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2023.05.28 04:49 pidow Might be the biggest top gap i ever made (Plat elo)

Processing video l1ai2n5i0j2b1...
i was limit testing doran shield on his poke early game, and i did it with akshan and vlad too, you can litteraly ignore ranged champion and farm in peace.
i had 89 cs when he hit his 21th cs , 3 lvl ahead all game long.
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2023.05.28 04:48 travvypattycactus 5G mobile data inconsistent

(T-Mobile 5G UC. Full bars constantly. WIFI choppy regardless.)
Have had the S21 for 2 years, since a couple months after its initial release. For the first year up until last week, I used the S8 sim card and received adequate 5G network capabilities for a month or so.
(FYI. The phone did come with a sim card, I for some reason didn't think to use it.)
Eventually, the 5G capability shrunk to just being able to access a few websites, a majority being met with a "Your Connection is Not Private." when on mobile data. Messages came in slow, and social media apps were rendered useless.
Two days ago, I made the decision to swap to the SIM that the phone came with, under the impression that my 5G would be restored. For the first second I made the swap, the connection was flawless. I could access any websites, enjoy social medias. A minute later, it returned to the same network problems I had with the initial SIM.
Restarting the phone and airplane mode have been fleeting solutions, but I have yet to find any long-term answers.
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2023.05.28 04:39 Gavriili11 Anyone know if I'm gonna be deported from Dragon Isles after the free Dragonflight thing runs out?

Basically I'm farming the diablo event mount, and every time after Orgrimmar or Stormwind it's in the Dragon Isles, problem is I don't have Dragonflight, and no I can't afford it, I'm still in school, I spend all my money for bus to school.
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2023.05.28 04:37 Magdaki "Extinction: An Epic Musical Story" - Jason Bernard [Orchestral, Rock Instrumental, Ambient]

I am pleased to share with you my latest album, "Extinction: An Epic Musical Story". An 11 track journey across the orchestral, instrumental rock, and ambient genres. I hope you enjoy the music and the story. Thanks for listening!
On YouTube:
On Spotify:
Apple Music:
The Story So Far...
In the near future, humanity has discovered the secret to hyperspace and begins the construction of starships to carry us to the stars. Unfortunately, it is too late: The Earth, our only home, is dying. What was originally to be a fleet becomes two ships. Two completed ships are our last hope: the Ark and the Scout. One million people are loaded onto the Ark, and one ... one brave explorer will pilot Scout. They must find a new home for humanity before it is our EXTINCTION.
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2023.05.28 04:33 Gay_and_Regarded Incels Can't Stop Humiliating Themselves

A few ago, in one of the many incel posts that plague this place, I saw a comment about how self-defeating incels are, how they seem almost compelled to humiliate themselves, as the author of the post indeed did. The comment immediately struck me as true beyond all doubt, but it wasn't that truth that stuck with me, but rather the mechanisms behind this truth. Incels are clearly prone to self-flaggelation, but why is this the case? What compels them to act this way?
It's obvious to those who aren't incels, that a lack of pussy is clearly the least of their problems. The defining pathology of incel is their deeply wounded self-image. In longing for romance, the incel desires validation, both as a sexual object and as a person, in the vain hope that the external validation their partner provides might address their internal lack. Or, from a more psychoanalytic perspective, perhaps the incel hopes that they might disappear into a union with another person, and thereby obliterate the self they so despise. Of course, this same self-hatred also undermines their attempts to attain the relationships they crave. After all, it is difficult to love those who cannot love themselves.
To be an incel is be continually frustrated, and though they might nominally blame this frustration on women, or their parents, or society, on a subconscious level--beyond all pretense, all cope--they cannot fail to blame themselves. In time, this blame carves yet deeper wounds in the self, wounds which sabotage their efforts further still, and a vicious cycle begins. The irony, of course, is that the incel never deserved any blame in the first place. From the moment they sought to soothe their self-hatred through romance, they trapped themselves in an impossible situation. Their failure to escape implies nothing of their weakness or meager character, only of the insidiousness of the trap they have devised, and their inability to see it for the contrivance that it is. But the incel cannot recognize this, and so they spiral further. And with each revolution their hatred deepens. They begin to see, in even the scantest offense, proofs of their lowness. Humiliation, for the incel becomes a regular experience.
It is at this juncture, that I must discuss role of pornography. The correlation between inceldom and porn addiction is so obvious that I feel justified in accepting it as a given. Most believe, including incels themselves, that incels use pornography as a surrogate for actual intercourse, but I think this view is mistaken. Pornography, after all, provides neither the validation nor the self-obliteration that incels hope to find through sex. Instead, I believe incels consume porn to the degree that they do primarily because it reinforces their poor self-image. In consuming porn, they reinforce their identity as porn addicts and therefore humiliate themselves, but they do so of their own volition, on their own terms. By choosing to humiliate themselves in this way--by finding something desirable in it--they can endow a pleasurable character to the humiliation they already experience in their day-to-day life, and thereby attain some meager sense of control over it. Of course, by fetishizing humiliation in this way, they promote a tendency within themselves to seek it out, to be not merely the victim of humiliation but its cause as well. It is perhaps for this reason that so many incels humiliate themselves here so often and so willingly (men posting their L's and so on).
If by chance, a person of this character should find themselves in a relationship, their drive towards humiliation will likely cause them to sabotage the relationship before it even has a chance to start, and even if they don't they'll still likely remain unsatisfied. The external validation a partner provides might bring about a fleeting burst of pride, but it cannot fix self-worth long-term. Or put in psychoanalytic terms, the self-obliteration yielded by a romantic union is rarely so complete as to fulfill the incel's want. It is perhaps only during climax that a complete, self-destroying union between two persons can be achieved, but only sometimes and never for long. A relationship cannot resolve the incel's insecurities, and posting here definitely can't, only they can.
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2023.05.28 04:30 tfredrick54 Animal pastures not receiving crops from silos—modded, industries dlc

