next to her as well. “Willow.” She spoke softly. “I don’t make all these rules to dim your light or passion. I just want you to be safe.”
“But you went through so many different eras of yourself.” Willow looked down at her hands, interlocking them. “What if I never get to see the other sides of me?”
Clementine sighed. “We went over this Willow. I can’t let you experience even a fraction of what I went through. Times are different, we got food, water– hell even generators!”
“I know mom. I do. I’m grateful- I really am. But it's still not perfect. You can’t shelter me forever. Things…don’t always go to plan.”
Clementine stared at the floor for a bit. “I know.” She finally responded. “--And I know experience is what you need. Just, don't be looking up to younger me as no role model. She was of the past, this is the present.”
“But you were badass-”
“No. I was surviving. You can’t look at my past and think that way, okay?” It got silent again. “There’s nothing badass about the nightmares you wake up to every morning.” She whispered.
Louis got up and then decided to squeeze himself in between the two. He widened his arms and hugged both of them. He gave Clementine a tighter hug, knowing that her mind was probably racing at the thought of her nightmares. She hadn’t had them in so long. He kissed both his lover's head, and his daughter's head. “Listen. Just promise us that you’ll tell us when you want to go hunting or scavenging. And…” He looked at Clementine and said, “And, maybe we’ll think about letting you go out on your own.” Clementine raised her brows at this, but decided to let it go for right now. She was exhausted mentally.
Willows eyes lit, she smiled. “Alright then.” She replied with glee.
“Alright let's get out of here, hospitals give me the heebie jeebies.” Louis stood up, ushering Clementine to stand up as well. Willow followed, only to immediately shout a scream of pain. Louis sucked in his breath. “That’ll teach ya for sure heh.” He then swooped Willow up, carrying her out of the room, with his lover by his side.
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2023.05.28 04:40 Simply_Echo Looking for a one on one Roleplay partner. A4A

Greetings, dear friends and kindred spirits! Allow me to regale you with a glimpse into the essence of Echo, the enigmatic wordsmith who traverses the realms of imagination. Step into the realm of their captivating presence, where dreams intertwine with reality, and magic dances on the edges of possibility.
📚 Wordsmith Extraordinaire 📚
With a quill in hand and a heart brimming with tales, Echo has honed their skills as a writer for over a decade. Their mastery lies in the art of spinning intricate narratives, painting vibrant worlds with their vivid imagination. From the whispering forests of elven realms to the towering citadels of ancient kingdoms, their words transport readers to realms both enchanting and perilous.
🎭 A Chameleon of Characters 🎭
Versatility is their muse as they adeptly embodies characters of any gender, infusing them with life, depth, and authenticity. Whether a courageous knight, a mysterious sorceress, or a charismatic rogue, they breathes soul into each portrayal, bringing forth vibrant personalities that resonate with readers' hearts.
💫 High Fantasy Enthusiast 💫
Within the realms of High Fantasy, Echo finds solace and inspiration. It is here, amidst the grand tapestries of magic and wonder, that they feel most at home. From epic quests to intricate court intrigues, they revel in the boundless potential that this genre offers, weaving tales that ignite the imagination and transport readers to realms beyond the mundane.
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Additional rules/info if you wish to roleplay with me.
. Both you and your character must be over the age of 18.
. Please no god-like characters.
. For 'adult' scenes I am strictly fade to black.
. I have many characters I can play and I am willing to create new ones if it better suits the story at hand.
. If you would like to include romance please do note that I am a fan of slow burn. I dont like to rush things.
. While I am a high fantasy enthusiast, I am also willing to engage in Sci-Fi, Steampunk, and low fantasy settings. They can be darker themed, I honestly do not mind.
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2023.05.28 04:39 AlphaDizzyx I'm at a crossroad with my feelings.

I need an outlet. I don't want anyone to pass judgement on the decisions or actions made, that I'm about to convey; I simply need some ears and thoughts.
So, I recently met an incredible woman on here, of all places, because you know dating apps suck, and it was completely unexpected; I had no expectations other than to make her feel better about her situation. But we clicked right away, realising we had more in common than anyone I'd ever met and felt such a strong connection. I'm spiritual and believe in astrology, but I keep that aspect to myself since it's a little too overt, but it's the only thing I have when I've lost all hope. Anyway, we talked for two weeks and It was as if the connection we both felt was growing stronger; I quickly realised that I liked this girl, but why so fast? Is this right? Society encourages us to be patient, but how can you prevent a heart from experiencing what it feels?! Thankfully, I wasn't in this alone; she felt the same way, and the way we spoke to each other and how happy we made each other was enough for us to simply say "let's make it official." Yes, I know what you're thinking: two weeks and you're together?! Are you good? To be honest, I have no regrets. I cannot emphasise enough how much I like this woman, the connection we have and I wasn't about to pass up this opportunity, once I had it I took it because when I know what I want, I will stop at nothing until I have it.
We met a few days ago, she stayed the night, and I can't tell you how much I liked every second I had with her; the feelings were so powerful when she was physically present, but as soon as she wasn't, I went back to feeling dead. Is there a problem with me? Am I making the right choice? I've been single for four years, and it took a lot for me to get out of a truly poisonous violent relationship. The issue is that she recently ended a relationship, but it was one that ended years ago, and she is finding it difficult to let go because of the commitment, memories, and suffering that it brought her. Which I entirely get, but am I unknowingly pushing her? I move at her pace and don't do or say anything that makes her feel rushed. She's driving the relationship, and I'm following her lead. It's not about controlling me; it's about providing her independence but yet having someone there for her if she needs it. I'm not sure how to explain it, but it makes sense to me, and I'm happy, and she's happy. I'm just simply afraid of falling hard for her, and it's one-sided, even if she's stated she's well on her way to falling, but I've learned my lesson about having high hopes, so I'm not sure what to think when she says that.
I'm simply babbling. I got up today and typically I do message her good morning, but after last night's chat about the fear of us breaking up and the what ifs, I'm completely torn and at a crossroads with my feelings. So here I am... typing up as much as I can because I need guidance or anyone who has had a similar experience.
Man.. I really want this to work out. 😔
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2023.05.28 04:26 Bamni573 My girlfriend hurt my feelings and i feel like its all my fault

