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Thinking of moving to San Diego, CA? Useful Info HERE.

2016.03.10 04:21 SD_TMI Thinking of moving to San Diego, CA? Useful Info HERE.

This is a subset of the /SanDiego Sub as we get a lot of people asking questions about moving to this city and what you should know as part of your decision making process. This is the quick reference sub for the kind of information that users can point people too. This will be a constantly updated collection of articles and links from the main sub (/sandiego) for your research and decision making process.

2011.02.04 21:45 CanaDan Literally us, the Blue Jays

Home to Canada's Baseball Team, the Toronto Blue Jays.

2012.07.25 18:43 calstate

A community to help bring together students, staff, faculty, alumni, and friends of the California State University System.

2023.05.28 05:01 Joelsax47 Skeleton riding Banana, Mingei International Museum, San Diego

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2023.05.28 04:59 iamdbcooper 29 [M4F] Georgia/US Looking for someone to talk to

Off the bat, I am not great with meeting new people, or dating. I have no relationship experience either, so I am at a disadvantage to most. I have two friends that live long-distance from me. I have no short-distance friends, and it is not from a lack of trying. I try really hard to be friends with others, but no one seems to appreciate that. I would also like a girlfriend, but that seems impossible at this point. In any case, I would prefer to only date someone I actually was friends with, so it makes sense to me that I would want to become friends first before dating.
I am 5'11, for work, I'm a data analyst, My hobbies are playing piano, reading, and playing games. I would prefer to talk to people between 25-35 but that is not too important. What is important I would prefer to talk to ladies without kids.
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2023.05.28 04:50 EchoJobs Verkada is hiring Data Engineer, Global Revenue Informatics [Remote] [Python AWS GCP SQL]

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2023.05.28 04:49 ntujzoo seeking career advice

Background: I had a QA internship (13$ per hr) last summer at a small local saas company. I mainly manually tested their product, analyzed customeproduct issues, and created testing documentation. During testing, I used Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to look up some tables to verify data was being entered correctly while monitoring the appropriate databases to assure files were being uploaded. On a daily basis, I collaborated with the sales, developer, and support teams. However, I never saw any code and was labeled as support.
I recently graduated with a B.S.E in Computer Engineering early May and have been involved in interviews with multiple companies throughout the US this year but have not had any offers. Late April, I reached out to the company that I interned at, and they responded about a month later (now) and want to meet to discuss what I would be interested in doing there. If I were to work there again, I would like to have more technical responsibilities, such as contributing to code or maybe even doing quality assurance/automation on the software and code. I just want to look at code and contribute more than just finding product bugs. I have a friend who has a 2yr degree, that has been working there for about 3 years and he makes around 40-45k salary in a support role. My friend has talked to the CEO and told him I want a more technical role. He also tells me that the CEO wants me to work there again.
So, I wouldn't mind working there again but I would appreciate at least 50k salary and a more technical role. Based on this information, do you think it is possible to negotiate a 50k salary? Should I mention my degree at all? How would you negotiate? Regardless of the pay and just for a source of income, I will most likely work here if the discussion goes well. I am just concerned about my future career development if I go this route. Will I gain valuable skills and experience?
BTW I am located in Southeast of US. Thanks.
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2023.05.28 04:40 Arachnesloom How to make a plan when you're not succeeding in your field?

I'm in my 30s, on my second career. I got my second master's in a STEM field at a reputable university in 2018, got hired 2 months after. In 2021 I was dismissed for poor performance. Not lack of effort, not poor attendance, not attitude or behavior, just not getting work done fast enough or well enough. My field is hiring so I got 3 new job offers at better salaries in the next two months and accepted one. It's a nice company to work for, I was able to WFH and take PTO when I need to. At one point they even let me work on the road while on tour with my band for a few weeks. Well, I got the call from my manager that they're concerned by my poor performance. Pretty much the same stuff. I can't blame them because I struggle with the work and the intricacies of the data, I'm not interested in it, and I struggle to stay awake/ focused during the day. I went into this field to leverage my strengths (math) into a rewarding, fair paying job. Well apparently my raw talents aren't enough.
How to plan my next move? I've gotten better at GETTING a job due to my experience and qualifications. But I haven't gotten anywhere with keeping a job. So I could possibly get another job if I can explain job movement every 2 years. But I don't know if there's a point in continuing down this path or how to find something I'm actually good at. My first career was music and music education. It was meaningful and I got praise from clients, and I still do music on the side. I just never made a full-time income from it.
I'm just trying to stay calm and focus on moving ahead instead of just giving up. But it's hard to come up with a plan for a major life change when I feel like a repeat failure.
Would appreciate any compassionate advice from anyone who's weathered this.
Thanks for reading.
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2023.05.28 04:37 Raunchey Pre-S30 gossip that might give context during rewatches?