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2023.05.28 04:28 endersgame69 Adopted By Humans VII C7

I’ll never understand why… after all this time, with information about Earth and its native species spreading throughout the galaxy little by little, with even the zenti deciding to mostly leave them alone, so many species thought that giving ultimatums to humans was such a good idea.
They’re a stubborn people, to an absurd degree. If you try to force them to do anything, they’ll do the exact opposite out of sheer perversity, even to the point of self harm. I adore them, but… this can be exhausting. Even I can admit that much.
That stubbornness can even be suicidal, as humans, according to my count, are the only species in the galaxy known to have more ‘last stands’ on record than Dlamias.
That datapoint alone should have warned the Praeda categories species not to try to warn humanity ‘not to do something’.
I could only sigh in disbelief, the other Rapax categories were willful, yes, but less overtly so, more willing to just keep doing the same thing… but quieter, whereas humans would shout from the mountaintops, ‘look how we’re ignoring you!’
I dragged my weary, worried fingers across my snout. The noises being made by one side would inevitably provoke a response from the Earth government. It should be pointed out that by this time, Earth had only a handful of colonies, only about twenty total systems and not even ten of those had large populations, some were nothing more than mining and harvesting facilities with temporary labor populations and repair personnel.
They had claims on dozens more that nobody was contesting, but if they really were, as I expected was so, getting warnings not to get any closer diplomatically with species similar to themselves, it wouldn’t be surprising if those claims did become open to question.
I can only conclude that the lack of direct experience with humans was making the others myopic. The humans have a saying about ‘the devil you know’. Like with the zenti, we’ve dealt with them for ages, we understand their thinking, their processes, and we know what to expect. We’re ‘used to it’.
But humans, being relatively new and growing rapidly, well the praeda class species were reflexively treating the humans like they were any other form of predator, just a slightly more aggressive version of dlamisan, really. Maybe somewhere between us and the zenti? It’s hard to say.
But after the call was over, I flipped over to the news to see… what I expected.
“Due to the rise in aggressive posturing on quadrants ranging from the thirtieth H and the sixtieth V on the galactic compass, and to ensure the ongoing security of Earth and its territories from hostile expansion, the Grand Presider has presented a proposal to the legislature proposing a preliminary approval of a defense treaty with our nearest neighbor species.”
The scene then cut to a man I recognized as having been hosted on The Red Spark during the Silent Civil War. “No one stands alone!” He was shouting, raised fist in the air, and went on to call for more joint forces exercises in a far more ‘open’ fashion.
It was the sort of motto that would ring true to modern humans with their very prosocial cultures, once threatened, they would come together to protect their own.
Strange as it sounds, it was something even bad humans were capable of, as [Wolfbeard] and the other xenophobic Earth First factions showed. Even they could take a stand in groups…
I took a heavy breath, and I wondered… ‘Did I make a huge mistake… should I have waited until after the fleet was ready? Or would that have been ‘worse’ and provoked a faster response?’ At this stage they wouldn’t know much more than that there was a space station being built in the Sol system that was a bit bigger than normal, but stations were built all the time, it wouldn’t be unusual and it wouldn’t be quickly investigated, not at this stage.