My girlfriend has been in a bad place for over 2 years and has serious depression and she is getting treatment and soon is going to a mental hospital for month or so and we planned to talk every day for at least few minutes, i have huge anxiety and attachment issues so its was very difficult for me to accept that but as long as she gets better thats all that mattered to me
I was feeling under the weather today because it was our last day together before she goes there in a bit and there is this guy friend of hers that liked her before that she's still friends with because he is with another girl and i am very uncomfortable with her hanging around him but it is what it is and today his mom called her mom over for coffee so mom and her went together to their house, later on when it was time to go home she went to the toilet and her mom thought it was a good idea to leave her quickly there so she sleeps over even though she didnt want to which obviously triggered my insecurities and issues
That definitely didnt help my huge overthinking issues it just made everything way worse, hours go by she isnt answering after 2 hours she comes to say that its all alright she was just talking to all of them even though i specifically asked her to check up on me from time to time because i feel awful and my overthinking knows no limits my brain is very harmful to me and she said it would be impolite because others are there and she cant be on phone while people are talking and alright i get it she is just like that a polite person which is absolutely fine i can live with it
But after some time i started having a full on mental breakdown for a good 15 minutes of constant "breaking" crying and hating on myself and i usually always let her rely on me when she feels sad and i personally always text her no matter where i am, i do not care i im seen as impolite or rude if it makes her feel better you better believe im doing it ill do anything for that girl, but this is the moment where i really needed her and i started messaging that i need her and after 20 or so minutes she said she was eating there and couldnt answer and after that i started explaining what went wrong and she just said "i have to go ill text asap byee" and no contact for over 2 hours and she says she's just talking with him and his mom nothing special and i wait 1 more hour in silence by myself with my overthinking mind ruining me more and more and i am patient because i needed her and ill wait for her
After full 3 hours pass after she went the first time she comes and after she reads my "vent" which was a bit all over the place since im not feeling the best she lets me calm down and suddenly breaks the news that we wont be able to talk at all during that 1+ month period because she can only talk to parents not me or anyone else which absolutely crushed me, it felt like she came finally and healed my wound just to rip it open again and i broke down again and begged for her attention a bit which i admit on my part was not the best idea because i guess girls dont like that?
And to that she said that i have a serious issue and that i need a psychologist and that she wants to go to sleep because she's too tired to keep the conversation up and that she's getting upset with way i act and that hurt me a lot i must say but i understand it kind of and that she is waking up at 10 am (its 4 am as of now) and that she has to study for her finals, and i asked if its oki to continue this conversation in morning a bit before she studies she says you're upsetting me i need to study we'll talk later when im home and i just said i either have to talk about it or bottle it up and she got upset so i jusut quickly made a deal that we'll see in morning if i need to talk about or not and i will need to but i will tell her i dont so she can focus on studying
I feel like im a burden to her and that im not her top priority anymore, she used to rely on me for everything and i got too used to that and now it feels like she's pushing me away, i helped her get into therapy so i thought asking her for help to get into it too would be oki but now that she's going away i have to do it by myself and she said "im sure you can figure it out, do it for me please" which i will try my best but im not emotionally stable
I can barely do simple tasks i feel so weak and fragile im forcing myself to go on walks its so difficult to do anything really, such simple tasks become so annoying and i cant even find joy in playing games anymore i just do it to kill time and to try to distract from my mind and whenever i have no energy to do something she gets upset with me and its making me sad but i cant say anything, she's in a very fragile state herself but she's the only person i can turn to i dont know what to do i cant do this on my own and im starting to feel like i cant rely on her anymore for emotional support and that she doesnt care about me anymore even though she says she does with all her heart but her actions speak louder than her words sometimes
I only have her in my life im not that emotionally close with my friends because they are awkward about it and i cant turn to anyone else im not emotionally close with any of my family its all awkward and im all alone and i want to stop being a burden to her but i dont know how i dont know how i cant stop hating myself i feel like an absolute failure in life whatever i do i mess up i hate myself when she gets upset at me its all my fault and i cant stop messing it all up i cant look myself in the mirror anymore i feel disgusted living in my own skin i hate myself more than i could ever hate anyone else in this world i hate that i get panic attacks and call her constantly when she doesnt text for a while and she's just trying to enjoy conversations i need help i know that but i cant do it by myself and i feel like i cant vent to her anymore because im so scared she'll get upset and leave me
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2023.05.28 04:24 hashtagjlove Parents' probate is taking way too long and I'm getting frustrated

I just need some confirmation or maybe some relatable anecdotes about a pretty sad situation I'm dealing with because it's causing me major anxiety and I have no idea how to approach it and idk maybe I just need to vent and idk a more appropriate place for this post. I tried the AITA subreddit but it kept deleting my post.
So to set the stage; 2021 was an awful year for my family. Shortly before the pandemic my father was diagnosed with cancer of the mouth from his lifelong dipping tobacco habit. He was going through that while the pandemic took hold and not long into it my stepmother began to lose balance a lot and would fall and not be able to get back up frequently. My dad underwent treatment and went into remission very briefly before having to go back for a skin graft while my stepmom would slowly become wheelchair bound. Then in March of 2021 my dad went to the hospital for shortness of breath. The doctors put him into a medically induced coma to run tests, and the next day my stepmom had to go to the hospital for major stomach pain (bowel obstruction from the wheelchair). I lived in FL at the time, they lived in TX. I flew out and found that my dad had a mess of chest/heart/lung complications related to his cancer and the only options were hospice or numerous surgeries for a very long shot with lots of suffering so me, my stepsister, brother in law and her children all had to go to my stepmom's room across town and first explain the situation to her which crushed us, then she and I had to sit down and make the decision to let him go into hospice peacefully and we managed to get her to his hospital to say goodbye and I flew out shortly after. I flew back into town for my dad's funeral, my mom was now starting to lose her voice and upper body strength. I fly home, a few weeks later mom is back in the hospital and I get the call from my sister who also told me one of her sons had passed shortly after she went in and I got to fly in to town to see mom and we had to tell her as a family about my nephew which was heartbreaking. Another month goes by, we finally get mom's diagnosis: ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). By this time she has to be on a respirator and I'm flying into Texas every few weeks to visit her but she eventually became unresponsive in September and we had to let her pass, too, and to cap it off it happened on my dad's birthday. I flew back shortly after to scatter her ashes on the beach (which she made sure all of us knew she wanted before she lost her voice, she didn't want us to not know like we went through with dad). So to recap, Dad passes in March, nephew passes in June, Mom passes in September. I lost my parents and a nephew inside of six months. My biological mother is still alive and I've become a little worrisome about her now but still it was the hardest year of my life.

After the worst year our family ever experienced I just wanted some time to process it all and grieve and I'm glad to say I'm at a point where I'll catch a glimpse of something that reminds me of them and I'll just think of whatever memory is attached to it for a minute and smile, though the anniversaries are still hard. Thank you for sticking with me so far. So during that time the process of probate was going on but I didn't much care about that, I just wanted to grieve and see my other nephew get married last year which was beautiful but..