Found myself doing a Real World/The Challenge binge on Paramount+ and have been looking up discussions on the sub, and the little pieces of gossip here and there have been wild!
A lot of it seems to have been buried with time/distance from the original season, and I was wondering if anyone had some BTS info/gossip/hearsay that might have been lost recently. Especially from vevmo.
Some examples of gossip I found from posts from 7-8 years ago. Some of it was completely new to me, and some I’m just sharing in case others haven’t heard of it. Some are confirmed, some are to be taken with a grain of salt:
• During S23, Battle of the Seasons 2, Team San Diego cheated at sudoku during the final. This isn’t even necessarily gossip, they showed it on screen. They just flipped their rocks and went on their way. However, I never would have noticed it if someone hadn’t brought it up in an old post.
• Part of the reason Zach and Jonna broke up between BOTS2 and Rivals was that Zach’s parents found out that Jonna was half-Black.
• The reason Bananas and Cara Maria had a rivalry from Rivals 2 to Final Reckoning was because Cara let it leak on an MTV special that Johnny took Camila’s virginity.
• After Coral and Evan got sent home on Fresh Meat, they slept together.
• The reason the Gauntlet 2 final was so lame was because the Veterans were walking around outside the house and saw production setting it up. They didn’t want them to have the advantage of seeing it before everyone else, so they changed it last minute.
• Nany and Adam R (from RW Back to Vegas) we’re supposed to be partners on Exes, but he didn’t pass the psych test
• No matter what card Wes pulled for his elimination against Derrick on The Duel, it was going to be Pole Wrestle. Production made sure that was the only option by having it be on every card.
• Robin was 3 months pregnant during The Duel 2
• On the "Push Me" Duel on Duel 1 there really was no "you lose if you rip the flag rule." The producers just made it up because they liked Svetlana and because they wanted to get a reaction out of Beth. The producers debated for several minutes before declaring Svetlana the winner.
• Ryan and Davis were supposed to be the same sex team that balanced out Aneesa and Rachel on Exes but one of them declined.
• Shane Landrum supposedly gave CT a blowjob back in the day.
• Apparently cast members used to sneak cell phones and other forbidden items into the house in their luggage and would cut their mattresses and hide things in there.
• Frank Sweeney said on a podcast that Bananas would steal duster from the crew and huff it out of boredom. Others did too, it was sort of a rite of passage.
• Bananas was cheating on his girlfriend Hannah (the Olympic snowboarder) with a producer for several seasons
• For the Fresh Meat draft production gave Danny’s ball some sort of a tell so he would get the first pick because they wanted to set him up to be the new star of the show.
• The Ruins elimination between Casey and Susie was rigged. Casey had to lose because production did NOT want an all guys team in the final after how horrible they were to the women. There was one stick that was literally impossible to get down.
• Production knew that Jordan was going to flip all the cards on Free Agents so set up wrecking wall to try and dissuade him from going though with it due to him being at an obvious disadvantage, but underestimated just how confident Jordan is.
Feel free to contribute anything, no matter how obvious or scandalous! 🥴
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2023.05.28 04:36 txstatetrooper SAFC beat New Mexico United 2-1

An unorthodox lineup noticably missing king Sam led SAFC to a 2-1 victory over New Mexico United. Despite numerous shots on targey the team still struggled to connect with eachother in the box giving at least two goals away because of these missed connections.
Given the players missing from tonight's lineup I'd say this was a solid performance. Next week we face San Diego at home. Sane time. Same place.
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2023.05.28 04:30 jackylight 1989 Ferrari F40 at my local C&C

1989 Ferrari F40 at my local C&C
San Diego
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2023.05.28 04:23 mike-leach Early Father’s Day present - 2022 Panini Diamond Kings box

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2023.05.28 04:15 CSC_GlitchYT No image but it looked like a grey worm with wings by head? Like on the neck.