My thoughts were interrupted by yet another contact message, I flipped to it and found Michael holding up a small trophy and sitting on top of Genghis’s shoulders. “The boy has a gift. A real gift.” The elite special forces dlamisa said.
“Well that and a few credits will get a cup of coffee.” I could hear Byron and Boatswain’s voices in the background, that was no surprise, with the parents unable to attend, some ‘stand ins’ were required. “The real secret is that he worked hard to build on that talent.” Byron remarked in passing.
“True, but that doesn’t mean we can’t acknowledge that there’s a lot for him to work with.” That was Iskandar’s voice, though he was offscreen.
“So I take it he won?” I asked.
“Close. He took second, but given who took first? Second is an excellent start. This might be the closest he comes to losing for a very long time.” Genghis said that with conviction.
These little ‘getaways’ of theirs, always had small competitive tournaments, and Michael was rapidly growing obsessed with the martial arts of humans and dlamisa.
“Congratulations.” I said, “I wish I could have been there.”
“Don’t worry about it! You’ll be there when I’m old enough to get into your tournament, uncle Bailey!” He said and grinned at the screen.
This too, was a part of human nature and their familial ties, picking up the slack when one was unable to perform a role, another was there to fill in the gaps. In their ancient, near extinction events, uncles, brothers, aunts and sisters, or a myriad of cousins, could, would, and did, step in when parents died to ensure the survival of their offspring.
But in a more modern sense, social and parenting obligations were often split up among the senior members of a household, grandparents would mind the young of their children, uncles and aunts would attend what parents could not, and… to parrot the line spoken by the legislature a few moments ago.
“No one stands alone.” Not a child, not a parent, not a family.
It’s what made humans the most dangerous species we’ve ever encountered, it’s what made me sure that, in spite of the danger, everything would work out, even though I was scared, to the point where yes, I was thinking of myself as a coward again… I was confident too… that this part of humanity…
The very best of who and what they were, would carry us all through this, right to the very best of endings.
Maybe that was just the tiny, quiet hope of a reclusive and fearful scholar.
But all the greatest battle cries of ages, began with tiny, quiet hopes.
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2023.05.28 04:28 jd81jd Okoro the busy hunter caught fucking one pretty local African Black with Vagina lady Farming in public He almost finished her with his big cock while husband brother hiding and capture them by his hiding camera .FULL VIDEO ON RED

Okoro the busy hunter caught fucking one pretty local African Black with Vagina lady Farming in public He almost finished her with his big cock while husband brother hiding and capture them by his hiding camera .FULL VIDEO ON RED submitted by jd81jd to Fhdu [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 04:26 Emissara Panic Wars

I need some advice. Currently playing on the old world map. I loaded it up for the first time and quickly realizes it was the Mediterranean. I also realized I was between Carthage and Greece before ever finding Carthage.
I went to war with Greece due to them trying to extort me and took thier capital. However this gave time for Carthage who for some reason is insanely strong time to found cites through the eastern Mediterranean cost which is blocked by mountains I declared war to put their growth in check but they just have way too many units and are across the water.
Only thing saving my fleets is the Cockswain ability. So I placed out since neither of us were gaining ground.
Anyone know any tips to help me in this situation?
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2023.05.28 04:24 Lux_Aquila Which Republican Nominee has the most precise policies for voters to look at?