It's almost two years now since mom passed away. She named my brother in law as the executor of her will. I think he was the best choice bc he would be the one to get things done and stand up to my stepbrother who was kind of the black sheep of the family (long story) but still thinks he should have been the executor. He's started a few fights over it. Anyway, about a year ago I had managed to move past the grieving process and it felt like my sister and BIL had, too. We've grown a lot closer over this time so I didn't want to ask about probate besides keeping up with how my parents' house is holding up (and retrieving a wooden chest I had made in high school that mom cherished and my dad's ring that my mom left to me) because I trust them. I also feel like asking about money after someone has passed is in poor taste.. but like I said we're almost two years past that now.

My mom left me, my stepsister and brother in law equal portions of her estate after the specific things like furniture, jewelry etc, and a small portion to my stepbrother. I haven't heard anything about that and until recently I was content to let it be bc I wasn't the only one that had a really hard time with so much loss so suddenly but the house hasn't even been listed for sale. I've tried asking what's going on with it, it seems there's a plumbing issue that needs to be addressed but the house is an hour and a half from their house so scheduling is hard. I get it but... stepsis doesn't work. She has health issues that slow her down but nothing that stops her from taking a day to go to the house to meet a plumber. Mom left her car to her so she definitely has her own transportation and she can do exactly what she does at home.. at mom and dad's house. She smokes cigarettes and does puzzles on her porch. She can bring her dogs for company. I don't understand how this plumbing issue has held things up for at least two months. I've tried suggesting ways to have someone meet the plumber and alert her so she can drive to the house (neighbor, friends, someone from the law office). The last option kind of put a little unwanted intrusive thought into my head, though. When I suggested just having someone from the law office as a throwaway bc I'm getting a little frustrated my sister told me "Oh, the lawyer's job was done a long time ago."

What does that mean? Sister had to let me go before I could ask, claiming she had to go to the doctor for a possible infection (which is was but she's fine now). I haven't called since then because I'm more than a little frustrated after that last conversation. I'm assuming it means all my parents' debts have been paid, all insurance policies have been collected, savings/retirement accounts have been consolidated etc. The only thing that appears to be left is the house. That's a monthly mortgage payment, insurance, possibly utilities and probably the car. I'm not going to lie, I have thought about what I might do with my inheritance. Nothing concrete but I've considered using it for a house or to get some training to switch careers and I'm in no immediate rush to get it but my main issue is how in the dark I feel. Stepsis and brother in law have since bought their first house and have done extensive renovations to it. I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt bc BIL had been promoted at work shortly before everything happened and they were looking at houses.. but I'm not unconvinced their budget didn't get bigger? Like I don't think they're spending my portion of the inheritance... but it's a bad look isn't it? They're the only family I have left on my dad/stepmom's side and I don't want to cause tension with accusations but I don't even know how much the estate was. I'm still paying off the flights, rental car and hotel bills from all the trips to Texas. I have severe PTSD and chronic anxiety diagnoses and piling this on top has been keeping me up at night for a year now. WIBTA if I called the probate lawyer and asked to see all the statements? Is this normal?
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2023.05.28 04:11 Ad-West-7 My girlfriend broke up with me through a letter and I miss her

My girlfriend was released from the psych ward yesterday and decided to break up with me for a while. She suffered a massive mental health crisis a couple of weeks ago and ended up taking a mental health leave from her job. She showed up at my work drunk and high on cocaine and I had to take her home. She admitted herself to the hospital the next day and stayed for two weeks before she was released.
Last night she knocked on my door before running back to her car. She left a box with all my things from her apartment and a letter attached to the box. In the letter, she said she needs to take a break from our relationship so she can take care of her mental health. She is in an extremely unstable condition and is receiving treatment for depression and suicidal ideation. She does not feel safe being around anyone at the moment and does not trust herself to make logical decisions around people. She is taking her medication and no longer feels like the world is ending but she is going back to the hospital to receive assistance with her depression. She is also going to start eating full meals again and try put on weight.
The next three pages of the letter were filled with her expressing her love for me and apologizing for her behavior. Because she knows I do not want drugs anywhere near my apartment she asked one of her coworkers about a person they know who sells cocaine and she bought a gram. She bought it in a brown bag along with some weed and hoped I would look at it and break up with her. When I didn’t she decided to sniff the cocaine and put a line on the kitchen table. She bought 10 bottles of wine and drank two of them and scattered the bottles around the apartment before taking an Uber to my job. Because I was the only thing that was stopping her from jumping off a bridge she hoped that I would get mad when I saw her walking into the fire station wasted and the state of my apartment when I brought her back and break up with her. Despite my anger, I did not break up with her and she ultimately decided to check herself into the hospital. She dedicated one page to apologizing for her actions that morning and all the things she did before because of her mental health. She doesn’t deserve a patient boyfriend like me who has the biggest heart in the world and she is afraid of corrupting me. She told me to find a woman who does not have the same problems as her and treat that woman with the same respect I gave her. The last page was her telling me how grateful she was to have me as a boyfriend and she could never repay me for the five years of love I gave her. She does not know when she’s going to feel ready to be in my presence again and told me not to come to her house to talk to me. She also drew a portrait of me while she was in the hospital and attached it to the letter.
I started crying in a way I haven’t since I was a kid. I knew what I was getting into when I met her and I never held her mental health against her. She always told me what emotions she was feeling and it helped our relationship greatly. This is a very serious situation and I am glad she recognized she needs professional support instead of trying to deal with it all by herself. She’s had episodes before but nothing like this. I miss her. I miss her so much. My apartment has been quiet for the past two weeks without her being loud and creating noise and I hate it. I miss holding her and rubbing her back while she fell asleep. I miss the streak of blonde hair in her black hair and her big, black, beautiful eyes, and how she always smelled like lavender. I miss cooking for her and making dinner so she had something to eat after a shift. I miss the smells of whatever recipe she was attempting to replicate from Pinterest. I miss the video of Daniel Craig saying “ladies and gentlemen, the weekend” she would send me every Friday after 5pm. I miss her chicken katsu and spam musubi and her cooking. She made two containers of katsu and curry before she started her cocaine plan and every bite I took made me miss her more. I miss exercising and doing ab workouts with her. I miss trying new hiking trails with her. I miss watching whatever dumb reality tv show she was obsessed with every two months and her asking a million questions every time she watched a sporting event with me. She was the love of my life and my life feels incomplete without her. I told my mom and younger sister we were taking a break and both of them said she feels like a member of our family. I miss her. The last four years have been the happiest times of my life and now all I feel is numbness and sadness. Whenever we had disagreements they never lasted more than two days and we apologized if one of us said something mean. She was the place I called home and the only person I feel safe confiding in and now she’s gone for I don’t know how long. I want to be right by her side giving her a hug and telling her how strong and beautiful she is but I can’t. I know she’s serious about improving her mental health and she’s making an effort to get her so that makes me feel a sense of peace. I hope she is able to find a sense of calmness in her mind. I collected all her things and dropped them off at her house this afternoon then got on the highway and just keep driving for an hour. No music or anything. Just the sound of cars and my thoughts. She deserves to be happy and feel like she wants to live. It hurts to live without her.
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2023.05.28 04:04 mochashypanda Urgent Trauma/Coding Cases