Found in San Diego, California.
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2023.05.28 04:13 sandiegosoccer Match Thread: Oakland Roots vs San Diego Loyal SC USL Championship

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2023.05.28 04:12 MatchThreadder Match Thread: Oakland Roots vs San Diego Loyal SC USL Championship

HT: Oakland Roots 1-0 San Diego Loyal SC

Oakland Roots scorers: Johnny Rodriguez (7')
Venue: Pioneer Stadium
Auto-refreshing reddit comments link
Oakland Roots
Paul Blanchette, Neveal Hackshaw, Emrah Klimenta, Daniel Barbir, Bryan Tamacas, Lindo Mfeka, Daniel Gomez, Joseph Nane Fils Eone, Johnny Rodriguez, Guillermo Diaz, Edgardo Rito.
Subs: Anuar Peláez, Ryan Her, Dariusz Formella, Taylor Bailey, Trayvon Reid, Tarek Morad, Napo Matsoso.
San Diego Loyal SC
Duran Michael Ferree, Kyle Adams, Elijah Martin, Jackson Kasanze, Collin Martin, Alejandro Guido, Robinson Moshobane, Blake Bodily, Nick Moon, Evan Conway, Elliot Collier.
Subs: Alan Solorio, Xavi Gnaulati, Ronaldo Damus, Joe Corona, Morgan Hackworth, Adrien Perez, Camden Riley.
7' Goal! Oakland Roots 1, San Diego Loyal 0. Johnny Rodriguez (Oakland Roots) right footed shot from very close range to the top right corner. Assisted by Guillermo Diaz.
20' Johnny Rodriguez (Oakland Roots) is shown the yellow card.
35' Neveal Hackshaw (Oakland Roots) is shown the yellow card.
Don't see a thread for a match you're watching? Click here to learn how to request a match thread from this bot.
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2023.05.28 04:11 ArchDukeNemesis Every NWA, WCW & WWE world heavyweight championship run from 1904-2023 combined, if every champion held the belt once.

To celebrate the "Return" of the "Big Gold Belt" on Raw, I thought I'd make a history combining all title runs from the first world heavyweight championship, through it's time in the NWA, its two off shoots in WCW and its appropriation by WWE. All lineages combined, all vacancies ignored, all reigns recognized and all champions holding the belt once.