A couple of days ago, there was a great post here asking the differences between DeSantis and Trump (policy wise). That led me to look into whether or not any of the Republican candidates actually have their policies available for voters to look at. So, I decided to see what I could find on each of their official campaign websites. That list would be: Trump, Haley, DeSantis, Elder, Asa, Vivek, Scott (and Pence, because its looking like he will choose to run). What I found:
Pence: (policy list from 501(c)(4) organization Pence started)
Trump: 15 individual sections that can be searched and are too long to type out here. Some specifics in those sections include adopting a Parental Bill of Rights, congressional term limits, ban on lobbying for former congressional members, and restoring Remain in Mexico.
DeSantis: Had no specific policy page that I could find (if someone does, could they link it?). I am assuming this is because his announcement was so recent.
Elder: 8 topics in his policy section (crime, school choice, inflation, racial harmony, economic growth, China, immigration, restoring America's cities). There were not substantial specific policies under these sections.
Asa: 11 topics in his policy section (energy, border security, national defense, taxes, unity, China, religious liberty, building America, healthcare, Russia, and Criminal Justice). There were not substantial specific policies under these sections.
Vivek: 5 different goals under 5 broad topics (a total of 25 policy commitments he has). While I can't list them all here, those 5 main areas are: reviving American national identity, Unleash the American Economy by achieving >5% GDP Growth, declare Independence from Communist China, dismantle managerial bureaucracy, and end weaponization of government and financial markets). Each section has specific goals, along with associated articles/videos/podcasts. Policy examples include ending affirmative action, make political expression a civil right, incentive trade schools, achieve semiconductor independence, Oppose CBDCs.
Haley:...Had no specific policy page that I could find (if someone does, could they link it?)
Scott: Has a series of 7 videos describing his policies.
Pence: His 501(c)(4) has a 28 page document with specific policies grouped into: American culture, American opportunity and American leadership. Policies include building up the Navy to a 350-ship fleet, halt the use of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, Allow longer timeframes for Congress to disapprove a rule issued by a federal agency, Revamp the World Trade Organization (WTO).
-2 candidates did not have a policy page (DeSantis, Haley)
-2 candidates have generic policy pages (Asa, Elder)
-2 (3) candidates have more extensive policy pages at the time of writing this (Trump, Vivek, (Pence))
-1 candidate has chosen to rely on videos so far (Scott)

With that said, is there enough here for the American voter to make an informed choice between these individuals? Can we parse anything out from how these individuals have chosen to market themselves? Do you think they will become more detailed as we enter the primary season?
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2023.05.28 04:24 Geisl Disney Star Wars is making all the black characters intolerable--is this supposed to be representation?

Except for Andor and scattered bits from across the other canon shows and movies, Disney's Star Wars has been consistently mediocre and sub-par on average, but just about all the significant black characters are intolerable. Plenty of other characters are too, but the proportion is skewed.
EDITED to add two characters.EDIT 2: I'm only counting outwardly/apparently/openly black characters, those of the black human race in Star Wars.
To be fair though, considering the good first,
Saw Gerrera is phenomenally acted and overall well-designed--I love every second he's on screen. Though introduced before Disney he became what he is under their management--no complaints there.
Cere Junda is another character with some real guts and marrow--again nothing New Star Wars has created has been golden all around but she's a pretty solid heroine with real artistic and philosophical significance. I actually prefer her over the lead Cal Kestis easily--her personality and back-story on a unique mission would have been more valuable in my opinion.
Taramyn Barcona was excellent in his role but he was quickly on and off the stage.
Similarly, Lieutenant Gorn was outstanding--one of my favorite black characters thus far--but also fleeting and never heard from again.

On the other hand,
Reva Sevander is stiff, uncertain, unnatural, shallow, and all around poorly-executed.
Phee Genoa is utterly obnoxious, baffably inconsistent with her role and context, and a waste of space, time and air. She adds nothing and turns every second of her screentime into Dora the Explorer. She's an insult to the entire franchise.
Finn is somewhat better but ultimately a filler character more clumsy, awkwardly over-earnest and spastic than is bearable by the human psyche in a grand Sci-Fi Fantasy epic as Star Wars is meant to be.
Solo's Lando is just a shallow, stilted show-off but at least he has some backbone and raw humanity to him so there's a little merit there.

This is not how you represent minorities. This is just dreadful.
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2023.05.28 04:24 Rafagamer857_2 SheepIt: Is it any good?

So, I need to render out a fairly long (54 seconds, 24FPS) animation done on Cycles. As expected, the electricity bill would skyrocket if I tried to render it in my computer, so I decided to look up ways to render externally for free, and found SheepIt.
So, i've decided to do some research and thought that a great starting place would be here. Can anyone recommend it, or suggest alternatives to it? I'd pay for standard render farm but I'm a bit tight on the money lately.
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2023.05.28 04:23 Thin_Set3784 What to do if I lose first tower?