How often is it that you all face patients that are coding while on the OR table? I can't seem to find anyone asking this question here on the forum. I understand that it's surgery and it can happen at literally any moment during their stay in the hospital but has anyone experienced this firsthand and if so how were you during/after mentally and emotionally after regaining stability of the patient?
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2023.05.28 04:01 ThrowRABoring-B While this is a highly personal topic, are there any moms here with a serious mental illness that somehow also work full time, and be a mom? I need advice for accommodations, or what’s realist.

Hi there, I’ll cut to the chase (but not before I stress the TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️ … discussing mental health problems)
I have had mental illness issues for over a decade. Unfortunately, as a minor, absolutely every adult failed me spectacularly, so I had to trial and error my way around life until I finally got the help I needed all along.
I have had a full psychological evaluation and I have been diagnosed with
-Major Depressive Disorder (severe, with psychosis), -PTSD, -OCD (which I really had no idea but apparently so!), - agoraphobia with panic disorder - extreme inattentive ADHD ( didn’t realize it was that bad…) - and even potential traits of antisocial personality disorder (although I have plenty of empathy and don’t hurt people on purpose of anything).
With all of that being said, I’m also a mom, of course. I’m so thankful for my dad, he takes them to his house every week on Mondays. That has helped TREMENDOUSLY (and he started doing it after I was sent to a behavioral hospital for two weeks). Before that I had absolutely zero help. At least he came through in the end.
So, I have some family support, and I’m properly diagnosed and medicated at last… but I have always had a REALLY hard time with work. I try really heard to be a great employee, but I have significant memory issues and sometimes become really depressed and tearful out of the blue.
While I do qualify for disability, it’s not a livable amount and I do want to put my BA which I worked so hard for to use. I believe a part-time schedule would be best, but I don’t know if that’s financially realistic for my family. TBH my spouse doesn’t make that much so just not working isn’t a fair choice, that would make everything harder on everybody.
I’ve come to understand there are workplace accommodations, but I truly have no idea how this works, and what “reasonable accommodations” are for someone like me… and should I even disclose it??? Most jobs I’ve ever applied for ask if you’ve ever been diagnosed with a disability and that makes me so nervous, because while they “can’t” discriminate I’m almost certain companies prefer to hire employees without disability (just based on the terrible experiences I’ve had when literally any of my mental health issues have come up). I actually told my supervisor I was experiencing a bad mental health episode and surprise, suddenly they didn’t need my help anymore.
I don’t really know what to do here. Any advice?
I had a very hard time in school as well, I skipped classes often in high school, i had to repeat a few college courses due to depression episodes. All of that.
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2023.05.28 03:57 depmuls light spotting ??

im 13+5 and i just peed, wiped and saw light pink. ive also been cramping a bit today. i was just wondering if any of yall experienced the same thing and if everything was fine. i’d call my ob, but its 9pm, and i messaged on the patient portal, but it usually takes 2 days for them to answer. figured id ask here because google has a variety of answers that are either calming or worry-some lol
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2023.05.28 03:43 Lakka_Mamba Very low slime spawn rates compared to shulkercraft's spawn rates, I did a 1 hour AFK session and I got 6 stacks of slimeballs but shulkercraft got like 70 stacks of slimeballs. I need help!

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2023.05.28 03:39 bobgooober Hell is real.