Name Date Location Days
George Hackenschmidt May 4, 1905 New York, New York 1,065
Frank Gotch April 3, 1908 Chicago, Illinois 1,824
Americus March 13, 1914 Kansas City, Missouri 55
Stanislaus Zbyszko May 7, 1914 Kansas City, Missouri 176
Charlie Cutler) January 8, 1915 N/A 178
Joe Stecher July 5, 1915 Omaha, Nebraska 644
Johan Olin December 11, 1916 Springfield, Massachusetts 142
Earl Caddock April 9, 1917 Omaha, Nebraska 1,026
Ed Lewis) May 2, 1917 Chicago, Illinois 34
Wladek Zbyszko June 5, 1917 San Francisco, California 5844
Wayne Munn January 8, 1925 Wichita, Kansas 1360
Gus Sonnenberg January 4, 1929 Boston, Massachusetts 705
Ed Don George December 10, 1930 Los Angeles, CA 1693
Danno O'Mahoney July 30, 1935 Boston, Massachusetts 216
Dick Shikat March 2, 1936 New York, New York 54
Ali Baba) April 25, 1936 Detroit, Michigan 48
Dave Levin) June 12, 1936 Newark, New Jersey 109
Dean Detton September 29, 1936 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 273
Bronko Nagurski June 29, 1937 Minneapolis, Minnesota 507
Jim Londos November 18, 1938 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2628
Orville Brown July 14, 1948 Des Moines, IA 501
Lou Thesz November 27, 1949 Los Angeles, California 2300
Leo Nomellini March 22, 1955 San Francisco, CA 359
Whipper Billy Watson March 15, 1956 Toronto, ON 609
Édouard Carpentier June 14, 1957 Chicago, IL 153
Dick Hutton November 14, 1957 Toronto, ON 421
Pat O'Connor) January 9, 1959 St. Louis, MO 903
Buddy Rogers) June 30, 1961 Chicago, IL 145
Killer Kowalski November 22, 1961 Montreal, Quebec 254
Bruno Sammartino August 2, 1962 Toronto, ON 16
Bobo Brazil August 18, 1962 Newark, NJ 1239
Gene Kiniski January 7, 1966 St. Louis, MO 1131
Dory Funk Jr. February 11, 1969 Tampa, FL 1563
Harley Race May 24, 1973 Kansas City, KS 57
Jack Brisco July 20, 1973 Houston, TX 500
Giant Baba December 2, 1974 Kagoshima, Japan 373
Terry Funk December 10, 1975 Miami Beach, FL 1350
Dusty Rhodes) August 21, 1979 Tampa, FL 616
Tommy Rich April 27, 1981 Augusta, GA 143
Ric Flair September 17, 1981 Kansas City, KS 355
Jack Veneno September 7, 1982 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 122
Carlos Colón January 6, 1983 San Juan, Puerto Rico 487
Kerry Von Erich May 6, 1984 Irving, TX 1238
Ron Garvin September 25, 1987 Detroit, MI 515
Ricky Steamboat February 20, 1989 Chicago, IL 502
Sting) July 7, 1990 Baltimore, MD 257
Tatsumi Fujinami March 21, 1991 Tokyo, Japan 116
Lex Luger July 14, 1991 Baltimore, Maryland 363
Big Van Vader July 12, 1992 Albany, Georgia 21
Ron Simmons August 2, 1992 Baltimore, Maryland 10
Masahiro Chono August 12, 1992 Tokyo, Japan 145
The Great Muta January 4, 1993 Tokyo, Japan 48
Barry Windham February 21, 1993 Asheville, NC 210
Rick Rude September 19, 1993 Houston, Texas 178
Hiroshi Hase March 16, 1994 Tokyo, Japan 123
Hulk Hogan July 17, 1994 Orlando, Florida 42
Shane Douglas August 27, 1994 Philadelphia, PA 85
Chris Candido November 19, 1994 Cherry Hill, NJ 97
Dan Severn February 24, 1995 Erlanger, KY 247
The Giant October 29, 1995 Detroit, Michigan 29
Randy Savage November 26, 1995 Norfolk, Virginia 974
Goldberg July 6, 1998 Atlanta, Georgia 174
Kevin Nash December 27, 1998 Washington, D.C. 78
Naoya Ogawa March 14, 1999 Yokohama, Japan 29
Diamond Dallas Page April 11, 1999 Tacoma, Washington 167
Gary Steele September 25, 1999 Charlotte, NC 57
Bret Hart November 21, 1999 Toronto, Ontario 56
Chris Benoit January 16, 2000 Cincinnati, Ohio 8
Sid Vicious January 25, 2000 Las Vegas, Nevada 83
Jeff Jarrett April 16, 2000 Chicago, Illinois 9
David Arquette April 25, 2000 Syracuse, New York 75
Booker T) July 9, 2000 Daytona Beach, Florida 71
Gary Steele September 19, 2000 Tampa, FL 6
Vince Russo September 25, 2000 Uniondale, New York 50
Sabu) November 14, 2000 Tampa, FL 12
Scott Steiner November 26, 2000 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 149
Steve Corino April 24, 2001 Tampa, FL 91
Kurt Angle July 24, 2001 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 6
The Rock August 19, 2001 San Jose, California 26
Chris Jericho October 21, 2001 St. Louis, Missouri 55
Shinya Hashimoto December 15, 2001 McKeesport, PA 186
Ken Shamrock June 19, 2002 Huntsville, AL 49
Ron Killings August 7, 2002 Nashville, TN 26
Triple H September 2, 2002 Milwaukee, WI 76
Shawn Michaels November 17, 2002 New York, NY 236
A.J. Styles June 11, 2003 Nashville, TN 401
Randy Orton August 15, 2004 Toronto, ON, Canada 231
Ray González April 3, 2005 San Juan, Puerto Rico >1
Batista April 3, 2005 Los Angeles, CA 77
Raven) June 19, 2005 Orlando, FL 126
Rhino October 23, 2005 Orlando, FL 112
Christian Cage February 12, 2006 Orlando, FL 49
Rey Mysterio April 2, 2006 Rosemont, IL 231
Abyss) November 19, 2006 Orlando, FL 133
The Undertaker April 1, 2007 Detroit, MI 37
Edge) May 8, 2007 Pittsburgh, PA 70
The Great Khali July 17, 2007 Laredo, TX 46
Adam Pearce September 1, 2007 Bayamón, Puerto Rico 303
CM Punk June 30, 2008 Oklahoma City, OK 33
Brent Albright August 2, 2008 New York City, NY) 84
Blue Demon Jr. October 25, 2008 Mexico City, Mexico 29
John Cena November 23, 2008 Boston, MA 196
Jeff Hardy June 7, 2009 New Orleans, LA 296
Jack Swagger March 30, 2010 Las Vegas, NV 110
Kane) July 18, 2010 Kansas City, MO 212
Dolph Ziggler February 15, 2011 San Diego, CA 19
Colt Cabana March 6, 2011 West Hollywood, CA 48
The Sheik April 23, 2011 Jacksonville, FL 148
Mark Henry September 18, 2011 Buffalo, NY 91
Daniel Bryan December 18, 2011 Baltimore, MD 105
Sheamus April 1, 2012 Miami, FL 215
Kahagas November 2, 2012 Clayton, NJ 67
Alberto Del Rio January 8, 2013 Miami, FL 67
Rob Conway March 16, 2013 San Antonio, TX 294
Satoshi Kojima January 4, 2014 Tokyo, Japan 407
Hiroyoshi Tenzan February 14, 2015 Sendai, Japan 196
Jax Dane August 29, 2015 San Antonio, TX 419
Tim Storm October 21, 2016 Sherman, TX 414
Nick Aldis December 9, 2017 Sewell, NJ 266
Cody September 1, 2018 Hoffman Estates, IL 1093
Trevor Murdoch August 29, 2021 St. Louis, MO 167
Matt Cardona February 12, 2022 Oak Grove, KY 273
Tyrus) November 12, 2022 Chalmette, LA 196
Seth "Freakin" Rollins May 27, 2023 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 1+