I play mid lane and sometimes I’m in this situation where I lose first tower and I’m just lost and confused on what to do, after losing tower my opponent usually roams and I don’t know what to do should I chase after him to wherever he goes to roam or should I stay in lane and farm or take his tower. If I don’t roam my team gets angry but if I do chase after opponent then I will call behind in gold. So I get confused and lost don’t know what to do in these situations or scenarios
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2023.05.28 04:20 Ouroboros612 Are freighters only for storage, collecting ships and sending them on missions? Or will you need the fire power of fielding a freighter in the story or endgame content? Also are there carrier ships which docks multiple freighters?

From a gameplay perspective I prefer less is more - so no freighter is preferable as I'd rather not have one if it's only for storage and ships. However from a roleplaying and gameplay perspective both, it would be cool to have a freighter and crew, but only if there's a practical need for them in story or endgame content.
So the TL;DR question is: Are there story content or endgame content /w big military operations requiring a freighter later on? Like the suicide mission in Mass Effect 2?
I can see no greater and more fun endgame story mission than facing impossible odds requiring a freighter and a fleet to succeed in a massive ultimate showdown and battle. However I'm naturally pessimistic so I'm assuming having a freighter is just a QoL and preference.
As a side question out of curiosity: Are there (or do you think there will be) carrier class ships which docks multiple freighters? So that we can go deeper. Ship carrying ships that carry ships.
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2023.05.28 04:16 cappyquaricet Hoping for diversity in the update

I love stardew valley but the first thing I thought about when I read there was going to be an update was that there’s going to be more diversity in the characters. I play on switch so I can’t mod. Regardless of whatever people say about farm towns and everyone usually being white and how you can’t possibly have EVERYONE represented in 20 or so characters, it’s kind of wild that basically all the characters are of one skin tone.
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2023.05.28 04:16 CasualFlanana Regarding Travis eating _____.

Hi, everyone! I wanted to share some information/context regarding Travis taking a bite of Javi's heart and then tossing it into the frying pan.
I would also like to say that I'm not an expert on the subject, I just know about the tradition, and this is some info I found online to help back it up.
I grew up on a farm right near the border of Arkansas and Oklahoma. There are Native American reservations all over Oklahoma, and I know people from the Cherokee and Choctaw nations.
I learned to hunt around age 10. (Whitetail deer and dove were my favorites) When I shot my first deer, my dad told me that it was a hunting tradition to take a bite of the raw heart of your first deer. I, grossed out at the thought, refused and opted to bleed/gut it instead.
I never put much thought into the act...until I watched Nat offer Travis the raw heart and him take a bite before tossing it in the pan. So of course, I ran to reddit to see if anyone was talking about this, and to my surprise, most people seemed confused by it. I've only seen a couple of comments that mentioned it is a hunting tradition, but no one went into any detail.
Here are some things I found from Google searches that pertain to North American hunting rituals and Native American hunting traditions. I do think the writers took bits and pieces of different traditions/rituals when coming up with ideas for the show.
While hunting, Cherokee hunters would pray to the wind, rivers, and mountains for success. After killing an animal, Cherokee hunters would ask the gods' forgiveness for taking the animal's life. After killing a deer, the hunters would throw the tongue and some of its meat into the fire as a sacrifice.
In some cultures, it's traditional for a hunter to drink the blood of his or her first kill. This ritualization of the act helps drive home the message that the animal is giving its life so that you may live and that killing is not something which should be taken lightly; it's also traditional to thank the animal for the gift of its life while you're doing this.
When Native Americans go hunting, they sometimes eat the deer’s heart as a way of honoring the animal. The heart is seen as a symbol of courage, and eating it is seen as a way of taking in the animal’s strength. In some tribes, the heart is also eaten as a way of showing respect for the deer’s spirit.
The liver and heart were usually delicacies, as well.
Some articles mentioned eating the heart was also a way to complete the tradition to drink the blood.
Thanks for reading my novel. If anyone has more knowledge on this, I would love to hear it! I hope this helps add context to the scene for anyone curious about it.
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2023.05.28 04:16 ptsd_0 Rweinds

Is there any way to farm rewinds faster? I have about 820 rewinds and im at day 1000+ and i didnt know you had to rewind so much more in order to progress and now im at this crossroad where im just rewinding day in and day out.
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2023.05.28 04:14 AdequateMeme 🌸

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2023.05.28 04:13 JobDue4090 Things to do with family within 1 hour of Great Barrington?