Hell is real. I’ve known this since the accident. I just didn’t know it would turn out to be this literal.
I was driving home on the interstate around two on Sunday morning. I was coming back from a short vacation, and had to report to my parole officer at 8:00 A.M. on Monday. I probably should have left earlier, but it had been over two years since I’d seen my family. I’d had letters and a few phone calls, and they visited me when they went to the funeral. Other than that though, visiting their son in prison hadn’t been a good enough reason to drive down from Wisconsin. I didn’t blame them. I wouldn’t have visited me. Nonetheless, I’d waited as long as I could to start back to Colorado. Being home with my parents, I could almost pretend my life wasn’t empty anymore. It was with a bleak heart that I started the twenty hour drive home. I had just gone through some podunk little town near the border of Nebraska when I saw him.
The stranger was walking on the right side of the road, with his back to traffic. I remember having a hard time making out his shape in the darkness, until he walked into the pool of light cast from my car. He made a striking silhouette. His coat was the color of coal and fell to just above his knees, and he wore a matching fedora. He carried a briefcase, also black, and strode along through the dust and weeds with the air of a man who had important business to attend to. He looked like he would have been perfectly at home on a city sidewalk during the morning bustle. His presence on that lonely stretch of dark road was discordantly incongruous, like seeing a small child doing shots in a bar. As my car approached he turned his head until I could see his face in profile, and grinned as he stuck out his thumb.
I can’t explain what compelled me to pull over. I have never in my life picked up a hitchhiker, but in that moment I didn’t hesitate for a second. It never even occurred to me to do anything different, as though picking up a strange man 5 miles out from the nearest town in the middle of the night was a completely reasonable and rational thing to do. He never stopped smiling at me as I pulled up alongside him.
“Do you need a ride?” I asked through the window, then felt a little stupid. People don't stick out their thumbs for strange cars to have a beer. He nodded, seeming not to notice my slip. Still smiling at me, he reached to open the door. Again, I acted without thinking about it, and hit the unlock button. A distant voice in my mind reacted with alarm but the feeling was quickly snuffed out as the stranger took a seat beside me. The crunch of gravel being crushed beneath my tires was the only sound as I pulled back onto the road.
As we drove, I studied him out of the corner of my eye. His salt and pepper hair was cut close to his head above his tanned and weathered face. He stared straight ahead, still smiling, his fingers drumming on his suitcase. There was an arrogant tilt to his head, and his whole body thrummed with a predatory tension, as though he might explode into action at any second. The alarmed voice in my head piped up again, louder this time, but I forcibly shoved it back down. Lord knows I needed to do everything I could to balance out my karma, and I think the Bible says something about helping travelers. My slate wouldn’t so easily be wiped clean, but every little bit counts.
“So where are you headed? Did your car break down around here or something?” I looked back over at the man and flinched as my gaze met his leering smile less than six inches from my face. I slammed on the brakes as my body convulsed in shock and the car screeched to a stop. My heart thundered, beating a staccato rhythm against my ribs. I caught my breath and gave the man a sheepish grin. “Sorry, sir. You startled me.”
He didn’t appear to hear me. I realized he hadn't moved at all through my sudden braking. The only difference was his face. He wasn’t smiling anymore. In fact, he wore no expression whatsoever as he paused for a beat and then slowly shook his head. It was eerie as all hell. I laughed nervously.
As I prepared to get moving again I flicked my eyes back and forth between him and the road. Nothing. No expression. No movement. I couldn’t even see him breathing. He was absolutely still, not like a person, but like the emptiness of a silent tomb. His eyes were unreadable as he stared, not at my face, I realized, but out my window. I licked my lips as the skin on the back of my neck tried to crawl up and over my scalp. I had a sudden, intense feeling that I did not want to see what he was seeing.
“Wh-what are you looking at?” My voice came out shaky as my earlier sense of unease bloomed into full grown fear. As I turned my gaze back to his face, a feeling of suffocating wrongness swept over me. It was like suddenly being plunged into the lightless depths of the ocean. Vast darkness, empty except for monsters knowing neither the touch of the sun nor anything even remotely like mercy or compassion, engulfed my soul. He met my eyes, and a grin began to stretch across his face once again. As it widened, I realized with dawning horror that his teeth had lengthened and become serrated like a shark’s. His smile kept widening, the corners of his mouth splitting until that hideous grin stretched all the way up to his temples. His eyes darkened to midnight black, and reflected oranges, reds, and yellows in disconcerting incandescence. When he spoke, his voice was cold and hollow.
“I am looking at your future, Child of Adam. I am watching your fate. You are unclean, and the blood cannot be washed from your hands. Your reckoning is coming. Behold, the end.”
His words echoed weirdly through the small car and rang with terrible certainty. As I clutched my ears against that booming voice and felt blood trickle between my fingers, I knew that the words he spoke were Truth.
A vast roaring sound came from my left, and my head snapped around on instinct. The empty plains of Nebraska had transformed into an inferno. Roiling seas of fire and lava splashed against jagged obsidian cliffs. Creatures crawled on all fours over the surface of the sea, alien things made of ash and charcoal with long, knobby limbs, like skeletons warped into something hellish by intense heat. Where there should have been eyes in their skulls there was only inky oblivion.
I recoiled in horror as my brain tried to make sense of what I was seeing. As I watched, one of the monsters seemed to notice me and scuttled forward, blindingly fast, reaching claw tipped fingers through my window. I screamed hoarsely as it wrapped its inhuman hands around my neck in a vice, before its grip cut off my air. I bucked wildly, trying desperately to pull away, but it was insanely strong. My head began to pound as the blood in my brain tried to flow back to my heart and was blocked by the creature’s grip. My lungs begged for oxygen they had no way of getting. My desperation became stronger as I realized I was dying, but my movements became more and more sluggish. As my vision began to darken and finally fade out, the last thing I saw was that demonic grin.
The sound of a blaring car horn slowly came to me out of the blackness. I became aware of my body only as pain lit through my nerve endings. I groaned, disoriented, as I slowly understood my predicament. I was upside down in my car, being prevented from falling onto the roof only by my seat belt. Something was illuminating the wreckage that had been my car, and I heard movement outside. I feebly tried to get away from the source of the sound, sure that the man or his creatures were back, but the effort was too much and I sagged back against the restraints.
Rustling from my right caught my attention again, and I reluctantly turned my eyes to the passenger seat to see what fresh horror awaited me. I was not prepared to see my wife, dangling from the ceiling all over again, blood pooling underneath her pale body. The tremendous injuries to her face and chest hid the woman I had loved beneath a hideous mask. Her skull was misshapen from where her head had broken the window as the car rolled. In real life, I knew she had died instantly, but the monstrosity beside me stirred and turned to look at me with midnight eyes.
“Your fault,” it whispered. It was my wife’s voice, but it had been corrupted somehow, like the rotting carcass of an animal lying on the side of the road. I couldn’t take my eyes from the gory injury to her skull, and the creature wearing my wife’s face seemed to take some sort of perverse pleasure in that.
“Your fault,” it said again, its face lighting up with malice. It took a hand and purposefully pressed a finger into the break in its skull. I stared in nauseated fascination as it pulled away bits of hair and bloody scalp, revealing bone crushed into tiny pieces. "We paid for your mistakes, your arrogance with our lives," it hissed. "Our blood is on your hands." The demon's voice pressed painfully against my skull, and I thought that my head might fly apart. Worse, her words tugged on a memory, and I tried desperately to bury it before I could start remembering.
Our blood. Dear God, please no.
Our blood. The memory stirred and writhed some more, a nearly physical presence in my brain.
Our blood. And then, amidst the demon's slithering voice and the sickening dripping and splatting noises as my wife pulled herself apart in front of my eyes, I heard the rustling from outside again. Terrified squalling started coming from a small throat and the memory finally broke free.
Some small corner of my brain noted that she couldn’t possibly be crying, because her lungs and basically everything else had been crushed after she was thrown from the vehicle and caught in its rolling path. If I'd installed her car seat correctly, maybe she would have made it. If I hadn't been drinking that night, maybe I never would have crashed the car in the first place. I would never know, because I had done those things, and the two people I loved most had paid the price.
I couldn’t bring myself to look for my daughter’s mangled corpse, to see what I had done to her again. Something inside me cracked. I broke into hysterical sobs, my voice joining my dead infant’s and the evil laughter coming from her mother’s body as waves of anguish and regret crashed over me.
The man appeared suddenly, leaning through my broken windshield, again looking totally out of place in the wreckage of my life. He grinned, then blew in my face. I succumbed to blackness, my family's cries ringing in my ears.
When I woke up again, I was in a hospital bed. The nurses told me I’d been in an accident, but that I would be ok. They kept telling me how lucky I was to have survived, but I know it isn’t luck. Out of the corner of my eye, I see them prowling, eyeless nightmares with twisted bodies. Sometimes it’s my wife, her accusatory eyes black, her body broken. She holds a weakly stirring bundle and weeps, singing lullabies to a child who no longer sleeps.
The stranger visits me in my dreams. He always greets me with that terrible grin and those hellfire eyes and tells me, “The reckoning is coming. Behold, the end.”
Hell is real. I knew that the night I killed my wife and infant daughter. But now I know there is no hope for redemption. My reckoning is coming, and no amount of good deeds will wash the blood from my hands. I’m so sorry Jen. I’m sorry Elena. Daddy will see you soon.
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2023.05.28 03:33 DailyHoroscopeIndia Today's Horoscope! (28th of May, 2023)✨