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2023.05.28 04:01 Dapper-Judgment-9888 SD cleave

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2023.05.28 03:55 disenchantedgrl What's the best job title for my volunteer work?

So I'm currently volunteering my GIS skills for a non-profit (nobody else is getting paid so there's that).
I'm not sure what job title I should put on my resume.
I'm currently researching census information and creating shapefiles to use. Sometimes I find the shapefiles from the county or state, when that happens I'm just doing data cleanning and "quality assurance." Sometimes that means writing emails to ask questions to make sure the data is correct. I also do some spatial analysis as we are looking for potential sites for our work.
Lastly, I also write reports and presentations to the team, so I interact with people not familiar with GIS.
What position does that put me in? Is that more of a GIS Analyst or Technician.
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2023.05.28 03:51 EchoJobs Snowflake is hiring Principal Software Engineer- Data Governance US San Mateo, CA [Java SQL]

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2023.05.28 03:41 lewnis95 Building a rizz generator apk. extension for Hinge ~ will softcock launch beta soon

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2023.05.28 03:40 lewnis95 Building a rizz generator apk. extension for Hinge

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2023.05.28 03:40 lewnis95 Building a rizz generator apk. extension for Hinge

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2023.05.28 03:38 Brief-Ad493 School List help

Hello! First time posting here because I am really struggling with my school list. I want to apply to 20-25 schools and my list is at 41. I don't really have a desired area. I just want to get in lol
State/Country of Residence: NC
Ties to other States/Regions: PA, NY
URM? (Y/N): N
Cumulative GPA: 3.8x
Science GPA: 3.6x
MCAT Score(s): 517
Research work: 575 lab and 675 research
Clinical work: 975 hrs
Clinical volunteer: 85 hrs
Nonclincal volunteer : 70 hrs - Projected 180
Shadowing: 31 - Projected 44
Leadership: 125 hrs

Brody SOM
Wake Forest
Lewis Katz SOM
Penn State
Eastern Virginia Medical School
Sidney Kimmel Medical College
Keck SOM
David Geffen SOM
UC San Diego
Geisel SOM
Warren Alpert
University of Colorado School of Medicine
Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine at Quinnipiac University
Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science
Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine
Tufts University School of Medicine
Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine
Albany Medical College
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
New York Medical College
University of South Carolina School of Medicine Columbia
University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville
Medical University of South Carolina College of Medicine
Anne Burnett Marion School of Medicine at TCU
Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine
University of Washington School of Medicine
Medical College of Wisconsin
Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine
Wayne State University School of Medicine
Western Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine
Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine
George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine
West Virginia University School of Medicine
Robert Larner, M.D., College of Medicine at the University of Vermont
Creighton University School of Medicine
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2023.05.28 03:34 EssayStriking2898 West Seattle vs Ballard

I’m moving to Seattle later this summer and I’m trying to decide between West Seattle and Ballard and thought this might be a good place to get advice.
I’m moving from Ocean Beach San Diego, I love my little beach town and it seems like West Seattle might have a little bit of a similar vibe. Ballard also seems like it has a great little community. I also WFH so commuting wont be an issue either way. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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2023.05.28 03:31 newbie_TD This pitcher knows what's up

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