I'll be in Great Barrington, MA with my wife and toddler from June 2-6th. I'm looking for ideas for fun things to do.
I grew up in New England (though I haven't spent much time at all in Western Mass) and currently live in the Pacific Northwest. I'm hoping to show them some of the natural beauty of the area. Also, looking for quick day trips in MA, CT, or NY.
Here are a few things I'm considering:
The Clark Institute; Beartown State Park; East Mountain State Park; Guthrie Center; MASS MOCA; Berkshire Botanical Garden; Melville’s Arrowhead; Shaker Farm; Emily Dickinson Museum; Amherst Farmers Market; Tanglewood (doesn't look like there are any shows, but maybe the grounds are worth exploring?)
Would really appreciate some more ideas, as well as thoughts on what's worth doing and not worth doing. Thank you!
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2023.05.28 04:11 ArchDukeNemesis Every NWA, WCW & WWE world heavyweight championship run from 1904-2023 combined, if every champion held the belt once.

To celebrate the "Return" of the "Big Gold Belt" on Raw, I thought I'd make a history combining all title runs from the first world heavyweight championship, through it's time in the NWA, its two off shoots in WCW and its appropriation by WWE. All lineages combined, all vacancies ignored, all reigns recognized and all champions holding the belt once.

Name Date Location Days
George Hackenschmidt May 4, 1905 New York, New York 1,065
Frank Gotch April 3, 1908 Chicago, Illinois 1,824
Americus March 13, 1914 Kansas City, Missouri 55
Stanislaus Zbyszko May 7, 1914 Kansas City, Missouri 176
Charlie Cutler) January 8, 1915 N/A 178
Joe Stecher July 5, 1915 Omaha, Nebraska 644
Johan Olin December 11, 1916 Springfield, Massachusetts 142
Earl Caddock April 9, 1917 Omaha, Nebraska 1,026
Ed Lewis) May 2, 1917 Chicago, Illinois 34
Wladek Zbyszko June 5, 1917 San Francisco, California 5844
Wayne Munn January 8, 1925 Wichita, Kansas 1360
Gus Sonnenberg January 4, 1929 Boston, Massachusetts 705
Ed Don George December 10, 1930 Los Angeles, CA 1693
Danno O'Mahoney July 30, 1935 Boston, Massachusetts 216
Dick Shikat March 2, 1936 New York, New York 54
Ali Baba) April 25, 1936 Detroit, Michigan 48
Dave Levin) June 12, 1936 Newark, New Jersey 109
Dean Detton September 29, 1936 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 273
Bronko Nagurski June 29, 1937 Minneapolis, Minnesota 507
Jim Londos November 18, 1938 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2628
Orville Brown July 14, 1948 Des Moines, IA 501
Lou Thesz November 27, 1949 Los Angeles, California 2300
Leo Nomellini March 22, 1955 San Francisco, CA 359
Whipper Billy Watson March 15, 1956 Toronto, ON 609
Édouard Carpentier June 14, 1957 Chicago, IL 153
Dick Hutton November 14, 1957 Toronto, ON 421
Pat O'Connor) January 9, 1959 St. Louis, MO 903
Buddy Rogers) June 30, 1961 Chicago, IL 145
Killer Kowalski November 22, 1961 Montreal, Quebec 254
Bruno Sammartino August 2, 1962 Toronto, ON 16
Bobo Brazil August 18, 1962 Newark, NJ 1239
Gene Kiniski January 7, 1966 St. Louis, MO 1131
Dory Funk Jr. February 11, 1969 Tampa, FL 1563
Harley Race May 24, 1973 Kansas City, KS 57
Jack Brisco July 20, 1973 Houston, TX 500
Giant Baba December 2, 1974 Kagoshima, Japan 373
Terry Funk December 10, 1975 Miami Beach, FL 1350
Dusty Rhodes) August 21, 1979 Tampa, FL 616
Tommy Rich April 27, 1981 Augusta, GA 143
Ric Flair September 17, 1981 Kansas City, KS 355
Jack Veneno September 7, 1982 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 122
Carlos Colón January 6, 1983 San Juan, Puerto Rico 487
Kerry Von Erich May 6, 1984 Irving, TX 1238
Ron Garvin September 25, 1987 Detroit, MI 515
Ricky Steamboat February 20, 1989 Chicago, IL 502
Sting) July 7, 1990 Baltimore, MD 257