♈️ Aries: Today is a day of passion and emotion for Aries. Your ruling planet Mars is giving you an extra boost of energy, so use it to show off your true potential. Health-wise, make sure to stay hydrated and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. If you're looking for a change of scenery, take a bus or train ride, but be aware that air travel may be a bit turbulent. Luck may not be on your side today, so proceed with caution. Lastly, you're feeling more connected and less isolated, so reach out to your chosen family and don't be afraid to express your deepest feelings.
♉️ Taurus: Today is a day of joy and bliss for Taurus, as they are surrounded by laughter and good humor. Singles should take advantage of the daring energy that Neptune is providing and be brave in their pursuits. Professionally, those in creative fields should use this inspiring energy to create something beautiful. Health-wise, it's a great time to explore dietary options and listen to your body. Travelers should fill up the tank before hitting the open road. Financially, Jupiter is providing a green light, so make sure to take advantage of it. Lastly, a Virgo may be on your mind, so reach out and make contact - it could make your day! All in all, you're in for a great day full of positive vibes.
♊️ Gemini: Today is a day to focus on your relationships, both romantic and familial. If you are in a relationship, take a moment to express your feelings in a calm and collected manner. For single Geminis, be prepared to be charmed by an intriguing Virgo. Financially, it's time to start budgeting and saving for the future. Make sure to stay hydrated and pay special attention to your head. Traveling with a family member is also recommended, as it will create memories for tomorrow. Luck may not be on your side today, but number 47 could be your lucky charm. Finally, Neptune and Uranus are sending positive energy your way, so take this opportunity to relax and enjoy the spiritual spa day.
♋️ Cancer: Today is a day of reflection for Cancerians. In the relationship arena, money matters may cause some disputes, but someone captivating is set to enter your orbit. Professionally, an important business call will punctuate your day, so it's important to work smart and align your passions with your strengths. Health-wise, it's important to be mindful of your caffeine and sugar intake. When travelling, be sure to stay safe and cautious. Luck is on your side today, so harness this energy to your advantage and keep an eye out for the numbers 33 and 12. Emotionally, you're sailing smoothly, but past memories of toxic individuals may cloud your thoughts. Remember that you're better off without them.
♌️ Leo: Today is a day of love and luck for Leo. Venus is showering you with her irresistible love potion, so bask in the feeling of being cherished. For paired Leos, an enchanting evening of love and romance awaits. Financially, you may receive a modest boost, so be sure to foster camaraderie at the workplace and share your knowledge with others. Health-wise, make sure to get quality sleep by going to bed earlier and swapping the phone's blue light for the gentle glow of a book's pages. If you're planning a road trip, be prepared for all possible scenarios. Embrace the numbers 37 and 6 today as they are ready to sprinkle some of their magic on you. Lastly, a family member might need your emotional support today, so consider meditation as a tool to attain emotional equilibrium.
♍️ Virgo: Today is a day of passion and sensuality for Virgos. If you are in a relationship, surprise your partner with something adventurous. If you are single, take some time to indulge in some self-love. For those looking for a job, today brings a significant opportunity, but be prepared for an unexpected financial setback. When it comes to health, be mindful of what you eat and opt for easily digestible options. Traveling is also favored, so go ahead and plan your escape. Luck favors you in social circles, but be cautious when it comes to money matters. Finally, consider embracing meditation and yoga to foster a stronger connection to your inner self and harmonize your relationship with your surroundings.
♎️ Libra: Today is a day of exploration and growth for Libras. Coupled Libras may experience a small disagreement about household duties or finances, but communication is key to resolving any issues. Single Libras should be ready for a delightful date that will leave them with a smile on their face. Professionally, Libras should explore new directions and may find an offer that aligns with their aspirations quicker than expected. Health wise, Libras should focus on incorporating more wholesome meals into their day and dialing back on the sweet stuff. If they have been bitten by the travel bug recently, they should save all those snapshots as they will become treasured memories in the future. Embrace the number 5 today as it will bring good fortune. Emotionally, Libras are riding a high tide and everything is falling into its rightful place, leaving them glowing with positive energy. Enjoy this vibrant state of mind; you deserve it.
♏️ Scorpio: Today is a day of romance and sensuality for Scorpio. If you are in a relationship, your partner will be absolutely smitten with you. If you are single, now is the time to muster up your courage and ask out that special someone. On the financial front, you may be feeling a bit challenged, but remember that every path has its puddles. Make sure to prioritize nourishing meals and self-care today. A trip may be on the horizon, so hustle a bit more to save up for it. Lady Luck is on your side today, so if you have an exam or test coming up, you can rest assured that you will do well. You will also be feeling a sense of capability and confidence, but watch out for a Virgo from your past who may try to ruffle your feathers.
♐️ Sagittarius: Today is a day of potential for Sagittarius. Single Sagittarius should watch out, as a Libra has their eyes set on them. If conversations about children or relocation come up, it's best to save them for another day. Professionally, an unexpected epiphany will reshape your perspective and set the stage for success. Health-wise, consider sipping on a soothing herbal tea and embrace a more active lifestyle. If you have some extra cash lying around, today is the perfect day to secure a ticket to your next adventure. Pink is your lucky hue today, but it might be wise to avoid any financial investments. You are in a zone of laser focus and strategic thinking, with your ruling planet showering you with invigorating energy.
♑️ Capricorn: Today is a day of love and luck for capricorn. Venus is sending a surge of amorous energy your way, so expect a day full of affection and tender moments. Keep an eye on your inbox or phone for an important business communication that could be a game-changer. Health is wealth, so don't hesitate to reach out to your healthcare provider if you have any health concerns. The stars are also hinting at a thrilling escapade on the horizon, so stay tuned! Embrace the lucky energy of the numbers 33 and 1 today, as they hold a promising influence over your endeavors and decisions. If you're feeling lonely, don't hesitate to reach out to family or friends who make you feel at home. You're never alone when you're surrounded by love.
♒️ Aquarius: Today is a day to focus on your relationships and your emotional wellbeing. Your loyalty will be tested, so be patient and communicate openly with your partner. Professionally, you are being guided by your ruler planet towards success, so follow the cosmic blueprint and success is a given. Health-wise, pay extra attention to your back and include stretching exercises, yoga, or even meditation in your routine. When it comes to travel, remember to take care of your mental and emotional health. Luck is on your side when it comes to games of chance and risk, but don't go overboard. Finally, make a quick call to your family today - they'll appreciate the effort and it may even boost your mood.
♓️ Pisces: Today, Mercury's peculiar vibes might create some misunderstandings and quarrels, but single Pisceans can find solace in the company of a water sign. Professionally, you'll be able to captivate the room with your charm and gravitas if you have a presentation to do. If you're looking for a job, you may receive promising news. Health-wise, take extra care of your throat and lungs and avoid alcohol or smoking. Travel-wise, break free from the routine and embrace the thrill of the ocean waves. Jupiter is your cosmic cheerleader today, ensuring you strike it lucky with numbers 14 and 38. Finally, remember to engage in activities that reflect your thoughtful and compassionate nature.

Check out today's Hora

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2023.05.28 03:23 Tiny-Internet-5995 Cast Iron 911; beautiful ribeye, new Lodge pan, boyfriend/coach lands in hospital. Save my holiday weekend?

Cast Iron 911; beautiful ribeye, new Lodge pan, boyfriend/coach lands in hospital. Save my holiday weekend?
Hi Cast Iron!
I have a Lodge pan, a lovely ribeye an inch thick that weighs a pound, and have a wonderfully patient boyfriend who tells me that given I’m a good cook otherwise, I can learn to cook a steak, since I’ve always ordered them out. So that was the plan.
Much chaos later, my poor guy is in the hospital for a chronic disease he deals with heroically, and is out of service for the weekend but can eat as he likes. I have the pictured steak, an herb garden with fresh thyme, rosemary, etc, plenty of stuff to make his favorite sides, and a determination to come with a makeshift dinner and remind him he’s loved. Help me, castiron?
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2023.05.28 03:01 SinfulAbsorption Best Fertility Hospital

MalaysiaHealthcare is one of the best hospitals in Malaysia, known for its excellent healthcare services and facilities. One of the hospital's specialty departments is fertility, which focuses on helping couples who are struggling to conceive.
The fertility department at MalaysiaHealthcare is staffed with highly skilled and experienced fertility specialists who are dedicated to providing the best care possible to their patients. The hospital uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment to diagnose and treat a wide range of fertility issues, including male infertility, female infertility, and genetic disorders.
One of the strengths of the fertility department at MalaysiaHealthcare is its patient-centered approach to care. The team of fertility specialists works closely with each patient to develop personalized treatment plans that take into account their unique needs and preferences. This approach helps to ensure that patients receive the best possible care throughout their fertility journey.
Check Types of Treatments
The hospital offers a range of fertility treatments, including in vitro fertilization (IVF), intrauterine insemination (IUI), intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), and preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). These techniques enable the fertility team to provide patients with the best possible outcomes, increasing their chances of achieving a successful pregnancy.
Apart from its fertility treatments, MalaysiaHealthcare is also known for its commitment to research and innovation. The hospital's fertility team is actively involved in clinical trials and research studies, which help to advance the field of fertility and improve patient outcomes.
In terms of facilities, MalaysiaHealthcare offers modern and comfortable accommodations for patients and their families. The hospital has spacious private rooms, state-of-the-art operating theaters, and a range of other amenities to ensure that patients feel comfortable and well-cared for.
Overall, MalaysiaHealthcare's fertility department is undoubtedly one of the best in the world. Its commitment to providing patient-centered care, use of cutting-edge technology, and dedication to research make it a top choice for couples seeking fertility treatment. If you or someone you know is struggling with infertility, MalaysiaHealthcare should definitely be on your list of hospitals to consider.
Check Types of Treatments
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2023.05.28 03:01 SinfulAbsorption Best Neurology Hospital

MalaysiaHealthcare is one of the best hospitals in Malaysia, known for its excellent healthcare services and facilities. One of the hospital's specialty departments is neurology, which focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the brain and nervous system.
The neurology department at MalaysiaHealthcare is staffed with highly skilled and experienced neurologists who are dedicated to providing the best care possible to their patients. The hospital uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment to diagnose and treat a wide range of neurological conditions, including epilepsy, stroke, Parkinson's disease, and multiple sclerosis, among others.
Check Types of Treatments
One of the strengths of the neurology department at MalaysiaHealthcare is its multidisciplinary approach to care. The team of neurologists works closely with other specialists, including neurosurgeons, radiologists, and rehabilitation therapists, to provide comprehensive and personalized care to each patient.
The hospital's diagnostic tools and equipment include advanced imaging techniques such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), and electroencephalography (EEG). These technologies enable the neurology team to accurately diagnose and treat neurological conditions, providing patients with the best possible outcomes.
Check Types of Treatments
Apart from its state-of-the-art technology, MalaysiaHealthcare is also known for its patient-centered approach to care. The hospital's staff is committed to providing personalized care to each patient, taking into account their unique needs and preferences. This approach helps to ensure that patients receive the best possible care throughout their treatment journey.
Another aspect that sets MalaysiaHealthcare apart is its commitment to research and innovation. The hospital's neurology team is actively involved in clinical trials and research studies, which help to advance the field of neurology and improve patient outcomes.
Check Types of Treatments
In terms of facilities, MalaysiaHealthcare offers modern and comfortable accommodations for patients and their families. The hospital has spacious private rooms, state-of-the-art operating theaters, and a range of other amenities to ensure that patients feel comfortable and well-cared for.
Overall, MalaysiaHealthcare's neurology department is undoubtedly one of the best in the world. Its commitment to providing patient-centered care, use of cutting-edge technology, and dedication to research make it a top choice for patients seeking neurological treatment. If you or someone you know is in need of neurological care, MalaysiaHealthcare should definitely be on your list of hospitals to consider.
Check Types of Treatments
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2023.05.28 03:01 SinfulAbsorption Best Oncology Hospital