Tatsumi Fujinami March 21, 1991 Tokyo, Japan 116
Lex Luger July 14, 1991 Baltimore, Maryland 363
Big Van Vader July 12, 1992 Albany, Georgia 21
Ron Simmons August 2, 1992 Baltimore, Maryland 10
Masahiro Chono August 12, 1992 Tokyo, Japan 145
The Great Muta January 4, 1993 Tokyo, Japan 48
Barry Windham February 21, 1993 Asheville, NC 210
Rick Rude September 19, 1993 Houston, Texas 178
Hiroshi Hase March 16, 1994 Tokyo, Japan 123
Hulk Hogan July 17, 1994 Orlando, Florida 42
Shane Douglas August 27, 1994 Philadelphia, PA 85
Chris Candido November 19, 1994 Cherry Hill, NJ 97
Dan Severn February 24, 1995 Erlanger, KY 247
The Giant October 29, 1995 Detroit, Michigan 29
Randy Savage November 26, 1995 Norfolk, Virginia 974
Goldberg July 6, 1998 Atlanta, Georgia 174
Kevin Nash December 27, 1998 Washington, D.C. 78
Naoya Ogawa March 14, 1999 Yokohama, Japan 29
Diamond Dallas Page April 11, 1999 Tacoma, Washington 167
Gary Steele September 25, 1999 Charlotte, NC 57
Bret Hart November 21, 1999 Toronto, Ontario 56
Chris Benoit January 16, 2000 Cincinnati, Ohio 8
Sid Vicious January 25, 2000 Las Vegas, Nevada 83
Jeff Jarrett April 16, 2000 Chicago, Illinois 9
David Arquette April 25, 2000 Syracuse, New York 75
Booker T) July 9, 2000 Daytona Beach, Florida 71
Gary Steele September 19, 2000 Tampa, FL 6
Vince Russo September 25, 2000 Uniondale, New York 50
Sabu) November 14, 2000 Tampa, FL 12
Scott Steiner November 26, 2000 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 149
Steve Corino April 24, 2001 Tampa, FL 91
Kurt Angle July 24, 2001 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 6
The Rock August 19, 2001 San Jose, California 26
Chris Jericho October 21, 2001 St. Louis, Missouri 55
Shinya Hashimoto December 15, 2001 McKeesport, PA 186
Ken Shamrock June 19, 2002 Huntsville, AL 49
Ron Killings August 7, 2002 Nashville, TN 26
Triple H September 2, 2002 Milwaukee, WI 76
Shawn Michaels November 17, 2002 New York, NY 236
A.J. Styles June 11, 2003 Nashville, TN 401
Randy Orton August 15, 2004 Toronto, ON, Canada 231
Ray González April 3, 2005 San Juan, Puerto Rico >1
Batista April 3, 2005 Los Angeles, CA 77
Raven) June 19, 2005 Orlando, FL 126
Rhino October 23, 2005 Orlando, FL 112
Christian Cage February 12, 2006 Orlando, FL 49
Rey Mysterio April 2, 2006 Rosemont, IL 231
Abyss) November 19, 2006 Orlando, FL 133
The Undertaker April 1, 2007 Detroit, MI 37
Edge) May 8, 2007 Pittsburgh, PA 70
The Great Khali July 17, 2007 Laredo, TX 46
Adam Pearce September 1, 2007 Bayamón, Puerto Rico 303
CM Punk June 30, 2008 Oklahoma City, OK 33
Brent Albright August 2, 2008 New York City, NY) 84
Blue Demon Jr. October 25, 2008 Mexico City, Mexico 29
John Cena November 23, 2008 Boston, MA 196
Jeff Hardy June 7, 2009 New Orleans, LA 296
Jack Swagger March 30, 2010 Las Vegas, NV 110
Kane) July 18, 2010 Kansas City, MO 212
Dolph Ziggler February 15, 2011 San Diego, CA 19
Colt Cabana March 6, 2011 West Hollywood, CA 48
The Sheik April 23, 2011 Jacksonville, FL 148
Mark Henry September 18, 2011 Buffalo, NY 91
Daniel Bryan December 18, 2011 Baltimore, MD 105
Sheamus April 1, 2012 Miami, FL 215
Kahagas November 2, 2012 Clayton, NJ 67
Alberto Del Rio January 8, 2013 Miami, FL 67
Rob Conway March 16, 2013 San Antonio, TX 294
Satoshi Kojima January 4, 2014 Tokyo, Japan 407
Hiroyoshi Tenzan February 14, 2015 Sendai, Japan 196
Jax Dane August 29, 2015 San Antonio, TX 419
Tim Storm October 21, 2016 Sherman, TX 414
Nick Aldis December 9, 2017 Sewell, NJ 266
Cody September 1, 2018 Hoffman Estates, IL 1093
Trevor Murdoch August 29, 2021 St. Louis, MO 167
Matt Cardona February 12, 2022 Oak Grove, KY 273
Tyrus) November 12, 2022 Chalmette, LA 196
Seth "Freakin" Rollins May 27, 2023 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 1+