Malaysia is a well-known destination for medical tourism, and it's no surprise that the country has some of the best healthcare facilities in the world. Amongst these facilities is Malaysia Healthcare, known for its excellence in oncology treatment.
The hospital is located in Kuala Lumpur and provides world-class services to patients from all over the world. The hospital's oncology department is staffed with highly experienced doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who are dedicated to providing the best possible care to their patients.
What sets Malaysia Healthcare apart from other hospitals is its multidisciplinary approach to cancer treatment. The hospital's oncology team works closely with other specialists such as radiologists, pathologists, and surgeons to provide patients with comprehensive and personalized care.
Check Types of Treatments
One of the hospital's strengths is its use of state-of-the-art technology and equipment. The hospital is equipped with the latest diagnostic tools, including PET-CT and MRI machines, which enable the oncology team to accurately diagnose and stage cancer. The hospital also has advanced radiation therapy equipment, including intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) and stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS), which allow for precise and targeted treatments.
Apart from its cutting-edge technology, Malaysia Healthcare is also known for its patient-centered approach to care. The hospital's staff is committed to providing personalized care to each patient, taking into account their unique needs and preferences. This approach helps to ensure that patients receive the best possible care throughout their cancer journey.
Another aspect that sets Malaysia Healthcare apart is its commitment to research and innovation. The hospital's oncology team is actively involved in clinical trials and research studies, which help to advance the field of oncology and improve patient outcomes.
Check Types of Treatments
In terms of facilities, Malaysia Healthcare offers modern and comfortable accommodations for patients and their families. The hospital has spacious private rooms, state-of-the-art operating theaters, and a range of other amenities to ensure that patients feel comfortable and well-cared for.
Overall, Malaysia Healthcare's oncology department is undoubtedly one of the best in the world. Its commitment to providing patient-centered care, use of cutting-edge technology, and dedication to research make it a top choice for patients seeking cancer treatment. If you or someone you know is in need of oncology treatment, Malaysia Healthcare should definitely be on your list of hospitals to consider.
Check Types of Treatments
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2023.05.28 03:01 SinfulAbsorption Best Cardiology Hospital

Malaysia has become a popular destination for medical tourism, and one of the reasons for this is the country's excellent healthcare facilities. Among its many hospitals, there are some that stand out for their top-notch care and specialized services. One such hospital is the Malaysia Healthcare Cardiology Hospital. In this review, I will be discussing why this hospital is considered one of the best in the country for cardiology care.
The Malaysia Healthcare Cardiology Hospital is recognized for its advanced cardiac care services, which are provided by a team of skilled and experienced specialists. The hospital boasts state-of-the-art equipment and technology, including a catheterization laboratory, echocardiography machines, and advanced MRI and CT scan facilities. This technology enables the medical staff to provide accurate diagnoses and effective treatments for complex cardiac conditions.
Check Types of Treatments
One of the key strengths of the Malaysia Healthcare Cardiology Hospital is its team of highly trained cardiologists and cardiac surgeons. These professionals have extensive experience in diagnosing and treating a wide range of cardiac conditions, and they use evidence-based approaches to ensure that patients receive the highest quality of care. The hospital also employs a multidisciplinary approach to treatment, with specialists from various fields working together to develop individualized treatment plans for patients.
The hospital's commitment to patient-centered care is evident from the moment you walk in the door. Patients are greeted by friendly and knowledgeable staff who go out of their way to ensure that they are comfortable and informed throughout their stay. The hospital also offers a range of amenities to make patients' stays as pleasant as possible, including private rooms, Wi-Fi access, and international TV channels.
Check Types of Treatments
In addition to its excellent cardiac care services, the Malaysia Healthcare Cardiology Hospital also provides comprehensive support services for patients and their families. This includes counseling services, nutritional guidance, and rehabilitation programs for patients recovering from cardiac procedures. The hospital also has a strong focus on preventive care, offering regular health screenings and educational programs to help patients maintain their heart health.
Overall, the Malaysia Healthcare Cardiology Hospital is an outstanding healthcare facility that provides world-class cardiac care services. Its state-of-the-art equipment and technology, highly trained medical staff, and patient-centered approach make it one of the best hospitals in the country for cardiology care. If you or a loved one requires specialized cardiac care, I would strongly recommend considering this hospital as your first choice.
Check Types of Treatments
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2023.05.28 02:47 Beanhedge Hell's Radio

The TV doesn’t talk to me every time I turn it on. Just usually when the subject is bloody.
And no, I promise I’m not writing this from the bed of a psychiatric hospital. But this keeps happening.
I first noticed it standing in my dorm lobby, on the phone with my mother. It was her birthday.
January 6th.
Halfway through the call, the T.V. switched over to MSNBC. Muted.
“Holy shit. Was that a—”
The sound turned on.
“—it looked like a woman… gravely injured—” A voice said.
I stood there dumbly. Then the television cut out, along with the power to our campus, for five horrid minutes.
“Ghosts.” I said to my friends, the next day. “There are ghosts inside the television and they’re haunting me.”
I didn’t really believe it, of course. Blamed coincidence. Happenstance. I mean, what would you think, with a thing like that? I wrote it off. Moved on.
It happened again six months later.
This time I was possibly-maybe illegally drinking at a friend's house. Quite wildly.
“Nonononono.” I said. “It’s not that I hate physics, it’s just the T.A.’s are living—
The television turned on. Animal Planet. But that same voice was talking.
“—Living beneath the earth's surface, the trapdoor spider waits patiently to consume—”
A cricket writhed on screen, twitching, kicking, dying, its body caught in the mandibles of a massive, hairy thing that looked less like a spider and more like a long-forgotten god. I watched it struggle, painfully, twisting as it died, the not-spider consuming its guts.
Nightmares.” The television repeated. It sounded almost happy. “Nightmares.”
And then the power blew to the whole block.
For weeks I was convinced something was going to crawl out of there and kill me. I locked my doors. Slept rarely. Changed the locks on my apartment doors. Sometimes I would turn the television on—on bright days, when the sun was out—and curse at it, because my roommates wouldn’t let me throw it out.
I was paranoid.
But that’s not why I write this. I write this because of yesterday night. I was on a beer run.
I saw a woman, walking home, or what looked like a woman, anyway. She was standing under the streetlight, in a thin black dress. She was clearly quite wealthy, clearly quite messed up.
“Oh thank god.” She said to me, frantically. “Please, you’ve got to help me, my friend is down the street and they’re gravely injured.”
The phrasing struck me oddly.
“I’ll—I’ll call 9-1-1.” I said.
Please.” The woman repeated. “My friend is down the street and they’re gravely injured.”
She turned and sprinted.
I started to follow. Crested the corner, even, saw that woman disappear into the dark. Saw something in that place slither.
And I knew the thing in the television wasn’t haunting me.
It was warning.
I called 9-1-1 from a distance. Nothing was down there.
But right now my television’s running. And it keeps repeating one word.
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