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2023.05.28 04:08 gonna_fart tori value

just got tori in kk farm and i need to know the value
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2023.05.28 04:07 DurkDigglar Unknown Deficiency - Can any veterans/pros/Canna-Savant's help me narrowing down what my deficiency/problem is? Please and Thank You ahead of time

Unknown Deficiency - Can any veterans/pros/Canna-Savant's help me narrowing down what my deficiency/problem is? Please and Thank You ahead of time
Okay, so I planted a Northern Light's Auto, seed to pot, never transplanted. My medium is 70/30 FFOF/Perlite. It's in a 6 gallon AutoPot, with Hydroton layer on bottom with AirStone and Dome over the top hooked up to an air pump. However, this go around I decided to water the old fashioned way as opposed to utilizing the auto-water system that fills the AutoPot base from reservoir. I did some LST and topped twice before going on a 2 week vacation. My sister-in-law watered with PH'd RO water every other day while gone. I top dressed with Gaia Green 4-4-4 and just a smidgen of Gaia Green Power Bloom before leaving. I came back to discover a huge plant that clearly didn't get the AutoFlower gene lol. I had lights running 24/7 bc It was supposed to be an Auto. I have now reduced it to 18/6. I want to go 12/12 but want it to be healthy before doing so. Also, I top dressed with worm castings 6 days ago.
MY PROBLEM- My PH is between 6.2 and 6.6, my VPD is around 1.15, I started noticing the tippity-tips of the leaves, some old and new turning yellow and brown. The edges of some of the new growth is a light lime green color while the rest of the leaf is "Normal". I have just been watering with PH'd RO water and today I hit it with some Cal/Mag, Dutch Science water soluble Cal-Mag with Humates, 1/4 tsp per Gallon of water. I am stressing because I don't know if it's a Magnesium deficiency since it's on new growth?? At first I thought Nitrogen deficiency and top dressed with worm castings 6 days ago. Any feedback, advice , answers are super super appreciated. Thank You!!!!!
Tent - AC Infinity 2x4 Controller - AC Infinity WIFI Controller W/ Temp & Hygrometer probes Exhaust - AC Infinity 6" Exhaust smart controlled Fans - Qty:2 AC Infinity Oscillating 6" Fan smart controlled Humidifier - AC Infinity 15L Smart Humidifier smart controlled
Light - AC Infinity 2x4 IonGrid 260W Full Spectrum LED with IR, 2' above canopy @ 100%" Will add 1 more 2x2 IonGrid 130W when I switch to flower for a total of 390W
Testing- Blue Labs Guardian, wall mounted PH meter with Temp and TDS/PPM
PH'd 6.2, RO "Great Value Purified drinking water"
70/30- Fox Farm Ocean Forrest/Perlite W/ Mycorrhizea
Gaia Green- All Purpose 4-4-4 - Dry Amendments Gaia Green - Power bloom- Dry Amendments Dutch Science - Cal-Mag plus Humates Dry Water Soluble Brute- Earth Worm Castings
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